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Instead of constantly asking who wants to be tagged in a certain post, I鈥檒l just set up a tag list! I鈥檝e got a lot of stuff built up that I鈥檒l get out as soon as I can. So, for anyone who wants to join the list, please comment! 馃挏
Now here鈥檚 what I have coming up :
Tumblr media
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I was just wondering if you do requests how do u think the arcane characters would react with a fucking chaotic S/o 馃樆馃憠馃憟
Tumblr media
arcane characters with a chaotic s/o
characters -> vi, jinx, caitlyn, sevika, viktor, jayce, ekko
genre -> fluff
Tumblr media
- she wouldn鈥檛 necessarily describe herself as chaotic- don鈥檛 get me wrong, vi enjoys the occasional bar fight or street brawl, but not on the same level you do. she won鈥檛 go out to pick fights with people just for the fun of it- but she regularly watches (to make you鈥檙e safe) while you do. and then drags you along as enforcers come, because causing fights 鈥榯oo close to topside鈥 is apparently against the law? whatever, you鈥檙e too busy mindlessly cackling at the mess you鈥檝e caused, and vi can鈥檛 help but let a couple chuckles slip through as she listens to you.
- she is the living embodiment of chaos, and having someone to match her energy is somewhat refreshing - but can also be tiring at the end of days. you spend hours on end causing trouble, annoying people who work for silco, dancing around while her record player is in the background humming away, testing out her machines on people below the building you sit on- but it鈥檚 tiring. your un-ending energy as a duo needs some balance, which usually comes in the form of curling up together on her mattress, or simply passing out at the end of your chaos on the nearest sofa. silco has walked in on the both of you slumped against his desk, jinx鈥檚 head on your shoulder while you both snore away.
- she balances you out perfectly. you鈥檙e the utter image of chaos, from the undercity, loud, fully unshamed of everything you do, and caitlyn is the perfect, quiet, orderly piltie. you love her, for all her stuck-upedness with rules, but it makes you laugh when you see her distressed face after coming home with enforcers shouting your name in the streets. 鈥測/n! you need to stop!鈥 she tells you every time, but you just laugh and curl up in her lap, playing with her hair as she cleans up any cuts you got,
- initially, the pure energy around you buzzed so aggressively with unrest, that it annoyed her. but at some point, she grew to watch your restlessness with an odd satisfaction. sitting at her poker table in the back of 鈥榯he last drop鈥, she watches you with hawk eyes as you dot around, drinking the bar dry and pulling people into a mass flash mob of dancing around drunkenly. but you keep bobbing around, dragging more and more people into the crowd before curling away, snickering, onto her lap.
- viktor slightly scared of you, in a cute way. everything he does is calculated and logical, with large scrutiny behind it, whereas you tend to charge into things head first. many explosions tend to happen when you enter his lab- more than in your lab somehow. the danger of it gets you in trouble with the council- a lot, but just like with viktor, they can鈥檛 seem to resist your cheeky smile and sly words.
- jayce joins in with your chaos- as much as he can without getting in trouble. he already has somewhat of a reputation with the council for not exactly鈥 following the rules that well and with you on his case, it鈥檚 not exactly helping. somehow, you tend to get away with things though- chaos ensues but you cover up any thing that leads you to it, and no one is any the wiser. except jayce of course. he鈥檚 headed back from the hextech labs, catching whispers of some explosion, or someone stealing stuff from one of the councillors and he comes home to your playing with the stolen item on his bed, shooting him a cheeky grin.
- in the nicest way possible, ekko simply does not have the time to be dealing with your bullshit, so he mostly just leaves you to your chaos and lightly scolds you. you know better to not cause any trouble in the firelights hideout - ekko already has enough stress looking after everyone and making sure they aren鈥檛 found out, and you鈥檙e not cruel enough to do that to him! but you definitely take advantages of the boards ekko makes you and zoom around the undercity, reeking havoc and regularly pissing off silco鈥檚 cronies when you can - and that鈥檚 something ekko won鈥檛 scold you for.
Tumblr media
taglist -> @darthkenobii @mitypie
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Tumblr media
suggestion?? TvT
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Her Darling
Tumblr media
Pairing: Caitlyn Kiramman x Reader
Summary: You and Caitlyn try something new.
Word Count: 1743
CW: Bondage, Dom/Sub, Vibrators, Praise Kink, Spanking, Edgeplay, Face-Sitting, Usage of the honorific Mistress
Notes: Mommy dom Caitlyn make the brain go brrrr
"You know, I thought you couldn't get any prettier." A voice came from behind you, letting out a low chuckle. "But seeing you like this, I was so wrong." You were tied up, hands behind your back with your feet tied along with them. You laid on your stomach, completely naked and laid bare for her gorgeous blue eyes to see. Your pussy throbbed from being toyed with for the past two hours.
"Please Caitlyn." You finally spoke intelligible words, lips sore from biting on them so hard. Your hips bucked forwards on the soft sheets of her bed and you were grinding against the cover. Your thighs and back muscles ached, cheek flush with the bed. Your face was smushed, one eye closed and the other open. Caitlyn landed a harsh smack to your ass, you jolting forwards and a high-pitched whine coming from your lips. She had spanked you many times beforehand, your bottom sore from the hits that she had laid on you with her hard and calloused hands.
You whined, a new wave of arousal heading towards your pussy. "Did I ask you to speak?" Caitlyn growled, you then violently shaking your head as best as you could to please her. You loved the way she could make you feel stupid with a simple word, look, and even action. You took a shaky breath in, legs jolting forwards when a vibration could be felt on your clit.
You let out a moan, the tips of your fingers digging into your palm. "How bad do you want to cum?" Caitlyn asked, your eyes closed when she went up a setting. "Answer me, or I鈥檒l stop." She spoke, taunting you. 鈥淎nd I鈥檒l leave you here, cold and wanting.鈥 Her voice went deep, you letting out a moan and biting your lip in an attempt of self-restraint. Your cunt throbbed, you wanted to reach out to her but were unable to do so due to the fact you were tied up like a Christmas present.
"So bad, please, please, please." You bucked your hips into the bed. Caitlyn laughed, watching you pathetically squirm like an animal. You frowned when you heard no response. 鈥淵ou took too long to answer me, so you're getting 15 and you're going to have to count them out loud." Caitlyn pursed her lips, eyes trailing over your bound form. "Do I make myself clear?" You hastily nodded while letting out loud moans of 'yes'.
Caitlyn massaged your lower back, you leaning in vaguely to prevent from getting a harsher punishment than what you were receiving. Caitlyn swept some hair out of your face, staring into your eyes for permission, and you hurried to give her a yes.
Caitlyn leaned behind you, grabbing where the rope tied up your hands and feet. She untied the delicate knot, the rope becoming loose around your limbs and you stayed still, waiting for another command from her. You still had the ropes tied around your wrists, your wrists having a tint of red and being slightly sore.
She kept your wrists tied up, your legs being released. You felt her tighten the velvet ropes, your hands now tied behind your back. You let out a low sigh of relief, your legs now free; the appendages losing from being tied up for so long. 鈥淥n your knees darling,鈥 Caitlyn commanded, and so you did as you were told.
You felt a harsh smack on your bottom, you automatically letting out a squeak of 鈥渙ne!鈥
鈥淕ood pet.鈥 Caitlyn purred, her fingers sliding down the back of your thigh. You waited for the next one, you felt Caitlyn raise her hand before spanking you again, you counted and Caitlyn chuckled. She kept raising her hand, the cold of her glove contrasting to the warmth of your skin. Every time she touched you; you couldn鈥檛 help but to make a noise, wanting to hear more praise from the woman above you.
鈥淔ifteen.鈥 You moaned out, wincing from the ache in your bottom.
鈥淎nd what do we say?鈥 Caitlyn asked.
鈥淭hank you, Mistress.鈥 You replied. 鈥淕ood slut.鈥 She smiled at your obedience. Even though Cait wanted to punish you more; she saw you were dripping, your thighs damp with arousal.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e ruining my sheets.鈥 She stated aloud, 鈥淪orry Mistress.鈥 You apologized.
鈥淵ou should be sorry.鈥 The woman sneered, palming your ass before spreading you wide. You whimpered, leaning into her touch desperately. She pressed the wand against your sex, bumping the tip against your clit. You moaned unrestrained, hips bucking when the toy hit the right places.
鈥淪low down darling,鈥 Caitlyn warned you; and you regained your composure. She stopped the wand completely, like numerous times before. You sobbed from her absence. Her gloved fingers felt along your slit, teasing you. You groaned at her touch. You were turned over, now on your back.
Your eyes met Caitlyn鈥檚, your lover possessing a look of pure lust on her face. Her azure hair fell over her shoulders and in her face as she faced downwards. 鈥淲hat are you willing to do to show me your sincerity?鈥 She asked, your mouth shooting a reply of 鈥榓nything.鈥 Caitlyn smirked at your willingness, her coming up with an idea.
She backs away from the bed, your neck tilting to watch her form. She undressed, sliding her red velvet button up down her shoulders and then proceeding to slip out of her black skirt. She wore a lingerie set underneath, sheer mesh that was the color black with flowers decorating the cups of the breasts. Matching panties with an attached garter belt that was holding up stockings that matched. She slid her bra strap down, before releasing the hooks of the garment, letting it fall her built shoulders. Your eyes drifted to her breasts, her nipples hard from the cold of her bedroom.
She smiled when she caught you staring. She unhooked her garter belt, sliding her panties and belt down her strong legs; her form naked except for the stockings. She came closer to the bed, raising her leg and settling it on the side of your head. She was now straddling your face; her glistening cunt visible to your eyes and positioned over your mouth. You knew what to do, opening your mouth and using it.
You left soft kisses against her clit, your tongue peeking out your mouth and replacing your lips on the spot. You heard Cait鈥檚 soft moans from above, her hips bucking into your mouth, the top of her sex bumping against your mouth. She gripped what she could of your hair, running her fingers through. You whined into her cunt, her fucking your face to get off. You felt her juices drip and soak the lower half of your face, the taste of her on your tongue. You kept moving the muscle going from her clit to circling her hole; her letting out praise in whispers and low moans. The sound of the wetness and the smell of her sex filled your senses, with you also sensing that your lover was close.
鈥淕ood slut,鈥 Caitlyn cooed, moaning loudly; her affection making you press your thighs together. You kept going as Caitlyn鈥檚 hips kept moving. She came, gushing on your mouth; the entire lower half of your face covered in her fluids. She rose from your face; tongue reaching up to clean her. When she was done using your face as her personal toy, she gripped your chin and said with undeniable arousal, 鈥淵ou deserve a treat.鈥 Then she hopped off your face, strutting to your now closed legs.
鈥淪pread your legs for me, darling.鈥 She breathed out, eyes nearly black from dilation.
You hadn鈥檛 even realized that your thighs were pressed together, your body subconsciously trying to relieve the twinge between your legs. You obeyed, and spread your legs as far as you possibly could. Caitlyn came before you, now in between your legs. She pressed the highest setting on the wand before lowering it to the space where you needed it most. She hung right above your sex, smiling when you frowned at her callousness.
鈥淗ow bad do you want it?鈥 Caitlyn asked, you hurrying to answer her.
鈥淪o bad, need your fingers Mistress,鈥 You begged her, your body aching. 鈥淚 wanna cum,鈥 You said aloud, letting out a loud gasp when Caitlyn finally gave you genuine relief. She placed the wand back on your puffy clit, her fingers sliding effortlessly in your soaked hole. She leaned forwards, fingers twisting inside you, causing your body to melt. She curled them upwards, finding the spot and making you screech in heightened arousal.
Your felt your hands become numb from the weight you were putting on them, but your brain was too fogged to care. She kept rubbing the wand against you, her fingers moving rapidly and swiftly. You let out moans of 鈥楳istress鈥 and gibberish; your insides clenching around her slender fingers. You could feel yourself tipping over the edge, you felt the tightened cord in your abdomen loosen.
Sounds of your sex making your body hot in slight embarrassment. Caitlyn leaned over you, her lips tracing over your neck; the simulation delicate and gentle. She made her way up to your mouth, curling her fingers once more against your spot, the action making you sob in her mouth. She kissed you fiercely, you letting her possess access to your mouth. She leaned back down, enveloping your bare nipple in her mouth.
鈥淪o good for me.鈥 She panted; releasing your tit, watching your form become undone under her talented fingers. Your hips stuttered, eyes shutting and lips sputtering. You came; creaming on her fingers. Your body convulsing under hers. You gasped loudly, eyes closing your hips bucking wildly in the air. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it.鈥 Cait reeled you in with her sweet voice, halting the vibrations of the wand and slowing down the movements of her fingers.
You came down from your orgasm, mind now aware. Caitlyn undid your bindings, you reaching out to rub your wrists when you raised them. She helped clean you, passing something cool for your bottom, and clothes to get dressed in. Sliding in the bed, you laid your head down; facing Cait.
鈥淵ou did so well,鈥 She whispered, caressing your hair. 鈥淭hank you for doing this with me.鈥 You grinned, eyes heavy from exhaustion. You fell asleep, Caitlyn following shortly after.
This was definitely something you wanted to try again.
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Arcane Characters Waking Up With Your Head Between Their Thighs
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Viktor, Jayce, Mel, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, dirty talk, cunnilingus, blowjobs, handjobs, hair pulling (for Reader), praise, slight somnophilia
A/N: I don't know how this one came to me but it did.
Tumblr media
Jinx would probably close her legs around your head on instinct. Given how many times you've eaten her out before it's not that odd that she'd have a few dreams about it too.
Seeing you eating her out first thing in the morning sure as hell doesn't make her wanna get out of bed any sooner. Oh there are things on the agenda for the day sure, but feeling your mouth on her makes all those thoughts fly out the window.
"I see someone was was having the same dream I was and decided to make it a reality eh sugar? If this was your plan to wake me up and get me to get out of bed it's working very poorly. I'd much rather spend the morning riding your pretty face."
Tumblr media
Vi has never had this happen before and actually her first instinct was to try and kick you. Oh she saw you make your way down there but she thought she was dreaming, so when she actually felt your lips on her she tried to kick at you. Luckily she missed.
Once she heard you yelp she was more than awake and aware of what you were trying to do. She found it really sweet but maybe next time wait until she's fully awake. Like... right now for instance.
"Fuck, shit, I'm so sorry! I almost broke your nose sweet stuff. Now that'd be a damn shame wouldn't it? I don't wanna ruin you wonderful face. Nah, I think it's damn cute what you tried to do. Go ahead, then, I'm fully awake now and... well you made me all wet already."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn would moan, so loud and wonton the moment your lips make contact with her cunt. Her hands would be in your hair before you know it, her eyes still a little hazy as she relaxes more into the bed.
She loves being woken up like this, especially since the two of you don't get much opportunity for morning sex. But by gods she can't get enough right now, of your tongue poking and prodding into her cunt, spreading her lips with your fingers and diving in further, making her turn her head into her pillow to muffle her cries of your name.
"Darling ah-! You're really going to do this? Hmm... you're very good for me aren't you? Fuck. Am I gripping you too hard, does it hurt? Then could you put your tongue in please? Yes! Gods! Just a little... there! Gods, darling, I love you!"
Tumblr media
Ekko would be a little spooked but not because of what you're doing but more out of fear of someone walking in on the two of you. Gods know none of his friends would ever let him live it down.
After a little convincing, most of which is done by you kissing and sucking along his cock he can't help but lay his head back onto the pillow, his hands gentle threading through your hair, encouraging you to keep going, nice and slow, he wants to enjoy this wake up call for a good, long while.
"Firefly! What are you- oh! Hmmn! What if someone walks in? Don't worry about it? Well... but... gods your mouth... ok, ok. Go slow, go slow. You can keep going, just go slow, I want to enjoy this properly cause when the fuck are we ever gonna find the time to do this again?"
Tumblr media
Silco is the last person who's gonna complain about you sucking his dick first thing in the morning. In fact he thinks it should become a regular thing.
He'd curl his first into your hair, not tugging or pushing, just keeping it there as you bob your head up and down. He might tell you to go a little faster if he has something more urgent to do for the day, but otherwise he's happy to enjoy a slow, and horny morning with you.
"Enjoying yourself darling? Don't be shy, get back to it, I quite liked it. Is this your new way of waking me up hm? If not maybe it should be. And don't worry, once you're done I fully intent on returning the favor."
Tumblr media
If you surprise Sevika by giving her cunnilingus first thing in the morning don't expect to leave her apartment for the whole day.
You can leave the bed but she will either drag you back fairly soon or follow you where ever you went and have sex with you again. You can expect a few scratches along your back early in the morning as well as her pushing your head closer as she rides your face, urging you to go faster, deeper.
"Where are you off to sweetheart? You didn't think we were done already did you? Fuck work, you can't tongue fuck me and think that'll be the end of it. Now come back here, or maybe you wanna do it somewhere else? Come on tell me. Showers, couch, table, wall, I'll fuck your brains out today sweetheart, you can bet on it."
Tumblr media
Viktor is a little surprised by how bold you are but he's not gonna tell you to stop, not even he's already so painfully hard for you.
He doesn't hold back his moans or his whimpers as he watches you with hooded eyes. He tries very hard not to make a mess of you but he can't exactly help it, your mouth and tongue and hand feel so wonderful. He needs to come, he needs to watch his cum dripping down your chin.
"Good morning darling, did you decide to have an early snack? Haha, sure, go ahead, I won't complain. Hmn! Slow down a little! I'm trying to hold back, I really am, but you... shit! Fuck, I'm sorry darling, it seems like I made a bit of a mess of you haven't I? Well we can always get cleaned up together."
Tumblr media
Jayce would think he's dreaming at first. He'd grab your hair and fuck you rough, just like he does when he's really dreaming. Only when he realizes he's awake he would stop immedietly.
He'd go apologize only for his apology to turn into a long moan as you wrap your lips around his cock again, your eyes pleading for him to hard again, to fuck your mouth till he's content. He's a little hesitant at first but he can't say no to that needy look in your eyes, to your little whimpers.
"Keep going babe, take my cock, faster, come on, take it fucking deep in your... oh! Oh! I... I'm sorry! Are you... uh... that was... I thought I was dreaming. You doing ok? I can get a little rough when I'm... oh fuck! You wanna keep going? You do huh? You want me to talk dirty to you while you choke on my cock? Yeah? Go on then, it's all yours to suck."
Tumblr media
Mel welcomes it for sure. She's not used to waking up like that, mostly because she wakes up quite early and is usually the one to have to wake you up.
She would wrap her legs around your shoulders while slowly running her hand through your hair, scratching at your scalp when you hit that sweet spot inside her. Might try to hold back her moans but will eventually stop holding herself back and scream your name as loud as she needs to.
"This is quite a nice surprise darling? Is it a special occasion or do you plan on making it a reoccurring thing? I certainly hope it's the second option. If you get back to it right now I might have time to give you a surprise as well."
Tumblr media
Ambessa thinks it's quite brave of you to go down on her so early. She knows that you know how she can't get enough of you, and this certainly isn't helping.
She would pull you into a kiss, flip you over on your back and then straddle your head. You need to finish what you started, and if you do a good enough job, not only with you get to have your fill of you but she'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week.
"Sweetheart I admire your boldness but you should have known I won't let you off easy. Lay down, give me your tongue, nice and deep now. Good, you're being so good. Keep going, and when you're... hmm... when you're done I'm gonna make sure your can't walk straight after. Again, haha."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Caitlyn e Vi - League Of Legends
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beebbg 19 days ago
Caitlyn Kiramman buys wonder bread
Heyyy!!! I just wanted to say that this whole fanfic was a joke for a friend. And there may be a part 2 to this because why not (more rich lady and wonder bread). I kinda got carried away too-
Warning: kinda suggestive (y鈥檃ll make out), cursing, spelling mistakes
0.7k words
Tumblr media
(That chick Caitlyn was chilling with is lowkey fine af)
Top hits and distant footsteps fill the Walmart aisle, and the smell of fresh bread mixed with probably moldy ones rotting in the back on the shelves fills Caitlyn's nose with delight. Back at her house, someone stole the other bread so Cait had to take herself to Walmart to get more.聽
The heels of her designer shoes silently tap the floor as she carries the cart to her favorite bread to buy, Wonder Bread. This bread gives her the satisfaction no one else could achieve (wink), her eating this stuff alone can bring the most comfort out of anything in life. And since Caitlyn is a hot babe and rich she can buy as much as she wants. Maybe get extra so there would be at least more after someone takes one. As she walks up to the section and gets a hold of the first wrapped goods, a cold hand grabs it before hers, confusing the blue-haired woman with pronouns.
"Ah, yes, you may have it." The British spoke up "You had it first anyway." A small chuckle is shared as you place the pastry into your cart. Once you look up you get caught up in the rich British eyes, long lashes flow as big glossy eyes stare back at you. You can see the life in her eyes as they shine under the Walmart light. The gloss of her lips from the expensive lip company that you'll probably never get the name of. Her facial structure too... the sharpness of her jaw is enough to make you faint. You want her, you need her. You want to taste the artificial flavors of her lipgloss as she wraps her strong arms around your torso feeling safe in her touch.
Slowly you two walk towards each other, a faint pink color is dusted around Caitlyn's cheeks. It feels like you guys are moving in slow motion, each step slower than the other. You two finally meet up and continue to be lost in each other's eyes. You can never know what Caitlyn is truly thinking but by the looks of it, she is hoping for the same, tender love, care, and affectionate love. Quickly but hesitantly you two connect the close space between, the taste of her expensive lip gloss was heavenly just as you thought. neither of you cared if the stickiness was spreading because all you thought was her and only her... nothing else. A warm feeling fills you up as the kiss continues, only breaking apart to catch a few breaths. Yes, Caitlyn is a stranger but you knew that she was more than that, she was someone you knew you can be with forever.
Once you guys go back in a wet sensation appears on your bottom lip. You part your lips to allow the woman to share her Wonder Bread and artificial taste (idfk). It was addicting, you wanted more. Once this make-out session ended you'd have the taste lingering in your mouth craving more. Soft hands slowly rest themselves on your hips feeling the fabric move with each trace of her fingers. This is comfort, better than Wonder Bread. This is what Caitlyn now wants... your comfort. The cool fingertips in her dark hair and the feeling of pure love just from this stranger are like when she ate Wonder Bread for the first time. The soft texture of your lips reminds her of the softness of the baked good but even better, you're just perfect.
"Shit, I need to get some bread ahaha." The bluenette laughs out loud but in a nervous way. Finally, Caitlyn grabs the bread and adds it to the cart with an embarrassed look on her face. Wait? Is she taking multiple? After a long wait, the rich British place Wonder Bread into the cart and walks off. Not before giving you a smile, this may not be the last time you see her... but it will be a while till you see her again.
But you'll remember the taste of her artificial lipgloss from the expensive lip company that you'll probably never get the name of.
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yoze 19 days ago
anyone have any requests, nsfw or not, for caitlyn, vi or sevika? i don't write stories, just headcanons 馃檹馃従
pls ask!
edit: please bear with me, i have a lot of requests so please don't expect these to be done so quickly 鈾
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inari-zaheer 23 days ago
HII!! I really loved the yae miko fic馃槶 I also really love your writing btw (: I hope you don鈥檛 mind (again) with me requesting stuff to you, and you can also do some research on their personality and stuff, it鈥檚 mostly on the wiki or yt but I鈥檒l get started anyways..
Can you do Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx with a S/O who has Rei Sakuma personality from enstars??
thank you :D
Omg thank you so much馃槶馃槶鈾ワ笍
Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx With Rei Sakuma!Reader
Pairing:Vi x Reader; Caitlyn x Reader, Jinx x Reader
Tw:None that I can think of
I can see you and Vi meeting through Caitlyn, propably after she became an enforcer
Like maybe when she moved to Piltover to start a new life and then she met you as you and Cait were friends
She noticed that you weren鈥檛 as outgoing at the first time you met, but after she knew a little about your past she kinda understood why, also having to deal with bad things when she was younger
Vi loves when you read for her, specially before bed as it always help her get sleepy
As she didnt had any education besides the basics that Vander taught her, she always asked you stuff that she didn鈥檛 knew and loved if you gave a full explanation on a subject
She loved how you would never refuse to help those in need, knowing that if you had met her as kids you would鈥檝e never denied if she asked you for help
It took you some time but after Vi's demand that she would love you no matter what you finally stopped trying to prove yourself to keep your place with her
Knowing it was your coping mechanism Vi never went against any persona you assumed, always going with it and reassuring you about it
But as soon as you started to accept yourself as human she'd also be the first one to be there for you and tell you all your human quality鈥檚 that made her love you just tha way you are
Would pretend to be mad, but lowkey find it amusing when you made jokes about being younger but taller than her
You and Cait met when you were kids
She saw how you tried to isolate yourself from others but she never gave up on trying to be your friend
It started out as what later turned into book dates, she'd be content to just sit beside you and read a book while you read yours
Everytime you tried to distance yourself any further she was there to assure you that it was okay and that she鈥檇 still be there for you no matter what
And as you both grew up she kept her promise, even if you choose different paths she always came to see you almost daily, even with all her enforcer duty
She knew you were smarter, so everytime she came to a dead end in a case she would ask for your help and would always use it as an excuse to ditch her activities for the day and spend the rest of it with you
She'd steal your coats claiming that she was cold, but it was just cause it complimented her look and it smelled like you
Depending on what persona you had on she always went with it as kids, and after you were both adults she kept on doing it if it helped you
You and her had the same thoughts on helping people, so everytime she had an ideia, as crazy as it may sound, that would benefit the others you were the first one to encourage her
Despite all the pressure of being a and being with a Kiramman she never made you feel like you needed to prove yourself to be worthy of her, in fact she confessed that sometimes she was the one that felt as if she didn鈥檛 deserve someone as clever and perfect as you were
I can imagine you being a second child that Silco had taken in along with Jinx
Jinx thought you were so cool as soon as the two of you met, so no matter how hard you tried to isolate yourself she tried even harder to be your friend
But she also understood when you really needed the space and let you be
While growing up Jinx could relate to you with the fear of not being good enough and beeing replaced, so you always conforted each other when needed
She would often steal books for you when she had an assignment in Piltover
Would definitely steal your coats, but to your surprise you would find them in your closet with "Jinx Was Here" and a buch of other stuff written in the inside of it
Althought she did not get why no matter what people did you always wanted to help them, she never got on your way and sometimes even helped you indirectly
Would always ask your opinion on her inventions, she considered you and Silco to be the smartest people in her life, so no matter what anyone else said if the both of you praised her on her work she'd be happy for the rest of the week
She鈥檇 ask you to read any book that you were reading out loud cause your voice always drowned the other ones in her head
Ngl, her favorite persona of yours is the Vampire, to which she always offered her neck and claimed herself to be your vampire queen
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wolfishwriting a month ago
Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika and Grayson with a reader who has super powers maybe? Like eleven in stranger things ? WOULD LOVE YOUR TAKE ON THIS!
arcane + telekinetic s/o
ft. Vi, Viktor, Jayce, Caitlyn, Sevika, Grayson
cw: afab!reader, mentions of blood
A mixture of amazement and slightly terrified-- not at you,1 for you. There are people who would use your powers for evil and he would damned if he ever let someone hurt you like that. He wonders if you are linked to the Arcane in any way and how your powers came to be: were you born with them? Did they come later in life?
He wants to keep this under wraps. Last thing he wants is the Council finding out about your gifts and using them for their own greed. He's very, very protective.
He's immediately brought back to when he was just a boy struggling with his mother on a mountaintop when a mage appears and rescues them. He'll want to know more, of course! What do your powers feel like? How long does it take you to recoup after overuse?
He'd like to run some tests. Viktor will definitely be told of the newfound knowledge but you and Vik will need to make sure Jayce doesn't go flapping his jaws to Mel or anyone in the Council. It would not end well and Jayce may be too excited about this discovery to think that maybe things would be unfavorable for you if found out.
Oh, what the fuck. She just saw you yeet about seven Enforcers sky-high in order to escape their pursuit and now you're wiping blood from your nose. She has questions, of course she does, but she'll have to ask them another time. After the two of you get home safe.
She'll help you clean up properly before she questions you. She asks what more you can show her and nearly squeals when you gently raise her to hover a few inches off the ground, just to kiss her on the lips.
She'd probably not be able to take it in stride as well. She was under the impression that magic was being created by Jayce and that the Arcane was lost to the mages long ago. I guess, in a way, that makes you a mage, or, at least a descendent of one.
She's way too leary of telling anyone. She doesn't want to risk your safety or anyone else's
The second you send a tall building in Piltover collapsing over the bridge, Sevika decides she is done for the day. Just done. She's tired and she wants to go home. You're coming with, too.
With this new info, Sevika's protective nature over you increases-- if you think that could even be possible. She knows what kind of people she works with, she knows Silco wouldn't harm you-- if he did, he'd lose his second and he can't afford that. Sevika knows how many greasy, greedy fucks come crawling, begging to Silco. They wouldn't hesitate to try and take you from her and she would not allow it.
She fears for your life instantly. She always knew you to be remarkable perspm and discovering your powers as you helped lift things around your shared home, wiggling your fingers cutely and a small trickle of blood drips from your nose (she was quick to fetch you a tissue!) was brilliant to witness.
Like Sevika, Grayson knew of the people lurking within the seedy underbelly of Zaun as well as the corrupt politics who have seats on the Council as well as the civilians of Piltover, those with more money willing to pay a higher price. She will do everything in her power as Chief Enforcer to protect her precious darling.
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pixievi 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary | you visit the precinct and help your girlfriend de-stress. that and bring her lunch, because she forgot it
warnings | slight exhibitionism, public sex, almost being caught, teasing, sub!Caitlyn, dirty talk, biting, marking,
wc | 581
Tumblr media
鈥淪hhh, you don鈥檛 want them hearing you, do you?鈥
Caitlyn slapped a hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle the moans spilling from her lips. Her other hand was splayed against the wall behind her, trying to keep herself upright on trembling legs. Suckling on the taller woman鈥檚 neck, you deepened your thrusts. Leisurely fucking her with your fingers. The precinct was as busy as it usually was in the afternoon, footsteps and loud voices in the hallway just outside Cait鈥檚 office joined the sound of her whimpers and the lewd slapping of skin.
鈥淥r maybe you do?鈥, you smiled. 鈥淵ou want people to hear how good I fuck their sheriff, yeah?鈥
Her blush deepened as she shook her head furiously and you smiled at her tripping over her words. 鈥淣-no! You-ah!鈥
You increased the pace suddenly, causing her to cry out. Echoing through the office. Her eyes widened at the outburst as you chuckled into her neck.
鈥淪omeone definitely heard that, princess鈥
鈥淪hut up!鈥, she whisper-growled.
She might鈥檝e been embarrassed, sure. But you didn鈥檛 miss the clench around your fingers at your words. Leaving little bites under her collar, your free hand popped open the buttons on her chest. The garment relaxed and slipped down. Your fingers slipped past the cup of her bra and grasped her soft breast eagerly, kneading the warm flesh slowly. Caitlyn bit her lip to suppress her sweet noises, more so when your lips latched onto her sensitive nipple.
Beads of her essence rolled down your hand and wrist. You curled your fingers, massaging her spot. A gasp escaped her. You rolled her nipple with your tongue, occasionally grazing your teeth over the hardened bud. Her hips jerked forward, starting to impatiently fuck herself on your fingers. She mumbled pleas for you to make her cum quickly, the knot in her belly starting to tighten.
Thump thump thump
You both froze, heads whipping to the office door. You shared a panicked look with one another.
鈥淗ey boss? I have the status reports, you wanna take a look at them now or?鈥, the knocker asked, the shuffling of papers clearly heard.
Caitlyn cleared her throat before answering. 鈥淣-not right now! I鈥檒l read over them later. I鈥檓 quite busy at the moment鈥
You chuckled lowly and she shot you a warning glance. 鈥淭oo busy being fuc-鈥
She shoved your face back into her breast, shutting you up. You started thrusting again and she squirmed, throwing her head back desperately. Brows furrowing in pleasure.
鈥淣o worries, I鈥檒l drop them off in the evening鈥
His footsteps disappeared down the hallway and she released the air she was holding in a whine. You resumed your pace as you littered her chest in marks, her fingers now tangled in your hair. She bounced on your digits, chasing her orgasm hastily. Dropping down to your knees, you dove under her skirt and latched onto her bundle of nerves. Quiet gasps left her as the knot in her continued to tighten. A last brush against her spot and a hum enveloping her clit sent her over the edge. Her body tensed around you as a silent scream left her. You lapped up her juices as she came down, panting. Caitlyn looked down at you with half hooded eyes as you smiled up at her, wiping your chin of her shine. Holding her steady before her legs gave out, you captured her lips with yours.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a good girl for me鈥
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cassifictional a month ago
Tumblr media
Always so busy - Caitlyn x reader
Tumblr media
Sfw, 500-ish words, g/n reader
Part 3 of 6 of reposting short fics from a larger post over on my other blog @cassifiction. This was so fun to write, please enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Five past four. She was supposed to be here five minutes ago, but at this point you were not worried yet. You knew Caitlyn was a busy woman, she was always spending so much time at work. Today, you had made plans to meet in between her shifts, at a cozy little caf茅. Any time spent with her was precious, so you would take whatever time you could get.
You had arrived ten minutes early, so by now you were a little bored sitting by yourself. Keeping yourself busy by snacking on the complimentary biscuits on the table, you tried to not look at the clock too much.
鈥淵ou sure I can鈥檛 get you anything?鈥 a waiter had suddenly appeared beside you.
鈥淣o thank you, I鈥檓 still waiting for someone.鈥 you replied.
The waiter gave you a sympathetic look. 鈥淒ate standing you up?鈥
You looked back at the clock. Ten past four. They weren鈥檛 wrong to assume, you had been here for twenty minutes now.
鈥淣o, no. She wouldn鈥檛.鈥 you assured them.
Suddenly, the door of the caf茅 swung open, the cute little bell above it ringing loudly, making the few other people also sitting in the caf茅 turn their heads in surprise. Standing in the doorway was Caitlyn, her face red and sweaty and she was completely out of breath.
鈥淪h- I mean, oops. My apologies鈥 she said in between breaths, looking up at the bell above the door and straightening her clothes.
You smiled and turned towards the waiter, who was still standing beside you. 鈥淲e鈥檒l have two cappuccinos. And two lemon cupcakes, please.鈥
Caitlyn hurriedly walked over to you, plopping down onto the empty seat in front of you, still trying to catch her breath.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry. There was an incident at the plaza, and the paperwork that came with it-鈥
鈥淐ait, it鈥檚 fine.鈥 you laughed, 鈥測ou鈥檙e only ten minutes late. That鈥檚 nothing.鈥
She reached her hands out to grab your own hands resting on the table in front of you. Her hands felt warm against yours, her body still flushed from apparently running towards the caf茅. She held your hands gently, slowly stroking them with her thumbs.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 ten minutes less spent with you. To me, that鈥檚 a lot.鈥
It was hard to hide the blush appearing on your cheeks. 鈥淚鈥檓 glad you think so.鈥
The waiter soon returned with your order. Caitlyn seemed hungry, the cupcake you had ordered for her was gone withing two minutes. Some days she didn鈥檛 have time to eat during her shift. You couldn鈥檛 help but worry about her sometimes.
Even though your time together at the caf茅 was short, you thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. After only thirty minutes, Caitlyn鈥檚 break was over again and she had to go back to the station. Outside of the caf茅, before you went your separate ways again for the day, Caitlyn reached out to hold your hands again.
鈥淟ook, I鈥檓.. sorry we don鈥檛 do this more often. I really am.鈥 she said, looking down.
鈥淐ait, it鈥檚 ok. I know your job means a lot to you.鈥
鈥淵ou mean a lot to me too now.鈥 she looked up at you. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to talk to some of my superiors. See if I can figure something out so I can spend more time with you.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚.. really nice of you. But please don鈥檛 feel like you have to.鈥 鈥淚 don鈥檛.鈥 she said softly, reaching a hand up to cup around your cheek. 鈥淚t鈥檚 because I want to. I really want to.鈥
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notyetzaio a month ago
Requests are open for a bit I need to get out of writers block, don't request for men please ! But fluff/smut/angst for women is a-ok ^-^
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sevikasmainwhore 2 months ago
hi tink tink!!
how do u think the arcane ladies would react to seeing their thick gf in booty shorts? it鈥檚 getting so hot here it鈥檚 hard to wear anything else
btw i luv ur writing 馃挄
please cause it鈥檚 hotter than a mf out here 馃槶 omg yes please keep using tink tink, it鈥檚 so cute and makes me feel special 馃挐馃挐
Arcane Ladies reacting to your booty shorts 鈾ワ笌
Requested 鈬 Yes/No
Type 鈬 Headcanons鉂
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉂わ笍 Vi knew it was getting hot. It was doubt in that so when she first saw you in your shorts she couldn鈥檛 blame you. Until she started noticing you in them a bit more. How your thighs made the perfect bulge, how they made your ass look nice and round. Vi could鈥檝e sworn she felt a little bit of drool out the corner of her mouth. You were getting a popsicle from the freezer when Vi came from behind you, claiming she wanted a 鈥渉ug鈥. 鈥淰i stop, it鈥檚 hot baby鈥 You complained. You could feel her hands lowering down your ass. 鈥淟et me cool you down a bit鈥 Vi did not in fact cool you down at all.
馃挋 Caitlyn was in disbelief really. Of course it was over 80掳 outside so she really didn鈥檛 think too much of it. She鈥檇 stare anytime you鈥檇 walk by her. Always have the urge to grab your ass, like it was just staring at her. Of course she鈥檇 be respectful and keep her hands to herself. Because they were so short a bit of your ass would peek out and Caitlyn couldn鈥檛 help herself. You were laying down on a blanket in the living room in front of the fan when Caitlyn came from behind you just planted her head on your ass. Like it was a pillow. 鈥淐aitlyn, it鈥檚 hot鈥 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not my problem鈥 You scoffed 鈥淕et off鈥 She nuzzled up more 鈥淒o I have too?鈥 You let out an exaggerated breath. She wasn鈥檛 getting up anytime soon so might as well just let her stay.
馃挍 Mel had actually taken a day off her counselor duties to take a trip to a private pool area she thought you鈥檇 like. Everything was going well. Bags were packed and ready and she had her swimsuit on underneath a covering. But when she saw you in your shorts, she was at a loss of words. 鈥淵ou ready??鈥 You ask, so happily. 鈥淵ea鈥︹ For the whole day, Mel couldn鈥檛 stop staring. How your ass just peeks out of the shorts, How you took your sweet time, prancing around the pool before actually getting in. You were probably doing this on purpose because you could feel her eyes on you. Whenever you walked you made sure to sway your hips because you knew you鈥檇 get something out of her.
馃А Grayson knew you had a fat ass. She also knew that it was getting hotter by the minute so when she鈥檚 home just enjoying her day and you happen to walk by with your shorts on and a tank top she didn鈥檛 think too much of it. Until she started noticing how your ass pokes out of them every time you bend down, or even when you鈥檙e putting them on and she鈥檚 just watching you jump to pull you then up. If it wasn鈥檛 already how outside she鈥檇 be burning up already. 鈥淵ou like em鈥? I made them out of some old pants I wasn鈥檛 wearing鈥 Grayson chuckled 鈥淵ou look absolutely delicious, would you wear those for me again?鈥 She pulls you by your waist in for a hug. You couldn鈥檛 help be flustered at her words. 鈥淕rayson, it鈥檚 hot鈥 鈥淥h well鈥
馃 Ambessa was a very intimidating, powerful women. You wouldn鈥檛 think she鈥檇 think or look at you in such a way. But she鈥檚 only human so when you came out of the bedroom in your shorts and a tank top she was speechless. It was a hot day in her kingdom so it was only right for you wear something that revealing, she just won鈥檛 let you leave anywhere in it. You tried walking her out the door and she stopped you halfway out. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 far enough鈥 You huff and pout. 鈥淚 wanna walk you out鈥 鈥淣ot in those in your not鈥 You looked down at your outfit confused. 鈥淎mby, it鈥檚 hot鈥 鈥淵es, but that鈥檚 for me and me only鈥 She was referring to your ass. You could tell from her voice and with that she left you feeling all hotter then before.
馃挏 Sevika had actually made you a pair out of some pants that were a bit too tight on her. She didn鈥檛 think they鈥檇 fit so tight on you though. You were getting ready to go out with Sevika when she stopped you half way out the bedroom door. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 You asked her. It was a really hot day i鈥檓 the Undercity, hotter than usual, and it was only right you wore the shorts today with a tube top and nice crop top jacket. Sevika didn鈥檛 think so though. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not leaving like that, at least not without me doing something about it鈥 You wasn鈥檛 sure what she meant but leaving the house with hickeys and love bites all over your thighs and neck wasn鈥檛 what you had planned.
馃 Cassandra had taken off a few days because of how hot it was. She鈥檇 stay at home with you and cool off, laying on the couch or even sitting in a chair reading a book while a fan blasted on her. You鈥檇 come in with her with ice cream in your shorts and a shirt she gifted you. She lost all her focus. She couldn鈥檛 stay on one sentence anymore. She鈥檚 glance up from her book and she you with a spoon full of ice cream and your legs propped up on the couch. You were showing a lot. She kept her composure or at least she tried too. 鈥淵/n, could you bring me some too?鈥 She asked so sweetly and you obliged. She didn鈥檛 really want any she just wanted to watch you walk away and how your ass poked out of them. She didn鈥檛 feel guilty about it at all.
馃挓 Renata liked the way they squeezed you. It was a hot but chill day in the Undercity and Renata was having the best day of her life. Just watching you walk around doing things she asked you too. It was like a game to her but it wasn鈥檛 fun at all too you. 鈥淐an you bring me that file from my desk?鈥 鈥淎 drink of water please.鈥 And so on. It was tiring and you were sick of it but being able to watch your ass bounce and poke out of your shorts made Renata the luckiest women alive. Of course she did make it up to you by just letting you rest, bringing you your own cold beverage and even letting you nap in front of an electric fan, but she鈥檇 never tell you why she had you doing all that.
Tumblr media
饾棔饾椉饾椈饾槀饾榾 鈬 Do they eat ass?
饾棭饾椂 鈬 Yes
饾棖饾棶饾椂饾榿 鈬 No
饾棤饾棽饾椆 鈬 50/50
饾棜饾椏饾棶饾槅饾榾饾椉饾椈 鈬 No
饾棓饾椇饾棷饾棽饾榾饾榾饾棶 鈬 Yes
饾棪饾棽饾槂饾椂饾椄饾棶 鈬 50/50
饾棖饾棶饾榾饾榾饾棶饾椈饾棻饾椏饾棶 鈬 No
饾棩饾棽饾椈饾棶饾榿饾棶 鈬 Yes
Tumblr media
note: my body just shuts down every time it鈥檚 too hot. the amby nickname is so cute to me. 50/50 means either they鈥檒l do it on a really good day or other times they won鈥檛 do it.
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angelltheninth 14 days ago
hello!! this is my first time making a request even though i'm practically living off of your arcane content, haha. I was wondering if you could do arcane characters catching their S/O singing in the shower? That would be wonderful. Keep up the amazing work, dear author!!
Oh! Well hopefully this request lives up to your expectations then. By the way I think you have great taste. Tall, scary women are amazing.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Viktor, Jayce, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: fluff, domestic bliss, showering together, teasing, slightly suggestive content
A/N: I sing in the shower sometimes. I don't like to sing in front of others though. No one deserves such torture.
Tumblr media
Jinx is pretty energetic herself and it was actually her who gave you the idea to sing in the shower one morning when you heard her doing it.
Since then it's become pretty common for the two of you to sing in the shower together. Jinx loves that she found someone else who likes to do that, for a while she thought she was the only weird one. But not anymore, now she's got a partner in crime.
"Care to join me for another singing session in the shower sweetie? Get your mind out of the gutter, I really do mean singing. This time. Afterwards? Who knows. Maybe if you sing really pretty for me."
Tumblr media
Vi has never heard of anyone singing in the shower before she met you. The first time she heard it she thought she was dreaming, only to sleepily wander in the shower and find you singing.
You were a little embarrassed about it at first but Vi was quick to shoot that down. She never wants you to be embarrassed about doing something you like around her. She thinks your singing is wonderful and she would love to wake up every morning to you singing.
"What the...? Oh it's just you sweet stuff. Wait don't stop, that was beautiful. I mean I thought I was dreaming at first but damn, you have a beautiful voice. Can you sing for me every morning? It would be a lovely wake up call. Well other then those sweet lips of yours."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn sometimes hums to herself in the shower so it wasn't that odd for her when she woke up and heard you full on singing.
Sometimes she'll even join you, humming a tune to what ever song you're singing. She won't exactly sing however but she loves to wrap her arms around you as she listens to you.
"You didn't tell me you sing in the shower darling. I think it sounds wonderful. Would you want some company perhaps? Hahaha, well I don't know about singing but I can do something else. Hey, why did you jump just now, I've hugged you while we were naked before. Just relax, sing for me more."
Tumblr media
Ekko loves singing. He'll sometimes sing while he's doing random thing around his home so to find out that you also like singing was a delight.
Especially that you like to sing in the shower. He doesn't usually sing in the shower but he can be persuaded by you pretty easily. He much more likes to listen to you singing in the shower though. However if you wanna make it a duet some other time he'd be more then happy to.
"Firefly! You like to sing in the shower? Have you been hiding this from me? No? Then why haven't I heard it before hm? Oh I don't sing in the shower, no. But maybe while we make breakfast we can sing together if you want? Yeah? Sweet. I'll pick a really romantic one."
Tumblr media
Silco was pretty used to noise in the morning. From the rowdy streets of Zaun to adopting and raising Jinx. Usually there's a lot of noise and explosions but waking up to you singing was a nice change of pace.
He leaned against the door, his eyes staring at your back as you sing, not even noticing him at first. You only notice when you finish the song and he claps slowly. You were flustered about it at first but upon seeing his soft smile you smiled back and beckoned him to join you in the shower.
"You always had such a lovely voice my darling. I never suspected you to be my wake up alarm, but it's much nicer that the outside noise of people arguing and yelling at each other. And I assure you that's not the only thing nice about this situation. You want me to join you do you? Well how could I refuse a request from you."
Tumblr media
Sevika never liked singing too much. She found it damn annoying. That's why when she first caught you singing you immediately shut your mouth, only for Sevika to step into the shower and tell you to sing more for her.
She wasn't mad or annoyed at all. She likes to hear you talk, hear you laugh, hear you moan and scream. So naturally she found your singing voice pleasant too. But don't tell anyone. She has a reputation to keep after all. And Jinx would never let her hear the end of it.
"Why did you stop sweet cheeks? You know I love that pretty voice of yours. Pretty just like the rest of you. Keep singing won't you? But only for me ok? And don't tell anyone. I just know Jinx is looking for an excuse to get on my nerves somehow."
Tumblr media
Viktor didn't get to hear much singing even after he started living in Piltover. Your voice always lulled him to sleep though, but he never heard it so bright and cheerful while you sung.
He was about to get up but you left the door open so he could hear the slightly muffled song. He closed his eyes and listened until you stepped out, hair still slightly damp. He smirked at you and complimented your lovely voice, much to your embarrassment. He wouldn't have that however, he encouraged you to sing as much as you want, he would love to hear more.
"You have a lovely voice my darling. Why don't you sing more often? There is no need for you to be embarrassed of me hearing it. In fact I wouldn't mind hearing more of it sometime. What do you say, would you sing just for me if I asked?"
Tumblr media
Jayce is actually quite a fan of singing. He can't really sing himself but he likes to hum and murmur, and he loves listening to you sing for him.
The first time he caught you singing in the shower you jumped, yelped and slipped. Luckily Jayce was quick to catch you before you fell to the hard floor, his arms around your waist and his smile bright as he bent down, kissed you and told you have the most wonderful voice.
"Babe, I didn't know you sang- Whoa there! Careful! You ok? You need to be more careful. Or was this all part of you plan hm? Kidding, I would have joined you either way. The singing was lovely though. Will you do this every morning? I hope so. You sound wonderful."
Tumblr media
Ambessa listened to many talented people sing, many entertainers during the celebrations of her Clan's victories. However none ever came close to your singing voice.
You actually did it without even knowing as the two of you were relaxing in the bath together. She found it quite funny, but also flattering that you were so enthralled with her and enjoyed her company so much that you started to sing.
"Don't stop sweetheart, the start was lovely. Of course it was, it's you, and you know I greatly enjoy all aspects of you. So would you sing for me while were in here? And then I'll make you sing a different song once we get back to bed."
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nop7 2 months ago
Caitlyn: ok love, it's time to put the angel on top of the Christmas tree
*vi lifts y/n up and puts her on top of the tree*
Caitlyn and vi: perfect
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aamircoeur 2 months ago
hello how r u!! i hope you day is going fine, i hope this doesnt annoy you or anything, i wouldnt want that but i hope you dont mind if i send in a request to you :D so here i go...
can you do Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx with a S/O who has a Kamisato Ayaka personality!!
hopwfully you can do this soon, thank you and drink lots of water!! <33
hi lovely! my day is doing alright i hope yours is too! and you're not annoying me at all babes thank u so much for the ask :)
Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx X Ayaka!Reader
vi, cait, and jinx with an s/o that's like kamisato ayaka! feminine!reader. hc format. forgive me if this is a bit ooc! SFW.
Tumblr media
absolutely sees you as her 'pretty flower'
has this automatic gentleness with you
always listens so carefully to your words or whatever you may be saying; she's all ears.
loves to tuck your hair behind your ear
would go insane when she hears you giggle
vi teased you once about how she doesn't think that you can carry her gauntlets. boy, was she proven wrong.
loves how you think! absolutely adores every thought that you have and tries to see if they apply to her too (like fighting tips that you have, tea recommendation,, she takes them all in mind even though she's not a big fan of teas.
if the two of you were apart from each other across the room, she'd make teasing kissy faces to tease you
wouldn't admit it but she'd fuckin' kill to see you have a tattoo that matches hers
Tumblr media
literally the gentlest woman ever for you
she'd bring flowers whenever she visits your home, makes sure they're all fresh and lovely, "like you," she'd say.
loves to just chill with you as you bathe in each other's presence, drinking tea, or something
sees you as a piece of art, always in awe whenever she sees you
would 101% spoil you
caitlyn is quite tall, i think that she loves leaning down behind you to kiss the back of your neck
loves practicing her shots while you duel with an enforcer or something
absolutely!!! loves!!!! kissing you!
especially your lips.
Tumblr media
makes you protection or armor, whatever may it be, she will make it. (like, something to protect your chest, your knees, or whatever)
will draw on your face, you can not say no
she loves it when you dance or perform for her
would learn ballroom dancing just to dance with you too
lets you name her new bombs
asks you to sign them too!!!
feels this huge wave of pride whenever you hide your face behind your fan whenever she says something flirty
would love to match hair styles with you
you have a name? forget that. your name's toots, pookie, darlin'babe, and sweets now.
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