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#call me by your name
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Today’s Microfic prompt is : Candy.

The wordcount for your microfic has to be exactly 50 or 100 words.

If you prefer, you can also write a microfic for one of the previous prompts.

Here is the Challenge Collection to which you can add your microfic.

If you post your microfic to Tumblr, tag @cmbynwritingfests​ for a reblog.

For more rules & guidelines, see this post.

Happy writing!  ✍️😘

PS. If you’d like to submit a prompt for the Microfic Challenge, you can do so by sending a message. It can be anything from a word, to a quote, to a song, or a photo. (Don’t forget to mention whether your prompt submission is for the Drabble or Microfic Challenge.)

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lol got the timehop reminder that today is my 3 yr cmbyn book anniversary (which means my movie anniversary should be coming up any day) and i wanna jump off a bridge. it still feels almost like some spell i fell under - i’ve never been this wholly attached to a singular movie/book and the characters and the actors and every single thing that went along with it so deeply and for so long and everything about it just makes my heart hurt now.

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I wish I could write of love. 

Write of it like it was a cannibal enjoying my flesh right before my eyes.

Write of it like it was a gentle caress of the winds in Tuscany.

Write of it like it was slowly twisting a knife in my chest.

Write of it like I had actually felt it.

I wish I could write of heartbreak.

Write of it like it was the wind beneath my wings.

Write of it like it was the cold tea I sipped before bed.

Write if it like it was the chirps of a bird at 2:31 a.m.

Write of it like it was my Bible.

Write of it like I actually felt it.

I wish I could write of sorrow.

Write of it like it was my child.

Write of it like it was my mother.

Write of it like it was the blood in my veins.

Write of it like I had actually felt it.

I wish I could write of joy.

Write of it like it was the sunflower that stood taller than I.

Write of it like it was my husband who cheated on me.

Write of it like it was my bottle of drops that soothed my burning eyes.

Write of it like I had actually felt it.

I wish I could write.

But, I can’t.

- Harleen Kaur Grewal

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New chapter of ‘A Charmed Life’ up now!

Feel free to imagine someone else as Oliver…

Please let me know what you think!

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what I miss the most about saturday nights. pretending to look this good, but having this much fun.

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CALL ME BY YOUR NAME - by Andre Aciman 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Based in the Italian Riviera in the 1980s, Call Me By Your Name follows the yearning love of adolescent Elio for his parent’s summer guest, 24 year old Oliver. Inexperienced in love and unprepared for the reality of his attraction, Elio deals with the consequences of a restless infatuation, and eventually a burning passion for Oliver. What grows between these two during their short romance is intensely intimate and unforgettable.

This book left me on my knees. This book had me crawling into my boyfriend’s lap with tears in my eyes and a pit in my stomach. This book had me daydreaming about the Italian Riviera. This book had me feeling hot and bothered more than a few times. This book taught me more than I thought I needed to know about an adolescent boy’s sexual fantasies. I was impressed by this novel. The prose was more poetic than any other novel I’d read this year (or last year). I could picture this one like a movie (and I wanted to wait as long as possible after reading this before watching the actual movie, just to postpone the inevitable replacement of mental images - although I only lasted a few hours). The diary-esque story-telling, the vulnerable and unashamed sexuality (gay!! we love it), and the slow-build was intimate and real. What’s not to love!

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Me encanta está película

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