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worthy of you
Tumblr media
book of life inspired series: wait for you, fight for you
you and camilo have a little moment before your other suitor barges in and ruins the moment.
masterlist !!
The next few days were a blur to both you and Camilo. The town’s lively chatter of your return hadn’t ceased for the whole week. Everyone was still excited from your return as well as the mysterious handsome boy that you’ve brought along with you.
The girls and boys your age were all filled with envy when Camilo had often asked you out to explore Encanto with him all over again. Though he could also detect a sense of longing in their eyes which made him groan in frustration. Really? He had the whole town as his rival apart from the Del Pilar guy?
He tried not to sigh deeply as he pursed his lips, unable to think about anything but you. Not even seconds could help him take off the heaviness that threatened to weigh him down.
“Camilo? Estás bien?” Your voice suddenly jolted him out of his thoughts and he struggled to find the words. What was he doing again? Oh right. He had invited you for a picnic of sorts and here you were perched on the fountain of the town square.
“Estoy bien, bonita.” Came his flustered response upon seeing you tilt you head to the side, doe eyes gazing right up at him. Miercoles, he thought to himself, how are you this adorable? He found himself staring as he ate one of his tia’s arepas.
“Oh right, I forgot!” Camilo watched as you rummaged through your mochila that Mirabel had gifted you. Strangely enough, it had the colors of his ruana as well as a little emroidered chameleon on its’ side. You then pull out a familiar stuffed toy and he swore his heart soared. Like he had done with the ruana you gave him, you had kept the stuffed chameleon he had given you all those years ago.
“Amarillo has certainly seen better days.” You smile up at him sheepishly. The stuffed toy had clashing colored threads, probably from the amount of times you’ve repaired him in the span of eight years. “But I love him nonetheless.”
Oh how he wished he was Amarillo instead as you hugged the precious stuffed chameleon close, smiling so fondly at the toy he and his mother had painstakingly worked on during your last days in Encanto.
It took him years. Years to finally convince himself that he didn’t like you in a way that his family insisted that he did. You were just (Name) his childhood friend. (Name) who was just someone he missed someone. (Name) who he waited patiently for 8 years, never looking at anyone else.
And then you were (Name). You were his (Name). And he knew deep down that he loved you. That he did like you in a way his familia insisted he did. He loved you.
What they said was true. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder.
His eyes softened as he gazed at you, noticing how the setting sun’s rays caressed your face. He chanced upon the moment the orange glow from the sun crowned you with a halo. And you took both his breath and his heart with you without even doing anything.
You caught his gaze, face instantly warming up at how he looked at you with eyes that held nothing but love, warmth, and yearning. For a moment you were frozen as he gently reached out to cup your cheek in his warm palm before you smile, leaning against it whilst you looked at him with just as much love.
“Camilo?” You breathed out, voice barely a whisper.
He smiled fondly, eyes flickering briefly to your lips, letting himself steal just a few more seconds of holding you like this before he gently pinched your nose and laughed. He tried to play it cool, play it suave like he always had but as he pulled his hand away, he gently clenched it by his side, trying to remember the way your skin felt against his palm even as he had just touched it a few seconds ago.
He raised the same hand to his lips, acting as if he was just covering his mouth as he laughed at you but grazed his lips against his palm where he had touched your cheek, his freckled cheeks bursting into a heated fluster.
Camilo averted his gaze.
“Ay, bonita, you don’t know what you do to me.”
He knew he had an opportunity there and then to confess to you. To ask you to be his and his only forever. And he would’ve until he heard your name being called out by a familiar voice, one that he despised oh so dearly.
Andres Del Pilar strided towards the both of you, an unreadable expression on his handsome features.
“(Name), mi princesa, your papá has asked me to escort you home.” He stood tall, waiting for you who had looked at Camilo with a bashful smile, the warmth on your face never leaving.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Camilo?” You offer as you gently pat your dress to remove any crease and nonexistent dirt.
“Si, tomorrow, mi reina.” He stammered, clambering onto his feet. Camilo could see how your offer had made Andres’ eyes narrow and he clicked his tongue in distaste. Even more so when he had swiftly added his petname for you.
You think he’s gonna let Andres call you princess? Well, you’re his queen. It was insignificant, maybe even petty but he had liked seeing the ticked off face of that pompous jerk.
Sensing the tenseness between both boys, particularly Andres’ sharp look at Camilo, you frown. You weren’t particularly aware of what the two boys were feuding about, blissfully unaware of the pair’s vying for your heart.
As you walked away after giving him one last smile, Andres had stayed in place, letting you go ahead a little ways away before he turned to the shapeshifter with a smile. It wasn’t a friendly one. It was strained, never quite meeting his eyes.
“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” His tone was steady and unnervingly calm. “Qué Gueva,” He laughed, throwing his head back with a cackle.
“You really think you stand a chance? You really think she wants a nobody that can just shapeshift?” Andres stood tall as he approached Camilo who rather than back down, stood tall as well with his head up high. “You’re nothing without your powers, Madrigal. Let’s face it. Without your stupid miracle, nobody, I mean nobody, would give you the time of day.”
“She doesn’t want you. She’d never want you.” He hissed under his breath, his calm and formal facade breaking for a moment. “You and your family are all just a bunch of freaks—“
Andres finds himself lifted by the collar of his shirt, fistfuls of the fabric of his clothing bunched into Camilo’s hands. He wanted to swing. He wanted to knock Andres to the ground.
“Watch yourself, bastardo.” His hands shook as he held a wide-eyed Andres who grasped onto Camilo’s wrist. “I can take any insult but if you dare say a word about mi familia..” He trails off, letting his threat hang.
Andres choked at the tightness of his hold, his eyes narrowing before he roughly pushed the boy away. He wanted to say something but his bruised ego had made him scoff, straightening out his shirt as he quickly fled, muttering something under his breath.
He didn’t know how long he had stood there, eyes still locked onto the direction that you had walked off in. Camilo pursed his lips, shoving his hands in his pockets with a frustrated sigh.
Camilo knew better than to let words affect him but Andres’ words rang in his mind.
“What if he’s right?” He asked outloud to himself in the now desolate streets. “I can’t offer her anything like Andres can. I’m.. I’m nothing without my miracle..” His voice trembled as he furrowed his brows, his insecurities coming to fruition as he grit his teeth. Just who was Camilo Madrigal without the miracle? And could that Camilo compete with someone like Andres?
He could feel his heart hammering against his chest and his eyes watered as he took in deep but painful breaths. His vision was blurred with tears as he leaned against the fountain that the both of you had sat on.
A heavy weight upon his shoulders. A heavy thought played in his mind. A heavy question was left unanswered as he looked to the starry sky.
Was he worthy of you?
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh @vanity-insecurity @roundsquishydubu @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs–wife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @CLOVDY-SVNSHINE @SLEEZY-AXERIIX @DYLANJONES @MERYMIKEY @EMITUNE @cappuccinoko @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @froothoops @unstableyetloveable @ionlyshopathottopic @bxbykyla @froggydobegaytho @blobette @casitasbestie
beat his ass boy beat his ass boy 🥊🤜🤛👊 kidding.. maybe.. tangina mo andres gago ka pota
i hope you guys like this part aaa ! as always any like, reblog, and comment is vvv much appreciated ! lemme know what you think ? aaa ?
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Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Despite being good friends with the incredible dress-maker Mirabel, (Y/N) doesn't wear dresses. Her boyfriend Camilo has never seen her wear a dress - until Antonio's gift ceremony.
Warnings: Small mention of blood, other than that it is legit just straight up fluff.
'Why don't you ever wear dresses, mi vida?'
(Y/N) furrowed her brows, glancing up from her book to look at her boyfriend. For the past ten minutes, Camilo had spent his time climbing a small tree near Casita, and was now hanging upside down from one of the branches.
'What?' (Y/N) questioned, sitting up straight to properly look at Camilo.
'You heard me.' He said, a smug smirk on his face, 'Why don't you wear dresses?'
(Y/N) sighed, fiddling with a few strands of her hair. Why did she not wear dresses? There were multiple small reasons, but she simply blamed it on impracticality. How was she to run around Encanto or hang from trees with her crazy boyfriend in a dress?
Breaking eye contact with Camilo and turning her gaze back to her book, she shrugged, 'I just don't like them.'
'I bet you would look beautiful in a dress.'
'Flattery isn't going to save you. Why'd you ask anyway?'
It was Camilo's turn to shrug, or at least shrug as best as one can while upside down. 'Dolores and Isabela both wear dresses. So does my mami, my Tia Julieta and my Abuela. And so does your best friend! I'm sure Mirabel would be happy to make you a dress.'
(Y/N) laughed, not looking up from her book. 'Just because I'm close with Mira doesn't mean I have to enjoy the same things as she does. Besides, if I was wearing a dress, how could I possibly keep up with you when you're running around causing havoc without tripping up?'
Camilo thought about her comment for a second before letting out an affirmative hum and a nod. 'I guess you're right.'
'Of course I'm right. I'm always right.' She claimed finally ripping her gaze from the words on her page to lean over and flick Camilo in the forehead, the surprising action startling him and making him fall to the ground.
(Y/N) sat by Mirabel's side, reciting her recent conversation with Camilo while watching her best friend's nimble fingers command her needles with ease.
Mirabel simply shrugged after hearing the whole story, her eyes still glued to her fabric. 'He's not wrong, I suppose.'
'You too?!'
'You can't blame me, (Y/N), I've never seen you in a dress. I think you'd look good in one.'
The other girl huffed, pulling her knees up to her chest to pick at the seams of her muddy trousers. Despite her obvious disapproval, (Y/N) couldn't bring herself to think Camilo and Mirabel's opinion wrong.
Her train of thought was cut off by a loud hiss coming from the girl opposite to her. Snapping her head up to look at her best friend, (Y/N) saw one of her needles abandoned on the table and a small bead of blood forming on Mirabel's finger.
Letting out a small laugh, (Y/N) stood up and started making her way to the door. 'Y'know, for somebody as trained as you are in sewing, you sure are clumsy.'
Mirabel laughed with her, yelling at her to bring an arepa as (Y/N) descended the stairs, suddenly realising how hungry she was.
(Y/N) had managed to stuff at least four arepas in her pockets before hearing faint talking from the dining area. Walking as quietly as possible, in fear of Dolores hearing, and pressing her ear to the door, she distinguished two voices she knew well.
Her boyfriend, Camilo, and her future mother-in-law, Pepa.
'Everything has to be perfect! Antonio's gift ceremony is going to be a big night!'
Of course, how could she have forgotten? Antonio was going to get his gift in only three days!
'I know mami, everything will be perfect, I promise.'
(Y/N)'s heart nearly melted at the sound of Camilo's soft tone.
'What food will there be? How many people are coming? Oh no! What is everybody going to wear!?'
Due to the sound of Pepa's frantic rambling and the faint crackle of lightning from behind the door, (Y/N) could tell the woman was getting stressed, and she could only hope that her boyfriend would be able to calm his mother down before she flooded Casita.
'Well, everyone will be dressed nicely of course! I'll wear my best ruana, I suppose (Y/N) will wear what she always wears-'
The mentioned girl backed away from the door, not offended but slightly shocked. (Y/N) will wear what she always wears, huh? Challenge accepted. Narrowing her eyes in determination, she turned and rushed up the stairs and back into Mirabel's room.
'Took you long enough, my finger is starting to-OOMPH!'
The Madrigal was cut off by her best friend shoving an arepa into her mouth, and then leaning down so they were face-to-face.
'I need you to make me a dress for Antonio's gift ceremony.'
Hearing those words coming from (Y/N) of all people almost made Mirabel choke. Hastily swallowing the tasty snack, she shot her a skeptical look. 'Camilo? Stop pretending to be (Y/N)'
'No, it's me, it's the real (Y/N). I need you to make me a dress.'
Blinking slowly to process the words she had been told, Mirabel spoke softly. 'What happened?'
(Y/N) explained the conversation she had overheard and a large grin lit up her best friend's face.
'So, will you do it?'
Mirabel reached into her drawers and pulled out a roll of measuring tape.
'Say no more.'
The night of Antonio's gift ceremony had been anticipated by not just the family, but the entire town of Encanto. Mirabel, stubborn and equally as determined as her primo's girlfriend, worked day and night to create the most glorious dress possible.
(Y/N) had sat through it all; the constant measuring, the rough designs, the fabric testing, and she would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the experience as a whole.
Finally the dress was completed. It was a glorious yellow colour, to match Camilo's ruana, with a satin belt and a bow. Mirabel had intricately sewed red roses along the front for a bit more colour.*
(Y/N) had purposefully avoided Camilo all day, hiding in Isabela's room all day, with the woman's consent of course. She appreciated Isa's kindness, but the amount of colours in that room made her feel a bit ill.
Despite her excitement for her boyfriend's reaction, she was also extremely nervous. She hadn't worn a dress in years, what if she ended up looking terrible and proving herself wrong?
These negative thoughts disappeared almost immediately when (Y/N) stood in front of Mirabel's mirror, gazing at her reflection. Dolores had braided her hair for her, and a crown of roses sat on her head, courtesy of Isabela. She had put a small bit of lipgloss and mascara on, not wanted to distract from the dress.
And, oh, the dress; it was perfect. Mirabel had somehow created the most beautiful dress in the world, just for her.
And, for the first time in years, (Y/N) finally felt completely and utterly gorgeous.
Camilo stood by his sister's side, anxiously fiddling with his fingers. Where was (Y/N)? She had promised to come, and he missed her dreadfully. Was it something he said? Was it something he did?
The panicky thoughts running through Camilo's head made him want to scream, but when his girlfriend finally walked into the room with Mirabel, her mouth wide with laughter, he felt the world around him slow down once he realised her outfit choice.
(Y/N) looked perfect, absolutely perfect. He had never seen such a beautiful girl. Of course, she had always been incredible pretty, but the sight of her in a dress made Camilo's cheeks flush bright red.
Catching sight of his stares, (Y/N) bid Mirabel a farewell as she walked towards her blushing boyfriend.
'So? What do you think?'
She asked, twirling around to give him a full view of the glorious piece of clothing.
'What do I think? I think mi mami told me not to marry before I turn 18.'
He claimed, his cheeks still red, as he wrapped his arms around (Y/N)'s waist and buried his face in her hair. A giggle erupted from the girl, hugging him back as tightly as she could.
'Do I look alright though? I want tonight to be special.'
Camilo pulled away, moving his hands to cup them around her face.
'Mi amor, you look gorgeous. The most gorgeous person in this whole town.'
He paused.
'Well, besides from me.'
His confident comment made (Y/N) laugh again, scrunching up her nose as her boyfriend began peppering kisses on her face. Just before he could kiss her on her smiling lips, he pulled away again, his face turning serious.
'Does this mean you'll be wearing dresses more often? Because I don't think you understand what you're doing to me right now mi vida.'
Playfully rolling her eyes, (Y/N) grabbed his collar and pressed her lips to his. That was her answer, and it was certainly good enough for Camilo.
*here's the dress:
Tumblr media
if you don't like it, you can always imagine something else :)
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isabellalvr · a day ago
isabela: so you two are.. dating?
y/n: yup
isabela: why?
camilo: because i find y/n very attractive and fun to be around 🤨
isabela: no no i understand that im just confused why shes dating someone like you.
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camilosluvr · a day ago
Omg i love the camilo, dolores and isabela with a s/o who's mute, can you make one where their s/o talks for the first time and how they would react hearing their s/o voice for the first time?? Thanks! :))
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Dolores, and Isabela hear their mute s/o's voice for the first time
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
It all started with camilo mentioning your voice and joking about if you talked and you thought that it would be nice to respond in your actual voice
But, you didn't just talk because camilo asked because he literally asks you to talk or what your voice sounds like all the time and because you've been mute for a long time and you weren't just going to break that vow because he asked, you actually thought about it for a while
When I tell you camilo was shocked when you spoke, he literally questioned if there was a ghost in his room or not but when he realized that it was you, he hugged you and told you how much he loved your voice
He literally loved your voice and asked you to talk more but if you weren't going to speak around anyone else then that's fine because whenever he wants to hear your voice, he can just drag you to a secluded area
You and camilo were chilling in his room together and just enjoying each other's presence while you two sat on the floor and camilo had his head in your lap as you brushed through his curly brown hair, he had purposely tangled his hair just so you could brush it.
You looked at Camilo's pajamas that sat beside you and you tapped Camilo's shoulder as you set the brush down making him look back at you and you signed "Cami, do you have pajamas to throw them on the floor or to just look at them because every time I come over here they're on the floor" and it took camilo a bit to realize what you said because he's not that good as reading and understanding it as he is when it comes to speaking it.
Camilo chuckled a bit "I do wear them, they're just not my favorite." Camilo explained making you chuckle a tiny bit and camilo then thought of something "What if you just randomly responded to me with your voice like I'd probably shit myself out of surprise." Camilo said as he turned his entire body around to face you which made him lay on his stomach "Well, that would be quite a surprise." You said making him freeze and look you in the eye, he looked around the room to make sure that no one else was there because he didn't believe that it was you speaking but then when he realized it was you, he looked back at you and he shifted into you then back into himself.
He then grinned and hugged you "Aw, your voice is so cute!" He yelled as he hugged you tightly making you chuckle at his actions as he sat up to hug you fully and not just your torso "Your voice truly did almost make me shit myself though." He whispered in your ear making you burst out laughing while camilo snuggled into your shoulder "But talk more! I like your voice!" He yelled as he smothered your face with kisses "Okay okay! That tickles!" You yelled as you laughed from the tickling feeling of Camilo's lips pressing every inch of your face.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores always hears everything so she's always prepared when someone wants to tell her something but she was not prepared for this, she didn't hear you debating whether you should or not because she can't hear your thoughts
When you spoke, dolores literally froze and dropped the basket of fruit she was holding because she literally couldn't believe her ears for the first time ever
It started when you two were picking fruit from an apple tree and she was asking did you think that they were ripe, she expected you to sign an answer but instead, you said an answer with your actual voice
Dolores loved your voice so much and would ask you to talk so that she could hear it or even whisper it, everytime you go to sleep, you whisper a small "Goodnight mi amor' for dolores because you know that she can hear you and because you love to wish her goodnight and before you were never able to tell her with your voice
If you're not comfortable with talking around other people then that's fine too! She'll just settle for your whispers because even whispers are loud for her, it's just as good!
Dolores and you were just looking up at the apple tree observing the apples to see if they had any worms in them "Do you think that they're ripe?" Dolores asked as she picked one of the branches and looked closely at the shiny red apple. you hummed as you looked at the apples "Yeah, they do." You said as you picked off an apple and dropped it in the basket full of pears, oranges, and other types of fruits.
Dolores froze and dropped the apple on the green grass that had a few flowers spread out in the field, the apple rolled down the hill you two were on as dolores squeaked as she slowly turned her head to face you "What'd you say?" She asked you as she pursed her cherry red lips together.
You turned your head to face her as you halted your apple-picking "I said, yeah, they look ripe." You said as you chuckled a bit and dolores grinned and she kissed your cheek leaving a red kiss mark on your cheek "Your voice is so nice." Dolores said as she chuckled a bit "Though, you almost gave me a heart attack." Dolores said as she put a hand over her chest as she let out a deep breath making you chuckle more.
Isabela Madrigal
When I tell you that you almost died because of how shocked isabela was, she grew spiky plants and carnivorous plants around you because she was so caught off guard
Though it wasn't like she didn't like your voice, she loved it but she didn't expect you to talk, and just like camilo, she didn't even think it was you
Isabela loves your voice so much and likes to hear you talk about many things especially when you talk about your day while she's making flower crowns and flower necklaces for you
If you don't feel comfortable talking around anyone else then that's fine, she'll just take you to a secluded area or to her room so she can hear your voice or so you two can talk
It started with you and isabela growing flowers and plants in her room when you asked isabela what was one of the flowers she grew and she was about to answer but then she realized that you said that and not someone else
Isabela and you were just chilling in her room, you were sitting on one of her flower and vine strings while she sat on one beside you while she grew flowers beneath both of your feet "Hey isa, what's that plant?" You asked as you pointed at the bleeding hearts that she had just grown over your head "Oh those are bleeding hear-" She said but she cut herself off as she had to make sure that she had heard you and not someone else.
Isabela looked at you with confusion written all over her face then she looked around to see if anyone else was there before looking back at you with the same confusion on her face "Was that you?" She asked as you chuckled a bit at her reaction "Yeah, it was me." You said and isabela froze and stared at you with blank eyes making you laugh more but then the swing you were on came undone as isabela grew yuccas, agaves, cactuses, and different spiky plants along with carnivorous plants underneath the both of you.
Your eyes widened as you started to fall from the air but luckily you two were pretty high in the air so you didn't fall on the ground immediately "Isabela!" You yelled out making isabela snap out of her thoughts and look down at you, she hurried and removed the spiky and carnivorous plants and replaced them with a giant sunflower to catch you, you landed safely on the sunflower as isabela hopped off her swing with only her hand resting on one of the vines as she lowered herself to the sunflower.
Isabela sat next to you on the flower "Mi amor, I'm so sorry, you just caught me off guard is all." Isabela said kissing your cheek as you dusted the pollen from the sunflower off your clothes "It's fine, I would've been shocked too." You said as you leaned on her shoulder with a small smile "Your voice is (beautiful/handsome), talk more, please? I'm not gonna drop you this time." Isabela said as she smothered your face with more kisses as she grabbed your hands, at least you knew that she almost killed you because she liked your voice and not because she hated it.
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justanothercamilofan · a day ago
hi what about a camilo x reader (just gender neutral pronouns) where they haven't been acting too great like really stressed out, the whole family picks up on this and they've been like "no no im fine" but they come to casita the next day and it was the last straw they are so overworked and stressed out and they just need comfort
Tumblr media
i, too, have been feeling kinda stressed out😢😢😢
so much to do and so little time to accomplish them LMAO
then again it's pretty much my fault bc i kept procrastinating HAHAHAHAHAHA
Tumblr media
This whole week has been absolute hell for you. You've been running back and forth, gathering the tools and materials your parents needed and assisting them with their carpentry, through taking the exact measurements needed to build or repair the furnitures. It was hectic, you couldn't even stop to catch your breath during the day, the only time you were able to rest was during night time. But it still wasn't enough for you to regain your energy.
The Madrigal Family took notice of this though, especially Camilo, your lover. Everyday they'd ask you if you were okay, if you needed any help, but they would receive the same answer everytime.
"I'm fine, just helping out my family."
Another day went by, it's now Saturday. You woke up at 6am, hurriedly ate breakfast and started getting your chores done. Seems like even on a weekend, you wouldn't be getting any rest. Thankfully, it wasn't as busy as the previous days. There was still work, but things are going slower.
Your parents tasked you with taking a few boxes from Señor Reyes. Something about him needing them to repair whatever is inside those boxes, you were too tired to even get a full grasp of whatever they were saying.
As you pick up two of the boxes in your arms, a familiar voice calls out to you.
"(Name), amor!"
A small smile makes its' way to your lips, you don't even need to turn around to know who it is.
Camilo runs up next to you. And without another word, he carries the other two boxes on the ground.
"You don't have to, Camilo. It's a pretty long way back to my parents' workshop, you know."
The boy shakes his head, "It's okay, mi vida, I want to help you. You've been so busy the entire week. So have I, but don't you think you've been overworking yourself?"
You chuckle lightly at his words. "I'm alright, I promise. My mom says I just need to bring this over to them and I'm free to do whatever."
Your lover seems to brighten up at that. "Well? What're we waiting for? Let's get these to your parents, I've been aching to cuddle with you, mi cielito..." He whispers the last part, and your cheeks flush red at his words.
The walk back to your parents' workshop left you feeling... lightheaded. You brushed it off, thinking it was nothing.
"Thank you so much, (Name). You've been great help to us this whole week." Your mother says, placing a gentle kiss to your cheek. "And thank you as well, Camilo, for assisting them." She looks behind you, smiling warmly at your boyfriend.
Your dad comes out of a door, a wooden crate in hand. He had an apologetic look in his eyes as he approached you.
"(Name), lo siento... but do you think you could give this to Julieta? She really needs this."
You take the crate from his hands, it was a bit heavier than the boxes from earlier, but it's nothing you couldn't handle.
Your father gives you a few light pats on your shoulder. "Thank you again, (Name). After that, you can go do whatever now, I promise. Just come home before dinner time, okay?"
"Of course, papi. I'll see you later!"
With that, you and Camilo head to Casita. On the way there, you felt yourself getting dizzy. Each step you took made it worse, yet you refuse to tell your lover about it.
The moment you two step foot into his home, Julieta peeks out of the kitchen. Perfect timing. She walks towards the both of you, greeting you. You hand her the crate and the woman gratefully takes it. Talking about how she's been waiting for this for days, you couldn't understand it. It's as your hearing was muffled.
The lightheadedness that you were feeling gradually worsens, your knees buckle, dark spots cloud your vision and suddenly, everything fades to black.
Your eyes flutter open, squinting at the surroundings.
Camilo rushes to your side, "Mi amor, you're awake? Thank goodness..." He showers your face with kisses, and you try to push him off.
"What... happened?" You ask, rubbing an eye.
"You passed out. Ah! Tia made these for you. Eat, mi vida." The boy grabs the plate full of arepas, holding one to your lips. You take a bite out of it and he hands you a glass of water. "Camilo, I'm fine now." You reassure him, thought it doesn't seem to work.
"You said that a few hours ago, (name), look where that got you." He responds, pouting. "Let me spoil you with my love, yeah? You've been overworking yourself, you need to rest."
Your lover climbs on to the bed, his bed. You only realize now that you were in his room. He lays down next to you, pulling you closer.
"I'll get you home before your dinner time, don't worry. For now, let's just cuddle." Camilo whispers, pressing more kisses all over your face. The tickling sensation makes you giggle. You wrap your arms around him, burying your face into his shoulder.
How could you say no to him? He was right, after all. You really did need to take a rest.
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celamoon · 2 days ago
getaway car
Tumblr media
Modern AU
--- ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ---
The white light from your desk light burns your eyes, and you continue scribbling down notes for the last-minute homework your teacher assigned.
Two taps at your window break you from your drowsiness. You pull open the curtains, and you're met face to face with Camilo. You open the window.
"Good evening, mi vida," He grins. "Care for a drive?"
"It's 2 AM," You squint at the clock. "What are you doing here?"
"I just said," He hums. "Let's go for a drive."
"You drove your car here?"
"Wrong! My motorbike."
"Even worse," You grumble. "Aren't you not even supposed to be driving it?"
"Well..." He shrugs. "Isabela didn't teach me for nothing."
You gawk at him.
"So, mi vida? Yes or no?" Camilo swings the keys on his finger, and you think to yourself.
This is a terrible idea
but why not?
You swat your thoughts away, and you grab Camilo's hand. "Make sure I don't get caught."
Camilo helps you to the tree, and he hops down. "Come on!"
You jump into his arms, the two of you losing balance. "wait, how are we going to evade the cops?"
He transforms in front of you, and he looks taller. "Anything is possible, mi vida."
"You look so suspicious like this," You grumble.
"It's all about bullshitting till you make it."
"I thought it was fake it-"
He tosses you a helmet, and he secures it on your head. "Where do you want to go first?"
"I'm craving a corndog."
"Let's check a convenience store," He grins. "If not, then I'll bring you to the street market."
"I thought food there was dirty?"
"Whoever told you that is a liar," Camilo gets on his bike, and you sit behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso. "Hang on tight, mi vida."
He steps on the gas, and your arms instinctively wrap around his torso. The city lights pass in a blur, but you watch the streetlights blink as cars speed by. The road turns empty after a couple of turns, and you feel Camilo slow down. You realize you're in the parking lot of a seven eleven.
"If they don't have corndogs, I'll take you to the street market. They have much better food," Camilo grins. "But I know you're technically not allowed to have any food like that."
"I'm not technically allowed to sneak out either," You shrug.
The two of you enter the store, and the employee grins at Camilo. "Mi hijo! How are you? You brought a little friend today?"
You smile, and Camilo grins. "Mi vida wanted corndogs."
"Ah, mi hijo, we're out," The man sighs. "Carlos came over a couple minutes ago and took the last one."
"Ah," Camilo grimaces. "Street market?"
"I didn't bring any money."
"Don't worry about it," He grins. "Señor, can I use the ATM?"
"Si, mi hijo," He grins. "Which market?"
"I was thinking the one two streets away. The one with all the cultural stuff?"
"Ah, it's a good time to go. There aren't many people right now, and the food is still nice and hot."
"I know," Camilo hums, and he takes the cash. "That's why I dragged her out right now."
You fiddle with your fingers, and Camilo glances at you. "Did you want something?"
"Ah... can I have a slurpee?" You scratch your cheek.
"Of course!" The man grins. "It's on me."
"No, no-"
"Don't worry," Camilo grumbles. "He'll just put it on my tab."
"I'll pay," You pull out your phone, and you scan the barcode on the glass. "How much?"
"5.59," He grins.
The payment goes through, and you hum. "Shall we go?"
"Finish your slurpee first," Camilo buys a lollipop. Unwrapping it, he stares at you as you stick your tongue out.
"What color is it?"
"Blue." He pops the lollipop out of his mouth, and sticks his tongue out.
"Wanna make purple-"
You hit his shoulder gently. "Finsh the lollipop. I'm done with the slurpee."
Camilo pouts, and he bites the rest of the candy off. "Better?"
"I want actual food," You grumble.
"I'll take you before you get any more grouchy," He grins, and he waves. "Bye, Señor!"
"Bye, mi hijo!"
Camilo drags you out, and he helps you put the helmet on again. "The road's going to be bumpy from here on out. Hold tight, mi vida."
You tighten your arms around his waist, and he starts the motorcycle. You're much more comfortable opening your eyes this time, and you stare at the more run-down buildings. The city is much quieter here, and other than the lights, nothing else blinks in the dark. The smell of skewers and arepas floats through the air.
"We're here," Camilo stops his motorcycle abruptly, and your helmet crashes into the back of Camilo's. "Mi vida, you're so excited~!"
You sigh. "Camilo Madrigal, I swear. I'm hungry, and if you don't get me food soon, I might just kill you in a dark alleyway."
"Sorry, mi vida," Camilo grins. "What do you want first?"
You mumble under your breath as Camilo takes you to the stands. Colors flash in your vision, and sparks of light fly from a child's sparkler. An old couple sits down at a bench. Another elder hands a child a cotton candy. You stop to stare at the boy who helps a girl off his bike, handing her his wallet, and the way she flushes pink.
The air blows on your face, and Camilo grins at you. It's too dark to count all the freckles on his face, but the glow from the streetlight illuminates his hair.
"Mi vida?"
"You look pretty," You grab the skewer from his hand.
Camilo flushes red, and he hides his face in his hand. "Mi vida..."
"You are," You affirm, and you bite down on the skewer. "Oh, this is good."
"See?" He grins. "Do you want a drink?"
"Not alcohol... right?"
"No." He assures you. "Unless you want-"
You smack him in the chest. "Regular, unspiked, drink."
Camilo laughs. "Anything for you, mi vida. How about you sit down first?"
You sit at a picnic table, and Camilo hands you a couple more foods. "What drink do you want?"
"Surprise me." You stab one of the meatballs. "Do you know if they have other foods?"
"I'll ask if they have takoyaki," He smiles.
"You'll see." He grins. "Trust me, mi vida."
"alright," You start eating, and you stare at the teens running past your table. One of them looks no older than you, yet they look much happier. You wondered what that felt like. Camilo comes back with food, and he hands a plate to you before putting everything else in his arms down.
"The señora asked me if I came alone and gave me extra when I said I brought you along," He grins. "What do you want to start with?"
"Uh... how do I-"
"So," Camilo grabs the toothpick, and he stabs the takoyaki. "This one, you eat like a regular meatball. It's good, I promise."
You mirror his movements, and you hiss at how hot it is. "It's hot."
"Like you-"
You glare at him.
"I told no lie," He grins. "Blow on it a bit. Here, have a drink."
"What is this?"
"Does it hit hard like McDonald's sprite?"
Camilo grins. "You decide."
You put the food on your plate and take a sip of the drink. You pause. It's really fizzy. "How'd they even make this?"
"You carbonate the life out of a carbonated drink," Camilo grins. "Is it good?"
"It's addictive," You take another sip, and soon, the cup is empty. "Wow."
"Isn't street food delicious, mi vida?" Camilo grins. "Aren't you glad you snuck out with me?"
"I'm not sure if I'll be glad when my parents find out," You grumble. "But, I'll relish in the moment."
Camilo smiles.
The moon is slowly making way for the sun to rise, and the two of you drown in a conversation. The carts slowly start rolling out, and you find yourself full. The two of you clear the table, and Camilo helps you put on the helmet.
"I don't think I've been this happy in a while," You mumble. "But I'm also exhausted."
"I'll take you home." He smiles. "Or, do you want to pretend that Mirabel went to the gym with you in the morning again?"
You pause. "Right... it depends on how long it'll take to get home."
Camilo grins. "Hold on tight, mi vida."
You wrap your arms around him, and as the sun rises, you think it isn't that bad.
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hup1hty · a day ago
Can I request a camilo x reader that's shy but like the family ALWAYs walks in when they cuddle, kiss, hug, or even in? Weird positions and the reader panics and starts trying to say they were like "*insert reader and family hugging*" "*Pepa comes in * *reader pushes him away quickly even though they were caught * " CAMILO W- W- WHY WOULD YOU KIDNAP ME *whole bunch of random excuses-*
Excuses For Loving You
a/n: guys omg its been alot more than a week since i last posted but i will finish my requests and then start writing for diff fandoms (such as marvel or hp or pjo) also this was request reminded me of the end of antman which was super cute lol :))) ty all for your patience!!
You were scooped up in your boyfriends arms, using Camilo's chest as a pillow. You felt happy lying there. You were about to rest your eyes when Antonio barged in, shouting something. Shocked, you pushed yourself up, and shoved Camilo away from you.
He tumbled off of his bed, and you yelled "Wow, I thought this was my bed! Why am I here???" You started to ramble on, in a fruitless attempt to lie about you not knowing how you got into Casita.
You were always quite shy, which was one of the reasons Camilo fell for you in the first place. And although he would never change anything about you, his shoulder was starting to hurt from falling off of his bed every time someone walked into his room. Your face would become flushed as someone entered, and you would try your best to cover up the 'evidence'.
---- unfinished ----
a/n pt 2: IM SO SORRY I DIDNTR FINISH THIS PROMPT!! i had no idea how to finish it and this has been in my drafts for a week or so. also: i now take requests for pjo, hoo, hp, marvel and others!! my school starts again in a week so posts will be even less frequent so sorry ab that!
so sorry i didnt finish this request!!
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somethinginthethunder · a day ago
Camilo WILL be willing kiss his s/o even when they're sick
``camilo when you're sick``
notes: since technically julieta might be able to heal sick people let's make it so that she can only heal physical injuries!!
warnings: do not kiss people when they're sick >:(
-when camilo found out that you were sick he just booked it to your house
-he'd accidentally barge into your room a little too loud, but immediately apologize when he saw you wince at the sudden loudness
-i hc him as someone who would help out julieta in the kitchen sometimes so he's probably able to cook decently well
-and because of this totally not convenient fact he'd probably make you something warm so you could start your journey on feeling better
-and after you were done eating he'd grab a few extra blankets, wrap you up in them, and then slip in beside you
-you'd protest, of course, telling him he was gonna get sick, too, but he didn't care
-'it's fine, amor, trust me!" he'd insist, wrapping his arms around your waist and giving you a loving kiss.
-he'd spend the rest of the night with you if you were alright with it, just constantly checking to see if you were doing okay
-and since you couldn't leave the house he'd basically just be your entertainment, telling you fake or real stories he could think of
-and surprise surprise the very next day your lovely but reckless boyfriend got sick!!
-you'd help him over to casita so he could get settled into his own room, never letting him live it down along the way.
-"iT'S FiNe, AmoR, TruSt Me," you'd squawk, giving him a teasing smile as he groaned at the reminder.
-would probably ask you to give him a lil kiss because he was feeling bad but you would tell him no
-and he'd just give you puppy eyes and a tiny frown :(
-so you'd make a deal with him that after he gets better he can have all the kisses he wants
-that definitely gave him motivation to get well as soon as possible :)
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camileeon · a day ago
Heyy!! CONGRATULATIONS ON 200+ FOLLOWERS BESTIE AAA im so happy for you 💖 To celebrate i’ll participate in ur second event as well ^w^
I read the list of prompts, and i think prompt A-15 “I love you more than I love food. Feel appreciated” would be perfect for Camilo! The short fic could take place in a soft morning after y/n stays at casita overnight with Camilo. Y/n could be trying to start the day but Camilo just doesn’t wanna get up yet. I AM ABSOLUTELY SOFT FOR MORNING CUDDLES AKSKWOSKWODNE *malfunctions*
thank you so much take care 💖
🍵- absolutely nothing other than soft fluffy lazy mornings and loads of kisses from the sun himself <3
🦋- GN!Reader x Camilo Madrigal
🍊- enjoyed making this bc of how fluffy it is :(( ever just want fictional characters to be real? yea same 🙁 Thank you so so so much for requesting! @sweettooth-simps I'm very sorry this took awhile, other than that pleas enjoy!! <3- ceres 💗
Dawn sunlight drew streaks of yellow on the shapeshifter's curtains as the light wind rustled in, snores and unrecognizable mumbling came either from the couple as they slept soundly in eachother's embrace. Y/n was over at Casita for a sleepover with the madrigal grandchildren, the night before was just to be described as chaos rather than ecstatic. Playing different games, sneaking out to grab midnight snacks in the kitchen while trying to be as silent as possible, and a few of them even getting to draw on Luisa's face due to being the first one who hit the hay early.
“They had each of their frolics as the night went wildly for them, resulting them to stay up late until atleast a slit of the sun peeked from it's sleep after those hours that seemed neverending for all seven of them. All of them went back to their rooms immediately after, feeling all of the energy drain away from their bodies and collapsed into their cushioned mattresses, y/n slept over at camilo's as their limbs entangled eachother through the remaining hours of sleep they've gotten.
Flinching to wake up as soon as their alarm rang, getting out of bed to shut it off to avoid waking up the sleeping chameleon. They groaned quietly before slumping back on top of him, laying their head on his chest as they admired how pretty he was while sleeping, giving him kisses on his lips to try to wake him up as gentle as possible while they kept a closed distance.
“amor.. we gotta get up.. we've slept in.”
They attempted whispering quietly, laying beside him as he snuggled against their embrace. Sending the message of not wanting to get up or "5 minutes more" but continues to sleep in for the next hour, they needed to get up or they'd miss breakfast.
They continued to try various attempts, being gentle with him to avoid having him in a bad mood just because of being woken up. In the end, they sighed exhaustingly as to not even denting him one eye awake.
“Camilo, we need to get uupppppp” they tried to pull him up to stand, hearing him groan as he just clung on to them while being up half awake.
“Nooooo...you've been trying for the past hour, give up..” his morning voice sent shivers down their spine, his breath against their neck. Camilo wrapped his arms securely around their waist as they stayed in a very comfortable silence, swaying them around in a circle continuosly as their eyes lock from time to time.
“Now you're up, can we go down to eat already?”
“You really want to leave now? Can't i just give you kisses and cuddles, to have you the whole day to myself?”
“ you're actually putting me before tia's arepas? That's new.”
“Amor ever since you came into my life, i've loved you more than i love food, feel appreciated. Anyway.. back to business.”
they let out a snort at his response before being lifted back on to the bed and tackled by the boy in yellow “you're all mine, food can wait.” he retorted, the sun giving his moon loads of affection and kisses wherever he could place any as they laid in bed for the rest of the day.
Bonus: Dolores hears what they were up to and saved a plate for the both of them, leaving it on a tray in front of his door. A few hours later, Pepa knocks in and finds an adorable sight of camilo with his arms around them protectively as they waltzed their way to dreamland once more.
(a/n) Join our discord server!!/pos 💗💗
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m0chaminx · 14 hours ago
Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Tumblr media
Request: Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Prompt: None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo really wants to see your long hair
507 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo always loved your hair. Whether it was how the brown had tinges of gold running through it or the fact you tied the bottom of your braids with blue and yellow lace or the one that most people noticed, how your hair was mere inches from dragging on the ground. He wanted to ask you to take it out, he wanted to see all your hair as it curled, he wanted to see how long it really was. He never asked though, he thought it would be too weird.
So Camilo sufficed for imaging what it looked like as you both sat on his bed in boredom. You guys wanted to go about town, maybe even explore the edges of Encanto, but god it was so hot outside. Camilo thanked the stars his room was cool, but he still tossed his ruana to the side, sitting in just his white buttoned shirt.
You let out an overly dramatic sigh catching Camilo's attention. You were twisting the overgrown hair of your fringe, having an inner debate with yourself. "Wanna help me with something?" You asked, meeting Camilo's eyes.
"Yeah," Camilo said putting his guitar he was lazily strumming, just off to the side to lean in his bed. "I'm so bored I think ill do anything." You laughed pushing yourself off the bed to sit on Camilo's floor, resting between his legs.
"Can you help me take my hair out?" You asked leaning your head back to look up at Camilo, who bent his head to lean over to meet your gaze. "It's getting to frizzled, and I wanna put some string through it thins time."
Camilo nodded taking a hold of the left braid, slowly undoing the tie. "You know, I've never seen you with your hair down," Camilo said matter of factly. You turned around to face him with a confused look.
"Really? I swear you have," You spoke suspiciously. Camilo shook his head, taking the tie from you so he could put them on his bedside table. "Why haven't you asked to see my hair then?"
"I thought it would be weird," Camilo stated honestly, gently raking his finger through your braid, slowly letting it fall free. "Hey Y/N, you look great and all, but take your hair out," Camilo spoke in a weird voice making you laugh. Camilo laughed softly as well, making sure not to tare your hair.
You raked your fingers through your hair faster than Camilo did and with the combined effort, your hair was free in a matter of minutes. You stood up, shaking your head, letting your wavy hair fall over your shoulders and drag a few inches along the floor.
Camilo smiled looking at you brush your hair with your fingers. "So? What do you think?" You asked suspiciously, eyeing Camilo who took a pile of your hair to play with.
"I think you just more perfect, perfect-erre," Camilo declared stumbling on the last word. You laughed lightly hopping into bed beside Camilo, your hair flying everywhere.
Fill this out to be added to a taglist
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Hello! Um, I was wondering if your event was available and if you could do the touching prompt with Camilo? I wasn't sure if we're were supposed to pick a number but just incase number 7? Or 48? I think those were the ones
A/N: Yes,yes of course the event is available!! I couldn't change the bio since I write on mobile but thank you a lot dear, for your request! I hope it's to your liking!!
2. A/N: I found the pick-up lines I used here on the net so if there's anything wrong, don't hesitate to tell me!!
Tumblr media
《Simping For My Lover Is My Profession!!》
ೃ⁀➷Word Count: 1,7+
ೃ⁀➷ Camilo Madrigal( He/Him) x GN! Reader
Touching prompt 7: Holding Hands
Touching prompt 48: Dancing with each other
Tumblr media
The bright sun was shining with all of its power, making the birds chirp happily and animal wake up slowly. For the Casita though, it meant that it was time to wake the family up! And what was the best way to do it?
Using the tiles and the bricks, of course!
And the windows.
Even though Camilo warned the Casita to wake him up as soon as sun came out, saying that tomorrow was an impossibly important day for him, Casita waved its windows as of saying "No worries! You should be worried about whether you'll wake up or not!" and all Camilo did was puffing out disbelievinhly while throwing his hands out, saying that he would definetly wake up and that the worry was for nothing!
Apparently though, Casita was right...
Because no matter how many bricks Casita threw at his sleeping form, Camilo wouldn't wake up and Casita was getting stressed because when Camilo couldn't wake up at the time he wanted, he would whine forever untill someone stuffs his Tiá's arepas and surely, no one was ready to hear this.
So, as the final trump, Casita shoved Mirabel to his room, hoping she'd be successful in waking him up. Seeing her primo sleeping like a bear, there was one thing she could think of to make him get his ass out of the bed.
Well... All's fair in love and war soo...
"Oh, Y/N!! Welcome!!"
And with her loud voice, it was as if she pushed a button in Camilo's head which made him open his eyes widely and resulting with him on the floor. He tried to get out of his blanket's hold, making him trip and fall in front of his prima.
Mirabel laughed at her cousins misery 'till her stomach hurt and, after calming down from his panic, he pouted at her while crossing his arms in front of him.
"Mirabel!! It's not fair, you were supposed to be on my side! How could you do this to me~~!"
She stand right next to the door with a smug look on her face and pointed to where Casita's windows were swinging back and forth almost angrily.
"Casita tried to wake you but you wouldn't budge so I came here! Though I didn't exactly lie, it's almost time to breakfast!"
Camilo sticked his tongue out at her and fixed his clothes, hopping off of the mess on the ground, he went to go to the toilet while ruffling Mirabel's head and walking in a "cool" way.
"Good joke, dear prima, but you can't make jokes like me so-"
"Good morning La familia Madrigal!! I hope I wasn't late!"
Camilo stood there frozen for a second and after turning to look at Mirabel, he dashed out of his room to stand against the fence. Looking at the main hall where you were standing with two baskets full of food, he looked at you lovingly with heart eyes.
And couldn't realize the fence gave up, making him fall face down.
He grunted and rubbed his face and when he lifted his hand off of his face, he found you bending down, looking at him worriedly.
"Are you okay, mi vida?"
After looking at you with a stupid smile, he fell to his left side and lifted his hand to hold his head while stretching his legs to pose for you.
"Oh, I'm totally fine... ¿Te has perdida?  Porque el cielo está bien lejos de aquí."
He winked at you, hoping that his blush and embarresment couldn't be seen but unfortunately, you laughed at his antics and held his hand, making him get up. You kissed his cheek lovingly while holding the other with your hand delicately.
You felt absolutely so happy so happy that your heart was beating rapidly against your ribcage. Seeing him flushed because of the embarresment of him oversleeping, it was obvious since he had his pajamas on and his hair was even more messy, made you feel even more love than you already felt.
You felt guilty though. Since his family loves you a lot, I mean Pepa always had the brightest sun and rainbows above her head whenever you come so yeah they LOVE you, you didn't think you'd see him that startled. Still, you guided him to his room so that he can change his clothes and come down with you to have breakfast.
He was still in a daze, after you kissing him so lovingly and, with a stupid smile, he nodded his head and went to his room. Before he'd close the door, you peeked inside and looked at him with a smirk.
"Since we share our pick-up lines at this hour here is mine: Tienes unos ojos tan bellos, que podrías curar hasta a un ciego..."
And before you could have watched his face take different shades of red, he slammed the door close with a hand on his chest, exactly where his racing heart was.
Isabela and Mirabel, being witnesses to your loving flirting, snorted and said at the same time.
But Camilo heard this and even though he was flustered, he opened the door harshly and shouted them a fast sentence and slammed the door back again, making you giggle and sit in front of his door while the two sisters laughed even harder.
"Simping for my lover is my profession, now back off!!"
Tumblr media
Calming himself was a hard task, but Camilo finally put on his clothes and opened the door. Seeing you still there with your baskets, he immediately took one from you while scolding you.
" Why did you not go down, mi amor? You should have put these down, I wouldn't want you to get tired!"
You rolled your eyes at him and flicked his forehead gently,making him give you a lopsided one as well.
"Well, I wanted to go with my boyfriend. Why do you think?"
While you two were bickering, you didn't realize but your hands started to move towards each other, making you two hold hands while talking.
You didn't even realize when you greeted everyone, set the baskets down even though Tiá Julietta said you didn't have to bring so many things, and even when you and Camilo sat down next to each other, you still held each others hands under the table.
But sure as hell, the whole family did. Pepa was having a hard time controlling herself from pinching your cheeks and kissing all over your face while Felix, who had a proud smile, was trying to calm her down and his cousins and sister was getting ready to tease him.
He couldn't see any of them though. The only thing he saw and felt was your touch and loving smile. While you two were having a silent conversation about some silly teen stuff, Abuela Alma looked at you two with a soft yet barely-there smile. She never said it out loud, but you two reminded her of her husband and herself when she was younger.
And when he lifted his head only to see Isabela's and Dolores' teasing smiles and cocked eyebrows, he deadpanned at them and sighed deeply while squeezing your hand.
"It's gonna be a long breakfast, isn't it?"
Tumblr media
After the breakfast, bearing their teasing and doing the chores; you and Camilo finally went to do as you pleased. You two ate and played with the kids as you twirled around slowly with them while holdind a baby who wanted to join as well.
Camilo went to get treats for you and himself and when he returned, a goofy smile appeared on his face and he crossed his arms while looking at you proudly. He saw you giving the chubby baby back to her mother who gave a soft smile and leaned forward to say something to your ear. He didn't know what the woman said but, a beautiful blush found its way on your cheek, making his heart swell.
Then the thought of you to getting married and eventually have a baby entered his head which made him blush as well. He couldn't help but think "Why do I think like this!! I mean it's not like It's a bad dream but we're like still 16!!"
When he turned his head and saw the orchestra men standing there. He took his wallet off and told them to play something energetic. After giving him knowing smiles, they nodded and he sprinted to you, took your hands into his and held your waist delicately.
"Would you give me the honor of having this dance with you, mi amor?"
You smiled gleefuly and nodded. You two danced alongside with other people 'till your feet hurt and you got tired. Seeing that your eyes was dropping of, Camilo grinned devilishly which made you cock your eyebrows even though you were tired. He pit his hands under your legs and lifted you in princess style and took off running.
You two laughed on the way while you were kissing his neck teasingly which made him feel hotter. He stopped under a tree and sat you down. You looked up at him cutely and sat down next to you, looking at the stars above you. When an idea popped in your mind, you grinned and jumped at him, making him fall down and let out a squeak.
You laughed to your heart's content, and looked down at him. His hands were atound you waist and was holding you to his chest firmly. Your legs were tangled with each other and you hand was playing with his curly hair.
"Did you know I love you more than anything, 'Milo?"
He grinned like a kid and kissed your nose before hugging you to himself. You rolled to his side and layed your head to his chest while his right arm was around your waist. His left arm was resting on his stomach and you took your right one to hold his hand again and closed your eyes in bliss.
Looking at your relaxed face, he kissed the top of your head and snuggled his nose into your neck when his previous thoughts came to his mind again. And knowing that it'll come true one day, he closed his eyes slowly as well.
I'll definetly put a ring on your finger Y/N...
Tumblr media
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dos-oroguitas · a day ago
Tumblr media
[ taps mic ]
uh.. car.. carlos madrigal..
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amateurasterism · a day ago
mi vida, mi sol, mi luna
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
summary: after a year without seeing each other, camilo and y/n reunite only to realize they’ve fallen in love. camilo attempts to write a letter to confess his feelings, but it fails… in a good way.
notes: pure fluff lmao, 18+ dni
song: good-old fashioned lover boy by queen
It was always Camilo and Y/N. It was never just Camilo, or just Y/N; it was always Camilo and Y/N. It has always been Camilo and Y/N, and it always will be Camilo and Y/N. At least, thats what’s everyone had assumed.
Seeing as your mother had been best friends with the triplets, you and Camilo were attached by the hip the moment you two were born. Camilo was only two hours older than you, making you both born on the same day and therefore attached for the rest of your lives. You were there when Camilo had gotten his gift, and Camilo was there when you had to help your family’s business. You were the definition of best friends, nothing more and nothing less. So it was a given for people to assume it would always be Camilo and Y/N, from life til death. You were eachother’s lifelines. Sus vidas.
Until news came about that your family would be leaving town for a year due to business purposes. Camilo did everything he could to have you stay: he proposed for your parents to leave you at casita, he asked to come with you, but nothing worked. You were leaving for a year and that was final.
So for the first time in 15 years, “Camilo and Y/N” became just “Camilo”.
No longer did townspeople see you and Camilo bringing a smile to faces with their tricks. No longer did they see Camilo stealing seconds and you scolding himshortly afterwards. No longer did they see you getting tackled by a blur of yellow around every corner. They only saw Camilo joking with children but never having the smile reach his eyes. They only saw Camilo taking another serving, but never as much arepas was seen towered on his plate as before. They only saw Camilo chatting with his siblings and cousins, but not quite hugging them the way he hugged you.
It stayed that way for a year. Days passed as Camilo waited for his best friend to come back. A calendar adorned the wall above his bed, and marking it was the first thing he did every morning. In the back pocket of his pants, there was a picture Mirabel had taken of you and Camilo on your 15th birthday, just a week before you left. You two stood at the front of casita, a banner above you announcing “¡Feliz Cumpleanos!”. Camilo’s right arm slung around your shoulder and your left hand touseled his curly hair. Both of you had tossed confetti into the other’s face the moment the photo was taken. Your faces both permanently etched with laugher and euphoria in the photo.
On the 6th of december, Camilo woke up to one of Pepa’s sunny days despite it being winter. He grabbed a marker from his nightstand and reached over to his calendar. Only 25 days until he would be reunited with his best friend.
The shapeshifter then pulled on a rauna over his collared shirt and dark pants, and slid down casita’s stairs for breakfast. If he was lucky, he would be early and could steal a couple extra arepas. He quickly ran over to where his Tia Julieta kept the breakfast servings and shifted into Dolores before stacking arepas onto his plate.
“Dolores!” Camilo heard someone shout. He looked up slowly, still in the form of Dolores. It was Mirabel.
“Hey! So I was walking around town and Mariano came up to me and wanted me to ask you if…”
Mirabel continued to drone on about whatever it was Mariano had told her to ask Dolores. Camilo continued to stack arepas, nodding his head and staring at Mirabel to make her think it was Dolores who was listening.
“He said his schedule is pretty flexible, and he was thinking around afternoon he could take you to-”
“Mirabel? Dolores?” a voice inutrrupted mirabel’s speech.
Mirabel turned around at the new voice whilst Camilo didn’t bother. However the voice was extremely familiar, like he’d heard it many times before but hadn’t heard it in a while-
“Y/N?” Mirabel turned around, thus grabbing Camilo’s full attention.
When Camilo looked up, he began to cough uncontrollably. He lost his form as Dolores, shifted into Mirabel for a split second, then into you. He froze once he was back into himself.
Dios mio.
You stood a few feet behind Mirabel, exactly like how you were in the picture in his back pocket. Apart from the fact your features had toned slightly in the time you had been gone. You looked older, more mature. More… pretty.
Never once had Camilo thought of his best friend as anything more than such. You were pretty, but he didn’t pay much attention to it until now. Because now, there was something about the way your smile complimented all your features that made his heart beat faster.
“Camilo!” you yelled, breaking the silence spent in staring. Tears brimmed your eyes, as you began to run towards your best friend with arms ready to pull him in a hug. Camilo did the same, nearly knocking over his Tia Julieta’s display of food in his rush to meet your embrace.
You pressed yourself against Camilo’s body, wrapping your arms around his neck so tight as though you felt he might disappear. Camilo snaked his arms around your torso, tightening around your waist and hoisting you up in the air. He spun you around with the purest grin Mirabel had seen since you left. He put you back down as you took each other in another embrace.
They were back. No more just “Camilo” or just “Y/N”, they were back to “Camilo and Y/N”. Exactly how it was always supposed to be.
Once you both finally seemed to process you were finally in each others presence after so long, Camilo pulled away and pressed your foreheads together.
Especially now, Camilo could see the subtle changes adjacent on your face. Your hair framed your face structure, which was more defined now. There was a rose in your cheeks that accompanied the softness of your cheekbones. Your eyes simultaneously met his, causing his heart to quicken. Were friends supposed to make eachother feel this way?
You were wondering the same thing, because you swore Camilo had never looked this good before you left. You had assumed he would change over the year, but you definitely weren’t expecting him to change so much to the point where he was making your heart race significantly faster than it ever had before. His curly hair looked breathtaking in the morning sunlight, which was highlighting the extra freckles on his soft cheekbones. His lips were tinted with a blissed smile.
“I missed you, mi vida,” Camilo muttered lightly, so only you could hear it. ever since the two of you could speak, you had been calling eachother “mi vida”. It was fitting, since you were essentially eachothers lifelines.
Your lips pulled into a smile at the use of the nickname.
“I’ve missed you too, mi vida.”
˗ ˏ ˋ  timeskipˎˊ ˗
Of course, you and Camilo had spent the next month together. You roamed the streets similar to how you used to so long ago, and it felt like there really hadn’t been a year that separated the two of you.
But Camilo would be lying if he said there was nothing completely different from a year ago. Because a year ago, never in his life had you made him so nervous or looked this pretty before. When his fingers brushed against yours, it would result in a stuttering of words. The hugs shared between you suddenly felt too intimate for being just friends. Being too close allowed him to see the matching pink tinting both your cheeks.
To put it simply: Camilo Madrigal had a crush on you.
Yet saying anything about this newfound crush terrified Camilo. You were his best friend, and saying anything romantic could ruin the friendship you two had been building for 15 years. Let alone the fact you could reject him, and then the friendship would beyond any doubt be ruined.
Nevertheless, no matter how hard Camilo had tried to convince himself, he knew that he couldn’t push those feelings aside. He liked you, and that was a secret he couldn’t keep. Who was he supposed to talk to about how gorgeous you looked when a smile settled your lips? How long could he continue fighting the urge to lace your fingers with his? And as much as it surprised him to think about it: how long could he resist not kissing you?
Hence, after dinner, Camilo had left you to watch Bruno’s rat telenovelas with Antonio so he could contemplate how to deal with his newfound feelings with Mirabel, Dolores, Luisa, and Isabela. Camilo was sprawled on the couch, tapping his fingers on the cushion anxiously. Mirabel was sewing on the coffee table, Isabela was sitting on a flowery swing, Dolores sat beside her brother, and Lusia was using casita’s moving tiles to workout.
“Theoretically, if I were to suddenly like a good friend of mine, how could I tell her I like her without ruining the friendship?” Camilo asked.
“Is this about Y/N?” Dolores queried.
In response, Camilo went red and quickened the rhythm in which his fingers were tapping. It took all his energy to not shift into you in surprise. “You’re telling me it’s that obvious?”
“Dios mio, primo! Have you seen how red you are whenever she hugs you, or how you’ve been stumbling on your words all the time?” Isabela teased. “Of course que es obvio.”
“Cállate, Isa!” Camilo hissed, however not too loud as to not harm Dolores. “Just answer the question.”
“Why don’t you just tell her you like her?” Luisa suggested between sprints.
“Yeah, I mean have you seen how she reacts when you smile at her?” Isabela agreed.
Mirabel snickers, and pushes some fabric aside to shift her attention to Camilo. “If you’re that much of a coward you could write her a love letter. Make it anonymous so in the 1% probability in which she doesn’t like you back, it doesn’t ruin anything.”
Camilo thought about it for a moment. A love letter would work perfectly; he could confess anything and nothing could go wrong because you wouldn’t know it was him.
“Eres brilliante, Mira!” Camilo shot up from the couch and hugged Mirabel far too tightly. “Los amo chicas!”
Camilo basically bolted up the stairs and into his room, pulling out a pen and a clean sheet of paper. He took in a sharp breath and sat at his desk, poising his pen and beginning to write. He was at it for an hour and was on his tenth piece of paper when he finally composed something that felt right. Camilo reread his letter over and over again, slightly creasing the edge of the paper where his hands held it. Before sending it, he paused in front of his door and read it out loud.
“Querida Y/N,
Everywhere we go, I make it my goal to make you happy- to make you laugh. After every joke I make, I hope my eyes will fall on your laughing figure, buzzing with excitement. As I hear the music that is your laughter, your hair bounces and lines crease beneath your eyes. If i’m lucky our eyes will meet and tigger the cage of butterflies that is my stomach.
I hope one day to muster enough courage to admit, “tu es eres la chica más bonita que existe.” And hopefully that will cause you to smile, because all I really want is for whatever I do you make you happy. 
Tu admirador secreto.”
He smiled at the paper before folding it into an envelope and pressing a light kiss to the seal, unbeknownst to the evesdroppers in casita’s living room
“He says, ‘tu eres la chica mas bonita que existe’,” Dolores squeaked with a small smile and wide eyes. The letter reminded her of the poems Mariano would often write her.
Luisa, Isabel, and Mirabel erupt into a fit of teasing giggles, poking fun at Camilo.
“He’s head over heels, dios mio!” Isabela tumbled over with laughter.
Simultaneously, somewhere above Dolores hears the tapping of footsteps and the opening of doors. Bruno’s telenovela paused as Camilo stepped in and said, “Y/N, Dolores told me tu madre said you should go back home. It’s late.”
“Tranquilo!” Dolores hushed her cousins. “Cami is taking her home now.”
˗ ˏ ˋ  timeskipˎˊ ˗
“Dios mio, it’s so cold outside!” you shivered, rubbing your hands against your arms. You and Camilo were about halfway to your house. The sun was already beginning to chase the moon above.
Camilo glanced at you before shrugging off his rauna and handing it to you.
“Since you’re so cold, wear this.”
You stood there still for a moment, taking in the sight of Camilo without his rauna. The last time he had taken it off in front of you was when you were both five, and never since then. His collared shirt was uniorned and slightly unbuttoned, as per usual. The sleeves were cuffed to his forearm. You’d be lying if you said you couldn’t feel the blood rising to your cheeks. Why did your best friend have to look so good all of a sudden?
“Y/N?” Camilo waved the rauna in front of your face. “Mi vida? Do you want the rauna or no?”
“Lo siento,” you shook your head while taking the rauna. You pulled it over your neck and draped it over your exposed arms. “Gracias, mi vida.”
Now it was Camilo’s turn to be awestruck. Over the past month, he became head over heels for you, and seeing you in his rauna was adding fuel to the fire. You were looking off into the distance as you began to ramble about Bruno’s telenovela, allowing him to take the time to watch the way your brow scrunched and your hands acted out imaginary aspects to the story. He could watch you do this all day if he could.
At the end of your story, Camilo had realized you’d already arrived at your house.  Instead of letting him leave, you led Camilo up to the portion of roof that sat under your bedroom window so you could sit and watch the sun pursue the moon It was a gorgeous sunset, and Camilo had a feeling he knew why there wasn’t a single cloud in sight.
Camilo watched as you stared at the view. He almost started shapeshifting right then and there, due to how perfect you looked under the sunset and with his rauna on. The euphoria he felt in that moment alone rivaled all of Pepa’s sunny days combined. His eyes scanned your figure and landed on a yellow flower strangled in your hair, matching Camilo’s rauna. It must’ve gotten stuck there while you climbed the walls of your house, as Isabela had grown flowers all over the town’s houses just yesterday.
“What are you staring at, mi vida?” you glance at Camilo and stifle a giggle.
“You have something in your hair… do you want me to get it out?”
“Oh!” you patted your hair self consciously and nodded. “Sure.” Thank god the sky was pink, for if it wasn’t, your blush would be much more visible than it already was.
Camilo pulled his hand out of his pants pocket to reach for the flower, but in doing so, an envelope fell out of the pocket and between you and him.
No, no, no, no, NO-
Camilo shifted into Pepa, Mirabel, Isabela, then you in a panic. He jumped for the letter; however it was too late, because you had already picked up the envelope and begun to examine it.
“What’s this, ‘Milo?” you tilted your head slightly. “It has my name on it?”
Camilo was just about to reach out to grab the envelope and prevent you from seeing the contents of the envelope, but he stopped himself.
“You know what? You should open it. I’ve actually been meaning to give it to you.”
You gave him another smile before gently ripping the envelope and unfolding the letter inside. Camilo gave you a couple minutes to read it, watching as your smile widened.
But when you looked up, Camilo saw tears accompanying your smile.
“Y/N? Mi vida?” Camilo scanned your body, fingers hesitant on touching you incase you didn’t want him to. He mumbled a curse beneath his breath. “Did I do something wrong? Lo siento, do you not want-”
“‘Milo,” you let out a small laugh and guide his hands to cup your face. “This is beautiful. And I’m glad you feel this way, because I do too.”
Camilo let out a breathy sigh of relief. “Really?”
You nod while Camilo uses his thumb to wipe your tears. When there’s not a single trace of shed tears, Camilo leans forward and presses your forehead against his.
“Tu eres la chico mas hermoso que existe,” you said with the shadow of a smile.
Camilo snickered, leaning forward slightly. You watch as his green eyes trace your lips. You nod a wordless yes, allowing Camilo to press a chaste kiss to your lips. The feeling makes you giddy; you to let out a light laugh.
Camilo pulls back openmouthed, processing the fact he just kissed his best friend and it was the best damn kiss he’d ever had.
You start to quickly press delicate kisses to his freckles. The boy laughs as the blush on his cheeks flourishes. After you finish giving kisses to his face, you return to the position of leaning your foreheads against each other.
“Te amo, mi luna,” Camilo whispers.
“Mi luna?” you question, cocking your head.
“Well the sun can’t live without the moon, can it? Eres la luna a mi sol, Y/N; I can’t live without you.”
“Te amo tambien, mi sol,” you shift to lean your head against Camilo’s shoulder. A contented sigh left your smiling lips as you shut your eyes.
A couple minutes pass. Camilo tapped your shoulder and watched as you stirred awake.
“You should probably go home, mi luna.”
“I’m already home, mi sol. Home is with you.”
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solcamilo · a day ago
happy birthday mi vida!
camilo x gen!reader
word count: 1.2k
request? nope
warning(s): tooth rotting fluff, some angst, not beta-d we die like abuelo
summary: it's your birthday and the madrigals have something planned up their sleeve.
a/n: decided to write this really quickly cause it's my birthday today and i wanted to give you guys something cute too as a treat! to those of you have requested a fic please be patient i'm writing them all!
Tumblr media
"You seriously don't remember what today is?" you asked Dolores as the two of you were helping carry some crates around the town.
"It's a normal Thursday from what I remember" she let out quietly, looking around rather suspiciously as you made your way to the town square. If you hadn't been too absorbed in your own thoughts you would've heard the little squeak she let out and the slight bulging of her eyes.
With a sigh, you dropped the crate down next to a fruit stand and wiped your hands on your clothes. You looked over to Dolores once again as she tried avoiding eye contact with you, looking everywhere else but your direction.
With another heavy sigh you walked towards the bridge where you were needed next, a deep frown and furrowed eyebrows adorning your face.
Today was your birthday and literally no one had remembered. Not even your own parents which really unusual as they would have been the first people to celebrate it with you. You had asked everyone in your family about it and got the same answer of, "What are you talking about?". Luisa was the first Madrigal you had encountered today and she, too, said nothing to you about your birthday. Maybe out of your frustration, however, you had missed how her right eye twitched nervously right after. Mirabel was the second Madrigal you had encountered and the one that shocked you the most. Mira was known to be caring and compassionate so it really surprised you that she too forgot it was your birthday.
Now Dolores had forgotten too and you had gotten sadder and sadder as the day went by. You only had one hope left, and that was your boyfriend Camilo. There was no way he would have forgotten his s/o's birthday. Right?
"Mi vida what are you talking about? Today is nothing special, just a boring old Thursday. Unless we have a celebration or a festival I don't know about!" he said to you in the form of a townswoman, cradling the real townswoman's baby.
"Are you serious Camilo? You really don't remember?!"
"Remember what?" Camilo shifted back into himself accidently from how nervous he felt. He couldn't ruin it now, not when the whole family had tried so hard throughout the day to keep it a secret.
"You know what whatever I'm not in the mood to see your face now" you stomped off back towards your house with tears pricking your eyes. Camilo had forgot your birthday. You couldn't believe it. Were you that insignificant to everyone?
As you were walking away, you had missed how Camilo's faced grew into a sad frown, shifting from himself to Abuela, Mirabel, Dolores and back into the townswoman.
The day was slowly ending as the sun was now slowly lowering itself, creating an orange and pink hue on the sky. You were curled up in your bed, face down on your pillow as you wanted this horrible day to end already.
You heard a knock on your front door, but you didn't have the motivation to go down and open the door. Your parents weren't home yet and you were all alone in the house. After a few seconds, you heard the knocking intensify.
With a loud groan you knocked the bedding off of you and grumpily made your way downstairs towards the door. The scowl on your face quickly turned into a small smile at the sight in front of you.
Little Antonio was standing there with a parrot on his right shoulder and small present box in his hands. He looked up at you with bright eyes and a wide smile as he said, "Happy birthday Y/N! Here's your present from me!" He extended his arms up towards you as far as he could reach and gestured for you to take the present.
You teared up as you kneeled down in front of the boy and hugged him tightly. "Thank you my little Tonito! Thank you!" He laughed and hugged you back as tight as you had, the parrot eventually joining in too.
You took the present and placed it inside on the sofa as you gestured Antonio to come in to the house, but he shook his head.
"Follow me!" he grabbed your hand and started to drag you through the town towards Casita.
When the two of you had reached the - suspiciously - dark Casita, he whistled and two parrots blindfolded you making you let out a yelp of surprise.
"Come come come!" he shouted enthusiastically and motioned for you to follow after him in the Casita, which obviously you couldn't see. The enthusiasm alone was enough for you to follow him.
With small hesitant shuffles you made it passed the entrance and into the clearing. The room was dead silent as the only you could hear was your own - now nervous - breathing. You reached out your arms around you, trying to scan the area for anything that could give you a clue as to what was happening, but found nothing.
"Antonio what's going on?" you said a little impatiently as there was zero movement happening around you. With a quick motion of your hand, you ripped the blindfold off and looked around the dark room. The only thing that you could make out was the outline of the room, some freshly adorned vines and flowers placed on the pillars and a large paper that hung at the very end of the room.
"Tonito?-" you had started but was cut off by the lights suddenly opening. You squinted at the harsh light and made to cover your face when you felt something hug your legs.
You opened your eyes and saw the whole Madrigal family as well as your own parents wearing party hats and blowing confetti at you.
"Surprise!" they all yelled in synchronization and you were left gobsmacked. Quite literally. You hadn't expected this at all. There was that big paper that you saw before, but now it had the phrase "Happy Birthday Y/N!" written on it.
Abuela moved to hug you first as she wished you a very happy and joyful birthday. Everyone proceeded to do the same and now you were only left with Camilo.
"I'm sorry I didn't wish you earlier amor, I just wanted to keep the surprise a secret" he smiled sheepishly, lightly scratching the back of his neck as he avoided eye contact.
"In the beginning you did really upset me Milo. But I guess you're forgiven now." You said playfully as you went to hug him. He hugged you back tightly and lightly kissed your cheek.
"Whose idea was this?" you asked as you made your way to the rest of the family members.
"It was actually Camilo's idea! He came up with the whole 'we will ignore Y/N and make them believe that we don't remember about their birthday so they'll feel sad and then plan a surprise party for them so they can be happy'." Mirabel said, gesturing with her hands as she explained what had happened.
You laughed and went to hug Camilo again, pulling away shortly after and kissing him ever so gently.
"Happy birthday again mi amor." he whispered as he leaned in to plant another gentle kiss on your lips.
When you thought that today would have been the worst birthday of your life, it turned out to be one of the best you've ever had! All because of la familia Madrigal and your wonderful boyfriend Camilo.
Tumblr media
wish this could happen to me too irl :')
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taylasiswojo-tls · 2 days ago
A/N: You know I love a good HC!
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
So we all know he would be a stuttering mess when confessing to you
Like seriously
But when you tell him you love him too
He gets all confident
He CONSTANTLY flirts with you
Like super confidently
But when you flirt back…
…he will blush like crazy
Cute nicknames: mi vida, mi mariposa, hermosa, mi flor, mi amor
He will always rest his head in your lap
And you proceed to just play with his fluffy hair
He is 100% a theatre kid
You love watching him sing
Whenever you flirt with him, or say some cheesy pick up line
He will get really shocked and just change to one hundred people
And you just giggle
You being besties with Isabela, Dolores, Mirabel and Louisa
Seriously, like Isabela is so nice to you, and that’s a shock to Mirabel
You guys would all have girls days
Dolores would tell you all of the best gossip that’s happening
Louisa would help you all carry your bags if you guys went shopping
Mirabel would sometimes feel insecure about her lack of powers, so you would comfort her
Isabela would make you flower crowns, or grow your favourite flower
And you would comfort them that they all didn’t need to be perfect
But like Casita loves you so much
Camilo loves buying you little gifts
But he loves personal gifts much more
He would first shape shift into one of his cousins or siblings
Then he’d found out your favourite flower
And then he’d ask Isabela to help him make it
You thank him but then ask him how he knows
“I..I just k…now I..I totally didn’t shape shift into Dolores to found out, Damn it.”
“I love you, but you got to stop doing that.”
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camicuddles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing → Camilo x Reader
Genre → Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff (again 0-0)
Word count → 1.1K
Summary → After casita came down the Madrigals needed a place to stay till it was rebuilt, your parents offer to take in Pepa, Felix and their kids but Camilo is acting out of character and you try to talk to him about it but he keeps denying it until you wake up to him shaking in his sleep
A/N → Just a useless fact: I live for this smile now👆 :)
Tumblr media
Ever since Pepa and her kids started to stay with your family till their house was rebuilt you had no problem spending some quality time with Camilo, but you noticed that he's been a bit too quiet for his usual cheerful self and you couldn't help but start to worry about him and every time you tried to ask him about it he would brush it off as nothing, saying that he was just tired but you didn't believe him.
Today was just another one of those days with Camilo being strangely quiet and but it seems like you weren't the only one picking up on his strange behavior, all day it seems like he was trying to avoid people as much as possible and at dinner he barely ate anything then excusing himself saying that he wasn't that hungry, Pepa and Felix has noticed their son's strange behavior and tried asking you about it in hopes of you knowing anything. You then decided to get to the  bottom of this and not leaving Camilo until he tells you what's wrong or at least saying that he doesn't feel comfortable to talk about it, sure that would hurt a little Knowing that there is something bothering him and not being able to help but you understood, sadly when you went back to your room that you shared with Dolores and Camilo you found him already asleep on your bed, you sat beside him as you tugged the blanket onto him properly then rubbed his arm gently, sighing as you leaned down to kiss his temple before Laying down behind him pulling his against your chest making him turn in his sleep and wrap his arms around your waist nuzzling his face into the crock of your neck deciding to ask him the next day.
Later that night you felt Camilo turning in his sleep while his breath quickened, when you set up to look at him properly he was trembling and starting to sweat, when started to shake him awake he jolted up almost bumping his head in yours. his breathing was uneven and his hands were shaking as if he saw a ghost "Hey, hey amor it's alright ok? Just breath with me" You started to take deep breaths motioning him to follow your actions, when his breathing went down hw pulled you into his arms and buried his face in your chest his body still shaking a little "Do you wanna talk about it?" He only shook his head in response, you then thought of a way to calm him a little, then it hit you "Hey you wanna go for a little walk? It's a nice night" He pulled away slightly looking out of the window, the moon was almost full shining brightly and the stars were decorating the dark sky like the freckles on Camilo's face. He then nodded and started to let go, he changed into his button up shirt and ruana in the bathroom as you changed in your room and before you sneak out of the window you wrote a note and left it on your desk incase you didn't return before sunrise then you were on your way.
You two walked around the town in comfortable silence when you reached for his hand interlocking your fingers, leading him into the trees surrounding Encanto "Where are we going?" He asked in a whisper that you were sure if you weren't that close you wouldn't hear it "Just trust me" You then continue to drag him around the forest till you reached a cliff where you can see the whole town and if you look up you can see the night sky clearly, there weren't any trees or huge bushes on the cliff, only a few flowers and tiny bushes. You then let go of his hand and walk towards one of the bushes beside you, pulling a thin blanket and setting it down on the ground so you two can sit comfortably. "When did you find this place?" He was clearly amazed by the view from that cliff "Dolores showed it to me a few days before the whole... Magic accident, and I thought I could bring you here to calm down" he smiled and sat down, his side facing the town while you laid on his chest looking at the sky just admiring it. A few minuets you start to fell the cool night breeze hits you making you shiver and of course that wouldn't go unnoticed by Camilo "Here querida" he said as he threw the front of his ruana on top of you popping your head from the neck hole and resting your head back on his chest. You then try to ask Camilo about what was bothering him "Hey Camilo? Is everything alright?" He knows what you mean and would always try to think on any excuse to not answer this question but guess he can't anymore. He took a deep breath and looked at you with kind but tired eyes "C-can I... Ask you something?" You then nod and look at his face reaching a hand to rest against his cheek reassuring him to continue, he took a shaky breath before speaking again "Am I... Am I still helpful?" He looks at you with a worried look scared of your answer. "Of course you are amor, Are you ok? Why would you ask that?" He looked at the night sky trying to avoid eye contact with you "Well, I would usually help around by shape shifting into someone else and no one ever needed my help as me" He then looked down but not at you, he was picking at the grass beneath the blanket "I just... I feel useless now that I can't shape shift into others to help around and I feel like... Like I'm slowing everyone down" Tears started to fall down his face as he looked at you with somewhat hopeful eyes. "Do... Do you think I'm still useful?" You then placed the other hand on his face as well pulling his face closer to yours, foreheads leaning against each other while you wipe away his tears with your thumb "Of course you're still useful Milo, I don't even know why you would ever think that" Camilo only pulled you closer, not saying anything as you both sat there in each other's embrace. "Is this why you were so quiet these past days? You were worried about being useless?" He just nods burying his face into your hair. "It's ok mi vida, you're not useless and I'll make sure you never fell like that again" you say leaning in to kiss his temple, he chuckles and kisses the tip of your nose before returning his gaze to the night sky which was slowly starting to lighten as the sun came up. 'guess it wasn't that late when we snuck out' you thought as you leaned closer into Camilo's embrace.
Tumblr media
plz send requests I have no idea what to write T>T
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justanothercamilofan · a day ago
Hey there! Can I request a Camilo fic with a fem!reader (gn is okay too tho) where the reader has the biggest crush on Camilo but she tells nobody and never says anything about.
Since she doesn’t really know how to process her feelings for him she rambles on about Camilo to herself she saying something like “ugh, I hate him!” When in actuality that just means “I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way about another person but it’s not something I can reason with logic and previous knowledge so therefore,✨anger✨”
(I hope this wasn’t too specific it’s just an idea I had)
Tumblr media
my writing is only good during night time and that's just how it is
Tumblr media
Your heart hammered against your chest upon hearing his voice, Camilo's voice. A red hue appeared on your cheeks, you turned around to face him.
"... Hola, Camilo." The smile on the boy's face widens, even though you greeted him rather coldly. You couldn't help it. The mere thought of him made your heartbeat speed up, it made your face turned a deep shade of red, and an unexpected warmth rushes through you.
You didn't know what this feeling was, but what you did know is that you hated it. It was foreign to you, no matter how hard you tried, you could never figure out what exactly this feeling is. And because of that, you just assumed it was anger. You assumed that the weird sensation in your gut, the nights you spent laying awake in your bed, thinking about Camilo was all due to anger.
You let out an exasperated sigh. "Do you need anything, Madrigal?"
The boy places a hand over his chest, clutching his yellow ruana. "Oh, don't be so cold, (name). I've been nothing but nice towards you!"
He pulls up a paper bag and holds in front of you. "I even snuck out some of mi tia's arepas! For the two of us!"
You roll your eyes at this. "I'm not hungry, you can keep that all to yourself."
Camilo pouts, it makes you want to grab his face and pinch his cheeks— Out of annoyance, of course. "Then... let's just chat for a while, yeah? I've got a few minutes of free time before I have to return to my chores."
You quirk a brow at him. "Are you saying what we're doing right now isn't chatting?"
He chuckles, and your heart flips, cheeks growing hotter. The boy seems notice this and gives you a look. A look that says he knows something. You didn't bother questioning it.
The both of you engage in friendly conversation. Camilo tells you about how his day has gone so far, you respond with short, uninterested answers. He didn't seem to mind this though. In fact, the boy looked happy talking to you, despite it seeming kind of one sided due to your reactions.
Eventually, he needed to go. Pepa marched over to the two of you, telling Camilo that he needed to get back to his chores or else Abuela would be... unhappy. Once the woman leaves, the boy turns to you, a small smile gracing his features.
"I'll see you some other time, cariña. Maybe we could talk longer during my day offs."
Camilo winks, blowing a kiss your way before running off. His actions leave you frozen in your spot, trying to process what just happened.
The moment you snap back to reality, you immediately return home and head straight to your room, flopping on to your bed.
You place a hand over your chest, trying to calm your heartbeat. God, he was infuriating. Yet you couldn't seem to get him off of your mind. His earlier actions repeat itself in your head, over and over again. It makes the pit of your belly do a somersault, you think it was out of disgust.
Burying your face into a pillow, a loud groan escapes you. What is going on with you? You really couldn't understand. Every little thing he did made you feel so... strange. You toss the pillow to the side, it falls off the bed but you could care less about that right now. Rising from the bed, you started rambling.
"Ugh, who does he think he is? Blowing me a kiss? I'm not his girlfriend! Why would he do that? That's actually so gross."
You fake a gag before continuing.
"Just... He's so annoying! I can't stand him and his stupid, goofy, handsome—"
You pause. Handsome? Where the heck did that come from? In what planet would Camilo even be remotely attractive? This is Earth. Not Mars, (name).
This was frustrating. You slap your cheeks with your hands, rubbing your eyes with your palms. Get yourself together, (name). Don't let it get the best of you. It's irritating, how you couldn't fully understand what it is you truly feel for the shape shifter. Letting out an exaggerated exhale, you fall back to your bed.
You hated him, Camilo Madrigal.
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chameleon-madrigal · a day ago
hello there!! i hope you have a great day/night ahead! Can i request a camilo x reader where the reader doesnt hang out with camilo the same as before and that makes camilo wonder so he went to the reader’s house only seeing the reader taking care of their new baby sister/brother luv ur stories btw!!
X | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: The truth behind
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Camilo x GN!Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: When you and Camilo became bestfriends, it always be like an everyday promise that you two would hangout, you two are inseparable. Until one day you stopped going out of your house, at first he didn't mind it. But days after he started to miss you, only to find out you are now an older sibling to your new twins.
He/him pronouns for Camilo
They/Them prnouns for Reader
Note: Sorry took too long again! But hello, hope you have a great day ahead too. Thank you for supporting my stories, lovie. I can't believe itd my 10th story, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Enjoy, mwa <3
Tumblr media
Camilo can still remember how you two have met, his lips curved into a smile when he saw how your presence.
"Hola Señora, im here to babysit" Camilo said as soon as the person opened the door.
"Hey, Camilo don't worry someone already did" Señora said which he could just looked confusedly, knowing its one of his chores to babysit kids in town.
"Okay didn't know Mirabel's going to help me today" He said but before he could say goodbye, the mother could have just laughed at him.
"No no, it wasn't your cousin. It was Y/N, if you want to see them they're in the backyard right now." Señora said as Camilo thanked her.
He knows you that's for sure, but you two had never shared a conversation once. He might have seen you from here and there, and been wanting to be friends with you for a long time. So his eagerness dragged his feet to the backyard and what he saw melted his heart.
He watched how your eyes turns into a crescent like shape as you smile when playing with the baby. The giggles you made and just how breathtaking your appearance. He leaned unto the walls cooly as he crossed his arms, and just watched how you babysit with a smile on his face. Until you noticed him, and waved.
"Oh hey Camilo!" You said as you motioned him to come closer and to take a seat beside you, on which he did.
"Hi, Y/N right?" He asked as you nod your head, rocking the baby slowly in your hands. "Didn't know you'll take over my chores today" He joked as you laughed with him.
"Well, atleast you're welcome" You jokingly stated as he asked to hold the baby which you let him. Once the baby is in his hands, he shapeshifted into you and copied your actions.
"Ha ha funny Camilo, stop it!" you said as you nudged him which made him shapeshift back as the baby seems to have fun with what it witnessed.
"Well, atleast you smiled" He said trying to copy your voice, which you groaned but chuckled at his playfulness.
Your friendship blossom after that faithful day, everyone in town would always see you two hangout almost as everyday. Even casually staying in Casita is a normal thing for you, since Camilo would invite you most of the time. Pretty much, getting close with his family.
Tumblr media
Ofcourse right now you two are at your usual hangout spot, Casita's rooftop. You just want to stay in his room but since Camilo knows you too much, he suggested to always hangout at the rooftop to have a better view of the town. Also, knowing how you like to see sunsets which the rooftop has a perfect spot to watch it.
It was almost sunset, so you two would just talk and wait for the sun to settled down and the moon to show up.
"Hey Milo, you saw how Mirabel hide seeing her crush??" You said as you remembered earlier that Mirabel would prantically hide behind your skirt, when she got to see her crush.
"Yes!! Gosh, I actually want to shapeshift into her and approach her crush but decided not to" He said laughing as you tilt your head to the side looking at him, which he won't deny find it cute.
"That so isn't you, usually you would just shapeshift into someone to mess with them"
"I know but knowing Mirabel im scared she would say secrets to my crush" He said as he looked at you with wide eyes, knowing he got a slipped of word out of his tongue. It wasn't mean to come out of his mouth, since he never brought up the topic of him having a crush.
"YOU HAVE A CRUSH!?!" You said as you held his shoulders and shake him.
"I DONT!!"
"You literally just said it!!" You stop shaking him and crossed your arms and watched the sunset while keeping a distance to him, indicating you're upset about not having him tell you.
But the truth is that you're somewhat hurt at the thought he has a crush, which was never told to you, and maybe it wasn't you. You are aware for the fact that as soon as you two would hangout you just felt one day that you see him more than as a friend.
He noticed you kept a distance with him, as he chuckled knowing you are just sulking. He wants to say that the reason why he didn't tell you because obviously his crush was you. And he didn't want to risk your friendship.
"Oh come on, don't sulk~" He said as he slowly moved closer as you still didn't mind him and just watch the beauty of sunset.
He sighed as he subtely put a hand in your shoulders and hugged you, your faces were so close. Both of you having a blush on your cheeks, as your hearts were beating faster, but none of you noticed that.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you this. Its just that I would always forget about bringing this topic whenever we would hangout because hearing you rant about your day and me teasing you about it is already enough for me. So that didn't really slip off of my mind, until today." He exclaimed as his hot breath didn't make it easier for your heart to calm down and your cheeks to stop becoming a total red.
"Okay fine I can't even resist being upset to you" You said playfully rolling your eyes while he immediately kissed your cheeks. He was so scared about your reaction would be but noticing you became flustered, he knew that you're not mad at it.
"Hey Camilo, I heard Y/N's family saying she needs to go home" Dolores said just her head peeking through the roofs with the help of Casita's ladders, as she waved at you.
"Bueno, I'll walk her home in a minute" Camilo said as Dolores nodded and went down.
You stood up as you fixed your skirt while helping him get up.
"I guess see you tomorrow" He said as you nodded and chuckled.
"The usual?" He asked and offered his hand for you to hold which you did.
"The usual"
Tumblr media
After that moment it has been five days the last time he saw you in town. He was so worried what had happened to you.
'Was is it because about my crush?'
'Did I made them upset'
'Did they moved out? Nah, they would tell me'
Thoughts like that would keep on bothering him in his room, in doing chores, even in dinner. He would plan to visit you everytime, but cannot find a right time because of the chores he has. And if he does, he would end up in his bed already tired and not able to visit.
But today he decided to take a break from the chores, ofcourse he had told Abuela. And take the time to know the truth behind why you suddenly didn't showed up.
He took a deao breath before raising his hands to knock on your door. Which was opened by your mother as he gestured him inside.
"Hola, Cariño what brings you here?" Your mother softly asked him. "Sorry I looked like a mess been busy lately"
"Está bien señora, you still look wonderful" He said as your mother just ruffled his hair.
"Y/N's upstairs taking care of the babies"
"Oh they took the babies they babysit home" Camilo said still clueless about a thing, which made your mother chuckle at him.
"No, no es eso. I got into labor with our new twins in the family, its a boy and a girl" Camilo was shocked at what he heard and hugged your mother to congratulate her.
"Felicidades to you and Señor. No wonder Y/N didn't go out, they love taking care of babies and now they have a baby brother and sister" He exclaimed as your mother motioned him to go upstairs which he did, not forgetting to thanked your mother while constantly repeating to congratulate her.
"Wow they didn't even tell me, Señora was pregnant." He talked to himself as he opened the door to your room, noticing the twins on your bed as you played with them and you looking shocked to see him while sitting on the edge of your bed.
"Cami, you're hereee" You softly, Camilo waved at you, as he went to sat beside you on your bed and take the other one to play with.
"You didn't tell me you're gonna have a sibling!!" He whisper yelled as you smack softly his head.
"I always told you that Mamá was pregnant! I mean not exactly that but I told you that she would always feel like this and I thought you knew that it means she was pregnant" You exclaimed as he scratch his head at your explanation.
"I just thought she was sick or what, I never saw her leave your home either. So how would I know" He stated mocking your voice at the end of his statement which you just chuckled.
"Congratulations now you know"
"So how was taking care of your twins" He asked as he played with both of them, giggles filled your room because Camilo keeps on shapeshifting to entertain them.
"Exhausting but im happy I got baby twins" You said as he nodded continuing to play with your brother and sister.
"Toñito was so lucky to have you as a big brother. You looked so natural with babies, Milo"
"I know besides from babysitting other kids everyday. I also have a big baby that is my number one priority"
"You're talking about Antonio?" Camilo shook his head as he squished your cheeks.
"You are my big baby" He winked after saying that and continue playing with the babies leaving you flustered.
As soon as you noticed the twins lessen their energy, you and Camilo decided to put them down on their cribs as they fell asleep within your hands.
You both went downstairs noticing your mother wasn't probably bought something in the marketplace.
"We look like a pareja earlier" He teased as you just gently slapped him at his remarks.
"Shut up milo! Your crush is supposed to be that not me"
"And....you're my crush." He said which made you looked at him mouth agaped, did he just confessed???
"Wait..wha—how, whhy?" You stumble across your words which made him chuckled.
"I heard Mami called my name. Okay, adiós mi amor~" He said and kissed your cheeks, to tease you as he went home.
You held up your cheeks, trying hard not to squel because it might wake your brother and sister.
"Omygod, Camilo just called me his love" You said jumping and smiling widely.
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somethinginthethunder · a day ago
hello there!! if not taken, could i be '🐀' anon? i just wanted to request a camilo x reader where they're dancing in the rain and just after their dance, encanto sees one of it's brightest days (i think we all know why 👀)
``dancing in the rain``
warnings: none :00
-you were never one to do anything spontaneous or exciting
-in fact, that's what made a lot of the townsfolk in encanto believe that you were perfect for your boyfriend
-he'd bring out the most in you when he could, and you'd be able to ground him to the earth when he was getting a bit too much
-this belief was only rooted into their minds even more on the day you two danced in the rain together
-the two of you were hanging around the center of town, holding hands as camilo ranted about something having to do with his clumsy uncle
-and in a half of a second rain started to pour down on you
-you sighed in disappointment, feeling the water soaking through your dress and your shoes. it was never a comfortable feeling to be walking around sopping wet
-camilo, however, wasn't bothered in the slightest
-he was used to it, of course, as he'd grown up with this kind of stuff happening all the time. but also because he knew he could turn the situation right around as well
-he'd let go of your hand and bow in front of you dramatically, offering his hand to you once more like out of a scene in one of those old disney princess movies
-you'd laugh at the ridiculousness of his joke, about to ask him why he stopped holding your hand if he was just going to ask for it again
-but you knew better than to question his logic, and instead took him up on his offer
-he'd pull you close to him once you accepted, other arm around your waist as he slowly danced with you
-all you could see in that moment was his face, with those calming but cheerful eyes and that charming smile
-he'd notice your staring, teasing you in response. "am i really that handsome?"
-"don't flatter yourself, pretty boy," you'd laugh.
-and his heart would just melt because he loved the way your nose scrunched up when you laughed, and the way you felt warm against him compared to the chilling weather, and the way you looked beautiful even while drenched in summer rain.
-unbeknownst to the two of you, pepa had witnessed the entire thing
-she was coming to go find her son and bring him back home in time for dinner, with her mood set off by the fact that she had to go find him herself despite the fact that he knew he had to be home that night (+ other small things, but camilo not listening to her was what tipped her off)
-but when she saw the two of you dancing like nobody else in the world existed, her mood immediately lightened
-she could feel her heart swell at the sight of the two of you teasing and holding each other, with the both of you eventually noticing the disappearance of the rain
-what replaced that rain was an almost remarkably beautiful sky, the sun shining down as if casting a spotlight on the couple. there were no clouds, but the orange and blue hues mixing together was enough to let everyone in town know something beautiful must have happened if pepa was feeling this happy
-and lo and behold, the beautiful thing that had happened was you two :)
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domxmarvel · 2 days ago
Encanto preferences-You’re sick
Masterlist  They’re sick  
Tumblr media
“Hello Y/N” Julieta greeted you the second you walked in.
“Hi,is Bruno home?”
“He’s in the garden,but before you go have some of this” She handed you a cup of what you thought was tea but looking closer you realized it was soup,you hadn’t been feeling too well and you thought you might be getting sick.
“Did Bruno tell you to make soup?”
“He did” She just laughed,you walked out into the garden still holding your cup. Bruno saw you as you walked in and got up to greet you. “I’d kiss you,but I don’t wanna get you sick too”
“Please do it anyway” You blushed at his sudden boldness,you kissed him causing him to blush even though he asked you to do it. “So what do you need? More soup,tea,blankets?”
“Bruno” He stopped as you put your hand on his shoulder. “I just need you and maybe some cuddles”
Tumblr media
Of course you had to get sick right before Camilo’s birthday,the entity town was celebrating. And you were stuck in your room watching everything from your window,you couldn’t imagine how he felt,did he think you were mad at him or didn’t care about him. Your parents left saying that they’d tell him,but you still felt bad. Soon enough the streets were empty,everyone being at the casita,you left the window and laid down on your bed. You heard the door open,assuming it was your mom you didn’t bother to turn around. You saw a hand reach out and place a bowl of soup on your night stand.
“Well I’ve been called that many times,but never thought you’d call me that” You finally looked up and saw Camilo.
“Camilo,what are you doing here?” He sat down on your bed.
“I snuck out to see you,you’re parents told me and I got worried”
“Camilo” You reached out putting your hand on his cheek,he leaned into your touch. “It’s your birthday,you should be out there enjoying it not stuck in here with me”
“Y/N this is the best gift ever”
“Letting me take care of you is the best gift ever,I’d rather be here alone with you than there with everyone else but you”
Tumblr media
“I told you you’d get sick but of course your never listen”
“You also said that you wouldn’t take care of me,yet here you are '' You teased, causing her to sigh in response.
“I’m gonna go get you some tea or something” She acted annoyed but you knew deep down she just hated seeing you sick. She hardly let anyone in her room and especially in her bed,you were the only exception. Even though she pretended to be annoyed having to take care of you,she wouldn’t let you leave the bed or lift a finger. She was at the door when you called her name.
“What?” She turned around.
“Thank you” You swear you saw her blush as she ran out.
Tumblr media
You’d usually join Luisa during her morning chores to keep her company and take a stroll around town,but today you could barely keep up with her. It was also harder to catch your breath for some reason.
“Y/N,are you feeling alright? Your face is completely red” You leaned against one of the walls,trying to catch your breath which only got harder. Everything was getting blurry and starting to spin,you felt nauseous and the next thing you felt was your body hitting the ground.
The next time you opened your eyes you were on some sort of beach,laying on something that looked and felt like a cloud but you couldn’t get up. Just as you were trying to get up,Luisa walked in.
“Y/N lay back down,you have a fever and I don’t want you passing out again” She said,you noticed that she was holding a bowl with a rag in it but her hands were shaking slightly. You laid back down. She knelt down beside you,ringing out the rag before she put it on your forehead.
“Luisa,I’m sorry I scared you. I didn’t realize how bad I felt,until I suddenly couldn’t breathe”
“Y/N just promise me you’ll take better care of yourself,and if you’re not feeling well just tell me”
“I just didn’t want you to be alone” There was silence that fell over the room,neither of you knowing what to say. Suddenly she said
“I love you” With no hesitation whatsoever,making your face turn even more red if that was even possible.
“This isn’t at all how I expected this would happen,I thought I’d be the first to say it”
“I love you too”
Tumblr media
“How are you feeling?” Mirabel asked,putting her bag down on your chair.
“Worse than yesterday”
“Did you get any sleep?” She knelt down beside your bed,brushing some of your hair out of your face.
“No,can you please hold me?”
“Of course” She got in behind you,putting her arm around you to pull you back towards her. “Close your eyes” You did as she said and soon heard her humming a song that you’d always sing to each other. You felt her kiss your cheek seconds before you fell asleep.
When you woke up she was gone,you were about to get up when she walked back in.
“You’re awake,that’s good I was just gonna wake you up. I filled up the bathtub for you. Can you stand up?” You stood up just as she asked.
“Thank you,Mirabel”
“I’ll go make you something to eat,just call if you need anything. And I made sure the water wasn’t too hot so you won’t get dizzy”
“Thank you,my angel”
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