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#california native plants

Ithuriel’s Spear (Triteleia laxa), one of my all time favorite wildflowers. Used to be considered a Brodaeia but the genus has now been split into Brodaeia, Triteleia, and Dichelostemma. I wish I had something for size comparison because these guys were the largest I’ve personally seen. I hope to collect some seeds this summer

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How to Do Garden Crimes

1) Go to the CVS parking lot

2) Find dirt space that hasn’t been tended

3) Pick up trash

4) Oh my gosh there’s trash under this trash

5) Dig holes with trowel.

6) Get scared by a car rolling by, go back to picking up trash.

7) Fill holes with water and let it drain

8) Plant native plants (apricot mallow and ceanothus)

8) Flag it like it’s official

9) Drive away in a panic

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