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This is the best piece of 5SOS content ever. It’s fascinating to watch their dynamics and the roles they all take. The whole thing is 1,5 hours long, I’ve watched about an hour now and I absolutely adore it. So much Muke and Cashton content. The teahouse part is just the best. Michael getting shy and Ashton being super fond at him. My Mashton heart feels full. So many facial expressions from Calum, so many possible memes. Ashton being the most sensible member as usual, but even he gets lost. Also, seeing them explore the culture is lovely. They seem to have a respect and genuine interest for it, which is super sweet. I could probably write an essay about this.

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“if you don’t swim youll drown but don’t move honey” vs. “her light is as loud as as many ambulances as it takes to save a savior” BATTLE TO THE DEATH

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I could honestly write about single mom and Calum for forever. But, because of that I am going to have to split this into two parts. I will write a part 2 in the near future. Someone please hold me to this. 👀👀👀

           It isn’t very often that paparazzi walks turn into something good. Most of the time the walks just ended with Calum being annoyed and wanting to go home and revel in the privacy. It was a random Tuesday in October when he was scheduled to walk main street with Ashton, something he had been dreading all weekend. When his doorbell rang, he let out a groan and walked towards it. Ashton was standing on the other side, rocking back and forth from his toes to his heels. Ashton raised his eyebrows and Calum rolled his neck before stepping out the door and walking towards Ashton’s car.

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Originally posted by cutehoodings

anon requested: can we get a lil piece inspired by be kind by Halsey & marshmallow?

summary: loving calum is a lot of things, like a windy day at the beach. 

author’s notes:i love doing song request and i hope you’ve all been liking them! hope you guys enjoy! 

warnings: angst, calum is feeling down about life. 


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Calum and Logan having a guy’s day just makes me so soft, but since I can’t be too soft, so there’s a side plot 👀 

           The party to celebrate Aiden moving on from elementary school to middle school was slowly starting to wind down. The only people left of the party goers being the bandmates and their significant others. Calum sat on the couch, his right arm draped over the shoulders of the woman of his dreams. His left hand clutching the glass neck of the beer bottle that was resting on his knee. A laugh escaped his chest as he listened to his friends talk. Once the laugh subsided he rested his lips on the side of the love of his life’s head. The scent of her shampoo still lingering in her hair from the shower she took this morning. This moment wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for her. “I love you,” He mumbled into her hair.

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