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#caitlyn dare
parcai Β· 13 days ago
hey kristoff do u still think u would be a hades kid if u were in pjo. also what would it weapon be
yes i do πŸ€” i think i really do have the vibe and mind for it. i think i could also see hecate tho. her moral ambiguity and tie into crossroads/fate vs making your own destiny remind me strongly of hades in a way, so i suppose if she's considered a lesser god in riordanverse (despite her being older than hades in most actual myths, being a titan and all πŸ’€) then that would prob be more "realistic" than being a child of the big three.
but hades has a few other qualities that i think suit me more, those even hecate doesn't have πŸ€” much to think abt
as for a weapon, scythes are cool and all, and honestly i'd prob say that except for it started becoming a trend in the pjo fandom and now it's not fun anymore. plus it's not really an effective weapon in real life. it's heavy and needs to be wielded at an odd angle due to the 90 degree angle between blade and staff. swords are overdone. daggers are sorry excuses for swords and for some (we know why πŸ˜‘) reason are always given to girls. i think i will go w my own heritage. chakras please πŸ₯°
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