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Dolores: So what does it eat?
Camilo: Updog.
Antonio: [starts breakdancing]
Camilo: Not yet. Wait until she asks what that is.
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bruno-madrigals-wife · a day ago
Isabela: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl.... Mirabel: .... Dolores: ..... Luisa: ...... Camilo: ..Who? Isabela: That's the thing we don't- *Everyone stares at Person D*
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wabadabashabadaba · 9 days ago
ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍꜱ//ᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴏ ᴍᴀᴅʀɪɢᴀʟ
Synopsis: CaMiLoOo SaYs "Mi ViDaA, Won't tell ya, read the thing." Okay, okay.
Have you ever seen dreams, with extremely vivid faces present in them? As If the person was right in front of you, tangible and warm. Camilo was surely about to see that type of dream. Watching your lips tremble and twist in agony, as you layed under the debris of crumbled Casita. The problem is, he could not tell, whether It is real or not.
TW: Hurt to comfort. Mentions of death, blood, injury and loss of a loved one. Camilo is having a breakdown while the reader is shitting themselves. Reader uses they/them while Camilo goes by he/him.
Word count: Very small just like squidward nose. The idea itself is more like a prompt anyways-
A/N: What's up Encanto fandom. To those who have requested from me already(and have been waiting for 28783704 days) I am genuinely sorry, I wanted to post this first because this is something I started a long time ago. I'll complete your requests ASAP. Basha was a stupid bitch and injured her leg, so I won't get to do anything but this anyways- Shout out to my boy Juan Karlos and his song "Buwan" because this song was my greatest inspiration for this.
Camilo blinked away the dust in his eyes. As he desperately coughed up the precipitate in his lungs, the boy could only stare at the ruins of what he once called home. The flame of their familial candle flickered away, so did the spirits of the Madrigals. He could feel it in his body, that his gift was fading away. What was he, without it? Just Camilo. But who was Camilo? Without shape-shifting, is he still able to call himself a Madrigal?
The boy stumbled towards Dolores, to check up on her state. His wrist was still sore, from the fall he took earlier. Camilo's head was loud with thoughts, overlapping and forming unimaginable knots. He could barely process what has happened. Reality was slipping out of his pained grasp, yet his number one priority stayed his family.
"Dolores, how are you?" He softly grasped the shoulder of his older sister, snapping the female out of her lost state. She slowly nodded, deeply sighing from the overwhelming quietness in her head. It was louder than the constant chattering and sounds that filled up her ears on the daily. No more of Casita's squeaking and drumming. Just silence, which was louder than bombs to Dolores. They were all stupefied from this, and Camilo wished they could just continue to stay still, avoiding the fact that they no longer have their identities.
Camilo looked around, pushing away the curly hair trying to slip into his eyes, capturing the image of his family. They looked like empty shells. Tia Julieta was struggling to find some sort of medicine for the injuries of her family members. His mother and father were comforting Antonio. Poor Antonio, Casita going down was incredibly unfair by itself, but especially to his little brother. He had just got his gift a few weeks ago. Abuela darted from one spot to another, as If she was trying to avoid the rumble, questioning each family member. It was quite the moment of despair for everyone, and all Camilo wanted to do was be in the comfort of your arms. But, where were you exactly?
He took another good glance at the people around him, he peeked around the ruins, yet you were not to be found anywhere. The male gulped down a sick thought, trying to stay positive. Yet his hands were beginning to tremble, as he dashed towards his grandmother.
"Abuela, have you seen Y/N?" His voice was raspy from the dust in the air, perhaps that was also the reason for Abuela's swollen eyes. She became worried upon hearing her grandson's words, Y/N was a part of the family at this point. Them and Camilo had been inseparable, ever since the two created a stronger bond. Alma counted down all the people standing around, only to be left with a grim realization. One was missing. Y/N wasn't there. That means, she can only be in the house.
Upon learning the terrifying prospect, the entire family dashed inside of what proudly stood as Casita before. Pepa shakily yelled out Y/N's name, no storm cloud forming above her head this time. Isabela was sprinting around the parts of the walls, doors, calling out his lover's name. His Amor. His Corazon. Camilo was pleading everything in the universe, to find you safely sitting somewhere in a pocket created by Casita. For you to see him, and launch for a bone-crashing hug, so that you two could live through this time together. Camilo ever so much needed to see your glistening eyes, filled to the brim with joy and hope. And suddenly, he heard a weak cough. His head snapped towards the sound, only to be left in utter horror.
The male immediately crumbled by your side, screaming out your name. A large piece of debris has fallen onto your legs, it seems as though Casita wasn't able to protect both you and Mirabel. Camilo scraped his hands, trying to move away the obstacle while calling to his family members. He kept on reassuring that you will be fine, that he was going to get you out of this. Camilo tried so hard, that cuts started to form on his skin, staining the rock with blood.
"Camilo.." You reached for him, stiff as a wooden doll. Gasping from the lack of stamina and the profuse adrenaline, he ended his futile attempts, waiting for the others to rush for your help. He could definitely get you out of this, everything was going to go back to normal eventually. And you were going to be by his side, as thing swayed back into their lane.
"It will be alright mi vida, we will get you out of here. You will be fine." Your eyes creased, as a bittersweet smile stretched onto your face. The boy has never seen an emotion like this on your beautiful features, and he hated it. He just wanted for everything to go back to normal, or at the very least for all his loved ones to stay safe, you especially. You were his light, someone who helped him strive for self-love and acceptance. Your warm embrace could rival any remedy in the world, and your smile was the cause of the endless butterflies in his stomach. But the dusted, bloodied you brought nothing but tears. Camilo had to face the fact. He couldn't protect you, he had failed.
"Camilo, I can't feel my legs" Sobbing, he grabbed your hand. It was so unusually cold compared to what Camilo remembered it to be like. Soft and warm.
"Lo siento, mi amor. Lo siento, It's all my fault." Your hand now slid up to his cheek, staining it with bits of your own blood. You hushed him, lightly shaking your head.
"None of this is your fault 'Milo, you did your best. I'm gonna be alright, you said so yourself." With each word, your chest became tighter and tighter. Both of you subconsciously knew that you were lying. Camilo's family was standing behind the two of you, watching the whole scene unfold. Not even Luisa now would be able to lift that piece of debris, that held you pinned to the ground. Pepa was sobbing into Felix's arms, nobody wanted to disturb your bidding of goodbyes.
"Yes, mariposa, you are going to be just fine. I promise you." He mirrored your smile, as it was the only thing he knew how to do best. You buried your fingers in the boy's soft curls, knowing this will be the last thing you feel. Suddenly, you began repeating his name. Louder and louder, the world around Camilo was warping, until...
"Camilo! Camilo wake up already!" The boy sprung up with a loud pant, clutching the hem of his shirt. That earned a surprised yelp from you, Camilo's eyes darting anxiously around the room. He was fine. It was just a bad dream.
"Amor, you were having a nightmare. Are you okay? You were-" Before you could finish that sentence, your partner clung to you ever so firmly, almost crushing you with his embrace. As If you were just another quickly evaporating dream, about to disappear into thin air. And leave him alone, once again. A stream of tears poured onto your shoulder, forming wet trails on your back. Reciprocating the hug, you cooed your significant other, slowly rocking him back and forth.
You woke up from Camilo's sudden troubled moves on the bed, only to notice that he has shape-shifted into you. That gave you a momentary scare, before you noticed how much he was in distress. In fact the Madrigal was drenched in cold sweat, tossing and turning in his sleep. You tried to quietly shake him awake, as to not wake up his sensitive to sounds sister, yet that was a fruitless attempt. So you kept whispering his name, concerned for the state of your beloved. And now he was in your arms, crying as If there was no tomorrow.
Slowly but surely, Camilo's gasps and tears came to a stop, yet the grip on your form stayed. He managed to choke out,
"I saw you... when Casita fell. Y-you were stuck." Your heart painfully stung at his words and tone, squeezing him tightly.
"A-and I couldn't do anything. It was so scary I-i thought I lost you.." The painful lump began forming in his throat again. You had never witnessed the smug and constantly joking Camilo this vulnerable. It pained you to hear his voice cracking, his breath hitching and his heart pounding as loud as a marching band against your ribcage.
"Shh, shh.. It's alright mi amor, It's alright.." You soothingly rubbed circles on his tensed back, continuing to cradle his figure.
"I'm here, I'm safe. Everyone is okay." Camilo's breathing leveled out, and he slowly looked up to you, eyes red and puffy from the stinging tears. You looked back at him, and so vividly, you were able to see the relief across his face. He buried himself into your shoulder, basking in your warmth, the one he knew and adored so much.
"I love you, Y/N. Please, don't leave me. " You cupped his cheeck, no blood staining his caramel skin now. "I won't, Camilo. I love you too."
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camileeon · 7 days ago
Ayoooo congrats on 200+ my homie :0 For the event, could I have B 8 please for a Camilo x Gn!reader fic? With mutual pining too please >:)
🍵- You.. you're the only one that's able to make me feel this way.
🦋- GN!Reader (they/them) x Camilo (he/him
🍊- gonna stay awake for a few more hours before i pass out from lack of sleep/j THANK YOU FOR UR REQUEST! HOPE YALL ENJOY💗
“hey you owe me arepas!
“i owe you nothing idiot!”
They continued bickering before going into the shape shifter's room and closing the door, grabbing the vibrant makeup palette in hand and held him down to stay still.
Y/n stayed over casita for the afternoon on a weekend, spending their hours mostly with the mischevious camilo madrigal. They had been friends since antonio's gifting and to put it simply, one would go where the other went. They stuck to eachother through the thickest and thins and swore to never leave either one's side no matter the circumstance.
Although.. these past few weeks seemed a little off to one of the infamous gifted, Dolores had been seeing the two getting "too close" through how they acted around eachother and the tone indicated through their voices messed with her mind a little, despite all she thought and what she pondered on she was the surest of sures that there was something going on between them. The two continued to squabble around, y/n eventually had sat on camilo's lap to hold him still and to maybe pinch his ear if he moved “would you stay still?” they chuckled quietly before brushing their hand over his cheek as they applied the eyeshadow on his eyes, handing a mirror to him to see how he'd react.
Camilo chuckled as he brought the mirror up closer to his eyes “alright it looks great! You still owe me those arepas as payment for letting you do this on me!” he laughed before just realizing that y/n had sat on them ever since earlier, a light tint of crimson appearing on his cheeks before going back to his usual smug expression “I can't move because your on top of me.” he spoke softly, tucking a few strands of hair that covered their features behind their ear. Y/n softly hummed at his statement, a smile appearing on their lips before beginning to retort “have you ever thought that maybe the problem isn't me sitting under you but you sitting under me?” The chameleon couldn't help but just look up at them in thought, trying to answer them but his words die on the tip of his tongue. A knock disrupts the comfortable silence between the two stacked up on eachother, his older sister peeps her head in the room with a smile “sorry to interrupt you two, But mami told us to run some errands camilo and it can't really wait.” She spoke with an apologetic grin, y/n stood up from their position “no problem, i have to help out papa as well anyway. see you tomorrow!” they bid a smile at camilo and her elder sister before leaving the shapeshifter's room.
Dolores immediately gave his hermano a look, going to have to go through every single thing she has said all over again.
“You still haven't told them have you?”
“tell them what??” he says as he held the mirror in hand, looking at the makeup that was put on his eyes.
“Oh you're irritating, you know what!” Dolores whispered in an aggravated manner as she watched the distracted chameleon, not even bothering to face her
“you're not removing that anytime soon are you?” dolores remarks, crossing her arms.
“i-” he was cut off as he faced his hermana once more but his eyes still wandered around the room.
A silent but skin piercing stare from his sister was all he could've felt at that point
“ Camilo they like you! I've heard them rattle and ramble so much about you at the same time you do about them and it's becoming annoying. This can't wait any longer, how many times do i have to say it?” She sat beside him, hearing every word in town does give an advantage when it comes to these things. Camilo tries to retort once more but Dolores was quick to saving him the effort of continuing with his repeated excuses.
“But they're like a sibling to m-”
“Hermano look.. with things like these, it's better to take advice from people who have gone through it already in different ways. If you'd want to get somewhere with them, i suggest you initiate and shoot your shot.. Take it from me please.” Dolores lays a hand on his shoulder before giving it a comforting squeeze, standing up to get ready to go run errands with him.
Weeks past since that conversation with the his gifted hermana, the shapeshifter can't help but ponder about the advice given to him. I mean what would really be the worst scenario if he does get turned down? The twon of encanto was just a small community after all, everyone knew everyone and was bound to bump into eachogther once more if they were to avoid eachother. Sure his pride may have gotten hurt but surely that would've been the least of his worries? Right? A hand laid on his head, making him flinch at the sudden contact “hey hey it's me, you okay..? I mean you were pretty lost in thought there.” y/n spoke as they sat on a hill near casita, camilo felt his heart thumping deeply against his ribs. The boy in yellow clutched his chest as he faced the other besides them, feeling his face heat up as his gaze met theirs. “y/n i've got something to tell you for awhile now..” he starts of calmly
“i actually really like you ever since we met.. well no.. i love you and you are the only one who makes me feel like the happiest guy in the world, you always find a way to put a smile on my face, you find a way to complete me-” he watched their reaction, finding a smile on their face as they continued to listen “butofcourseimeanifyoudon'tfeelthesamewayit'stotally-” just before he finished on rambling he was interrupted by a kiss on his nose given by them. Y/n watched as the poor boy's face light up a tint of pure crimson, laughing at him quietly “from that reaction of yours, you seemed to like what i just did.. didn't you?” they whispered in his ear, leaning closer to him as he nods gently “mm.. could you maybe do it again a few more times? Just to make sure.”
“it'd be my pleasure to.”
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deus-lapidis · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am most definitely only seeing things, but i want it to be true
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Isabela: Camilo. That’s a rock.
Isabela: It. Is a rock.
Isabela: It’s a ROCK!
Isabela: IT’S A ROCK!!!
Dolores: *wheezing from the kitchen*
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arepacuacamilo · 3 days ago
Even though it looks mean, I still want it
Tumblr media
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melthedwarf · 12 days ago
Headcanon Idea
Bruno, Felix and Agustín get along great. It's already canon that Felix and Agustín get along, with Bruno it could be even better!
Imagine them all relaxing and being fed up with everything while Pepa is storming, Mirabel is playing with Antonio, and Camilo is just being Camilo!
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kude-kude · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
He never recovered from that
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chruper · 19 days ago
Oh the diversity
You know what, I just love how we get Camilo being an absolute cutie, mama's boy etc.
Tumblr media
But then there's
Tumblr media
Disney making such good characters the side ones hurts 😭😭
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iyahpostsstuff · 8 days ago
He smile slightly scares me
Tumblr media
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bruno-madrigals-wife · 22 days ago
Mirabel: Can you please be serious for 5 minutes
Camilo: My record is 4, but I think I can do it..
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ldquin · 9 days ago
camilo: my sarcastic humor is rooted from my deep-seated abandonment and trust issues that i got from the way the town treated me and my gift all these years
mirabel: so do you want the last arepa or not
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tishalfdeadwaffles · 8 days ago
Pepa and her kids had it best when the miracle disappeared honestly since their gifts were equally curses too.
Pepa was able to feel things without supressing herself in fear of changing the weather. She could cry normally and react to stuff and feel less responsible for wetting people due to her feelings.
Dolores was able to be louder than ever and jump around and venture instead of tiptoe. Her sleep probably became better because she won't have to listen to EVERYTHING.
Camilo was getting more used to being himself and people around him started accepting him for who he was instead of needing him to be someone else.
Antonio seemed to still have a good relationship with animals even without his gift if i remember correctly
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mochivamp · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t have explanations for any of these
Tumblr media
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Camilo: I’ve committed all seven deadly sins this week.
Dolores: Wrath?
Camilo: I punched Mirabel.
Mirabel: Envy?
Camilo: Jealous of Isabela’s room.
Isabela: …Lust?
Camilo: I… uh… my crush.
Luisa: Camilo no
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arepacuacamilo · 5 days ago
he supports you to do what you want to do
Tumblr media
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peaches-in-a-pancake · 20 days ago
i found a hour and 10 minute loop of Camilo/Dolores' part in "We don't talk about Bruno"
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kude-kude · 18 days ago
swearing TW
- Camilo is weirdly curvy for yknow..being a boy or whatever. Or at least is considered so. He’s super insecure about it. His poncho/rauna (wtf is it called) (besides being traditional n shit) hides all that stuff for him and he doesn’t take it off unless he absolutely has to
- If you dare ever ask his about his gender/sexuality, he’ll smile smugly and/or laugh, maybe throw in a “well, yknow.” And then smoothly change the subject. He has no idea and will stay up all night thinking about it afterwards.
- He has shapeshifted into his female relatives to try out being all feminine n stuff. He kinda liked it, but would never admit it.
- He grew his hair out way too long once, immediately felt weird, and cut it ASAP.
- After the events of the movie, he defenitely snuck questions like “so.. did you see my dream last night? Crazy, wasn’t it?”, “what do screams taste like, tio Bruno?”, and all that to Bruno. Also a few height jokes.
- He twirls and is all dramatic cuz he’s convinced it makes him look awesome (it does)
- A very obvious people pleaser. He can’t say no to anything and WILL do stuff for people if asked. No questions asked. (unless it makes him feel really bad or something).
- He never had many friends outside of family. He made fun of them a little too much and they all left him.
- He acts out dramatic plots in his room with the aid of his gift. Sometimes he‘ll go and ask Dolores if she thought it was good afterwards.
- in a modern setting/au kind of thing, he’s definitely the kind of guy to start shit over the internet and disappear. Maybe make a new account.
- The king of non chalant insults that you don’t get are insults until you think about it for a few seconds
- He absolutely holds mugs in every single way EXCEPT the right way. Its hard to tell if he seriously cant wrap his head around the REAL way to hold a mug, or if he’s just doing it to annoy people.
- He’s very flexible, like, scarily so. He can and will crab walk down the stairs.
- He falls asleep laying flat on his back, arms spread like he’s t-posing. He does not move the entire night.
- He sleeps with his eyes open if he’s REALLY tired.
- He cries VERY loudly. Hysterical noises n all. You‘ll never catch him crying, though. Only Dolores has ever heard it.
- Encourages and fuels every fear Antonio will ever have. “fuck yeah, the dark is terrifying. What if something jumps out and eats you? What if it has sharp teeth and it rips you to shreds?”
- Probably believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. still.
- VERY awkward around crushes. The love at first sight kind of guy. Usually goes all ”No thoughts, head empty” while staring at whoever his crush is. Tries to flirt but ends up saying stupid shit.
edit: I see you guys like this post. Would you consider rebloboingadoinging this post while you’re here? 😳 (my art is so much better than my HCs I promise)
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chruper · 18 days ago
Perfect male energy???
Tumblr media
i think it's obvious now that I simp for that boy (simping responsibly)
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