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day 8: what is the best things about studyblr in your opinion?

to be quite frank, i’d say it’s the sheer dedication of so many studyblrs who consistently post & are very uplifting. i’d also say the tight knit community is something i admire & am extremely grateful to be a part of. today, i had a productive day i completed all of my biology notes & flashcards as well as my biopsychology notes :))

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28/10/20 & 29/10/20

day 6: what did you decide to do this challenge & what is your goal?

i have been unmotivated since quarantine it ruined my ‘mojo’ (not that there was a huge one). so, i thought taking part in a challenge where i had to consisently post even if it was something small would motivate me. ultimately, my goal is to do well in my alevels & to grow my studyblr :)

day 7: what is your goal for your studyblr over the next few months?

over the next few months, i want to grow my account post consistently. a secret between me & you is that posting dark academia content actually inspires me :o. but, these 2 days i’ve been doing some deep cleaning and making my biopsychology flashcards.

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