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Post-Claudia redemption arc headcanons

  1. Callum is really reluctant to forgive Claudia for everything she’s put him and his loved ones through, especially because she’ll have done even more to them by this point. Soren is just so glad to see her, it’s not long before Ezran accepts her as well.
  2. Rayla, however, empathises with her because she can see that Claudia really is sorry and Rayla knows how it feels to have been set on the wrong path by a father (figure), to realise it’s wrong and try to make amends. To want people to believe in her goodness and to want Callum’s trust.
  3. Ezran and Claudia now have a more mature relationship because Ez has grown up, fought battles, he knows Claudia has done bad things and he forgives her despite it all.
  4. Together, Rayla and Ezran and Soren help rebuild Callum and Claudia’s broken friendship.
  5. Rayla and Claudia are actually such good friends once they’re on the same side. They mutually respect each other, admire each other’s strengths and provide each other with female company they hadn’t realised they were missing.
  6. Callum and Claudia, once they finally reconcile, have an amazing bond as well now he doesn’t have a crush on her. They can get to know each other (the new versions of each other) properly, Callum helps Claudia connect to an arcanum, they geek out together over magic, they just enjoy joking around together and they have a much healthier relationship than they ever had.
  7. At first, Claudia struggles to reconcile how everyone has changed, but especially Callum because he’s so confident now, nothing like the boy who rushed through a flustered explanation of how Rayla was his ‘assassin friend’. She can tell a lot of that is Rayla’s influence but at first she isn’t sure what to make of Rayllum, seeing it up close and not from the other side of a war.
  8. They aren’t even that flirty when anyone else is around, although they’re usually touching in some way. As a result, she definitely isn’t prepared to come back to the Banther Lodge one day to grab something while Soren and Ezran wait outside and find Callum and Rayla with their door left open, Callum pinning Rayla against the wall, in a way they would never have dared if they knew anyone else was home.
  9. Needless to say, she’s out of there as quickly as possible but she teases Rayla mercilessly later, and she can’t help being impressed because seriously, since when was Callum that sure of himself?
  10. All in all, it doesn’t take her that long to be sure that Rayllum won’t stop existing anytime soon, and Rayla and Callum go together in a way she and Callum never did.

Wow… now I’m tempted to write something with these headcanons. I might do that.

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Book One: Moon Week | Day Two Rayla and Callum first meeting

You know you can’t sneak up on me- Ah! Uh, uh, you’re not who I thought you… You’re one of those, with the pointy- Oh you don’t like my ears? N-No. I mean, yeah! Yes, I do, I guess. I mean… I meant the pointy swords! That’s far enough!

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@raayllum ’s Book One: Moon Appreciation Week


I’m rewatching an episode a day in the countdown to the novelisation and today is S1 E1, Echoes of Thunder! (Ignore the strange formatting of the picture)

  • The opening of the entire series really does remind me of ATLA in the best way!
  • The fact that it is Aaravos (WHO JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE VOICED BY KOH THE FACE-STEALER) narrating so when we come back and rewatch it we recognise his voice instantly (and it leaves us with more questions about what his role was in these events) makes me so happy every time.
  • Every time, I admire how the scene with Sol Regem and Ziard was foreshadowed, but in a way that was biased against humans to fit the show’s theme of uncovering black and white ideals to reveal grey reality underneath. When we watch the full confrontation at the start of S3, of course, it’s clear that it was not as simple as humans doing evil deeds with evil magic because they are evil, but for now we are presented with a rigid worldview that we must learn to challenge like the characters do.
  • We see the egg in the introduction so we know what it is straight away when Ez reveals it, which is a nice touch.
  • Instantly, we are shown that Callum’s worldview is not as jaded as the others we’re about to see because the first thing we see him doing is drawing something where the dragon is the hero. That also sets up his statement to Harrow in the next episode - ‘There has to be a way to make it right’ - and Harrow’s own 'A child is freer than a king’.
  • We get a lovely sense of Callum and Ezran’s dynamic right from the beginning as well as Callum’s art skills. Callum making it clear to Ez how much he cares for him in his opening scene is something that will continue to define him, but it’s especially important considering their dynamic for the next few episodes. Callum doesn’t get to show his love for Ezran to his face after that, at least until they leave the castle, because he shouts at him and then doesn’t see him again until they’re running from and then with Rayla. All we get to see is him offering to die for Ez (which is huge in itself and definitely something I’ll mention tomorrow) but Ezran himself doesn’t see it although it’s made clear to the audience later that Callum definitely makes sure Ezran knows how much he loves him.
  • We find out Callum, Ezran and even Bait’s and Viren’s (as well as his title) names right away but not Rayla’s. King Harrow is, in fact, introduced twice before appearing onscreen. Everyone who lives in the palace has opening scenes which speak volumes about them. Rayla’s does too, but in a different way that leaves just as many questions to be answered as we had going into the scene. It preserves the air of mystery about her as a supposedly-but-seemingly-not antagonist. (Meta on that coming soon, hopefully!)
  • Amaya appears briefly in the opening if you look for her (she’s the only one of our main characters there, despite, for S1 at least, being the only one not introduced within the first episode).
  • Actually, it’s masterful storytelling, now I come to think of it, how humans are introduced as the bad guys, the ones so evil they had to be shunted over to the other side of the continent, but the first episode focuses on building an image of human lives, making you feel sympathy for them and painting the elves as the enemies. Painting them as vicious murderers coming to destroy the peace they have in the castle and rip a family apart.
  • Rayla is someone who we see spare a guy and fake blood for approval before we ever find out her name - sort of like she is a 'Who is this girl?’ whereas the others are 'What will you be like?’
  • They set up Ezran as the ray of sunshine so early on - everyone is worried about assassins and Rayla is pretending to have killed someone, and he’s stealing jelly tarts and being comically brazen about it too.
  • Foreshadowing of sunfire forging capabilities and sunforge blades when Soren talks about armour forged by sunfire elves.
  • The first time I saw the show when Claudia was introduced reading and almost walking into a tree I thought she was so me. Then I realised she was a dark mage with questionable morals (that’s the least in-depth way I could possibly put it) and forgot all about being like Claudia.
  • We get a slight hint of her dark side when she says 'He deserves it’ in reference to Soren being 'stabbed’. It’s in her expression, which is just slightly too intense to feel genuinely playful.
  • I like how Runaan is shown to be stoic but reassuring and it’s clear that he is not unkind to Rayla, that he is a fair and firm leader, before everything he says to her in the next couple of episodes.
  • We know how deadly moonshadow elves are before they even say it outright. We learn Katolis has fought off many assassins, but when Harrow hears they are moonshadow elves he pretty much gives up hope of beating them in combat straight away.
  • Characters and dynamics are introduced seamlessly - we have a basic understanding of who each important character within the palace is and how they are related to each other pretty quickly, as well as some fundamental tenets of their characters such as Callum’s failure to master swordfighting but impressive artistic ability and how he fits awkwardly into the royal family; Ezran’s happy, almost carefree approach to life and easy relationship with his father; Viren’s closeness to Harrow and high position of power but secretive and even cold nature. Even with Rayla, although we don’t understand much of her motivations or what makes her tick, we know she is not a cold-blooded killer and has compassion and empathy. She is merciful and does not want to disappoint Runaan, believes in her mission and struggles to admit failure or hard truths.
  • There is an early illustration of how Soren is the brawn and Callum is the brains (like in the final battle 27 episodes later) with the ¾, 5/6 comment.
  • I didn’t notice it before this time, but Callum sheds his jacket in order to wear the armour, attempts to be a real prince but gets nowhere. At the end of the series he shreds his jacket without planning to and helps win a war while stepping comfortably into the role of a prince.
  • Callum’s anger at Ezran is contrasted with his comfort in the opening scene, but you know he loves him because he displays instant regret (and soon apologises in the next episode). This also sets up his arc during S2 in which he doesn’t want to tell Ezran the truth about Harrow’s death for fear of hurting him again.
  • I just noticed they set up Soren’s tenuous relationship with magic this episode - he mocks the moon moth and doesn’t seem to set much store in it. This is like his reactions to Claudia’s tracking spell and all the two of them have to do in order to accomplish it.
  • The sketch of Ethari in the end credits gets me every single time! Now that we know how this mission will end it’s impossible not to feel like crying.
  • I adore the lighthearted Rayla in the credits sketch contrasting with the serious girl we see all episode. It tells us there’s much more to her and that we haven’t even scratched the surface.

I have to admit, I did just rewatch this episode 10 days ago so it’s not quite as powerful an experience as it will be when I inevitably return to it after a long absence from watching TDP. That will probably be 6 months from now or something and it’ll hit me right in the feels and I’ll be crying because it was so different back then at the beginning of the series and I’ve missed these people so much and they’re all so amazing!

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I like to headcanon that in Season 1, Rayla had taught Callum and Ezran the alphabet in ancient draconic. But mostly for Callum since he was embracing primal magic so much. 

I just like the idea that Callum was still learning how to spell simple phrases and words when they had arrived at the Storm Spire. He still couldn’t understand the words so he had to ask Rayla. 

@raayllum @kuno-chan your thoughts?

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For the Cartoon House arc in “Anime House 5″, I want Aang, early-2000s era Teen Titans Robin, and Ben 10 to team up with Korra and Huey and Riley from the Boondocks in their plan to storm Anime House. Maybe also recruit the gang from Code Lyoko, that’d be rad.

By the way, if y’all haven’t watched it yet, go watch RDCWorld1′s Anime House series. It’s legitimately one of the best youtube series out right now. 

EDIT: Oh, Dragon Prince! Forgot about that series. Add Callum to the list of potential recruits.

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You know what I meant: date-soft. I may have learned plenty of soft things from Ethari during our marriage, but it’s rarely my first inclination in a romantic way. I’m just not good with such things. If I’m being more honest than usual (aka less Moonshadow), seeing Rayla being effortlessly soft with anyone would make me feel like I used to feel before I began courting Ethari, and I never liked that feeling, so I walked as far from it as I could and stayed there. 

I adore Rayla. She is so precious to me. And I’ve done my very best to raise and train her to be a proper Moonshadow, the only way I know how. But if she can just waltz out into the world and find a boyfriend in two weeks flat… *very quiet frustrated elf noises*

I just work very hard at everything I do. And romance was something I had to work extra hard at. I’d be truly pleased, of course, for Rayla to find the happiness I’ve found with Ethari. Of course I would! hoo boy am I rambling this isn’t good

*Moonshadow sigh* I suppose it’s just going to be one more way in which the student surpasses the master, isn’t it? I was never a master of love. 

I just, I… I only want her to be happy. But, did I teach her anything of love at all? I don’t know. Perhaps I only made it harder for her. Perhaps… I’m the reason she had to run so far to find love at all.

*pacing back and forth* Seeing Rayla grow up and make choices that are so different from what I’d choose, it makes me question myself. And I do not like questions. I like answers.

I told you I’m not ready for this. I’m a mess! So undignified. Ethari will handle this perfectly, I’m sure. I’ll just have to take my cue from him and hope I don’t get in anyone’s way too terribly.

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You can ask me more here:

13: trope or cliche you absolutely love?

I’m a sucker for the found family one! Especially after the battle where they came together again. Rayla, Ezran and Callum had eachother and they had immediately brought Soren into their little family. I love that.

17: Scene that makes you laugh every time: I don’t have a favorite scene but the one with Callum and the Adorabirds. I have tons more but that one takes it all.

19: What you’re looking forward to see more of in the next seasons: Rayllum continuing to be soft and gentle with each other. They’ll probably going to be together but separated for a while as Callum learns more primal magic and Rayla becomes the captain of the Dragon Guard.

Also, I wouldn’t mind having them separated. Its completely healthy in a relationship to have a break from your significant other without completely breaking up. I literally came to this conclusion when my boyfriend and I had to stop seeing eachother physical due to the pandemic and restrictions. Sure it hurts and I miss him but if we can get through this then maybe Rayllum can get through it!

Yet again, they don’t have a pandemic and Callum now has wings so he can visit Rayla or Ezran anytime. But I’m getting off point here.

The point is; I’m looking forward to seeing more Rayllum being cute and having a realistic relationship, and Ezran and Soren bonding! What if Ezran replaces Claudia as Soren’s little brother? Pretty sure, Callum will be confused but he’ll understand and Claudia will be absolutely hurt! Also, Aaravos completely backstabbing Viren after he gets out of the cocoon. I’m ready for that angst!

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Callum: “But do you who is gonna be popular? Your charming new elf friend.”

Rayla: “…you know what? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so I thank you.”

*Callum puts on antlers*


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