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happy birthday mi vida!
camilo x gen!reader
word count: 1.2k
request? nope
warning(s): tooth rotting fluff, some angst, not beta-d we die like abuelo
summary: it's your birthday and the madrigals have something planned up their sleeve.
a/n: decided to write this really quickly cause it's my birthday today and i wanted to give you guys something cute too as a treat! to those of you have requested a fic please be patient i'm writing them all!
Tumblr media
"You seriously don't remember what today is?" you asked Dolores as the two of you were helping carry some crates around the town.
"It's a normal Thursday from what I remember" she let out quietly, looking around rather suspiciously as you made your way to the town square. If you hadn't been too absorbed in your own thoughts you would've heard the little squeak she let out and the slight bulging of her eyes.
With a sigh, you dropped the crate down next to a fruit stand and wiped your hands on your clothes. You looked over to Dolores once again as she tried avoiding eye contact with you, looking everywhere else but your direction.
With another heavy sigh you walked towards the bridge where you were needed next, a deep frown and furrowed eyebrows adorning your face.
Today was your birthday and literally no one had remembered. Not even your own parents which really unusual as they would have been the first people to celebrate it with you. You had asked everyone in your family about it and got the same answer of, "What are you talking about?". Luisa was the first Madrigal you had encountered today and she, too, said nothing to you about your birthday. Maybe out of your frustration, however, you had missed how her right eye twitched nervously right after. Mirabel was the second Madrigal you had encountered and the one that shocked you the most. Mira was known to be caring and compassionate so it really surprised you that she too forgot it was your birthday.
Now Dolores had forgotten too and you had gotten sadder and sadder as the day went by. You only had one hope left, and that was your boyfriend Camilo. There was no way he would have forgotten his s/o's birthday. Right?
"Mi vida what are you talking about? Today is nothing special, just a boring old Thursday. Unless we have a celebration or a festival I don't know about!" he said to you in the form of a townswoman, cradling the real townswoman's baby.
"Are you serious Camilo? You really don't remember?!"
"Remember what?" Camilo shifted back into himself accidently from how nervous he felt. He couldn't ruin it now, not when the whole family had tried so hard throughout the day to keep it a secret.
"You know what whatever I'm not in the mood to see your face now" you stomped off back towards your house with tears pricking your eyes. Camilo had forgot your birthday. You couldn't believe it. Were you that insignificant to everyone?
As you were walking away, you had missed how Camilo's faced grew into a sad frown, shifting from himself to Abuela, Mirabel, Dolores and back into the townswoman.
The day was slowly ending as the sun was now slowly lowering itself, creating an orange and pink hue on the sky. You were curled up in your bed, face down on your pillow as you wanted this horrible day to end already.
You heard a knock on your front door, but you didn't have the motivation to go down and open the door. Your parents weren't home yet and you were all alone in the house. After a few seconds, you heard the knocking intensify.
With a loud groan you knocked the bedding off of you and grumpily made your way downstairs towards the door. The scowl on your face quickly turned into a small smile at the sight in front of you.
Little Antonio was standing there with a parrot on his right shoulder and small present box in his hands. He looked up at you with bright eyes and a wide smile as he said, "Happy birthday Y/N! Here's your present from me!" He extended his arms up towards you as far as he could reach and gestured for you to take the present.
You teared up as you kneeled down in front of the boy and hugged him tightly. "Thank you my little Tonito! Thank you!" He laughed and hugged you back as tight as you had, the parrot eventually joining in too.
You took the present and placed it inside on the sofa as you gestured Antonio to come in to the house, but he shook his head.
"Follow me!" he grabbed your hand and started to drag you through the town towards Casita.
When the two of you had reached the - suspiciously - dark Casita, he whistled and two parrots blindfolded you making you let out a yelp of surprise.
"Come come come!" he shouted enthusiastically and motioned for you to follow after him in the Casita, which obviously you couldn't see. The enthusiasm alone was enough for you to follow him.
With small hesitant shuffles you made it passed the entrance and into the clearing. The room was dead silent as the only you could hear was your own - now nervous - breathing. You reached out your arms around you, trying to scan the area for anything that could give you a clue as to what was happening, but found nothing.
"Antonio what's going on?" you said a little impatiently as there was zero movement happening around you. With a quick motion of your hand, you ripped the blindfold off and looked around the dark room. The only thing that you could make out was the outline of the room, some freshly adorned vines and flowers placed on the pillars and a large paper that hung at the very end of the room.
"Tonito?-" you had started but was cut off by the lights suddenly opening. You squinted at the harsh light and made to cover your face when you felt something hug your legs.
You opened your eyes and saw the whole Madrigal family as well as your own parents wearing party hats and blowing confetti at you.
"Surprise!" they all yelled in synchronization and you were left gobsmacked. Quite literally. You hadn't expected this at all. There was that big paper that you saw before, but now it had the phrase "Happy Birthday Y/N!" written on it.
Abuela moved to hug you first as she wished you a very happy and joyful birthday. Everyone proceeded to do the same and now you were only left with Camilo.
"I'm sorry I didn't wish you earlier amor, I just wanted to keep the surprise a secret" he smiled sheepishly, lightly scratching the back of his neck as he avoided eye contact.
"In the beginning you did really upset me Milo. But I guess you're forgiven now." You said playfully as you went to hug him. He hugged you back tightly and lightly kissed your cheek.
"Whose idea was this?" you asked as you made your way to the rest of the family members.
"It was actually Camilo's idea! He came up with the whole 'we will ignore Y/N and make them believe that we don't remember about their birthday so they'll feel sad and then plan a surprise party for them so they can be happy'." Mirabel said, gesturing with her hands as she explained what had happened.
You laughed and went to hug Camilo again, pulling away shortly after and kissing him ever so gently.
"Happy birthday again mi amor." he whispered as he leaned in to plant another gentle kiss on your lips.
When you thought that today would have been the worst birthday of your life, it turned out to be one of the best you've ever had! All because of la familia Madrigal and your wonderful boyfriend Camilo.
Tumblr media
wish this could happen to me too irl :')
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Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Tumblr media
Request: Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Prompt: None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo really wants to see your long hair
507 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo always loved your hair. Whether it was how the brown had tinges of gold running through it or the fact you tied the bottom of your braids with blue and yellow lace or the one that most people noticed, how your hair was mere inches from dragging on the ground. He wanted to ask you to take it out, he wanted to see all your hair as it curled, he wanted to see how long it really was. He never asked though, he thought it would be too weird.
So Camilo sufficed for imaging what it looked like as you both sat on his bed in boredom. You guys wanted to go about town, maybe even explore the edges of Encanto, but god it was so hot outside. Camilo thanked the stars his room was cool, but he still tossed his ruana to the side, sitting in just his white buttoned shirt.
You let out an overly dramatic sigh catching Camilo's attention. You were twisting the overgrown hair of your fringe, having an inner debate with yourself. "Wanna help me with something?" You asked, meeting Camilo's eyes.
"Yeah," Camilo said putting his guitar he was lazily strumming, just off to the side to lean in his bed. "I'm so bored I think ill do anything." You laughed pushing yourself off the bed to sit on Camilo's floor, resting between his legs.
"Can you help me take my hair out?" You asked leaning your head back to look up at Camilo, who bent his head to lean over to meet your gaze. "It's getting to frizzled, and I wanna put some string through it thins time."
Camilo nodded taking a hold of the left braid, slowly undoing the tie. "You know, I've never seen you with your hair down," Camilo said matter of factly. You turned around to face him with a confused look.
"Really? I swear you have," You spoke suspiciously. Camilo shook his head, taking the tie from you so he could put them on his bedside table. "Why haven't you asked to see my hair then?"
"I thought it would be weird," Camilo stated honestly, gently raking his finger through your braid, slowly letting it fall free. "Hey Y/N, you look great and all, but take your hair out," Camilo spoke in a weird voice making you laugh. Camilo laughed softly as well, making sure not to tare your hair.
You raked your fingers through your hair faster than Camilo did and with the combined effort, your hair was free in a matter of minutes. You stood up, shaking your head, letting your wavy hair fall over your shoulders and drag a few inches along the floor.
Camilo smiled looking at you brush your hair with your fingers. "So? What do you think?" You asked suspiciously, eyeing Camilo who took a pile of your hair to play with.
"I think you just more perfect, perfect-erre," Camilo declared stumbling on the last word. You laughed lightly hopping into bed beside Camilo, your hair flying everywhere.
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mi vida, mi sol, mi luna
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
summary: after a year without seeing each other, camilo and y/n reunite only to realize they’ve fallen in love. camilo attempts to write a letter to confess his feelings, but it fails… in a good way.
notes: pure fluff lmao, 18+ dni
song: good-old fashioned lover boy by queen
It was always Camilo and Y/N. It was never just Camilo, or just Y/N; it was always Camilo and Y/N. It has always been Camilo and Y/N, and it always will be Camilo and Y/N. At least, thats what’s everyone had assumed.
Seeing as your mother had been best friends with the triplets, you and Camilo were attached by the hip the moment you two were born. Camilo was only two hours older than you, making you both born on the same day and therefore attached for the rest of your lives. You were there when Camilo had gotten his gift, and Camilo was there when you had to help your family’s business. You were the definition of best friends, nothing more and nothing less. So it was a given for people to assume it would always be Camilo and Y/N, from life til death. You were eachother’s lifelines. Sus vidas.
Until news came about that your family would be leaving town for a year due to business purposes. Camilo did everything he could to have you stay: he proposed for your parents to leave you at casita, he asked to come with you, but nothing worked. You were leaving for a year and that was final.
So for the first time in 15 years, “Camilo and Y/N” became just “Camilo”.
No longer did townspeople see you and Camilo bringing a smile to faces with their tricks. No longer did they see Camilo stealing seconds and you scolding himshortly afterwards. No longer did they see you getting tackled by a blur of yellow around every corner. They only saw Camilo joking with children but never having the smile reach his eyes. They only saw Camilo taking another serving, but never as much arepas was seen towered on his plate as before. They only saw Camilo chatting with his siblings and cousins, but not quite hugging them the way he hugged you.
It stayed that way for a year. Days passed as Camilo waited for his best friend to come back. A calendar adorned the wall above his bed, and marking it was the first thing he did every morning. In the back pocket of his pants, there was a picture Mirabel had taken of you and Camilo on your 15th birthday, just a week before you left. You two stood at the front of casita, a banner above you announcing “¡Feliz Cumpleanos!”. Camilo’s right arm slung around your shoulder and your left hand touseled his curly hair. Both of you had tossed confetti into the other’s face the moment the photo was taken. Your faces both permanently etched with laugher and euphoria in the photo.
On the 6th of december, Camilo woke up to one of Pepa’s sunny days despite it being winter. He grabbed a marker from his nightstand and reached over to his calendar. Only 25 days until he would be reunited with his best friend.
The shapeshifter then pulled on a rauna over his collared shirt and dark pants, and slid down casita’s stairs for breakfast. If he was lucky, he would be early and could steal a couple extra arepas. He quickly ran over to where his Tia Julieta kept the breakfast servings and shifted into Dolores before stacking arepas onto his plate.
“Dolores!” Camilo heard someone shout. He looked up slowly, still in the form of Dolores. It was Mirabel.
“Hey! So I was walking around town and Mariano came up to me and wanted me to ask you if…”
Mirabel continued to drone on about whatever it was Mariano had told her to ask Dolores. Camilo continued to stack arepas, nodding his head and staring at Mirabel to make her think it was Dolores who was listening.
“He said his schedule is pretty flexible, and he was thinking around afternoon he could take you to-”
“Mirabel? Dolores?” a voice inutrrupted mirabel’s speech.
Mirabel turned around at the new voice whilst Camilo didn’t bother. However the voice was extremely familiar, like he’d heard it many times before but hadn’t heard it in a while-
“Y/N?” Mirabel turned around, thus grabbing Camilo’s full attention.
When Camilo looked up, he began to cough uncontrollably. He lost his form as Dolores, shifted into Mirabel for a split second, then into you. He froze once he was back into himself.
Dios mio.
You stood a few feet behind Mirabel, exactly like how you were in the picture in his back pocket. Apart from the fact your features had toned slightly in the time you had been gone. You looked older, more mature. More… pretty.
Never once had Camilo thought of his best friend as anything more than such. You were pretty, but he didn’t pay much attention to it until now. Because now, there was something about the way your smile complimented all your features that made his heart beat faster.
“Camilo!” you yelled, breaking the silence spent in staring. Tears brimmed your eyes, as you began to run towards your best friend with arms ready to pull him in a hug. Camilo did the same, nearly knocking over his Tia Julieta’s display of food in his rush to meet your embrace.
You pressed yourself against Camilo’s body, wrapping your arms around his neck so tight as though you felt he might disappear. Camilo snaked his arms around your torso, tightening around your waist and hoisting you up in the air. He spun you around with the purest grin Mirabel had seen since you left. He put you back down as you took each other in another embrace.
They were back. No more just “Camilo” or just “Y/N”, they were back to “Camilo and Y/N”. Exactly how it was always supposed to be.
Once you both finally seemed to process you were finally in each others presence after so long, Camilo pulled away and pressed your foreheads together.
Especially now, Camilo could see the subtle changes adjacent on your face. Your hair framed your face structure, which was more defined now. There was a rose in your cheeks that accompanied the softness of your cheekbones. Your eyes simultaneously met his, causing his heart to quicken. Were friends supposed to make eachother feel this way?
You were wondering the same thing, because you swore Camilo had never looked this good before you left. You had assumed he would change over the year, but you definitely weren’t expecting him to change so much to the point where he was making your heart race significantly faster than it ever had before. His curly hair looked breathtaking in the morning sunlight, which was highlighting the extra freckles on his soft cheekbones. His lips were tinted with a blissed smile.
“I missed you, mi vida,” Camilo muttered lightly, so only you could hear it. ever since the two of you could speak, you had been calling eachother “mi vida”. It was fitting, since you were essentially eachothers lifelines.
Your lips pulled into a smile at the use of the nickname.
“I’ve missed you too, mi vida.”
˗ ˏ ˋ  timeskipˎˊ ˗
Of course, you and Camilo had spent the next month together. You roamed the streets similar to how you used to so long ago, and it felt like there really hadn’t been a year that separated the two of you.
But Camilo would be lying if he said there was nothing completely different from a year ago. Because a year ago, never in his life had you made him so nervous or looked this pretty before. When his fingers brushed against yours, it would result in a stuttering of words. The hugs shared between you suddenly felt too intimate for being just friends. Being too close allowed him to see the matching pink tinting both your cheeks.
To put it simply: Camilo Madrigal had a crush on you.
Yet saying anything about this newfound crush terrified Camilo. You were his best friend, and saying anything romantic could ruin the friendship you two had been building for 15 years. Let alone the fact you could reject him, and then the friendship would beyond any doubt be ruined.
Nevertheless, no matter how hard Camilo had tried to convince himself, he knew that he couldn’t push those feelings aside. He liked you, and that was a secret he couldn’t keep. Who was he supposed to talk to about how gorgeous you looked when a smile settled your lips? How long could he continue fighting the urge to lace your fingers with his? And as much as it surprised him to think about it: how long could he resist not kissing you?
Hence, after dinner, Camilo had left you to watch Bruno’s rat telenovelas with Antonio so he could contemplate how to deal with his newfound feelings with Mirabel, Dolores, Luisa, and Isabela. Camilo was sprawled on the couch, tapping his fingers on the cushion anxiously. Mirabel was sewing on the coffee table, Isabela was sitting on a flowery swing, Dolores sat beside her brother, and Lusia was using casita’s moving tiles to workout.
“Theoretically, if I were to suddenly like a good friend of mine, how could I tell her I like her without ruining the friendship?” Camilo asked.
“Is this about Y/N?” Dolores queried.
In response, Camilo went red and quickened the rhythm in which his fingers were tapping. It took all his energy to not shift into you in surprise. “You’re telling me it’s that obvious?”
“Dios mio, primo! Have you seen how red you are whenever she hugs you, or how you’ve been stumbling on your words all the time?” Isabela teased. “Of course que es obvio.”
“Cállate, Isa!” Camilo hissed, however not too loud as to not harm Dolores. “Just answer the question.”
“Why don’t you just tell her you like her?” Luisa suggested between sprints.
“Yeah, I mean have you seen how she reacts when you smile at her?” Isabela agreed.
Mirabel snickers, and pushes some fabric aside to shift her attention to Camilo. “If you’re that much of a coward you could write her a love letter. Make it anonymous so in the 1% probability in which she doesn’t like you back, it doesn’t ruin anything.”
Camilo thought about it for a moment. A love letter would work perfectly; he could confess anything and nothing could go wrong because you wouldn’t know it was him.
“Eres brilliante, Mira!” Camilo shot up from the couch and hugged Mirabel far too tightly. “Los amo chicas!”
Camilo basically bolted up the stairs and into his room, pulling out a pen and a clean sheet of paper. He took in a sharp breath and sat at his desk, poising his pen and beginning to write. He was at it for an hour and was on his tenth piece of paper when he finally composed something that felt right. Camilo reread his letter over and over again, slightly creasing the edge of the paper where his hands held it. Before sending it, he paused in front of his door and read it out loud.
“Querida Y/N,
Everywhere we go, I make it my goal to make you happy- to make you laugh. After every joke I make, I hope my eyes will fall on your laughing figure, buzzing with excitement. As I hear the music that is your laughter, your hair bounces and lines crease beneath your eyes. If i’m lucky our eyes will meet and tigger the cage of butterflies that is my stomach.
I hope one day to muster enough courage to admit, “tu es eres la chica más bonita que existe.” And hopefully that will cause you to smile, because all I really want is for whatever I do you make you happy. 
Tu admirador secreto.”
He smiled at the paper before folding it into an envelope and pressing a light kiss to the seal, unbeknownst to the evesdroppers in casita’s living room
“He says, ‘tu eres la chica mas bonita que existe’,” Dolores squeaked with a small smile and wide eyes. The letter reminded her of the poems Mariano would often write her.
Luisa, Isabel, and Mirabel erupt into a fit of teasing giggles, poking fun at Camilo.
“He’s head over heels, dios mio!” Isabela tumbled over with laughter.
Simultaneously, somewhere above Dolores hears the tapping of footsteps and the opening of doors. Bruno’s telenovela paused as Camilo stepped in and said, “Y/N, Dolores told me tu madre said you should go back home. It’s late.”
“Tranquilo!” Dolores hushed her cousins. “Cami is taking her home now.”
˗ ˏ ˋ  timeskipˎˊ ˗
“Dios mio, it’s so cold outside!” you shivered, rubbing your hands against your arms. You and Camilo were about halfway to your house. The sun was already beginning to chase the moon above.
Camilo glanced at you before shrugging off his rauna and handing it to you.
“Since you’re so cold, wear this.”
You stood there still for a moment, taking in the sight of Camilo without his rauna. The last time he had taken it off in front of you was when you were both five, and never since then. His collared shirt was uniorned and slightly unbuttoned, as per usual. The sleeves were cuffed to his forearm. You’d be lying if you said you couldn’t feel the blood rising to your cheeks. Why did your best friend have to look so good all of a sudden?
“Y/N?” Camilo waved the rauna in front of your face. “Mi vida? Do you want the rauna or no?”
“Lo siento,” you shook your head while taking the rauna. You pulled it over your neck and draped it over your exposed arms. “Gracias, mi vida.”
Now it was Camilo’s turn to be awestruck. Over the past month, he became head over heels for you, and seeing you in his rauna was adding fuel to the fire. You were looking off into the distance as you began to ramble about Bruno’s telenovela, allowing him to take the time to watch the way your brow scrunched and your hands acted out imaginary aspects to the story. He could watch you do this all day if he could.
At the end of your story, Camilo had realized you’d already arrived at your house.  Instead of letting him leave, you led Camilo up to the portion of roof that sat under your bedroom window so you could sit and watch the sun pursue the moon It was a gorgeous sunset, and Camilo had a feeling he knew why there wasn’t a single cloud in sight.
Camilo watched as you stared at the view. He almost started shapeshifting right then and there, due to how perfect you looked under the sunset and with his rauna on. The euphoria he felt in that moment alone rivaled all of Pepa’s sunny days combined. His eyes scanned your figure and landed on a yellow flower strangled in your hair, matching Camilo’s rauna. It must’ve gotten stuck there while you climbed the walls of your house, as Isabela had grown flowers all over the town’s houses just yesterday.
“What are you staring at, mi vida?” you glance at Camilo and stifle a giggle.
“You have something in your hair… do you want me to get it out?”
“Oh!” you patted your hair self consciously and nodded. “Sure.” Thank god the sky was pink, for if it wasn’t, your blush would be much more visible than it already was.
Camilo pulled his hand out of his pants pocket to reach for the flower, but in doing so, an envelope fell out of the pocket and between you and him.
No, no, no, no, NO-
Camilo shifted into Pepa, Mirabel, Isabela, then you in a panic. He jumped for the letter; however it was too late, because you had already picked up the envelope and begun to examine it.
“What’s this, ‘Milo?” you tilted your head slightly. “It has my name on it?”
Camilo was just about to reach out to grab the envelope and prevent you from seeing the contents of the envelope, but he stopped himself.
“You know what? You should open it. I’ve actually been meaning to give it to you.”
You gave him another smile before gently ripping the envelope and unfolding the letter inside. Camilo gave you a couple minutes to read it, watching as your smile widened.
But when you looked up, Camilo saw tears accompanying your smile.
“Y/N? Mi vida?” Camilo scanned your body, fingers hesitant on touching you incase you didn’t want him to. He mumbled a curse beneath his breath. “Did I do something wrong? Lo siento, do you not want-”
“‘Milo,” you let out a small laugh and guide his hands to cup your face. “This is beautiful. And I’m glad you feel this way, because I do too.”
Camilo let out a breathy sigh of relief. “Really?”
You nod while Camilo uses his thumb to wipe your tears. When there’s not a single trace of shed tears, Camilo leans forward and presses your forehead against his.
“Tu eres la chico mas hermoso que existe,” you said with the shadow of a smile.
Camilo snickered, leaning forward slightly. You watch as his green eyes trace your lips. You nod a wordless yes, allowing Camilo to press a chaste kiss to your lips. The feeling makes you giddy; you to let out a light laugh.
Camilo pulls back openmouthed, processing the fact he just kissed his best friend and it was the best damn kiss he’d ever had.
You start to quickly press delicate kisses to his freckles. The boy laughs as the blush on his cheeks flourishes. After you finish giving kisses to his face, you return to the position of leaning your foreheads against each other.
“Te amo, mi luna,” Camilo whispers.
“Mi luna?” you question, cocking your head.
“Well the sun can’t live without the moon, can it? Eres la luna a mi sol, Y/N; I can’t live without you.”
“Te amo tambien, mi sol,” you shift to lean your head against Camilo’s shoulder. A contented sigh left your smiling lips as you shut your eyes.
A couple minutes pass. Camilo tapped your shoulder and watched as you stirred awake.
“You should probably go home, mi luna.”
“I’m already home, mi sol. Home is with you.”
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camilosangelita · a day ago
Te Quiero
camilo x reader, a small one-shot w you & camilo!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"My cousin Camilo won't stop until he makes you smile today!"
Camilo, the town's beloved jokster, often found himself neglecting his own mental needs.
"Camilo! Go babysit some of the towns kids!" Abuela Alma called out, focusing on Antonio's gift ceramony.
"On it!" He shouted in response, running his way over to the town's square to brighten up everyone's day.
By the time he got back, he was exhausted — shape-shifting all day took up a ton of his energy, both mentally and physically.
Camilo slouched his way into the kitchen, stuffing his face with his tia Julietta's arepas and empanadas.
"Oh Mijo! [Name] stopped by!" Pepa mentioned, the next thing she saw was her son's face, which was bursting with happiness and exhilaration. "R-really?! What did they say?" He asked, his words being a bit muffled from all the food that was in his mouth.
"They mentioned you two were meeting up somewhere? Near the mountains?"
'..Mierda.' Camilo mumbled to himself in realization, before taking off. "Bye Mami! I'll be back later!"
Pepa could only let out a small smile, rainbows forming around her. She was happy to watch her little boy grow.
"Mi vida I'm sorry I'm late!" Camilo panted, putting his hands on his knees while gasping for air. "I was babysitting all day today so I lost track of time!"
You stuffed a muffin in his mouth, putting your hand on his shoulder to support him if he were to fall. "Don't worry about it!" You sat down on the blanket you laid down on the grass, patting the spot next to you.
Camilo laid his head on your lap and closed his eyes, adjusting himself to the peaceful atmosphere. "[Name]?"
"Te Quiero.." Camilo whispered, falling asleep shortly afterwards. You planted a kiss on his temple, watching him rest in peace.
"I love you too."
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chameleon-madrigal · 2 days ago
hello there!! i hope you have a great day/night ahead! Can i request a camilo x reader where the reader doesnt hang out with camilo the same as before and that makes camilo wonder so he went to the reader’s house only seeing the reader taking care of their new baby sister/brother luv ur stories btw!!
X | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: The truth behind
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Camilo x GN!Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: When you and Camilo became bestfriends, it always be like an everyday promise that you two would hangout, you two are inseparable. Until one day you stopped going out of your house, at first he didn't mind it. But days after he started to miss you, only to find out you are now an older sibling to your new twins.
He/him pronouns for Camilo
They/Them prnouns for Reader
Note: Sorry took too long again! But hello, hope you have a great day ahead too. Thank you for supporting my stories, lovie. I can't believe itd my 10th story, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Enjoy, mwa <3
Tumblr media
Camilo can still remember how you two have met, his lips curved into a smile when he saw how your presence.
"Hola Señora, im here to babysit" Camilo said as soon as the person opened the door.
"Hey, Camilo don't worry someone already did" Señora said which he could just looked confusedly, knowing its one of his chores to babysit kids in town.
"Okay didn't know Mirabel's going to help me today" He said but before he could say goodbye, the mother could have just laughed at him.
"No no, it wasn't your cousin. It was Y/N, if you want to see them they're in the backyard right now." Señora said as Camilo thanked her.
He knows you that's for sure, but you two had never shared a conversation once. He might have seen you from here and there, and been wanting to be friends with you for a long time. So his eagerness dragged his feet to the backyard and what he saw melted his heart.
He watched how your eyes turns into a crescent like shape as you smile when playing with the baby. The giggles you made and just how breathtaking your appearance. He leaned unto the walls cooly as he crossed his arms, and just watched how you babysit with a smile on his face. Until you noticed him, and waved.
"Oh hey Camilo!" You said as you motioned him to come closer and to take a seat beside you, on which he did.
"Hi, Y/N right?" He asked as you nod your head, rocking the baby slowly in your hands. "Didn't know you'll take over my chores today" He joked as you laughed with him.
"Well, atleast you're welcome" You jokingly stated as he asked to hold the baby which you let him. Once the baby is in his hands, he shapeshifted into you and copied your actions.
"Ha ha funny Camilo, stop it!" you said as you nudged him which made him shapeshift back as the baby seems to have fun with what it witnessed.
"Well, atleast you smiled" He said trying to copy your voice, which you groaned but chuckled at his playfulness.
Your friendship blossom after that faithful day, everyone in town would always see you two hangout almost as everyday. Even casually staying in Casita is a normal thing for you, since Camilo would invite you most of the time. Pretty much, getting close with his family.
Tumblr media
Ofcourse right now you two are at your usual hangout spot, Casita's rooftop. You just want to stay in his room but since Camilo knows you too much, he suggested to always hangout at the rooftop to have a better view of the town. Also, knowing how you like to see sunsets which the rooftop has a perfect spot to watch it.
It was almost sunset, so you two would just talk and wait for the sun to settled down and the moon to show up.
"Hey Milo, you saw how Mirabel hide seeing her crush??" You said as you remembered earlier that Mirabel would prantically hide behind your skirt, when she got to see her crush.
"Yes!! Gosh, I actually want to shapeshift into her and approach her crush but decided not to" He said laughing as you tilt your head to the side looking at him, which he won't deny find it cute.
"That so isn't you, usually you would just shapeshift into someone to mess with them"
"I know but knowing Mirabel im scared she would say secrets to my crush" He said as he looked at you with wide eyes, knowing he got a slipped of word out of his tongue. It wasn't mean to come out of his mouth, since he never brought up the topic of him having a crush.
"YOU HAVE A CRUSH!?!" You said as you held his shoulders and shake him.
"I DONT!!"
"You literally just said it!!" You stop shaking him and crossed your arms and watched the sunset while keeping a distance to him, indicating you're upset about not having him tell you.
But the truth is that you're somewhat hurt at the thought he has a crush, which was never told to you, and maybe it wasn't you. You are aware for the fact that as soon as you two would hangout you just felt one day that you see him more than as a friend.
He noticed you kept a distance with him, as he chuckled knowing you are just sulking. He wants to say that the reason why he didn't tell you because obviously his crush was you. And he didn't want to risk your friendship.
"Oh come on, don't sulk~" He said as he slowly moved closer as you still didn't mind him and just watch the beauty of sunset.
He sighed as he subtely put a hand in your shoulders and hugged you, your faces were so close. Both of you having a blush on your cheeks, as your hearts were beating faster, but none of you noticed that.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you this. Its just that I would always forget about bringing this topic whenever we would hangout because hearing you rant about your day and me teasing you about it is already enough for me. So that didn't really slip off of my mind, until today." He exclaimed as his hot breath didn't make it easier for your heart to calm down and your cheeks to stop becoming a total red.
"Okay fine I can't even resist being upset to you" You said playfully rolling your eyes while he immediately kissed your cheeks. He was so scared about your reaction would be but noticing you became flustered, he knew that you're not mad at it.
"Hey Camilo, I heard Y/N's family saying she needs to go home" Dolores said just her head peeking through the roofs with the help of Casita's ladders, as she waved at you.
"Bueno, I'll walk her home in a minute" Camilo said as Dolores nodded and went down.
You stood up as you fixed your skirt while helping him get up.
"I guess see you tomorrow" He said as you nodded and chuckled.
"The usual?" He asked and offered his hand for you to hold which you did.
"The usual"
Tumblr media
After that moment it has been five days the last time he saw you in town. He was so worried what had happened to you.
'Was is it because about my crush?'
'Did I made them upset'
'Did they moved out? Nah, they would tell me'
Thoughts like that would keep on bothering him in his room, in doing chores, even in dinner. He would plan to visit you everytime, but cannot find a right time because of the chores he has. And if he does, he would end up in his bed already tired and not able to visit.
But today he decided to take a break from the chores, ofcourse he had told Abuela. And take the time to know the truth behind why you suddenly didn't showed up.
He took a deao breath before raising his hands to knock on your door. Which was opened by your mother as he gestured him inside.
"Hola, Cariño what brings you here?" Your mother softly asked him. "Sorry I looked like a mess been busy lately"
"Está bien señora, you still look wonderful" He said as your mother just ruffled his hair.
"Y/N's upstairs taking care of the babies"
"Oh they took the babies they babysit home" Camilo said still clueless about a thing, which made your mother chuckle at him.
"No, no es eso. I got into labor with our new twins in the family, its a boy and a girl" Camilo was shocked at what he heard and hugged your mother to congratulate her.
"Felicidades to you and Señor. No wonder Y/N didn't go out, they love taking care of babies and now they have a baby brother and sister" He exclaimed as your mother motioned him to go upstairs which he did, not forgetting to thanked your mother while constantly repeating to congratulate her.
"Wow they didn't even tell me, Señora was pregnant." He talked to himself as he opened the door to your room, noticing the twins on your bed as you played with them and you looking shocked to see him while sitting on the edge of your bed.
"Cami, you're hereee" You softly, Camilo waved at you, as he went to sat beside you on your bed and take the other one to play with.
"You didn't tell me you're gonna have a sibling!!" He whisper yelled as you smack softly his head.
"I always told you that Mamá was pregnant! I mean not exactly that but I told you that she would always feel like this and I thought you knew that it means she was pregnant" You exclaimed as he scratch his head at your explanation.
"I just thought she was sick or what, I never saw her leave your home either. So how would I know" He stated mocking your voice at the end of his statement which you just chuckled.
"Congratulations now you know"
"So how was taking care of your twins" He asked as he played with both of them, giggles filled your room because Camilo keeps on shapeshifting to entertain them.
"Exhausting but im happy I got baby twins" You said as he nodded continuing to play with your brother and sister.
"Toñito was so lucky to have you as a big brother. You looked so natural with babies, Milo"
"I know besides from babysitting other kids everyday. I also have a big baby that is my number one priority"
"You're talking about Antonio?" Camilo shook his head as he squished your cheeks.
"You are my big baby" He winked after saying that and continue playing with the babies leaving you flustered.
As soon as you noticed the twins lessen their energy, you and Camilo decided to put them down on their cribs as they fell asleep within your hands.
You both went downstairs noticing your mother wasn't probably bought something in the marketplace.
"We look like a pareja earlier" He teased as you just gently slapped him at his remarks.
"Shut up milo! Your crush is supposed to be that not me"
"And....you're my crush." He said which made you looked at him mouth agaped, did he just confessed???
"Wait..wha—how, whhy?" You stumble across your words which made him chuckled.
"I heard Mami called my name. Okay, adiós mi amor~" He said and kissed your cheeks, to tease you as he went home.
You held up your cheeks, trying hard not to squel because it might wake your brother and sister.
"Omygod, Camilo just called me his love" You said jumping and smiling widely.
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camilosluvr · 2 days ago
Hi can I request a Camilo x reader where. The reader can shrink and grow and one day the reader is having a tough day and gets upset and shrinks to tiny height. And Camilo has to calm her down and he kinda let’s her hang in a dollhouse. Thank you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Parings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: You can shrink and grow and you can control it but sometimes it just happens based on your mood so Camilo's there to help you
Other info: Reader is Brown-skinned
Taglist:@doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Let's get one thing straight, you and camilo are not related whatsoever and you do not have the same DNA, you don't really know how you got a gift but what you do know is that you got one about at the age of seven and even your parents don't know how you got it though, you could admit that it was pretty cool to have powers even if most people thought you were related to your boyfriend because of it.
Your power isn't that cool but it's still cool, you can shrink and grow at will but if your emotions get too out of control then your power will get out of control too and that's when camilo comes in to find some sort of way to help you like the gentleman he is and the gentleman he was raised to be.
Camilo also loves your power because it's a bit similar to his as you both can shape-shift and he sometimes refers to you as a shrew or a cuttlefish because those animals can shift and grow and at one point, he had his mom make you a (poncho/dress) that had a shrew on it and you thought it was cute so you wore it.
So far, your day had been horrible. You had to babysit two toddlers that were troublemakers and were pulling on your hair anytime they got the chance, you fell into a lake and had to go home to change, had millions of chores to do, and to top it off, you had spilled a plate of food all over clothes that you had just changed into making you livid.
You felt like you were going to explode with anger as you walked with camilo who you had just found in town "Mi amor, calm down..your powers are gonna get outta control." Camilo said as he tried to calm you down, you didn't respond but you just grunted as you two started to walk into a field of grass "I can't!" You whined as you sat down angrily on the green grass, camilo sat down next to you and put his hand on your shoulder "But you gotta, or you're gonna start shifting again." Camilo said as he rubbed your back and you grunted in response, you knew that what he said was true but you didn't really care.
You then shrunk to the size of a mouse making both you and camilo a bit shocked but not surprised "Told you~" Camilo teased as he picked you up and you had a pout on your face as you folded your arms "I know, I know!" You yelled in your tiny high-pitched voice and camilo laughed at it "Heh, let's get you calmed down." He said as he brought his finger to your face and pet it making you a bit flustered but you didn't shift back so it wasn't really working.
Camilo sighed then thought about something which would've made a light bulb appear over his head if this was a cartoon, you saw the grin on his face appear and you tilted your head as your eyebrow raised, you knew that smile all too well and you knew that something awful was about to come.
~A few minutes later~
You and camilo were now in casita and were in his room, totally normal right? The only un-normal thing was that you were now in Dolores's old dollhouse sitting in the living room as camilo sat in front of the dollhouse on his floor "Cami, If I grow and break this house then it's your fault." You said as you glared at him with your (e/c) eyes making him swoon over you "Aww! You're so cute!" He said as he brought his finger towards your face to pet it again like last time like you were a little mouse and you were kinda the size of one so you kinda were like one.
You felt your face heat up though you didn't turn red due to your brown skin, you then grew up to your normal size breaking the small dollhouse in the process making both of you directly look at the house as soon as you stood up off it "Oh shit." You and camilo whispered in sync as dolores really loved that dollhouse since it was one of her favorite toys since she was five.
There wasn't any hiding it though as dolores probably already heard you and the dollhouse breaking "Well..at least you're not small anymore.." Camilo said awkwardly chuckling as he rubbed the back of his neck "Yeah..this one's all on you.." You said slowly backing away to the door as it was Camilo's idea to put you in the dollhouse and camilo reached out towards you "Amor! Don't leave me to do this by myself!" He yelled as he stood up but you were already halfway out the door.
You looked at camilo awkwardly "Sorry!" You yelled as you closed the door and started to run because camilo would've probably come after you to try and drag you back so you two could take the blame together.
You loved your boyfriend so much but he'd have to deal with this on his own.
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z-phy · a day ago
Camilo Madrigal x male!reader.
[When you come over.]
Tumblr media
He loves when you come over, there's no hiding it. Isabela would always call him the same way, "Camilo, your boyfriend's here!". He'd always flush a soft shade of pink and come answer the door, a shy smile resting on his face.
"Hola, amor." you'd always say, kissing him on the cheek, only making him blush more. Contrary to popular belief, Camilo was the one who was always flustered, not you. The simplest things would always make him blush, and you thought it was adorable.
Sometimes Pepa would 'just happen' to talk by whenever you were standing in the door way, and she would smile and happily kiss your cheeks and welcome you into the home, regradless of the fact that you're there pretty much every day.
Camilo would groan, feeling shy about his family smothering his boyfriend, and quickly pull you away to his bedroom, always apologizing for them when you two got to his room. You'd smile at him, and shrug it off, telling him it was nothing and that you liked it, it was sweet.
You two would lay on his bed, his head in your lap. Sometimes you guys just sat there enjoying one another's presence, other times you two wouldn't stop talking to each other. You would often play with his hair a bit, just simple stuff, you know? Twisting it with your fingers, carefully running your fingers through it, softly tugging on a few strands to see how long it was compared to your fingers.
That was your guys' thing, just sitting with each other. Sure, you guys went on dates around town sometimes, but you two mostly stayed in, and you and Camilo liked that. It was simple, sweet, and easy—it was perfect.
You would often stay for dinner, and by often I mean chances are you would end up staying the night pretty much every night, not that anyone minded. The Madrigals truly loved having you over, even though you spent most of your time in Camilo's room.
You helped out around the house pretty often, whether it was helping with cleaning or helping Julieta with cooking, you were pretty helpful. Camilo always joked that his family preferred you over him.
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veethewriter · a day ago
Hey there! I was wondering If I could request some Camilo Madrigal x Male Reader Headcanons on Camilo realizing that he's falling in love with a guy and not knowing what the hell he should do with his feeling until he decides to confess to the Male Reader. Thanks in advance!
Of course!
Tumblr media
At first camilo didn't really think what he was feeling was him loving you. More just him liking you as a friend. Well until you two started hanging out more and he realized how nervous he got around you.
That when he realized he liked you, when he did. He stopped hanging out with you so much hoping the feelings for you would just leave. He didn't know how you would react to them after all.
Once he realized they weren't going away. He had to make a plan for you to like him back (even if you already did by yourself). So he started do small things for you here and there.
Finally deciding to just tell you, he asked you to meet him by the pond/lake (the one in the movie towards the end). Once you two get there, he takes a deep breath before finally confessing his feelings for you. Hopefully you'll accept him....
Hope you like it! sorry it took me so long. I'm just now getting over being sick.
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ohbulletsfandom · a day ago
Maybe Camilo turns into a baby when he’s nervous due to the fact that he never got a childhood because he was always shifting into adults and Abuela treating him likes he’s only useful then, so now he associates being a child with negativity and being weak/unhelpful
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gh0stbunnie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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https-pluto · a day ago
Tumblr media
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solcamilo · 5 hours ago
okay camilo with an s/o with a contagious laugh thank u 😤❤
camilo with gen!reader having a contagious laugh would include...
So you and Camilo had been dating for a while (around 5 months)
But you had only been to a Madrigal dinner like once when he first introduced you to the family.
Now would be the second time you were going to have dinner with la familia Madrigal and you were a nervous wreck
Although you knew them from the town and - occasionally - helped them out with chores, you still didn't know them
Especially Alma Madrigal
Oh boy did she scare you shitless
When the two of you arrived he sat you down next to him and his older sister right in the middle of the table
Opposite of Isabela
No offence to her, she was gorgeous and you were sure she was so sweet and nice
Didn't mean she didn't scare you as she stared you down
You awkwardly laughed and looked to the side, squeezing Camilo's hand lightly (a habit you had actually picked up from him when he was nervous)
To your luck, Julieta and Mirabel placed the food on the table and the dinner had finally begun
Camilo grabbed you a big portion and (obviously) an even bigger portion for himself
Small talk and chatter filled the room for a good 20 minutes in during eating
You didn't really join in, only replying to questions asked towards you and making small comments about how good the food was here and there
You were trying to focus on a single conversation but found it difficult due to the amount of them being made around you
Until you did and just so happened to be Agustín's (maybe sad) attempt at making a joke
More so a dad joke
But luckily for him!
You secretly loved dad jokes
"Hey kids!"
"What papá?"
"What's the best thing about Switzerland?"
"Oh god not another dad joke-"
"Come oooon! What's the best thing about it?!"
"Uhhhh what is it?"
"I don't know, but the flag is a big plus"
And as if on que everyone in the room stops talking
It just reeked of it as everyone was eyeing Agustín
Poor man was the only one laughing at his own (kinda bad) joke
Until you opened your mouth
And you just started laughing really really hard
We're talking about the 'i have to clench my stomach and wipe my tears' laugh
Agustín naturally just started laughing harder since at least one person found his joke funny
Bruno couldn't help himself but laugh when he heard your laughter
And soon enough everyone just started joining in and laughing as hard as you and Agustín were
Your laugh was so contagious it was pretty hard not to join in
Camilo always thought of your laugh as pretty (sometimes a little too loud but otherwise pretty)
You on the other hand had always been self conscious about your laugh
Some girl had said you had a 'if a chicken had a love baby with a donkey' laugh when you were like 6
And ever since then you had a fake laugh to cover up your real laugh
But because of Agustín you couldn't hold it in and now everyone was laughing along with you
"See?! Y/N, they have taste!" Camilo's tio let out as everyone was catching their breath
"They don't but okay-"
"What? It was funny!" you let out with a small giggle still thinking about the joke
"You're just so cute!" Camilo exclaimed next to you, leaning over to pinch your cheeks
"No, I sound like the chicken's and donkey's love baby" you frowned
"Y/N that was when we were 6 now we're 15"
"It still sounds like that though-"
"Antonio!" Pepa shushed her son and motioned for Camilo to continue
"Still.." your frown deepened
"Mi vida you and your laugh are the cutest thing to ever exist on this world" he pecked your forehead and moved in to peck your lips
"Ahem!" Abuela coughed loudly, side eyeing both you and Camilo
But she failed to hide the content and knowing smile that was growing on her lips
You noticed how late it was and kind of panicked because last time you came super late to your house and your parents accidently locked you out
And then you had to awkwardly make your way back to Casita and crash at Camilo's room (with parental supervision of course)
"It's really late I think I should be going now. Thank you for having me over and thank you for the delicious food!" you smiled as you stood up, the Madrigal family standing up in turn
"Thank you dear for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed your time here" Abuela said warmly
This woman wasn't as scary as you thought she would be
You proceeded to hug each family member and made your way to the exit of the house
Hand in hand with Camilo the two of you walked back to your house where he dropped you off (after making sure you weren't locked out again)
"Thank you for inviting me" you let out softly
"Thank you for accepting" he smiled cheekily and moved to kiss you
"Ahem!" you mocked Abuela when he was only inches away from your lips
The both of you laughed and he moved in again to finally kiss you
The two of you pulled away and rested your foreheads on each others, both of you smiling like idiots
"I really love your laugh by the way did I ever tell you that?"
You laughed, lifting a hand up to his head to caress his hair
"Yeah you've said it about 100 times"
"Well then make it 101 because I really do"
And with that he kissed you tenderly once more before you both called it a night
The dinner didn't go so bad after all
a/n: sorry this wasn't a fic but i honestly didn't know how to make it one, again i'm sorry! but this as a headcanon was so cute :') also sorry i keep forgetting to tag people
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu
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m0chaminx · 2 days ago
Welp. Its offical..after almost 2 years of not being in a fandom, Ecanto finally dragged me back to a new phase.
All jokes aside, I have a request!
Could you do a hc to where the reader (fem) feels super bad because she accidentally dropped food on the floor and thought she insulted Casita, so she's on the verge of tears and its taking everything in Camilo's power to not laugh. Not laughing to mock her but because of how cute he thinks it is
Idm if you don't wanna make it, have a nice day!
I just did some simple Headcannons, I hope that's what you wanted :)
Tumblr media
You didn't mean to, you really didn't
But Camilo distracted you too much and you tripped on one of Isabella's flowers
All your food slid off the pate
You felt so bad
"Casita, I'm so sorry!"
You immediately tried to pick up the food
Camilo stood behind you chewing on his lips as he tried not to laugh
You ran back to the kitchen grabbing one of Julietta hand towels
You scrubbed the floor a solid five minutes
Camilo buckled over a hand slapped on his mouth as he watched you viciously scrub the floor
He finally came to his senses when he noticed you silently sob
"Ah, Mi Vida it's okay"
Camilo knelt next to you pressing kisses to your cheek
You blinked away the tears and let Camilo take the towel away
"You do realize I live in this house right?"
"I didn't want to offend her"
"Oh my god you're so cute"
Camilo took your plate to the kitchen grabbing some more food
He took you up to his room assuring you Casita wasn't offended
"Are you sure I didn't insult her?"
"Oh my god! You should see my Mami when it snows"
Fill this out to be added to a taglist
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urqfania · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"Camilo deja de fingir que eres Dolores solo para repetir"
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camilosangelita · an hour ago
They're mine.
camilo & carlos x reader, a one-shot where the twins have the same crush.
inspired by @dos-oroguitas and anyone else who's wrote about carlos already. [carlos is like his edgier twin brother that's based off his concept art lmfao.] art is by @crunchyfootwear on tiktok + instagram.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Carlos pulled his younger brother Camilo aside, having a very stern look on his face. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Uh-huh sure, y'know.. you look kinda familiar." Camilo hummed, not being able to take his older twin seriously.
Carlos, unamused by his brother's antics, continued on. "You do too but um, I just wanted to know, do you know somebody named..?" He stopped, laughing in the process. "You know their name."
"Oh yeah, definitely, I know their name." Camilo kept his cool, knowing this conversation would go into another direction sooner or later.
A scowl then appeared on Carlos' face, his brown eyes glaring daggers into his brother's green ones. "Well, I just wanted to let you know that they're mine.
Camilo laughed in his brother's face, wearing a satisfied smirk as he saw his brother only get angrier. "No, no, they're mine."
Carlos and Camilo, the famous madrigal twins, one being more famous than the other.
Camilo, was the town's blessing, sacrificing his leisure time to babysit kids in the encanto and spread joy.
On the other hand, Carlos was the town's curse, as he found enjoyment in ruining people's days. He would spend his time pulling harmless but inconvient pranks on the townspeople, claiming it was "fun" to do so.
However, despite their conflicting personalities, the brothers got along very well. If you saw Camilo, you'd see Carlos trailing right behind him, and vice versa. Nothing could break their bond, or so they thought.
One day, Carlos woke up to Camilo sneaking out of their bedroom window. "Where are you going?" He questioned, rubbing his eyes to adjust himself to the bright rays of sunlight that were shining through their room.
"Ay!" Camilo hit his head on the window, earning a laugh from his brother. "To the churro stand." He quickly responded, shutting the blinds. "Nothing weird going on here!" Camilo exclaims, waking goodbye before jumping out.
Not being convinced by his brother's answer, Carlos sat in silence for a minute before turning into an orange butterfly, flying in the direction his brother went.
He would then see Camilo talking with someone in the plaza, happiness evident on his face. 'Oh?' Carlos thought, watching them both closely.
"Is that all for today?" [Name] asked, giving Camilo a kind smile before handing him a brown paper bag.
Camilo gushed, the grin on his face only widening. "Yeah! Thank you!" Camilo bent down a little bit, kissing their hand.
[Name] let out a small giggle, pulling their hand away. "Alright lover boy, move it. I got other customers." [Name] pointed their lips to the long line of customers behind Camilo.
Camilo let out an "ah", giving [Name] a wave before heading back to Casita, skipping his way there.
Carlos shape-shifted back to himself, looking at what just happened in disbelief. His brother, in love?! Hilarious! He just HAD to see what this person was about.
Not caring about the long line infront of him, Carlos shoved his way through, not stopping until he was at the front of the line.
"Camilo? Didn't you just buy something?" [Name] had a confused facial expression, bursting into laugher when they saw how appalled Carlos looked. "It's a jokeeee, que tal Carlito?"
A red blush took over Carlos' face, making him look down in response. "Don't call me that." He mumbled with gritted teeth, the blush on his face growing redder and hotter.
"Aw.. did I make you blush?" [Name] teased, brushing his hair out of his face. "You look so much better without all that hair covering your eye!" They compliemented, watching Carlos step out of his shell.
"Of course! Now are we just gonna stand here all day, or are you gonna buy some churros?"
With a small smile, Carlos bought 2 churro sticks and ate them on his way home, cursing himself out internally. It was one thing for his younger brother to be in love, but now that he's joined him.
There was no way he was gonna play fair.
No way...
ok so like let me know if y'all want a part two, this was fun to make and i really wanna continue, anyways ty for the support ilyasm, bye <3
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chameleon-madrigal · a day ago
Hi! I've been binging Camilo fics for a while and your works have me squealing! >< May I request for Camilo pretending to be someone (maybe a friend) while his crush talks to them not knowing it was him and blurts out that they love Camilo but don't think they deserve him or prefers to just admire him from the background since they're really shy and quiet?
XI | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: Mutual Feelings
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Camilo x GN!Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Camilo can't deny the fact that he is being a lovesick puppy whenever he sees you. Both of you are too shy to talk to each other, not until he decided to shapeshifted into your friend to get you talk to him. It was all for fun and games, until you blurted out out your feelings for him. How will Camilo react?
He/him pronouns for Camilo
They/them pronouns for Reader
Note: Heyyaa, Awhh thank you for supporting my works! It means so much to me^^ Here is your request, hope you like it. Enjoy <3
Tumblr media
"Camilo quit staring and help me push these boxes!" Mirabel groaned noticing her primo being a lovesick puppy again. He quickly helped her with the boxes and put them in the right places in the stall of Señor Osvaldo.
"Lo siento, I just can't help it when I saw them" They both finish the chores as Señor Osvaldo thanked the both of them. Camilo and Mirabel started to walked along your way.
"Woah, where are we going??" He mentally panicked knowing he needs to face you, knowing his confidence would just fade right away and would act awkward infront of you.
"I need to get something from Y/N, relax" Mirabel nudged her primo for being a dramatic kid ever, questioning how is he older than her by months.
"Uhh fine, make it quick"
"You know staring wouldn't let you have them, if you keep on being shy. Just talk to them like you usually do with literally everyone in town." He whined as she started on giving him another set of advices to be able to confess to you.
"Its Y/N were talking about, its hard to talk normally infront of them if I would always stutter and stumble with my words. I mean seriously?? How will I manage to talk to them when just by looking at those eyes that are so innocent and stares at me makes me wanna—ugh I just can't" Camilo started rambling on his words as Mirabel chuckled, while patting the back of her primo.
"Come on just say hi and thats a step, or embarassed yourself atleast you can make them laugh" She said which made Camilo frown and make faces at her.
You stopped talking to your friend, as you noticed Mirabel called you. As soon as you saw Camilo you immediately felt your heartbeat went faster, trying to stop the urge on smiling widely at him.
"Hey Y/N and Y/F/N!!" She greeted you and your friend, as you both waved at back at her.
"Hola, Mirabel and Camilo!" Your friend greeted as Camilo just smiled back at the both of you, which made you gave a knowing look, unto which your friend tries not to laugh.
"Oh, Mirabel I already got exactly what you need" You said as you quickly got the bag beside the bench and handed it to her.
"Omg, this fabric is gonna be perfect for the thing I am currently sewing"
"And I thought you are gonna get food" Camilo side commented at his prima, which Mirabel just deadpanned looked at him.
"Once we get home, I am gonna shove you Mamá's every arepas" Camilo suddenly shapeshifted into Mirabel and started teasing her.
"Oh look I have an arepa and I'm gonna give it to my favoriteeee cousinnn" He copied her voice and made movements, which you can't help but chuckle as he went back to himself.
"Well, gladly I would take those arepas and blame you if Abuela starts to get mad at me having seconds" He said and stick out his tongue at her. As he catch a glimpse of you chuckling at him, which made him secretly blush and stopped himself for being silly.
"Really, Milo?" Mirabel said and held her primo's ear and dragged him back to the Casita.
"Y/N thank you for this, bye!!" She shouted while continue dragging Camilo, whose trying to get out of her grasp.
"DID YOU SEE HOW CUTE HE IS!?! AHH HE CAN JUST EFFORTLESSLY MAKE ME SMILE AND LAUGH" You said to your friend which made her chuckle.
"And you're being whipped again" She stated which made you pout at that.
Tumblr media
Camilo is currently at his room, which he should be getting ready to sleep but he can't. He has been staring into the mirror for quite a long time right now.
He shapeshifted into you and smiled immediately as he saw your appearance in the mirror.
"Gosh, why are you so precious. You're so quiet but everytime I hear your voice, it sounded so perfect and just so soft and tender. Those flustered smiles makes me just wanna squish your cheeks so bad when you get shy. Whoever you love must be so lucky—AHH I WASNT DOING ANYTHING!!!" Camilo quickly stated shocked on the person that opened his door, as he shapeshifted uncontrollably and fixed himself.
"Hijo, what were you doing?" Pepa said as she went closer to her son and fixed his hair.
"Ha..nothing Mamí. I was just practicing a...skit that..uhh, Tío Bruno made for his telenovelas. SÍ! YEAH THAT ONE" He said mentally praying that his mamí would bought that excuse.
"You like Y/N, don't you?"
"Pfft, what no...?" He said more like a question.
"Dolores told me the constant sighs you would alway have the moment you saw them, specifially the sighs of inlove. Just confess to them, querido"
Camilo went to sit on his bed, with Pepa following her son and held his shoulders as he sighed.
"I don't know, Mamí. I can feel that they like someone."
"Well, you wouldn't know if you'll try" Pepa said which made him looked at her with hopeful eyes as he laid down on his bed, whining.
Pepa just chuckled at his son and told him to fix his position on his bed and gently held up the covers unto him. She caress his head and kissed it.
"Goodnight, cariño. Remember what I said"
"Sí, Mami. Goodnight" Camilo smiled as Pepa walked outside his room. But before she could shut the door, she turned one last look at her son.
"I already want them to be part of our family Madrigal, Milo" Pepa teased her son as she noticed the visible blush on his cheeks.
"Mamí!!!" Camilo shyly said as Pepa laughed, causing a rainbow, at her son and closed the door.
Tumblr media
The next morning, Camilo went to the town and did his chores. You saw him being adorable as he babysit the babies and how he would entertain the kids. You continued admiring him from afar, constantly squeling yourself everytime he does something. You want to talk to him but decided to find your friend and just rant before letting her give you confidence to just talk to Camilo.
Camilo would notice you from afar, sometimes catching your eyes that were stealing a glance from him. Which he couldn't help but flustered the moment your eyes met, he wanted to assume but he would get rid of that thought.
Which gave him an idea, after entertaining the kids he shapeshifted into your friend. As he grinned to himself, for being a genius. In this way, he can talk to you and maybe would know some stuffs.
"Y/F/N!! There you are, gosh I've been looking for you" He heard you called which made him turned to you, as he felt his heartbeat went faster as he get to be this super close to you.
You dragged 'your friend' along and sat unto one of your usual spot where you would always tell each other about your day and some secrets.
"Where have you been?? I literally search the whole town"
"You sure you search the whole town for me?" Camilo stated getting himself comfortable at the moment where he could talk to you freely.
"Idk, maybe. Anyways GUESS WHAT!!" You excitedly exclaimed which made Camilo amused at you, knowing whenever he sees you would be so quiet and shy.
"Wow you're really talkative" He mentally facepalmed as it was supposed to be in his mind only.
"What do you mean? Ofcourse I do, I am just quiet and shy to other people. Which btw, lucky you for having to get to see this side of me" You said which made Camilo nod and smiled at himself for having to see this side of you also.
"Right...so whats the big news about" He went into the flow, and tried his best to act like your friend, although he has no idea how but you are being to excited to talk to notice the difference.
"CAMILO AND I HAD A BUNCH OF EYE CONTACT EARLIER!" You squeeled which made Camilo's heart pound faster, knowing you are talking about him into 'your friend'
"Yeah yeah I know you would say that I should talk to him like a normal human being, but we're talking about Camilo Madrigal here probably the coolest guy I know" You said and sighed as you keep on remembering what happened earlier.
Camilo, who is acting as your friend, is being dumbfounded at the moment trying to calm himself down. He decided to let you talk more about him, since he was shocked and never thought you would talk about him to someone.
"You can just talk to him for real tho, I mean who knows he wants to talk to you too. I don't even know why you're so scared" He stated cooly to not raise suspicions that can make you realize that it was him and not your friend.
"Camilo literally is everything that can make my heart melt whenever he is near" You said love visible in every words you say.
"What...was the very first thing you noticed about him?" He asked eager to wait for your answer.
"He made me feel enough than I already am" You said, and Camilo could have swore right there wanted to shapeshifted back to himself and just hugged you right away as his heart was beating so loudly, betting his sister could even hear it. He thought you would say something about his freckles or his pranks like other people would noticed about him, but no it wasn't. He decided to not shapeshifted back and letting you continue your words, as he keeps on falling inlove with you at the moment, noticing the sincerity in your voice.
"I usually don't say this everytime, but I really...love Camilo" Camilo stopped himself from overjoying so much as he needs to still act by being your friend.
"But...I mean I am not one of those teens that keeps on getting closer to him. Or one of those that are eyecatching and would always be seen by people no matter how crowded it was. I am just me, I don't think I am enough for him. I can't even talk to him—"
"Hey look at me, everyone is enough and important. They just need the right people to make them glow bright and make them happy. Trust me, you are more than enough for Camilo..and I am sure that he also loves you" He said as you hugged him which made Camilo hugged you back tightly.
"Thank you for always being such a good listener and motivator for me, y/f/n" You said which made 'your friend' smiled at you reassuringly.
'Your friend' bid goodbye to you, which you did also. But noticing that it looks like she is going to Casita but you decided to shrug it, thinking she have some business to do in there.
As you were walking home, you get to face your friend again, which made you confused because you saw her walk the other way.
"Y/N, I am so sorry didn't get to hangout with you. My mother brought me to the marketplace to help her sell foods" She exclaimed which made you confused.
"But we had a talk, just minutes ago...?" You said which made your eyes went wide, realizing what the heck just happened.
"What? No I just saw you right now"
"OMFG!! I JUST TALKED TO CAMILO" You exclaimed which made your friend shocked.
"Wait you did?? How, why...what?"
"HE SHAPESHIFTED INTO YOU, THATS WHY! OMG I JUST SAID THAT I LOVE HIM. DID I JUST CONFESSED!?! WHY DID HE EVEN SHAPESHIFTED INTO YOU!?" You started to ramble in your words as your friend tries to calm you down.
Not until Isabela, went up to you and greeted.
"You're Y/N, right?" She asked which made you nod your head, still calming down.
"Here take this its for you, and Camilo is right you're really adorable!" She said waving goodbye after handing you a bouquet of flowers with a note in it.
'Hola, amor. You probably realized this by now or not but sorry if I tricked you but it was me you were talking to earlier. Hope you're not mad thats why I asked mi prima to make you these. And I really admire how you were talking out your feelings for me. I don't take no as an answer, so I'll meet you tomorrow and invite you to dinner.
oh and I LOVE YOU TOO ;)'
-Your Camilo Madrigal <3
Your friend chuckled at you as you froze on your spot staring at the note and flowers.
'Camilo...loves me too....!?!!' You thought as your lips slowly curved into a smile excited for tomorrow.
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I don't want to leave this but i forget to post lmao
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Daily camilo reminder that ur doing amazing and hes proud of u (i am too <3)
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fight for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life. Part 1
masterlist !!
A letter had arrived to inform the Madrigals of your return. Camilo is overjoyed to reunite with you.
Camilo had kept his word. Even as eight years had passed, as Casita fell and rose back again on the hill that the two of you had once ran around on, the hope that you would return never once wavered.
Although he wanted to send you letters, he didn’t know where to write to you and your father hadn’t exactly warmed up to him even after your departure. Oftentimes he would run up to him, asking for any news from you. Though Ignacio would only regard him for a moment before silently walking away. He can’t say the same for his family though. The Madrigals and the lonely widow Ignacio Castillo had maintained a friendship of sorts. Though it seemed that Ignacio hadn’t really seen him as anything but the boy that drove his one and only daughter away from him. Often frowning and leaving the room whenever Camilo entered.
He knew his reputation wasn’t exactly the best but he had tried to show the older man his good side. Often he had pestered him, helping him out whenever he could. And try as Ignacio may, he couldn’t help but admire the boy whose smile was infectious and bright.
Camilo had spent years waiting, completely unaware that he was a boy falling deeper into the depths of love. No longer was it a silly crush and it took years of your absence to realize that.
He thought that he would have to wait longer. Not that he minded waiting but the day he had been waiting for would soon arrive.
A letter had been delivered to the matriarch of the family while they were having dinner. He recognized the seal that had your father’s initials on them as well as the wax seal’s colors. He drummed his fingers on the table, fidgeting as he resisted the urge to just snatch the letter from his grandmother’s hands.
He watched with bated breath, chewing on the arepa he ate like his life depended on it as his abuela’s serious features melted away to form a warm smile. She placed the letter back in its envelope before placing her hands on the table, glancing at him briefly.
“It seems that Señor Castillo’s daughter is expected to return from after completing her studies in the city.”
Camilo choked, an unchewed piece of arepa lodging itself in his throat.
Pepa, not noticing the choking Camilo had smiled fondly. “Oh, how sweet, you’re getting all choked up.” She stifles a soft motherly laugh, knowing how Camilo had admired and loved the girl.
Most people would argue that it was puppy love and that it would pass but her son’s unwavering patience to wait for (Name) told her all she needed to know. She was blissfully unaware that Camilo was so close to seeing the light, his abuelo Pedro on the other side—
Camilo grasped onto the table tightly, turning slightly purple as he couldn’t breathe. Was this it? Death by arepas? Granted it was a good way to go but he hadn’t seen (Name) yet!
“Oh..! Ay dios mio, you’re choking!” Panic ensued as Felix had turned to his son, about to share some fatherly wisdom, only to see Camilo choking. He immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver as Pepa thundered and rained all over the dinner table.
Well, after almost having a heart attack from Camilo’s near death experience, Alma had announced that she would like to host a welcoming party in honor of (Name’s) return. Seeing as the Madrigals and the Castillos were more than acquaintances after your departure, she saw it fit to hold a party for the return of one of Encanto’s memorable citizens.
As Camilo laid in his bed, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. You were coming back. After all this time he was going to see you again.
Camilo wondered what you looked like now and as he stood up, he glanced at himself in the mirror. He combed his fingers through his brown curls, smiling at himself. He could say that he looked good. He only hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint.
The shapeshifter turned to his closet, opening it up to reveal dozens of ruanas that resembled the very same one you gave him. Said ruana was carefully tucked away. He had worn it only once and that was on the day of your departure. It had slipped off his shoulders a few times but Pepa reassured him that he would grow into it.
He went back to bed, holding the ruana close to his chest as he reminisced about his childhood with you, slowly falling asleep with a smile on his freckled face.
Soon came the day he had been waiting for. Casita was roaring with excitement, much to his sister Dolores’ chagrin. Everyone had wondered how you were after being away from Encanto. Rumors of your studies as well as your beauty buzzed around the town. Camilo had looked forward to meeting you once again, fidgeting as he kept on shifting to different people out of nervousness.
“Alright, alright, calm down. You got this.” his fingers drummed against his thighs as he tried to focus.
The welcome party had been attended by the whole town, all of its’ citizens as equally curious as he was to see or know what had happened to the little menace that once terrorized the whole town with Camilo.
“Óye, (Name’s) on her way.” Dolores whispered to her Abuela before she let out a little ‘hm’.
He stood beside his abuela, with your father on the opposite of the Madrigal matriarch. Camilo donned the exact same ruana you had given him the last time he saw you, his white button-up pressed smoothly and showed no creases. He swallowed thickly as he fidgeted with the ends of his ruana, careful as to not pick on it too much as he was afraid of ruining the gift that you had given him.
“Camilo, your girlfriend’s here!” Isabela had smirked after she had peered out on the walkway where you were escorted by a boy that looked to be of Camilo’s age, though they weren’t familiar with him. Perhaps he was an outsider that you met while studying in the city? He was tall, handsome, a mop of smooth umber locks on his head. The unknown boy’s pretty amber eyes gleamed as he smiled down at you. Camilo could feel his throat dry up and his heart clench. Who was he?
A hush fell over the crowd as you finally entered Casita’s newly built doors. All eyes on you as you made your way down the center of the parted crowd. Camilo could hear their whispers but his eyes had narrowed on the unfamiliar boy by your side. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like him. Maybe it was his overprotectiveness for his girl.. His friend showed but he was far too close for his liking. Though he tried to push the green monster that threatened to ruin his whole night. This is gonna be a night to remember. You don’t want to ruin it, Camilo hissed to himself.
As expected, everyone in town was curious to see how you had grown. Camilo had quickly turned his attention to you once he heard the soft gasps that came from the crowd.
“(Name) Castillo has returned..”
A delicate fan had hid your features from curious eyes that tried to take a glimpse of you. You were dressed in a white blouse, delicate frills on the neck with a light yellow lace trimming, your skirt was long, embroidered with pretty carnations and sugar flowers and it stopped just before your ankles. On your hair was a little bow in the color of Camilo’s ruana.
“And she’ll be helping out with the children..” One of the mothers that Camilo had been helping had gushed as you gently ruffled the curly hair of the little tyke in her arms.
“I heard she reads books.. like for fun.” One of the haughty girls your age had scoffed, rolling their eyes while her companion had gasped. “No way..”
You continued to make your way through the crowd, a space between Alma and Camilo being made for you. The boy he had been glaring at joined your father’s side. Although he was nervous, Camilo had tried his best to retain his confident smile while your father had looked on proudly. “Mija.” Your father greets you with a warm hug and you couldn’t help but return the embrace before you had pulled away to stand in between the shapeshifter and his grandmother.
“Señorita Castillo.” Camilo breathes out, unable to believe that you were actually here now. You were so close and he could feel your warmth. He could only see your eyes right now, mesmerized and getting lost in them.
He briefly wondered if you even remembered who he was. It had been years after all and no letters were exchanged to know what had happened to the both of you in each other’s absence. Anxiety filled him and he felt his palms get sweaty. Though that soon would be melted away as you turned to him with that sweet smile you always gave him when you were younger.
You lowered your fan, eyelashes fluttering prettily as you beamed up at him. “Hola, Camilo.” You greet with a soft smile, only then making your features visible to everyone in town.
Camilo Madrigal swore he could hear a chorus of angels singing as his eyes opened wide to take in all of you. His jaw dropped and he started shifting again, his familiar disfigured face staring at you in disbelief.
A soft giggle merely escaped your lips, far too familiar with Camilo’s antics to be surprised anymore. “It’s really nice to see you..” You lean close as you whisper, smiling sheepishly, cheeks heating up as you recognize the ruana he wore. "You kept it? After all these years?"
Camilo’s own cheeks felt warm as he didn’t even know where to look. Your pretty eyes or the lips he swore he could kiss forever. And he could only nod dumbly as you smiled.
However, your attention was soon captured by his grandmother who had smiled fondly, gently grabbing your shoulders as she made a welcome speech that Camilo didn’t really listen to. Something about returning, yada.. Yada.. enough about his abuela!
All he could focus on was you.
Aside from his grandmother’s speech he would briefly hear muffled snippets of conversations of both your father and said boy who he now knew as one of your friends from the capital. He heard how he had insisted on escorting you home. He had shook your father’s hand firmly, proudly smiling as he heard Ignacio’s praise of making sure his daughter had come home safely. And to that he says, really? He spent years trying to gain even a smile from the ever cold Ignacio Castillo but it was given away so freely to a stranger?
As Alma’s speech ended, she asked for the band to play some music, no doubt sparking what would be a very lively party. Although Camilo wanted nothing more but to speak with you, you were whisked away by his primas who had fawned over your outfit as well as your now grown features. They had also filled you in on what you had missed during the eight years you’ve studied in the city.
You talked animatedly, recalling all your time in the city. He would watch, mesmerized by how you had become so.. so beautiful. Though there were quirks you had retained that he remembered when you were children. He smiled to himself, sighing dreamily.
“Camilo Madrigal. The shapeshifter, right?” A voice interrupted him from his thoughts and he turned to see the very same boy that was by your side upon entering Casita. “Andres Del Pilar.” The boy held his hand out. “I’ve heard a lot about you from princesa. It is nice to finally meet you.” Andres greets with a smile that didnt quite reach his eyes.
Something about this boy had honestly riled Camilo up. He was so.. Smug. Like he was smug too but his smugness, by his defense, was endearing! Not like this.. This.. chico engreido! He could feel Andres size him up, likely to scope out the competition as Camilo shook his hand.
“All good things, I hope.” He says through gritted teeth, eyes narrowing at the nickname the boy had referred to you as.
“But of course, mi princesa speaks highly of her darling friend.” Camilo could practically hear the emphasis on Andres’ words. His princess. Not yours. He turned to gaze at you just like Camilo had. The tall boy hummed softly. “During her years in the city, I’ve been granted her gracious presence. I admire her, you see. Only a blind man wouldn’t.” Andres had shook his head. “Numerous times I have thought of asking for her hand to court..” Camilo could feel his heart stop at his words, eyes wide as he looked at Andres.
“But I intend to ask for it from her father, Señor Castillo himself.” Camilo’s blood ran cold and he swore he feel himself freeze up, nails digging in his palms at how tight he was clenching his fists.
The tall boy merely gave him a once over, huffing haughtily. “Judging by your reaction it seems she has failed to inform me that this darling friend.. Doesn’t see her as just that.” He shook his head. “Though I really don’t see someone like you as a competition. No shapeshifting could amount to the life and the riches I could give her.”
Andres turned to walk away, bumping his shoulder against Camilo harshly and watching with a snicker as the shapeshifter had stumbled back. “Just a friendly advice, from one amigo to another, si? It is best if you cease any feelings you have for her, friend.” Andres had masked the poison in his words with his flowery sentences.
Camilo’s jaw clenched and he swore if he didn’t have the patience of a saint he would’ve seen red. Andres had expected an easy win. An easy ‘I yield’ from the Camilo boy. What he didn’t expect was dark green eyes narrowing at him.
“Que gane el mejor, amigo. May the best man win.” Camilo stood tall as he sauntered past Andres. If Andres thought he was going to back down, he had another thing coming. Camilo Madrigal was going to fight for you.
Nearby, hidden by a large assortment of plants, one could hear a little ‘oooh’ as they bore witness to the scene that had just transpired. Dolores, Mirabel, and their Tio Bruno had been listening in. After making sure that both boys had left the scene, Dolores let out a little ‘hm’ before relaying what had just happened as Bruno who had been quite inspired by the display, had taken notes, invested in his sobrino’s story and inspired to make a telenovela with starring his rats. Mirabel recalled the exchange from both boys to be used as the dialogue.
“Write that down! Write that down! That was telenovela gold!”
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3
i hope you guys like the second part of the book of life series ! sorry if theres any typos 😭 im still sick but i wanted to get a fic out ! let me know what you guys think !!
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dead-inside-writer · 24 days ago
helloooow!! Is it possible to request for a fluff camilo x fem! reader where reader has trouble sleeping and is tired always resulting her being at home most of the time. Camilo visits her so very often to show his love through cuddling with her or bringing reader small gifts even if it means camilo barging in her window often jsbdjbsshdh- (love ur works! pls stay safe always<33)
"Sleep well mi Amor" (Encanto Camilo x F! Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: hii! TYSM FOR THE REQUESTTT :D! this is so cute i'll try my best, hope it meets ur expectationss and GGEUBIOE TYY u stay safe as well <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Sleep-deprived! Reader
summary: Camilo sneaks into your room late at night to cuddle.
theme: fluff + slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, she/her for reader
warnings: none (maybe insecure thoughts?)
word count: 1.6k
You groaned in your bed, twisting and turning, trying to find a position that’ll somehow make you feel relaxed enough to sleep. It was extremely funny the way that you were always yawning and how you had no energy but couldn’t manage to fall asleep at all.
You looked outside the window from your bed to see that it was still night, the moon shining bright. You cursed to yourself, wanting to do fun dates outside with your boyfriend, but because you were tired 24/7, you spent most of your days at home.
Camilo always visited you when you were too tired to move. You both would have deep conversations, he'll tell you about his day and rant about annoying things that get on his nerves. Sometimes he'll bring cards and board games to play. On some nights when you were lucky enough to get a thirty-minute nap, you usually hang out with Camilo in your house to do more activities like baking cookies. If you were feeling a bit more energetic, you both would walk around town, admire the scenery, and even run around until your energy was drained then you’ll have to spend the day in your house again (but this was an event that rarely happens so you keep it dear to your heart.)
You were so grateful that he understood your situation and still stuck with you but you didn't want to continue spending quality time with him just in your room. You want to spend more time with him outside, do some crazy things together like play pranks on his family and run away when they find out, explore the world together from morning until night.
Deep inside of your heart, you were scared. What if he gets bored one day and leaves you for someone way funner? Everyone knows that Camilo is an energetic boy so why would he want to spend his day with someone who can't even leave her house without feeling exhausted?
You know that thinking like this will do no good, that you shouldn't be having these thoughts. You know that Camilo loves you based on his effort and attention, but it was so hard to push these thoughts away at night, where you are alone and wide awake, not having anything to do and stuck with your own thoughts.
Your insecurities flood your head, your heart swelling as you think about how you’ll feel if Camilo, your sunshine, leaves you. You smack your head against your pillow as the pillow soaks your tears. You were about to wipe your snot with a tissue when suddenly there was a knocking sound on your window.
You snapped your head to look at the window with alert eyes, ready to smack the intruder with your tissue box when you realized that it was your amor crouching outside your window.
You rushed to the window, a smile immediately appearing on your face when you saw him. You opened the window a bit too strongly that it almost hit your walls.
“Woahhohoho, someone’s awfully excited to see me,” Camilo cheekily said, surprised by how strong you opened the window.
But his smile went away when he saw your red nose with snot drooping down, your puffy eyes with lingering tears. (He still found you so beautiful, even when you looked like that.)
“Mi princesa, why are you crying? What happened?” He used his sleeves to clean your snot which left you feeling embarrassed.
“Oh dios mio! You didn’t have to do that! Now your sleeves have my snot on it,” You half-screamed, slightly freaked out of the idea that he has your snot now.
“Please mi amor, I had worse stuff on my shirt, like Antonio’s vomit,” He shrugged.
“At least let me clean your sleeves,” You hurriedly took the tissue, wiping the wet spot on his sleeves. Camilo sits on the window, chuckling as he watches your eyebrows furrow.
'Seriously, I would do anything for this girl and she's already flustered at the fact that I cleaned a simple snot? She's so unbelievably adorable,' Camilo thought to himself.
"Anyways, why were you crying?" He asks as he lifts your chin with his finger.
"Nothing," You answered. Camilo gives you a suspicious look, one of his eyebrows arched.
"Really! It's nothing," You try to laugh it off, not daring to look him in the eyes but he softly pulls your face to look at him again.
"Nuh-uh, I know it's more than 'nothing'" He said, putting more tone on the last word.
"Urghhh how do you know me so well," You sulked, pouting your lips, "It's just something really stupid."
"Tell meeeee," He begged.
"It's just... I mean, why do you even like me? You're super energetic and I'm all just stuck in my room. You deserve someone who can go out on adventures with you," You rambled, letting out your feelings.
"Hey, hey... you know that that's not true, I feel peace in your presence when my life feels like a hectic mess. You're the one that loves me for me, and I love you for you. I wouldn't change a thing," He looked at you with eyes full of sincerity, stroking your hair behind your ear.
"I feel bad making you hang with me just in my room. I want to go to so many places with you, explore, have fun, without being exhausted," You feel the tears flowing again.
"Mi cielito, how about we try working on how to get you to rest first, m'kay? Then when you feel rested and bursting with energy, we can do everything you want! I'll be with you step by step," He pulls you into his chest.
"By the way, can you let me in? It's kinda freezing out here," He made an exaggerated 'brrrrrr'.
"Oops, my bad, please do come in, querido," You hold his hand to make sure he landed safely. There was one time he accidentally slipped and landed on his face and ever since then you hold his hand.
"Wow! You didn't slip, amazing job," You teased.
"Hey! That was a one-time thing and you know it," He exclaimed.
"Oh right, before I forgot, I brought you some tea!" He raised the bag in his hand.
"Mi madre said that it can help with insomnia," He pulled out a box of teabags.
"You go lay down on the bed okay? I'll brew you a warm cup of tea," He said.
You went to your bed, patiently waiting for him. He always brought small gifts whenever he visited, so you weren't surprised, but you always appreciated each and every single gift he got for you. It ranges from something simple as a flower to something extravagant as a handmade skirt full of details.
Soon, he entered the room with a cup of tea in his hand.
"I hope I made it just right," He said, his fingers fiddling with themselves as he watched you take a long sip.
"Wow Cami! This tastes so nice," You said, amazed. To be frank, Camilo wasn't the best at making food so you were a bit scared.
"Really? Let me try," He took a careful small sip from the tea in your hand, and his eyes turned wide, "Woah... it really does taste nice."
"Of course, I'm Camilo Madrigal after all!" He smirks proudly.
"Yes, my special chameleon," You smiled softly, taking more sips of the tea. Little did you know, his heart melted when he heard you say 'my special chameleon'.
'Oh dios mio, she said I'm hers!' He freaks out quietly.
"Hey, this tea might actually be working, I do feel a bit relaxed," You murmured, the warmth of the tea fills your body and the scent so pleasing to your nose.
Noticing that your boyfriend is just standing next to your bed, you scoot over, patting the space next to you.
"Come and sit here with me," You said, placing the tea on your bedside table.
"Say less, carino," He immediately takes up the empty space next to you, "Can we cuddle?"
"Mhmm" You hummed, already snuggling close to his chest.
You peacefully listen to the rhythm of his heart, his chest slightly going up and down, as he plays with your hair, twirling them in his fingers, while his other hand hugs you. You both stayed like this for a while, just enjoying each other's presence.
"You know, mi amor, you're not only the most beautiful and charming girl I ever saw, but you're also the most intelligent, wise, interesting, and loving girl in this whole world," He softly says.
You were about to reject what he said but before you even can get a word out, he peppers your face with kisses, and after each kiss, he'll give you a compliment.
One kiss on your forehead, "You're a one in a billion."
One kiss on your left cheek, "You're the reason why I look forward to another day."
One kiss on your right cheek, "You're amazingly breathtaking."
You were left stunned, your mind basically malfunctioning as your heart runs a thousand meters per second.
You covered your face with your hands to avoid him seeing your tomato face, as he laughs at your reaction.
"I love you so much mi vida," You whispered.
"I love you too, good night," Camilo whispered back.
You mumbled a good night back, going back to enjoying the warmth and comfort from the cuddle until eventually, you doze off.
Camilo smiled in relief when he saw you sleeping, carefully slipping out, and giving you one last kiss on the forehead.
"Sleep well mi amor," He whispered close to your ear, then left out the window.
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