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Imagine Bruno’s rats going back after accompanying Camilo’s verse in We Don’t Talk About Bruno and re-performing the dance for Bruno. Bruno’s like “haha that’s neat...I wonder where you guys learned that, I didn’t teach you that.”
Months later, everyone’s taking a break from rebuilding Casita and Bruno goes off to the edge of the woods. He hears noises further inside the woods and eventually discovers Camilo teaching the rats choreography to some song Mirabel recently made up. Bruno bursts out from his hidden position, excited that someone else in the family is making friends with his rats.
Camilo freaks out because Bruno appears out of nowhere, pointing and exclaiming, “IT WAS YOU!”
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Dance with me (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her pronouns)
Tags: Fluff, shy flustered Bruno, supportive Mirabel, Camilo being Camilo
Warnings: No warnings!:)
Synopsis: The Madrigals throw a party and Mirabel finds out that her Tío might like a certain someone there
Music playing, people chatting, dancing and enjoying the food. Another wonderful party by the Madrigals. It was always a great time to catch up with friends and have a break from work.
Mirabel loved these parties. She could see how close everyone in Encanto was with each other. Well, apart from her Tío Bruno. He always came to the parties, his sister Pepa practically drags him out of his tower, but he’s was always reluctant to talk. Usually sticking to his family and staying away from the spotlight.
She couldn’t blame him. He still wasn’t used to being around so many people and although the townspeople were friendly to him, some were still wary.
Mirabel watched her Uncle sit with her parents in the corner, making conversation. She smiled. At least he looked happy.
‘Hey prima. What’s the hot gossip today?’ Mirabel asked, turning to Dolores who was in front of her at the food tables. The older cousin didn’t look up. Instead she smiled and continued to fill her plate. Mirabel grinned. She knew it was something good.
‘Oh not much. Just…’ She looked over at Mirabel. ‘Have you noticed what’s up with our Tío Bruno?’ Mirabel frowned.
‘No, why?’
‘Hmm. Guess he’s hiding it better than I thought.’
‘What? What is it?’ Dolores looked around then leaned closer to Mirabel.
‘Bruno keeps staring at señorita Y/N.’ Mirabel looked back over to her uncle. He was listening to her Dad talk but every couple seconds, his eyes would dart over to the other side of the room. She hadn’t noticed that before.
Y/N was dancing with Isabela and Luisa. She spun herself as Isabela made flowers fall around her. Bruno smiled a little more at that. Mirabel’s eyes widened and whipped her head back around.
‘Oh my gosh.’
‘Uh huh.’ Dolores nodded. ‘I’ve been hearing his longing sighs since she arrived here. He’s almost gotten up to talk to her a couple times. Saying okay okay you can do this you can do this under his breath. But no luck so far.’ She shrugged.
‘We gotta help him!’
‘You come up with a plan, I’ll follow.’ Dolores smiled.
‘Okay I need you to get Y/N away from the dance floor. I’ll get Bruno.’
‘Hey can you two hurry up?’ Camilo said. ‘Some of us wanna eat.’
‘Camilo! I need your help. Come with me.’ Mirabel dragged him away from the table.
‘What? But I’m hungryyyyy.’ He whined.
‘You can eat later! This is about Bruno’s crush on señorita Y/N!’
‘His what now?’
‘Where’s Antonio? I have a plan.’
‘These arepas are amazing hermana.’ Bruno complimented. Julieta smiled.
‘Thank you Bruno. I can teach you how to make them if you want. They won’t heal you but they’ll taste just the same.’
‘I’d like that very much.’ Bruno went to take another arepa when a toucan flew down and stole it from him. ‘H-Huh? Hey! Where do you think you’re going?’
Bruno got up and followed the bird away from the party. It flew up the stairs to his tower, right into his room. Bruno followed it in to find Mirabel, Camilo and Antonio standing there waiting for him. The toucan landed on Antonio’s arm.
‘Thanks primo. You can go back to the party now.’ Mirabel said. The youngest cousin ran off back downstairs. Bruno was confused.
‘What are you guys doing here?’
‘I’ve seen you staring at Señorita Y/N.’ Bruno’s eyes widened. He saw the grins on his niece and nephew’s faces began to step back.
‘W-What? Mirabel I don’t know what you think you’ve seen but-‘
‘She’s single by the way.’
‘She is??’
‘Ah HA!’ Bruno sighed in defeat. ‘I knew it! I knew it!’
‘Yeah okay whatever I don’t know what you’re so excited about anyway. It’s not like anything’s going to happen.’ Mirabel smiled. Bruno stopped. ‘No. No you’re not going to say anything to her! A-As your uncle I am forbidding you from-‘
‘Oh I’m not going to say anything to her, but you will.’
‘You will, or…’ Mirabel looked to Camilo. The shapeshifter transformed into Bruno. ‘you will.’
‘Why are you doing this?’
‘Because you like her! And I want to see my uncle happy! Now go!’ Mirabel shooed him out. Bruno sighed. There wasn’t any way of getting around this.
He returned to the party to find Y/N no longer on the dance floor. She was standing on the side talking to his other nieces. Dolores spotted him and smiled. Oh right. She definitely knows.
Bruno breathed in then out and walked towards them.
‘Oh Tío Bruno! Enjoying the party?’ Isabela asked with a smile. From her tone Bruno could tell she knew too. Dolores had probably told them both. This was so embarrassing.
‘Ah y-yeah it’s great Isa. How are you all?’
‘We’re good.’ Luisa answered. ‘We were just catching up with señorita Y/N.’
‘Good evening Bruno.’ Y/N greeted with a warm smile. He could’ve melted then and there.
‘H-Hi Y/N. Are you enjoying yourself?’ The nieces walked away, leaving the two alone to talk.
‘Oh yes! Your family always throws the best parties. How are you?’
‘Oh y’know the usual.’ Y/N chuckled. There was a brief moment of silence between the two. Bruno’s nerves were building. He looked over to see his nieces and nephews watching from the food table. Mirabel threw him a thumbs up.
‘Bruno, do you want to dance?’ Y/N held out her hand to him.
‘H-huh? Dance? With you? I-I don’t know Y/N I’m not that coordinated…’
‘Oh come on it’ll be fun! Let’s just hope we don’t fall!’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Ha jinx!’ Y/N laughed. Bruno couldn’t speak. He could barely stand up. He just let Y/N lead him to the middle of the dance floor.
‘Y/N. I don’t know how to dance.’ Bruno looked down at his feet, fidgeting. Everyone moving around him was so loud and vibrant. And there he was, standing in the middle like an idiot. Y/N grabbed his hands. He looked back up to see her beaming at him.
‘Neither do I!’
‘B-But I saw you dancing with Isa and Luisa-‘
‘Oh so you were watching me were you?’ Y/N teased, pulling him closer.
‘Oh uh no well I-‘ She laughed.
‘I’m just messing with you. You don’t need to know how to dance. Just have fun!’ She said, letting go of his hands and spinning around.
‘What are they saying to each other?’ Mirabel asked Dolores.
‘Well our Bruno is being his normal awkward self, but luckily señorita Y/N finds it endearing.’ Mirabel squealed.
‘Yes! I knew they would work well together!’ Mirabel and Bruno made eye contact for a second. Mirabel gave him another encouraging smile.
Bruno held out his hand. Y/N took it. She grabbed his other hand and placed it on her waist before placing hers on his shoulder.
Bruno looked down at their feet and copied Y/N’s steps. Soon enough the two were in rhythm with the music. Y/N giggled and lifted Bruno’s chin. He smiled.
Turns out he could dance after all.
As the party drew to a close and the town began to make their ways back to their own houses, the Madrigals cleaned up. Mirabel collected all of the empty plates and put them in one stack.
‘Psssst Mirabel.’ Luisa whispered. Mirabel looked to her left. ‘Look at Y/N and Bruno.’
It had been hours but the pair were still in the centre of the courtyard swaying back and forth. There was no music, no ambient lights. Just gentle movements and the sound of casual conversation. ‘I don’t have the heart to break them up, but we gotta go to bed at some point.’
‘I’ll do it.’ Mirabel said softly. ‘Hey sorry to break you two up but Antonio’s struggling to stay awake and we all gotta be up early tomorrow.’
‘Oh gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise the time.’ Y/N said. ‘I was having too much fun.’ She smiled at Bruno.
‘Yeah. Me too.’
‘Well I better get home then. Thank you for hosting. I’ve had a wonderful time as always.’
‘But a bit better than usual right señorita Y/N?’ Camilo commented as he passed. Mirabel hit his arm and gave him a glare.
Y/N waved everyone goodbye and stopped at Bruno.
‘Thank you for dancing with me.’ Mirabel gave her Tío a nudge.
‘Ah! The pleasure was all mine.’
‘I’ll see you all soon.’ Y/N turned and began to walk away. Mirabel nudged him again.
‘Go! Say something else!’
‘U-Uh Y/N can I walk you home?’
‘Oh that’s alright. My house is only down the hill.’
‘Ah okay see you soon.’ Mirabel nudged him for a third time. ‘Okay okay I’m going!’
Bruno walked forward and grabbed Y/N’s hand. She turned around, slightly confused.
‘I ah ummm…’ He looked to Mirabel who nodded. ‘Y/N. I had a very nice evening dancing with you. A-And if you are interested in spending time with me again then maybe we could… uh ah meet up and do something…’
Bruno’s words got quieter and quieter as he continued. He stared at the floor trying to find the words. He was shaking, his hands were sweaty. Then Y/N giggled. That’s when his heart really sank. He let go of Y/N’s hand. Why did he think for a second that someone as lovely as her would be interested in him?
‘Uh. Nevermind. It’s okay. I’ll just-‘
‘Oh Bruno.’ Y/N lifted his head up to look at her. ‘You really are charming.’
‘I-I’m what?’
‘There’s the market tomorrow. We could go there together?’
‘The market? Yes. Yes! Yes I-I would like that very much.’ Bruno finally stood up straight again. Y/N put a hand on his shoulder and pressed her lips on his cheek.
‘Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Bruno.’ And with that, she left. Leaving Bruno to watch her walk away. Mouth slightly open, unable to speak.
‘Great job Tío.’
‘Thanks Mirabel.’
‘Damn Bruno’s got game.’
‘Camilo shut up! You’re ruining the moment!’
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patient-steadfast-steady · 8 days ago
♪─── ★彡 ────♪
i’m still waiting on some requests, so i thought i’d do a little something fun in the meantime :) i always love pairing characters with their love languages, so i thought why not haha
some of these were kind of hard to figure out?? i wanted to give most of them more than one, but i managed to narrow it down lol
i hope you enjoy!! give me ur thoughts :)
the madrigals’ love languages
words of affirmation!
she desperately wants to hear that you love her no matter the weather
being constantly told to suppress her emotions leads her to constantly want her lover to be open about theirs (especially towards her)
she’s tired of hearing the thunder, she wants to curl up in bed and listen to sweet words and soft songs
acts of service, i think
she’s always helping others, and she feels so very loved when her lover comes to help or does something for her
as much as she loves cooking, i truly think she’d be starry-eyed over a meal you made just for her so that she wouldn’t have to :)
helping with chores around casita, helping about the town, even helping with the family. it’d never go unnoticed, and never without more love swelling in her heart.
honestly, the little rat lad just needs any sort of love, in any shape or form
quality time!!
he’s spent so much time alone for so long that just a minute of uninterrupted, undivided attention is all it takes
sitting close and sharing something you enjoy, chatting comfortably about everything under the sun
watch silly telenovelas, spend time with the family, laugh over dinner; everything and anything. he just wants to live life with you
this may seem contradictory but i think words of affirmation!!
what can i say, she’s like her mama
she just wants to listen to something worthwhile, something said specifically for her from the lips of her lover
to drown out the sound of the world to listen to your voice is something she’s always loved doing
now she can do it while looking into your eyes, while holding your hands <3
physical touch !
idk he strikes me as the type to relish in a soft touch, a long hug, a quick kiss
look, he doesn’t even need those things, a high-five, a fist bump, a head-pat, he’ll take it all
plus his parents are very touchy-feely (much to his chagrin), but the point is he sees it as the outward expression of love
anyway, it’s more enjoyable to experience for oneself :)
also physical touch :)
holding hands?? yes
dancing in each other’s arms?? yes
cuddles into the afternoon?? YES
brush her hair, carry her bridal-style, kiss her face COME ON NOW
please, she just wants to be near you and to feel your heart against hers <3
acts of service !!
helping her means so so much to her; she has a lot on her shoulders and knowing you understand that and want to help is everything to her
even better: do something for her before she can get to it, she likes those kind of surprises :))
and stars, relaxing together after a good day’s work is always the best reward
gifts !!
we already know she’s a giver of gifts herself
but to be given a hand-crafted gift you worked hard on?? she would treasure it until she died
baking a goodie for her, finding a shiny trinket and giving it to her, a bouquet of wildflowers?? ALL OF IT
just a sketch, just a small something that reminds you of her is enough. it seriously makes her feel so special :)
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marvel-m-lee · 11 days ago
Here's a prompt: Camilo was tickled very often by Pepa and Felix but as he grew up he thought it was embarrassing (teenagers... deep down he still liked) so as teen he refused to admit he was even ticklish until his parents decides to give him a sweet tickle attack. sorry about my english :/
Are you t!cklish? No- that's childish-
Fandom: encanto
Summary: *prompt* Camilo thinks being t!cklish is childish and enjoying it it even wirse- his parents show him otherwise though...
Warnings: angst-t!ckling, the tword has also been banned so I censor it now x
A/N: HELLO. I've been sick all day with a headache and this was the only thing keeping me going- I wrote another one like this too but with Mira and Bruno, so hmu if yall wanna see it??
Also this is MUCH longer than expected- like way longer- but I love it so much 🥲
Also your English is great! I don't believe you mare any mistakes in the prompt! <33 hopefully you emjoy this or its at least similar to the idea haha :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was a normal day in the Encanto, Camilo was going round, making everyone smile, laugh, and teasing his family, winding his siblings and cousins up the wall as per usual.
Everything was great... until just around tea time.
Camilo was the playful cousin. That was it. He was followed up by Mirabel and recently Isabela in his antics, no matter how childish or silly they seem, as long as they made his family and village happy and brought a smile to someone's face, he didn't care. Though there was one thing Camilo tried to stay away from-
Why you may be asking? Well, when Camilo was younger, he would love the activity; it wouldn't be rare to hear a squealing Camilo somewhere in the house. He would usually go round and cause mischief, earning him the said t!ckles, and go round in that circle. Many of the adults had realized the boy enjoyed the activity so they would find any way to get him, give it a ball left outside or a sock on the floor, they would give the boy any reason to be wrecked into a giggly puddle on the floor.
Camilo would love every bit of it. Then his tio Bruno left... After that, he was still t!ckled sure, but it became rare enough that by the age of 10 and his younger brother Antonio being born, he never received any t!ckles, unless it was from his elder sister or Isabela- even so, it would only be a poke to the side at most.
By the age of 15 though, Camilo still seemed to enjoy the activity. Some days he'd just wake up, craving t!ckles for no exact reason other than waking up! It's like this secret joy taunted him because deep down, he also thought everyone had stopped because it was childish. If they knew he enjoyed it, why would they stop? He could never think of any other reason other than how everyone must have looked down upon him or how it was childish and embarrassing.
So he buried it deep inside him, whenever the activity arose he would always try to stay away or avoid it somehow, and if the dreaded question ever came up he would shrug and say no, then leave, not being able to stand a minute more in case he would be looked down upon again.
He wanted to make people smile. Not think he was a little kid.
It all came tumbling down right before dinner. Camilo was walking to his room after coming back from the town. He'd seen some kids a bit younger than him running around and chasing each other, then tag teaming and t!ckling one of them to the ground. That scene sent Camilo into a whole other mood and he needed to calm down in his room. 
On the way, though, he bumped into his tio Bruno and Mirabel. The two were chatting about something and Camilo was so focused up in his mind that they all walked into each other.
"Woah, hey Camilo!" Mirabel said, smiling at her primo who seemed to be in a weird daze after the bump. 
"h-hey? Hey Mirabel, Hey Tio Bruno" The chameleon didn't make eye contact but he still said hello, trying to not act suspicious or too weird, even though he couldn't help it.
"You okay Camilo?" Bruno asked, realising the boy seemed to be a little out of it. Camilo shook his head, as though trying to rid the thoughts that threatened his mind. 
"hmm? Yeah- no, yeah. You okay Bruno?"
Bruno tilted his head a little, both he and Mirabel sensing something was up but not wanting to upset him further. "Yeah... if anythings wrong, you can talk to us" Bruno explained, smiling a little at his nephew. Mirabel nodded agreeing with Bruno.
Camilo still made no attempt at eye contact, knowing his face would flush the minute he did. He just nodded and rubbed his neck awkwardly. "Yep... Thanks Tio, Thanks Prima- can i- Can I just get through please?" Camilo asked, jestering to his room.
Bruno turned around to see where Camilo had pointed, "Oh! yeah! sorry Camilo,  here" Bruno span back around and turned slightly so the boy could walk between Mirabel and he.
"Thahanks- AH" Camilo couldn't help but laugh nervously as he walked through, then feeling a poke at his side from his prima to get a smile on his face. Camilo jumped back and blushed, covering his mouth from the yell he'd given out.
"Uh...? Are you okay Camilo?" Bruno asked, looking at the boy who was horrific looking at a grinning Mirabel. Camilo quickly shook his head between the two, then avoided looking at them all together and tried to compose himself, shaking his head.
"Uh- Yeah! Yeah, Its fine-"
"T!cklish~" Mirabel wiggled some finger at him, making him roll his eyes and try to hide a whine as he began to hate the situation.
"noho- no." Camilo couldn't help the quick response or the nervous giggle within it. 
Bruno looked surprisingly between the two and smiled at his nephew, quickly remembering how when he was younger he would love the activity. "Oh yeah, like when you were younger and loved it! Are you still that t!cklish?" Bruno asked, not meaning to fluster the boy any more than he already was. Camilo looked away once more covering his face with a hand as he pretended to look annoyed- though he secretly was hiding his blushing red face.
"Ugh- No. Im not- its so babish" Camilo groaned. 
"T!cklings not babish! Tio Bruno's 50 and look" Mirabel begin to poke Bruno's sides and he jumped back, giggling and laughing, gently swatting his neices hand.
"Nohoht right nohow Mirahabel!" Mirabel stopped with a smirk but still turned to Camilo.
"It's okay to be t!cklish primo" she encouraged, trying to make the boy feel better, though the whole topic was sending him to hell.
"Y-yeah- I know- obviously it's fine. I'm just not-"
"Not what exactly?" Camilo jumped out of his skin when he saw his mother walking out of her and his father's room, Dolores too surprisingly.
"I- uh- nothing mami" Camilo had accidently made eye contact with his parents, showing his blushing and embarrassed face.
"Camilo's said he isn't t!cklish" Dolores explained, oh how quickly he cursed her gift once more.
"No- well- yeah- I'm not. It's dumb- I just wanna go to my room please?" Camilo stuttered and whined, looking over to his room.
Why was this becoming such a big thing? Why couldn't he just go to his room and calm down? Why did he have to be like this?
"It's not dumb hijo, its perfectly normal" Felix explained, wanting to reassure his teenage son.
"Yeah, anyway Camilo, you used to love it when you were younger" Pepa explained, quickly remembering her son who loved t!ckles.
Camilo grunted, why did they all suddenly care now? Why remember now? He had mixed feelings about the whole ordeal.
"Yeah- and that was like almost a decade ago. I've grown up since then, matured-"
"Pfft" Dolores couldn't hold back her snicker, she walked over and began poking her brothers side, knowing fully well he was still just as t!cklish as he was ten years ago.
"Hehey!" Camilo jumped back, his face blushed as he almost bumped into Bruno again.
"L-leave off- I'm not t!cklish!" Camilo slightly yelled, feeling embarrassed- yet something within him seemed happy? Excited almost?
"You're not t!cklish?" Pepa asked, raising an eyebrow at her son as Dolores let off with a sweet smile, knowing exactly what would go down now.
Camilo was a mischievous kid. He was cheeky, playful, dramatic; and where did he get this? His parents.
Pepa and Felix were both pretty playful people, even when they were younger they would be the out going ones! It wasn't a surprise one of their kids would take their playful and teasing traits.
Camilo trued to hold back his nervous giggles and blushing face, groaning at the whole situation.
When he was younger, his parents were ruthless. He loved it, but right now he just wanted to yell or hide or anything so he didn't have to feel so trapped and flustered. It was so dumb. He hated how he wanted to run, yet also hated how his mind seemed to slowly be travelling to cloud 9. Why why why!?
"Camilo, you used to love being t!ckled! What changed?" Felix asked, slightly teasing the boy as he wiggled a finger at him. Camilo ran a hand through his hair and groaned, trying to seem confident but failing as his voice cracked.
"N-nothing- I grew up and now I just- I just wanna get to my room! So please, please move?" Oh yes. Very confident. Zero eye contact, voice breaking, asking rather than demanding, MANNERS.
"Nothing changed?" Bruno asked, rather blunt as he smiled at his nephew.
Camilo span around, surprisingly close to his uncle as Dplores had made him almost fall onto him previously.
"What?! I- no- I- oh come on! I'm 15, this is so childish and stupid-"
"Camilo, are you embarrassed by t!ckling?" Bruno asked, interrupting his rambling and luckily making him stop before he blurted something he didn't want to.
Camilo stopped and his blush grew by 50%, unable to speak for a second.
"I'm not t!cklish, so why would I?" He asked, a little defensively. Honesty, no one knew who he was trying to convince, everyone had already seen his giggles at a few pokes, his blushing face was a grand tell too.
"Oh really?" Pepa asked, mischief in her voice as she smirked at her son.
"Mami-" Camilo watched as she stepped forward a little, making him step back and walk into Bruno who just held him lightly, feeling as he shook from bubbled up giggles in his throat and butterflies in his tummy.
"Felix, I think we should test this. If Camilo's telling the truth, he wouldn't mind right?" Pepa asked her husband, hand on her hip with a mischievous smile. Her husband had the exact sane look on his face, then turned to Camilo.
"Yeah, surely he shouldn't lie to us?"
Camilo squeaked very quietly, only Bruno and Delores being able to hear it. The two let out little giggles and a chuckle as Camilo was almost frozen. Bruno wasn't holding him tight, just hands on his arms so he had a chance to escape.
Camilo's body wouldn't move though. His mind raced and raced with thoughts about how dumb it was and how he needed to escape, but he also wanted it- it had been so long and maybe it was okay? He was childish all the time right? But then again, this is something he shouldn't enjoy, he should be embarrassed right?
Pepa teasingly wiggled her fingers at her son and smirked as she crouched forwards a little towards her son.
"Wahait- mami-" camilo couldn't help the tiny giggles that slipped through his mouth, hands up slightly as he tried to look away and hide his blushing face but couldn't.
"T!ckle t!ckle Camilo~" Mirabel teased from the sidelines, now standing with Dolores as the two watched the scene unfold.
Camilo grunted at his cousin but yelped as hands attatched themselves to his sides and belly, beginning to t!ckle around his belly button and sides.
"WAiAhait! Wahait mAmI!" Camilo jumped backwards into Bruno who just kept camilo there, lightly holding him as he fell backwards into him. Pepa had began to attack his torso, poking and spidering, or just casual t!ckle squeezing his sides.
Felix smirked, hands on his hips as he watched the scene, "Camilo? What's wrong? T!cklish?" He teased, unable to hide the shit eating grin on his face.
"Nohoho! NO NO-" Camilo hadn't even seen where his dad had walked up and began to help his wife, both taking a side each as each of their ten digits danced around a side each, sending Camilo into hystericals.
"EEE PfFt pLEASE-" Camilo couldn't seem to say stop, just laughing himself silly. It had been years since someone had done this to him, and he wasn't complaining anymore, though he kept up his little "I'm not t!cklish" act.
Camilo didn't even try to stop them yet, just hugging himself above their hands and laughing with blush filling his whole face. Freely letting them do as they pleased.
"Aw, Amor are you t!cklish?" Pepa awed, continuing to t!ckle her son and take a hand to the side of his neck. This made adorable giggles spill from his mouth, hunching up his shoulders to make it stop.
He couldn't handle it all, his mind splitting a couple times. This wasn't even half of what they used to do to wreck him, yet he was already squeezing his eyes shut and hugging himself.
It isn't possible to get more t!cklish is it?
"Nahaha ehehehe mami mami- papi-" Felix slowed down for a second to appreciate their sons adorable, child-like giggles, but said giggles only empowered his mum to continue her assault, moving around to the back of his neck to make him squeal slightly.
"Camilo, what's wrong? You're wiggling around so much!" Felix joined in again, attacking one of the boys hips and continuing his assault on his belly.
This really made a movement for Camilo, he doubled over, now covering his torso and hiding his neck, lifting up a arm where Pepa had stopped t!ckling his side to rub the neck t!ckles away.
T!ckling did something to your mind, because obviously this was a terrible mistake.
Bruno wrapped his arms around Camilo's torso, trying to keep him from falling over but accidentally making the boy laugh harder as he expected more t!ckles from the movement.
Camilo almost fell to the ground again when his papa attacked his ribcage, skittering his fingers all over one side. Camilo try to lean away but never tried to actually escape, emjoying the moment with his parents.
"EEE PFF WAHAHIT wAhAhHHaIt!" Camilo laugh was now his casual belly laughter, laughing as his dad wrecked his ribcage and squeezing his eyes shut even tighter.
"DAD- PAPI-" Camilo couldn't talk yet, letting his laughter light up the area.
"Yeah Camilo?" His dad answered, as though nothing was going on and began to squeeze the back of Camilo's ribs, causing him to jolt up and open himself up, trying to protect himself, though it was very difficult as his mother decided to play music on his ribcage.
"Felix, look! This one makes music" Pepa teased, treating her son as a toddler again, teasing him abd pretending. She began to poke different ribs and "play music" as she called it. Felix deciding to wreck his side abd ribs once more.
"OkAY OKAY! You WIHIHIN!" Camilo began to fight back mow, very lightly of course, holding his parents  wrists with a hand each.
The two stopped instantly, giving their son some breathing and regain a little sanity; but they weren't done yet. They only stopped to look at each other as they realised the position they were in.
"Camilo, I think your t!cklish-" Bruno slightly whispered, well, he tried too, but was rather loud making everyone laugh and Camilo cringe.
"No no, our test isn't complete yet" Felix teased, smirking at his wife. Camilo looked up at the two with horror in his eyes, well- joy- but still. He couldn't believe they weren't done?! Not that a part of him wanted them to be.
"Waiaiahat- nohoho-" Camilo couldn't hold back his giggling, where else were they gonna go? How badly were they gonna wreck him? Sure so far they hadn't killed him, but he surrendered?- Well not really but still! 
The two quickly shot their hands into the boys armpits, making him jump and almost knock over Bruno. He squealed and slammed his arms down, shaking his head as a smile quickly carved its way onto his mouth.
"Told you he was t!cklish" Dolores smirked from a far wotb Mirabel, watching as he threw his head back and squeaked, kicking out beneath him.
"SHUHUT UPPP DOLOREHEJES" Camilo swapped between light giggling and loud hearty laughter, desperately trying to escape now but unable to because his mind just faded with an escape plan, just standing there and taking it as he was above cloud 9, a smile on his face as he tried to do anything and everything.
The boy would throw his head back, kick out his legs- though just tio was pretty strong- try to scrunch up, he even did that tiny nose scrunch to hide his face. At one point he had his arms down and forearms up, trying to hide his face as giggles slipped through his hands. His sides would try to swivel and swerve but no matter what he could still feal the t!ckling fingers under his arms.
One hand each up his armpits, each parent had another hand left, both going for rather hellish spots to wreck their boy's mind. Pepa would t!ckle the top of Camilo's belly, very gently of course, making giggles spill from his mouth, whilst Felix decided to go for a kill and use his other hand to roughly squeeze the boys hips, making him jump and yell, almost kicking him somehow.
Camilo's brain was completely I'm fractures at this point. He couldn't handle all the different t!ckling in all the different places, making him want to scream, laugh, giggle, yet his mind wouldn't tell them apart so he just died in each. Tears began to spill from his eyes now, doubling over with laughter as he let the t!ckles take over.
There was only one thing Camilo knew for certain. He wanted this. He loved it.
"Camiloooo~" Camilo heard his name, yet the t!ckling didn't crease, "Camilo are you t!cklish?" Camilo couldn't answer, nor wanted too, only shaking his head. Though everyone else thought this wad him indicating a "no".
"Wow? He's still keeping up with the act?" Bruno and Dolores questioned, surprised at it.
"It's because hes secretly loving it" Mirabel joked, wanting to see how far he would go.
"So you're not t!cklish?" Pepa asked, continuing to wreck his armpit and belly.
Camilo began to giggle as he focused on the gentle belly tickles, but squealed when his father squeezed his hip again.
"PLEHAHESSESASEEE" Camilo tried to beg, he needed it to stop, but wanted it to continue. It seemed that was no secret to anyone.
Camilo fell to his knees in an instant, Bruno letting him gently fall rather than collapse. The boy couldn't hold up much longer and continued to squeal and laugh.
"Oh come on hijo, you used to be able to take this for way longer!" Felix teased, moving to gently t!ckle the boys neck.
"THAHAHAT WAS TEHEHEN YEARS AGOOOHOHO Nooooohoho" Camilo really couldn't stand the neck t!ckles, wiggling his head around more.
"Aw, you're adorable Camilo!" Pepa awed,watching as her son erupted into child-like giggles once more, almost hiccuping with sweet laughter.
Camilo was sitting on his knees now, his parents and tio doing the same, he was surrounded by t!ckles and giggles, laughter filling the air.
"Last time Camilo; Are you t!cklish?" His mum asked, trying to sound as though this was a very important issue that they would have to fix.
"MaHAHAmI! StAhAHaP aSKinHihing!" Camilo begged, emjoying the moment but knowing whatever answer he gave would choose his fate.
"Fine mi Amor, but don't blame me for what happens next!" His parents nodded at Bruno who let the kid go, his parents t!ckling him to the ground as Pepa sat on his waist and Felix held up his arms.
They let the t!ckling stopped for a moment, giving their son a breather and a little bit of his sanity back.
Camilo whined with giggles as he let his head fall back, not even realising the position just yet. He had blush all over his face, a smile, and his hair a mess everywhere on the ground and around around his face.
But the boys smile faded as he kept his eyes closed, realising what had happened, what might happen, he couldn't stop the thoughts that convinced him he was weak and childish.
"Mahami- papi- plehease... this is so dumb and embarrassing" He whined, apparently not learning his lesson just yet...
"You're a child Camilo" Pepa sighed with a smile, "everyone's t!cklish, and if you enjoy it, don't be embarrassed" Felix bumped in, smiling at his son.
Camilo needed to be told that, parts of him still not believing it, but he still needed to hear it.
"Anyway, I'm hungry" Pepa teased, looking down at her sons belly and picking up her hands into claws above him.
Quickly Camilo realised the situation and watched as horror, looking to his sister, cousin and uncle for help, but each had a smile or smirk on their face as they waited for the show.
"Mami- mami wahait- we can talk about this? Dinner will be ready soon-" Pepa only shook her head as Camilo began to beg, knowing exactly what was about to happen.
"No no, your belly looks much nicer, and I'm hungry now. You don't mind do you? Seeing as you're not t!cklish?" Pepa teased, going in for the gold as she gently began to lift up his shirt and ruana. Camilo had already started giggling at the air and fabric that glided over his skin.
He looked to his father for support but he had the same shit eating grin, holding the boys arms above his head as he held a hand over the boys death spot, giving his armpit a gentle poke that made him dissolve into laughter.
"Mi vida, do you think he got more t!cklish?!" Felix teased, looking up to his wife as their son continued to laugh beneath them, only having a poke.
Pepa shook her head, "no, no, he can't be, he's not t!cklish!" She teased, poking her sons belly a little, making him wiggle.
"Ohhh, yeah- you're right!" Felix teased, t!ckling their sons neck making him hunch up.
"Anyway, I'm hungry!"
"Mahami! mahHAMII AH NOHOHO NO NO MAMIIIIIIII" Camilo screamed as his mother quickly pounced, clawing his sides and squeezing as she took a big breath, then blew a massive raspberry on her sons tummy.
"MAMI- NOHO NO YOU WIN YOU WIN PLEASEEE" Camilo lifted his back and flopped around as he yelled, screaming laughter filled the room as his dad stuck his fingers into his armpits and began to t!ckle him silly.
"PAPI- MAMI NO- WAHAIT WAITHHFDKAGAHSHAT" Camilo's words quickly mixed in with his laughter as he was free to thrash around as he was tortured. He squealed and screamed, closing his eyes tightly as tears prickled.
His mother blew another rasberry, gripping his hips and squeezing, turning his laughter silent, his dad swapped hands and he quickly began to twist and trash more.
This continued for what felt like hours. Camilo finally gave up on fighting back, limping and occasionally lifting his back as his mum would blow another rasberry.
He threw his head back, hair everywhere and blush grown way past his ears and down his neck, his smile plastered onto his face and threatened to stick forever as the wonder continued.
Pepa landed a few light kisses on her sons tummy, gently fluttering her fingers over his sides as Felix stopped and t!ckles his neck. Camilo was so done, so worn out, he just sat back as his giggles spilled from his mouth.
"Aw- that was adorable-" Mirabel stated, awing at her primo. Dolores agreed with a smile, Bruno too. Then Julieta called everyone fir dinner, the three left and explained the others might be a couple more minutes.
Felix and Pepa both let off, helping their son sit up with them. Pepa sat on her knees and Felix on a knee, Camilo was still silly with giggles and sat up with a light head. Camilo couldn't hide his happiness, both his parents awing at his adorableness. Felixed ruffled the boys hair with a proud smile.
"See, not so childish or bad is it?"
Camilo didn't answer, though his giggles did fade.
"I mean- I never said it was bad but-"
"Ah, so you do still enjoy it?" Pepa teased, smiling at her eldest son.
Camilo blushed and grunted, not necessarily agreeing but he didn't disagree.
"Why are you so embarrassed about it?" Felix asked, putting a reassuring hand on his sons shoulder.
Camilo was silent for a second but let out a sigh, he was still a little loopy from all the t!ckles so he couldn't think properly and just started talking.
Camilo explained that they knew he liked it when he was younger, but they had stopped after Bruno disappeared and never really did anything again, and after Antonio was born they would never t!ckle him and so he assumed it was something to be ashamed of or that it was only for children so he shouldn't enjoy it. Normally he would be able to shape shift to get rid of something he couldn't cope with, be someone else. But he couldn't with his mind, so he hated that he liked it and and-
He didn't finish though, broken by his parents who both leant in and took their boy in for a hug.
"We're so sorry Camilo" Pepa never wanted to do that, Felix neither. They explained it was okay to enjoy tickling, that it was okay if it was childish, many people young or old still enjoyed it.
The reason they hasn't done it was because they had been under so much stress and after Bruno left, it was just strange because he also used to like it and it reminded Pepa of him.
"We promise to t!ckle you more often" Camilo cringed and blushed at that, though they were trying to be sincere and helped him up.
"Ohokay- that- er- let's just drop it for now" Camilo laughed nervously, cringing at the promise. Felix poked the boys side, sending him jumping through the air.
"Never dropping this" he said, teasing his son yet again.
"Yeah, we should show everyone at dinner how t!cklish you are" Pepa teased, nudging her son.
Camilo put his hands up and blushed, a nervous smile on his face. "NO! Noho- no I'm okay- let's just go-"
Camilo received many more t!ckles after that.
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pepasfavorite · 29 days ago
🌒. *. ⋆ pepasfavorite rules and masterlist ⋆ .* .🌘
🌞 for Fics:
will do:
romantic x reader
platonic x reader
bruno, isabela, dolores, luisa, camilo, mirabel
antonio, pepa (platonic only)
male!reader, fem!reader, gn!reader, etc
specific pronouns (they/she, he/she, etc)
wont do:
antonio (romantic)
ships (i just don’t want to)
modern au
🌞 For Matchups:
what to put:
sexuality (if you want romantic)
looks (if your comfortable)
if you want platonic or romantic (if you don’t say i’ll just assume romantic)
do not request for a minor character if you are over 17.
i reserve the right to not write anything i don’t want to, you don’t need an explanation.
🌜 Camilo Madrigal
-“yo tambíen te amo, mi vida”
You were in the market place collecting ingredients for you’re parents when you heard some girls mention your name. Careful to make sure they didn’t notice you were listening, you keened in on their conversation.
-Eres demasiado perfecta
You’re camilo was too perfect, his personality, his attitude, his looks, his hair, his freckles, everything. So it makes sense that your creativity flowed whenever you interacted with him, drawing him whenever you could, along with venting (positively) under your doodles of your beloved. However, your perfect lover didn’t know about your hidden talent, especially not all the drawings of him. You stashed your drawings and sketches away for no one to see.
-mi amor
camilo with a tall s/o
-it was you
there he was, you’re best friend chatting with señorita Juliana, Isabela’s pupil. Graceful, kind, talkative all could describe her. Not to mention preciosa. She was seen as perfect for him, by only one madrigal, Abuela Alma. The others could see how you longed for him while he talked to Juliana, who showed her flirty personality to the boy.
-we are us
you had been invited to la casa madrigal on account of your boyfriend wanting you to meet his parents. you were welcomed by casita’s door as it opened for you to see camilo pause in the middle of his run to look at the door and walk over to you
-mi luz
camilo sat in front of the dozens of mirrors in his room, each reflecting someone other than him, they couldn’t find a single mirror in his room that reflected them.
-mi muñeca
camilo when his s/o is on their period
-mis soles
you were headed up the hill to tu novio’s place, la casa madrigal, when you saw a boy, riding a jaguar, toward you. now if you were anyone else this would seem weird, but no, it’s just antonio and his best friend.
-till you’re ready
you had been invited to dinner by the Madrigals on behalf of your boyfriend, everything had gone over fine, his parents loved you as well as the rest of his familia. You two had finished cleaning up the table and went to Camilo’s room, that’s when it went downhill,
-Heart Beats
camilo with a gf who’s like mitsuri kanroji
it had been a stormy day, meaning Pepa wasn’t in a good mood, the last few days had been thunder and rain besides of course Antonio’s gift ceremony. You had been cleaning up your family’s kitchen while they were out buying groceries when you heard a crack outside,
-the orange blossom tree
you were 6 when a boy who looked around your age appeared at the bottom of the tree you were hanging upside down from,
-believe me when i say i love you
coming soon
-which sounds better? te quiero or i love you?
you and your boyfriend, Camilo, had planned on hanging out today, you walked to your usual spot, a clearing in the woods where a pond was planted, Camilo had already been there, his feet in the water. as he turned to look who had come his mouth broke into a grin as he got up and walked over to you,
🌞 Mirabel Madrigal
-two mariposas
mirabel with a s/o with adhd
-i don’t care what you are!
you had paced in your room for almost an hour, you didn’t know how to tell her. you didn’t feel like [agab], but you didn’t not feel like it??? you had been stress crying just half an hour ago, you anxiously rubbed the sides of your arms that encircled you when you heard your madre call your name from downstairs.
-ay, you two
coming soon
🌜 Isabela Madrigal
-the berry grove
crouching down by the berry bush you collected all the blueberries you could reach, when you heard a crunch behind you, turning your head you saw a girl with long black hair and a lilac dress,
-focus on me
platonic!isabela with overstimulated reader
🌞 Dolores Madrigal
-hermano estúpido
you had been at the top of one of the hills of encanto, overviewing the town with tu novia, Dolores. you had a picnic laid out, with arepas from Dolores’ tía. you were chatting with her, when she perked up, eyes slightly wide, aka she heard something,
-mi dulce querida
dolores with a protective s/o
-mi querido
coming soon
🌜 Luisa Madrigal
-mi angelita!
luisa with a protective gf
🌞 Bruno Madrigal
🌜 Antonio Madrigal
-mis soles
you were headed up the hill to tu novio’s place, la casa madrigal, when you saw a boy, riding a jaguar, toward you. now if you were anyone else this would seem weird, but no, it’s just antonio and his best friend.
🌞Pepa Madrigal
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illuminatedlover · 21 days ago
I’d like to gift you a lil headcanon: What dogs would everyone in the La Familia have
Alma - Alma would have a Colombian Fino Hound named Brisa. Brisa is a very sweet and cuddly dog and on days when Alma is sad she lays down beside her owner and whimpers to let her know that she misses their old home too, then licks her cheeks and barks to go outside to remind Alma that they still have a home and family right here.
Pepa - Pepa would have a Golden Retriever named Carlos who doesn’t at all mind when his owner makes it rain. He’ll happily wag his tail then merrily trot around trying to catch raindrops on his tongue, making Pepa laugh so hard the rain never stays for long. Felix is trying to teach Carlos how to dance, so far all it’s doing is making Pepa laugh even more when they fall over.
Bruno - Bruno would have an Italian Greyhound named Chiquito, they’re both a little nervous and they comfort each other when things get overwhelming. Every once in a while Chiquito will harass the rats to make Bruno laugh.
Julieta - Julieta would have a Beagle named Bandito whose known that always steal the last arepa when she turns away for even a second. Bandito loves to get into mischief, making sure his owner doesn’t get too quiet or gloomy. Augustin has tripped over him or stepped on his tail many times, leading to them sharing an arepa.
Isabel - Isabel would have a Poodle named Mariposa whose just as graceful as her. Mariposa often makes a show of bringing Isabel a flower and is happy to roll around in grass and pollen to show her support for Isabel discovering a new side of herself.
Luisa - Luisa would have a Saint Bernard named Loco. If you’re ever Luisa be prepared for a biiiig hug and a face full of slobber. No matter if they’re doing chores, working out (by playing fetch) or spending time with family Loco is aiways excited, especially if it involves carrying kids on his back. Loco is also always ready to remind Luisa of the importance of a good nap.
Dolores - Dolores would have a Retro Pug named Mora. Mora is quiet, settled and takes protecting her owner from bad noises very seriously. She’ll bark at anyone who’s making Dolores uncomfortable and howl along to Mariano’s music. They make a surprisingly good duo.
Camilo - Camilo would have a Dalmatian named Chispa who’s just as theatrical as he is. The two of them join Bruno for performances much to the delight of the rest of the family. Chispa isn’t opposed to mischief but if he feels a prank is going too far he will dramatically unmask Camilo. Chispa can also be bribed to do this with a treat.
Mirabel - Mirabel would have a Welsh Corgi named Pepita. The two of them have the run of the nursery and despite having a bed Pepita prefers to nap with Mirabel since it can get a little lonely in the nursery with Antonio and the others in their own rooms. Pepita makes it a point to always bring Mirabel her shoes before Casita, it is a truly exciting race.
Antonio - Antonio would need a dog who does well woth other animals so he’d have a Collie named Barro. Barro is laid back dog who doesn’t get jealous when Antonio gives attention to the other animals, he likes to have a chat with him and the Jauguar while the rest of the family is out and about and has some special affection for Mirabel too.
In conclusion: Good boys and girls all around
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