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silvyysthings · a day ago
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benedict63 · a day ago
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Just spent two hours and twelve minutes with these good men. Again. Not going to be over this movie any time soon. And I'm fine with that.
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timothee-mybeloved · a day ago
In which a beautiful affair blossoms between two actors.
In other words: timothée chalamet x f!costar!reader
Heavily based on the song Video Games by Lana del rey
(This could also be read as gender neutral since I didn’t use any descriptions aside from the brief mention of reader wearing a sundress)
warnings: one line completely stolen from the movie Requiem For a Dream, pure fluff, secret relationships, allusions to sex (it’s not detailed), timmy and reader being in love and that’s about it.
He used to take you driving around the dark streets of New York, it would be late at night, just the two of you. The windows rolled halfway down as the wind blew through your hair.
You would feel his eyes on you, looking at him and wondering is he real? It’s a question you’ve always had in the back of your mind. Surely, someone who treats you this good can’t actually be something more than just a figment of your imagination.
Night after the other, you would find yourself waiting for these late night rendezvous, away from the public eye and the crowded streets. You weren’t ready to be seen yet and neither was he.
Sometimes, when you were feeling really brave, you would venture out into the world together in broad daylight, being extra cautious of what you did. It was hard; not being able to touch each other however you pleased but it was better than having to be bombarded by paparazzi.
Press tour had started, which meant you had to be traveling around a lot. You found yourselves in Italy, the hot and sunny days required extra light clothing. A sundress adorned your curves as you walked the quiet street, holding his hand as he guided you back to your shared hotel room.
You looked beautiful, he thought as he started undressing you, taking his time to memorize each and every part of your body, working his way up to your lips. He tasted like cigarettes. Not that he was a heavy smoker but the occasional relief was necessary every now and then to calm his nerves.
You were lying in bed now, with your limbs entwined with each other, his hand stroking your hair. The question still lingers and you find yourself sharing your thoughts with him.
“Are you real?” You ask him, not really expecting him to answer but he does “Only when I’m with you.” You’re thinking that this is probably the best thing to ever happen to you under such unexpected circumstances.
His hand is still in your hair and it’s quiet again. Before you met him, you were never one for comfortable silence, but now it comes as naturally as ever. You don’t mind it. In fact, you’d be willing to spend the rest of your life in silence if it meant you’d be spending it with him.
“You’re so beautiful.” The words come out from his lips suddenly. “Whenever i see you i can only ever think about one thing.”
You’re intrigued “And that is?” You inquire. “I always thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He says and you stare at him, like a deer caught in headlights. How does he always manage to make you feel like a little girl who just found out what it’s like to fall in love?
“Timothée...” you softly whisper after what felt like an eternity of silence. “I love you.” Dropping it on him but you feel relief wash over you when he cups your cheek and pulls you in for a big kiss.
“I love you.” He says it back, going in for another kiss.
Suddenly coming to the realization that everything you’ve ever done was for him, everything that you’ve said and done has led you to this moment, has led you to him. Heaven is a place on earth when you’re with him.
They say that the world was built for two and it’s only worth living in knowing that he loves you. Shutting your eyes at the thought, you move closer to him as his arms wrap around your bare back, nuzzling your face in his neck before going to sleep.
“I love you so much.” He whispers, knowing you can’t hear him but wishing he could scream it off of every rooftop.
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myheartstopperblog · 18 hours ago
I see what you did there...
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httpstaygold · 21 hours ago
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nkp1981 · 2 days ago
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Timothée Chalamet
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randomluck-ofthe-universe · 22 hours ago
cr. IG lost.in.character
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euphorial-docx · 2 days ago
a real conversation my mom and i had while watching call me by your name:
me: timothee looks so pretty in this scene
mom: he always looks pretty.
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heartylunalys · 2 days ago
“You like him, don’t you? Oliver?”
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Elio x black woman!reader
my masterlist
Tumblr media
Genre: angsty (a little tiny bit)
Words: 350
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
The sun was reflecting on your skin making you look like some kind of goddess of sun. You were next to elio’s pool, watching his wet dark curls and each drop of water flow on his eyelashes and red cheeks. The Walkman’s headphones allowed you to keep your curls out of your face.
“Elio?”, you nearly murmured. He looked at you and admired every inch of you.
“Do you remember the story your mom was reading last time ?” you carefully asked as his lips began to be trapped in the bottom teeth in focus.
“About the knight who doesn’t know
whether to speak or die?” He frowned his brows.
“Yes, what do you think of it?”, as you were speaking quieter and quieter he was approaching you more and more.
“I’ll never be able to speak I think, I’m too afraid, what about you ?” His eyes were fixated on you and you felt like you were the prettiest person alive at this moment. His eyes had the power to make you beautiful.
“I wish I could speak, each second without saying it feel like dying,” your heart ached in pain as you said it, seeing the comprehension in his eyes and understanding that you would never be the subject of his love.
“You like him, don’t you? Oliver?” You faked your smile to be the supportive friend you had to be for him, for the pure love you had for him , Elio deserved to be protected, to feel understood.
“Everyone loves Oliver,” he half whispered while being lost in his mind.
“He likes you too, more than you do, I think,” and what crushed you is the look full of hope he gave you.
“Is that your impression?” he played with the bracelet you had as a proof of your friendship.
“No, it was Oliver’s.”
“When did he tell you that?“, he fighted to stop his smile.
“A while ago.”, he laughed a little bit before pulling you in the pool while your sight was fixated on his magnificent green eyes filled with love for someone else.
Tumblr media
Notes: •I hope you liked this story!!
•I created this blog to allow black girls to feel more comfortable with reading x reader, as a black person I saw how much we weren’t really represented in the fanfic community
* ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° * ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
This is my work, please don’t repost it, translate it or take it without my permission.
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dankkaquarius · 12 months ago
so you’re telling me this isn’t actually an SNL sketch and Lil Nas X really did rip his pants dancing on a stripper pole on live television
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silvyysthings · a day ago
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userstede · 4 months ago
Video essays that make me go "oh, so you're like smart smart"
Elon Musk and Grimes: A Retrospective
Bo Burnham vs. Jeff Bezos
The Systemic Abuse of Celebrities
Lana Del Rey: the pitfalls of having a persona
we need to talk about Call Me By Your Name
MYTH OF THE AUTEUR: Stanley Kubrick vs David Lynch
In Search Of A Flat Earth
The Commodification of Black Athletes
The Lies Of The Lighthouse
The Green Knight: The Uncanny Horror of Masculinity
Max Payne, Kane & Lynch, and the Meaning of Ugly Games
Time Loop Nihilism
How Bisexuality Changed Video Games
The Golden Age of Horror Comics - Part 1 (Part 2)
Weighing the Value of Director's Cuts | Scanline
The True Horror Of Midsommar
a few more -
You're Wrong About Cyberpunk 2077 | An Overdue Critique (this is such great critique of both the game and the genre)
Disney's Fast Pass: A Complicated History
It Has Come To My Attention You Don't All Love BIRDS OF PREY
The man who almost faked his way to a Nobel Prize
Music Theory and White Supremacy
Here's the YouTube playlist! ill be adding more but that's all so far pls like and reblog xoxo 💕
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caroldanversenthusiast · a year ago
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he is the moment
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sevenfails · a year ago
This is my contribution to the meme. Warning for a slight jump in volume.
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lnxszn · 10 months ago
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acquaesale · a year ago
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LIL NAS X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) dir. Tanu Muino, Lil Nas X (2021)
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furiousfinnstan · a year ago
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seflapod · a year ago
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This is KING shit
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go-bonkers-go-foolish · 8 months ago
me in 2018 hearing lil nas x sing old town road: hehe funny horse song cowboy man
me in 2021 watching lil nas x do the absolute most, release bop after bop, become the gay icon our generation needs: amazing brilliant talented show stopping completely not ever been done before mind blowing absolutely stunning
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