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#calum hood fanfic

just dance with me (calum hood)


{requested} ‘11&19 with calum please?’

hi love, thank you for submitting these two i really enjoyed writing it!

11. ‘my love, take your time’

19. ’were having our own dance party’

heres my master list!


‘you look so beautiful without make up babe’ cal whined peeking his head into the bathroom, ‘be quiet hood’ i smirked in the mirror seeing his face behind me. ‘okay okay, my love, take your time’ he said smiling putting his hands up in defeat, walking out of the bathroom. i tried several times to try and make myself look ‘perfect’ but my makeup just wasn’t going right today and i started getting myself really upset. especially since we were going to a party today, i needed to look somewhat presentable. i just decided to start again, knowing my skin would probably end up breaking out. i put on my moisturiser ect and did the entire look again but it still didn’t look right, ‘why can’t i just be naturally pretty’ i sighed, standing up and looking at myself again in the mirror. ‘you are my love’ cal smiled peeking in to see the mess that was me infront of the mirror. ‘you are so stunning, the way your cheeks blush up when i cuddle you in the morning make me have butterflies, the way your nose scrunches up when i tickle you makes me giggle’ he said wrapping his arms around my waist, pressing a gentle kiss to my cheek. i smiled for a second feeling so overwhelmed with happiness, ‘i just don’t feel pretty today, can we stay home?’ i asked running a hand through his hair. ‘only if you agree to stop putting yourself down’ he stood there waiting in the mirror for me to reply. ‘okay’ i sighed again, taking a makeup wipe and gently wiping the products off of my face. calum left my side walking out of the bathroom. i soon heard music coming from the living room, i quietly walked down the hall to see calum swaying side to side, quickly noticing me. ‘quick come here’ he smiled opening his arms for me, ‘what are you doing?’ i laughed as he spun me around. ‘were having our own dance party since we’re not going out tonight, thought we could still use some fun’ i had never felt more blessed in my life.

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A//N: Haven’t got very much to say this time which makes a change! So… yeah… here’s chapter 3! Enjoy!!


Summary: Eloise Gray and Calum Hood, not two people you would ever think to put together. What started as a ploy for power turned into a romance, resulting in the realisation that loving your enemy may not be such a bad thing after all.

Previous Chapters: Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

Word Count: 9.2k

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pressure (calum hood)

hi so this is a prompt i found on pinterest and thought i would give it a shot :)

here’s my masterlist!



I was currently lying in Cal’s lap, soft background music playing on the speakers around the house. I had a meeting with a brand I was working with and I was so nervous, and the fact that Calum wasn’t going to be there with me scared me. I did not know how I was gonna face this on my own. I sighed quietly but Cal soon noticed, ‘What’s up love?’ he said gently running a hand through my hair. ’I don’t wanna go without you’ I pouted playing with my hands, usually when an important meeting occurred for me Calum would tag along and make me feel way more comfortable being in a room with all these people, but today Cal had to go to rehearsals for tour whilst I sat in this awkward room, surrounded by intimidating people wanting to work with me, that felt like so much pressure to me. 'You’re gonna do so well, I already know’ he smiled down at me, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. 'What if I mess up my words? or I embarrass myself? its gonna be so terrible’ I said shaking my head, sitting myself up. ‘You need to stop panicking because I know you, you are so good with your words, you are going to do so good on your own. think about the meetings i’ve done with you in the past.’ he smiles reassuring me ‘Its just, i’m used to youbeing there with me, making me feel comfortable’ I sigh again, ‘I know, but you got this your y/n y/l/n’ he chuckles holding me against him.

The next thing I know the clock hits 1pm and Cals out the door to rehearsal and i’m getting into my car with the most confidence I had ever had.

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A/N: This was meant to be split up into 3 parts but it’s like 5.3k words long which, if you know me, is kinda short for me lmao dkjgndfjk so i just decided to put it all together. This idea kind of came to me at like 3 in the morning which is when i started writing it so like…..yeah enjoy hehe

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A//N: I decided to start posting some of my stuff here and see how things go. This is a project I started back in 2017, and I unfortunately lost inspiration with, but then rekindled earlier this year and rewrote the entire thing. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am enjoying working on it. It isn’t the best but I’m using it as a learning curve. So, please forgive my terrible grammar! 

Feedback is greatly appreciated btw! Just be kind plz! 


Summary: Eloise Gray and Calum Hood, not two people you would ever think to put together. What started as a ploy for power turned into a romance, resulting in the realisation that loving your enemy may not be such a bad thing after all.

Word Count: 6.5k

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Thanks! Someone else asked for 44 as well. 

Requesting for prompts is now closed!

38: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” + 44: “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”

Enjoy my masterlist!

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Heights. The one of the few things that you weren’t a major fan of. 

It never seemed to be a thing that had come up before. That is until Calum mentions, while on the road, wants to create some crazy memories. It lands you in a brewery smashing a flight of beers together. It lands you sometimes eating various animals you normally wouldn’t have tried. And now it leaves you here. Staring up at a 120 feet bungee swing, and your knees are shaking. 

“If I die, I’m killing you. If you die, I’m reviving you and then I’m going to kill you again.”

Calum laughs. “You don’t have to do it.”

“Like hell I don’t. It’s just a a tree, right?” It’s just a tree. It’s just a tree. There’s rope and safety, there are people around who know what they’re doing. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. 

“So who’s going first?” the instructor asks, grinning. Against all better judgement, you offer to go first. The climb up gives you enough time to think about how fucking crazy this shit is. But you’re already half way up and what’s the point in putting in this much effort without seeing it all the way through. 

“You owe me, Calum!” you holler down, staring up at the partly cloudy sky. 

“I’ll get you all the ice cream you can handle!” he returns. 

Once you reach the top and stand on the branch, you try not to look down, just straight out. All you can see are the tops of other trees. It’s almost cinematic. “Okay,” the second instructor starts as they unclip and reclip gear. “Shuffle a little closer to the edge. And whenever you’re ready, just step off.”

You nod, feeling your throat quivering. “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit,” you shake. You inhale once. Then twice. And then on the third cycle, on the out breath you step. There’s nothing to catch you. Your stomach jumps. Your heart is racing. You’re waiting for the rope to catch you and when it does, it’s like our snatched. You bounce up back toward the line of the top of the trees and then back you go. 

Your throat is nearly ripped to shreds when you finally get unclipped on the ground. You didn’t think you were screaming that hard. Calum’s phone is posed in his hands and you’re still shaking as you flip him off. “Your turn.” You take the phone with both hands to keep the footage from being too shaky. 

Calum’s climb is smoother than yours. Less stopping and starting. He gets to the top. And like a diver on the board for the 100th time, he takes the step. He screams, laughter turning up at the end of it and not before long he’s reaching the ground again, laughing. He takes one step towards you, and you can see it on his face. It’s bad. 

Calum leans over, hands on his knees. His face is almost white. Unfortunately, there goes the smoothies and toast from breakfast hours before covering dirt and twigs. You step over, carefully and catch him around the waist, seeing the sway in his weight. “Whoa, take a seat,” the first instructor warns, rushing over to help Calum sit on his butt. 

HIs phone is still going with a recording but you’re more concerned with Calum. Though you don’t want to be too overbearing. “I can’t believe it. You fainted straight into my arms. All for what? If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Calum lifts his head, throwing up his middle finger. “Shut up.” He looks better, more color to his cheeks than before. 

“But seriously, are you okay?”

He nods. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“How about I buy you all the ice cream you can eat? Or maybe some ginger ale?”

“Let’s start with ginger ale,” he laughs as he takes your extended hand. 


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Requesting for prompt request are now closed!

Enjoy my masterlist!

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**No one has my permission to repost, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020**


The snow is pretty for sure. The cold’s not terribly enjoyable. But you stay huddled up, wrapped in too many layers to count, topped off with one of Calum’s beanies. He slipped it on your heard when you complained for the fourth time about your ears being cold. “Can’t complain now,” he laughs. 

“But your ears,” you protest. 

He grins lifting his hood. “Got ‘em covered.” His lips are cold when he kisses the end of your nose. He steps back, towards the guys as they call for him. Andy’s posed in front of them, ready to capture their antics in the snow. 

You get pulled into a few selfies with the girls, laughing as you pull silly faces and noting how red your noses are getting. Off to your left where the boys are you catch Luke screeching, “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!.”

The boys are laughing, Calum jumping in front of the camera in excitement. Their laughter echoes around you all. “Hey!” you call out, half jogging over. 

Calum notices the pout on your lips. You and Luke are close and you always stick up for him. “Uh oh, the big bad wolf,” Calum teases. 

“That’s my friend,” you counter, scooping up some snow. 

“Whoa, whoa,” Calum holds his hands up. “I’m sorry. We can talk about this.” He’s still giggling, clearly pleased with himself. So you toss the compacted but not quite fully sculpted ball at his chest and he takes it like it was a boulder. He staggers backwards and then falls into the snow. “You’ve wounded me!”

“Serves you right,” you say as you stalk over. He captures you by your ankle. It’s not a super firm grip but even as you try to step back you loose your balance just a little and end up falling on your butt. “Ow! I’ve wounded myself!” The entire crew laughs. 


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Previous Part: Part 1

One of the biggest changes from teaching in a small town in Nevada to a high school in Los Angeles was the technology. It wasn’t that Odessa was technologically challenged—she was aware of most of the software the school used and was able to get around it pretty well. But Monday was proving to be a challenge as her computer kept crashing, preventing her slideshow from appearing on the Smart Board, and Odessa had been trying her best not to get flustered in front of the ninth and tenth graders even as they tried to help her out. It only made her feel worse when she failed to remember a couple of their names.

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Requesting for prompts are now closed!

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**No one has my permission to repost, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020**

CW: Mental health/anxiety 

You know the second Calum wakes up it’s going to be an off day. He moved a little slower than usual. He clung to you just a little bit more during breakfast. However, as you wash dishes, unsure of what you could provide for Calum–a distraction or comfort, he kisses your cheek and then shuffles down the hallway of the house. A door closes and you know. He’s going to try and hide it, try to handle it himself. And sometimes it works. Sometimes he can. But you know what you’re going to do. 

The drain gurgles, taking down the dirty water and you continue on. The door to the music room/office is open. But the bedroom door is closed. So you knock maybe a little too softly. The door is quiet as it opens though and you find Calum, sitting on the edge of the bed. Almost as if he was going to get himself up, or maybe he was going to succumb and curl up in the sheets, but couldn’t make up his mind. Thus, he was stuck, right on the edge of the bed, stuck right on the edge of a decision. 

“I can bake cookies,” you offer. It’s a silly little thing. And thankfully, Calum chuckles, looking up at you. 

“Maybe for lunch. Don’t wanna ruin my breakfast.”

You nod, padding over softly and kneel down in front of him. Your fingers run through the long and growing out blonde. He revels in the feeling of your warming palm. He can tell it was previously cool from the water. But now, against his cheek, his warmth is spreading into your palm and your palm is providing a sense of a relief for him. “Hey,” you start softly, waiting for his dark brown eyes to land on yours. “I’m with you, okay? Whatever it is, however long it is last. I’m with you. Always.”

“It’s like, I know I’m better off than others. But sometimes it’s just hard, ya know. I’m so used to my routine and now it’s gone and I didn’t realize how much I liked it.”

With a nod, you hum. “It’s rough right now. Maybe the governor will lift some restrictions soon. Maybe we call up Michael and Luke and Ashton and make a doggy play date. We can keep social distance. But you can still chill with your friends.”

His nod doesn’t look super convincing. It’s something. You’re trying. It’s just muddy right now in his brain. He takes hold of your wrist, hands now resting on his thighs. The tips of his finger tease your skin, soft and slow strokes, as if telegraphing his thoughts with his fingers. “Thanks. You’re really, like, really helping me out. I’m just foggy.”

“I’ll go get a fan. Blow the fog away if it’d help. Just let me know if you need anything. I’ll take care of everything else today, okay? Duke. Groceries, whatever it is. I got it today.”

“It’s a lot, though, babe. I’ll get myself together soon.”

“No, it’s okay if things are too heavy sometimes. Give yourself a break.” 

“That’s the thing. Part of me feels like this should’ve been a break, but it’s not. It’s not a break. And I want to say it’s a blessing, but really, it’s not. Not for those that can’t afford to be out of work, or for the parents that rely on sitters and daycare, and pennies it feels like just to pay bills. It’s not fair for them.”

You nod, turning your hands over and wrapping your fingers around his forearm, just above his wrists. “The veil is finally coming down. It’s hard. It’s scary. The system is fucked, ya know? Always has been, really. It’s just really unavoidable now.” 

“Yeah,” he agrees. It’s reminding him of when his parents were struggling, when he missed out on things like, going to concerts, hearing hushed conversations about bills. His heart bleeds for families like that, for people that are risking life and limb. “I just wish I knew what I could do.”

That’s a thing you don’t have the answer for. And he’s not asking you to give it to him. But you wish you could. “We follow guidelines and regulations. Only go out when we need to.” His mouth opens and he wants to ask is that enough. And when the two of you lock gazes, he can see the question in your own eyes. “We do what we can. That’s, like, all we have right now.”

“It is.” With a thoughtful silence, Calum thinks if that’s all he can do, then by God, that’s what he’s going to do. “Maybe cookies isn’t such a bad idea right now.”

“I got my mom’s recipe. Let’s go.”


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*****No one has my permission to repost this, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020******

You got the invitation in the mail a week ago and now you were pressing time. You have to RSVP in three days and you can invite a plus one. But should you do it is the question.

It’s an ex’s wedding. One that you hadn’t completely fallen out with but still it was a little awkward between the two of you. So now that you are still staring at this invitation, you’re not sure why you suddenly feel the urge to show off. Maybe it’s because you want to show that you’re life is still together especially after how bad the breakup was. It wasn’t because of something like cheating. But it was just a falling out of love and somehow that just hurt worst.

“Calum, hear me out.”

“I am hearing,” he returns. There’s a shuffling through the receiver.

You continue on, “so I got this invitation to an ex’s wedding. And I need you to come with me.”

“Just don’t go.”

“No, seriously. I need you to come with me. We can pretend to be dating just for a night. Just to show them that like my life isn’t in complete shambles.”

“You’re life isn’t in shambles. This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

“Oh thank god,” you exhale.

He laughs. “Anytime.”

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**No one has permission to repost this, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020*****


Calum knew it was probably the stupidest thing in the world to do. That, however, did not stop him from grabbing two off the shelf, making sure that he grabbed the one that included the arena as well and heading straight for checkout. He did remember the shampoo, styling gel, and the lip balm you sent him out to get. 

You stayed home, body aching and a little sleepy after a couple days of not sleeping well. Normally, you would’ve loved to go grocery shopping with Calum and running small errands. But you couldn’t get yourself together. Everything felt heavy. So Calum tucked you in, on the couch of course, with Duke under your arm and kissed your forehead, promising he wouldn’t forget anything on your list. 

And he hadn’t. He didn’t forget a single thing, though he definitely did add a thing, or two. 

When he returns home, you’re still laying on the couch, sleeping still. He lets you continue on, unloading the grocery, wiping them down and putting them away. But on the kitchen table still hits the white bag with the red targets decorating it and he can see the top of the giant box peeking out from even the biggest bag the woman behind the plastic divide had. 

Gently, after washing his hands and changing his clothes, he shakes your shoulder. “Baby, c’mon.”

You hum. “5 more minutes.”

“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“What?” you mumble, catching onto the hushed whisper. 

“I need you. To play beyblades. With me.”

Slowly, sitting up, you wipe the corner of your eyes. “I say this lovingly. But what the fuck are you on about?”

“I bought us some beyblades. We can versus each other.” He shrugs, hand settling on your knee over the fuzzy blanket. The fan is still oscillating as it blows cool air over the two of you. 

“What happened to the other ones? From the tour?”

“I think Michael called dibs. Please? I bought the big arena too.”

You shake your head, vision finally catching sight of the giant black and blue box on the table. With a shake of your head, you cup his cheeks, squishing them together. “You better thank the high heavens I fucking love you.”

He giggles before pushing up to kiss your lips. “I love you too. I get dibs on the orange one though!”


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Calum never though he’d be a dad like this. But when it comes to his daughter, he’s always in her corner. Always and forever. 

What happens when you put together H’s love for angst+ Single!Dad Calum+ Coming Out?

This. This is the product. 

CW: Mentions of Death and health issues. Coming out. Some slight mentions of homophobia. Anxiety. 

Enjoy my masterlist

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****No one has my permission to post this fic, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020.******


Calum shouldn’t have sat down. That is his mistake. He figures he wouldn’t fall asleep. Not this fast, of course. That will always be false hope. That will always be him giving himself too much credit. If he sat down too long without anything to do, especially in the comfy single seater, it would be game over for him. He has an hour before he has to pick up Ariyana from Elizabeth’s house. He dropped her off earlier in the afternoon and said he’d be back to get her before dinner time. 

And after running errands, first to get groceries, then take the dogs to the vet, and be home for the cable company, all Calum really wants is a nap. Just a quick one. That’s all it’ll be. Half an hour and then he can head out to get her. The both of them can decide what to get for dinner, if they’re going to cook or if they’ll give in and order a veggie pizza. There’s nothing like just sitting with a couple boxes of pizza and piling plates with maybe a slice too many and dancing from the counter to the kitchen table to keep any slice from sliding off. 

He feels his head fall forward on his neck and he snaps up. It takes him a moment, realizing he’s slumped down in the living room. Glancing up at the clock, he’s half an hour late. “Shit,” he exclaims, bolting up from the seat, grabbing his keys and wallet. The door is a slamming thud behind him and his keys jingle as he works to get the right one in his fingers.  

Inside the car, he pulls up Ari’s number and sets the phone into the hook on the air vent so he can drive and have both hands free. It rings and rings. Just as the back tires hit asphalt, she picks up. “Fell asleep again didn’t you, Dad?”

“I keep telling you that seat has some sort of magic in it. I’m on my way.”

She laughs. In the background, Calum can hear Elizabeth’s mother, her voice soft and sweet. “He’s on his way. Thanks, Mrs. Banks,” Ariyana says. “Want me to call in the veggie pizza?”

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A/N: So I caved and decided to post part 1 of this fic. The way I wrote Calum in this is different than the way I’ve written him in the past, I think–as in he’s just a little honey in this LMAO. I hope y’all enjoy!!! 

The microwave in the teacher’s lounge was sparkling clean, and Odessa took that as good of a sign as any. The one in the high school she’d taught at in Nevada had never been clean, no one ever having the decency to clean up after their mess—and Odessa refused to do it, given that it looked as nasty on her first day there as it did on her last. It was why she always brought cold lunches from home so she wouldn’t be subjected to such filth. But this microwave was spotless, and Odessa had no qualms in placing her small bowl of spinach and chicken pasta to heat up during her lunch break.

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Originally posted by guccical

Rating: PG-13

Summary: “Honestly you’re one of my favourite writers so if you feel like hitting me with a classic friends to lovers with Calum and maybe make it a bit 👀 I wouldn’t mind lmao hope you’re okay x” for @inlovehoodx

Word Count: 1.4k (Shut up, I know.)

“You bring the stuff?”

You rolled your eyes at Calum’s question and a huff of laughter left your lips as you dropped your bag onto the counter and turned your head to glance at him. He sat on his couch, knees pulled to his chest with his chin resting on them, and you could see the grin on his lips as he watched you cross the room to take a seat beside him.

“That makes it sound like there’s something more interesting than egg rolls in this bag, Hood,” you snorted, eyebrows raised and eyes sparkling with a sort of amusement that only Calum seemed to be able to bring you as you placed the bag from your (and his) favorite Vietnamese restaurant onto the table. “But, yes. I brought the stuff. You get the other stuff?”

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a/n: This is Part II to this little something I wrote a couple of days ago, enjoy x

warnings: none


Both of you just looked at eachother, not saying a word, the air in the room too thick and you’re about to actually do something until you hear the padio door open. Quickly reaslising that you are, in fact, not alone in this house you both try to collect yourselves.  
Stepping into the kitchen, Roy immediately feels the shift in the air. “I’m sorry, didn’t know you guys were in here,” he says, raising his eyebrow. Trying to brush whatever Roy is thinking off and out of the room, Calum clears his throat and just awkwardly smiles at none in particular.
As if the universe couldn’t take it anymore and wants to put the poor man out of his misery, Calum feels his phone buzzing in his pocket. It’s a text from Michael in the groupchat, saying that all four of the boys have to be ready for an interview in less than 10 minutes. “I have to get back to work, go on and have dinner without me, this might take a couple of hours,” he shrugs and leaves the kitchen. 


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so this is based off of some articles i saw trending on twitter the other day about NASA finding a parallel universe (that was later confirmed as a hoax which is tragic) so i ended up writing this?? also i literally wrote this at 5 in the morning so like if it doesn’t make sense or whatever, that’s why.

lower case intended.


“so i saw this article on twitter—it was later proved false but that’s besides the point—“ 

“that’s not gonna stop you from coming up with theories, is it?”

“if you already know the answer, then why ask?” you heard Calum let out a huff of amusement next to you but you continued. “anyway, the article was about NASA discovering evidence of the existence of a parallel universe, right? And it got me thinking—what do you think your parallel universe self is doing right now? what do you think he’s like?”

Calum was silent for a moment, and you briefly wondered if he was quietly musing over your childlike excitement over the topic. but this was what you two did; laid down on a blanket in the backyard of your home, staring up at the night sky, fingers brushing together shyly as if you two had just started going out, afraid to take the next step, as opposed to have been together for years like you were. just laying with him underneath the stars made your heart flutter like it did the first time you saw him. 

“well,” Calum spoke up after taking a breath. “if we’re taking in the popular theory of our parallel universe selves being complete opposites of us, i don’t think i really want to consider what my version of him is doing right now.” you glanced at him, eyebrows knitting together. but Calum was staring up, the glow of the moon and stars softening his sharp features from the slope of his nose to the angular cut of his jaw. he was so handsome. it left you breathless every time. Calum’s voice quietened, low under the dark of he night. “he’s probably real fuckin’ lonely.”

“a parallel universe doesn’t necessarily have to mean complete opposite of our universe, you know.”

“i know,” Calum responded. “but there may be a reality out there where the band doesn’t exist—hell, where i don’t even know the boys. that’s not a universe i want to consider.” 

you turned your head to look up at the sky once more, a thoughtful hum passing through you as you said, “i don’t think so.”

you could feel Calum’s gaze on you. “what do you mean?” he asked, a short yet gentle chuckle escaping him. 

your right hand was resting near his left, so you subtly shifted your fingers until they were brushing against his. you smiled slightly when Calum moved his to intertwine with yours. keeping your train of thought on track, you said, “i think what you have with the guys is a kind of bond that transcends space and time.” you were aware you probably sounded a bit out there, but you truly believed in your words. “you may not meet the way you did in our reality, you may not even be in a band, but i have no doubt the four of you found your way to each other in every universe that may exist. it would be a tragedy if you didn’t.” 

Calum was silent, listening to your words carefully, the cicadas chirping around your backyard lit by the glow of the moon. you glanced at him, watching as a small, thoughtful smile curled at his lips. “so you think if my parallel universe self decided to pursue soccer, he still has the boys by his side?”

“oh, no doubt,” you answered instantly, truly believing in your answer. it was hard not to. the relationship Calum had with his bandmates—his best friends—was one that lasted beyond a lifetime. there was no doubt in your mind it lasted beyond space and time, too. “but a universe without 5 Seconds of Summer—that’s not one i’d wanna live in.”

he let out a laugh at that, the sound one of your favorites as he gave your fingers a squeeze. “what about you?” he asked, turning his head to look at you, dark eyes ones you could willingly lose yourself in. “what’s your parallel universe self doing?”

“i don’t know,” you answered, because you truly didn’t. you believed where you were in life right now was exactly how it was supposed to play out—you couldn’t begin to think what it would be like in an alternate reality. fictional or not. as you gazed up at the glittering stars, you let out a soft breath. “no one should live their life less happier than they could be. whatever she’s doing, i hope she’s happy.” you looked at Calum once more, heart content and smile soft. “like i am.”

his gaze met yours once more, the moonlight an ethereal glow against his skin, and not for the first time, you lost your breath at how beautiful he was. he was the love of your life, plain and simple, and nothing brought you the kind of peace of mind and contentment as Calum did in these moments. just the two of you, basking in each other’s company, wanting nor needing anything more.

you watched as Calum’s gaze ran over you, as if memorizing every inch of your face for the millionth time, his gentle smile ever present. you two stayed silent for a few moments, just watching each other, as Calum’s right hand came up to gingerly cup your left cheek. “i don’t think my relationship with the boys is the only one that transcends time and space,” Calum said, his voice a quiet rasp. he was close, breath fanning over your lips, urging you to close the distance between the two of you. his lips brushed against yours as he said, “i’ve got no doubt you and i end up together in every reality that exists.”

your heart jumped, breathless and entranced and loved. “really?”

“yeah,” Calum replied surely, his small smile mirroring your own as he repeated your sentiment from before. “it would be tragedy if we didn’t.”

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I’m back with more self indulgent Dad!Calum fluff for you. I got a few messages asking me to make more Keegan and Calum content, so here we are. To those of you who were asking for more, I’m sorry it took me so long, motivation was low for awhile.

A few notes to make
1. This is only the second 5SOS piece I’ve written and posted
2. Positive feedback is always appreciated. 

This one got way longer, and I’m not even sorry. This one takes place before Hoodie Thief.  Here we go. 

Warnings: None really, it’s more fluff. 

Words: 5126


“Cal go?” Keegan lisps, stumbling across the living room as he’s getting ready to leave for rehearsals. At nineteen months old, she’s not the steadiest on her feet and often needs a translator for the words she’s learning everyday. Except for ‘Cal’ and 'Mama’ those words are clear as day.  

Calum grins down at her before he stops gathering his things and crouches to her height catching her in his arms happily. Keegan snuggles into his chest and Calum holds her tightly. You grin over at them from where you’re sitting on the floor, you had been playing with Keegan when she noticed Calum packing up and she abandoned you for her other favourite person. 

It’s been almost six months since you met Calum at the park that day, and started dating. Keegan has your boyfriend wrapped firmly around her little finger and he has been spending most nights at your place, leaving early for band stuff to care for Duke at home. Calum loves your little girl just as much as you do and you can honestly say you never thought you could find someone that loved her like that. 

“I’ve got to go rehearse Bubba, but once I’m done I’m gonna go home and walk Duke, before I come back for dinner with you and Mama” Calum promises, standing up with Keegan on his hip as he continues looking for his wallet. 

You frown where you’re watching from the floor, “why don’t you just bring Duke here?” you ask. “I feel bad for the little guy always alone while you’re here with us, Keegan loves him.”

Calum eyes you curiously but Keegan cheering “DUKE!” cuts off any protest he might have had. 

“I just. Is it too soon for things like that?” He asks carefully, making a face at Keegan before setting her back down on her feet when she wriggles in his arms a clear sign she wants down. 

You shrug “it’s your call Cal, but you’re always here, Duke could be too” you hum as Keegan falls into your lap, pressing a noisy kiss to your cheek as she does. 

Calum nods, finally uncovering his wallet on your couch. “I’ve gotta run. But I’ll see you both for dinner” he hums, crouching down to kiss your lips softly, before pressing a gentle kiss to the top of Keegan’s head. 

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Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

Bone Dry Masterlist

Word Count: 1.6k

Pairing: Calum Hood x vampire!reader

Warnings: language, violence, it smells a leeeeetle smutty. just a little.

Description: Y/N has lived her life in the shadows, always hiding from someone. Being a vampire, it was hard to find anyone to hold onto. But when she’s given the task to kill a well-known vampire hunter, Calum Hood, that all changes.

Song to listen to: Fallingforyou - The 1975

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Madeline showed up at the apartment within a few days, handing over information on Beverly’s upcoming deals. Vampire blood was a hot commodity, and apparently, he had arranged meetups with three potential buyers in the next few weeks. Dates, locations, building plans, phone records between Beverly and his dealers; Madeline left out nothing.

“I say this is our best shot,” Y/N said, pointing to the plans for an abandoned building downtown where one of Beverly’s meetups was happening. “This meetup is with a big buyer, meaning he’ll have quite a few of his men with him. Small enough numbers that we could take them down, but big enough to make a dent in his forces.”

“And this building is the least protected. It would be relatively easy for you guys to sneak in while the deal is in process,” Ash pointed out.

“But these are gonna be his most trusted men with him,” Calum said, “Meaning the ones most hyped up on human blood.”

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A/N: apologies that it took me over a month to update this fic!! but now i’m done with college (big yikes) so now i can get back to writing and updating on a semi regular basis :-)

Previous Parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

“Josie—got a cutie waiting for you in the front.” Josie glanced up at Sarah’s words, pulled out of her conversation with Lizzie as she swiveled in the leather salon chair at one of her stations. Her eyes caught sight of Calum leaning against the desk, her eyes immediately meeting his as he raised two fingers up in a wave.

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