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#calum tweet
Me: *Tries to hate Calum*
Me: *Can't resist his cuteness*
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Okay so I understand why Calum’s tweet offended people, but he deleted it so he most definitely realised his mistake. You guys have got to realise that artists are human, they make mistakes. Stop getting so mad about everything, and please, PLEASE, stop being so easy about sending people hate.

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The 5sos fam is falling apart? No it’s not people are getting angry over some old tweet and fighting about it. What everyone needs to understand is that whether or not you think that Calum was rude or funny we aren’t going to stop adoring the boys because in this family we realize people make mistakes and that everyone has there own opinions. Now can we get over this

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can everyone just shut up about calum’s tweet?
1) it was awhile ago
2) if someone said something rude to you you know you would say something back.
Celebrities are just people and their reactions to things are going to be the same as normal people’s reactions. everyone needs to chill the fuck out.

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