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I havent posted any original content in YEARS. But in light of history being made today, and *hopefully* stepping in the right direction, I wanted to share a calming video to help ease the sigh of relief in/out of your system. Here is me petting my darling bb girl to one of my favorite classical piano pieces. Not a care in the world, just snuggles and sleep.

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Whenever I’m hurting too badly to be a functional adult, one thing never lets me down….

My bathtub. Yep, I’m one of those weirdos who just can’t get enough of soaking in hot water. There is a reason - it always cuts my pain down at least by a quarter, sometimes up to a half, and it puts me in a better mood. The challenges bring out my inner MacGyver, too - did you know electrical tape can withstand water long enough for a soak? It’s great for temporarily blocking the overflow drain if you’ve got a shallow tub and a - ahem - queen sized butt.

Anywho. In the process of soaking away soreness one bath at a time, I’ve compiled an ongoing playlist of songs perfect for relaxing bubblebaths. …or bathbomb experiments. …or Epsom salt soup. Whatever you soak in, you need music.

This playlist has tunes from several generations and decades. From TLC’s “Waterfalls” to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s “C'est la Vie,” from Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” to the Alan Parsons Project’s “Silence and I,” there’s sure to be something that’ll relax you.

Go for it, kids. Self-care is important! Soak your butt and sink into your head, and take a few minutes to just chill. Just remember to rinse out your delicate bits afterward to keep your Ph levels on target.

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Do me a favor;

1. Write down the things that make you stressed out in any font that helps you let angst out

2. Take the paper fold or crumple it in any way that makes you happy

3. Put the crumpled paper in some sort of element, whether it’s being burned, drowned, buried, or blown away

4. Turn around and look at the sky or ceiling

5. Take a deep breath

6. Do something that makes you smile

7. Maybe send this to someone you think needs it, helping people is one of the keys to happiness

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Hope this helps

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The Rain - 20/01/2021

I enjoy listening to the sound of the rain as I go to sleep, I don’t know why but I find it calming and relaxing.

Although I will also add that I’m actually scared of bad weather like the wind and rain because of flooding and trees falling down. I feel like my mind and personality somehow contradict myself all the time! Not even sure that last sentence makes sense.

Goodnight World.

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