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So I was looking at Mirabel's skirt and I noticed something interesting.
Tumblr media
All around the skirt are little patterns that match each one of her family members.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I made something enjoy lol Edit : i edited Félix because he wasn’t bulky enough, hope the change is appreciated <3 
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Tumblr media
New meme template?
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𝐀 𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄. camilo madrigal
Camilo [ he / him] reader [ they / them ]
Camilo’s partner owns a flower shop and they give him way too many presents
“mi vida you spoil me and my familia~” Camilo said draping their arm over [ name ]’s shoulder as they prepared a bouquet of sunflowers for pepa, since she wasn’t doing well.
“psh i dont spoil any of you!” [ name ] defended playfully.
“right right right AND you didn’t make flower crowns for my tio’s rats, a wreath for my mami, travel two hours to get books for my prima and definitely didn’t help build castia.” Camilo stated with a straight face.
it wasn’t like the madrigals weren’t well off. they ARE the ‘Amazing Madrigals’. but [ name ] was stubborn in their stance.
[ name ] held a bouquet of flowers to their chest. they were planning on giving the bouquet of sunflowers to pepa.
“and i gave juileta my herbs for her birthday” [ name ] was proving camilo right, unintentionally.
a smug smirk raised on camilo’s lips. “mi amor~ you need to take care~”
“just take the god damn roses!”
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kiss me please
a short camilo fic while i wait on the voting to kick in 
camilo being a clingy bf
mention of boobs
he/him for camilo
“ Princesa please just kiss me “ “ no chameleon“ you said with smile. Okay look you and Camilo are on his bed his head on your chest his in a tang top with his poncho on and some shorts, you’re in a sports bra and his shorts because “ you have none of your clothes here to wear “ as camilo says knowing damn well the reason behind that is because of him but that’s a story for another time.
“ What happened to making bracelets huh?” “ we both have enough all ready “ he says while trying to get a kiss again. so this is how you got here, you and camilo were making rainbow loom bracelets bc you loved to make them and he got interested to. It wasn’t uncommon to find you and camilo shopping or making bracelets so when camilo got you to himself you thought he would like to make some with you. Now camilo loves doing anything with you because he loves you but all he wanted to do was cuddle and get a kiss..okay maybe a few kisses...ok fine alot, okay I’ll stop lying he kinda wanted to make out with you but if you focused on the details.. idk.
“ mi amor please just give me a smootch “ he says while shoving his face on what he calls “ his personal pillows “ aka ya boobies “ camilo you are so dramatic “ “ I’M DRAMATIC OKAY REMEBER THE TIME YOU-” “ shh i thought you wanted a kiss “ 
you guys stay there for a moment before camilo sighs a places his head on ‘ his personal pillows ‘ once more “ you don’t love me “ you’re right you tio bru- “ “ STOP SAYING THAATTT” yep it wasn’t uncommon for you to say you thought his tio was cute but only to get on his nerves 
you decide to but you’re boyfriends suffering to an end a shut him up with a kiss, ‘ yep I’m going to be here for a while ‘ you say to yourself as you see him look at your lips and lean in again 
yall please go vote on my vote post on what story you would want to see next 
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camilo madrigal x reader
female! reader
he / they pronouns for camilo
requested by: Anonymous
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡
“ pepa, your gonna get all wet” felix said as he pushes the cloud away from his wife. “ oh lo siento cariño, its just that camilo and their girlfriend is so cute together” pepa sighs as she watches the two teenagers running around in the backyard of casita. “they kinda remind me us of us, dont you think so too mi amor?”
You and camilo were like his mother and father, you were always so caring to camilo. he never felt so spoiled in his life! And you were so understanding, sometimes camilo would have off days, not knowing who he was and who he wanted to be. Sometimes they shapeshifted so much to the point where he would forget what he himself would forget what he looked like.
Currently you and Camilo were playing outside in the rain, You two wouldve gone in to check on pepa but from the window you could see they were happy tears. “come on Mi novia, Lets dance!” he shouts happily and pulls you up from where you were sitting.
and all of a sudden it was raining harder. with a rainbow too.
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cloud-9ine · a day ago
hello, can u do a camilo madrigal x gn reader where both of them were really busy for the past few weeks and didn't have time for eachother so both of them just basically cuddle once all of their work r done, also maybe a little angst where they argue abt how they pushed eachother away as well?
An Hour and a Half
⤷ pairing - camilo madrigal x (gn) reader
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - slight angst, hurt/comfort
⤷ summary - work has isolated you and camilo from each other, and as tensions grow, there is only one way to deal with the stress: cuddles
⤷ notes - we all love a little hurt/comfort in the morning. honestly this is a little less angst than i wanted, but with how the story was going i didn’t think a full blown argument would really match
⤷ word count - 1k+
⤷ consider buying me a coffee!
⤷ join our discord server
Tumblr media
You were so tired.
You could feel the throb in your head- a pounding just behind your eyes that wouldn’t go away no matter how much you willed it to. At this point, all you wanted was to go to bed- hopefully, with the love of your life, Camilo Madrigal.
At the start of your relationship, the two of you had been all over each other: fingers always intertwined and gaze never breaking, hearts beating in tandem. Like all young couples, you had sworn that the honeymoon phase would never shift the rose tinted lenses from your eyes. 
And, like all young couples, you had been wrong. 
Whether Camilo knew it or not, he tended to put the town above you. It was natural, you supposed with a bitter resentment, that the boy who grew up and conditioned himself to believe that he wasn’t worth love until he gave himself up just to make someone smile would be at the least subconsciously reluctant to shake off that mindset. Old habits die hard, after all. 
More days than not you woke up to a cold bed. You worked late into the night, and Camilo rose earlier than the sun, which left for little crossover even if you did have enough time to spare.
So the day you finally had a day off was a day well anticipated. You shuffled into Casita in the early hours of dusk, movement sluggish and eyes weary as they blearily glanced around. With a heavy sigh, you trudged your way to Camilo’s room, too tired to have anything more than a budding excitement well up inside you.
He was laying on the bed when you pushed open the door, his brown curls fanned over the stark white pillow, limbs entangled in the pale yellow sheets. Eyes open and pointed to the high ceiling darted over to you as you softly closed the door behind you, his expression looking as drained as you felt.
Despite it all, he still brightened when he saw you, pushing himself up to the headboard. You couldn’t help the spite that bubbled up in your chest, your lips pulling into a small frown as you slipped off your ruana and slung it over the end of the bed. It was almost like you didn’t recognise him, his face a blur within your thoughts, only justified in its consummation when he was a tangible form before your eyes. It was disconcerting, to say the least. 
Camilo noticed your subdued demeanour, his expression dampening and shoulders slumping.  “What is it, mi vida?” He questioned, the pet name ringing around in your head. 
“What is a couple to you, Camilo?” You questioned quietly, watching Camilo abruptly straighten from the corner of your eye as you crossed your arms. 
“We haven’t spent a day together in over a month,” you seethed, chest tightening, “it’s as if you’re dating the town, not me.” His brows furrowed, uncharacteristic frown on his face. 
“Now that’s not fair,” he spoke slowly, almost sternly as he stood up, taking a step closer towards you, “you can’t say it’s been easy for either of us. And it’s not like you’ve made a real effort either.” Anger flared up inside you, warming your cheeks in a fiery blaze. 
“Don’t blame this on me-”
“I’m not trying to-”
“-you act like you don’t even care. About me.” You spat, knuckles clenched by your sides. Camilo’s expression softened, and you didn’t even realise you had been crying until he took a step forward to brush away a tear that ran over your cheek. You sniffled, allowing him to pull you into his chest.
“I didn’t mean for it to seem like that, mi vida,” he murmured, rubbing circles into your back with his thumbs. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, burying your face into the soft fabric that laid over his shoulders as he softly rocked you. 
“You know you’re my everything.” He sighed. After a moments hesitation, you nodded. His chest rumbled as he chuckled. Gently, he nudged you to the bed. You paid no heed to the way you knew your clothes would be stiff and unbearably folded come morning. Right now, Camilo was enough. 
“I’ll be better, I promise.” You spoke lowly, as if any louder and he would leave you. Your back was flush against the sheets, head propped up against the pillow as Camilo crawled in beside you. He huffed, shaking his head.
“We both will.” Your aching limbs sank into the sheets, almost too heavy to keep up. You pulled Camilo closer, intertwining his fingers with yours. His head hit the pillow pretty quickly, eyes focused on yours as he wrapped his free arm around your waist. 
You didn’t stop to think about the way your chest bumped against his each time you breathed out, nor the way you were so close you could practically feel his heartbeat, your legs tangled and faces only inches apart. This was okay- you were okay. Camilo was comfortable. Despite your worries, he was a constant; one you were forever thankful for. 
The fatigue was finally beginning to catch up to you, rattling in your joints and blearing your mind into a hazy cry for you to sleep. And, with Camilo’s eyes fluttering shut, his breathing at last stilling into a quiet lilt, that was okay. 
You reached forward, brushing a few stray hairs out of Camilo’s face. His features were relaxed, the dark rings under his eyes already seeming less and less evident in the mere minutes that passed. He needed this, and so did you. 
So, with Camilo’s arms draped around you like you were the last good thing in his life, you allowed yourself to relax. Not for long. Perhaps for just an hour and a half. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The genderfluid experience surely is something..!
- from, a genderfluid person
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𝒎𝒆𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒇𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒚 [𝑐𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑜 𝑚𝑎𝑑𝑟𝑖𝑔𝑎𝑙 𝑥 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟]
Tumblr media
Meeting the Madrigal's as Camilo's girlfriend
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader
(Y/n) (l/n) paced back and fourth in front of her closet as she looks at the two dresses laid out for her to wear for tonight. Earlier today, she asked Dolores to come and help her pick out an outfit and the older girl kindly came and helped her out. (Y/n)’s been feeling extremely nervous because tonight is her first dinner with the famous family as Camilo’s girlfriend. She has been friends with Camilo since childhood and they only started dating three months ago. 
“Oh Dio mio,” (y/n) muttered. She looks at the clock and she sees that she has 45 minutes left before dinner. (Y/n) picked the pale yellow dress and black heels. After wearing the outfit she chose, she applied light make up and tied her hair into a near ponytail. 
(Y/n) looked at herself through her mirror and once she’s satisfied with how she looks, she took a deep breath and left her house, bidding goodbye to her parents. 
The walk to the Casita took a few minutes and (y/n) tried to calm her nerves down, mentally talking and comforting herself that everything will be alright. She was having a debate with her brain if she should still attend tonight’s dinner. Before knowing what is happening, the doors to the Casita opened and there stood Camilo Madrigal. 
“Mi amor!” he smiles widely before going over to hug her, “Mi amor you look absolutely gorgeous,” he adds as he took in her appearance before kissing her knuckles. “Hola mi corazon,” (y/n) smiled at her lover and kissed his cheek. 
“Ugh! You’re so cute, I wanna keep you forever!” Camilo said as he hugs her once more. With Camilo’s presence, (y/n) felt less nervous as she hugs him in return and breathes in his familiar scent. “Are you ready to meet mi familiar?” Camilo asked. 
(Y/n) nodded her head and squeezed Camilo’s hand. “Wait, what if they don’t like me?” she nervously asked. The shape shifter chuckled at this. “They are going to love you just as much as I do, ok? My family's already met you and had you over for dinner thousands of times before,” Camilo said.
“Yeah but that was back when we were friends! I'm having my first dinner with them as your.... Your girlfriend,” (y/n) said, whispering the last part. Yes they have been dating for three months and (y/n) still can't wrap her head around the fact that the Camilo Madrigal is in love with her.
“You're so cute. Don't worry, they will love you. I promise,” Camilo said. (Y/n) believed him and took a deep breath before following Camilo inside their house. 
Upon stepping inside, (y/n) can see grey clouds and Pepa is pacing back and fourth with Felix trying to calm her down.
“Mami, papi,” Camilo calls for his parents' attention. Pepa and Felix faced the couple and Pepa gasped when she sees (y/n), the grey clouds disappearing and a bright sun appeared. “Oh (y/n), mija, thank you for coming tonight,” she said and immediately hugged the girl, “You look beautiful by the way.”
“Buenas noches Señora Madrigal,” (y/n) smiled, hugging the woman in return. “You can call me mama,” Pepa said. “And you can call me papa. Camilo talks a lot about you,” Felix adds.
“I do not!” Camilo said.
“Oh si, he does! I can hear him whispering your name in his sleep,” Dolores spoke as she walks down the stairs, “Hola (y/n)!”
(Y/n) glances in Camilo's direction to see him blushing because of the fact his sister exposed him in front of his girlfriend. “Hola Dolores,” (y/n) greets and hugged Dolores.
(Y/n) felt something, or someone, tugging her dress and she looks down to see Antonio. She knelt down and opened her eyes for the small boy. “Hi there buddy,” she smiled and Antonio hugged her, wrapping his small arms around her neck.
Camilo smiles as he watches (y/n) hug Antonio, Pepa and Felix welcoming her and complimenting her. This sight made him content with his life, he loves (y/n) and he wants his family to love her and accept her as well.
“You are so in love, brother,” Dolores teased him. Camilo can only smile, “Si. I am,” he confirmed. Dolores smiled in return. “I can't wait for (y/n) to be my sister in law.”
“Alright alright. Mami, papi, can I please have mi amor back?” Camilo stepped in after witnessing his mother hug (y/n) once more.
“You're girlfriend is so nice and sweet mijo,” Pepa smiled at (y/n). “I know that mami, that's one of the reasons why I fell in love with her,” Camilo said, wrapping an arm around (y/n) who blushed and hid her face against his chest. Pepa and Dolores squealed in delight as Felix and Antonio gave Camilo a thumbs up.
“We'll get going now,” Camilo said and took (y/n) with him up to his room. “We'll call you two if dinner's ready!” Felix called.
Camilo led (y/n) inside his room and closed the door behind him before he wrapped his arms around (y/n)'s waist. “How are you feeling now mi amor?” he asked her. “I feel a little relaxed. I forgot how much you mama and Dolores shipped us so hard even when we were still friends,” (y/n) giggled.
“All the girls in our family shipped us so hard,” Camilo mumbled.
“Hmm? Even your abuela?”
“Even abuela. She may not show it but I know she loves you,” Camilo said. (Y/n) nodded her head and smiled at him. “Calm down, ok?” Camilo adds before he peppers kisses all over (y/n)'s face, causing her to start giggling. “You are so cute,” Camilo said and led the two of them towards his bed where they sat down and cuddled with each other.
“Have I told you that you look beautiful tonight?” Camilo asked. “Yes you did,” (y/n) smiled. “Well I still want to remind you again that you look beautiful. You always look beautiful,” the shape shifter said.
(Y/n)'s cheeks turned pink and she hid her face using her hands. “Not only beautiful, but you’re also adorable mi amor,” Camilo said and pulled the girl back into his arms. (Y/n) whined at this and refused to show her blushing face to the shape shifter. 
“Why won't you look at me, mi vida?” Camilo chuckled. He uses his fingers to lift (y/n)'s chin and he looks into her eyes. “Te amo, mi amor,” he whispered. “Te amo mi corazon,” (y/n) replied and they connected their lips together.
After pulling apart, they wrapped their arms around each other and stayed like that until they were called for dinner. ”Primo? Dinner’s ready,” Mirabel calls out to her cousin as she knocks on his door. “We’re not hungry!” Camilo calls. (Y/n) giggled and slapped Camilo’s shoulder. “We’ll be out in a while, Mirabel!” (y/n) calls out. 
After a few seconds of continuous hugging, (y/n) wiggled out of Camilo’s tight embrace and held her hand out. “Come on querido, let’s have dinner,” she said. Camilo took her hand and they left his room, walking down the stairs and saw the family preparing dinner. 
“Oh my gosh! (Y/n)!” Isabela squealed once she saw the girl and immediately hugged her. “Hola Isa,” (y/n) smiled at her and hugged the older female. It didn’t take long for (y/n) to be hugged by Luisa, Julieta, Agustin and Mirabel before Camilo once against pulled his girlfriend back in his arms. “I can’t believe my primo got a love life first before me,” Isabela playfully whined. “Oh yeah? Then ask the barker girl out already,” Camilo teased back, causing Isabela to blush. 
(Y/n) lightly slapped Camilo’s shoulder once more. “Don’t be mean,” she said, 
“Yeah yeah,” Camilo mumbled as he kissed (y/n)’s cheek. 
Alma Madrigal arrived and everyone greeted her as she found herself sitting at the head of the table. “Buenas noches senora Madrigal,” (y/n) politely greets the leader of the family. “Welcome to our home (y/n). I’m glad you can make it here tonight,” Alma said. (Y/n) smiled as Alma hugged her, and it helped her calm her nerves down. 
“Treat Camilo well, please,” Alma whispered to her ear and (y/n) felt like crying because of the approval she got. The family’s abuela is the approval (y/n) needs because she decides what goes on around her house. “I will,” (y/n) promised. 
They pulled apart and Camilo held (y/n)’s hand and led her with him to sit beside him as they have dinner. Camilo pulled a chair for (y/n) to sit on before sitting down beside her. 
Alma smiled as Camilo and (y/n) act all sweet and in love with one another. It reminded her when she and Pedro were young and in love. Alma can already see how much (y/n) loves and cares about Camilo and she knows that those two will become strong in the future. 
“Mi amor, taste this,” Camilo keeps feeding (y/n) some of the food and she ends up becoming a blushing mess. “Milo,” she whined causing Camilo to put his spoon down and look at her in concern. “What is it?” he asked worriedly. “Your family is staring,” (y/n) whispered. “So?” Camilo asked. (Y/n)’s eyes widened and tried to hint the fact that she gets shy showing PDA whenever they’re near a member of the family. 
Camilo tilts his head to the side in confusion. 
“Oh gosh,” (y/n) muttered and waved it off and took a bite from her food. She didn’t see how Camilo instantly became a pouting mess after this. (Y/n) was about to turn her head to converse with Dolores when suddenly, 
“Mi vida,” Camilo whined, setting his utensils down and wrapping his arms around (y/n)’s waist. “Oh my-- amor!” (y/n) squeaked in surprise. She looks at the rest of the Madrigal’s to see all of the ladies squealing because of how cute she and Camilo are. Felix, Agustin and Antonio are giving them a thumbs up. 
“Camilo,” she whispered at him but all the shape shifter did was pull her closer. He is close is pulling the girl to make her sit on his lap. 
“Alright mijo, stop hugging (y/n), her face resembles a tomato right now,” Felix finally says. Camilo kissed (y/n)’s cheek before pulling away. “I’m sorry papi. (Y/n) just looks so cute right now,” he said and winked in her direction. “Oh I know the feeling. I was just like you when I first met Pepa,” Felix said and held his wife’s hand. This action caused a sun to appear on top of Pepa as she smiles at her husband. 
Dinner went well and(y/n) didn’t feel nervous anymore. The entire family has already shown how much they love and welcome (y/n) as one of their own, Pepa, Isabela and Dolores are already thinking about the wedding in the future. 
Once the food is all consumed, everyone starts clearing up the table. “Can I help in any way?” (y/n) asked. “Oh no need for that dear. We can handle this. Go hang out with Camilo,” Julieta said. “Are you sure? I don’t wanna--”
“It’s fine! We can manage, we promise,” Pepa said. 
Dolores and Isabela began pushing (y/n) towards Camilo’s arms. (Y/n) pouts at the girls before looking at her boyfriend.  “Awe, princesa, what’s got you all pouting?” Camilo asked. (Y/n) shook her head while wrapping her arms around his torso and leaned her head against his chest. Camilo smiled and kissed her forehead before prying her arms off his torso. 
“Come with me. I have something I want to show you,” he said. (Y/n) raised an eyebrow but followed him out of the Casita. The couple walked through the village until they reached the forest. 
(Y/n) gripped onto Camilo’s arm as they walked to wherever it is the shape shifter is taking them to. “Where are you taking me?” the girl asked causing Camilo to chuckle. “Patience mi vida,” he said. 
“Being patient isn’t in my vocabulary y’know,” (y/n jokingly replied. Camilo smiled at her and kissed her lips and her temple. The walk was silent, a comfortable kind of silent, and soon they reached on top of a small hill where it overlooks the entire village of Encanto. 
(Y/n gasped as she took in the beautiful sight. “Wow,” was all she could say. 
“Beautiful right?” Camilo said, hugging (y/n) from behind. “It’s really beautiful,” (y/n) agreed. Camilo hums, “But I personally think the woman in front of me is even more beautiful,” he adds. (Y/n) giggled. “When did you find this place?” she asked. 
“Oh you know... Just wanted to get out of town for a bit. I wandered off and found this place. I thought this place would look beautiful and calming at night and so here we are,” Camilo explained. 
The shape shifter took his ruana off and laid it on the ground before motioning for (y/n) to sit on it. She was hesitant but soon sat down. Camilo sat beside (y/n) and pulled her so that she positions herself in between his legs and pressed her back against his chest. 
The atmosphere became comforting for the two. “How are you feeling tonight?” Camilo asked. “I’m glad your family is very supportive of us. I didn’t expect them to think of me as your girlfriend,” (y/n) said. “They’ve always loved you (y/n). Mama adores you too much that when I told her that I had a crush on you, she was so happy, there were like two rainbows over her head,” Camilo admits. 
“Well I was mostly nervous for your abuela’s approval,” (y/n) said. “Well you don’t have to feel nervous because they all love you. Thank you for coming over tonight,” the shape shifter said. 
(Y/n) ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek. 
“Hey when my family invites Mariano and his family over, you should join us,” Camilo suggested. “Dinner for what? Mariano’s future proposal for Isabela? I don’t think Isa likes him that much,” (y/n) sadly replied. “Oh who cares what Isabela likes--”
“You should care, she’s your cousin,” (y/n) laughed. Camilo playfully rolls his eyes at her.
The couple stayed like that for a little while, they talked about each other's day. When it was almost getting late, they got up and Camilo walked (y/n) home.
“Thanks for tonight, Milo,” (y/n) said as they approached her house. “Tonight was simple, but I still enjoyed it.”
“I'll do anything for you mi amor,” Camilo smiled. “Gosh you're so cheesy,” (y/n) giggled as she leaned closer to Camilo and began to run her fingers through his curls.
The shape shifter sighed in delight as he leans closer towards (y/n)'s hand. Camilo stares into (y/n)'s eyes and he smiled. “I love you (y/n),” he whispered.
(Y/n) smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. “I love you too Camilo,” she replied.
(Y/n) pulled him closer until their lips connected. Both melted into the kiss and pulled each other closer. It wasn't rushed, it was slow and romantic.
They pulled apart when air became a problem and smiled. “Good night mi corazon,” (y/n) said. “Good night mi vida,” Camilo said as he bowed and kissed her hand.
(Y/n) giggled at his romantic antics before turning around to enter her home. Upon closing the door, (y/n) released a dreamy sigh before slowly sliding down until she is sitting on the floor.
“Ay Camilo Madrigal, what are you doing to me?” (y/n) whispers with a smile on her face.
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nicecoldpillow · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Camilo x m!reader
cw: angst, comfort and inaccurate spanish (i’m self taught sorry yall 💀)
tw: homophobic Abuela, (i am so sorry) panic attack, Camilo talking bad about himself.
Tumblr media
Today was the day that Camilo and you confront the rest of the madrigals and tell them your little secret, now Dolores knows but even she has some moral understanding not to out you two. You knew that your lover was nervous about the whole thing and if it came down to it, you would talk for the both of you if he got a bit tongue tied.
You heard a knock on your front door and you knew it was your boyfriend, he always knocks in a tune to let you know it’s him, you quickly take one last look in your mirror before quickly heading out. You open your door and are met with your very handsome smiling boyfriend waiting for you, “ay mi vida te vas tan bien” your face lit up from the compliment.
“Speak for yourself you’re the good looking one here” you protest back before he wins this battle by shutting you up with a kiss, “cmon amor today is our big day I guess?” Camilo said nervously, he played it off but deep down you both knew today was gonna be difficult for the both of you
The two of you linked arm in arm until you reached casita madrigal, dinner was soon but would that really be the best time? would it be too loud to even get the confession across? Thoughts roamed around when it came to this, the two of you still haven’t came up with a exact game plan here but you two will know when the time to cross that bridge happens.
Camilo opens up the casita and already tia Pepa yelled her greetings to the two of you from on top of the stairs, you were loved by the madrigals and they loved your company whether that be staying for dinner, having a sleepover or just popping in to say hello. Abuela was in the kitchen and popped in the room you two were in asking if you would be staying for dinner, you nodded your head and a soft grin popped up on abuela’s face, she loved it when you get to spend time with the family.
Camilo tsk’d at you while directing his gaze up to his room, you followed suit and got in quickly sighing a bit of relief. “so how do we do this-“ you asked with a confused look, Camilo didn’t look any different you both were stumped on when to do this, after dinner? during dinner? maybe before everyone leaves the table from dinner…maybe? thoughts were still scrambling around the two of you until Camilo suggested “okay uh how about before dinner is fully over that good?”
Thank goodness you two had the same minds, “sounds good to me” the two of you resided in his room until Abuela yelled out that dinner was ready, the sound of everyone heading down to the kitchen went throughout the house. Everyone said their hello’s to you since they didn’t notice you come in apart from tia Pepa.
Some time went by before noticing everyone was beginning to finish off their plate, and sweat began to arise on both you and Camilo’s head, when was the perfect time to start this? You swore Dolores could hear the both of your heartbeats going double time, oh she definitely could her slightly concerned look to you two explained everything.
Time was running out until Julieta and isabella had gotten up to put their plates away, it was now or never. “hey everyone! uh mind if we say something quickly before we all go? we kinda wanted to get this off our chests” you spoke up getting everyone’s attention along with making Julieta and Isabella sit back down “adalante quierdo”Julieta said in a soft voice.
All these eyes on the both of you, the tension was getting higher by the second and all the more suffocating at that, you looked at Camilo trying to read each other’s mind on who is gonna speak first “So you all know how me and y/n have been friends for awhile now si?” Camilo said, his words were definitely laced with concern and nervousness.
Everyone nodded slowly and began to grow faces of concern, “can you help me out-“ he whispered to you, you nodded a bit and thought of what to say. “We’ve been friends for a few years now and we both…have officially decided” ‘oh god is this going well- are you stalling too much time’ thoughts made you choke up a bit.
Camilo grabbed your hand to calm you down a bit, you then raised your hands up showing that you were holding hands, “we’ve officially decided to..well y’know get together…” The silence in the room was deafening until tia Pepa had squeaked happily before clapping, this led mirabel and almost everyone else to congratulate the two of you. “oh mi yerno i’m so happy for you two” the last thing you heard from Pepa before Abuela stepped in.
“That is enough!” the commotion settled down and you and Camilo’s happy faces disappeared as everyone stared at Abuela, “I refuse to believe that one of my own has been together with someone of el mismo género” Camilo was shaking, you went to take his hand but he quickly moved it away out of instinct, “Abuela please it isn’t a bad thing if-“ “Quiet Mirabel” Mirabel had a hurt look on her face but nothing compared to the hurt Camilo was feeling right now.
Before anyone else can say anything more, Camilo stares down avoiding eye contact with everyone while running out of the kitchen, “Camilo! Wait up!” You sprinted upstairs towards your probable heart broken lover, “MAMA! what was that for?!” commotion began downstairs, best let them get everything out of their systems for now, you quietly pushed open your lovers door before gently closing it.
That’s when you heard the sobs and hiccups buried beneath pillows, you sat next to him before he clung onto you immediately, “sh sh amor im right here” you hugged his head while trying to cover his ears because of all the yelling happening, “lo siento I didn’t mean for…for any of this to happen, i’m a failure to the family i’m sorry.”
“Hey look at me” you gently cupped his cheeks before he leaned into your touch “you are not a failure, and if your abuela can’t see the good in you that’s on her, but didn’t you see everyone else’s support?” silence entered the room, Camilo’s rapid sobs and hiccups ended before his breathing picked up rapidly, getting faster with every second…he was having a panic attack.
“Amor? Amor! look at me please!” you cupped his face once again, you felt him take your arms “breath with me carino, in….and out….in….and out” you repeated this for a few minutes, after awhile his head was practically on your chest trying to feel you in every physical way he can to become grounded and breath normally.”
“Thank you…for being with me mi vida” he said before a knock on the door came, his breathing picked up slightly before the sound of Dolores and Pepa behind the door came through “can we come in?” You get up and open the door a bit “come in, he’ll enjoy the company” as if motherly kicked in Pepa came through and immediately hugged her kid while Dolores sat next to him patting his back.
“mami…no estas enojado?” he sounded so ashamed you swore your heart broke more then it already has, “oh corino I could never be mad at you for something that makes you happy, we enjoy having y/n over, the smile he gives you makes me so happy” Camilo’s mother said hugging him tightly, “I always hear you get in a better mood, even when you’re already happy and I always hear you squeal a bit whenever he walks in” “ay cállate I do not”, he said blushing into his mother.
Pepa let go of her son finally before making her way to you, he had a small look of disappointment but Dolores took this time to get her hugs in, “y/n please take care of mi niño,” she said rubbing your hand “he needs you and I know you’ll treat him right” she quickly looked towards her son, “and carino, if he doesn’t treat you right you tell me immediately!” You made sure to remind yourself to apologize to Camilo after this incase you got on his bad side at all during your time together, definitely don’t want his mother on your case.
“Mami he treats me perfectly I hope I treat him just as well-“ you cut him off by placing a finger over his mouth, “you treat me just as well, I couldn’t ask for anymore then what you already do.” Tia Pepa pulled the three of you into a hug “give Abuela some time if she can’t come to terms with it she’ll answer to me.” Let’s just say you were Pepa’s yerno now and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.
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Deal Between Strangers II
⇨ encanto
⇨ camilo x fem reader
⇨ in which after agreeing to go on with the arranged marriage, camilo faces the hardships of trying to get his family to actually like Y/N
⇨part one | part two
⇨ tagged: @caramellahoney @0what-a-guy0 @juvenillia @moonchildxb @higoshigosblog @queen-of-embracing-uncertainty
"We should make a set of rules, right?" Camilo asks, sitting on his bed as he watched Y/N look around his room. It was filled with photo albums and every little gift he's ever gotten. "So that we know what's right to do and what's not?"
Her eyes land on his wide desk, all filled with withering flowers in jars of water and cards signed with 'Antonio' and a little animal beside it. Scarves and sweaters knitted and carved stone sit beside them. Photos of him and his sister when they were younger keeps these presents company.
He must love his family a lot.
"That would be a good idea." She responds, sitting down on his sofa, "First off, as soon as we are... betrothed to one another, we can not have any sort of romantic relationship with anyone else. If anyone was to find out, that tears our plan to shreds."
Camilo nods his head. "Well, that's obvious." He claims, leaning back and looking to the ceiling, "I'm not really interested in pursuing anyone romantically, anyway. What about you?"
She hums back, chin on her palm, "I don't have time for that. Uh, not until now." She sits back against the sofa, looking towards the window. "My parents are adamant on getting me married before our relatives come visit. My Abuelito and Abuelita are expecting me to already be with someone, and have been expecting for three years now."
It was a few days later since the dinner, and Camilo and Y/N expressed their agreement. Her parents looked delighted, hugging their daughter tightly. Pepa and Fèlix were both worried, holding onto their son and asking quietly if he was sure. Camilo assured them that he was fine with it, turning to see his Abuela smiling and his cousins and siblings looking away.
Camilo gives a small frown. "You really are doing this for your family, huh?"
"Anything to keep them in high spirits." She says, sitting up straighter and pushing out the creases of her skirt, "Anyway, another rule should be no more than the occasional affection in public. Nothing that isn't needed. I'm sure you'll agree."
He nods his head. "It's also important to tell each other if we are uncomfortable with anything." Camilo adds on. He watches her nod her head, then giving her a thumbs up.
Y/N holds out her hand. "We do our best to keep this secret between limited people." She recommends, "Word spreads fast around this town."
"And we tell only who we trust." Camilo says, standing up with arms crossed over his chest. He looks determined. No way Y/N would be making him change his mind. He fiddles with his fingers in front of him. "I can't lie to my parents about this. Is... that alright?"
Y/N gives a grin, crossing her arms like he was doing. "You're as sweet as they say, Madrigal." She hums.
Camilo brings up a grin, hands on his hips. "Of course, only for you, mi amor." He chimes, making her roll her eyes.
"Save it for the audience, Camilo." She sighs.
There's a knock at the door.
"Camilo?" Pepa calls quietly, opening his door slowly with Fèlix behind her, "Ah, Y/N. I, um, we didn't know you where over. Are you busy right now, son?"
"Mami, I have to talk to you and Dad about something too." He says, hands behind his back as Y/N stands up. She whispers out to him that she'll give them space, but he shakes his head. "It's about the marriage thing."
Pepa looks even more worried now. Fèlix then says, "It's okay, Camilo, you go first."
He smiles at his father, now getting everyone's attention. Y/N stands a few feet behind him, a bit uncomfortable in her position. She has been avoided by Pepa and Fèlix ever since the dinner. They couldn't face the L/N's anymore, not after signing away their children to a surprise marriage. Even though they haven't personally met Y/N, they couldn't help but feel weird against her.
"Y/N and I have a deal." Camilo states, puffing out his chest with what confidence he had, "It's about the whole marriage ordeal."
Pepa knits her brows. "What do you mean? Does Abuela know? Or Y/N's parents?" She questions hastily, clouds forming over her head. They're growing grey and some thunder emits.
"No, my parents and my family just believe I'm getting engaged soon, and Camilo's Abuela doesn't know anything about it." Y/N explains, playing with the buttons of her shirt, "I asked him to help me because my parents really want me to pursue a relationship which is why they set up all of this, and Camilo was their first choice. I... know I'm not yours for your son, but I will keep my promise."
Fèlix watched her.
"I won't change Camilo at all, he can still live his life the same, as long as we maintain the marriage thing." She claims, raising her shoulders at the clouds disappearing, "I assure you, I am not here trying to fall in love with him, or make him fall in love with me."
Pepa takes a moment to process it all before she slowly nods her head. "If this is what Camilo agrees to, then everything will be fine." She huffs out, clasping her hand tightly in Fèlix's. She looks at a relieved Y/N, who is getting comforted by Camilo. "Please, take care of him. If anything were to happen..."
"The day that I ever hurt Camilo, would be the day my family leaves Encanto." Y/N says, determined look on her face.
Camilo takes a deep breath in, "Great! Now the next mission: making my family like you. That should be easy."
"Really?" Y/N laughs nervously, fiddling with her hands behind her back, "I feel like most of your family thinks I'm the one who asked for the proposal."
Camilo rests both hands on her shoulders, giving his most encouraging smile. "I'm sure they'll love you, Y/N. Tio Augustin already admires you and your family because you're mechanics." He says confidently, "Just give them some time to warm up to you. Just because you're pretending to date me doesn't mean you can't be friends with them."
"I guess you're right." She sighs, rubbing the back of her neck. Then, a ding emits from her pocket. She widens her eyes, fishing out a chained watch and checking the time. "Aye, dios mio. I have to check the town's new clocktower, Luisa told Padre that it might be off."
Y/N grabs her bag from the sofa and puts her watch back into her pocket. Before she walks towards the door, she does a small curtsy to Pepa and Fèlix.
"Thank you for being kind to me." She says, making the adults nod back. She turns to Camilo. "I'll talk to you later, okay?"
He smiles back, throwing a thumbs up. "Sure thing, encantadora."
Y/N takes a quick leave, allowing Camilo to be alone with his parents. He glances at them with a grin. "So... what do you think?" He inquires.
"Are you 100% sure, mi hijo?" Fèlix asks, hand over Pepa's, "This isn't just some prank you can pull forever. What happens if you decide to break up?"
Camilo shakes his head, waving away the little rain clouds in his room. "Well, if that happens we'll figure it out." He says.
Pepa moves forward, holding his cheek in her palm. She sighs, "Camilo, I know you agreed on not having romantic feelings for each other, but please be careful." She furrows her brows and lips her bottom lip. "Falling in love with someone who can't reciprocate your feelings, hurts more than you could imagine."
He widens his eyes at his mother's words and says, "I'll take care of myself, Mamà, trust me."
"I know, Camilo." She sighs, squeezing his cheek a little. She smiles. "Turning into such a wonderful young man. You don't need to change for anyone."
He grins back, shaking his head. "I won't change because of a faux relationship." Camilo tells them, giving both of his parents a warm hug, "Plus, you heard her. We're not actually together."
Fèlix chuckles out, rubbing the top of his son's head, "Whatever you say, Camilo."
Meanwhile at the clocktower, Y/N is finished walking up the stairs. She puts her work bag beside one of the pillars and gives a huff of exhaustion. As she was leaving the Madrigal house, she had bumped into Abuela and Isabela. While the older woman regarded her with kindness and welcomed her again, the other merely watched and smiled.
Isabela knew about arranged marriages. One person can be head over heals for their partner, but they might not feel the same. At this point, Y/N seemed to be totally in love with the idea of marrying Camilo. She didn't know what to think of her just yet.
Y/N had a feeling that Isabela was not too fond of her yet. That made her scared of the fact that she might know.
She climbed up the ladder to the top of the tower, opening the hatch that her father built for the clock. She sighs, already seeing the problem. Old age must've taken over Mr L/N, since there was a too-small of a gear right in front of her. As she goes back down to the bell itself to grab a few tools and a new gear, a voice makes her jump.
"Uh, hi Y/N."
She nearly screams.
"Hey, it's just us! Just Mirabel and my father, no need to be scared!" Mirabela explains, waving her hands frantically. She watches as Y/N places a hand over her chest, trying to catch her breath. "Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you, but Luisa said we'd find you here. We just wanted to talk."
Y/N gulps, holding her tools closer to her, "Uh, okay. But I'm in the middle of something, I'm very sorry, my parents have me in a tight schedule." She gestures to the clock above them. "After I fix this, I'm heading to la casa de los Guzmàn to fix the radio."
She gives an awkward smile as Agustin mutters out, allowing her to climb up the ladder "Ah, right, the L/N's are very busy. We should come around later—"
"We just wanted to talk to you about the marriage!" Mirabel claims, leaning out the side to see Y/N sitting in between the bars of the ladder, taking out a wrench from her pouch. Augustin bites his fist, anxious as he begins to pace. "When did you find out you'd be marrying Camilo?"
Y/N squirms in her spot, peering down at her with a slight shrug. "I, uh, a week before we went to dinner." She hums out, using her tool with her sleeves rolled up, "Papà and Mamà wants to give us a few weeks to 'date' before... marriage."
Mirabel fixes her glasses, furrowing her brows at the girl. "But a few weeks isn't long enough to get to know someone before marrying them! Don't you agree?" She questions, "Why so early?"
"I..." Y/N takes in a deep breath and tries to focus on her work. It was hard with her soon-to-be cousin-in-law talking to her and trying to unravel her secrets. "My abuelo, abuela, my tio and tia, my primo and our friends will be coming to Encanto soon. They... I want my family to be with me for my wedding."
Mirabel begins to mutter to herself and to her father, who is trying to tell her to calm down from her theories. Y/N can hear some of it, as she fixed the bell tower clock through frustration. She doesn't know a lot about the Madrigal's, but if the rest were this testing, then she'd have a hard time doing this.
Y/N hurries down the ladder, nodding to the both of them and putting her things back into her bag. "Thank you for the visit, but I should be on my way." She says, "I'm sure we can talk more later."
Mirabel and Augustin are walking behind her down the stairs, both just apologising for the intrusion as they reach the bottom of the tower. Y/N gives a large sigh before checking her watch. As she does that, her body gets... tackled, basically.
"There you are!"
She widens her eyes, accidentally dropping her tool bag as his arms wrap under hers, pulling her close. "H—Hey!" Y/N gasps out, arms awkwardly in the air as he hugs her tighter, "Camilo, I'm in the middle of work, you know...? And my shirt, it's all dirty from the tower—"
Camilo only grins widely, pulling away slightly and tilting his head. "Aw, mi novia is working hard." He chimes, "Do you want some company? I can free up a few hours to spend time with you."
Y/N looks over his shoulder to see Mirabel and Augustin watching. She takes in a deep breath and placing her hands on his shoulders. "I just saw you before I left. Are you sure? I'm going to the Guzmàn's, you might be bored while I work." She reminds him.
He shakes his head, trailing his hands to hold her palms in his. "I'll never be bored around you, mi amante." He claims, "Now let's go! Dolores is over at Mariano's right now actually."
"Ah, that's why you want to come with me." Y/N mumbles, taking the tool bag from Camilo's outstretched hand. She tugs his along, smiling slightly at his act and the rest of the town's reactions.
"And to spend time with you." He claims, bumping his hip with hers playfully. In reality, he wanted to hang out with her to become closer friends. They're bound to do it at some point.
Once far enough, Y/N whispers to him, "You were just bored, weren't you? You don't have to display our 'relationship' every time I leave the house."
He looks to her. A faint smile paints her lips. "You know me too well already." Camilo chuckles out, exaggerating their joined hands swinging between them, "Anyway, how did I do? Did it look convincing enough?"
Y/N clears her throat, holding the strap of her bag, "I believe so. Although, you did scare me with the whole 'running full speed towards your girlfriend' thing."
He gives a sigh, raised rows, "Hah, it seems I've got a real knack at this acting thing."
She rolls her eyes.
As they walk off, Mirabel and Augustin relax from all the tension. The father then speaks, clapping his hands together, "Good, they seem to be getting along very well. Now, let's go get your mother's ingredients for tonight's dinner."
Mirabel nods her head, following behind him. She speaks, "She's a very nice and driven person. They should be fine."
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amateurasterism · 2 days ago
dating camilo
camilo madrigal x gn!reader
summary: dating camilo madrigal headcanons
notes: first ever camilo post!! more in the drafts ;), 18+ dni
song: sunkissed by khaki dreams
camilo’s favorite thing ever is to find gorgeous places on the outskirts of encanto and bring you there on picnics. he thinks you look amazing under the sunshine so you’re always outside.
he loves creeping up to you and tackling you in a hug from behind. never too aggressive though, because he’d never try to hurt you
when he’s anxious, he hides his face in the crook of your neck and traces shapes on the small of your back while whispering small sayings in your ear
he smells like sun, clay, and cinnamon
there’s always parties at casita, so he loves dancing with you during them. if you're into it, he likes preforming dramatic songs too
he LOVES it when you wear his rauna. he will go insane every. single. time. if you wear it in town where people can see, he loves it even more
camilo is always pulling harmless little pranks on you. he’ll hide your most current book, blow out your candles, and change the flowers in your vases every hour. if you wear glasses he’ll put them on his head and let you chase him around town for it
he is constantly shapeshifting into other people to trick you because he thinks it’s cute when you get mad at him for it
before dating- if you found someone else attractive, camilo would shapeshift into that person and do the things that he knows pisses you off so you wouldn’t like them anymore
he just always knows where you are. all the time.
camilo is definitely big on physical touch- it’s his love language.
cuddling is his favorite
when cuddling, he always tries to be the big spoon but it doesn’t work because somehow every time you wake up he’s the little spoon. it embarrasses him every time, but it’s cute
he loves when you give him kisses all over his face, especially when you try to kiss his freckles.
if you wear lipstick, he forgets that it makes a mark when you kiss him so in the morning he’ll leave his room covered in lipstick. all the madrigals find it hilarious when they point it out and he runs away screaming “STOPP” while covering his face with his rauna.
overprotective af
if he so much as sees another person glace at you, his arm will immediately tighten around your waist and he will send the worst of death glares at them. he’ll louden his voice when he calls you “mi vida” or “amor” just to make sure the message gets across
he sings silly songs all the time to make you laugh. recreating his verse in “we don’t talk about bruno” is routine
he literally melts every time you interact with babies/younger children. as encanto’s designated babysitter, he just finds it super cute.
he could watch you play with antonio for hours on end and never get tired.
camilo always makes sure julieta has cooked your favorite meal every time you come over
he likes to make you clothes, specifically skirts and dresses (if you wear them). when you show up wearing the clothing he made for you he’ll panic and start shapeshifting into random people because dios mio, you’re gorgeous
he looks at you every time he makes a funny joke or sarcastic comment to see if you laughed
the madrigal family loves you and all of them never pass up the opportunity to tease you guys
isabela and mirabel especially- they’ll catch you guys hanging out in the kitchen or outside and they’ll start making fun of camilo
“y/n, you know camilo used to kiss his pillow pretending it was you?”
“camilo won’t shup up about you, even in his sleep! ask dolores.”
dolores loves you, she’s just fed up with camilo talking about you all night and day
but she never turns you down when you ask her about what he says about you when you’re not there
its usually something about your smile or laugh or kind personality
pepa is obsessed with you and melts everytime she catches you and camilo goofing around
before you started dating, pepa scolded camilo for not making it official sooner
at family dinner, camilo will always make sure his family isn’t too overwhelming for you. if the madrigals start shouting over something, he’ll either pull you aside or hold your hand and rub your back under the table.
the madrigals go insane whenever you and camilo lean against eachother or call eachother nicknames. camilo tells them to stop, but when he knows it doesn’t make you uncomfortable he lets it happen because he thinks it’s cute when you go red with embarassment
you, pepa, felix, abuela, and mirabel are the first people camilo will shapeshift to when he’s surprised or panicked
because of his shape shifting ability, sometimes camilo will forget what he looks like, so he carries around a photo you took of him on your second date.
also because of camilo’s shape shifting ability, he sleeps and eats much more than normal. due to this, you have little stashes of food hidden around casita just incase he’s about to pass out.
he leans against the wall and smirks a lot when you’re around only because he knows you love it. he sees it in the way you turn red and smile uncontrollably
if he’s not with you, he’ll shapeshift into you so he can admire you in the mirror.
most of the time when he’s alone he’ll lay in bed and smile and ramble about you because he’s just that happy you’re his
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 2 days ago
Imagine having a crush on Camilo and being a mess whenever he teases or flirts with you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo knew the effect he had on you and so of course took every opportunity to embarrass you. Seeing as you were best friends with Madrigal and the same age as both of them, this happened a lot. At school he’s always find a way to sit near you in class and would turn randomly around just to make you blush. Every time you came to the house he’d find out within minutes (you were pretty sure he had a deal with Dolores) and he’d find you and flirt with you every time. Madrigal always groaned and left the room for a few minutes to give you "flirty time" as she called it. You secretly loved those moments even if you suspected he was just teasing you. Camilo was a people person who loved attention, it made sense he had a flirty extroverted personality, it didn’t mean anything. Plus everyone liked Camilo, not just people your own age but everyone old and young alike. He was a cheeky trouble maker but he was also so charming and quick it was hard to dislike him. Pretty much everyone adored him and the fact he could sing, dance and had a gorgeous grin just made everything worse. Leaving you hopelessly smitten and at the mercy of the shapeshifter.
You were contemplating all this as you walked to the Madrigal house for Antonio’s ceremony with a pot of food in hand. You had intended to show up early to help Mirabel but, late as usual, you arrived when the party was already in full swing. You’d barely been in the house 5 minutes when Camilo found you and honestly that was pretty slow for him. You were watching the wall play with hats amused when you heard a chuckle "did you really think my grandmother wouldn't make enough food to feed the whole of Colombia?" a familiar voice asked and you turned to see Camilo. He wore his signature smirk and looked as good as ever, but before you could reply he spoke again. "So what did you bring" he asked opening up the lid of the pot in your hands and you gasped swatting his hands away "get off! It's not for you Camilo". He smiled "well I mean you brought it for everyone so technically it is". "You're so clever" you teased sarcastically and he smirked, "I know but it feels so good to finally hear you say it". You blushed and Camilo smiled "come I'll show you where you can put it".
Camilo directed you to the kitchen, fighting through all the crowds to make a path for you and his over the top nature made you laugh and smile constantly. Finally you made it and he collapsed on the counter in *exhaustion*. “I didn’t think we were going to make it” he panted. You rolled your eyes smiling and set the pot down. Immediately Camilo popped his head back up, bringing it close to yours “so...you excited for the party? We’ve always been too young to enjoy them properly but now we’re finally old enough”. “I seem to remember you having a pretty good time at your own ceremony” you replied moving back and Camilo relented. “I’ll admit I can see why you’d think that” he shrugged. “You ate so much candy you threw up” you smirked laughing at the memory and Camilo blushed bashfully “yeah...I do not plan on doing that tonight”. “Doing what tonight?” his aunt said entering the room and more people pilled in after her. “Nothing tia!” he called as more and more people followed the magical healer into the room. As you and Camilo got pushed further into the back of the room he began the dramatics again. "Woah...house too small, even if it is magical. Abort y/n! Abort" he cried grabbing your arm. You laughed at Camilo’s performance "where?". "The window behind you, quick before we’re crushed!" he cried leaping out of it. You climbed out after him instead of leaping and smirked to see him laying down in the plants "so is there a reason you didn’t jump too?" he asked. "Because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself" you said pointedly and Camilo just turned on his side placing a hand on his hip "I have no idea what you mean". "Sure you don’t" you smirked knocking his arm so his head fell and Camilo leapt up after you as you started walking away. "Ow come on you know I can totally make the plant look work, I saw you checking me out". You blushed "I was not!". "You always do, whenever you think I'm not paying attention you're just eyeing me up and down". You were a red mess and went to dispute the claim when Camila shrugged "hey I don't blame you I just wish you owned it more. Just walk in a room and yell Camilo twirl for me and I’ll happily do it. Not for just anyone of course but if you demanded it y/n then I would happily oblige". “I don’t need you to do a catwalk every time we see each other” you finally managed to reply and Camilo just smirked. “Sure but you’d love it I can tell”. You shook your head lost for words, utterly enjoying how carefree and fun Camilo was before the sound of the party inside brought you back to reality. "I should go find Madrigal" you said and Camilo went to joke before he realised why you needed to find her. "Tonight will be hard for her so I should go to her" you clarified and Camilo nodded, now all serious. "Of course, come on I know where she'll be". He again led you in through an unusual entranced (a window) but sure enough he found Mirabel. "There she is" he said "look after her and erm...hopefully I'll see you later?" he asked. You nodded blushing "you might do and good luck". "I don’t need luck I was born lucky" he said with a wink and he strut back into the party. You stated after him smiling fondly before you rushed to Mirabel.
“Let me guess” you called “you spent all morning helping to prove to your family you’re totally okay even though you’re feeling pretty crap?” you called. Mirabel smiled and hugged you “you know me too well...but what took you so long to find me?". You went to reply when she smiled "let me guess...he has curly hair, a huge appetite and can shapeshift into anyone". You blushed "Camilo was just showing me where to put the food I brought". Madrigal laughed "knew it! God the two of you are so predictable. When will you just confess your love to one another and start dating". "Never because it's not like that" you said knocking her with your hip "Camilo is just an extroverted socialite, he’s charming and he knows it, he’s just a huge flirt". "He’s a troublemaker alright but you're the only one he flirts with" Madrigal replied. You blushed and changed the subject.
Antonio’s ceremony was a huge success! He touched the door and animals began flooding to him, communicating with him in a way that was impossible for anyone else. Everyone swarmed into his rainforest room and you followed before realising Mirabel wasn’t coming. You grabbed her hand and squeezed “you want to go outside for a bit?”. “No i’ll be fine, just gonna go grab some water. You go ahead I’ll come find you”. “Are you sure?” you asked and Mirabel nodded “totally! Go on, i’ll be right behind you”. So you relented and walked into Antonio’s amazing room. It was so huge and cool you couldn’t stop staring and everyone felt the same. The celebration well and truly began and everyone began dancing and singing. You were called to join by some girls you knew so you joined in, you loved dancing and were so caught up in the celebrations you threw yourself into it.
You’d been dancing for a few minutes and were having lots of fun when you felt someone tap you on your right shoulder. When you went to turn around someone gripped your left hand and twirled you several times before they dipped you. "How did I never know you can dance?" Camilo asked his face appearing in front of you. You blushed realising he was the one who grabbed you and shrugged "I don’t do it often". "Well we’ll have to change that" he grinned and he brought you back upright but didn’t take his hand from yours. "Y/n will you dance with me?" he asked sweeping onto one knee in a dramatic show. You blushed as people stared but more because Camilo wanted to dance with you. You were slightly intimidated as you expected Camilo was a very good dance, could you keep up? Would you make a fool of yourself? But the look on Camilo’s face told you he wasn’t taking no for an answer and so caught up in the feeling of happiness and joy you agreed.
Camilo cheered and leapt to his feet before he began dancing with you. It wasn’t as terrifying as you expected. You were mainly just dancing beside one another. Sometimes other people would join in and you were all together making it less scary. Camilo was completely focused on you throughout and he’d occasionally grab your hand or dance to you. He lifted you a few times and encouraged and excited you went along with it. Camilo grinned as you flawlessly dismounted from one of the lifts and the joy danced in his eyes as he grabbed you. “Y/n you're just so amazing!" he cried and in the excitement he leant in and pecked you on the lips. You froze bringing your hands to them and Camilo paused too. "You just...did you mean to do that?" you asked the party going on around you as if nothing had happened, making you feel like you and Camilo were in your own little bubble. In reply Camilo just shrugged leaning in closer "why, do you want me to do it again?" he asked. You felt as if a rug had been pulled out from under you and a shiver ran down your spine at Camilo’s words. Hearing your crush ask you that so confidently made you weak and Camilo’s beautiful smile as he gazed at you made it hard to focus. You very much did want him to do it again and Camilo seemed to sense that by the smile he wore watching you. Camilo went to speak, moving even closer when suddenly Mirabel appeared telling the house was in danger.
Of course that ruined the mood. Everyone rushed to the staircase to see what was going on but there was nothing. No cracks like Mirabel described and the candle looked fine. After a minute or two Grandma Madrigal addressed the concerned crowd. "Everything is fine" she clapped "back to the party". You frowned at Mirabel’s crestfallen face and felt a hand on your arm "y/n?" Camilo asked. "I need to go after her" you said more than a little reluctantly but you were Mirabel’s best friend. That meant you couldn’t just dance and kiss Mirabel’s hot cousin while she was in a crisis somewhere. Camilo understood this and he nodded "no problem but about what happened back in there..." he said raking a hand through his hair "why don’t you come find me again later? If you want of course". You blushed but the look in Camilo’s eyes wasn’t jokey, he was serious and it made your stomach bubble in excitement. "Okay" you nodded and he smiled widely "great, well until then" and with a sweet charming smile he disappeared back into Antonio’s room. For the second time that night you stared after Camilo in a daze before rushing after Mirabel.
You found her in the courtyard and after getting her all healed you listened to her story. You assured her you believed her and would help her work out what was happening with the magic tomorrow. You asked if she’d like to rejoin the party or retreat to her room. She chose the latter and so you went with her, you stole tons of food and had a sleepover. You made it your mission to take Mirabel’s mind off the party and magic and when she finally started smiling and laughing again you were so relieved. You stayed up talking for hours until finally Mirabel fell asleep. You wrapped her up in blankets and laid next to her trying to sleep...but you couldn’t. You kept replaying the night’s events and it felt like sleep would never come, so you decided to go to the bathroom for some air and try again in a bit.
You left Mirabel’s room and made your way down the hall. On the way back you had a good view of Antonio’s room and were surprised to see there were still some people partying. You didn’t really pay attention to them until you heard a distinctive voice. You paused realising it was Camilo and looked over the bannister to see him...with his arms around two girls. He was walking with them to the door and seemed to be enjoying himself a lot. You couldn’t hear what he was saying but he seemed to be flirting or charming them. You stood frozen in disbelief, after tonight and that brief kiss you’d let yourself believe he liked you back. That he wasn’t just a flirt, a Madrigal boy using his gift to get girls but here you were. He spoke to the girls a bit more on the doorstep before calling good night and then he turned around coming back inside. You didn’t even realise he could see you upstairs until his eyes fell on you. He smiled before recognising the look in your eye and it clicked. "Y/n...it’s not at you think!" he cried racing up the stairs, cutting you off from Mirabel’s room. Not wanting to speak to him and being blocked from your escape you cried "how could you" and raced away. You also knew this house well and to the left there was a balcony with stairs leading downstairs into the garden. You didn’t really care where the staircase led you, you just wanted to get away from Camilo before he saw you were crying. You fled down the stairs faster than you’d ever done before but Camilo had his gift. He used his abilities to transform into someone with long strong limbs and practically leapt down the stairs landing right behind you. "Y/n wait" he said transforming back into himself, catching your hand in his, but you tugged it away "don’t touch me, don’t ever touch me again". Camilo nodded releasing you "okay but y/n please let me explain". "Explain what!" you cried "it was pretty obvious what was going on". "But it wasn’t! Y/n, please stop and just listen to me". "Listen to what? Your excuses? You trying to tell me those girls didn’t mean anything?". "Y/n they were my cousins!" Camilo cried and you paused "your...they can’t be I know your cousins Camilo". "They’re my cousins on my dad’s side" he explained "they're literally related to me. Nothing is going on with them I promise". You paused, the girls did look like Camilo’s dad Félix and you did remember Madrigal saying Antonio's extended family was coming to the ceremony. It all made sense and that made you feel like an idiot who overreacted when you and Camilo weren’t even officially anything. You wiped away your tears and looked down "ow...". "Ow" Camilo agreed and his expression softened into concern "y/n I'm sorry I hurt you". "It’s okay, I overreacted" you shrugged but Camilo shook his head "not at all! I get how it looked to you and I'd have been the exact same if the roles were reversed". "Really?" you asked and he nodded "of course! I don’t flirt with just anyone no matter my reputation. I've always noticed you and it’s taken me months of pretending i’m not flirting with you just to work up the courage to actually flirt with you! I'd be super upset if I found out you liked someone else...especially after that kiss". You blushed but couldn’t help but smile "it was barely a peck, are you telling me those 2 seconds were that good?". Camilo nodded "hand over heart the best 2 seconds of my life...but if you need further convincing?" he asked suggestively with a smirk. You blushed at the way he was looking at you and how close he was stood to you. "I think I do" you agreed and Camilo kissed you once again, this time it was more than a peck. It was officially your first kiss so it was still sweet and hesitant but so much better than the one earlier. This one landed so much longer and you totally forgot the rest of the world existed...until it started yelling at you.
"Y/n, Camilo, are you two still arguing...ahhh" you heard someone cry and you both broke apart to see Mirabel, hanging out of her window now shielding her eyes.  “Definitely done arguing!" she cried and slammed her window shut. You and Camilo laughed before you looked at one another and blushed. "So, how was it?" Camilo asked staring at you and you smiled "pretty good so I see what you mean". Camilo smiled, staring at you adoringly for a few seconds before he looked around "how about we go for a walk? I'm not ready for bed just yet" holding out a hand to you. You nodded and took his hand "me either". 
 When you returned to Mirabel’s room hours later dawn wasn’t far away and you accidentally woke her as you got in beside her. "Antonio!" she cried before she saw it was you and smirked "well well well...still want to tell me you don’t have a crush on Camilo after you spent how many hours together?”. You blushed “okay fine I admit I like Camilo...and we’re dating so that’s convenient". Mirabel threw her pillow at you before seizing you in a hug "I knew it! I'm so happy for you both!" she cried. "You two will be perfect together... but you better not prefer him to me. I'm still your favourite Madrigal". "Always" you nodded and settled down to go to sleep. You closed your eyes and let out a happy sigh, Antonio’s ceremony would definitely be one you remembered fondly. 
Camilo is an amazing charater and the more I watch Encanto the more I love him and Luisa. Plus Delores...and Pepa...okay I love all of the them.  
Also my favourite character growing up was Leo Valdez from the Percy Jackson series and Camilo reminds me of him soooo much. The curly hair, the cheeky nature, similar heritage and bascially everything! So I was a goner for Camilo the minute I saw him. 
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erosarrows22 · a day ago
I called my friend a loser for getting pink eye and he texted me back “looser” then called me and said WITH FULL CONFIDENCE “you couldn’t even spell it right”
Anyway that’s Camilo and Dolores
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xdyledz · 2 days ago
Antonio def gave you and  chameleon when he found out you and his brother were dating 
“ so you will always have a something to remind you of him “ - antonio 
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rainofthetwilight · a day ago
Tumblr media
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pariahsparadise · 13 hours ago
headcanon that camilo's room constantly changes. so like, one day he wakes up to find it completely transformed into an 80's type arcade, with neon lights, glowsticks, pinball machines and the like. he plays around in it all day, absolutely losing his mind and geeking out over it, and eventually falls asleep on a beanbag in the corner.
he wakes up in a cathedral.
and escapades like such ensue over the years, in a room that's constantly evolving and changing, the perfect match for it's master.
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camilo, to the tune of “we don’t talk about bruno”: apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, got the whole club lookin at her, when she hit the floor the next thing you know—
dolores: camilo it is three in the morning and you’ve been singing that for thirty minutes.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I drew all the madrigal cousins!
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spent way too long on this
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