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kurosmind · a day ago
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Art for the last chapter of Cat’s Paw, a witcher AU by @mllekurtz​ 
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(caleb): *exhausted from reading all night*
(caleb): *opens up a cereal box*
(caleb): *grabs a bowl*
(caleb): *opens up milk carton*
(caleb): *pours milk into hand*
(nott): um, caleb.....
(caleb): no, no give me a sec. i know something is wrong. just give me a sec, i’ll figure it out. just wait a sec.
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softbean · 2 days ago
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🔮 “Do you perhaps hold all the answers?” 🔮
I wonder if that thought had crossed Caleb’s mind when he met Essek and his dunamancy. Looking forward to how their dynamic develops!
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devil-seabird-king · 2 days ago
Why do I find Taliesin and Liam's characters so shipable every campaign?
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viciousmollymaukery · 2 days ago
if i think about caleb widogast for too long i really will start to go insane.
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flashhwing · 9 hours ago
Jester has figured out not to Send to Caleb during lectures, but she absolutely has no respect for office hours so sometimes students will be in his office getting help from him and he’ll just suddenly jolt and look off in the distance for a moment before saying the most random 25 word comment and then carrying on as if nothing happened. no he will not explain, Johann, let’s get back to remediations on material properties
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mllekurtz · a day ago
Chapters: 3/3 Fandom: Critical Role (Web Series), Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game), Wiedźmin | The Witcher Series - Andrzej Sapkowski Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Essek Thelyss/Caleb Widogast Characters: Essek Thelyss, Caleb Widogast Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - The Witcher Fusion, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Witcher Caleb Widogast, Sorcerer Essek Thelyss, POV Caleb Widogast, Dungeon Crawl, plot heavy, Canon Typical Violence, mentions of canon typical torture, (for both canons), proper and improper use of Tether Essence, Fantasy Racism, playing fast and loose with d&d and video game mechanics, Cat School (The Witcher), basically a Witcher 3 quest but make it shadowgast, Spiders
Or: a Shadowgast Witcher AU in three parts, with art by @kurocyou.
Sometimes, when Caleb was in combat, his body took over his mind, turning him into a creature of instinct and muscle memory, of strength, perseverance and a willingness to survive, and most of all to kill. He didn’t like surrendering to the killer, but sometimes he had no choice.
This was one of those times.
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varcolag · 2 days ago
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Caleb went to pee so Molly decided to come comfort Frumpkin
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karmas-void · 13 hours ago
Before mer may ends… lemme show you the art I made for it!
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quinn-of-aebradore · 14 hours ago
But these ones, where Caleb gets to watch the morning light spill across the peaceful planes of his partner’s sleeping face, he cherishes just a bit more.
He wants to spend the rest of his life like this, with him.
He wants to marry him. / Essek wants to capture this image in his mind forever. He wants to give Caleb this for the rest of his life.
Light, he wants to enter che’valbylis with him.
Caleb Widogast and Essek Thelyss are deeply, happily in love. They have peace and each other. Neither could be more content. And then both realize they want to take another step. The customs of the Empire and Dynasty are rather different, however, and what is a wizard meant to do except research how to propose to his partner, with some help from friends along the way?
It is done! The first chapter of my post-canon tooth rotting fluff wizard wedding fic. I did not plan to write this, but it took over my brain and here we are! I hope you enjoy!
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Gay wizards. Thats it. Thats the post.
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saturdaysky · 18 hours ago
Four roses? Have a whole snippet! I might remix this into something else one of these days, but for now this is what it is: as their Aeorian nerd vacation ends, shadowgast pick out a bottle of wine to share before Caleb leaves.
Caleb eyes the crate with a mix of suspicion and amusement. "An excellent vintage, for so distant an outpost."
At this point they have faced no small about of death, horror, and indignity together, so Essek dares a laugh. "I appropriated it from my wine cellar on a trip to Rosohna, some months back.."
Caleb goes curiously silent, as Essek lifts the top of the crate to expose a handful of bottles packaged in straw and cloth, their labels glinting in the dim light. When Essek looks back, he's adopted the air of someone running numbers and sums in his head.
"You would have to have teleported this crate here separately. And then teleported yourself in after it. To here, so close to Aeor," Caleb says with incredulity shading his tone.  
"Yes, such a thing would be rather ill-advised, would it not?"
Caleb slants him a look in response, though a smile he hasn't quite hidden curls at the corners of his mouth.
Essek adopts a nonchalant air as he bends over to search the crate, then continues. "Foolish, even. Well, in the event that it happened, such a fool would find that the wine had arrived in, ah, perfect safety, but the connoisseur would be treated to an unexpected three day journey to the outpost. And perhaps also roughly acquainted with the side of a glacier a few times, for his hubris."
Caleb huffs a laugh. "Well, it is a good thing we have no such fools here, ja?"
Essek finds the bottle he's looking for: diamond plum wine, the same wine he'd shared with the Nein, so long ago. A good omen, he thinks as something in him goes a little soft, from different times.
He snags the bottle, and turns back to Caleb, who's still smiling. 
Essek meets his eyes squarely and allows something honest to shade his expression. Caleb's smile fades, and he looks intently back. The silence is heavy with unspoken words.
Caleb is leaving tomorrow, returning to the life that will start for him in Rexxentrum. He will be a very, very good professor, despite what his nerves say.
Essek will remain at the outpost until that is no longer an option, and then he will go elsewhere. Tonight might be the last time he is with Caleb like this, just the two of them. It has been more harrowing and more wonderful than he could ever have imagined.
"Well, friend," Essek asks softly, holding out the wine, "care to enjoy the fruits of foolishness with me?"
A warm hand covers his own on the bottle.
"Very much," Caleb replies in the same tone, eyes never leaving Essek's face.
Dealer's choice if they are actually together yet or are merely being intensely shadowgast about the whole thing.
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stardustedknuckles · a day ago
Caleb stopping the Nein before the barbed fields to request a rest so Beau won't have to feel vulnerable is one of my favorite of their moments and it's partially because of how profoundly sweet it is, but it also hinges on who they are as people as all the best interactions do. Beau says Caleb makes vulnerability look so easy and he replies "it is," and that's them in a nutshell isn't it?
Beau has her history of self-reliance. Any single crack in her defenses was exploited ruthlessly, any request she dared make treated with scorn or ignored outright. She didn't learn not to rely on anyone from nowhere, and knowing that she operates on a mindset of usefulness colors in her reluctance to appear in any way a burden to people she cares about. She wants to be here, so she can't give them too many chances to think they're better off without her.
Caleb has the damn near opposite experience. He grew up with parents who guided and supported him, went to school and accomplished great and terrible things in the company of people he was forced to rely on and found some shred of light and joy in doing so. Caleb's strength is largely in support. He's a squishy mage who has been relying on everyone else to keep him alive for a while now. Vulnerability in the form of asking for help comes easily to Caleb because he was raised to collaborate. It just took him a long time to accept that the Nein are people he's really going to stick to. Once he established that, it was just a matter of old patterns. He seeks to be useful every bit as much as Beau does, but unlike Beau he has the confidence - sometimes arrogance - to know exactly what his place is and how valuable his skills are. It's not something he takes lightly. So much of who Caleb is revolves around learning how best to support and affirm his friends. It's just that he's someone who remembers how friendship works whereas Beau has never had this.
She's his now, just as much as the rest of them and more in some ways. He is here to support. It is nothing at all to take the hit of vulnerability for Beauregard because for him it is not a hit at all. But he knows it is for her. It's not just showing off how good he is at people-ing. It's an action taken in direct response to who he knows Beau to be.
And maybe also a little bit of showing off because they're both kind of assholes and bring it out in each other and it's great.
The empire siblings, man. They're so much of the heart of this whole story.
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quinnx3 · 16 hours ago
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caleb casts loving embrace 
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aeruthien · 2 days ago
Oh boy, another blorbo with guilt issues about losing a loved one which they think was their fault but it really wasn't (or maybe it was a little) and now they try to keep everyone safe by pushing them away because they think they are a horrible person...
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glossolali · 3 hours ago
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I have another SG playlist!
This one starts loud then winds down then up again at the end for maximum loopability! still pretty mellow throughout, with dreampop, distorted guitars, some synth, tender lyrics, a metric ton of yearning, and some hope towards the end
This one has been a fic writing fave for me, gets me in that heart-hurty pining SG headspace super quick
(Also I just wanna say 'the garden' by PJ harvey is SO perfect for them esp the lyrics!!! I can't take it aaaaaaa)
Anyhow, enjoy~ 💜🧡
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flashhwing · 15 hours ago
I love that we’ve all decided Essek and Caleb make the whole long distance thing work through sheer willpower and 25 word soundbites
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amarylii-art · 2 days ago
shoutout to caleb widogast for being one of the most characters ever
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demigoddessqueens · 2 days ago
If you take requests can I request a caleb x reader, maybe reader is captured and being tortured and caleb and M9 go to free them and they're just a mess and hurt and there is angst and fluff? Sorry, that was very specific. Anyway, feel free to ignore this and have a nice day
The angst!!!!! All I know is that Caleb wouldn’t stand for this 😭🥺💔❤️‍🩹🔥
Disclaimer for sensitive and horror topics
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You had been taken by the Angels of Irons, be it for leverage or whatever cult ritual they had planned
Caleb was never going to give up, and The Nein were with him as well. They already lost one friend and Yasha knew of what horrors they were capable of.
It’s a bloody, brutal battle but Caleb doesn’t care, unleashing torrents of his flames.
Once the Nein mange to defeat the Angels, Caleb found you. In a crumpled, beaten heap with dried blood and bruises.
You weakly open your eyes and see Caleb’s expression. It breaks your heart before everything goes dark again
The Nein regroup and grow silently somber as they see their mage friend carry you out. Once they safely reach a meeting point, Cadeuces and Jester spend the next few restless nights helping you recover.
Caleb never leaves your side. There are many things that run through his mind as you slip in and out of consciousness: anger, sadness, despair, some hope, everything
The nightmares sometimes grow unbearable for you, waking up screaming and crying out for Caleb. But he’s there, holding your hands. Telling you it’s alright, he’s here, he’ll never let anything hurt you.
It’s a long, trying process to get back to where you were before, but you have those trusted near you to help. Caleb and the rest of the Nein will never let anything like that happen to you again
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crshadowgasp · 2 days ago
watching Liam go from playing a sad hobo wizard that could snap like a twig to —> a warm soldier father-figure of his group makes me feel some type of way
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