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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing → Camilo x Reader
Genre → Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff (again 0-0)
Word count → 1.1K
Summary → After casita came down the Madrigals needed a place to stay till it was rebuilt, your parents offer to take in Pepa, Felix and their kids but Camilo is acting out of character and you try to talk to him about it but he keeps denying it until you wake up to him shaking in his sleep
A/N → Just a useless fact: I live for this smile now👆 :)
Tumblr media
Ever since Pepa and her kids started to stay with your family till their house was rebuilt you had no problem spending some quality time with Camilo, but you noticed that he's been a bit too quiet for his usual cheerful self and you couldn't help but start to worry about him and every time you tried to ask him about it he would brush it off as nothing, saying that he was just tired but you didn't believe him.
Today was just another one of those days with Camilo being strangely quiet and but it seems like you weren't the only one picking up on his strange behavior, all day it seems like he was trying to avoid people as much as possible and at dinner he barely ate anything then excusing himself saying that he wasn't that hungry, Pepa and Felix has noticed their son's strange behavior and tried asking you about it in hopes of you knowing anything. You then decided to get to the  bottom of this and not leaving Camilo until he tells you what's wrong or at least saying that he doesn't feel comfortable to talk about it, sure that would hurt a little Knowing that there is something bothering him and not being able to help but you understood, sadly when you went back to your room that you shared with Dolores and Camilo you found him already asleep on your bed, you sat beside him as you tugged the blanket onto him properly then rubbed his arm gently, sighing as you leaned down to kiss his temple before Laying down behind him pulling his against your chest making him turn in his sleep and wrap his arms around your waist nuzzling his face into the crock of your neck deciding to ask him the next day.
Later that night you felt Camilo turning in his sleep while his breath quickened, when you set up to look at him properly he was trembling and starting to sweat, when started to shake him awake he jolted up almost bumping his head in yours. his breathing was uneven and his hands were shaking as if he saw a ghost "Hey, hey amor it's alright ok? Just breath with me" You started to take deep breaths motioning him to follow your actions, when his breathing went down hw pulled you into his arms and buried his face in your chest his body still shaking a little "Do you wanna talk about it?" He only shook his head in response, you then thought of a way to calm him a little, then it hit you "Hey you wanna go for a little walk? It's a nice night" He pulled away slightly looking out of the window, the moon was almost full shining brightly and the stars were decorating the dark sky like the freckles on Camilo's face. He then nodded and started to let go, he changed into his button up shirt and ruana in the bathroom as you changed in your room and before you sneak out of the window you wrote a note and left it on your desk incase you didn't return before sunrise then you were on your way.
You two walked around the town in comfortable silence when you reached for his hand interlocking your fingers, leading him into the trees surrounding Encanto "Where are we going?" He asked in a whisper that you were sure if you weren't that close you wouldn't hear it "Just trust me" You then continue to drag him around the forest till you reached a cliff where you can see the whole town and if you look up you can see the night sky clearly, there weren't any trees or huge bushes on the cliff, only a few flowers and tiny bushes. You then let go of his hand and walk towards one of the bushes beside you, pulling a thin blanket and setting it down on the ground so you two can sit comfortably. "When did you find this place?" He was clearly amazed by the view from that cliff "Dolores showed it to me a few days before the whole... Magic accident, and I thought I could bring you here to calm down" he smiled and sat down, his side facing the town while you laid on his chest looking at the sky just admiring it. A few minuets you start to fell the cool night breeze hits you making you shiver and of course that wouldn't go unnoticed by Camilo "Here querida" he said as he threw the front of his ruana on top of you popping your head from the neck hole and resting your head back on his chest. You then try to ask Camilo about what was bothering him "Hey Camilo? Is everything alright?" He knows what you mean and would always try to think on any excuse to not answer this question but guess he can't anymore. He took a deep breath and looked at you with kind but tired eyes "C-can I... Ask you something?" You then nod and look at his face reaching a hand to rest against his cheek reassuring him to continue, he took a shaky breath before speaking again "Am I... Am I still helpful?" He looks at you with a worried look scared of your answer. "Of course you are amor, Are you ok? Why would you ask that?" He looked at the night sky trying to avoid eye contact with you "Well, I would usually help around by shape shifting into someone else and no one ever needed my help as me" He then looked down but not at you, he was picking at the grass beneath the blanket "I just... I feel useless now that I can't shape shift into others to help around and I feel like... Like I'm slowing everyone down" Tears started to fall down his face as he looked at you with somewhat hopeful eyes. "Do... Do you think I'm still useful?" You then placed the other hand on his face as well pulling his face closer to yours, foreheads leaning against each other while you wipe away his tears with your thumb "Of course you're still useful Milo, I don't even know why you would ever think that" Camilo only pulled you closer, not saying anything as you both sat there in each other's embrace. "Is this why you were so quiet these past days? You were worried about being useless?" He just nods burying his face into your hair. "It's ok mi vida, you're not useless and I'll make sure you never fell like that again" you say leaning in to kiss his temple, he chuckles and kisses the tip of your nose before returning his gaze to the night sky which was slowly starting to lighten as the sun came up. 'guess it wasn't that late when we snuck out' you thought as you leaned closer into Camilo's embrace.
Tumblr media
plz send requests I have no idea what to write T>T
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Welp. Its offical..after almost 2 years of not being in a fandom, Ecanto finally dragged me back to a new phase.
All jokes aside, I have a request!
Could you do a hc to where the reader (fem) feels super bad because she accidentally dropped food on the floor and thought she insulted Casita, so she's on the verge of tears and its taking everything in Camilo's power to not laugh. Not laughing to mock her but because of how cute he thinks it is
Idm if you don't wanna make it, have a nice day!
I just did some simple Headcannons, I hope that's what you wanted :)
Tumblr media
You didn't mean to, you really didn't
But Camilo distracted you too much and you tripped on one of Isabella's flowers
All your food slid off the pate
You felt so bad
"Casita, I'm so sorry!"
You immediately tried to pick up the food
Camilo stood behind you chewing on his lips as he tried not to laugh
You ran back to the kitchen grabbing one of Julietta hand towels
You scrubbed the floor a solid five minutes
Camilo buckled over a hand slapped on his mouth as he watched you viciously scrub the floor
He finally came to his senses when he noticed you silently sob
"Ah, Mi Vida it's okay"
Camilo knelt next to you pressing kisses to your cheek
You blinked away the tears and let Camilo take the towel away
"You do realize I live in this house right?"
"I didn't want to offend her"
"Oh my god you're so cute"
Camilo took your plate to the kitchen grabbing some more food
He took you up to his room assuring you Casita wasn't offended
"Are you sure I didn't insult her?"
"Oh my god! You should see my Mami when it snows"
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Mi héroe - A Camilo Madrigal One Shot
Another Camilo One shot, lol. If no one stops me this may be the only character I write for a little while, so feel free to ask for other ideas, for Camilo, or other characters! Just give me the character, preferred pronouns, and any sort of story ideas. If it interests me (and i know the character) I'll write it. If enough people are interested, I may think of writing up a request board with rules and shows. My asks are open!
He/him pronouns for Camilo, she/her for y/n.
18+ DNI!! They. Are. Minors.
Les go!
- In which Camilo and Mirabel tell a story, this time featuring y/n! Y/N is then showered in affection from her novio.
- Based on a headcanon I have about Camilo and Mirabel, explained in the story.
- Pure Fluff ❤️
When they were younger, Mirabel and Camilo would create stories to tell their family. Camilo would act out the parts, shifting into each of their family members, and Mirabel would create costume pieces, make sound affects, and play music. Though the family loved these stories, as Camilo grew busier with the town, which in affect caused him to grow apart from Mirabel, these became much more uncommon and rare to the point it had been years since they had done one.
But when the Casita fell, they decided to take up this again, to help bring up peoples spirits.
And now, even with their gifts back, and the Casita rebuilt, they continue to tell these stories. From classic Colombian myths, legends, and fairy tales, to original stories they made up themselves.
At this point in your relationship, you'd been over for dinner quite a few times, you've probably seen them put on a show 5 or 6 times now. Each time you've always been left bent over laughing from the goofy duo. Once their tío Bruno joined in, playing a brave hero, Hernando el Caballero. Spoilers, it ended with him dying to save the life of a small rat. A beautiful (hilarious) story.
Tonight, it seemed like every other dinner you had had, but one thing threw you off. The two primos kept looking at each other, then at you, smiling. Occasionally Mirabel would giggle, and he'd glow a little red. Similar to when you had first met the family, it seemed she was teasing him about you, so you didn't look much further than that.
As everyone finished clearing the dinner table, and quickly washing up, they all sat down for the new story these two had dreamed up.
The two disappeared from the room giggling for a few moments before returning, with a box of supplies a guitar, and an accordion.
Camilo stepped up dramatically as he always did when introducing the show.
"Wonderful guests. Today, we have a very special show for you. A story about heroic knights," he runs behind the family now, with large exaggerated movements. "Adventure!" Mirabel strums the guitar more intensely "Fear!" He shifts into a cloaked figure, and creeps around. "And magic!" He says, as himself again, now behind you, one arm across your shoulder and one swooping in the air.
"Now. On with the show!"
The lights flip off, then back on, with a hooded figure standing in the middle of the room.
"Long ago, in a far off land, there was a well known hero." Mirabel starts narrating "This hero didn't go by a name, for no one knew their true name. However, there was one name attached to this mysterious person. El héroe de la noche." She continued on.
As the story continued, they saw appearances from each member of la familia Madrigal. From the baker, who appeared to be Camilos' father, to the heros' side kick, 'Lilá' who took the appearance of Luisa.
"-as the people of the town cowered in fear, the beautiful girl approached the beast." Camilo Narrated, now taking you're own appearance. This was the first time you'd been included in these shows as more than just a filler character. It was weird, and yet made you feel warm inside. Not only were you now part of this long standing family tradition, but the hero of the story.
Across from him, his prima also stood, with a goofy mask on, holding a comically large sword, taking on the role of the horrific creature terrorizing the people.
"She spoke sternly to the creature. 'leave these innocent people, or I'll be forced to send you back home.'" he quickly switched to mimicking your voice when saying your lines.
"What are you going to do, little girl??" Scowled the costumed Mirabel.
"The girl pulls out a familiar ruana, slipping it on and pulling up the hood" he copies these actions, and it's clear just who the woman was all along.
"El héroe de la Noche?!" Yells the creature.
"Sí, it's me. And for the sake of these people, I give up my identity. Now stand down, or face your doom."
The two then engage in a duel, before the creature is fell.
After praise is given to the hero, the two young actors finally take their bows as the family claps.
The family goes up, laughing and joking about the story, complimenting the two. You stand off to the side a little, smiling goofily, still s bit stunned after seeing yourself in one of the stories.
"Ay!" Says Félix, putting an arm around you "Welcome to the family, y/n! Mi hijo is growing up so fast, already head over heels for such a wonderful girl. Gracias!" He's now pulled you into s full embrace.
"For what? And souldn't I be thanking you?" You laugh.
"For making him so happy of course!" Brushing off the last comment, he finally lets go, and you notice behind him a blushing Camilo.
He quickly notices his son, smiles, and gives him a thumbs up before rushing off to his wife.
"What a fun story tonight, mi amor."
"My favorite part of the whole thing was El héroe de la Noche." He says, quickly shifting into this version of you, then back.
"Oh? Why's that?"
"Well. She's strong. And heroic. She's funny. And muy bonita. And she's you." He smiles, now taking your hands.
"She's not really me though, she's just a character."
"Of course you're her, I wrote her based on you after all. You're like my own personal hero. You inspire me, and protect me. You may not fight off monsters with your sword, and save hundreds of people, but you still do so much for me, and everyone else." He says, running a hand across your cheek, before pulling you in, whispering: "Mi flor, eres mi héroe y mi todo, te quiero."
"Te quiero, Camilo. Gracias."
- I might edit this later, I haven't really combed through with fresh eyes since I wrote it, and it may need it. Thanks you reading it anyway :) I hope you enjoyed.
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Camillo, Chameleon, Camilo, Chameleon, Camilo, Chameleon
Bro it took me this long
Tumblr media
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I love We Don’t talk about Bruno or What else can I do, but NO ONE is talking about how majestically beautiful is Dos Oruguitas and we SHOULD discuss it.
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I don't want to leave this but i forget to post lmao
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Hihi!!! Can I request Camilo x reader where reader is touched starve but afraid to ask Camilo like hugs and holding hands? ALSO ALSO HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT/AFTERNOON
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x reader
Warnings: maybe a little angst, touch starvation and anxiety, small injury
A/N: You didn't specify anything about the gender so I made it neutral. I hope it's what you had in mind <3
Tumblr media
His hand was right there, you could easily grab it and appease the cold trembling on your own, but his whole family was right there, they would see if you did, what if he got embarrassed and let it go?
You two had been dating for a few weeks already and it had quickly became a routine for you to have breakfast with the Madrigals and then shadow Camilo most of the day, but as comfortable as you had grown around each other, you still couldn't work up the courage to express your affection to him the way you so badly wanted to.
Maybe it was fear of appearing clingy, or maybe it was simply something you weren't used to. Hugs, kisses or anything of the sort weren't common around your house, they were limited to congratulations given on birthdays or other celebrations on the most awkward way.
For Camilo those actions came so easily, he could cradle your face and graze your fingers without getting dizzy in over thoughts. He was so natural with it and yet you so desperately wanted more.
"Amor," Camilo called, pulling you out of your thoughts by putting his hand on your shoulder. Everyone was standing up from the table, "we have to go."
You nodded, leaving your napkin back on the table and trying not to think of the warmth that irradiated from his hand. He walked to the village with you trailing behind, your eyes once again set on his hand that moved back and forward.
It wasn't always like that, you weren't constantly craving for his touch like you were that day, most of the time you were perfectly content just having him close, but sometimes you woke up with an insatiable thirst for those moments when he layed sprawled on the grass and pulled you on top of him to cuddle. Those moments you weren't brave enough to ask for.
Submerged in a comfortable silence, you two made your way to the Gonzalez' house, a young couple who had recently had a baby and were completely exhausted, as it often happens with first time parents. Luckily for them, Camilo and you were the two most reliable babysitters in Encanto and you had no issue with having the baby for a couple hours so they could have some rest.
With a blanket, you secured the baby to Camilo's chest, making sure she was comfortable and protected from the sun, and tried not to blush at the way he gazed upon you as you did.
He liked looking at you, he wasn't too shy to admit it, he liked the frown on your face when you were focused and your expression when you were lost in thought. He knew the exact number of freckles on your face and the particular curl of your eyelashes, he knew where to find the tiny scar on your eyebrow from when you were little and had memorized the shape of your Cupid's bow. God, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
Slowly, almost timidly, he brought a hand up to your face and moved a strand of hair out of your forehead. That's exactly what you meant, his caresses were so effortless and yet they made all the air escape from your lungs. Camilo never said it out loud, fearing that it would make you stop, but he adored the way you leaned into his touch.
Contraire to your nervous assumptions, he loved touching you, everything from grazing your hand when he walked beside you to cuddling with you at night before you went home, he lived for every hug, every kiss, every waking moment when he could hold your hand.
What troubled his mind was the thought that you didn't like to be touched, or maybe not as much as he wanted to do it. You never seemed to respond badly to his caresses, but you never initiated those moments and honestly he preferred to control his urges than to accidentally trespass your personal space.
Once the baby was settled against Camilo, you both started to go wherever he was needed. Most days went by like that, you two babysitting one or two kids together while you trailed behind him to wherever he needed to go and tried to make yourself useful.
"I think she's hungry," you said when the baby started crying, growing more loud by the second despite of Camilo's coos.
"Maybe she's sick of being around you," he suggested mockingly.
"Oh, she's tied to your chest, but she's sick of being around me," you responded in the same tone.
"You're right," he nodded while still rocking the baby, "she's tired of me, so you should carry her instead."
"You could've just said you were tired, lazy," you mocked while, carefully, removing the baby from the blanket around your boyfriend, shyly grazing his chest in the process.
The baby kept crying as you walked back to casa Madrigal to make her a bottle, while you gently rocked her trying to sooth her in the meantime. Camilo stared at you the whole way, making sure you didn't trip over anything, that the sun didn't sting on your eyes.
Once in the kitchen, you both settled the baby on the dinner table, on top of the blanket and Camilo's ruana. He entertained her while you warmed the milk and the bottle, trying not to get distracted by the way Camilo talked to the baby and she somehow responded in gibberish baby talk.
But your efforts were unsuccessful.
You looked at him tickle the baby's tummy as you blindly reached out to grab the pot, placing your hand right on the hot metal instead of the handle, "ah!" You cried out, making Camilo turn into you in the initial shock and then jumping towards you.
"What happened? Let me see."
You pulled your red hand out of his reach, hiding the painful grimace on your face and the tears welling up in your eyes.
You held your hand close to your chest, it wasn't your intention to push Camilo away but your first instinct was to stop his comforting of your injury.
"Y/N, amor..." he called again, placing a hand on your arm.
"Leave me alone, Camilo!"
He stood silent for a good second, even the baby had stopped wailing for a moment. You had your back turned against him, with anger tears coming down your cheeks quietly and he feared he had broken the rule he had set himself when it came to touching you.
Still, he knew you well enough to know it wasn't him you were mad at for having gotten hurt, but at yourself, so he decided not to surpass your boundaries anymore. Instead, he filled a bowl with cold water for you to submerge your hand into, which you did without complaining.
It was a long while until he worked up the courage to approach you again, after he fed the baby and put her down to sleep in the same place on the table. This time you didn't squirm away from his touch when he grabbed your arm to have you turn around in his direction.
You avoided his eyes, but they were too busy inspecting the burn. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, the cold water had done wonders to it. He looked into your face, the tear stained cheeks and the obvious pain you had suffered, and decided to taunt his fate once more.
Softly, he brought your hand up to his lips, placing a kiss on the inside of your wrist. Once he felt you leaning into it, the way he loved so much, he traveled his kisses up to your face. He erased the path of your tears with his lips, making your breath hitch.
Camilo wrapped an arm around you, embracing you softly, and you happily melted into him, hiding your face in his chest as you whimpered softly and the tears came back to your eyes. Upon seeing your reaction, he wondered if maybe you liked his touch more than you let on, so he simply held you against him for as long as you allowed him to.
"Can we do this more often?" You were brave enough to ask, referring to the hug and the kisses.
Camilo smiled, for your question was an answer to his prayers.
"Yes, mi vida."
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fight for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life. Part 1
masterlist !!
A letter had arrived to inform the Madrigals of your return. Camilo is overjoyed to reunite with you.
Camilo had kept his word. Even as eight years had passed, as Casita fell and rose back again on the hill that the two of you had once ran around on, the hope that you would return never once wavered.
Although he wanted to send you letters, he didn’t know where to write to you and your father hadn’t exactly warmed up to him even after your departure. Oftentimes he would run up to him, asking for any news from you. Though Ignacio would only regard him for a moment before silently walking away. He can’t say the same for his family though. The Madrigals and the lonely widow Ignacio Castillo had maintained a friendship of sorts. Though it seemed that Ignacio hadn’t really seen him as anything but the boy that drove his one and only daughter away from him. Often frowning and leaving the room whenever Camilo entered.
He knew his reputation wasn’t exactly the best but he had tried to show the older man his good side. Often he had pestered him, helping him out whenever he could. And try as Ignacio may, he couldn’t help but admire the boy whose smile was infectious and bright.
Camilo had spent years waiting, completely unaware that he was a boy falling deeper into the depths of love. No longer was it a silly crush and it took years of your absence to realize that.
He thought that he would have to wait longer. Not that he minded waiting but the day he had been waiting for would soon arrive.
A letter had been delivered to the matriarch of the family while they were having dinner. He recognized the seal that had your father’s initials on them as well as the wax seal’s colors. He drummed his fingers on the table, fidgeting as he resisted the urge to just snatch the letter from his grandmother’s hands.
He watched with bated breath, chewing on the arepa he ate like his life depended on it as his abuela’s serious features melted away to form a warm smile. She placed the letter back in its envelope before placing her hands on the table, glancing at him briefly.
“It seems that Señor Castillo’s daughter is expected to return from after completing her studies in the city.”
Camilo choked, an unchewed piece of arepa lodging itself in his throat.
Pepa, not noticing the choking Camilo had smiled fondly. “Oh, how sweet, you’re getting all choked up.” She stifles a soft motherly laugh, knowing how Camilo had admired and loved the girl.
Most people would argue that it was puppy love and that it would pass but her son’s unwavering patience to wait for (Name) told her all she needed to know. She was blissfully unaware that Camilo was so close to seeing the light, his abuelo Pedro on the other side—
Camilo grasped onto the table tightly, turning slightly purple as he couldn’t breathe. Was this it? Death by arepas? Granted it was a good way to go but he hadn’t seen (Name) yet!
“Oh..! Ay dios mio, you’re choking!” Panic ensued as Felix had turned to his son, about to share some fatherly wisdom, only to see Camilo choking. He immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver as Pepa thundered and rained all over the dinner table.
Well, after almost having a heart attack from Camilo’s near death experience, Alma had announced that she would like to host a welcoming party in honor of (Name’s) return. Seeing as the Madrigals and the Castillos were more than acquaintances after your departure, she saw it fit to hold a party for the return of one of Encanto’s memorable citizens.
As Camilo laid in his bed, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. You were coming back. After all this time he was going to see you again.
Camilo wondered what you looked like now and as he stood up, he glanced at himself in the mirror. He combed his fingers through his brown curls, smiling at himself. He could say that he looked good. He only hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint.
The shapeshifter turned to his closet, opening it up to reveal dozens of ruanas that resembled the very same one you gave him. Said ruana was carefully tucked away. He had worn it only once and that was on the day of your departure. It had slipped off his shoulders a few times but Pepa reassured him that he would grow into it.
He went back to bed, holding the ruana close to his chest as he reminisced about his childhood with you, slowly falling asleep with a smile on his freckled face.
Soon came the day he had been waiting for. Casita was roaring with excitement, much to his sister Dolores’ chagrin. Everyone had wondered how you were after being away from Encanto. Rumors of your studies as well as your beauty buzzed around the town. Camilo had looked forward to meeting you once again, fidgeting as he kept on shifting to different people out of nervousness.
“Alright, alright, calm down. You got this.” his fingers drummed against his thighs as he tried to focus.
The welcome party had been attended by the whole town, all of its’ citizens as equally curious as he was to see or know what had happened to the little menace that once terrorized the whole town with Camilo.
“Óye, (Name’s) on her way.” Dolores whispered to her Abuela before she let out a little ‘hm’.
He stood beside his abuela, with your father on the opposite of the Madrigal matriarch. Camilo donned the exact same ruana you had given him the last time he saw you, his white button-up pressed smoothly and showed no creases. He swallowed thickly as he fidgeted with the ends of his ruana, careful as to not pick on it too much as he was afraid of ruining the gift that you had given him.
“Camilo, your girlfriend’s here!” Isabela had smirked after she had peered out on the walkway where you were escorted by a boy that looked to be of Camilo’s age, though they weren’t familiar with him. Perhaps he was an outsider that you met while studying in the city? He was tall, handsome, a mop of smooth umber locks on his head. The unknown boy’s pretty amber eyes gleamed as he smiled down at you. Camilo could feel his throat dry up and his heart clench. Who was he?
A hush fell over the crowd as you finally entered Casita’s newly built doors. All eyes on you as you made your way down the center of the parted crowd. Camilo could hear their whispers but his eyes had narrowed on the unfamiliar boy by your side. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like him. Maybe it was his overprotectiveness for his girl.. His friend showed but he was far too close for his liking. Though he tried to push the green monster that threatened to ruin his whole night. This is gonna be a night to remember. You don’t want to ruin it, Camilo hissed to himself.
As expected, everyone in town was curious to see how you had grown. Camilo had quickly turned his attention to you once he heard the soft gasps that came from the crowd.
“(Name) Castillo has returned..”
A delicate fan had hid your features from curious eyes that tried to take a glimpse of you. You were dressed in a white blouse, delicate frills on the neck with a light yellow lace trimming, your skirt was long, embroidered with pretty carnations and sugar flowers and it stopped just before your ankles. On your hair was a little bow in the color of Camilo’s ruana.
“And she’ll be helping out with the children..” One of the mothers that Camilo had been helping had gushed as you gently ruffled the curly hair of the little tyke in her arms.
“I heard she reads books.. like for fun.” One of the haughty girls your age had scoffed, rolling their eyes while her companion had gasped. “No way..”
You continued to make your way through the crowd, a space between Alma and Camilo being made for you. The boy he had been glaring at joined your father’s side. Although he was nervous, Camilo had tried his best to retain his confident smile while your father had looked on proudly. “Mija.” Your father greets you with a warm hug and you couldn’t help but return the embrace before you had pulled away to stand in between the shapeshifter and his grandmother.
“Señorita Castillo.” Camilo breathes out, unable to believe that you were actually here now. You were so close and he could feel your warmth. He could only see your eyes right now, mesmerized and getting lost in them.
He briefly wondered if you even remembered who he was. It had been years after all and no letters were exchanged to know what had happened to the both of you in each other’s absence. Anxiety filled him and he felt his palms get sweaty. Though that soon would be melted away as you turned to him with that sweet smile you always gave him when you were younger.
You lowered your fan, eyelashes fluttering prettily as you beamed up at him. “Hola, Camilo.” You greet with a soft smile, only then making your features visible to everyone in town.
Camilo Madrigal swore he could hear a chorus of angels singing as his eyes opened wide to take in all of you. His jaw dropped and he started shifting again, his familiar disfigured face staring at you in disbelief.
A soft giggle merely escaped your lips, far too familiar with Camilo’s antics to be surprised anymore. “It’s really nice to see you..” You lean close as you whisper, smiling sheepishly, cheeks heating up as you recognize the ruana he wore. "You kept it? After all these years?"
Camilo’s own cheeks felt warm as he didn’t even know where to look. Your pretty eyes or the lips he swore he could kiss forever. And he could only nod dumbly as you smiled.
However, your attention was soon captured by his grandmother who had smiled fondly, gently grabbing your shoulders as she made a welcome speech that Camilo didn’t really listen to. Something about returning, yada.. Yada.. enough about his abuela!
All he could focus on was you.
Aside from his grandmother’s speech he would briefly hear muffled snippets of conversations of both your father and said boy who he now knew as one of your friends from the capital. He heard how he had insisted on escorting you home. He had shook your father’s hand firmly, proudly smiling as he heard Ignacio’s praise of making sure his daughter had come home safely. And to that he says, really? He spent years trying to gain even a smile from the ever cold Ignacio Castillo but it was given away so freely to a stranger?
As Alma’s speech ended, she asked for the band to play some music, no doubt sparking what would be a very lively party. Although Camilo wanted nothing more but to speak with you, you were whisked away by his primas who had fawned over your outfit as well as your now grown features. They had also filled you in on what you had missed during the eight years you’ve studied in the city.
You talked animatedly, recalling all your time in the city. He would watch, mesmerized by how you had become so.. so beautiful. Though there were quirks you had retained that he remembered when you were children. He smiled to himself, sighing dreamily.
“Camilo Madrigal. The shapeshifter, right?” A voice interrupted him from his thoughts and he turned to see the very same boy that was by your side upon entering Casita. “Andres Del Pilar.” The boy held his hand out. “I’ve heard a lot about you from princesa. It is nice to finally meet you.” Andres greets with a smile that didnt quite reach his eyes.
Something about this boy had honestly riled Camilo up. He was so.. Smug. Like he was smug too but his smugness, by his defense, was endearing! Not like this.. This.. chico engreido! He could feel Andres size him up, likely to scope out the competition as Camilo shook his hand.
“All good things, I hope.” He says through gritted teeth, eyes narrowing at the nickname the boy had referred to you as.
“But of course, mi princesa speaks highly of her darling friend.” Camilo could practically hear the emphasis on Andres’ words. His princess. Not yours. He turned to gaze at you just like Camilo had. The tall boy hummed softly. “During her years in the city, I’ve been granted her gracious presence. I admire her, you see. Only a blind man wouldn’t.” Andres had shook his head. “Numerous times I have thought of asking for her hand to court..” Camilo could feel his heart stop at his words, eyes wide as he looked at Andres.
“But I intend to ask for it from her father, Señor Castillo himself.” Camilo’s blood ran cold and he swore he feel himself freeze up, nails digging in his palms at how tight he was clenching his fists.
The tall boy merely gave him a once over, huffing haughtily. “Judging by your reaction it seems she has failed to inform me that this darling friend.. Doesn’t see her as just that.” He shook his head. “Though I really don’t see someone like you as a competition. No shapeshifting could amount to the life and the riches I could give her.”
Andres turned to walk away, bumping his shoulder against Camilo harshly and watching with a snicker as the shapeshifter had stumbled back. “Just a friendly advice, from one amigo to another, si? It is best if you cease any feelings you have for her, friend.” Andres had masked the poison in his words with his flowery sentences.
Camilo’s jaw clenched and he swore if he didn’t have the patience of a saint he would’ve seen red. Andres had expected an easy win. An easy ‘I yield’ from the Camilo boy. What he didn’t expect was dark green eyes narrowing at him.
“Que gane el mejor, amigo. May the best man win.” Camilo stood tall as he sauntered past Andres. If Andres thought he was going to back down, he had another thing coming. Camilo Madrigal was going to fight for you.
Nearby, hidden by a large assortment of plants, one could hear a little ‘oooh’ as they bore witness to the scene that had just transpired. Dolores, Mirabel, and their Tio Bruno had been listening in. After making sure that both boys had left the scene, Dolores let out a little ‘hm’ before relaying what had just happened as Bruno who had been quite inspired by the display, had taken notes, invested in his sobrino’s story and inspired to make a telenovela with starring his rats. Mirabel recalled the exchange from both boys to be used as the dialogue.
“Write that down! Write that down! That was telenovela gold!”
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3
i hope you guys like the second part of the book of life series ! sorry if theres any typos 😭 im still sick but i wanted to get a fic out ! let me know what you guys think !!
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bandshirts-and-books · 21 days ago
Mirabel: I’ve never asked someone out. How do you even do it?
Camilo: Oh, what I do is, I look them up and down and say: “Hey… how you doin’?”
Y/N, scoffing: Oh, please.
Camilo, to Y/N: Hey, how you doin’?
Y/N: *giggles and blushes*
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rinsenka · 16 days ago
Mirabel: *falls down a hole*
Camilo: *also falls down a hole*
Dolores: . . .
Pepa: . . .
Felix: . . .
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awkwardtortilla · 14 days ago
You know what would be a fun part of dating Camilo?
When he sends Antonio over with messages.
He doesn’t necessarily love to use his brother as a method of communication but when you’re too far apart to talk to each other, he does it as a way of reminding you he cherishes and cares about you.
They’re all sweet and stuff and Antonio’s little voice makes them all the more cute.
“Camilo says you look pretty/handsome today.”
“Camilo told me to tell you that he likes your dress/outfit/suit.”
“Camilo told me to say that he likes your hair.”
And you can tell him sweet things back or smile at him from wherever you’re standing. Or you can tease him.
“They say staring is rude and you need to get back to work.”
“They said your ruana has a stain.”
“They asked if their hair didn’t look good yesterday.”
Camilo will look at you, surprised, until he sees your smirk and/or wink. Then he relaxes and smiles back, probably letting out a relieved chuckle.
Then, sometimes, Camilo will be talking with Antonio and he says something about you but it wasn’t meant to be a message but little Toñito is used to relaying messages for you two so he disappears to tell you what Camilo just said.
One second Antonio is there, listening innocently, then the next he’s just gone. And when Camilo finally spots him, the boy is with you. You’re bent over or holding Antonio so he can whisper into you ear, or just so that you can hear him better.
“Camilo says he loves you.”
When Antonio is finished, you look at Camilo (who’s shocked, worried, and panicking) with a politely surprised expression that turns into a smile. You look back at Antonio (who’s proud and beaming innocently) and whisper a response into his ear.
Camilo has forgotten all about whatever chore he was doing and is just standing there, frozen, with his mouth dangling open. When you’ve finished with your reply, Antonio’s face lights up and he giggles and runs back to Camilo.
“They said that they love you, too … but close your mouth because you’re gonna catch flies.”
During Antonio’s slight pause, Camilo looked up at you and things seemed to slow down. Relief crashed over him like a tidal wave, affection bursted in his chest, and butterflies erupted in his stomach. Oh and his face - that was on fire.
Then he was pulled back into reality by the second part. He snaps his jaw shut and stands straight, probably dropping something in the process. He rubs the back of his head and smiles nervously as he bends down to pick up the stuff he just dropped.
Your cheeks are bright red, too, but you aren’t sure if it’s from laughing or being flustered.
Afterwards, when chores are done and you and Camilo have a chance to talk, you just joke around and talk about your days until the incident comes up. Camilo goes silent and looks down at his lap or hands and asks if you meant it.
You’re confused at first but when he clarifies you say “of course I meant it, Milo” then there’s a pause before you ask “did … you mean it?”
He seems just as surprised as you were at the question. But he assures you that he meant it with all of his heart, despite it being a mistake, but he would have rather told you himself if he’s being honest.
You share a little laugh then it gets quiet again. You break it first with “Hey, corazón?”
“Sí, mi vida?”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
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m0chaminx · a day ago
Camilo Madrigal | You're still you
Tumblr media
Request : Hi can I request a Camilo x reader where the reader can shapeshift any part of her body but feels insecure about looking how they really want to look, she wants to look more like a boy while still wearing dresses and skirts but is too scared to because she's worried about what people(mostly her family) would think? so this is mostly a hurt/comfort thing
I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted, but I tried at least
Hey! If you feel you need someone to talk to about this, or anything that might be happing in your life, I'm always open if you need to talk :)
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : Angst ish, soft, gender dysmorphia (i think)
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo assures you, you're still you
273 words
Camilo could tell something was off, you don't know what ticked him off, but it could be anything. The larger shirt you wore, or how you stacked pillows on your stomach as you sat on the bed.
"What's up?" Camilo asked tossing the ball he was bouncing to the side.
"What do you mean?" You asked softly tossing your long hair over your shoulder.
"I mean, you just seem off," Camilo observed pressing his head against the wall. "You can talk to me, about anything." You nodded sliding the pillow away.
"I don't feel normal, not just because I can shift, but I feel wrong like I'm missing something," You said facing away from Camilo. Camilo hummed in a way to let you know he was listing. "I wanna look more like a boy, but I still like wearing dresses, and if my Mum finds out." You stopped to shake your head. "If she finds out I'm, not like everyone else, who knows what she'll do."
"But why would it matter?" Camilo asked scooting closer to you on the bed. "You're still you, you're still Y/N- but you will feel better, more yourself. Who gives a fuck about what anyone else says?" You smiled, trying to hold back tears but you could see the edges of your vision starting to blur. "Alright show me."
You stood up shifting your face and torso to feel more, boyish. Your hair went slightly shorter and shoulders boxed slightly, your arms tensed and your jaw sharpened. "How do I look?" You asked flattening the edges of your skirt.
Camilo smiled, looking at you in awe, "Like Y/N."
Fill this out to be added to a taglist
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catotheflan · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Character study of best boy camilo 💛✨
Bottom left is my least favourite because what is life without some ✨pessimism✨
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camicuddles · 6 days ago
▽‖Never Forget‖▽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing → Camilo x Reader
Genre → Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Warning → Just some Camilo angst I thought of before sleeping🙂
Word count → 1K words
Summary → Camilo's gift has a side effect were he could forgets who he is if he used his gift too much, and it looks like it's taking a lot out of him but you're there to help him through his identity crisis
Inspired by this and this
Tumblr media
It was yet another day in Encanto and it looked like the madrigals has more chores than usual, and that explains the sort of cloudy weather. You too were busy with your own chores helping your family with the store you owned, that was until you spotted a certain curly haired boy helping around. You decide to go greet your boyfriend Camilo since you were too busy this morning to meet him like you usually do and it looked like he was just as busy if not more. "Hey Camilo!" You say as you approach him but surprisingly he doesn't turn around to look at you but you are sure you're close enough for him to hear you "Camilo?" You call out again but still no reaction, you then tap his shoulder lightly making him jump and shapeshift into multiple people before turning back.
"O-oh hey amor, didn't see you there" He laughed nervously, making you give him a worried look "I called your name twice though and I'm pretty sure you heard me" You said as you cupped his face in your hands. "M-my name?" He mumbled softy looking confused. "Yeah, Camilo are you sure you're ok? Do you want me to take you back to Casita?" Now you were really worried and ready to take him back home but he gave you a nervous smile "No you don't have to do that querida, I'm fine really" Not believing his words you give him another worried/frustrated look and let go of his face, he sighed cupping your cheek in his hand "Ok how about this, I'll continue with my chores and if I don't feel too good I'll go back" You placed your hand on top of his on your cheek, leaning into his touch "Fine but as soon as you feel tired you leave whatever you're doing and rest ok?" He could tell you were REALLY worried and he appreciated it "Alright mi vida, calm down ok?" You sighed letting his hand fall from your face, then you leaned forward and pecked the tip of his nose gently "Ok, I'll stop by Casita later to check on you though alright? I gotta go back to the store" He smiles at you and leans in kissing your forehead "Alright I'll see you then mi amor" And with that you waved at him and got back to what you were doing.
The sun was already starting to set when you were done with your chores but you still had some time so check on Camilo, so once your father told you that you're done for the day you rush to the Madrigal household to check on your boyfriend as you promised. Once you got to the front door of Casita the window started moving as if it was waving at you but weirdly fast as if telling you to hurry, one you step on the tiles they immediately started moving you into the house and around it until you bumped into Pepa, who was pacing around with a thunder cloud forming above her head and when she saw you she immediately hugged you "Oh thank got you're here Y/N, I was so worried that you were not coming today" After that she started to pull you upstairs "Why? Tía Pepa, what's wrong?" You were confused but then you and Pepa came to a stop when you were in front of Camilo's door, and it was weirdly glowing a little too much making it hard to look at it properly, You then look at her with a worried expression "Camilo came back a little early today saying he wasn't feeling too well, he would not react to calling his name and then started to shapeshift into random people at weird times then rushed to his room and then locked himself in. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't let me or anyone in then his door started to glow like that. Dolores said that she could hear him mumbling your name while crying so I sent Antonio to look for you" You then looked at the door worried out of your mind trying to prosses what Pepa said, You then walk forward and knock on the door lightly "Go away!" You could feel your heart aching when you heard how hurt his voice was "Camilo? Mi vida, It's me" You then heard some shuffling before the door opened and you were pulled in and the door was locked behind you again, and the sight in front of you made your heart shatter. There was Camilo standing in front of you, his face full of tears, his eyes red and puffy from crying and he was just shapeshifting randomly but not returning to his own body, he then looked up at you with a terrified expression "I don't remember" Is all he could say as he collapsed into your arms still shapeshifting randomly "What is it amor? What don't you remember?" You ask with a worried voice you too on the verge of tears. Camilo tried to speak but he was crying too much, you try to calm him down a little so he would be able to speak. You stayed in that position for a little bit more until you pick him on his feet at walk him to the bed, when he finally spoke "I don't... I don't remember what I l-look like Y/N..." He was about to start sobbing again when you pulled him closer to you, rubbing his back soothingly "I-i don't even remember my own name..." and with that he starts to cry harder making your heart ache even more. You try to comfort him by rubbing his back and wrapping your arms tighter around his waist, pulling him closer as he cried into your shoulder.
A while later he started to calm down a little, settling on 3-5 people to shift into instead of the whole town, you then pulled away from the hug to cup his face "Is it better now? Do you still not remember?" He only shook his head and buried his face into your chest, you then had an idea to somewhat help him. "Hey Camilo" He slowly looked up at you before shapeshifting into Antonio accidently, making it easier to hold him into your chest "That's m-my name..." You smiled, nodding you reach into your bag for something "Yeah, and look here..." You pulled out a picture of you two that you took after you officially started dating, Camilo had you on his back giving you a piggy back ride around the town, looking at the picture you remember how chaotic that day was making you smile. "... This is our favorite picture of each other" He took the picture from you and looked at it before looking back up. "T-that's me..." He points at himself with an almost un-noticeable smile on his face, you hugged him tightly while smiling too. "Yeah that's you... You wanna try turning back to yourself?" He nodded and got off your lap, standing in front of you.
And there he stood, your boyfriend was back to his usual self and you couldn't help but jump into his arms burying your face into his chest. He wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer "Thanks Y/N" is all he said as he squeezed you tighter bringing you closer to him, now he doesn't go anywhere without a picture of you two that you wrote his name on it's back to make sure that he doesn't forget himself again.
Tumblr media
Hey!!! This is my first fic and i hope you enjoy✨✨♥♥♥
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cutiecosmo · 10 days ago
flirting with camilo madrigal
camilo madrigal x g/n reader
don't interact if you're 18 or older
a/n: this might be lowkey bad, since this is my first fanfic and tbh i don't know how to use tumblr at all. i'm not a spanish speaker, so let me know if there's any mistakes and i will fix them! also this is super short so there will be most likely a part two.
Tumblr media
you were good friends with camilo. you always loved getting him all riled up. however after realizing how much more amusing it is to get him all flushed, you couldn't help but tease the shapeshifter. he was just so easy to get flustered. how red his face would get from your flirtatious remarks.
you were strolling around in town, doing your normal chores. next thing you know, you run into your favorite madrigal. you give him a cheeky smile upon seeing him and exclaim, "te ves muy guapo hoy." his face turning into a full crimson red after hearing your comment. "gracias, y/n." he coughs trying to calm himself. "do you have any plans for today? you try to stop the smirk coming onto your face and tease, "awh, are you asking me on a date?"
what you didn't expect was for camilo to play along.
"who wouldn't ask someone as pretty as you on a date, corazón?" he chuckles from seeing your cheeks become pink, as if his face isn't burning a crimson red right now.
let's just say, you could never say no to that cute sweet face of his.
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queercodedredcoat · 7 days ago
Camilo Madrigal Relationship Headcanons
Tumblr media
- Okay, listen
- I'm not the first to say it but we all know that this boy would be all about physical touch
- Rough Day? No worries, he's 100% down for cuddling on the couch and listening
- Quitely reading? He'll sit nearby and make idle conversation while he plays with your hair
-Walking Alone? I would hope not, what if your hand gets lonely? He'll come with you, just in case!
- He's 100% got your back no matter what
- It was cute at first
- But sometimes he gets a little too into it and acts like a yes man
- Like, you could just be rambling on and he's just, agreeing with everything, because it upset you and he genuinely wants you to feel heard, especially after everything that happened in his family when people felt overlooked.
- And if you confronted him on this I feel like he would be upfront about that
- That kind of understanding but still expressing a different opinion is something that you would have to work hard on
- going back to lighthearted hcs
- The man knows how to make a entrance
- I mean, he's making first impressions all the time as different people
- So, yeah, he can be a bit eccentric
- Truly theater kid energy
- Speaking of theater kid energy, think of the performances
- bc we all know he would put his heart and soul into them
- it's a win-win in his books, he gets to act, which is something that he loves, but he also gets to see you smile
- Did I mention this mf would love your smile
- He loves the way people smile and laugh
- As a performer it's some of the best validation that he can get
- but seeing you smile? Not at one of his acts, or anything of the sort, just him
- That means more than you will ever know
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justanothercamilofan · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
the only reason why i had this idea in the first place is because i like to troll kids on roblox as well
on any i game play, really
Tumblr media
“Hurry and join the game, (name)! We’re playing Life in Paradise!” Camilo yelled, your ears hurting from how loud his mic was. “Camilo, I will put you on mute if you don’t fix your mic. It’s too loud. Do you want me to go deaf?” He sighed, reluctantly complying to you.
“That better?”
“Yes, thanks. I’m in the game, what do we do first?”
From the screen, you see his avatar come in front of you, jumping up and down. “Wow, your avatar actually looks decent for once.” You commented, he laughed at this before responding. “I know, but that’s because we’ll need it for this game.” You rolled your eyes at this. Camilo, of course, couldn’t see this. You two were in a call, after all.
“You know… for someone who’s adored by kids, you sure can be a menace to them as well.” You followed Camilo’s in-game avatar as he entered one of the houses. “I got admin commands in this game.” He says, ignoring what you just said. “Oh? How’d you get it?” You can pretty much tell that he’s grinning by the way he says: “That’s for me to know, and for you to hopefully never find out.”
Another avatar approaches the two of you and Camilo bursts out into laughter. “(NAME)! This person–” He was in hysterics. “--They sent me a private message in chat, asking if I could be her online boyfriend!” You wheezed, yours and Camilo’s cackling filling up the call.
“Respond! You have to respond!”
“I did! I told them, ‘sure, bb’ with some heart emojis!”
Your expression turned into one of disgust. “‘Sure bb’? Please never say that again, I feel like a part of me just died.” A dramatic gasp was heard on the other end.
“Wow, (name). How rude. I have the right to say what I want–”
“Okay, shut it. What did the kid say?” You silence him, not wanting to deal with his antics– even if you already are, by agreeing to play Roblox with him.
He scoffed. “They asked for robux, wow. At least go on a few roblox dates with me first.”
“Well, you’re not gonna give them any, right?”
“Obviously— Oh! I got an idea.” He chuckled. Though this time, it sounded… evil. This is it, the beginning of his villain arc.
Camilo sent a chat in the game. But instead of it being private, he sent it so everyone could read it. ‘ofc !! i just sent it to u, but u gotta press alt + f4 if u wanna get it <33’
And to your surprise, the kid fell for it. They responded with an ‘ok’ and then they disappeared from the game.
“YES! It WORKED!” Camilo exclaimed, roaring in laughter. You couldn’t help but laugh as well, hearing how proud he was of his actions.
“I can’t believe they fell for that.. Who doesn’t know what alt + f4 does anyway?”
“That kid, apparently.”
You shook your head, opening your mouth to speak. But before you could even utter a word, Camilo spoke.
“(name)! The kid’s back! On the same server! Get out of there we’ll continue trolling on a different one!”
If you two got banned from this game, you wouldn't be surprised at all.
Tumblr media
tagging these people because they replied to my post abt it lol: @levicorpusbitch @l-e-m-o-n-g-a-y @xdyledz @itsmesmileyface
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secret-ssociety · a month ago
Hi! Could I request hcs abt what it's like to be Camilo's best friend? Either gn or m reader would be cool! Thank you in advance!
ʙᴇɪɴɢ ᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴏ'ꜱ ʙᴇꜱᴛ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x Male!reader
Warnings: Mentions of anxiety and identity crisis
A/N: okay so as easy as headcanons are, they're not my first nature so this took some work. Hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
have you seen that trickster duet that's on most movies or books that's simply iconic, like the Weasley twins in Harry Potter or the Stoll brothers of Percy Jackson
that's what I think it would be like if Camilo had a best friend
and none of that complementary bullshit, having someone more down to earth while he wrecks havoc
no, he needs someone who can keep up the pace, someone who's as chaotic as him
growing up in Encanto, you probably have known each other since forever
the moment that you bonded over was pretty simple: when you hid him from the recipient of one of his pranks
you two asked for a sleepover that same night and since then, you were inseparable
and while you're not a complementary duet, you do have complementary wits
Camilo plans the pranks, all the logistics that implied getting them done was sorted out by him
you are in charge of the run away plan, the alibi
he pulled some true works of art, but you were the reason you never got caught
I mean, everyone did kind of know it was you two behind the pranks, but they didn't have any actual proof to blame you with
the things is, you two didn't have as much time for pranks as you wished, because Camilo was a Madrigal and that meant he had a bunch of other chores on top of school
and the longer those chores went, a more hyperactive Camilo you had to deal with in the afternoons
"did you drink coffee on the way here?"
"I am coffee."
you two were always together, he was practically another family member in your house and so were you in his
there wasn't a day you didn't eat one of the three meals at his house and another at yours
but below the pranks and the trickster duo, there were the days Camilo didn't like to talk about
the days he wasn't himself, because he didn't who he was
it seemed just logical to you, that a person with the ability to become others suffered from identity crisis every once in a while
even worse when his mother had a very bad and very easily inherited anxiety
Camilo seemed tired in those days, he barely had energy to do simple things like eating
you had to help him with those things, shadowing him behind the day and figure out solutions for the things everyone needed of him that imply him having to shift
and at the end of the day, you took him up to the roof of casa Madrigal, and started to go through memories of the past
the insanely big splinters he somehow got into his feet all the time
the way his voice sounded when he was little
the impossible pranks you had dreamed of pulling of one day when you were about five
just every story that you could think were Camilo was more than his gift
and don't worry, your friendship isn't one sided
you have your hard days, your days were everything is impossible to get done
and he takes care of you just like you do for him
he makes sure you eat, doesn't allow anyone to mess with you and hypes you up
"who's the man? you're the man! who's the man? you're the man!"
see, many might think your just strategical tricksters
but you're best friends, even if no one else can understand your bond
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dos-oroguitas · 12 days ago
two by two headcanons
Tumblr media
what i've envisioned our reader to look like but you're still free to insert and customize your looks !
masterlist !! read here -> two by two (platonic! twin! camilo madrigal)
pre two by two timeline
🐾 You were born a whole 15 minutes after Camilo did and he wouldn’t make you forget that.
🐾 Normally you wouldn’t mind but he makes this fact known almost everyday.
🐾 “I’m older so I get seconds first.”
🐾“I’m older so you listen to what I say.”
🐾 Despite being ‘older’ he wasn’t as mature as he thought himself to be.
🐾 "You're so bad, I want to give you a zero. But mami says that's mean so I'll give you a one." Probably you.
🐾 Though you try to be nice. So you just went along with it. You probably singlehandedly boosted this boy's ego.
🐾 You had cute nicknames for one another. Pain in the ass no. 1 and Pain in the ass no. 2. Though for endearing talks, you'd always either call him 'Cami' or 'Milo'.
🐾 Your parents doted on the both of you. While your Abuela Alma remained indifferent. She loved you still of course but..
🐾 You had resembled Pedro in a way. With the same smile and the same liveliness. And for that looking at you was painful.
🐾 You grew up side by side one another, and he grew protective and caring just like an older brother would.
🐾 Between the two of you, you were more sensitive than he was so each and after prank or joke he made, he made sure to apologize if he knew he took it too far.
🐾 You two would often stay up in the nursery with Mirabel, talking about what gifts you three would have when you’d come of age.
🐾 At your gift ceremony you held his hand whilst you two made you way upstairs to acquire your miracle. He had the power to shift into people while you had the power to shift into animals.
🐾 While you also gained attention from the townspeople, it wasn't as much as your older brother did.
🐾 And you hated how it made you resent your gift.
🐾 Abuela Alma put you to work, entertaining the children often with a limited list of animals you can turn to.
🐾 Nothing wild. Nothing scary. Nothing ugly in her eyes.
🐾 While your brother could do whatever he wanted. And often you'd stare, in many of your 'beautiful' animal forms, watching as your brother 'wowed and entertained the crowd.
🐾 Although you'd never say anything about it.
🐾 Both of your ruanas had the same yellows and although Camilo's had chameleons on it, you had animal tracks on your own, specifically paws.
🐾 Your miracle were especially liked by the children and you thrived in the attention you've been given just like your brother did.
🐾 Though you never did get to play with anyone. They would only admire and stare at your animal forms from afar.
🐾 You were like an object for show.
🐾 The attention you craved would be especially given attention by your older cousin, Isabela, who like you, was trapped on a pedestal.
🐾 You tell her everything. Your fears, your insecurities.
🐾 Camilo would grow jealous of your closeness. You two were siblings, you were supposed to tell him everything! Didn't you trust him?
🐾 A confrontation would occur.
🐾 "If Isabela is so good then maybe you should be her little sister instead! I wouldn't want a stupid sister like you anyway!"
🐾 "I wouldn't miss you even if you did go to Isa!"
🐾 None of what he said was true. It was mostly just him being angry and envying Isabela and yours' relationship.
🐾 He expected tears. And you gave him that. Though they weren't of sadness, rather, it was anger. Your shoulders trembled. You can't even find the words.
🐾 He didn't expect your fist to quickly rise and make contact with his nose too.
🐾 You were panting as you straddled him, delivering blow after blow as he shifted to different people whilst shielding himself with his arms from your kinda weak blows.. but he didn't tell you that.
🐾 "Te Odio! I hate you so much, Camilo!"
🐾 His eyes were wide at the use of his full name. You never called him that unless you really meant something.
🐾 He watched as Pepa and Felix held you back with you shifting to different animals, growling at him.
🐾 Eventually the commotion would be heard by Alma who quickly reprimands you for hitting your brother. And try as you explain, you were quickly shut down.
🐾 Having enough, you thrash in your parents' grasp, successfully getting out of their hold and running out of Casita.
🐾 Stupid. Stupid Camilo. Stupid Abuela.
🐾 You didn't listen as they called out for you to come back.
🐾 You would run far enough, into the thick forests just at the foot of the mountains that kept the outside world from Encanto.
🐾 You huddled under a tree, sobbing. You couldn't possibly say the things you said to Isabela to your own brother. You thought he wouldn't understand.
🐾 As your sobs died down, you were faced with the cold night and the spooky sounds of the forest you were in.
🐾 Though you wanted to return home, you didn't have the best sense of direction.
🐾 Every twist and turn confused you. You tried to track down the scent but you were getting overwhelmed.
🐾 As more time passed by, you decided that you were going to die there. Cold and alone.
🐾 Quite pessimistic but you saw no other option.
🐾 You huddled up in a tree's large overgrown roots, convinced that no one would look for you.
🐾 They had Camilo. They had your happy older brother. And as you pulled your knees to your chest, you resigned yourself to that fate.
🐾 Then you heard your name being called and frantic footsteps. You quirked a brow, watching as a lantern suddenly came to view. You peered out to see who it was, seeing your brother with a frightened expression on his face.
🐾 "Hermana, lo siento.. I didn't mean what I said!" Camilo's voice was gruff and it was most likely because apart from shouting your name, he was shouting his apologies over and over again.
🐾 "You can punch me again if you want! Just.. just come back.."
🐾 You would look at him before sniffling and crawling out of your hiding spot.
🐾 "You're an ugly crier."
🐾 He didn't even care that you had called him ugly as he quickly turned to you and engulfed you into a hug.
🐾 You melt in the warm embrace. "I thought you'd forgotten about me.." You admit quietly and Camilo would only shake his head.
🐾 "No matter where you are, hermana, even if you were on the opposite side of the world, I’ll always come and find you." With that you had smiled.
🐾 "Lo siento, hermana, you're the best little sister anyone could ask for.. I didn't mean what I said, I was just so mad that you and Isabela seemed more closer than you and I.. I'm sorry I made you cry. I promise not to be so mean anym.."
🐾 He rambles on, only stopping when your head had rested against his chest. You had fallen asleep in his arms. He had sighed. His speech long forgotten now as he adjusted you in his arms and carried you home.
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