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enby-lgbtea · a day ago
A warning to people in the tags below to be aware of a user named cabinetkillerz
For information about this user you can find it from users @peachy-pxii @interstellaralienfetus @dni-xesthetic @/lurklucky-Instagram @/hailsforpes -Instagram @/
So sum it up pretty quickly this user targeted trans and poc users on tumblr and Instagram claiming they where pretending to be trans and poc then goes off accusing others of being transphobic and racist, falsely accused someone of art theft then manipulated and tricked unsuspecting Instagram users into stealing others art, stalked and harassed a girl with a learning disability and got her doxxed by relentlessly posting lies about said user, recently admitting to not feeling bad about any of this, tried to lie about the age of the girl they where harassing to try and get sympathy, got trans woman @lurklucky doxxed by publicly accusing them of pretending to not be trans
And this is just a heads up they do this think where they deflect the things they did onto other people, examples would be when they where caught targeting trans and poc artists they went off accusing other people of being transphobic, they got caught stalking their doxxing victims account on an alt and in response said “nooo they’re stalking mee”
So just make you aware of their manipulation tactics I wanted to add that
I also apologize if you’re annoyed that I’m posting this on any tag you are looking at rn these are just the fandoms people are most a risk with this user in.
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rainbow--memes · a month ago
"Block and unfollow this user because they used the word 'XY' so they must be (ableist/racist)."
Have you ever considered that this person maybe simply didn't know?
Some words change their meaning and eventually are considered not appropriated anymore.
Maybe they are non-native and used an online translator.
I do know for example that "gypsy" is a word they will give you. It just happened a few weeks ago. A foreign person without any disrespectful thought used a translator to get their point across, but instead of cancelling them, somebody stepped forward and did the thing I am expecting more of you to do.
Instead of calling them out and cancelling them right away because you are assuming everyone everywhere knows perfect English and the correct and proper terms for everything you could teach them otherwise.
Get into their PMs or inbox, gently correct them and tell them why!
If you just get into their messages and scream at them, the only thing you are achieving is hurting them.
Your cancel culture completely prevents people from learning - especially if they didn't know something in the first place without giving them a chance or the benefit of a doubt.
Not everyone is American and not everyone is aware of the latest trends.
Stop assuming and start communicating and educating!
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cipheramnesia · 5 months ago
You're a disgusting being for interacting with the monster that is dead-dyke, I'll stab you both if I ever see in real life, know that
I figured I'd just publish this so anyone who wants to can see how fucked up call out posts are. Actually sending me a death threat because I did more than zero fact checking on a call out that's as fake and full of shit as every call out.
On a related note, in my research travels I found what I can only describe as a call out subculture. In essence, a loosely organized group who seem ferociously committed to making sure every single call out they find gets pushed and maintained. This is pretty interesting because it's a kind of resurgence of purity culture, a policing of language and sex that's done under the guise of being progressive or protective, when the reality of it all is oppression of outsiders.
It's not a huge surprise that they often particularly target marginalized people or anyone who shows support to marginalized people. Or, weirdly, seem to be able to suss out someone being part of a disenfranchised social group. For example, the above threat is also antisemitic. I don't bring up my background much, but sometimes it feels like they just... know.
And in a broader sense, I also see a trend of paranoia about sex or language being treated as something profane. My joking post about my neovagina is a good example, it being tagged NSFW or similar literally hundreds of times. I'm baffled and this seems like a good time to bring it up. It's a humorous post with no content that would rate higher than a pg-13 movie rating other than maybe some curse words. Yet it's out there being tagged like it should be 18 and over.
Which brings me to a strange tentative hypothesis that there's some sort of nebulous connection between these types of purity police and radical feminists, which would suggest they spring from a shared authorian or fascist source. And before you dismiss it as overly generalized, let's look at the facts.
Both of them share a use of progressive language designed to make it appear as if they're providing positive resources. However, they also demand uncritical allegiance. If you find any fault with their reasoning, you become immediately treated as a threat. Consider how radfems treat the concept of masculinity, and look to Judith Butler for how quickly they turned agaisnt someone who critized them - including going so far as to take an essay Butler wrote against pedophilia, and selectively pull quotes making it look like Butler was pro-pedo. Now, guess what every single purity police call out post claims? Yeah. It's designed to try to override any reason, and as you can see above, it works. Someone has decided they'd rather commit a transphobic, antisemitic hate crime over the simplest amount of review.
So they have that going on, a kind of low key recruitment to encourage violence and unthinking obedience as opposed to critical thinking. The other aspect is they are both obsessed with purity. Obsessed with having an unblemished legacy of absolutely unimpeachable, perfect behavior. With authoritarians this generally manifests in being able to show a spotless lineage, showing that you unfailingly support the party and its beliefs at all moments of your life, public or private. In radfems, it manifests in their opposition to kinky sex, sex work, devaluation of any woman who may like a man, etc. And for the call out and purity groups, it manifests as that you cannot ever have misspoken online, had an opinion which deviates from the modern accepted norm, never have done anything wrong in all your online history, because they will follow it back as far as possible, and pull something from ten years ago or more just to proclaim how terrible you are in present. Or to use a different example, I remember reading another callout which claimed the subject had got a bottle of champagne after a big fundraiser for rent or some such. And let me tell you talk about puritanism. Did you know you can get a bottle of champagne for ten bucks? Making it seem like someone is a monster for spending three cups of Starbucks on a small celebration is beyond fucked up, it's disingenuous bullshit.
So, yeah, it seems like a leap, but the devil of this is literally the details. The details which aren't included in a call out, the manipulation of language in a call out, the sneaking in of false accusations disguised as "proved" with sketchy screen shots. The demand of unthinking allegiance. The suspicious focus only on marginalized people.
My dear purity police people, my call out culture fellows, your true colors are showing.
(yes you may reblog this, in fact I encourage it, but as usual please be sensible and don't send the asker anon hate, or anything worse - we don't do that, just block or ignore them)
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lovelybluepanda · a month ago
You self rejecting as a coping mechanism means low self-esteem. It's not protecting yourself, it's killing a little bit of yourself with every situation you think you're not good enough for.
You not showing emotions is not a sign of strength. It means you never learned to process and manage what you feel in a healthy way so you're terrified.
You being "brutally honest" is not a sign of sincerity. It's a sign of trying to be above others because you're insecure so you try to make others feel bad.
Being proud that you're boring and amused by this idea isn't quirky. It means you didn't invest in yourself enough to find things to love.
Giving others advice on things they didn't ask help for isn't you being mindful. It means you avoid fixing your own problems and try to compensate.
You overworking yourself isn't a sign of productivity or how ambitious you are. You're overcompensating for something or trying to distract yourself.
Making self-depricating jokes doesn't make you funny or "they can't affect me if i do them". It's a very slow process of killing a little bit of yourself at a time.
Keeping your mouth shut so you keep the peace isn't the act of "a bigger person". It's the sign of someone so traumatized that they are afraid to stand up for themselves.
Overthinking isn't you being cautious. It's you being so afraid of not being in control that you make imaginary alternatives for a reality which doesn't exist yet.
So how's your day, guys?
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dukemon · 8 months ago
Please do not scroll past this, it has been 8 years in the making. I have compiled a document of testimonies from victims of angel. Angel (@balanswife on twitter, @pmd0 on tumblr) is an incredibly abusive and dangerous individual. I am making this post because I want people to know just what they have done these past 8 years. Do not harass any of their current friends, whether they side with angel after this or not.
Massive content warning for Abuse, Manipulation, Cults and general despicable behavior
Please share this if you can. It is incredibly hard to come forward about this after so long.
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urinterwebpuppy · a month ago
Tumblr media
like im sorry but
Tumblr media
let puppi unpack dis lil respons3
these ppl are trans they tick da boxes of being trans. dysphoria is the mental illness that most trans ppl suffer from. chu dont need dysphoria tho! if anything im glad sum ppl dont suffer from dysphoria cus its painful and makes life harder. u dont need a mental illness to b trans!
the lgbtq community is made 4 ppl showing gender variance and have diff sexualities ∪・ω・∪ that arnt cis het
this includes ppl attracted to multiple genders/aesthetic and romantic attractions etc for eg bisexuality u are attracted to multiple (so are the micro lables like pansexuality etc >:3) or those who are polyamorous etc.
aro and aces hav been apart of lgbtq history for years. they are apart of us. they are us. they make us. i cant imagine our communiti wifout dem honestli (ง˙∇˙)ว
we are not going to exclude them now because u say so♡♡♡♡
pronouns dont always = gender. that sounds like the common lgbtqphobic statments i hear cis ppl say. he/him lesbians simply feel comfy with masculine pronouns. some could b trans femme but are fine with he/him they are still women tho dont go down that lane that isnt a hill u wanna die on. u cant dictate whos gender is wat. and whos valid.
just like how sexual attraction is included if u experience none, u are still apart of the community. they belong. u dont have to be sexually attracted to ppl to b a true queer. or romanticaly attracted to ppl to b queer either. ever heard of queer platonic relationships?
i never said religous ppl are aesxual or aromatic. u seem to b a lil lost there (°ヘ°)
aesxuals are just ppl who experience lil to no sexual attraction. some may b aspec etc etc and etc theres so much diversity here
not my fault u dont like how are community varies :c
not my fault u dont like how some lgbtq+ individuals dont suffer from mental illnesses :c
the defenition of somone trans is somone who identifies as a gender not assigned at birth.
also alot of ur analogys dont add up. yes unicorns arnt real or proven to b real (yet :33) but these ppl like non dysphoric trans ppl etc are acc living and breathing, we cant deny their excitense. science still hasnt fully comprehended or understood lots of things. dosnt mean they arnt real.
neurodivergent ppl (like myself) who experience gender in diffrent ways that dont fit our description of gender arnt any less valid. u cant say wat we are or are not. (reffering to neopronouns and xenogenders)
the things u are saying are things cis ppl have said to us. often ppl do it to either please the cis or reinforce their ideologies on us. its jus queerphobia man but go off ig ( ´つω;)
we wont stop exsiting cus ur mad.
so mani trans meds puppi has spoken to refuse to go further with this debate or block me after. please dont deny history. dont exclude ppl who have fought for us and alongside us for so long.
dont push them out now.
dont tel us who and who is what because u believe a ceartain thing. u cant tell us who we are.
we arnt invading any spaces. i mean except ur little one the one u feel entitled to and invalidate other because u suddenly have the guide of how to b a queer person and who and who cant b involved.
thnk chu (〃´・ω・`)♪
Tumblr media
edit:{ive edited a phew things cus i think i adressed things tuu loosley i said queer when i meant gender queer and should of said trans to b more specific ( ´つω;) i made a few mistakes so im tryna correct it thnk chu}
edit2: {removed dis from aro positiviti tag due tu complaint! im new and im sorri if the og poster statment upswet chu :c i truly apologize 4 puttin it in a plce meant soley 4 positiviti 💔 /gen /pos will try tu b mre careful in da future♡}
edit3:{puppi haf another response tu their stament wif sources and links! feel free tu lwook 4 it♡}
i may b a digital puppi but i wont stay silent wen i sense inequality
Tumblr media
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kathdaviscallout · 2 months ago
The following is a Google Document detailing what Kath (formerly @/aliceangels) and Davis (now known as Sammy/Samsy, @/devilic) have done over the past few years. During this time, Kath had been invalidating and even mocking a young teen’s triggers and boundaries, culminating in Kath publicly calling out said teen and further disrespecting and bullying him. Davis, while appearing to try and apologize for Kath’s actions, nothing constructive ever came of it despite saying that Kath was being abusive to a child, and they remain together today. The two of them also outed the teen to his abusive parents and called CPS about events going on at the teens home, against the wishes of said teen, leading to more abuse that home.
Alongside this, Davis and Kath ran a heavily manipulative environment where they controlled who could watch, say, or do anything that they approved of. In doing this, not only were they extremely hypocritical in what they banned, their actions were nearly impossible to criticize due to how their environment led one to become dependent on them, letting Kath and Davis’s unacceptable actions never be resolved. Nearly all of these “friends” of Davis and Kath were teens, or young adults who met Davis and Kath as teens.
Davis is the creator of the pink and yellow nonbinary lesbian flag, as pictured below. Currently, she is trying to move into the LGBT flag creation scene on Twitter and DeviantART.
Tumblr media
This document was written and overseen by various people, all of us victims to Kath and Davis’s manipulation. The point of this document and blog is not harassment, nor do we condone any harassment upon these individuals. This blog and document does not violate Tumblr guidelines. We recommend anyone who used to be mutuals with these two, or anyone who has used this flag, to read this.
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psidiumnocte · 6 months ago
okayy usually I don't say anything here but as I follow a lot of sebstan .. I'M SO FUCKING DISAPOINTED and i feel really dumb. ((and sorry to the people who say that i finally understand this, i'm not a huge fan of him and i already thought he was problematic in more than a way (just to mention his last film monday and the pam and tommy hulul series who are fucking disgusting)))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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calliopewritess · 11 days ago
“feminine urge” this and “masculine urge” that, what about the urge to stop procrastinating writing your wips?
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lucidmagic · 10 days ago
Call out post for @donnabenevientosimpingzone below the cut because the people deserve to know THE TRUTH
too nice for their own good
too talented to be real
too manic at times for their own health
gay (derogatorily affectionate)
never seen the Addams family show or movies
never eaten spaghetti
has a two-foot-tall dinosaur plushie named Donnisaur
has too many hats
gay (this time derogatory)
forced me to care and interact with them
spams my discord ALL FUCKING DAY
draws too many phyto's guide shit that makes my heart ache
doesn't believe I'll actually post this
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chaotic-enby27 · 6 months ago
Shoutout to every afab person who had a "not like other girls" phase before realizing that they were, indeed, not a girl
Yes, this is also a self-callout
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lawbreaker13 · a month ago
Yeah so anyway, Nick Kroll could have personally tracked me down, curb stomped me in my own house, taken a photo, and posted it on the official Big Mouth Instagram and it would’ve felt like a less personal callout than whatever season 5 just was because DANG
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midnight-love-song · 4 months ago
can you help me compile a list of what I’m calling “girls club tele” what I’m after is good fun/easy films/shows with ensemble (or just starring) female casts! Please comment/reblog with your favourite girls club films!!
Here’s what I have already to give you an idea of what I’m on about:
The Marvellous Mrs Maisel
Ocean’s 8
Captain Marvel
Miss Congeniality
Call the midwife (TV)
Bomb girls (TV)
The Nevers (TV)
Black Widow
Ghostbusters (2016)
The Spy Who Dumped Me
Ghost World
Rough Night
White Chicks
Agent Carter (TV)
Dead To Me (TV)
Lad Chicas Del Cable (TV)
Practical Magic
Sky Rojo (TV)
Pitch Perfect
Little Women
Derry Girls (TV)
Fleabag (TV)
Flack (TV)
Good On Paper
Charlie’s Angels
Radium Girls
I know I’ve definitely missed loads so please help me make this awesome!!!
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loverofclownsandmen · 3 months ago
Hey guys, this is regarding Mutt, formerly known as nullye, 8x30, etc. I was informed by someone that they run a necrophilia and guro blog and I’m warning people to stay away
the @ is /hurtcoreismypassion please block and/or report. This person clearly needs help but doesn’t want it.
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komystda · 7 months ago
Raise Awareness + Warning
This is a post being made regarding the tumblr users @/thestubbornscientist and @/milsoms, and their dangerous behavior. This is not a call to harassment in any way; please do not attempt to contact these individuals and simply block them for your own safety. The intended purpose of this callout is to protect minors in the Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together community. This is mostly the community that this is being used to warn others of these two individuals, as they were most prevalent and active in that community. Though both of them have moved on towards other fandoms as well.
A document is linked within this post that details the claims along with substantial evidence backing them up. Please read this in its entirety before making any personal acts or judgements yourself.
TW: NSFW, grooming, explicit descriptions of v/ore, oncest/selfcest, dubcon, gore, guro (gore NSFW), pro-shipping, omegaverse
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