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#calum hood

honestly it may sound very stupid but it’s just a small little niche where i’ve seen change.


seeing girls of all shapes sizes and colors on my vsco feed these days makes me feel so happy. it may not seem like much but it’s a lot to me:) let’s keep doing good things people!!

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such a wonderful idea! thanks for requesting hun, words can’t even begin to say how sorry i am that this is this late. hope you’ll like it! xx

masterlist | one , two , three , four

“Ashton, can we talk?” the words were that coming out of your mouth were words you never thought you’d speak. But it was the right thing to do. Because you loved him, and when you love someone you’ve got to let them go.

“Sure, what is it?” his smile still made your heart skip a beat.

Taking a deep breath you seated next to him on the couch, trying to ignore how your heart was starting to break.

You weren’t blind, you prided yourself of that much, and you saw right through him. You saw how their smiles were twice as wide as yours when they were together. How he searched for her when he knew she was to attend the same event. You saw how he still looked at her with that spark in his eye. That gleam that suggested to you that it wasn’t over. Not for him.

And it hurt you, because you knew he wasn’t going to say anything. He was going to stay with you, making himself unhappy. And inevitably making you even more so.

“You still love her, don’t you?” his eyes widened at the question, like a deer caught in the headlights. His mouth opened and closed a few times, nothing coming out of it.

You just smiled sadly, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall down your cheeks.

“I see how you’re happier with her around, aren’t you?” he didn’t even look at you as he nodded but how could you blame him? He’d just jumped into something he wasn’t ready for.

“I’ll be leaving, then” sighing you stood up. You didn’t need to be in there for a second longer. You didn’t want him to catch you cry over this. You needed to be alone.

“Y/N, wait!” he’d followed you to the door of his apartment, trying to stop you from leaving while fighting a battle with his own heart. You turned around, oh so close to doing as told. But you couldn’t.

“It’s okay, Ashton” your voice was giving away the painful ache of your heart. “I want you to be happy, even if it’s not with me” in a whim, you left a soft peck on his cheek, and you didn’t know if the saltiness you tasted was from his tears or your own. Stepping out of his apartment felt like falling and flying at the same time.

It’d been a year since then. It took a while to stitch back together the pieces of your heart, but you were alright now. Not seeing him or talking to him for so long had done you good, even if you didn’t expect it to at first. Not after he’d tried to call you for weeks on end, trying to get to you through your friends and sending texts almost everyday. Until he stopped. He either gave up or stopped caring.

Right now you were walking aimlessly through the aisles of the supermarket near your apartment, it was late at night but thankfully it was still open. You didn’t need much, just some necessities, and you were mainly killing time you could’ve been using to sleep.

As you were turning to the cereal aisle, in desperate need of a few boxes of your favourite breakfast, another cart bumped into yours.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

“I didn’t see you, sorry!”

Sounded your voices in the basically empty supermarket. The familiar sound hit you with more force than you wished it did. You could never forget that voice. Almost refusing to look up, your eyes landed right on him. Ashton visibly took in a sharp breath.

“Hi” he smiled softly.

“Hey” you tried to mirror him.

“How have you been?” he asked, his voice just like you remembered.

“Not bad, how are you?” your grip on the cart was tightening with every word you spoke. Truth was, while you had accepted that he still loved her and had let him go, you weren’t ready for him to gush over how wonderfully his life was going without you in it. Were you so useless in contributing to his happiness?

“I’ve been better” he shrugged, still hiding behind the same sweet smile.

But was it your place to ask him how? Why? What had happened?

Seemingly understanding the nature of you silence he spoke again. “How about we pay and go get ourselves a midnight snack somewhere?”

You nodded, a short smile signalling that it was okay and the both of you walked towards the till silently. Silent was the walk to his car and the drive to a nearby Starbucks. As he ordered from the drive-through, surprisingly remembering your order, you observed him. He had light bags under his eyes and his hair looked disheveled, maybe from the countless times he ran his hands through it to try and hide some of the uneasiness in the air. Ashton handed you your cup and made quick work of finding a spot to park in. It was quiet again.

“We broke up” he stated then, your heart missing a beat. Your eyes went to him while his were fixed on the cup. “You were right, I still loved her then, but it was quick to burn out. We stopped working like we did before, it wasn’t fair to either of us”

Finally his eyes met yours and you couldn’t find anything in them to tell you that he was blaming you for what had happened.

“So, I’ve been focusing on work and trying to move on” he sighed, a small smile still on his lips. “How are you, really? Have you- I mean, is there…”

“No” you shook your head as soon as you got what he was trying to say. “There’s no one. I’ve been, uh.. working on myself” he didn’t need to know he was the one you’d probably never get over, the one you wanted to get closer to- no matter what role you played in his life.

Ashton nodded, his eyes leaving yours to focus on something behind you. Anything but look into them just to break down and admit that there was nothing more he wanted than to have you back in his life. But maybe that’s what he needed. To be honest and tell you what he felt. He couldn’t let it eat him away any more than it already was.

“Listen, I-“ he let out a sigh, finally letting his eyes meet yours again. “I want you back in my life” Not giving you the chance to add anything, as he saw your eyes widening slightly, he added “And I know I’ve hurt you, so you can be whoever you’d like to me. You can even walk away right this second and I’ll leave you alone. You’d have every right to. I won’t force you to feel something you don’t, but I need you”

His voice was quiet, low, close to breaking His eyes sincere, albeit tormented. You nodded.

“Okay” you let a sigh of relief escape your lips as you saw his break into a smile.

“Really?” he asked, testing the waters.

“Yeah” you nodded again.

Maybe things wouldn’t be like before, but maybe they’d be better. And maybe the two of you would just stay friends but at least you had each other. This was a start to something unknown, but something good.

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thanks for requesting, hun! i’m so so so so so sorry this is incredibly late

masterlist | one , two , three

It took time, most definitely. First, Ashton had to come to terms with the fact that he had no right to end someone else’s -even more if that someone was you- friendship on the basis that he simply was being stupid.

Doing some thinking it dawned on him that him and KayKay had ended it on good terms, they were civil and there was no reason whatsoever for you to stop seeing her just because he wished you did.

Plus, he saw how tormented you were about this. He couldn’t help but feel like it was his fault. Ashton saw how much sadder you were, how you couldn’t shake off the uneasiness even when things got better. He didn’t like seeing you like this, and knowing he was to held accountable for it broke his heart.

So he apologised.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, one of those ones the two of you spent cuddled inside watching movies and being stupid. Ashton couldn’t stop looking at you curled up against him, a hand resting on his chest and the other holding his tight. The words spilled out of his mouth before he could think twice about what to say.

“I’m sorry”

You looked up at him, dumbfounded, trying to meet his eyes.

“What for?” you sat up straight, missing the warmth radiating off of Ashton’s body almost immediately.

He just sighed, looking down at your hand still holding his.

“I’ve made you miserable, trying to make you find a way to be KayKay’s friend and still be with me” he looked up, your eyes were slightly wider than before but looking at him nonetheless. “I just want you to know that it really is okay to be her friend. I’m not going to tell you what to do with your life and I really don’t see the problem”

You lifted a brow, albeit stunned by his apology you knew he for sure had seen a problem with it at some point. He huffed, the ghost of a smile adorning his lips.


A genuine smile opened up on your face as you leaned in to kiss his lips.

“You’re the best” he murmured still against them. “And I was an asshole. There’s no excuse for what I put you through. I just hope you and her will be okay”

Nodding, you let your forehead rest against his and your eyes flutter open. “We’ll be okay, I’m seeing her tomorrow for coffee!”

The both of you giggled, the quiet sound coming to an end thanks to Ashton’s lips on yours again. “I love you. I’m sorry” he reminded once you came up for air again.

“I know you do. I know you are. I love you” you smiled.

Everything was looking up again.

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imagine worried calum 🥺 he makes my heart soft, lads

The color would drain from his face the second he saw you fall onto the ground. I like to think Calum is the type of person who’s very calm in stressful situations but he’d never seen you collapse like that before so he’s instantly panicking and trying to figure out what to do.

But Calum’s world slowed down the second he saw your eyes flutter and you’re leaning against the wall. You’d just gotten back from a hike, the weather calling for a day spent out in nature. Calum had walked over to the kitchen to grab both of you some water, the heat of the day hitting you guys the second you’d stepped into the AC. Calum didn’t expect you to collapse on the floor of the living room. He rushed over to you, wincing quietly as your body hit the rug with a soft thud. Calum really regretted not grabbing you in time. He hated that he didn’t make it in time to stop you from hitting her head on the floor, hated that he was lost with no idea on what to do.

Taking a deep breath, Calum tried to stop his hands from shaking as he laid you down in the recovery position, with your legs elevated so the blood could rush back up to your head. And with shaky hands, he’d make sure to check your pulse and he’d let out a sigh of relief when he felt you stirring back to life. And when you finally met his eyes, he helped you sit up slowly and pressed the water bottle up to your lip, asking you a thousand questions about how you were feeling. And you’d still be hazy from everything so you’d just nod and take the water, letting yourself lean into his body as your senses slowly came crawling back to you.

Calum would absolutely not leave your side for the rest of that day, even when you got up from the couch to go to the bathroom he’d insist on following you, eventually sitting back on the couch with his fingers running anxiously through his hair after you’d told him you were fine and could use the bathroom on your own. He’d make you a hearty dinner that he found online that’s supposed to make you feel better. And he probably would force you into a self-care night which consisted of face masks, hair masks, all the masks really. Not that you were complaining because anytime you had all of Calum’s attention was nice, even if it was a little much at times. But you loved him and you felt extremely guilty about scaring him, so you cuddled a little closer to him, making sure to kiss him a little more that night when you both laid in bed, Calum joking that if you ever scared him again like that he’d probably end up on the floor next to you.

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Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for tumblr, but I had a daydream about this and decided to write it! Let me know what you guys think! I hope you enjoy it!



Part 2


Synopsis: Calum gets a drawing done by a psychic of his soulmate and hires a P.I. to try and find her. 


Pluto - Part 1

The paper used to be thick and heavy, but that was before it was stuffed into back pockets and backpacks. It was textured and crisp before it was folded neatly, thrown crumpled into the trash, then picked out again and flattened. The pencil marks used to be able to be seen below the inked outline, but a gentle touch on the picture for years had worn it away. 

It was Ashton’s idea. A stupid trend he’d seen on Tiktok. He brought it up to Calum jokingly one day when Calum was wistfully watching Ashton with his girlfriend. It was only 30 American dollars to have a supposed Psychic draw Calum’s soulmate. In his defense, he was drunk when he purchased the drawing and payed extra to have the original copy be sent to him. 

As if it was the other person in the room Calum stared at the drawing laying on his coffee table. Some days he swore it blinked back at him when he stared too long. He photocopied the original about 3 hours ago and it sat under the original. 

“You’re looking for this person?”

“yeah - i mean - its a drawing” The man that sat across from Calum nodded his head. Perhaps he spent time with the emotionally unstable often. 

“Do you know anything about her?” The sentence seemed gentler than any spoken previously. God. Did this guy really think Calum was unhinged?

“I got a psychic to draw my supposed soulmate. I don’t know if she even exists -“ Calum looks up to the man. He has dark almost black hair that was long - but not too long. He had brown eyes that were dark - but not too dark. He dressed nicely but nothing exactly stood out about him. Nothing stood out about him at all. His nose was perhaps a little crooked, but it could’ve just been shadows. 

The man smiled. He knew the star must’ve had just too much money on his hands and not enough friends to become so desperate. There wasn’t exactly another explanation to hiring a Private Investigator to investigate a drawing of a woman who might not even exist. The man figured he would try a few recourses, half-ass it, say he couldn’t find the woman, and then collect his substantial cheque. 

The man reaches for the original copy, but Calum quickly intercepted him. “No-no, please. Take this one.” Calum hands him the photocopy. 

The man nods an empty promise and leaves with the photocopy tucked in his back pocket, not unlike how Calum tucks the original. 

Across the nation in a little apartment in New York City, she waters her plants. She presses kisses to her fingertips and then brushes her hands across the leaves of the basil. Her little windowsill garden is a fraction of what she wishes she could have, but it settles her needs for herbs and to keep something alive other than herself and her cat, Mischief. 

Gently she plucks a leaf off the basil plant and chews a little of it. Becca drifts across the dull cement floors to the kitchen, where her pesto was sitting in the food processor. She washes the rest of the leaf off before dropping it into the the mixture. She pinches a little bit more pepper into the mixture and then blends again. 

“Missy! Food!” Becca jiggles the food bucket and portions out some and dumps it into the food bowl. The white and black cat prowls into the kitchen to eat as the landline rings. Becca leaves the food on the table and lifts the phone from the wall hook. 

“Hello?” The problem with the old landline that came with the apartment was that it didn’t come with caller ID.

“Hey! Becca?” A male voice echos across the old line. The voice brings a smile to Becca’s face, and blocking out the noise of Mischief eating and the blender, she responds. 

“Hey Benny! How are you? How’s your mom?” Becca leans against the wall next to the hook and curls her fingers into the cord. 

Benny, on the other side, chuckles, “She’s doing good! Missing her favorite daughter, of course!” The blender stops. 

“You can’t say that Benny! Emily is a great daughter! And - that’s not even counting that I’m not actually related!” The thought of Benny and Emily’s mom makes her smile though. Something about the woman was like the mom she’s never had. When Benny and her broke up, it hurt more to think that his mom wouldn’t be in her life anymore. 

“She’s a brat. But never mind that. I’m calling for a reason.” Benny, who moved to Los Angeles, always seemed to have a reason to call her. It’s become an inside joke to Becca that he just calls to talk because he misses home. When it was announced that Benny was going to move across the country to California, it seemed like a good time to end their relationship. There wasn’t anything exactly wrong with the relationship, but it felt more like a place holder than an epic romance that Becca dreams of.

“Oh?” Becca quirks a brow, even though he couldn’t see her. 

“I made friends with this guy -“ 

“A special friend?” Becca pinches her lips together to try not to laugh. 

“Ha-fucking-ha.” Becca could feel the eye roll through the phone. “No, he’s a private investigator and got hired by this - like singer dude. Or he’s in a band? I’m not too sure.” Benny’s voice begins to fade as he drifts into thought.

“Okay, okay your point?” Becca tries to bring him back to reality. He starts rambling, but Becca becomes distracted as her apartment door handle rattles. Her roommate and good friend basically falls through the door carrying about 15 grocery bags. Mischief spooks and hisses at her when she tumbles in. Becca silently laughs as Charlotte catches her eye and rolls hers. Char makes a big show of glaring at the cat and hissing back at him. Benny is still talking on the line as Becca and Char mouth a short conversation. 

Pointing to the phone, Becca mouths “Benny” in response to Char’s last question. Charlotte nods and begins to bustle around the kitchen. Becca finally tunes back into the phone just time to hear “-and the drawing? It looks just. like. you.


“I know right! It’s crazy! You might be this guys soulmate! I know we were never really meant to be but…wow. Will you remember me when your famous?” Benny rambles on, Becca hanging onto his metaphorical coat tails, trying to keep up. 


“Oh, your in shock! I totally understand,” He sounds sympathetic over the line, “But I haven’t told my friend about you yet. Do you want me to?”

“No-no-no what is going on? I missed it.” Becca watches Char move around the kitchen, putting away groceries. 

He talked slow and over pronounced every word as he explained again what had happened, “This guy- this musician, Calum Hood, hired my friend, the P.I., to find this girl he has a picture of. The guy apparently went to like a psychic to draw a picture of his soulmate. I saw the copy - it looks just like you.”

“Calum Hood has a picture of me?” Becca asks confused. This makes Char pop her head up from behind the fridge to watch Becca on the phone - as if she could listen to what Benny was saying. 

“Yeah -well -not a picture per-say. Its a drawing. By a psychic.” Becca’s mouth drops into an O shape. Her eyes lock with Char’s who is still standing in the open fridge. 

“I’m gonna call you back.” Is all that Becca can manage to say while staring down Char. 

“NO - no. Wait! Do you want me to tell my friend about you? I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to…” Becca could tell over the phone how eager Benny is to say something to his friend. She could feel his excited jitters, sure that Becca is going to say yes. 

“No, not yet. Bye” Becca hangs up the phone in a daze, not waiting for a response, and slowly sits at the kitchen table. 

Char closes the fridge door and sits across from Becca. She leans her elbows on the table and tilts her head before asking, “What was that about?”

“It was Benny.” Becca tries to brush it off. 

“Why was Benny talking about Calum Hood? Thought he was the mildly-depressing-coffee-house music type.” Char pushes on, trying to squeeze the details out of her. 

“No, I’m going to go to bed, I think.” Becca stands and makes her way across the small living area to her bedroom and locks herself inside. 

Charlotte sat at the table staring at the bedroom door and then at the half finished basil pesto and then at the clock that reads 6:00pm.

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Previous Parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

           “Everything alright, kiddo? You were pretty quiet at dinner.”

           Odessa inhaled deeply as Grandpa sat down next to her on the step of the back porch, her blue eyes gazing out to the backyard. Grams’ rose bush was thriving, as was her little vegetable garden with growing tomatoes and red bell peppers. Odessa chewed on her lower lip for a moment, trying to push away some of the weight settled on her chest as she told him, “My dad called earlier today. Said he was in town and he wanted to have lunch tomorrow.”

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