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bruno-madrigals-wife · 8 days ago
Camilo: I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff. Isabela: I witnessed the dumb stuff. Mirabel: I recorded the dumb stuff. Bruno: I joined you in the dumb stuff. Dolores: I TRIED TO STOP YOU FROM DOING THE DUMB STUFF!
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apexlegendsthings · a month ago
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has this been done yet
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br3adsticc · a month ago
Camilo, telling Mirabel about their rat uncle:
Tumblr media
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ohmaerieme · 24 days ago
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me and @clownwry and @artiemartietartie thought the madrigals going on a roadtrip would be a very funny concept
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pcktknife · 13 days ago
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couldnt sleep so heres primo camilo + toni
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balkanbitch · a month ago
Episodes I would want to see if we got encanto tv show
- Isa and lusia competing on who's the better older sister
- lusia having to babysit Antonio for a day
-bruno trying to bond with all his necies and nephews
- mirabel needing to be two places at once and asking camillo to go to one of them but he also had to be at another place at the same time so hes just bouncing between these places
- the triplets going on a road trip type adventure
-an episode about the triplets childhood
- bruno having a crush on a guy from a the town over and mirabel and dolores trying to set him with him (with a bit of help from there siblings )
- mirabel getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and all her siblings/cousins giving them the shovel talk
- isa and lusia (once again) competing on who can get mirabel the better gift for her birthday
- camilo trying to help mirabel impress all the townspeople
-bruno trying to get on the good side of the town's people and learns he doesn't need there approval
- how felix and pepa met
- Antonio and bruno trying to put on a show with rats for the family or a festival but they can't agree on the plot
- Bruno predicting something like one of his nieces/nephews dying, trying everything to prevent it only to realize it was a play they where gonna put on
- Dolores starting a business where she sells gossip she hears until it gets so out of hand that most people in the village hate eachother and she has to get help from her family to fix it
- camilo still being scared of bruno and bruno trying to make him less scared of him but everything he does makes camilo even more scared
- the kids are are home alone for some reason and they spend the whole time sitting in a circle telling scary stories
- felix insisting that there should be a "boys trip" and dragging all the boys in the house out for a disaster
These are just some of the ideas I came up with I might do more later
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Dolores: Can we do anything without it all descending to chaos?
Camilo, heavily burned and half-naked: I don't know, I think this Game Night was more chill than the last.
Isabela, taped upside down to a tree: Me too.
Luisa, wearing clown makeup: Guys, I think Mirabel should go to a hospital. She's complaining about "internal bleeding" or something.
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encantotime · 7 days ago
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melmalone · a month ago
madrigal family headers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↠ companion to the icons i made yesterday (which you can find here, here, and here). i really love this magical family!
↠ please like + reblog if you use! 💙
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camilomyshiningstar · 21 days ago
hihi !! i have a request :] camilo with an s/o who loves taking naps ? and often sneaks into his room to sleep while he's busy doing chores just because it's so comforting !!
☀ - .〚 bed for two 〛 . - ☀
➸ Camilo Madrigal, fluffy, flustered reader, teasing camilo, cuddling, the two of them are idiots in love, already established relationship
a/n: this request was so cute ^_^ I adored it! Thank you so much! Sorry if this is a lil bit short
Tumblr media
“You are here again, huh?”
You suddenly freeze, your cheeks immediately heating up at the knowing fact that you had been caught in the middle of your oh so terrible crime! but before you can do anything or even think of believable excuses the mattress dips and a pair of arms wrap around your waist gently
The touch leaves you breathless and lightheaded. It doesn't matter how many times it happens, Camilo Madrigal has the gift to make every touch special, the faintest of touches never fails to make your stomach explode into a hurricane of butterflies
“You see” you stumble with your words, feeling Camilo’s hot breath right on your neck, dios mio “I thought you were here, yeah! I was uhm, looking for you, and and uh”
A soft laugh shuts you up immediately and you feel the blush travel from your neck up to your face “So you're telling me that since you didn't find me downstairs you decided to check my bedroom?”
A small “mhm” leaves your lips and Camilo laughs softly and shakes his head in amusement, his curls caress the back of your neck “Alright mi vida, that still doesn't explain why are you laying down on my bed”
Welp, shit
You turn around to face him and you can't help but just adore the sight in front of you, the way Camilo’s curls frame around his face, the way his freckles are scattered across his nose and cheeks like little brown stars
You are whipped, absolutely whipped
“I mean, i got distracted” you explain as if it was obvious and Camilo laughs again, rolling his eyes fondly at you “Your bed looked quite lonely you know?”
He gasps playfully “I was also lonely, doing all those chores completely and utterly alone”
You giggle at his fake-hurt expression and Camilo smiles softly at the sound of your laugh before kissing the tip of your nose, making your face go pink
“Hey!” you squeak out but before you can continue Camilo starts placing kisses all over your face, cheeks, nose, forehead, lips, chin
Tumblr media
Camilo doesn't stop until your face is completely red
"Cat got your tongue?" he teases
you hit him with his pillow in response
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bruno-madrigals-wife · 7 days ago
Mirabel: I’m not so sure you’re stakeout material. Camilo: I’m a chronic insomniac, I was born for this.
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vicki-toria-kristal · 12 days ago
Bruno: A pet rock is a fun pet until you realize that it’s essentially immortal and you’ve cursed it to an eternity of watching its loved ones die
Everyone else: Bruno it’s 3am please stop-
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spark-scribbles · 6 days ago
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i can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling
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kinghazycrazies · a month ago
This will never NOT be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen
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queercodedredcoat · 4 days ago
Camilo Madrigal Relationship Headcanons
Tumblr media
- Okay, listen
- I'm not the first to say it but we all know that this boy would be all about physical touch
- Rough Day? No worries, he's 100% down for cuddling on the couch and listening
- Quitely reading? He'll sit nearby and make idle conversation while he plays with your hair
-Walking Alone? I would hope not, what if your hand gets lonely? He'll come with you, just in case!
- He's 100% got your back no matter what
- It was cute at first
- But sometimes he gets a little too into it and acts like a yes man
- Like, you could just be rambling on and he's just, agreeing with everything, because it upset you and he genuinely wants you to feel heard, especially after everything that happened in his family when people felt overlooked.
- And if you confronted him on this I feel like he would be upfront about that
- That kind of understanding but still expressing a different opinion is something that you would have to work hard on
- going back to lighthearted hcs
- The man knows how to make a entrance
- I mean, he's making first impressions all the time as different people
- So, yeah, he can be a bit eccentric
- Truly theater kid energy
- Speaking of theater kid energy, think of the performances
- bc we all know he would put his heart and soul into them
- it's a win-win in his books, he gets to act, which is something that he loves, but he also gets to see you smile
- Did I mention this mf would love your smile
- He loves the way people smile and laugh
- As a performer it's some of the best validation that he can get
- but seeing you smile? Not at one of his acts, or anything of the sort, just him
- That means more than you will ever know
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geraltshumblebard · 7 days ago
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we don't talk about bruno-no-no-no
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djkrel · 4 days ago
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CAMILO MADRIGAL in Encanto (2021)
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Antonio: Hello!
Camilo: It's me!
Mirabel and Dolores: Is it me you're looking for?
Luisa: Darkness my old friend.
Isabela: My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.
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encantotime · a month ago
Tumblr media
well well well….look who’s making more meme charts
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hamiltonforpowerpoint · a month ago
The Encanto fandom when Pepa says my wedding and describes Bruno as having a mischievous grin: “Omg Pepa is so selfish and a bad sister 👿😡🤬”
The Encanto fandom when Camilo describe Bruno as a literally freak who feast on scream: “haha funny theater boi 🤪😁😂”
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