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#calum hood fic

Calum and Jewels thought the road for them was over. But all it takes it an act of kindess to bring them together again. Part 3 of Birthday Boy. 

Calum x Black OC.

There is 18+ Content (Smut). If you are under 18, please do not read or interact, thank you!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi

Also, enjoy my masterlist! (Parts 1 and 2 can be found here!)


Calum squints, adjusting the dial on his radio to bring the volume down. He reads the sign on the front of the building just to confirm that his GPS hasn’t gotten him lost. Content that it’s the bakery he is looking for, he turns into the shopping center and finds a parking spot. It’s not like Calum expected this to be part of his best man duties but when Crystal mentioned not knowing where to start for the cake, Calum said he had no problem helping out. Michael was just as lost as she was and Calum figured while it was a little out of the way for some of these places, it wouldn’t hurt. So they split up the list that she had narrowed down from and each of them went to scout out the locations. 

Calum had been sent out solo but the criteria was strict for him to follow. After consulting with Crystal after each visit, only one had survived so far to the even shorter shortlist. This was his last one and he hoped it was better than the others. Not that he didn’t like them, but they just didn’t feel right. Though it really wouldn’t be his gut feeling that would make the final call. Really, Calum was supposed to go to this one first, since it was the farthest out. But because two of the three being right next to each, he tackled those first. 

The rain seemed consistent, having rained for a few days prior as well. Even though it brings Calum down a little, he thinks there’s beauty to this too. The soft patter of it against the roof of his SUV and the way it sounds splashing into the asphalt are sounds that he didn’t get to hear too often. With his head ducked down, he carefully walks through the rain, inhaling the way the grass emits a smell with the weight of the water. 

The bell above the door chimes as Calum’s entrance. It smells sweet, which isn’t a shock, but it’s not overly so. It’s like the sweetness is just clinging with the last of its strength to the air in the shop. The soft mint green of the walls is inviting as he glances around quickly. No one sits in the small dining area but there are people lingering at the register. Calum takes a moment to contemplate the menu in front of them, to see if anything happens to tickle his fancy before having to find an employee to run down this script with.


The voice is high and he swears his heart is going to jump out of his chest. “Jewels?” 

He hadn’t seen her since her birthday. That was about three and a half months ago. Not that he didn’t have her number still saved and not that he hadn’t drafted text messages to her. And not that she hadn’t texted him once during that. But it wasn’t anything serious, just a quick, hope you’re doing well text message. He responded in the same, but it wasn’t clear where things stood. Calum didn’t want to push any boundaries or try to make something that wasn’t there. 

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Inspired by @ammwritings​ custom moodboard

A/N: So, I was inspired by Anne’s moodboard that she made for me about getting stoned with Calum and listening to records, so I thought I would write a fic about it. As always, let me know what you think and send requests if you have any! I’ll be finishing ships tonight. xx
Genre: angst / fluff / smut
Type: blurb / imagine / series
Warning: heavy mentions of drug use (smoking weed), some sexual content (not sex, but very close)
Word Count: 6k (I got so unbelievably carried away. I wish I could say I was sorry. But I’m not.)
Taglist: @gigglyirwin@loveroflrh@ammwritings@calumscalm
Playlist: Weed Music

Red eyes watch as she throws her head back, laughing at some meaningless joke thrown around the room. Her laugh echoes with others, bouncing off the painted white walls surrounding them. Her head swims back around when someone elbows her gently and hands her the joint. She smiles, bringing it to her lips and inhaling hard. She feels the toke sit in her mouth before filling her lungs with another breath. She holds it, gently opening her mouth and allowing the smoke to spill out of her mouth. She sits, shivering slightly, focusing on the joint and sparing a glance around the room.

Her friends sit, smiling amongst their newly formed conversations. She watches languidly, lazily repeating her motions a few more times before passing it to the person on her right. She feels her body begin to melt into the sofa underneath her, slowly relaxing. She can feel the way her muscles welcome the plush couch, the black, soft fabric brushing against her bare thighs and warming up her body even farther. Her mind eases into its far corner, letting the high slowly crawl its way into her system.

She hears the end of a conversation before starting a new one with Crystal, sitting to her left. She smiles and asks about her day, listening to the accent drip around her slowly. She watches as her friend talks with her hands, her thick American accent capturing her attention. She listens to the pronunciations and lilts in her tone. She sits and listens and listens.

The anxiety that had made a home in her shoulders slowly rests, her neck tilting to the right and letting out a satisfying crack. She repeats thoughtlessly with the other side, feeling the way that her body is responding to her high. Her toes begin to tingle lightly whilst the warmth bubbling in her chest spreads through her bloodstream, occupying the tips of her fingers and her lower tummy. She still concentrates on her friend, responding only when needed.

She hears the start of a song, another one of her friends, Ashton, connecting his phone to her Bluetooth speaker that had fallen silent a few moments before, letting the song play out. Her focus turns to the music when her friend receives another joint and stops talking. She can feel her head tilting back against the cushion behind her head, resting as her blood pumps at its own pace. She soaks it in.

Her eyes switch between the people in front of her, observing mannerisms in the way they sit and express themselves that she was always aware of when sober, but particularly aware of as she sits high.

“You okay over there?” Ashton asks her and she chuckles at his question.

“I’m fine,” her voice is smooth, low and raspy from the smoke that had been brushing her airways a few moments before then. The friend on her left passes her the joint and she smiles at her with thanks, “Do you guys know how much I smoke?”

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I really love your work! I don’t quite remember how this works and I am not handy with tumblr at all so i hope I’m asking in the right place! Could I request you write something with Cal with the song Love Affair by Umi? Or Die For You by The Weeknd? I love your stuff so much I literally read everything.

Hi, love. Thanks for such kind words and thanks for your song suggestion. I went with Love Affair by Umi since it was the first one listed. 

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi

Enjoy my masterlist

Feel free to send me one song + a boy or small blurb request. 


Just a Good Time

 It’s so easy. Whenever your phone rings and Calum’s on the other end, things just feel light. You don’t have to worry and you don’t have to fret over what you’re saying and you don’t have to worry about the way you come across because he just gets it. And you get him. You get the late nights. Most often than not, you’ll stay up late on FaceTime watching him work in his office at home while you’re cozy in bed, offering soft praises. 

“You should get ready,” Calum says. Through his receiver, you can hear the crackle of a breeze like he might driving with the phone on speaker. His voice echoes too and you know for sure he’s in his car. 


“I’m ten minutes from your place.”

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last chapter

i know absolutely nothing about the law except how to break it babyyyyyy so if this chapter is inaccurate you can’t blame me. I tried. As always, if you’ve got comments, questions, feedback, lmk! content warning for some PTSD-like elements. 

tdwk masterlist

ttlb masterlist (in progress)

* * *

Aspen would have really liked to drive with Calum to the DA’s office, but she was a logical person, she understood the value of taking separate cars. 


  • She could go straight home from the DA’s office
  • It looked less suspicious 
  • She could pick the music
  • Calum got driven everywhere by Alfred anyways so it really didn’t matter to him


  •  There was no chance of stopping for car sex

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so *cough cough* i was wondering about cal’s love languages in my last post... and i’d love a blurb on acts of service as his love language? (👁👁🤲🏿 this is me begging nicely)

A/N: Whewieeee, I am excited for this! Let me know what you think and as always, you can always send in requests! Here we go xx

The shutting door was quiet. She didn’t stir from her spot on the sofa, and neither did the little pup curled up on her chest. She laid, sound asleep, remote falling out of one hand and holding Duke with the other. Calum knew from the energy of the house that she had fallen asleep without even needing to see her passed out on the soda. She always does when she waits for him to come home.

He wanders into the living room, poking his head over the edge of the couch to see her fast asleep, lips slightly parted and hair tussled from the friction of the pillow underneath her head. His lips quirk down at the sight them, reaching over to run his fingers through her hair, feeling the soft strands underneath his palms before moving to pet Duke, who’s head raised from its spot on her chest, as if to ask where his attention was.

“I know, Duke, I know,” Calum whispers, petting the small head of the pup. He appears to be satisfied, going back to rest his head against her chest.

“I’ve been replaced,” he mutters, walking past the sofa and around to gently slide the television remote out of her hands. Her grip is slack and he removes it from her grasp, turning to switch off the Netflix show she had left running. She must not have fallen asleep too long ago, as the usual ‘Are you still watching?’ message hadn’t appeared on the screen yet.

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Just something I thought about since I’m stuck in the house now…. Hope you enjoy! Stay inside, don’t be the asshole that ignores the rules, wash your hands, stay safe, don’t be an idiot :)

You didn’t know what emotion you were supposed to feel. Calum was going to be staying with you while the world went into quarantine. The two of you had been dating for three months and while you had both spent the night at the other’s house, staying together for weeks on end was something entirely different. You wanted to be excited to spend time with him, in fact, you were excited to spend time with him, but you didn’t know if he was going to be as excited. The two of you hadn’t exactly planned on it happening, but flights were getting cancelled and Calum told you it would be irresponsible for him to fly in the midst of a global pandemic. He asked if you would mind if he intruded for a while and you had invited him to stay without a second thought. 

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to our baby // C.H

Pairing : Calum Hood x Female Reader.

Words : 7.9k

Summary : You’re a makeup artist from Brazil, and by accident you met Calum on Christmas Eve in a Uber. The question is whose Uber was it? Yours or his? but one thing is for sure, he believes in soulmates. A glimpse of your pregnancy in a video.

Warnings : Fluff, fluff and fluff. Angst, mentions of miscarriage and blood. 

Inspired by : Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video. I don’t know if you like Kylie but Stormi is the real goat. Classic rom com movies. Love for Brazil and the family that I have there. Blue music video by Beyoncé. Kehlani’s pregnancy. Baby fever.

a/n : hi babies, so I love dad!sos more than myself. I poured my heart on this one and hope you like it. Feedback is more than welcome and love y’all. Happy reading. Also this give me such rich vibes because, duh, successful parents. Also I did the moodboard and it’s the first time I did one.

2 months

Your best friend Natali decided to start recording this moment, and that’s how your video starts with a soft piano melody that Calum created for the entire video.

“Are you recording this?” you said looking at your bestie’s phone.

“Yeah, cause’ it is official” your bestie said pointing at the doctor’s monitor. A little peanut of 7 weeks growing inside you. Your doctor is rubbing that cold gel in your belly and your eyes are looking at the monitor with bright, shiny, sparkly eyes but inside you are afraid too. “Hi baby, this is your mommy”.


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     Hello honeys! Chapter 4 is a bit shorter than the last couple chapter, but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless. Also, 116 followers? Hot diggity damn. I’m trying not to make every single a/n long but tell me what you guys think of the chapter (I really enjoy answering questions about my stories, or literally anything else ngl) Happy reading!

Previous Chapters: Chapter I | Chapter II | Chapter III 

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I think it's illegal not to request this: wildflower with the bodacious calum hood

Thanks for the suggestion! I hope my interpretation isn’t too left field. 18+ Content (Smut) Please do not read if you are under 18, thank you!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. 

If you feel so incline, here’s my Ko-fi. But please, for right now, know that I just want to provide content to help you all through these times. 

Enjoy my masterlist!


Favorite Fantasy 

Let me put on a fashion show for you. The text is accompanied by a picture of a couple bags sitting on the edge of their shared bed. 

Calum grins, fingers tapping at the keys. I’ll be home soon. One more meeting. 

There’s no immediate response and Calum doesn’t think too much about it. He knows now that she’s back home from her small shopping adventure, she might be relaxing, or playing with Duke. Though Calum didn’t normally work this late on the weekends, he had to be in the studio for the Skype meeting. They were meeting a couple people about merchandise. The timing didn’t work out too well during the rest of the week and on a Friday evening was the first time it wasn’t a mess trying to get everyone near a computer. 

Regardless, after settling in thanks to letting the buffering sit for a solid five minutes, they are able to begin their meeting. Ashton taking the piss looks to Calum. “I guess we gotta make a bucket hat too.”

“Damn straight,” he returns, readjusting the one on his head. “Leopard print.”

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can you give me something about bi!calum with a male partner please?

Calum’s hands were clammier than they had ever been around his new boyfriend. 

“I’m just nervous, I’m sorry.” He wiped his palms down the thighs of his jeans, to no avail. His hands remained cold and slightly damp as the nerves built in his chest. He could feel the subtle twinges of anxiety in the tips of his fingers, going haywire through the nervous system. 

Devyn smiled at him warmly, as he always did. “It’s okay, I get it. I’ve been here before too. We all have.” The other man reached for Calum’s own, and, despite the clamminess, gripped it tight within his own. Cal fought the urge to play connect the dots with his freckles. His thumb still traced lines of crosses and hearts. 

Being with a man was…. different. In a lot of ways. It was having the door held for you, being embraced in a hug so tight it took your breath away; it was silly kitchen dance battles and coveted wallet polaroids and the roaming of hands over thighs and kiss of a whiskey bottle lubricating every embrace. Condom wrappers on the floor and mismatched socks, kisses to the temple and the shyest giggles of laughter at all of his jokes, the valleys and canyons of his lover’s muscle under the neediness of wandering love. It was new, it was different. It was his first time truly being cared for, when he needed it most. 

Calum loved every bit of it. Devyn was the first man he’d ever been with, at least in the light of day.  And when he held his hand proudly in the grocery store checkout line, butterflies fluttered to life in his ribcage. 

“I hope you like stir fry, because that’s what I’m making for dinner tonight.” Devyn nodded towards the noodles making their way down the conveyor belt, smiling at the blonde as his fingers squeezed his lover once more.  

Calum couldn’t help but steal a kiss from his baby pink lips. “Sounds great to me, babes.” 

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(credits to the owner of the picture)

Pairing : Calum Hood x Female Reader.

Warnings : Smut, things are getting hot and heavy so take a seat. Swearing and fluff.

Words : 2.5k.

Inspired by : Wildflower by 5sos, duh. And Calum’s pink hair and also a Bad Bunny’s song called A Tu Merced and his videos that he’s been posting with his girlfriend.

a/n : I wrote this today so all mistakes are mine. Feedback is more than welcome. Love y’all and stay at home if you can, stay safe and take care.

“Calum what have you been doing this quarantine?” Calum read the sticker question on his Instagram story while he did the video for the answer.

“Well, not too much to be honest” he said with his raspy morning voice and with his notorious aussie accent. “I’m watching tons of tv shows that I left in the middle, taking the sun, believe it or not baking a lot so also exercise so at the end of this I’m not a ball so yeah”.

“Do you have in mind your next hair color?” the question said. He was using a cap since he is recording the videos in the patio. It was a sunny day and people could noticed the glow the sun and maybe another thing was making on his skin. “Actually I did something the other day, I had another color and yesterday I changed it to this one I don’t think you guys want to see it” he said removing the cap pointing at his blonde hair.

He answered a couple of questions related to the upcoming album releasing soon and then he said goodbye. “K’ guys I’m gonna start my day, hope everyone is okay and please stay home. Love ya’ and take care”.


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Well. I have to post this again because it did the same thing as the first chapter SO. Chapter 3. It’s a long one, but tell me what you guys think about it! Sorry if anyone saved it, but thank you for the love you’ve been giving this story! I hope you enjoy reading!

*Trigger warning*: body shaming, eating disorders

All Chapters: Chapter I | Chapter II

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A/N: hello friends! i hope wherever you’re reading this, you’re quarantined and staying healthy and safe! this is a tough time for all of us and if you or a loved one is feeling sick, i wish you a speedy and easy recovery! i hope this chapter or any of my writing provides you with even a little bit of distraction.

stay safe, stay healthy, stay inside y’all! and happy reading!!

Previous Parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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backstreets back go tell a friend. I would like to have more of this written before I start posting it but given that i’m likely to have a lot more time to write now and, you know, maybe it’ll be a good distraction. anyway I hope if you read the original this has everything you liked from it and if you DIDN’T you should go read that. 

tdwk masterlist

ttlb masterlist

* * * 

He was fast. Aspen tried to counter his punch, but the blow glanced off her shoulder and knocked her back. Fuck. He tried to sweep his leg under her, but she jumped over it the second she saw his hips twitch. 

If she hadn’t been gasping for breath, she would have smiled. She was fast, now, too. 

She had half a second to think before the next blow came. She ducked, but she felt knuckles graze her temple. Close one. She couldn’t afford to get bruised, now, not while she had work. 

She could feel herself getting tired. This has to end, now, before he noticed her exhaustion, too. The second she found her centre she lunged, going for the takedown, but he darted behind her and grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her. Aspen didn’t think, she just rolled, and she felt her foot hit bone behind her as she somersaulted her arm out of his grip. She wheeled around, and for a long moment she and her opponent circled each other. 

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