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pepa: y/n, we don’t talk about bruno here.
y/n: oh you mean camilo’s hot tío lmao
camilo: WHAT.
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coming out
camilo comes out to his family as gay at dinner, and introduces you as his boyfriend. abuela has accepted that her family isnt perfect, but she isnt quite ready to give up this part of her want for a "perfect family".
camilo just wants to be himself for once.
camilo x male (he/him) reader :)
3k words
warnings: homophobic abuela (i do just want to say, shes not like this or a bad person in canon, i just needed someone to get this fic to flow into the hurt/comfort.), one line of self harm (camilo punches his own thigh out of anger—it stops almost as soon as it starts), hurt/comfort
cross-posted on ao3!!
"camilo, your boyfriend's here!" isabela called from the door where you stood, smirk prominent in the tone of her voice. 
you were invited for dinner by the madrigals, mainly because camilo asked if you could come. you'd been dating for a while now, but acted only like best friends in front of people to keep yourselves secret. dolores knew, who told only isabela. camilo was amazed at how well she was keeping quiet—though, he knew she would never out him to the whole family—she had morals.
camilo slid down the stairs, which had turned flat under his feet. he bumped isabelas arm hard when he made it to the door. "isabela! dios mío, what if someone heard you?" he said through clenched teeth. isabela only smiled and turned, walking away. camilo looked at you, then looked at isabela as she walked, "plus, its only funny if you can shape-shift."
she left, an amused scoff escaping her after camilo spoke. camilos expression softened, he leaned against the door and made room for you to enter. "come in, amor."
you were nervous for tonight, and he knew you were, because he was too. he'd planned on telling his family his two biggest secrets tonight—his sexuality, and who he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. he wanted to get it all off his chest, and you were both ready to stop hiding, so why not over dinner?
his family was always like family to you, so why should you be nervous? his abuela may aswell have been yours, his cousins, siblings, tío's and tía's may aswell have been yours—you were always so welcome there, and tonight shouldnt change that, right?
you stepped in and camilo closed the door behind you. "dinner has already been prepared—you came just in time." a light smile was plastered on his face, eye full of adoration as he looked at you. even if you were late, god, he wouldnt care, he just wanted to see you.
he took your hand in his and led you to the dining room, where the majority of his family had already gathered. well, if you didnt feel like you were late before, you definitely did now. their stares at the hand holding were ignored by camilo, who just wanted to get you to your seats.
he'd already set out the plates of food for the both of you, his family seating themselves with their own. you squeezed his hand lightly as a way to say thank you to him for getting yours for you already.
camilo pulled out your chair for you, bowing slightly as you sat down.
"why, thank you." you grinned at him while he sat next to you. he was being more openly flirty tonight, and you enjoyed it a lot. he usually did his best to stay at least a few inches away from you while outside of his room, unable to trust his own abilities to keep his hands to himself, but today? today was new. you loved today.
dolores sat next to camilo, which she always did, but tonight it felt like she was there for moral support. you noticed out of the corner of your eye the nervous glances she continued to give camilo. under the table, camilos hand found yours, his other hand picking up a utensil. small conversations between family members struck, leaving camilo a nervous wreck wondering when the perfect time would be. you rubbed your thumb against the backside of his hand as comfort.
uncharacteristically of him, camilo was hardly touching his food. he stared into it, focusing on your touch and the conversations around you both, taking the occasional bite when he remembered to.
the more he thought about just outright saying it all to his family, the more panicky he was getting. when the table went silent, he barely noticed. he barely even noticed his own mother calling his name—he only noticed when you squeezed his hand to get his attention. he looked up at you, and then heard his name, to which he looked to pepa.
"whats wrong, camilo?" she asked gently.
"oh, its nothing, dont worry, mamí. i– i guess i wanted to say something." he mentioned, and pepa tilted her head in curiosity.
he had all of the table looking at him now, and it wasnt helping his nervousness. his face twisted as he turned his head to look at everyone. he opted to look down instead.
"well– i just.. you all have been telling me lately to get myself a girlfriend.." the energy shifted in the room. he opened his mouth to talk again, but wasnt able to get anything out when he was cut off.
"camilo, did you get a girlfriend?" félix asked, a proudness in his voice. dolores cringed, as did you.
"no. no, i didnt. well– close, i guess?" he mumbled the last bit, but everyone caught it. "i wanted to say, that.. i, uhm.." dolores could hear his heartbeat picking up. you felt his hand shift in yours, gripping yours tightly. "i would much rather have a boyfriend. and, i do. i'm.. dating y/n."
no one spoke. camilo could feel the panic building up higher and higher. dolores smiled, trying subtly to hype him up just enough to get the others to start talking.
mirabel, who sat across the table, clapped quietly a few times. "i'm proud of you, camilo."
camilo looked up at her and saw a bright smile on her face. he let his lips form a small smile to return to her. his eyes wandered away from her and onto you now, but you werent looking at him, you were looking at his abuela. he was unsure of the expression on your face, so he looked to his abuela for the answer.
her face was anything but proud. his heart dropped to his stomach.
so maybe her need for a 'perfect family' hadnt completely faded.
"you're..." she couldnt finish whatever she was saying. her expression was a mixture of any bad one she could muster up. camilo couldnt look anymore. he couldnt even bring himself to look at his other family members to see if they still loved him. "where did we go wrong?"
camilo slouched down, his hand loosening from yours. you tried to meet his eyes, but he wouldnt look up. camilo let go of your hand completely and stood up to leave the table—he couldnt handle the terrible, judging silence anymore. you stood up immediately after, refusing to look at anyone at the table. you reached for camilos hand, but he moved it from your reach before he could.
"madre!" you could hear pepas frustrated voice pipe up, faded as you followed camilo up the stairs to his room. camilo opened his door and left it, wordlessly letting you know he was okay with you being with him. "how could you say something like that?" thunder boomed as you closed the door behind you.
when you turned around, you watched camilo drop to his knees right in front of his bed. he began sobbing into the mattress in front of him. you got to him as fast as you could, skidding to your knees next to him. unsure if touching him would make it worse, you stayed right by him for him to make the first move.
his breath hitched far too often, so uneven it sounded painful.
"cant breathe-" he choked through a broken sob. "c– cant—"
"camilo, hey, you're okay. can i touch you?" a simple, small nod, and your arms were looped around his shoulders. he turned to his side and let himself sob into your shoulder, hands going to tightly grip your shirt to ground himself. you could feel just how bad his breathing was now.
"amor, i need you to breathe, okay? please? lets just breathe for a moment." your hand met his neck and rubbed gently. "listen to my breathing, only that." you leveled your own breathing for him to focus on, and you could tell, underneath his sobs, he was really trying to do just that.
one of his tightly gripping hands unclenched and pressed flat into your chest just to feel it expand with every breath. it helped him get grounded as best he could.
"you're doing great, mi amado. this is all you have to do right now. just breath. nothing else. no chores, no talking, you dont even have to think—just take some breaths." the way his breath wobbled when he inhaled, the way he would choke out a sob everytime he exhaled, it broke you. why were some people so cruel?
though it wasnt the best, his breathing was even enough to not be considered hyperventilating anymore, and that was good enough for you. for him too, apparently, because as soon as he let his hand fall from your chest, the waterworks came forth.
his body jerked forward into you, his arms wrapping around you in a quick, harsh hug as he pressed his face as hard into your shoulder as he could to stop his own crying. it didnt work, at all, because it only made him cry harder. his teeth clenched, fists balled on your back.
"you'll give yourself a headache if you hold it back, camilo.. you're safe here, you can let it out." you held him close, face pressing into his hair. you planted a kiss to his head, and he let the dam break freely. it was the same sobs he started with, but they werent paired with hyperventilation this time, thanks to you.
"i thought i could, i– i just wanted t – to be myself."
"i know.." you held him just slightly tighter, voice muffled by his hair. "you deserve to be yourself, especially with your familia. i'm so sorry, mi vida."
he took in a shaky breath, let out a few cries through his lips, which were sealed shut out of frustration. "i never get to be me. i never..–" his fists got tighter, and he let his arms fall. his voice was so broken, so quiet. "i always have to be someone im not. i hate this. i hate this. i hate–" he hadnt realized his fists had been slamming onto his own thighs under you had to stop him from hurting himself too much. you reacted quickly, by the second hit, you were already holding his hands back from a third.
"we'll figure this out. i wont let your abuela treat you like that—or anyone else. te prometo." you held his hands so gently, as if he were going to fall apart from your touch. "te amo porque eres tu, mi amor."
you didnt need an answer. the way he held onto you as if his life depended on it was enough.
camilo began relaxing against you, his cries getting softer as time went on. he let you hold his hands, something so comforting about it.
"how about we move up to your bed, hm?" you suggested softly. he nodded against you and let you guide his weak body up to sit on his bed. he sat and brought his knees up to his chest on the mattress, then rested his head in his arms.
you pulled him into a side hug and stayed with him like that, until there was a knock on his door.
"camilo? ..y/n?" it was pepa. another knock came, she sounded impatient and desperate to see her son.
"..cielo, tu madre.." you mentioned quietly, pulling his attention towards the knocking at the door. he looked up, then over at you. you hadnt met his eyes until now, and it completely broke you. they were so red, so full of tears, so upset. the look he gave you, though—he wanted his mother. you nodded towards the door, and he nodded back at you. with that, you got up and answered it.
"how is he? is he okay? please let me see my boy." she bombarded you with words, speaking so quickly it took a second to process her words. the cloud over her head was dark, but no activity came from it. you looked back at camilo, then to his mother again.
" 's not doing well." you said quietly, then stepped aside for her to enter.
you watched her rush to his side. "oh, camilo," his feet slid off the bed to allow room for a hug.
"mamí.." and he was crying into her shoulder, arms tight around her, just as they had been around you moments before.
camilo wasnt one to hide the fact that he was a mamas boy, especially not around you, and you knew that. he needed his mother. you were more than happy that pepa wasnt like his abuela.
you sat yourself in a small chair set near camilos bed after closing the door again and let pepa comfort her son.
"why cant i just be me, mama?" he asked, desperate for any answer that would make the pain go away.
"mi tesoro, you can be you. i talked to your abuela, she doesnt understand, but i made her promise she wont talk to you like that ever again."
"she doesnt love me." he mumbled into her shoulder, trying way too hard to stop crying again.
"she loves you, she loves you so much, camilo. i promise. we all do. this wont change a thing. she'll get used to it in time." camilo gripped onto his mothers dress, teeth clenched. "oh, mijo, i'm so proud of you for telling us. and i'm so happy you found someone who loves you just as much as we do." pepa side-eyed you for a moment, a smile on her face specifically for you. although she looked away before you could return it, you still smiled back at her.
"gracias.." his voice wobbled.
"te quiero camaleón."
"yo también te quiero mamí."
she held camilo for a few more minutes, silence filling the room. you watched how she kissed his head anytime camilo took in a harsh post-sob breath. he sounded like he was beginning to fall asleep in his mothers arms.
"i'm going to get you and y/n some water and a few snacks, since your plates were hardly touched, okay?" camilo hesitated, then nodded. she let go of him and stood up, shooting you a loving look before leaving the room.
camilo stared into his bed sheets, unmoving besides his shoulders shaking slightly. he looked up at you with eyes that almost pleaded for you to come to him. unsure of if that was the message, you stayed in your chair until he outstretched his arms towards you. how could you not hug him? you got up and joined him as soon as his arms lifted.
"te amo." you kissed his cheek, and he leaned into the gentle notion.
he leaned away from the short hug and pulled you into a proper kiss, eyes closing as your lips met. you leaned into his kiss, which forced him backwards into a laying position. your lips moved against his lazily moving ones, feeding as much love into the gesture as you possibly could.
"i.. love.. you.." you spoke, each word emphasized by a peck to his lips. you hovered over him, your legs laying beside him while your arms held you up. "i love you." you kissed him again, "i love you." and again, repeating the words in both english and spanish, peppering kisses all over his face.
he cracked a very small smile. success.
while you were trying your best to kiss every single freckle on his face—making sure to proclaim your love whenever you moved to another one—he let out the quietest giggle.
"yo también te amo, mi vida– te amo–" he said through growing laughter, attempting to get you to stop. it didnt work, though, because you only kept going. you were determined. you kissed down his jaw, then his neck, where he was quite ticklish. "¡te amo! i love you! ¡ya basta! ¡basta!"
his hands pushing you off, desperate proclamations of his own love flowing from his lips wasnt what got you to stop—it was when you looked up and realized pepa was halfway to his bed with a plate of snacks and some drinks carefully balanced in her arms. you sat up quickly, clearing your throat to try and cover the growing embarrassment.
she set everything down on camilos sidetable—which was quite messy, leaving barely any room for the plate and cups—and pressed a sweet kiss to camilos cheek, which was red from embarrassment.
then, she whispered to him, just loud enough that you knew she wanted you to hear it too, "if he's not treating you perfectly, if he makes you sad even once, you tell me, got it?" she said in a tone that was anything but stern. you both knew she meant it, but it wasnt at all said in a rude way. then, she looked up at you, "thank you for taking care of mijo, y/n. you are always welcome here—you already knew that. and if mi camaleón makes you sad, you tell me, too." she pointed at you, a smile on her lips.
"he could never make me sad, mamí. and i dont have it in me to upset him. i could never." he spoke in the same lighthearted tone that his mother had used, voice still low and somewhat hoarse from the sobs that had now left him completely.
"mhm, mhm, whatever you say. y/n, you promise you'll take perfect care of him, right?"
"of course. i wouldnt want to do anything else."
"madre," camilo said, a whine in the word, "when has he ever done anything wrong to me?"
"you're right, just making sure!" she threw her hands up in defence. "i will leave you two be now.. if either of you need anything, dont be shy. i'm right here. and i promise, you are both so loved."
"gracias, mamí."
you both said at the same time. she smiled once more at the both of you before turning and leaving, not without one last concerned look at her son through the final inch of the door before it closed.
camilo wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down to lay with him as soon as the door shut.
"you make me feel happy."
"it's called returning the favour." you smiled before pressing a quick kiss to his lips.
camilo put a hand on your cheek and initiated the kiss this time, making it last a few moments longer.
"te adoro, cariño." you whispered against his lips.
"te aprecio, mi vida." he whispered back.
after eating whatever pepa brought you both, you two stayed in each others arms for the rest of the night. it took quite a while for sleep to capture you both, but it came in time. if camilo woke up crying a few times, he didnt have to tell you, because you would be up almost immediately just from feeling him move in your arms, and you were always ready to hug him and tell him he was okay.
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Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal never believed in love at first sight. Probably not ever. But then came you. His usually smooth and confident persona melted away and he makes a fool of himself every time he tries his hardest to interact with you.
masterlist !!
Camilo Madrigal never believed in love at first sight. It was just some silly fairytale concept. There was no way anyone could fall in love with anyone with just one look.
And then he experienced it for himself.
One glance. It only took one glance for him to fall deeply in love with you. In your eyes that twinkled so brightly it could rival the brightest of the night sky's stars, he swore his heart hammered against his chest so loudly that Dolores could hear it. And she could. She had. And she along with his nosey cousins had teased him about it.
Camilo Madrigal loved everything about you. From the way you talked, to the way you moved. Every action, every word that falls from your lips, he worships wholeheartedly. He was smitten, the very moment he had laid eyes on you when you had your nose in between the pages of your sketchbook and chewed at the end of the pencil you were holding so delicately in your hands. You cradled it as if it were the most precious thing in the world while he thought you were just that. The most precious thing in the whole world. And then you lifted your head up, catching Camilo's eyes.
And then you smiled. He decided there and then that he would stop at nothing to make you his. Though, he couldn't exactly do that as he kept his distance. He had tried his hardest to talk to you. To make conversation. Hell to even just say hello but he had fumbled and tripped over his words every time.
"Torpe." His primas would tease him. But he never once denied these claims. Because it was true. He was rendered clumsy and awkward when thinking about you.
So close yet so far out of reach, the boy kept these feelings down, only watching from afar with a soft and dreamy sigh. He had seen you before numerous times but never did he stop to admire you for this long. Only then he could appreciate how the rays of the sun shone through your hair, only then could he appreciate how you gazed at your sketchbook with brows furrowed and your features mimicking the expressions you had wanted to portray in your drawings.
Dios knows how much he wanted to go right up and introduce himself, strike up a conversation with the person that caught his eyes. Yet that day didn't come..
Until today.
It was supposed to be one of those days again where he would pine over you from afar. Now, it might have looked creepy but what was he to do when every moment he tried to introduce himself, he would make a fool of himself? Instead he resigned himself behind one of the numerous trees in the squares.
"I can see you standing there, Madrigal." His breath hitched and he was sure his brain stopped working at that moment. No, surely not. He had made this his hiding spot for days. And not once did you see him.. right? Just to be safe, he had stayed silent, clutching onto his yellow ruana nervously. Nah, nah. You were just bluffing. He was sure of it.
Until the tree he leaned on suddenly disappeared, being uprooted by one of his primas, Luisa. He fell to his back, the impact knocking the wind out of him and he wheezed loudly.
"Oops, sorry, Camilo." The strong young woman had sheepishly smiled, carrying the tree with ease. "The tree.. was needed someplace else..?" The pathetic attempt for a reason was caught by him. He watched as Luisa ran to a nearby corner, a familiar 'hm' and a few petals disappearing around the corner making him groan in frustration.
Of course it was their doing. He laid there on the pavement, frowning and momentarily forgetting about the reason why he was there in the first place until the rays of the sun were blocked and he felt a presence looming over him.
"Did it hurt..?" Came your small voice as you clutched your sketchbook close and for a moment he was dazed, stammering your name dreamily before he cleared his throat.
"When I fell from heaven?" The boy asked, finishing what he knew as the start of a well known pick-up line, attempting to recover and retain his suave ways. His signature smirk appearing on his lips.
You only knitted your brows together, confused. "No, um.. when you fell. You just laid there on the ground for a few minutes after.." You tilted your head, awkwardly fidgeting in place as the usually confident and smooth Madrigal boy had stammered, freckled cheeks flushing red as he shifted to different villagers before ending with himself, with disfigured features on his face.
He could only blink.
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld
idk i just pictured camilo being so head over heels for you that he'd make a fool of himself 🥺😔👌💖💝💕 also short fic yes yes uwu
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: camilo madrigal x male reader
req: no | wc: 510
summary: Camilo’s bf comes over and Isabela and Dolores take advantage of it.
a/n: reader knows spanish, Isabela’s a lesbian and he/they pronouns are used for Camilo
Tumblr media
“Camilo, your boyfriend's here!”
The shapeshifter comes running down the stairs, shifting from you to him back and forth excitedly. You’ve been plaguing their mind constantly this morning, and it’s almost as if you knew it, because they hadn’t asked you to come over or anything.
A grin spreads across his face as his eyes bask upon the sight of your fairly far away figure. Luckily you’re not there to make fun of them for it, since you’re talking to that kid who constantly drinks coffee and his friends.
Though, he does forget who is there to make fun of him. “You look lovesick, primito.” (little cousin)
Camilo turns to Isabela with a glare, to which she merely laughs at. “Shoo, shoo!” They swat her away with their hands, “¡Muevete, muevete!” and push her lightly once they’re close enough. (Move, move!)
“Hey, hey!” She snickers.
Dolores comes from around the corner, “I heard you say Camilo’s boyfriend is here.” Her soft voice is ever teasing, “Isabela has a right to say that, you know. So do I.”
“You’ve said that to us many times.” Isabela crosses her arms, leaning down to her cousin’s height –though she wasn’t much taller– mockingly. “We’re just taking our payback.”
“The ladies have a point.” Mariano says, appearing seemingly out of nowhere.
“Where did you-” Camilo rolls his eyes, “Whatever, you’re just saying that because you’re dating mi hermana.” (my sister.)
Mariano shrugs his shoulders as if to say the point he makes is unrelated, which it is. Even if he wasn’t dating Dolores, he would have agreed with the payback they were taking on their ‘poor’ little relative. In fact, he’s rather sure you would too.
“Relájate, Ca-mi-lo.” Isabela snickers, “It’s only the beginning.” (Relax,)
Camilo chooses to ignore that sentence and instead says, “Rather funny how we haven’t said “your girlfriend's here!”, isn’t it, I-sa-be-la?” They cross their arms and raise their eyebrows. His grin has turned rather smug too.
“Didn’t need to remind me that I’m single.” She huffs.
“Oh, I really did.”
Just then, you arrive. There’s a small smile on your face, not from talking to those kids, but your partner’s little remark. “(y/n)!” Camilo exclaims, their attention instantly turning entirely to you. He wraps an arm around your shoulder and presses a kiss to your cheek. “What are you doing here, cielo?”
“And you gag when I kiss Mariano.” Dolores remarks.
“En los labios, hermana!” (On the lips, sister!)
You chuckle, “Can’t I pay my boyfriend a surprise visit? No necesito razón, verdad?” (I don't need a reason, right?)
“Oh no, it’s a perfectly warranted visit, corazón!” They shoot you another smile and peck on the cheek before turning to their family, “We’ll be leaving now. To my room.” He ignores their hoots of ‘Oooh-’ “Good- no, just bye. Chao.”
He drags you away with him, not even letting you say your goodbyes.
“Good seeing you, (y/n)!” Isabela calls. You begin to wave your goodbyes and say something along those same lines, but your partner interrupts before you can.
“No!” Camilo shouts stubbornly. “Not good seeing you, prima! ¡Vete de aquí!” (cousin! Get out of here!)
“¡Yo vivo aquí!” (I live here!)
“¡Ya no!” (Not anymore!)
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Camilo x Male Reader - Boy in the Window (Part 1)
Tumblr media
(part 2)(part 3)(part 4)
Plot: A paranoid and lonely boy falls in love with a shapeshifting member of a family he’s scared of.
Triggers/Content Warnings: Enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort.
You hastily poured some water into a cup and slowly, shakily, brought it up into lips and took a quiet sip. You didn't want her to hear you, but she will.
That one Madrigal girl hears everything, after all.
Yes, you’re scared of the Madrigals even though you live in the Encanto. You live on the outskirts of town, far away from any of them. You were happy about that.
One of them can shapeshift into anyone, that gives you the heebie-jeebies.
But now’s not the time to think about that. You had to go out into town to buy some food. You ran out last night so this was a necessity.
You put your small good luck charm in your pocket, a small circle with your parent's names engraved on it, and left to go down to the market.
The town was busy. People going along their business and selling food and donkeys and whatever they may like. Crowds naturally formed around the Madrigals going about their business.
You stayed away from them. You didn’t want any of them to notice you. You were scared of them, after all. Scared of their potential. Why do they all have to be so… perfect? You envy them in a way. You envied the constant love and adoration people send them. Nobody sends that to you. Nobody ever loved you. Why? Why!?
No time for moping, time to buy food. You have to eat to live, after all.
You purchased your food from the stands. Corn, tomatoes, avocados, et cetera. You bought a ton of it. Didn’t want to make too many risks today. Already making a ton sharing outdoor time with the Madrigals around.
Then… calamity struck. The strong one, Luisa, accidentally threw a ton of donkeys into a wagon a bit too hard, causing it to tip over and fall onto a pile of boxes, unleashing a ton of avocados over the ground of the market.
You took this as your cue to leave. It was a slow walk away which turned into a brisk jog towards your house. You were unaware that your lucky charm fell out of your pocket and found it’s way to the feet of a certain Camilo Madrigal.
He noticed you jog off before quickly following your tail by morphing into Luisa. You sped up your pace, not because Camilo was there but because you didn’t like to be out very long.
You quickly entered your house, Camilo there behind you. He morphed back into his normal self before knocking on your door, flipping you out as you had no clue who it was.
When you opened it, you found Camilo there, out of breath and holding out your lucky charm.
"This… this fell out of your pock-" he said before looking up, his face dropping, "…ket…"
You took the charm away from him quickly. That’s… that’s the shapeshifter. You didn’t want him here long.
With a small 'thank you', you tried to close the door on him, but he stopped it with his hand.
"I haven't seen you around much," Camilo said, a smile spreading across his face, "I'm Camilo Madrigal, but you… probably knew that already,"
You sighed and spoke, "Yeah, I already knew that,"
You wanted him gone, out of your house. So you decided to end it.
"Listen… I'm not in the mood for… talking… right now… so can you please, like, leave?"
Camilo’s smile suddenly dropped, and you felt a pang of guilt leap up into your throat.
"Don’t mean to be rude, sorry," you added, the words leaving your lips faster than you could process.
"Yeah… yeah it’s fine…" Camilo said, looking down in sadness. Dear lord he’s pulling out all the stops to make you feel bad, to pull out all the stops to sneak his way into your house.
You eased the door shut, looking away from Camilo, not wanting to see the look of disappointment on his face.
That night both of you lied awake. Your minds flooded with images of each other.
Camilo was hit harder than you. He thought about you so much that he accidentally morphed into you and wept.
You were just guilty for abandoning the boy. No matter how many times you told yourself it was manipulation it only made it worse for you.
Either way, Camilo was determined to see you again, and you were determined to forget the whole thing.
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jace-duh · 4 months ago
if yn had a prosthetic:
camilo: what're you doing?
yn: this came loose.
camilo: what came loose?!?
yn: *shows prosthetic* this!
camilo: AHHH!!
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Tumblr media
Polaroid Photos
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yandere! camilo madrigal x male! reader
Summary: You discovered your friend's photo collection, and it wasn't a very pleasant discovery.
Content Warning(s): yandere behavior, stalking, obsession, unauthorized taking of pictures, nonconsensual touching, implied kidnapping.
Word Count: 2,5k
Rated: mature. (This oneshot has been rated as mature because it has disturbing themes, not because it has NSFW/18+ elements! Please don't sexualize Camilo, he's only 15 years old.)
cross-posted on ao3 (here) // second part
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀It was a daily occurrence. Every morning, Camilo would pay (Y/n) a visit, barge into his room and nag him to visit him at his casita. Then, (Y/n) would groan, pulling his blanket over his face before he murmured, "Cinco minutos más," Knowing Camilo, he won't give up until he successfully managed to tug (Y/n) away from his bed, and after annoying him in the morning, he would take his leave and do his usual service work for the village.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Honestly, (Y/n) couldn't understand why he would do that, and more importantly, why his parents even let Camilo come inside to ruin his morning. Though as annoying as it was, there were some benefits to his habit as well—such as: getting up earlier in the morning, and... actually, that was it.
⠀⠀⠀Hence here he was.
⠀⠀⠀Yawning whilst rubbing his eyes, he headed towards casita. Then, the (h/c)-haired boy halted before la casita's front door, he dusted off his long-sleeved shirt whilst he raised his arm. He was about to knock on the front door, but instead, stumbled on his feet as the door unexpectedly opened. His eyes caught the sight of the shorter boy who had curly dark auburn hair, and his contrasting yellow ruana.
⠀⠀⠀⠀A teasing smirk made its way on the curly-haired boy's lips as he caught the taller boy, "Buenas tardes, (Y/n),"
⠀⠀⠀⠀The said boy sighed in slight annoyance as he collected himself back onto his feet, "It's buenos días. It's still nine o'clock in the morning," His (e/c) hues met with Camilo's juniper-green ones, "Gosh, you really should ditch this annoying habit of yours," (Y/n) proceeded to grumble though his foot brought him towards Camilo's room, "Why do you even wake me up if you're just going to let me continue sleep in your room?"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo trailed behind the (h/c)-haired boy, small leaps in between his steps as if to show he was excited, "Why not? You look funny when you sleep,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) stared at him in annoyance—it wasn't because he hated nor disliked Camilo, they were friends for as long as he could remember, rather it was because he wasn't a morning person, at all. And Camilo knew, he knew the taller boy was snappy and grumpy in the morning hence he didn't let his irritable attitude bother him.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"I'm just joking, señor grumpy-pants. You can go ahead and sleep in my room, I still have some tasks to do!" Camilo chirped playfully as he strutted away from the other boy, heading to the village to do—which (Y/n) would assume—his service work.
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) sighed as he lightly pushed the door to Camilo's room before he entered his room, unaware at the motive behind his actions.
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀The sound of the door creaking rang throughout the room, shooking the (h/c)nette awake. Yawning, he stretched his arms as he collected himself up on the bed. He fluttered his eyes open slowly, allowing them time to adjust to the blinding string of light coming from the opened door. He groaned as he held a hand close to his face, avoiding to stare directly to the source of light.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Had a nice sleep, bella durmiente?" (Y/n) immediately identified the owner of the voice, of course, it was none other than Camilo Madrigal. He could tell just by hearing his usual playful tone.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Mhm," (Y/n) scratched the back of his neck, it was quite obvious he was still collecting his consciousness. He coughed a bit as he spoke, "Camilo, can you get me a glass of water? Por favor?"
⠀⠀⠀⠀"One glass of water coming right up!" He exclaimed as he dashed towards the kitchen, the (h/c)-haired boy could only chuckle as he shook his head lightly whilst watching his friend's silly demeanor.
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) pulled his leg along the bedside, he was about to get back on his feet when he unexpectedly hit his feet on something that was placed underneath the bed. He raised his eyebrows in confusion, he always visited Camilo's bedroom but he never saw anything under his bed. He always suspected Camilo as the type of person with not much secret, but maybe he was wrong.
⠀⠀⠀⠀He leaped off the bed. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to peek to see whatever-it-was-underneath-the-bed. And sure, he saw a wooden box with a padlock that was already unlocked. It seemed like Camilo was being careless and left it around.
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) contemplated his choices—he respected Camilo's personal boundaries, but on the other hand, he was curious as to why he kept a box underneath his bed, and more importantly, what was inside the box. Though once again, his curiosity won as he pulled the wooden box out of the small gap under his bed.
⠀⠀⠀⠀His (e/c) irises eyed the box carefully as he thought that surely, whatever he kept in the box couldn't be that bad. Knowing Camilo, it was probably just a bunch of items he could use to prank people with. (Y/n) muttered an apology underneath his breath as he pried the box open.
⠀⠀⠀⠀As he had finally opened the box, (Y/n) could feel his heart skipped a beat. His eyes widened in surprise—it wasn't a pleasant one rather it was a terrified one. Inside the box was a great amount of his pictures. There was a picture of him talking to another person in the village though the other person was crossed out with a red marker, and there was a picture of him helping his mother in her garden—which he could remember that it happened only three days ago—and lots of others he didn't wish to go through. And the most horrifying one was the picture of him sleeping in his room, judging from the shirt he wore, the photo was taken last night.
⠀⠀⠀⠀His trembling hand held the polaroid photo as his mind raced. Was this what Camilo has been up to? Since when did he start doing... this? Wait— what if...?
⠀⠀⠀⠀Hurriedly, he rummaged through the box and as he expected he found a collection of pictures of him sleeping inside Camilo's room. His breath hitched as he saw that he had been touching him while he slept—Camilo didn't went far as he was only seen touching his face and hugging him though it was still unsettling. (Y/n) flipped the polaroid pictures to find messy writing scribbled on the back of every each one of it.
(Y/n) is so cute!
I love when he's asleep, he's so vulnerable.
I managed to convince him to sleep in my bedroom again! Next time, I'm going to convince him to move in with me. I'm sure abuela won't mind.
⠀⠀⠀⠀With (Y/n) who was still processing what he had just found, the door swung open to reveal the last person he would want to see right now—Camilo, with a cup of water in his grip. The grin on Camilo's face dropped as he saw the scene unfolding in front of him, the (h/c)nette who was sitting on the floor—a fearful look plastered on his face—with polaroid films scattered around him. The boy's attention diverted on the curly-haired boy, the horrified look on his face was something that couldn't go unnoticed. Though, the boy stayed silent, he was still speechless upon his discovery.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Well," Camilo started, placing the glass of water to the cabinet beside him, "Do you like those photos of you? I have a lot more," He smiled. Camilo knew the boy was going to view him as a horrible person so why not make the most of it?
⠀⠀⠀⠀The (h/c)nette could feel his heart pounding loudly on his chest as Camilo trudged closer to the boy. He seemed to inspect the photo the other boy was holding. Noticing it was the one of him sleeping, he spoke, "I watched you sleep last night. You were adorable, cariño,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀"How..." (Y/n) trailed off, he gulped before he added, "How long have you been doing this?"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo sat himself down in front of the boy, the smile never left his face as he spoke, "I'm glad you asked," His attention fell to the polaroid pictures surrounding them, "Hmm... I think it was two years ago,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Two... years?"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo laughed, "No! I'm just messing with you," Once his laughs were calmed down, he spoke again, "To be honest, I don't remember exactly when. I think it was a few weeks before I start letting you sleep in my bedroom,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀The statement didn't bring relief upon (Y/n), instead it frightened him even further. How long had he been oblivious to this? How did Camilo's weird... obsession got off the hook? And most importantly, what was he going to do now?
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) tried to calm himself down, pushing away the violent thoughts running through his head as he thought about the best way to react. Should he pretend this never happened? Should he pretend he was alright with Camilo's disturbing behavior? Or maybe, he should risk it and try to escape, at least, casita first?
⠀⠀⠀⠀"You know," Camilo suddenly spoke, he was trying to fill the silence, "I never wanted you to see all of this so quickly, because I knew you would react like this," He brought his hand near his face before he swiped the sweat rolling down the other boy's face, "You look so scared,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) almost couldn't believe what he heard—was Camilo blaming him for reacting to this badly? Who on earth would want to discover that their friend was actually a creepy stalker?
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Of course I'm scared!" He paused before he quivered, "You... you were stalking me,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo's eyebrows furrowed, "Stalking? Querido, it's just a collection of pictures, you're just being dramatic,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Dramatic?" Camilo's words seemed to enrage the (h/c)nette as he pulled a certain polaroid photo on the floor, shoving it in front of the curly-haired boy's face as he yelled in frustration, "What would you do if you found a picture of you sleeping?!" His breathing became erratic as he mumbled, "You even admitted to watching me sleep... How am I supposed to react?"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo extended his arm as his intention was to place it upon the other boy's shoulder, "Calm down, cariño—"
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Don't touch me!" The taller boy jerked his body away from his hand, earning a heartbroken look from the shorter boy but he couldn't careless. "Stay away from me, creep! I don't want to see you anymore!" As he said that, (Y/n) booked it.
⠀⠀⠀⠀He didn't know what he was thinking, hell, he wasn't even sure if it was the best choice to freak out in front of him, insult him, and then attempt to escape. But, considering how loud he was, someone in casita should be able to hear him, and they should've helped him. Especially, Dolores. She should've been aware of her little brother's behavior and yet, she never warned (Y/n) nor informed anyone about it. Maybe Camilo had already begged her to keep her mouth shut regarding this. Either way, it was disturbing how she let her little brother ascended into the worst version of himself.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Shooking away his thoughts, (Y/n) almost sighed in relief when his eyes saw the entrance door. Only to be disappointed as he couldn't pull the door open. He was desperately tugging onto the door handle whilst begging, "Please, casita!"
⠀⠀⠀⠀It was then he realized how much the Madrigals—maybe casita as well—valued the family over anyone else.
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) immediately gave up on trying to escape through the front door as he heard Camilo strutting from his room as he exclaimed, "(Y/n), please, let's talk this out,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Instead of answering, the said boy searched around the courtyard, frantically looking for a place to hide. As soon as he spotted huge closet, he ran towards it as he prayed that the closet was empty or at least has enough space for him to fit into.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"(Y/n), where are you?" Camilo cooed in a sing-sang voice, he knew (Y/n) didn't got away—he couldn't, after all, he had requested casita to keep any possible exit shut—hence why he didn't seem shaken at all.
⠀⠀⠀⠀The (h/c)nette, on the other hand, was terrified. He had nowhere to run, his only hope was hiding in the closet until somehow Camilo gave up looking for him and let him be. And so, the boy entered the closet—thankfully, it was empty and spacious enough for him to fit inside.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Mi príncipe, why are you hiding? Is this a game, are we playing hide and seek? Okay, well, when I find you I get a prize!"
⠀⠀⠀⠀As soon as those words left Camilo's mouth, (Y/n) could feel his heart skipped a beat. He was doomed. He thought maybe Camilo would feel discouraged that he was hiding from him, but poor (Y/n), he forgot how excitable Camilo really was.
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) could hear Camilo moving around the house, from room to room as he shouted, "I've already thought about the prize I want! And once I find you, you're not allowed to deny it,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀The sound of doors opening then being slammed shut when Camilo couldn't find the (h/c)nette was slowly driving him crazy. His heart wouldn't calm down and his mind was racing through the endless possibilities of what Camilo wanted.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Surely, it couldn't be that bad. Surely, he wouldn't dream of hurting the person who he was deeply obsessed in. (Y/n) reassured himself as he adjusted his breathing. He tried to calm himself down but nearly jumped when he heard Camilo approaching closer and closer.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"Oh, mi cariño,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) could hear him. He was so close, hell, he was convinced that Camilo was right in front of the closet he was in. He placed his hands over his nose and his lips, in hopes to cover the sounds of his erratic breathing.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"I'll be generous to you. If you come out now, I won't ask for so much,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo didn't move from his spot, he knew. He knew exactly the boy he was looking for was in the closet right beside him, he could hear his breathing and some movements.
⠀⠀⠀⠀The dark auburn-haired boy smiled. How clumsy, just like he always was, he thought.
⠀⠀⠀⠀And Camilo was indeed being nice. He let the boy have some time to contemplate his choices—and if he still wouldn't come out, he would take that as a sign that he had rejected his offer, and force him out.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"I'll count to three,"
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo eyed the closet standing beside him, he was sure the pressure from the countdown should be enough to push the boy to make a decision.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Still, no reaction from the boy within the closet.
⠀⠀⠀⠀This time, the closet shook a little, and Camilo knew the boy was panicking. After all, he was cornered, there wasn't much he could do other than to give in.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo pulled the closet door open, his juniper-green orbs met with his (e/c) ones.
⠀⠀⠀⠀His lips curled into a somewhat distorted smile as he watched the boy's facial expression quickly turned into the one with terror.
⠀⠀⠀⠀"¡Te encontré! Ahora, en cuanto a mi premio,"
Tumblr media
a/n: honestly, picking the right layout for this oneshot took way more time than writing it :cries:
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pumpkinpatchwrk · 2 months ago
Y/n: i think i need a hug
Camilo: good thing i'm hug shaped!
*45 minutes later*
Y/n: you...you can let go now
Camilo: no, i absolutely cannot
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|Part 2|Camilo Madrigal x Seme!Male!Reader [Smut&Fluff]
Warning; fingering, vanilla sex, cute stuff, reader and camilo's first time, Spanish words/sentences.
Part 1.
With each passing day, Camilo's eighteenth birthday was approaching. He noticed how everyone in the Madrigal family would walk past him with a giggle or hide something. He occasionally saw Dolores and Mirabel whispering to one another and stop whenever he was in ear range.
The times he got to hear some of their conversations was when they were talking about (M/n) and the birthday gift he had prepared for him. Dolores probably heard his heart pounding faster since she covered Mirabel's mouth, Camilo just turned around and ran in the opposite direction, going to his favorite place in the woods that surrounded Encanto.
Well, since then he couldn't stop thinking about what (M/n)'s gift could possibly be, and like that, as if he just blinked once, the morning of his birthday came.
He was woken up by the sound of his mother knocking on his bedroom door before walking in, a huge smile on her face as she was being followed by her husband.
"Mi bebé hoy cumple dieciocho!" Her arms wrapped around Camilo's shoulders, the teen was still sleepy but he hugged his mother back, staring at his father who stood next to the door. "You've grown so fast already," she muttered breaking the hug, holding his face in her hands and squeezing gently, making a pout form on his lips. "Get ready, mijo, today is an important day!"
Above her head, a bright, double rainbow was clearly showing. Camilo smiled at his mother's good mood, despite him not feeling too up to it.
Even so, he got up from his bed and got ready for the day. Everyone in Encanto cheered him a happy birthday, while his family was decorating the house and getting stuff ready. Camilo had been feeling anxious about seeing (M/n) so early and surrounded by people, but he never saw him, not even once, and that made him worry more rather than calm him down.
The day kept going like usual, and the sun began setting behind the mountains, the party was ready and all the guests were arriving.
Camilo had been glancing around looking for (M/n), but he only saw him when his family dragged him to take a picture of them to keep as a memory. It was a family tradition, so he had to comply. He opened presents, ate cake, had fun, and talked to some of his friends, however, that was still bothering him in the back of his mind.
Midnight was nearing, and all the guests started to leave, leaving the only member that was like family to the Madrigal. (M/n). Well, Mariano had to leave early.
They all sat together at the dining table, and began talking amongst each other, they gave Camilo their presents too, and only (M/n) was the one who still hadn't gotten him anything.
"Oh, well, I uh... wanted to give it to him in private," he mumbled looking down and scratching the back of his head. Pepa who was sitting next to him patted his head and gave him a reassuring smile, whispering an 'is okay' towards him. (M/n) had a relieved smile on his face and he gave a small nod in response.
The Madrigal family kept talking and joking for a while longer, Dolores and Mirabel gossiping like it was usual lately. Both of them knew that (M/n)'s present was, so they were kind of excited about what will happen. They knew both males liked each other, and they reassured (M/n) that Camilo won't get mad, but they didn't tell him why they knew he won't get mad, so he was just going to trust them.
Everyone started leaving the table and abuela Alma headed upstairs to her room, while the rest -except for Antonio who was put to sleep by Pepa- stayed to wash all the dirty dishes. (M/n) and Camilo had been talking a bit while they headed off to the kitchen to help, but Mirabel blocked their path from walking in.
"So, I'm guessing (M/n) is staying over, correct? And he still has to give you your birthday present, so primo, why don't you go to your room and talk there?" She said while making them turn around and pushing them to go up the stairs.
The moment they stood on the first step of the stairs, they looked over at Mirabel, who has the widest smile they've ever seen. Making eye contact, Camilo and (M/n) shrugged at the other, walking up the stairs and into the Madrigal's room.
As soon as the door closed, both felt their bodies tense and as if there wasn't enough air in the room, so they approached Camilo's bed and sat on the soft mattress. Neither of them knew how to bring up the subject, but (M/n) cleared his throat and slightly shifted on the bed to face Camilo.
His hand reached for his pocket, fidgeting with Camilo's gift for a few seconds.
"Feliz cumpleaños, Cami, uh... I-I'm a little nervous now but, I just want you to know that..." He looked up and made eye contact with the curly-haired brunette, who felt his face heating up when he realized how close to each other they were. "Is okay if you... hate and don't ever want to see me again, I just wanted... to tell you this in an s-special way...? Kinda?" Camilo was starting to get a little worried about what was going to happen, did his hermana and prima just pretended (M/n)'s gift was a good thing?! God, now he was panicking. "Anyway, here..."
He took a deep breath and started taking the present out of his pocket.
A small, black-colored velvet fabric bag was in his hand, a white ribbon tying it close. He handed it to Camilo who grabbed it with a barely noticeable shake in his hands. Under (M/n)'s nervous and worried stare, he untied the ribbon and peeked inside, he couldn't really tell what it was but he saw what seem to be letters on it, so he took it out and observed it.
It was a handmade bracelet that color-coordinated with the usual clothes he wore, and the letters made up two words on it.
"Te amo..." Camilo mumbled to himself reading the words on it.
(M/n) was slowly losing hope of Camilo liking him back, so he was about to apologize and leave so he could cry himself to sleep, but he realized something. Camilo's room was changing along with his emotions, and hearts of all colors and sizes were now covering the walls, and that was the signal to look at the curly-haired male.
Camilo had a dark blush on his face that made his freckles more obvious, his eyes were wide and, if he had Dolores gift he could probably hear his heart pounding.
-and speaking of Dolores, she was silently fangirling at what she was able to hear, Mirabel right next to her, wanting to know what was happening-
Well, back to Camilo and (M/n).
The (h/c) haired male was staring at the Madrigal, trying to get him back to normal, which he kinda did. Camilo handed the bracelet over to (M/n) and extended his left arm. "Can you put it...?" With a small nod, (M/n) put the bracelet around  Camilo's wrist, twisting it so the 'Te amo' would be facing up and so he was done.
Camilo looked at it for a few seconds before glancing up at (M/n), lifting both hands, he placed them on his face, cupping his cheeks gently before leaning closer, pressing their lips together in their first kiss.
Camilo was the first one to back away, nibbling nervously on his bottom lip, and (M/n) felt his face burning, he hesitated about what he should do, but he leaned closer and kissed Camilo again.
His hands placed themselves behind his neck and gently held his waist. They moved their lips slow, almost hesitantly, getting used to the movement and new feeling. Camilo let out a soft, breathy moan before he wrapped both arms around (M/n)'s shoulders, leaning back and taking the other male down with him.
Every now and then they backed away to get some air, low moans and soft gasps left their mouths as their bodies pressed against the other.
(M/n) was the first one to stop, releasing Camilo to hold himself up off of him, his action caused the curly-haired male to whine at the loss of body contact, he held onto (M/n)'s shirt and tugged on it.
"Wait, Cami... I don't want to... force or rush you into thinking you have to do this with me, I... understand if you want to stop-" with a bigger amount of strength, Camilo pulled (M/n) down until their bodies were touching again, letting him feel the obvious reaction his body had just because of a few kisses.
"Who said I don't want this?" He muttered against his lips, a smirk plastered on his face. "Keep going, (M/n)."
With an audible gulp that made Camilo chuckle, (M/n) kissed him, his hands now lowering and touching his body over his clothes.
Camilo's back arched slightly off the bed when he felt (M/n)'s fingers grace his bare skin, a soft whine escaping his lips and being muffled by the other male's lips. Slowly, the curly-haired male started unbuttoning (M/n)'s shirt, pushing it off his shoulders hinting the male to take it off.
(M/n) pulled away and took his shirt off, helping Camilo take off his.
With gentle touches and kisses, they undressed each other with soft caresses to the other's skin.
Noticing Camilo's nervousness about his bare body, (M/n) smiled at him and covered their bodies under the sheets, staying close to each other.
"Do you know how to...?" Camilo mumbled with a shy tone, (M/n) nodded before pressing a kiss on his lips.
"I'll be gentle, okay? I don't wanna hurt you," the curly-haired male just shyly nodded. (M/n) began placing soft kisses all along Camilo's neck, slowly making his way down his chest. He glanced up, staring at the male as he closed his eyes and let out heavy breaths from his mouth, his skin getting covered in goosebumps.
Lifting his hand, (M/n) caressed Camilo's face gently, pressing his bottom lip with his thumb and the male, unconsciously, licked it slightly, soon holding onto his wrist and taking his middle and ring finger in his mouth, lapping his tongue around every single one to cover them with his saliva.
(M/n) stopped his kisses and just stared at what Camilo was doing, somehow, the sight was way more erotic and lewd than it should've been. When he didn't feel (M/n)'s soft, wet lips on his skin anymore, Camilo opened his eyes, his hazel-green colored eyes stared into (M/n)'s (e/c) ones, his gaze was needy, glossy with lust as he stared at the other male.
As if hypnotized by his eyes, (M/n) started going up to his face again, slowly pulling his wet fingers out of Camilo's mouth and lowering his hand in between the curly-haired male's legs. Their lips were pressed together, moving in sync as (M/n) started pushing his finger inside.
He felt Camilo's hands on his shoulders, the pads of his fingers pressing on his skin, avoiding using his nails as he didn't want to hurt the (h/c) haired male. (M/n) felt his body tense and how uncomfortable he felt, so he made sure the curly-haired male would focus on his kisses instead, the movement of their lips together, his tongue dragging across his bottom lip and pushing past his open mouth, their tongues tangling with one another.
When (M/n) felt Camilo relaxing and getting used to the foreign feeling, he moved his finger around, stretching him to push the second finger in. This time, Camilo's reaction was different than before, he tensed a bit, squeezing around his fingers, but he just held (M/n) close and kept kissing him.
They had to pull away for air a few times, but they instantly latched onto the other's lips as soon as they could.
(M/n) did scissor motions with his fingers, sometimes curling them upwards as a way to stretch Camilo properly and reduce some of the pain he'll go through, he just wanted to make sure he caused him the smallest amount of pain as he could.
"Cami, I'm... putting in, okay? Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop," Camilo felt his heart fluttering at the soft words spoken to him, and he just smiled, cupping (M/n)'s face in his hands.
"I'll be okay, (M/n)," the (h/c) haired male nodded and took his fingers out, aligning his dick with Camilo's entrance and slowly started pushing it.
He heard Camilo's low grunts of pain and stayed still once he was fully inside him. (M/n) had to hold his breath at the feeling of his wet and warm muscle walls clenching around his dick, his hands gripping the bedsheets and releasing deep groans.
After a couple of minutes, Camilo's trembling legs raised, pressing his thighs against (M/n)'s waist, pulling him down enough to be able to whisper in his ear.
"Move already... please," his shy tone of voice made the other male bite his bottom lip. (M/n) leaned back so he could stare into Camilo's eyes, he saw his hazel-green orbs glossy with unspilled tears and he couldn't help but smile, brushing his curls away so he could look at his face properly.
"Te amo, Camilo," the curly-haired male was surprised when he heard those same words on his bracelet coming from the male, his eyes widening being followed by a bright smile growing on his face.
"Yo también te amo, (M/n)," he whispered against his lips, soon joining them in a slow, loving kiss.
(M/n) felt his smile growing in between their kiss, their tongues tangling with each other as he started moving his hips back and forth slowly, enjoying every second of the euphoric feeling their skin touching gave him.
Soft moans left Camilo's wet and swollen lips, his fingers tangling in (M/n)'s (h/c) locks and pulling on it, his whines of pleasure were getting louder, so he turned his face to the side, trying to keep quiet by pressing his mouth on his pillow.
(M/n) had to bite his bottom lip, hiding his face on Camilo's neck, trying to avoid the sound of the bed creaking with each thrust, he reached for Camilo's hands, pinning them on either side of his head, interlocking their fingers.
"I-I'm... I'm gonna cum, (M/n)~" Camilo mumbled, tightening his grip on the other's male hands, his body shaking from the pleasure.
"Me t-too, Cami... fuck," he groaned as his thrusts began trembling, his climax approaching him quickly.
(M/n) pulled out, and released one of Camilo's hands. He held their erections together and started stroking them quickly, both of them muffling their moans and whines on the other's neck, and like that, with their breathing turning rapid and heavy, they came at the same time, their cum mixing and pooling on the curly-haired male's lower abdomen.
Taking deep breaths as they came down from their high, (M/n) placed a kiss on Camilo's forehead and lowered to kiss the tip of his nose before pressing their lips together in a sweet, gentle peck.
He released Camilo's hand and reached for the tissues in the first drawer of his bedside table. (M/n)'s cleaned his cum-stained hand before wiping the curly-haired male's abdomen, taking a new one to dry a bit of the sweat off their faces.
(M/n) sat up on the bed, making sure Camilo's lower body was covered by the sheets, and he put his underwear back on before standing up to throw the dirty tissues in the trash.
As soon as he was done with that, he went back to the bed and dressed Camilo in his underwear too. (M/n) laid down on the bed next to him and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him on top of his body and covering them with the sheets. He held Camilo gently as the curly-haired male snuggled on his chest, taking a last glance at the words on the bracelet around his wrist.
Well, this has been... the best birthday ever. I'm so happy right now.
He left a kiss on (M/n)'s chest before closing his eyes, soon enough, falling asleep in his arms.
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sophie-seokkie · 4 months ago
I just love this boy so much😭 camilo querido amo tus rulitos
Tumblr media
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0pexigon0 · 4 months ago
Camilo x gifted!male reader
Gift: More like a curse really, affected by his moods just like Pepa but more logical. For example, if reader was to freak out, small objects would start shaking, like pens and forks. If it gets more aggressive then shelves or chairs would start trembling then it’s like a whole tornado of objects around him if he can’t calm down
Plot: reader has a slight panic attack but plays it off with his “gift” trailing behind him
“[Name], are you alright?” Maribel gently touched [Name]’s shoulder. “Yup! Never been better!” He gave a tense smile, a couple of the paintings near him trembling. Maribel squinted at the paintings and turned back to [Name], who was long gone. “Wha- [NAME]!”
He hurried down the hall, his footsteps almost non-existent. “[Name]!” Pepa grabbed [Name] by the arm, “Just the person we were looking for!” His heartbeat sped up as Pepa gesture to the cabinets, “Be a doll and set the table?” She smiled and kissed his forehead, exiting the kitchen.
No.. No… “Don’t leave me here alone..” [Name] almost said but the words caught in his throat. He turned from the door to the cabinets. “Okay, quick job…”
Opening the cabinets and taking a couple plates. “Bruno if you hear this then please grant me peace” he half joked as he set the plates down, taking the glasses and filling them with water. “Okay last thing-“ rumble rumble… [Name] stopped in his tracks as he was digging in a drawer for forks and spoons. He slowly but surely turned his back to witness an internal horror.
Cups were spilled, plates were trembling, the forks, spoons and knives were trembling even the ones in his hands. With a gasp, he dropped the utensils in his hands, watching them shake and defy gravity. His breath quickened and he sat down on a chair, “Okay [Name], calm down… calm down…”
“Mi amor…?” Camilo entered the kitchen, noticing his amor’s distress. By now the cabinets were opening and closing, being resisted by the casita, the forks were whirling around the boy in anguish. “Amor!” He rushed to [Name], covering the forks with his ruana, “Camilo…” he managed to utter out, squeezing the other, he took notice of the clattering from the small objects, “All right, calm down. Take deep breaths with me. Ready?” [Name] and Camilo both took steady breaths, slow and calm, holding each other’s hands. In through the nose out through the mouth “Now tell me what happened…?” Camilo looked at the now nonexistent clatter, smiling gently at [Name]. “Well, Today I woke up…”
“Yeah?” “And my.. “gift”… was acting up which was making me act up, I didn’t want to destroy the casita but I still had things I had to do here, so I arrived today anyways…” “Amor, you didn’t have to come in if you were having an off-day” “It’s not an off-day, everything’s been nice, my gift was only making things fall downhill though…” Camilo pressed a gently kiss to [Name]’s head, caressing his face and snuggling into his hair. [Name] sighed in content, the rumbling sound was gone and he had finally calmed down all the way.
“I gotta set the table..” “why don’t you leave that to me? You deserve a break, especially if your gift is acting up. The more tasks you do the more tired you are and I know that affects how bad it gets..” “Yeah Yeah..” “I’ll visit you tonight, we can watch a movie and share a blanket. You need this break…” [Name] gingerly wrapped his hands around Camilo’s wrists, “really..?” “But of course!”
[Name] smiled and looked down. “Come on, off you go now! See you tonight, Amor” “ See you” [Name] pressed a kiss to Camilo’s cheek, who in return smiled from ear to ear and leaned into the kiss gratefully….
[A/n]: Hi! My inbox is opened! I don’t know how to do the “ask me anything” thingy that some tumblrs have under their bios but I take requests!
Date: 12/29/21
Edit: added tags cause I forgot 💔
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kazu-phoria · 4 months ago
Could do Camilo Madrigal x Intimidating! Male! reader??
I like to think that when the reader went to visit Camilo's family for the first time, he looked so strange and that made Pepa very worried, although she is not in the habit of judging other people's appearances, but the reader seemed so frightening that she began to despair about it.
And after a lot of confusion about it, Camilo had to explain that her boyfriend was just a soft cinnamon roll and not just a bad guy who wanted to steal Camilo from his family... XD
I think the family would only be sure of this when the reader was playing with Antônio (or doing anything), the reader looked like so cute doing that and kind of won the heart of the whole family (maybe Camilo's heart beat a little harder than usual with that scene).
Camilo Madrigal x Male Reader
Camilo has an intimidating looking boyfriend but he's really just a sweetheart (They/he for camilo and he/him for reader)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Camilo isn't really bothered by your intimidating look but at first he was though when he got to know you it turned out that, you were just a big sweetheart.
You were always clingy with camilo, always asking for kisses, always getting whiny whenever they had to go home, doing everything for camilo even though camilo told you that you didn't need to do that but you always insisted, you loved to cook for them and help them with their chores.
Camilo thought you would get along perfectly with his mamá, tia, mirabel, practically his whole family! You weren't exactly obliged to the idea but you didn't want to make a bad impression with their family because of how you looked as a lot of people assumed that you were mean and rude because of how you looked and because of that a lot of people didn't even try to get to know you.
Though, camilo has said multiple times that they weren't like that and that when they got to know you, they would love you as much as he loves you "Amor, do you wanna join my family for dinner?" They asked as you clung onto his waist while you laid your head in his lap, you looked up at the shape-shifter with a tired look in your eyes "I don't know 'milo...I'm pretty tired and I don't know if they would like me being there.." You mumbled as you closed your eyes and laid your head back in lap then you heard him whine "Please...I promise they'll love you when they get to know you.." Camilo said grabbing the sides of your face and lifting your head so that you two could talk face to face.
You couldn't say no to camilo so you deeply sighed and sat up "You better make me one hundred percent awake by time we get there, I don't wanna look more like a dick than I already do." You said as you rubbed the back of your neck while you scrunched your face up tiredly and from the sudden movement "Awesome because I already told them you were coming!" Camilo yelled as he hugged you tightly making a few pop sounds come from your back but nothing was injured "Camilo, I love you but you're an idiot." You said relaxing into his touch "What would you have done if I said no?" You asked kissing their cheek.
Camilo chuckled "I don't know and I never will have to know because you said yes." Camilo said breaking the hug and holding your shoulders "Now, lets go stuff a bunch of sugar in your mouth so that you can at least be a bit more awake." Camilo said as he looked at you who was almost asleep just from laying your head on camilo's shoulder.
~A Bit Later~
Camilo and you were now walking to casita while you were wide awake, the sugar didn't work but camilo chasing you around your own house trying to tickle you sure did work "'Milo, why are you staring at me?" You asked the curly-haired boy who stared at you then he put his hand on his chin "What are your sizes?" They asked as they circled around you looking you up and down "Um..(your sizes)" You answered looking at camilo like he was a weirdo.
Camilo nodded and went back to his spot besides you and it looked like he was thinking about something so you grabbed their hand so they wouldn't bump into things while they're zoning out, it was a bit weird that he was asking your sizes but you didn't think much of it "You alright?" You asked as you poked his cheek and he jumped a bit and shape-shifted into his mom than you than himself again "Sorry, I was thinking about a surprise for you!" He yelled then he looked at his feet and looked back at you "It's not a surprise now is it..?" He asked and you shook your head no making him hum.
They looked up and saw that you guys were already at casita "The distance between my house and casita isn't that far.." You mumbled a bit surprised as you thought it would take longer for some reason but you quickly forgot about that when camilo ran his thumb over your knuckles "What?" You asked him while you looked at him and he shrugged "Nothing, I just know that you're nervous and I'm trying to help." Camilo said smiling at you, you were nervous, I mean you were basically shitting your pants because of how nervous you were.
Camilo could tell your emotions better than you could because he's attentive and pays attention to everything you do so he can tell what your emotion is just by the way your talking or sitting, it was one of the many things you loved about camilo.
Camilo smiled at you "I love you so much corazòn..." You said as you kissed his cheek "Love you too, amor" Camilo said as he leaned into the kiss, he loved your kisses so much and would take them any chance he got "Alright...ya' ready?" Camilo asked as you pulled away from his cheek and you nodded.
Camilo and you stepped on casita's door steps signaling casita to open the doors to reveal all of the madrigals doing their own chores "Camilo, you're back! I need you to.." Pepa said as she walked up to her son but then she slowly drifted off her sentence when she saw you, pepa wasn't one to judge anyone at all especially based on their looks but she couldn't help but be a little judgmental because you just look intimidating "Sorry, sorry...Just didn't expect you to be here." Pepa said not meaning anything offensive and you nodded as you understood.
"But, I need you to go clean your room hijo." Pepa said turning her attention back to her son and camilo nodded "You wanna join me corazòn?" Camilo asked while pepa walked away to get back to the chore she was doing, you shook your head 'no' as you wanted to get to know the madrigals further than 'them being the magical family of the town'.
Camilo nodded and headed towards his room as you walked towards mirabel who was sweeping the floor 'Maybe she would be the easiest to get along with..' You thought as you slowly approached the colombian girl "Hey..mirabel? Do you mind if I help..?" You asked making mirabel turn around to face you and she smiled softly at you "Yeah sure, there's a broom inside the kitchen." She said and you nodded and headed over to the kitchen where dolores and julieta were.
You went to grab the broom silently as to not disturb the two who were making snacks but because of dolores's excessive hearing, she already heard you "Oh, hello (y/n)!" Dolores said turning her head to look at you and julieta did the same because of dolores's random outburst "Hi guys, just coming to get the broom.." You said as you grabbed the broom and they both nodded and went back to making the snacks as the conversation was a bit awkward.
You quickly left the kitchen and went over to mirabel and started sweeping along with her "You seem nicer than you look." Mirabel said as she looked at you but then her eyes widened a bit "Oh, I'm sorry..didn't mean it that way." She said but you put your hand up to stop her "It's fine..camilo said that when he first met me too." You said as you chuckled a bit "And, you seem nice too." You finished as you started sweeping again.
Mirabel smiled at you softly, you seemed so kind even though you two have barely talked, she already approved of you dating her cousin because you seemed nice and the aura you gave off felt kind and warming like the kind of aura camilo himself gave off.
After a while, you two finished cleaning the floor and went to go do your own things, you were now in antonio's room playing with him and his animals as you had nothing else to do "Don't eat that." Antonio said pointing at one of his jungle cats who was going to eat one of his small animals, you thought it was adorable because he was like a little zoo-keeper.
Antonio was sitting in between your legs as he helped you with the small animals you had in your arms and lap "Okay, as I was saying..you hold the lemur like this.." Antonio said settling the lemur on his head, on your shoulder and the fur tickled you a bit making you chuckle a bit.
You two were completely unaware of pepa and the rest of the family looking for you and antonio "It tickles!" You said as you laughed making antonio smile, he liked when people played with him and the animals and when they let him teach them stuff about animals "I know, it tickled the first time they got on me too!" Antonio said as he chuckled a bit and his afro bounced a bit as he did so.
You looked at antonio and saw how the animals were so calm with him and it made you think "You're more responsible than camilo.." You said sweat-dropping at how antonio could take care of animals better than camilo could take care of himself "Aw, that hurt amor.." You heard from behind you making you jump and that making the lemur crawl up in your lap from the sudden fast movement.
You turned your head to find all the madrigals behind you and camilo dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around your shoulders as he rested his body on your back "Don't scare me like that corazòn!" You yelled as you placed a hand over your heart "Yeah, you scared carlos too!" Antonio yelled referring to the lemur in your lap making everyone chuckle.
They all sat down and started playing with the animals along with you and antonio, they realized that you weren't as intimidating as you seemed and that you were perfect for their dear camilo.
You are now part of the madrigals!
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inv3ntory · 4 months ago
y/n, slapping camilo across the head: MOTHER FUCKER.
camilo: OW, Y/N! JESUS CHRIST.
y/n: what the HELL are you doing telling people that we're a gay couple?!
camilo: oh. heard that through the grapevine, didnt ya?
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maximoff56 · 4 months ago
A Break
Tumblr media
Pairing: Camilo x Male!reader
Summary: You have been dating Camilo and his family seems to love you until one day his Abuela pulls you aside and forces you to break it off.
The Madrigals had to be seen as perfect in the eyes of their Abuela and most of the time everyone tried their hardest to reach the standards of the standards of perfection that were set for them. This ment Abuela had to approve of anyone that the Madrigal children were dating. If Abuela didn't like them, they didn't stick around.
So when Camilo introduced you to the family and Abuela Alma seemed to warm up to you nicely it overjoyed the teen. Introducing you terrified Camilo simply due to the fact that you were also a man and he didn't know how the family would react.
What helped was you had already met most of the family, you had grown up with Mirabel and were very close with Luisa because your family owned most of the live stock in the village.
You and Camilo have been together about 5 months and everything was perfect between the two of you and everyone believed the two of you would last. Pepa held onto the hope that you two would marry in the future, she already practically took you in as one of her own.
Today was no different than usual, you had finished your morning chores on your farm and began to make your way to the Madrigal home to have lunch with Camilo, something you did every day. Sometimes you had to wait for Camilo because he was still down helping the locals, today was one of those days.
So you let yourself in, waving hello to one of Antonios birds that sat on the stairs as you turned to make your way into the kitchen.
"Oh, Y/N. I was just about to go look for you" you were shock to say the least to see Abuela Alma standing against the counter in the kitchen. She never really spoke to you, only when you came for dinners and only sent you small nods when you made eye contact.
"Abuela, is there something I can do for you?" You questioned, taking another step into the kitchen. Her face held no emotion and she seemed much different to when you normally spoke to her.
"There actually is, my boy" You waited for her to continue "I need you to leave Camilo" the words rolled off her tounge so esay, and her words came without a sound of remorse or hesitancy.
"I- I'm sorry. What?" You jaw had dropped slightly and your eyes had widened. You couldn't comprehend a reason for this sudden change in her option of your relationship, you thought she approved of you.
"La familia Madrigal is something this town looks to as perfect, some locals have interesting reactions and options on the relationship between you and my grandson. Let's face it, you don't fit in here. Camilo would be happier with someone who suits him more-" your head was hung low as she spoke. Her words ringing in your ears.
"You mean a woman." You stated, lifting your head slightly to look at the shorter lady.
"If would be better for the encanto." You scoffed under your breath "Lo siento, but I'm not giving you a choice here. Leave Camilo." Neither of you said another word and as she left the room you just stared blanky at the spot where she once stood.
You were snapped out of your transe when you heard a call of your name in a voice that now brought you dread.
Camilo swung open the kitchen doors and you turned to face him, plastering a small smile on as he practically threw himself into your arms. He did this everyday, he loved hugging you. He wrapped his arms around your neck and burried his face into the crook of your neck. You slowly allowed your hands to snake around his waist and you pulled him close.
You squeezed his body impossibly close to yours, a sweet giggle had slipped his lips as you did you. You clenched your eyes shut at the sound knowing you were about to possibly never hear it again.
"Mi vida, as much as I love your hugs. I need to breath" Camilos laugh echoed in your ears as you slowly released your grip on him and stepped back slightly.
Camilos smile faded slowly when he examined your face. You looked so sad, almost like you had lost someone. "Y/N? Hey what's the matter, did something happen with the animals at the farm?" Camilo reached up to cup the side of your face but was stopped when you took a step back.
You took note of the flash of hurt that shot into Camilos eyes, you pushed the urge to just ditch this whole thing and tell Abuela Alma to suck it but you couldn't help but think she had a point.
"Cami, I-" you struggled to get the words out as you looked at the confused look on your lovers face. His eyes filled with concern and love. "Camilo, I think it's time we take a break" you kept your face set stone as you got the words out although your voice betrayed you when it came out chocked and broke slightly.
You could see when Camilos heart dropped cause his face dropped too, he stood up straighter and stepped about half a step back in confusion. He shook his head to himself as his eyes began to water, yours words finally, fully setting in.
"I- wha- No. Y/N?" He swallowed hard "Where is this coming from, I- I thought you wdre happy with me. Did I do something? I- Is it because I don't see you enough, b-because I wish I could. Please, tell me why, I'll fix it"
Your heart broke as tears spilled down the boys face, he blamed himself and that was the last thing you wanted. "Mi amor-" Camilo chocked out a sob at the nickname and turned away from you, he wrapped his arms around himself, trying to quite his cries. "Camilo, you haven't done anything. We just need some time apart"
"H-how long?" The break in his voice made you want to just hold him, like you always did when he was sad. You hated when he cried, you always tried to console him in the best way possible but now it was you who made him cry and you wanted nothing more then to throw yourself off a roof at the sound.
"Forever M-" you corrected yourself "Camilo" you waited for a response but when you got none you walked towards the door of the kitchen. Camilo turned to face the opposite direction. "I'm sorry Camilo, this is for the best" you whispered before swiftly leaving the kitchen. As you all but ran out of the house you looked quickly up at the candel and saw Abuela Alma standing behind it, staring down at you.
Delores had heard everything of course and ran directly to the kitchen when she heard the from door close. She swung the door open and was met with Camilo just staring at the stop where you had originally stood. Silent tears falling from his eyes as his body shook in its place.
"Cami" she whispered and her brother slowly turned to face her, bloodshot eyes meeting hers. She quickly rushed over to him and pulled him into a tight embrace.
At the affection, Camilo broke down. He wrapped his arms around his sister and sobbed into her shoulders. He knew she had heard everything and so he didn't saw anything. Neither did she, which he was greatful for.
Delores just held her brother for a while, silent tears running down her checks as she listened to her brother sob into her cheek, his hands balling up peices of her clothing on her back as he pulled her closer.
After a few minutes, Camilo guided a still weeping Camilo to sit of one of the stools at the kitchen counter. "I'm going to get you some water hermano" she whispered as they both released their grip. Camilo rested his head on his hands and let his head fall against the counter. Tears were still falling and he was still shaking but he was able to control his volume now.
"CAMILO!" Delores flinched at the sound of her mother's voice, the kitchen doors swung open a moment later to reveal an angry thundering Pepa. She came in babbling in inaudible Spanish. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you Ca-" then Pepa stopped. And the cloud faded into nothing as she noticed Camilo.
He hadn't looked up, hadn't answered, he hadn't even acknowledged his mothers presence. He was still shaking and now he was just covering his ears because of the volume of the yelling of his mother and the sound of her thundering.
"Mi hijo?" Pepa slowly approached her son, placing a hand gently on his shoulder to gain his attention. Pepas heart dropped into her stomach when she saw Camilos face, his cheeks stained with dried and wet tears, his eyes bloodshot red and a look of defeat in his eyes. Pepa gasped and pulled her son into an embrace, one he returned immediately, letting himself cry into his mothers shoulder.
"H-he left me Mami" Camilo chocked out, his grip tightening on her. Thunder drummed loudly throughout the entire town as Camilos words left his lips.
Pepa didn't ask many questions at the moment but she held and comforted her son, she ran a hand through his hair as he cried.
Camilo had left for his room, he thank his sister and mother for showing him support but muttered something about wanting to be alone and quickly ran off to his room.
"Mami...it was Abuela" Delores deadpaned when Camilo was out of ear shot. Pepa turned around sharply at that, eyes wide and filled with rage.
"MAMI!" Pepa called out, thunder boomed again and she gained her own cloud now, one with thunder and lightning as she stormed out of the kitchen.
Abuela Alma was admiring a plant when she heard her daughters yelling and turned to face it. She opened her mouth to speak but was stopped by lightning and thunder booming.
"My son, was just broken up with. Y/N broke up with him. You don't happen to know anything about that...do you?" Petas looked sharply at her mother.
"Y/N was not a good fit for this family, you know Camilo would be better with someone else" Abuela left to turn away but as she did, she noticed other family members had heard the commotion and came to investigate.
Maribel and Isabella were watching from the steps and then Félix who was just coming from his shared room with Pepa stood at the top of the steps, his face covered in shock and confusion.
"Camilo is to young to understand this, he must continue the Madrigal blood line and him being with a man stops that. I am sorry but my decision is final, Camilo and Y/N will not be together. I will hear nothing more about it! I am going to town."
Everyone stood in shock and Pepa cried silent tears at the thought of what both boys were going through. She just wanted her son to be happy, Y/N made him happy.
It had been 3 days since the break up and Camilo hadn't left his room since, dinners were aqward and Abuela often got into arguments with Pepa or Maribel about the whole situation.
Everyone left Camilo to be alone. Antonio was still confused about everything and was saddened as well because he too, had grown close to you and saw you has an older brother.
The day of your family's festival, Antonio snuck away and ran up to his brothers room. He knocked but received no answer. "Cami, can I come in please. I miss you" Antonio slowly pushed the door to the room open.
Camilo was laying in his bed, back facing the door. "Go away" Camilos voice cracked. It was clear he hadn't spoken in a long time. When he didn't hear and door open again he turned around and saw Antonio standing at the side of the bed.
Camilo slowly sat up, his eyes were puffy and he didn't have the joy in his eyes had was normally there. Antonio didn't really understand what had happened but he knew his brother was hurting so he slowly wrapped his arms around his brother.
The hug was returned but not with as much effort. "We are going into town for Y/Ns families festival. And you're going to be coming"
"No, no Antonio. I can't see him" Camilo pulled away from his brother and sat up ag his headboard.
"I wasn't asking. I was telling, who cares what Abuela thinks about Y/N. You love him, don't you?" Camilo made a note to ask about the whole Abuela thing but nodded along to his brother. "Then what does it matter, go tell him that. He loved you too, he looks at you the way Papi looks at Mami"
Camilo smiled lightly at that though "what does this have to do with Abuela?" Antonio's face filled with confusion. He had thought that Camilo was aware.
"Abuela was the one who made Y/N break up with you. She said you guys wouldn't have been able to continue the family line and that it would be better for the encanto if he left" Cmailos eyes widened at that, at first he was filled with rage and betrayal that his own Abuela would be the root of so much pain. Them hope filled Camilo because that meant that you still wanted to be with him, you just weren't allowed.
The Madrigal family was already in town when Camilo and Antonio had left the house and the festival had already begun. You had an animal show for the first time, usually your father was the one to put the show on but he had been Injured so you stepped in to do it for him.
Camilo heard the cheering, his height prevented him for seeing over the crowd of people. The thought of using his gift slipped his mind because he hadn't used it the last few days, in fear of accidentally turning into you and having to see you but not really see you.
So Camilo jumped onto a pillar platform and looked over the crowd of people and he froze, he saw you. The show was just about to end and he could tell you weren't all there but you still preformed great.
He wanted to catch you because he knew you were a very social person and would probably soon be rushed into conversation after conversation so he needed to get to you now.
Camilo had shoved his way towards the stage and shape shifted into a farm worker to make his way back stage and once again be froze when he say you moving a hay bail.
"Jose! Come help me with this" it took Camilo a good 30 seconds to relize that you were talking to him and that he wasn't in his own body. He took slow steps towards you, receiving a weird look from you in thr process. "Jose what the hell are yo-"
Camilo let the false face disappear and he transformed back into himself. He watched your eyes widened as you took in his disheveled appearance and worn out face.
"I-" you avoided eye contact with Camilo and dropped the bail of hay they you were moving.
"I know why you did it amor" you felt your mind swirl with the nickname "my Abuela told you to. I know that now, but I don't care what she says Y/N. For gods sake I love you-" your head snapped up at those three words. Neither of you had said that to each other before and it came as a shock to you "y-yeah, I love you mi vida and I know you feel the same. Please don't let my Abuela ruin this, please" the last 'please' came out as a chocked whisper as Camilo stopped himself from crying.
Although he tired not to allow it, a tear had smiled from his left eye and he went to quickly swipe it away but you grabbed his wrist. You gently raised your thumb up to wipe the tear from his face, letting your hand rest gently against his cheek.
"I'm sorry" You chocked out, tears of your own finally threatening to spill. You had distracted yourself after your break up. You hadn't slept, scared to dream about Camilo, you worked non-stop even when Luisa yelled at you for it. You never rested, never let your mind drift to Camilo.
Camilos hands shot up to cup your face as you let your tears fall. You had only ever cried in front of Camilo once before, you hated when you cries. It made you feel vulnerable and weak. "Hey hey, I know" Camilo whispered as he pulled you into a hug.
You allowed yourself you wrap your arms around Camilo, you tightly squeezed at his waist, you burried your face into his hair as he wrapped his arms around your shoulder. "I love you mi amor. I love you and I'm so sorry" you whispered into his hair. "I never should've said those things, I didn't mean it."
"Its okay mi vida, I know why you did it." You pulled away from the hug, Camilo whined a little at the loss of contact but your hands quickly reached up and cupped the sides of his face.
"Stop saying it's okay, it wasn't. I hurt you Cami" Camilos heart beat faster when you called his nickname "I'm not supposed to be the reason you hurt, I'm supposed to stop it" Camilo brought his forehead to rest on yours, his hands grabbed your wrist and he looked deeply into your eyes.
"Y/N, what you did hurt me, yes. But I want you, I just want to be with you. Just don't ever do that again" Camilo chuckled softly and you nodded your head.
"Never, I'll never do anything like that again Camilo. Lo prometo" you watched the smile grow wide on your lovers face and you felt yourself begin to breathe again as you stared into his eyes.
"C-can I kiss you" Camilos smile faltered at the question, a blush rapidly taking over his face as he avoided eye contact for a few seconds.
"Sure" he whispered excitedly and you were quick you push your lips together. You both melted into the kiss, eyes closed and just letting the world slow.
You pulled away first. Camilo kept his eyes closed for a few seconds and you watched as a he smiled widely as he opened them.
"I love you mi vida" you whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead.
"I love you to Y/N"
Delores smiled widely while facing the stage, the people around her gave her questioning looks but all she could focus on the was combined laugh of her brother and the man he loved finally being happy once again.
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fabricated-misslieness · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: camilo madrigal x male reader
req: no | wc: 484
summary: There’s a pause in your conversation as Camilo distracts himself with the cat who’s settled on his chest. You, on the other hand, are distracted by them.
a/n: reader knows spanish, he/they pronouns are used for Camilo. I orginally had this as gender neutral, because I forgot about what Camilo calls you in the end: "galante" which is usually used for men.
Tumblr media
Your cat’s taking a liking to Camilo. You don’t blame her for doing so, after all you had a liking for them too, but you couldn’t help but spite her for it just a tiny bit.
For one, the cat’s the devil incarnate. Eat and sleep is all she does, and it’s all you would expect a cat to do, apart from accept pets; She takes offense when you pat her on the head, lightly at that. Her mood never swung to cuddle bug either, she was only ever aggressive. Had your mom not been drawn in by her beauty, you wouldn’t have gotten her.
The second reason was… well, she had all your partner’s attention. Were you jealous of your cat? Pfft, no! No, of course you weren’t. Most definitely not.
You had to give her something, though. Camilo looked extremely pretty like this.
There’s a small smile on his face as he gingerly pats the cat on his chest; he was smart enough to heed your warning, though it would seem your warning didn’t apply to him. His eyes are half-lidded, relaxed even in the warm sunlight, though they show focus on the cat at the same time. They lean half on their side half on the hammock, knees raised up as if to tuck the cat in a slight embrace. The golden rays of the sun pour over him like honey, adding a beautiful shine to the tips of his curls, his mellow skin, and the rest of his radiating self. It was not often that a joke wasn’t spilled from their lips or that their attention on the world around them was this scarce, so you admired them for the moment that it lasted.
The cat finally shows him how evil she is, swatting the hand that reached out to pet her as if it was a fly. "Ow.” They say, though it didn’t quite hurt that bad. “No more pets?” He reaches out again, only to get rejected with another not so subtle swat.
“Okay, okay,” They laugh and put their hand up in surrender, “no more.”
Here you were, leaned over a rock like la sirenita, swooning over your lover as if it was the first time your eyes drank upon their wonderful figure in the distance. But you weren’t like la sirenita on her lone rock, you had your lover at a figurative fingertip’s reach. (like the little mermaid)
“Is there something on my face, amor?” His focus is on you now. It seems they’ve caught your staring.
“Not if you count beauty.”
He snickers, “Charmer, are we?”
“When it comes to you, yes.”
“Mm,” They hum, pleased at your compliments, “what’s got you in such a mood? Ah, wait, I know the answer. It’s me, isn’t it?”
“Correcto, corazón.” (Correct)
“Ay, ven acá.” He beckons you with his arms, “Déjame darte un besito, galante.” (Ay, come here. Let me give you a kiss, ya hunk.)
You should hang out at golden hour more often.
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capri-fandomwriting · 4 months ago
Camilo x Male Reader - Boy in the Window (Part 2)
Tumblr media
(part 1)(part 3)(part 4)
Plot: A paranoid and lonely boy falls in love with a shapeshifting member of a family he’s scared of.
Triggers/Content Warnings: Enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, child neglect mentions, cursing.
A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support! I’m surprised, to be honest, that my first post ever got so much love!
Forgot to mention this in Part 1, but both you and Camilo are 17 in this fic. Also this is the peak of the "enemies" phase, don’t worry, it gets better for them.
"Camilo! Time to get up!" Mirabel called out through the door of her younger cousin. Yet the boy didn’t respond.
Mirabel knocked on the door, only to hear a depressed groan. She slowly creaked the door open only to find the boy laying down with his face partially covered by the pillow he's resting his head on. His cheek puffed up slightly due to the pillow. He traced circles on the ground, kicking his feet in the air.
"Camilo?" Mirabel asked, which caused Camilo to hop to his feet.
"Mirabel! Uh…" Camilo stammered, "Good morning!" He weaved around her only to be met with the girl's hand wrapping around his wrist.
"Camilo, is there something wrong?" Mirabel asked. Camilo wormed his way out of the grip and backed into the guardrail, which pushed him back into Mirabel.
"Uh… I’m fine! I’m totally fine!" Camilo lied.
"Camilo, you know you can tell your family anything!"
"Yes, and that’s why I’m telling you everything's fine!"
"Oh, Camilo’s in love with a boy that lives in that house that everyone thinks is abandoned," Dolores said from across the way.
Mirabel looked like she had just had a revelation. Camilo looked like he wanted to die, which he actually did want to.
"Hm!" Dolores squeaked before running off.
You took a small piece of chalk and ran it across the wall, the lines coalescing together into a large drawing of a flower.
Your mind keeps fluttering back to yesterday. With Camilo. He was… well… you're ashamed to admit he was cute.
Your father always told you to never trust a Madrigal. He told you they always helped others but that was a front. In truth, they are lying and deceitful people, one of them being a shapeshifter is just proof of that in your eyes.
Luckily you had a defensive measure, never leave the house. That way, none of them can cross you.
Your drawing was complete. Unfortunately it failed to bring your mind off of that Camilo boy.
You moved over to the kitchen, pulling out some of your purchases from yesterday and cutting them up, making a small salad before carefully moving to the table. You shrank as you ate alone. You wanted someone to eat with you so badly…
The chair across from you has been empty for five years. Your father left when you were 12, and you had to fend for yourself. It bothers you sometimes but you've learned to suck it up, right? You can handle things well! No tears!
"Camilo, that boy you're in love with is crying," Dolores whispered to Camilo, who turned sharply towards his sister.
"I told you, I'm not in love, I just want to be friends with him,"
"That's… not what it seems like to me…" she said, before squeaking and running off.
It took a solid minute for him to register what Dolores said beyond "that boy you're in love with," and with that sudden realization he barreled out the door.
His feet ran faster than he could have imagined towards your house. Head filled with worry and panic.
He suddenly skidded to a stop as he noticed your window was open, approaching it with caution only to notice the interior walls of your house was filled with art, and that you were currently drawing on one of the only slots on the wall that had no art on it.
He watched with intensity as you worked the chalk on the walls into the shape of a person with no distinct features, just… a person.
Camilo couldn't help but marvel at your colorful walls.
"Wow…" he muttered.
But that was enough. You jumped a mile and dropped the chalk, running over and grabbing the sides of your window, attempting to close it on Camilo.
"H-hey wait! I'm sorry! I was in the area and I saw your drawings through the wi-"
"Bullshit!" you respond, "You're spying on me! You and your family!"
"Wha-… huh?" Camilo seemed confused.
"My dad told me to never trust a Madrigal. That they're skeevy liars who backstab when it's least expected,"
Camilo was stunned. Completely stunned.
"What's worse? Your powers? All of them! All fit for that kind of stuff! Hearing everything? Perfect for finding out if the town loves you or not. Weather control? Raining hell down upon the town!"
"What…?" Camilo had his heart broken three times over, and with every scathing comment against his family twisted the knife even further.
The boy found his family… evil?
"…and you?"
Camilo froze.
"You shapeshift. You freak me out, okay? Like, I’m not sure which person I’m talking to is actually you! And… and… I just…"
You were burnt out. All these years of anger and hatred that you had bottled up were unloaded onto Camilo.
"Please just… don't talk to me… ever…" you say, hurt becoming more apparent in your voice, "I don't want… little Mr. Perfect to take everything I've ever had… all I've built up… I don't want the Madrigals to take everything from me… again…"
With that, you closed the window, leading Camilo into a tragic state of confusion and sadness.
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jace-duh · 4 months ago
yn: hi cami! how was your-
camilo: YOU'RE GAY.
yn: ...
yn: i mean, you are too. we're dating, remember?
camilo: right.
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wedgiewarriors · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
camilo x male!reader - rest, mi amor.
header creds: n/a
request creds: me :)
style: 2nd person, fluff
warnings: n/a
description: after a long, hard day of (y/n) working to please his parents, he needs a good ol reminder it's time to rest. from none other than his cute boyfriend, of course!
author's note: this is a bit of a self projection btw *twerks violently* so sorry if it doesn’t fit u! also my crumb of an apology for the last fic.. ig...😒 be grateful
✗ ————————————————————————————————————
You’ve been trying so hard to plan out things for your parents’ gardening market. They said you were on duty and were counting on you. Just that one sentence was enough to motivate, but also overwork you. If you didn’t please them, who knows what’ll happen? Of course you knew. They’d hate you. At least, that’s what you thought.
You were sitting on Camilo’s desk at around 8:12 p.m. You stood at the Madrigal’s because your desk at home was already overflowing with piles upon piles of scrapped concepts and ideas, but also ones that were rough drafts and final products. You were tired, oh so tired. But did you care? No. You just kept on trucking, maybe then, you’d receive something back. Like a hug or pat on the head.
That’s what you strived for.
After hours of chewing on your pencil and having crumpled up papers around you, you heard a knock at the door, “(N/N)! Can I come innn?” Camilo sang. The voice immediately lit you up. You nodded as if he saw, “Of course, sweets! Come in!” You beamed. The handle was turned, and Camilo came in and his mouth almost dropped by the sight of you.
Messy hair, drooping eyebags, your beat-up and trembling hands from gripping your pencil so hard. “Dude, what’re you doing?” He scrambled towards you, prying you away from all your stuff. “Wh— Hey! What do you mean? I’m just working,” You said. “Just working? Look at you! You’ve been at it for hours,” He said. You blinked. Hours? Wow, it seemed like you weren’t trying enough or long enough.
You dropped your head down in shame, exhaling, “I’m sorry. Did you think I was avoiding you?” You asked. Camilo sighed and climbed on his bed with you, “I did, at first. But it isn’t your fault. Don’t think I’m scolding you either,” He laughed. You shook your head no with a smile. “Good, ‘cause I don’t want my lovely—,” He began, grabbing your face hard and smooching it tremendously.
“Stooppp!” You giggled, “—absolute darling boyfriend to feel so bad!” The curly-haired boy teased. He let go and laughed, wrapping you in an actual embrace this time. “But seriously. Take a break, (N/N). What’s making you wanna do all this work?” He asked. You finally leaned back onto his pillow and tried to rest, “My parents… They didn’t make me. Didn’t even say I had to do all this. I just don’t wanna disappoint them,” You confessed. Camilo looked at you with worry. Has he been feeling like this ever since last week, when he started overworking himself?
“Aw… Mi Vida,” Camilo began. He wrapped his arms around your waist and let you lightly nuzzle his shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I know how it feels, trust me,” He smiles. He gave you that talk before. His entire family used to be put under a lot of pressure thanks to his Abuela Alma. You don’t hate her, of course. But what she did was kinda sucky, so you tend to keep your distance from her but to the point where it isn’t noticeable.
“Rest now, please,” He said, almost like a demand. You shook your head drowsily, “No, no… I need to…” You yawned. Camilo started putting you under your pillows and just pushed all the crumpled papers onto the floor. “I need…to…” You fluttered your eyes shut. Camilo smirked and went under the covers, holding you like a stuffed animal. He pressed his lips against your forehead, “Rest, mi amor. Goodnight,” He said softly, pulling down on his lamp’s string to turn it off with a click.
✗ ————————————————————————————————————
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rehji · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yandere! camilo x male! reader
Summary: After your discovery to his obsession, Camilo decided that you're going to stay—it was the safest option for him, and his family.
Content Warning(s): yandere behavior, obsession, kidnapping, angst, camilo is kinda ooc.
Word Count: 2,398
Rated: mature. (This oneshot has been rated as mature because it has disturbing themes, not because it has NSFW/18+ elements! Please don't sexualize Camilo, he's only 15 years old.)
first part // cross-posted on ao3 (here)
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀A boy with curly dark auburn locks peered through the gap of a slightly opened door. His juniper-green hues caught the sight of a certain (h/c)-haired boy, who was knocked out unconscious—he hasn't shown any signs of regaining his consciousness yet.
⠀⠀⠀⠀He sighed before closing the door, but jumped slightly as his attention was diverted to the ginger-haired woman in front of him, who was none other than his mother, Pepa Madrigal. Pillows of gravel-gray clouds forming beneath her head as she anxiously fiddled with her curly auburn locks that were styled into a braid. She gazed at her son as she inquired, “Is he awake yet?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo's lips curled into a small smile as he spoke in a gentle manner, “No, mami. Don't worry so much, he would wake up soon,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀The older woman casted a skeptical glance towards the boy, his statement didn't seem to relieve her as she seemed to be even more troubled, “Agh! Camilo, why did you even do this in the first place? Ahora, tenemos que esconderlo de todos. ¿Y si sus padres venían a buscarlo?” The clouds over her head began to form into a larger one as she grew anxious.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“We'll...” Camilo trailed off before an idea came to his mind, “We'll just say we haven't seen him, and pretend to help find him. They would just dismiss it as a case of a missing person,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Pepa took a deep breath whilst muttering reassurance underneath her breath, clearing the clouds beneath her head before she spoke, “Okay,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀A smile began to form on Camilo's lips once he heard an agreement coming from his mother.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“I'll go ahead and talk to the others about this. Camilo, wait for him to wake up, and please, don't freak him out,” Pepa explained before she made her way towards the ascending staircase, Camilo took note of his mother's expression—she was still stressed regarding this.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo exclaimed, “Okay, mami,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Once Pepa was out of his line of sight, Camilo pulled his bedroom door open. His green orbs widened as he saw the (h/c)nette was now conscious, he didn't expect him to wake up soon although he wasn't complaining. Gently closing the door behind him, Camilo walked towards the boy who was holding his head whilst wincing. He didn't seem to react to Camilo approaching him.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“(Y/n), you're awake,” Camilo started, sitting himself down on the bed; next to the said boy.
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) shifted his attention to anywhere but the boy sitting beside him—staring sightlessly at a wall—as he stayed silent. His head was throbbing, hell, it felt like the world around him was spinning. It made him wonder, what the hell happened? Did he black out? If so, how did he black out?
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo examined the other boy and almost immediately noticed that he was experiencing headache, a terrible one at that. Camilo frowned, his face showed genuine worry as he asked, “Do you want me to get you something?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀“What happened?” His voice was hoarse nevertheless Camilo could perfectly comprehend what he had said.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“You passed out,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) shot a cold glare towards Camilo's way, sneering, “I know that. I was asking how did I pass out,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo paused, he was unsure of what he should say to him—should he lie and say he passed out because of overwhelming stress or should he be honest and admit that he was the one who knocked him out?
⠀⠀⠀⠀No, that would freak him out, Camilo thought.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“You... kind of freaked out and fainted,” Camilo quaked, he paused for a brief moment before he continued; in an attempt to shift the conversation, “But, are you okay? Is your head hurting?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) narrowed his eyes, it was obvious Camilo was lying. There was another reason as to why he blacked out, however it seemed like Camilo didn't wish to say it. The (h/c)nette sighed, he was too exhausted to argue with the boy beside him hence he diverted his gaze onto the firmly closed window as he muttered, “Yeah, my head hurts,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀“I'll go ask tía Julieta if she has some arepas left,” And with that, Camilo exited the room, leaving the other boy all by himself.
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo leapt excitedly as he arrived at the kitchen, he had assumed that his tía would be there as her gift required her to cook. Though, Camilo certainly did not expect the kitchen to be so crowded. He noticed that almost everyone was there—except for his little brother, Antonio. And once he set his foot on the kitchen floor, every set of eyes were set upon him, it made him rethink every single action he had done in his life.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“Camilo, mijo,” Félix, Camilo's father, started which earned a frown from the said boy. He glimpsed at his father before he replied with a short, “¿Qué?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Félix stole a glance at the anxious woman with auburn locks, the woman peered back at him before she nodded—as a signal for something Camilo didn't quite catch. Félix inhaled for a moment before he proceeded, “Mijo, about the (Y/n) boy,” The older man seemed to thought out his words carefully, it was as if he didn't want to offend the younger boy staring rather confusedly at his father.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“We thought it was best to let him go,” Félix stated.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo's face immediately scrunched in displeasure, his eyebrows furrowed, his body becoming tense by each second. “What?” He made his way towards the older man whilst exclaiming out protests, “But mami had already agreed with me earlier!”
⠀⠀⠀⠀“I didn't say I agreed with you!” Pepa thundered, stepping towards her son before she spoke once again, “I told you, I was only going to discuss it with the rest of the family,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Dolores, who was standing beside her mother, rubbed her mother's back gently—trying to soothe her temper—whilst she murmured, “Calm down, mamá. Don't be so harsh to him,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀“Camilo, you have to understand. If we kept him here without his willingness... that would be very immoral,” Félix searched his juniper-green hues before he continued, “Not only that, it is also very risky,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo didn't seem on planning to back down anytime soon as he barked back, “But, if we were to let go of him now, he would tell the townspeople, rumors would spread like a fire, and the whole encanto would know,” His eyes peered at his abuela who seemed to reconsider her choices upon his statement, and he spoke in a much softer tone, “Isn't that even more risky?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀His statement caused silence to take over, it seemed like the whole family—well, except Antonio—were rethinking their choices, stealing glances at one another once in a while. Even Alma seemed like she doubted that letting (Y/n) go would be the best choice to make.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo peered at his sister who quickly averted her gaze, it was obvious she didn't want to deal with her younger brother's disturbing behavior any further—the fact that she let his obsession get off the hook was already bothering her; she was starting to regret not stepping up to her younger brother.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Whilst everyone still seemed unsure, Alma took a step forward and declared, “Camilo made a great point,” Her statement earned surprised glances from her family; even Camilo didn't expect for his abuela to give in to his suggestion very soon, “We cannot risk it. If (Y/n) was let go, he would surely tell his parents, and his parents would believe him more than they would believe us,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo's tía, Julieta Madrigal, placed a hand on her mother's shoulder gently, inquiring, “Mamá, are you sure about this?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Alma spared a glance towards Camilo, gulping before she stated sternly, “Yes, we should keep our family's reputation safe over everything,”
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) gazed around the room, there wasn't much for his eyes to feast on—really, the room was filled with a great amount of mirrors, he could only see multiple reflections of himself.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Sighing, he took this moment as a chance to reflect upon his current situation. So far, he would assume that Camilo kept him in his bedroom—he didn't show any desires on forcing him to stay, but considering how he reacted when (Y/n) attempted to escape, he figured Camilo would absolutely hate to see him try—and Camilo was the one who put him into slumber which he unfortunately couldn't recall how he did so.
⠀⠀⠀⠀His (e/c) hues fell onto the unlocked bedroom door, it was truly tempting to just open the door and run towards the exit with all his might. But (Y/n) knew better than to do that, he had learnt that if he wanted to escape, he should be tactical and not just carelessly dash towards the exit.
⠀⠀⠀⠀However (Y/n)'s train of thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sound of Camilo's bedroom door opening to reveal Camilo, himself, holding a plate filled with three pieces of arepa con queso along with a glass of water. A wide smile painted on his face which caused the other boy to furrow his eyebrows.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“What?” (Y/n) asked which earned a puzzled look from Camilo who retorted with, “What do you mean, what?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀He rolled his eyes, his tongue clicking in annoyance, “What got you smiling like that?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo made his way towards the other boy before he sat himself on the bed, next to the (h/c)-haired boy. (Y/n) narrowed his eyes rather suspiciously at the curly-haired boy who was pushing the plate against his chest.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“I'll tell you if you eat it,” said the shapeshifter.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Reluctantly, (Y/n) took one of the arepas off the plate—as much as he hated to admit it, it looked delicious; he had eaten Julieta's arepa occasionally and he absolutely adored her cooking. He bit into the arepa before he mumbled with his mouth full, “Now, tell me,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo chuckled, “¡Dios mío! Don't your parents teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” He then set his gaze onto his foot before he added, “Abuela decided that you're going to stay,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀As soon as those words left Camilo's mouth, (Y/n) choked on his food, coughing as he frantically reached for the glass of water sitting comfortably on the nightstand beside him.
⠀⠀⠀⠀“(Y/n)! Are you okay?” Camilo cooed, gently poking on the (h/c)nette's back who was chugging on the glass of water ever-so desperately.
⠀⠀⠀⠀The said boy gasped as he adjusted his breathing, he was still taking in the unpleasant information he had just received. His mind was racing through endless possibilities and what-ifs. He thought about his parents, his friends, his life, his future, everything. What was he going to become if they forced him to stay at this hell of a household?
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo's skillful hand rubbed his back, comforting the seemingly sorrowful boy, “Oh, cariño,” he started, “Don't worry so much. It would be okay—I'll make sure everything would be okay,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Though no reply came out from the (h/c)nette's lips rather than shaky hiccups. Camilo certainly didn't expect that (Y/n) would react this way—he didn't wish to upset him to the point he teared up, he hated the thought of being the cause of his tears. And before Camilo could murmur some sickly sweet reassurance, (Y/n)'s lips had already mustered out a quiet, “Why?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) wasn't upset because Camilo had forced him to stay—he had already guessed Camilo would make him stay—instead, he was distressed by the fact that the Madrigal family had came into an agreement to make him stay—it would mean there was nobody he could reach out for help to. Isn't it disturbing how they prioritize their family's reputation over a human being?
⠀⠀⠀⠀“I—... I'm sorry, (Y/n). You'll have to stay because, well, abuela doesn't quite trust you to roam around freely after... witnessing somethings,” Camilo almost choked on his breath once he noticed his words were doing no good other than upsetting the (h/c)nette even further, “Don't be sad, querido, you don't have to do anything around here. I'll take care of you—you just have to stay here with me, okay?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀“But, Camilo,” he quivered, “I can't stay here forever. What about my parents? What about my friends—”
⠀⠀⠀⠀“What about me?” Camilo suddenly interjected, his juniper-green irises examined the other boy's face, “(Y/n), I know you're going to run away the second I set you free. I'm not an idiot,” he sucked in a sharp breath before he continued, “And I can't imagine living without you. I don't even want to imagine you hurrying away everytime you see my face because... you're afraid of me,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀His statement caused a frown to appear on (Y/n)'s face as he spoke, an edge of bitterness underlining his words, “But you're okay with me trapped here? Even though it would only make me despise you even more?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀Camilo diverted his gaze onto the ceramic-tiled floor, his heart felt even heavier as he whispered, “Yes,” he collected himself back on his feet, mumbling, “I couldn't take any chances, I'm sorry,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀(Y/n) watched as Camilo headed towards the door, his hand was placed onto the doorknob yet his guilt refrained him from twisting it and leaving the (h/c)-haired male all alone once more. Camilo understood he was upset hence he wanted for him to have some time to himself, but still, he'd much prefer holding (Y/n) in his arms whilst comforting him.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Though the guilt seeping his heart was immediately replaced with anguish once (Y/n) finally opened his mouth, “I hate you,” melancholy laced his tone, his lips trembled as he murmured once more, “I hate you so much,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀The shapeshifter found himself biting his lower lip, sucking in the painful feeling of his heart breaking, “I know,” his hand twisted the doorknob whilst pulling the bedroom door open, he couldn't afford to stare at the other boy yet his lips gave out another answer, “You didn't have to tell me twice,”
⠀⠀⠀⠀And once again, (Y/n) watched as Camilo left him all by himself, allowing the room to be filled with nothing but the despairing sound of his cries.
Tumblr media
a/n: surprise! did you like the pain? no, but fr i wasn't going for a sad ending. i was going to make camilo more aggressive but i couldn't imagine him like that, so here you go.
© rehji, 2022. all rights reserved⠀|⠀do not plagiarize, translate, modify, repost or share my works to any other platform!
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carlgrimm · 4 months ago
Hello i am a homo that saw your post asking for homos to ask Bruno and Camilo fics so here I am, a homo, in need of Bruno and Camilo stuff. So i would like to request like one shots (if you do that) on how Bruno and Camilo would be like in a relationship (separately, in case you misunderstand) with their bf (the reader). Y'know like in general (also with the reader being Hispanic or at least being able to speak Spanish if you can do that you don't have to though)
I don't want to mess up the being Hispanic part, so I will try? to do the speaking Spanish
Tumblr media
He's cocky but he hasn't been in a relationship that wasn't like those kid ones where u date for a day or two or completely forget u were anyway
Nervous asf around you in general
Hes so sweet though
Constantly bringing you food from Julieta, especially when u have any injury, even a small graze, and telling you its just from a bakery
Making Isabela grow your favourite plants and flowers to bring to you
He loves speaking Spanish with you, especially calling you cute nicknames, it feels closer and it gives him a rush, even though he knows you can understand what it means
He is a simp, speak to him in Spanish and he will do whatever you say
Its like it flips a switch in him, he strives to make you happy, more so than the other people in Encanto
The boy loves you, its clear
You'd have to be blind to not see that, and you were when he was trying to ask you out at first
He sneaks around as other people in town to sneak up behind you and suprise you with hugs and kisses
The other townspeople were already used to it anyway, just like they were used to Pepa and Felix's and Julieta and Agustín's display of affection
It must have been a Madrigal thing
Hes definitely scared
You're from Encanto, and the townspeople didn't give him a very good reputation, and making up doesn't erase all of that
Its his first relationship and its VERY obvious
This man is a ball of nerves when it comes to relationships in general
So worried that he's gonna do something wrong
But he's so caring
He doesn't want you to feel unloved or like a bad omen like he did
He trusts his rats with you
He likes to be smothered and to smother you
He trusts you with anything, his family loved you so much
When you had to be separated he would always leave one of his most trusted rats with you, if anything happened it would be able to tell Hernando so he could run in and save you
Whenever one of you were nervous for whatever reason, you would whisper reassurances on Spanish
It was Bruno's idea, he randomly suggested it, saying it helped him when it came from you, and you decided to take it on
He was always sweet, it was surprising that he hadnt been in a relationship, he knew what to say when it came to you
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