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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing → Camilo x Reader
Genre → Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff (again 0-0)
Word count → 1.1K
Summary → After casita came down the Madrigals needed a place to stay till it was rebuilt, your parents offer to take in Pepa, Felix and their kids but Camilo is acting out of character and you try to talk to him about it but he keeps denying it until you wake up to him shaking in his sleep
A/N → Just a useless fact: I live for this smile now👆 :)
Tumblr media
Ever since Pepa and her kids started to stay with your family till their house was rebuilt you had no problem spending some quality time with Camilo, but you noticed that he's been a bit too quiet for his usual cheerful self and you couldn't help but start to worry about him and every time you tried to ask him about it he would brush it off as nothing, saying that he was just tired but you didn't believe him.
Today was just another one of those days with Camilo being strangely quiet and but it seems like you weren't the only one picking up on his strange behavior, all day it seems like he was trying to avoid people as much as possible and at dinner he barely ate anything then excusing himself saying that he wasn't that hungry, Pepa and Felix has noticed their son's strange behavior and tried asking you about it in hopes of you knowing anything. You then decided to get to the  bottom of this and not leaving Camilo until he tells you what's wrong or at least saying that he doesn't feel comfortable to talk about it, sure that would hurt a little Knowing that there is something bothering him and not being able to help but you understood, sadly when you went back to your room that you shared with Dolores and Camilo you found him already asleep on your bed, you sat beside him as you tugged the blanket onto him properly then rubbed his arm gently, sighing as you leaned down to kiss his temple before Laying down behind him pulling his against your chest making him turn in his sleep and wrap his arms around your waist nuzzling his face into the crock of your neck deciding to ask him the next day.
Later that night you felt Camilo turning in his sleep while his breath quickened, when you set up to look at him properly he was trembling and starting to sweat, when started to shake him awake he jolted up almost bumping his head in yours. his breathing was uneven and his hands were shaking as if he saw a ghost "Hey, hey amor it's alright ok? Just breath with me" You started to take deep breaths motioning him to follow your actions, when his breathing went down hw pulled you into his arms and buried his face in your chest his body still shaking a little "Do you wanna talk about it?" He only shook his head in response, you then thought of a way to calm him a little, then it hit you "Hey you wanna go for a little walk? It's a nice night" He pulled away slightly looking out of the window, the moon was almost full shining brightly and the stars were decorating the dark sky like the freckles on Camilo's face. He then nodded and started to let go, he changed into his button up shirt and ruana in the bathroom as you changed in your room and before you sneak out of the window you wrote a note and left it on your desk incase you didn't return before sunrise then you were on your way.
You two walked around the town in comfortable silence when you reached for his hand interlocking your fingers, leading him into the trees surrounding Encanto "Where are we going?" He asked in a whisper that you were sure if you weren't that close you wouldn't hear it "Just trust me" You then continue to drag him around the forest till you reached a cliff where you can see the whole town and if you look up you can see the night sky clearly, there weren't any trees or huge bushes on the cliff, only a few flowers and tiny bushes. You then let go of his hand and walk towards one of the bushes beside you, pulling a thin blanket and setting it down on the ground so you two can sit comfortably. "When did you find this place?" He was clearly amazed by the view from that cliff "Dolores showed it to me a few days before the whole... Magic accident, and I thought I could bring you here to calm down" he smiled and sat down, his side facing the town while you laid on his chest looking at the sky just admiring it. A few minuets you start to fell the cool night breeze hits you making you shiver and of course that wouldn't go unnoticed by Camilo "Here querida" he said as he threw the front of his ruana on top of you popping your head from the neck hole and resting your head back on his chest. You then try to ask Camilo about what was bothering him "Hey Camilo? Is everything alright?" He knows what you mean and would always try to think on any excuse to not answer this question but guess he can't anymore. He took a deep breath and looked at you with kind but tired eyes "C-can I... Ask you something?" You then nod and look at his face reaching a hand to rest against his cheek reassuring him to continue, he took a shaky breath before speaking again "Am I... Am I still helpful?" He looks at you with a worried look scared of your answer. "Of course you are amor, Are you ok? Why would you ask that?" He looked at the night sky trying to avoid eye contact with you "Well, I would usually help around by shape shifting into someone else and no one ever needed my help as me" He then looked down but not at you, he was picking at the grass beneath the blanket "I just... I feel useless now that I can't shape shift into others to help around and I feel like... Like I'm slowing everyone down" Tears started to fall down his face as he looked at you with somewhat hopeful eyes. "Do... Do you think I'm still useful?" You then placed the other hand on his face as well pulling his face closer to yours, foreheads leaning against each other while you wipe away his tears with your thumb "Of course you're still useful Milo, I don't even know why you would ever think that" Camilo only pulled you closer, not saying anything as you both sat there in each other's embrace. "Is this why you were so quiet these past days? You were worried about being useless?" He just nods burying his face into your hair. "It's ok mi vida, you're not useless and I'll make sure you never fell like that again" you say leaning in to kiss his temple, he chuckles and kisses the tip of your nose before returning his gaze to the night sky which was slowly starting to lighten as the sun came up. 'guess it wasn't that late when we snuck out' you thought as you leaned closer into Camilo's embrace.
Tumblr media
plz send requests I have no idea what to write T>T
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desichameleon · 21 hours ago
Hey I just wanted to let you know that I really love your stuff and was wondering if you could write one for me. I love Camilo so much and wanted a fic that I could relate to (im 15 btw). I am tall, curvey,and self conscious and I love to craft. I really want an angst fic where we break up and than get back together when we realize how much we love each other.
If you can't, that's fine, I just thought I would ask.
You do great things!
Tumblr media
ofc darling ! i struggled quite a bit since ive never wrote angst before but im procrastinating from doing my english essay
i love you
pairings : camilo x fem!reader
request : yes / no
warnings : angst kinda?, break ups, crying, insecurities, spanish errors, english errors, i think thats it !
summary : (y/n) feels as if she’s holding the love of her life back, how else can she solve the problem other than break his and her own heart.
a / n : sorry for so many time skips and the ending i literally couldn’t be arsed to write in between days and couldn’t find a good ending
As you walked the streets of the Encanto you noticed how the other girls looked different to you, how they were shorter and walked with so much more confidence and grace. You also noticed the way they’d look at your Camilo, how they’d flirt with your Camilo, they seemed so unbothered that he was taken. It made you wonder... were you even good enough for him ? 
In Camilo’s eyes yes.
But in your own ? no.
that’s when problems started, you started doubting yourself more and more each day and Camilo noticed this and tried to reach out and ask what’s wrong but you always seemed to push him away. The truth was you were doing it on purpose thinking he’d be much happier with one of the other girls, the girls who could give him some of their confidence instead of him always having to give them confidence. Camilo never minded you having a lack of confidence, he actually made it his life mission to make you feel even a little bit better about yourself. He loved your curves the you’d sway your hips when dancing, he loved the way you were just an inch or two taller than him and the little girts you’d make for him randomly. 
One morning Camilo decided he would go and give you a surprise visit and find out what’s wrong, unfortunately for him that was the same time you decided you would break up with him. Camilo shoved the last few spoonful's of changua into his mouth before heading off to find you. A the boy arrived at your house he saw the door open and you step out. Perfect timing, or so he thought. “¡Amor! ¿Cómo estás?” Camilo asked as he approached you, you quietly winced at the cheeriness in his voice knowing it’d all be gone in just a few minutes “Soy bueno Camilo, ¿cómo estás?” you replied in a deadpan tone. Camilo was confused at your coldness but just thought you had had a rough morning, “Soy bueno mi vida, are you sure you’re okay though?” worry was laced in his voice at the last part. “Actually no... I wanted to talk to you” “about what mi vida?” he asked raising an eyebrow, smile slightly faltering. “Camilo there’s...” you heaved a sigh as you hold back a tidal waves of tears “I-I think we should... break up.” you finished the last bit in a rush which made Camilo blink at you confused before it soaked in... “why (y/n/n)? Is it s-something I did? Do you want to ta-” you cut him off, “no. Camilo I just think its best for... the both of us.” and with that you left, you hated to do that you really did but it was for the best, for both of you. Camilo was left stunned, rooted to the ground, tears silently falling down his face as he watched you walk away. 
Its been a few weeks since you had broken up and the whole town seemed to have dimmed, at least for the two of you it seemed like. Both of you barley leaving your rooms, both of you crying late into the night wishing for the other back. You kept telling yourself it was a mistake, Camilo’s happier now he’s found someone good enough for him. Someone who wasn’t you. But you were wrong, very very wrong. Camilo was miserable without you in his eye’s there was no one better than you, you were his vida and now, not even his tía Julieta’s cooking could make the pain go away. There was a soft knock at his door “Camilo I have your breakfast, its your favourite, bandeja paisa” he heard his sisters soft voice from the other side of the door, “not right now Dolores” he mumbled and turned to face the wall. Just incase she would walk in and see him crying, he hated anyone seeing him cry. 
“(y/n), querido please come out. We’re worried, you haven’t seen the sun is days think about your vitamin D!” your parents called for you but you never came. How could you? You didn’t have the energy to do anything but cry, cry about Camilo. “no mamá, solo déjame en paz por favor” “but Mirabel is here!”. With that you quickly jumped out of bed, opened the door enough to pull Mira in and shut it on your poor mamas face (not without opening it again to hug her and apologise). Before you could even turn around Mirabel burst out “why did you and Camilo break up? ¡¿Has perdido la cabeza?! You two were perfect for each other! Whats wro-” you cut her off abruptly, “Mira I-” you sighed and sat down on your bed Mirabel following you. “I just think he deserves better, you know? I was holding him back an-” “no you weren’t.” “yes I was” Mirabel laughed as you looked at her slightly hurt. “Oh. My. Gosh (y/n) ¿Estás demente? Camilo was at his best with you.” you were surprised to hear that, was he really at his best with you? Getting up you go over to your drawers where inside was a small necklace you had made for Camilo, well before you decided to break the poor boys heart. It had small pale yellow and white beads that looked like pearls and on the bottom was a small heart pendent, “Mira I swear to God you better be serious” you said meeting her eyes, she nodded. You’re mind was set the, you were getting your Cami back.
After cleaning yourself up and Mirabel insisting you that you shouldn’t wear makeup which led to a small quarrel you were off to win the shape-shifters heart back with the necklace, a basket full of empanadas and some tissues just in case. As you walked up to Casita the houses shutters opened and closed as if it was waving at you in which you waved back, as you got to the door before you could even knock Dolores opened the door smiling at you, “hola (y/n), are you here to see Camilo?” she said in her slightly hushed voice “yeah” you laughed awkwardly as she let you in and walked away. You quickly made your way up the stairs and towards Camilo’s room, “here goes nothing” you murmured to yourself as you knocked on the door glowing door. There was no response for a few minutes before a slightly horse voice said “mama please, vete.” “C-Cami its me, (y/n)” you had whispered shakily slowly regretting coming here. What if he doesn’t love you anymore? What if he hates you? ¡Dios mío! Before you could run away the door opened and you were pulled into the arms of a very red and tear stained Camilo, you dropped everything you were holding and hugged him back letting tears slip down your face. “Lo siento, lo siento” you sobbed into his shoulder as he rubbed your back trying to hold back his own tears, “mi vida” he said shakily not letting go of you “why did you leave me? ¿Te lastimé?” the Madrigal said as he pulled away to look you in the eye. You looked at him, glossy eyes and red cheeks “because I thought I was holing you back amor...” you said, voice cracking as Camilo sighed and pulled you back in “you never held me back. You pushed he forward to be better (y/n), I love you” sure now wasn’t the time but Camilo felt that he had to let you know even if you didn’t want to get back together. You let out small gasp, when you heard him say those three words. I love you. Should you say it back? Heck yes! “I love you too” you smiled at him.
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happy birthday mi vida!
camilo x gen!reader
word count: 1.2k
request? nope
warning(s): tooth rotting fluff, some angst, not beta-d we die like abuelo
summary: it's your birthday and the madrigals have something planned up their sleeve.
a/n: decided to write this really quickly cause it's my birthday today and i wanted to give you guys something cute too as a treat! to those of you have requested a fic please be patient i'm writing them all!
Tumblr media
"You seriously don't remember what today is?" you asked Dolores as the two of you were helping carry some crates around the town.
"It's a normal Thursday from what I remember" she let out quietly, looking around rather suspiciously as you made your way to the town square. If you hadn't been too absorbed in your own thoughts you would've heard the little squeak she let out and the slight bulging of her eyes.
With a sigh, you dropped the crate down next to a fruit stand and wiped your hands on your clothes. You looked over to Dolores once again as she tried avoiding eye contact with you, looking everywhere else but your direction.
With another heavy sigh you walked towards the bridge where you were needed next, a deep frown and furrowed eyebrows adorning your face.
Today was your birthday and literally no one had remembered. Not even your own parents which really unusual as they would have been the first people to celebrate it with you. You had asked everyone in your family about it and got the same answer of, "What are you talking about?". Luisa was the first Madrigal you had encountered today and she, too, said nothing to you about your birthday. Maybe out of your frustration, however, you had missed how her right eye twitched nervously right after. Mirabel was the second Madrigal you had encountered and the one that shocked you the most. Mira was known to be caring and compassionate so it really surprised you that she too forgot it was your birthday.
Now Dolores had forgotten too and you had gotten sadder and sadder as the day went by. You only had one hope left, and that was your boyfriend Camilo. There was no way he would have forgotten his s/o's birthday. Right?
"Mi vida what are you talking about? Today is nothing special, just a boring old Thursday. Unless we have a celebration or a festival I don't know about!" he said to you in the form of a townswoman, cradling the real townswoman's baby.
"Are you serious Camilo? You really don't remember?!"
"Remember what?" Camilo shifted back into himself accidently from how nervous he felt. He couldn't ruin it now, not when the whole family had tried so hard throughout the day to keep it a secret.
"You know what whatever I'm not in the mood to see your face now" you stomped off back towards your house with tears pricking your eyes. Camilo had forgot your birthday. You couldn't believe it. Were you that insignificant to everyone?
As you were walking away, you had missed how Camilo's faced grew into a sad frown, shifting from himself to Abuela, Mirabel, Dolores and back into the townswoman.
The day was slowly ending as the sun was now slowly lowering itself, creating an orange and pink hue on the sky. You were curled up in your bed, face down on your pillow as you wanted this horrible day to end already.
You heard a knock on your front door, but you didn't have the motivation to go down and open the door. Your parents weren't home yet and you were all alone in the house. After a few seconds, you heard the knocking intensify.
With a loud groan you knocked the bedding off of you and grumpily made your way downstairs towards the door. The scowl on your face quickly turned into a small smile at the sight in front of you.
Little Antonio was standing there with a parrot on his right shoulder and small present box in his hands. He looked up at you with bright eyes and a wide smile as he said, "Happy birthday Y/N! Here's your present from me!" He extended his arms up towards you as far as he could reach and gestured for you to take the present.
You teared up as you kneeled down in front of the boy and hugged him tightly. "Thank you my little Tonito! Thank you!" He laughed and hugged you back as tight as you had, the parrot eventually joining in too.
You took the present and placed it inside on the sofa as you gestured Antonio to come in to the house, but he shook his head.
"Follow me!" he grabbed your hand and started to drag you through the town towards Casita.
When the two of you had reached the - suspiciously - dark Casita, he whistled and two parrots blindfolded you making you let out a yelp of surprise.
"Come come come!" he shouted enthusiastically and motioned for you to follow after him in the Casita, which obviously you couldn't see. The enthusiasm alone was enough for you to follow him.
With small hesitant shuffles you made it passed the entrance and into the clearing. The room was dead silent as the only you could hear was your own - now nervous - breathing. You reached out your arms around you, trying to scan the area for anything that could give you a clue as to what was happening, but found nothing.
"Antonio what's going on?" you said a little impatiently as there was zero movement happening around you. With a quick motion of your hand, you ripped the blindfold off and looked around the dark room. The only thing that you could make out was the outline of the room, some freshly adorned vines and flowers placed on the pillars and a large paper that hung at the very end of the room.
"Tonito?-" you had started but was cut off by the lights suddenly opening. You squinted at the harsh light and made to cover your face when you felt something hug your legs.
You opened your eyes and saw the whole Madrigal family as well as your own parents wearing party hats and blowing confetti at you.
"Surprise!" they all yelled in synchronization and you were left gobsmacked. Quite literally. You hadn't expected this at all. There was that big paper that you saw before, but now it had the phrase "Happy Birthday Y/N!" written on it.
Abuela moved to hug you first as she wished you a very happy and joyful birthday. Everyone proceeded to do the same and now you were only left with Camilo.
"I'm sorry I didn't wish you earlier amor, I just wanted to keep the surprise a secret" he smiled sheepishly, lightly scratching the back of his neck as he avoided eye contact.
"In the beginning you did really upset me Milo. But I guess you're forgiven now." You said playfully as you went to hug him. He hugged you back tightly and lightly kissed your cheek.
"Whose idea was this?" you asked as you made your way to the rest of the family members.
"It was actually Camilo's idea! He came up with the whole 'we will ignore Y/N and make them believe that we don't remember about their birthday so they'll feel sad and then plan a surprise party for them so they can be happy'." Mirabel said, gesturing with her hands as she explained what had happened.
You laughed and went to hug Camilo again, pulling away shortly after and kissing him ever so gently.
"Happy birthday again mi amor." he whispered as he leaned in to plant another gentle kiss on your lips.
When you thought that today would have been the worst birthday of your life, it turned out to be one of the best you've ever had! All because of la familia Madrigal and your wonderful boyfriend Camilo.
Tumblr media
wish this could happen to me too irl :')
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lovesgnf · 14 hours ago
˗ˏˋJEALOUSY! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: Camilo finds his best friend flirting with a new boy in the village and he feels this unknown angered emotion.
ೃೀ. guys please request in the comments or in my ask box 😭 i have no imagination for these imagines
˚ · . camilo madrigal x fem!reader.
Tumblr media
“Camilo, hijo! Could you please go to the market and get your tía some harina for the arepas?” Pepa told the bored curly haired boy. Camilo got up immediately and nodded. “Of course mami” He grinned and walked out of Casita. Pepa smiled at her son and went on with cleaning the house with Isabela helping.
As Camilo walked out of Casitas front door, he thought he could pass by at Y/n’s place to ask her if she wanted to hang out later if she didn’t have any chores to get done.
As he walked to the market he noticed Y/n next to the water fountain but.. she wasn’t alone, she was laughing with this light brown hair, dark eyed, tall boy who he has never seen around the village of encanto.
His brows furrowed at the scene he was staring at. She looked so delighted to be with that other boy. He doesn’t remember her having that giant grin on her face when talking with Camilo. 
Camilo just frowned and walked to the market. After the 5 minutes of him asking the workers which flour was the one for arepas he finally got the one he needed and walked out of the small local shop, getting ready to walk up to his ‘best friend’ who he secretly had feelings for.
As he got closer to the pair he took a deep breath in. “Hey Y/n!” he greeted behind her, wrapping his arms around the girl like she was some type of treasure. Y/n’s eyes widened as she blushed, he has never touched her like this. 
“Uhm hi cami” She chucked nervously while the new boy looked at them in confusion. She moved herself out of Camilos grasp and spoke. “Uhm Daniel, this is Camilo, my friend and Camilo, this is Daniel! He’s new to the village and we’re the same age!” Y/n spoke happily, not noticing the way they both glanced at each other with burning hatred.
“Well, hello Daniel. Welcome to encanto” Camilo forced a smile and put his hand out but the boy looked at him in disgust. “Uh yeah, thanks.. anyway señorita linda here and I are going to.. go” Daniel said and grabbed Y/n’s wrist harshly making her yelp a loud “Ow!” 
Camilo frowned and grabbed Y/n’s other hand. “Actually, mi amor and I were going to hang out today so you should get going” He said, his tone of voice annoyed and angered. 
Daniel rolled his eyes. “Well maybe you should hang out later, i didn’t get to know her so well” He responded and yanked Y/n causing her to yell as she fell onto the boys chest.
“What is your problem?” Camilo said madly and grabbed the h/c girl gently. “No, what is both of your guys’ problems?! Why are you two even fighting in the first place?!” Y/n yelled with glossy eyes. Camilo knew she always teared up when getting mad.
“Whatever, leave my girlfriend alone.” Camilo blurted out just to get the boy angry. “Cmon mi vida” He said softly, grabbing the surprised blushing girl and walking away with a smirk on his face. 
Y/n felt her face burning hot with the fact that he just called her his girlfriend. When they arrived at casita, she sat on Camilos bed and smirked. “Girlfriend, huh?” She teased causing the hazel eyed boy to groan in embarrassment and cover his face.
“Shut it” He mumbled, his hands still covering his pink face.
Tumblr media
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soliravioli · 27 days ago
jealous camilo madrigal || camilo x gn reader
Tumblr media
pairing(s): camilo madrigal x gn!reader
warnings: none, maybe some ever so slight angst
word count: 2300
camilo doesn't get jealous all that often, but how could he not get at least a little bit protective over a perfect partner such as yourself? (there's so much build up in this one i apologize)
adults/18+ dni camilo's 15 just remember people go to jail for this
(requests for camilo, isabela, luisa and maribel are open!! just send in an ask at any time)
"hey, camilo? how would you feel about going on a date tonight?"
camilo was, for lack of a better term, over the moon when you had finally decided to ask him out properly. you two had been dancing around each other for what had felt like years, with a pick up line here, a bit of flirting there. it had begun to drive him up the wall, but for whatever reason he was always hesitant to make the first move. whether it be because he thought you would shut him down, or just assume he was joking and laugh it off like you always did whenever he tried to show you even the slightest bit of genuine affection. he just wasn't sure he could take rejection from you in any shape or form, especially if these feelings for you that had begun to overflow his brain and senses were genuine.
thankfully, he had no reason to fret anymore, as you were the one to ask him out. although, he guessed you guys weren't technically together; this was just an outing of sorts. even still, he couldn't help but take it very seriously.
much to the dismay of his cousin, mirabel.
"ay, should i wear the green ruana or the red?" he muttered. another heap of clothes was thrown out of his closet as camilo anxiously sorted through the articles of fabric in search of the "perfect outfit" for this date. mirabel had been asked to assist in his fashion disaster, and while at first reluctant, the amount of puppy dog eyes (and mildly vague threats about him tattling to abuela on her about how she had knocked over a vase of hers only a couple days beforehand) sent her way had her resolve crumbling in moments.
"mi primo, you don't have to be so worried," she assured, only to get a handful of clothes to the face as camilo carelessly tossed a few shirts and trousers her way. "i've never met this person you're going on a date with," mirabel continued, albeit somewhat muffled as she moved to fold the clothes that were beginning to pile up on the bed beside her, "but i'm sure they wouldn't mind if they just showed up in what you usually wear."
camilo groaned, allowing himself to fall back on his own heels. "that's just it, mirabel," he proclaimed, tipping his head back dramatically. "they 'wouldn't mind'; i just wanna..." he sighed under his breath. "just want to impress, i guess."
mirabel let out a soft chuckle at that. "camilo, you're a madrigal. you impress plenty of people, how are they any different?"
the shape shifter didn't respond, and instead chose to stand up and begin to rummage through the piles of discarded clothing to find his shoes that he had lost in the wreckage at some point in time. a few beats of silence followed, only interrupted by the sound of fabric being rustled back and forth, until mirabel let out a quiet hum.
"you know, it sounds like you like this person a lot." she refused to make eye contact as she spoke, much to the displeasure of camilo as he turned his head to look in her direction. "and, if this person likes you, then surely they like you as you already are, and not someone who has to overdress and be all... extra."
camilo raised an eyebrow. "i suppose," he conceded, pausing in his actions to gaze at his cousin thoughtfully. "don't know what that has to do with this, though."
mirabel shrugged, finally raising her head to meet camilo's eyes with an almost playful glance. "then wouldn't that mean they would want to see you, and not just some fancier version with the red or the green ruana or the sparkly hat."
camilo clicked his tongue. "alright, listen, the sequins were given to me by señora mira, i couldn't have not used them-"
"besides that," she giggled, "i say just go as you usually do. you could impress, sure, but something tells me they'd be much happier if they saw you for, well, you."
that made camilo pause. after a few moments of quiet thought he sighed and waded out of the clothes surrounding his lower body. "yes, i suppose you're right," he hummed. "alright, i have made the decision. i will go see them..."
"...with the red ruana. maybe."
"oh, camilo. there you are."
the shapeshifter in question glanced up from the table he was sitting at to meet your gaze. "ah, there you are. i was worried you had gotten lost in the plaza. your sense of direction is...not the best, eh?"
you laughed quietly, moving to sit down in the chair across from him only to hear a click of his tongue. "i thought we could maybe walk around the encanto for a while?" he suggested. "i just figured, since we're both so busy, we could try to just... enjoy ourselves for a change?"
it took an immense amount of effort for camilo not to shrink into his ruana right there and then. he wasn't typically a very nervous person; in fact, he was almost reckless, and rarely found himself being anxious before making decisions or saying something others might find themselves regretting. However, with you, every word that slipped from his tongue sounded clunky or out of order, and he could feel his the palms of his hands beginning to sweat.
awkward wording aside, you took his suggestion into consideration and nodded in agreement. "that sounds like fun," you said, and it was almost like you could sense his anxiety with the reassuring smile on your face that followed after. you probably did, in all honesty. he wasn't the best at disguising his emotions. "i hear there's some new vendor stalls down near the church. perhaps we could visit there first?"
"then that shall be our first stop." he rose out of his seat, moving to stand beside you and took your hand delicately in his grasp. as gently as he could he pressed his lips to the back of your hand, and looked at you with a glimmer in his eyes that left you laughing in surprise and your face just a bit flushed. with that he took off walking towards your guys' destination, all the while trying to desperately wave off the blush that coated his own cheeks.
your date continued on smoothly after that; you two had spent hours simply wandering around the encanto buying gifts for each other's respective family members, snacking on various pastries and arepas from multiple vendors, and even stopping by a house that sold jewelry. your hesitance to buy anything was quickly squashed by camilo throwing a considerable amount of money the owner's way for a single ring, of which was embedded with sigils of the moon and dozens of stars, making up the image of a night sky. once the ring was purchased the shapeshifter placed the ring in your palms with a cheeky grin.
"for being the moon to my sun, hm?" he explained, and before you could even respond he turned on his heel and hurried back into the fray with a sort of excited nervousness following his exuberated energy, leaving you giggling and trailing behind him.
it was near the end of your date where things seemed to take a sharp turn.
you both were browsing through a vendor's stall that sold a multitude of trinkets, from wooden bowls, to carved out sticks; there were even little dolls made out of carefully placed stitches of wool and yarn. camilo hadn't taken interest in anything in particular, and as such decided to simply wait outside until you were done. about ten minutes had gone by since he had last seen you and in all honesty he was starting to get a bit anxious. he decided to take just a quick peak inside, as this stall in particular was hidden away with swathes of cloth coating the outside, and he could barely hear anything inside besides the quiet crackle of fire from the candles decorating the stone pathway around him.
after just another moment of hesitance he stepped inside once again, and almost immediately his eyes swerved to you and... señor mariano guzmán?
"i didn't know your little sister ran this stall. the last time i talked to her she mentioned she wanted to take up the seamstress business." bits and pieces of the conversation flooded through one of camilo's ears and out the other. all he could focus on was the way your eyes seemed to sparkle with wonder when you looked at the other man, and- was mariano flexing his muscles as you talked? surely not.
"mi hermosa's been a bit busy lately, so i decided to take over for a while. it's good to see that you're doing well yourself. my papa and i noticed that you don't get out much." mariano leaned back in his seat, tipping his head back to meet your gaze.
you blinked in surprise at the statement before laughing almost nervously. "well, mi familia are always hard at work, so i try to pitch in whenever possible." mariano nodded at that, tilting his head to the side in thought.
"well, make sure to say hello to your mama for me. she and i haven't talked since i told her about my engagement."
camilo swore his eye twitched. realistically, he should've known the dreamy look that took over the other man's gaze was directed at his fiance, but his brain made the somewhat immature decision that it was towards you. it was then he decided he couldn't take anymore of this dry conversation and stepped forward to take your hand in his own.
"señor guzman." camilo muttered, his tone of voice almost snarky. "sorry to interrupt, but mi vida and i were in the middle of something. we really must get going."
"oh, really?" mariano asked, confusion clear in his expression. "but they said-"
"goodbye." camilo promptly tugged you out of the stall and down the street, ignoring your calls of bewilderment as you were forced to trail behind him. he stopped walking when the stall was finally out of view, and as soon as he paused in his steps you swerved to stand in front of him. you looked almost irritated, and when you two met eyes camilo briefly wondered if he had made a mistake.
"camilo, what just happened?" your expression was a mess of confusion and thinly veiled curiosity, and the question made the shapeshifter falter in his hastiness. "nothing happened," he muttered, crossing his arms across his chest. "he was just-"
"camilo, you just dragged me at least 5 feet away from that stall and now look like i caught you in the middle of shapeshifting into isabela for more of my mama's leftovers. what's going on?" camilo couldn't help but hesitate, and the blush threatening to coat his cheeks did little to hide his embarrassment. "it's just-" he sighed, letting his hands drop to his sides. "he was just really close to you was all. i don't know, it was dumb-"
you blinked in confusion. "really close? camilo-"
"okay, but did you see him and his muscles? he was trying to impress you, i just know it! i don't have muscles like that-unless you wanted me to have muscles like that, then i guess maybe i could ask luisa for her workout routine-"
"and did you see his eyebrows? they were all- wiggly? he was definitely trying to flirt with you, i don't know how-"
"not to mention the winking, what was that about-"
the shapeshifter yelped at your sudden change in volume, and you watched as he shifted into dolores, mariano, and even you for a split second before transforming back into his normal form with a groan. "i have to stop doing that," he muttered.
when he finally glanced at you again he noticed that your expression was taken over by something much closer to endearment, and when camilo finally paused to breathe you leaned forward with a wry smile in your face. "camilo," you began, your tone of voice making him shiver. "are you jealous?"
the shapeshifter froze. "jealous." he repeated. "jealous, that- no, i couldn't be-" he attempted to register the question with a slow blink. "am i jealous?" his perplexed tone made you laugh out loud.
"it sounds like it, mi amor. i mean, you called me mi vida." camilo blushed at that, hiding his face in the collar of his shirt. "mariano and i are just family friends. not to mention, he's maybe 6 or 7 years older than me."
camilo sighed. "well, that's- yeah, that makes more sense then what i came up with."
when you noticed he was still shying away from you, you clicked your tongue with feign irritation and reached out to pull him closer, receiving a quiet yelp of surprise in response. "you have nothing to be jealous of." you hummed, watching with quiet amusement as camilo's face seemed to grow even redder at the proximity you both were at. "plus, between you and me, you're maybe five- no, ten times prettier than he is. okay?" camilo laughed quietly under his breath at the comment and slowly nodded.
"alright." you reached out and tucked a curly strand of the other's hair back into its rightful place, as it had been ruffled by the wind from their brisk pace away from the stall. "now, there's just a few more places i want to show you."
as soon as you turned around and took his hand, leading him down yet another pathway, he couldn't help but wonder; how could he not be jealous? he would rather die than lose someone as perfect as you.
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hup1hty · 25 days ago
hello! I love how you write and for a long time I wanted to request a camilo x reader since you have open requests please ^^
where fem reader arrives with her family in town and is a bit rejected for her sensitive and loving way of being, although it turns out that she also has a gift. The one to change their shape to some animals. I feel like Camilo's reaction to seeing someone with a gift similar to his would be very adorable.
(sorry if there are mistakes, English is not my first language)
dw there were no mistakes! this is a such a cute request! i added slight angst sorry ab that!
You're Just Like Me
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
You could still hear the yelling of the people from your old town, from the night you had been chased out of the place you grew up. All because of your powers. You had to leave your parents behind, thinking they'd be safe because they were 'normal'. Just before you fled, your parents had told you about a town called Encanto that had a family like you, one with gifts. Taking one last look at your home, you ran under the dark night sky.
Arriving at Encanto, you panted, nearly buckling down on your knees. It had taken you four whole days of walking to arrive, and you would rarely ever sleep. You had barely eaten since you left your hometown, which would explain why you collapsed onto the floor, your vision turning black.
When you woke up, you saw about a dozen hovering faces, watching you intently. You sat up, slowly, your eyes still heavy from sleep. After fully sitting up, you scrambled towards the back of the bed, frightened by the faces. An older woman who had her hair in a messy bun, offered you an arepa. You took it, starving but still weary of them. Instantly you felt better after you took a bite.
She introduced herself, "I'm Julieta. This is my family," she said, gesturing to the people around her. Still a bit frightened, you shifted into a bird involuntarily. The whole family took a step back, and a boy your age shifted into you, shocked. You realised you had changed shapes and shifted back into your original form.
"Sorry! I'm (Y/N) and I can do this thing- well, I can shapeshift into animals." You explained hastily. The boy changed back to himself and stepped forward.
"I'm Camilo Madrigal, and I can shapeshift too." He extended his hand out towards you and you took it, shaking it. Camilo sat on the bed, this must be the magical family your parents told you about. Taking turns, they introduced themselves and their powers. They explained how they got them and you were in awe, wishing that your town was as accepting as theirs.
"So, why are you here?" A girl named Mirabel asked.
"I was born with my powers and my town hated me for it. They had a lot of run ins with tigers or wild animals and thought that I turned the animals against the town. They were convinced I was a curse and ran me out. My parents told me about you guys- so I came here." You explained, tears starting to form behind your eyes from thinking about your parents.
Antonio ran up to you and hugged you. "I think you're really cool!" He exclaimed, as you sniffled. The Madrigal family looked at you, sympathetic. You started to get up,
"I should go..."
Pepa stopped you, and offered to let you stay in Casita until you got back on your feet. Having nowhere else to go, you accepted.
----- The Next Day -----
You had just woken up when you heard a knock on your new bedroom door. "Come in!" you answered. The boy called Camilo walked in, greeting you. He sat on a chair before saying,
"You can shapeshift too, huh?"
You nodded, feeling a little bit awkward that you were staying in his house.
"Do you ever get really, really tired after you shapeshift? Like your body doesn't work anymore?" He asked.
Your eyes widened, you had no idea that it was a symptom of your abilities. 
“Yes! I thought it was just a weird genetic thing.” 
He shook his head, laughing a little. Before you knew it, you had spent the whole morning talking to this boy. You laughed and laughed, smiling wider than you ever had before. You thought that you were all alone, and apparently so did he. Luckily, you had found each other and suddenly, you didn’t feel so alone.
For the rest of the day, you occupied Camilo’s mind. Whenever he encountered a problem with his shapeshifting ability, he would think of you and what you would do. If someone said something you had said before, he would laugh to himself, and everyone around him would look at him weirdly. Although Camilo had barely knew you for a day, he felt as if he had known you for years.
That’s when it occurred to him that he had a crush. Camilo had never connected to anyone the way he did with you, and his family members could tell. They saw how you were both so absorbed in your conversations during meals that you would barely ever eat. Dolores would see you play with Antonio, shifting into animals to entertain him, and saw how Camilo would watch, sighing.
----- Two Months Later ----
Camilo was lying in bed when he heard heard sobbing from the next door. Knowing that it was your room, he raced over, not even bothering to knock. You were crouched over on your bed, eyes red from crying. Your head was buried between your knees and you looked up at him, your cheeks stained with tears. Camilo walked over to you and sat on your bed with you. He draped his arm around you, pulling you into his shoulder.
You started crying again before sniffling,
“Today was the day the town found out about my gift,” Stuttering through your sentences, you could barely say the worlds fluently. Your family had become outcasts in the town, vendors not even wanting to sell to them. You had spent your last days in the village surviving on plain rice and old fruit, all because of your powers. Crying yourself to sleep, you became silent with Camilo still holding you. Not wanting to disturb your rest, he closed his eyes too.
The next day you woke in his arms, his yellow ruana still damp from your tears. 
You avoided him for the rest of the day, embarrassed about your emotional outburst. In an attempt to talk to you, Camilo shifted into Mirabel, who you had become very close to after moving in. 
As you were hanging up laundry, ‘Mirabel’ walked over to you. 
“I heard what happened with you and Camilo.” Mirabel said.
You dropped the shirt you were holding, turning around.
“How do you feel about him?”
You arched your eyebrow at Mirabel, she had never asked you anything like this before. She was never this direct before either. Quite frankly, she was acting like Camilo. Oh. Piecing the puzzle pieces together, you smiled, willing to play his game.
“I think your cousin is the cutest boy I’ve ever met in my entire life. He’s super nice and kind and-” you continued to rant, realising that almost everything you said was based in truth. Finishing your little speech, you blushed, before saying,
“I know you’re Camilo.”
Mirabel changed into her cousin, standing awkwardly. 
“So was everything you said true?”
“You make feel happy, like I’ve never felt before. You understand me in a way no one else has. You make me feel accepted. Of course it was true.” Shaking your head, you realised what you had said. 
Camilo grabbed your arms and pulled you in for a kiss. You felt your heart flutter inside your chest. Looking into his eyes, you felt a warmth in your heart and your mind at peace, smiling you said,
"You are my home.”
ooh a long one 😻
i feel like im overusing the sleep trope oops
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caramellahoney · 8 days ago
Camilo x Fem reader?? Where they get into a big argument and Camilo panics because he thinks she's going to leave him? ---tyy<33
“listen to the whispers.”
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: angst !
warning/s: suppressed emotions/toxic positivity, injuries, bullying, couple argument, hurtful words, emotional breakdowns,
a/n <33: not proofread! anyone up for a part 2?
They were childhood sweethearts, at least that’s what everyone called them. Through storms and sunshine, hand in hand they laughed and cried together.
Camilo was a loving partner, he was a doting son, a caring brother, and many more. Of course, she’s not the only one who noticed this, everyone knew Camilo for his warm personality. She was happy that people appreciated his kind-hearted nature but sometimes she couldn’t help but hear the whispers around town.
“Look what she’s wearing...try-hard much?” Frowning, the young woman ducked her head and walked faster. Whispers, she’s heard those whispers ever since she was a kid. You’d think she’d be used to it by now, but the words still sting.
Camilo wasn’t dumb, he knew there were rumors running around about his amor. Y/N confided in him about the bullying when they started dating, he chalked it up to insecurities and people being jealous. Pushing it aside with a comment of ‘Mi Vida, it’s alright. Just ignore them.’.
And she believed him, suppressing those negative emotions back and replacing them with happy thoughts. She listened to his reassurances and drowned herself in his love and affection. However, as the years went by, her resilience grew weak and she found herself feeling more and more disconnected.
Yelping, Y/N felt herself suddenly fall forward, her hands and knees scraping against the harsh concrete. She cradled her left hand as her wrist painfully throbbed . A chorus of giggles caught her attention and she whipped her head up to see a group of girls staring at her slumped form with amused grins. Ah, it was the town chismosas.
“Oh my- I am so sorry. My foot must have slipped and hit yours accidentally!” One of the girls spoke up, loud laughter quickly following afterwards. Y/N hid her face with her shawl and quickly got to her feet, running away from the humiliating scene.
She ran and ran feeling her lungs burn painfully. Once she made it to the front door of Casita, she slammed the door open and stumbled into the house. She halted to a stop, taking in deep heavy breaths.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Don’t listen to them-
“Y/N?” She shifted her gaze to her side, seeing Dolores beside her. The older woman soothingly rubbed her back, a smile on her lips.
“Come on, let’s get this healed up.” Dolores gestured to her knees and hands, slowly guiding the girl to the kitchen. Y/N kept her gaze downward, avoiding eye contact with the Madrigal.
“Please don’t tell Camilo about this-” She blurted out and Dolores paused, her doe eyes staring at Y/N.
“It’s been years. Years of all that bullying, I’ve kept it a secret from my hermano for so long. Why are you so hesitant to tell him? You do realize you can’t ignore this forever?” Y/N just closed her eyes, not in the mood to argue with Dolores right now.
“Just one more, please? Keep it a secret for longer?” Y/N pleaded, her voice cracking. Dolores furrowed her brows, her eyes flickering to the girl’s pitiful expression.
“Fine. One more secret.” Dolores muttured, seeing Y/N immediately relax as her face morphed from desperation to relief.
Dolores just watched, she knew why Y/N was doing all of this. It was for Camilo, it was all for him. She knew the girl was strong but eventually cracks are bound to break through her tough persona. The question was how long she could keep herself together.
Dolores thought for a bit, and muttered a quiet apology to Y/N.
Camilo has to know.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Camilo sighed, running his hand through his curls. Y/N bit her lip and fiddled with her fingers.
“I just didn’t think you’d care so much Cami- It’s just a little accident-You’re just going to say the same thing. Just ‘think happy!’ or ‘you’ll get over it. ' And I’m trying to but I know that they’re waiting and hoping for me to mess up so they can see that I’m not good enough for you!”
“Y/N, por favor. We’ve been through this situation thousands of times. If you’re insecure about me leaving you, you have nothing to fear. I only want you, mi vida.” Camilo whispered softly, he went to wrap his arms around her but Y/N scooted away. Camilo felt his heart sting and grew frustrated.
“Do you not trust me?” Camilo muttered bitterly, Y/N immediately snapped her head up to glare at him.
“What? What are you talking abou-”
“Do you not trust me? You’re always so worried about what they’re thinking about. And I'm just- I’m getting tired of it ok? I just want to see you happy.” Camilo groaned, burying his head in his hands. She knew he was just frustrated and emotional right now. She knew he didn’t actually mean what he was saying. But for fucks sake, she was tired too.
Years of emotional suppression finally catched up to her and she cracked. Her heart lurched in her chest and she started sobbing uncontrollably.
Although Camilo was annoyed with her, his heart still ached when he heard her cry. He reached out to comfort her but immediately started panicking when she started to choke and gasp for air, her crying growing more violent and loud.
“Amor-Amor! It’s ok-” Camilo held her tightly against his chest as she screamed in anguish. What he assumed was just a small argument quickly escalated. For once in his life, Camilo didn’t know how to comfort her.
Y/N seized her screaming and pulled away from Camilo’s arms. Still sobbing, she stomped towards the door but was quickly stopped by Camilo. She turned to face him, eyes full of hurt as she stared into his teary brown orbs.
“Don’t you ever listen? I’m tired, Camilo.” She whispered softly. Camilo looked lost and confused, awkwardly fiddling with his ruana- trying to keep his tears from spilling. His eyes anxiously darted across the room, a feeling of dread building up in his stomach. He tried to reach for her but felt his heart break when she just stepped back, away from him.
"What are you—are we ending our-? Please tell me we're not...just-just calm down amor. por favor”
“I’m tired, Camilo.” Was all she said before leaving the room.
Camilo didn’t sleep a wink that night, how could he? He spent the entire night looking back to where he could have gone wrong. And it didn’t take him long to realize what it was. The hurt in her eyes last night told him everything.
After composing himself, he took a deep breath and went to step out of his room. He swung the door open and froze after seeing Dolores in front of him.
Dolores had heard it all, he concluded. She scanned her brother from head to toe, his eyes were noticeably puffy and red. He had a ‘kicked-puppy-look’ on his face and nervously shifted around.
“Me and Y/N talked last night.” Camilo immediately tensed up and leaned closer to Dolores, interested.
“She’s not leaving you but know that she feels deeply hurt.” Camilo immediately felt relieved, nearly falling back as his body eased. There were still a lot of issues that needed patching up but for now, he was just grateful that she wasn’t leaving him.
He was determined to make things right. This time he was going to listen to her.
please, my angst is so bad I'm sorry 👹👹👺
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camiloenthusiast · 15 days ago
Waking to a Nightmare
Summary: It takes a moment to remember he’s in a nightmare
Do not read this work if you are of age and above (18+)
C.W: Heavy angst at the second half!! Mentions of death, Grief, and Camilo has a mental breakdown, but fluff in the first half!!
Tumblr media
You sit beside him, the river cold at your bare feet and the sun shining down on you. Camilo can’t help but stare as you hum, hand in his own, foot tapping his as you draw him out of his thoughts. He turns to meet your eyes, warm as the sunlight on his hair, and feels his face burn— you smile at him, all kind and loving in a way you never do with anyone else. He almost shifts into you, flustered as your expression never wavered, but manages to squeeze your hand instead.
“Hey,” You whisper, grinning at him as he looks away, pulling your hand out from his to cup his cheek. He gathers himself enough to look back up into your eyes— your beautiful eyes— and melts at the way the corners crinkle as you smile. Your thumb roams over his freckles, your expression filled with only adoration.
“Hey,” He breathes back shakily, breath hitching as you softly laugh. His heart was beating a mile a minute, throbbing against his ribs.
“You look cute today,” you say, pinching his cheek gently. It distracts him enough from the blood rushing in his ears to bring him back from his lovesick stupor. He lightly pats your hand in feigned annoyance, though his smile never drops.
“You do too, mi amor,” he sighs, gaze tender and soft. He shifts ever closer to you, pulling his ruana from where he had got it stuck under him. That had gotten a light chuckle out of you, and a pout from Camilo.
When he gets close enough, he plants his head on your shoulder, his curls tickling you as he tucks himself into the nook of your neck. You laugh, beautifully, wonderfully, and Camilo feels his heart swell. The sunshine is on his back now as he’s tangling his legs with yours, pulling you down to lie with him, feet still in the cold, running river.
You wrap your arms around him, pressing a kiss onto his head (whatever you could reach of it in your position) that breaks into a smile. He can feel your lips, warm, as you hum a song into his skin, hand running through his hair; raking through his curls.
“Mi hermoso corazón, te amo” you whisper with a kiss, your voice hush and private as if you were telling him a secret. He supposes you were, wrapped around him, loving him— these were all your secrets, moments only the two of you would remember. The thought that it’s all just for you and him makes him giddy and warm.
“Yo también te amo,” He starts, arms tightening around your waist, “Mi vida.”
The leaves rustle in the wind above you, the sun as warm as your smile pressed into his hair. He feels the rise and fall of your chest under him, your heart beating and thudding. It lulls him to sleep, eyes heavy as he breathes you in.
“Rest, mi sol,” he hears you say, gently pulling you both up so that your feet were out of the cold river, “I’ll be here when you wake up.”
Your smile lingers in his hair.
Tumblr media
The world is a blur, at first, when he sits up. When he first opens his eyes, it’s to darkness and silence; a stark contrast to the wind and sun he’d basked in with you. Then the world clears, ever so slightly, and he pats a hand where you would be, sitting beside—
You’re not there, his heart stops. It takes a moment for it to click, but you’re not there beside him, and—
It hits him suddenly, winds him like a punch to the gut, and his lungs ache. He gasps for breath, hand where you should be— where you aren’t — as the other wraps around his middle. Hot tears carve their way down his cheeks as he sits, mouth agape, heaving for air.
He remembers suddenly, all too suddenly, that you haven’t been with him since they put you six feet underground. The realization chokes him with his own spit; leaves him hacking coughs up his throat and sobbing incoherently as his scrambled mind races to keep what little was left together.
You were gone. Your smile, your eyes, your voice— gone, every bit of it gone the day he held you and you felt—
His arms shake as he grabs onto whatever he can— his bed, his hair, his shirt— trying to find something like you. Warm, you were warm; always, always warm like the sunshine supposed to be in his hair but—
—you felt so cold last he held you, so so cold.
He crumples forward at the memory, straining to breathe as tears and spit mess the sheets of his bed.
When he manages to speak, to breathe, he cries your name. It sits sour on his tongue as he breaks, every memory of you flashing past him, and it hurts.
He sees your smile in his mind’s eye; sees and feels your hand cup his cheek; hears you laugh under the sunlight, like twinkling bells, and he feels his stomach twist. His lungs ache, his heart is burning, and it hurts to breathe.
He calls your name, (waking his family as they all rush into his room, trying desperately to keep him from breaking too far) but you aren’t beside him.
Tumblr media
A/N: For miniencanto, my beloved!!! <3333 I love you all, so sooo much!!!! /gen
@thatoneghostband @miniencanto mwah mwah /platonic
Esme asked me to tag her so ❤️❤️❤️
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m0chaminx · 13 days ago
Camilo Madrigal | You Deserve The World
Tumblr media
Request : No
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : angst, sad Camilo, fluff ending, I would warn that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo needs reminding he is special
481 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo groaned shifting in his bed. It was well past midnight, he had been asleep for at least four hours, flopping into his bed at nine not even bothering to take his shoes or ruana off. Camilo felt sore, heavy, completely broken. He had been shapeshifting all day, entertaining people, watching over kids, doing chores, catching up on work, doing runs across town, and it was when a bunch of seven-year-olds rushed to him basically begging him to shapeshift for them. And then it felt like Luisa hit him like a tone of bricks, no one wanted to be entertained by Camilo they just wanted his gifts. He didn't even realize he was crying until a sob left his throat making his chest ache. Camilo shoved his face in his pillow trying not to cry, just teetering on a panic attack.
That morning, everyone noticed Camilo was off. Bags dragging his eyes down, a quiet rasped voice, refusing seconds and even taking smaller portions anyway. Pepa and Felix tried questioning him but he softly declined. And the whole house almost yelled when Camilo shifted, letting out a painful groan before pushing himself out of the house, limping out the door.
Camilo walked to the outskirts of town, to the forest the sat on the other side of the river, shifting back to himself noticing you sitting under the tree, waiting for him. Your gaze shifted over to him waving at him with a large smile. Camilo dragged himself to you plopping down in the grass, sighing in content that he didn't have to move anymore. "Hola, Mi Vida," You giggled seeing him sprawled out on the floor. "Camilo are you okay?" You asked running your hands through his curls, noticing he wasn't as happy-go-lucky. Camilo moved to sit on his knees his heartbreaking noticing your face drop. You moved to hold his face running your thumb under his eyes feeling the dark purples circles. "Milo, what happened?" Camilo snapped, falling against your shoulder his body shaking as he sobbed. You wrapped your arms around him, holding him, letting him let go of his emotions. "It's okay Amor, let it out."
Camilo cried, sobbed, for nearly ten minutes, you let him cry, knowing Abuela didn't let Pepa show her emotions, you guessed Camilo bottled it up just the same. "I'm sorry Y/N, I just-"
"Don't apologize Cami," You spoke, stopping him. "You're allowed to cry." Camilo nodded moving to rest more comfortably against you, head on shoulder, hands intertwined as he rested against your chest. "Do you wanna talk?" You asked running your fingers across his knuckles.
Camilo nodded stretching his legs out. "I don't think- I don't think anyone really wants me," Camilo confessed, his voice cracking, lip quivering. "They just want my gift, no one wants me to entertain them, they want just to me shapeshift. And I did it so much yesterday I'm so sore, I could barley walk on the way over here." Now it was your turn for your heart to shatter, hearing Camilo talk so lowly about himself made you ache. The way he said it, so emotionlessly, like it was drilled into him.
You turned Camilo around to face you, slotting him between your legs. You took his face in your palms pulling him close to rest your forehead on his. Camilo moved his arms around and you cringed hearing him wince. "Camilo Madrigal," You said sternly, "your gift is amazing and yes it entertains people, but you are so much more than that. You make people smile no matter how you choose to entertain them. You are talented, funny-no powers needed. My Camilo is adorable, I mean have you seen your cute little face. You're are so sweet to everyone you meet, you treat your family amazingly, especially Pepa. You are a beautiful soul, a stubborn soul who needs to look after himself better, but beautiful no less. Camilo, you are special, a gift to this world, powers or not."
Camilo looked into your eyes, stray tears falling down his cheeks. Camilo smiled knocking his nose against yours, "I don't deserve you."
"You deserve the world," you whispered.
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kattsukki · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I Didn't Mean to
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader | Part 2 Here
Requested by: @tinyratmanisbae
Contains: angst, angst aaaand did i forget angst? Camilo being a lil ooc but it's for the sake of the plot
Sypnosis: Your already anxious self just got yelled at. In public. And your boyfriend isn't really helping either.
Kat: I didn't know if this was supposed to end with angst but i'm going to make a part 2 for the ppl (cough cough me) who like happy endings. ♡ (ps. Not proofread yet cause im very lazy atm)
Tumblr media
People usually wouldn't expect that Camilo, the town's mischievous prankster, would be dating you.
While you were quiet, not very talkative or even sociable at all, Camilo still loved you very much and he knew that wouldn't change.
But right now, the both of you are having... let's say complications.
It all started when you were buying some fruit from the market, which was one of your chores for the day. You happened to bump into a tall man beside you, causing the vase he was carrying to fall and hit the floor hard. He didn't take it that well.
He began yelling, shouting at you. And you started to realize everyone's eyes were at you. Who was currently being scolded just because of a small accident.
Your poor self couldn't even apologise, let alone get a word out. After what seemed like an eternity of him shouting curses at you, he calms down. You eventually pay for what you've broken and you leave, still feeling everyone's eyes on you as you feel shame all over.
The moment you've gotten out of everyone's sight, tears well up in your eyes, sitting on a small step by a street which seemed to not have much people around, you cried. Shakily, tears fall and fall, never seeming to end.
Camilo rushes, trying desparately to find you after Dolores told him what had happened. And finally, he spots your brightly coloured skirt with it's unique design. It'a definitely you.
"Mi amor?"
Your head jolts up to face his worried expression, it's was your boyfriend.
"I knew it was you, Dolores told me everything, are you hurt??" He could feel the anger rise in him at the mere thought of some idiot making you cry.
"Leave me alone Cami, I just got shaken up is all..." you knew you were lying, he knew as well but didn't question it, not wanting to pry. You'll tell him when you're ready.
He helps you up and takes you back to the Madrigal's casita. Letting you sit in his room to get comfortable.
The sobbing just doesn't stop does it? And who could blame you? Someone with a sensitive nature like you couldn't handle getting both yelled AND stared at.
He sets a cup of tea by your side and hands you his handkerchief. "Mi amor, I'm so sorry, i'll always be here by your side if you need m—" you feel him put an arm around you, your eyes widen and push him away. "Don't touch me!" It was on pure instinct, you didn't mean to snap at him. It's just someone touching you when you're in this much distress just doesn't help.
"What the hell??" He was in shock, how could you push him away like that when he's just trying to help?
He's not angry at you, but he does tend to take his frustrations out on things, leading him to say and think things he would never mean.
But it wasn't like you knew that right now. You've already dealt with that jerk at the market, you really don't want to be in another fight right now.
Tumblr media
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mividacamilo · 20 days ago
“𝐻𝑒𝑟 𝑠𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝑠𝑒𝑒𝑚𝑠 𝑡𝑜 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑢𝑛 𝑙𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑑𝑖𝑚“
Part two<3
Camilo x reader
Warnings- small angst at the start then followed by fluff
Authors note- Hello my lovely doves, this is part two of “ℎ𝑒𝑟 𝑠𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝑠𝑒𝑒𝑚𝑠 𝑡𝑜 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑢𝑛 𝑙𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑑𝑖𝑚“ if you haven’t already read the first part, please if you could that would be lovely, it’s linked up at the top☝︎︎. Besides that please enjoy!<3 Camilo has he/they and reader has she/her pronouns.
Tumblr media
The words that Camilo spoke seemed to ring in Dolores’s ears,
“𝐼’𝑚 𝑓𝑢𝑙𝑓𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑑 𝑏𝑦 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑠𝑒𝑒𝑖𝑛𝑔 ℎ𝑒𝑟. 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑖𝑠 𝑡𝑜 𝑚𝑒𝑠𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 𝑢𝑝“
Dolores’s heart strung painfully in her chest.
Too familiar with those words almost feeling it on the tip of her tongue. She couldn’t stop herself as the memory’s flooded her mind.
The time she first heard Mariano’s poetry he had written, it was so beautiful she couldn’t stop her hand from clutching her chest so painfully.
She would stay standing so very stiffly, afraid if she moved she wouldn’t hear him. Bashfully she’d ears drop wanting to hear every little word he’d say.
Finding her self slowly fall in love by just the way he spoke.
The words gently rolling of his tongue so smoothly she felt as if she was practically swimming in it. Since that day on she would always carefully listen, waiting till she hears him once again.
For so long she kept her love quiet but it grew every time Mariano spoke.
The way she heard him treating his mother so very sweetly, almost made her feel as if her teeth would rot.
And when she had heard Mariano talk about her cousin; Isabela, with so much joy and love, Was the same as how Dolores felt now.
Hearing her beloved brother suffering the same feelings she had felt once before, felt unbearably more painful then she would of thought.
Dolores dropped her head low catching her eyes on her feet that peeked out from under her skirt. Dolores knew she had to help Camilo, exactly how Mirabel had once done for her and Mariano.
With tears burning against her eyelids Dolores puffed up her chest, inhaling strongly, as she listened carefully. Waiting till she heard you.
As if you had heard what she thought on cue you spoke. Dolores made sure to catch what you said. With a grin on her face Dolores quickly bent down to her brothers ear, hiding her mouth with her palm as she said;
“ Camilo! Escúchame, Y/n is coming over to the kitchen for a drink I suggest you get up and have one for yourself. Better yet offer her a drink! If you want her, you better take action”
Dolores spilled out her words faster then she thought was possible.
Camilo sat in is seat shocked at his sisters words. Mouth agape, his eyes flickering from his sister back to you, Camilo watched as you bowed to your dancing partner, to which they where pretending to be himself just a little while ago.
Dolores’s heart picked up as she heard you stepping towards the kitchen, her breathing trying to calm down from the rush of words she had just spoke.
Forcibly Dolores pushed Camilo out his chair, to which he groaned in pain and annoyance.
Camilo stood up from the floor confusion surfacing on his face as he looked at Dolores, rubbing is throbbing head.
“Dolores why’d you-”
“Oops! Sorry”
She cut him of quickly with an apologetic smile. Hurriedly Dolores pushed against Camilo’s back shoving him to walk towards the kitchen.
“No time for chit chat Camilo,”
Camilo filled of worry as Dolores rushed them into the kitchen. All the interactions they had with you; failed he would add, brimming it’s way to the forefront of his brain.
Those moments replaying in his mind in a loop, showing just how terribly they ended. The waves of anxiety crashing into Camilo so harshly his breathing becoming rabid and uncontrollable the feeling leaving him with uncertainty and doubt.
“But- I need to prepare myself Dolores, i don’t know what to say to her!”
They so badly wanted to run away, yes he wanted nothing then to talk to you but this pressure on his chest was just too heavy to carry.
As they entered the kitchen Dolores spun Camilo around bracing her hands on his forearms tightly. As she looked down at them her eyes softened.
The emotions that where sprayed all over his face just like paint on a canvas, was something Dolores hadn’t seen in so long.
The doubt, the worry and so much more she couldn’t decipher she hadn’t seen since his gift ceremony.
Dolores softened her voice hoping the words she said would soothe him.
“Camilo, I know this is scary. Trust me I felt the same for so long towards Mariano, but you shouldn’t sacrifice what you could have with Y/n for being able to just see her. Strive for more then that, your not as unloveable as you think. Just show her the real you and I’m sure she’d love you just as much as you love her”
Camilo blinked astonished by the heartfelt words his sister whispered, they could barely remember the last time she had said such heartwarming things to him.
To used too the teasing banter they shared. Camilo felt lost for words opening his mouth then quickly shutting it.
“Oh Dolores! Hola! And Camilo, how has your nights been?”
You cheerfully spoke, your words seeping into Camilo’s skin leaving them with goosebumps.
Dolores only gave him a sweet closed-lip smile patting his back lightly before walking away with a;
“My nights been well, thank you Y/n,”
With a shared smile to Dolores You looked towards Camilo softly greeting him.
“Hola Camilo”
“Hola-ahem, hola Y/n”
Tumblr media
Tag list;
I hope you enjoyed my lovely doves<3
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camicuddles · 6 days ago
▽‖Never Forget‖▽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing → Camilo x Reader
Genre → Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Warning → Just some Camilo angst I thought of before sleeping🙂
Word count → 1K words
Summary → Camilo's gift has a side effect were he could forgets who he is if he used his gift too much, and it looks like it's taking a lot out of him but you're there to help him through his identity crisis
Inspired by this and this
Tumblr media
It was yet another day in Encanto and it looked like the madrigals has more chores than usual, and that explains the sort of cloudy weather. You too were busy with your own chores helping your family with the store you owned, that was until you spotted a certain curly haired boy helping around. You decide to go greet your boyfriend Camilo since you were too busy this morning to meet him like you usually do and it looked like he was just as busy if not more. "Hey Camilo!" You say as you approach him but surprisingly he doesn't turn around to look at you but you are sure you're close enough for him to hear you "Camilo?" You call out again but still no reaction, you then tap his shoulder lightly making him jump and shapeshift into multiple people before turning back.
"O-oh hey amor, didn't see you there" He laughed nervously, making you give him a worried look "I called your name twice though and I'm pretty sure you heard me" You said as you cupped his face in your hands. "M-my name?" He mumbled softy looking confused. "Yeah, Camilo are you sure you're ok? Do you want me to take you back to Casita?" Now you were really worried and ready to take him back home but he gave you a nervous smile "No you don't have to do that querida, I'm fine really" Not believing his words you give him another worried/frustrated look and let go of his face, he sighed cupping your cheek in his hand "Ok how about this, I'll continue with my chores and if I don't feel too good I'll go back" You placed your hand on top of his on your cheek, leaning into his touch "Fine but as soon as you feel tired you leave whatever you're doing and rest ok?" He could tell you were REALLY worried and he appreciated it "Alright mi vida, calm down ok?" You sighed letting his hand fall from your face, then you leaned forward and pecked the tip of his nose gently "Ok, I'll stop by Casita later to check on you though alright? I gotta go back to the store" He smiles at you and leans in kissing your forehead "Alright I'll see you then mi amor" And with that you waved at him and got back to what you were doing.
The sun was already starting to set when you were done with your chores but you still had some time so check on Camilo, so once your father told you that you're done for the day you rush to the Madrigal household to check on your boyfriend as you promised. Once you got to the front door of Casita the window started moving as if it was waving at you but weirdly fast as if telling you to hurry, one you step on the tiles they immediately started moving you into the house and around it until you bumped into Pepa, who was pacing around with a thunder cloud forming above her head and when she saw you she immediately hugged you "Oh thank got you're here Y/N, I was so worried that you were not coming today" After that she started to pull you upstairs "Why? Tía Pepa, what's wrong?" You were confused but then you and Pepa came to a stop when you were in front of Camilo's door, and it was weirdly glowing a little too much making it hard to look at it properly, You then look at her with a worried expression "Camilo came back a little early today saying he wasn't feeling too well, he would not react to calling his name and then started to shapeshift into random people at weird times then rushed to his room and then locked himself in. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't let me or anyone in then his door started to glow like that. Dolores said that she could hear him mumbling your name while crying so I sent Antonio to look for you" You then looked at the door worried out of your mind trying to prosses what Pepa said, You then walk forward and knock on the door lightly "Go away!" You could feel your heart aching when you heard how hurt his voice was "Camilo? Mi vida, It's me" You then heard some shuffling before the door opened and you were pulled in and the door was locked behind you again, and the sight in front of you made your heart shatter. There was Camilo standing in front of you, his face full of tears, his eyes red and puffy from crying and he was just shapeshifting randomly but not returning to his own body, he then looked up at you with a terrified expression "I don't remember" Is all he could say as he collapsed into your arms still shapeshifting randomly "What is it amor? What don't you remember?" You ask with a worried voice you too on the verge of tears. Camilo tried to speak but he was crying too much, you try to calm him down a little so he would be able to speak. You stayed in that position for a little bit more until you pick him on his feet at walk him to the bed, when he finally spoke "I don't... I don't remember what I l-look like Y/N..." He was about to start sobbing again when you pulled him closer to you, rubbing his back soothingly "I-i don't even remember my own name..." and with that he starts to cry harder making your heart ache even more. You try to comfort him by rubbing his back and wrapping your arms tighter around his waist, pulling him closer as he cried into your shoulder.
A while later he started to calm down a little, settling on 3-5 people to shift into instead of the whole town, you then pulled away from the hug to cup his face "Is it better now? Do you still not remember?" He only shook his head and buried his face into your chest, you then had an idea to somewhat help him. "Hey Camilo" He slowly looked up at you before shapeshifting into Antonio accidently, making it easier to hold him into your chest "That's m-my name..." You smiled, nodding you reach into your bag for something "Yeah, and look here..." You pulled out a picture of you two that you took after you officially started dating, Camilo had you on his back giving you a piggy back ride around the town, looking at the picture you remember how chaotic that day was making you smile. "... This is our favorite picture of each other" He took the picture from you and looked at it before looking back up. "T-that's me..." He points at himself with an almost un-noticeable smile on his face, you hugged him tightly while smiling too. "Yeah that's you... You wanna try turning back to yourself?" He nodded and got off your lap, standing in front of you.
And there he stood, your boyfriend was back to his usual self and you couldn't help but jump into his arms burying your face into his chest. He wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer "Thanks Y/N" is all he said as he squeezed you tighter bringing you closer to him, now he doesn't go anywhere without a picture of you two that you wrote his name on it's back to make sure that he doesn't forget himself again.
Tumblr media
Hey!!! This is my first fic and i hope you enjoy✨✨♥♥♥
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camilosangelita · 3 days ago
camilo x gender neutral reader. warnings: angst? mentions of death.
summary: camilo's blossoming romance with the reader is put to an end after recent current events.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I'm going back to 505!"
Camilo would never forget the day you two met.
He was admiring you from his balcony, watching you twirl around the town's plaza as some of the kids you babysat circled your dancing form.
He watched the sun dance on your skin, gazing into your eyes that were practically full of life.
Unfortunately, Camilo was too busy admiring you to notice that the kids that were circling around you had stopped, pointing fingers at him and squealing.
"OOOOO!! CAMILO IS STARING AT [NAME]!" They all shouted in unison, bursting into laugher once they saw Camilo turn beet red.
"No I wasn't!" He argued back, covering his face with his yellow ruana, looking away out of embarrassment.
At this point, you've already stopped dancing, giving the kids a stern look before looking up at Camilo with a smile.
"Hey Madrigal! Wanna join us?" You shouted, bringing your hands closer to your mouth to make your voice louder for him to hear.
"Don't mind if I do!" He proudly exclaims, jumping off his balcony to dance with the person he's grown to admire the most.
"If it's a seven hour flight.."
A few weeks after you met, Camilo finally mustered up the courage to confess.
"Mi amor!" Camilo called out singsongly, throwing a couple of rocks at [Name]'s window to get their attention, hiding a bouquet of roses behind his back.
After looking out their window, [Name] went and opened the door, a blush clearly evident on their face. "I'm never gonna get used to you calling me that.."
"Well, then I suggest you start." Camilo suggested, pulling out the bouquet of roses and handed them to [Name].
"I've been admiring you for some time now.." Camilo said, biting his lip out of nervousness before looking [Name] directly in the eye. "So I was wondering if you'd be my date for Antonio's gift ceramony?"
He didn't know what he was expecting, but he didn't expect [Name] to tackle hug him into the ground. "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" They exclaimed, kissing their lover all over, hugging them so hard until Camilo was practically gasping for air.
"Or a forty-five minute drive!"
During the night of Antonio's Gift Ceramony, Mirabel told the community that the house was beginning to break, swearing on her life that she saw cracks emerge.
"Don't worry everyone! The magic is strong, just like our drinks!" Abuela joked lightheartedly, returning back to Antonio's room for the party.
Camilo rolled his eyes, not believing that Mirabel would try to pull something on Antonio's birthday. "You don't think she'd do that, would she?"
You looked back at him, shaking your head. "I don't think she would, it's not like her to lie about something serious like that.
Camilo paused, thinking that this was a problem he would deal with his family later. "The night is still young, care for one more dance?" He asked, a smile appearing on his face when you nodded your head yes.
"In my imagination, you're waitin' lyin' on your side.."
[Name]?! [NAME]!" Camilo screamed out, warm tears flowing down his cheeks.
A few minutes ago, Mirabel and Abuela argued about the magic, not knowing that all the commotion would make the house fall apart.
Camilo didn't care about his home being torn apart, or his powers being gone, however - he did care about your safety, since you were unfortunately still inside when Casita crumbled down.
Felix, who had already knew that you were gone, pulled Camilo away, despite his screams of protest telling him not to. "You're gonna hate me now, but you're gonna thank me later." Felix explained, not wanting to let him see his former loved one dead.
Eventually, Camilo did end up getting his gift back, along with his house. But no amount of magic, can replace the happiness he felt whenever you came around.
He would give it all up, if it meant dancing with you again.
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solcamilo · 7 hours ago
(f) = fluff
(a) = angst
(s) = suggestive/smut
Tumblr media
camilo x reader
to infinity (a)
i've got you (a)
since you've been gone (a)
happy birthday mi vida! (f) (a)
Tumblr media
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lariskapargitay · 5 days ago
Day 3 of Pepa and Félix headcanons, mostly about them and their kids
The second Félix found out Pepa was pregnant with Dolores he took her into his bathroom and had her watch over and over how to take care of his hair before he let her do his hair, and least twice a week. His afro was a hot mess for a little bit but by time Dolores came much less Camilo and Antonio, Pepa knew all the ins and outs on how to take care of Black hair as easily as her own
She had a hard time conceiving. It took her a while to get pregnant with Dolores and it irked her that they it took 3 years for her to get pregnant but it only took Julieta and Augustin 2 months, just like Alma and Pedro, and she was always just a few steps behind, finding out she was pregnant 3 months after her sister
Pepa being pregnant turned Félix on W A Y more than he thought he could be turned on by his wife, and he was already turned on a *LOT*
All three deliveries were super hard and long and Pepa nearly killed everyone in the Encanto with flooding the second she heard the doctor say that ‘something was wrong’ when it came to Dolores’ birth
Dolores is named after Félix’s grandmother, and her full name is Dolores Rosa (Alma’s mother) Mendoza (Felix’s last name) Madrigal
Camilo is Felix’s middle name, and his full name is Camilo Félix Mendoza Madrigal
Antonio was Pedro’s middle name, and his full name is Antonio Pedro Mendoza Madrigal
Nothing straightens out all three kids like Félix or Pepa using their full names
Félix does not get along at all with his father, and as much as he hates it, it looks to be a continuing cycle with him and Camilo
Felix’s mother is a super sweet decent kind hearted woman, but she always tried to ‘both sides’ arguments with Félix and his father, even when his father was clearly in the wrong, and it just led to him resenting her, which is why Camilo and Félix both have an unspoken agreement not to put Pepa in the middle of their fights as much as they can help it
Antonio is Pepa’s own little miracle. She had a hard time getting pregnant, which is why there’s a 6 year gap between Dolores and Camilo and a 10 year gap between Camilo and Antonio, so when the doctor said she was pregnant (at 45 at that) she couldn’t believe it. It’s also why Antonio tends to be just a little bit spoiled by everyone in the family bc they know he’s likely the last grandbaby
Alma, rather than being excited, was just scared and nervous and a little upset that Pepa got pregnant knowing what happened to Mirabel and there’s a chance it could happen with Antonio too
Félix would sing really soft sweet lullabies to the baby bumps, and when they were worked up and kicking and twisting around, his voice is what calmed them down (similar to how easily he can calm Pepa down)
Félix and Pepa genuinely think Mariano is a decent guy, but it was VERY brow raising to them both how fast he was able to move on from Isabela to Dolores much less the fact he wanted to marry her so quickly
When Camilo comes out as bi, he’s terrified how his dad will react. But Félix was so supportive and amazing and genuinely okay with it that it made Camilo want to cry
It irks Camilo that Félix tends to like his boyfriends more than his own son
Pepa’s love language is physical touch so she makes sure to be as super affectionate with all three of her kids as she can to make sure they know she loves them bc Alma was never physical with any of the triplets
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amissy-art · 7 days ago
Camilo: *shapeshifts in front of mirror* So, Dolores, Isabela, Mirabel, dad, mami, tio Bruno, oh, and this is someone new. Who is this...?
Mirabel: Hi, Camilo...what are you doing?
Camilo: Hi, Mira, I'm trying to remember who I shapeshifted into. Do you know who is it?
Mirabel: Um…you've shapeshifted into yourself...
Camilo: oh… yeah, of course…I..I'm just kidding you *nervous laugh*…shit
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justanothercamilofan · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
i asked my friends for some ideas and this one i really liked....
i can't write angst i hate everything
Part 2.
Tumblr media
Past Tense.
You and Camilo were practically attached at the hip, inseparable. There was never a moment where you two would be apart, always wanting to be around each other no matter the situation.
You were his best friend. He was your best friend.
The memories are still there, but where was the person you shared them with?
You've known him since you both were five. How you first met was rather awkward, but you remembered it all too well.
It was his gift receiving ceremony. After he had found out he had the ability to shapeshift into random people, he immediately went around the house, shifting into random guests to make them laugh. Then, he found you, in a corner, all on your own. Camilo skipped excitedly to you, transforming himself into an exact image of yourself. Your back was faced towards him. And when he tapped your shoulder, you spun around and were surprised by what you saw. Instead of laughing like Camilo had expected you to react, you cried. Tears were rolling down your cheeks and the boy in front of you quickly turned back to himself, worry written all over his face as he tried to calm you down. When you finally did, you mumbled a quiet apology for the way you acted, explaining that you were just caught off guard. He giggled and reassured you that it was okay before asking if you wanted to hang out with him. You, of course, happily agreed. A beautiful friendship blossomed on that day.
A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you reminisced. 7 years have passed, yet you were still being haunted by the bittersweet memories. Camilo, on the other hand, seemed to have forgotten you existed.
You caught sight of him from your bedroom's window. He looked... happy. Resting your chin on the palm of your hand, you watched as he led a group of kids around, shifting into different people as he laughed along with the children. You loved him, ever since you were twelve. And even now, you still do. But to him, you were nothing more than just a stranger. A stranger you've made memories with.
It's rather unfair, don't you think? It's cruel, watching the person you love the most slowly drift away from you. Who else is there to blame but yourself? You could've changed this. You had every chance to do so, still you chose to stand by and let it all happen.
You snapped yourself out of your internal monologue, gazing over Camilo once more. He grew taller, now that you've realized it. He was still as handsome as ever, of course. You were both 22 now, time flies so quickly.
You heard an unfamiliar voice call out to him. A woman, who looked like she was about your age, approached Camilo. You noticed how he smiled at her, it was the same smile he used to give you. They looked at each with pure love and adoration, it made you sick. You then stepped away from the window, unable to handle the heaviness in your heart.
Oh, what you wouldn't give to turn back the clock. To see him smile at you again, to hear the sound of his laughter at your stupid jokes once more. But as painful as it is to admit, time doesn't stop for anybody, nor does it go back. Moving forward is your only option.
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caramellahoney · 4 days ago
"PART I: miracle."
pairings: Husband-Dad! Camilo x Fem! Reader
genre: ANGST!
warning/s: Abuela's trauma, gunshots, injuries, mentions of blood and wounds
A/N<3: Everyone is aged up by 12 years ; Camilo is 27 , your kids are 4 , Antonio is 17 and so on. This is going to be a series btw ^^
PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5
Houses burned to the ground as the streets of Encanto are set on fire. Screams are heard as the panic in town is growing out of control while men on horses race through the streets chasing and intimidating people away. The villagers start running, belongings in hand- holding each other close. Alma looks behind her-terrified. Memories of her past race through her head yet there is no time to reminisce because they had to leave. Right now.
“Everyone! Stay close!” Mirabel holds Alma’s waist, supporting the elderly woman as they start to cross the river. The same river where they were given their miracle. In her hand, Mirabel holds the candle-helping them light their way through. Luisa scans the crowd to make sure everyone is doing fine. She catches sight of her primo Camilo struggling to hold all his belongings together and rushes over.
“Here let me help, I’ll handle this. Keep your sons safe Camilo.” Luisa easily hoists all his bags up on her shoulder, immediately moving away to help another couple. Camilo thanks her and immediately takes his two sons in his arms, hushing their cries.
“Don’t cry, Fernando..it’s ok. Mi vida, stay close!” Camilo shouts, turning his head to make sure his wife was still following them. Y/N nods, gripping the back of his ruana when the river currents got stronger. She turns her head to see their town burning in the distance, the once lively village now looking like hell on earth. The woman looks around her and sees kids crying, couples holding each other close, and then she hears screaming. So much screaming.
“¡Ayúdeme! I’m injured!” Y/N whips her head behind her, she squints her eyes and catches sight of a teenager. The poor girl was desperately trying to catch up with the crowd but her sprained foot was making it hard for her cross the river. She immediately leaves Camilo’s side, ignoring his shouts as she runs towards the teenager.
“Amor! Luisa will help her!”
”Mami! Come back!”
“Luisa is busy! Someone needs to help!” She shouts as she hoists the teen in her arms. Camilo looks at his wife, panicking, he wanted to run after her but his sons were still in his arms. The shapeshifter nearly falls over when a strong wave passed through, crying erupted from Fernando and Elias again.
Camilo holds them close and in a split-second, he makes a decision. Camilo shapeshifts so his legs are longer so he could easily cross the river. ‘Keep your sons safe Camilo.’ Luisa’s words echo in his mind as he pushes through and finally reaches the other side, still holding his sons in his arms.
“Papa!” Elias cried, clutching his father’s shirt tightly. Camilo pressed kisses on both his son’s faces, promising that soon enough they’d be safe. As chaos swirls around them, Camilo turns back to see Y/N having difficulty crossing the river. Luisa approaches the woman and Y/N quickly hands the teen over to her.
Y/N nearly falls over when she hears a sudden bang, an excruciating burning pain shooting through her abdomen. She looks back to where the horsemen are coming from. The soldiers are slowly getting closer and closer. Panicking, she starts to push against the river currents -adrenaline pumping through her veins. Pepa surveys the crowd and screams for her daughter-in-law, a hurricane starting to form around her.
“Y/N! Hold on to those rocks! I’ll come get you, amor!” Camilo passes his sons over to his brother Antonio. He was about to run into the river to help his wife but Felix holds him back.
“Hijo! No! The currents are too strong!” Camilo doesn’t listen and screams, struggling in Felix’s grasp. He grows more and more desperate as the horsemen grew closer. Y/N looks into Camilo’s eyes, fear growing as his emotions started to build up.
Once she was close enough, she desperately leaps up. Her fingers dug into the sand as she tried to heave herself up. Felix finally lets go of Camilo, both of them running over to help. Camilo easily pulls her up to the ground, he wasted no time and immediately held her close. He kisses her all over her face, tears of relief falling down his cheeks- however, their reunion is cut short as the people start racing away again.
The horsemen start to cross the river but are suddenly blown away by strong winds, Camilo looks towards his mother-Pepa had an angry expression on her face as she screamed at the soldiers. From the corner of his eyes, Camilo sees Mariano cover Dolores’ ears as thunder and lightning start to strike the skies. The men try to get back on their horses but Isabella stops them and holds them back with thick vines, rendering them immobile.
“Everyone! Let’s go! Just keep moving!” Mirabel shouts, chaos breaks out again as people scramble to follow her. Camilo holds Y/N by the waist while they both run together. The shapeshifter glanced at Antonio to make sure his sons were okay.
Antonio had his nephews tightly clasped in his grasp, his jacket thrown over them so they wouldn’t get wet from the rain. Camilo breathes a sigh of relief as he follows the crowd, the burning village slowly fading away from his sight. ‘Damn the village, as long as his family was fine then things would be alright.’
“Let’s set camp here everyone!” The crowd reached a field, Isabella quickly created large trees around the area to help keep them hidden. Although they were already far away from the village, it didn’t hurt to be safe. Camilo promptly left his wife so he could get their bags from Luisa.
Y/N looked around her again, she couldn't hear screaming anymore but people still looked shaken up. Antonio caught her gaze, smiling, he started to walk towards her. The teen was about to hand his nephews over to her but froze when he noticed something. He quickly shielded Fernando and Elias’s gaze away as hot blood started pouring out of her mouth.
“C-CAMILO!” Antonio shouted for his brother when she suddenly stumbled to the ground. People whipped their heads around, gasping at the horrifying scene.
Pepa pushed through the crowds and let out a blood-curdling scream. She rushed over, holding the girl in her arms- panicking when she felt blood seep onto her hands. She turned Y/N over, growing pale at the growing dark red bloom on her stomach.
“JULIETTA! JULIETTA COME QUICK!” Pepa wails, the skies rumbling and getting darker. Camilo perked up hearing the screams of his mother, a sinking feeling growing in his gut. Was someone injured? He quickly heaves the bags on his shoulder and starts jogging over to his mama. As he pushed through the crowd, his ears picked up on the worried shouts around him.
“Blood! There’s blood!”
“There was a gun! I swore I heard it!”
“Señora Y/N!”
“Mama! Mama!”
“Is there any food?! Agustin! Go get my bag!”
Camilo felt his heart drop, he immediately threw the bags on the ground and started running. People around him were clearly panicked but he still had no idea how bad it was. He finally reaches Y/N and he starts to realize the gravity of the situation. Camilo was horrified but he couldn't bring himself to move. He just stares, shaking, stunned, and scared. He felt helpless, all he could do was wait for a miracle.
taglist (send an ask to be added): part two will be posted in a bit ^^
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camilosluvr · 14 days ago
Camilo Madrigal x Male Reader
Loner! Reader goes to camilo for comfort after a panic attack (TW: Self harm, anxiety, depression, he/him pronouns for camilo and he/they pronouns for reader and black reader also this is kinda a vent)
You were always a loner since the day you could walk, nobody really wanted to hang out with you because you were 'weird' so you didn't have any friends and you were fine with that but because of that, you were sort of a 'problem child' and you were dubbed the 'bad' child of your family, unlike your little sister who was an 'angel' and never did anything wrong but she did in-fact do wrong things but it was always 'She's just younger than you! She doesn't know better' even though she was only a year younger than you.
You didn't exactly hate your parents but you did dislike them for how differently they treated you and your sister, sometimes you would overhear them speaking about you and how you were different than your elder brothers, them and everyone in the family and it was mostly after dinner and you would be sitting at the top of the stairs just staring at nothing as you listened.
It didn't hurt you because you've been hearing the same thing over and over all your life from the same people, your sibling weren't mean to you and you didn't hate them but you disliked them either way because you were jealous, you never got anything while they got everything especially your sister, your elder brothers were twins and they were mischievous and loved to prank you all the time and mostly it was drenching you with water.
You didn't have any friends so you were alone a lot and you got bullied for it and at first it didn't bother you but as time went on, the bulling got worse and it started to bother you to the point that you started to gain anxiety and depression and that's when you realized that you did care that your parents didn't pay that much attention to you, you did care that no one would talk to you and you did care that you were a loner.
But, that didn't change anything because you still didn't really make any attempt at making friends because you were too nervous and shy so you still had no friends until one day, a afro-latino boy with chin-length curly brown hair approached you, he was wearing a ruana that had different shades of orange and yellow on it with a few small chameleons on it with a white button up shirt underneath that had chameleons on the collar and the collar was popped up and the sleeves were cuffed up to his fore-arm, he had black pants on that were loose around his skinny legs with black sandals with white chameleons on them and he had brown skin with freckles all over his face with big brown eyes to match.
You didn't know why a madrigal was approaching you or why anyone in general was approaching you so you just kept calm despite you panicking inside, turns out camilo actually wanted to be friends with you as he thought you were cool and you not having any friends, you became friends with him and because you wanted to be friends with camilo as you thought he was cool too, he could shape-shift and do many other things and he was nice so it made sense that you wanted him to be your friend.
Eventually, one thing led to another and you two ended up dating and it was the best thing that had happened to you, camilo was always there for you if you had a panic attack or when your insecurities bothered you and if he couldn't be there for whatever reason, the thought of him was enough to calm you and help though he'd always apologize if he found out that you had a panic attack and he wasn't there to help you, he was such a sweetheart and had such a kind heart.
That's why you needed him now, you felt like the worse thing ever just happened to you though you felt that way whenever you had a panic attack, you had just got into an argument with your mother and you had stormed out immediately after , she said something that for the first time ever in a long time, hurt your feelings and because of that, you felt weak and pathetic.
It shouldn't have hurt your feelings that much as you already knew that you were a disappointment but you just didn't want to hear her say it, so now you were walking to casita in the middle of the night as you scratched your neck harshly with open wounds on your arms and lip, you had done this to yourself and you haven't done this in a while as you hadn't had a panic attack this bad in a while.
You were breathing heavily as tears streamed down your face, you saw yourself as the same ten year old boy who would cry in the rain whenever they were bullied, whenever his parents would talk about how different he was, whenever they would see their siblings getting showered with attention and gifts, whenever they saw their cousins and siblings with friends.
The same weak little ten year old that would cry whenever they got their feelings hurt but over-time you learned to hide your emotions and control them but it didn't make you any less sad but you tried it convince yourself that it didn't bother you but it did, it ate away at you even with camilo there to help.
You stopped walking as you reached casita and the windows flapped which meant 'Are you okay?' and you didn't respond to the question you just held your head down "Just get camilo, please.." You said as your voice cracked as the tears started running down your neck now, casita did as you asked and woke up camilo by shaking the floorboards underneath his bed waking him up with a startle.
He stood on the floor as he yawned and wiped his eyes then casita led him to the door and urged him to open the door even though he wasn't fully awake "Okay, okay.." He mumbled as he brushed his hair out of his eyes, he opened the doors to reveal you "Amor, I'm glad to see..you.." He said put then drifted his words off as he looked at you more carefully, you had blood oozing out the small wounds on your neck from your excessive scratching which you were still doing, you had blood oozing out the cuts on your wrist and tears streaming down your face and into the wounds on your neck as you looked at him with the most saddened and fearful look he'd ever seen.
His eyes widened and he grabbed both your hands, stopping your scratching and he dragged you inside and looked at you with concern as casita shut the doors "Amor, what happened? Are you alright?" Camilo stammered as he was now fully awake but he made sure to stay quiet so he didn't wake up anyone else as dolores probably could hear him and probably heard whatever happened to you "I just need you right now.." You said as your voice cracked and you leaned into camilo's arms and sobbed into his arms.
You felt like a burden to camilo but you couldn't stop your body from going to him, camilo was very concerned for you so he shifted into luisa so he could be able to carry you to his room, he couldn't just go wake up juileta to help you because everyone would wake up and you didn't like everyone knowing your business and he had ate all the leftovers so there was going to be no food made by julieta until tomorrow so he was just going to tend to your wounds until he could get his hands on some of her food.
He dropped you on his bed as he shifted into himself, he went around to find the first-aid kit he had in his room as you just sat there feeling bad, you didn't want to come here as you felt that you were a burden to camilo and his family but your body led you here as you really did want to be here but you just didn't want to be a burden though camilo reminded you many times that you're not a burden and that it's okay to ask for help or want help.
Camilo had found the first-aid and he ran over to you, he started patching up your arms as you watched the blood soak through the first layer of white wraps as he wrapped it around your arm, you didn't understand why camilo chose you, why he chose you to be his friend, why he chose you to date and why he chose to care about you more than anyone else did "Camilo..?" You mumbled as you looked at the afro-latino boy, camilo didn't look at you as he was too busy patching up your wounds "Yes amor?" He said in response as he moved onto your other arm.
You sighed as you wiped your tears that had stopped flowing down your brown cheeks "Why do you love me..why do you care about me?" You said as your brows furrowed at the boy, not in a angry way but in a sad or upset way.
Camilo paused for a second before looking up at you "I love you because you're nice, you're an amazing person and because you're you." Camilo said as he set the bandages on the bed beside your thigh "And, I care for you because I love you." He said as he put both of his hands on the sides of your face to look at you in the eye.
"I love you corazòn...and don't you ever forget that."
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ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ɪ'ᴅ ᴡᴀɪᴛ ꜰᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ (2)
Tumblr media
(part one)
pairing: camilo madrigal x f!reader
summary: he spots you in the corner, watching them all dance while you quietly tap your feet to the beat of the song. he's intrigued by your lonely glance, or more so the way you make his heart lurch in his chest
warnings: arranged marriage, angst
a/n: i never really intended to make a second part to the first one, but i just couldn't let it be. ik that this is short, it's because i don't have much planned for this storyline and just want to see a bittersweet ending :)
camilo masterlist
This was torture, Camilo though, pure, sadistic torture brought on by some sort of powerful being controlling his life.
You were everywhere he'd look, your smile practiced and forced, hand flexing as it was enveloped by another, one you severely wanted to escape from.
And from time to time he'd catch you glancing at him, giving him one of your genuine grins, the ones that made his breathing seize in his lungs.
There were moments where he doubted his composure, wondering how bad it would be if he just ran towards you, leading you away from Andre, from your parents, from the world, as he took you back to the garden, back to where you two felt safe.
But as much as the soul inside him twisted and churned, he had to pretend, pretend that he wasn't in love and his heart was cracking with every minute, and pretend that being a Madrigal was all he was good for.
"Well," He walked around, peeking out from the corner of his gaze to make sure the two of you were alien, grabbing your wrist gently as he pressed it to his lips, "I could dump him in a ditch. I shift to him, we get married," He kissed your palm, "All's good with the world."
You could tell he was joking, only trying to ease your frayed nerves, but you giggled sadly, leaning into his chest, your chin atop his collarbone as you peered up, placing small kisses on his nose as you settled down comfortably atop him.
"As much as I appreciate the thought," You squeezed his hand, "I'd rather you not dirty your reputation."
You felt his chest tighten underneath you, the obvious range he held towards his name, the fact that the two of you were forced to act as perfect children of your families riddling his mind.
"Damn the Madrigal name, then," He whispered, voice dripping with loathing and anger, "Damn them all."
Yes, damn them all. Straight to the fiery pits of hell.
But at the end of the day, he could never wish harm upon his loved ones, no matter how much he detested the vile image they had to uphold.
No matter how much he wishes he was somebody else, for once in this life he didn't know who to change to to make this situation better.
All Camilo could care for was having you resting atop his chest, holding you flush to him as he traced gentle patterns atop your shirt, the frivolous moments one he knew he'd have to hold on to for as long as he could.
How can one stop time?
It is a feat unknown to man, an unanswered question that was left alone for centuries.
Yet Camilo wondered if he could do it here, do it so that he could freeze your frame as you walked down the aisle, freeze the way the dress rested atop you as if it was a cloud flowing around the sky.
Freeze this moment in which you seemed to be a goddess sent from the heavens above, with your face held down as you walked closer and closer to him, your smile soft and endearing, as it always seemed to be.
Yet he wished he could freeze time as you walked past him, his heart sinking when he watched you near the altar, the man's outstretched hand anything but his, a cruel reminder that Camilo was nor a god nor a man.
Just a boy who fell in love with the wrong person.
And as he pulled you in for your first kiss, one Camilo knew was a lie, he clapped gently, just as he always did for you, and always would continue to do.
Names be damned,
All Camilo wanted was you.
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