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caramellahoney · 2 days ago
literally taking a marker and playing connect-the-freckles on camilo. then forgetting and going down for dinner and the teasing that follows
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: PURE FLUFF!
warning/s: none
a/n <3: hehe fluff
Camilo rubbed his hands up and down on your back, having a quiet conversation with you. You came over to have dinner with his family but since preparations were taking too long, you two ran up to his room to have a quick cuddling session.
You were currently laying on top of him, with your head on his chest. Camilo slipped his arms underneath yours so he could pull you up. You leaned up and placed a small kiss on his jaw but apparently that wasn't enough for him.
"You missed, my lips are here." Camilo muttered, pursing his lips at you teasingly. You rolled your eyes and pushed his face away.
Deciding to be petty, you rolled over so your back was facing him. Camilo did not like that at all. He whined and threw his arm over your torso, pulling you against him to rest his chin on your shoulder. His lips were still pursed, trying to press a kiss against your face. You laughed and twisted in his grip, trying to avoid his lips. He quickly shifted into Luisa and easily turned you around so you were facing him again. Smirking, he shifted back and pressed his lips on yours.
"That's cheating." You muttered against his lips but eventually gave in and threw your arms around his neck. You tilted your head to deepen the kiss and Camilo hummed happily. He squeezes you tighter, pulling you even closer against him. You pull away and ease into him, enjoying the natural warmth that emanated from your boyfriend.
"Guapo." You muttered as your eyes lovingly scan his face, taking in every feature that couldn't be seen from afar. Camilo's cheeks flushed red, coughing awkwardly to mask his flustered state-which he was horrible at hiding. You brought your finger up to trace his freckles, an amazing idea popping up in your mind.
A mischievous smile appeared on your lips and you immediately jumped out of his bed, running over to one of his cabinets in the room. Camilo groaned at the loss of contact, his arms reaching out for you. You ignored him and continued digging through his drawers, you swore you saw it in here somewhere.. You grinned victoriously and pulled out the washable marker.
Turning back to Camilo, you smirked. He froze seeing the look on your face, what devious little plot were you planning?
You plopped down on the bed and straddled his lap, grabbing his arms to pull him up. You quickly held his face in your hands. Camilo adjusted himself so he was sitting up while his hands gripped your waist. He still looked confused as you popped the marker open and pressed it against his face.
"Huh-" Camilo squinted his eyes as you pressed the marker against his freckles. He caught on to what you were doing and quickly pulled his head away when you tried to move the marker. You whined and gripped his collar to pull his face close again and Camilo felt his hands sweat at the proximity. Well...the marker is washable sooo-
"Fine, whatever my amor wants." Your grin and giddy expression was what made it all worth it in his eyes. He rolled his eyes playfully when you started drawing lines across his freckles. Everytime you finished connecting two freckles together, you pressed a kiss against his face. Needless to say, he enjoyed the attention and affection he was currently being showered with.
Deciding to change it up a bit, you connected a couple of freckles together to form hearts; pressing kisses against them afterwards. You pulled back and examined your masterpiece, laughing at the random hearts framing his face. You squealed and engulfed him in a hug, making him fall back onto the bed.
He grinned and hugged you back, pressing kisses on your face for payback. A knock interrupted your cute little couple moment making Camilo frown.
"Dinner time! Camilo get your ass down here!" Mirabel shouted, knocking loudly against his door.
"We were having a moment, Mirabel!" Camilo groaned, annoyed. You quickly climbed off of him and grabbed his hand to pull him off the bed but he didn't budge. Camilo just smirked as you tried to haul him out of bed. You yelped when he suddenly tugged on your arm, making you fall against his chest. He trapped you in his embrace, pretending to fall asleep while he fake snored loudly.
"Camilo! I'm eating all of the dessert!" Your boyfriend immediately jumped off of bed, throwing you over his shoulder as he ran towards the door. He slammed it open and gently set you down, running after Mirabel.
"YOU BETTER NOT!" You shook your head and followed the two bickering teenagers. You walked into the kitchen and smiled brightly when Pepa engulfed you in a big hug.
She released you and opened her mouth to speak but paused when she saw Camilo's face. 'Aww'-ing, she walked over to Camilo and squished his cheeks. Camilo feigned embarrassment and tried to push her away.
"Ohh nice drawings Camilo, who's the artist? Y/N?" Isabella snickered, pointing to the markings on his face. Camilo froze and grabbed a nearby mirror, seeing the hearts you drew on his face. His entire family erupted in laughs, hollers and cheers. Camilo pouted but made no effort to erase the markings on his face.
You smiled to yourself internally, Connect-the-freckles was a very fun game, 11/10 you were doing this again.
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camilos-qt · 13 days ago
𝐀 𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄. camilo madrigal
Camilo [ he / him] reader [ they / them ]
Camilo’s partner owns a flower shop and they give him way too many presents
“mi vida you spoil me and my familia~” Camilo said draping their arm over [ name ]’s shoulder as they prepared a bouquet of sunflowers for pepa, since she wasn’t doing well.
“psh i dont spoil any of you!” [ name ] defended playfully.
“right right right AND you didn’t make flower crowns for my tio’s rats, a wreath for my mami, travel two hours to get books for my prima and definitely didn’t help build castia.” Camilo stated with a straight face.
it wasn’t like the madrigals weren’t well off. they ARE the ‘Amazing Madrigals’. but [ name ] was stubborn in their stance.
[ name ] held a bouquet of flowers to their chest. they were planning on giving the bouquet of sunflowers to pepa.
“and i gave juileta my herbs for her birthday” [ name ] was proving camilo right, unintentionally.
a smug smirk raised on camilo’s lips. “mi amor~ you need to take care~”
“just take the god damn roses!”
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ftmcamilo · 17 days ago
camilo: that reminds me of a dream i had where i was kissing y–..
y/n: ...
camilo: ...a girl..–
y/n, dying of laugher: uh-huh, good save.
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fabricated-misslieness · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: camilo madrigal x gn reader
req: no | wc: 525 | hurt/comfort | set after the magic is gone and before casita is rebuilt
summary: Camilo could be anyone he wanted, so what made “Camilo” Camilo? What was there to them if they didn’t have a gift?
a/n: reader knows spanish, he/him pronouns for Camilo because the pronoun they is used to refer to the town in general.
Tumblr media
Camilo didn’t like being alone, least of all without you. Still, he thinks now is the moment to have alone time. There’s a lot in his mind, like a suitcase filled to the brim, about to burst unless an item is taken away and reevaluated.
There were many things to think about, casita being broken, tío Bruno coming back, and above all, his gift being gone.
What…what was he going to do without it? He’s had it for the majority of his conscious life, and he’s always used it, every day and damn well near every hour.
People liked him, because of his gift. They always wanted him to be a tall, strong man, a caring mother, or a kid’s playmate. They never wanted him to be himself, Camilo Madrigal; He wasn’t their Camilo, he was their little chameleon. They wanted him to be someone else, someone he wasn’t. For the longest time, Camilo had come to unstable terms with it, and now that he didn’t have his gift, now that he couldn’t masquerade as someone else, he was a nobody.
He was practically bursting at the seams.
He uses his hands to put himself back together, grasping at his face as if it could help. “They like you, Camilo.” He tries to reassure himself. “They like you for you.”
His breaths are raggedy, shaking now.
Who even was Camilo anyway? Was he a tall handyman? A mother to rely on? A comedian to share a laugh with? He wasn’t even sure if there was enough of him to love.
He laughs. Why was he laughing?
“Camilo?” That… wasn’t him.
“You there?” He turns to you, which turns out to be a big mistake as he reveals his mess of a face to you. Perhaps if he looked like the perfect Isabela, you wouldn’t have said the next few words, “Oh, Camilo… are you alright?”
“Y-Yeah,” He gulps back a sob, “I’m alright.” He was alright, he was just peachy. Yes, that’s who he was, the stable Camilo.
“You’re…” You reach forward to grasp at his hands, but he pulls back, afraid, “not. You’re not alright.” Who were you to tell him how he was? “Camilo, por favor, what’s going on?” (please,)
“Am I…” What was he saying? “who you want me to be?”
“Amor, sí, sí, of course you are.” You say without skipping a beat. “You’re the love of my life, I-” (Love, yes, yes,)
But he cuts you off anyway, “Who did you fall in love with?”
“Camilo.” Madrigal, he adds in his mind. “I fell in love with Camilo, the person that caught my eye, the one with the kindest smile I’ve ever seen, laugh of an angel’s…” You take his hand in yours now, and he allows it. “I fell in love with you, not anyone else.”
With him, yes, with him.
Camilo breaks down, tears flow down his cheeks freely and his breath hinders and hiccups, but you’re here. You’re here to wipe it all away.
“Eres Camilo,” You press soft kisses to the tops of his closed eyelids, “mi cielo,” the tip of his nose and the tenderness that are his lips, “y mi vida.” (You're Camilo, my sky and my life.)
“¿Tuyo?” (Yours?)
“Si me tendrás.” (If you'll have me.)
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residentkarmakinnie · a month ago
could i get isabela and camilo x gender neutral reader hcs? separate ofc! like how they met, how they got together, and like dating hcs? please and thank you! enjoy your day/night/evening!
Of course!
(This is unedited)
How you met:
You were over at the Casita, hanging out with Mirabel. Despite being close friends with her, you never formally met her cute cousin. You two officially met when you saw him in the kitchen… stealing food.
When he saw you his normal, smooth personality was gone. You were gorgeous!! How was he supposed to function correctly? This resulted in Camilo turning into multiple different people. Obviously Dolores noticed this, and with her love for gossip she told Mirabel.
The next time you came over those two tried to get you to hang out. It wasn’t until Mirabel left you two alone that you had a solid conversation.
How you got together:
After a while of being friends, you would stay with him throughout the day. Follow him to buy food, prank his family, and play with the town's kids. This day, though, happened to be different. The kids that you were watching had decided you were going to marry each other.
Now normally you would politely decline and move on, but these kids were persistent. Camilo had no problem with this, I mean hey, wouldn’t you marry the person closest to you? With that, the wedding was in motion.
The children gave you two candy rings to put in each other, and made you say vows. Now it was time for the “big moment” as they referred to it as, the kiss. “Okay kids, close your eyes so we can kiss.” Camilo’s voice run throughout your ears.
The kids closed their eyes (not really) and left the two of you to kiss. After turning his head to you, he grabbed your arms gently. “Can I…kiss you?” Nodding your head slowly was the last thing that happened before he kissed you!
After the two of you pulled away the kids started to jump around all giddy. “Will you be my partner… sweetheart?” (Now ur dating 💀)
What dating them is like:
(Time for the bullet list lol)
•First of all, this boy would do ANYTHING for you
•He would smother you with love on an hourly basis
•You like hugs? He won’t forget that. You like holding hands? Your hand will never be lonely ever again.
•Now for his preferences, he loves kisses the most, your knuckles and forehead are his favorites
•He almost equally loves hugging you! Cuddling you is even better! He loves any and all contact with you
•In regards to his family, his mother loves you almost as much as he does . You’re like a second child
•His cousins and siblings love teasing him for his love for you
•If anyone dares to hurt you we will become ruthless
•Almost cruel type pranks (but only if you’re comfortable with it)
•All in all he's an amazing boyfriend. 100/10 recommend
How you met:
You were the baker's child. Your parent(s) owned a nice bakery, you made cute cakes and sweet desserts. Isabela, as her daily chores, was made to buy all of the ingredients for her mother to cook that night.
To treat herself after all the walking around she entered the nice shop you worked in. “Hello miss, how can I help you?” Oh my, it was love at first sight for the both of you. “Umm..” she rubbed the back of her neck, smiling softly. “Just a vanilla cupcake please.”
She took out a small purse with some spare money. “No worries, it’ll be free if you tell me your name, stranger! So, sounds like a deal?”
How you got together:
It was a comfortable Saturday afternoon. You and Isabela had planned to have a picnic with her mothers cooking and your desserts. A lovely idea.
As you strolled up the hill with a basket in hand you got a glance at her. She was truly beautiful. Maybe today you would finally ask her to be yours.
“Afternoon, Isabela!” You took a seat next to her, looking over a gorgeous landscape. “Good afternoon to you as well.” She smiled at you kindly. “We should eat.”
(After you finish eating)
“You have something on your cheek, Isabela.” She blushed and looked away sheepishly. “Let me get it for you.” Then you cupped her face and wiped the frosting off her. During this, you started into her eyes.
“I love you..AH WAIT!” You we’re quick to catch yourself, but it was too late. Before you could retract her hand she put hers on top of yours. She was smiling like an idiot at this point. “Be my partner?” (Now ur dating 😨)
What dating them is like:
•Isabela loves you more than anything in this world
•She is very kind and gentle with you
•Will often blush if you ever show her affection
•She loves to hold your hand the most
•Along with this she becomes rather flustered if you show her off
•She loves doing anything nice for you
•You like blue flowers? She will grow hundreds of them
•When she kisses you (if you like kisses ofc) it feels like you’re kissing an angel
•She will help you if you ever want to change your style / dress up
•If you’re ever upset she will go to hell and back to make you feel better!
•Overall a very sweet girlfriend
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justanothercamilofan · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
i did this instead because im procrastinating rn
i absolutely despise math schoolwork so i wrote this
Tumblr media
You didn’t want to be here at all, but your friends all collectively decided that you needed to let loose once in a while. “Go crazy, go stupid.” they told you. So here you were, at the town’s center. Some sort of celebration, party– whatever, you didn’t know– was being held. You watched as your friends went around, dancing, singing, eating. They were clearly enjoying themselves.
“Wow, it’s like they didn’t drag me out of my house to go here.” You mumbled under your breath. One of the servers came up to you and offered a drink, you took one and politely thanked them before they headed off. A hum in delight left you as you took a sip from the cool beverage. It tasted sweet and fruity. After you finished your drink, you carefully placed it on the table nearby.
Unbeknownst to you, a certain someone had been eyeing you the moment you and your friends arrived. He is only waiting for the perfect moment to talk to you.
Music started playing and everyone had found a partner to dance with. Well, everyone but you.
This was it. The moment he was waiting for. He took a deep breath and slowly approached you.
“What’s someone as stunning as you doing here, all alone?”
You look up to see who spoke. Shrugging, you responded: “I don’t have anyone to dance with, thought it would be obvious since I am– was, now that you’re here– alone.”
The boy in front of you hummed, a small grin appearing on his face afterwards. He extended his hand to you, “Dance with me?” He asks, a hopeful look in his eyes. You raised a brow at his actions. Well, you didn’t really want to feel left out… Why the hell not?
You take his hand.
“Alright, I’ll humor you. Make me sway.”
He pulls you closer to him, a hand coming down to your waist. You place your free hand on his shoulder, and then the fun begins.
Back and forth, side to side. You both moved to the rhythm of the music. You’ve never been too fond of dancing, but with the mysterious stranger guiding you as the two of you swayed, it felt as if you’ve been practicing all your life just for this moment. He held you close to him as he leaned down to whisper the words “You’re pretty good at this, cariño.” in your ear. You could feel your knees go weak, if it were not for his hold on you, you swore you would’ve fell.
Other dancers may be on the floor, but not once has his eyes left your gaze. You could hear the piano playing and the sound of people chatting, yet it felt as if it was just the two of you, alone, dancing without a care in the world.
When the song came to an end, he made you twirl before wrapping an arm around your waist to dip you. You held on to his back as he did so, the other hand resting on his arm. The both of you stared deeply into each other’s eyes, and that’s when you realized something. You still didn’t know his name.
As if he read your mind, the stranger finally spoke. “Camilo. Camilo Madrigal.”
You repeated his name, loving the way it rolled off your tongue. You smiled at him and said yours.
“Y/n, huh? It has a nice ring to it.” You rolled your eyes playfully as he brought you back up to a standing position.
“I enjoyed dancing with you. Any chance we could meet up and get to know each other better?” Camilo asks. You hummed, tapping your chin pretending to think about it. As if the answer to his question wasn’t obvious enough. “Tomorrow, this same place, at noon.” Was all you said before waving goodbye to him and heading back to your friends. “I’ll see you then, y/n.” He whispers, returning back to where his family is. The look on his family’s faces was enough to know that he would be teased for this the whole night.
“So, when were you going to tell us that you had a lover, hm?”
“Mami, please.”
It wasn’t easier on your end either, your friends pestered you with endless questions all the way back home.
“You and him, huh? Were you just pretending to not want to go so we wouldn’t find out about this secret relationship? We’re hurt, y/n! I thought we were all friends here!”
“Cállate, por favor.”
Ah, you both couldn’t wait for tomorrow.
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xdyledz · 20 days ago
if camilo played basketball he would say “ this ones for you “ then miss the shot then say “ if i miss this i get a kiss” then he makes it 
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eresunencanto · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ 𝐂𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 was naturally a loud person, that's something we all know, right? He's almost never afraid to make noise- unless it's Dolores yelling at him to shut up ofc. So we can all know he loves talking a lot
: ̗̀➛ Camilo having a passionate partner who loves talking about what they like is something he adored so much about them! It's like his own entertainment seeing how they get worked up and so excited over the topic
: ̗̀➛ With Camilo sometimes having the same interest in the topic, it becomes such a great conversation that just makes him a love sick fool with a stupid grin when the convo ends
: ̗̀➛ He loves seeing how excited you get. That's his favorite part about your passion
: ̗̀➛ He loves the way you get so lost in your own thoughts and you just keep talking to him for so long that it turns into night and you realize that you've been talking for hours
: ̗̀➛ And Camilo is absolutely in love with your words, your expressions. He pays attention, he always did. He never missed a single word you said and he never will
: ̗̀➛ At the times when you're talking about something that is also his interest, it's so fun to able to talk about it with you
: ̗̀➛ Minutes turn into hours and hands are flying in the air, stomachs are churning with pain bc of how much you've laughed with him and the conversation keeps on going
: ̗̀➛ Camilo is grateful to have you with him, such a wonderful s/o who listens to him rant as well and gets excited over his things too just as he does with yours
: ̗̀➛ Being loud and expressing your emotions through actions and words is something Camilo admires about you
: ̗̀➛ Camilo feels like he can be himself around you, with nothing to worry about and not having re-think his thoughts over if he's speaking too much or not speaking enough
"And then the food went all over the pan and it was so cool! It tasted marvelous too! Such a delicacy to be able to be even in the dishes presence! It was ¡mágico!"
Camilo smiled, his stomach rumbling with hunger from your detailed explanation from the food your mother had made. "My aunt once made this dish- I forgot the name of it but she only made it once for Mirabell's 9th birthday and oh my GOD! It was simply the best dish ever. Literally cried tears of joy from being able to taste it. I even ate the rest of the left overs, of course, I was grounded the next dia for eating them 😪"
"So much talk about food, now I'm hungry!! ¿Quieres ir a buscar comida?"
"Bet, let's go!"
: ̗̀➛ Camilo adores his conversions with you. There's nothing in the world that would make him be bored of anything you'd ever say, because with each and every word you utter, he can feel the excitement and love coming from deep within your heart. You're passionate about this, and therefore, so is he about you.
Tumblr media
Thank you @choicee for the request!
If anyone else has a request and has read the rules, don't be afraid to drop by and send one! <3
Tumblr media
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camilosluvr · 4 days ago
Ok, ok, hear me out please: camilo with a (fem) mermaid s/o???
Please and thank you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x Fem Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo finds out that his girlfriend is a mermaid when they take a little trip to a large lake
Tumblr media
Camilo had found this large lake about a week ago and after making sure that it was safe to swim in, he planned to swim in it with you or just swim in it in general.
Camilo hadn't gone swimming in forever! Since he was about six was the last time he went swimming so he wanted to go swimming again and he wanted to do it with you.
Camilo stood in his room in his gold swim trunks with his usual sandals on and a towel draped over his shoulder as he waited for you to get done putting your bathing suit on, the only reason you agreed to this is that camilo was gonna cry if you didn't, well he wasn't actually going to cry. He was going to fake cry even if you knew that he was faking because you still couldn't stand the sight of him sad let alone crying.
You then walked into his room wearing your bathing suit with a cover-up around your waist, sandals on, and a towel on your shoulder "Gimmie your shirt, I need it to cover up my upper half." You said looking around Camilo's room for one of his shirts and camilo grabbed one on his dresser and handed it to you "Here, I took that one off a second ago." Camilo said smiling softly and you took it from him and smiled.
You took the towel off your shoulder for a second to put the shirt on but you only buttoned up about three buttons before putting the towel back on your shoulder "Got everything?" Camilo asked and you nodded then you two made your way out of Camilo's room and into the hall of casita's second floor "Where are you two goin'?" Mirabel asked from behind them making them turn around to face the Colombian girl "A lake cami found." You explained and mirabel nodded and walked off to do something else, you just figured that she was feeling extra nosy today and brushed it off.
You and camilo then continued your trip down the stairs, you two walked out of casita and the sun immediately hit your eyes making you wish that you brought sunglasses but camilo would've probably just ended up wearing them anyway.
You followed camilo towards the lake as he was the only one that knew where to find it, you weren't going to get in the water at all because well, you couldn't have camilo finding out about you being a mermaid but it would be hard to explain it to him though especially with all the questions he asks on a daily basis.
You were too caught up in your thoughts to realize that you and camilo had arrived at the lake and a splash made you snap out your thoughts fast enough to move back before you got hit with water, camilo came up for air and spit out the water as he looked at you.
His hair was wet and now was down to the middle of his back making him look back at the unfamiliar feeling "Shrinkage I guess.." He mumbled as he felt his hair for a second and then dropped it back on his back then he looked back at you "Come on! The water is just fine, I actually don't know what that means but people say it all the time!" Camilo yelled out as he ushered you to get in the water.
You shook your head and sat on the ground a bit far away from the lake while you took Camilo's shirt off and your cover-up off, camilo pouted and got out of the water "Come on, that's the whole reason I brought us here.." Camilo said as he grabbed your hands and tried to pull you in the water but you didn't budge so he was pulling dead weight "Nah, I'm good." You said chuckling a bit at Camilo's antics.
Camilo then thought of an idea and grinned, camilo then shapeshifted into luisa and then picked you up making you gasp and yell at him to put you down, he jumped in with you in his arms as he transformed back to himself.
You panicked for a bit as you raised up from the water then you felt the skin on your legs turn into scales, your pores turn into gils and your legs transform into a fish fin "Fuck.." You mumbled as you heard camilo coming up from the water behind you, camilo swam in front of you with a shocked look on his face.
He then dived back underwater to make sure he wasn't hallucinating for a second and he came back up with a smile on his face "Are you a mermaid!?" Camilo yelled making you put a hand over his mouth "Shut up." You mumbled and camilo nodded before licking the palm of your hand, you gagged as you removed your hand from his mouth and shook your hand "Ew...but yea, I'm a mermaid." You whispered loud enough for camilo to hear you and he smiled.
He then hugged you tightly "I can call you Mi sirenita now!" Camilo yelled as he kissed your face making you feel flustered, well at least you didn't have to worry about camilo taking it in a negative way but you know had to worry about dolores telling people because she definitely heard that.
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rosiefaeriee · 13 days ago
What Love Feels Like
Tumblr media
Camilo x gn! Reader (no specified gender but it's more towards female reader)
Summary: The Camilo Madrigal didn't know what love really felt like. It was ironic, really. However with your guidance, he knew how to love. With your guidance, he found out he was inlove with...
Camilo is a minor, 18+ people shoo
Tumblr media
You held a basket of empanadas as you and Camilo waited for his prima to finish getting ready. "Mirabelllll, huurryyyy" He dragged every syllable. "I'm done, I'm done!" She yelled back and bought Julieta's arepas.
"Let's go!" You exclaimed and you all went to go find a spot.
The three of you were eating arepas, talking about so many different things when Mirabel suddenly asked, "Do you guys have any crushes?" Huh? You looked up. "That's quite sudden." Camilo commented.
You've had a crush on Camilo since forever, but you weren't ready to confess. Plus, Camilo probably already had a lover. "I do" You just said. Mira was about to ask you who you had a crush on when Camilo—
"I don't know what having a crush feels like." He doesn't what?
Week 1 of journaling
Dear diary.. When me, Mira, and Cami went to have a small picnic earlier today Camilo told me he didn't know what it's like to romantically feel love. At first I thought he would have a novia/novio already, but I was wrong. Atleast I have a bigger chance to be with him?
Tumblr media
It's been a few days since Camilo admitted his small knowledge of crushes. You were selling some fish in town. "Hola Y/N, how are the fish selling?" Your neighbor senor Adrio asked. "It's quite well. By the way how is your family senor?" You replied. "We are doing just fine. Tell your parents I said hi."
"Sure sure, I will." You smiled and went back to your work. "By the way, that Madrigal boy was looking for you. He said he wanted to ask you something." He told you. Camilo? Why would he be looking for me? What was so important that he needed to ask you?
Week 2 of journaling
Dear diary.. I figured out journaling was actually pretty fun! I could get used to this.
Camilo seemed to be really curious about love. He asked what it felt like to be inlove. In my opinion, I think..
1. You feel happy and comfortable around that person.
2. You feel butterflies in your stomach when around that person.
3. You want to be with that person at all times.
4. Sometimes you can't find the right words to say when talking to that person.
5. And most importantly, you accept that person just the way they are.
Or atleast, that's just how I feel about Camilo. But anyway, I told him that and he only nodded.
Tumblr media
You heard your little sister Rosa and other children laugh as Camilo chased them. It seems like they were playing tag. "Gotcha!" The older boy touched a kid and immediately went for the others.
Going back to selling fish, you didn't realize that Camilo was running to your direction. Bumping into you, he accidentally shapeshifted into 5 different people. Both of you were wincing in pain as he apologized.
"I— Are you okay? I'm sorry Y/N, I didn't see where I was going.." He said. "Hermano/Hermana?" Your sister asked. A few other children also gathered around. "Don't worry Cami, Rosa, kids, I'm fine." You responded.
Week 5 of journaling
Dear diary.. I realized he was really friendly with children. My hermana really liked him too.
Also, Camilo continued his small research about love. He told me he asked his parents about their love story. But, he also said he couldn't stand listening to how cringe it sounded so he left. So he thinks romance is cringe now?
Tumblr media
It has been over 2 months ever since Mirabel ever bought up the topic of crushes. It was boring to her now that she found out Camilo didn't even have one.
"Y/N I know you're busy but since you're my favorite friend and everybody knows you're my favorite friend I figured I could ask you about some things and those some things are actually about Camilo." She blurted everything out in one sentence.
You blinked a few times, quite startled. "What? What do you mean?" Was the only thing you could say. Mirabel sighed as she told you to sit down.
"Camilo. I refuse to believe he doesn't understand crushes." You sat down. "Ooo.. kay?" Mira mentally facepalmed. "My question is, how are you fine with him never even falling inlove when he would flirt with so many boys and girls!"
"Well.. I- I've actually been.. Teaching him about love! Yes, that." You answered. "Teaching him? Ohhh you and my primo? Dating?" She nudged your shoulder. "W-what? No!"
Mirabel giggled at your reaction. "Don't worry, I'm not against it. Promise."
"It's not that Mira.." You told her everything about how Camilo asked for your help.
Week 8 of journaling
Dear diary.. Mirabel makes a point. Camilo could be inlove with anybody and he wouldn't even notice it. But, I must stay strong.
He also went to meet me earlier, just to say hi. No questions asked today.
Tumblr media
You heard a knock your bedroom door. "Comiingg" You yelled. When you opened the door, stood Rosa smiling. "Camilo Madrigal is outside looking for you." She said. "Oh?" The two of you went to the front door.
You sent Rosa back inside and turned to face the boy. "How can I help Cami?" You asked. "Oh- come with me to somewhere a bit more private." He told you.
Because of this, you instantly knew it was about his love thing again. "Sure, let's go~"
Week 10 of journaling
Me and Camilo went to the place we and Mirabel had our first picnic. The same one where he started to wonder about love.
He told me that he thinks he has a crush on somebody. He matched his feelings with my descriptions and with his parents, some neighbors, and my older brother (yes, he even asked my brother)'s stories. I guess I was wrong, maybe he did know he was inlove with them. Well atleast now he did.
It kind of hurts, finding out he had a crush on somebody else when I've loved him for some time now. But what else can I do? I can only hope it's me.
Tumblr media
"Camilo! Have you done your chores?" Abuela yelled from the first floor. "Don't worry abuela, I have this time." Camilo chuckled to her. "Good. The Ivan family are holding a small gathering today to celebrate their newest son. Tell your siblings and your cousins to get ready."
A new kid in town? Camilo couldn't wait to play with him when he gets older. "On it!" He went back upstairs.
Soon, his family was outside of the Ivan family's house. "Glad you could be here. Come inside. My son is at the back if you wanna see him." Adrio Ivan welcomed them in happily. Inside, the L/N family was already there. Some other families went too.
Food was served over 30 minutes ago, and now you're just walking around while drinking some fresh juice. You originally wanted to find Mirabel, but somehow you ended up walking into Camilo and Gabrielle, daughter of senor Ivan chatting together.
Camilo stared at Gabrielle in admiration as she talked, but you were so heartbroken you couldn't even focus on what she was talking about. You wanted to drop the glass of juice you were holding. You wanted to cry and run back home. But you couldn't. Atleast not now, not in front of them, not in this place. So you decided to just slowly slip away.
You stood on the balcony, deep in thought.
With your guidance, he knew how to love. With your guidance, he understood love. With your guidance, he realized his love. With your guidance, he found out he was inlove with Gabrielle Ivan.
Though it was still lively, some guests had already left the place. You almost fell alseep when you suddenly heard your name. "Y/N?" You turned around and saw Camilo. His family hasn't gone home yet? You only became more confused when you saw Gabrielle peeking from behind his back. Oh, they were going to break the news to you that they were dating.
"I've been looking all over this place for you." He was a bit concerned. "Oh haha, you don't need to worry about me. How'd you know I was here though?" You asked. "Dolores." Was the only thing he replied.
Camilo sat down next to you and to your surprise, hugged you. "W-what-" You were blushing, he knew. "Y/N, I think it's time I tell you who I have a crush on." He said. The blush on your face faded away, and you wanted to cry once again.
Still, you forced yourself to be always there for him, even if it meant to just be his friend. You looked back at him, and you saw it. The same face filled with admiration, but this time also with warmth, and also with love. Wait, love?
"It's you. I've always liked—no, loved you. I didn't even realize that until you actually taught me to. You taught me love Y/N, and I mean this in the most non-cliche way." You swore you saw Gabrielle holding up an akward thumbs up as she smiled to herself.
"You what?" You stood up almost immediately. He frowned, "It's okay if you don't—" You smashed your lips on his. He kissed you back, of course. Time seemed to stop for the both of you.
You pulled back and finally told him, "I love you too Camilo."
"Thank you for opening my eyes, mi vida."
Week 12 of journaling
I can't believe it! Camilo was inlove with me! He was looking into Gabrielle's eyes in admiration because he loved her, it was that he admired her bravery. He was asking her for advice to confess to me!
Tumblr media
Week 629 of journaling (13 years later!)
My Cami is so excited today. But who can blame him? I too am excited, for our little Matteo was recieving his gift today.
I'm so lucky to have Camilo by my side.
With my guidance, he knew how to love. With my guidance, he understood love. With my guidance, he realized his love. With my guidance, he found out he was inlove with Y/N Madrigal.
Tumblr media
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caramellahoney · 11 days ago
You probably won't even see this but- I'd love to see just a CRUMB of something like Camilo rambling to Bruno about how much he adores his darling because he kind of gets the feeling that Bruno won't go running to y/n spilling the tea, but if y/n tries to just "oh hi Bruno!! :)" hE'LL PANIC BECAUSE he doesn't wanna ruin it for his sobrino
Also I love your writing you're very talented
"don't let it slip"
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: none to note- no proofread
a/n: I had really fun with this! Thank you btw!
Bruno happily sighed as he snuggled into his sofa. It had been a long day and he was eager to get some well deserved rest.
"TIO BRUNO!" And-..there goes his free time. Bruno shrieked, twisting his head around to see who interrupted his relaxation. Camilo had just slammed the door open and stood at the entrance of Bruno's room. A goofy grin spread across his face. Bruno raised a brow, confused as to what the teen possibly wanted from him.
"I want you to read my future!" Camilo shouted, shutting the door of the room. Stomping over to his tio, the shapeshifter plopped on the floor. He sat right in front of Bruno's chair-to make sure Bruno wouldn't try to run away. Dumbfounded, the older man started awkwardly shifting in his seat.
"You know...you know how my visions go Camilo-" Bruno chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Camilo, threw his head back and groaned dramatically. He clasped his hands together and started pleading.
"Pleaasse? I'll owe you one! I could get you some extra food- or do some of your chores-just one little vision?? Pleaasse? It's been like 10 years!" Bruno squinted his eyes at Camilo. Just one, he says? Biting his lip, he tapped his fingers against his couch before eventually letting out a defeated sigh.
"Alright hijo. Let's go."
"You sure about this hijo?" Bruno muttered, spreading the sand across the ground. Camilo nodded enthusiastically, sending the man a two finger salute. Once Bruno finished his ritual, he squatted down on the ground and stretched.
Reaching his hand out, He clasped Camilo's hands with his own. The man took a deep breath and soon enough- his eyes started to glow a deep green. Camilo ohh'd at the sight as the sand around them started to swirl and create a barrier of some sorts.
Bruno narrowed his eyes as the sand started to materialize into figures. Camilo followed his gaze and saw a figure of himself, confused he turned to his uncle.
"Thats it?" Bruno sent him an exasperated look, shaking his head 'no'.
"Be patient- Oh! Look! There's another figure!" Camilo whipped his head around and saw another figure starting to form beside him. Bruno gasped dramatically and Camilo turned to him.
"What??! What's happening tio?!?"
"It's a person! And-and- they're breaking your neck!"
"They're what?!!" Camilo screamed in alarm, gaping at the sand sculptures.
"Oh wait no! Not breaking your neck! It looks like a dance?" Bruno tilted his head in confusion, trying to make sense of the vision.
"Are they breaking my neck or dancing with me?!?"
"Wait yes! A dance!" Bruno grinned, relieved that the vision wasn't about his sobrino getting his neck snapped in half. The figures started to materialize into Camilo and a person dancing together.
He reached out to grab the green slab, wiping away any remaining sand on it. Camilo quickly rushed to his side and curiously observed the vision.
"Ohh would you look at that, they're quite attractive- wait isn't that your lover Camilo?" Bruno pointed out, making Camilo's eyes widen. He reached out and grabbed the slab from Bruno's hands to examine it closer.
Camilo quickly recognized all of your features, It was you! Suddenly, he felt his breath hitch when he realized you were wearing a wedding outfit. Inspecting the slab further, he realized both of you were in a church.
"I'm going to marry y/n." Camilo breathed out, realizing what the vision was about. He snapped his head back to his uncle, a wide lovesick smile on his face. Bruno just shrugged and uttered a 'meh'.
"I mean I don't need to look into the future to see you two would've worked out but-"
"I'M GOING TO MARRY Y/N!" Camilo shrieked making Bruno jump. Camilo giddily stared at the slab again, turning to his tio- he asked if he could keep it. Bruno just nodded, feeling pretty good about himself after seeing how happy Camilo was about the vision.
"You must really like them huh?" Bruno whispered, glancing at the slab then at Camilo then at the slab again.
"You couldn't imagine. They have a smile that rivals mami's sunny days. I could make a poem with just their name alone and it would still sound breathtaking." Camilo softly gazed down at the slab once more before running to hug Bruno
"Oh! Before I go- mind keeping this a secret tio Bruno? I want them to be surprised in the near future." Camilo grinned and thanked his uncle as he skipped away. Bruno hummed, happy for his sobrino's future.
After that was done, he went downstairs and decided to grab a broom to sweep the leftover sand up. He passed by the kitchen on the way, just in time for you to walk in through the back door.
"Señor Bruno?" Jumping, Bruno felt himself tense up as you called out to him. You smiled softly at him, unaware that Bruno was having an internal battle with himself.
"I was just wondering where Camilo was?" Bruno panicked and stared to stutter, avoiding your confused eyes.
'Dont let it slip Bruno, you can't ruin this for Camilo-' Bruno closed his eyes and let out a nervous breath. He smiled at you awkwardly, quickly putting the broom away.
"He ran away! I mean- mierda- he went to go his room." Bruno quickly corrected himself, hoping that you'd ignore his mess up and be convinced. He felt himself relax as you brightened up and thanked him, quickly leaving the room.
"Nice save, tio." In another room, Dolores snickered.
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camilos-qt · a month ago
𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄. Camilo madrigal
Camilo [ he / him ] reader [ they / them ] all other madrigal characters have the same pronouns as the ones in the movie.
The Madrigals every fifteen years are invited to a masquerade by another family with special abilities. part one // part two
[ name ] looked around their home, analysing every single mask in the room. the [ last name ]s were known for being one of the oldest families with gifts.
they sighed as they noticed there was one family missing. The Madrigals.
in a room full of gifted with varying abilities the Madrigals were easy to miss for anyone other than [ name ]. What [ name ] heard when they asked about them was always- ‘a weather manipulator, healer, shapeshifter, plant controller, blah blah’
suddenly the door burst open to see a group of people. ah yes, Them. As part of the family hosting the event [ name ] was required to introduce themself to each and every guest.
“hola, my name is [ name ] [ last name ], please do enjoy yourselves” [ name ] nodded and tried pulling a soft smile.
“hola! hola! where shall i put these? ah, yes where shall we get the masks?” pepa- the oldest of the 2nd generation in the madrigal, scrambled to give [ name ] two dishes, one of arepas and the other of Bandeja Paisa.
flustered from Pepa’s quickness [ name ] took the two dishes and noded to a wall on the side. it was similar to walls that held hats yet they were masks and had nameplates under each mask.
Camilo the closest Madrigal to [ name ] age wise quickly grabbed his little brothers hand, antonio and collected their masks.
Camilo didnt miss the opportunity to flirt with the pretty / handsome person as he passed he made sure to wink flirtatiously through the mask. [ name ] tried ignoring the heat in their face and remained proper.
putting down the two dishes pepa had hiven them, [ name ] wiped their forehead with their sleeve looking at the main room. they just hoped no waves would be made and they could get along with all guests.
“[ name ] ~ come dance with me~” [ name ]’s aunt dragged them to the dance floor.
“tia, are you drunk? do you need water?” [ name ]’s aunt always ended up as the first one drunk as her ability was to control wine or any alcoholic beverage.
“nonononono shush! i do not need water! i need my (niece / nephew) to get a [ s / o ]! how about that camilo boy? the madrigal?”
[ name ] sighed softly, her auntie was always pushing for them to get a partner. and she ways suggested dating Camilo. Why? They were unaware. [ name ] never told their tia about crushes or anything.
“tia i am not dating Camilo, i barely know him” whata lie, [ name ] had the biggest crush on the boy.
“hey! heard my name!- oh? cutie’s talking about moi?” of course. just [ name ]’s luck, the guy they were being urged to date is right behind them.
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ftmcamilo · 7 days ago
man bun
reader and camilo go to casitas roof to get away from unnecessary chores. reader realizes they have a hair elastic on them, so they put camilos hair in a bun.
camilo madrigal x gender neutral (no pronouns used) reader
no warnings only fluff :)
sometimes, you and camilo needed a break. camilo doing his chores, you following around him as if you were forced to be his helper—it got tiring. though you couldnt do everything camilo could, you still helped him with everything he did, which wore you both out. which is why you both decided to hide up on casitas roof, in a place no one will try to look for either of you if they need you.
camilos head laid in your lap while you leaned against one of the houses outter walls behind you. it was peaceful up here—just you and him, away from the noise of the village, away from the people calling your names every few minutes, away from everyone else. you ran your hand through his hair, admiring each curl that looped around your fingers at the gentle pulls.
you two had been up here a few times, after learning that camilos room was the first place people would look for you guys if you disappeared, and were never bothered, or even found by anyone. it was becoming a safe place for the both of you, where you could be yourselves and not deal with your lives.
and casita never snitched on where you two were to anyone, which made it even better. the only time the house ever bothered the two of you up here was when it was important.
you couldnt stop listening to camilos shallow breaths below you. he sounded so calm like this—his eyes were closed, muscles completely relaxed. at some point he had reached for your free hand, his thumb rubbed the back of your hand so gently you could barely feel it.
you looked from your conjoined hands back to his hair, and noticed the hair elastic you'd completely forgotten was on your wrist. an idea came to mind..
squeezing camilos hand lightly, you let go and ran both of your hands into his hair. he let out a content sigh, you smiled.
you started shaping his hair rather than just playing with it, pulling it back and combing your fingers through it to get as much hair into a bunch as possible.
"what're you doin'?" he asked quietly, opening one eye and tilting his head to look at you.
"man bun." you stated simply.
"excuse me?" he said, sounding almost offended.
you chuckled, "i'm putting your hair in a bun."
he relaxed his head again and let you continue. you held his hair in one hand and pulled the elastic over it, wrapping it around once, then twice, and that was all his curls needed to be tight enough to stay.
camilo opened his eyes again when he felt your hands leave his hair.
"i look pretty hot, dont i?" he smirked playfully.
"mm.. you look pretty, not sure about the hot part, though.. maybe another time." you smiled at him and watched his face fall into a faux frown. you giggled at him, and his expression was quick to change back to a grin.
"am i pretty enough to kiss?" he puckered his lips at you, fluttering his eyelashes overdramatically.
you leaned down close to him, and looking into his eyes, you murmured, "constantly," before pressing a gentle, loving kiss to his lips. camilo snaked his arms around your neck and held you into the kiss, his head tilting up to deepen it as best he could.
you leaned back, he pouted.
"as much as i love you, and i love kissing you, that position is uncomfortable as hell." you stared down at the pout that was still on his lips, then smooshed his cheeks with your hand. "you're cute when you pout."
camilo scrunched his nose and furrowed his eyebrows, faking annoyance.
"can you just kiss me again? please?"
"maybe.." you dragged the word out, pursing your lips together.
camilo sat up with a huff and turned around to face you. he crawled onto your lap and put his hands on your cheeks. you admired him—the way stray hairs that didnt quite make it into the bun were framing his face, how nice he looked with his hair all pulled back like that.. god, he was so pretty.. he was like eye candy. you didnt want to pull your eyes away from him.
your lips formed a lovesick smile as he pulled you into another kiss. you rested your arms on his shoulders and took the small amount of control in the situation, pressing multiple pecks to his lips, looking into his eyes and smiling between them, muttering quiet compliments about how pretty he was.
"i love you." camilo spoke between a few of your pecks.
you held a longer kiss, then pulled back, "love you too, mi amor."
just as you went to lean back in, casita began dancing around you two. then, tuning back into the world outside of just you both, you heard a call that dinner was ready.
one last kiss, and you were heading down from the roof.. much less voluntarily, as casitas tiles were pushing you both to get going.
he only got a few teasing comments about his hair.
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soliravioli · 29 days ago
camilo madrigal with a sad and touchy s/o || camilo x gn reader
Tumblr media
pairing(s): camilo madrigal x gn!reader
warnings: none
word count: 1368
pretty much camilo just having a partner who likes to be really cuddly and touchy only when they're depressed and need an energy boost (doesn't mean they don't love him though)
adults/18+ dni camilo's 15 just remember people go to jail for this
(requests for camilo, isabela, luisa and maribel are open!! just send in an ask at any time)
it was sometimes difficult, being a member of the esteemed community known as encanto. There were a multitude of chores to do, from watching over the town's children, to baking, to cleaning. Even with the Madrigals always willing to use their Gifts for the sake of helping out around the town you still sometimes found it difficult to keep up with everyone else around you. you weren't always the most motivated, and seeing others in action almost seemed to exhaust you more if you weren't already in a temperamental mood.
however, there was one incentive that came with working hard and getting your chores done before sundown. that was seeing your partner, camilo madrigal; the one and only madrigal family member known for shapeshifting, and interally, for stealing your heart.
it was only after a very, very long day that you decided to go to camilo first before he came to you. typically your partner was the first to reach out for physical affection, having always been one to prefer actions over words, but you always found yourself a bit reluctant to do the same. you didn't mind accepting his demands, however; you could never pass up an opportunity to let him dig his face into the crook of your neck while you held him as close as physically possible, your own face buried in his soft yet bouncy curls that adorned his head. it was probably one of your more preferred ways of giving him affection without having to voice your adoration out loud, and you could only hope he could sense that in the way you held him as if you were scared he'd let go. it was just difficult for you to ask first is all.
nonetheless, today felt like one of those days. you were exhausted, having trudged up and down the tiled streets of the encanto whether it be to deliver another crate of cloth and yarn to a vendor down the street or a quick run down towards one of the town's many local bakeries to pick up an order for a neighbor who had lost track of time. you typically weren't as willing to drop everything for something trivial like that, but it was almost as if there was this pressure weighing down upon your neck and shoulders that never seemed to lift, even after the sun had well taken its path across the sky and was now beginning to set behind the mountain range separating the encanto from the rest of the world.
it wasn't until nearly dusk that you had finally rounded up the last of the horses that had escaped the barn only a few minutes before your chores were supposed to be complete that you were finally allowed to rest. exhaustion seemed to be a dumbbell weighing against every bone in your body as you trudged your way towards the Madrigal household, knowing (or hoping) that camilo was waiting for you there. at this point there was barely anything keeping you going excluding the thinly veiled excitement you felt deep within your chest at the prospect of seeing your partner.
the house's lights were still on and glowing brightly as you made your way towards la casa madrigal, and with an ear pressed against the great wooden door you could make out the faint sounds of a cooking pan and murmurs about how someone inside had to stop haphazardly diving into anthills without making sure it was empty first. you decided not to interrupt, and instead rounded the corner of the house. there, you saw a faint glimmer of candlelight against an open shutter of a window on the second floor, and the soft hum of whale noises from the room next door. dolores must've had a bad day, you wondered silently to yourself as you picked up a pebble nearby your feet and threw it at the open shutter.
a soft yelp followed at the sound of the rock hitting the shutters, and soon after you were granted with the appearance of camilo popping his head outside his window. he scanned the ground floor in search of the assailant only to spot you with a somewhat agitated glare on your face. his shocked and somewhat defensive expression was overtaken by something much softer, and he gently shook his head as he took in the sight of you below.
"ay, mi vida," he hummed almost smugly. "did you have trouble ringing the doorbell again?"
"right, right, okay." your tone was one full of a mingling of relief and irritation, and from experience camilo would rather not be on the receiving end of the latter simply due to some stupid little joke he made. "casita, a ladder, if you wouldn't mind?"
"oh, it's fine," you muttered, mostly under your breath. "i'll just climb up the vines, isabela never lets me fall anyways. it's almost as if she can sense when i'm here."
camilo blinked. "mi amor," he sighed, letting his elbow rest on the edge of his window to place his head in his hand. "you look like you've just ran through a jungle to get here. allow me to help every once and a while."
it wasn't long until a ladder with rungs similar to fences was thrown down to your feet, and with a begrudging sigh, you began to climb up, not without taking notice of the relieved smile that overtook camilo's face as you did so. he removed the candle from his windowsill to allow you room to step inside, and as soon as you did it was as if a wave of calm washed over you. whether it was magic, the house itself, or simply just camilo's presence, something made you feel as if nothing could hurt you here.
this feeling didn't help or lessen your exhaustion, however, and as soon as you were safely inside the bedroom you flopped down onto the mattress just a few feet away, groaning softly as you did so. camilo had picked up on your mood quite a while ago and followed suit, although he decided to stay straight up out of hesitance that maybe you just weren't in a touchy mood. that mindset was quickly derailed with a gentle tug of his hand, and camilo found himself pressed against your chest in what felt to be a split second.
"one of those days, hm?" he murmured, turning slightly in your grip to meet your gaze. a quiet sigh escaped your lips at the question, and you begin toying with one of your partner's curls that stuck out against the rest of his heir with your finger. camilo signaled that he was pleased with the action with a simple hum, and yet turned your head slightly to the left with a gentle hand at an attempt to lock eyes.
"i guess so," you responded, sounding somewhat reluctant to admit that today was a bit hard for you to keep up with. "just a lot of chores and running around. nothing overly harsh."
camilo shrugged, still intent on keeping eye contact. "it can still be hard. doesn't have to be this really overbearing and difficult stuff to have a bad day, you know?" at some point both of your voices had dropped to a mere murmur, and it was almost difficult to hear the other's affirmations behind the blood rushing to your ears.
you nodded, albeit still refusing to speak about it further. after a couple beats of silence camilo sighed and turned back around on his left side, allowing you to spoon him properly once more. "just remember that, mi vida," he hummed, feeling you shift ever so closer as if you were desperate for physical contact. "you can let go every once in a while; not gonna judge you or anything for it, if that's what you're worried about."
"no, not exactly. maybe? i'm not quite sure." you tightened your grip around the other's waist, and finally he took it as a sign to let it go. "alright, alright. well, i am here if you ever need me, okay?" camilo closed his eyes at his final statement, allowing himself to relax in your arms.
"yeah. okay."
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fabricated-misslieness · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: camilo madrigal x gn reader
req: yes | headcanons
@choicee: i wanna share this funny scenario i thought of lmao- okay so remember how Cami shifted into felix once? BUT SMALLER? what if YN just deals with a really mini cami at times, he just chills on their shoulder or something, just torments the hell outta them or whatever cami would do. OR would he like make himself just the slightest bit taller than YN to irritate them like, aha no idea what ur talking about i’ve always been this tall
reader details: Reader is naturally taller than Camilo, with Cami being an estimated height of 5′ 4″ or 162 cm.
a/n: reader knows spanish, he/they pronouns for Camilo. People that don’t care about their height wouldn’t be irritated, but I’m not people. I take pride in my height! On the nose, there. Fic was really quick to write hm.
Tumblr media
The first time Camilo turns into a mini human, you are understandably shocked.
“You are the size of my finger.”
“Yeah!” He hugs the finger you’ve put beside him for comparison, “So?”
“So?” You scoff, “You’re fine with that?”
They reply with even more enthusiasm in their squeaky little voice, “Yeah!”
As much as Camilo wants to surprise you sometime by sneakily hopping onto your clothes as a mini human and popping out randomly, he really can’t. They may be tiny, but you can still feel them. He’s accepted it by now.
Whenever he’s sluggish, lazy, tired or he simply wants to chill on you, he hops onto your shoulder for a ride.
“Cruisin’ along?”
They have, 100%, avoided chores this way.
He’d also like being thrown up into the air, like a makeshift trampoline. It’s pretty fun, plus there’s no danger to it! He can transform mid air! Okay, maybe if he lands on his back or something it’ll hurt, but he’s got feet for a reason.
“Trust me, I’m fine, I’m like a cat! I’ll land on my feet.”
“If you say so.”
Camilo shouts when you throw them up in the air, “Woohoo!” and his arms are high and flailing. “Hey you heard about that thing that ants don’t get hurt when they fall? Wanna test that?”
They turn even smaller, so small that you’ve lost sight of them, “CAMILO? CAMILO I CAN’T SEE YOU!”
He’s fineee.
As for getting taller, well…
“What is it?”
“Are you taller than before?”
“Pfft,” He laughs, “No, no, of course not.” You can see through all his lies, not that he cares to drop the act. “I’ve always been this tall!”
“Mhm,” Your stare becomes blank as it lands on them. “really?”
“Absolutely.” He’s radiating with confidence and not planning to back down any time soon.
The next time you see them that day, they seem to have grown taller again. “Cami, you’re nearly my height now.”
“Am I?” He looks down at his body as if he could tell that way, “Or have you shrunk?”
You roll your eyes, “I’m not the one with shapeshifting powers.”
The next time you see him, he’s also taller; same goes for the next and the time after that. They've finally surpassed your height a noticeable amount, though only noticeable if you know this has been going on.
He answers smugly, with a smirk on his face, “¿Sí, mi amor?”
“You’re taller than me.”
“Whaaat? Pfft,” They wave their hand at you dissmisively, “No, that’s ridiculous, mi cielo! ¿Siempre he sido tan alto, mkay?” (I've always been this tall, mkay?)
“Right. Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll go ask Pepa.”
“Mamá va decir nothing’s changed too!” (Mom will say)
Pepa watches her son from her spot beside you. With no one to compare him to, she’s having a hard time seeing if anything’s off. “Hmm, I don’t know, (y/n).” She’s got her finger resting against her chin and eyes in a squint as she observes. “I can’t tell.”
You groan, “Fine, fine, Cami!”
“¿Sí, vida?”
“¡Ven aca!” (Come here!)
Camilo’s got that smug look on his face again as he stands next to you, “What is it that you need me for, hmm?”
“Just stand next to me. You know what I need you for.”
“You need my company-?”
“No, no, Camilo. That’s not it.”
Pepa’s still squinting. You stand next to each other for a few minutes, Camilo moving their head this and that way to make it even harder for their mom to think over your heights. “Mamá, apurate por fa. Tengo tareas.” Here he is, acting all innocent. (Mom, hurry up please. I have chores.)
“No, I don’t see anything.”
Camilo gives you a neat little smile before heading off on their merry way. You swear he’s got a pep in his step.
“Pepa, I swear if you’re in on this…”
“What’s ‘this’?”
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mcmiles · 19 days ago
Camilo x baker reader headcanons!
requested by! @acuriousmoon
camilo will stop by the bakery every day before he starts his chores to come give you a smooch.
if your still working after camilo is done with his chores you best believe that he will go down a help you.
you take your job very seriously. you act different from when you talk to people in encanto your nice dont get me wrong just alot more firm?? it makes camilo feel special
when you cant sleep you will take the keys to the bakery and try a new recipe.
sometime camilo will sneak over to your bedroom window and knock on it to hang out (or bc he misses you and he cant sleep..) but every time he has done that he walks past your familys bakery. but this time he saw the back lights were on and then he saw you so he walked in and baked some bread with you he was like your sous chef
if you have flower on your hands cup his face and kiss him mf wont even notice he has flower on him half of the time
he suck SO BAD at decorating cakes. i just know it. so dont let him do that if your selling it!!!
if you tell him that bread dough rises he will just stair at it while it sets. he will be amazed. " WOAHHHHH [name] LOOK LOOK"
he loves cookie dough if you make cookies dont let him by the dough unsupervised
" salmonella is for losers and im cool so."
anyways i might to a part to bc this was super short.
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justanothercamilofan · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
i only have the motivation to write during night time
HAHAHAHA I felt like i needed to post something so here
Tumblr media
It was so strange for him to be acting this way. Camilo had always found it easy to just walk up to someone and start conversing with them. But when it came to you, he'd always find himself nervous, tongue-tied. Even just a glimpse of you would be enough to get his heart racing. He was down bad, wasn't he? Everyday he'd try to muster up the courage to talk to you, but Camilo would always find himself shying away. He just couldn't do it.
"It's not like you need to do anything grand, just casually go up to them and talk, ask about their day or something. Maybe help them out with their chores?" Camilo's cousin, Mirabel, suggested. "Easier said than done." He huffs out, his eyes trailing after you as you interacted with one of the shop owner's.
His eyes lit up, almost as if a lightbulb appeared above his head. "I've got it!" Camilo exclaims, snapping his fingers. This earned him a confused look from his dearest prima. "It's nothing. I need to go now, bye!" He gave her a small wave before running off. Mirabel could only hope that he wasn't up to any mischief, not that she'd be surprised if it was.
The next day came and now it was time for Camilo to put his plan into action. What was he up to this time, you may ask? His plan was to pretend to be one of the shop owner's in order to talk to you. So here he is, waiting for Señor Lopez to leave his shop unattended (presumably to deliver some goods to people.)
After a good few minutes of waiting, the man finally left. Camilo needed to be quick and careful. He changed into an exact image of Señor Lopez before entering his shop, going behind the counter, where he usually stood while waiting for costumers.
And then you walked in. The sight of you nearly made Camilo's knees go weak, his breath hitched, he could feel his heart beating faster and louder. If his sister listened closely enough, she would probably be able to hear it. "Ah! Buenos días, Señor." You greeted, a polite smile gracing your features. Camilo had to calm himself to avoid shifting into different people. "Good morning to you as well, (name)." He responded. "Need anything from here?" You raise a brow at him, "Señor Lopez, I come here everyday to give these to you." You say, placing a bag on the counter. Camilo mentally cursed himself. Crap, you must be suspicious of him now.
"Oh, I know that much... but you realize that still doesn't answer my question, right?" He gave himself a mental pat on the back for that. "Will I get it for free if I say yes? If not that, then maybe a discount for bringing you these goods everyday?" You joked, a small laugh coming from you afterwards. Camilo's heart melted at the sound of it. Your laugh was music to his ears, he felt like he was in heaven right now. But before he could respond to you, someone let out a loud gasp. The both of you turned and saw...
"Señor... Lopez?" You called out, a confused look present on your face as your gaze switched between the two other people.
"Wait, what—"
"Camilo! Didn't I tell you to take your silly little pranks elsewhere?" The real Señor Lopez exclaimed, pointing at the doppelgänger angrily. The said boy turned back into himself, breaking into laughter. He jumped over the counter and started running for it, but not before turning to you and saying:
"That was fun! I'll see you around, (name)!"
After he had successfully escaped the angered man (not like he chased him down or anything), Camilo sighed happily. Finally, he got to talk to you. He was so telling Mirabel about this later.
Tumblr media
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camylou · 27 days ago
Camilo Madrigal × gn!reader // angst fanfic!🕯
🌹pairing: camilo madrigal × gn!reader who, let's get to the point, is feeling su!c!d4l
🌹genre: angst! obv (it's getting fluff-ish in the end)
🌹synopsis: "would you be missing me if... if anything happened to me? ever?"
y/n and Cami were legit just chilling, getting through a harsh week, and it turned out surprisingly uplifting for you both
🌹tw: low self-esteem, self-h4rm and d4rk th0ughts + su1c1d3 t4lk , unsupportive family but i guess anyone obsessed with Encanto really does not have a family as pleasant as the Madrigal's , s3lf st4rv4t10n being quickly mentioned too
🌹wordcount: 1.1k
Camilo and you were good friends (you were just too insecure to think 'best friends', but you two were for sure), and you knew you could always count on him to cheer you up anytime you felt tired or depressed, and whenever you wanted to have a laugh too.
It was a long week of preparation for some... festive thing (you were not so used to Encanto's uses since you and your family moved in earlier the same year), and you never had felt as exhausted and useless as today. First, your parents told you to go out and do some chores. Then, someone else pointed out something wrong in your way of doing. While you were just trying to help, really... and willing to, moreover. But your methods, your abilities and your ways being questioned few times by few strangers for even fewer reasons... were sufficient for you to have a mental breakdown this day. You also knew that your family would not help you feeling better, as they always wanted you to do better before everything else.
All of which led you to eventually getting dark thoughts. You had felt judged for so many things throughout the week, that you just wanted to disappear.
You were alone in your room, as you had overcome your chores for today as best as you could and, before your thoughts got too violent and invasive, you remembered that you and your friend Camilo were supposed to meet at dusk, under your favorite tree. (A/N believe it or not, you two ain't a couple yet but already have a favorite tree)
You woke up from your bed, on which you had groveled earlier, and initiated in getting ready (a/n do it for Camilo > <`) even though you really were not feeling it. You did not want Camilo, for whom you had buried feelings, to see you like that; but you could not stand him up either.
When you finally managed to go outside of your house, you noticed that night had already fell, and Camilo was actually waiting for you 10 feet away from your doorstep.
His concerned look fade out instantly as soon as he saw you coming out, noticeably relieved. "Good evening", he said playfully. "How was your day? You must have dozed off a bit, right? I've been waiting, but it's okay. I am glad you're here now!"
So many questions. Camilo seemed still so full of energy... You invited him to come in, in order to be in a warmer place to talk and relax.
Your room was kind of a mess, but it was hard to notice, as it was so spartiate. Since the two of you were friends, Camilo took his ease and sat on your bed, as he got the use to. You were still quite embarrassed of welcoming him in such a bad mood. You were actually distracted by his presence, but still, something felt off and you knew dark thoughts were not so easy to get rid of.
"Hey y/n, is something wrong?" Camilo asked from up your bed, while you were sitting on the floor for soothing purpose.
"Hum, well thank you for asking but- I really do not want you to worry about me. I just had a bad day...
- Would you mind telling me about it?
- Nothing too parlous I swear! Just the usual low self-esteem (you know me) and chores being everyday a bit harder to take care of. But I swear to you... I am fine. If anything was to happen to me... I'm not quite sure anyone would miss me really. Just thought about it. Maybe too much...", you achieved telling him, without looking at him still, as if the words wanted to reach out to him, as if he was the only one holding you back from actually hurting yourself.
Considering what you said, it took Camilo a little while to proceed it and to find an answer to give you.
(A/N // stands for "to themselves", so it is the reader's thoughts/ unspoken reaction)
"Well , I don't know how to properly say it, but I guess time has come for me to confess...
/Wait. What did he just say?/
- You and I have been buddies for months now, and I would have wanted not to feel that way at first."
/Oh lord. What is he right about to say. Am I making up my mind about this?/ You could feel your heart beating harder and your face getting warmer while your body remained frozen in confusion, and Camilo kept going.
"I wanted to shut those ideas up and keep seeing you as 'just a friend'. But I couldn't help myself from falling deeper and deeper... for you."
You could not achieve to speak a word. It was out of this world. You just got your crush confessing to you. Your crush. The person you thought you could never have as a lover, so you were just content to have as a friend. Noticing you were unable to say anything, he went on:
"I know chores -and even, life itself- can get so exhausting for sure. I know how you feel, for I have felt the same way about a year ago (a/n before your family arrived in Encanto)... I was being unconfident about my gift, the 'part' I had to play in this family, in Encanto. Let me just tell you that, if anything bad ever happened to you, I would be devastated. Of course I would regret it all my life and would miss you at every single hour of the day. I want you to be okay, and if I must let you acknowledge my love for you in order to that, I will."
You wanted to get closer to him and look him in the eyes, in order to see if he was truly meaning what he said. But you would not ever doubt him. Still not feeling able to turn up to him, you managed to say the following: "I am... in love with you, too... if that's what you're talking about." (a/n look at y/n being insecure about reading their crush's signs)
"Of course I mean it that way! *laughing awkwardly* Like, being buddies is so heartwarming, always but, if you do feel the same way... may I ask you to be my p-partner?" You tilted your head aside as you heard him stutter on that word, drawing an amused smile on your face. "Sounds too conventional, I know" Camilo dramatically hid his face with his hand as he added. "No but, really, would you like to?"
You undertook to lift up from the floor and to seat on the bed, next to him (and willing to get closer). You could not help but staring at your own hands in embarrassment.
"Camilo... I have been starving myself for days but, in this very moment, love and joy fulfill my entire being, for I am so enchanted to be yours."
The two of you, who had been softly eager for each other from pining for such a long time, began to snuggle affectionately.
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eresunencanto · 20 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ 𝐂𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 loves having a partner. There's nothing better than having someone to love and cherish and who shares the same emotional connection towards him
: ̗̀➛ So as your boyfriend, Camilo noticed that words weren't something you were good at, you couldn't express the way you felt about him. And he knew that bc you told him
: ̗̀➛ There were times you couldn't express your emotions with him and you felt bad and he hated that, he told you that he knows that you like him a lot
: ̗̀➛ But even then, you still wanted to make sure he knew that you liked him. So, going out into the plaza, you bought a bunch of mini stuff from all the way to a plushie, to his own popcorn maker
: ̗̀➛ You knew how much he loved food, and how many rare times he was aloud to get seconds. He complained about not being able to get seconds all the time
: ̗̀➛ When you told Dolores to tell Camilo to come over to your house, saying that you both needed to talk, Camilo came in running here fast, sweat was rolling off his forehead and a glint of fear in his eyes
: ̗̀➛ You suppressed a snort. Maybe you should've worded your exact words differently-
"Y/N? W-what's up? Why'd you call me all of a sudden?"
"I wanted to talk, Mi Sol. Close your eyes!"
Camilo let out a breath he held. His stomach was churning with anxiety and he felt Tia Julieta's arepas rising. But he calmed himself and rested his eyes. "Is everything alright, Y/n?" You nodded, humming as you got the gifts ready. "You know how I'm not that good with expressing my words for you, right? Well, here's something that I've prepared to tell you and show you how much I like you. Te quiero much, Camilo!"
: ̗̀➛ My man's was about to shit tears of how sweet he thought this shit was
: ̗̀➛ Bestie was thanking Pedro for letting his partner be so angelic and sweet and- man's was letting out tears of joy. Comical tears ofc
: ̗̀➛ He put the gifts aside gave you the biggest hug he could muster, enveloping you in his arms and thanking you for the gifts, saying how he couldn't believe he got so lucky with the best s/o ever
: ̗̀➛ Now, whenever you give him gifts again, you bet your life he gets you gifts as well. He buys you all that he can with his allowance and also gives you a lot of the things he owns. Pepa started to wonder why Camilo's room was starting to seem more empty as time went on and why Camilo kept needing new things every week
: ̗̀➛ It got to the point where gift given turned out to be his new love language as well! Whenever he goes out he makes sure to get you something, or if he sees something that reminds him of you he'll get it, no matter the price!
: ̗̀➛ Unless it's $100
: ̗̀➛ My man's wishes he could have that much money. But it's ok bc the Casera gives it to him for less money bc of who he is 🤭
: ̗̀➛ Oh to be Camilo 😔😪
: ̗̀➛ To wrap this up, he treasures any gift you ever gave him. He keeps his gifts in a special place in his room. It almost looks like a shrine! He truly appreciates whatever you give him, no matter what it is and he's thankful that you have so much love for him to get all of those things for him. He's truly grateful for you and your gifts
: ̗̀➛ And BTW, the popcorn maker made him want to marry you on the spot- MANS WAS SOBBING WHEN HE REALIZED WHAT IT WAS HWHSHSHSYDH 😭😭💀💀
Tumblr media
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elkelix · 25 days ago
camilo fluff headcanon
i feel like if you were ever having a hard time falling asleep but were too tired to stay up, camilo would bring you a glass of hot chocolate or warm milk and tell you how you "look tan delicado/a, mi amor," and wish you the loveliest goodnight
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