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caitlinpotter · 2 days ago
how they react to you wearing their shirt (arcane preference)
this preference contains Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco and Viktor.
a/n: this is mainly nsfw, be warned! I really liked writing these, and there's more to come. I'm very happy that so many people get to read these pieces, thank you for your time. enjoy!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
"hey trinket have you seen my-"
she was just looking for a tool
and then she saw you sitting on a table, notebook in hand drawing something
wearing her sleep shirt
her heart beats faster and she just stares at you, marveling in all the shiny stuff that appear around you at that moment
you turn your head up to her and smile
that smile that just tells her "I'll never leave you"
she giggles and asks you what you're doing, cheeks flushed and forgetting her work
you pat the space next to you and she hurrietly sits, hands going around your waist and chin resting on your shoulder
you show her your new ideas and colors and she just listens and watches
"you look yummy when you're passionate"
proceeds to lay you on your back and shower you with kisses while thinking a bunch of stuff
mine mine mine mine
| Vi
Tumblr media
she just came back from one of her patrols, and tries to enter your house quietly as to not wake you
she puts on comfortable clothes and washes herself, sighing about all the stuff that still have to be done in Zaun
then she enters you bedroom and sees you
you're wearing one of her hoodies, face buried in it's sleeves as to smell her scent
she feels owned
like you took her for yourself, like you choose her and only her
she feels warm and fuzzy
and hot
plus your legs are bare and she always finds you hot
she crawls in the bed and kisses your legs, appreciating your warmth and softness
she goes up to your thighs and just stays there, kissing and nibbling until you wake up
"hi sweet cheeks"
in any other night she would have teased you and then overstimulated you until you were crying
but this was soft and sweet and slow
she buried herself in your cunt and stayed there until you pulled her hair
then she kissed you and hugged you close, taking in the feeling of belonging
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
okay so Caitlyn wears designer clothes
but usually doesn't have many occasions to use the fancier ones
so one day there's this party, and she is asked to use one of the newest uniforms
which is fancy and she looks damn hot in it
then comes you, a little late but who cares
Caitlyn almost faints
and everybody knows it's her blouse
and everyone knows you're hers
to be fair, it wasn't your goal to make her go beet red and horny all at once, but it did work
she excuses herself and takes your hand, walking to a less crowded room
pins you against the wall and just stares
she looks like she wants to eat you up
but she can't get her clothes wet, so she lifts your skirt up to your thighs and pulls your underwear to the side
"who's pussy is this? you look so pretty. so needy"
she fingers you, using her other hand to lift your leg up and to support you
bites your neck and kisses you hard
for the rest of the night, every time she sees you she just gets red, because she's usually not that possessive or rough
not that you mind
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he wakes up and you're not in bed, so he just takes a few minutes to wake up properly while wondering where you could be
fast foward you enter the bedroom, a plate of pancakes in hand, and a bottle of juice
wearing nothing but his tank top and panties
he could get used to this
you sit beside him and start talking about a weird dream you had, with a bunch of green slime and a rat
but he's not paying a lot of attention, just staring at the way your chest pushes up against the fabric as you breath
"then... you could at least pretend you're not just a horny boy ya know?"
his face gets hot and he cracks a joke, but you're right
he puts the plate in a table by the bed and pulls you to his lap, hands resting on your thighs
"I like this. I wish things could always be like this. you look good."
he buries his face in your hair and holds you close for a while, just enjoying the soft moment
until you start grinding on him
prepare yourself for a ride hehe
| Silco
Tumblr media
one day his vest goes missing
he doesn't think much of it because he's always losing something
you two have a team meeting to discuss a new strategy, and he knows you'll probably be late, so he just goes ahead without you
imagine his surprise when you're already there, in a corner with Jinx by your side
you have a drink in your hand, and then he realizes you're wearing a pair of comfortable pants and his vest
only his vest
which means your chest is being crushed (he's so slender ugh) and pushed up, and your arms are on display
he tries to be concentrated and explain what has changed to the people in the room, but his eyes keep wandering to you and your wicked smile
he sends everyone away quickly and presses you up against a table
"what do we have here? a doll with a new dress? let's see how long you can stay still"
he kneels and turns you around, pushing your pants down and edging you until there's tears in your eyes
you say you're sorry, and he let's you cum in his mouth
"you look delicious in that. you should use it more"
kisses your red cheeks with a soft smile on his face
| Viktor
Tumblr media
it's Viktor's day off, so he goes out of the house to buy you two some breakfast
poor boy can't cook to save his life
he comes back and you're awake, pencil in hand already drawing something new
when he realizes you're wearing his shirt, he almost drops the bags
you take it from his hand and laugh about it, thanking him for the food
"is that my shirt?"
"yeah, I didn't bring a spare change. I can take it off-"
goes beet red and rambles for about a minute until you laugh it off
can't stop staring at you
it's almost like you're proud???? to be with him????
you kiss him and he melts, holding you close and feeling your warm skin
when you start pulling on his tie he goes breathless
"zaya I-"
just shut him up with more kisses
manages to put you against the bed and starts to mark your neck
pull his hair and he'll whimper
slow and deep thrusts, kissing you softly
call him a good boy, he'll probably pass out
use clothes that show the marks on your neck afterwards, he'll feel warm and fuzzy inside
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myomikan · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This post by @piltover-sharpshooter cracked me up so much, I had to do a comic! To round it off I added a beginning and end panel. Hope you enjoy my version! :D
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zephyo · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
"We need you back on your feet."
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xangerfang · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Have these been made yet?
Have some anyway
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aprillikesthings · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y’all I cannot with these people lolll
First tweet
Second tweet
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What about us?
Tumblr media
You know what really breaks my heart about this scene? It’s that Caitlyn and Vi’s relationship was never “meant to be”. In a sense that they come from total different worlds, totally different lives, and upbringings. Caitlyn always had everything, except she never had the freedom to know anything beyond what her parents allowed her to, despite her mom being in such power position in their society, she never knew or understood what really went on between the people who were in those positions. Something that only came about when she met Vi, when she saw the other side. She could finally see and understand all the things that were kept from her ever since she was a little girl. All the truth of how broken her society actually was. (What are you shooting for, Caitlyn?)
On the other side there's Vi, someone who had no reason whatsoever to trust someone like Caitlyn. Her whole life has been chaos because of people who come from the same place and society as Caitlyn did. People who didn’t give a damn about people like her, people who took her parents life, who destroyed everything she ever loved. Who gave her no support in her times of need and that instead, separated her from the only family she had left. They took away her freedom, her power of choice, and the most important responsibility that she had, to take care of her younger sister. To spend all these years in the dark, building her walls up to protect herself from anything that tried to break her again. (You’ve got a good heart. Don’t ever lose it, Violet.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All of that is precisely what makes Vi and Caitlyn’s relationship so important to both of them. Although the trust they built was something so unlikely at first. They could finally see through each other, that they were more powerful together. And what they have goes beyond where they were raised. Instead of clashing, they complement each other. Caitlyn got the chance to understand all the wrongdoings of her society, all the people they’ve hurt and left behind and she was not willing to do the same mistake with Vi. And Vi got to have, after all those years, someone who genuinely cared about her, about her needs, who wasn’t there to just take something from her, but that wanted to be with her and help her no matter what. Someone who saw all the pain from her people, and all the healing that was needed and someone that cared to act in their favor. 
So yes, their relationship was never meant to be. But that’s mainly what’s magical about them, because every reason they had to hate each other, to mistrust and to be apart, actually brought them together. They might not be the same, but that doesn’t matter, because they are what they need.
Truly the “misfits” of their society.
Tumblr media
Gif sources: Top, Mid, Bottom.
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yurimother · a day ago
Their Walls Come Crumbling Down: The Perfectly Restrained and Impactful Queer Romance of 'Arcane'
Tumblr media
Riot Games' Arcane is easily one of the best surprises of this year. The League of Legends animated series won over fans of the original game and total newcomers like myself with its enthralling characters, phenomenal action, and downright gorgeous animation by Fortiche. A stunning combination of hand-drawn scenes with stylized CGI animation creates one of the most visually stunning pieces that rivals the likes of Your Name and Into the Spiderverse. However, what most attracted me to this epic was one of the series's central relationships.
Tumblr media
Spoilers for Arcane season 1
While the show focuses mainly on the tragedy of Vi and Jinx/Powder's sisterhood, Caitlyn plays a crucial role in their story. At the start of Act Two, Caitlyn, an inexperienced enforcer and the daughter of an aristocrat counselor, releases a hardened Vi from the prison that held her for several years.
Their relationship starts extremely strained, as the two are polar opposites, growing up in the starkest of contrasting situations, resulting in little initial trust or love between them. However, by the season's end and after facing more than a few tense life-or-death encounters together, an evident love has blossomed between them, even if a kiss or more passionate encounter did not seal it. However, this choice is not a weakness of Arcane's representation but a sign of strength.
The evolving romance between these two unlikeliest of kindred spirits forces growth. It changes not just for them individually as characters but the entire arc of Arcane's incredible narrative as one of the story's driving forces. Against impossible odds and traumas, this queer romance marches forward, unveiling deftly in a slow yet beautiful manner that demonstrates series restraint and respect for its characters and their journeys.
Tumblr media
Imposing threats, incompatible histories, and dangerous goals oppose Vi and Caitlyn's bond. This romance is not just an instance of opposites attracting, rather a story about two people who must overcome and accept their vast difference and priorities before forging a true partnership. Vi is a toughened orphan who grew up hungry and desperate on the stress of the undercity, Zaun. The comfortable elite of Piltover, who constantly abuse and exploit her people, are only her enemy. As she exclaims exasperatedly to her and Powder's adoptive father, "They've got plenty, while we're down here scaping together coins." However, her animosity is not limited exclusively to envy over their privilege.
Come episode two, Vi is facing direct threat from the enforcers. These are not the comedic bumbling guards that chased a band of four scrappy thieves through the upper city's streets. The enforcers of Piltover post a looming, creditable threat to her and her family. The series's second chase scene best exemplifies this increased threat. Vi, Powder, Viko, and Clagor flee from heavily armored soldiers who just moments before threw an innocent man through a wall for mere insolence, best exemplifies this increased threat. It brings Vi back to the events that orphaned her and Powder, the bloody failed revolution against Piltover, and she wants to fight back against this enemy, "We saw what they did. I grew up knowing I'm less than them, that my place is down there."
Tumblr media
The tragic events that conclude Arcane's first act put aside Vi's conflict with the upper city. She and her family battle against the kingpin Silco to save Vander from his villainous clutches. But a cataclysmic mistake by Powder deals calamitous death to all but the sisters. Enraged, she strikes at the shattered child before storming off. However, she comes to her senses and attempts to return for Powder, only to be taken into custody, ending her final childhood moments of freedom. She spends the next several years abused and beaten by the guards, as evidenced by her blasé retort to Caitlyn's questions, "can you just send in whoever is gonna kick the shit out of me, so I can get on with my night." Thus, when the young enforcer releases her, Vi is not exactly warm to her presence.
Vi's justified prejudice and adversarial view of Piltover and the enforcer prove her most significant challenge to overcome in her eventual romance with Caitlyn. However, the latter has no such notions or animosity. Sure, Cait has some reluctance to trust a criminal who calls all enforcers "assholes," but her primary obstacle going into the team-up is one of ignorance to the plight of Zaun. This naivety is shared by much of the upper city, as evidenced by Heimerdinger's (Mick Wingert) eventual journey to the underbelly. However, it is an obstacle that she is actively working to overcome, demonstrated by Cait's exasperated lamentation about her mother, "she'd do anything to keep me from seeing the real world." It is this awareness and openness that allows her to change and grow more attached to Vi.
As the pair journies together to Zaun in search of evidence against Silco, Vi has the upper hand. Vi was born and raised in the dilapidated streets, and she revels in the switch dynamic between her and Cait, who is clearly out of her element. Vi enjoys the feeling of superiority over the enforcer from the upper city that looks down on her.
Tumblr media
This dynamic leads to their first romantic interaction, as Vi teases the uncomfortable Cait in the brothel. Ordering her to get information by pretending to serve its patrons, saying the now-famous line, "You're hot, cupcake. So what'll it be, man or woman." This scene was also the first hint fans had that the series might contain some LGBTQ+ representation, as Vi floats the possibility of queerness at Cait while pinning her against a wall (be still my gay heart).
Soon after, Caitlyn's inclination towards women, or, if you prefer, obvious gayness, is revealed. She sits enthralled in conversation with another woman, a fact which pleases Vi, who for the first time smiles warming about Caitlyn, rather than in spite and mockery.
The relationship takes a turn at the end of Act Two as their walls come tumbling down. An injured Vi mourns her past choices and mistakes with Powder, as Cait both comforts her, unknowingly invoking the words of Vander, "you have a good heart," and confronts her about her prejudice. As Vi remarks, "you topsiders always find a way to screw us," Cait retorts. However, later in the episode, the enforcer's actions, saving Vi's life, finally turn the two entirely to the same side. Soon, Vi returns the favor and even vouches for Caitlyn to Ekko.
Tumblr media
Finally, after experiencing the harshness of life in Zaun, seeing the sanctuary of the Firelights, and hearing the testimony of Ekko, Caitlyn's naivety is shattered. It is not just Vi's deposition that changes here. Cait openly acknowledges the misdeeds of the enforcers, "it's wrong what's been done to you." It is a sentiment and awareness she repeats in front of the council and her parents, saying, "You know what else reflects on the council? It's citizens living on the streets. Being poisoned. Having to choose between a kingpin who wants to exploit them and a government that doesn't give a shit." This scene completes her arc from the sheltered aristocrat we first met as a child to be someone who can stand as Vi's partner.
Unfortunately, even with Vi and Cait sharing new respect and understanding, their troubles are not over. One constant threat remains between them and, a danger amplified by their growing closeness, Jinx. The damaged girl's looming presence in Cait and Vi's lives plays beautifully alongside their growing relationship.
Tumblr media
During this most heartfelt and genuine moment in the series, as Caitlyn and Vi lie next to each other on the bed, Vi opens up her last refuge and reveals to Cait her deepest secret and regret, abandoning Powder to be further fractured and twisted into the poor wretched Jinx. It is a rare moment of vulnerability, which is saying something considering the number of times Vi reaches the brink of death in the series.
The relationship also tortures Jinx. As she experiences a bittersweet reunion with the sister she thought dead, Jinx also comes to learn of her alliance with the enforcer. Unfrounetly, unlike Vi, Jinx retains her hatred of the officers and Piltover, a feeling fostered by her new father figure, Silco. This aversion, compounded with the abandonment issues Vi left her with, causes Jinx to see Cait as an evil figure, corrupting Vi and driving her away. This perception is shown through her hallucinations on the bridge and undergoing Singed treatment. Eventually, Jinx believes that Cait is the one obstacle standing between her and the past, another chance to live as Powder, Vi's beloved younger sister.
Tumblr media
The varying histories, burdens, and goals of all three women come to a head towards the end of act three. Faced with the harsh reality of the Piltover's indifference to Zaun's plight, Vi abandons Cait. At this moment, Cait's plea to Vi is not to complete their mission or stop Silco or Jinx. Her question is simple, "what about us." Showing the actual depth of their bond and relationship with her values beyond anything else. Nevertheless, Vi walks away into the rain wistfully, saying, "oil and Water, it was never meant to be."
When we return to Cait, what follows is perhaps the series's most extraordinary scene, laced with highly impactful imagery and symbolism in its gorgeous animation and framing. As Caitlyn showers, the framing shows her body without exploitation or service but hunched over in pain and ponderance. The water collides with the ground, mirroring the rain from her divergence with Vi. It mixes with the blood seeping from the wound Jinx inflected on Caitlyn's leg, a constant reminder of the genuine danger her relationship with Vi will pose. The scene shifts to outside the council, only in reverse, as Vi talks backward towards Caitlyn, removing her hood. It is more evident than ever that Cait loves Vi and wants to return to her.
Unfortunately, the chance to go to Vi's side and burst through some doors in a dramatic storm of gayness is interrupted by Jinx, who kidnaps the leading Zaun cast for the final tea party/emotional rollercoaster showdown. As Jinx thoughts Vi, she remarks, "I paid your girlfriend a visit this morning." She, like the audience, knows of the deep connection the two share. Although, unlike all the sapphic viewers, she is not thrilled by it.
Vi pleads with Powder and Cait as the confrontation continues, attempting to save the sister she almost lost and the woman she has grown to love. Although both survive the encounter, Powder is gone, and Jinx is all that remains. "I thought maybe you could love me like you used to. Even though I'm… different. But you changed too." Indeed Vi has changed, from the angry child who once swore revolution against topside and its enforcers, to the woman who has fallen in love with one.
Tumblr media
Cait and Vi's history and barriers to romance are staggering, as both content their respective views and baggage with each other. This struggle is why we do not get an explicit kiss or further physical confirmation of their romance (although I can easily argue the scene on Caitlyn's bed in episode eight is just that). Many queer relationships historically were left subtextual while their heterosexual counterparts were allowed more explicit romance, but that is not necessarily the case here. Jayce and Mel have their romance, but they also had the benefit of years of development together between Act One and Act Two, a period that takes place off-screen and thus renders their relationship much less satisfying or believable. And one which has a far more negligible impact on Arcane's story.
Cait and Vi have known each other for all of the few days covering Acts Two and Three. So no, they do not get to kiss, but that fact does not make their relationship any less profound and exceptionally queer. Each undergoes an immense change in the brief time they know each other. And despite their opposing beliefs and background, even though they are in constant danger from Silco and Jinx, they find love in each other. Each girl opens the other's eyes to a world, a people they never knew, and show the possibility of peace and harmony between two diametrically opposed civilizations on the brink of war.
Tumblr media
Vi and Cait's romance and growth are some of the most crucial elements of Arcane. This evolution threatens Jinx and eventually makes her realize that her life as Powder can never return now that Vi has fallen in love. The importance and unlikeliness of Vi and Caitlyn's romance place it far above a mere relationship for service's sake. It does not need to be cheapened by a clumsy rush to kisses and hollow affection. Vi and Caitlyn are at the heart of Riot and Fortiche's masterpiece, and their romance will undoubtedly continue to blossom in season 2.
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lesbomancy · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Oil and Water by @aviancali
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