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I imagine Camilo mirroring his parents’ relationship with his s/o. Like I believe he would definitely fall for somebody whose personality is kind of short-tempered and unpredictable. Like father, like son lmaoo. Love your blog <33
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SLAY ANON!!!!! ur mind>>> im not too sure if i did this req justice but there was an attempt LMAO
Tumblr media
it was nearly your last straw. watching kids was fun sometimes, sure, but right now? you were just irritated. currently, you were looking after a herd of 6-year-olds in the town square so their parents could have a few moments of peace.
it had started off nice, sure, but after a few hours, you had gotten sick and tired of their nonstop chatter. there were about 8 kids and each one of them was trying to get you to do one thing or another- you weren't sure how much longer you could put up with it.
you could feel your eyes twitch and your heartbeat pick up, and you were milliseconds away from snapping when a warm hand slipped onto your shoulder and a familiar voice drew the childrens' attention.
"hey, guys! i think tía julieta has lunch ready for you all in her stall, just down there! go get something!"
the kids scrambled away to harass the poor woman, leaving you and your partner camilo alone in the plaza. an exhausted breath escaped your mouth and camilo laughed and gently bumped against your shoulders.
"everything good, y/n?" you shot him a glare to which made him grin further. "you need to stop agreeing to watch the kids for so long- we all know they're a little too annoying for you."
"trust me," you scoffed, "you are far more annoying than any of them." despite your words, you shuffled closer to where he stood and leaned your head on his shoulder, grasping his hand.
your partner feigned an offended gasp, dramatically placing his free hand over his chest. "oh, y/n, you hurt me!"
with a laugh, you buried your face into his sleeve as the two of you watched the wild 6-year-olds sit down on the floor to eat their food, chatting with each other energetically.
little did you and camilo know, his parents had just walked into town to speak with julieta, seeing the whole scene. félix and pepa looked on in pride as two rainbows graced the sky.
"cami's partner reminds me of me," pepa sighed dreamily. félix laughed and nodded, joy glistening in his eyes. he was so unspeakably proud to see his oldest boy so happy and in love- he was glad it was with you.
Tumblr media
this is so slay queen
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"Will you...?"
camilo madrigal x gn!reader
notice/s from the fairy : my first camilo fic guys! hope you peeps like it!
warning/s : none just fluff; gn!reader; no beta, we die like casita
(song is dos oruguitas from encanto)
play this (original spanish ver.) or this (english ver.) when you read
Tumblr media
It was Camilo’s Gift Ceremony, so all of Encanto was invited. The place was bustling with lively people waiting for the young Madrigal to get his gift. You never liked parties, there were too many people. It made you feel claustrophobic so you went outside of la casa Madrigal to get some air with permission from your parents of course.
Taking a deep breath, you eased yourself. You sat on the stairs of the casa and just chilled you know. You heard the laughing of kids your age and adults conversing about adult stuff. You were 5 and yet you were already struggling with socializing. You sighed, your parents and mostly everyone in town are really talkative and are able to be in crowds. Unlike you.
“Hey, why aren’t you at the party?” someone asked. “It’s too crowded.” You answered, not looking at who it was. You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see the one and only Camilo Madrigal himself.
“Fair enough.” he said as he sat down next to you, which surprised you. He should be in his room, partying with his family. It’s his party after all. He should be celebrating.
“I’m Camilo Madrigal.” he outstretched his hand to you, “I’m sure you already knew that.” You chuckled, and took his hand, “No person in Encanto doesn’t know familia Madrigal, I’m [ name ] [ last name].”
“Nice to meet you [ name ]! Will you be my friend?” he asks.
You smiled at him and said, “Of course, Camilo!”
You and Camilo have been friends for over a decade. Best of friends. You would either prank people with him or each other. And with those 10 years of friendship, comes feelings towards your best friend. Everyone experiences it at some point.
You didn’t know how it happened but one day you just saw your bestest bestie friend, Camilo, in a different light. He started just looking different to you in the littlest ways. His smile would make your heart flutter. His laugh fills your stomach with butterflies. Every time you both touch, your cheeks heat up. Which, thankfully, isn’t that noticeable to him but not for a certain Madrigal.
The Madrigal who hears everything, of course.
You were on your way to hang out with Camilo when his older sister asked you to walk with her. Not letting you answer and just dragging you away by the arm. With you away, Isabela took this opportunity to take Camilo as well. “Dolores…? What do you need?” You asked your friend’s hermana. She smiled at you knowingly, and you – knowing what she was insinuating – walked the other way. But she was quick to catch you.
“Dolores, no, don’t.” You said, dreading what she was gonna say.
She’s been helping you confess to Camilo ever since she’d learned you liked her brother. “Oh come on, he likes you too.” she said with a reassuring squeeze to your hand. You shook your head, “He just sees me as a friend, Dolores. I’m fine with that.” She just shushed you and put a finger over your lips, “No. No negativity here. He will like you back and you two will be together.”
Meanwhile with Isabela, Camilo is freaking out of his mind. Isabela, who’s done with this shit, is just picking at her fingernails. She sighed and stopped the boy from pacing by putting her hands on his shoulders. “Camilo, cálmate.” Isabela said, “Just go up to them and tell them, with these.” She forms a bouquet of [ favorite flowers ] and shoves them into his hands, “Just take a deep breath, alright? It’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure they like me back?” Camilo said with uncharacteristic insecurity, “This would ruin our friendship if they don’t l-” “Okay, stop right there primo.” Isabela walked with (more like dragged) him to the entrance of Casita. “They like you back, period.” She says as she pushes him out of the door, “Trust me.”
With that, Camilo set off to find you. Which wasn’t that hard since Dolores just took you in a loop and you were both on the way back to la casa Madrigal. When Dolores saw Camilo, she immediately said goodbye to you which confused you until you saw Camilo yourself. You felt your heart start beating rapidly as you got closer to him.
“...Hey.” He greeted you awkwardly and you also greeted with an equally awkward, “...Hello.”
“Uhm-” his voice cracked and he cleared his throat, “- we should go somewhere a little more…”
“Yeah, oh and these are for you.” He gave you the bouquet Isabela grew him mere minutes ago and you both walked into the forest. The walk was blanketed with a comfortable silence until you started talking, “Camilo, thank you for the flowers and… I um, I have something to tell you.”
He stops walking and looks at you, “Okay, what is it?” You take a deep breath and hold the bouquet of your favorite flowers tightly in both hands. ‘It’s fine, Dolores says he likes you back which is unlikely but it’s a possibility.’ you thought, ‘You can do this [ name ], don’t chicken out now.’ “Camilo Madrigal, I-” “I like you!!” he beat you to it, saying the words in a high pitched voice.
He realized what he said and heat rose to his face. “I uh, sorry. I interrupted you, you can continue what you said.” he said while avoiding eye contact. You could just hear Dolores’ “I told you so” with a smirk in the distance. “Camilo, I like you too.” you smiled and cupped his face. Turning to face you, it took him a few moments to process what you said.
“Wait, really?” He said with a smile, he was freaking out for nothing after all. You nodded, “Yeah, I really really like you Camilo Madrigal.” He laughed and twirled you around, putting you down to hug you, “I’m so happy to hear you say that, mi vida.”
You hugged him back, surprised by his choice of words. Not that he’s never called you that before, he has, many times. But you knew this time, he was serious. You both separated from the hug and you both had big smiles on your faces.
“ [ name ], will you be mine, like be my partner. As in romantically?” he asked, holding both your hands in his.
Did you even need to think about it? “Yes!” you answered and tackled him in another hug.
Years into the future, you and Camilo both stayed the same lovey dovey couple. You have been together for 7 years now. You both were really happy with each other and the familia could see it.
It was a normal day for familia Madrigal. Everyone was always busy with chores, but today they’re extra busy. You observed. There weren't any birthdays or celebrations coming up so you were confused. Maybe it’s something you didn’t know about, so you just went on your day as usual.
You were on your way to la casa Madrigal when you were stopped by Mirabel. “¡Hola, Mirabel!” you greeted her as she dragged you away from Casita. “Heyyy, [ name ] let’s go for a walk!” she said as she continued to drag you around town. Okay, so a little detour. What is going on?
She walked you around the town for 2 hours. Visiting shops and chatting with people. You even had a bouquet of [ favorite flowers ] given to you by a florist. You tried to pay for them but they insisted you take it, saying it was already paid for. Alright, last stop to the impromptu-not-really-a-tour-tour given by Mirabel around Encanto. She had taken you to the town square, which seemed a little deserted when people were flocking at it an hour ago.
There was a path of flower petals, you guessed it was probably Isabela’s doing. You decided following the petal path would be your best bet for getting an answer for what was going on. The petal path ends and you see Camilo turning to face you. “Cam? Do you know where the townspeople are and have you seen Mirabel? I lost her.” you asked your boyfriend.
“Don’t worry about that, mi luna.” he says as he takes your hand, “Follow me, I have something to show you.”
Taking a firm grip of his hand, he takes you to wherever he’s taking you. You didn’t really know where you both were heading. But he led you to a clearing beside a mountain.
It was beautifully decorated with a blanket draped on the ground and a wicker basket filled with what seemed to be your favorite foods. “Cam, What is all this?” You said as you admired the decorations and fairy lights on the trees. “What? I can’t surprise mi vida with a picnic every once in a while?” he says as he walks towards you and hugs you from behind, “Do you like it?”
“It’s beautiful.” you say as you sit down on the blanket. He sat down next to you and gave you a glass of lemon water. The date went by in a blink of an eye. Your head was on Camilo’s shoulder as you both watched the sunset. The colors molded together to make a beautiful gradient. You sensed that Camilo was feeling uneasy about something so you asked, “Cam, is everything alright?”
He takes a deep breath, to calm down. Calm down from what, you have no idea. “Cami-” “ [ name ], I… Sorry I’m a little nervous.” he chuckled awkwardly. Whatever it was he was about to say, you could wait. Being with this man needed to have a lot of patience, “It’s okay, mi sol. Take your time.” Your thumb rubbed the back of his hand.
He held both of your hands in his, taking in a shaky breath. When he finally got it together, he looked you directly in the eyes (which caused his heart to beat fast again because come on, whose heart wouldn’t when they see such beautiful eyes.) and said, “ [ name ]... We’ve been together for… well since I could remember. You’ve been by my side through thick and thin, in my highs and lows.”
He shifted a bit so that he was kneeling in front of you, “Well, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you. [ name ] [middle name ] [ last name ], will you make me the happiest man in all of Encanto and marry me?” At the end of his speech, he brought out of his back pocket a small velvet box. When he opened it, it showed a beautiful ring. The design was simple but it was beautiful nonetheless.
You were too stunned for words. Obviously you didn’t see this coming, it was a very nice surprise though.
You knew your words wouldn’t even come out of your mouth from the shock so you just opted for a big smile and a nod. This made Camilo tear up and smile from ear to ear. He put on the ring on your finger and tackled you in a hug. Somewhere in Encanto, familia Madrigal rejoiced in the news that Dolores told them.
Talk about eavesdropping from a distance.
You were both laying down on what is now your shared bed in your new shared room.
La familia insisted you both stay in the casa. You weren’t complaining, Camilo’s room was spacious. You still felt giddy from the party, still not believing that you, yourself, was now a Madrigal. Part of your beloved’s family.
You turned to your side to face your now esposo, still smiling wide while recalling the day’s events. Camilo turned to his side to face you as well, the same wide smile mirroring yours. “I still can’t believe we’re actually married now, amor.” he said as he cupped your cheek, “It all feels like one very nice dream.” You chuckled, putting your own hand on top of his and kissing his palm, “You better believe it, mi sol. Because you’re stuck with me now, forever. Whether you like it or not.”
“I wouldn’t want to be separated from mi luna.” he says as he starts kissing all over your face making you laugh, “Forever doesn’t seem to be enough time with you.”
“Do you really have to be that smooth all the time?”
“Only for you, mi luna.” he says with a wink, which caused you to hit him with your pillow playfully. You look forward to what the future holds for you and your esposo. He holds you close to him and kisses the top of your head.
My person, you have a long life of chaos and love ahead of you.
Tumblr media
© all the works here belong to @diwata-mori ; translating or reposting without permission or credits is prohibited
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Having a break after studying with camilo! Like he will bring you hot tea, or some arepas, and maybe cuddling? OH AND HIM SAYING “good job, mi vida! I’m so proud of you!”
study break
camilo x gn!reader
summary: camilo takes care of you with a well-deserved study break
a/n: this req has been sitting in my drafts for a while and i forgot to post it D: trying to finish up requests as i write my next fic
word count: 448
Tumblr media
“Everything okay, amor?”
Camilo walked into his room and looked over to his desk, where you had been perching over a homework assignment for the past hour and a half. You stared at the jumbled equation that seemed like gibberish at this point.
“Camilo, how the hell do I solve this?”
He came up next to you, set down a hot cup of tea on the desk, and peered over at your sheet of paper. He stared at the problem, becoming more visually perplexed each time he read it over.
“How about we take a break? You’ve been at that for so long…” He stood behind his desk chair, which you had been sitting on for what felt like forever. Your legs were already numbed from the lack of movement and a piercing pain in your lower back made it difficult to unwind.
Camilo put his hands on your shoulders and kissed the top of your head as you erased what you had been working on.
“You’re doing great mi vida, I’m very proud of you. I’m sorry I can’t be of too much help,” he whispered, pushing the teacup in front of your strained figure.
“Tia Julieta made this for you.”
He watched as you pressed the cup to your lips; the familiar cacao taste filled your senses, along with the warmth that blanketed your body. Your body began to unbend from the pain and the numbness in your legs washed away.
“Thank you amor,” you smiled at him. Camilo grinned and helped you out of your seat, massaging your hands between his own. His tenderness was enough to make you forget about any of your previous worries. Camilo analyzed the calluses and marks healing on your hands, pouting as he realized how hard you were being on yourself.
“Don’t overwork yourself so much, cosa linda…”
He brought the two of you to his bed and let you sink into his comforting physicality. He kissed your head and relaxed to the synchrony of your heartbeats.
“Camilo, I love you but i need to get this done tonight,” you protested, coming up from him (truthfully, with no intention of leaving). He wasted no time in pulling you back down, holding you firmly to ensure you wouldn’t be trying to get up again.
“Milo!” you groaned, giving up to put up any fight. “I need to finish that…” Of course, you’d rather be with him more than anything, especially more than doing homework.
“But I wanna cuddle, you can finish your dumb math later…” Camilo whined, tightening his grip. He refused to let you leave and you didn’t protest further.
“I’ll help you study later, just stay here with me for a little bit…”
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Tumblr media
a camilo madrigal x fem!reader fanfic [chapter3]
wordcount: 2.8k
Tumblr media
You shifted your weight from one side to another. Sitting on the cart and watching the passing landscape. You were only a few minutes away from your destination. Your heart did nearly explode in your chest. You sensed a hand on your shoulder, “See these mountains over there.”, your dad pointed towards a huge wall in front of you. “Right behind them…” – “Encanto.”, you completed his thought with a sparkle in your eyes. Your dad just nodded with a smile. The last days were full of bugging your dad and Jean about the old times. You couldn’t wait no longer. You needed to see this town yourself. You wanted to meet your abuela. You were so desperate. The way went by faster than expected. It took you only two and half day to arrive and now you were so damn close. You would rather start running to this place now then waiting any longer, but you needed to be a bit more patient. Just a little while longer.
After what felt like forever you finally arrived at a bigger court where you would stay the next time. Actually, you didn’t know how long you would stay in Encanto, but you were grateful for every second you could be here. The court was a bit outside from the town itself. So that there would be enough space for every cart, wagon, and the tents. Today you wouldn’t start with the set up of the big tent. You would just make some space that everyone would be able to catch enough sleep, so that the preparations could start tomorrow. As everyone started to make them comfortable, you were just standing there. Your eyes locked onto the path into the town. You could see the first houses at the end of the street. It was still early; the sun hadn’t begun to set. You would totally be able to visit some places before helping with the dinner. “Excited?”, an old voice appeared next to you. You couldn’t really answer but nodded. The urge to just run towards the town grew bigger and bigger. Even if you would stay here to help, you wouldn’t be able to focus properly. Your thoughts were all down this road. “I think we wouldn’t mind if you would go check the market out. Maybe buy some ingredients for dinner, you know.”, your head snapped towards the old man. A smile growing up onto your face. “Está seguro?”, you looked at Jean, and he nodded with a teasing grin. Your smile dropped a bit, brows furrowed at him. “What you want in return?”, you crossed your arms. Of course, you wouldn’t ask a second time for a permission to leave, but you knew him to well. After all he raised you just the same as your father did. “Maybe take the younglings with you? They need some distraction from the journey and for real, we need to restock some stuff.”, he smiled at you bright, and you couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “Yeah, of course, but then I’ll also take Bee with me.” You held your hand out and he took it to shake it. “Deal.”
Berthold was just placing a box from your cart down, while you jumped on it. Facing him with way to less space between your faces. “Damn, corazón.”, he stumbled back while he grabbed his chest, “I nearly got a heart attack.” – “Perdón.”, you smiled bright at him, sitting down on the box. He cupped your face. “What do you want y/n?” – “Jean asked if we could go buy some stuff for dinner. Also, we shall take the kids for a walk. So, you’re in?” – “I think I have better things to do.”, you started pouting while he still held your cheeks in his hand. He had quite big hands, but those were the hands who always saved you from falling. Either in the arena or just in daily life. “Please, cariño. Pleeaaseee.”, you gave him the sweetest gaze you could at this moment. “Ugh fine.”, he let out a sigh and before he could react you jumped off the box and hugged the boy. “Brats with me!”, you screamed and six children in the age between five and seven appeared in your sight. Two girls and four boys saluted in front of you. “I already hate myself for saying yes.”, Bee rubbed over his brows. You picked the youngest girl, Emilia, up to carry her, while the others followed you and the dark-haired boy into the city.
Your hands got sweatier as closer you came to the entrence. You could have sworn that everyone would hear your heartbeat at this point. You felt a huge weight onto your chest, and you just couldn’t hold on anymore. You gave the little girl to your friend as you entered the town and a shiver run down your spine. “Y/n? Are you okay?”, Bee caressed your back with his free hand. This damn concern in his voice, but you couldn’t blame him. Actually, you felt stressed. You couldn’t say if all this was just overwhelming or pure happiness or even kinda anxiety. Still, you didn’t want him or the children to worry about you. That’s why you just smiled at him, “Everything is fine. Mind if I take a look around?”
“So, you’re going to enjoy the Encanto and I’m here babysitting and grocery shopping? For real?”, he gave you a playful pout, before slapping carefully onto your back. You stumbled a bit forward. You smiled at each other. “Just don’t get lost, okay? We meet at the market then, that you will at least help carrying the stuff.” – “Thanks Bee. I'll make this up to you!”, you shouted while your feet already dragged you through the town. You left the group behind you. You didn’t even know where you wanted to go, but you had to explore a whole town. Where to start first? The marketplace? The little alleys with those charming stalls. Your emotions were boiling over. After nearly seventeen years you finally walked through the town your mum called her home.
Right, your mum. You suddenly stopped your movements. Your view got slightly blurry. You starred just straight in front of you. Slowly moving backwards into a smaller alley, trying to gain some hold at a wall. This was the town you should have grown up in. This is the town where you parents and you should have lived happily together. Your eyes started to water up. This was definitely too much for you. Maybe you should have waited a bit longer. Maybe you should have stayed with Bee. You weren’t ready for this. With one hand you pulled the hood of the blue ruana over your head to isolate yourself a bit. With the other you grabbed onto your shoulder. First you needed to calm your breathing. Yeah, it totally was a bad idea to leave the others.
You weren’t the only one who decided to go on a walk alone. On the other side of the marketplace was a little girl crying and screaming for her sister until an older guy patted her head. “What’s wrong pequeña?”, the girl stopped crying and looked at the man with longer dark hair. “I need my hermana…”, she just said while clinging on his green ruana. He then picked her up. “So maybe you should tell me your name and then I’m going to help find her.”, he said while poking her nose. “I’m Emilia.”, the little girl chuckled.  “That’s a wonderful name for such a wonderful young señorita. I am Bruno and that is my friend Piek.”, he pointed on a white rat on his other shoulder. The girl started laughing and so both started looking for you. While also Bee and the others were searching for Emilia and you with worry in the back of their heads. 
You didn’t know how much time has passed, also you didn’t know where you were anymore. Suddenly something or better someone brought your back to reality. Before realizing what really happened you found yourself on the ground again and your butt started to hurt. “Are you okay?”, a really calming voice caught your attention and so you looked up. You were greeted with one of the most endearing gazes you ever saw. A pair of emerald eyes staring into yours. Wait, why did he stared at you? He leant onto his thighs and closed his mouth to a soft smile. You pulled the hood of your ruana down and rubbed your eyes. They burnt. Did you cry? “Hey, I asked you something.”, his voice was so calm and still demanding. Well, you needed to answer. “Yeah. I’m fine.”, you couldn’t look up at him. You know that he wouldn’t believe you. You looked exhausted, at least you felt this way. You felt like you were passed out for a while. Did your feet carried you around without even relaizing? You looked up to the sky and noticed that it must got quite late. The sky already turned yellow. “Are you sure?”, what was this thing that you couldn’t look at him. He followed your look up and looked back at you. “You seem kinda lost.”, he added with a chuckle. “I guess, I am lost.”, you answered with way more calm voice then you wanted, not averting your glance from the sky. “Well, good that you bumped into me.”, he grinned, “I can help you out. I know this place like nobody else.” You now looked back at him. His eyes meeting yours for a few seconds before you looked away again. Heat was carrying up to your cheeks. Embarrassment? You could have sworn that he stared again. Did you looked so wasted? Well, you were still siting on the ground like a lost child. “It would be great...” before you could accept his offer a familiar voice echoed through the alley. “Y/N!”, you turned your head and noticed Daniel, one of the older boys, waving from the other side of the alley. Your face light up and your body somehow relaxed. You needed to shove your own needs behind, you couldn’t show you weakness in front of the children. You laid yourself flat to the ground, which earned and confused look from the boy in front of you.
Before he could say something, you swung your legs to the sky to lunge out, so that you would land onto your feet in the next seconds. All the worries from before were gone and your lips curling up in playful smile. You quickly needed to change your mood. “Thanks anyways.”, you told him while turning on your heels. The boy you left behind could only stare in disbelief and somehow curiosity after you, while your figure got smaller and smaller. Till you disappeared around the next corner together with the boy.
“Primo?”, this time someone snapped him out of his thoughts. Camilo didn’t face his cousin, he still stared down the path you took. “Yeah…”, still confused from the present events. “Who was this?”, Mirabel asked while standing next to him. “Y/n.”, he answered without paying much attention to her. “Who is she?” – “I don’t know… but I kinda want to know…” Mirabel raised a brow, but before she could question the boy, he said something nearly voiceless. She wasn’t even sure if Dolores could have heard him. “Her eyes were breathtaking.”, Mirabel needed to listen really closely and as she thought she understood him, her own eyes widened. “Wait, can you repeat that?”, she said with a teasing tone, bumping her shoulder against his. This brought him back to earth. He scratched his neck with a nervous smile. “I just said…Wait didn’t you want to meet with tio?” – “Dios mio. I totally forgot. Don’t think your off the hook Camilo. We will talk about this later!”, she said while running into the other direction. So, the boy was left alone again.
Indeed, he meant what he said before. Your senses were too over flood that you could realize, but he really did stare. He stared into your eyes. Never ever did Camilo Madrigal saw a person with two different eye colors. Not only two different ones, but a pair so beautiful, that he for a moment forget to breath.  However, the thing that bugged him more was that those pretty eyes were puffy and swollen. He wanted to know what hurt you. He wanted to help you. He could always make everyone smile. So why didn’t you smile because of him. He didn’t try hard enough he thought. No, you started smiling after that child appeared. He didn’t even know why, but he wanted to be the reason that you smiled. He wanted to see those eyes light up again. With an odd feeling he went back home to eat dinner with his family, but maybe, maybe he wasn’t really hungry today. Maybe he just couldn’t stop thinking about those eyes he never met before.
On the other side of the road you threw your arm around Bee who was waiting annoyed at the place Daniel led you to. Firstly, he didn’t respond to the hug, but he couldn’t resist long before embracing you. “I hate you.”, you just shoved your head deeper into his chest. “We still need to find Emilia.”, Daniel said. You suddenly let go from your friend and faced the boy. “What do you mean?” – “After you didn’t come to the settled spot, she started running away to look after you. The others are still looking for her.” – “Actually, we hoped she would be by your side.” Your heart sunk to the bottom of your stomach. It was your fault. Everything today was your fault. Why have you been so selfish?  The other children returning also without her to the place you were standing.
“Hermanaaa.”, the joyful voice caught your attention just as you wanted to drown in your thoughts again. The man put her down and she started running towards you. He followed the girl. You fell onto your knees pulling her into a tight hug. “Emilia. Please, you can’t just run away. You need to stay with Bee.”, said boy flicked against the back of your head. “You can advise me later, okay?”, you said while cuddling the little girl in front of you. That was such a relief. “Promise me to never run away again.”, you said in a worried tone while letting go of her. She just nodded energetic. You then looked up to the man standing a bit awkwardly in front of your group. “Thank you, señor…uhm.” – “Just Bruno.”, he said while rubbing his arm. “That somehow sounds wrong to me.” - “You can call me tio Bruno if you want.”, he chuckled. “Alright tio Bruno. Thanks for taking care of her.” – “Actually, that was a joke.” You started laughing together with the girl. “Well, too late, I guess. I’m y/n. Nice to meet you.”, you reached out to his hand. He just laughed a bit. His eyes looked really concentrated into yours while shaking hands. “Do I know you from somewhere?” – “I don’t think so.” – “No for real. I swear I have seen you before.” – “Maybe you mistake me for someone else.” – “Maybe.”, he let go of your hand but still looked with a tight focus at your figure.
“I really don’t want to interrupt your bonding. But the folks will get angry, if we need any longer.”, Bee came to pick up Emilia and gave Bruno a grateful smile. “I don’t want to stop you from anything.” – “Hopefully see you soon tio Bruno.”, you smiled playful while joining the others on their way to your place again. Bruno waved after you before he turned away to go meet with Mirabel. Still thinking about where he did see your face before. Why did you seemed so familiar? 
“You wanna tell me why you cried?”, Bee whispered to you while walking home. The children walking a bit in front of them carrying some bags while singing a little song. You played with the hem of your ruana. (Or better said your dads.) “C’mon. I see that you went through something back there.”, he took your hand into his. “I guess I had a panic attack.”, you simply said. Before your friend could answer Emilia turned her heads towards you. “One deep breath in.”, she simply said, and you responded with “One deep breath out.” A little smile grew onto your faces. The first day in Encanto wasn’t like you imagined, but everything was just fine. You wanted to believe this. At this point, you just wanted to hide under your blankets and catch a handful of a good sleep.
Tumblr media
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authors note:
so we have the first meeting and im kinda proud of this chapter. This will be the last chapter for this week because its my birthday tomorrow and i need to do some reallife stuff. we will continue next week
If you have any questions my asks are open. Also if you want to be added to a taglist just lmk.
comments and reblogs are highly appreciated ❤
Tumblr media
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r-ratszn · 12 days ago
boys don’t cry
in which carrying the madrigal name is difficult—especially when you slowly lose sight of yourself in the process. 
includes around 300 words of me being overly descriptive ; questioning self-worth + body image issues ; the general light camilo angst combo
note | pspspspsps encanto fandom i offer this ficlet 
[ boys don’t cry / the cure ] 
Tumblr media
in more ways than one, camilo madrigal takes after his mother. 
apart from the tell-tale signs that he is more like pepa than félix in appearances—hair that grows even lighter in the sun, gentle, green-eyed gazes and the trademark madrigal smatter of freckles that is somehow more prominent on the plane of his being—he possesses the same theatrical nature, the same warmth and energy that his family brings. 
although he cannot help but not be as guarded as his mother (and certainly not something which has been taught by his father), he can definitely try to be the very thing his family needs him to be: the public servant, in any way that he can, no matter who asks. 
whoever made it so that the madrigal mission was to live their lives in service, he cannot say unfiltered, but somehow, he does understand. if he is graced with a gift as remarkable as the one bestowed upon him and those who came before, he should be grateful. he should be indebted to the miracle. if he can show it, then he will. he should. 
no one said that it was going to be easy. it wasn’t going to be easy, not when he brings himself through changes that grow a little more frequent than what he thinks is his standard, not when he makes so many minor self-adjustments in himself, he doesn’t stop to consider whether or not a trait was still truly his, not when he looks at the mirror and all he sees is an amalgamation of everyone he has ever shifted into and back.
sometimes, he wants to grapple with his own reflection and break the perfectly constructed image of himself with his own hands. because when he sees the person staring back at him, with eyes that are more brown than green and a grin too wide than what he has gotten used to, all he thinks is that he doesn’t seem like his mother’s son anymore.
Tumblr media
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camencanto · 2 days ago
"He is descending, he knows, and his soul is warping into something wicked, a roguish type of mischief scattering throughout the rest of his core. And it excites him." Well my friend, if that isn't the sound of my heart shattering. This. This is why we can't have good things. Somebody please save this poor child. I hate this, but I love it. Want the angst to be over, but also want to watch the world burn. Ouch. Thank you. Fantastic writing *silently screams*. Will I be taking apart more scenes? Absolutely, if that's alright with you.
of COURSE that is alright with me!! that’s PERFECT for me, thank you so much??? ahhh omg it means so so much !! i’m so thrilled you’re enjoying, and i hope the upcoming chapters with Lots Of Angst are exactly what you’re looking for ;) (but yes holy shit feel free to take apart any scene you want i am delighted to hear everything you have to say!!)
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nezuscribe · 16 days ago
for anybody wondering there will be a part 2 for my recent camilo fic (darling i'd wait for you)! it should be up by this friday or saturday!
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mmaeveric · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
encanto au art dump where it’s modern and camilo annihilates bitches in roblox
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2yara · a month ago
i have a great idea
What if Madrigal family swapped their gifts for a day
That would be a great episode if Encanto had a continuing serial
Dolores, with Tia Julieta’s gift: I don’t know how to cook.
Julieta, has Luisa’s power: That’s okay dear, first you need to— *tries to grab a plate but breaks it in pieces* oh dear.
Pepa, with Antonio’s power, gossips with animals: No way Camilo did that!- What?— Nooo, he wouldn’t do it,— he’s only 15!!- Wait, what did Bruno said then? Oh mY GOD—
Mirabel, shapeshifter: *mocks Isabela changing into her* LoOk aT Me! I’m sUpEr PuNkY iDeAl GrAnDcHiLd!! WHOMP WHOMP!! *smacks own butt*
Isabela, still tia Pepa’s power: *creates a storm cloud and zaps Mirabel*
Camilo, with Dolores’ gift: *sells secrets and periodically having a panic attacks because of all that noise he can hear now*
Antonio, having a future vision: *prophecies that there will be an explosion of plants and vines*
Bruno, with Isabela’s gift: *fricking MAKES A SUDDEN EXPLOSION OF FLOWERS AND VINES*
Luisa, having Mirabel’s power of being the candle of house: *chillaxes and having a great time of not doing anything for the first time after YEARS*
And Abuela, seeing this kerfuffle: There wasn’t that shit when Pedro was alive *leaves this mess and locks up in her room*
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dos-oroguitas · 24 days ago
His amor
Tumblr media
In which Camilo turns to his sister for help but she insists that he hears the truth from you. You shed light to who you are and where you came from.
The long awaited part 2 of ‘his girl’. Part 1 is here ! masterlist !!
t.w abuse, mentions of blood and beating
Tumblr media
The walk back to Casita was silent with Camilo deep in thought. He kept trying to think of the reason why your mother despises him so much. Was it his pranks? He was sure he hadn’t done anything to mess with her. Maybe she caught wind of his troublesome ways and thought he was a bad influence? No, something inside the shapeshifter knew that it was something much deeper than that.
And he knew one person who had the answers to his questions.
He was somber, gazing on the ground as Casita opened its doors for him. As he trudged to the direction of his big sister’s, a little soft ‘hm’ interrupted him from his thoughts.
He looked up to see Dolores, with those wide round eyes staring at him and she played with her fingers whilst pursing her lips.
“I know something you don’t..” Dolores had covered her lips, shaking her head. No, no, that wasn’t your story to tell, she scolds herself. “I know something you would never know.” She had continued before slapping a hand on her mouth again.
Camilo bit his lower lip, making his way over to the balcony and looking towards the direction of the rest of Encanto and you were. He had also wanted to know but he wanted to hear it from you. Or at the very least, know how you were after that ordeal.
“She’s okay.” Dolores’ soft voice had brought him out of her thoughts and she looked down. “You know, sometimes the gift I was given doesn't seem like a gift at all.” The young woman murmured as she joined her brother on the veranda, leaning against it. “You hear some things you wish you can’t. You know things you should never know. I don’t want to say anything for her sake.” She smiled down at her brother.
The girl sucked in a breath and Camilo knew she was trying her hardest not to tell him and he smiled, grateful but also in a comforting way as he patted Dolores’ back.
“Just.. When you finally know why, be there for her, hermano. Be by her side.”
Camilo gazed at his big sister before slowly nodding. “I will, hermana. I will.”
It would be a while before he returned to his room, laying in bed as he stared at the ceiling, curiosity eating him up as well as the desire to check on you but he had to restrain himself. Until he could no longer just lay there.
He grabbed his ruana in a flash, grabbing a lantern to light his journey to you. Though at his preparation, he failed to hear the soft ‘clinking’ of rocks against his window.
Camilo breathed in before opening the window and instead of being greeted with the cold breeze of the night, he was instead hit with a particularly large pebble. Startled and slightly pained, the boy held onto his nose with a groan.
What the..
“I.. um.. oops?” A voice had squeaked out from outside his window and his eyes widened, immediately running over to see you with an apologetic smile and rocks and pebbles of different sizes in your arms. You were wearing a thick shawl, a little lantern in your hand and some mangoes from before as a.. ‘sorry’ gift of some sorts.
“Agh, there are small pebbles there, princesa, couldn’t you have just stuck to one size?” Camilo had whined quietly, rubbing at his now red nose. You would only laugh nervously, dropping the assortment of pebbles and rocks.
“I didn’t know which one to pick.” Dios, you were lucky you were adorable.
He had chuckled, shaking his head as he had gently tugged down one of the winding vines that Isabela had created around the house and with Casita’s help, you had entered his room. Immediately, you ran up to him, enveloping him into a hug.
“I missed you, Camilo.” His eyes softened as he held you close. “I missed you too princesa.”
Slowly you pull away and you purse your lips. Cheeks heating up at what you had just done and you shake your head. Now was not the time for that. You were sure Camilo was still reeling over the events before. And you dreaded telling him just why your mamá reacted that way but something told you that he would understand somehow.
You took a deep breath. “I have.. something to tell you.” The shapeshifter’s eyes widened. “Are you sure, princesa? You don’t have to tell me anything until you’re ready.” And you would nod. He deserved to know what had happened after that run-in with your mother.
Where would you even start? Taking in another deep breath and closing your eyes, you felt Camilo’s hand hold yours as if telling you without words that he was there. He would listen.
“My mamá and I came from a village far, far away from Encanto.” You murmured. “She was married, married to this.. awful man that was my father.” Your voice wavered. “Father was a businessman, a noble of sorts if you will, and she was betrothed to him at a young age. I heard people say that they were happy, the perfect couple.. and when I was a child, I thought so too.”
Suddenly everything had made sense for Camilo. Your elegance, the blatant lack of knowledge or wisdom of even the simplest thing such as picking out fruits, and as well as your not so simple outfits. You were once in a higher place in society. Loveless marriage in nobility was more common than one may think and yet your mamá tried to love your father as best as she could.
Camilo looked at you, nodding a little and offering you a reassuring smile. He was listening.
“Until the beatings started.” You whisper, voice trembling as you try not to break down in front of the Madrigal boy whose expression had been appalled. “At first it was just scolding, y’know? Father would get mad, he would yell and shout.. and then it snowballed into harsh squeezes, pinches, and my mamá, my poor mamá thought that it was nothing. Couples fight all the time, she said.”
You were always so careful as to not anger your father. Your mother, when you would manage to mess up, would always take the blame in order for your father to spare you but she couldn’t hold him off for long.
The squeezes and pinches turned into full hits and slaps. You mamá wore nothing but long sleeved tops and skirts that reached down to her shoes. Her face was always caked on with powder and covered with a silk fabric to hide the bruises your father inflicted on her. You had bruises as well though not as much as your mamá, it was mostly from pinches or slaps on the back of your headvwhenever you would say something he didn’t like.
You can still remember the day that he got her scar and you grimaced, hugging yourself. Camilo would place an arm around you. He didn’t speak. He wanted you to know that he was there for you and to take your time. “Don’t force yourself, princesa.” And again you would shake your head. You wanted him to know. No more secrets.
“The last straw was when he lashed out on me.” Your voice shook. “He was drunk, he was angry and I dropped something. I was clumsy. I didn’t mean to. I don’t even remember what I dropped.. but my father, he was so angry was going to.. he had a navaja in his hand, he was out of control. There was glass breaking and mamá, all I saw was mamá on the ground and blood on the floor.”
Camilo shut his eyes tightly, already knowing what became the outcome of the incident. The scar that ran through your mamá’s face.. was caused by your father.
“And that was it. After that we had snuck off in the dead of night. We didn’t know where we were going but we heard whispers. Somewhere safe, in the mountains where no one could find us.. there was a cart bound for Encanto and now here we are..” You swallow thickly as you finish your story, chest heaving up and down and tears threatening to roll down your eyes.
“I’m sorry, about my mamá, she wasn’t like that before.. She was gentle, kind, and always so helpful but..” Camilo slowly shook his head. You didn’t need to explain anything more but you continued.
“She’s just.. afraid, afraid that I would end up being a fool in love with a man like my father. Afraid that I’m going to get myself hurt.” You admit. “Not that I ever thought you would hurt me.” You quickly added. “I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for someone unkind, promised myself I would find someone who wouldn’t hurt me and would always treat me right.. and I think I fulfilled that promise.” You glanced at him before looking away quickly, your cheeks turning warm.
And Camilo was taken aback, his heart hammering against his chest as he quickly whipped his head towards your direction, eyes wide and heat creeping up to his cheeks. He had honestly looked dumb, gaping at you like a fish.
“I.. you..” He stammers out. Was he hearing right? Did you just..?
“You heard right!” Dolores’ voice had quipped from inside the room next door. “.. Sorry!” She calls out her apology for ruining the moment.
And as you two had sat in silence, cheeks burning hotter than any sunny day that Pepa had made, he held your hand in his.
“I think you fulfilled that promise too.” Camilo says bashfully before clearing his throat. “I want to prove myself to you and your mamá first though. I want to do this right. I want to earn both you and your mamá’s trust. And to prove to you that I will never ever hurt you.” Your eyes would widen at his declaration before he gently made you look at him.
“If I should ever raise my hand at you, it is only to caress your face in my hands. If I should ever shout, it is only to let the world know how much I love you.. know that I will never hurt you. Te prometo esto. This is the promise that I will fulfill to you, mi princesa, mi amor.”
Tumblr media
Your father is a dick, Camilo would jump him with the Madrigal Family if he ever showed up.
Also Camilo being the absolute king he is. I hope you guys liked this one. Though as always I would love to hear your thoughts!
taglist: @writing-shroom @ilorichi
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wwillowtrees · 20 days ago
Forehead touching. Forehead kisses.
camilo madrigal x gn reader | feminine aspects written, but honestly it’s not that much.
not-beta read, we die like casita.
You smiled softly, looking up from your book to see your lover. It was a quiet morning, a rare occurrence for the Madrigals as it seemed like those people could never catch a break. Their schedules usually filled to the brim with chores, not a single second for themselves, but not today.
Naturally, your boyfriend decided to spend his day with you.
“Milo?” You called out, folding the corner of the page you were reading on.
Camilo looks at you before looking back up for a moment, eyes on the rubber ball that he kept throwing at the ceiling of your room seconds before.
“Un segundo.”
With one hand, he swiftly catches it, and you feel your heart begin to swell as you see a small smile forming on his face at the impressive move.
“Need anything mi vida?” He asks, turning to face you, his gaze never leaving as he drops the small toy to his side.
He tilted his head slightly as he patiently watched you place your book on the nightstand near you.
“Mhm, affection.” You reply cheekily, crawling over to him.
Camilo chuckled, his eyes full of love as he stared at you.
“About time!” He teased, wrapping his arms around your waist as you made yourself comfortable on his lap.
You scoff.
“Dios mio, it hasn’t been that long.” You retorted, though, your actions quickly contradict your voice as you gently cupped his face. Camilo shook his head in endearment, his curly hair flowing around at the action.
“Mhm.. whatever you say.” The shapeshifter murmured, his voice slurred at the touch of your warm hands. You rolled your eyes at your lover’s antics while your boyfriend simply smiled in return.
“I,” You began, placing a soft kiss on Camilo’s lips.
“Love-“ Another kiss.
“You.” And another! Well..
Maybe more than just three, but come on now! He had such a kissable face!
How could you resist the temptation to kiss every single one of those pretty freckles that resembled the bright stars scattered across the night sky, or even that empty canvas that is his forehead which was just waiting to be painted with your lipstick, and don’t forget his cheeks too!
Besides, who was complaining? Certainly not you, nor him.
As you continue to pepper your boyfriend with your kisses, he giggled with each one, tightening his hold on you.
You ended with one last kiss to the lips, pulling away to see a lope-sided smile on Camilo’s face, his muddy green eyes shining brightly as he stared into yours.
God he was absolutely drunk on your love, and you savored every second of it.
You laughed, throwing your head back as Camilo smiled even wider at the sound of your laughter.
“You’re an absolute idiot mi amor.” You said, using two of your fingers to gently push him, his back hitting against the headboard of your bed.
“Yeah, yeah.” Camilo replied nonchalantly, grabbing your hand and pulling you close, your foreheads touching due to the lack of space.
“I love you too querida, y te amaré por siempre.”
“Woah! Have you’ve been malled by a tiger Camilo?!” Félix shouted, laughing loudly when he saw his son walk through the entrance door with lipstick all over his face.
Camilo groaned, hiding under his yellow poncho.
“Stoppppp!” He shouted, dragging out each syllable while he scurried away to his room. If he wasn’t in such a hurry, he would’ve seen the worrying rain cloud turn into a beautiful rainbow on top of his mother’s head when her husband explained what he had seen to her in full detail.
He flopped onto his bed, rolling around in hopes of getting the embarrassment off his body.
Of course he forgot to wipe off your lipstick, so enthralled by you and your stupid beauty that he forgot to think for himself! His pride!
He’ll never hear the end of it from his familia at din-
Oh dear god, he forgot about dinner.
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mitzimania · 12 days ago
could i get camilo x fem!reader enemies to lovers w reader being mirabel’s best friend
i love enemies to lovers so so much !! this is more rivals bc i thought it was more fitting,, let me know how u like this <3
-camilo madrigal x gender neutral reader fluff
-word count: 1k
-summary: you don't like camilo madrigal. that was a fact. but what's also a fact is that you need his help, just this one time- and he just so happens to be the only person available.
-warnings: none!!
Tumblr media
there were several reasons to dislike camilo madrigal. you could list them all, right now:
1. he's annoying. he never leaves you alone, he's near you telling his cheesy jokes and cracking his too-perfect smile. 2. camilo can never take anything seriously- he's always messing around, acting like nothing matters. 3. while he might always be after you, camilo never pays you his full attention, no matter what's happening. he's always focused on making others laugh as if you're not right there.
these were just a few of many, many reasons you had to hate the shapeshifter- but today you had to put aside your issues with him and work as a team. it was your best friend mirabel's birthday, early in the morning.
the sun hadn't risen, everyone in encanto was still asleep, except for you, as you rushed around the village to prepare a surprise. every year for your birthday, mirabel had something special in store for you- now it was your turn to have something for her.
and so, you were organizing a party with the help of her parents. it had been in the works for weeks, but now it was time to set everything up as quickly as possible before she awoke and saw.
but unfortunately for you, a certain person had heard you fetching party supplies and decor and come outside to 'help.'
"y/n!" camilo's voice made you jump out of your skin, and you instantly chided him for his volume.
"sorry, sorry," he laughed breezily, "it just looked like you could use some help." his cool inflection made you feel breathless- presumably from annoyance. because people you disliked were supposed to make your heart flutter, right?
you were about to shoo him away before you glanced around, and realized- you weren't going to finish decorating come morning. so, begrudgingly, you said nothing and gestured to a box of streamers. you weren't looking at camilo, but you could see his grin grow wider out of the corner of your eye.
the next hour or so working with him was surprisingly pleasant. camilo made good conversation when he wasn't tending to other people on his hands and knees. you would feel your grudge against him loosening like a river shifting a boulder- camilo madrigal was growing on you.
the sun was beginning to crest in the sky and everything was going perfectly- that was, until, you turned around and caught camilo staring at you with wide-eyed awe while holding the birthday cake.
your sudden movement scared him out of his stupor and the cake slipped out of his hands, smashing on the ground with a splatter. purple and blue frosting decorated your clothes and your face and arms, and was smeared all over camilo too.
you stood there for a few seconds, staring, before camilo started hurriedly apologizing and rushing around to clean up the mess on the brick floor of the plaza. but before he could rush past you, instinctually you reached out your hand and grasped his.
you pulled him close so the two of you were staring straight into each other's eyes, and you could feel the aggravation that was building up in your chest somehow dissolve, just by looking at him.
you felt yourself grow calm, just by looking into his wide brown eyes. you noticed how they were rimmed with a more greenish color, and observed how his breathing quickened when he was looking at you.
camilo was scrambling his words trying to apologize, his voice was dull with guilt and displeasure with himself. just as camilo was about to open his mouth, undoubtedly to say sorry again, you kissed him.
the whole world was quiet once you pulled away. he looked stunned. you felt stunned. what had come over you?
now it was your turn to apologize. "camilo, i'm so sorry- i didn't- i don't-"
"no," he spoke softly and clearly, cutting you off. he took your hand in his and gripped it gently. "i didn't mind. not at all. i, uh, i really liked that. i really like you, y/n."
you almost leaned in. you wanted to kiss him again, but a squeal of nothing but pure bliss cut through. the majority of the madrigals stood in the plaza, staring at the scene. mirabel had tears in her eyes. pepa was smiling so wide you thought her face might crack. dolores just looked amused. everyone else was watching you all expectantly.
clearing your throat awkwardly, you sidestepped away from him and wiped a chunk of frosting off your forearm. camilo laughed nervously.
dolores with her ever-present intuition softly clapped her hands together, breaking the silence. "well," she started, "let's not let their hard work setting up go to waste. let's clean up and start the party for mira!"
the family started talking and laughing after that, and you backed off into the growing crowd as more townspeople began to pile in for a morning of festivities. camilo never strayed far from you, though, and you watched him as he interacted with the other townspeople, still coated in frosting.
you found your perspective of him changed as you noted new things about him. he wasn't immature, he was playful. he wasn't neglectful, he was always trying to make everyone happy. and he wasn't clingy, nor was he annoying- he was in love with you.
across the bustling crowd of people dancing and the loud music, the two of you made eye contact once more. he gave you a big smile and you felt your heart beat faster. he made his way over to you, where you were standing by a table of food.
"y/n," he started, "i didn't mean for our conversation to get cut short."
you smiled faintly before taking his hand again. it was warm and calloused, like a fireplace. "i really like you too, camilo."
you were focused on the ground but could feel him practically melt in your hands and he grasped your other one. you met his eyes and saw for the second time that day, how beautiful they were. this person, you thought to yourself, was one of a kind.
and so, when he cracked his crooked grin and asked you if you wanted to dance, who were you to say no?
Tumblr media
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 23 days ago
How the Madrigals Would React to Seeing You in Encanto for the First Time - Pt. 1
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: No
[Word Count: 941]
The Madrigals are used to seeing most citizens of Encanto frequently, so it's always a shock when they see someone new. They just weren't expecting for that person to be so stunning.
- My first Encanto piece because I'm lowkey scared to write for this movie. It's short for that same reason, sorry! -
Pt. 2
Camilo and Mirabel involved, 18+ DON'T READ THEIR PARTS (they're last)
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She was just helping out with moving carts around when she saw you out of the corner of her eye
After doing a double take, she almost dropped the cart she had in her hand
You were the most stunning person she had ever seen
Luisa instantly became mesmerized with how you moved, elegantly and with purpose as you looked about the Encanto
When you looked back at her and smiled, Luisa felt her heart stop for a moment
She wanted to go up to you and say something, anything, but her mind had drawn a blank
And so she just stared as you turned and walked down the opposite road, waving at passersby as you went
She didn’t stop thinking about you for the rest of the day, running through speeches in her head so that next time she saw you, she would have something to say
Through the haze of countless purple and pink flower petals, Isabela almost didn’t see you at first
Once the curtain fell, though, you were the first person her eyes went to
You were just a member of the crowd, watching and cheering along with everyone else, but you stood out enough to catch her eye
You seemed to glow as if you were made of the sun itself, illuminating your frame as you clapped for her show
She would never admit it, but Isabela knows that a few mismatched flowers sprouted along the length of her hair when you smiled at her
After the kids had run off to go be entertained by Camilo, Isabela rushed towards you to make her standard greeting
For some reason she couldn’t explain, she fumbled with her words for a moment, stuttering as you took her hand to shake
Dolores watched the whole thing, and needless to say, the whole Madrigal family was instantly in on the plan to get their dear Isabela to talk to this mysterious newcomer
The commotion of Encanto tends to keep Dolores away, but something compelled her to visit just this one day
As she was wandering about, picking out certain fruits for Julieta to cook with, she accidentally bumped into someone at a stand
Dolores turned to apologize, but the words got caught in her throat when she made eye contact with you
Time seemed to move slower than usual as you smiled at her, apologizing for running into her
“No, no, I’m sorry for bumping into you,” Dolores said, her quiet voice even softer than usual
You and her actually struck up a conversation, and Dolores realized just how easy it was for her to talk to you. It felt natural, and she instantly got a sense of safety just from this one moment with you
When you parted ways, Dolores couldn’t get you off of her mind, even spilling her own secret to her family at dinner that night
She would later send Camilo out to search for you while he did his chores so he could tell you that Dolores wishes to see you again, and that she wanted to invite you to a dinner at their Casita
Camilo was supposed to be entertaining the kids when you stopped by
He shifted back into himself, watching with a slightly parted mouth as one of the children he was playing with ran into the arms of the most enchanting person he had ever seen
You stood, chuckling at your younger sibling, and thanked him for watching over them
Camilo nodded numbly before he came to his senses, literally shaking himself out of it
He caught you before you could get too far away, gently grabbing you by the shoulder and introducing himself
You two hit it off better than Camilo expected, and you even stuck around to help him handle the kids while he went off to help with some more chores he had around Encanto
When he returned, Camilo thanked you profusely, and offered to meet up with you again sometime
While on the surface it looked like a smooth way to ask for you to hang out with him more, Camilo’s face was probably hotter than a summer’s day and he was fighting the urge to shift bodies just so he wasn’t sweating as badly
When he watched you walk away with your little sibling in tow, he couldn’t help shifting into you, completely lost in thought (the kids loved this and now refuse to stop mocking him for it, much to Camilo’s dismay)
Mirabel figured that day to be just like all the others until she saw you talking to a sweet old lady that seemed to be pointing out the way to somewhere
She watched as you thanked the lady and turned to leave before she came to her senses and scrambled to follow you, insisting that it wasn’t in a creepy way or anything and she just wanted to say hi
You heard her footsteps and abruptly stopped, spinning on your heel to be met face-to-face with Mirabel Madrigal - her glasses askew and fists clenching the fabric of her skirt
Mirabel hastily introduced herself with a nervous grin, violently extending her hand for a shake
You could tell she was nervous but humored her, acting like this was any old greeting (which you had been doing lots of as of late)
You explained that you were new to Encanto and that your family had moved here only a week ago, to which Mirabel offered to show you around
When you accepted, Mirabel waited for you to turn around before holding a mini-celebration with herself, quickly fist bumping the air
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alliwriteistrash · a month ago
Hey dear, I really love your story and one shots, your writing is so good and when I saw the requests are open I couldn't help myself!!
Can I please have, hcs or one-shot, of Bruno's reaction to having triplets, it is known that twins will have twins of their own, and none of the other sisters had triplets, so what if Bruno is the one ending up with three babies?
Thank you for your hard work! ❤️
I usually do not write pregnancy stuff but for this I wanted to make an exception. I hope you enjoy it, even if i am unsure if it is any good
All good things come in threes
Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Encanto
Author:  Me (alliwriteistrash)
Length:  1779 words
Of course it had to be today. It could not have happened yesterday, when everyone was available but today. The one day that the entire Familia Madrigal was out at the riverside to remember their lost Grandfather Pedro’s on his death day. Sure, they invited you to join them, after all you were the wife of the oldest Madrigal son Bruno.
But considering your condition – your very much pregnant condition – you declined. The mere thought of you alone in the Casita caused Bruno much a worry, but you insisted he join them. What were the chances that you would go into labor the one day they would not be near? Well, apparently it was 100%, or so you thought, trying to breathe the contraptions away as you laid in the bed of Bruno’s and your room.
Even if you wanted to, the pain made it unable for you to even leave the sandy room to ask for help. Instead, you were alone in the vast room, doing your best not to make a single sound as to alert Dolores. You did not want to interrupt the one day a year that they went out to the river. Trying to distract yourself from the pain, you started to think of all the happy moments you shared in the last months.
Remembering your wedding day. The beautiful celebration organized by the family, making sure you knew that you were now part of theirs. The fact that they made you a bouquet out of glass blown flowers, made of the very sand your husband uses for his gift. Oh Bruno, no matter how long the two had been together, he still acted as loving as the first day he confessed his feelings. And if anyone spotted him throwing salt behind his back, trying to ward off any evil that could befall this day, then no one told him so.
Neither of you were great dancers either, yet the memories of your first dance were still as vivid as the moment it occurred. Sure, occasionally either of you stepped on the other’s feet but neither of you minded. Seeing his family and the town celebrate your love as you finally became one would always be a deeply cherished memory. Even if Camilo’s impromptu speech was quite a bit embarrassing, him impersonating his top 10 memories of the two of you, all while shapeshifting. But you two knew that he meant well, and all the laughter was like music to your ears.
Sharp pain was shooting through your whole lower body. This kid really wanted to see the light of day right now. So eager to join the rest of their family.
Instead, you focused on remembering the day you told Bruno that you were pregnant. While you could not believe the early signs, the nausea and fatigue, thinking you might just be overworked from your job as a seamstress, you could not ignore the fact that your chest felt tender or that you had missed your period for two months now. Something, that your dear Bruno did not pick up on, too focused on making his room fit the two of yours desires after you just moved. It was just 2 months after your wedding night.
Sure, you could have just told him about it the moment you realized, but instead you wanted to plan a little surprise. You knew of his deep wish to be a father and his fear that it might never happen due to his old age. So as the days passed, you started sewing a onesie for your first child, carefully embroidering a little grey rat on it. For as long as you knew him, he was always surrounded by rats, so in a way you always viewed them as his pets and adopted babies. You never told him that, of course, as you knew that children were a sore topic for him.
Proud of yourself that none of the family seemed to have noticed your pregnancy, you wrapped the onesie in a small box, hiding it until after dinner. You wanted him to be surrounded by his entire family when he found out.
And just like that you waited for this fateful dinner 7 months ago. All this excitement made it hard for you to finish your food, but you knew that you were now eating for two. Just as everyone wanted to leave the table, continuing their leisurely evening, you handed him the box with a beautiful deep green ribbon around it.
At first Bruno thought he had forgotten an important date. Instantly asking what day it was as he was apologizing for forgetting. You knew that time for him felt different after all this time isolated, so you just shook your head before exclaiming “Open it, cariño!”.
Carefully you watched him lifting the top, staring at the content of it, before dropping the lid. The pure elation on his face could not be put in words as he instantly pulled you into a hug. You could feel the older man shake as he started sobbing and blame the pregnancy hormones, but you just started joining him.
“Is this real mi vida? I-… I am going to be…” he asked in disbelief, brushing your hair out of your face. Tears of joy were streaming down his cheeks as you simply nodded, unable to say anything else before he kissed you. It wasn’t a pretty kiss, but one full of love and excitement.
It was then that the rest of the family was able to see just what you had gifted the oldest Madrigal son. The first to react was Abuela, who shouted out in joy. A new grandchild was bound to be running around this house soon. Soon after her everyone else started congratulating the two of you. Especially Antonio seemed thrilled at the thought of having some little to play with him. The impromptu celebrations took way past midnight. Even the Casita seemed to be in a chirpier mood than usual, and everyone was proclaiming their joy at the soon-to-be newest addition to the family.
It wasn’t until the two of you were alone in your room, separated from everyone else, that Bruno tentatively asked to touch your stomach, gently stroking over it and mumbling to himself – No, to his future child. Long after you dozed off, he was still talking to your unborn child, promising to be the best father he could be. That no matter what he would make sure that their childhood would be one of pure joy and happiness.
This turned out to be a daily activity for him, as you woke up each day with his hand on your growing belly and him plastering you in kisses.
The contractions were now less than 5 minutes apart and getting more and more painful. Unable to hold it in any more you shouted out in pain, aware that Dolores would for sure hear you.
And right you were. Barely 10 minutes passed of you continuously screaming in pain, that the door slammed open. A panicked Bruno practically falling up the stairs towards you, before throwing himself on the ground next to you. Grandmother Alma, Julieta and Pepa were close behind him, each carrying towels and hot water.
“Mi amor, I should have never left you alone! Are you okay?”, he cried out, holding your hand tightly in his, but it was then that Pepa ordered him out. He would be in the way of what was about to happen. It took Casita to pull him away from you, so that the women could start helping you. It was then that everything happened as if time speed up. One moment you felt the most excruciating pain of your life, thinking that surely you would not make it. The other you heard the screaming of your baby… but it was not just one. The exhaustion must be getting to you because you saw not one, but three little ones wrapped in soft cotton in your arms, before it all was too much, and you were greeted by darkness.
As you awoke after what must have been just a few minutes of rest, you felt water drip onto your face. Slowly opening your eyes, you saw the face of your husband, tears running down his cheeks.
“[Y/N], you are finally awake”, he whispered, smiling softly at you. Your mind still hazy you did not understand just why he was crying. Not until you noticed the small bundles in his arms and another in a small crib next to your bed.
Your children…
Looking at him with pure shook, it was now him that nodded, before showing you the sleeping face of your children.
“Triplets… we have triplets, mi amor”
Carefully he handed you the oldest of the three. Your firstborn son. He was just perfect.
“He looks just like you… he is beautiful”, you sobbed, unable to believe that you really were blessed with not one but three bundles of joy. Two boys and one girl.
Soon after the room was filled yet again but this time with the entire family. Everyone wanted to meet the new members of the family but wanted to let the two, well now five of you, have this moment in peace.
With all your loved ones around you, you sat up, cradling your son as you watched Bruno staring at the other two with pure love in his face. This was a miracle neither of you expected.
As Grandmother Alma held your youngest son, she softly asked if you had thought of names already. Everyone was staring at the two of you before Bruno began to speak
“We decided for a long time that if we had a boy…. If we were blessed with a son… that he would be Pedro in his memory.”
While she did not say anything, the shook of the name still too new, you could see that she was incredibly proud of your choice.
“If we were to have a girl, we wanted her to be called Amira”, you added, looking at your daughter in Bruno’s arm. She looked just like you.
“And for our second son… how about Mateo?”, you added, asking your husband with a soft smile who agreed with the name choice.
Just like that, the house was filled with the laughter and cries of three newest Madrigal children, turning a day of remembrance into a day of celebration. If anyone asked Bruno, he was a firm believer that this was a gift from his Papa, making sure that his memory and love would be forever present in this family.
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lostchild · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
a camilo madrigal x fem!reader fanfic [chapter2]
wordcount: 2.1k
Tumblr media
„Grab all your stuff, c’mon… we don’t have all day.”, the old man shouted while clapping his hands together. A deep sigh escaped your throat. You tried to shove some boxes into the cart in front of you. They were heavier than expected, and the ground underneath wasn’t the most solid one. Your feet started to slip, and you loomed to kiss the floor in the next seconds. Suddenly some strong arms provided you better support and saved the boxes from falling. “Carefully!”, firstly the guy helped you to gain your hold again and then he shoved the boxes himself into the cart.
“Thanks Bee.”, you said a bit under your breath, not facing him but the horizon. Your head was full of thoughts. He then rested his hand on top your head and lowered his statue to be on your eye level. This brought your attention back, so you looked into his greyish eyes. “I get it that you’re overly excited but keep yourself together. We still have things to do.”, he smiled softly at you. “I know. I know…”, your voice sounded a bit exhausted, and somehow nervous. He ruffled through your hair before straightening himself up again which led you to roll your eyes. “Well, just, maybe…maybe lower your expectations. I don’t want you to get disappointed, you know…”, his voice was filled with concern. You couldn’t help it but smile at him, “Everything will be just fine.” He responded with a smile before he left you alone again and went back to carrying boxes from one place to another. You looked back to the horizon where the sun just started to rise, the slight smile never leaving your face. That’s how you knew him, Berthold Gabka. The boy two years older than you, the boy who always looked after you. The boy you grew up with. The boy everyone just called Bee because his German name sounded ridiculous. The boy who was always by your side. Some people would even say that you shared one braincell, but after all, he was way more serious than you and you were the more childish. You would always take a risk, while he thought everything through. Sometimes you hated him for being so serious and always worried about everything. Couldn’t he understand that the next days meant so much to you? Why couldn’t he just share your excitement?
“Don’t blame him.”, a rougher voice appeared right behind your back. Another sigh from your side. “I know. Dios mio, why is everyone so cautionary today.” You jumped into the cart while your dad handed you some smaller boxes for you to sort in.  “Because we care for you mi estrella.” – “Well, I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m going to fight a dragon or something like this.” You earned a small giggle from the old man in front of you. “I am not saying that it’ll be dangerous,”, he put the box in front of you and took your hands in his, “but maybe it can get really emotional.” He caressed the back of your hands with his thumbs. “Papi, I can handle this, okay? I am not like you.”, you playfully pouted. “Remus! We need your helping hands here!”, he let out a sigh but smiled before he turned towards the woman who was calling after him.  He then just nodded towards you and went to help both women. “Coming!”
You started sorting everything into the cart you were standing in. This cart, this little wagon was your safe space. You didn’t have a fix place you could call home. Those people here, they were your home. Everyone was quite worried about you at the moment. Travelling to a new place was always as exciting as terrifying. You never knew how the townsfolk would react to your family or to your shows, it’s not like you could change it. Over the years you have earned so many experiences with strangers. Some people loved what you did and some thought of you as some kind of freaks. Who could blame them? The circus and especially nomads hadn’t really a good reputation, but you loved it that way. To know you could bring pure laughter, and joy to strangers. You were a performer and so you were always excited for a new place to stay. You stopped counting the places you’ve been to long ago.
This time was a bit different. This time you wanted everything to be perfect. After fourteen years you would finally come back to a really special place. The place you were born. You would finally meet your abuela and maybe, maybe you would be able to be a bit closer to your mom. You always wished to see this place yourself. You knew about the past events of Encanto and its history. Your dad told you many things about this magical place and you always dreamed about sharing the same views your parents did. Anyways, you understood that it was difficult to just visit this place. After years Encanto finally opened for foreigners, visitors and tradesman. So, you started begging to Jean, the head of the circus, if you would be able to visit Encanto, but he always denied.
The town needed time to adjust to the new situation, but this year was different. Jean talked to the heads of Encanto, and they said yes. They accepted the offer, that the circus could came to the town. Since that evening, you were sick of excitement. You trained harder, and you counted every hour till you would be able to walk those streets, where your parents first met and tomorrow you would finally take off. From your current locations it would take the whole team about three days to arrive safely, and you just knew that you wouldn’t catch a good sleep the next days. You knew you would annoy the hell out of Bee and your dad. As a child you could never stop asking questions about the Encanto, about their villagers, about the landscape and now you would finally be able to see everything with your own eyes but first you needed to pack everything.
A three-day ride away was a family getting ready for the day. Family Madrigal was known for their miracle and especially for their way to brighten up everyone’s day. To help each other in their community, but the Encanto needed some changes after the incident from about two years ago. After the family nearly lost their gifts, the town was on their way to collapse. So, the family and the heads of Encanto choose to change a major thing after rebuilding the Casita:
The town should grow more independent. The townsfolk should stop putting all the pressure on the family Madrigal and the family should gain some quality time again. Well, not much changed. The children and grandchildren of Alma Madrigal still had their daily chores. They would still meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and discuss contingencies. The thing that definitely changed was, that everyone grew more together, and that everyone was more themselves than ever. Also, the fact that the lost child, Bruno came back home was a miracle itself.
In fact, the members of the family had more time to do whatever they pleased. Mirabel made sure of this. She had a time schedule for Luisa, so she wouldn’t overwork herself again. She helped Isabella, who now run her own flower stall besides the time the three girls helped their mother. Julietta opened her own restaurant. After so many new people came into the town, they had to make sure, that everyone could feel safe and sound.  The children of Pepa and Felix helped wherever they where needed. They helped in the restaurant, they helped with baby sitting or whatever someone need. But still, everyone had time for themselves to do whatever they wanted.
The life in Encanto was peaceful, but somehow it also could get boring. Besides all the new people they got to meet and besides all the strangers wondering about their gifts, nothing was really new. Nothing was really exciting anymore.
Under a tree in the back of Casita were sitting some children. Still a bit sleepy they were lean against each other.  A small boy laying in the lap of his older cousin, reading a book and his brother by her side just looking at the passing clouds. “How are you always ruining your clothes. For real primo.”, Mirabel said while fixing a hole in a yellow ruana. The older brother just chuckled. “Just don’t tell mami.” – “I think she already knows.”, Antonio threw in. “Probably.”, he shrugged with his shoulders. “We should agree for a payment for the future.” – “You won’t get the seconds I work so hard for.”, the other two started laughing and Camilo just smiled. “Ninos, breakfast is ready!” Mirabel handed the ruana to her curly haired cousin. “Just be more careful, okay?” A big smile started to grow on his face while he put his head into his beloved clothing. “You’re the best prima.”
Everyone took their place at the table while starting to eat together. After finishing breakfast their abuela stood up to take the word. “Listen up. First things first, senora Elena asked me for some help in the afternoon. I hope that someone of you is still free to go over to the Tamayo’s to help out.”, Dolores raised her hand. “I can take a look.” – “Good, good. Maybe one of your brothers can help you as well. She needs someone to help move furniture.”, Camilo just nodded as sign that he had understood. “Wouldn’t it better when I join?”, Luisa threw in, but before Alma could answer the girl earned some stares. “We talked about this, your tasks for today are full.”, Mirabel reminded her. “But it would make so much more sense.”, she started to explain but before she could go on, Camilo cut her down. “We can do this on our own. Don’t worry.”
“So, next thing. It’s more like an information. Our Encanto will get some new visitors the next day. After every one of this town adjusted to new normalidad, the heads and me thought about something special for everyone.”, now everyone was listening closely. What could she mean? “The circus is coming back to Encanto.”, she clapped into her hands after she ended the sentence. Instantly the eyes of her children did light up, as well as the eyes of Augustin and Felix. “What does that actually mean?”, the youngest at the table asked. “Oh mijo, you’re too young to know about it.”, his mama soothed. Bruno chuckled, “Well, we’re kinda old you know.” – “It was years ago. We were all around your age.”, Felix looked to his middle child and ruffled through his hair, which earned him an annoyed gaze. “It really was some time ago and only for one week, when the circus came to our town to brighten up our day.”, Augustin remembered. “I can’t remember their name. Wait, it wasn’t Spanish….”, Julietta thought out loud. The younger ones didn’t really understand why their parents got all excited, but this feeling was infectious. “Circus Dubois!” Pepa remembered. “And this time it will be the exact same one.”, Alma said with a slight smile on her lips,” Only thing that the leader changed over the years. The ringmaster from the then already has passed and his grandchild is now running the family business.”, everyone started now to whisper to each other. This news brought more happiness with it than Alma did expect. “But…”, her tone changed to a more serious one and so everyone turned quiet. “That also means, that there will be more people in our Encanto and that means there will be more work for all of us.” – “But we can manage this all and still have a good time together. After all, we are familia Madrigal.”, Mirabel shouted and raised her glass. Alma gave her an approving look and also raised her glass. Everyone did the same and shouted together. “La familia Madrigal!”
Everyone thought the whole day about the advantages and disadvantages what would come with this news, but someone who was overly happy about the news was Camilo.
“This is going to be excited.”, he started to point out while he and his sister were on the way to senora Elena.” Finally, something new, some people who weren’t used to my pranks and finally something new to explore. Some new people to get to know.” – “Hermano, calm down.”, his sister chuckled. She loved it to see him so excited, but somehow, she had an odd feeling about all this. Who would know what they have already experienced? What stories could they tell? What could he learn from those people? Would everything just be exciting and fine?
Tumblr media
prev | next
authors note:
So in this chapter i wanted to introduce you to all the important characters I made up for this story. I hope I could make everything clear so far. If something is weird or you have questions in general, don't hold back and ask me. Of course we will learn also more about the new characters. And well writing conversations with so many people is really challenging. I really try to write as in character as possible.
Tumblr media
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froggywritesstuff · a month ago
Idiot | Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pairing: Camilo x g/n!reader
Warnings: jealousy, swearing
”Cami, you and Y/N are dating, right?” Dolores asked her younger brother.
”Yeah… why?” He asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.
Dolores shrugged, “I just heard them talking with some guy in town. They sound pretty close.”
”I-I’m sure they’re just friends.” Camilo argued, though it seemed more like he was trying to tell himself that.
Dolores held a hand up to her ear as if she were listening in, before turning back to Camilo, “Ok then…”
Camilo paused for a moment, 'They would never cheat on me...' before he stopped what he was doing and raced out of the Casita.
He sprinted into the markets in town, scanning around for the for the familiar (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, when he finally spotted them.
Their laugh sounded from across the markets as a man stood next to them, his arm slung around them.
Camilo’s heart sank when he saw how happy they looked with him.
A mix of heart break, jealousy and sorrow flurried in his stomach.
As Camilo stood across from the two, Y/N shouted out.
"Cami! Come here," Y/N called, the man they were supposedly cheating with stood next to them, "This is my old friend, Daniel. We knew each other before I moved here."
Camilo nodded his head suspiciously at the man, "Right. You just visiting here, Daniel?"
Daniel nodded, mentally aware of the jealousy Camilo was probably feeling, not wanting to worry him anymore, “Yeah. Me and my familia are just here for the summer."
"That, um... that's great, Daniel," Camilo stammered, the confused look from both Daniel and Y/N not going unnoticed, "Say, Daniel, would you mind if I have a word with Y/N?"
"Of course," Daniel nodded, moving his arm away from Y/N's shoulder.
"We'll talk later, Dani," Y/N said, waving in farewell.
"I'll make sure of that, Y/N/N," Daniel laughed, unknowingly shooting a pang of jealousy in Camilo's chest.
Camilo held Y/N's hand tight, guiding them away until they were out of Daniel's ear shot.
"What was that?" Y/N asked, their arms crossed.
"Oh, I don't know, Y/N/N." Camilo spat, jealousy dripping from his words.
"Seriously, Camilo? I can't have one friend give me a nickname?"
"Oh," Camilo gasped, a sarcastic apologetic look on his face, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you two were just friends. Because in my personal experience, friends don't stand that close together. Friends don't use cute nickname's on each other. Friends don't make everyone else look at them and think, 'Man, I wish I could have someone love me like that'. Because if that's what friends do, then we might as well be just friends, Y/N." Camilo finished with a huff, sitting down on a nearby bench.
Y/N just stared at them with a blank face, "You done?"
Camilo rested his chin on his two hands, giving a small nod.
"Did that make you feel better?"
Camilo sighed, shaking his head, before Y/N sat down next to him.
"Do you feel kinda shitty now?"
Camilo squeezed his eyes shut with another sigh, "Kinda..."
"If all that worrying is only gonna make you feel like shit, then why bother?"
Camilo just stared down at his lap, avoiding eye contact with Y/N, "I don't know... It's not like I like being jealous."
"Well, do you think you could stop being jealous and realize that you have an amazing partner who loves you beyond description, and thinks you're really, really pretty?" Y/N asked, trying to catch Camilo's eyes.
With a small blush on his cheeks, Camilo continued to avoid Y/N's gaze, feeling ashamed at how he jumped to conclusions, but Y/N wasn't having it.
They turned round on their back, and slid onto Camilo's lap, looking up at him with a grin and bright eyes.
"Camilo, repeat after me," Y/N began, receiving a nod from the boy above them, "I..."
"I..." Camilo repeated.
"A..." Camilo knitted his eyebrows together, suspicious as to what Y/N would say next.
"Friend." they finally finished, looking up at Camilo with hopeful eyes.
Camilo just squinted, "Is he though?"
Y/N sighed, reaching up a hand to pat Camilo's cheek as if they were giving him a pathetic slap, "He’s just a friend! A visiting friend! I’m not gonna leave you for whatever friend from my past visits me."
"I'm sorry, but you're really gonna look at that man and tell me that you've never thought about being with him over me?"
"Yes!" Y/N yelled, throwing their arms up in frustration.
"Why?" Camilo demanded, sending a hard look to the person below him.
"Why?! Because I'm in love with you!" Y/N yelled, grabbing the sides of Camilo's face to pull him down to kiss their lips.
Camilo was shocked, but immediately leaned into the kiss, paying no mind to the pain he felt as he arched his back.
The two breathlessly pulled away, the need for air becoming more noticeable every second.
"No offence, but you can be an idiot sometimes." Y/N whispered.
Camilo groaned, leaning his head back against the bench, "I'm sorry, Y/N."
Y/N shrugged, a wide grin on their face, "It's ok. You're my idiot."
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camencanto · 7 days ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA CAMILO!!!! really good chapter!!! I think you're doing such an excellent job with ALL the characterization: i loved isa, and I ESPECIALLY loved mirabel and dolores in this chapter! I really really hope pepa ends up okay, but the whole time I was reading this I couldn't help thinking about how SAD she would be to see all of this going down.
thank u for writing!!
anon u legit just made my day THANK U i’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter !! ur too kind omg i can’t wait to show u what i have planned next ;)
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camileeon · 16 days ago
♦️ they/them for reader and he/him for camilo ♦️
Tumblr media
After day of a whole workload behind them as the weekend was there to knock them out, y/n greets casita as they walk in. The tiles clinking beneath their feet as casita moved itself to camilo's room for them to enter, sparing them the effort “Thank you casita, such a clever house you are." They praised. Y/n enters the shapeshifter's room with a sight that they never could have imagined seeing
“Camilo?” They questioned before revealing the boy in yellow with their lipstick they used everyday in hand “uh- ah- i was looking for your lip balm because you said i could use it, then i found this and assumed it was the same thing?” All that the chameleon spoke of seemed true by the sight that was seen in front of them. Y/n just sighed deeply and let out a soft laugh, they were too tired to get frustrated really. Besides if they even tried to get mad at him, they wouldn't be able to either. That's how adorable he was in their eyes.
“Oh dear, it's all over you.” they walk in to cup their cheeks and give them a smile before kissing him on the corner of his lips, it left a mark of the same shade because of wearing the same one he now wore too.
Camilo had a dazed and flustered expression as he looked at them “hm.. you're not mad mi amor? Also, can you do it again? I missed you too much you know..” he says in a admitted tone which made them chuckle “why would i get mad at this? The color suits you.” they say in a teasing manner “besides, you are too cute for the world.!” they gave him more kisses like he asked.
Another here.
Another there.
Almost everywhere.
Which resulted into the shapeshifter to absolutely melt, wrapping his arms around them tightly while his face was peppered with a reddish pink shades of their lips.
Oh what a sight to see, they held his face firmly as they finished “that enough?” they chuckled before seeing a sly smirk appear on the boy's face “yep! Now your turn!” he lifted them up to be laid on his bed before laying on top of them and gave twice as much kisses they gave him. Laying each one lovingly on their face and a little on their neck to earn butterflies in their stomach from him, starting to tickle them because of how much energy he still had to mess with them
“h-hey! T-thwis is not f-fair!!” they yelped as they let out giggles and laughter that made him smile as wide as they were “too bad princesa, i don't care.” after a few minutes of chaos, the night ended with you two having matching lipstick stains. Tangled in eachother's limbs as you both laid holding one another closely. They needed their sun and he needed his moon, all they need was one another and it was perfect.
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ma-tsu-the-male-goddess · a month ago
Encanto Power Distinction au
For a Madrigal family where everyone has a little bit different needs due to their powers:
⁃ Alma can feel everyone when they use their powers. Almost connected by visible glowing strands/bonds. She knows Bruno is still alive bc his bond still exists but it's too dim to follow bc he never uses his powers after he leaves. She has a gentle glow about her in the dark. But she has to be careful not to stay in the sun too long. Her skin is almost like wax and it melts and deforms under heat. She's covered in little scars and divots where she or a family member has had to push it back into place.
⁃ Bruno can lose when he is. Will stop in the middle of sentences or respond to what someone says before they say it. Sometimes people think he’s a telepath on first meeting bc of it. Eyes glow green occasionally.
⁃ Julieta runs extremely warm, like an oven, and constantly needs to be snacking on something to feel healthy. Things taste better/are better for her if they are homemade and cooked with love. Constantly low blood sugar. Never gets sick though and is a fast healer in general.
⁃ Luisa gets muscle cramps and has a excess amount of energy. Often has to run or exercise just to wear out enough to sleep. But it means she can push beyond her limits and stay awake for several days when needed. Generally tougher skin but she has a harder time feeling things/skin is less sensitive bc of it. Extremely heavy due to muscle mass and requires a ton of protein and electrolytes
⁃ Isabela requires sunlight and extra water but can also go longer without food. Doesn’t technically need to breathe oxygen - can also breathe CO2 (has to hide ox meter during a school demonstration)
⁃ Mirabel has parts that need replacing and she always knows where people are inside the house (she finds out earlier that she does have a gift, but has no idea what it is) She definitely is of the same thing as Camilo where she will be able to live longer due to her makeup being more similar to wood and stone than anything (she is very heavy)
⁃ Pepa is actually very light and often staticy. She can tell when the weather is going to go bad, and while she can affect the immediate weather, the weather can also directly affect her moods.
⁃ Dolores has sensitivities and her ears are shaped a little differently than other people. Has to wear ear buds that look like hearing aids when she goes to extremely crowded places and often has to meditate and recenter herself in the mornings. She processes sound differently (synesthesia?) And will do art/dress for the occasion
⁃ Camilo is often shifting minutely all the time, and has a hard time refraining for any length of time. Because of the close relationship with his cells and biology, technically he doesn’t have to age if he doesn’t want to. Causes some fear/anxiety about his family eventually leaving him but he knows that’s a long way off. Any pronouns and has an easy time getting ready in the morning
⁃ Antonio makes little growling or chirping sounds and purrs, often speaks more with his body language than other people. Always getting into trouble/danger bc animals are calling for help. He eats lots of things raw/undercooked (meat, leaves, etc)
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isascactus · 4 days ago
Hi!!! May I request a oneshot camilo x femreader are like pepa and felix
And reader is slightly taller then camilo and they always hang out always so sweet with each other
Pepa and felix just watch them from afar endearing such sight as they see they’re son so happy with someone he loves.
Im sorry if it’s so long please take care and advance thank you 😊!
requests are currently closed at the moment as i get through the requests i have now!
warnings: minor identity crisis with camilo (i think)
pronouns/gender: fem!reader / she/her
summary: Pepa and Felix sit down and look back at different times in your’s and Camilo’s relationship. They realize just how similar you guys are to them.
They're Like Us
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
Pepa and Felix loved Camilo and you. They absolutely adored your guy's relationship. Even before you were a couple, they knew that you two would end up being together. They sat at a table now, watching you two.
"Do you remember when they first met?" Felix asked.
"Yes, of course. It feels like it was just yesterday." Pepa nodded with a smile.
It was his gift ceremony, during the party. You were both 5 years old.
People were everywhere, lots of people chatting, music playing. You stood with Mirabel, talking, dancing, laughing.
"Mira, what do you think your gift will be?" You asked her, swaying around a little bit to the music.
"I don't know. I'm so excited for mine though!" She told you excitably.
Camilo saw you from where he stood in his room. He had see you around the casita before, he just never came around to say hi. He thought you were so fun and kind looking, and also really pretty. He started walking up to you and Mira, what was a better time than now to introduce himself to you.
"Hi Mira! Hi y/n!"
You turned to face him with childish grin.
"Hi Camilo." You said.
Mirabel waved at him with a smile.
And from there, you guys became best friends almost instantly. You two kept each other in balance.
"They were so precious." Pepa reminisced, a small rainbow appearing above her head.
Felix nodded, agreeing with his wife as he took a sip of his drink.
"Oh, and remember the time he asked her out?" Pepa piped, clapping her hands in excitement.
"Cami was so nervous." Felix laughed.
It was your 13th birthday. The weather was perfect, thanks to Pepa's excitement due to her son’s plan to ask you out. Camilo's family loved you like their own, so much so that they insisted to throw you a birthday party at the casita. Camilo was a mess before your arrival, he had to make sure every single thing was perfect. The flowers had to be your favorite kind of flower, the decor had to be your favorite colors, the music had to be the best. The family happily obliged in making everything perfect. So, Camilo got to relax for a moment, until it was time for the party, which meant it was time to ask you out. He tried to keep himself calm so he wouldn’t start randomly shifting, but it didn’t work for long. About 45 minutes into the party, he started shifting out of nerves.
“Cami, what’s wrong?” You asked him, a concerned look on your face.
He looked at you with wide eyes.
“Uh, no, nothing’s wrong.” Camilo stuttered, fidgeting with his hands.
You tilted your head to the side.
“You’re lying. I know something is wrong, you’re shifting out of nerves.” You told him.
He let out a small sigh, grabbing your hand and leading you to a less crowded part of the casita. 
“Okay so y/n, I love you, more than a friend. I’ve felt this way for a while now.” Camilo admitted to you.
You smiled at him, holding both of his hands.
“I love you too.” You confessed.
Camilo let out a sigh of relief as he pulled you in a for a quick hug.
“That’s what had you all worked up?” You giggled.
Camilo nodded as he swayed you around to the music.
“Well...” He said, spinning you around.
“You’re my best friend, my beautiful best friend. The girl who is always there for me. The girl I love. I don’t think I would have been able to handle rejection from you.” Camilo told you, pulling you back towards him.
“You’re so cheesy.” You laughed, kissing him on the cheek.
A tint of red appeared on his cheeks. “I mean it.” He smiled.
“Aww Cami! You did it!” Pepa came from behind the stairs, a rainbow over her head, a big smile on her face, and her arms held open.
“Mami!” Camilo groaned with embarrassment, covering his face with his hands.
“He did it. That’s my boy!” Felix happily came out from behind the stairs.
“I heard the whole thing from the nursery!” Dolores exclaimed coming down the stairs, holding Antonio.
Camilo groaned louder as Pepa and Dolores came to hug you.
“He was so mad at us for eavesdropping.” Felix smiled.
Pepa thought for a moment.
“You know, they’re like us.” Pepa pointed out.
“Oh yeah?” Felix questioned.
“Yes, remember when he first noticed their height difference? Just like us.”
Felix nodded with a grin. “Oh, how could I forget that.” 
It was a summer afternoon. You and Camilo were hanging out with MIrabel, just chatting as you walked around the town. Until Mira noticed something.
“Camilo, is y/n taller than you?” She asked, stopping in her tracks.
He looked at Mira with a confused look, and then back to you.
“Wait...” He said, trying to process it.
You used your hand to check.
“I am taller than you!” You exclaimed, a bit shocked.
“Oh, c’mon.” He groaned.
“She is, by like an inch and a half!” Mira giggled.
“We’re like your mami and papa, love!” You observed happily.
He smiled at that, he always dreamed of having a relationship like his parents. Maybe just not the height difference though.
“Oh my goodness, yes! C’mon we need to go show them.” Mira told you.
You nodded and started making your way to the casita. When you got in you all saw her at the top of the stairs.
“Tía Pepa look! Camilo and y/n have a height difference just like you and tío Felix!” Mirabel told her excitedly. Pepa came down the stairs to look for herself.
She stopped in front of you two.
“It’s true! Camilo, you are like your papi! Felix, come look!” She shouted.
Felix came from the kitchen.
“They’re so cute.” She said as she placed her hands over her chest.
Felix smiled.
“Oh c’mon, I’m not that much shorter!” Camilo claimed.
Pepa glanced at him before going in to hug you both.
“I guess you’re just short, mi vida.” You teased, kissing him on the cheek.
He only rolled his eyes in response 
“They calm each other down too. Just like how I calm you down.” Felix mentioned.
Pepa nodded with a soft smile.
Though Camilo’s gift was, well, a gift, it wasn’t always good. His gift often brought him problems. He would often feel dysphoric, or didn’t feel as if he knew himself very well or who he was. When Camilo had these episodes, he could be in his room for days. No one could calm him down either, he didn’t want any of his family to see him like that, even his mami. Pepa sit outside his doors sometimes when this happened, begging him to let her come in, though he never did. Camilo didn’t want to upset her with his own issues. You were the only person he would let in. After Pepa would attempt to get in, her only other option was to get you. So, she would go find you, and tell you what was wrong, and of course you drop everything you were doing and come with her. She would stop you at his door, and back up a little with her hands held together, nodding for you to go on. You knocked on the door lightly.
“Camilo, it’s me. Can you open the door please?” You shouted.
There was a pause for a moment before the door cracked open, you sent Pepa a soft smile before going in.
Camilo was sat by the door, knees tucked up to his chest. You took a seat on the floor next to him, laying your head on his shoulder. You decided that letting him speak first would be the best move.
“What do you see when you look at me.” He sniffled.
You lifted your head to look at him.
“I see my boyfriend, my best friend, my favorite person in the world. With your curly hair that I like to play with, your freckles that I like to kiss, your nose that I like to boop, and your mouth that I love to see smile, that smile that I can’t stand to see.” You explained to him.
He muttered a thank you as he hugged you.
“I love you, mi amor.” He told you with a small smile.
You placed a kiss on his forehead. “I love you too. Now c’mon, lunch is ready.” 
Camilo grabbed your hand as you both stood up and walked out of his room. A look of relief came over Pepa as she saw the two of you. The three of you walked down to lunch together.
“They’re perfect for each other.” Felix smiled.
“They make each other so happy. I love to watch them be so in love with each other.” Pepa hummed contently.
The two of them watched you guys now. You guys were laying against a tree, Camilo holding you in his arms. Both of you asleep.
“I guess we should go wake them up for dinner?” Felix suggested
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