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iwannabecamiloshovel · 2 days ago
*Currently talking to them cuz of the mess they made at Casita*
Julieta: So, did everyone learn their lesson?
Camilo: No.
Luisa: I did not.
Mirabel: I may have actually forgotten one.
Isabela: Also no.
Dolores: Oh good, neither did I.
Julieta: *Exhausted sigh*
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cloud-9ine · 4 months ago
Madrigals reacting to being called their full name
⤷ characters - bruno madrigal, camilo madrigal, dolores madrigal, isabela madrigal, mirabel madrigal
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - none
⤷ summary - you prank the madrigals by calling them their full name (gn reader)
⤷ type - headcannons
⤷ word count -  1.1k+
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Bruno Madrigal
Tumblr media
★ we’re gonna have to preface this by saying that bruno is already expecting he’s gonna mess up 
★ like this man is prepared for you to one day turn around and hate him 
★ at this point he’s used to it
★ so when you burst into the casita, staring him dead in the eyes before spitting out ‘bruno madrigal’ he’s already ready to start packing his bags
★ stares at you like a kicked puppy, not exactly knowing what he did wrong, but not going to argue about it
★ you’re honestly one of the best things in his life since he came back and if he needed to get on his knees and beg for your forgiveness he would do it
★ immediately apologises for whatever he did and for making you angry about
★ tells you he would leave if you wanted, and that he’d give you all the space you need 
★ you instantly drop the guise, telling him it’s a prank almost straight away 
★ this is the fastest you have ever broken 
★ the relief is almost palpable, the tension leaving his hunched frame in one fell swoop
★ he hugs you, asking for you not to joke like that again
★ you apologise profusely, almost sobbing whilst he strokes your hair
★ not exactly as you wanted it to go, but hey, at least he cares
Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
★ now, camilo is known as a prankster
★ he’s always using his gift to trick his family and you (much to the chagrin of all of you)
★ as a direct consequence of this, he tends to get scolded a lot
★ because of this, he’s pretty well-adjusted when it comes to dealing with people being angry at him
★ you’re usually a good sport about his pranks, though, so he’s never had much trouble with you, which he is very thankful for
★ so when you stopped him in town, death in your eyes and poison on your tongue, he was a little caught off guard
★ his first reaction is to run away 
★ he thinks back to his recent pranks on you but he couldn’t think of anything that you had been upset by
★ in general, he hadn’t noticed you being angry before this point
★ stumbles over his words, trying to charm his way out of your anger without furthering it
★ definitely accidentally transforms into you, it’s a defence mechanism
★ literally distances himself, walking backwards until casita trips him up
★ it was at this point you start laughing, which kind of ruins the joke
★ he immediately shoots back up, accusing you of betraying him whilst you’re crying from laughter
★ you make it up to him with cuddles and he swears he’ll get you back :)
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
★ perfected the deer in the headlights™ look
★ wide doe eyes, eyebrows raised and bottom lip quivering the moment her name leaves your lips
★ dolores isn’t usually one to be shouted out
★ partly because of the fact that she’s a good girl, so people tend not to get mad at her anyway
★ partly because of her gift
★ either way she’s devastated when someone is mad at her, nevertheless that it’s you
★ heart practically broken
★ instantly freezes up when you shout, letting out a little squeak when you walk into the room 
★ shrinks down when you come closer
★ probably automatically goes to cover her ears, even if you haven’t opened your mouth yet :(
★ another one you couldn’t possibly stay mad at, even as a joke
★ you crumble within minutes, telling her it’s a joke and apologising for scaring her
★ she’s slightly annoyed, but it’s overwhelmed by her relief that you’re not actually mad
★ asks politely if next time you don’t shout, even while pranking her
★ you swear in your heart that you would never dare to prank her again, no matter what
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
★ isabela’s relatively hard to catch off guard, especially in comparison to some other madrigals
★ still, for some reason, you thought you’d try
★ her guard is up the moment you spit her full name
★ mirabel helped her become a girlboss, and not even you are safe from that 
★ glares at you, challengingly, ‘what?’
★  you loose a little bit of gusto but refuse to back down, taking a couple of steps forward
★ she crosses her arms, and no matter your height she will look down her nose at you 
★ isabela is relatively amicable for most times, and is usually quite empathetic (the benefits of having a big family)
★ however, this time, she knows she hasn’t messed up, and she’s always attentive to your needs, so she knows she hasn’t been neglecting you 
★ all in all, if you’re angry, it’s your own fault, so stay in line
★ if you come close to her, she will not hesitate to wrap you in vines
★ in fact, she will probably wrap you in vines regardless, in order to calm you down and take you to her room 
★ she was denied her own voice for so long, so communication is very important to her, and she’s very careful about it
★ she won’t pussy around it, but she will talk to you gently, trying to figure out exactly why you’re upset
★ you tell her you were joking, and you’re coughing up roses for a week
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
★ your no.1 supporter in everything you do
★ you two are the most unproblematic couple in existence 
★ so when you slammed open her door, angrily yelling her full name
★ she’s gobsmacked
★ her mind immediately starts running at 100 miles per hour, assessing all of you interactions for the past year trying to figure out if she’s missed something
★ she comes up dry- if there was something, it had already been solved
★ so she’s a lil’confused
★ starts asking a million questions, it’s like a game show
★ takes your hands in hers, pulls you close and will definitely say something like ‘let’s work this out together!’
★ she’s a natural problem solver, so her first instinct is to isolate the problem, it’s roots, and then how to act
★ will probably start bringing up things that happened months ago because for the life of her she cannot think of anything else
★ covertly questions if it’s abuela
★ that made you crack up, which makes her even more confused
★ you eventually spilled the beans, and she playfully gets mad
★ tells you to watch your back, and will enlist camilo’s help to prank you back. be afraid
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red-cinema · 4 months ago
ayo 👀👀
fluffy camilo x fem!reader, at antonio’s gift ceremony she wears a pale yellow dress (like the moon 😏) to match camilo’s family
love u, ur the best (pls use mi luna & mi sol in it 😭❤️)
you smiled as you looked at the gift box you got for Antonio. it was a white box covered in yellow details.
you stared at your dress. would camilo like it? he was the one that suggested it but still. you took a deep breath and went to la casita. you saw Camilo greeting guests and shapeshifting like usual.
“Sol!” you said, smiling. you titled your head in confusion as he was staring with his mouth opened and his eyes widened. oh no. did you look bad? “you look hermosa luna.” he said as he twirled you. you giggled. “gracias mi sol.” you both walked in and before it was time for Antonio to go you gave him his gift.
a small charm bracelet with animals, it was yellow and white, perfect for the occasion. “can you help me put it on Y/n?” he asked. you smiled and nodded, “it looks great! you’re gonna do amazing!” you said as you kissed the little boy’s head.
when pepa and felix saw you, they smiled. “look at you. fitting in with the rest of the family already. can’t wait for you to be my daughter in law mija!” Pepa said with a rainbow over her head and felix smiled and teased you and camilo. “she’s already matching with us. ay, you must already wanna marry her mijo.”
Camilo blushed and smiled at you. once the ceremony was over, you and Camilo danced the night away. he was always complimenting you while you danced. “te ves hermosa mi luna.” he whispered as he held you. “tú también mi sol.” you replied with a smile.
it was cut short with Mirabel saying that the casita was in trouble, but after you said you were tired and needed to sit. Camilo got you a water and sat with you until you were the one tugging at him to dance with you.
once he walked you home and have you a sweet kiss he whispered, “you already look like you’re part of the family, now we just have to wait until you officially are in the future.” which made you blush and smile. “ay, ya. go, it’s getting late sol.” you said, playing with his hair. “okay. buenas noches mi luna. thank you for coming to the ceremony.” he said as he kissed your cheek and left you blushing.
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y2fandom · 5 months ago
Step into The Sunlight — Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
→ Summary: Camilo is the center of your universe. The sun shouldn't pay attention to Pluto, but he does.
→ Genre: Camilo Madrigal x Introverted!Reader | No pronouns | There's mutual pining, there's a little angst, there a lot of shy fluff it's all very light-hearted.
→ Warnings: You call Camilo dummy twice.
→ Word count: 1.3K / Less than 7 minutes read
→ A/N: First Encanto fic let's go! I wrote this in like a day so keep that in mind
English is not my first language and this is not beta-read, please let me know if there are any mistakes
encanto masterlist l navigation l fandoms | buy me a Kofi
Tumblr media
The village works as its own little universe, at the very center is the Madrigal family, the sun of everyone else's planets. It is what it is and, honestly, no one seems to mind. How could they? It is not something up for discussion. The planets go around the sun. No one ever thinks "hey maybe the sun should let other's shine once in a while".
If someone asks you though, you wouldn't completely agree. The sun of Encanto is Camilo.
Anyone with eyes can tell, really. He goes around town with a smile on his face and a sunny disposition; ready to help anyone who needs him. He grabs children in his arms with eyes flooding with a warmth anyone would love to bask in. He brings life to every street and every house.
Even he seems to know his place in the center of their universe, always wearing that bright-colored poncho of his that makes him impossible to miss.
And miraculously he remains humble. Never demanding others to regard him differently, instead, he strains himself to help everyone around him.
You are close to him, friends even. But you really want to grow closer to him, and apparently, so does everyone else in a hundred-mile radius, if the way everyone flocks toward him is any indication. By the time you've even considered getting closer and gathered the necessary strength to strike a conversation, he has already disappeared in a sizeable crowd of people.
You sigh and stand on your tiptoes in hopes of seeing over the crowd. You start to consider weaving through the crowd but the mere idea of it is so outrageous to your brain you give up on it before even trying it.
You give the crowd one last longing look before you take off and, impossibly, Camilo’s eyes meet yours. Despite the warm sun rays on your back chills run through your entire body. You try to smile at him. He brightens, giving you a goofy smile back.
You laugh. The action is enough to startle him and make him lose his grip on his power for a second. He disappears from your field of view before appearing again. This time he looks determined, and he tries to —very gently— push his way out of the crowd.
The villagers notice his attempts and balk at them.
“Camilo, wait!”
“Wait Camilo, we just want to talk!”
He hesitates for a moment and you consider walking away to keep him from worrying about talking to you. You see the second an idea comes to his head. It’s all too obvious really, his subtle expression changes give everything away.
“Please excuse me, I want to talk to Y/N.”
Your face heats up at the same time the town’s eyes shift to you. You reconsider the “taking off” plan again, it sounds so tempting right about now.
Curious eyes turn into teasing smiles as the villager’s part to let Camilo reach you. Though you can’t take your eyes from him you are all too aware of the murmured teasing happening between the villagers. You hear someone mention ‘lovebirds’ and it takes all your self-control and at least 5 years of your lifespan to not scream and run away.
“Hey, Y/N,” Camilo says, and he gives you the same goofy smile. Somehow, this expression makes your heart stutter, “I wanted to talk to—”
You don’t let him finish. You grab his hand without a word and drag him away from the audience he had garnered. No one follows you, thankfully. Though you are able to hear a not-very-subtle ‘novios’ thrown in there that makes you grab his hand tighter and take faster steps.
You come to a stop under the shade of a house, safe from the heat and prying eyes. You let go of his hand and turn on your heel to look at him. You almost crash against him but you don’t acknowledge it.
“Why did you let go?” He pouts and you don’t know if you wanna smack him or kiss him. Both? Both. Both is good.
“Why’d you do that?" You are trying your darndest to not combust in shame. In the back of your mind, you worry he could mistake your embarrassment for anger but you're too busy feeling a shame greater than that of all your ancestors combined to take a second and explain.
Thankfully, Camilo knows you well. He smiles with ease, putting a hand to your shoulder and letting you breathe. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you in the spotlight."
You exhale. "Thank you, I'm sorry too."
He snorts, "Sorry for what? That was cute."
The heat returns to your face and for the nth time in the incredibly long morning you've had you consider running away. Your feet stay planted on the ground and you just give Camilo a smile that is hopefully more "ha that's funny" and less "I am rethinking all my life choices".
He smiles back and you swear the twinkle in his eyes means he is enjoying every second of your suffering.
"I'm sorry because now everyone thinks we are dating." You explain, looking everywhere but at him.
"Now, now, that wouldn't be so bad would it?"
Your eyes go back to him to try and gauge if he means what he has just said. His face shines with so much open sincerity and warmth it makes you feel like you are looking directly at the sun. And like any fool doing so, you look away when you feel the beginnings of tears burn in your eyes.
"Don't joke like that," you mutter.
"I am not—"
You don't let him finish. "Back there, you said you wanted to talk to me about something."
Hurt flashes in his eyes for a second at your attempts to redirect the conversation. Camilo is stubborn though and pushes through your —admittedly very weak— walls.
"I wanted to invite you to Casita. On a date." He says.
You freeze for a second. You've never seen him like this, so determined and sure of what he wants. It makes your heart beat faster in your chest. You so desperately want to accept the warmth he is offering. But it is too much.
You shake your head no and Camilo crumbles.
"I'm sorry Camilo, it's just—"
He shakes his head, rushing to reassure you even after you've practically rejected him.
"Hey, no, it's okay," he places his warm hands on your arms, "I'm sorry. I misunderstood the signals. I just thought maybe you— maybe you liked me as much as— as much as I like you."
"But I do," you are now trying to reassure him. You grab his arms, forcing him to look at you, to see how much you mean every word.
"It is okay Y/N. You don't have to lie. We can be friends I promise I won't make it weird."
"Listen to me, dummy!" You can't help but laugh a little at your situation, he finally looks at you, "I like you, so much, I just hate being around lots of people and I would like to be able to talk during our first date!"
He stops for a second. Then, what you said visibly sinks in. His mouth forms an "o" at the realization.
"That… makes a lot of sense."
You laugh’ "You should've let me finish, dummy."
He smiles sheepishly. "Would you say yes to a picnic date?"
You nod this time, "That sounds amazing."
"I'll get my Aunt's arepas. You are going to love them."
You giggle, giddy with the love rushing through your body, "Today?"
He nods, visibly getting more excited each passing second. "Meet me in the outskirts, two hours before sunset. I'll set it all up."
"What should I bring?"
"Don't worry about it. Anything you want to bring will be perfect," he hesitates for a moment and then plants a stomach-fluttering kiss on your cheek.
He waits for your reaction and when you give him a little kiss back his smile widens.
He runs off. "See you in a little!" He shouts, turning to wave and smile at you.
You give a few steps forwards leaving the shade of the building and basking in the warmth of the sunlight and your budding relationship with Camilo. You wave and smile back.
Tumblr media
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ᴡʜᴇɴ ʜᴇ ᴄᴀʟʟꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ, ɪᴛ ᴀʟʟ ꜰᴀᴅᴇꜱ ᴛᴏ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ
Tumblr media
(part two)
pairing: camilo madrigal x shy f!reader
summary: you like to watch from afar the madrigal family, quietly observing their magical nature as they bring life into your tiny village. unbeknownst to you, a certain madrigal noticed you, too.
genre: fluff
camilo masterlist
"Do you understand?"
You bit your bottom lip, looking away from the scene as you glanced to your friend, nodding uncertainly as you phased out what she was saying.
Amongst all the bright colors you were surrounded with, all the different forms of magic that you had grown up with, a certain boy always seemed to catch your attention.
"He's an entertainer, Y/n," Lila said, her eyes trailing to where your gaze was trained, realizing that you were lost in thought as she commented.
Your brows furrowed, looking at her as you rubbed a hand over your tried eyes, the bag you were carrying in your hands growing heavier the more you waited to put it down.
"He seems sweet," You tried, giving her an uncertain smile as she rolled her eyes, forcefully moving you away.
"He's no good, chica, especially not for you." And Lila left no room for argument as she steered you away, filling your mind with other things as you two left the town square.
And you spared a glance over your shoulder, wanting to see his the bright smile he'd flash the little children that flocked to his side, begging him to shift into them, only to be met with deep chestnut eyes, a heavy look on his face as he stared back intently at you.
And you quickly turned away, cheeks heating in embarrassment as you kept your gaze settled on the floor, doing your best to listen to Lila's talking despite the blood roaring in your ears.
"Ay, hermosa, do you know just how miserable you look right now?"
You kicked Dolores in the shins, your chin resting in your hand as you looked out into the mountains, zooming out her little giggles as she nestled herself next to you.
"'M not miserable, Dolores, I'm thinking," You heard her scoff, your legs dangling off the edge as you balanced on the brick wall, thoughts going wild as all you could think of was him, and the way he looked at you.
"Why do you act like I can't hear you every morning, huh? 'I think he likes orange, or maybe red,' or how about yesterday when you debated for an hour if my brother likes flowers. Y/n, do you realize we live with Isabella?" You groaned the more she spoke, covering your face with your hands to hide away in embracement.
"I'm not good with these things!" You argued, looking away as she chuckled, "Listen, I doubt he knows who I am, if that. Just let me sulk for a few more weeks, okay?"
As you tried to look anywhere but there you noticed the burnt hues of the sun littering the sky above you, a reminder that another day had gone to waste in trying to seek out Camilo.
"Well, I'm not sure if you should sa-" And you both perked up when you heard a familiar voice, your heart racing quickly in your chest as his face appeared from what seemed to be nowhere.
"Oi, Dolores!" Camilo waved his arms despite the fact that he was shouting and she could have picked up on it easily, "Tía Julieta needs you! Abuelita also needed help finding her glasses!"
You watched as she pressed her lips tightly together, sighing as she leaped off with a push of her hands, rubbing your knees affectionately as she started to leave towards the direction of the Madrigal house.
"Have some fate in yourself, okay hermosa?" You couldn't say anything to her kind nature, instead silently watching as she left, exchanging a few words with her brother as he glanced to you, and then quickly back to his sister, patting her shoulder as she left.
You only hoped he would leave, not wanting him to see you in such a state of disarray.
Though it seemed that Camilo had other plans as he walked closer towards you, his signature smile on his face as he neared your feet, looking up as he squinted slightly.
"You're Y/n, right?" Could he sense that your blood froze the moment he spoke his name, the way your hearing seemed to clear as it left his mouth?
"Y-yeah, that's me," His eyebrows quirked as he began climbing u the wall, settling right beside you, right where Dolores was, as he held out his hand for a shake.
"I'm Camilo. Dolores's brother," He pointed to where she had gone, but you already knew that.
You shakily gripped his, wanting to curse yourself for the sweat that dotted your palm, how your skin must have felt clammy in his hands, or the way your arm slightly shook as he gripped your hand.
You dimly nodded, biting the inside of your cheek as you tried to think of something clever to say, something that wouldn't totally wreck his first image of you.
"You're the one that can shapeshift, right?" You winced the moment the words came out of your mouth. Only an idiot wouldn't know what Camilo's gift was.
But instead of scoffing at your vacuity, he grinned, nodding quickly as his head morphed into one of a child, and then quickly back to his own as he watched a small smile grow on your face.
"The one and only," He teased, bumping his shoulder gently with yours, not realizing how the small gesture made you choke on your tongue.
You glanced to the side, your mind reeling as everything seemed to fall short, words failing as you forgot to speak, oblivious to the fact that the boy by your side looked at you warmly, his usual grin shifting into a small smile as you looked away.
"You know," He started, bumping his shoulder with yours once again to catch your attention, "My tía makes really good arepas. And she always makes more than we can eat," He scratched the back of his head, cheeks flushing under your intense gaze, heart beating rapidly in your proximity, "You can come, if you want, of course...?"
And in that split second, you felt everything lift up. Your eyes seemed to be locked in a trance, breathing going the same rate as you two stared at each other, finger itching to touch again as you slowly nodded, the smile that he had admired from war away gracing your face as you nodded more quickly.
"I-I'd love too," Hs chest released a breath of air at that, relief flooding his veins as he pushed himself off the edge, extending his hand out towards you as you slowly took it, gently jumping off in the same fashion as you dusted your clothes to rid of the dust.
"I'd have to warn you though, princesa, my family's a lot to handle. You think you can deal with it?" He warned, teasing you as he lead you towards the colorful house, his hand close to your back as you walked side by side next to him.
"I think I can," You joked back, knowing well that you loved every member of the Madrigal family, perhaps one of them a bit more than the others.
And from that moment on, the way the sun hit your radiating eyes seemed to stick in Camilo's mind. The way you kindly came into his family, into his heart, never leaving his mind.
Camilo liked to think that under any pressure he could shift away into something else, but under the pressure of your hold, the way you held him close to your body made him second guess everything he thought his entire life.
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kattsukki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I Named Him After You!
Camilo Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Contains: Antonio being the cutest, Camilo having fun with u and your new companions
Sypnosis: Antonio gives you a rather suprising present for your anniversary.
Kat: made this based off my hcs with my friend @xdyledz ! (Ps. Will proofread when I wake up later, since it's currently 5am lol)
Tumblr media
"Okay Antonio, why are we here?" You asked the excited looking boy with an amused smile, curious as to why he dragged both you and your boyfriend to his room.
"I know it's your anniversary, so I got you something." He says holding what looks to be a colourful box with... holes on the top?
He gives it to Camilo and warns him to be careful as he opens it. Pulling the ribbons apart, he lifts the lid off and— oh my god.
It's the cutest sight to see. Two chameleons that sat beside eachother in the box which was in Camilo's hold.
A gasp leaves your mouth, this was the sweetest thing that's happened today, besides the things your lovely boyfriend has done of course.
You thank the little boy for doing such a sweet thing for the both of you. Kissing his cheeks and enveloping him in a little squeeze as his older brother pats him on the head with a big smile on his face as well.
"What are you gonna call yours corazón?"
"Hm, I think Cami would would suit him just fine." You say with a little smile, it really did resemble him.
"AMOR!! HELP!!" He exclaims, running towards you.
"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT!?!" You shriek, very confused and panicked as to why he's yelling.
"Alright alright! Don't yell so much." You cover his mouth for a second as you rub his hand to calm him down, already knowing that Dolores has probably muttered a "thank you" wherever she was.
But as you still try to calm him down, your face deadpans.
"It's on your head."
"It's sleeping in your hair. You idiot."
"You know, you're giving him an awful lot of attention today." Without giving him a glance, you could tell his cheeks were all puffed up from his jealous mood.
"I'm literally just feeding him amor." You snicker at his rather sour attitude, finding it quite amusing.
Stuffing a strawberry in his mouth and placing a kiss after, "Will that keep you quiet?" You coyly say, finding the dash of red on his face even funnier.
Long story short, Antonio has made you both extremely happy with his cute little gesture.
Tumblr media
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camileeon · 4 months ago
♦️ they/them for reader and he/him for camilo ♦️
Tumblr media
After day of a whole workload behind them as the weekend was there to knock them out, y/n greets casita as they walk in. The tiles clinking beneath their feet as casita moved itself to camilo's room for them to enter, sparing them the effort “Thank you casita, such a clever house you are." They praised. Y/n enters the shapeshifter's room with a sight that they never could have imagined seeing
“Camilo?” They questioned before revealing the boy in yellow with their lipstick they used everyday in hand “uh- ah- i was looking for your lip balm because you said i could use it, then i found this and assumed it was the same thing?” All that the chameleon spoke of seemed true by the sight that was seen in front of them. Y/n just sighed deeply and let out a soft laugh, they were too tired to get frustrated really. Besides if they even tried to get mad at him, they wouldn't be able to either. That's how adorable he was in their eyes.
“Oh dear, it's all over you.” they walk in to cup their cheeks and give them a smile before kissing him on the corner of his lips, it left a mark of the same shade because of wearing the same one he now wore too.
Camilo had a dazed and flustered expression as he looked at them “hm.. you're not mad mi amor? Also, can you do it again? I missed you too much you know..” he says in a admitted tone which made them chuckle “why would i get mad at this? The color suits you.” they say in a teasing manner “besides, you are too cute for the world.!” they gave him more kisses like he asked.
Another here.
Another there.
Almost everywhere.
Which resulted into the shapeshifter to absolutely melt, wrapping his arms around them tightly while his face was peppered with a reddish pink shades of their lips.
Oh what a sight to see, they held his face firmly as they finished “that enough?” they chuckled before seeing a sly smirk appear on the boy's face “yep! Now your turn!” he lifted them up to be laid on his bed before laying on top of them and gave twice as much kisses they gave him. Laying each one lovingly on their face and a little on their neck to earn butterflies in their stomach from him, starting to tickle them because of how much energy he still had to mess with them
“h-hey! T-thwis is not f-fair!!” they yelped as they let out giggles and laughter that made him smile as wide as they were “too bad princesa, i don't care.” after a few minutes of chaos, the night ended with you two having matching lipstick stains. Tangled in eachother's limbs as you both laid holding one another closely. They needed their sun and he needed his moon, all they need was one another and it was perfect.
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lovesgnf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
✫ ∿ if you ever leave your phone somewhere he’ll take it and spam your camera roll with cute and goofy pictures
✫ ∿ when you go to his house he’ll make up excuse for you to stay like “wanna watch a movie?” or “do you want something to eat?”
✫ ∿ he loves to let you do face masks/facials on him (he goes to sleep in the process)
✫ ∿ he has a camera and likes to take photos of you, he keeps them in a notebook with little notes like if there’s a photo of you at the beach he’ll draw a little sun and write ‘lil beach trip :D’ 😭
✫ ∿ likes to bully kids on roblox…
✫ ∿ doesn’t let ANYONE touch his hair… well maybe if it’s you but still
✫ ∿ steals julietas food with Mirabel
✫ ∿ he doesn’t fully curse, he’ll say “frick” or “heck” 
✫ ∿ ALWAYS says ur mom jokes
✫ ∿ sings/dances in the shower
✫ ∿ he likes to sing when he’s by himself
✫ ∿ he likes to be the big spoon when cuddling cause he feels like you’re safe in his grasp and that nobody will be able to take you
✫ ∿ also makes deez nuts jokes (pepa gets mad at him when he does so)
✫ ∿ he’s not that short but also not that tall, y’know?
✫ ∿ mf had a fortnite phase and i know it.
✫ ∿ he’s surprisingly super smart
✫ ∿ he likes reading because when he was little pepa would always read to him 
✫ ∿ he still secretly watches cartoons (he usually watches them with u)
✫ ∿ oh he’s a hopeless romantic
Tumblr media
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pink02 · 3 months ago
Camilo slandering Carlos!! Low-blow Camii
Owl house meme reference!! I cannttt
Carlos and Camilo simps 💀💀
Tumblr media
[Aftermath snippet of the twins link. (#Carlos-is-just-a-softy)]
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justanothercamilofan · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i did this instead because im procrastinating rn
i absolutely despise math schoolwork so i wrote this
Part 2.
Tumblr media
You didn’t want to be here at all, but your friends all collectively decided that you needed to let loose once in a while. “Go crazy, go stupid.” they told you. So here you were, at the town’s center. Some sort of celebration, party– whatever, you didn’t know– was being held. You watched as your friends went around, dancing, singing, eating. They were clearly enjoying themselves.
“Wow, it’s like they didn’t drag me out of my house to go here.” You mumbled under your breath. One of the servers came up to you and offered a drink, you took one and politely thanked them before they headed off. A hum in delight left you as you took a sip from the cool beverage. It tasted sweet and fruity. After you finished your drink, you carefully placed it on the table nearby.
Unbeknownst to you, a certain someone had been eyeing you the moment you and your friends arrived. He is only waiting for the perfect moment to talk to you.
Music started playing and everyone had found a partner to dance with. Well, everyone but you.
This was it. The moment he was waiting for. He took a deep breath and slowly approached you.
“What’s someone as stunning as you doing here, all alone?”
You look up to see who spoke. Shrugging, you responded: “I don’t have anyone to dance with, thought it would be obvious since I am– was, now that you’re here– alone.”
The boy in front of you hummed, a small grin appearing on his face afterwards. He extended his hand to you, “Dance with me?” He asks, a hopeful look in his eyes. You raised a brow at his actions. Well, you didn’t really want to feel left out… Why the hell not?
You take his hand.
“Alright, I’ll humor you. Make me sway.”
He pulls you closer to him, a hand coming down to your waist. You place your free hand on his shoulder, and then the fun begins.
Back and forth, side to side. You both moved to the rhythm of the music. You’ve never been too fond of dancing, but with the mysterious stranger guiding you as the two of you swayed, it felt as if you’ve been practicing all your life just for this moment. He held you close to him as he leaned down to whisper the words “You’re pretty good at this, cariño.” in your ear. You could feel your knees go weak, if it were not for his hold on you, you swore you would’ve fell.
Other dancers may be on the floor, but not once has his eyes left your gaze. You could hear the piano playing and the sound of people chatting, yet it felt as if it was just the two of you, alone, dancing without a care in the world.
When the song came to an end, he made you twirl before wrapping an arm around your waist to dip you. You held on to his back as he did so, the other hand resting on his arm. The both of you stared deeply into each other’s eyes, and that’s when you realized something. You still didn’t know his name.
As if he read your mind, the stranger finally spoke. “Camilo. Camilo Madrigal.”
You repeated his name, loving the way it rolled off your tongue. You smiled at him and said yours.
“Y/n, huh? It has a nice ring to it.” You rolled your eyes playfully as he brought you back up to a standing position.
“I enjoyed dancing with you. Any chance we could meet up and get to know each other better?” Camilo asks. You hummed, tapping your chin pretending to think about it. As if the answer to his question wasn’t obvious enough. “Tomorrow, this same place, at noon.” Was all you said before waving goodbye to him and heading back to your friends. “I’ll see you then, y/n.” He whispers, returning back to where his family is. The look on his family’s faces was enough to know that he would be teased for this the whole night.
“So, when were you going to tell us that you had a lover, hm?”
“Mami, please.”
It wasn’t easier on your end either, your friends pestered you with endless questions all the way back home.
“You and him, huh? Were you just pretending to not want to go so we wouldn’t find out about this secret relationship? We’re hurt, y/n! I thought we were all friends here!”
“Cállate, por favor.”
Ah, you both couldn’t wait for tomorrow.
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keantheloser · 4 months ago
Pepa: So, what is Camilo to you?
(Y/N) :The reason I wake up every morning.
Pepa: ...That’s adorable.
Camilo earlier that morning, barging into (Y/N)'s room, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 2 days ago
Dolores: Stressed.
Luisa: Depressed.
Camilo: Possessed.
Mirabel: Obsessed.
Isabela: Impressed.
Antonio: Chicken breast.
Everyone: ...What?
Antonio: I just wanted to join in.
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red-cinema · 4 months ago
hello! can i request an imagine of camilo x fem!reader where the reader is overall very sweet and kind and helps with the family's chores and is very close with all of the family members
and basically camilo is very smitten and tries to woo her but it never works bc she gets distracted or smth and camilo complains during dinner w his family and they all step aside so he can do this grand gesture
Enamorado de ti
camilo x fem!reader
Tumblr media
he watched as you helped Mirabel fold clothes and cooked with his Tia Julieta.
Would you ever notice how head over heels he was for you? because it seemed like you were oblivious to it.
every. single. time. you didnt react. were his pick up lines that bad? you completely ignored them and didn’t react.
he went to go ask Isabela for help. “What do i do?” she sighed. “you guys are friends right? do something special. maybe take her on a date or straight up ask her primo.” she told him.
he later went to you with a rose. “for you mi vida. it’s almost as beautiful as you, but you’re gorgeous.” you hummed and nodded as you took the rose. you didnt smile or get flustered.
this happened everytime.
— —
“Y/nnn. are you a time traveler? because i can see you in my future. 😏”
“Y/n! come help me with the arrangements!”
“sorry Cami! i gotta help Isa.”
— —
“hola amor. i was wondering if you were a photographer because i can picture us together. 😏” he said while holding your hand.
“i’m busy Cami, maybe another time okay?” you said as you let go of his hand and continued to play with the baby.
he came behind you and wrapped his hands around your waist. his chin on your shoulder.
“you’re the reason my life feels so perfect.” he mumbled.
“Cami! i can’t right now okay? i’m making something important. maybe later okay?” you said as you tried to shoo away Camilo.
he groaned loudly at the dinner table, trying to think of ways to finally tell you or make you realize he likes you. did you think he was joking?
or were you just that oblivious? “whats up with you Camilo?” his dad asked. “i’m completely head over heels for Y/n and i’m trying to give her signals by trying to woo her but it always back fires because she either has something else to do or she doesn’t react at all! and i don’t know if she’s just oblivious or she just doesn’t wanna reject me!” he said.
his dad smirked at him. “she’s got you whipped huh? since when were you a softy?” he said as Camilo started blushing, thinking about her, thinking about you.
“she’s just perfect. she’s kind, helps out, and she makes me feel happy.” he said.
“Y/n! come here!” Dolores yelled. “going!” you responded.
“what do you need?” you asked. “so you know about Camilo right? maybe it’s time for you know 😏”
“my confession?” you asked. Dolores nodded. “Oh. uhm. i’ll leave you two alone.” she said. you turned around to see Camilo.
“So.. I got you this. and hear me out! it’s completely fine if you don’t feel the same way or anything but just listen to me. you’re the kindest, perfect, amazing person i’ve ever met. i want to be yours and i want you to be mine. it’s hard trying to say stupid pick up lines when you don’t react or you’re busy but- that’s.. that’s all.”
he looked down as he handed you the bouquet. you smiled. “i want to be yours if you want to be mine Cami.” he looked up flustered. “what? really? you’re not joking?!” you shook your head as you kissed his cheek.
“i actually was always flustered when you would tell me a pick up line. i just don’t know how i hid it so well.” you said as you smiled.
“so. you’re mine and im yours?” he asked once again. you nodded. “yes im yours Camilo.” “im so lucky you’re mine amor.” he smiled as he hugged you.
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taylasiswojo-tls · 3 months ago
A/N: You know I love a good HC!
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
So we all know he would be a stuttering mess when confessing to you
Like seriously
But when you tell him you love him too
He gets all confident
He CONSTANTLY flirts with you
Like super confidently
But when you flirt back…
…he will blush like crazy
Cute nicknames: mi vida, mi mariposa, hermosa, mi flor, mi amor
He will always rest his head in your lap
And you proceed to just play with his fluffy hair
He is 100% a theatre kid
You love watching him sing
Whenever you flirt with him, or say some cheesy pick up line
He will get really shocked and just change to one hundred people
And you just giggle
You being besties with Isabela, Dolores, Mirabel and Louisa
Seriously, like Isabela is so nice to you, and that’s a shock to Mirabel
You guys would all have girls days
Dolores would tell you all of the best gossip that’s happening
Louisa would help you all carry your bags if you guys went shopping
Mirabel would sometimes feel insecure about her lack of powers, so you would comfort her
Isabela would make you flower crowns, or grow your favourite flower
And you would comfort them that they all didn’t need to be perfect
But like Casita loves you so much
Camilo loves buying you little gifts
But he loves personal gifts much more
He would first shape shift into one of his cousins or siblings
Then he’d found out your favourite flower
And then he’d ask Isabela to help him make it
You thank him but then ask him how he knows
“I..I just k…now I..I totally didn’t shape shift into Dolores to found out, Damn it.”
“I love you, but you got to stop doing that.”
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nezuscribe · 4 months ago
ᴡʜᴇɴ ʜᴇ ᴄᴀʟʟꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ, ɪᴛ ᴀʟʟ ꜰᴀᴅᴇꜱ ᴛᴏ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ (2)
Tumblr media
(part one)
pairing: camilo madrigal x shy f!reader
summary: you like to watch from afar the madrigal family, quietly observing their magical nature as they bring life into your tiny village. unbeknownst to you, a certain madrigal noticed you, too.
genre: fluff
camilo masterlist
Despite the obvious openness, Camilo opted to have his room off-limits to most of the people that lived in the house.
For you, however, he seemed to bend that reasoning.
"Princesa, don't worry," Camilo seemed to not be able to contain the giggles that slipped through his mouth as he watched you nervously pace around his room, a look of fright overtaking your features as you nervously nibbled on your bottom lip, "My family adores you."
"I just," You stopped, looking at him as you gave up, shuffling along so that you sat at the edge of his bed, "I don't want to be intrusive, or anything."
Camilo's eyes widened at that, quickly overtaking your frame in a large hug, shaking his head profusely in the crook of his neck at your statement.
"Mi amor, come on, do you seriously think that? Do you realize my tío Bruno lived in the walls for most of his adult years?" You let out a breathy laugh at that, and Camilo smiled, his hands holding you close to his chest as he put his chin atop yours.
"Are you sure, Camilo? I don't want anybody irritated with me." You muttered, skin growing hotter as his fingers drew little patterns on the fabric atop your waist.
"Y/n," He gingerly kissed atop your head, and you knew that when he dropped the nicknames he was being serious, "Nobody is irritated with you, no matter what you think."
And with that you felt your chest ease, your breathing calm down a bit as you let Camilo trace shapes onto your skin, the calmness his room offered leaving the two of you in another sense of tranquility.
"Camilo?" You looked up at the ground, your heart beating rapidly, how it normally seemed to do whenever you were around him.
"Yes?" His thumb moved up and down your arm, not noticing how the small act helped you relax.
"I love you," You whispered, hiding your flaming face inside his chest as you felt it rumble beneath you, his hands trailing down your spine, hugging you closer to him if it even is possible.
"Honestly, princesa, do you know how much I love you?"
And those few were enough for you to completely collapse on him, mind reeling, heart fluttering, eyes squeezing shut as you fell in love with him even more.
After that, you tried your best to ease whenever you were around his family.
When some time passed, you felt his words getting to you, seeing that maybe, perhaps, it was all in your head.
You noticed how Isabella also got you a bouquet whenever you passed her by, placing little flowers atop your head as she cooed when she saw Camilo slinging his arm across your shoulder.
And you noticed how quick Luisa was to help you lift the dirty plates off the table, ruffling your head when you thanked her profusely, telling you that it was 'no problem, Hermosa, we're all just glad to have you here,' and leaving after that.
Perhaps the most fearsome of them all, Abuelita Alma, seemed to approve of you, nodding in acceptance when you scolded Camilo for taking Dolores's arepas, and smiling softly to herself when Camil pulled out your chair for you, kissing your forehead before he went to sit down.
"Princesa, can you pass me the patacones, por favor?" Camilo leaned in towards your side, whispering in your ear to make sure that those around him would hear.
Save for Dolores, of course.
You nodded, giving him a small smile as you gripped the dish in front of you, passing it towards him as he muttered a thank you, flashing you a grin as he took it.
The two of you didn't notice how the table had fallen hushed, multiple sets of eyes on the two of you as you two quietly spoke to each other, leaning towards one another as the other whispered in the other's ears, lovesick smiles growing on your faces.
Señora Pepa squealed, her husband having to shush her as the two of you looked up to see what the sound was.
"Aye, Camilito and Y/n! Oh, my heart," She had to pound her chest, her sister having to calm her down as the both of you ducked your heads, looking away from the scene in embarrassment as everybody else was quick to jump on the two of you.
"It looks like there might be another Madrigal in the family in the future!" Isabella said excitedly, clapping her hands as she and Maribel conversed some things with one another.
Camilo tried his best to calm them down but the talking kept getting louder and louder, so much so that Dolores quickly excused herself, and soon Camilo gripped your hand underneath the table, tugging it towards him as he pointed his head towards the door, quietly slipping away from the scene as the two of you left.
It happened from time to time, so it's not as if you were shocked, but it never failed to fluster you whenever the Madrigals gushed over you and Camilo.
"'M sorry about that, they're just enthusiastic, you know," He explained, his cheeks twinged red as he peeked over at you, hoping they hadn't overwhelmed you yet.
But you just shook your head, a giggle falling from your lips, soon growing into a loud laugh as you threw your head back, clutching your stomach.
Camilo didn't know what he had said that made you laugh this much, in fact, he can't remember ever seeing you this carefree, but seeing it made him fall for you all over again.
"It's okay, Camilo, it's endearing. I like it," You promised him, squeezing his hand as he kiss the back of yours, tugging you into his chest, where it seemed that you're two bodies were made for each other as you fit so perfectly in his arms.
The two of you didn't say anything for a while, admiring the picturesque view the house gave of the town as you sighed contently, holding him close to you, never wanting to let go, not wanting to escape from the warm furnace he seemed to be.
You hoped that Camilo couldn't tell that way your hand was shaking, nor the way your blood seemed to warm up when he held you so tight to his side.
And Camilo hoped you couldn't see his cheeks blush a deep red, his lovesick smile goofy enough to make anyone swoon at the two of you.
And everybody else who peeked their head around the corner, shushing each other up as they swooned, hands gripping at their chests as Camilo whispered little jokes into your ear, his smile growing wider as you giggled softly in his hands.
The Madrigals held magic unknown, but even the moon and its stars seemed to be falling short in the way you two measured your love for each other.
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kattsukki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My First Words to You
Camilo Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Contains: the classic trope of "communicating through paper", Camilo having the time of his life lol
Sypnosis: Camilo knows you'd rather not speak. But when you do decide to do it, the first thing you say just makes his heart melt.
Kat: I've seen this trope alot in anime hence why I decided to write abt it! I based reader off of Megumi Yamamoto from special A and a little bit of Komi Shouko from komi can't communicate. Anyways here's a short drabble I made while writing requests, there will be more to come~
Tumblr media
When Camilo first met you, he thought you were... peculiar.
Not in a bad way, the unusual but cute kind rather.
You don't talk.
People who knew you long enough had told him you're capable of doing so, but you just prefer not to. You grew weary of your voice and decided to not talk at all, for it was fragile due to a medical issue you have involving your vocal cords. And honestly, you didn't mind having to communicate through a notebook, which you kept in your bag at all times.
And Camilo never had any problem with it, he was just curious at first and of course was very understanding about it.
Some of the little habits he'd have is he'd doodle in it, if you were okay with it of course.
He'd sometimes draw on the cover or on the sides and corners of the pages. His favourite thing to draw would most probably be tiny chameleons, the very same ones that decorate his ruana, and sometimes messages and compliments. Just to make you smile when the jokester himself isn't there with you.
In short, he was overall okay and never had any sort of isssue with it.
That is until now.
Okay, not an issue per say. He just didn't expect you'd say—
The first words you've ever uttered to him.
"Te amo Camilo."
He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't contain himself anymore after that.
The second you murmured it out, his heart melted. You've said "I love you" to him many times, but this was the first where you've actually said it.
And what made it even more great? This was the first time you've spoken in quite a while actually, and you chose to give that very first sentence to him. Out of anyone. Out of all the people in the encanto.
This was just so special to him. And Camilo being Camilo, all he could do was just drown you in endless affection after.
Tumblr media
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camileeon · 4 months ago
Idk if this idea is good but here we go :P
Camilo's s/o peppering him with a LOT smol kisses near one of the madrigal family and ended up getting disfunction-ing(?)
Thank you have a nice day:)
tinted affection--- •
(a/n) 2 POSTS A DAY ??? just kidding i think that's gonna be the consistency and schedule of answering requests and making fics then a break the next day to get ready for posting the next day after, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKED HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! TYSM FOR REQUESTINGGG Enjoy! 🍎)
✧ she/her for reader, he/him for camilo ✧
Tumblr media
A quiet evening was shared in the town of encanto. Although it was peaceful it somehow stayed lively from each block to its corner, y/n in a hurry got ready to leave and go to the madrigal's household. she was invited for a dinner with the family along with the Guzmans to talk about how the taken madrigals' significant others were and greet the "new future additions" to the madrigal family.
Y/n was a little indecisive with which clothes suited her more for the occasion, holding a dillemma between a yellow floral dress or a traditional beige blouse and a long flowy red and black skirt. In the end deciding to wear the formal skirt and blouse fit would look best since she would have dinner with two different families. Finally finishing her look with a pair of simple pearl earrings with a handfan in her grasp, leaving her household to walk to Casita just a few minutes a way.
Once she met with the home's doorway, letting out a huff of air she wasn't aware she had been holding in while she held the fan to cover her features below her eyes as the home's doors open to her significant other who wore the same yellow ruana almost always. The boy's eyes looked her up and down and was immediately stunned by how she looked, his warm cheeks being very noticable.
“ hola señorita, beautiful as always i must mention.. though if i may, the fan is a little in the way of such a gorgeous face.” he dramatically bent down to bow and held her hand to lay a kiss, pulling her closer in by the waist with a swift movement “miss my lips that much mi amor?” she says jokingly “always when I'm without you mi vida! Speaking of kiss..” Camilo pointed at his lips, wanting a kiss from her.
Y/n closed the fan and pretended to come closer to give him what he wanted before stopping and putting the closed fan on his lips to prevent him from coming any closer, letting out a small laugh as she played with him a little “Patience my love, i will give you one that's for certain.” she speaks while running a hand through his curls, as the boy followed from behind with a slight pout formed on his lips.
"Dinner's ready!” they heard from the dining area of casita, sitting beside eachother.
Dolores sending you a look beside her with a smile as a greeting “you look great!” she whispered quietly “you do too! I've been stressing over what to wear for the past hour!-” you whisper back before being interrupeted by the clinking of a glass, making your attention go to Abuela Alma who stood up.
“ It's an honour to have you both with us, Mariano and Y/n. ” she spoke looking at y/n and dolores's significant other. A soft smile grew on y/n's face because of how comforting and heartwarming the family always were whenever she came to visit, the boy couldn't help but admire her for a little while. Her glowing features made his poor heart thump so fast, he could've fainted right then and there “psst.. camilo.” mirabel called the attention of her primo “your staring you know.” he snapped out of his thoughts and cleared his throat a little.
Isabella was across from you, waving her hand to create a red camellia behind your ear appear while letting out a soft chuckle as she noticed camilo's reaction at getting caught staring at you.
The night continued as you enjoyed a hearty meal prepared by Julieta herself, spoke when you were called or when your name was mentioned. Even shared a few laughs at embarrasing moments of theirs, it really felt as if the family accepted you as their own. The dinner had ended and all were left were a few conversations about one another, and a few drinks for the adults
Y/n sighed as she shook her head a little with a smile, standing up and fixed her skirt a little “if i may be excused.. Just need to get some air.” she says, leaning closer to camilo to give him kisses on his cheeks and one on his nose. Stepping out casita for a little while for a little time alone with herself.
On the other hand, after the kisses given by his hermosa. His cheeks immediately grew to be a tinted warm shade of red and the thought of his family was there to witness it made his heart pound so loud, his sister picking up on it. “Ah my camilo! All grown up, you picked a good one mijo! I'm too excited to soon officially call her my daughter in law!”
His mama's eyes teared up a little with her eyes glimmering, showing how she felt through a little rain cloud then a rainbow being followed right after. “HAHA LOOK HOW RED HE IS!! HE LOOKS LIKE THAT RIPE TOMATO FROM ISA'S GARDEN” Mirabel let out a laugh, then followed by Dolores as she tried to hold it in.
Camilo let out a sigh “alright alright stop teasing already!” he crossed his arms, trying to internally calm himself and his heart down and cool his face off. He gets up to go meet with her outside their porch, sneaking his arms around her “you okay mi hermosa? How was the dinner? They didn't make you feel uncomfortable in any way did they?” he spoke, making sure she was okay.
she shook her head in response as she leaned her body against his “no no not at all, thank you for inviting me. They were delightful to be with my love.” she says, facing his direction to cup his cheeks in her hands.
“can i have my kiss now? I was patient wasn't i?”
“alright alright, you deserve it.
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lovesgnf · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
︰୨୧・꒱ ──── How i think camilo madrigal would act while dating you. 
‹𝟹 % pls request, my asks are open !!
Tumblr media
✫ ∿ hear me out... he would def spoil you, every time he sees that you like something he will buy it for you and surprise you with it
✫ ∿ he loves to see you interact with his family kindly, especially his mamá since he’s a mommas boy 
✫ ∿ adores to play with your hair, he usually braids it. 
✫ ∿ he learnt how to braid by his mom btw, he liked to watch her do her hair when he was younger
✫ ∿ he also likes when you play with his hair, you’re the only one he lets touch his hair LMAO
✫ ∿ he often asks Isabela to make him flowers to give to you, she finds it kinda annoying since every week or two he’s asking for flowers but she secretly finds it cute
✫ ∿ he’s soo dramatic and exaggerated like if he has a bad day, he will rant about it and make it 10x worst that it actually was
✫ ∿ he get’s jealous easily, he overthinks that you’re going to leave him for someone better
✫ ∿ he loves going on dates with you, loves to see you smile while you talk about things you love
✫ ∿ he thinks it’s funny to pull pranks on you
✫ ∿ and finally, he always comforts you whenever you are feeling down. he immediately knows when you’re feeling bad 
Tumblr media
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pink02 · 2 months ago
Hey there! Your writing is beautiful. I love angst fics, but I also love a happy ending hehe. I'd love a part 2 to 'Apologize' if that's ok, where reader and Camilo confess and get a happy ending. Have a nice day beautiful!
I'm Sorry
Part 2 of Apologize
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal x f!reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Summary: Camilo felt distraught to think that it would be the end of your friendship once he stepped out of the room.
Trigger warning: None
A/n: I like that you guys always wanted continuations 🤧 and especially love you guys <3 thanks for the support and appreciation you give. I fooled you guys cause I actually thought of the original ending would be but I didn't continued it in the first part cause I wanted you guys to get cliffhanged BWAHAHAHHA
Ignore grammatical errors
♡♡ Masterlist ♡♡
Tumblr media
Should he? Would he?
Your voice echoed inside his head repeating the single word over and over. His feet nailed into the floor as if he didn't really want to leave. He didn't want to end it like this. Camilo mentally slapped himself for spilling his thoughts uncontrollably, he didn't mean to say it out loud offensively. If only he could turn back time and rewrite all his wrongs. You didn't deserve this, you didn't deserve to be treated like this.
To everything that is happening right now, Camilo just wants to hug you tight, dry your tears and say that it's alright. He just wants to forget everything and hold you into his arms like you were the most fragile thing he sees upon. He just wants to be with you, not like this. You were not as perfect as you seem but to him, you were more than enough. Not many had noticed you, and he was grateful for that, because he could have every quality time he has with you. To be with you, beside you.
"I said leave. Get out, Camilo." You seethed within your greeted teeth with knuckles clenched tight in anger and tears.
The shapeshifter kept his head hang low, silently cursing himself for not doing anything. His body wouldn't even move an inch as if he was glued to the floor. His fingers twitched, slowly raising to grab your hand.
You tried to retract your arms as he approached but he pushed himself forward and kept his hold onto you tight. You didn't struggle nor tried to get away from his grasp any longer but you didn't return the warmth either, you let your arms dangle onto his as he brushed your knuckles lightly with his thumbs. "I don't want to."
Slowly with a little boost of confidence, he raised his hand to hold your cheek ever so lightly. You flinched slightly whistle the warmth of his hand touch the coldness of your tear stained face. Anxiously, you looked up at him only to feel his thumb graze across your cheek just to wipe off your tears. "What are you-"
"I'm sorry..." Your breath hitched as he suddenly pressed you against his chest by the sudden hug. "I didn't mean to say all those things, they weren't true. You were never like that, please... don't make me leave like this..." His head buried onto your neck as his arms were wrapped around your torso making it hard for you to move.
Though you didn't pushed him, you didn't told him to get away, you didn't even complain. Why? You didn't know either. You held onto your spot not knowing what to do, he wouldn't let go of you either. "I didn't mean to ruin anything, I didn't wanted anything bad to happen. But I didn't want to loose you either.... I don't wanna loose you from another guy." He tightened the hug.
"Camilo..." You muttered against his ear. Your head spin wildly as you tried to process all he said, everything is too much for you. You held onto his chest lightly pushing him but still close within reach. You opened your mouth once more but was stopped as Camilo reached into his pocket and held a piece of envelope out to you.
"Before you could say anything, I want you to read this..." He carefully lets go of your hand and stepped three feet back.
"Wait-" Your eyes shot up as you met his gaze. He looked at you with a small impish smile with his hands buried deep into his pockets. He was still ever so charming even if you could see the sadness that etched in his dark muddy eyes.
"I'll wait for your answer." He said with a curt nod, stepping back leaving you shunned as he slowly shuts your bedroom door.
You stayed onto your spot, completely out blown by the passing events, everything is too overwhelming. Your eyes gazed down at the letter on your hand, slowly, you opened it to see what it said.
Dear [Name],
I've kept my feelings for you contained as long as I can. I am in love with you, and true, honest love should not be contained and kept quiet forever. Sometimes I get scared about showing it. Sometimes I want to open up and tell you how I feel, but I guess I'm just too scared.
My feelings for you grow every day, and my love grows deeper with every passing minute. You mean so much to me. Just seeing your smiling face or hearing you heart-melting voice brightens up my worst days and makes them more than just bearable. Just having a hug from you makes me feel warm and cozy inside. I dream of you day in and day out; you're the only one on my mind now. I am in love with you and have been in love with you since I can't remember when.
The letter was supposed to be his confession letter for you and as you would have read it, you burst into tears once more feeling guilt envelope you. You felt your emotions clash to one another feeling troubled, you didn't know what to felt about your bestfriend. The letter was obviously written by him as you could know the way he writes. You felt stupid, you always thought of true love and forever, thinking when will they come yet you've been blind to see that he was just right in front of you all along. Camilo Madrigal is in love with you.
You didn't tried to catch up on him, your knees buckled resulting for you to collapse on the floor kneeling as you held onto the letter tight with drops of tears staining the piece of paper. You felt lost... How was I've been so blind..
Tumblr media
Three weeks. Three aching weeks of not seeing each other. You felt so lifeless as you did your chores around the house, silently observing every passing day. You didn't tried to talk to Camilo nor did he approached you back either. Didn't mean to avoid him yet you still feel your emotions clustered up. You tried to realize every aspect he had as he was with you. From his charming smile, his laugh, his bright personality, his mischievous grin, to his beautiful muddy eyes, everything about him made you feel butterflies inside your stomach as you tried to think of what you had missed. His helpfulness, his caring and gentle attitude, his sweet gestures. God this is too much.
It settles then, you need to talk to him.
After a whole afternoon of chores, you decided to walked up to the Casita, knowing well that he'd be at home. You held up your breath as you went inside, the door automatically opened letting you in. You spot his sister, Dolores walking up to you already knowing of your arrival.
"[Name]! Hi!" She greeted you with a bright smile. You greeted and smiled back at her but it never reached your ears, you were already feeling nervous thinking that Dolores could hear the loud thumping of your anxious heart. "He's in his room if you're looking." She winked and left with a hum making you gulp down the lump in your throat.
A sigh escaped your lips trying to ease the nerves. You held your head up as you looked over his bright shining door. It's now or never.
You knocked slowly onto the wooden door. "Camilo, it's me." You called as you stood in the middle of the hallway.
Suddenly, you heard a tired groan escaped from the other side as the doorknob shook and opened. There stood a groggy Camilo, eyes half open from lack of sleep and clothes wrinkled from tossing and turning, face with deep dark eye bags and hair tussled and messed up.
Your stomach churned upon seeing his state. "Camilo." You called his name once more and dashed towards him crushing him with a tight hug.
The shapeshifter's eyes widen from the sudden hug and realization that it was you who was in front of his door. "[N-name]." He stuttered out as he anxiously hugged back.
"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry it took so long. It's because of me that you looked like this." You rant as you buried your face against his shoulder. "I didn't mean to-"
"H-hey, it's ok." The Madrigal boy hushed you as he stroked your back gently. "It's not your fault. I told you, I'll wait." He assured as he secured the hugs more. Sobs escaped your lips as you felt his gentle fingers circle your back.
"I still feel guilty, I was so blind to notice." You croaked feeling the bubbling hicks clumped onto your throat. "Couldn't argue with that." Camilo joked with a breathless laugh making you hit his shoulder lightly.
"You're mean." You grumbled against his soiled shirt. He just smiled to this and pulled away slightly too look at your pouting face. "But you like me?" He asked.
"I like you." You muttered as your eyes met his.
He smiled once more but wider as he kissed the top of your head and rests his forehead on yours. "I like you too."
Tumblr media
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ivyruins · 4 months ago
Camilo as your best friend hcs!
my first post on this blog! feel free to send requests, i'm currently really obsessed with encanto AAAHHH (i write for anyone!!) i hope you like this :3
Tumblr media
Okay but Camilo Madrigal as your best friend ??
He'd definitely be a huge prankster, actually no surprise if you met because of a prank he did.
Camilo was in the middle of town, disguised as a normal townsfolk, someone he had seen pass by the market, when he saw you.
poor, unsuspecting you who had just walked in wanting to buy some vegetables. he didn't know what came over him to pick you as his victim, but he knew he didn't regret it when he jumped out of the stall and shifted back to his normal self and seeing you shriek in horror.
unfortunately for him, you had been so shocked you had punched him in the face
now it was Camilo's turn to scream
you rushed him to casita immediately after realizing what you did, oh god, you just punched a madrigal in the face, you were sure if you asked Bruno for a vision he'd see you having bad luck for the next ten years.
to your surprise (or, maybe not), Pepa had immediately started to scold him instead of you, knowing he had probably caused it, and Julieta gave him her famous arepas and food for you as an apology
Pepa had probably forced him to apologize to you, but honestly I don't think Pepa needs to force him, Camilo had felt so guilty.
it was a good prank, but he scared you so much you thought he was a bad guy and punched him (it was what he deserved, he thought). he agreed to take you out to hang the next day as an apology.
and it all started from there
Camilo had promised he wouldn't prank you ever again (you knew that was a lie, but none of you commented on it after he started pranking you again months after), but one hangout become two, and a week became a month, and now you were inseparable.
Mirabel often came with you, her being as easygoing and as friendly as Camilo was. you three would often be seen hanging out around the forest, hanging around by the trees, or a little fun game you made up, to spot Camilo among the townsfolk.
Camilo absolutely loves you. he would be so protective. he teases you a lot, but the moment someone else does? and the teasing isn't funny, but more insulting? you bet he would definitely put that person in their place.
"Talk to them like that again, and my tío Bruno will give you a bad vision!" he would threaten, and at the mention of 'Bruno' and 'vision', it would honestly get anyone running.
every time he uses that excuse, you always scold him saying how you wanted people's view on Bruno to change, but he would always just sheepishly smile and tell you it's a habit, and old habits die hard.
growing up, you never stopped becoming friends with Camilo Madrigal. his family and the people of Encanto actually saw you two as a pair, there was never a moment they wouldn't ask where the other was when only one of you were around.
you were attached to the hip, and there was no doubt about it. maybe he was glad he decided to prank you that day at the market.
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