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This elderly lady called because she lost her job, and I guess all her stuff got stolen. And she wants to get her business up and running etc etc. So she asked if I would ask corporate to just give her clothes and she’ll pay us eventually. I put her on hold looked up actual resources where she lived and then she scoffed and got all huffy that I told her she should check with Salvation army (which while problematic they were really the only ones open in her area for assistance) or the Lutherian church that offers assistance to people who need clothes and furniture. And “how dare we not give [her] this when it wouldn’t even cost us a nickel and we should help [her]” And how she is trying to start up a business so we should give her clothes? Like I think she was calling all big box stores trying to get them to give her clothes. She used them to try and guilt trip me about it when she first started speaking telling me no one would help her. And I wanted to be like Ma'am I was homeless from july to mid september of 2018 and I didn’t beg for designer things. I scrapped for the small bit of clothes I owned and thrifted for nice things. Where do you get off asking for a handout for designer items? Just the entitlement today has left me dumbfounded.

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The cell is cold, one window and an armoured door guarding the exit. Callum feels his arm, winching each touch of a bruise. He tries to separate his hands but the cuffs are still on. How long has he been in here.

“What a mess you’ve gotten yourself into lad. What will the wife and kids have to say.” he says to himself. Looking around, no one else has been put in with him. What has happened to the occupation. I hope everyone else is ok.

“I want my lawyer, I demand representation.” yells out Callum. The door opens and Baxter walks in flanked by two other Garda. “I demand a lawyer.”

“There will be no need for that, you and your lot are being held as terrorist there will be a special court organised for you.” replies Baxter, taking a seat and whipping out a notebook with pen. “Of course it will go better for us if you help us with our inquiries, do you understand.”

“No comment” replies Callum looking away. “Well this is going to be fruitful, I just know it. Maybe we can persuade you. Less jail time if you point out the leaders of your little terrorist union.” Baxter says putting pen to paper.

Callum leans forward with gritted teeth “No comment.”

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