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gffa · 2 days ago
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"Good. Keep failing. Keep getting back up. That is the only way to succeed.”
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mandoworryan · a day ago
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#reunited 👨‍🏭
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spidezer · 2 days ago
our boy is 20 today
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thirteenmyspacegirl · 2 days ago
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i literally adore this ginger child with my entire heart and am wishing him a very good day<3
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ashen-sky · 2 days ago
Modern star wars AU hc, this covers a wide time period (sort of?) and still follows cultures and species from the star wars universe (I.e Hera is still a Twi'lek, Ahsoka is still a Togruta, Mandalore is a country instead of a diffrent planet, ect.)
P.s it might be a bit all over the place I've been adding to it for about 3 weeks and tried to keep related information together
- the jedi all go to the same temple, in this au the jedi religion is no different then being Jewish, Muslim, Christian, ect.
- Caleb and Cal are neighbors, they've been besties since kindergarten (I refuse to separate these two, they are now a pair)
- Caleb's nickname is Kanan
- masters= parents (adopted or bio, a few exception cases like Ahsoka and Ani, Obi wan and Ani, ect.)
- obi wan is qui gon's bio kid, Anakin was adopted
-Ahsoka is adopted by plo koon
- while I would love to include all clones, last time I tried that I fried my modern AU, so here's a more edited list with my faves
- Jango had Boba and Omega
- Rex and Cody are brothers, they're boba and omega's cousins
- the bad batch(quintuplets) + domino twins are brothers and are boba and omega's first cousin once removed (so Jango's aunt/uncle's kids)
- pretty much everyone in the fett family joins the military to some degree
-Bd-1 is Cal's small dog, C3P0 is a golden retriever (or possibly a service dog for Ani due to childhood trauma) and R2 is a cat (maybe a tuxedo), Chewwie is one of those big super fluffy dogs, Chopper is a ginger cat, and Jar Jar is Padme's overly excitable yippy dog (couldn't decide on a breed)
- Hera and Kanan eventually adopt a wolf dog they name Dume, Chopper hates sharing attention
- Kanan adopts Ezra
- Sabine is related to Bo-Katan and Satine (somehow, I know she's the same clan so extended family!)
- After meeting clan Wren (I am writing this as I watch Rebels) I have decided Ursa was Satine and Bo-Katan's adpoted first cousin once removed
- Hera is totally Airforce, like I feel like that's the closest to her role in rebels, her and Kanan met in highschool
- their song, which later became their first dance at their wedding, is "Ain't no mountain high enough"
- Zeb is another friend of theirs from highschool, he was a year or two younger
- Zeb is a security guard, Ezra is an animal conservationist (see him and Loth wolves), his parents had a radio show where they talked about endangered species
- Kanan is a firefighter (because irony) and Cal is an elementary school teacher who is in charge of his school's fencing club
- in this au Kanan's injury comes from a job, once he's blinded he joins Ezra in his work
- Cere is a highschool music teacher, Merin is a history teacher who also has an elective cultures course, and Greez is a freelance pilot who's business is definitely totally 100% legal(/s aka he takes some shady jobs)
- Cere and Greez are neighbors, Merin works at the same school as Cere, and she meets Cal through her
- Din obviously adopts Grogu at some point, and Luke volunteers at the temple's Sunday school which is where he meets them(???)
- I feel like Luke would own a martial arts school, Leia becomes a politician like her mum, Anakin would be a robotics engineer
- Satine is prime Minister of Mandalore, Bo- Katan is either military or lawyer (she strikes me as the lawyer type), Sabine was going to join the military but ended up pursuing an artistic career, Korki wants to go into politics like his aunt
- Mandalore works like the u.s where it's a bunch of small countries a trench coat, except they're more functional... mostly
- Obi wan is either a social worker (helping other kids like Anakin) or some kind of diplomat, he only became a diplomat cause he took a few classes to spend more time with a cute international student *cough* Satine *cough* and found he was good at diplomacy
- Plo Koon and Ahsoka are body guards/ security, Plo has his own company, Ahsoka started as being in charge of marketing (I consulted my mom for Ahsoka's job and she suggested marketing because she's so bubbly)
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unknownunseenunheard · 2 days ago
Does anyone else find it hilarious that Fortress Inquisitorius is apparently absolutely useless at keeping out self righteous gingers despite being otherwise impenetrable?
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gong-gyo · 2 days ago
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luukeskywalker · 2 months ago
darth vader voice: if i had a credit for every time some ginger jedi fuck broke into my inquisitorious and flooded the place, i'd have two credits. which is nothing compared to the power of the force but it's weird that it happened twice
the stormtrooper he was talking to: hgrhrrkk (is being force choked to death)
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marvelassassin221b · 5 months ago
*character, who has mental illness, went through many traumatic experience, and literally a wreck*
*the whole ass fandom*: I want that one
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jaskiersbeloved · 2 months ago
“the jedi’s weakness is their compassion” cool, and yours is fortresses under water. This is the second time it happened
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tarisilmarwen · 2 months ago
I can’t get over the continued thematic follow-through of this idea that Jedi aren’t truly Jedi unless they’re standing up in defense of the innocent and helpless, they have to be active in the galaxy, they have to spread kindness and compassion wherever they go, it’s an uncontrollable urge, it’s an itch, “They cannot help it.“
And also the idea that it’s FORCE ITSELF that is whispering to them, calling them back, calling them home, telling them to take up their swords again, reach out in faith and find that the Light never left you, it’s still inside you and it needs you because the galaxy is so so dark and bleak and hopeless and there’s so much evil everywhere and the galaxy needs them to stand up and step out of the shadows and into the light so that they can reignite people’s hope.
It’s the pauses of awe and wonder in even the most miserable and selfish of underworld denizens because that’s a Jedi, the Jedi are back, the Jedi are here, everything will be okay now.
It’s F knighting herself, cutting her own padawan braid and proudly declaring she is a Jedi to save a frightened exploited village bride.
It’s Kanan igniting his saber for the first time in years to protect his future padawan and a clutch of Wookie slaves and the rattled composure in the Imperials when they realize, “Holy shit that’s a Jedi.“
It’s Cal and Cere deciding they were done hiding, done running from the Empire, they were going to fight back, and Saw gleefully pointing to them to inspire his band of Rebels.
It’s Obi-Wan unburying his lightsaber even after being so hopeless and broken and full of guilt and self-blame because people still need him, he’s the only one they can trust.
The whole Dark Times as a sloooooowly turning eucatastrophe, tiny lights of hope struggling to hold back the darkness long enough.  Holding out.  Buying time until the twin suns can rise.  Until Luke and Leia and the destruction of the Death Star and the death of the Emperor and the glorious return of light to the galaxy.
I love it.
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gffa · 2 months ago
You know what’s extra funny?  Jedi: Fallen Order takes place in 14 BBY and Obi-Wan Kenobi takes place in 9 BBY, which is five years after JFO. WHICH MEANS means that when Cal Kestis dropped the entire fucking ocean on Darth Vader to get away from Fortress Inquisitorius by cracking one of the windows--
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--Darth Vader apparently said, “If I had to have the entire goddamned ocean dropped on me, I’m not fixing that shit, and we’re leaving it exactly the way it is, so the rest of you shitstains can experience the same fucking thing, because if I have to suffer, so do the rest of you.” And that’s exactly what happened five years later.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They knew those windows could crack, they knew they were vulnerable to that, and Darth Vader didn’t give two shits about it, despite that it can’t have been that hard to cover those windows up, what the fuck do you even need them for, like what are you looking out those windows for??, despite that the Inquisitor’s are Vader’s to boss around he doesn’t fix any of this shit, because Darth Vader IS THE WORST BOSS IN THE ENTIRE GALAXY. IF HE HAS AN OCEAN DUMPED ON HIM, SO ARE THE REST OF YOU IDIOTS. WHO CARES THAT HE HAS THE FORCE TO SAVE HIM, THE REST OF YOU CAN JUST KEEP UP OR DIE.  HE DOESN’T CARE WHICH. GOD HE’S THE WORST I LOVE HIM. THE ONLY WAY THIS COULD HAVE BEEN FUNNIER IS IF VADER HAD BEEN THERE AND GOTTEN THE ENTIRE OCEAN DUMPED ON HIM A SECOND GODDAMNED TIME I WOULD HAVE LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED BECAUSE ANAKIN SKYWALKER THAT’S WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE DESERVED
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aesnawan · 6 months ago
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He brought his own snack from home
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spidezer · a day ago
"BD-1 needed Cal to charge, and Cal needed BD to find his way in the world."
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ewan-mcgregor · 2 months ago
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023)
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j-em-g · 3 months ago
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I still think about them a lot🤧
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iron4man · 2 months ago
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cal kestis is stupid enough, though.
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