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Here’s my December 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up! The theme is knitting and yarn and I’m so happy to be finally doing this theme. I’ve put off doing this theme for a couple of months now because I couldn’t figure out how to do the cover page, but I still really wanted to do it before the year ended, so here we are, at the end of the year with a knitting and yarn theme!
I really love how this page turned out and how many drawings I was able to add in! I especially love the calendar page, I finally did a “traditional” looking calendar box and the doodles framing the calendar box just make me so happy!!

If you wanna see me set up this spread, as well as the rest of my December spreads, click the link below!

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My December spread is aha, work and live events go brrraaa. My teachers also post assignments the day of so it’s not filled… yet. Instead I have the colors for the live classes and if I have a major project then I will write it down but for now the picture is my schedule.

I just realized how dirty the pen grip is but I’m getting a new main pen soon with new refills as soon as I finish with this one. 😃

Retail therapy… am I right?


Originally posted by corredordelaberintos

Imma be chilling and studying for the SAT (self guided) for winter break aha… ha ha.


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2021 Seasonal Produce Calendar 💫

So excited to share my first batch of illustrated calendars! 💛
I hope these calendars will serve as a reminder to slow down—embrace the seasons, eat seasonal, and support local when you can.

Available on my Etsy now 🎁

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Today we are launching a fandom “Strike 2021 Calendar”; a free downloadable calendar with artwork created by you!

We thought this would make a nice community activity and hopefully bring together some of the creativity within the fandom. We therefore need 12 Strike artworks from yourselves to make this happen, and it can be any of the following:

  • From the TV series or your own original artwork. 
  • It can be photographical (photoshopped/filtered screenshots or promotional shots from the TV series), traditional illustration, collage, graphical, or typographical.
  • In colour or black & white
  • You can reuse artwork/edits you have already created or you can create something new especially for this. 
  • It can be of any Strike character, characters, themes, items, or locations. 

If you don’t consider yourself as an creative person, you can still be involved as we would like 12 quotes from the books or TV series to be suggested and  included.

The calendar will be FREE to download from Google Drive and will be in a pdf format. You can either keep this as a digital copy or you can print. The calendar will be “print ready” (with a 3mm bleed) and can be sent straight off to a professional printers. It will be designed in A3 and A4 portrait formats but we will consider other sizes if people request it.

The calendar will feature the following…


  • Your artwork will be A4 size on the A3 portrait calendar; A5 size on the A4 portrait calendar.
  • All artwork will include a credit. Please make sure you include this within your email. It can be your actual name/twitter name/Tumblr name etc
  • Each month will include a quote from either the books or TV series. If you would like to submit a quote, please do so via our Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.

  • The calendar will include important dates throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, New Year, Halloween). Plus some Cormoran Strike related events (such as Cormoran and Robin’s birthdays, Tom and Holliday’s birthdays, etc).
  • There will be a notes section at the bottom of each month.

As already stated, this will be a free calendar and will not be for sale.

Interested in being involved? 

Please send your artwork to us at 

You can send them via WeTransfer or DropBox as well. Please don’t DM artwork to us via Twitter or Tumblr as the image quality will probably diminish.

Please also check the following before sending:

  • Your artwork will need to be A4 landscape in size (210mm height x 297mm width) and set at 300 dpi. If you’re not familiar with that then we can check on your behalf. 
  • Make sure there are no important details (people’s heads, text, etc) along the very edges of your work as these may get cut off if printed and bound.


Any questions? 

Ask us via our email address and we’ll get back to you.

Date Posted: 28/11/2020

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I’m currently having a ♡ black weekend sale ♡ on my shop 🖤  *get 20% off when you buy 2+ items on my shop // 👉🏻  shop now 🎀 💗✨
- - -
I also recently added some brand new stuff… so if you had an eye on something on my shop this is a good chance to grab it with a discounted price and to support a small business! ♥
* sale ends on Sunday (Nov 29)
- - -
please note : I’ll do my best to process and ship any order within the scheduled time…but, since I’m managing my small business all by my self, sometime, some delay could happen 👵🏻 🙏🏻  

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🌚The Black Friday Sale is in full swing: a 25% discount and plenty of ideas for Christmas gifts! 🖤 All details are here ➡

🌲This photograph is featured for the month of November in my second calendar “A year in the Dolomites” ➡

🇫🇷🌚La Black Friday Sale bat son plein: une remise de 25% et plein d’idées de cadeaux de Noël! 🖤 Tous les détails sont ici ➡

🇫🇷🌲Cette photographie est présentée pour le mois de novembre dans mon deuxième calendrier «Une année dans les Dolomites» ➡

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