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OOOOO this is interesting 👀👀

Primis Richtofen would be extremely suspicious of the kid at first- I mean, after all, nothing has ever rlly gone right w them; it must be a trap. He’ll keep an eye out for them, watching their every move, taking notes, not being mean but not being as friendly as he could be either. However, as time would pass he would start to ease up- it’s just a kid, no more than that- and he’d probably joke around with them, tell them stories and interesting facts, and maybe even read to them before sleep if they’re having issues. He’s oddly good with kids, I’d imagine!

Primis Dempsey would be intrigued- he’d immediately start talking to them, but keep enough distance to where if something went wrong he’d be okay and have time to recover. He’d still talk to them a lot, though; he’d be very encouraging and funny, cracking jokes constantly, while also being very protective. Hair ruffling and high fives. They’d probably make a secret handshake. Dempsey would also be very good at calming them down if they’re in a stressful situation. I feel like he’d be able to talk to them, ask the right questions, using that soothing sorta “dad” voice and clear any worry in the air.

Primis Nikolai is very happy to encounter them!! He naturally gets along with kids rlly well and would be over protective. He’d tell stories, exaggerating little details to get them hyped, and even play tag and just distract them for the time being. Would want to make sure that everything is okay, and that they seem like they’re safe and comfortable to be around. Very relaxing presence and shows a lot of kindness off the bat.

Primis Takeo would keep his distance like usual. Doesn’t matter if it’s a kid or a person or if there’s even not an apocalypse goin on, Takeo is just a distant person. However, he would definitely care and be naturally worried about the kid’s needs- do they have food, water? Safe place to sleep? Are they cold? He’d mainly show his cares with actions, handing them a blanket if he notices the kid shivering, making them a plate of whatever they’re eating for the night, etc. They’d share a few words, basic sentences, but Takeo would take them to heart and try to offer advice when it seems fit.

Ultimis Richtofen would be disgusted. He does NOT like little gremlins getting their grubby hands on their equipment and wasting time. He doesn’t ever say anything downright mean to the child (other than the occasional creepy question such as “would you be interested in donating your spleen?”) but his facial expressions are enough to get the “what is this thing” across. He’d also use the kid as a way to tease the others. However, I feel like he’d end up warming up to them over time- I think he’d find their thought process interesting, or maybe the fresh dose of optimism or a reminder of what’s worth fighting for would get to him subconsciously, and maybe they’d fry bugs under magnifying glasses together while he lists useless facts about bone marrow.

Ultimis Dempsey would basically be the same as Primis, except maybe a little pricklier but more overprotective. He’d definitely keep the kid away from Richtofen and ramble on to them about how strange his other crewmates are, so he’d be really chatty, telling childhood tales if he could remember any. Would most likely be the one closest to them from the Ult crew. Very protective, he would keep them close in combat and pick little hiding spots, also giving them extra food and offering encouragment in stressful situations. I think he’d be pretty good with kids!

Ultimis Nikolai would be extremely confused but not in a bad way; just a genuine “where did this child come from” way. Would definitely use this kid as a way to tell funny little anecdotes about his life, but would check himself (or have Dempsey around to make sure) for swearing. He’d try to include them in conversations more than the others would, asking for thoughts and opinions on what was happening, and just finds it hilarious that they somehow stumbled upon a child. Would be completely irresponsible towards them though and the others would have to double check the kid doesn’t find his alcohol stash.

Ultimis Takeo is equally as confused as Nikolai, and is extremely paranoid of them in the beginning. He’d talk to them though, asking questions about them and what they’re doing, and I feel that it would eventually lead to small talk and then they’d be able to talk more. He would expect that the kid could take care of themselves and allow them to explore (much to Dempsey’s panic) which will occasionally lead to a search party, but he means well. Would help get them their basic needs, and would talk to them if he was bored.

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That’s it for the 100 follower celebration!

Thank you again for participating. It means the world to me that y'all wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion with me.

I’ll come out with a masterlist for this event so they’re easier to find, so expect to see that soon! And I’ll also be coming out with a masterlist for my writing as well, so look forward to that.

Stay awesome!

- J

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