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wait for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life.
You and Camilo were inseparable for as long as the two of you can remember though a fateful accident and an angry father would tear the two of you apart. Camilo vows wait for you. No matter how long it takes.
masterlist !! part 2
“(Name)! Camilo!” A frustrated and angry scream had echoed on the streets of Encanto.
It was a common occurrence for the people of Encanto to hear one name after the other being yelled out followed by children’s laughter. Everyone had been used to it by now, shaking their heads as two familiar eight year old's had run by, hand in hand with one another.
The perpetrators? The trickster pair of Encanto, the infamous Camilo Madrigal and you, (Name) Castillo, the only daughter of the town’s revered tradesman as well as widower, Ignacio Castillo. The two of you had ruled the streets of Encanto with your pranks and jokes. It was an unlikely duo to be sure. Most thought of you as an angelic little girl who could do no wrong, unbeknownst to the people of Encanto, you were a menace. Maybe even worse than Camilo Madrigal whose infamy preceded his good deeds.
You two were inseparable, often being found side by side with one another. Many knew of the bond the two of you had. There was no Camilo without (Name), and there was no (Name) without Camilo.
“C’mon, (Name)!” Camilo exclaims as he pulls you to the townsquare, intent on losing the angry baker whose face was red with anger and covered with flour, chasing the two of you.
It would have been a normal occurrence had Camilo not been distracted by you. It was no secret that he had admired you, and as an eight year old boy, he thought nothing of it. Just some silly little crush that made butterflies flutter in his tummy. Just some silly crush that would have him awake all night thinking of that smile on your face. Just some silly little crush.. right? His freckled cheeks reddened as he tightened his hand on yours, giving it a squeeze as he looked back at your smiling face.
Your eyes were squeezed shut as you had laughed before your happy face had turned into one of horror and he felt you tug on his hand.
“¡Estar atento! Camilo, look out!” Before he could react he could feel himself crash into someone, ruana snagging onto a particular sharp corner of one of the milk crates in the farmer’s hands, pulling you with him and you had recognized the shouts of alarm from the local dairy farmer. Crates of precious bottled milk came toppling over and the milk had soaked the once dried path.
The aftermath was not a good one. You were both on the ground, reeling from the collision. Camilo groaned in pain, holding his head before a soft wince had caught his attention. He immediately sat up, ignoring his blurred vision, his now ruined ruana, and the pounding of his head.
“¿Estás bien, (Name)?!” The shapeshifter was by your side, helping you sit up. He grimaced at the sight before him but all he could focus on was you who gave him a toothy grin, ignoring your own pain to answer the worried boy.
“I’m alright, Camilo.” You reassure but before you can say anything more, a familiar and stern bark had made you stiffen up, freezing in Camilo’s embrace. “Oh no..” You had pursed your lips, glancing at the milk crates with the familiar brand that was embedded on the wooden grain.
‘Comercio de Castillo’ greeted your eyes and you knew you were doomed. Your father’s trade supplies. The whole lot of it now pooled underneath your sandals.
“(Name) Elena Mendoza Castillo!” You had paled, looking up to see your furious father. If he could have steam coming out of his ears you were sure he would have had it already. You hadn’t seen your father this angry before and you scrambled to stand up, grasping onto your now ruined dress that was stained with mud and milk. Shame filled you as a crowd had started to form, whispers and murmurs of gossipers filled your ears as they tried to see what had gone down.
“Papa..” You start weakly, unable to meet your father’s eyes. “Papá, Lo siento, we were just—“
“No, (Name), ¡He tenido suficiente! I have had enough!” He was red in the face. So red it put Isabela’s roses to shame.
“Señor, (Name) didn’t do anything,” Camilo starts weakly. Although he himself was afraid, he didn’t dare show it, mustering up the courage to stand between you and your father. Ignacio’s eyes softened for a moment but had hardened once more once he saw the bruises that appeared as the result of your painful collision with the crates and he shook his head. For a moment you were sure he’d just sigh again like always and then let you off but today was different. Today, it seemed like he had enough. “I was the one who bumped into the milk crates, please don’t be angry, Señor. I’m sure my abuela can do something about the–”
“No.” Ignacio was stone-faced, his tone firm as if he had settled upon something in his mind. He had ignored Camilo’s attempts of calming him down. “Tienes que parar. This has to stop. For too long I have been patient with you, mija. But no more.”
“Papa? What do you mean?” Clueless and dreading the worst, you ask.
“You are to leave Encanto. No longer am I putting up with this.. This reckless behavior. You are to attend boarding school in the city. I am no longer tolerating this behavior, (Name). Either you learn to become proper or you do not return at all.”
Camilo’s eyes widened. You? Leave? He immediately whipped his head to turn to you, your lower lip quivering as you burst into tears. Though there was little he could do as your father had swiftly picked you up in his arms, giving Camilo a look that the boy was unable to read before he marched to the direction of your home, your fists hitting the older man’s back as you sobbed and tried to reach out for Camilo.
You weren’t seen in town for days after that. Even as he waited upon your front gates with an apology he had practiced for a long while. The accident was relaid to his family and he had an earful of scolding from his mama, cautioning him of playing with you for a while as they heard of Ignacio’s scolding. The whole town had known what had gone down for rumors spread fast in a town as little as Encanto. Though that did not deter him. Everyday he had waited on the gates of your home. And everyday he would be disappointed as there was no sight of you. Today was different though, armed with flowers he had yanked from Isabela’s room, a basket of arepas from his Tia Julieta, and a chameleon stuffed toy he had made with the help of his mother, he had made his way to your home again. Only to find there was a horse-drawn carriage in front of your home.
It was only then he had spotted you, tears still streaming down your face as your father had knelt down, saying something he couldn’t quite hear. He could only make sense of a few words.
‘I’m sorry.. for your own good.. mother.. I don’t want you to end up.. same as her..”
You turn away from an apologetic Ignacio who had only sighed and gently embraced you before you had wriggled out of his grasp, clutching onto your dress as you made your way towards the carriage, not even noticing that Camilo had stood there until he said something.
You turned to look at him.
“Camilo..” Trying to wipe away the onslaught of tears that didn’t seem to stop no matter how much you rubbed, you caught his clueless gaze, smiling weakly as you spoke.
“I have to go.” The whisper made Camilo swallow thickly. “Papá wants me to learn how to be more proper.. how to be more ladylike..” He saw you grimace and stick your tongue out in distaste and if it weren’t for your departure, he would’ve laughed. He heard you sniffle before he felt you gently touching the ruana he wore. It was still ripped from the incident a few days ago.
Although he would want nothing more for you to stay, your father’s words, like his abuela Alma’s, was law. He nodded before gently pulling out the yellow chameleon stuffed toy that he had made. It wasn’t the most proper looking stuffed toy. It had mismatched stitching with different colored threads, buttons for eyes differing in size, but its eye colors had resembled Camilo’s.
You gasped as he gave it to you with a sheepish smile. “I figured, you needed a little part of town to go with you.” You held the stuffed toy close.
“Thank you, Camilo.” You murmur softly before you gently rummaged through the pile of leather chests, pulling out a white box with a yellow ribbon on it and handing it to him.
“This is to make up for ruining your ruana.”
Camilo parted his lips to say something, only to be interrupted by the coachman that took his place in front of the carriage. “Señorita Castillo. It’s time to leave.”
You purse your lips, glancing at Camilo briefly. “I have to go. Don’t forget me, okay?” You rushed past him, entering the carriage as you struggled to keep the tears at bay. Settling yourself on the soft cushions of the carriage seats, you held the stuffed toy close, intent on naming him Amarillo. Yellow as the sun that reminded you of the Madrigal boy.
Said curly haired boy had watched as you disappeared in the carriage, placing the box on the ground and carefully opening it up to reveal a yellow ruana with dark yellow stripes and chameleons embroidered on it. His eyes widened and he smiled, holding the ruana close to his chest, only then noticing the note that accompanied it.
‘If you see someone without a smile on their face, give them one of yours.’ And beside it was your name in delicate cursive swirls. ‘(Name)’
The carriage you sat in had moved, making you jerk forward and hold onto the stuffed toy tighter. Tears threatened to flow down your cheeks as you curled up against the walls of the carriage. You pulled your knees to your chest, trembling.
“(Name)..!” A shout had brought you out of your somber thoughts and you peered out the window to see Camilo running alongside your carriage. “When you come back, I’ll be sure to make you smile everyday!”
A smile graced your lips as you watched him run whilst holding his ruana close until he could run no longer. You sat back on your seat, clutching the stuffed chameleon close, a part of you knowing that you would return to the magical town of Encanto one day. And the thought comforted you. No longer did the tears come as someday you knew you would reunite with Camilo again.
Camilo still ran, his little legs burning as he tried in vain to catch up, only stopping when your carriage had left his sight and had left the town. He had sworn on that very moment that he would wait for you for however long it takes and would do right to ensure his promise to you would be fulfilled.
“I will wait for you.” He says, a look of determination on his features as he slipped the ruana on himself, smiling fondly.
For as long as it takes.
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so i know i said i would rest up but i couldn’t help it 😤✨ ive rewatched the book of life and thought why not make a camilo madrigal inspired fic ! let me know what you think and if you want to see more ?
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caramellahoney · 3 months ago
Camilo x Fem reader?? Where they get into a big argument and Camilo panics because he thinks she's going to leave him? ---tyy<33
“listen to the whispers.”
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: angst !
warning/s: suppressed emotions/toxic positivity, injuries, bullying, couple argument, hurtful words, emotional breakdowns,
a/n <33: not proofread! anyone up for a part 2?
They were childhood sweethearts, at least that’s what everyone called them. Through storms and sunshine, hand in hand they laughed and cried together.
Camilo was a loving partner, he was a doting son, a caring brother, and many more. Of course, she’s not the only one who noticed this, everyone knew Camilo for his warm personality. She was happy that people appreciated his kind-hearted nature but sometimes she couldn’t help but hear the whispers around town.
“Look what she’s wearing...try-hard much?” Frowning, the young woman ducked her head and walked faster. Whispers, she’s heard those whispers ever since she was a kid. You’d think she’d be used to it by now, but the words still sting.
Camilo wasn’t dumb, he knew there were rumors running around about his amor. Y/N confided in him about the bullying when they started dating, he chalked it up to insecurities and people being jealous. Pushing it aside with a comment of ‘Mi Vida, it’s alright. Just ignore them.’.
And she believed him, suppressing those negative emotions back and replacing them with happy thoughts. She listened to his reassurances and drowned herself in his love and affection. However, as the years went by, her resilience grew weak and she found herself feeling more and more disconnected.
Yelping, Y/N felt herself suddenly fall forward, her hands and knees scraping against the harsh concrete. She cradled her left hand as her wrist painfully throbbed . A chorus of giggles caught her attention and she whipped her head up to see a group of girls staring at her slumped form with amused grins. Ah, it was the town chismosas.
“Oh my- I am so sorry. My foot must have slipped and hit yours accidentally!” One of the girls spoke up, loud laughter quickly following afterwards. Y/N hid her face with her shawl and quickly got to her feet, running away from the humiliating scene.
She ran and ran feeling her lungs burn painfully. Once she made it to the front door of Casita, she slammed the door open and stumbled into the house. She halted to a stop, taking in deep heavy breaths.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Don’t listen to them-
“Y/N?” She shifted her gaze to her side, seeing Dolores beside her. The older woman soothingly rubbed her back, a smile on her lips.
“Come on, let’s get this healed up.” Dolores gestured to her knees and hands, slowly guiding the girl to the kitchen. Y/N kept her gaze downward, avoiding eye contact with the Madrigal.
“Please don’t tell Camilo about this-” She blurted out and Dolores paused, her doe eyes staring at Y/N.
“It’s been years. Years of all that bullying, I’ve kept it a secret from my hermano for so long. Why are you so hesitant to tell him? You do realize you can’t ignore this forever?” Y/N just closed her eyes, not in the mood to argue with Dolores right now.
“Just one more, please? Keep it a secret for longer?” Y/N pleaded, her voice cracking. Dolores furrowed her brows, her eyes flickering to the girl’s pitiful expression.
“Fine. One more secret.” Dolores muttured, seeing Y/N immediately relax as her face morphed from desperation to relief.
Dolores just watched, she knew why Y/N was doing all of this. It was for Camilo, it was all for him. She knew the girl was strong but eventually cracks are bound to break through her tough persona. The question was how long she could keep herself together.
Dolores thought for a bit, and muttered a quiet apology to Y/N.
Camilo has to know.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Camilo sighed, running his hand through his curls. Y/N bit her lip and fiddled with her fingers.
“I just didn’t think you’d care so much Cami- It’s just a little accident-You’re just going to say the same thing. Just ‘think happy!’ or ‘you’ll get over it. ' And I’m trying to but I know that they’re waiting and hoping for me to mess up so they can see that I’m not good enough for you!”
“Y/N, por favor. We’ve been through this situation thousands of times. If you’re insecure about me leaving you, you have nothing to fear. I only want you, mi vida.” Camilo whispered softly, he went to wrap his arms around her but Y/N scooted away. Camilo felt his heart sting and grew frustrated.
“Do you not trust me?” Camilo muttered bitterly, Y/N immediately snapped her head up to glare at him.
“What? What are you talking abou-”
“Do you not trust me? You’re always so worried about what they’re thinking about. And I'm just- I’m getting tired of it ok? I just want to see you happy.” Camilo groaned, burying his head in his hands. She knew he was just frustrated and emotional right now. She knew he didn’t actually mean what he was saying. But for fucks sake, she was tired too.
Years of emotional suppression finally catched up to her and she cracked. Her heart lurched in her chest and she started sobbing uncontrollably.
Although Camilo was annoyed with her, his heart still ached when he heard her cry. He reached out to comfort her but immediately started panicking when she started to choke and gasp for air, her crying growing more violent and loud.
“Amor-Amor! It’s ok-” Camilo held her tightly against his chest as she screamed in anguish. What he assumed was just a small argument quickly escalated. For once in his life, Camilo didn’t know how to comfort her.
Y/N seized her screaming and pulled away from Camilo’s arms. Still sobbing, she stomped towards the door but was quickly stopped by Camilo. She turned to face him, eyes full of hurt as she stared into his teary brown orbs.
“Don’t you ever listen? I’m tired, Camilo.” She whispered softly. Camilo looked lost and confused, awkwardly fiddling with his ruana- trying to keep his tears from spilling. His eyes anxiously darted across the room, a feeling of dread building up in his stomach. He tried to reach for her but felt his heart break when she just stepped back, away from him.
"What are you—are we ending our-? Please tell me we're not...just-just calm down amor. por favor”
“I’m tired, Camilo.” Was all she said before leaving the room.
Camilo didn’t sleep a wink that night, how could he? He spent the entire night looking back to where he could have gone wrong. And it didn’t take him long to realize what it was. The hurt in her eyes last night told him everything.
After composing himself, he took a deep breath and went to step out of his room. He swung the door open and froze after seeing Dolores in front of him.
Dolores had heard it all, he concluded. She scanned her brother from head to toe, his eyes were noticeably puffy and red. He had a ‘kicked-puppy-look’ on his face and nervously shifted around.
“Me and Y/N talked last night.” Camilo immediately tensed up and leaned closer to Dolores, interested.
“She’s not leaving you but know that she feels deeply hurt.” Camilo immediately felt relieved, nearly falling back as his body eased. There were still a lot of issues that needed patching up but for now, he was just grateful that she wasn’t leaving him.
He was determined to make things right. This time he was going to listen to her.
please, my angst is so bad I'm sorry 👹👹👺
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pink02 · 2 months ago
Thoughts abt Camilo:
Tumblr media
Found it from twt by @20ROGUITAS
So eventually they actually planned Camilo to be like this, having the jerk cousin role 💀
This is from the graphic novel of Encanto feel free to check it out if you want.
Tumblr media
Also saved this cause they're such a happy family <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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𝐊𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐈𝐭 𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐭𝐥𝐞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- camilo madrigal x gn!reader
- 18+ users dni!
- soulmate au! red strings of fate
- warnings! a bit angsty for now!
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six
Tumblr media
Coming from a family that has the ability to see red strings is a very huge responsibility you have to uphold. You have been trained to never spoke a word about it, you can't even mention the word soulmates. In fact, that word was forbidden in order for the family to get used to keeping it subtle.
In Encanto, obviously your family was still required to never speak of the red strings. You personally have no problems in keeping it a secret, in fact, you enjoy match making those who were tied to each other by a single red string. You had always have a system when it comes to match making, a plan you execute to help those who'd like to confess to their fated soulmates. It's a secret of course, you don't want to stand out as a matchmaker.
Today is no different, the summer wind blowing softly as you walked through the town. Taking note of everyone's strings for future use. You kept your hands behind your back, a habit you developed so that you won't be nervous all the time and worrying when you will meet your soulmate whilst in public.
As you were skimming through the crowd, you spotted the Madrigals taking a stroll through the town. Perhaps their day off for today, you thought. You got a little closer, just enough to spot their pinkies, you smiled, excited to one day help them find their soulmate. Your eyes landed on the shapeshifter, he was chatting with a girl beside him, their hands intertwined. Your eyes habitually went to their pinkie, you were surprised to see the girl's string was attached to someone in the crowd of busy people. And that, the shapeshifter, doesn't have a string at all.
Huh, they're not soulmates nor does the boy have a string at all.
Weird, you shrugged it off, he was still a tad young, time will tell of his fate. You turned away from the family and walked back to your chores.
Tumblr media
"Yn, go take some more things from the store, we need to sort these out by noon!" you heard a family member of yours called, you swiftly turned to an alleyway, a shortcut that saves you time and strength. With your head up in the clouds, you didn't realise that you had bumped into someone and fell onto the pathway.
"Oh, shoot. Didn't see you there sorry," the boy lent a hand, you looked up to see that it was the shapeshifter.
"You're the shapeshifter," you mumbled.
You accepted his hand, you felt your pinkie tingle but you shrugged it off as a small brief headache reached you.
"Camilo Madrigal, at your service," Camilo beamed, you find his smile charming. You looked down at the hand he lent to help you and saw a red string wrapped around your pinkie and you noticed his was too. Your eyes widened, they're connected. Camilo was still smiling when you glanced at him. He was oblivious, of course he was, he wouldn't know you could see red strings.
You swiftly yanked your hand away, Camilo eyed you questionably.
"Sorry, I gotta go," you quickly walked past by him, murmuring a thank you in between. Your face burned, realising you had just met your soulmate. You didn't mean to run away, well sort of. I mean, how could you tell someone that you're their soulmate without telling them you could see red strings.
You sighed as you picked up a few things from the store and brought it back to where you were before.
As you were heading to the store again, you spotted Camilo laughing along with kids. The girl from earlier had her arms linked around his, happily laughing at a joke Camilo made.
You felt the people around you slowed down and your arms limped to your sides as realisation hit.
'Ah, right. Camilo Madrigal has a girlfriend,'
Tumblr media
This is more like a, pilot or preview part for Keep It Subtle or a prologue if you will. I hope this series piqued your interest!
Honestly looking forward on writing this one! As someone who really like soulmate aus, this is my first soulmate au which is surprising.
clouds! @dai-tsukki-desu @junqwonni @im-a-ranger-who-screams-allons-y @lost-lonnie @salem-xd @reirain @chayauwu @jasmineblogs43 @gloomy-writer @kailoveswom3n @kissmilo @alexaizawa @sh1mzu @mellowberrie @xreaderandshits @houseofmaddnessandarts @camilos-mivida
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Tumblr media
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rinsenka · 3 months ago
Magic Trick | Camilo × Gender Neutral Reader
About a day ago, your best friend, the Camilo Madrigal declared that he'll learn a magic trick that will surprise you (not involving his gift ofc), and you, as the oh-so-supportive best friend you are, laughed at his antics and just shook your head.
"What? You don't think I could do it?" He grinned at you, "Guess I'll just have to prove you wrong, Cariño."
"Oh? I'd like to see you try, Hermoso." You gave a shit-eating grin, because there's no way in hell you're backing down even if you can feel your cheeks burning.
Well, that was yesterday. Now you're just waiting for Camilo at your usual spot under a tree, and oh was he late. You started staring at the clouds as memories of Camilo came flooding in, you couldn't stop the smile forming on your face as you remembered your first meeting with the shapeshifter.
"Excuse you, I got here first!" Your 7-year-old Self stomped your foot at the boy infront of you.
He shapeshifted into you and just laughed, "Guess we both got here first, well you know because I'm you now." He was expecting you to throw another tantrum but was shocked to hear you laughing instead.
"I guess you're right, that was smart. It caught me off-guard." You composed yourself as you wiped a tear from your eye from laughing. "I'm Y/N by the way."
He smiled as he held out his hand, "And I'm-"
"Camilo Madrigal." You cut him off and smiled as you shook his hand. "Everybody knows you."
Ever since then, you and Camilo have been hanging out everyday. You got to know parts of him that nobody else knew, and before you knew it... you were inlove with the shapeshifter but never did you once consider telling him how you feel. You never wanted to risk what both of you had, you never wanted to risk losing Camilo.
"Hello? Earth to Y/N?" You snapped out of your thoughts as you saw Camilo waving his hand infront of you, chuckling. "Geez, Cariño I thought you were sleeping with your eyes open or something."
You playfully rolled your eyes and giggled, "And care to tell me why you're late, Hermoso?"
"What, can't a guy make his hair fabulous?" He jokingly bounced his curls as he held out his hand, motioning for you to stand up.
You gave him a questioning look as you took it, "Okay pretty boy, but why make me stand up?"
"How can I show you the magic trick that will make you eat your words from yesterday if you don't stand up?"
"Well, you can do it while I'm sitting?"
"Oh my god, Cariño-"
"Okay okay, I'm co-operating." You laughed, "Just start Hermoso."
"Okay then, left or right?" He asked as he held out both his hands infront of you. You looked at him in disbelief, "Seriously? That's your magic trick?"
"Oh come on, it's so easy to pick Cariño." You shrugged and contemplated which one to pick, "Hmmm, left."
He slowly lifted his left hand to stroke your cheek lovingly before moving to push back some stray strands of your hair behind your ear. This caught you waaaayyyyy off-guard and you can feel your system go out of control: heart beating, cheeks burning, mind dying-
"Camilo, what are you doing?" You tried to ask casually but also didn't even bother stopping him, he chuckled and pulled back his left hand to reveal a red rose.
You gasped in shock as you looked around you for more tricks. "Okay Hermoso, I didn't expect you to do a smooth job there."
"That's not all Cariño."
"There's more?"
He nodded as he softly took your hand and placed the flower between yours and his. You stared at him with pure curiosity (while tryharding to stop blushing) as he held up both of your hands infront of you.
"One rose for the decade I have spent with you. Two hands for the happiness I wish for you, and three words for the feelings I have for you. Y/N, I love you."
Now you were really shocked, you just stood there and stared at his face as he chuckled, "Guess I finally made you speechless huh?"
You finally processed what he said and started tearing up as you immediately tackled him into a hug, "Camilo Madrigal, I love you too."
"Cariño, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this." He couldn't stop the smile forming on his face nor his heart's uncontrollable beating, knowing that the person he loved for ten years is finally his under the same tree they first met.
Ok, this is my first fanfic. Please forgive my grammatical errors :)). I hope I did a good job lmao ok bye enjoy
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kitasgloves · a month ago
"sixteen going on seventeen"
Tumblr media
— you've always had your eyes set on Camilo for a very long time, it was impossible not to. Camilo found you pretty too so why not take the chance? being a tad younger than he doesn't mean you're incapable of the things he says.
— songfic
— female reader. I do not speak fluent Spanish and all of the Spanish here is translated from google, feel free to correct me if I got something wrong though I will refrain from using too much Spanish.
— none
I watched this scene from the sound of music and it screams Camilo and reader energy so I had to write a fic lmao. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
It really began with the townsfolk when you heard of Camilo Madrigal. You were only eight when you saw the shapeshifter, shining brightly in the crowd with his yellow ruana under the sunlight. There was a glimmer in your doe eyes as he twirled and made the entire town cheer with delight. He was like a dream, a blazing beam. The brightest star you have ever seen. Since that day, you never learned how to take your eyes away from Camilo.
The young Madrigal only heard of you after his 12th birthday. Camilo saw you among the crowd with a beautiful dress and eyes he can easily get lost in. You were the prettiest thing he has ever laid his eyes on. He would purposely seek you out in the crowd, your eyes will meet him and he'll melt inside. The way you look at him like that made him feel so bare like you can see his soul and he loved it.
Years roll by, there were opportunities for you two to get close, and you both did. Always chasing each other around town, often relentlessly teasing each other. It was a matter of time did you both developed feelings for each other that are more than friendship. Both of you wanted to stay with each other forever.
Eventually, your 16th birthday arrives. It wasn't much of a big deal except that you're growing aware of the world around you. First, there's puberty then self-consciousness. It bothered you sometimes how you present yourself outside, you wished you didn't care but you did. But you learned how to explore how the world works around you, therefore, you weren't naive. You're perfectly capable by yourself.
Camilo was older than you, he acted in a way like he was the boss and you were just a little girl when in actuality there's only a one-year age gap between you and him. He did age excellently, Camilo was more handsome and it's driving you loca when he parades around town and spares you a playful wink. It was no secret that he was a natural performer, always catching people's attention and setting them on fire. He's charismatic, fun, and everything a girl would swoon for.
After you blow out your birthday candles, you head outside your house and let the guests enjoy your birthday party. Life has been awfully slow for you. You were pretty and all dolled up for being sweet sixteen. You huffed and sat outside by the garden.
You screamed. You hear a loud cackle and your face relaxes. Camilo makes an appearance, dashingly handsome as always. He takes a seat beside you with a teasing grin on his lips, you roll your eyes at him.
"What are you doing out here, cumpleañera?"
He asks. You shrug and dust off the nonexistent dust on your dress. Every time Camilo comes around, your self-consciousness goes off the roof. You wanted him to see that you're beautiful and deserving of his attention. He raises a brow and whistles.
"What? Is being sixteen that boring for you?"
"Not gonna lie, it is"
Camilo scoots closer to you, almost making you tense up. It's hard trying not to admit that you're in love with him, it almost feels as if he's pushing you to your limit every time. Now, after many years, did you decide to change the situation.
"I wanna know what's out there, 'Milo"
You say. Camilo runs a hand through his gorgeous hair and scoffs at you. He gives you a look as if you said a funny joke.
"I think you're not ready to see what the world is like, princesa"
Your face turns sour at his words. Did he really think you're a vulnerable little thing that won't last a day out there in the real world? Ha! The jokes on him. Camilo places a hand on your knee and gives you a shit-eating grin.
"Why, you're such a baby!"
"I'm sixteen. What's such a baby about that?"
You rebut at him. Camilo tilts his head with mild bewilderment, amusement in his eyes. He crosses his legs and then rests his arm on his thigh, slowly leaning close to you with a playful smile. You gazed at him, confused.
"You wait, little girl, on an empty stage. For fate to turn the light on"
Camilo begins to sing and nods as he looks into your eyes. He tugs your heartstrings with his melodious voice and you had to prevent yourself from swooning.
"Your life, little girl, is an empty page that men will want to write on"
He nods his head with each word he sings, not breaking eye contact. Camilo had to be purposely pushing you to the edge, so you smiled and decided to finally cross the line you made.
"To write on..."
You start to sing. Your eyes glance down to his lips then back to his eyes, and your body starts to lean forward towards him. Camilo gulps, his eyes growing wide as he leans back, avoiding you. He watched you with sheer surprise while you inch your face closer to his.
"You are sixteen going on seventeen. Baby, it's time to think"
Camilo interrupts, pointing at you to stop yet his eyes remain wide and waiting for what was actually going to happen. You bite off a large grin as you watch him lose his cool.
"Better beware, be canny and careful"
He regains his signature smile and composure as he continues to sing. You lean back and stopped towering over him, knowing you just made him nervous which rarely happens.
"Baby, you're on a brink"
The tone of his voice was heavenly but teasing, he softly pats your shoulder like a pal and you had to tilt your head then roll your eyes at him. Camilo stands up, avoiding your watchful gaze.
"You are sixteen going on seventeen. Fellows will fall in line"
He makes his way to your other side and looks at you. His hand gestures in front of you, singing about how a lot of lads will fall in line to get to you.
"Eager young lads and rogues and cads Will offer you food and wine"
Camilo continues and motions to you. He sees the look of excitement in your eyes when he mentioned food and wine, it was adorable. He smirks then walks behind you.
"Totally unprepared are you to face a world of men"
He looks forward, taunting you as he sang. You turn your head with a cheeky smile and slowly moved your face close to his, your noses brushing. But Camilo abruptly pulls his face away, ignoring the nervous pounding of his heart.
"Timid and shy and scared are you"
You raised a brow at him as he sings teasingly at you like you were a little child. You copy the playful look on his face, you lean forward eager to get close to his again. Camilo raises a finger at you and then keeps his distance away.
"Of things beyond your ken"
Camilo keeps his eyes on you when he sings. He was baffled to see you so set on getting close to him, he almost believed you were going to kiss him if he gets too close, maybe he'll let it happen but first, he has to continue playing.
"You need someone older and wiser. Telling you what to do"
You gaze at him as he pointed at you. Camilo marches, facing away from you as he sang. You can tell that he wanted to play with you, so you take the bait. He swiftly turns around with a charming smile.
"I am seventeen going on eighteen. I'll take care of you"
He winks with a hand on his chest and proudly sings, successfully making your knees feel like jelly. You couldn't take what he was doing to you, so you open your arms wide and then ran into his arms as you twirl him around with glee. Camilo's breath hitches at the sudden contact, he halts you with a serious look on his features. He gestures his finger at you to stop, your smile purposely drops as you pretended to become upset at him. You held your chin up and walked away.
Camilo sighs in slight regret, not knowing if you were even joking or not. He gently touches your arm, taking his hand out for you to take. You look at him for seconds then took his hand only to give it a firm handshake. You start to walk away and he chased after you, Camilo's hand slides down from your shoulder to your hand as you immediately take it. Your smile returns and you gracefully lead him back to take a seat, thinking victory is yours.
Suddenly, thunder roars in the sky. Camilo feels the raindrops, he glances around and finds a cover. He stands and runs toward the dry shade, leading you with him to avoid getting soaked in the rain. Surely, it starts to pour and he clicks his tongue now that he has to wait until the rain passes. You grin, knowing you have him all to yourself. You walk up to him and tapped his shoulder.
"I am sixteen going on seventeen. I know that I'm naive"
You sing. You reached to touch his forearm as you slide to take his hand and pull him closer to you. Camilo reluctantly watches, your voice sounds so sweet in his ears.
"Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet. And willingly I believe"
You let go of his hand and let your arms open wide, you cutely twirled in front of him. Camilo can't stop the toothy smile appearing on his face as he laughed.
"I am sixteen going on seventeen. Innocent as a rose"
You lock your eyes on him and teasingly swayed from side to side, the fake innocent look on your face morphs into a sly grin as you twirl and sat down on a vacant seat.
"Bachelor dandies, drinkers of brandies. What do I know of those?"
Camilo sees your shrug and extends your hands. As the rain begins to pour hard outside and thunder continues to roar, he finds himself in a bit of a tricky situation.
"Totally unprepared am I. To face a world of men"
You stand up nodding your head, he keeps his eye on you as you walked towards his side with your hands behind your back. Camilo swallowed with disbelief, you take a huge step next to him as he feels your fingers slowly tracing upwards towards his shoulder. He shuddered.
"Timid and shy and scared am I. Of things beyond my ken"
Your fingers reach to tickle him on the ear as he recoils and tries to walk away. You swiftly stop him by standing on a small platform, boosting yourself up making you taller than him. You look down at Camilo and caught him by his shoulders.
"I need someone older and wiser. Telling me what to do"
Camilo listens to you sing as you wagged your finger at him. He starts to be short-circuited because of how angelic you are singing. With unblinking eyes, he gazed at you dreamily.
"You are seventeen going on eighteen..."
You smirk at the lovestruck look on Camilo's face. You reach and twirled one of the curly strands of his hair around your finger. He melts by your touch and blissfully closes his eyes as he feels your other hand caressing his hair.
"I depend on you"
You sing with a victorious look on your features now that you got him where you wanted. You stroked his face. Camilo slowly opens his eyes and sees your face silently inching closer to his, he almost gasped. So he grabs you by the waist and dips you, making sure his face is away from yours. You peek through your lashes and noticed the evident blush on Camilo's cheeks as he gazes at you.
Camilo immediately pulls you back up and raises both of his hands telling you to wait with a flat look on his face. When he spins and then held out his hand for you, the smile on your face is as big as ever. You gladly take his hand as you two dance together. He grins as he spins you around, unable to believe if his feelings for you were getting reciprocated. You continue to dance with him, your hand remaining in his with his other resting carefully on your waist.
The two of you looked at each other with identical smiles on your faces as you danced around. The hard rain outside was ignored as you and Camilo moved in sync like you were the remaining people in the world. One more spin with your hands on each other's waists and a free hand extended. Your hands meet again and spun together as you both performed your choreography, deep at the moment. Eventually, you both pull away, spin, and sat opposite, and face each other.
You were panting, there was an unsure look on your face. Camilo was the same, looking like he was questioning what you two were doing was alright. You both gently rise, not breaking your gazes on each other. The sound of the pouring rain was loud but not louder than the pounding of your heartbeat. You deliberately tried to spin away from him, slowly becoming nervous. However, when your spinning comes to a stop, you meet face-to-face with Camilo. He was breathing loudly as he peered down on you with uncertainty.
The moment you spun again, you didn't know he was doing it too and it happens again. You end up facing each other, forcing you both to realize that this wasn't some game anymore. It repeats one more time, without a word being exchanged after all the dancing, singing, and teasing.
Soon, you spin one last time and meet him. Camilo couldn't resist it anymore. As you were about to resort to running away and hiding forever. Camilo grabs your shoulders and then firmly placed a kiss on your lips. Your pupils were as wide as the moon when you felt his lips on yours, a warm feeling within you bloomed, and your entire body feels so fuzzy. But when you were about to return the kiss, he pulls away and then looks at you for a second before sprinting away towards the pouring rain with a relieved smile on his face leaving you.
You stood frozen until a smile of disbelief formed on your face, you couldn't believe it, Camilo just kissed you and he feels the same! The amount of happiness you were experiencing was bubbling inside of you and it overflows so you had you let out a huge squeal in the open. Maybe being sixteen wasn't that bad at all.
Tumblr media
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inv3ntory · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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margotssketches · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I wanted Frisk and Camilo to have the same realitionship Mirabel and Isa have. Basically both theater kids and happy-go-lucky kids but Abuela picked Frisk to be in the spotlight like Isa but preassured her into developing extreme anxiaty. Their gift is giving and receiving energy at will, so a lot of people go to them to get their energy restored and they get tired instead(that's why the eyebags). Energy can come in different ways, usually Abuela insist on a soothing and calming way while they can also make their feelings 'explode'. Literally, they can make fireworks with their energy, kind of like Pepa with her clouds.
Tumblr media
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lqvereid · a month ago
Hey Tumblr bffs, I made a fanfic of mi vida, Camilo and I was wondering if y’all would like to check it out?
def not self promo😅
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hey-yes-hi-hello · 4 months ago
Hah, I made another one
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dos-oroguitas · 3 months ago
carlos madrigal headcanons
Tumblr media
Carlos was born a few minutes after Camilo and unlike his brother who had given his parents a smile once he was born, Pepa and Felix received a glare from the younger twin.
Him, Camilo, and Mirabel were close whilst growing up and would often hang out with one another.
Even though he’s the youngest, Carlos would be the one who acts as if he’s the more mature one.
“Camilo, Mirabel, don’t get yourselves into trouble.”
“We won’t, Carlito.” Eye twitching because he doesn’t like nicknames but he’ll make exceptions.
While Carlos was Carlito, Camilo is Camilito. It was cute. They matched.
Upon getting his powers, he wouldn’t be like Camilo who was eager to help the town. He had developed a dislike for the townspeople of Encanto after shunning his Tio Bruno.
He doesn’t do Camilo’s little twirl when he shifts into someone else. He just stands there menacingly. It’s a bit unnerving.
While Camilo is a theatre kid, Carlos is more of a sportsy type of kid. Often he excels in sports related activities but his lack of motivation to do anything plus his short temper makes it hard for him to play team sports.
Regularly gets into fights with boys his age because unlike Camilo, he isn’t the type to make people smile with his gift. He’s the type to create chaos.
That being said he once tried to blow out the candle for not giving Mirabel a gift.
He sticks close to Mirabel just in case someone teases her for having no gift.
He would pull a knife on them.
“Mirabel? Delivery! I gave you the “special” since you’re the only Madrigal kid with no gift. I call it the “not special” special. Since uh, since you have no gift.”
Cue a click of a pocket knife.
“You want me to remove that gut of yours, Osvaldo?”
He’s definitely Alma’s least favorite because he doesn’t help as much and doesn’t use his gift much to honor the miracle. He could care less though.
Carlos deemed that the townspeople weren’t worthy of helping after knowing about his Tio Bruno from his sister Dolores.
He would still often get mistaken for Camilo which he isn’t thrilled about no matter how much he loved his brother.
He would wear more darker colors, heavily contrasting Camilo’s bright yellows with dark or burnt oranges.
The two slits on his eyebrows weren’t intentional.
After getting into a fistfight with someone who bullied Mirabel, he had acquired a wound on his eyebrow from the impact of their punches. Which he had returned tenfold. Rather than letting Julieta heal it, he allowed it to heal naturally despite many protests.
This would later become the two slits you see on his eyebrow and a way on how to tell Camilo and him apart.
Carlos has a beauty mark on the left side of his chin next to his lower lip.
He also has heterochromia. His right eye is brown while the left eye is green.
Unlike Camilo who is more into acting and plays, Carlos is more into musical instruments and plays the tiple.
He doesn’t get into fights often but when he does he’s giving it his all. If you say some shit about his family, best watch your back.
He loves his family but he has his own way of showing it.
His voice is Camilo's Italian VA
Definitely knows about his uncle inside the walls because Dolores babbles about his Tio's telenovelas.
Cries along with Dolores when the main character rat he was rooting for gets killed off.
Probably the least pressured of the Madrigals since he could care less about helping the town.
Has the tough guy exterior going on but he does care.
Definitely gets on Alma's nerves.
After Casita gets rebuilt, he may be helpful at times.. only if he's up for it.
Still a menace.
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh vanity-insecurity @roundsquishydubu @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs–wife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @clovdy-svnshine @sleezy-AXERIIX @dylanjones @merymikey @emitune @cappuccinoko @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @froothoops @unstableyetloveable @ionlyshopathottopic bxbykyla @froggydobegaytho @blobette @casitasbestie @tsukijin thelovehashira143 @jjk-ily
idk man im hyperfixating shh
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caramellahoney · 3 months ago
could i get camilo x fem!reader who just loves the water, whether it be rain, the ocean, a lake, etc. and pepa was just having a really bad day, she stayed in her room but it still started raining outside, and reader dragged camilo outside to dance in the rain with her and pepa sees them and while it’s still raining there’s a rainbow outside and above pepa (im picturing it being like sunset)
tysm ❤️❤️❤️
"take my hand, dance with me under the rain."
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: no proofread!- lip biting (only once lol)
a/n: this was so fun to make awwe -- also “Camilo Valdez Madrigal” isn't his canon name, it's just my headcannon
listen to this for the vibes:
The sky was gloomy as Camilo hears drops of water gently patting against the rooftop. His mother was having a bad day and had locked herself in her room. Camilo decided it was best to leave her alone for a while and had instead decided to stand by the house entrance to admire the serenity outside. He shivered as the cold humid air nipped at his arms. The boy took his ruana and wrapped it around himself, feeling relaxed and warm.
“Camilo!” A distant call makes him snap his head up, eyes locking with a very familiar gaze. She smiles when she sees him, quickly rushing over. She drops the umbrella in her hands on the ground, quickly engulfing Camilo in a tight hug. Camilo chuckled and wrapped his arms around her, leaning back against the wall.
“Is mami ok?”
“She’s fine, mi vida. Mami just needs to let off some steam.” Y/N hummed and buried herself into his neck, not realizing that he was softly gazing at her. Camilo’s heart was beating erratically but it seemed that time for him had slowed down as he found peace being with her. His eyes darted between her form and the rain, an idea popping up in his mind.
“Take my hand, dance with me under the rain.”
Out of nowhere, Camilo grabs her hand and pulls her under the rain. She gasps when she feels the drops of water start to drench her hair and clothes. Camilo just laughs and holds both of her hands with his.
“You are crazy, amor.” She jokingly whispered as Camilo pushes her away slightly so he could spin her around, watching as her skirt elegantly twirls around her form. The girl suddenly yelps as Camilo drops her into a dip. He leaned down to her face and grinned before tenderly kissing her.
Camilo hummed into the kiss, he felt his thick curls start to droop down from the rain but he paid no mind to it. His heart was so full of adoration for this girl and this was a feeling he wanted to experience for the rest of his days.
Breaking away, he started to place sloppy kisses on her face this time. Her chest rumbled with laughter and Camilo pulled her up again. He was smiling so wide, he felt his cheeks start to burn.
“If I’m crazy for doing this then I’ll gladly make you insane.” He started to slowly sway with her in a loose form of the cumbia. His cheeks were warm as the shapeshifter swore his heart was leaping up for joy right now. His feet stepped in synch with hers, hands far too busy clasped in each other’s grip. Y/N giggled and popped her hips, tapping her feet along to an imaginary beat.
The shapeshifter clung to the warmth of her skin as she pressed against him. Both of them sharing another tender and sensual kiss under the rain. He pulled away from her, lightly biting her bottom lip as he did.
“Camilo Valdez Madrigal!” She glared at him lightly, her face flushing as she slapped him on the shoulder. Camilo just sent her a cheeky grin, far too dizzy with excitement. He couldn’t think of a time he’d ever been happier. Bright sunshine suddenly surrounded the two of them as a rainbow appeared, despite that- the rain didn’t disappear.
Camilo caught sight of his mother standing by the balcony. She was crying happy tears while Felix stood beside her. Felix sent Camilo a thumbs up, watching as his son snorted— sending him one back. Pepa just smiled at him softly, holding her hand to her chest.
“They grow up so fast, corazon.” Pepa sniffled as she leaned against her husband. Pepa raised her hand to wave at Y/N, watching lovingly as the girl waved back. Felix smiled, softly caressing her sides.
“They do, mi vida. They do.”
Camilo turned his attention back to Y/N, pulling her flush against him. With a soft smile, she angles her head up to place a small kiss on his lips. Both of them shared a little laugh afterwards.
“Dance with me in the rain again, with the rainbows and sunshine this time.”
taglist (comment/send an ask to be added):
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pink02 · 3 months ago
Camilo slandering Carlos!! Low-blow Camii
Owl house meme reference!! I cannttt
Carlos and Camilo simps 💀💀
Tumblr media
[Aftermath snippet of the twins link. (#Carlos-is-just-a-softy)]
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chamileonidae · 2 months ago
𝐊𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐈𝐭 𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐭𝐥𝐞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"a no lili day?"
- camilo madrigal x gn!reader
- 18+ users dni
- soulmate au! red strings of fate
- warnings! fluff if you ignore the fact that some of it is not with you LMAO, i don't think there's angst..?, reader is implied to be shy, I'm also not sure if i poofread this.
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six
Tumblr media
Camilo went about his day as usual, flashing smiles, high fiving familiar faces all the while helping people and of course give affection to liliana.
After finishing all his chores a bit earlier than expected, he went over to liliana's house; to keep her company or to help her with chores. Upon arriving, his smile widened as he spotted liliana hanging laundries by her house.
"Hola amor," he greeted, his smile still as charming as ever. Liliana grinned, happy to see him, "Hola,"
"Is this the last chore you have to do? We can hang out after," camilo offered, he went to the laundry basket beside liliana and picked up a shirt to help liliana hang it to dry.
"Lo siento mi vida, i have a lot to do today. Why not have some time for yourself?" Liliana asked, don't get her wrong, she loves camilo's company but on her busiest days, she can't have any distractions. Whenever camilo follows her while she does her chores, she was often distracted which resulted in massive delays in between her chores. Camilo being amazing as he is, understood her and he knew she would make up to him everytime she couldn't spend time with him.
Camilo frowned, "What would i do without you?" he sighed. Liliana chuckled, shaking her head, "Why not take a nap?" she suggested.
"I guess its a no lili day," camilo slumped a little.
Liliana ruffled his hair, giggling "Lili will be back tomorrow, promise,"
"mhm," she hummed.
After a small kiss on liliana's cheek, camilo set off into town once again to find entertainment. Sure he could use a nap but observing the town's people seemed a lot more interesting to him at the time. He mindlessly walked around town, spotting various residents going around and about with chores to do.
He was just about to execute a prank he had in mind for awhile but decided against it when he spotted you passed by in a sea full of people. He could feel himself get excited to see a familiar face, immediately he called out: "yn!", he waved enthusiastically, grinning when you looked at him.
As fast as you locked eyes with him, you turned around and hid.
"huh?" confused, he went over to the spot he last saw you.
"yn..?" camilo was met with you crouching whilst covering your head. He chuckled when you looked up at him, he found it cute. With a defeated face from not being able to hide from him, you got up.
"Hi, camilo," you greeted, looking elsewhere but him.
"So...why did you hid when I saw you?" he smirked, an eyebrow raised as his hands were on his hips.
You forced out a chuckle, trying to hide the embarrassment of your attempt, "I um, stretching. I was stretching," you gave your best smile and nodded to reassure that statement even though you were definitely hiding.
"In the middle of the streets..?
"You have to shock the muscles to gain some, y'know,"
He bursted out laughing at your answer, who knew you could be so entertaining! After his laughter died down, he noticed you were staring. He slightly bit the bottom of his lip, maybe he should hang out with you. Liliana won't mind, he knows that she won't mind.
"Do you want to get ice cream?" camilo asked.
You smiled, "Sure,"
Tumblr media
"Wait, you're buying?" you halted camilo's hand that was about to give the man, money, "you don't have to, i can pay my part,"
"No no, just think of this as um, the start of our friendship," he said as he gave the money to the man, "Cheers?"
He lifted up the ice cream cone in his hand a little, you copied his actions and said "cheers!"
The both of you had a grand time walking around whilst chatting and eating ice cream. He got to know about your family's store, your favourite ice cream flavour, what your hobbies were and even random stories that got out a laugh from the both of you. You were learning more about him as well, which wasn't what you were expecting to do but you couldn't say no to him.
"One time, mi mami caught me throwing flours at mi primas and I accidentally threw some at hers. You could imagine how angry she was at me. Liliana tried her hardest to calm mami down but-," he sighed, the back of his palm on his forehead "to no avail. Mi poor lirio,"
You giggled, trying to ignore the fact how in love he was with liliana. You decided to trust fate, when the time comes. The time comes.
Camilo must've noticed you spaced out, "you okay? Seems like you're a bit tired,"
You shook your head, getting a grip of yourself "I'm fine. Actually you reminded me of that one time I was helping mama and i spaced out. I was holding a bag of flour and i somehow dropped it but didn't realise until mama shouted," you laughed although you cant quite ignore someone staring at you. Camilo watched you laugh, only a smile gracing his lips. You felt uncomfortable under his stare.
"Um, anyways," you started.
"Sorry, i spaced out. You really just set yourself up that time,"
"Camilo Madrigal, spacing out. Quite a dreamer like me perhaps?" you joked, nudging him by the shoulder, ignoring the part where he mentioned about how you sabotaged yourself.
"Oh please, I am simply plotting,"
The both you let out a chorus of laughter, he found your responses amusing as you found his. Camilo couldn't pin point what was the reason he liked hearing you laugh but he found it fun. He finds joy in making others smile, that's no surprise but if he could, he'd want to make you snort out a laugh or even slap him jokingly whenever ever he made a stupid joke.
Weird? He thought, the last he felt that need was when-
"Mi amor!" a shout slapped him out of his trance. He's eyes averted to liliana, who was waving excitedly. In just a second, all the thoughts he had of you dispersed.
"Mi lirio!" he dashed towards liliana and engulfed her in a hug, lifting her and spun around, "I've missed you," he dragged out the u's.
"Same here," she pulled away from the hug and looked behind him, "Oh, were you with yn?" she waved at you and you waved back, returning her smile.
"Right! I was. We got ice cream and chatted that's all," he explained happily, waving goodbye as you entered back the sea of people.
"So how about a night with me," camilo asked, intertwining liliana's hand with his.
"With you, always,"
Tumblr media
Camilo doesn't like what he's thinking about at the moment. Nay, he shouldn't be thinking about this right now. He was in denial per say and there was guilt splashing in his face over and over again. Whenever liliana was busy with her chores and he had nothing to do, he seeked out for you. He knew you were his friend and he liked the fact you were his friend. He liked being around you, he didn't think much of it, he thought you were just a good friend to hang out with.
He loves liliana, he knows, he was terribly sure he loves his novia. But why are you clouding his mind whenever liliana isn't around. It's only been a month and a half or so since he started to search for you when liliana is busy so why is this affecting him?.
He doesn't exactly like you that way but you show up in his head almost constantly without liliana's presence. Maybe he's going insane?
He flopped on his soft mattress as his hands ran down his face, frustrated from all of this. His clouded mind was followed by a rumble in his stomach, right, now he's hungry. Camilo got up from the bed and exited his room with his day off being today, he was alone in la casita and it was a no lili day; he calls it. He peeked into the kitchen, hoping to see a basket with arepas that his tia might have left.
To his surprise, he found you with your head finding comfort in your arms to act as a pillow. Your face was hidden but he could tell it was you and he registered that you were sleeping when he got closer. Carefully, he sat on the chair beside you and watched as you slept. He scrunched his face, realising how much of a creep he's acting like. After awhile, he mimicked your position but had his head facing you, his eyes trailed around your features and how your hair slightly fell in front of your face. You looked pretty and peaceful and that puts him at ease.
Out of instict, he reached out a hand, slowly about to move away the hair that drooped on your face but just as he hovered an inch away from your head, he stopped himself. His finger twitched at the same time as you slightly jolted in your sleep, he pulled away his hand immediately. To his luck, you were still half asleep and only briefly woke up to adjust your head.
"Stop moving, i know he's near," camilo heard you mumbled, the end of the sentence were slurred so he couldn't decipher what you were saying. Stop what from moving?
He noticed that you've stopped moving, he silently got up and grabbed a couple of arepas from a basket by the counter and tip-toed his way out of the kitchen and into his room. Shutting the door, he bit into the arepa and slumped on the door, a grin on his face. Again, he found you adorable and you were just sleeping and talking in your sleep. Miércoles, he's looking forward to spend time with you again.
He slapped himself.
'Tonto, what are you thinking?'
Tumblr media
I said this would be my favourite part and my favourite part is just camilo about to touch the reader's hair. The rest? MnnnHshsjdjd, when i said i struggled with fluff I STRUGGLE.
Please guys, liliana and camilo makes me puke, theyre so??? No actually, i like liliana more, SHE'S SO </3 I'm going to make her an oc one day, i swear.
clouds! @dai-tsukki-desu @junqwonni @lost-lonnie @reirain @chayauwu @jasmineblogs43 @gloomy-writer @kailoveswom3n @kissmilo @alexaizawa @mellowberrie @camilos-mivida @zeiishsuxbha @yaemikoshairpin @pattys-got-cakes @93erina @sunnth @ale-creates-worlds @dos-oruguitas @burningshykidhinoko @the-empty-refrigerator @xdyledz @casitasbestie @camilosposture
Tumblr media
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kitasgloves · 20 days ago
was scrolling through Twitter and found out that some ppl called him César
Tumblr media
others called this dude Cristan
Tumblr media
and we all know this guy's Carlos
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so far idk what name they have for him, but if you ask me I'll call him Cecillo or Carmelo
Tumblr media
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camilo-kinnie · 4 months ago
Dolores: “Camilo talks about you all the time!”
Bruno: “He sure does. Way more positively than he talks about me that’s for sure.”
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monoul · 4 months ago
teenager in love || camilo madrigal x reader
pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
tags: pining, fluff, soft camilo, meddling dolores, proud pepa, mutual pining, slightly oblivious reader
he/they for camilo, she/her for reader
prompt: not really any prompt, just thought of something short and sweet but general idea is camilo has been thinking about you and its making him distracted
Tumblr media
Pepa knew her son.
She knew his habits, his little unconscious tendencies they probably wasn't even aware of. She was his mother, after all.
So she could say with certainty their behavior recently was odd.
Just at breakfast that morning, he was offered seconds, and he didn't seem aware they were asked a question until Isabela flicked his forehead. The most shocking thing? He had waved off the offered food with a distracted "no thanks".  Camilo had never refused seconds, normally resorting to thievery to obtain the forbidden food.
He was seemingly lost in thought a lot more often than not, shifting into people seemingly at random. Normally she would chalk it down to teenager things, but she wasn't the only one to notice their behavior. Dolores had been fixing her brother with questioning and interrogating glances at dinner recently, and there was going to be wind for quite a while until she got to the bottom of what was troubling her son.
Naturally, that meant enlisting her daughter.
Dolores was all too happy to help, for the chance to meddle with her little brother no doubt. She had been keeping an ear out for her brother's name or voice and hadn't received much besides the occasional family member greeting him or their usual chores around the village.
Until late afternoon, that is.
"Hola, Camilo," an unfamiliar voice sounded. It was a melodic voice, and Camilo responded in such an un-Camilo like way Dolores had to pause a moment.
"H-Hola, (Y/n)," he said. 
"Would you mind running this to Mirabel? I've been meaning to return it to her," the girl said. Dolores was sure she heard her sibling gulp.
"Yeah—I mean of course," they stuttered again.
That couldn't mean what she thought it meant, could it?
Pepa had other ideas when Dolores told her.
"Camilo has a crush!" She exclaimed, the sunlight seeping through the windowsill seemed to get brighter. "I wonder who it is?"
"She mentioned Mirabel, maybe she knows?" Dolores supplied.
As if summoned, Mirabel emerged through the doorway, what seemed to be clothes stacked in her arms. Besides her, a pretty girl in a dress with a blue top and yellow skirt laughed at something Mirabel said or did.
Dolores' eyes widened, tugging on her mother's sleeve.
That's her, she mouthed, making Pepa snap her attention to the girl.
"Ah, Tía Pepa," Mirabel said, peeking around her stack of fabric. "This is my friend, (Y/n)!" 
The girl, (Y/n), stepped forward and gave a polite wave. "Hello, thank you for letting me into your home."
Dolores smiled at her, a bit more smugly than her usual expression. Pepa gave you an enthusiastic smile of her own.
"Of course, come any time," she said, grasping her hands in her own.
(Y/n) seemed a bit confused at the earnesty with that which they greeted her, but thankful and polite nonetheless. 
Just as Pepa was plotting for how to get Camilo here, he walked in not unlike Mirabel's perfect timing earlier. Pepa watched him and—yes! He completely froze when he took in the sight of Pepa and (Y/n) standing close together, with Dolores and Mirabel.
(Y/n) smiled brightly at him, and Pepa noticed the faint coloring on her ears closely. "Hola, Camilo."
Camilo had such a soft yet nervous expression on his face, it made Pepa want to just squeeze him tight. He raised his own hand in a shy wave. "Hola, (Y/n)."
"Guy's I'm kinda struggling here," Mirabel said, making (Y/n) snap back into attention as she took some of her friend's burden.
The two made their way to the stairs, (Y/n) turning back before ascending. "Nice to meet you, Pepa, Dolores," she said. "And, see you later Camilo."
She turned away, leaving Camilo standing with a dopey grin on his face.
"She wants to see me later," he said, like he couldn't believe it.
Dolores face palmed, but Pepa just ruffled Camilo's hair, mouth pulled into a proud smile.
now complete with a part two!
cross-posted on ao3 here !!
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dos-oroguitas · 3 months ago
shoot your shot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Carlos Madrigal had never seen his twin, Camilo look so pathetic until he saw it for himself. Alternate title: Carlos Madrigal sees Camilo simp for you and decides to mess with him just because.
masterlist !! requested by @umbrellazontik
It was another perfect day in the little valley of Encanto. The sun was shining brightly over the tall mountains that the little town had been nestled in, the morning mist made delicate dew drops on every surface it could perch on, all was well. It was a good morning for everyone. Until the Madrigal twins’ bickering had echoed from the town square.
Most residents had sighed heavily at this, knowing the commotion all too well.
Camilo Madrigal had grumbled up at the figure beside him as they walked, a boy who looked very much like him and in to the untrained eye, one might think Camilo had made a clone of himself but that wasn’t the case. Beside him was the one and only Carlos, his younger twin brother.
It was safe to say that the early years of their childhood was filled with Pepa’s thunderous clouds. The boys had trouble written all over them. Often getting into fights with one another and wreaking havoc in their Casita.
The chaos only worsening when the two had gotten their gifts. Camilo had the gift to shape shift as did Carlos but rather than using it to help the village like his older brother, Carlos Madrigal was dead set on doing the opposite.
It wasn’t that hard to decipher which was which between them despite being twins. Camilo, for example had dark green eyes and his hair was curly and untamed, his ruana a mix of light and dark yellows with the chameleon patterns pointing down. Carlos had chocolate brown eyes, his hair a bit more shorter and wavier rather than curly, and his eyes were half-lidded unlike his brother’s. While Camilo donned a yellow ruana, Carlos’ had a deep maroon ruana adorned with light brown stripes and the chameleon pattern it had pointed upwards.
As his older brother rambled on about something, Carlos had rolled his eyes, smoothening out his ruana. He really could care less about what he was rambling about, Camilo’s words going to one ear and then out the other. He kicked a pebble in his path, inwardly mocking the boy beside him as he talked non-stop.
It was something, something.. creating trouble by using his voice.. yada yada chaos..
Then all too suddenly his rambling stopped. “Finally.” He breathed out with a roll of his eyes. Though that was a first. Camilo’s ramblings lasted a few blocks into town but this time it was cut short. His brows furrowed. Carlos craned his head to look at Camilo but found that his side was empty.
It was like clockwork. During this time, on the same path, on the same direction, he would be left alone and his brother would be nowhere to be found. It was honestly comical how suddenly Camilo was there and then the next, he wasn't.
He blinked, head whipping left and right. Did he just disappear on him again? Only to look back and see Camilo leaning against a wall, smiling at an unfamiliar girl. You’d think in such a small town he would know everyone. In his defense, all of Encanto was unfamiliar to him. He didn’t really waste his time in getting to know everyone when he could just be playing tricks and pranks all over town.
He quirked a brow as he approached them, only now noticing the lovesick expression on his brother’s face. His signature smirk appearing on his features as he found Camilo stumbling over his words a little, a red flush on his cheeks.
Interesting reaction.
Only then could he recognize the person his brother was talking to. He didn’t know your name but he had recognized you as the stern woodcarver’s daughter. His lips curled into a devious grin.
It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together when Camilo had fumbled when you laughed. He snickered as Camilo’s knees almost buckled underneath him. Oh his brother was a simp. A huge simp. He hadn’t seen him this.. pathetic looking. If he could have hearts in his eyes the fool would’ve probably had it. So this was where he was disappearing to?
“Camilo!” He calls out, as if he hadn’t just been observing them from afar. His older brother stiffened at the name, almost going pale as he approached. You had turned to the sound of his voice with a curious tilt of your head and as you did so, Camilo was shaking his head at him and mouthing the words ‘Don’t you dare’ with a narrowed gaze.
This was going to be fun.
“There you are! Oh.. and I see you’re with a friend!” His devilish grin had quickly turned into an angelic smile as he wrapped an arm around his older brother who muttered a quiet ‘Miercoles’ under his breath.
“Well, hermano, aren’t you going to introduce me?”
Camilo grumbled.
“This is my brother—“ He starts begrudgingly before he was quickly interrupted by said brother introducing himself instead.
“Carlos Madrigal, muñeca. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took your hand in his, winking up at you. “But you’ve probably seen the murals, huh?”
He leant down to press a chaste kiss on your knuckles. “And you are?” Upon hearing your name, the mischievous boy smiled once more. He tested your name, liking the way it rolled off his tongue.
“Beautiful, muñeca, just like you.” He finally says, returning to his deep suave voice.
You arch your brow at the boy’s flirtatious nature, having been quite used to being chatted up by boys and girls alike.
Carlos tried to fight back a smirk as he saw Camilo go wide-eyed and slack jawed. You, however, didn’t have anymore time to dwell on having both devilishly handsome twins' attentions upon hearing your father’s gruff voice call for you to come home.
You smile sheepishly, and bid them a temporary farewell. Camilo had maintained his composure up until you finally disappeared around the corner elbowing Carlos harshly.
“What was that for!?” He hissed, rubbing his sore side.
“What do you mean ‘what was that for’..” Camilo mocked the mimic with a roll of his eyes. “You know what that was for!”
“What? I’m shooting my shot if you aren’t going to. She’s pretty.” Carlos rolled his eyes at Camilo’s antics.
"Well, I was going to before you rudely interrupted, pendejo!" That was a lie. Although he wanted to, he was far too caught up in la la land for him to actually confess.
Carlos smirked. He had lived to rile people up and it seemed Camilo thought he was serious about pursuing you with the way his older brother furrowed his brows at him.
A part of him wanted to reassure his brother that he didn’t need to worry about him getting in the way of his little love story but he wasn’t known as mischief incarnate for nothing. Besides, if he kept on taunting Camilo, he may have the guts to ask you out for real in the future.
He hummed a little tune, smiling smugly as he nodded. He's a good brother, looking out for his older brother's welfare and happiness.. in a way.
"Better hurry, hermano. Or I'll be snatching her for myself." Carlos says, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh @vanity-insecurity @ROUNDSQUISHYDUBU @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs–wife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @CLOVDY-SVNSHINE @SLEEZY-AXERIIX @DYLANJONES @MERYMIKEY @EMITUNE @they-all-did @froothoops
what’s better than one madrigal boy? two madrigal boys ✨ sorry if it’s short ! im juggling school + being sick 🥺✨😭 i hope you like it ? im going to explore and like establish carlos’ character further if i have the chance
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caramellahoney · 3 months ago
“if I could tell her.”
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: PURE FLUFF!
warning/s: hidden feelings
summary: Camilo shapeshifts into Mirabel to try and prank you but instead finds out that you like him back. So, disguised as Mirabel, he tells you all the things he wishes he could.
Camilo snorted as you dragged him to Mirabel’s room, he had heard from Dolores that there was some juicy gossip between you and his prima- obviously, he had to find out. So, he shapeshifted into Mirabel and waited until you arrived. Camilo stepped into the room, sitting on the bed as you shut the door. He jumped when you suddenly squealed and slid down the door.
“He looked so cute today, Mirabel! He even glanced at me and smiled!” You giggled, cupping your red face in your hands. Camilo felt his heart drop, you liked someone else? who? He bit his lip and tried to stop the tears that welled up in his eyes. Clearing his throat, he imitated Mirabel’s voice and let out a strained a laugh.
“Ohh? Who is this lucky boy?” He faked a smile, whoever managed to catch your eye was lucky indeed. Confused, you snapped your head up and raised your brow.
“What do you mean who-? I’ve always talked to you about the same boy, it’s Mr.guapo-Camilo? Ay-you must have not had enough sleep, Mirabel! You’re going loco.” You laughed, getting up to sit beside “Mirabel”.
‘Lucky bastard’ Camilo thought to himself and stared blankly at you for a few seconds until the cogs in his brain started turning again.
Wait. He was Camilo.
Guapo-? You thought he was handsome? The shapeshifter felt his face get warm- a feeling of giddiness spread within him. He grinned widely, throwing an arm around you and pulling you towards him.
“Of course! I’m just teasing you, amiga! Say- have you tried confessing to my primo yet?” You just laughed and leaned against “Mirabel”, your expression suddenly turning melancholic.
“No, I just- I’m just me y’know? And he’s Camilo Madrigal. Like I’d have a chance!” Camilo furrowed his brows, that wasn’t true at all. Did you not realize how amazing you were?
“He thought you were... awesome.” He muttered, voice low, eyes softly gazing at your slumped form. You snorted and sat up, staring at him with an unconvinced expression.
“He thought I was awesome? Camilo?” You spoke, rolling your eyes.
“How?” Camilo froze, feeling his heart beat in his chest rapidly. This was his chance.
“Well...” He started, looking into your eyes as he clutched your hands.
“He said...There's nothing like your smile-Sort of subtle and perfect and real! He said, you never knew how wonderful. That smile could make someone feel.” Truly, Camilo would often perk up at the sound of your laughter. Feeling himself get giddy seeing you so happy and carefree.
“Mirabel-Stop teasing-” You turned red and sunk back onto the bed, hiding your face with your hands. Camilo smiled and just continued, resting his cheek on his palm.
“And he knew, Whenever you get bored. You’d sing about the stars and all of your dreams.” You gasped, abruptly sitting up and gripping his shoulders.
“He did-? Oh Dios no-my horrible voice.” You dramatically clutched your heart and Camilo just laughed. he enjoyed your spontaneous singing outbursts, especially if you were playing around with kids while you did so.
“But he kept it all inside his head. What he saw he left unsaid.” He clasped his hands together, wishing so badly he was telling this to you as himself- he could easily shift back but something was holding him back.
“And though he wanted to..he-he couldn't talk to you. He couldn't find the way, but he would always say.” Camilo smiled wistfully to himself, feeling your gaze on him. He had tried his hardest to confess to you, but he would end up running away every time.
“If I could tell her, tell her everything I see. If I could tell her, how she's everything to me but we're a million worlds apart. And I don't know how I would even start. If I could tell her.” You melted at those words, breath hitching as you started to catch onto what was happening. This wasn’t Mirabel, the way she was looking at you right now looked far too....warm? Biting your lip, you stared up at “Mirabel” shyly.
“Did....he say anything else?” Just to be safe, you decided not to speak up about it. Camilo stared for a moment, dazed. Dios, why did you have to be so adorable?
“Ay- A-about you?” He cursed himself internally at his stutter, rubbing the back of his neck. You felt your face get warm, this was definitely Camilo- no doubt. Your head spun as you awkwardly laughed, throwing your head back.
“Never mind, I don't really care anyways—”
“No, no, no, no, no—he said—he said so many things, I'm just..I'm trying to remember the best ones. So, um—” Camilo cleared his throat as you watched with bated breath. You scooted closer to him, feeling a bit shy after now being fully aware that this was him.
“He thought..you looked really pretty, er—” Camilo turned his head, startled at how close you were. He nearly shifted back but quickly recovered and shook his head. His fingers drummed against his thighs as he continued.
“It looked pretty cool when you put those sunflowers in your hair” Camilo pointed to the wreath on your hair. You reached your arm up and fiddled with the flowers, bashfully smiling.
“You-He did?”
“Yep! And he wondered how you learned to dance, Like all the rest of the world isn't there.” He sung, pulling you up and swinging you around. You laughed and danced with "Mirabel", both of you laughing together. Halting your moves, you grabbed Camilo and pulled him closer.
“And how do you say I love you, Camilo?” Camilo felt his heart stop, eyes wide as he realized his secret was out. He laughed nervously, shifting back to himself. You smiled, taking his face in your hands.
“Te amo, Camilo Madrigal.”
taglist (comment/send an ask to be added):
@dai-tsukki-desu @camilolovesroxiie @whocaresifwearecrazy @alexaizawa
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