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worthy of you
Tumblr media
book of life inspired series: wait for you, fight for you
you and camilo have a little moment before your other suitor barges in and ruins the moment.
masterlist !!
The next few days were a blur to both you and Camilo. The town’s lively chatter of your return hadn’t ceased for the whole week. Everyone was still excited from your return as well as the mysterious handsome boy that you’ve brought along with you.
The girls and boys your age were all filled with envy when Camilo had often asked you out to explore Encanto with him all over again. Though he could also detect a sense of longing in their eyes which made him groan in frustration. Really? He had the whole town as his rival apart from the Del Pilar guy?
He tried not to sigh deeply as he pursed his lips, unable to think about anything but you. Not even seconds could help him take off the heaviness that threatened to weigh him down.
“Camilo? Estás bien?” Your voice suddenly jolted him out of his thoughts and he struggled to find the words. What was he doing again? Oh right. He had invited you for a picnic of sorts and here you were perched on the fountain of the town square.
“Estoy bien, bonita.” Came his flustered response upon seeing you tilt you head to the side, doe eyes gazing right up at him. Miercoles, he thought to himself, how are you this adorable? He found himself staring as he ate one of his tia’s arepas.
“Oh right, I forgot!” Camilo watched as you rummaged through your mochila that Mirabel had gifted you. Strangely enough, it had the colors of his ruana as well as a little emroidered chameleon on its’ side. You then pull out a familiar stuffed toy and he swore his heart soared. Like he had done with the ruana you gave him, you had kept the stuffed chameleon he had given you all those years ago.
“Amarillo has certainly seen better days.” You smile up at him sheepishly. The stuffed toy had clashing colored threads, probably from the amount of times you’ve repaired him in the span of eight years. “But I love him nonetheless.”
Oh how he wished he was Amarillo instead as you hugged the precious stuffed chameleon close, smiling so fondly at the toy he and his mother had painstakingly worked on during your last days in Encanto.
It took him years. Years to finally convince himself that he didn’t like you in a way that his family insisted that he did. You were just (Name) his childhood friend. (Name) who was just someone he missed someone. (Name) who he waited patiently for 8 years, never looking at anyone else.
And then you were (Name). You were his (Name). And he knew deep down that he loved you. That he did like you in a way his familia insisted he did. He loved you.
What they said was true. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder.
His eyes softened as he gazed at you, noticing how the setting sun’s rays caressed your face. He chanced upon the moment the orange glow from the sun crowned you with a halo. And you took both his breath and his heart with you without even doing anything.
You caught his gaze, face instantly warming up at how he looked at you with eyes that held nothing but love, warmth, and yearning. For a moment you were frozen as he gently reached out to cup your cheek in his warm palm before you smile, leaning against it whilst you looked at him with just as much love.
“Camilo?” You breathed out, voice barely a whisper.
He smiled fondly, eyes flickering briefly to your lips, letting himself steal just a few more seconds of holding you like this before he gently pinched your nose and laughed. He tried to play it cool, play it suave like he always had but as he pulled his hand away, he gently clenched it by his side, trying to remember the way your skin felt against his palm even as he had just touched it a few seconds ago.
He raised the same hand to his lips, acting as if he was just covering his mouth as he laughed at you but grazed his lips against his palm where he had touched your cheek, his freckled cheeks bursting into a heated fluster.
Camilo averted his gaze.
“Ay, bonita, you don’t know what you do to me.”
He knew he had an opportunity there and then to confess to you. To ask you to be his and his only forever. And he would’ve until he heard your name being called out by a familiar voice, one that he despised oh so dearly.
Andres Del Pilar strided towards the both of you, an unreadable expression on his handsome features.
“(Name), mi princesa, your papá has asked me to escort you home.” He stood tall, waiting for you who had looked at Camilo with a bashful smile, the warmth on your face never leaving.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Camilo?” You offer as you gently pat your dress to remove any crease and nonexistent dirt.
“Si, tomorrow, mi reina.” He stammered, clambering onto his feet. Camilo could see how your offer had made Andres’ eyes narrow and he clicked his tongue in distaste. Even more so when he had swiftly added his petname for you.
You think he’s gonna let Andres call you princess? Well, you’re his queen. It was insignificant, maybe even petty but he had liked seeing the ticked off face of that pompous jerk.
Sensing the tenseness between both boys, particularly Andres’ sharp look at Camilo, you frown. You weren’t particularly aware of what the two boys were feuding about, blissfully unaware of the pair’s vying for your heart.
As you walked away after giving him one last smile, Andres had stayed in place, letting you go ahead a little ways away before he turned to the shapeshifter with a smile. It wasn’t a friendly one. It was strained, never quite meeting his eyes.
“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” His tone was steady and unnervingly calm. “Qué Gueva,” He laughed, throwing his head back with a cackle.
“You really think you stand a chance? You really think she wants a nobody that can just shapeshift?” Andres stood tall as he approached Camilo who rather than back down, stood tall as well with his head up high. “You’re nothing without your powers, Madrigal. Let’s face it. Without your stupid miracle, nobody, I mean nobody, would give you the time of day.”
“She doesn’t want you. She’d never want you.” He hissed under his breath, his calm and formal facade breaking for a moment. “You and your family are all just a bunch of freaks—“
Andres finds himself lifted by the collar of his shirt, fistfuls of the fabric of his clothing bunched into Camilo’s hands. He wanted to swing. He wanted to knock Andres to the ground.
“Watch yourself, bastardo.” His hands shook as he held a wide-eyed Andres who grasped onto Camilo’s wrist. “I can take any insult but if you dare say a word about mi familia..” He trails off, letting his threat hang.
Andres choked at the tightness of his hold, his eyes narrowing before he roughly pushed the boy away. He wanted to say something but his bruised ego had made him scoff, straightening out his shirt as he quickly fled, muttering something under his breath.
He didn’t know how long he had stood there, eyes still locked onto the direction that you had walked off in. Camilo pursed his lips, shoving his hands in his pockets with a frustrated sigh.
Camilo knew better than to let words affect him but Andres’ words rang in his mind.
“What if he’s right?” He asked outloud to himself in the now desolate streets. “I can’t offer her anything like Andres can. I’m.. I’m nothing without my miracle..” His voice trembled as he furrowed his brows, his insecurities coming to fruition as he grit his teeth. Just who was Camilo Madrigal without the miracle? And could that Camilo compete with someone like Andres?
He could feel his heart hammering against his chest and his eyes watered as he took in deep but painful breaths. His vision was blurred with tears as he leaned against the fountain that the both of you had sat on.
A heavy weight upon his shoulders. A heavy thought played in his mind. A heavy question was left unanswered as he looked to the starry sky.
Was he worthy of you?
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beat his ass boy beat his ass boy 🥊🤜🤛👊 kidding.. maybe.. tangina mo andres gago ka pota
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⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Camilo's s/o having powers like Pepa ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader who can control the weather
✎ ⁞ requested by @nelefibata
✎ ⁞ date: 27.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were already dating Camilo for two years. You both were very close, because you were the same age and basically knew each other your whole life.
At this point, you've officially met his family, both as a Camilo's friend and girlfriend. Fortunately for you, they immediately accepted you as on of their own.
The same had happened with your family. Your parents knew that Camilo was one for you and already gave him their blessings.
So, you could tell that you both were living your dream life, where your love grew stronger everyday.
Although all Madrigal's were really happy to have you, Pepa still outshined them with her vivid rainbows and bright sun, that suddenly appeared whenever her wide eyes had found you. It could be even just a glance but that was enough for her to grow all happy.
Because in her eyes, you were already like her daughter. You were just so cute and polite, that she had often wondered how her son had managed to get someone like you. But anyway she was happy for you two.
One day, Pepa woke up with fierce determination to hand out with her future daughter. After she had a beautiful dream about your and Camilo's wedding, she was sure it was a sign for her. A sign to start working to make this dream a reality.
This day the sun shined especially brightly and no cloud could be seen in the sky. It meant that Pepa was in a truly happy mood. A rare sight to see.
Madrigal's, although very happy, were also very curious. During breakfast, everyone asked Pepa what got her in such a good mood. When asked, she chirped happily that it was nothing, and continue to eat. Everyone deadpanned, seeing a rainbow appearing above her head but decided not to investigate further.
But her eldest son, Camilo, eyed his mother auspiciously. He knew his mother was planning something and his gut was telling him that it involved him. Don't get me wrong, he loved his mother to death, but he knew that he and his mother shared this... sneakiness. And he got a bad feeling about what she was planning.
And unknowingly to him, his gut was right.
After breakfast, without another word, Pepa rushed out of the Casita, on a mission to find you. It didn't take her too long to find you, because you were just peacefully minding your business and being in the middle of the walk.
When her eyes found you, a rainbow appeared over her head and she practically sprinted to you, smiling widely.
You just blinked and Pepa suddenly appeared before you, making you flinch a little, because you had no idea where did she came from.
❝ Hello, mi hija! Let's spend some time together! ❞ Pepa exclaimed, before dragging you to her favorite spot, which was a small meadow before crops. You, still confused, only watched the hyper happy women before with confusion clearly written on you face.
You were used to Pepa calling you her daughter and after a few first times, where your face turned into a bright red tomato, you just started to accept it. Camilo also didn't mind that. In fact he often teased you about already being a Madrigal.
But anyway! You and Pepa found yourself sitting in that meadow, talking about anything and everything. It was fun and you had to admit, that you were enjoying yourself.
And just when everything was going smoothly...the shit went down.
Some children were playing nearby and throwing mud at themselves. *sigh* One of those children, already fully covered in mud, took a big scoop of it, and threw it with all his might before him. Unfortunately for him, some mud got in his eye, and he couldn't see where he was aiming. *Another sigh* And, my dear readers, guess who the mud had hit?
❝ Ack-! ❞ Pepa gasped, feeling something cold hit her back. Both yours and her eyes widened, as you both tried to comprehend what had just happened.
You covered your mouth, seeing Pepa slowly turn around, revealing mud sliding down her beautiful orange dress.
Pepa felt anger bubbling inside her, as the very familiar cloud appeared over her head. The cloud turned dark and rain started pour down on her. Her dress...your meeting...was destroyed...
❝ Pepa, are you alright-? Ack-! ❞
A small lightning accidentally struck you, sending a electrical shock through your body. But unlike you had expected, it didn't hurt. In fact, you felt something new unlock inside of you.
Pepa gasped loudly, horrified. She just struck her daughter! She will leave her, and then break up with her son and there won't be any wedding or grandkids or-
❝ Mami, breath! ❞ Pepa heard your soothing voice, and felt your smaller hands softly grasping her own. ❝ Breath in, breath out. ❞
A small hurricane that started to appear around her, disappeared as she followed your instructions, taking deep breaths. After a few more minutes of calming down, a cloud above her head also disappeared and the sunny weather came back.
With one last breath, Pepa opened her eyes and looked down at you. Your hair was standing up because of the statics and you eyes were full of worry for her.
❝ Oh my...! I'm so sorry, mi hija! I didn't mean to hurt you! Are you alright? Do we need to go to mi Hermana? ❞ Pepa gasped softly, putting her hands on your shoulders and looking up and down at you, checking if you're hurt anywhere.
❝ No, no. I'm alright! Thank you... ❞ You assured her softly, feeling more than alright.
Pepa sighed in relief but then a rainbow appeared over her head again, as she recalled what you had said earlier.
❝ You called me mami! ❞
And for the rest of the day, the same rainbow reminded above her head.
But that wasn't the end. O no, no.
The trouble started later that day, when you were with Camilo on a date. You went outside Casita to stargaze and you both had a good time. Your date went perfectly well...until you had accidentally hit your toe on a rock.
❝ Ack-! ❞ You gasped painfully, holding your leg and hissing in pain. Camilo send you a worried look and dived to help you.
But then, he had noticed a shadow looming over both of you and slowly looked up...only to discover a very familiar cloud above you. Camilo gasped dramatically, and pointed at it, making you look up and also gasped.
❝ Are you kidding me? ❞ You deadpanned, already knowing what was wrong with you.
❝ Can I call you a sunshine now? ❞ Camilo teased, quickly coming to terms with the fact that now you were sharing gift with his mom.
You deadpanned again, and struck him with your own lightning.
The same night, his family found out about your "gift" and now, you could officially say that you're a Madrigal now! No 'if's and 'but's. You're a (name) Madrigal!
Alma, suprisingly, was happy to find out that her daughter gift was lend to you. She had already accepted you in her family and now you could help around the town, by controlling the weather.
Pepa, although shocked to the core, was more than happy to share something with you. Of course, she grew worried when she had found out about the whole ordeal, and asked you a numerous of times if you were alright. She also apologized for causing it but you said that it didn't matter and you were more than okay.
Camilo, love of your life, fell even deeper in love with you. He had always admired his mother and her gift, so now he felt happy that it was 'passed' down to you.
The rest of the family was also happy buut...they knew that they had to be prepared for more wether changes.
After that day, Pepa and you became even closer. She helped you by teaching you about her gift and how to avoid certain... situations.
You both took turns when controlling the weather. When Pepa was feeling down, you took her to her room, where she could let it all out and you cleared the cloudy sky she left behind, bringing back the sunshine and clear skies. It worked both ways.
Since you weren't as emotional as Pepa, you had more control over your gift. But don't get me wrong, when you felt something, you were force to be feared.
Once, something had angered you so much, that even Pepa's door couldn't fully conceal your anger. That day the raging strom in Encanto was so violent that no one dared to step the foot outside their house.
❝ Maybe you should go and try to calm her down? ❞ Nervously aske Mirabel, while sitting with the whole family and eating dinner in their Casita. Everyone were feeling nervous, because lightnings were hitting the ground every few minutes, making everyone flinch at the loud crack. Poor Dolores had to wear ear plugs and ear mufflers not to go deaf.
❝ And die? No thank you. ❞ Answered Camilo, while taking a bite out of his food.
Pepa was strangely calm about this whole situation, but inside she felt extremely worried for you. She didn't know what had made you so angry but you needed to calm down, at least a little. Because at this rate, everyone in Encanto wouldn't be able to sleep.
Without another word, Pepa stood up and went to her son. Taking him by his ear, Pepa began to drag him towards her room, ignoring his protests.
Before Camilo could say another word, he was shoved inside his mom's room and the door shut behind him.
Camilo gulped while seeing the violent storm raging inside. He loved you to the moon and back and even tried to comfort you this morning. But when he saw your scary glare, he chose his life.
That day he discovered the difference between his mother and you. While Pepa was emotional woman and found a ways to let her emotions out regularly, you bottled it all inside until you bursted. And when you did, everyone should ran for their life's. Especially now that you shared your gift with his mother.
❝ Camilo? ❞ The said boy heard you, and saw you looking at him. The storm around lessen a little, and lightnings weren't as violent as before.
Taking a deep breath, Camilo send you a soft smile.
❝ Hello sunshine...what made you so upset?❞
Your expression softened and you feel your anger slowly disappearing, before being replaced by sadness. A stormy clouds were replaced by lighter ones, from which a soft rain started to fall down, just when a tear run down you cheek.
This time Camilo didn't hesitated to run to you and pull you into a comforting hug, letting you cry it all out in his shoulder. He wasn't bothered by the rain. All he cared about was you.
❝ Let it all out, mi vida. Breath in, breath out..❞
Meanwhile the whole Encanto sighed in relief, seeing the skies clearing up and the usual sum appearing from behind the clouds again. Madrigal's too, calmed down and Dolores could finally unlock her sensitive ears.
Pepa smiled softly, while looking outside. She knew what she was doing, because the only person who had always managed to calm her down, was no one other than her beloved husband, Felix. And in your case, it was Camilo.
❝ Ah, the wedding will be beautiful... ❞ Sighed dreamily Pepa, now being more than sure that her dream would someday become a reality.
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Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal - Casitas crumble
plot: Reader(she/her) is wife of Bruno Madrigal but when Casitas is crumbling and reader can’t seem to escape the pain, she finally reveals her truth
The Madrigals weren’t sure where you were from, but you had turned up on the lawn of Casita the first day it was built. You were around the same age as Abuelas children, Bruno, Julieta and Pepa.
You’d grown up together and although you weren’t blood they still considered you a Madrigal, Abuela didn’t have as much time for you as the others and their powers but you didn’t mind.
When at listening age Abuela had told you that the four of you weren’t family, and it didn’t change anything but it had upset you for weeks. You’d been calling the three children your age your sisters and brother and now they were what friends?
As time passed and you got older things kind of shifted, Pepa was seeing this guy named Felix, Julieta had a crush while Bruno well, he quite liked you.
It took him a couple years to actually man up and say anything, and he only did it because he had had a vision of you that morning, you’d say yes to date. And Bruno didn’t let that happen.
What he didn’t know was in the vision, it was actually him. After a couple years of dating, Bruno got down on one knee and asked you to marry him.
It was the best day of your life.
But then the day of Mirabels ceremony, Abuela had asked you to fetch your husband from his room since she said that’s where he last was. People would be arriving soon.
You knew something was wrong when you approached and his door was not the bright gold that it normally was. Frantically you opened his door and covered your mouth with your hands before yelling “Bruno!”
Just like that, he was gone. No note, no goodbye. Nothing.
Nothing had ever hurt more.
The years came and went, technically you’d been with your husband for fourteen years. Ten years of the marriage spent alone. Your heart ached every night yearning for the one you lost.
Sometimes all you wanted to do was express the loneliness and betrayel you felt but the minute you brought up Bruno everyone would shut you down.
We don’t talk about Bruno. They’d say. But you wanted to yell for Bruno scream for him. You just wanted your love back.
You were growing old now. Your bones cracking and your skin wrinkling, they were meant to be doing this together. Not alone.
Ever since Mirabel had rushed into Antonio’s room yelling about the house being in danger that’s when you felt it, it felt like heartburn at first until it sizzled into hot searing pain.
You did your best to ignore the first few times but the pain grew stronger and wider like we body was cracking away like Casita around her. You knew why this was happening, but you couldn’t make a scene.
Madrigals already thought their lives were hectic and crazy enough they definitely didn’t need to hear your story right now.
You were cleaning up the last decorations on the dinner table. Dinner had been a disaster and left everyone on edge before glancing up at the family tree. You sighed before stepping towards it, your fingers dancing along the wood until it landed on Bruno.
His picture didn’t do him justice of his good looks. God, you missed him. “Mi amor, where are you” You whisper, before someone clearing their throat caught you off guard.
You jumped, twirling around to see Mirabel “Mira! How’re you doing?”
She waves you off before trying to act subtle as she leaned on the table before she sighed, dropping her hands to reach into her bag “I need to know what this vision means. You were closest to Bruno maybe-” She speaks determined with her chest out.
There on the table set an all too familiar object, the sight of it made you feel dizzy, you’d reached back and leaned on the chair. Mirabel rushed forward to stop you from tumbling.
“Mira” You cut her off, holding up your hand “The only one that can help you with that is Bruno, and he’s gone” You keep your eyes stern trying not to let them well up with tears “And please make sure that you save Casita”
She nods her head understanding, but she seems confused as to why you suddenly seemed to point as Casita before turning back to cleaning up the table but she grabs your shoulder softly “Tía Y/n?”
You glance at her questionably “Hm?”
She points at the floor, your eyes follow and there run three rats, Mirabel looks at you as if the both of you are seeing things before you both chase after them.
They guide you to the main room with all the glowing doors, before they crawl up the wall and slide behind a painting. “What the hell” You mutter before reaching for the painting.
“Y/n!” Abuela snaps causing the two of you to jump and swivel your attention onto the grey haired women “Camilo needs some help downstairs” She informs the two of you before walking away.
You glance back at the painting for squatting down to Mirabel “Keep following them, report back to me and stay safe” You plant a kiss on her forehead before heading downstairs.
Pepa was freaking out once you had reached downstairs, a storm cloud above her head as Camilo stood beside her guiding her towards the study. He looked at you with a look of misery on his face.
“Help me.” He mouthed and you sighed, glancing back up at the painting, Mirabel was gone now. You just hoped she stayed safe.
Camilo had sat his mother down on a chair as she mumbled words, Bruno, Mirabel and Cassita were the only words you could make out.
“Cami?” You mutter to him and he gazed up at you “Get your mother something to drink, cariño?” He nods eagerly.
“Idiota, I haven’t even tried to ask how you’re taking all of this” Pepa speaks up, her rain cloud halts and just becomes a darken cloud above her head.
You shrug, playing with the ring on your left hand, it still shines like the first day you got it. You took care of it, feeling like it was the last bit of him you had left.
“Well you know the whole we don’t talk about Bruno” You shake your head as Pepa sighs, guilt rising in the gingers chest.
“I am sorry, Y/n. You’re my hermana and i’ve been an awful one to you” Her cloud darkens “Ay, Bruno would be sicking his rats on us if he knew how’d we had treated you”
You chuckle shaking your head, “I don’t think he’d hurt any of you. Pepa, we may not be bound by blood but I love you so much and our different families don’t change that ” Pepa smiles at this, a rainbow replacing the cloud that was once there.
Camilo enters with a steaming drink but pouts when he sees his mother out of her mood “Mami? Are you okay”
Pepa smiles brightly, “I’m not worried about losing now” She exclaims standing from her chair “We have family around us, nothing will beat us” She storms out of the room as she cheers in excitement.
“I’m going to go look for Mirabel” Camilo shrugs, placing the untouched drink onto the table “Thanks for the help, Tía”
You kiss the boys temple before letting him run along to find his cousin. You decided since you knew where she was and you hoped she had it made it out alright.
Mirabel had her back to you as you approached from down the stairs “Mirabel?” You whispered and she yelped, turning around and broadening her shoulders up.
“Tía!” She exclaimed nervously with a large smile on her face “What’re you doing here?”
“I wanted to ask if you had any luck finding anything” She shakes her head quickly, “Mirabel Madrigal!” You snap and her shoulders drop. “Please stop acting weird and tell what the hell is going on”
“To fix the house. I have to make up with Isabela” She frowns and you let out a sigh.
“That’s all?”
“THATS ALL! It’s Isabela, Tía! She hates me” You scoff as you flick her nose lightly.
“She doesn’t hate you, mi amor” You wink at her “She’s jealous of you. You understand the pressure their under. Where we lack they gain a lot” Mirabel sighs knowing your right.
Mirabel glanced nervously at her “Tía?” You hum in response as you look at her expectantly “Why have you been so worried about Casita breaking, we don’t have powers”
You open your mouth to answer but the words get caught in your throat. What you were about to say no one knew, not Abuela bell not even Bruno knew this about his own wife.
“I am Casita” You says softly and Mirabel looks at you like your insane “I’m not obviously like the Casita but their what’s keeps me… alive? I guess” You shrug “I don’t really know myself but I can feel myself growing weaker with each crack and i’m worried what’ll happen if it crumbles”
Mirabel takes a couple moments to register the information before she looked behind her, once surveying whatever she did, she stepped forward throwing her arms around you
“I’m going to do everything in my power to make you and Casita safe” Her words are muffled from how tight she is agaisnt your chest.
“Si, Mira, you always make me proud” She smiled gratefully at her before Mirabel rushed off towards Isabelas room. You watched her enter before looking forward and you freeze.
The dark area where Bruno’s door was was not lit from the gold tracing on the door. It hadn’t shined like that in ten years. Your eyes glanced at the painting from earlier.
If Mirabel wouldn’t tell you what happened back there then you’d figure it out yourself. Looking to your left and right before moving the painting and climbing into the hole behind it.
The painting swings shut behind you and then you weren’t sure what to do. Small places weren’t your favourite and you almost found yourself diving back out the way you came but you took a deep breath.
You shimmied through the walls, gasping at any insect that was near you before you reached a hole in the ground, although there was small fog you could easily see the floor.
Hopping down and then climbing up again, as you continue to walk you notice the cracks and it’s like your seeing the inner workings of your body. Just looking at the cracks made your stomach churn.
As you travelled further into the walls, you heard a small muttering voice.
“No, no, no. Mirabel will save Casita and she’ll be fine. You have nothing to worry about” The voice repeated, your footsteps became lighter as you grew closer before you peaked your eye around the corner.
They had their back to you as they chatted away to something on their palm. You tried to lean closer to get a better look but hit a bucket near your foot, you quickly zip your head around the corner as the bucket clangs to the ground.
“Whose there, I-I have a lot of friends that you don’t wanna mess with” The voice calls out and you swear your hearing things, you have to be.
You poke a small bit of your face out, enough to be able to see around and your eyes widen at the sight. He now stood facing you and there he was.
The man that had been gone for ten years, in your walls. In a flurry of anger you stepped out and picked up the bucket “You selfish pig!” You scream, throwing the bucket at him.
He yells out as he jumps to the floor, the bucket flings into the wall before slamming into the ground. You stand with your fists clenched at your sides and angry hot tears spill down your cheeks.
“Mi am-“
“Don’t!” You snap, he frowns at this “You’ve been right here this whole time?” You ask, your voice softer and he hesitates, trying to think of something else to say anything was better than the truth but he couldn’t lie not to you. Even after all these years.
He nods, you shake your head. Glancing around the room, you’d never thought you’d been in the same room as him again. You definitely didn’t think he’d last this long.
“Why’d you keep that from me” He asks but your unsure what he means, at least something hasn’t chnaged. Bruno and his vaguenesses. You raise an eyebrow at him “Your life essence is connected to Casita?”
You sigh, “It didn’t seem like a big deal since it’s not like back then Casita was randomly going to break away” You explain, slowly coming to terms with your husband in front of you.
“But you should’ve-“
“Don’t tell me what I should’ve done!” You snap, so mad at the man before you “Because if we start stating things that the other should’ve done then you’re gonna have to take a seat”
He frowns at this, his entire body slouches before he speaks “Mi amor, how do I get you to forgive me?”
You shake your head “I don’t know”
You turn away from him to face the wall and that’s when you see it.
There’s a crack in the wall, perfectly in front of the dinner table and you look down to see his very own table with his plate drawn onto it. You frown, running your fingers along the design.
“I heard you earlier…” You hear him coming closer to you slowly “Asking where I was, I wanted to tell you. Everyday I wanted to tell you but I was hurting everyone with my power. I needed to leave”
You scoff “You have no idea how much hurting you caused when you left” You spin around to face him “I thought you’d forgot about me”
He takes a step closer to you, this time you don’t move until he’s right in front of you. The bags under his eyes more prominent this close as he reaches up and cups your cheek with his hand.
You’re quick to melt into his hand, his touch making up for the past ten without it. You felt whole just by him holding you as such.
“Solo puedo pensar en ti” He speaks softer now, slowly pressing closer to his esposa. Could he still call you that?
“You’re telling the truth?” You ask with an astonished look on your face and he always look just as shocked.
“Y/n, I didn’t leave because I didn’t love you. I did it to protect you from me” He explains, his eyes searching your face like he was scared to lose you again and wanted you locked away in his memory.
“I don’t ever want you to protect me from yourself, vida” You speak softly this time, bringing your own hand to cup your cheek.
He feels the cool metal from your ring and his eyes widen, grabbing your wrist and lifting your hand in front of him. There it was.
The ring that had wed the both of you, he had a matching gold band aderning his own finger but he expected you to move on.
“The ring! You kept it on!” He stated eagerly, a smile on his face.
You stifle a laugh as your hand falls from his grip and into his palm “I never stopped loving you, esposo”
He smiles brightly before surging forwards and capturing your lips with his.
He didn’t feel the same as you remember but somehow it was even better and the taste of him, oh my god. You could devour him.
After a few moments, you pulled away from each other “Please, stay” You beg softly, you can’t bring yourself to open your eyes incase he says no.
He pushes some hair behind your ear, “Never again. I’m just scared to see, madre” You open your mouth to retort but a sharp pain in your chest caused you to gasp before you crumble to the ground.
“Y/n!” Bruno captured you in his arms before you touch the ground, the floor beneath the two of you shakes and his nerves are through the roof “Hey, hey” He repeats as your eyes open slightly.
“Whats happening?” You ask weakly, in a matter of seconds your skin had turned sickly pale and he felt you trembling “I can’t see anything, Vida” You whisper softly, he gazed at you in worry.
Your eyes stayed staring at the ceiling, your e/c eyes now turned a dull gray and he feels the pressure on his heart grow and grow as he stood up from the floor.
You had an arm wrapped around his shoulder as he helped you up by your waist “I’ll make sure you’re safe, Mi Esposa” He muttered softly, making sure not to worry you too much.
He picks up the bucket that you had tossed at him earlier, placing it over his head before lifting your legs up with his other arm. Now holding you bridal style, he glances down since you were the only thing he could see due to the bucket.
Your chest lit up with golden light before fading, this continued a few times until he realises that he was running out of time. You were dying. Casita was dying.
He charged at the wall, making sure that his head took the full force. The dry wall breaks easily sending the both of you sprawling onto the ground. He keeps a tight grip on your unconscious body as his back hits the ground and you land on top.
After a second to catch his breath, he pulls you off him and lays you in the grass, head in his lap. You weren’t awake.
“Wake up” He repeated numerous times as tears began to form in his eyes. “Please wake up, we’ll do everything that you wanna do. That stupid carnival you always wanted to go to down in the markets. I’m sorry I never went, mi amor” He didn’t know why he was apologising for such a small thing but he wanted everything cleared up. Before he lost you.
At the last bit of Casita fell, he glanced right back down at you. He hadn’t noticed it at first, the way you body began to feel lighter. He first noticed your hands as they slowly faded away.
He jolted for them but when he tried to grasp your hand, he was met with thin air “No” He repeats each time he reaches out to you but to no avail you began to fade faster and faster until finally he sat alone.
The ghost of your body in his lap before he glanced up, Mirabel had run off but Bruno couldn’t even bring himself to stand. He kept blinking and waiting for you to reappear and hold him again.
But you never did.
— — —
Bruno smiled brightly at the house that stood before his family and him. The whole Madrigal family had welcomed Bruno back into their lives, apologising for everything. This family felt hope again.
But when it came to you well, it hit everyone pretty hard. Camilo hadn’t even tried to hide his sorrow as his threw himself into his mother and sobbed. Mirabel cried as-well, as did her sisters and Dolores. It seemed like everyone cried that day.
It hurt to see them all mourning you, he didn’t feel like he had a right. He’d left you for ten years, would you cry over his death?
“Mirabel?” Abuela spoke up as Mirabel stared down at the door knob in her hand, the girl that adorned glasses looked up before nodding and letting out a breath.
She slowly walked towards the front door, slotting in the door knob before twisting, and boom! A wave of magic flys over the house, sending the door gold like the ones inside and the house various bright colours.
“Oh my god! It’s us!” Antonio calls out as he points at the door and instead there stands the sketch of the entire Madrigal family. “Tía Y/n is there aswell!”
Bruno’s eyes widen at this, leaning forward slightly to see that instead she was, standing beside him smiling forwards. Even as a sketch she was beautiful.
Just as Mirabel went to open the door, someone inside beat her to it and the face left the family speechless.
“What? Did you seriously think that’s all it took to get rid of me?” You ask with a smile on your face as Mirabel throws herself at you.
Before the rest of the family can react, Casita brings them inside as laughter bounces of the walls. Numerous town folk enter the building enjoying the testifies.
It’s almost like your drawn to each other and Bruno and you meet each other in the middle of the crowd as he holds your face in his hands “I thought I lost you forever”
“As did I” You say softly, brushing some of his hair behind his ear “But neither of us are going anywhere. At least not apart” He hums adoringly before pressing forward and kissing you.
His scruffy beard scratched your face although it wasn’t the best feeling you could definitely see yourself coming around to it. Then again you could get down with anything that had your husband involved.
“Tía! Tío! Come dance” Camilo yells out as he chachás with a large smile on his face, you lace your fingers through Bruno’s as you drag him over but he resistant and shaking his head.
“I don’t dance” He says quickly trying to pull away from you but you have an iron grip on his worst.
“Si but you might’ve never seen me again. You still got to take me to the festival” He gives up, letting you drag him along.
“You heard that?” He asked, taking your hands within his before you both began to dance along to the music. A feeling of love and family enveloped the room as you shook your head.
“Nope, Dolores told me” You kissed his cheek before he twirled you, bringing you back flush against his chest.
A blush formed on your cheeks, it seemed like ten years without him turned you back into a school girl with a crush. But you claimed that you were a winner then.
Whose married to their crush for fourteen years!
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ftmcamilo · 7 days ago
man bun
reader and camilo go to casitas roof to get away from unnecessary chores. reader realizes they have a hair elastic on them, so they put camilos hair in a bun.
camilo madrigal x gender neutral (no pronouns used) reader
no warnings only fluff :)
sometimes, you and camilo needed a break. camilo doing his chores, you following around him as if you were forced to be his helper—it got tiring. though you couldnt do everything camilo could, you still helped him with everything he did, which wore you both out. which is why you both decided to hide up on casitas roof, in a place no one will try to look for either of you if they need you.
camilos head laid in your lap while you leaned against one of the houses outter walls behind you. it was peaceful up here—just you and him, away from the noise of the village, away from the people calling your names every few minutes, away from everyone else. you ran your hand through his hair, admiring each curl that looped around your fingers at the gentle pulls.
you two had been up here a few times, after learning that camilos room was the first place people would look for you guys if you disappeared, and were never bothered, or even found by anyone. it was becoming a safe place for the both of you, where you could be yourselves and not deal with your lives.
and casita never snitched on where you two were to anyone, which made it even better. the only time the house ever bothered the two of you up here was when it was important.
you couldnt stop listening to camilos shallow breaths below you. he sounded so calm like this—his eyes were closed, muscles completely relaxed. at some point he had reached for your free hand, his thumb rubbed the back of your hand so gently you could barely feel it.
you looked from your conjoined hands back to his hair, and noticed the hair elastic you'd completely forgotten was on your wrist. an idea came to mind..
squeezing camilos hand lightly, you let go and ran both of your hands into his hair. he let out a content sigh, you smiled.
you started shaping his hair rather than just playing with it, pulling it back and combing your fingers through it to get as much hair into a bunch as possible.
"what're you doin'?" he asked quietly, opening one eye and tilting his head to look at you.
"man bun." you stated simply.
"excuse me?" he said, sounding almost offended.
you chuckled, "i'm putting your hair in a bun."
he relaxed his head again and let you continue. you held his hair in one hand and pulled the elastic over it, wrapping it around once, then twice, and that was all his curls needed to be tight enough to stay.
camilo opened his eyes again when he felt your hands leave his hair.
"i look pretty hot, dont i?" he smirked playfully.
"mm.. you look pretty, not sure about the hot part, though.. maybe another time." you smiled at him and watched his face fall into a faux frown. you giggled at him, and his expression was quick to change back to a grin.
"am i pretty enough to kiss?" he puckered his lips at you, fluttering his eyelashes overdramatically.
you leaned down close to him, and looking into his eyes, you murmured, "constantly," before pressing a gentle, loving kiss to his lips. camilo snaked his arms around your neck and held you into the kiss, his head tilting up to deepen it as best he could.
you leaned back, he pouted.
"as much as i love you, and i love kissing you, that position is uncomfortable as hell." you stared down at the pout that was still on his lips, then smooshed his cheeks with your hand. "you're cute when you pout."
camilo scrunched his nose and furrowed his eyebrows, faking annoyance.
"can you just kiss me again? please?"
"maybe.." you dragged the word out, pursing your lips together.
camilo sat up with a huff and turned around to face you. he crawled onto your lap and put his hands on your cheeks. you admired him—the way stray hairs that didnt quite make it into the bun were framing his face, how nice he looked with his hair all pulled back like that.. god, he was so pretty.. he was like eye candy. you didnt want to pull your eyes away from him.
your lips formed a lovesick smile as he pulled you into another kiss. you rested your arms on his shoulders and took the small amount of control in the situation, pressing multiple pecks to his lips, looking into his eyes and smiling between them, muttering quiet compliments about how pretty he was.
"i love you." camilo spoke between a few of your pecks.
you held a longer kiss, then pulled back, "love you too, mi amor."
just as you went to lean back in, casita began dancing around you two. then, tuning back into the world outside of just you both, you heard a call that dinner was ready.
one last kiss, and you were heading down from the roof.. much less voluntarily, as casitas tiles were pushing you both to get going.
he only got a few teasing comments about his hair.
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isascactus · 4 days ago
Hi!!! May I request a oneshot camilo x femreader are like pepa and felix
And reader is slightly taller then camilo and they always hang out always so sweet with each other
Pepa and felix just watch them from afar endearing such sight as they see they’re son so happy with someone he loves.
Im sorry if it’s so long please take care and advance thank you 😊!
requests are currently closed at the moment as i get through the requests i have now!
warnings: minor identity crisis with camilo (i think)
pronouns/gender: fem!reader / she/her
summary: Pepa and Felix sit down and look back at different times in your’s and Camilo’s relationship. They realize just how similar you guys are to them.
They're Like Us
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
Pepa and Felix loved Camilo and you. They absolutely adored your guy's relationship. Even before you were a couple, they knew that you two would end up being together. They sat at a table now, watching you two.
"Do you remember when they first met?" Felix asked.
"Yes, of course. It feels like it was just yesterday." Pepa nodded with a smile.
It was his gift ceremony, during the party. You were both 5 years old.
People were everywhere, lots of people chatting, music playing. You stood with Mirabel, talking, dancing, laughing.
"Mira, what do you think your gift will be?" You asked her, swaying around a little bit to the music.
"I don't know. I'm so excited for mine though!" She told you excitably.
Camilo saw you from where he stood in his room. He had see you around the casita before, he just never came around to say hi. He thought you were so fun and kind looking, and also really pretty. He started walking up to you and Mira, what was a better time than now to introduce himself to you.
"Hi Mira! Hi y/n!"
You turned to face him with childish grin.
"Hi Camilo." You said.
Mirabel waved at him with a smile.
And from there, you guys became best friends almost instantly. You two kept each other in balance.
"They were so precious." Pepa reminisced, a small rainbow appearing above her head.
Felix nodded, agreeing with his wife as he took a sip of his drink.
"Oh, and remember the time he asked her out?" Pepa piped, clapping her hands in excitement.
"Cami was so nervous." Felix laughed.
It was your 13th birthday. The weather was perfect, thanks to Pepa's excitement due to her son’s plan to ask you out. Camilo's family loved you like their own, so much so that they insisted to throw you a birthday party at the casita. Camilo was a mess before your arrival, he had to make sure every single thing was perfect. The flowers had to be your favorite kind of flower, the decor had to be your favorite colors, the music had to be the best. The family happily obliged in making everything perfect. So, Camilo got to relax for a moment, until it was time for the party, which meant it was time to ask you out. He tried to keep himself calm so he wouldn’t start randomly shifting, but it didn’t work for long. About 45 minutes into the party, he started shifting out of nerves.
“Cami, what’s wrong?” You asked him, a concerned look on your face.
He looked at you with wide eyes.
“Uh, no, nothing’s wrong.” Camilo stuttered, fidgeting with his hands.
You tilted your head to the side.
“You’re lying. I know something is wrong, you’re shifting out of nerves.” You told him.
He let out a small sigh, grabbing your hand and leading you to a less crowded part of the casita. 
“Okay so y/n, I love you, more than a friend. I’ve felt this way for a while now.” Camilo admitted to you.
You smiled at him, holding both of his hands.
“I love you too.” You confessed.
Camilo let out a sigh of relief as he pulled you in a for a quick hug.
“That’s what had you all worked up?” You giggled.
Camilo nodded as he swayed you around to the music.
“Well...” He said, spinning you around.
“You’re my best friend, my beautiful best friend. The girl who is always there for me. The girl I love. I don’t think I would have been able to handle rejection from you.” Camilo told you, pulling you back towards him.
“You’re so cheesy.” You laughed, kissing him on the cheek.
A tint of red appeared on his cheeks. “I mean it.” He smiled.
“Aww Cami! You did it!” Pepa came from behind the stairs, a rainbow over her head, a big smile on her face, and her arms held open.
“Mami!” Camilo groaned with embarrassment, covering his face with his hands.
“He did it. That’s my boy!” Felix happily came out from behind the stairs.
“I heard the whole thing from the nursery!” Dolores exclaimed coming down the stairs, holding Antonio.
Camilo groaned louder as Pepa and Dolores came to hug you.
“He was so mad at us for eavesdropping.” Felix smiled.
Pepa thought for a moment.
“You know, they’re like us.” Pepa pointed out.
“Oh yeah?” Felix questioned.
“Yes, remember when he first noticed their height difference? Just like us.”
Felix nodded with a grin. “Oh, how could I forget that.” 
It was a summer afternoon. You and Camilo were hanging out with MIrabel, just chatting as you walked around the town. Until Mira noticed something.
“Camilo, is y/n taller than you?” She asked, stopping in her tracks.
He looked at Mira with a confused look, and then back to you.
“Wait...” He said, trying to process it.
You used your hand to check.
“I am taller than you!” You exclaimed, a bit shocked.
“Oh, c’mon.” He groaned.
“She is, by like an inch and a half!” Mira giggled.
“We’re like your mami and papa, love!” You observed happily.
He smiled at that, he always dreamed of having a relationship like his parents. Maybe just not the height difference though.
“Oh my goodness, yes! C’mon we need to go show them.” Mira told you.
You nodded and started making your way to the casita. When you got in you all saw her at the top of the stairs.
“Tía Pepa look! Camilo and y/n have a height difference just like you and tío Felix!” Mirabel told her excitedly. Pepa came down the stairs to look for herself.
She stopped in front of you two.
“It’s true! Camilo, you are like your papi! Felix, come look!” She shouted.
Felix came from the kitchen.
“They’re so cute.” She said as she placed her hands over her chest.
Felix smiled.
“Oh c’mon, I’m not that much shorter!” Camilo claimed.
Pepa glanced at him before going in to hug you both.
“I guess you’re just short, mi vida.” You teased, kissing him on the cheek.
He only rolled his eyes in response 
“They calm each other down too. Just like how I calm you down.” Felix mentioned.
Pepa nodded with a soft smile.
Though Camilo’s gift was, well, a gift, it wasn’t always good. His gift often brought him problems. He would often feel dysphoric, or didn’t feel as if he knew himself very well or who he was. When Camilo had these episodes, he could be in his room for days. No one could calm him down either, he didn’t want any of his family to see him like that, even his mami. Pepa sit outside his doors sometimes when this happened, begging him to let her come in, though he never did. Camilo didn’t want to upset her with his own issues. You were the only person he would let in. After Pepa would attempt to get in, her only other option was to get you. So, she would go find you, and tell you what was wrong, and of course you drop everything you were doing and come with her. She would stop you at his door, and back up a little with her hands held together, nodding for you to go on. You knocked on the door lightly.
“Camilo, it’s me. Can you open the door please?” You shouted.
There was a pause for a moment before the door cracked open, you sent Pepa a soft smile before going in.
Camilo was sat by the door, knees tucked up to his chest. You took a seat on the floor next to him, laying your head on his shoulder. You decided that letting him speak first would be the best move.
“What do you see when you look at me.” He sniffled.
You lifted your head to look at him.
“I see my boyfriend, my best friend, my favorite person in the world. With your curly hair that I like to play with, your freckles that I like to kiss, your nose that I like to boop, and your mouth that I love to see smile, that smile that I can’t stand to see.” You explained to him.
He muttered a thank you as he hugged you.
“I love you, mi amor.” He told you with a small smile.
You placed a kiss on his forehead. “I love you too. Now c’mon, lunch is ready.” 
Camilo grabbed your hand as you both stood up and walked out of his room. A look of relief came over Pepa as she saw the two of you. The three of you walked down to lunch together.
“They’re perfect for each other.” Felix smiled.
“They make each other so happy. I love to watch them be so in love with each other.” Pepa hummed contently.
The two of them watched you guys now. You guys were laying against a tree, Camilo holding you in his arms. Both of you asleep.
“I guess we should go wake them up for dinner?” Felix suggested
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angemilo · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
¡ CHARACTER(S) camilo madrigal
¡ CONTAINS in the light of the sun (a testimony to his mother’s contagious joy) camilo pines for a person he believes is out of his reach
¡ NOTES DNI if 18+, madrigalcest lovers, proshippers, anti-lgbtq+ unless you want me to rip ur spine out :)
Tumblr media
“only fools rush into love, mijo.”
how strange, camilo thinks, that he recalls his mamá’s words as the clouds clear from the sky to make way for a sun so dazzling he feels as though his eyes will burn if he looked directly at it. it is not yet summer, but the natural order of the world and its seasons are nothing compared to his mamá’s ever changing moods. it does not take a genius to know that in this very moment, pepa madrigal is joyous.
and he can understand why.
he sees you there, grinning with his parents as you engage in an active conversation with them by your flower cart. he longs to share his sister’s gift of enhanced hearing, if only to listen in on your conversation and hear the things you like. were you talking about the flowers you had grown with the help of your own abuelita? or were you talking about something else? what would be that something else? your family? your business? or perhaps even yourself? so many things that camilo thinks about when he sees you, and yet they are all caught in his throat when he sees just how brightly you burn.
and yet, while he would usually have no problem marching up to someone with that charming smile upon his lips and his gift ready to entertain and coax out a laugh, camilo hesitates. a minute in which he is simply frozen, watching as a rainbow appears over his mamá’s head when you tell them something (a joke, most likely. he wonders what kind of humour you are fond of), watching as he thinks, what right do you have to look at them like this? to feel this for them?
what does camilo madrigal know of the person who manages the flower cart in the town square that is made out of dirt stuck under fingernails and a smile that blooms like the blossoms they care for so ardently? the answer is nothing. their name is folded between the annotated pages of a book of flower language that camilo had bought on a whim, their smile caught between the curtains of his room when he looks out and sees them in the light of his mother’s sun. a smudge of dirt than he longs to wipe from their face, a beautiful face and bare shoulders kissed by the sun. you are nothing and everything all at once, the existence that entwines with his own without even knowing it, without him knowing anything about you besides the fact that you care for your flowers and your family more than anything else, your smile is one of the brightest he’s ever seen, and all he can think about is love, love, love when he looks at you.
it feels like a sin, loving someone as blessed and adored as you. camilo knows that you are mortal, just like he is, but there is something eternal in the way your fingers brush against his when you hand him a bouquet, something permanent in the way you smile and ask him to greet his mamá for you. and yet, despite his hesitance, camilo always returns to you in your quaint little flower cart with a handful of coins to trade for his mamá’s favourite flowers, just as a river flows surely to the sea. and rather than a sin, it begins to feel right, and you become part of his routine in a way that makes his heart ache.
isabela catches him hunched over the flower patch in the yard, hands gently tending to the seedling that had yet to blossom with the type of care that one would only see in a parent holding their child for the first time. she feels a frown tug at her lips, for no one had ever banned her from growing flowers and plants when it was all her gift entailed— at least, not until her primo camilo. and as she watches him there, squatting in front of an empty patch of soil as he fussed over his plant that had yet to grow, she can’t help but blurt out:
“the things you do for love.”
and isabela catches him stiffen, and she’s more surprised by the fact that he doesn’t have a teasing retort to bite back than the fact that she had never seen camilo so still. so she just sighs, reminding him not to fuss over the seedling so much and interfere with its growth with his coddling, and turns to walk away.
indeed, the things he does for love. why bother growing flowers for you when you manage a flower cart of all things? why bother with this tedious task when all he could do is ask his prima politely for a bouquet of her best roses—
(roses, he laughs. he does not know your favourite colour or your favourite flower, but surely he could never go wrong with roses?
it feels wrong, somehow. you deserve better. an everlasting bouquet of your favourite flowers that will never die, just as his love for you will never fade)
and it’s just his luck that you come by for a surprise visit, a bouquet of pink carnations in hand, and find him before his patch of dirt, cautiously watering the little seedling that had just sprouted.
“camilo,” you greet him with a smile (he feels like falling all over again), tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as a breeze passes by, “you plant?”
he hums, feigning casualness as he shrugs, “i just wanted to see how it’d be like. it’s fun, so far.“
and ay, dios mío, camilo had never seen you smile so brightly before. he wonders if it was this easy all along, to make you beam, to make you see him and smile that smile he falls for every day. he wonders if he could do it again, if you’d let him.
“well, come to me if you have any questions. i’d be glad to help!” you chirp, bouncing on the balls of your feet. your joy is contagious in a way that has camilo smiling as well, nodding.
“mhm. of course—“
and the moment is shattered by a strike of lightning inside the house, thunder booming not long after. camilo winces even though he’s grown used to his mother’s moods, and turns to you to apologise for the sudden shock, but he stops when he sees you still smiling.
“i better get this to tía pepa,” you tell him when you notice him looking at you. his gaze flits over to the flowers in your hand (pink carnations, camilo remembers, are the symbol of a mother’s undying love. it fits his mamá.) and he nods.
“alright. you need me to come with you?” he asks tentatively. you shake your head, still smiling.
“nope! it’s alright, i’ll be in and out in no time!”
and camilo learns another thing about you: that you severely underestimate just how much his family loves you. he watches as the storm raging in the house clears up almost immediately when you step in and call out for his mamá. he watches as a rainbow appears over the roof of la casa madrigal, and he watches as you take the seat across him during dinner, having been invited by his parents, and the fact that his mamá is nothing but warmth and rainbows and joy for the rest of the night during and after your visit does not escape him. and camilo wonders, could there be a day when he’d be the one to invite you to dinner, to be the recipient of the flowers he’s grown to see as a token of your love?
he can only wonder.
“y/n is a darling, aren’t they?” felíx’s voice brings him out of his daze, and camilo looks away from the vase of pink carnations to see his papá staring at him knowingly, “your mamí loves them.”
and camilo feels himself smile, the words tumbling out before he can stop himself.
“how can she not?”
as his cheeks warm, felíx chuckles and claps his son on the shoulder, “ay, you remind me of myself when i first met pepi.”
camilo huffs, blowing a curl out of his face as he traces mindless patterns on the wood of the table (he knows how to draw roses now. and carnations. and orchids. so many flowers. he doesn’t even have to think to draw them).
“i’ve heard the story before, papá.”
“i know, hijo,” his father chuckles goodheartedly, “but you know how much i love your mamá.”
camilo feels himself smile, because he does know. the love shared between his parents is something out of a fairytale, and though he acts grossed out by it sometimes, he knows he wouldn’t have it any other way for them.
“and you should—“
“mamí told me only fools rush into love,” he cuts his father off, knowing full well what he wants to say. camilo is not oblivious; he knows the others know about the way he looks at you. his papá smiles.
“are you really rushing in though?” felíx asks genuinely. when his son turns to raise a brow at him, he just offers him a knowing smile, “think about it, mi hijo. how long have you known them?”
camilo shrugs. years, if he counts the days since you moved into town with your family. he had just gotten his gift then. but knowing you — truly knowing you — that was something he had yet to achieve.
felíx sighs and hugs his son’s shoulders, pulling him close to his side. camilo has to lean sideways slightly, being a few inches taller than his papá.
“i’m not saying that you should ask them to be your amor now, camilo,” he begins, “but do not be scared. if you love them, it is an everlasting fact. nothing and no one can change that but you.”
and camilo can only nod as he thinks of the sprout out in the yard, a flimsy testimony of his affection for you, “…sí, papá.”
see, it goes like this. camilo madrigal thinks he knows nothing of you. yes, perhaps he does know of the way your eyes crinkle into crescent moons when you laugh too hard at one of his tío agustín’s jokes, he knows of the way you smile so brightly at the little things that make you happy. but he does not know of your favourite flower or your fondest childhood memory or even if you like isabel or dolores or mirabel more. but he wants to know, even when he hesitates, even when he doubts, because surely he is not the first to love you like this? what does he know of you that isn’t woven through the stories told by his parents, a gift for antonio that he shows off proudly, a garden of flowers grown by isabela’s gift but tended to with the knowledge you shared from experience?
so camilo looks at you from a different light, a different angle. he reframes you, puts you in a different place, a different setting. what will he learn when you are ink across a love letter, the figure walking alongside him when he brings you home after dinner, the space between this moment and the next? camilo wonders and he hopes, as he walks to your flower cart with an invitation to see the yellow tulips he had grown in full bloom, that you will take his hand, his whole life too, and catch him when he falls all over again.
(and it turns out he never had to worry or doubt or hesitate, because your hand is warm in his as you drag him to see the tulips, and you’re smiling at him so beautifully in the light of the sun, and camilo finds himself thinking:
this is love.)
Tumblr media
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itstheimperfectwriter · 24 days ago
Chores (Camilo x reader)
Tumblr media
This is taken from @terbibi 's Camilo x Y/N prompt:
Camilo: i love you yn: *shoving laundry basket into Camlio's hands* stop saying I love you to get out off chores Camilo
Warning: Pairing: Camilo x reader (they/them pronouns) Masterlist || Requests are open || Request Guideline
Tumblr media
(Y/N) and Camilo enjoyed doing chores together, they had found out chores were quicker to finish together than apart. Chores that used to take them all day now only took half the time. Sure the pair would spend the rest of the day cuddling and trying to conserve the rest of their energy but they enjoyed it.
Even though they had cut their chore time in half Camilo still tried to get out of his chores. Striking up deals with his family in an attempt to get out of certain chores. Even showering his partner with affection hoping it was enough for them to do more chores than their half.
"Mi Amor, have I mentioned how amazing you are?" "If I remember you said I was the most wonderous person you have ever meant." "And it's true."
Camilo followed his partner as they completed their share of the chores. The past hour Camilo had been showering (Y/N) in praises and affection. Normally they would enjoy it, giving back sweet words in return. Yet they knew what he wanted, his sweet words were just to butter them up.
"Hmmm is it now." "Mi Vida, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything but think about you. At night I dream of you, all day I wait to see you, and when I do see you my heart turns over and I think I will faint with desire."
A smile broke out on their face a large chuckle sounding through the air. His words were sweet, covered in honey in the hopes to make her putty in his hands.
"Is that from the book I read to you the other night? What was it...."
(Y/N) trailed off trying to think of the book they were reading together. Giving a chance for Camilo to cover his back, wanting to bring their mind away from their stolen words. "I love you"
"Stop saying I love you to get out off chores Camilo"
Their voice was stern yet there was a large smile on their face. The laundry basket that was testing in their hands, waiting to be hung up was thrusted into Camilo's arm. Before kissing his cheek and leaving to continue on with other chores.
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camiloamor · 25 days ago
see yourself through me
camilo x fem!reader
summary: camilo sees you as the most perfect girl ever, and will do anything to make you see it. warnings: reader has low self-confidence regarding her physical appearance.
word count: 543.
a/n: just a lot of fluff & comfort coming from Camilo, slightly rushed and a very short drabble. enjoy :)
Tumblr media
If anyone were to ask Camilo what he disliked about you, he wouldn’t be able to find a real reason no matter how hard he tried. Except for one little thing; he hated how hard you were on yourself. He adored everything about you and made it clear, and despite your appreciation towards his endless compliments, he knew that you would still have your doubts, no matter how much he expressed his fondness towards you.
“Mi vida, don’t be so hard on yourself,” Camilo said, looking at you with genuine adorn in his eyes.
“Milo, I love you, but I really don’t understand what you see in me that makes me so special,” you sighed, looking away from your boyfriend.
He gently cupped your face and turned his hand to make you look at him. You watched as his eyes looked at every feature on your face, filling with awe as he admired your appearance.
“Amor, no matter how many times I’ve seen your face, I’ll still always think you have the most perfect complexion,” he cooed, his finger brushing your lips, “Your eyes, Y/N, they are the most beautiful in this entire country, and your lips, I could kiss them all day.” You let out a slight smile.
“Cariño, you’re so sweet, but so cheesy,” you teased. He moved his arms to your waist, wrapping around you, never failing to break eye contact.
“As long as you’re happy mi vida. Your hair is so soft, you know?” He planted a kiss on your forehead, “And your face is so kissable…”
“Ay, Camilo…” You wrapped your arms around his neck.
“…The way you say my name, even, makes me happy,” he said, before kissing you softly, only to go back to admiring your features.
You sighed as you looked into Camilo’s eyes, God, he really is magical. With every second you spent with him and thinking about him, you only fell more and more in love with him, and the same went for how he felt about you.
“I really wish I could see myself the way you saw me, Camilo.”
“I do too, mi vida,” he said. Suddenly, he smiled, and broke off from you. “Wait a second, I can do that!”
You blinked, and as soon as you opened your eyes, it’s as if you were looking into a mirror.
He had shapeshifted into you.
Camilo had the biggest grin on… your face. As confused as ever, you looked at the picture-perfect clone of yourself.
“Oh Camilo, you’re such a dork,” you laughed.
“No, no, amor, look at me!” he spun around in your skirt, “Look at how beautiful you really are.”
You looked at him, dumbfounded. “Camilo, we look the exact same, I don’t understand.”
“Exactly, Y/N,” he said, “We’re seeing the same girl. No matter how you think you look, no matter how much you dislike anything about you, everything about you is perfect to me. Whatever you don’t like about yourself, I love because it makes you… well, you.” He shifted back into himself, and wrapped his arms around your waist again.
“Mi vida, for as long as you love me, I will never let you leave my arms without understanding what you mean to me.”
Tumblr media
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rinsenka · 8 days ago
Magic Trick | Camilo × Gender Neutral Reader
About a day ago, your best friend, the Camilo Madrigal declared that he'll learn a magic trick that will surprise you (not involving his gift ofc), and you, as the oh-so-supportive best friend you are, laughed at his antics and just shook your head.
"What? You don't think I could do it?" He grinned at you, "Guess I'll just have to prove you wrong, Cariño."
"Oh? I'd like to see you try, Hermoso." You gave a shit-eating grin, because there's no way in hell you're backing down even if you can feel your cheeks burning.
Well, that was yesterday. Now you're just waiting for Camilo at your usual spot under a tree, and oh was he late. You started staring at the clouds as memories of Camilo came flooding in, you couldn't stop the smile forming on your face as you remembered your first meeting with the shapeshifter.
"Excuse you, I got here first!" Your 7-year-old Self stomped your foot at the boy infront of you.
He shapeshifted into you and just laughed, "Guess we both got here first, well you know because I'm you now." He was expecting you to throw another tantrum but was shocked to hear you laughing instead.
"I guess you're right, that was smart. It caught me off-guard." You composed yourself as you wiped a tear from your eye from laughing. "I'm Y/N by the way."
He smiled as he held out his hand, "And I'm-"
"Camilo Madrigal." You cut him off and smiled as you shook his hand. "Everybody knows you."
Ever since then, you and Camilo have been hanging out everyday. You got to know parts of him that nobody else knew, and before you knew it... you were inlove with the shapeshifter but never did you once consider telling him how you feel. You never wanted to risk what both of you had, you never wanted to risk losing Camilo.
"Hello? Earth to Y/N?" You snapped out of your thoughts as you saw Camilo waving his hand infront of you, chuckling. "Geez, Cariño I thought you were sleeping with your eyes open or something."
You playfully rolled your eyes and giggled, "And care to tell me why you're late, Hermoso?"
"What, can't a guy make his hair fabulous?" He jokingly bounced his curls as he held out his hand, motioning for you to stand up.
You gave him a questioning look as you took it, "Okay pretty boy, but why make me stand up?"
"How can I show you the magic trick that will make you eat your words from yesterday if you don't stand up?"
"Well, you can do it while I'm sitting?"
"Oh my god, Cariño-"
"Okay okay, I'm co-operating." You laughed, "Just start Hermoso."
"Okay then, left or right?" He asked as he held out both his hands infront of you. You looked at him in disbelief, "Seriously? That's your magic trick?"
"Oh come on, it's so easy to pick Cariño." You shrugged and contemplated which one to pick, "Hmmm, left."
He slowly lifted his left hand to stroke your cheek lovingly before moving to push back some stray strands of your hair behind your ear. This caught you waaaayyyyy off-guard and you can feel your system go out of control: heart beating, cheeks burning, mind dying-
"Camilo, what are you doing?" You tried to ask casually but also didn't even bother stopping him, he chuckled and pulled back his left hand to reveal a red rose.
You gasped in shock as you looked around you for more tricks. "Okay Hermoso, I didn't expect you to do a smooth job there."
"That's not all Cariño."
"There's more?"
He nodded as he softly took your hand and placed the flower between yours and his. You stared at him with pure curiosity (while tryharding to stop blushing) as he held up both of your hands infront of you.
"One rose for the decade I have spent with you. Two hands for the happiness I wish for you, and three words for the feelings I have for you. Y/N, I love you."
Now you were really shocked, you just stood there and stared at his face as he chuckled, "Guess I finally made you speechless huh?"
You finally processed what he said and started tearing up as you immediately tackled him into a hug, "Camilo Madrigal, I love you too."
"Cariño, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this." He couldn't stop the smile forming on his face nor his heart's uncontrollable beating, knowing that the person he loved for ten years is finally his under the same tree they first met.
Ok, this is my first fanfic. Please forgive my grammatical errors :)). I hope I did a good job lmao ok bye enjoy
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
Tumblr media
I said what I said.
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dos-oroguitas · 9 days ago
wait for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life.
You and Camilo were inseparable for as long as the two of you can remember though a fateful accident and an angry father would tear the two of you apart. Camilo vows wait for you. No matter how long it takes.
masterlist !! part 2
“(Name)! Camilo!” A frustrated and angry scream had echoed on the streets of Encanto.
It was a common occurrence for the people of Encanto to hear one name after the other being yelled out followed by children’s laughter. Everyone had been used to it by now, shaking their heads as two familiar eight year old's had run by, hand in hand with one another.
The perpetrators? The trickster pair of Encanto, the infamous Camilo Madrigal and you, (Name) Castillo, the only daughter of the town’s revered tradesman as well as widower, Ignacio Castillo. The two of you had ruled the streets of Encanto with your pranks and jokes. It was an unlikely duo to be sure. Most thought of you as an angelic little girl who could do no wrong, unbeknownst to the people of Encanto, you were a menace. Maybe even worse than Camilo Madrigal whose infamy preceded his good deeds.
You two were inseparable, often being found side by side with one another. Many knew of the bond the two of you had. There was no Camilo without (Name), and there was no (Name) without Camilo.
“C’mon, (Name)!” Camilo exclaims as he pulls you to the townsquare, intent on losing the angry baker whose face was red with anger and covered with flour, chasing the two of you.
It would have been a normal occurrence had Camilo not been distracted by you. It was no secret that he had admired you, and as an eight year old boy, he thought nothing of it. Just some silly little crush that made butterflies flutter in his tummy. Just some silly crush that would have him awake all night thinking of that smile on your face. Just some silly little crush.. right? His freckled cheeks reddened as he tightened his hand on yours, giving it a squeeze as he looked back at your smiling face.
Your eyes were squeezed shut as you had laughed before your happy face had turned into one of horror and he felt you tug on his hand.
“¡Estar atento! Camilo, look out!” Before he could react he could feel himself crash into someone, ruana snagging onto a particular sharp corner of one of the milk crates in the farmer’s hands, pulling you with him and you had recognized the shouts of alarm from the local dairy farmer. Crates of precious bottled milk came toppling over and the milk had soaked the once dried path.
The aftermath was not a good one. You were both on the ground, reeling from the collision. Camilo groaned in pain, holding his head before a soft wince had caught his attention. He immediately sat up, ignoring his blurred vision, his now ruined ruana, and the pounding of his head.
“¿Estás bien, (Name)?!” The shapeshifter was by your side, helping you sit up. He grimaced at the sight before him but all he could focus on was you who gave him a toothy grin, ignoring your own pain to answer the worried boy.
“I’m alright, Camilo.” You reassure but before you can say anything more, a familiar and stern bark had made you stiffen up, freezing in Camilo’s embrace. “Oh no..” You had pursed your lips, glancing at the milk crates with the familiar brand that was embedded on the wooden grain.
‘Comercio de Castillo’ greeted your eyes and you knew you were doomed. Your father’s trade supplies. The whole lot of it now pooled underneath your sandals.
“(Name) Elena Mendoza Castillo!” You had paled, looking up to see your furious father. If he could have steam coming out of his ears you were sure he would have had it already. You hadn’t seen your father this angry before and you scrambled to stand up, grasping onto your now ruined dress that was stained with mud and milk. Shame filled you as a crowd had started to form, whispers and murmurs of gossipers filled your ears as they tried to see what had gone down.
“Papa..” You start weakly, unable to meet your father’s eyes. “Papá, Lo siento, we were just—“
“No, (Name), ¡He tenido suficiente! I have had enough!” He was red in the face. So red it put Isabela’s roses to shame.
“Señor, (Name) didn’t do anything,” Camilo starts weakly. Although he himself was afraid, he didn’t dare show it, mustering up the courage to stand between you and your father. Ignacio’s eyes softened for a moment but had hardened once more once he saw the bruises that appeared as the result of your painful collision with the crates and he shook his head. For a moment you were sure he’d just sigh again like always and then let you off but today was different. Today, it seemed like he had enough. “I was the one who bumped into the milk crates, please don’t be angry, Señor. I’m sure my abuela can do something about the–”
“No.” Ignacio was stone-faced, his tone firm as if he had settled upon something in his mind. He had ignored Camilo’s attempts of calming him down. “Tienes que parar. This has to stop. For too long I have been patient with you, mija. But no more.”
“Papa? What do you mean?” Clueless and dreading the worst, you ask.
“You are to leave Encanto. No longer am I putting up with this.. This reckless behavior. You are to attend boarding school in the city. I am no longer tolerating this behavior, (Name). Either you learn to become proper or you do not return at all.”
Camilo’s eyes widened. You? Leave? He immediately whipped his head to turn to you, your lower lip quivering as you burst into tears. Though there was little he could do as your father had swiftly picked you up in his arms, giving Camilo a look that the boy was unable to read before he marched to the direction of your home, your fists hitting the older man’s back as you sobbed and tried to reach out for Camilo.
You weren’t seen in town for days after that. Even as he waited upon your front gates with an apology he had practiced for a long while. The accident was relaid to his family and he had an earful of scolding from his mama, cautioning him of playing with you for a while as they heard of Ignacio’s scolding. The whole town had known what had gone down for rumors spread fast in a town as little as Encanto. Though that did not deter him. Everyday he had waited on the gates of your home. And everyday he would be disappointed as there was no sight of you. Today was different though, armed with flowers he had yanked from Isabela’s room, a basket of arepas from his Tia Julieta, and a chameleon stuffed toy he had made with the help of his mother, he had made his way to your home again. Only to find there was a horse-drawn carriage in front of your home.
It was only then he had spotted you, tears still streaming down your face as your father had knelt down, saying something he couldn’t quite hear. He could only make sense of a few words.
‘I’m sorry.. for your own good.. mother.. I don’t want you to end up.. same as her..”
You turn away from an apologetic Ignacio who had only sighed and gently embraced you before you had wriggled out of his grasp, clutching onto your dress as you made your way towards the carriage, not even noticing that Camilo had stood there until he said something.
You turned to look at him.
“Camilo..” Trying to wipe away the onslaught of tears that didn’t seem to stop no matter how much you rubbed, you caught his clueless gaze, smiling weakly as you spoke.
“I have to go.” The whisper made Camilo swallow thickly. “Papá wants me to learn how to be more proper.. how to be more ladylike..” He saw you grimace and stick your tongue out in distaste and if it weren’t for your departure, he would’ve laughed. He heard you sniffle before he felt you gently touching the ruana he wore. It was still ripped from the incident a few days ago.
Although he would want nothing more for you to stay, your father’s words, like his abuela Alma’s, was law. He nodded before gently pulling out the yellow chameleon stuffed toy that he had made. It wasn’t the most proper looking stuffed toy. It had mismatched stitching with different colored threads, buttons for eyes differing in size, but its eye colors had resembled Camilo’s.
You gasped as he gave it to you with a sheepish smile. “I figured, you needed a little part of town to go with you.” You held the stuffed toy close.
“Thank you, Camilo.” You murmur softly before you gently rummaged through the pile of leather chests, pulling out a white box with a yellow ribbon on it and handing it to him.
“This is to make up for ruining your ruana.”
Camilo parted his lips to say something, only to be interrupted by the coachman that took his place in front of the carriage. “Señorita Castillo. It’s time to leave.”
You purse your lips, glancing at Camilo briefly. “I have to go. Don’t forget me, okay?” You rushed past him, entering the carriage as you struggled to keep the tears at bay. Settling yourself on the soft cushions of the carriage seats, you held the stuffed toy close, intent on naming him Amarillo. Yellow as the sun that reminded you of the Madrigal boy.
Said curly haired boy had watched as you disappeared in the carriage, placing the box on the ground and carefully opening it up to reveal a yellow ruana with dark yellow stripes and chameleons embroidered on it. His eyes widened and he smiled, holding the ruana close to his chest, only then noticing the note that accompanied it.
‘If you see someone without a smile on their face, give them one of yours.’ And beside it was your name in delicate cursive swirls. ‘(Name)’
The carriage you sat in had moved, making you jerk forward and hold onto the stuffed toy tighter. Tears threatened to flow down your cheeks as you curled up against the walls of the carriage. You pulled your knees to your chest, trembling.
“(Name)..!” A shout had brought you out of your somber thoughts and you peered out the window to see Camilo running alongside your carriage. “When you come back, I’ll be sure to make you smile everyday!”
A smile graced your lips as you watched him run whilst holding his ruana close until he could run no longer. You sat back on your seat, clutching the stuffed chameleon close, a part of you knowing that you would return to the magical town of Encanto one day. And the thought comforted you. No longer did the tears come as someday you knew you would reunite with Camilo again.
Camilo still ran, his little legs burning as he tried in vain to catch up, only stopping when your carriage had left his sight and had left the town. He had sworn on that very moment that he would wait for you for however long it takes and would do right to ensure his promise to you would be fulfilled.
“I will wait for you.” He says, a look of determination on his features as he slipped the ruana on himself, smiling fondly.
For as long as it takes.
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl
so i know i said i would rest up but i couldn’t help it 😤✨ ive rewatched the book of life and thought why not make a camilo madrigal inspired fic ! let me know what you think and if you want to see more ?
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magicalencanto · a month ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Frozen ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader with ice powers!
✎ ⁞ requested by @beamingbeaming
✎ ⁞ warnings: angst
✎ ⁞ date: 24.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝ It's so cold here... ❞
You whole body was shivering violently, teeth softly hitting against each other, as you held your tightly to your chest. Those chest pains were the worst. It only hurts more and more, restricting your breathing and causing your heart to beat painfully. Besides, at this point you weren't able to move from your fetus position. All you could do now is to wait for death to knock on your door and take you away...
❝ I'm so cold... ❞
Tumblr media
It was so warm that day. The sun was shining brightly, no cloud was on the sky and the wind was softly blowing here and there. It was just perfect. Maybe that's why you and Camilo decided to go on a date in your "secret spot".
It was deep into the forest, in a small clearing with a pond in the middle. You both found this spot on your first date and since that day, you regularly meet there. It was so breathtaking and a place where you could find true peace. An escape from all your troubles. A safe heaven.
But nothing perfect can last forever.
❝ Why don't you want to do it? ❞ Asked Camilo, blocking your path. You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You both were about to go back to the village and eat dinner with his family.
❝ Because, Milo, I don't want to hurt anyone. ❞
❝ Are you sure about that? ❞ Your boyfriend raised an eyebrow, also crossing his arms over his chest.
❝ What does that suppose to mean? ❞ You felt slightly offended and so the air around you became a little colder than usual.
❝ What I said. Admit that you're just a sore loser and are afraid to compete against Isabela. ❞ He lifted his chin a little higher, putting his hands on his hips.
❝ That's not true! ❞ You immediately protested, setting your jaw tighter. The temperature around began to lower, but neither of you were paying attention to that. You also ignored how playful argument turned into viscous fight and where this whole thing was going to.
❝ Yeah, it is! ❞
Snowflakes began to fall around you.
❝ No it isn't! ❞
Water stared to freeze.
❝ No it isn't! ❞ Camilo turned into you and mocked you. You gritted your teeth, feeling annoyed like never before. Was this so hard to understand? Why couldn't he get that you were just trying to protect everyone? Didn't he realized that your powers could actually kill someone?
Instead of answering, you opted to cover you face with you hands and take a few deep breaths, desperately trying to calm yourself. Mist formed from your mouth and nose when you were breathing out and a frost began to form under your feet.
❝ That's what I thought, you're just a sore loser. At first, you kept your powers secret from me and my family and now you afraid to face a little competition against my prima. ❞ You heard Camilo huff and his footsteps moving further from you. Yet you still kept your face covered from the world, no ready to face it again. Your shoulders started to shake as you took a shaky breath in. You didn't want to cry. No, you couldn't cry...
When you were sure that Camilo was gone, you fell on your knees, shaking even more. You felt so exposed and hurt by what your gift boyfriend had said. How could he?! After all you shared with him?! Your insecurities and deepest fears?! That's what you get?!?
You gritted your teeth harder, gripping your face with your hands as the frost from under your body began to spread around with a fast speed, coating everything in a thin layer of ice. On top of that, snow started to fall harder around you, slowly turning everything white. At this point, the pond froze into a solid ice and wind was blowing harshly around you.
And in the middle of that disaster, was poor you, desperately trying to calm yourself. But your poor heart was fragile, like made out of ice...
❝ Aaaaaaa! ❞ You yelled loudly, releasing thousands of ice shards around you. You were so hurt, so heartbroken, you just couldn't keep it inside of you and needed to let the pain out.
Most of the shards landed some distance away from you, but one piece, a small one, springed back to you after hitting a hard and big rock. And since you were sitting up, your chest was exposed to it...
❝ Ack!- ❞ You gasped loudly, suddenly feeling sharp pain in your chest. Everything stopped and went quiet, as you fell forward, gripping the front of your shirt, just above your heart, trying to catch your breath.
It hurts so bad but most of all, why were you feeling cold?
Tumblr media
Since that day, everything went downhill. When you somehow had managed to pick yourself up and walk back home, unknowingly you had brought the winter with you.
It had started innocently, only with a lower temperature, that began to turn lower and lower everyday. Then the snow appeared, soft snowflakes landing here and there. Then it began to intensifie every day, until thick layer of snow laid on every surface of Encanto. Frost appeared shortly after the first snow fell, appearing on every window and wall. The wind slowly began to pick up day after day, until it was so strong, no one could really do anything about it. To sum it up, a harsh winter fell upon the once sunny city of Encanto.
But as quickly as villagers were to judge your parents about not keeping their child at bay, even quicker they took back their words when they found out, that the true cause of this harsh winter was your declining health.
Day or two after fight with your boyfriend, you felt fine, expect some chest pains here and there.
Day three, four and five, you felt weaker and you felt cold in your hands and feet.
On day six, you hand noticed that streaks of your hair began to turn white. Of course, you tired to hide it from you parents and you succeed but the pain in your chest only increased and your legs and arms began to feel cold. Like they were freezing...
During day seven and eight, you felt yourself breaking out into cold sweat, even when you felt extremely cold. In conclusion, you had a cold. Most of your hair in the back of your head turned white and you could no longer stay still, because you couldn't stop shivering.
During midday on day nine, you passed out. Your parents found you on the floor in the kitchen, and were terrified to discover all the damage done to your body. Without hesitation, you dad was sent to Casita Madrigal for Julieta. In the meantime, your mother took you to the sofa in the living room and laid you on top of it, softly caressing your freezing body. When your father was back, with Julieta running behind him with a basket in her hands, they woke you up, and tried to give you some of Julietas dishes. Grudgingly, you did so, but much to your parents and Julietas expectations, it didn't work.
On day ten, it was official. You were deathly sick and no one could stop it. During last night, half of your hair turned white and although your cold disappeared, now your temperature was below the ones that human should have. After you were placed in your bedroom and tucked under many covers, Julieta tried a few more time to heal you with her magical snacks. But this attempts were proven to be fruitless. You were still dying, slowly being killed by your own gift.
The next day, whole Encanto began to pray for you to get better. Your parents were the ones who pray the hardest. They felt so useless, so helpless. They were basically forced to watch their child die before their own eyes. And they could do nothing about it. Abuela hearing this, felt her own heart break, because she couldn't imagine watching her own child die before her eyes. So with fierce determination, she began to think. Think how to help you, your family and Encanto. Behind her stood her whole family, also thinking about the solutions.
But no one thought harder than Camilo himself. The cause of the whole problem, the very thing that had caused you this... sickness. And honestly, this terrified him more than he would ever thought. Never before has his teasing, hurt someone so much. Now thinking about this in his room, Camilo realized that he accidentally took his frustration in you. That day wasn't his good day. For an unknown reason to him, everything went wrong and this negative emotions build up on him, until he just had to let them out. And unfortunately, you were his poor victim. His first girlfriend, love of his life, his Vida.
Of course, day after the whole argument took place, he tried to think of a ways to apologize to you. At first, he thought that it would be the best for you to cool off, before he would go to you and apologize. Then, after three days passed, he tried to approach you, but something always seemed to stop him. Either it would be people or his chores. Then, he couldn't see you, because harsh winter fell upon the whole Encanto and shortly after, you were declared sick.
Hearing this news, his heart broke into a million pieces. His...you were...no! No! You couldn't be! You-just-just couldn't be sick! Camillo really tried to be in denial, but he had to face the hard reality of his actions. You were dying, because of him.
And believe me, that hit him harder than anything before. Because broken ice heart can't be fixed so easily.
Tumblr media
At this point, you couldn't feel anything. You turned apathetic to the world around you, as your body was turning into an ice. You just keep staring blankly ahead of you, strands of your pure, white hair covering your face and sometimes blocking your vision.
Your whole room was frozen, with the little snowflakes lazily floating around. The only thing that wasn't solid was the thin blanket around you and your clothes. Some of the frost started to form on your cheeks, slowly spreading over you head.
But you didn't care. Your chest felt like it was hollow and your emotions were gone. While looking at you, one may think that you were already dead. And you kind of were.
❝ I just want everything to stop... ❞ You let out a little breath, numbly watching the mist forming. You were so tired and so, so cold...
❝ M-mi Vida? ❞ You barely heard a very familiar voice behind you, as it was barely a whisper. Even if you wanted to see who it was, you had no strength left in you to turn around.
❝ Dios Mio! ❞ The person rushed over, kneeling before you and taking your cold cheeks in their hands. Your vision was failing you, so you could only see a blurry images but you could recognize that curls everywhere.
❝ Camilo... ❞ You let out a breathy whisper, barely heard. Although he was the reason you were like this, at your deathbed, you were happy to be with someone. Even if it was someone who had broke your heart into a million of pieces.
❝ I'm here, mi Vida. I'm here! ❞ Camilo whispered shakily, feeling tears gathering in his usually kind eyes. You were so cold. Like an ice you used to create. The boy couldn't believe that the person before him was the same girl he saw only a few days ago. The once lively and girl surrounded by colors, was now a shell of a person she once used to be. Her hair turned pure white and her skin looked deathly pale. Her eyes too, lost their shine in them, turning so dull. Now, cradling her cold cheeks did he got another heartbreak. You were slipping away from him. Fast. And he was absolutely hopeless. Just like everyone.
Without another world, Camilo gathered you in his arms, not paying attention to the prickling cold on his skin. He began to weep in your hair, holding you tightly to his chest. His curls covered his eyes, as he closed them tightly.
But you didn't felt that. You couldn't feel that. You were far to gone at this point. You had lost your vision, your touch and then the rest of your senses. You were ready to go...
❝ ...I love you. ❞ Camilo whispered to you, burying his head in the crown of your head.
And then, you felt warmth.
Tumblr media
The wind completely stopped and so did the snow. Frost began to melt and a big sweeps of snow began to travel towards the sky. Grey and thick clouds began to disappear and the first ray of sun began to slip between.
Villagers, gathered in the church, quickly noticed the change and rushed outside to see what was happening.
Before their own eyes, the winter disappeared! The temperature was steadily rising and there was no more snow! The winter was gone!
Although happy, your parents rushed towards their house, worried sick for their child. Maybe the winter was gone because you were...? No! They couldn't think even think about it!
Still running, they arrived to their home and threw the door to your room open, prepared for the worst. Only to freeze in their track, when they saw their precious baby girl in the arms of her boyfriend, alive.
Your face was hidden in his chest, but they could see your white hair and your back moving up and down. Camilo was hugging you tightly to his chest, whispering lovingly in your ear and caressing your hair softly.
Your mother felt tears falling down her cheeks as she hugged her husband tightly, crying softly. He too shed silent tears as he hugged her back, not taking his eyes off of you.
In the end, love did conquered it all.
Tumblr media
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intoguyswayhotterthanme · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal - Trying to make you happy (please do not steal!)
PLOT; Reader (they/them) recently lost their mother, Camilo tries to surprise them but it backfires…
warning; angsty and fluffy (i got you). Camilo not knowing his worth 😩
You had rarely left your house, and Camilo had exhausted every attempt to get you outside but nothing seemed to work.
You had lost your mother not long ago, he hadn’t ever seen you this upset, you always seemed so happy and strong with him. You had helped him feel that way about himself.
Even if he didn’t know who he exactly was yet.
He had met your mother enough times to even make the teenage boy cry at her loss, and he needed you more than ever and maybe the fact that you didn’t need him hurt more.
He still decided to invite you to Antonio’s Gift Ceremony, he had checked the mail constantly waiting for a response from you.
Then finally the day before the ceremony, he hadn’t left the mailbox since early morning, afraid he’d never receive one. The mailman walked up, smiling at Camilo since he had been there every morning.
“Camilo!” He greeted reaching into his bag and holding out a letter to him “The wait is over, have a good day Madrigal!” Camilo smiled waving the letter as the man left before turning and ripping the letter open to see its contents.
His eyes feverishly ran along the letter reading the words written in your beautiful handwriting, although sloppy he admired it still.
Hola mi amor,
I’d love to attend and i can’t wait to see all your familia! Just needed some time alone with my thoughts, thank you for understanding.
Love, Y/n
He cheered, thrilled to be seeing you tomorrow before he froze, he hadn’t picked an outfit yet since he assumed you wouldn’t attend.
Although the two of you were dating he still liked to impress you since you blushed rather easily whenever he admitted dressing for you. That was enough for him.
You had grown so anxious about the ceremony that you had thought about jumping into bed and forget about it but you knew about how much Camilo needed this.
He went rogue without you, you didn’t need anyone to tell you that the two weeks he had constantly come by to check on you told that for itself. And you loved him for it but this wasn’t something he could fix because you needed to stand up to it alone.
But you needed a bit of happiness right now not fixing and that was something he was quite amazing at.
Before you knew it it was time to get ready for ceremony. You had prayed all morning for Antonio to get a gift, you were quite young when Maribel had hers so it couldn’t quite remember it. But you comforted her whenever it brought her down.
But you didn’t see the girl any differently than the rest of her family, you were friends with her before any of the Madrigals, she of course didn’t plan for you to fall in love with her brother.
She and the rest of her family had figured out the feeling that you harboured for the boy before even you could. Until one day you went to arrange a date with a person you had met at the market one day. Camilo had ran to your house in the rain; Pepa was feeling nervous about Antonio’s ceremony.
She was very nervous
Rapid knocking woke you up, your mother thanked you as you approached the door, turning on the light to better your vision and saw a soaked head to toe, Camilo in the midnight air as you opened the door.
“Camilo! What’re doing?! Get inside” You usher your friend in as you quietly shut the door behind him. You looked at him in shock as he racked his brain for how to even start this.
He was about to admit his feelings for his friend who was actually more of his sisters friend than his own, how the hell do people do this?
“Camilo? Please answer me” You pleaded, fatigue hitting you again since you had be abruptly woken.
“Please don’t go out with them” Your eyes widen at demand.
“What? Who?” You ask unsure of what he was speaking about.
“The person you met at the market the other day” He gazed at the ground as he spoke, not prepared for the moment when he had to admit his truth.
“How did you even-“ You think for a moment before scoffing lightly “Dolores?” He nods and you let out a huff “I get that you care about me, Cami” You smile at him and for a second he thinks that he doesn’t even need to say it as he looks up at you for the first time “But I can protect myself, i’m sure I can handle them”
He groans and you raise your eyebrow at him “That’s not what I meant” He speaks frustrated and you frown, unsure of why you can’t seem to understand him.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea what your trying to say here. Please just be dire-“ Before you could even finish the curly haired boy pushed forward pressing his lips against yours.
He threw caution to the wind and prayed that you gave him something to build from, and when he felt you kiss back that’s all he needed.
You could feel how cold his lips were from the cold outside, taste the rain on his lips and the aerpas that lingered on his tongue.
Your fingers tangling themselves into his hair before the lack of air caught up to the both of you so you pulled away pressing your foreheads together
“Well that was definitely was worth getting soaked” He said making you laugh before pressing another kiss to his lips and pull away to look at him.
You stuck some hair behind his ear, loving how they feel between your fingertips. “I’d have to agree. I’m glad you woke me up” He smiles brightly missing your lips already.
“Can I kiss you again” He asks politely and it warms your heart. You press you lips against his.
“Don’t ask” You mumble against his lips as he groans pulling you closer than you thought possible.
The force of his pull sent you two falling his way right into the table causing you to pull away and gasp at sound of a lamp breaking. Sending them into complete darkness. A moment later, your mother turned the light on and looked with worry before sighing relief as she approached seeing neither of them hurt.
“Whats going on?” Your mother mumbled out, shuffling into the light “Cariño, why’re you dripping wet on my carpet” He stands in fright, feeling like he was being scolded by his own mother.
You step forward “Sorry, mamà. Camilo wanted to talk so he came over and-“ Thunder struck inside causing you to jump at the crack, “Sounds like your needed back there” You comment lightly, a blush raising in your cheeks, the lamp did not do justice to Camilos beauty, now you could see him in the light.
He liked you! That was insane to think.
Your mother frowned stepping forward “No, hay un huracán ahí fuera. Camilo, cariño, Y/n compartirá su cama” (No, there is a hurricane out there. Camilo, honey, Y/n will share their room with you)
“Mamá!” You blurt out, the thought of sharing a bed with Camilo made your head spin.
You look at your mother shocked and she notices your red cheeks, rushing towards you and pressing the back of her hand to your forehead “Why’re you so red, bebé?”
You go even redder as you notice Camilos smirk from the corner of your eye. “And your lips! Their swollen” This makes Camilos smirk drop instantly, as your mother put two and two together.
“Ay! About time” She rolls her eyes leaving the two teenagers shocked “I know it when i see it, bebé. And you two did not hide it” She huffs, crossing her arms.
You frown as she laughs, pinching your cheek and bringing Camilo into her arms, pulling away from him before speaking again “I wouldn’t want anyone else for my little one”
“Mamá” You groan out “I’m not little anymore”
Camilo chuckles “Being my common arm rest makes me disagree” You shove him lightly before you laughter fills the air, before you yawn.
“We should get to bed.” Your mother says before looking at Camilo with a serious look on her face “Sofá”
He nods nervously before she bids her farewell and closes her door leaving the two teenagers “Will you go out with me?”
“You stand there like i’m not going to say yes” You snicker lightly, stepping towards him and grabbing his collar lightly and pulling him into you “Is it too early to say that i love kissing you?”
His eyes widen as he smiles, “If it is we’re both going a little fast” You kiss him again before helping him set up the sofá.
After that you guys never spent a day apart, you didn’t realise how much until this moment. The aching in your heart could’ve been fixed long ago if you had spent time with the one person that meant the world to you.
Camilo would’ve understood the pain, you’d been so selfish. And you only noticed now.
You wore an appropriate outfit for the event before making your way to La Casita, the house never failed to amaze you as it grew closer and closer.
Your nerves heighten when you saw your boyfriend greeting people at the door, you smiled to yourself as a calming sensation spread throughout your body as he approached with an adoring look on his face.
“Mi amor!” He exclaimed pulling you into his arms, you smiled brightly as you tightened your arms around him, never wanting to let go again. “I’m so glad you came tonight. I don’t know what i would have done without you. I’ve been so nervous for Antonio” He admits, shaking his head as he wipes his face.
Luisa begins greeting the guests once she sees you, sending you a wave which you return before going back to your boyfriend “Antonio it’s going to be perfect. He will get a gift and if not, then we comfort him until he’s ready”
He nods, smiling at you in amazement “You’re here for a minute and already have cleared my thoughts. You are truly my gift” He mutters, stepping close to you before connecting your lips.
The sensation of him agaisnt you sent your mind reeeling, you had missed him so much from your time apart but you didn’t know what else to do.
“I thought I needed time to myself but god, I missed you so much. I love you” You whisper the last part, he was the only one that needed to hear it as he stared at you, a smile on his face.
“And I love you” He kissed your temple before smiling past her “Mi amor, head inside. I’m sure, Ma would love to see you”
You nod your head, lifting his hand and kissing it before letting it go and heading inside
He watched you walk away with a smile on his face before his Abuela motioned towards the guests and he sighed defeated before putting on a smile and greeting guests again.
— — —
“I can speak to animals!” Antonio spoke happily to you and Dolores who had just been teasing you about her little brother.
She always teased the two of you but she truely loved you together and she said mostly because you were around more often.
“Woah, Ant! That’s incredible, I wish i was cool as you” You poured as he giggled wrapping his arm around your waist gazing up at you.
“But you’re way cooler than me! It’s not fair that Camilo gets you to himself. I want you!” He scowls but he looks incredibly adorable on his small face.
“Ay, don’t let Cami hear you. He won’t be happy to hear his little brother trying to steal me” Dolores shakes her head giggling at the entire scene.
“Pascal and I can take him!” Antonio raises his fists before Felix approached picking up the child.
“Alright, that’s enough out of you tough guy” Felix laughed out as he placed the child on his waist.
Mirabel ran in yelling capturing everyone’s attention.
“The house is in danger!” She repeated twice “The tiles were falling, and there were cracks everywhere. And the candle almost went out” The minute those words were uttered all whispers dissipated.
Mirabel had alerted everyone of the house breaking. But once they arrived at the scene everything appeared normal.
After that, everyone bid their farewells and since you hadn’t spoken to your boyfriend much since when he’d first spoke to you at the beginning of the night.
You gazed around the room when you noticed that you couldn’t see any sign of your boyfriend but only his mother.
“Pepa!” You called softly, alerting the red headed women causing her to turn as her nervous rain cloud dispersed and turned into a rainbow at the sight of you, wrapping her arms around you.
“Ai, Y/n/n. We’ve all been missing you so much. How’re you doing?” She asked heartedly as she grips your shoulders lightly peering at your face.
You shrug, “I’ve been as okay as I can be” You smile gushingly at her “It has really been good to see you all though, it’s helped a lot”
Pepa swoons as your words, pulling you into another bone crushing hug “I’m sure you didn’t stay here for me” Pepa says sadly, as she pulls away “I’m pretty sure I saw Cami go into his room, Goodnight Y/n”
You smile thanking her before walking up the stairs to Camilos room, you thought to knock but decided against it before heading inside.
The deafening silence made you nervous, you looked around waiting to see the familiar bundle of curls but to no avail he was nowhere in sight “Camilo!”
Just as you went to shout again your eyes are covered by some cloth as a hand finds yours and just as you go to react they speak “Woah! Mi vida, that would’ve been a killer punch if that landed” Camilo speaks teasingly, you groan.
“Ah, Cami, don’t do that. You know I scare easy” You pout as he chuckles, a feathering feeling landing on your cheek as you blush.
“I have a surprise for you” He admits guiding you to sit on his bed, feeling the soft material under you as you sit.
“If I knew you got me something I would’ve done the same for you” He tuts as he pinches your cheek lightly
“I don’t ask that of you, mi amor” He says as you hear a rustle before a deep breath “Okay, take the blindfold off”
You decide to also take a deep breath before pulling off the fabric and looking at where his voice came from but you shoot up in surprise in who you see.
Your mother. A bit smaller than her usual height but her all the same. She looked just how she did before she… You couldn’t do this. You weren’t ready.
“Mi amor?” Camilo noticed your silence and changes back quickly, your eyes grew teary and you looked mortified. Oh no.
“I- I need to go” You rushed out before brushing past your boyfriend and sprinting out of his room and house all together.
“Y/n!” You heard his yell behind you but you couldn’t, you needed time.
— — —
You hadn’t seen Camilo since Antonio’s ceremony a couple days ago, this time he wasn’t outside your door each day instead you were met with the bustling noise of the town around you.
You knew it was wrong leaving the way you did probably leaving Camilo confused on what even upset you but you were awful at expressing your feeling.
Feelings were just another burden on someone else’s shoulder when they were spoken, so you carried them yourself even when they were to heavy you still stride.
You put some basic clothing before heading out into the Encanto, it was truely a beautiful place and you were happy to be here and even luckier to be blessed by the Madrigals.
You approached the large colourful house watching Luisa carry some donkeys and petals flying out Isabelas window. They were truely magical.
You didn’t run into any of the Madrigals face to face as you approached the door and knocked, shifting on your feet as you awaited someone to answer.
And before you knew it the door flew open and the exact person that you wanted to see stood at the door. He seemed just as surprised as you to see who was at the door.
He cleared his throat at he peered at you with guilt on his face as he huffed “I’m sorry, I know I overstepped a lot of boundaries”
You sigh, shaking your head “I should’ve been more forward with how I was feeling. I just don’t understand, why’d you even do it Camilo?”
“You didn’t need to be forward with stuff when I knew that you were upset and I thought seeing her would make you happier” He explained and it all made sense now.
“Oh no, mi amor” You smile fondly at him, stepping forward and holding his face with your hands, your thumbs brushing over his freakles, which you could sit and count all day “You don’t need to be someone else to make me happy, i’m happiest when i’m with you”
His eyes widen, “But I- me? Why me? What’s so special about me” You can’t believe what you’re hearing, the boy you adored didn’t adore himself the same.
“Cami, let’s just say your gift is the least unique thing about you” You place a kiss on his cheek before his nose and then his lips, this kiss is slower and meaningful than anything they’d ever experienced “I love you, Camilo. You make me happy”
“But I don’t even know who I am. How could you love me when I don’t even know that” He shudders at the thought, pulling away slightly but you don’t pressure him so your hands fall from his cheeks and take his hands.
“You’re Camilo Madrigal, the boy who cares so much and loves with his whole heart and that’s all you need to be for me to love you” He smiles gratefully at you before throwing his arms around you.
You were truely the best thing to ever happen to him and he had no idea how much he meant to you. He sighed before pulling away from you “I’m sorry for being an idiot, you’ve had a lot going on you didn’t need this”
You shake your head, intertwining your fingers together “Mi amor, nothing is more important than you”
“I can think of one thing” He smiles lovingly at you before he presses his lips against yours, harder this time and you can’t help but thread your fingers into his curls.
“Ay! Not at the front door, Nieto!” Abuela calls out, giving you both a disapproving look as she enters another room.
Camilo turns back to you before you both erupt into laughter, but he’s quick to surge forward again and connect your lips but only for a moment before he hears an alarm go off and the tiles lift as Casita shows the alarm clock to him.
“Oh crap, I have to babysit today!” He turns back to you an apologetic look on his face before something clicks and he’s quick to pull you closer “You could come help? I’m not quite ready to let you go yet”
“Mi vida” You hum, kissing his neck softly “I’d love to”
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ftmcamilo · 24 days ago
— encanto having a bonfire night. camilo wants to scare the kids,,
while the adults are around the main bonfire, all the kids are around a smaller fire and trying to scare each other with silly "scary" stories,, camilo overhears their attempts at being scary, so he goes over to them and asks if they want a real scary story. they all say yes, excitedly.
he comes up with one on the spot, as scary as he can think of, setting the story around encanto to spook them even more. he adds evil creatures and includes some of the townsfolk in his story to make it seem more real. he terrifies the children by turning himself into every monster he makes up.
needless to say, most of those kids were scared to sleep that night. camilo calls that a success—though, dolores doesnt enjoy the sounds of multiple crying children when shes trying to sleep.
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isascactus · 10 days ago
Heeey just saw you blog, it looks new so congratulations on it honey 💕 so I was wondering if you would write some headcanons for Camilo, Luisa, Isabela, Mirabel and Bruno (don't know if ur comfortable writing for so much just in one so feel free to change) about how would they react if their s/o gave them the silent treatment after a fight, like how would they feel before, during and after the "punishment" thx so much ❤❤
thank you! my blog is indeed new, though i've been lurking around the encanto side of tumblr for about 2 weeks now. i included everyone that you asked for in this btw.
not proof-read
warnings: cursing
want to request? send me a request here or through dms! i will write for any of the encanto characters.
How Camilo, Luisa, Isabela, Mirabel, and Bruno Would React if Their gn s/o Gave Them The Silent Treatment
Tumblr media
before / during the argument
he had taken a prank way too far for your liking
you can choose whatever he did that was too far
but anyways
you were in his room when you confronted him about it
"hey, yk that prank you pulled was way to far" you calmly told him
"oh c'mon y/n, it's just a joke. really it isn't a big deal, don't take it so seriously" he would blow you off
and that pissed you off more than anything
"camilo, i just want an apology for it! the prank was way too far and you know it, it obviously upset me." you would say, irritated.
"it was just a harmless prank, what is there to apologize for? and why are you so angry?" he would throw his arms up in the air, he was mad now too.
you opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out
you were not going to keep telling him what the big deal was
he knew what the big deal was, and why he should apologize
so you were like nope
i'm giving him the silent treatment
during the silent treatment
you turned around to leave his room
"hey, where are you going?"
you didn't say anything, only sending him a glare, continuing to make your way out of his room
he followed you as you made your way towards the casita's door
a lot of the family was just sitting there watching you storm out
and they were just kinda like "ohh shit"
because they knew that this was probably going to put pepa in a bad mood
"c'mon y/n, wait!"
but you only walked right out the door
and camilo just kind of sat there staring at the door for a second
pepa would look at dolores, in hopes that she may have heard what happened
and of course she did
so she would lean in and whisper what happened to her mother
and a cloud would start forming above her head
pepa viewed you as her own
she absolutely adored you
so it definitely upset her when you and camilo would get in an argument
her and felix would be disappointed in camilo for not apologizing for hurting you
camilo couldn’t sleep good that night knowing he hurt you
and also knowing that you were giving him silent treatment
usually you guys didn’t get petty about arguments, plus you two were usually good at communicating through disagreements to keep you guys away from arguments
you kept the silent treatment going for 3 days
camilo would try to come and talk to you during his breaks between chores
but every time you would just glance up at him briefly and then get right back to what you were doing
after the silent treatment
on the fourth day, he came up you during one of his breaks like he has been for the past few days
you were tired of not getting to talk to him, after all you loved him
but, you weren’t going to stop until he wanted to apologize
you would glance over at the curly haired shapeshifter, but then go right back to what you were doing
“look at me... please? i need to talk to you.”
so you would look at him again
“look, i’m sorry...” he’d say, scratching his neck
you would turn around fully now, tilting your head, signaling him to go on
“i know my prank went way too far, you know it was never my intention to hurt you, i hate upsetting you.”
you’d smile and pull him into a hug
camilo’s tense form finally relaxed
you’d pull away but keep your arms around his neck
“i’m so glad i don’t have to keep this silent treatment up anymore.” you’d tell him with a giggle
“me too, i couldn’t stand it.”
“i love you.”
“i love you too, mi vida.” camilo whispered, placing a kiss on your lips
Tumblr media
before / during the argument
you noticed that luisa was overdoing it again
so, you tried to have a talk with her about taking breaks when she needs, and stuff like that
but she kept denying it, claiming she was just fine
and you kept telling her that she wasn’t and that she needed to take rests when needed
finally she snapped at you
you were taken aback 
luisa was never the one to snap or yell
she was always way more calm
you just slowly backed up a little
you decided to leave her to do her thing, you just headed back to your house.
during the silent treatment
luisa definitely felt bad for snapping at you
so after she finished her jobs for the day, she came to see if you were at your house
and she caught you right before you were about to walk in
you looked at her, your arms crossed
your posture looked angry, but your face looked upset
“i’m really sorry for snapping at you, you know i didn’t mean to.” luisa looked guilty, holding her arms open in hopes you would come into them
you really couldn’t stay mad at her
you knew she was just under a lot of pressure, she always felt like she had to keep going and going without breaks, feeling that it would weaken her in some way
after the silent treatment
“it’s okay, mi amor.” you told her as you walked into her arms
“i know you struggle with taking breaks and rests, but you deserve it you know? we all need to take breaks sometimes.” you continued
there was a brief silence 
“thank you for always caring for me, it really means more than you know.” luisa whispered 
“there’s no need to thank me luisa, i love you, and that’s just what you do when you love some one as much as i love you.”
Tumblr media
before / during the argument
ok so
you two had been dating since about mid way through out her and mariano’s “relationship”
isa was so scared to tell her family though
she feared that abuela would never approve of your relationship 
isa always had to be perfect
and that also included her relationship
abuela wanted her to marry well, possibly into a wealthy family
she also expected kids
so of course, you and her’s relationship was to stay hidden
and she promised you that she would break things off with mariano before things got to serious and tell the family about the two of you
and she did break things of with mariano, but not on her own terms as we all know
it was thanks to mirabel that they didn’t end up engaged
because honestly, you thought that her fear would make it go as far as the engagement 
but even after the failed engagement, casita breaking down and being built again, her and mira setting mariano up with dolores, and her abuela becoming more accepting, isa still hadn’t told anyone about your relationship 
and honestly at this point you were mad, tired, and kinda hurt by the whole thing
you were scared that maybe she was trying to keep you hidden because isa herself didn’t like your relationship anymore, and she just didn’t know how to break things off with you
so lets say you were sat on her bed one day
isa was still testing what other things she could make with her powers
so she was standing around, waving her hands as she tried to produce a different kind of plant
and it made you happy to watch her roam around freely making whatever plant she pleased now
but the whole relationship thing was still in the back of your mind
you decided that you needed to talk about it
“hey, isa” 
she would turn around from what she was doing to face you
“so, have you decided when you are going to tell your family about us?” you’d ask her
her face expressed one of fear
she was still terrified of telling her family
because part of her still feared that they would reject you
not approve you
and that would hurt her more than anything
because she loved you
“no, not yet. i’m still trying to figure out how to.” she said as she nervously tucked a piece of hair behind her ear
“isa c’mon, there has never been a better time to do it than now!” you would say, throwing your arms up in the air
“look y/n, i’m trying to do it at a good time” she told you, her voice rising the slightest
you scoffed at that, standing now
“isabele now is a good time! i dont know when the hell it will be a good time for you if now isn’t. abuela is becoming more accepting and less strict, and you and mariano aren’t together anymore! when will it ever be a good time for you?!” your voice kept rising and rising, finally yelling out the last sentence
you were right in front of her now, looking at each other
her eyes became angry, but also hurt in a way
“i think you should leave.” she would say coldly, turning away from you
so you did, you left
during the silent treatment
she had tried to come see you later that day, and thats when she realized you were giving her the silent treatment
that night while isabela laid in bed, she was so angry
she thought that she was in the right here
but the longer she laid there, she realized that maybe you were right
now was a good time
she couldn’t just keep you a secret forever
and she didn’t like that she had upset you at all
or the fact that you wouldn’t speak to her
so the next morning she got up and told her mom and abuela that she wanted everyone to meet you over a dinner tomorrow tonight
and of course were fine with it
quite excited to meet you as well
her mom had met you before, she just thought thet two of you were best friends
isa was going to go find you to apologize but as she open the casita door, you were standing on the other side about to knock
“isa, i’m sorry. i was too harsh on you. this whole things just stresses me out. i just want your family to know me.” you told her, and apologetic look on your face
isabela pulled you in a hug
“no, no, you were right. it’s about time i get the guts to do it, i was just so nervous that they wouldn’t approve of you or something. but, i told them that i’d like to introduce them to you, so we’re having dinner tomorrow!”
“really?” you’d ask
isabela would nod her head with a smile
after the silent treatment
the dinner went great
the whole family really liked you
and they could tell that you made isa happy
and they could tell that you two really loved each other
Tumblr media
before / during the argument
ok like
i cannot think of single argument idea for her
like why are we fighting with her
so, i’d say that when you two do fight (which is rarely), its just something really stupid and petty
during the silent treatment
you didn’t like giving her the silent treatment
and she didn’t either
so i feel like you two would make up pretty fast
after the silent treatment
you’d come back to casita and apologize
and of course she would accept it
and apologize too
and she would cuddle you because she felt bad about the whole situation
Tumblr media
before / during the argument
ok so
honestly idk what the argument would be about
so you can come up with that and be creative with it
during the silent treatment
this poor man
nobody would see him come out of his room while you were giving him the silent treatment
he would just in there and cry
bruno took the whole thing really hard
he was def on the edge the entire time
he really thought that this could be the end
that you wouldn’t want to be with him anymore
but obvi you were just trying to cool off from the whole situation
(lets say your his wife/husband here)
you’d stay in the town the whole day, helping with whatever you could, just so you wouldn’t have to see bruno
and at dinner you wouldn’t even look at him
you’d try to stay away from seeing him
you were pretty mad
not even sleeping with him bed at night
you opted to bunk with mirabel
and obviously she didn’t mind
and she would really be comforting to talk about the whole argument with
and she would actually encourage you to go talk about it with bruno
and you did
because you knew that she was right
after the silent treatment
you’d go knock on his door
and he wouldn’t answer until you told him it was you
that door opened faster than you have ever seen it open
and he would start to ramble out apologies
and you would shush him
“bruno stop, it’s ok, i forgive you. i blew the whole thing out of proportion.”
that night he held you so tight
as if he let go you might leave
pls never give this man the silent treatment again
he does not handle it well
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angemilo · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
¡ CHARACTERS camilo madrigal (ft. the warm madrigals)
¡ CONTAINS a certain shapeshifting madrigal taunting you with a surprise
¡ NOTES DNI if 18+, madrigalcest enjoyers, proshippers, anti-lgbtq+, just fuck off if you’re a fucking creep
Tumblr media
"milo! camilo, come on!" you laughed, straining on your tiptoes to try and get the parcel the shapeshifter was holding just out of your reach to no avail. camilo had the audacity to shift his appearance just the slightest, adding a few extra inches to his original height for the sole purpose of taunting you, and boy was it working. he wasn’t even that much taller than you, but he was making every inch count in his routine of teasing you.
"you really thought i was just going to give it to you? please," camilo snickered as he watched you continue to reach for the package, mirth and affection shining in his eyes, “you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that, amor.”
you groaned despite the smile on your face (damn camilo madrigal for having such an infectious smile), trying to step on his toes as a step stool, but to no avail. camilo didn’t even flinch.
“you are such an asshole!”
camilo just laughed, knowing you didn’t actually mean it, “ah, you wound me, mi vida.”
he had returned from a trip with tío agustín to his hometown beyond the mountains that acted as the border of their encanto just last night, and could barely wait to tell you that he'd brought you a surprise he'd picked up while travelling. the surprise that he was now refusing to give to you despite it being, well, your surprise, was of average size and wrapped in brown paper, a length of twine tied around it with a neat knot on the top. you had no idea what could possibly be inside that parcel, but god be damned if you don’t find out—
"camilo, seriously! you're killing me here!" your protests fell on deaf ears as camilo continued to keep your gift out of your reach, having the audacity to smirk while doing so (god, he was lucky he was cute.)
"what are you going to give me?" his response makes you stop struggling, only to look up to give him a look not quite unlike the one his mamí gave his papá whenever he unintentionally cut in while she was still speaking.
"you want payment for a gift?" you shook your head incredulously, leaning back from him to cross your arms over your chest with indignation, “are you being serious right now, camilo?”
“uh, duh,” he rolled his eyes, then winked at you slyly, “don’t worry, i’m cheap.”
you rolled your own eyes at that, but after a moment of contemplation as your gaze flitted between camilo’s knowing expression and the tempting parcel he was holding out of your reach. you would get an actual step stool to get it… though camilo would probably hunch over and almost die laughing before you even get the chance to use it. yeah, keeping your dignity sounds like a much better choice.
"how cheap?" you pondered on what he could possibly want in trade for the surprise present, doing a mental inventory of what you could offer (food, tía julieta’s arepas, permission to shapeshift as you to snag more of tía julieta’s arepas… or maybe he wanted you to ask abuela to let your lover have a break from chores, because chances of her saying no to the person she’s so convinced is going to marry her grandson in the future even though you’re both literally teenagers are slim to none.)
camilo smirked as he named his price for you:
"a kiss."
you blinked, your train of thought cutting off as you tilted your head and echoed, "a kiss?"
"a kiss," he repeated with a nod, his grin turning giddy and excited, "that's all i want."
“just a kiss.”
“one kiss?”
“well, maybe two if you’re feeling generous— mmph!”
he never managed to finish his sentence as you grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, tugging him down to press your lips against his firmly, camilo making a noise of surprise at the sudden action. it took a second for him to come back to his senses to kiss you back, one arm wrapping around your waist while the other continued holding onto the parcel. camilo hummed pleasantly against your lips, eyes fluttering close as he lost himself in your kiss.
then you pulled away all too soon.
"pleasure doing business with you," you beamed victoriously, snatching the parcel from his hand now that it was in your reach, his arm having been lowered just the slightest while you had been kissing him. camilo could only watch, dazed and lovestruck, as you skipped a few steps away to open your gift in peace.
you made quick work of untying the twine then pull off the wrapping paper quickly, eager to see what was beneath. you gasped as the title of the book under the wrapping came to view. elegant and gorgeous, it looked exactly like how you imagined the limited edition cover of your favourite book to be.
“well, do you like it?” camilo asked, giggling as you looked up at him, eyes shining. the look on your face was enough of an answer for him.
words had escaped you in that very moment, and you could only squeal loudly and rush to throw your arms around him, nearly making the both of you stumble and fall onto a heap on the floor. camilo chuckled as he recovered just in time, twirling you around in his arms while you laughed giddily.
(in la casa madrigal, dolores hummed and informed her family sitting around the table for an afternoon snack.
“it sounds like y/n is really happy about hermanito’s gift for them.”
beside her, antonio snorted, “well, we didn’t need a gift like yours to know that.”)
"thank you, mi sol," you laughed joyously, holding as tightly as he did to you, that fond and beaming smile lingering upon your lips when you heard him reply and felt a kiss upon the crown of your head.
"anything for you, mi luna.”
you grinned, giving him one last kiss before pulling away to admire the intricate design of the hardcover book. such a thoughtful gift, and he was so wonderful for bringing it to you—
—then, suddenly, realisation struck you.
“…you said the price for the surprise was cheap,” you turned to your boyfriend, smile falling from your face. he snorted and shrugged.
“i mean, the book was kind of expensive, but the price for you getting the parcel from me was pretty cheap, yeah—“ camilo’s face fell as the meaning of his words finally dawned upon him. he took a step back when he noticed your grim expression, “no, amor, i wasn’t saying that your kisses were cheap—“
“camilo eliás madrigal.”
“i wasn’t thinking when i said that! m-mi vida, por favor, put the book down and let’s talk about this—!”
(“well, he ruined that quickly,” dolores tutted as she took a sip of her tea. pepa opened her mouth to ask her what had happened with her son and his lover, when an ear-splitting scream cut through the entire encanto.
dolores just sighed as antonio began setting aside some of tía julieta’s arepas for his older brother’s return later on. he was going to need it.)
Tumblr media
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itstheimperfectwriter · 16 days ago
Hello hope your having a Fantastic day
Sorry if my English is bad
Can I request a camilo x fem reader (Rapunzel) who has long hair and able to heal people with her hair
Hi anon! Your English is fantastic, there is no reason to worry about it. I hope you enjoy and as always have a wonderful day/night <3
Warning: mentions of minor injury Pairing: Camilo x fem!reader (she/her pronouns) Masterlist || Requests are open || Request Guideline
Tumblr media
You often spent a lot of your time helping Juliette Madrigal. Both of you were healers, her with her delicious food and you with your long hair.
Not being a Madrigal and having a gift was unheard of before you arrived. Many people thought you were lying, doubting your powers. But you were quick to prove them wrong when you had healed the cut on a man's hand.
You had been blessed with your power since you were a child. Your parents praying for a miracle to save you and your mother after a difficult birth. By some chance, another power grated your parents wish giving you the power you have today.
Once the Madrigal's heard of your powers they were quick to seek you out. Camilo had been the first one to find you, quickly introducing himself before dragging you over to Castia to meet the rest of his family.
"Mi amor."
Camilo sounded guilty, like a child who got their hand caught in the cookie jar. He knew you worked a lot, everyday you were here with his tia healing the people of the town.
"Camilo, show me your hand."
You knew him well enough to know what goes through his head. This of course had not been the first time he had walked up to you guilty. Holding out your hand it only took a moment for him to place his hand in yours.
"I'm sorry mi amor. I know you work hard, I-" "It's fine Milo. I will always have time to heal you."
As you spoke you wrapped some of your arm around the small injury on his hand. A smile making it's home on your face as you do so. Once securing your hair you began to sing, your (H/C) glowing brightly as you did so.
While concentrating on your powers, Camilo's full attention was on you. No matter how many times he watched you heal people it had never secend to amaze him. The way you always seemed so in your element, how the glow of your air aluminates your face.
It only took a few moment to heal his small cut, before he knew it you were unwrapping your hair from his hand. Taking a moment to inspect it you nodded approving seeing not even the faintest mark to tell he was injured.
"All better." "No, not yet." "What do you mean, mi sol?" "You haven't kissed it better yet."
Giggles escaped you as you lifted his hand towards your lips, placing a soft kiss on his open palm. Camilo chukles a loving smile on his face.
"Better?" "Better."
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camiloamor · 14 days ago
Having a break after studying with camilo! Like he will bring you hot tea, or some arepas, and maybe cuddling? OH AND HIM SAYING “good job, mi vida! I’m so proud of you!”
study break
camilo x gn!reader
summary: camilo takes care of you with a well-deserved study break
a/n: this req has been sitting in my drafts for a while and i forgot to post it D: trying to finish up requests as i write my next fic
word count: 448
Tumblr media
“Everything okay, amor?”
Camilo walked into his room and looked over to his desk, where you had been perching over a homework assignment for the past hour and a half. You stared at the jumbled equation that seemed like gibberish at this point.
“Camilo, how the hell do I solve this?”
He came up next to you, set down a hot cup of tea on the desk, and peered over at your sheet of paper. He stared at the problem, becoming more visually perplexed each time he read it over.
“How about we take a break? You’ve been at that for so long…” He stood behind his desk chair, which you had been sitting on for what felt like forever. Your legs were already numbed from the lack of movement and a piercing pain in your lower back made it difficult to unwind.
Camilo put his hands on your shoulders and kissed the top of your head as you erased what you had been working on.
“You’re doing great mi vida, I’m very proud of you. I’m sorry I can’t be of too much help,” he whispered, pushing the teacup in front of your strained figure.
“Tia Julieta made this for you.”
He watched as you pressed the cup to your lips; the familiar cacao taste filled your senses, along with the warmth that blanketed your body. Your body began to unbend from the pain and the numbness in your legs washed away.
“Thank you amor,” you smiled at him. Camilo grinned and helped you out of your seat, massaging your hands between his own. His tenderness was enough to make you forget about any of your previous worries. Camilo analyzed the calluses and marks healing on your hands, pouting as he realized how hard you were being on yourself.
“Don’t overwork yourself so much, cosa linda…”
He brought the two of you to his bed and let you sink into his comforting physicality. He kissed your head and relaxed to the synchrony of your heartbeats.
“Camilo, I love you but i need to get this done tonight,” you protested, coming up from him (truthfully, with no intention of leaving). He wasted no time in pulling you back down, holding you firmly to ensure you wouldn’t be trying to get up again.
“Milo!” you groaned, giving up to put up any fight. “I need to finish that…” Of course, you’d rather be with him more than anything, especially more than doing homework.
“But I wanna cuddle, you can finish your dumb math later…” Camilo whined, tightening his grip. He refused to let you leave and you didn’t protest further.
“I’ll help you study later, just stay here with me for a little bit…”
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squeamishdionysus · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
I like to imagine after the magic returned to the casita each of the family members rooms no longer was just a reflection of their gifts but also their personal interests. No longer it Luisa's room a home gym, or whatever, it pretty freakin relaxing more beach like. Mirabel has room, and it reflects her intrest in crafting. Bruno's room no longer has a ridiculous amount of stairs. There litt hide holes for his rats and it's more cozy. Their rooms become a mixture of who they are and their gifts.
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