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#cam babbles
lemonastra-side · 11 months ago
So er, accidentally eating dishsoap again? - 168/10 would recommend
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lemon-astra · a year ago
9 to 16 from the hp rp asks?
9. Courtesy of anon: Snape hater or Snape apologist?
Snape is an interesting character, because he has some depth (something JKR struggles with imo, but that’s a whole other conversation). However, I am not a Snape apologist and I really dislike his personality, his actions and his motives. 
10. Who was the first character you rped? Show a gif of that first time and the last time you’ve rped them.
That was genderbent Remus 
Here’s the first time :
Tumblr media
And here’s the last time I cosplayed her : 
Tumblr media
11. Do you prefer to rp the marauders era, the lightning era or next gen?
I haven’t done lightning era yet but I think I would enjoy it. I do really like marauders era because there’s more freedom to it. Less canon. Not that canon matters that much but it would feel weird to play Ron as an utter idiot or Ginny as she was portrayed in the movies someone who’s only personality trait is liking Harry. 
12. Do you prefer to do multipart series or single part threads?
I think multipart series, bit only by a smidge. But both are fun. 
13. Which character is most difficult for you to play?
Sirius is a difficult one for me. Snape also can be. I need to be able to get in their headspace and it’s not always easy for those 2, tho for entirely different reasons. 
14. What’s the most stupid thing you’ve forgotten to do when rping a character? 
Forgotten to take off my glasses and then got too lazy to refilm and somehow worked it in or just ignored it.
15. Of  the people that also rp your favorite character to rp, which one do you like the most?
My favorite to cosplay right now is James. There are a lot of talented people in this community so i’m sure you’ll forgive me if i give you more than one name @transaurus, @son-0f-a-snitch, and @the-moon-and-stars-my-love are a few favorites. 
16. If you had to write a script for another rper, who would you like it to be?
I’m not picky so honestly ? whoever wanted me to cause collab-ing is fun. I would prefer working on a thread with someone over writing the whole thing for them tho. 
Ask me things? 
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chaoticgoodness-gracious · 3 months ago
65—68 for ALL your OCs!!! 👀✨
Tumblr media
Odie- Strawberry bubble tea!
Nickels - any kind of super sour citrus drink OR Arizona iced tea.
Prima Donna- Icy water with cucumber
Cameron- Golden Milk (a warm drink with a mix of cinnamon and other spices, one of which is Tumeric and gives it it’s yellow color)
Odie- anything home cooked so long as it isn’t too salty.
Nickels- Bún bò Huế (a soup with lots of beef and rice noodles)
Prima Donna- plums!!
Cameron- look he tries to be fancy but nothing tops a well made grilled cheese.
Odie- Pandoro! (Veronese sweet bread) It’s one of the reasons she loves the winter holidays.
Nickels- super sour candies
Prima Donna- also plums!!
Cameron- cinnamon apple pie w/ whipped cream
Odie- Spring! Especially before she moved to nyc. Down south had a lot of wildflower plains.
Nickels- Fall! Mainly for Halloween, but they love fall smells and cozy things
Prima Donna- Winter! She runs/donates to charities that help families during the holidays or people who need shelter and loves doing it.
Cameron- Winter! He thinks the icy aesthetic is cool, but he just enjoys watching snow drift past his window with a warm drink in one hand and homework in the other
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Further elaboration on books and the treatment of them;
If it's a public book, like from the library, don't fuck with it!! You're only borrowing it, its not yours!! The only acceptable thing is dogearring the page and not a big one just a little bit, because that can always be smoothed out
If it's your own book, in your shelf fully owned? Fuck it up! It's a book! It is an object to be loved and worn to its roots. Dog ear the pages, crack the spine, bend the covers and pages, write in the margins and the chapter headings, underline and highlight your favorite passages!
The world will not end, nor collapse upon itself, the book will only show how much it has been loved.
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rivendell101 · a year ago
Yo apparently after the time skip Kuroo is a pornstar?!??! 👀🥵🥴👅🤤💦😳😩
asdfghjkl that was a fake leak. go get some water you horny gremlin
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hibiscusandmistletoe · a year ago
seeing other people’s fanart about this episode really highlights whats wrong with me lol like oh yeah thats where that trauma sits huh
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sock-with-one-shoe · a year ago
Iim am.going to sleep <3 hopefully I dream about carboy bubby
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privatemumbles · 2 years ago
i dont know if i want a guy smarter than me or a guy as dumb as me bc on one hand then he and I will know we are connected by dumbness and he won't condescend to me on the other hand i dont know how to do my fucking taxes and if he doesnt what are we supposed to do
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lemonastra-side · a year ago
MAG 16
Okay excuse me but "small silvery worms almost like maggots but slightly longer"
Reminds anyone of anything?
I'm noticing so many things djfjkdkdkssk
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kookoosbunnynose · 2 years ago
Google, how do I tattoo a fancam to my ass?
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hanatsuki89 · 2 years ago
Is it Love Hana Day? I'm so down for that! I love your art, big time. Because you have a recognizable style and you give love to characters that don't always get much attention. I love that you multi-ship. But most important of all, I love that you're so kind to everyone. ❤❤❤❤❤
It’s more like “Hana-replies-to-asks-late” day, but I’m not about to turn down the Love when I get some xD *grabs all the hearts*I’ve been smiling like a fool since reading this, you are the best thank you ❤❤
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thornheartless · 2 years ago
I'll just say one thing: please, please tag trigger warnings involving death if you follow me
I have thanatophobia and although I can be quite morbid, seeing real life injuries and death can send me into an anxiety attack or a panic attack and if it's late I then can't sleep
This isn't @ anyone in particular, I'm just throwing it out into the void after seeing something that was tagged meaning I can filter that tag out
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sierrastan · 3 years ago
The later seasons of td (tdroti, tdas, tdpi, not tdrr and tdr) had no excuse to be shorter. I don’t care if it’s a trend for shows these days to have like 2 episodes per season, these seasons had the opportunity to be better if some characters got to stay longer so they could have more development.
tda had fourteen contestants and they easily could have had a full season because of the aftermaths and reward challenges. It feels like the three seasons I mentioned above were written to have a romantic couple to be the center of conflict for most of the episodes, and that was the only purpose of those seasons existing.
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blissfulparker · a month ago
if you could, please write something where mob! tom has the baby monitor on during a meeting and baby is babbling and she peeps out a “dada” in an upset voice to the nanny and he drops everything for her? sorry if it’s too detailed i can resend it
“Alright,” his hands clasps as he stands up. “Let’s get started.”
Except there was something different about this meeting. Tom kept a low baby monitor on as you recently got a new nanny. Tom being the overprotective father of the year he is, he felt the need to keep a monitor on him as if the nanny cam, maids around the house were not enough.
Tom made it a point for no one to point it out. Anyone spoke of his daughter or even his wife, a simple bullet to their head. He wasn’t giving chances when it came to his family.
“With our new shipment coming for our allies in New York we need—“ he starts talking when the faint sound of a cry cuts him off. He can basically hear your voice telling him to let her handle it, she knows what she’s doing. “With our new shipment coming—“ he starts over but cuts himself off again. The only man who blinks is Harrison, eyes flickering to the monitor and back at his best mate.
“Allies in New York want to expand, considering our recent connections with Italy I think it’s reasonable—“ he carries on but quickly falls lost for words when he hears a soft whimper of ‘dada’ through the monitor. The nanny makes sounds to try and soothe the girl but Tom hears his little girls words clear as day.
“Go.” Harrison rose from his seat, the mob was important but right now being a dad was more important. “I’ve got it.” He nodded, the coners of Toms mouth twitched but didn’t allow a smile to be seen by these men.
The moment those office doors shut tom let out a sigh as he quickly walked down the hall, up the stairs to the nursery where he looked for the nanny but found her situated in the living room instead. He didn’t mind anymore, use to not liking the exposer but you calmed him.
“Mr. Holland I—“ she started and he only shook his head. She was a distressed uni student that needed extra cash, her homework laid out as she watched his baby girl. You trusted her as she was a family friend of yours.
“It’s okay, I just wanted to check on her.” He gave her a smile and she relaxed. Picking up the little girl who resembled so much of you. You who should be home soon and would take her off the girls hands. “Hi Angel.” He kissed the top of her head. She had tears in her eyes but they faded as her little hand clutched Toms suit.
“Can you say dada again? Can you say dada?” He encouraged as he bounced her and she only cooed. You argued from the moment she came out she was a daddy’s girl. Her eyes flickering at tom and not leaving him as soon as she was in your arms, the only thing you had he didn’t was boobs filled with food for her.
“You’re free to go, I know you must be tired with pleanty of work to still do. We’ll still pay you in full Don’t worry.” He smiled at the young girl and she reassured before gathering her stuff and going.
He didn’t watch the girl leave, he only kept his eyes on his little girl who he bounced in his arms. All she wanted was him, predicable.
“Say dada, c’mon.” He tried again but she only closed her eyes as she was sleepy. He stroked her soft cubby cheek until she fell right asleep in his arms, she even slept like you. So relaxed as if there wasn’t a struggle in the world.
“You’ve gotta stop sending the nanny home early.” Your voice suddenly snaps tom out of his staring. Even if you were tired from work, feeling not so sexy as you gave birth six months ago and was still healing, he thought you were an Angel.
“Got done early.” He lied and you saw right through it but was in no mood to push him. “She said dada.” He smiled and you placed a hand on his back.
“Of course she did.” Your cheek rests against his shoulder. “You know, I bet if you had tits leaking with milk she would not even think I existed.” You joked and Tom huffed a laugh but shakes his head.
“Oh stop it, she loves you for more than just your tits.” He says and then looks at you. “I do too by the way.” He reassures and kisses your forehead.
“We created that.” You say in awe as you both stare at her.
“Yeah,” he smiles thinking about it. The women he loves and half of him with half of who he loves is right next to him. “We created that.” He kisses the little girls forehead one more time before taking a trip to her nursery and setting her in the crib.
“Alright,” you pat his chest. “Let’s clock you out of ‘mafia owner tom’ and clock you into to ‘my sexy husband who is the father to my kid’.” You turn to leave the nursery and drag him with as you want him out of the suit and yours for the night.
“Mmh,” he Hums as his eyes can’t help but to look you up and down. “Do I get to clock you out of ‘daytime worker’ to ‘my sexy wife who gave birth to my kid and now their badass mother?’” He lets his hands go to grip your ass and you let out a Yelp before pulling him into the room.
With comfy clothes, you two curl up in the bed. The monitor on and close the whole time as you two take advantage of her sleeping time. You loved her but when she was awake she never wanted any alone time, always needing one of your eyes on her as she liked the attention.
He would drop every meeting for the two of you. Hell he could be in another country and catch the first flight back if he felt he needed it. His whole life was once his mob, but now it was his girls. His girls were his family and he would do anything for them. In the future he knew there would be more, he wanted four but you promised three at most as one Holland baby was a lot to work with already. No matter how many babies you gave, he would love all of them. Most importantly he would love you.
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omiyatsu · 4 months ago
camming with atsumu and he’s got you sitting on his lap, legs wide open while he plays with your tight little cunny for the camera. he won’t let you cum until you tell the audience how dumb and desperate you are for your daddy’s cock, too bad he’s got you so dumb and delirious already from his teasing that you can’t speak properly
Tumblr media
no, this did things to me that i can’t explain. thank you for this glorious thought— my brain is now so mushy.
w — 18+ content, daddy kink, messy sex, crying, edging, overstimulation, dumbification, condescension.
Tumblr media
“poor baby,” atsumu croons, nuzzling his face into the side of your own. “see how fuckin’ dumb she is? can’t even ask me for things properly.”
you’re not sure if you whine at his words or the grip his hand has on your jaw, but your eyes cross the second his hand returns to your abused ‘n puffy cunt.
all raw from his relentless teasing yet still drooling with need, begging to be stuffed by something much thicker than his index and middle finger. the two digits pick up where they left off, rubbing your slippery, little clit in tight circles until your thighs start trembling again. until all you can let out are sharp gasps and random babbles of, “daddy! cum!”
he knows you need it. you need to cum so bad, you need his cock so bad. he pities you, because after all you are his little girl and he’s painfully hard. so he leans in and speaks right over your ear, making sure you can hear him over your own heartbeat, and that not a single word will go missed in your ditsy head.
“c’mon, just say it nice ‘n clear f’me. you can do it, baby— daddy knows ya can.” with that, he lifts his hand off of your cunny once more. leaving you to writhe and squirm on top of him in the throes of your orgasm that was never promised.
you hiccup before you get a single word out. you choke and splutter on your own spit ‘n tears, turning your head to look up at atsumu who’s waiting for your sloppy admission. faintly, you can hear the sound of tips and comments rolling in.
she’s such a cute little whore
what a mean daddy
i want to see her cum already
“‘m— sniffle— dumb ‘n desperate for daddy’s cock.” your teary eyes slowly but surely find the cam as you speak, “i am! jus’ want daddy’s cock, wanna cum on daddy’s cock—”
atsumu clamps a hand over your mouth before you can drool and spew out anymore words, but the action only makes you cry harder. did you not do good for your daddy? was it not enough for him?
you find out that it was more than enough when he flips you around in a blur, pinning you underneath him so he can stuff you full of his fat cock just how you want it. “that’s daddy’s girl. knew you could fuckin’ do it; daddy knew you weren’t that dumb.”
it doesn’t matter what he could be saying, you’re nodding along to his words regardless, staring up at him with sparkly hearts in your bleary eyes as he finally sinks his cock into your aching, little cunt.
you cream on him before he can reel his hips back, sighing out “thank you, daddy” over ‘n over. it only prompts atsumu to grin ear to ear, brushing hair out of your dewy face and grunting as your cunt convulses around his throbbing cock.
“yeah, yeah. but we’re not done, babydoll. still got a show to put on, still gotta stuff this pretty pussy... remember?”
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silversatoru · 7 months ago
Hi love! ❤️
Mkay so like.... Suguru walks in and finds out his gf has a cam acc- and just like straight up ruins her online
This has been on my mind all day but idfk how to write it
a/n: AHAH hey babe!!! this concept is 😌👌 so i hope i did you proud w this. also if ur really into the whole getting-ruined-online concept and you fuck w dabi may i recommended @katslutski ‘s smile for the camera series; it is one of my favs
getou suguru x f!reader
tags/warnings: masturbation, degradation, humiliation, dumbification, filming, facial, mild bondage, mild overstimulation
w/c: 1.4k
Tumblr media
you rubbed your clit in rushed circles, projecting a cluster of fake high-pitched moans and arching your back for the camera. it really didn’t feel that great, but you were damn good at pretending it did — and the cash was flowing in as a result. 
you could see the notifications of donations and new patrons popping up on the side of your screen and you let a soft sigh of satisfaction leave your lips. these fuckers were so horny that they’d send you stacks of their income just to see you fondle your cunt — pigs.
between the blood rushing to your ears from your approaching orgasm and the soft music playing through you room you didn’t even notice the sound of your front door opening. you were completely unaware of your boyfriend’s presence in your home until he was standing in your bedroom doorway — a confused but amused expression across his face. 
“am i interrupting something?” he cocked an eyebrow at you. 
“suguru! i thought you were busy today, i-” you scrambled to explain yourself and grab a sheet from your bed to pull over your exposed body. 
“plans changed,” he shrugged and cut you off, entering your bedroom, “maybe you should start locking your front door when you’re doing shit like this”. 
you stared at him with horrified eyes, worried that he might break up with you for this kind of thing — he didn’t seem mad but he definitely wasn’t happy either. you quickly lunged for your laptop/camera set-up, attempting to end your livestream, but suguru moved quicker. he grasped your wrist in his strong fingers and looked at you with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. 
“leave it on, doll,” he purred at you, releasing your wrist and pushing you back towards the bed, “go ahead and finish the show for them”. 
completely stunned, you fell back onto your elbows and gave him a hesitant look. it’s not like you were embarrassed or anything— shit, you did this like every day, but you were severely confused by his reaction.
he nodded at the computer screen with hazy eyes, “they’re waiting. why are you so shy all of the sudden? you should be used to having an audience”. 
after a final moment of hesitation you leaned back, fingers returning down to your clit to resume where you’d left off. it was a little more awkward with suguru watching, but the way he was ordering you around was kind of hot, so your stiffness quickly faded.
and you knew your body well, what worked and what didn’t, so it was only a matter of minutes before you were rocking your hips into your hand and letting exaggerated whimpers slide between your teeth. the orgasm was mediocre at best, but you had to dress it up and wrap it in a bow for your precious patrons.
at some point during your little show suguru had rid himself of his clothing and was now climbing into the messy sheets with you. 
“let me see your hands,” he stated blankly, his fingers gripped around the belt that had been looped through his pants just a few minutes ago. 
“this is live you know,” you gave him a concerned look — you were confused but not opposed, holding your hands out behind your back.
“oh, i know,” he took care in gently wrapping your wrists together as tight as the belt would go and then helped you onto you knees.
the duskiness of his eyes filled you with a splendid mix of fear and excitement, but before you could even get a good look you were being shoved into the bed.
“put your face in the pillows, doll,” he ordered lazily as you faceplanted into one of the several pillows at the head of your bed.
his strong hands were quickly gripped around your hips, the tip of his rock-hard member brushing teasingly against your entrance. you were already practically dripping, the sticky liquids from your earlier orgasm still glistening around your edges. it made his access easy, his aching cock sliding with little effort.
“let’s show all of your fans how much of a dumb cock-whore you become when i’m inside you,” he thrusted using hard, firm strokes right from the start.
and of course he was absolutely right — you lost any inkling of a coherent thought once you were stuffed full with his length. you moaned, whimpered, and squirmed underneath him like the pathetic little cam girl you were. but with suguru, none of your performance was a façade — he truly knew how to make you melt under his touch. and melted and useless was exactly how he liked you, so he had every intention of fucking you dumb in front of your audience today.
and that’s exactly what he did. it was his own foul way of punishing you; turning you into a drooling cum-slut who had completely forgotten she was being broadcasted live. if you wanted to be a whore for a living, he’d show everyone just how much of a whore you were — but only for him. 
you’re not even sure how long it’s been — all you know is that you’re orgasming for the fourth time; or was it the fifth? sixth? you’d lost count somewhere along the way.
dull waves of pleasure racked through your body and sent quivers under your skin. you whined and wriggled, murmuring incoherent babbles as you rocked your hips back and forth on his cock to milk the most out of your climax.
“that’s five times, baby,” suguru’s voice sounded miles away, “my dick feels good inside you, doesn’t it?”
you thrashed your head up and down against the pillow, mumbling the word yes over and over as your body twitched from overstimulation. glistening mixtures of fluids were squelching out as he continued thrusting into your cunt, some dripping all the way down your legs.
and he didn’t let you take any breaks — nonstop fucking you even while your pussy was throbbing with sensitivity. the overstimulation was excruciating, and you were a complete mess of trembles and whimpers.
“so pitiful,” you heard a dark laugh rumble from his throat, “there’s thousands and thousands of people watching you be my disgusting little fuck-toy right now, and you’re just gonna keep taking it, aren’t you?”
you weren’t even sure what he was saying, honestly. your brain had short circuited a while ago, and you were just absent mindedly nodding your head and mumbling agreements to everything he said. the pillowcase beneath your head was nearly soaked in saliva now too, your feeble mouth hanging open while drool continued to seep from the corners of your lips. 
“i think i want you to finish me with your mouth, doll, how does that sound?” he slowed his pace, pushing lazy thrusts into your hips while you mindlessly nodded your head again. 
“pathetic little baby; you have no idea what i’m even saying to you right now, do you?” you heard suguru laughing from behind you; but all you could manage in response was a few scattered whimpers. 
he abruptly unsheathed himself from inside you, and strangled whines escaped your throat at his sudden absence. no! more, please, please, suguru please, you murmured with an embarrassing lack of control and your boyfriend couldn’t do anything but laugh at you in your shameful state.
“turn around and open those pretty lips,” he reached down and helped you to flip over before straddling your chest and pressing his hot, sticky member against your lips. 
you opened them graciously, too braindead to even notice the bitter taste of his precum mixed with your own fluids. he mouth-fucked you with obscene force, the walls of your throat painfully expanding every time he thrusted in. you choked and sputtered, drool leaking down your lips and all over your chin. 
when suguru’s own orgasm was right on the cusp he removed himself from your mouth and sprayed his seed all over your face. from your forehead to your chest you were coated in sticky globs of semen, and you sucked down the drips that made it into your mouth like they were liquid gold. 
“lets see how many of your precious viewers come back after this — now that they saw you disintegrate into the helpless little cum slut that you are, now that they know you’re mine”. 
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