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carlaerosie · 14 hours ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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si-snake · 22 hours ago
This is why Tío Bruno always looks into the future before babysitting.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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camilosangel · 2 days ago
can u do a camilo x fem!reader where the reader comes over a lot and antonio LOVES hanging out with them and constantly steals them away when camilo tries to spend time with his s/o
this can be hcs or small fic but i had this idea and thought it was so cute
mis soles
Tumblr media
camilo madrigal (he/him) x fem!reader (she/her)
platonic!antonio madrigal (he/him) x fem!reader (she/her)
warnings: i don’t think any
[491 words]
you were headed up the hill to tu novio’s place, la casa madrigal, when you saw a boy, riding a jaguar, toward you. now if you were anyone else this would seem weird, but no, it’s just antonio and his best friend.
“hola, y/n!” he greeted you as his jaguar came to a stop in front of you, rubbing against your leg, you pet the big cat as antonio slid off and hugged your legs,
“hola toñito, have you seen your hermano-“ you were cut off by the older madrigal grandson,
“i’m here, mi vida!” he said slightly out of breath, “come on, I have our date all set up” he smiled at you,
you two started walking when you heard antonio get back on his jaguar and follow you two, you turn around and camilo goes over to his brother
“antonio, me and y/n are going on a date, go play with your friends, or help out mamí”
“but i wanna hang out with y/n too!!” antonio argued back to camilo, pouting slightly, camilo sighed as he tried to explain why he needed to leave you two alone.
“ay, niño bonito, just let him come with” you smiled at Camilo as his face heated up and his eyes went wide, he rolled his eyes and begrudgingly continued walking to the picnic spot he had set up for the two of you. Camilo whispered to his brother once you were far enough ahead,
“your lucky y/n likes you, you’d be down the street if it were up to-“
“camilo!” camilo looked up to see you glaring slightly at him for “threatening” his brother. you rolled your eyes as you grabbed his hand and pulled him back up to you, kissing his cheek you sat down on the blanket he had set out, antonio joining in, sitting on your lap which you were welcome to.
“ay, come on! he gets more love than me!!” camilo groaned as you peppered antonio’s face with kisses,
“awh come on, are you celoso, mi amor?” camilo’s jaw dropped as he scoffed, stuffing an arepa in his mouth, you laughed as you pulled on his ruana, then cupping his face to kiss his cheek,
soon enough it got to be dark and before any of you knew it you all were asleep, as Pepa got worried where her two hijos were she went out with Felíx and was met with a pleasant sight, forming a rainbow above the woman’s head. camilo laying down, you laying your head on his shoulder, hands intertwined, with antonio across the two of you’s laps.
Pepa carried Antonio in as Felíx woke up his son who woke up you and walked you home,
“for the record, mi vida, i am not celoso.”
“mhm sure, niño bonito” you said kissing his cheeks and then his lips and going inside your house, leaving him red-faced walking home, ready to be teased by his familia.
i really enjoyed writing that!! i hope you like it!!! ❤️❤️
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m0chaminx · a day ago
Camilo Madrigal | Love sick
Tumblr media
Part One
Request : No -ish, people wanted a part 2 but so did I
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Nearly most likely going to write a 3rd part
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo is lovesick, and his family takes notice
838 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo pushed his food around. He was leaning on his hand where you kissed his cheek. He was hungry but he was way too preoccupied, he replayed the scene in his head, a lovesick smile attached to his face, unintentionally stroking his thumb across his cheek. "Camilo, are you okay?" Felix asked, bumping his shoulder against his trying to get his attention. Camilo nodded, not paying too much attention, still poking his food.
"Are you sure honey?" Pepa asked reaching for her son's hand, a small cloud appearing above her head which Felix quickly shooed away. Camilo nodded lazily again, finally picking up some food to eat.
"It's the mystery one from the bakery, isn't it?" Dolores asked making Camilo jump up, in a blink and you'll miss it shift into you before settling again, his shoulders were tense and his eyes were wide.
"No, no, no, I um, just got distracted, sorry," Camilo spoke in a hurry, shoving the food in his mouth with a forced smile.
"Smooth," Isabella spoke with a teasing smile, blowing flowers in his face, causing Camilo to accidentally swallow a few.
"Why don't you invite them over 'Milo," Julietta suggested. "It would be nice to meet them."
"I um, I've only spoken to them a few times," Camilo said slightly bashfully, shoving more food in his mouth. Isabella held in a laugh, so did Mirabel and Felix. "I'm done," Camilo said pushing away his food and jogging upstairs.
"Oh come on Camilo, it's okay!" Pepa yelled trying to her son back to the table. "Look what you've done," Pepa said slapping Felix with a piece of bread.
You walked along the river, watching in awe as Luisa moved the bridge to a new spot. Luisa spotted you and did an overly comedic wave with a smile to match, and you lightly waved back confused, until you noticed Dolores at her side pointing at you. You rolled your eyes knowing Dolores had said something about you and Camilo, and the anxiety crept in wondering what she knew, and what Camilo had told them. "Hey," A voice sounded next to you making you jump lightly. You turned to see Mirabel a very large smile on her face. "You're mystery bakery right?"
"Excuse me?" You asked confused. "Mystery bakery?" Quickly you were saved by Camilo rushing over and stepping between the both of you.
"Hey Y/N, hey Mirabel," Camilo said in a hurry before he grabbed your arm and whisked you away. "I'll explain in a sec just keep walking please." You nodded at Camilo and you both rushed until you reached the back of Casita. You waved at one of the aqua windows which waved back with a creak. Camilo finally stopped pulling you along once you reached the top of the hill. "Uh sorry for pulling you away." Camilo rubbed the back of his neck in nervousness.
"It's okay 'Milo. Do you wanna let me know why though?" You asked with a laugh. Camilo sat down in the grass, patting the grass for you to sit next to him. You sat next to him taking his hand in yours, running your fingertip along the crevasses on his palm, in a way you hoped to calm him down.
"Dolores let slip that I was talking with someone, and now my Tia wants you over for dinner, Mama is sending rainbows and sun my way like no tomorrow, Mirabel and Isabella think we're dating, and Antonio thinks he's getting a new sister," Camilo said in a hurry not noticing he laced his fingers with yours in anxiety, squeezing them every so often. You brushed Camilo's hair behind his ear letting your hand rest on his shoulder, Camilo absent-mindedly leant into your touch.
"Do you want to be dating?" You asked studying his face, tangling your fingers in his curls.
"I mean, yeah, if you want to, but I wanna at least take you on a few dates, save what pride I have," Camilo said honestly with a chuckle.
You laughed pressing another kiss to his cheek, resting your cheek against his shoulder. "Alright, what do you want to do? Unless you have jobs to do?" You asked.
Camilo thought for a moment, looking down at your linked hands. "There's a bunch of Cherry blossoms on the east end of the river," Camilo noted, bumping his cheek against your head. "I can run inside and grab some food, and have a calm first date."
"Sounds perfect," You said with a smile and a light laugh. Camilo nodded and you bushed yourself off his shoulder, and with a surge of confidence, Camilo pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose, a hand resting on your cheek, before hopping up and running to Casita, you threw the back door open for him to rush through.
You stared over the sight of Encanto, pressing a hand to your cheek feeling it heat up. You smiled to yourself a small giggle leaving your lips, you were in love.
If it has a strike, I couldn't tag you
@moonchildxb @breadglasses @zukkun @leoisgayforwriting @skylarbyndomm @dai-tsukki-desu
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camilosluvr · a day ago
could i request camilo x fem!reader where camilo is trying to prank his gf (reader) but he ends up tripping in front of reader before he can actually do the prank and reader just crouches down like “hi mi amor” with a sweet smile and he gets all flustered ??
tysm 😩❤️❤️
Camilo Madrigal x Fem Reader
Camilo tries a old fashioned joke on his gf but it doesn't exactly go how he planned (He/they pronouns for camilo and she/her pronouns for reader)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Camilo was standing in his room wrapping the joy buzzer around his hand, he stared at the buzzer part on their lightened palm and he plastered the smirk everyone knew and hated, it was a clear green light that camilo was going to do something mischievous but despite that, you loved it because camilo had it on his face almost all the time and because you thought they looked cute with that smile.
Camilo put his hands by their side making their orange ruana cover most of their arm including the sleeve, they wiped off their ruana and then headed out their door, closing it behind him and he started walking down the halls of casita greeting everyone in the process.
Camilo walked down the stairs and towards casita doors with everyone following as everyone had chores to do including him but he was ditching them so he could take you on a date but in reality it was literally just him trying to prank you but after that he was gonna take you on a real date.
Camilo headed out the door with everyone else and he went straight towards your house after making sure that his mother and father hadn't caught on that he was trying to ditch his chores.
Camilo was smiling but not that much as he wasn't trying to let it be known that he was trying to do something mischievous, camilo spotted you standing in front of your house wearing the skirt that he had his mother make for you so that you two could match, it was different shades of orange with chameleons lining it with a white shirt with ruffle sleeves tucked into said skirt.
Camilo was really into matching couples clothing as he thought that it was really cute, camilo started to speed up his walking and when he was just about to reach you, he tripped over his feet making himself fall to your feet and it made the buzzer fall off his hand and on your black flat espadrille shoes and you bent down on your knee and grabbed the joy buzzer, you looked at your lover with an eyebrow raised as you raised the joy buzzer to their face.
Camilo smiled sheepishly as they knew that he had just gotten caught in his prank "Hi mi amor." You said as you kissed their forehead and he became flustered, if he was brown skinned then he'd be as red as tomato "Hey hermosa..." Camilo said as they looked up at you and you shook your head and put the joy buzzer in your bag, you helped the afro-latino boy up and they rubbed their neck as they looked at you flustered "Heh, you're cute. Lets go on that date now, how about that?" You said as you hooked your arm around their arm.
Camilo nodded and you chuckled "You realize that this date is gonna be us splitting your chores, right?" You said as you two started walking and camilo groaned "But princesa-" Camilo tried to protest but you put your fingers over his lips "That's what you get for trying to prank me." You said kissing their cheek and camilo rolled his eyes as he became more flustered than before but it's what they deserved so they didn't make any other objections.
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chameleon-madrigal · a day ago
V | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: Its always you
Genre: Fluff, Angsty at the middle but happy ending
Pairings: Camilo x F!Reader
Warnings: Long chapter
Summary: You and Camilo were best friends, the people of town would always see you together everyday. With you constantly in Casita bonding or helping out his family. One day he confessed to you, and up until now he is still courting and waiting for you to be ready with having a relationship with him.
He/him pronouns for Camilo
She/her pronouns for Reader
Note: I'll try to update as much as possible, thank you for supporting my stories! Didn't know I made this long but I hope you enjoyed it. Love y'all <3
Tumblr media
Confession day. That moment was still clear from your mind about what happened that day when Camilo decided to tell you his feelings.
It was in the rooftop of Casita, under the shining moonlight. You were ranting about your day and enthusiastically storytelling it to him. And he just sits there watches how your eyes go brighter than the stars. He watches on how you would turn to him when you laugh or giggle. He saw how happy you are, and he realized at that moment that he really did fall hard for you and won't let you go.
"Camilo stop staring" You said chuckling at him, but what shocked you the most is the thing he said next.
"I like you" He said which made you froze at your position not knowing what to say. You find him as a great guy and you know its not hard to fall inlove with him, but you also feel that someday you would too, but not right now because you are still not ready.
"Camilo, I..."
"Im sorry forget what I've said" He said standing up and look at the skies to distract himself. You don't want him to feel rejected because you know that he doesn't deserved to be upset and has done everything for you.
You stood up carefully and held both of his hands and made him face you, as you looked at him in the eyes. Noticing the regret he feels right now.
"Cami, I am not rejecting you—" you saw how his eyes glistened with the stars as you say those words to him "—but I am not yet ready to be in a relationship. I know you are a great person, there are girls that fall inlove with you and I am lucky that I get the amazing Camilo Madrigal to chose me as his other half in the future. You are not difficult to be love at, and I know I have a feeling that someday I'll fall for you too. But not at this moment, I guess coz I am not ready. Mi cielo, I hope you'll wait for me."
You said expecting to see sadness from him at your sudden confession but instead you saw a genuine smile that you really admire about him.
"Cariña, if it takes years to wait for you I am willing to. I won't pressure you into loving me back, because I respect your decision. But I am here for you and will always pick you" He said cupping your face and kissed your head. As you both stared at the stars above you two.
Tumblr media
It has been months since he confessed to you and knowing his sister ofcourse the whole Madrigals know it too but haven't talk to them about it since Camilo tries so hard not to let you be interviewed by his family because they know how they will get overwhelmed by it and doesn't want to feel you uncomfortable.
Not until Mirabel decided to invite you for dinner without Camilo knowing.
You are close to Casita when you noticed Camilo near the stairs facing its back to you, so decided to scare him a little.
As you got closer to him, you are about to scare him when he suddenly turned around and lifted you up while spinning you around.
"Nice try preciosa, but you will never scare me" He said gently putting you down, which you fixed your dress and playfully rolled your eyes at him.
"Anyways, what brings you to the Casita Amor?" He said while looking at you confused as he fixed a strand in your hair, which you suddenly felt something in your heart but decided to shrug it off.
"Well Mirabel invited me to dinner and so here I am" You said smiling at him, as he began to look at you with wide eyes telling you how bad this will be.
"Y/N/N, are you sure? I mean they would maybe do or ask something—" You shushed his lips with your hand as you chuckled at him.
"C'mon Milo, its not gonna be bad as it seems okay? And I'll be having a sleepover here at Mirabel's room later since my parents are out of town and will be back tomorrow" You said which made him even more shocked and shapeshifted uncontrollably.
So far the dinner is going smoothly, but not with Camilo being worried at what might happen which would always be silently scolded by Dolores or you to calm him down. The talks were just about asking how your family is doing, like just a casual conversation.
"Hey Y/N, when are you going to answer my primo? I knew you are falling for him too already. I mean my primo does a lot for you and ofcourse I know you are already appreciating him but ahh Im so excited, Oh my god. Maybe you two are already together, right Dolores? You know you can't keep it a secret right. Its obvious you'll end up together anyways, right everyone?" Mirabel suddenly spoke which caused everyone to look at her as if saying that was wrong.
Dolores whines and signalling Mirabel to keep her mouth shut. Felix spatted out his drink. Julieta and Abuela looked at her weirdly. Isabela rolled her eyes while facepalming herself. Luisa started to help his dad who choked on his food. Antonio was confused at everything. Pepa suddenly begins to have a thunder and Camilo shapeshifting super uncontrollably.
"Pepa, the cloud" Abuela said which cause her to touch her hair and muttering 'clear skies' for her to calm down.
Camilo just wants to be swallowed by the ground lifted by Luisa or be hidden with the plants of Isabela as of the moment. You can just smile awkwardly, wanting to say something but you decided not to.
"Mirabel, just continue eating" Her mother said which caused Mirabel to shift into her seat uncomfortably. While Isabela keeps on trying to settle her out.
You just look at Camilo who is smiling awkwardly too not until he covered his face with his hands and started muttering words you can't hear.
'Now I know what Camilo was so worried about' you thought
Tumblr media
After the dinner, Mirabel constantly apoligized to you, mostly Camilo too, about what happened since he knows you felt uncomfortable about it. But you assured him that its fine and he should take a rest, which he did after much of insisting from you.
You're currently outside Mirabel's room while leaning unto the pillars of Casita watching the stars as you really admire the constellations from above.
"Mi hija, why aren't you in Mira's room taking a rest?" Pepa said as she settles herself beside you and glance at the sky before looking back at you.
"I'm fine Señora, just taking some fresh air" You said which she smiled at you.
"Aye, señora is a bit too much. You can call me Mamá, but Tía is fine for now." She said which made you nod at her.
"I am really sorry about what happened earlier at the dinner, my sobrina was just excited about the thought of her bestfriend and her primo being together" She said while holding your shoulders gently and smiled genuinely at you. Which you can't help but flutter at that moment.
'Camilo really is a mamá's boy, I can see the resemblance'
"It's okay, Seño—I mean Tía Pepa. I really can't blame you or the family for being excited about that tho" You said wanting to ask something to her but hesitating to do so.
"Don't worry we aren't pressuring you, I know you wouldn't hurt my son"
"He is a great guy and there is a chance that I am falling for him too but..." You stopped talking and looked at her as she gives you a nod indicating to continue what you are saying.
"Can I ask you a question, Tía?" You said trying to make sure that she is comfortable also.
"Sure you can ask anything, I'm listening"
"When you and Tío Félix were starting to catch feelings. How sure were you with the thought of falling inlove with him?" You asked looking down to look at your hands.
"I can still remember how I realize that I was falling for him. After we got together he told me that he had always been crushing on me. And ofcourse he is a funny guy, so whenever he is near me I always have a rainbow in my head. We pretty much started from a simple like, with me realizing how great of a guy he is and the efforts he do. At first, I was scared that what if we don't work out. My brother bruno even wants to see a vision of us, because the Casita would always be full of sprinkles from my clouds overthinking it. But I told him I don't want to see his vision because I don't want to spoil myself with the future of me with Félix. I just kinda go with the flow and let my feelings out and the moment I realized I am inlove him, was also the moment I made the greatest decision of my life has been" She said looking at the skies with full of love in her eyes as she talked her story about his husband. She suddenly looked at you and held one of your cheeks.
"Y/N, the thought of falling inlove isn't about how sure you are with it. But rather how you are with it, like how you feel it. No one can really decipher what love is, but anyone can feel it. You just need to let it all out and speak for it...in here" she said pointing at your heart which made you smiled and felt okay with all the questions you once had on your mind.
You hugged her as she hugged you back and felt her hands stroke your hair.
"Tía Pepa, thank you for making me feel better now" You said smiling.
"Anytime hija, anytime" She said gently caressing your cheeks before telling you to rest and go inside Mirabel's room already.
Tumblr media
"Hey Isa, have you seen Camilo?" You asked her as it has been half an hour you've been finding him, which was odd because Camilo would just shows up out of nowhere.
"Oh he didn't tell you?" She said waving goodbye to the villager she helped.
"Was there something he should tell me?"
"You see there is a new family in town, so being the first social butterfly of the family he is. Abuela asked him if he could give them a tour in the town, so ofcourse he said yes"
"Oh okay, then I guess I'll see him later" You said which Isabela give you a questioning look.
"Is there something you need from him?"
"Nah, just wanna hangout since I got nothing to do" You said and after that Isabela look at your back and she motioned you to turned around. Which you both saw Camilo waving towards you both with a...girl?
"Hey Cami, who is this?" Isabela asked as she looked at the girl beside him.
"Oh she is the daughter of the new family that moved in, this is Lucia. And Lucia this is Isabela, my prima and this is Y/N, my friend" He said which cause you to narrowed your eyes at him but he didn't notice, only Isabela saw it.
'Friend, huh? Not even bestfriend? Or the girl I like or love? Well, I mean we're not together but JUST FRIEND? Are you kidding me right now'
You thought as Isabela noticed the glare you are sending Camilo and the girl as they both laughed at something. And before you know it they bid their goodbye's to you, continuing their little 'tour'
Isabela chuckled as you scoffed when the two were out of your sight. You looked at her confused but still annoyed at what happened.
"I see the glare you had on that two" She teased as you felt your face turned red for being embarassed.
"Pfft, no I did not"
"Yeah sure, don't worry its just for this day. You can have my primo for the next few days" She teased again, giving you a playfuly wink before walking away.
-Three weeks later-
What Isabela said was the exact opposite of it. Those few days of having your own BESTFRIEND to hangout with you turned into weeks of nothing.
When you asked him, he would say the excuse of having to hangout with that Lucia girl which you didn't like because one week after they got 'close' she started getting a close proximity with him much to your dislike knowing she is flirting with Camilo but he is being oblivious.
Camilo, on the other hand, also misses hanging out with you. He is not blind to notice you being annoyed with the new girl in town. But he has no choice, Lucia would always find excuses to get him to hangout with her and he just didn't want to be a bad person declining the offer.
But today, Camilo tries so hard to find you and got you to hangout with him. After managing in hiding to Lucia.
"Hey Dolores, have you seen Y/N?"
"Finally after weeks you decided to be with her" She said which made Camilo confused. Dolores just mentally facepalmed herself.
"She's near the fountain with Mirabel" After that Camilo thanked her and rushed towards where they are.
Meanwhile, you were ranting to Mirabel about what you feel, and also somewhat to Dolores since she can hear every word you are saying.
"—I mean I dont know just look at that Lucia girl, her name is already sending me bad vibes, ugh."
"Y/N/N, just admit that you are jealous" Mirabel said as she shook you gently.
"Mira, people only get jealous when the person they like doesn't have attention to them" You said smiling sarcastically which she then gave you a deadpanned look.
"Y/N/N, just admit that you are jealous and that you like my primo"
"Mirabel, no—"
"Y/N, you literally asked Tía Pepa something about love that night during dinner. And you mumble Camilo's name in your sleep—"
"Wait what!?" You exclaimed not knowing for a fact you did this the night you were sleeping at her room.
"—Yes, it is true. And I think the purpose of that new girl is to make you realize you like or maybe even better love Camilo back. You are jealous, because Camilo spend time with that Lucia for weeks now and you miss your 'bestfriend' when clearly you miss your man" She said giving you a smug look after she noticed you suddenly went deep into your thoughts.
"C'mon, just admit that I am right" She said nudging you. Well, you expected this to happen that your bestfriend, Mirabel would be the first one to notice.
"Okay fine, I am inlove him. You really do know me" You said which made her smile wide knowing you admit it. She was about to say something when Camilo rushed into the both of you, panting because of running.
"Woah, relax primo. Why were you running?" Mirabel asked and went to Camilo to calm his breathing down a bit.
"Dolores told me you're both here, Y/N's here" After that Mirabel decided to say goodbye because she knows its been awhile since you two have talked.
"Hey, Y/N" He said awkwardly taking a seat beside you.
"Hey" You said casually but it turned out to be cold, mentally facepalming yourself.
"How are you these past weeks, its been awhile"
"Yeah, Camilo. Its been awhile" You said sarcastically still refusing to look at him and distracting yourself with all the people that is passing by.
"I know its just that Lucia—"
"I mean she is new to the town so ofcourse she needs someone to make this place familiar for her. And someone to make her comfortable. Too comfortable" You said whispering the last part, thankfully, he didn't hear it.
"I know you're upset and that's why I am making it up to you. Do you wanna hangout? You know, the usual?"
"Lucia gets to hangout with you from morning to sunset. And I get to hangout with you for the afternoon only?" You said scoffing at him, finally looking straight into his eyes.
"Okay I didn't do it on purpose. I am finally hanging out with you cuz you are upset, and why are you being angsty about it?" He said which made you stand up and so does he.
"So you're gonna hangout with me because I am upset? And what if you didn't notice I was upset, you're probably with that Lucia even today."
"Well guess what maybe I am. Okay, I don't know why you are acting this way, but I am just being a nice friend by hanging out with you catching up for the time we missed for weeks and it looks like you are rejecting it."
"Are you srsly giving me this attitude? Because I am rejecting your offer, Camilo Madrigal. I've been trying to hangout with you for days. That girl is literally flirting with you, and you are being oblivious about it."
"That is why I am here now! I am not oblivious, she is just being a nice friend or maybe a better friend than you!" He somewhat shouted which made you shocked at his words.
After a moment he realized what he have said and worry filled up his face as he saw a tear left your eyes. He was about to say something but you took a step back, looking at him before walking away.
He could just run after you but his feet can't seem to go anywhere as he watched how your eyes filled with hurt at the words he didn't mean to. He was tired and just missed you, both of your emotions, mostly his, were piling up earlier in that moment which lead you to snapped at each other.
On the other hand, the whole family could just sighed as Dolores told them what happened.
Tumblr media
"Dolores could you please find your brother right now? I am worried, its already dinner time and he still hasn't set foot to the Casita" Pepa said as her clouds were still raining, as Félix tries to calm her down since earlier.
"Sí, Mamá. I'll go talk to him too" Dolores said and immediately went to the river as she heard her hermano's sobs. And also hearing soft cries from Y/N, which she could just sigh at the moment and will try her best to help them both.
As she got closer she took a seat beside him in the big rock and hugged him which he continued sobbing.
"Dolores I want to be alone right now, please" He said through his sobs.
"I know hermano but Mamá is worried about you and I need to talk to you"
He calmed himself first while constantly shapshifting into you. As he fixed himself and wiped the last tear he had, he finally looked at his sister.
"Cami, do you still like Y/N?"
"No—" He said which caused Dolores to be shocked at that but she didn't expect the words he said next "—I don't like her anymore"
"W-What do you mean, Cami?" She said holding his hand and as he looked at her. Which made Dolores saw something in his eyes that was new to her
"I don't like her. Because I love her already—" She smiled as that new look on her hermano's eyes was love. He is inlove. "—Is this what love is? When you just woke up in the morning, and realizing that you're inlove with this person. For weeks of being far away from her side, I realize how torture it has been. I am starting to get annoyed with Lucia because I can't even hangout with my bestfriend, the girl that I love"
"Then why can't you say no to her? And why did you said she can be a better friend than Y/N?"
"How can I say no when literally she would come up to me saying a villager needs help and its an emergency or whtvr and I thought it was serious but no it will just end up being with her all day. And I didn't mean what I said, I just missed Y/N and the thought of her didn't want to hangout got me pissed and maybe that's why. I don't care if Lucia can be a better friend, but I am sure that no one can be a better girlfriend than Y/N/N" He said throwing rocks at the river, as Dolores chuckled at the sudden confession of her brother.
"Do you know why Y/N acted that way?"
"Yeah, because she was upset"
"Yes but its more than that. She is actually jealous, hermano"
"People only get jealous when the person they like doesn't have attention to them. And she didn't even say she likes me back too"
"Wow you both have the same answer to that but really, Cami? She is right you are sometimes oblivious at what people are showing you." He just looked at her with so confusion in his eyes that made Dolores playfully scoffed at him.
"Y/N loves you too Camilo. I don't want to tell you this since its better if it was coming from her but since you made a mistake and you still didn't realize her feelings so that leads me no choice"
She said as she watched her brother shapeshifting uncontrollably and being clumsy as he ended up soaking half of his body in the river.
Dolores helped her up and they both went their way to the Casita.
"By tomorrow I want you to make things up with her okay?" Dolores said which made Camilo nods as he was still dazed at the sudden news he heard about.
Pepa suddenly hugged her son as she saw him and so does Félix.
"Aye, why are you wet Camilo? What happened?"
"He fell into the water as I told him that Y/N loves him too" Dolores said and shrugs as Pepa smiled at her son.
"Go take a rest, cariño. You need it" Félix said as Pepa gave him a kiss on the forehead before Camilo headed upstairs to take a shower and rest.
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling a bit tired from crying in your sleep yesterday. Before you could even get out of your bed you noticed a paper airplane above your blankets. You opened it and already noticed that it was Camilo's handwriting.
'Good morning, mi corazón. I know what I did yesterday and I didn't mean it. I am sorry. I hope this paper landed on your bed because that would be perfect. I know you are upset but I hope I can still see you at our usual place? Okay, bye. I love you <3'
-Tu Amor, Camilo Madrigal
You can't help but smile at his remarks even though you are still upset. You kept looking at the three words he wrote for you, it was new and you knew that there are butterflies in your feelings right now.
"Y/N, sweetie. Breakfast is ready, come down!" You heard your Mamá said which made you jumped right out of your bed.
"Be right there Mamá!" You said securing the letter in your closet. And took a shower to get ready for the day as you went down after to have breakfast.
After you're done, you ask permission first from your parents to go out which they did allow you. And after you closed the door in your house, you turned around and saw Antonio.
"Hey Toñito, good morning to you what brings you here?" You said putting your hands on your knees to match his level as you patted his head.
"Good morning, Y/N/N. My hermano Camilo wants to give you this, knowing you like cats" He said giving you a cat plushie that is so cute.
"Oh gracias, it looks cute"
"He actually did it himself. Mirabel taught her how to sew it, even though he hurt himself plenty of times he actually made it an excuse to get more of Tía's arepas." He said which made you laugh at his sudden confession about his brother.
"Is that so? Your brother really is a great guy. And you too, Toñito" You said kissing his head which made him giggle as he ran back to the other kids to play.
You continued walking to your usual spot as what he indicated in the letter when you ran into Isabela who is currently holding a beautiful big bouquet of your [Favorite Flower].
"Woah Isa, that's a big one. Here let me help you with that"
"I know, do you liked it?"
"Well, its pretty and yes I do love it? Why did you ask—" You didn't finish your sentence when she placed the bouquet in your hands.
"Camilo asked me to make those and it really does suits you" She said while teasing a goodbye to you.
You looked at the flowers and sighed happily with the great smell it has. Noticing a letter from the bouquet.
'Hope you liked the plushie and the flowers. See you at our spot, amor'
You chuckled at the note and continued walking as a smile was on your lips.
While Camilo was facing back and forth at the hill, being anxious if you are going or not. Even though Dolores keeps on telling him that you are on your way, he can't help but to worry.
"Cami, I can hear her being near. So stop being so jiggly because you might fall in this hill. I'll be going now and yes, just so you know. I am all ears" She said winking at her brother teasingly which Camilo just groaned.
As the moment, Dolores was gone. Camilo finally saw you infront of him. You were wearing the dress he actually bought for you, months ago. And he loves how the color of it suits the flowers you are holding in your hands.
You saw a picnic setting beside him as he stood infront of you, staring which made you chuckle at his actions right now that is so not him.
"So...are we gonna have a staring contest all day or..?" You said walking closer to him and that made him snapped at his thoughts. He offered you to sit at the blanket as he put the bouquet beside you, as you were still holding the plushie he made.
Time went by, you two shared talks and laughter, catching up on what you two missed. You both already apologized to each other, and saying there is no more hard feelings in between.
"I am sorry about yesterday, I was just tired and I missed you. And it was the last straw I had to feel—"
"Camilo, its fine. I forgive you. I am sorry too you were just trying to catch up"
"Its okay. Atleast we are now in good terms again"
And before you know it you were both leaning at the tree, your head on his shoulders as his hands was wrapped in your waist. As you two watched the skies with a perfect rainbow, which you both knew made by Pepa.
"You know I really missed hanging out with you" He said while looking at you. As you continued admiring Encanto.
"Same, I am glad we already made up. And look the Encanto gleams so beautiful in this view right now."
"Yeah, probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" You suddenly looked at him noticing him staring at you while indicating that he was talking about you in his sentence which made you smile.
"Really? Then what's the most beautiful thing you have ever feel?"
"I would say this, with you in my arms but I guess this is much better" He said which made you confused on what he was trying to say.
But he suddenly leaned in to you, and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. You were shocked and before you could kissed back he pulled away and hold your cheeks caressing it. He looked at you with love in his eyes as he smiled.
"I love you, Y/N" He said which made you kissed him back again.
"I-I love you too, Camilo"
"I know" He said which made you slapped his chest gently.
"What do you mean 'you know'?"
"Dolores told me last night. And that you weren't just upset but you are jealous. She didn't want to say it at first but I did a mistake and still being dumb about it so she told me and here we are" He said and pulled you closer to him.
"Well kinda agree you're being dumb about it" You said jokingly as he gently squished both of your cheeks.
"That's really not a good way to describe your boyfriend" He said which made you hold his hands and decided to joked him again.
"Who said, you are my boyfriend already? I didn't even said anything" You said which made him chuckled at you as he held both of your hands and level it close to his chest.
"Alrighty then. Y/N F/N will you make me the luckiest guy in the world by being my girlfriend?" He said leaning closely at your face until your foreheads touched.
"Yes, Camilo Madrigal I would love to make you the luckiest guy in the world by being your girlfriend" You said which made him stand up shouting as he hugged you while lifting you up.
As he put you down both of you laughing at each other, he pulled a strand of your hair behind your ear. And kissed you again with full of love.
"Its always you, my Y/N Madrigal" He said which made you hide your face in his chest at his remarks as you continued hugging.
"SHE SAID YES!" Dolores said after eavesdropping which made the whole family cheered.
"Ah my son, is all grown up" Pepa said which made her cloud fall snow.
"Yes amor, he is." Félix said pulling his wife closer to him as he shooed away the cloud.
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desichameleon · 19 hours ago
camilo having a crush
pairing : camilo madrigal x gn!reader requested : yes / no warnings : one mention of slap ( just camilo annoying isabela ), one mention of a kiss, pepa and dolores me meddling with camilo
• so first of all we all know this boy is such a gentleman most of the time
• so even before he realised he likes you he was always doing little things for you
• "need any help (y/n/n)" "you look amazing today (y/n)"
• but when he realised he like likes you oh boy did he step up his game
• utter simp
• buying you little gifts like necklaces bracelets, rings (most of which were matching for you and him)
• he hand picks your favourite flowers 
• try to brush hands and hug for just a few seconds longer
• definitely gets flustered around you 
• buying you books and art supplies if you're into that stuff
• stuff like : cariño, querida/querido and sometimes he let slip mi vida
• it made your heart flutter and your cheeks go red 
• once you called him cariño 
• he felt like his face was on fire at that moment.
• camilo would start helping you with chore more often 
• "hey querida/querido need help with that"
• of course you said yes even if you didn't need his help
• who would deny help from camilo madrigal ?
• he'd find hundreds upon hundreds of excuses to invite you over for any reason
• "hey (y/n) wanna come over for dinner at casita ?" 
• "cariño want to come over to help me look after antonio ?" 
• whenever you came over for dinner he'd run around trying to perfect everything 
• "dolores why are there no napkins ?!" "because we don't use napkins." "well we do now."
• that earned him a slap around the head
• and when you actually arrived isabela made it a living he'll for the poor boy
• "yet" she would whisper as he greeted you which made is face go bright red
• pepa would not leave you alone in a good way
• camilo is now regretting letting dolores know about his little crush.
• we all know how meddling the madrigals are especially the warm side.
• the family asked you many, many questions about yourself 
• especially your love life
• "(y/n) are you seeing anyone ?" dolores would ask teasingly eyeing her brother who tried to hide his face in his hands
• "(y/n) do you plan on marrying ?" pepa would ask 
• you found it suspicious but assumed that it was normal 
• After dinner camilo would offer to walk you home 
• he would continually apologise for his family which you just told him it was fine
• as you reached your house camilo was debating on asking you out when...
• you kissed his cheek
• "thanks for inviting me over cami, see you tomorrow"
• with that you skipped inside
• he'd think about you all night and day. and basically till he asked you out which was a week later and of course you said yes
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ricosbrainrot · a day ago
bruno in the walls watching his rat telenovelas: “and they were roommates . . .”
thirteen-year-old dolores at the dinner table: “and they were roommates”
seven-year-old camilo: “what”
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arthurscarnival · 14 hours ago
Where's the lie
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wabadabashabadaba · a day ago
ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍꜱ//ᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴏ ᴍᴀᴅʀɪɢᴀʟ
Synopsis: CaMiLoOo SaYs "Mi ViDaA, Won't tell ya, read the thing." Okay, okay.
Have you ever seen dreams, with extremely vivid faces present in them? As If the person was right in front of you, tangible and warm. Camilo was surely about to see that type of dream. Watching your lips tremble and twist in agony, as you layed under the debris of crumbled Casita. The problem is, he could not tell, whether It is real or not.
TW: Hurt to comfort. Mentions of death, blood, injury and loss of a loved one. Camilo is having a breakdown while the reader is shitting themselves. Reader uses they/them while Camilo goes by he/him.
Word count: Very small just like squidward nose. The idea itself is more like a prompt anyways-
A/N: What's up Encanto fandom. To those who have requested from me already(and have been waiting for 28783704 days) I am genuinely sorry, I wanted to post this first because this is something I started a long time ago. I'll complete your requests ASAP. Basha was a stupid bitch and injured her leg, so I won't get to do anything but this anyways- Shout out to my boy Juan Karlos and his song "Buwan" because this song was my greatest inspiration for this.
Camilo blinked away the dust in his eyes. As he desperately coughed up the precipitate in his lungs, the boy could only stare at the ruins of what he once called home. The flame of their familial candle flickered away, so did the spirits of the Madrigals. He could feel it in his body, that his gift was fading away. What was he, without it? Just Camilo. But who was Camilo? Without shape-shifting, is he still able to call himself a Madrigal?
The boy stumbled towards Dolores, to check up on her state. His wrist was still sore, from the fall he took earlier. Camilo's head was loud with thoughts, overlapping and forming unimaginable knots. He could barely process what has happened. Reality was slipping out of his pained grasp, yet his number one priority stayed his family.
"Dolores, how are you?" He softly grasped the shoulder of his older sister, snapping the female out of her lost state. She slowly nodded, deeply sighing from the overwhelming quietness in her head. It was louder than the constant chattering and sounds that filled up her ears on the daily. No more of Casita's squeaking and drumming. Just silence, which was louder than bombs to Dolores. They were all stupefied from this, and Camilo wished they could just continue to stay still, avoiding the fact that they no longer have their identities.
Camilo looked around, pushing away the curly hair trying to slip into his eyes, capturing the image of his family. They looked like empty shells. Tia Julieta was struggling to find some sort of medicine for the injuries of her family members. His mother and father were comforting Antonio. Poor Antonio, Casita going down was incredibly unfair by itself, but especially to his little brother. He had just got his gift a few weeks ago. Abuela darted from one spot to another, as If she was trying to avoid the rumble, questioning each family member. It was quite the moment of despair for everyone, and all Camilo wanted to do was be in the comfort of your arms. But, where were you exactly?
He took another good glance at the people around him, he peeked around the ruins, yet you were not to be found anywhere. The male gulped down a sick thought, trying to stay positive. Yet his hands were beginning to tremble, as he dashed towards his grandmother.
"Abuela, have you seen Y/N?" His voice was raspy from the dust in the air, perhaps that was also the reason for Abuela's swollen eyes. She became worried upon hearing her grandson's words, Y/N was a part of the family at this point. Them and Camilo had been inseparable, ever since the two created a stronger bond. Alma counted down all the people standing around, only to be left with a grim realization. One was missing. Y/N wasn't there. That means, she can only be in the house.
Upon learning the terrifying prospect, the entire family dashed inside of what proudly stood as Casita before. Pepa shakily yelled out Y/N's name, no storm cloud forming above her head this time. Isabela was sprinting around the parts of the walls, doors, calling out his lover's name. His Amor. His Corazon. Camilo was pleading everything in the universe, to find you safely sitting somewhere in a pocket created by Casita. For you to see him, and launch for a bone-crashing hug, so that you two could live through this time together. Camilo ever so much needed to see your glistening eyes, filled to the brim with joy and hope. And suddenly, he heard a weak cough. His head snapped towards the sound, only to be left in utter horror.
The male immediately crumbled by your side, screaming out your name. A large piece of debris has fallen onto your legs, it seems as though Casita wasn't able to protect both you and Mirabel. Camilo scraped his hands, trying to move away the obstacle while calling to his family members. He kept on reassuring that you will be fine, that he was going to get you out of this. Camilo tried so hard, that cuts started to form on his skin, staining the rock with blood.
"Camilo.." You reached for him, stiff as a wooden doll. Gasping from the lack of stamina and the profuse adrenaline, he ended his futile attempts, waiting for the others to rush for your help. He could definitely get you out of this, everything was going to go back to normal eventually. And you were going to be by his side, as thing swayed back into their lane.
"It will be alright mi vida, we will get you out of here. You will be fine." Your eyes creased, as a bittersweet smile stretched onto your face. The boy has never seen an emotion like this on your beautiful features, and he hated it. He just wanted for everything to go back to normal, or at the very least for all his loved ones to stay safe, you especially. You were his light, someone who helped him strive for self-love and acceptance. Your warm embrace could rival any remedy in the world, and your smile was the cause of the endless butterflies in his stomach. But the dusted, bloodied you brought nothing but tears. Camilo had to face the fact. He couldn't protect you, he had failed.
"Camilo, I can't feel my legs" Sobbing, he grabbed your hand. It was so unusually cold compared to what Camilo remembered it to be like. Soft and warm.
"Lo siento, mi amor. Lo siento, It's all my fault." Your hand now slid up to his cheek, staining it with bits of your own blood. You hushed him, lightly shaking your head.
"None of this is your fault 'Milo, you did your best. I'm gonna be alright, you said so yourself." With each word, your chest became tighter and tighter. Both of you subconsciously knew that you were lying. Camilo's family was standing behind the two of you, watching the whole scene unfold. Not even Luisa now would be able to lift that piece of debris, that held you pinned to the ground. Pepa was sobbing into Felix's arms, nobody wanted to disturb your bidding of goodbyes.
"Yes, mariposa, you are going to be just fine. I promise you." He mirrored your smile, as it was the only thing he knew how to do best. You buried your fingers in the boy's soft curls, knowing this will be the last thing you feel. Suddenly, you began repeating his name. Louder and louder, the world around Camilo was warping, until...
"Camilo! Camilo wake up already!" The boy sprung up with a loud pant, clutching the hem of his shirt. That earned a surprised yelp from you, Camilo's eyes darting anxiously around the room. He was fine. It was just a bad dream.
"Amor, you were having a nightmare. Are you okay? You were-" Before you could finish that sentence, your partner clung to you ever so firmly, almost crushing you with his embrace. As If you were just another quickly evaporating dream, about to disappear into thin air. And leave him alone, once again. A stream of tears poured onto your shoulder, forming wet trails on your back. Reciprocating the hug, you cooed your significant other, slowly rocking him back and forth.
You woke up from Camilo's sudden troubled moves on the bed, only to notice that he has shape-shifted into you. That gave you a momentary scare, before you noticed how much he was in distress. In fact the Madrigal was drenched in cold sweat, tossing and turning in his sleep. You tried to quietly shake him awake, as to not wake up his sensitive to sounds sister, yet that was a fruitless attempt. So you kept whispering his name, concerned for the state of your beloved. And now he was in your arms, crying as If there was no tomorrow.
Slowly but surely, Camilo's gasps and tears came to a stop, yet the grip on your form stayed. He managed to choke out,
"I saw you... when Casita fell. Y-you were stuck." Your heart painfully stung at his words and tone, squeezing him tightly.
"A-and I couldn't do anything. It was so scary I-i thought I lost you.." The painful lump began forming in his throat again. You had never witnessed the smug and constantly joking Camilo this vulnerable. It pained you to hear his voice cracking, his breath hitching and his heart pounding as loud as a marching band against your ribcage.
"Shh, shh.. It's alright mi amor, It's alright.." You soothingly rubbed circles on his tensed back, continuing to cradle his figure.
"I'm here, I'm safe. Everyone is okay." Camilo's breathing leveled out, and he slowly looked up to you, eyes red and puffy from the stinging tears. You looked back at him, and so vividly, you were able to see the relief across his face. He buried himself into your shoulder, basking in your warmth, the one he knew and adored so much.
"I love you, Y/N. Please, don't leave me. " You cupped his cheeck, no blood staining his caramel skin now. "I won't, Camilo. I love you too."
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camiloamor · a day ago
right over your head  ✈
camilo x fem!reader fluff -- 18+ dni
summary: you have fallen in love with your best friend camilo madrigal, and begin to hint at him in an unconventional way, with help from a few friends.
word count: 2.6k!
a/n: Non. Stop. Writing. I LOOOVED doing this request so so so much! <3 hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did writing it <3
inspired by this anon request!
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigalfics​ @disneysencanto​ @digital-dingo​ @camiloenthusiast​ @mividacamilo​ @thatoneghostband​
Tumblr media
 For as long as you’ve known him, Camilo Madrigal has always been by your side. Pepa and Félix joke that you’re attached at the hip, his cousins treat you as family – which you might as well have been at that point. Nearly every morning you would come by the Casita and stay until long after dinner, and often you would stay the night. Having an established relationship with nearly all of the Madrigals, they enjoyed providing you with as much hospitality as you needed. Your family never seemed to mind as they knew you were in safe hands whenever you weren’t home. 
    It wasn’t until recently you noticed you had been acting up whenever Camilo was around, constantly tripping over yourself and getting so lost in his presence you forget how to respond. Dolores noticed long before you had; poking at how your heartbeat would get louder whenever he was around and teasing you about your fumbled words, which always resulted in your flustered denial. After finally admitting your slight crush on him, she gave the most “I-told-you-so” look you’d ever seen in your life.     “I knew it!” Dolores yelped. Her face brightened as she squeezed your wrist. 
    “Ah, Dolores–”
    “Come on, it was obvious, you know that!”     “Please don’t tell him… oh, no better than to ask you,” you teased.
    “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!?” She let go of your hand.
    “I don’t know how he feels. I don’t want you to say anything to him,” you sighed, a bashful smile washing over your face.
“Well, all I’m gonna say is that his heart skipped a beat when he saw you earlier today.”
“I really want to say something… You won’t make fun of me if I, well, flirt with him, will you?”
Dolores stood up, “Heh, well… I better be going.” She squeaked and exited the kitchen quickly. 
“Yeah, she’s gonna make fun of you.” 
You turned around to see Mirabel, who just so happened to be looming in the same doorway that Dolores left through. 
    “Mirabel, were you listening this entire time!?
    “Oh come on, I won’t make fun of you,” she leaned against the doorway, “but I will make fun of Camilo… you know, earlier he–” 
    The front door of the Casita swung open, its hinge squeaking; almost as if it were alerting Mirabel to Camilo’s arrival.
    “Primo, your girlfrie–”
    “Camilo, over here!” you yelled, glaring at Mirabel’s smug expression. 
    “You’ve been here this whole time? I was gonna make you follow me here anyway,” Camilo chimed, none the wiser to the way Mirabel had been teasing him while his back was turned; physically mocking the way he teased Isabela when her ex-fiance had come over for a disastrous dinner. 
“Hm, only because I’ve been waiting for you to get here,” you remarked. 
“Seems like somebody can’t get enough of me, huh?” 
Your heart skipped a beat, and your muscles involuntarily tensed up. Mirabel quickly took notice of your startled expression and snorted.
“Oh, please, Camilo, like she’d wanna see your insufferable face again,” she grinned. He rolled his eyes and left the kitchen, Mirabel taking a seat next to you.
“Antonio knows.”
“What? Wait, how does he–?”     “He told me that his bird friends overheard you talking about him with your friends. I don’t think he knows you have a crush on his brother, but he knows you take a special liking to him.”
With that, Mirabel left, leaving you alone in the kitchen. Suddenly, an idea sparked in your head. No way in hell were you going to flirt with Camilo if Dolores would hear you – she’d make fun of the both of you for days, and, besides, you weren’t bold enough to say anything that would really stick with him. 
You grabbed a blank sheet of paper and a pen, huddling in the corner of the table, making sure nobody would be able to see your writing if they had suddenly come in. Taking the cap off the pen, you began to write:
“Camilo M. –
You looked cute today. I wonder if you thought the same about me. Are you trying to get me to fall in love? 
From your secret admirer.”
You winced at the signoff – it was corny, but it’ll do. You began to crease the paper, creating a paper airplane. You started for Antonio’s room – hoping to not see anyone on your way there, except – 
You turned around, not seeing anyone. Feeling a slight tug on your dress, you looked down to see Antonio adorably smiling at you, a hummingbird nestled in his hair. You kneeled down to hug him. 
“Wow! Exactly the little man I was looking for,” you laughed, “Hey, Antonio, do you think you could do me a really big favor?”
“Yeah, what is it?”     “Well, maybe we can treat it like a game,” you said, “I have this paper airplane for you, if you or some of your cute pets can get this to Camilo, you can come watch some of Bruno’s telenovelas with your brother and I.”
“They aren’t my pets, they’re my friends,” Antonio corrected, “But yeah! I’ll do it!” 
You high fived him, the hummingbird in his hair singing with joy.
“Thank you, make sure you don’t open it, okay? Bonus points if you hit him in the head with it,” you joked, although Antonio took you seriously. 
“I’ll make sure to nail him straight in the forehead.”
“Eheh… and make sure he doesn’t see who delivers it okay? Like it came from nowhere! And don’t tell him it’s from me either, ‘cause he’ll probably throw a bunch of paper at me…”
You tenaciously handed Antonio the paper airplane; you knew he wouldn’t open it or tell Camilo who it was from, but you couldn’t help but think Camilo would figure you out immediately. 
“Thank you Antonio, I’ll come by tomorrow like always and give you another, then we can go watch Bruno’s little soaps, okay? Thank you again!” 
After having dinner with the Madrigals, you decided to go home, nervously awaiting the next time you’d see Camilo. 
During the night, Camilo decided to visit Mirabel in the nursery, legs kicked up on the desk as he laid back in the chair. He basked in the breeze from the open window that the desk had been under, Mirabel reading on her bed. After a few minutes of talking, a woosh was heard from the window – shortly followed by Camilo yelping. 
“Uh, what happened?” Mirabel inquired, staring at her primo.
Camilo looked in his lap, where a paper airplane had made its home. 
“This stupid airplane just hit me in the forehead..”
Mirabel froze for a moment, diving her nose back into her current read. She knew exactly who that paper airplane was meant for, and who it was from.
“Well, maybe you should open it, you never know, Cami.”
Camilo unfolded the paper, silently reading the message. 
“What does it say?”
“Ah- uhm- it’s nothing,” he stammered.     “Uh huh… okay, whatever you say,” Mirabel sighed, “Get out of my room you stinker, I wanna sleep.” 
The next morning, you took a deep breath before leaving your house. You looked around, past each little home that surrounded your own, walking down the stone path, your footsteps engraved in the dirt between each rock. You caught Camilo’s eyes; he nudged you shortly after arriving at your side. 
“Hey Milo, how was your day yesterday?”     “It was alright. Are you okay? You never really ask me that.”     “Oh, what? Yeah of course, I’m fine.”     “The weirdest thing happened to me, you wouldn’t believe it.”
“What was it…?”     “A paper airplane literally hit me in the head last night, and on the inside there was a note…” 
“Oh–! Did you know what was in it?”
“Yeah, some ‘secret admirer’ said I looked cute yesterday,” his voice softened.
“Huh… Who wrote it?”
“I have no idea.”
You sighed with relief, finding no ingenuity in his tone.     “But, they asked if I thought the same for them yesterday.”
“Did they?”     “I dunno, depends who wrote it.” 
“Ah… Well that’s true.”
“I think it’s in my room somewhere, I’ll go look for it.”
With that, you both entered the Casita, parting ways. You walked down into the kitchen, immediately startled by Dolores who looked like she had been waiting for someone. 
“You’re very smart, Y/N,” she remarked.
“What?”     “The airplane, it’s a good idea, I mean it. If Camilo didn’t say what you wrote, I wouldn’t have known. Which I’m guessing was your goal. But, you guys are cute.”
“Hm.”     “I will say, his heart rate did go up quite a bit when he read what you wrote… Now I’m curious.”
And as if he were cued, Camilo walked into the kitchen, letter in hand.
“I better be off now,” his sister squeaked, promptly exiting.
“Here, look at it,” he said. 
“...Uh, wow. Huh, that is strange,” You stuttered, attempting to act surprised. 
“I just can’t imagine who it would be.”
“Hopefully you’ll find out soon,” Truthfully, you did want him to know it was you, but you were anxious to figure out whether he’d like the fact it was you or not.
“I wonder if they’ll write again,” he said, the slightest bit of anticipation lingering in his voice.
And that night, you gave Antonio another airplane with a different note.
“Camilo M. -
I wonder if you know who I am yet. You looked very pretty today. Do you like these notes? I hope you don’t find it strange. 
From your secret admirer.” 
For the next week and a half, you would listen as Camilo talked about the different letters he received, taking careful notes on his opinions on the things you said. He talked your ear off about the different ink colors, the way your handwriting looked (and with that, of course, came insults), where the planes had hit him, anything he could think of regarding his fan mail. Antonio began to routinely check for you and any planes that you may have left for him, never opening anything you had him deliver. He quickly picked up on the “she-has-a-crush-on-my-brother” thing, innocently asking you about it and telling you things he’d say about you, suggesting what to write in your planes after you helped him read one. Soon, your letters began to get longer, short flirty compliments developing to near paragraphs on why you liked him.
One late night, a few hours after you had gone to your own home from the Casita, you decided to deliver a plane by yourself. You hastily draped Camilo’s ruana over yourself (he had lent it to you due to the cold temperatures that night) and snuck out your bedroom window in hopes to not wake your family. The usual short walk to the Casita felt like forever, your nightgown barely thick enough to shield you from the bitter freeze. Careful to not be caught, you pressed yourself to the cold bricks of the Casita, shuffling around to figure out where Camilo had been, praying he wasn’t in his room. After a few minutes of awkward shifting down the walls, you heard his warm voice from the foyer, following through the closest window. As you inched up to the sill, Camilo’s voice became clearer – he was talking to Antonio. 
“Are you sure you don’t know who’s been chucking these at me?” you heard Camilo ask, along with the sound of paper rustling. 
“I don’t know.”
Camilo sighed, “It’s okay, go to bed, It’s really late. Love you.”
“Love you too.”
You peered through the window and watched as Camilo’s little brother made his way to his room, Camilo staring at the last note you had given him. Aiming with your dominant hand, the other clutching the window sill, you darted the paper airplane at him, hitting him in the shoulder. He bent down to grab the paper, and you ducked as to not be seen by him. You held your breath as his footsteps got closer to the window, closing your eyes when he stopped walking. Letting out a deep sigh of relief once he retracted, you made your way back home, huddling under your bed sheets, too tired to take off his ruana, and too exhausted to even close your window.
You began drifting off to sleep, when, out of nowhere, you heard something fall on your floor. Startled, you turned over to look at what had fallen.
A paper airplane.
Barely awake, you opened the letter:
You looked cute today. I wonder if you thought the same for me. You’re trying to make me fall in love, aren’t you?
– Camilo M.”
A jolt of energy surged throughout your body, immediately awakened by your pounding heartbeat. You glanced at your window to see a silhouette of a familiar face.
“Can I come in? It’s cold,” Camilo smiled.
You helped him into your room, shutting the window. 
“You– uhm, I–” you stammered, finding it nearly impossible to say anything that wouldn’t be embarrassing. 
“I kept them all. I love them.”
“Ah. I’m glad to hear that, I think?”
“It’s cute, you know. And you’re smart for doing that, ‘cause my sister would’ve made fun of me. And probably you too. How’d you even get my brother to help?”
“He wanted to.”
He began, “If you hadn’t come by to deliver it yourself I probably wouldn’t have known it was you.”
“Hm, just went right over your head didn’t it?”
“You could say that.”
Silence filled your bedroom – not an uncomfortable one that hung thick in the air that made it hard to breathe, but one where you both could bask in for hours, presence alone saying more than anything words could say.
“Is it comfortable?” He asked.
“You’re wearing my clothes.”
“I guess so, yeah.”
“I like you too,” he said, independent of any confession you were going to make.
“Was it that obvious?” you joked, face flushed, heart pounding.
After a short pause, yet before you were even able to react, Camilo cupped your face and kissed you – his face afterwards screaming “worried,” afraid of how you would react. 
You kissed him back – longer this time, your heart calming, his heartbeat synchronized with your own. 
“Camilo, I love you, you know that right?” 
“I know. I love you too, mi vida.”
After a few moments of admiration, Camilo forced himself up and snuck back out of your bedroom, leaving no evidence he was ever around, aside from his airplane. The next morning you woke up with such indescribable giddiness and went down to the Casita before Camilo even woke up. After a startling wake-up kiss from you, you both went downstairs to the kitchen, sitting next to each other and holding hands under the table.
“Milo, don’t talk with your mouth full, stupid,” you said to him.
“Imrh srrhry mri vrhhda,” he muttered, nearly choking.
You rolled your eyes to tear yourself away from an adorning grin. A half asleep Dolores waddled into the kitchen, taking notice to the two of yours’ newfound relationship.
“I won’t tell mom you snuck out if you tell me what was in those letters,” she squeaked.
The three of you exchanged curious glances. 
To say the least – it was a little cloudy that day, but rainbows outshone once Pepa heard the big news.
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nezuscribe · 2 days ago
ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ɪ'ᴅ ᴡᴀɪᴛ ꜰᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ (2)
Tumblr media
(part one)
pairing: camilo madrigal x f!reader
summary: he spots you in the corner, watching them all dance while you quietly tap your feet to the beat of the song. he's intrigued by your lonely glance, or more so the way you make his heart lurch in his chest
warnings: arranged marriage, angst
a/n: i never really intended to make a second part to the first one, but i just couldn't let it be. ik that this is short, it's because i don't have much planned for this storyline and just want to see a bittersweet ending :)
camilo masterlist
This was torture, Camilo though, pure, sadistic torture brought on by some sort of powerful being controlling his life.
You were everywhere he'd look, your smile practiced and forced, hand flexing as it was enveloped by another, one you severely wanted to escape from.
And from time to time he'd catch you glancing at him, giving him one of your genuine grins, the ones that made his breathing seize in his lungs.
There were moments where he doubted his composure, wondering how bad it would be if he just ran towards you, leading you away from Andre, from your parents, from the world, as he took you back to the garden, back to where you two felt safe.
But as much as the soul inside him twisted and churned, he had to pretend, pretend that he wasn't in love and his heart was cracking with every minute, and pretend that being a Madrigal was all he was good for.
"Well," He walked around, peeking out from the corner of his gaze to make sure the two of you were alien, grabbing your wrist gently as he pressed it to his lips, "I could dump him in a ditch. I shift to him, we get married," He kissed your palm, "All's good with the world."
You could tell he was joking, only trying to ease your frayed nerves, but you giggled sadly, leaning into his chest, your chin atop his collarbone as you peered up, placing small kisses on his nose as you settled down comfortably atop him.
"As much as I appreciate the thought," You squeezed his hand, "I'd rather you not dirty your reputation."
You felt his chest tighten underneath you, the obvious range he held towards his name, the fact that the two of you were forced to act as perfect children of your families riddling his mind.
"Damn the Madrigal name, then," He whispered, voice dripping with loathing and anger, "Damn them all."
Yes, damn them all. Straight to the fiery pits of hell.
But at the end of the day, he could never wish harm upon his loved ones, no matter how much he detested the vile image they had to uphold.
No matter how much he wishes he was somebody else, for once in this life he didn't know who to change to to make this situation better.
All Camilo could care for was having you resting atop his chest, holding you flush to him as he traced gentle patterns atop your shirt, the frivolous moments one he knew he'd have to hold on to for as long as he could.
How can one stop time?
It is a feat unknown to man, an unanswered question that was left alone for centuries.
Yet Camilo wondered if he could do it here, do it so that he could freeze your frame as you walked down the aisle, freeze the way the dress rested atop you as if it was a cloud flowing around the sky.
Freeze this moment in which you seemed to be a goddess sent from the heavens above, with your face held down as you walked closer and closer to him, your smile soft and endearing, as it always seemed to be.
Yet he wished he could freeze time as you walked past him, his heart sinking when he watched you near the altar, the man's outstretched hand anything but his, a cruel reminder that Camilo was nor a god nor a man.
Just a boy who fell in love with the wrong person.
And as he pulled you in for your first kiss, one Camilo knew was a lie, he clapped gently, just as he always did for you, and always would continue to do.
Names be damned,
All Camilo wanted was you.
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bandshirts-and-books · a day ago
Camilo: I’m naturally funny because my life is a joke
Camilo: *finger guns*
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camilosangel · a day ago
till you’re ready
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal (he/him) x GN!Reader (they/them)
warnings: self-insecurity, that’s really it ❤️
[376 words T-T]
you had been invited to dinner by the Madrigals on behalf of your boyfriend, everything had gone over fine, his parents loved you as well as the rest of his familia. You two had finished cleaning up the table and went to Camilo’s room, that’s when it went downhill,
you hadn’t payed attention to your surroundings until you were fully in his room, when you did, you were surrounded by mirrors. you could see yourself wherever you looked, you felt your breath speed up and the silence drown your ears, you could only faintly see Camilo turn around and saying things you couldn’t hear,
“hey ar.. y… liste…ng? m..i am..or? mi amor?” then he came into view. you lifted your fingers to feel that your face was soaked with your tears,
“casita,” tu novio called out and soon all the mirrors in his room had been fogged you could barely even make out what color you were wearing in them. Camilo brought you to his bed and sat you down, he followed in suit as he sat crossed legged and holding your hand, the other cupping your neck,
“what happened, mi vida? if you don’t wanna share that’s fine, but i’d like to know,” and he looked at you with the kindest eyes, a comforting smile adorning his lips.
“i just,” you bit your lip, but he wouldn’t judge you right? “i really, really don’t like how i look, mirrors make me even more insecure and it’s not your fault or anything just-“
“are you serious?” you were cut off, with an almost shocked face you looked up at your boyfriend who had a face covered in disbelief, “mi amor, you are the most amazing and beautiful person i’ve ever met, i love everything about you and I wish you did too, buttt Casita did make it so i’d be able to fog my mirrors, sometimes I do it because it makes me have panic attacks, but until you’re ready to look at yourself the way I do, i’ll have them fogged” and he gave you the sweetest smile, eyes filled with nothing but love and adoration. he wiped your remaining tears and pulled you close to him, peppering your face with kisses as you giggled,
sorry it’s really short, but i enjoyed writing it ^_^
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m0chaminx · 2 days ago
Could you do a Camilo x fem reader who can also morph, but only into a lion? You can go wild with how they met up, I just want more fluff of Camilo.
Tumblr media
Request: Could you do a Camilo x fem reader who can also morph, but only into a lion? You can go wild with how they met up, I just want more fluff of Camilo.
Prompt: None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo meets a mysterious girl in the woods
1055 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
This is probably nowhere near what you wanted, but I had fun writing this
Camilo, finally done with his chores, ran off to the edge of town. It was quiet, a place for him to relax in the shade, away from the demands of Abuela, and Isabella could stop making flowers appear in his mouth. Camilo climbed up the tallest tree, sitting on the thick branches. He leant against the trunk ready to take a nap when he saw a rustle in the bush. Camilo sat up straight watching A Lion!? Crawl out the brush and sit by the lake. Camilo sat frozen, Had she got out of Antonio's room?
Camilo leaned over to get a closer look taking notice that her ears were dusted red, the same as the end of her tail. Camilo tried to scoot closer but snapped a branch under the weight of his hand. Camilo yelped, scrambling to keep a hold of the tree that he ended up using his legs to hold himself up. The lion spun around, startled at the sound and tilted her head at the boy hanging in the tree. and both jumped when they heard the tree start to snap. Camilo scrambled trying to pull himself up, it didn't matter if there was a lion or not, if that tree fell on him he was done for.
The lion walked to the tree pushing itself to stand on its back legs, leaning the other two on the trunk. It motioned for Camilo to hop on, but Camilo shook his head. The tree creaked and the lion repeated its actions and finally, Camilo reached out wrapping his arms around her neck to sit as Antonio does with his cheetah. Once Camilo was sat the lion pushed off running away from the creaking tree.
The lion sat Camilo down a little further up the ways, closer to town, but still hidden in the trees. The lion took a few steps back sitting against the ground and nodded at Camilo as if he had any idea what that meant. The lion's face sunk in annoyance before slapping its paw over its eyes for a moment. Once she removed her paw, she nodded for Camilo to copy her. Camilo cover his eyes and through the cracks in his fingers, he saw a bright pastel pink light flash. "Uh, sorry about that," A girl spoke making Camilo rip his hand away from his face, shock etched into his face. "I really didn't mean to spook you."
"How-How did you?" Camilo stuttered flailing his arms around where the lion once sat. The girl laughed causing butterflies to rise in his stomach.
"You aren't the only family with a miracle, Madrigal," You spoke leaning back on your hands, not moving from your seated position. Camilo's shocked face somehow became more shocked as he dropped next to the girl to question her.
"You're saying there are other magical families?" Camilo asked a smile tugging the end of his lips. The girl nodded, but she was distracted by something in the distance, her ears peeked and she looked to the right, further down the lake.
"I have to go, Madrigal," the girl said standing up, dusting her pants off.
"Whoa whoa whoa, you can't go yet, I just met you," Camilo said quickly scrambling to his feet, almost falling in the process.
"I'll come back tomorrow, promise," the girl said holding her hand out her pinkie outstretched.
Camilo did the same and connected their pinkies, "It's Camilo, by the way."
"I'm Y/N, see you 'round Milo," The girl turned and the same pink light returned. Camilo squinted shielding his face with his hand. He looked back up, already seeing the lion running off in the distance.
The next day, Camilo ran to the lake again, wanting to keep his promise. He looked relieved when he saw you standing in the water, the ends of your dress soaked with water. "Hola Milo," You said with a smile turning your head to look behind you.
Camilo smiled walking to the riverbank. "I brought some of my Tia's arepa's," Camilo declared holding up a bag of the presumed food. You walked out of the water, sitting next to Camilo. "Can I ask you a question?"
You nodded taking one of the arepa's, "Of course."
"Can you change into anything else?" Camilo said his mouth full of food.
You giggled at Camilo and poked his puffed cheeks. "No, just a lion," You spoke honestly watching Camilo nod, and you both took a bite of the food. "This is really good."
"Yeah, my Tia's really talented," Camilo said feeling his cheeks heat up. "How come you knew my last name?"
"I know all your names, I just never have seen your faces." you stood up and Camilo watched you make your way back to the water. Camilo followed you but stopped before he hit the water.
"What are you doing?" Camilo asked suspiciously. You shrugged and simply flicked a bunch of water onto Camilo. Camilo yelled jumping back, the front of his ruana and hair getting wet. You laughed seeing Camilo frozen in shock. "You little-" Camilo jumped in the water making a splash, soaking the top half of your dress, and literally all of Camilo.
"That worked out well didn't it?" You teased seeing Camilo try and ring the water out of his hair.
"You started this!" Camilo yelled in defense, using his hands to brush his hair back. You laughed at him and Camilo shook his head. Camilo flicked water at you making you laugh even harder. Camilo scoffed trying to push you backwards back you grabbed his hand and pulled you both underwater.
You opened your eyes seeing you both engulfed in water, your hair flowing in the water and Camilo's trying to float upwards. You softly grasped Camilo's face bumping your nose against his. Camilo moved his hand to your cheek and brought you close and kissed you. You pulled back a few moments later and you both came up for air.
You both stared at each other for a moment, not speaking or moving. "I don't know why I did that," You said softly.
"I don't either," Camilo said after. "Can I kiss you again?"
"A hundred per cent," You spoke with a smile wrapping your arms around his neck, his around your waist as you kissed again.
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kokoroisbleeding · a day ago
Tumblr media
Me when- when bruno uhh when bruno uh when um.. bruno uh me when-
camilo you lil shit
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66-r-i-v · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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actualguyfieri · 12 hours ago
Headcanon that Bruno is probably one of the funniest members of the Madrigal family. When around people he’s comfortable with, I bet he has a quick and clever sense of humor. He and Camilo would definitely be partners in crime.
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ricosbrainrot · 12 hours ago
I can’t get over encanto’s twist villain like here’s a whole villain song about bruno and how he only brings misfortune and purposely messes people’s lives up and then we meet him and he’s actually socially awkward, a parkour expert, a telenovela fanatic, a theater kid, and a hot rat man
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