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hii! idk if your requests are open but if they areee
could i get camilo x fem!reader who acts like meg from hercules ? tysm ❤️
🍵- “this is too cliche, I won't say i'm in love..”
🦋- FemReader! X Camilo
“Not so pretty after all huh? You'll never be one of us.”
A young girl exclaims before shoving another down to the pavement which happened to be y/n being picked on by some spoiled brat and her underlings. They had been messing with her because she wasn't like them, didn't have looks and wasn't good enough. Though honestly, she was the type to care less about how other people seemed of her, but was just a little bit too careless to let people like them pick on her.
“who said you three were pretty to begin with anyway?” a boy in yellow stepped up to the center in between them both, crossing his arms in defense as he eyed the group as they fled after getting the message he was trying to give before turning to the girl on the cobblestone
“are you okay? They didn't treat you very well did they..” he spoke with concern before helping her up “i'm good actually.. you didn't need to. Unless you're supposed to be my hero or something mister...?”
she answers before giving a glance at him, expecting a answer and was responded with a fumble of words. “o-oh me? I'm u-uh uhm..”
“you don't look very fluent in.. speaking your own name?” she jokingly retorted, before being answered with a rushed response
“Camilo! y-yeah yes yes.. A madrigal you know? The shapeshifter!” demonstrating proudly using his gift, trying to impress her as he shifted into many familiars.
“Mhm mhm, don't worry i know you.. It's y/n by the way. See you around wonder boy.”
She gave him a small smile and a wave before turning around to leave. She never had forgotten him since then, neither did he.
As the years pass, she stayed away and maybe avoided him a little bit. She matured as so did he but nothing ever changed, admiring from the shapeshifter afar and was tempted several times but never had any gut to just talk to him. She's held how she felt for so long and the regret never failed to hit her once in awhile..
Not until the first gifting after the one that received none, the whole town of encanto was invited for the newest and youngest boy in the family. During preperations, camilo had heard from his mother and father of the guest list and had heard the name of who his heart desired for oh so long, the name of the person who he could never get sick of even if it was repeated in his head for a billion times. Picking an outfit to impress and to show well for the occation, bugging her sister a few times too much just to get some tips on how to "be more attractive as if you were trying to impress someone but not make it obvious" well, you get it. She knows. And her primas too because she can hardly keep something like this only to herself. They knew y/n through non other than camilo, he practically yipped yapped about her 24/7 and already knew how much he loved her from the very beginning.
As the night of the celebration commenced, his gaze just looking for that familiar pretty face that he had fallen head over heels with “Camilo, your eyes look like their about to pop out of your skull.” His sister, Dolores the super hearing gifted spoke up as she nudged his side
“You still looking for her?”
“what do you think I'm doing?- ” before beginnibg once more, he gets shaken by her sister with her finger pointed at the figure in the crowd. Seeing her once again after a few years, reliefs his heart that thumped loudly against his chest.
“Oooooooooouuuu mi hermanoooo's so in looovve” Dolores exclaims as she practically watched the boy's pure happiness walk through the crowd “Hermana shhhhhh! Agh.. she's something else isn't she..?” he bashfully responded, his ears turning a shade of bright red. Quickly thinking up a plan before pulling him aside once more
“All right listen well, if you're gonna get her, here's what we're doing...”
Camilo shuffled his way through the crowd to near her, clearing his throat before facing her with an akward-ish smile “hola princesa, anyone bothering you this evening? Hopefully i'm not one of them.” Camilo states as y/n looked his way with a bright expression, the way the shapeshifter's smile never changed and how the ruffle of his curls tried it's best not to cover his eyes made her heart squeal internally. The loud thumping of both their heartbeats assured dolores the plan seemed to hit it off more than perfectly.
“You have some nerve to call yourself a bother in the first place.” She lets out a little chuckle before placing a hand in the boy's hair to give it a slight ruffle. Sending camilo's heartbeat even increasingly faster, lightly clutching his chest to try to calm himself down a little “it's been too long.. well a few years just pass b-but you know, maybe you'd like to come over tomorrow..? For lunch? O-only if you're free of course!” he stammers slightly, a noticable amount of a crimson shade burnt up his cheeks while he admired her features while expectantly waiting for an answer.
“wonder boy, when do you ever think I'm busy? I'll be happy to.” She answers, finding the brightest expression of the boy in yellow so adorable it made her feel so soft and vulnerable just seeing him.
Camilo listens to their response with the biggest smile to ever cross his face, reaching out to the pillar behind her that was grown with flowers before plucking a velvet red camellia to hand to her. Hearing his abuela's calling for him to tend to something, he quickly gave her a peck on the cheek “Then, I'll be gladly waiting y/n.”
It stunned her almost immediately, a smile just permanently carved on her lips. She snapped out of her thoughts. No no no no no no, am I in love? Surely not right? Jeez emotions are confusing, just a phase?? Clearly not.
She walks through the hallway which didn't seem to flood unlike the other places she wandered through, quietly twirling the red camellia between her fingers before hearing a few steps following her as well
“ Ahh mi primo, y/n yes? I think you and I have the same thing in mind right about now.. you like him don't you?” Mirabel emerges from a corner along with Dolores, Isabela, and Luisa surprisingly.
“Aren't you supposed to be with them?”
“Not when you're on about this no, stop denying it! I can hear your heart beat faster than lightning a mile away!”
“i don't like him!”
“Exactly! Because you've loved him. Ever since!”
"Who d'you think you're kidding
He's the earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden,
Honey we can see right through you
Girl you can't conceal it
We know how you're feeling
Who you thinking of!"
“No chance no way! I won't say it, no no”
"You swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh"
“It's too cliche I won't say I'm in love..”
"Girl you can't deny it
Who you are is how you're feeling
Baby we're not buying
Hon we saw you hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When you gonna own up that you got got got it bad"
“No chance no way I won't say it, no no”
"Give up, give in, check the grin you're in love"
“This scene won't play I won't say I'm in love”
"We'll do it until you admit you're in love"
“You're way off base I won't say it
Get off my case I won't say it”
“Girl don't be proud it's okay you're in love” They all finally started to leave her alone one by one, giving her the glance of "see you tomorrow"
She hummed softly before, stroking the flowers petals as she pondered on casita's railings, watching the boy from afar.
“At least out loud I won't say I'm in love..”
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Deal Between Strangers III
⇨ encanto
⇨ camilo x fem reader
⇨ in which y/n is confronted by the oldest of the madrigal children about the arranged marriage and doesn't know how to deal with it.
⇨ part one | part two | part three
⇨ tagged (bold unable to be tagged): @caramellahoney @0what-a-guy0 @juvenillia @moonchildxb @higoshigosblog @queen-of-embracing-uncertainty @chayauwu @xiaosimper @samlealea @childesbbyy @itsmesmileyface @mitsuris-wife @nyantodamax145 @kaxiaow @xdyledz @bagsy-not-it @k-l-a-w-s @tired469 @tigreost @tangyrene @yanlikescheese @anonymouscreator @eeyahhh @aimeesaysstuff @yoursimpingfan @huangberryyy @iliveinatrashcan15 @anastasiasayz-001 @jammaeis @junhit @osamuwu11 @your-medical-bills @mistomu @xreaderandshits @usernamesrhardtomake @garidine @deffenferofjustice @stuckindreamland06 @bitchotine @tonguextied @gastlynuggies @rosiefaeriee @gwynethx @obsessed-with-a-fictional-man @joukiworld @sanchezmei @sunnth @acupnoodle
"I'm home!" Y/N calls out, shutting the door behind her as she places her bag on the table. It was around dinner time now, and having worked all day, she was tired out. Camilo had offered to walk her home, since he accompanied her, but she quickly declined, saying that he should get his rest as well.
"Welcome home, mi hija." Her mother says, leaning over to press a kiss against the side of her head, "How was your day? Josè told me that you were seen around town with Camilo Madrigal all day."
Y/N stops at that, sliding off her shoes and putting on some slippers. She hears her father chime in, "Oh? That's wonderful. Our families coming together will be good for Encanto." She looks over his shoulder to see what they're cooking. "I heard from the Guzmàn's that you got along well with Dolores and her husband, and that you had Camilo help you when fixing their radio."
She sighs, nodding her head as she grabs a drink from the fridge, "Yeah, and I also fixed the clock tower. Did you hear about that?"
"Oh yes, Camilo apparently swept you off your feet when you finished, isn't that right?" Mrs L/N chitters, nudging her husband beside her.
Y/N stands there, watching the back of their heads as they continue to talk. She knows they care, deep down they do. If they hadn't, they wouldn't have taught her all she knows about mechanics and building. They were just confused, or just not paying enough attention. But they cared.
Dinner was soon served and the three had quiet chat. About Camilo Madrigal. Y/N didn't have much to say about the subject, but always nod her head when asked a question about how sweet the boy was. When their food was eaten and everything was cleaned, Y/N bid 'goodnight' to her parents and left to go to her room. She flicked on the light, the bulb pulsing once before settling into a fine shine across her room. She sits on her bed, flinging her arms wide and closing her eyes as she falls back.
The last week has been tiring, trying to keep the secret to themselves as well as the act up. Camilo seemed to be having an easy time, he was a great actor. But Y/N couldn't keep up. All their parents talked about was Camilo. It showed just how much they cared for this 'marriage'.
She gets up and opens the balcony door, stepping across to get some fresh air. Today she was working extra hard. But because Camilo and her were seen together, that was overlooked. It wasn't his fault at all. Word got around town that the two of them were to be married by the end of the month. Thank God it was only the 4th today.
She begins to play with the little trinkets in the box beside her balcony table, when a call below her sounds.
"Señorita Y/N!" Below, she sees the mailman. She's fixed his bike multiple times and he had been the person who sends out letters outside of Encanto every week. The man waves his hat happily, holding out three letters. "I have mail for you from a town over!"
Y/N nods her head, stepping onto the wooden platform she had built into the side of the balcony. With a hand on the rope beside her, she pulls the material down and continues to do so until she hits the floor. Her father had called it an elevator, and she used it to move some things into her room to work on and out of the room to send off. It was useful now.
Her parents were very proud when she build that on her own.
"Here you are." The mailman says, tipping his hat as she takes them from him, "Have a nice night."
She hums back, turning the envelope in her hands, "Thank you, and you as well."
Y/N stands back onto her wooden elevator, holding the papers in her palm as she pulls the rope back up to her balcony. She's noticed the name on the back of it, the red seal curving with every detail. After shutting the door, she sits on her bed and tears open the first letter.
A smile falls on her lips.
She hasn't heard from her best friend in ages.
The next morning, Y/N is set out to find the mailman so he can send her responses to each letter. It was at the time where all the shops were opening up and the Madrigals were finally out of their house to help. Y/N doesn't think anything of it before she's stopped on her way to the post office.
"Y/N?" A voice calls, making the girl stop on her way. When she turns around, she locks eyes with Isabela. "Oh, it's nice to see you again. How have you been?"
Clearing her throat and putting her envelopes back into her bag, Y/N smiles awkwardly, "Morning, Isabela. I've been well, how about you?"
Isabela responds, sporting a flower from the ground and picking it from its stem, "Wonderful, thanks for asking. Dolores tells us that you and Camilo are getting along perfectly. Is he being nice to you?"
Y/N blinks, a warmth washing over her cheeks as Isabela hands the blue star flower to her. Once she takes it, she sighs, "Of course, he's... very kind to me."
The eldest Madrigal grandchild lifts her chin, watching her carefully. She goes to say something when another person jumps in.
"He was muttering to himself last night before bed, trying to figure out how to spell your full name correctly." Dolores claims, making both Isabela and Y/N nearly scream in their spots. Where did she come from? Dolores walks beside Y/N, nodding to Isabela on the other side of the younger girl. "He keeps a journal to remember everything that happens throughout the day. He was writing a lot last night."
Isabela gasps softly, "That means that he had a lot of things he wanted to remember about spending time with you yesterday."
"Maybe." Y/N responds, eying the post office far ahead of them, "He did accompany me while I was working."
"Mirabel mentioned that you seemed... overwhelmed with work yesterday." Isabela says, looking towards her with a bit of concern. Y/N nods her head once, to acknowledge the statement. "But then that you were comforted when Camilo came around. He must mean a lot to you."
She doesn't know what to say about that.
Dolores then stops in her spot, turning her head. She hums, "He's talking to Abuela about dinner. Something about... a big decision in a month."
Isabela widens her eyes a bit, turning to Y/N. She seems to be concerned as well, but shows little. She grabs onto her bag strap before settling into a smile.
"My family and friends will be visiting Encanto then." She states, fixing her shirt, "They wrote to me about it and how they want to meet the Madrigals, and I'm on my way to send off my response."
Isabela and Dolores blink at the claim before watching her continue on her way to the post office. But she doesn't get that far before they follow after. In the entrance of the post office, Isabela begins to talk.
"So they'll be in town in time for the wedding?" She says, trying to seem excited rather than concerned. Y/N nods her head, holding her bag close to her chest. "And that wedding is in a month. Seems... very early, don't you think? You and Camilo had just began going out together a few weeks ago. You don't know each other that well yet."
"Isabela, be considerate." Dolores squeaks out, "What she means to say it, are you certain that you and Camilo should be getting married so soon? Why don't you give each other time to become friends first?"
Y/N takes a deep breath in, turning to the both of them. "Okay, please... give me a minute to hand these in. And then I'll speak to you." She chimes, not awaiting an answer before she makes her way into the post office.
The two wait a few minutes, a bit nervous to speak to her. While both Dolores and Isabela were now 25-years old, and Y/N was only 19, they felt uneasy. She was a smart and collected young woman, but none of them have really seen the more personal side of her. Dolores, who would sometimes pick up on her talking with her family or customers unknowingly, only heard her be more formal rather than express any personal interest.
Once Y/N comes back, the two are standing up straight. She looks up to them. "Can we speak somewhere private?" She asks, leading them towards the end of the shopping street. As soon as they are further from crowds, Y/N skips right to the point, holding onto her skirt tightly. "Camilo and I are pretending to be together for the sake of my parents and the fake marriage."
"What?" Isabela screeches, making Delores cover her ears, "Why would you do that?"
"Because I've never had a partner before and they were worried for me. They practically jumped at the chance when Abuela Madrigal offered." Y/N responds, standing tall, "I already spoke to Camilo. I won't hold him back, he can still do all he wants and I will as well. All I ask is that he keeps up this charade."
Dolores knits her brow, holding her hands behind her back. She mumbles, "Wouldn't that... not make you happy? If you have no intention of really loving him, why would you put yourself in such a situation?"
Y/N lifts her shoulders and sighs, "My parents mean everything to me, I know they'd be happy if I found someone. Plus, Camilo is very sweet and considerate of me. We're friends... I believe."
Isabela is soon placing her hands on her shoulders, making the younger girl watch. "You shouldn't comply with what your parents ask just because it might make them upset not to." She says sternly, giving Y/N talk from experience, "If they are truly as good as everyone says, then it shouldn't matter if you marry or not, just as long as you are happy."
Y/N holds the blue flower in her hand a little softer. She feels her heart ache at that, making her turn to the floor. "I know... I know that." She huffs back, "I don't think I'd be able to explain that to them. They are very happy about Camilo and I's 'relationship'."
Dolores and Isabela lock eyes with one another. How could she finally be happy?
Before the conversation can go any longer, a bright call is heard, "There you are, mi 'mor!"
The three of them turn to see Camilo jogging towards them. His smile changes to a confused look when he realises that his sister and cousin are standing by. He stops in front of them.
"What's going on?" He asks, taking place to face his faux fiance. He notices the look on her face, resulting in him slowly reaching out and holding her face in his hands. "Are you okay?"
It's not real. But the warmth in her heart when he takes care of her is.
"Yeah... I'm fine, Camilo." She responds, pulling his hands from her face with her fingers wrapped around his wrist. She looks to Dolores and Isabela, who have surprised expressions. "I was telling the truth about us and everything."
He stills, looking over his shoulder to his family. And almost instantly, he moves to takes the hands of both his sister and cousin. "Please, please, please, do not tell Abuela or anybody else about this." He pleads, "Y/N will get into a lot of trouble if this gets out."
Isabela furrows her brows in concern. She didn't know what to say. In her experience, it was draining to keep an act like that up for so long. She didn't want Y/N to be as unhappy as she was.
"We promise." Dolores, who is the one person who hates keeping secrets the most, informs the younger two. Isabela looks at her. "We won't tell anyone."
A smile draws on Camilo's lips as he pulls Dolores and Isabela into a tight hug. He thanks them both, relieved and happy they are so understanding. Y/N stands a few feet away. They were caring.
Camilo turns to Y/N, wrapping an arm around her shoulders with a chuckle, "Looks like we're safe!"
She smiles back, holding onto her bag. "Yeah, we are."
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shoot your shot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Carlos Madrigal had never seen his twin, Camilo look so pathetic until he saw it for himself. Alternate title: Carlos Madrigal sees Camilo simp for you and decides to mess with him just because.
masterlist !! requested by @umbrellazontik
It was another perfect day in the little valley of Encanto. The sun was shining brightly over the tall mountains that the little town had been nestled in, the morning mist made delicate dew drops on every surface it could perch on, all was well. It was a good morning for everyone. Until the Madrigal twins’ bickering had echoed from the town square.
Most residents had sighed heavily at this, knowing the commotion all too well.
Camilo Madrigal had grumbled up at the figure beside him as they walked, a boy who looked very much like him and in to the untrained eye, one might think Camilo had made a clone of himself but that wasn’t the case. Beside him was the one and only Carlos, his twin brother.
It was safe to say that the early years of their childhood was filled with Pepa’s thunderous clouds. The boys had trouble written all over them.
Even more so when the two had gotten their gifts. Camilo had the gift to shape shift as did Carlos but rather than using it to help the village like his older brother, Carlos Madrigal was dead set on doing the opposite.
It wasn’t that hard to decipher who was who between them though despite being twins. Camilo, for example had dark green eyes and his hair was curly and untamed, his ruana a mix of light and dark yellows with the chameleon patterns pointing down. Carlos had chocolate brown eyes, his hair a bit more shorter and wavier rather than curly, and his eyes were half-lidded unlike his brother’s. While Camilo donned a yellow ruana, Carlos’ had a deep maroon ruana adorned with light brown stripes and the chameleon pattern it had pointed upwards.
As his older brother rambled on about something, Carlos had rolled his eyes, smoothening out his ruana. He really could care less about what he was rambling about, Camilo’s words going to one ear and then out the other.
It was something, something.. creating trouble by using his voice.. yada yada chaos..
Then all too suddenly his rambling stopped. “Finally.” He breathed out with a roll of his eyes. Though that was a first. Camilo’s ramblings lasted a few blocks into town but this time it was cut short. His brows furrowed. Carlos craned his head to look at Camilo but found that his side was empty.
It was like clockwork. During this time, on the same path, on the same direction, he would be left alone and his brother would be nowhere to be found. It was honestly comical how suddenly Camilo was there and then the next, he wasn't.
He blinked, head whipping left and right. Did he just disappear on him again? He then looked back, only to see Camilo leaning against a wall, smiling at an unfamiliar girl. Well all of Encanto was unfamiliar to him. He didn’t really waste his time in getting to know everyone when he could just be tricking them.
He quirked a brow as he approached them, only now noticing the lovesick expression on his brother’s face. His signature smirk appearing on his features as he found Camilo stumbling over his words a little, a red flush on his cheeks.
Interesting reaction.
Only then could he recognize the person his brother was talking to. He didn’t know your name but he had recognized you as the stern woodcarver’s daughter. His lips curled into a devious grin.
It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together when Camilo had fumbled when you laughed. He snickered as Camilo’s knees almost buckled underneath him. Oh his brother was a simp. A huge simp. He hadn’t seen him this.. pathetic looking. If he could have hearts in his eyes the fool would’ve probably had it. So this was where he was disappearing to?
“Camilo!” He calls out, as if he hadn’t just been observing them from afar. His older brother stiffened at the name, almost going pale as he approached. You had turned to the sound of his voice with a curious tilt of your head and as you did so, Camilo was shaking his head at him and mouthing the words ‘Don’t you dare’ with a narrowed gaze.
This was going to be fun.
“There you are! Oh.. and I see you’re with a friend!” His devilish grin had quickly turned into an angelic smile as he wrapped an arm around his older brother who muttered a quiet ‘Miercoles’ under his breath.
“Well, hermano, aren’t you going to introduce me?”
Camilo grumbled.
“This is my brother—“ He starts begrudgingly before he was quickly interrupted by said brother introducing himself instead.
“Carlos Madrigal, muñeca. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took your hand in his, winking up at you. “But you’ve probably seen the murals, huh?”
He leant down to press a chaste kiss on your knuckles. “And you are?” Upon hearing your name, the mischievous boy smiled once more. He tested your name, liking the way it rolled off his tongue.
“Beautiful, muñeca, just like you.” He finally says, returning to his deep suave voice.
You arch your brow at the boy’s flirtatious nature, having been quite used to being chatted up by boys and girls alike.
Carlos tried to fight back a smirk as he saw Camilo go wide-eyed and slack jawed. You, however, didn’t have anymore time to dwell on having both devilishly handsome twins' attentions upon hearing your father’s gruff voice call for you to come home.
You smile sheepishly, and bid them a temporary farewell. Camilo had maintained his composure up until you finally disappeared around the corner elbowing Carlos harshly.
“What was that for!?” He hissed, rubbing his sore side.
“What do you mean ‘what was that for’..” Camilo mocked the mimic with a roll of his eyes. “You know what that was for!”
“What? I’m shooting my shot if you aren’t going to. She’s pretty.” Carlos rolled his eyes at Camilo’s antics.
"Well, I was going to before you rudely interrupted, pendejo!" That was a lie. Although he wanted to, he was far too caught up in la la land for him to actually confess.
Carlos smirked. He had lived to rile people up and it seemed Camilo thought he was serious about pursuing you with the way his older brother furrowed his brows at him.
A part of him wanted to reassure his brother that he didn’t need to worry about him getting in the way of his little love story but he wasn’t known as mischief incarnate for nothing. Besides, if he kept on taunting Camilo, he may have the guts to ask you out for real in the future.
He hummed a little tune, smiling smugly as he nodded. He's a good brother, looking out for his older brother's welfare and happiness.. in a way.
"Better hurry, hermano. Or I'll be snatching her for myself." Carlos says, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
Tumblr media
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what’s better than one madrigal boy? two madrigal boys ✨ sorry if it’s short ! im juggling school + being sick 🥺✨😭 i hope you like it ? im going to explore and like establish carlos’ character further if i have the chance
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Hi!! I know I already commented on your post but ah I’m so excited to see more from you!!! I have a request if you don’t mind, it’s more angst tho…sorry not sorry it’s us being trapped inside of casita as she’s (I think it’s a she?) crumbling and Camilo shouting our name after either picking himself off the ground or fighting his way back inside? I don’t know it’s up to you but the main part is he sees us trapped against one of the pillars, a dresser or some heavy furniture pinning us against it that we were struggling and failing to push away because the floorboards were all moving in those waves to get everyone outside and the house was so concerned between that and saving mirabel it didnt have enough strength to assist us too. I just want to see him get worried and frantic before helping us out, you know all intense and stuff. THIS IS SO LONG I APOLOGIZE BUT IVE HAD THIS STUCK IN MY HEAD AND AFTER READING YOUR FIC I NEW YOU WERE THE PERSON I NEEDED TO BRING IT TO LIFE
thank you so much for your request! you have no idea how happy your comments on my other story made me!! that was the first time i wrote something so your support means so so much :’) hope you like it <3
i’ve got you
camilo madrigal x gen!reader
word count: 2k
request? yes!
warning(s): angst again!! happy ending tho, reader gets trapped so maybe claustrophobia, mild swearing, makeout? (not rly), angry mirabel and abuela >:(, not beta-d we die like casita
summary: you and camilo happened to return to casita at the worst possible moment and while trying to save mirabel, you get trapped under casita’s ruins.
Tumblr media
You and Camilo had just finished drying yourselves off with your towels after a quick swim out in the river. You had spent the whole day with your beloved boyfriend and were ready to call it a day, especially when the sun had now slowly set below the tall Encanto mountains.
But before you could end your day, you had to end it properly and that meant stealing some of Julieta’s food along with your boyfriend. And that’s exactly what you did.
You two were cracking jokes and laughing all the way to Casita when you heard yells coming from the matriarch of the family. You immediately knew that this meant bad news as you had never seen Abuela yell like that to someone in your entire lifespan. Camilo knew it too by the way he softly, yet firmly held your wrist, slightly pulling you behind him as the two of you cautiously walked into the main clearing of Casita.
Your heart broke at the sight of your good friend Mirabel Madrigal getting relentlessly blamed and yelled at for all the misfortunes that were happening to the familia Madrigal in the last few days. You turned to see who was around, and made eye contact with a colourful, bright - yet guilty looking Isabela standing off to the side.
What you heard next completely shocked both you, Camilo and the entire Madrigal family on the sidelines.
“You’re the one that doesn’t care!” Mirabel shouted at her abuela with tears brimming her eyes. You gasped and felt Camilo’s grasp on your wrist tighten. Abuela looked even more furious than from the beginning of the whole argument as she took a closer step towards Mirabel. 
“You’re the one breaking our home!”
“Don’t you ever..-!”
“The miracle is dying, because of you!” 
And that’s when you all heard it. The terrifying rumble of Casita’s cracks all across the walls and foundation pillars. The rumble was so loud and so forceful that the windowsill that was displaying the miracle candle collapsed and the candle fell backwards, rolling on the broken wood.
Everyone felt the pure panic coursing their veins as the candle was merely rolling, about to fall. The panic induced silence was broken when Félix shouted, “The candle!” with a small gasp.
As soon as Félix had said that, everyone’s legs started to automatically move towards the source of miracle, trying desperately to save what has been already hurt. Your legs, however, were planted on the ground next to your - now long gone - boyfriend Camilo.
“Casita! Get me up there!” you heard Mirabel yell as she ran towards the makeshift ladders that Casita gave her. You had only just rendered the severity of the situation and how it could play out for Mirabel if anything had happened to her and that’s what finally triggered your legs to move.
“Mirabel!” you yelled at the top of your lungs, running towards the girl who was trying to save the essence of the Madrigal family. 
“Mirabel! Please! Get down!” You were almost at the makeshift ladder when Casita’s ceiling pieces had started falling on the ground right where you were. You quickly pushed yourself against a wall with a large plate and cup storing furniture piece, your back tightly against it as you panted heavily from all the running you had done.
You saw Isabela’s vine giving out and her falling on the ground a few feet away from you. You also saw Camilo falling right next to Isabela a few seconds later as his gift too, gave out. 
You were too distracted by the two Madrigals to notice how Casita’s rolling of the floors brought a giant piece of wall directly on you with a loud smack. You fell down against the large furniture piece as the wall was now laying on top of you, giving you practically no room to move.
After a while you stopped hearing yelling and you stopped hearing the house breaking. You didn’t have the strength to try to lift the wall off of you nor did you have the strength to open your mouth and ask for help. You just lay there, hoping for someone to realise that you were gone and help you out.
Camilo looks around and sees the state in which Casita was or what remained of Casita anyways. He saw his family all huddled close together whispering words of encouragement to each other and lightly smiled. Even during these difficult times his family still found a way to reassure each other and always be there for each other.
He reached to his left side to grab your hand and lead you to where everyone else was but he realised you weren’t by his side. He also slowly realised that Mirabel wasn’t there either, by the way his tía, tío and everyone else were frantically searching for her. 
He felt his heart beating in his chest erratically, his palms grew sweaty and shaky and his legs felt impossibly light, ready to give up on him at any moment. Camilo was terrified. Because he not only lost his beloved prima, but he also lost the love of his life, his vida.
He ran towards his immediate family, grabbed his mother by her shoulders and started yelling at her, tears pricking his eyes from fear.
“Mamá where is Y/N? Where are they?!” Pepa’s eyes grew wide and with a quick scan of the area as she too, as well as the rest of his family, realised that you were also gone.
“Y/N!” Camilo had started screaming your name as he ran around the whole perimeter of the area. He screamed and screamed until he felt his throat go dry from the combination of dust and yelling. The others too were calling your name and Mirabel’s as they were trying to locate you. 
Dolores came to sit next to the now hunched and sobbing figure of her little brother, rubbing circles on his back to soothe him. Camilo shrugged her off with force, standing up to walk away from her. She quickly grabbed his forearm and pulled him to face her.
“Dolores stop!” Camilo snapped as he pulled his forearm away from her. He looked up at her, his face covered in dust and tears. “This isn’t doing anything to help! I don’t know where Y/N or Mirabel are and I don’t know what to do! What if something happened to them? What if something happened to Y/N? I was too concerned with the candle to protect Y/N and now look! They are nowhere to be found! My one job as their boyfriend was to protect them and I couldn’t fucking do it! I am a horrible fucking boyfriend! If they’re hurt or dead it’s all my fault..” Camilo broke down once again, violent sobs leaving his body as he kneeled down on the ground, hoisting himself up with elbows as he buried his hands in his - now dusty and grey - hair.
Dolores could only look at him in pity as she kneeled in front of him once more, pulling him into her embrace. Camilo didn’t move away from her this time, he only buried himself deeper into his hermana’s warm and welcoming arms.
“Manito we will find them. Both of them. I promise you we will find them. We already sent a rescue team to find Mira, we will find Y/N too.” Dolores let out softly. 
“Can’t you try to hear them?” Camilo mumbled in her arms.
Dolores sighed and tried to extend her ear as she always does, trying to locate any sound - anything really - that she could identify as you. But nothing.
“No.” she had said for the first time, “I can’t hear them. I’m sorry manito.”
That was until they heard some rustling going on behind them. Luisa turned to look at Dolores who had the same curious look as she did. Dolores left her brother to calm down as she and her prima cautiously walked up to the furniture with their expensive silverware they used for Mariano’s dinner.
They heard the rustling again. Then they heard faint “help”s. Then they grew louder. Dolores immediately recognized your voice and rushed with Luisa to the wall. They hurriedly lifted the wall just enough for you to crawl out of the cramped space and let it go, once again hitting the dresser with a loud bam.
You started coughing the dust that had accumulated in your throat, too busy to realise Luisa’s “there you are!” and “are you ok?”s.
You looked around and saw Camilo and Dolores just a few feet across from you. 
It was as if Camilo could feel your stare because he swiftly turned around and made eye contact with you (after Dolores had told him that they found you of course). He ran up to you and engulfed you in a hug, his arms wrapping tightly and protectively around your dusty and exhausted frame. 
“Mi vida! I’m so glad you’re okay! Dios mio you have no idea how scared I was.. what would I have done if I lost you?”
“Cami,” you pulled away to look at him, noticing how red his eyes were from crying and his teared stained dusty cheeks, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me anymore I’m here with you ok? I’m here..” you cupped his face and smiled.
“Y/N I should have been here to protect you! I’m a horrible boyfriend I promised to help you and I didn’t, I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you..” Camilo shifted his eyes to the ground.
“You did what you had to do to save the candle. You’re one of the bravest people I know, Camilo Madrigal. You’ve helped me and protected me all throughout our relationship and I couldn’t be more grateful. You are an amazing boyfriend Cami and you’re an amazing person.”
You contemplated about dropping the big phrase. Should you do it? Isn’t it too early? What if you scare him away or what if he doesn’t feel the same way? You had to, though. After what you went through today you knew that you had to tell him.
“Camilo I love you.”
He lifted his eyes to meet yours in complete shock. His mouth grew wide open as he stared at your eyes, trying to process if what you told him was real or just his imagination. When he realised this was reality, he closed his mouth, stretched his hands to now cup your face and pulled you into a kiss.
You guys had kissed before sure, but never like this. This kiss was pure emotion. Pure desperation, pure love and pure passion. This kiss held all of the emotions that the two of you held from today’s events and from the days leading up to this. You were both irrevocably and unconditionally in love with each other and that translated through this kiss.
He lightly nibbled down on your lower lip, making you open your mouth more. He wasted no time in entering his tongue, exploring your mouth and your own tongue as you fought for dominance. His hands moved from your face to gripping your hips tightly as he pulled you on to his lap and chest to chest with him. Your hands moved from cupping his face to tangling your fingers in his dusty curls and tugging on them every few seconds, earning low groans from him. 
His mouth left yours as he started planting open mouth sloppy kisses starting from your temple all the way down to your neck and the base of your collarbones. You giggled at his touch, leaning your head to the side for more exposure.
With a smile, he pulled back and connected his forehead with your own.
“I love you so much, mi amor. So so so much.” With that he pulled you in for another heated kiss.
Amongst the ruins of the Casita, you two had found some closure and despite the circumstances, the two of you couldn’t be happier.
Tumblr media
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mividacamilo · 2 days ago
hi :D i saw that requests were open so i would like to request a camilo x fem! reader that's based off this song, let ur imagination go wild
𝑓𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑦𝑜𝑢
Camilo x fem! Reader
Warnings- none! Just fluff<3
Author notes- Omg I love this! I had so much fun writing this! When I read this I had so many cute ideas so I put it all into one, I hope my imagination served your request well!
Tumblr media
𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑑𝑎𝑦 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑜𝑟𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑟𝑦,
In all the time Y/n had been in Encanto she could never get over the fact how every day seemed to be better then the last. Never had Encanto felt gloomy or terrible, only once has it had.
When the miracle candle burnt out leaving the Madrigal’s and the town bitter with despair and grief, and yet in their most darkest moment the people where able to restore the Broken pieces and rebuild Encanto, somehow making it better then it was before.
The Madrigal’s finally seemed to shine brighter with pure happiness these days, making everyone in town do the same. Encanto was never the same after that incident, And no one would want it to be.
𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑠 𝑤𝑎𝑙𝑘𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑏𝑦,
And just like a butterfly would flap it’s wings Fate seemed to be closer to Y/n then she thought, as she walked through the town a smile graced her lips the friendly people around her greeted her ever so sweetly.
Y/n couldn’t understand why today felt so different, but she seemed to get more attention from the local boy’s. Flirty compliments fell of their tongue as she walked by. With a giggle and a wave she only brushed them off paying no mind to their words.
𝐼𝑡 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑎𝑚𝑒 𝑜𝑙𝑑 𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑟𝑦,
With a skip to her walk Y/n continued her usual mid-day errands. The path memorised into her head not needing to second guess where to go.
The one errand that was not so usual was for none other then Mirabel Madrigal. she was a dear friend who had wished for more fabric for her sewing. So kindly you had offered to lend some.
Y/n Knocked on the Madrigal’s entrance door softly, not wanting to be too rough. No matter how many times she came over she couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful wooden door. Finally happy that Mirabel was able to have herself on a miracle door.
Expecting you Mirabel welcomed you into her home as she thanked you.
“Y/n I can’t thank you enough, I did order some but sadly they have a delay, apparently.” Mirabel groaned annoyed.
With a friendly hug you greeted her.
“Mira, its okay! I haven’t used these yet and I don’t think I plan too. I’m sure it’s better for you to have them.”
𝑡𝑜𝑜 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑠ℎ 𝑜𝑟 𝑡𝑜𝑜 𝑠ℎ𝑦,
Walking along aside each other you made your way up the stairs in the Madrigal’s house; towards Mirabel’s room. Upon entering her room the unfamiliar smell of incense filled Y/n’s nose peeking her interest.
“Is that a new incense? It smells different then usual”
As you handed the fabrics to Mirabel you took a look at her incense holder placed on her bedside dresser.
“Actually it is, I’m surprised you can tell the difference. I bought it yesterday.” Mirabel took the fabric from you placing it on-top her sewing desk. “Honestly I can’t tell the difference but it still smells good, doesn’t it?”
You nodded enthusiastically. Mirabel Didn’t have that mush of a good sense of smell, thankfully yours was better.
Quickly her expression brightened dramatically as Mirabel quickly jumped seeming to remember something. She practically ran to her dresser. Y/n couldn’t help but let a small laugh out at her excitement.
“Also! I wanted to repay you so last night I sewed you a new skirt!” Mirabel bore a wide smile as she held up the skirt. You let out a gasp as you took in the sight of the skirt. It was the usual brown colour you wore daily but slightly softer in colour with black threads of flowers at the bottom.
“Oh Dios mío, Mirabel it’s gorgeous! You really shouldn’t of!”
Quickly you held Mirabel in a tight embrace with a loud squeal and a chain of thank you’s falling past your lips.
𝑖𝑚 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑘𝑖𝑛𝑑 𝑡𝑜 𝑓𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑎 𝑔𝑢𝑦, 𝑤ℎ𝑜 𝑓𝑙𝑎𝑠ℎ𝑒𝑠 𝑎 𝑠𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑒.
Mirabel only giggled with a squeeze as she hugged back, Feeling prideful at your reaction and praise. She ushered for you to try it on. Happily you oblige to her request leaving no time to waste as you quickly swapped the skirt you where wearing for the one Mirabel handed you.
Y/n quickly stepped towards the tall mirror, smiling brightly as she looked at her reflection.
“It looks so beautiful Mirabel! I can’t express how grateful I am!” Feeling giddy you bounced on the spot clapping your hands in excitement.
“Your welcome Y/n I’m happy you-“ Mirabel’s reply was quickly interrupted as the door to her room flung open. Camilo held the doorknob tightly, his face slightly red as he huffed strongly.
“I heard squealing, are you alright?!” Yours and Mirabel’s initial surprise changed dramatically as you both burst into a fit of laughter.
The sudden laughter left Camilo looking redder then before as embarrassment washed over him, as they came to the conclusion the two of you where alright.
“Caramba, Yeah yeah laugh it off, sorry I was worried for you’s”
Wiping a stray tear in your eye you smiled sweetly at Camilo, Finding his worry endearing. Your heart fluttered at the shy smile that graced his lips.
𝑑𝑜𝑛𝑡 𝑢𝑠𝑢𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 𝑠𝑤𝑜𝑜𝑛,
As she finally calmed her laughter Mirabel pushed her glasses up her nose.
“That was just too priceless” with a shared look towards her the two of you chuckled softly.
“So why so much noise? I was actually worried you found a bug or something”
With a pout Camilo Crossed his arms in defence feeling annoyed at the light teasing of his cousin and her friend. Wordlessly Mirabel excitedly pointed towards the skirt you now wore.
Taking the hint Camilo whistled softly as he took in the sight of you. Y/n’s face burned at Camilo’s unexpected reaction, feeling almost shy under his gaze.
“I came to drop off some fabrics for Mira,-”
“And in turn I sewed her a new skirt!” Mirabel helped finish your sentence as you both explained the situation. “What do you think?!” Mirabel asked Them, with a spin of her finger she signalled you to twirl.
Complying to her small request you slowly but swiftly twirled on the spot. You let out a small giggle as you twirled, Feeling addicted to the way your new skirt swirled with you.
Camilo snapped his fingers eagerly, as they watched you twirl, you looked so cute right now that he couldn’t help but smile.
“It looks beautiful, you looks so good in it!”
𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑖𝑚 𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑜𝑛.
Y/n never would of thought that such a simple compliment could make her feel so special. It wasn’t the first time someone had complimented her and yet how come Camilo’s words were able to hit her heart so strongly? It was almost overwhelming how fast her heart was beating.
Y/n pulled a strand of her hair over her now pinkish face unknowing how to react, as she fumbling over her words. “Than- thank you”
Camilo felt his own cheeks fluster at your adorable reaction, only now realising how bold and out of character his words were. He couldn’t figure out if it was a blessing or a curse that when he was around you it seemed they blurt out the first words that come to mind.
Mirabel awkwardly shifted her eyes from Y/n to Camilo, a straight; no lip smile on her face, uncomfortable in the situation, as her cousin flirted at her best friend.
she couldn’t have anything could she?
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoy my lovely doves<3
Request by; @camilosangelita
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scintilla-writes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
In which you, the town’s beloved toymaker, finds out a cute little secret about your best friend-slash-boyfriend, Camilo Madrigal.
Tumblr media
As the daughter of the famous toymaker in Encanto, naturally, your father’s techniques in crafting different children’s toys were passed down onto you in an early age.
You didn’t argue of course, because just like your father, you had a knack for crafting. 
You always had fun in crafting, even creating things other than toys like pots, furniture, and the like.
The people in Encanto even gave you the name “Golden Hands” because of how good you are at crafting, and...for another reason as well.
You were the only one who could patch things up when the mischievous Camilo Madrigal got into some trouble (again) with someone.
To your annoyance, yes, he was your best friend. Out of all the other kids you could have been friends with, you befriended the troublemaker.
But, what can you say? He seemed fun to be with, and turns out that was true, even if he LOVES pranking you whenever you’re busy making toys (to get your attention of course <3).
So, being the nice best friend you are, you sewed a chameleon plushie for him on his 7th birthday. You were so excited to give him your gift and see how he’ll react.
Finally, you gave the gift to him and he opened it rather quickly out of excitement. He looked at the plushie with wide eyes and hugged it, saying: "Gracias, Y/N! I'm going to name it...uh...Felpa!"
You giggled, "I like the name but that literally means plush."
He smiled sheepishly, "I'll try thinking of something else later."
So if anyone were to ask you which was your favorite memory from your childhood, you would definitely answer Camilo’s 7th birthday.
Time travel to the present, you’re now the girlfriend of Camilo Madrigal and you can never be more happy.
This means going to the La Casa Madrigal quite often. If you weren't in your family's toy shop, then the townspeople already knew that you were in La Casa Madrigal.
One day, you decided to surprise Camilo so you went there early in the morning to wake him up with kisses.
You thought it would be so cute and romantic, so you went to La Casa Madrigal, greeted the other Madrigals who were awake a 'good morning', and went to Camilo's room, making sure you made as much little noise as possible.
But when you went in, you were the one who was surprised instead of your boyfriend.
Camilo was still asleep, hugging a chameleon plushie, the one that you made for him on his 7th birthday.
You couldn't bring yourself to wake him up because he looked so adorable and peaceful while sleeping beside the plushie you made for him.
You were just sitting there on the floor by his bedside, staring at him with the softest expression. But I have to admit, it's kind of creepy that you're just staring at him...
Finally, after a few minutes, the shapeshifter stirred in his sleep, yawning as he stretched his limbs.
"Good morning, Señor Felpa," he greeted the plushie, slowly opening his eyes. He was startled when he saw someone in his room but relaxed when he noticed it was you.
You chuckled, "So you didn't change his name, huh?"
He smiled sheepishly, "Uh, yeah. You said you liked the name so I didn't change it," he said, scratching his nape awkwardly. "Anyway, what are you doing here, mi vida? Not that I don't want your beautiful presence here."
"Oh, I was going to surprise you and wake you up with kisses but you looked so adorable hugging the plushie I made," you said, slightly sniffling at the last part.
He widened his eyes, smiling like an idiot as he laid back down and closed his eyes.
You furrowed your brows, "Cariño, what are you doing?"
"You said you were going to wake me up with kisses so," he said while gesturing at his face.
You giggled at him, "Alright, alright," you climbed his bed and hovered him, starting to pepper his face with kisses.
He started to laugh so hard, "A-actually, you can s-stop...It t-tickles! Ah! Y/N!"
Of course, you didn't stop. You continued to kiss him until you really had to stop because he couldn't breathe from laughing too much.
"I love you so much, Cami."
He looked at you with soft eyes, smiling, "I love you too, mi amor."
And that day, you just knew that Camilo was the one for you, because he still sleeps with the plushie you made and absolutely treasures it because it was from you.
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camilosangelita · 2 days ago
Every Move is Magic
camilo x female! reader.
summary: camilo has never been in love before, making him unable to understand why everyone wanted it so much. eventually, on valentine's day - he finds out that love is the closest thing everyone has to magic.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"No te preocupes hermanita, I'm sure you'll find someone else to love." Camilo said soothingly, running his fingers through his sister's hair in an attempt to calm her down.
Dolores, who was laying on his lap, shook her head. "You wouldn't understand.." She whispered, standing up to wipe her tears before heading downstairs, getting ready to prepare for dinner. 
Camilo let out a sigh, sadly watching her sister's form dissappear out of view, he wasn't sad because she'd hurt his feelings, but because she was right. 
Unlike others, Camilo has never been in love before, so he couldn't figure out as to why Mariano made Dolores feel this way. But to be fair, love was a concept he couldn't understand in general. 
So by the time Valentine's Day came around, Camilo found himself sitting on the doorsteps of Casita alone, watching everyone inside dance happily under the moonlight. 
"Out of all the people I'd guess to be alone on Valentine's Day, I would've never guessed it would be you." 
Camilo turned to meet with a young girl his age, a small beautiful smile on her face. "Mind if I sat with you?" 
A smile similar to hers appeared on Camilo's face, the feeling of loneliness subsiding quickly. "Of course!" He exclaimed, scooting over so she could sit. "I'm Camilo Madri-" 
"You don't need to introduce yourself to me, I already know who you are." She softly pointed out, laughing before introducing herself. "I'm [Name], nice to meet you." 
After letting out a light hearted chuckle, Camilo turned back to face the couples on the dancefloor, watching them in awe. "I don't understand why everybody craves love.." Camilo muttered, pausing before elaborating on his late night thought.
"I know there has to be a reason why everyone wants it so much, but I just can't figure out why. Maybe it's because I've never been in love before but-"
Camilo was cut off when [Name] put her hand on his right cheek, rubbing her thumb against it softly. "Well, I guess when you find love, it's really beautiful - or so I heard. It's beautiful enough to make people want it."
"Why's that?" Camilo asked, leaning into [Name]'s touch, blood rushing to his cheeks. He didn't want this conversation to end if it meant the butterflies in his stomach would stop fluttering.
"It's the closest thing everyone else has to magic." [Name] said, before standing up, leaving Camilo confused and brokenhearted. He didn't want her to leave, since he loved the way she made him feel.
"Where are you going?" He frantically asked, standing up with her.
"It would be useless to sit around all night so.." [Name] held put her hand nervously, hoping he'd take it. "Care to join everyone else and dance with me?"
Upon hearing this, Camilo took her hand and quickly led them both to the dancefloor, swaying to the beat of the music with someone he had fallen in love with at first sight.
"I thought you'd never ask."
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bandshirts-and-books · a day ago
Isabela: Camilo, this morning, I called you abhorrent and reprehensible, and I’d like to withdraw that statement-
Camilo: Aww, thanks-
Isabela: But I can't. Those are the 2 words that best describe you.
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camilosamorrr · 3 days ago
Y/n: Camilo! There's a spider! Camilo: What do you want me to do??
Y/n: Kill it!
Camilo: You kill it! You saw it first! Y/n: You're the man! Camilo: Since when?? *shifts into Dolores*
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m0chaminx · a day ago
Camilo Madrigal | Perfect
Part one : Part two
Tumblr media
Request : No
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Let me know if you want a part 4
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo takes you on a proper date, and it goes perfectly
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo jumped over the rock, landing on the crisp green grass. "This is the last stretch," Camilo promised, putting his hands on your waist, and yours rested on his shoulders as you jumped off the rock. You landed next to Camilo who brushed your hair back.
"This better be worth it Cami," You joked, taking the bag off Camilo and setting it on your shoulder.
"I promise it's worth it," Camilo smiled grabbing your hand leading the way as you weaved through bushes and trees until you reached a wall of bright green vines, covered in small flower buds. "They're moonflowers." Camilo pointed out as you ran your ringers across the unbloomed flower. "They only come out at night. If we stay out long enough well see them, and if we don't, I can use it as an excuse to bring you back here."
You chuckled pressing a kiss to his cheek before he pulled you through the vines, smiling as you looked around in awe at the pink and white blossom trees. "How the hell did you find this place?" You questioned glancing between Camilo and the sun rays that peeked through the trees.
"I was upset one day, ran around for ages and found here," Camilo explained simply pulling you along to sit under one of the sunlight spots. "I come here all the time now." Camilo took the satchel from you, pulling out a varied selection of treats and pastries. "My Tia makes the best food, well, only rivalled by your churros." You smiled trying to hide your face in your hands, but Camilo pulled them away. "No! Your too cute!"
You laughed with Camilo this time shoving your face in his shoulder. "How come you're always flirting with me? I never even get time to even compliment you," You complained sitting up straight in front of Camilo.
"I don't know, guess I'm just better," Camilo teased taking a bite of one of the many arepa con queso's.
"All right then, I get to compliment you, and you can't deny or interrupt me until I'm done, okay?" You said sternly. Camilo raised his hands in defense while leaning back on his elbows while his legs stayed cross. "Okay, your freckles are adorable, like little angel kisses, which I might be slightly jealous of. Your hair is really soft and super cute. Oh! You have this little habit of tapping your fingers when you are nervous, and it makes me wanna hold your hand. Your smile is probably the most beautiful thing I've-" Camilo stopped your shower of compliments with a quick, soft, peck to your lips. You stopped, your entire face heating up and your eyes went wide, you could feel your heartbeat against your chest and you stared into Camilo's eyes.
"Sorry, you were just too cute when you were talking, and I got all mushy," Camilo said nervously, brushing his hair behind his ear.
"Can I-" You stopped taking a breath still in slight shock. "Can I kiss you? Properly?" Camilo nodded, resting his hands on your bent knees, pressing his lips against yours. You moved your hands to press against his cheeks as you both just basked in the moment.
Camilo pulled back pressing his forehead against yours, pressing chaste kisses to your cheeks and nose, "Your perfect."
You giggled knocking your nose against his, "Look who's talking."
Camilo went back to Casita that night, coming face to face with his family. "Ahh! Mi Vida, I was so worried," Pepa cried running up and hugging her son. "Where were you?"
"On a date~" Isabella teased in a sing-song voice.
"Actually yes, we wanted to the moonflowers," Camilo said softly, that same dumb love-struck smile on his face. "I was just walking 'em home." Pepa smiled, a rainbow growing above her head. "Oh Isa, can I have some flowers please, sunflowers and bluebells." Isabella nodded, still in shock that Camilo had actually gone on a date.
"Go get some sleep, Camilo," Felix encouraged. Camilo nodded, bidding a good night to everyone.
"Oh Tia, they really liked your arepa's" Camilo smiled one last time before ducking inside his room. Julietta smiled to herself, making a mental note to make more food for you.
Tags :
If it has a strike, I couldn't tag you
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lovesgnf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: Camilo shapeshifts into one of the villagers just to get another free cake sample from you but his tricks don’t work out like he wanted them to.
˚ · . camilo madrigal x gn!reader who’s a baker.
Tumblr media
“Your order is one tres leches and a pack of frosted cupcakes, correct?” You talked to one of your costumers through the telephone. A faint ‘yes’ could be heard from the other side of the line as you took notes of the order. 
“Alright, tu orden estaria ahí muy pronto!” (your order will arive soon.) You informed them with a smile. “Muchas gracias” (thank you very much) The woman thanked as she hanged up the phone call.
You sighed loudly as you finally sat down. Today has been a very stressful day, the bakery has been filled with people since the morning because it was a Saturday. All you wanted was to be trapped in your boyfriends arms as you played with his hair. 
Your hopeless thoughts get interrupted by the sound of the door open with the loud ring of a bell. A short tan man walking into the bakery. He looked awkwardly suspicious. You took a deep breath in, standing up and greeting the customer.
Trying your best not to show your vivid exhaustion, you smile and greet the man. “Hola, Buenas tardes! How can i help you today? i serve all types of sweets!” (hello, good evening) You start, the man just raising an eyebrow at you as if he could sense your tiredness. 
The man coughed and ‘fixed’ his voice. “Uh yeah, do you have red velvet?” He asked with a smile. “Um yeah! Would you like cake? or-” You asked him kindly but widened your eyes as he interrupted you. “Do you give out samples?” He questioned but sounded like he already knew the answer.
You raise your eyebrow at him, that’s weird. “Yeah! Would you like me to bring you-” You stopped talking as he answered quickly. “Yes!” He yelled out but coughed again. “Sorry- I meant yes please” He blushed.
“Um alright” You simply said while going to scoop out a sample for him. You walked up to him slowly, handing him the small cup. “Mmm, this is super good” He said but his voice sounded different.
His eyes widened at himself. “Aw thank you- wait” Your e/c eyes also widened as you realized he sounded like... “Camilo?!?” You yelled at him surprisingly but also not so surprised. He shifted back into himself and shrugged. “You caught me!” He said so calmly. 
“En serio?!” (Are you serious) You gasped with a hand on your forehead. “What! I was craving something sweet and i’ve never tried your red velvet cake so i decided to try it and it’s so good! I might order a whole cake of it-” He complimented. 
“Uh huh, muy amable y todo Camilo, but you scared me! You didn’t need to act so... weird!” You complained as you crossed your arms at him. “I’m sorry, mi vida. Maybe i can make it up to you by giving you cuddles the rest of the afternoon? You seem tired” He says sweetly and he caresses your cheek with his thumb gently. You immediately melt against his touch.
“Fine. I’m going to close the bakery early just for you!” I told him and pinched his cheek softly. He smiled and followed you, behind the counter. You two got ready to close the bakery, cleaning and organizing everything before locking the doors and changing the sign to ‘closed’.
“Finally!” Camilo groaned loudly causing you to let out a laugh. “Thats what i have to do everyday” You sigh dramatically while his hands connected with yours tightly. “Whenever you need help with anything just look for me, amor” He told you with a smile on his pink lips. He admired your unique facial features, taking in your beauty.
You two walked towards casita, fingers interlocked. The small walk home was just a trail of laughters and smiles. Once Pepa saw you enter the house, a rainbow appeared above her head. “Y/n! Hola, mija! How are you?? How was the bakery today?!” The ginger said as she took you away from Camilo and embraced you in a warm hug.
You smiled against her yellow dress. “Hola, pepa! I’m okay, today the bakery was very busy and i got very tired so i’m going to take a break just for the rest of the afternoon. Enough about me now! How are you?” You asked with a wide grin. Her smile got bigger as she began to rant about her day, taking you to the living room as you both sat down and talked.
“Mami! You guys have talked more than i talk in one day! Can i borrow Y/n now?!” Your boyfriend whined as you chuckled, taking a sip of the tea she offered. “Fine! Pero you have to bring her to me after!” Pepa breathed with her finger out in the air.
“Yes, claro! Maybe tomorrow i’ll bring you guys some of the new cookies i made” You smile kindly at the woman and Camilo perked up at your words. “How wonderful!” “Really?!” The two relatives said at the same time. Y/n chuckled again and walked towards Camilo. “Bueno, Chao Pepa!” You wave at her, she waves back with her smile still plastered on her face.
You took a seat on Camilos bed as he spoke up. “Jeez, you guys always talk so much when you see each other!” The curly haired complained, throwing himself on his bed and pulling you with him. You laughed while he wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you close to him. You smiled against his ruana, rubbing your thumb on his arm softly. He closed his eyes at the feeling of your delicate touch.
“Sleep. I’ll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you” He whispered affectionately, pressing his lips against your forehead and with that you fluttered your eyes closed, drifting off to a dreamless comforting sleep. Once the boy heard your soft snores he smiled.
“Eres un ángel, mi vida. Estoy tan agradecido de tener alguien como tú” (you’re an angel, my life. I’m so grateful to have someone like you) He muttered and fell asleep, the warmth of your presence giving him the comfort he needed for a perfect sleep.
The end :D and yes, dolores was in awe with the scene. She heard every bit of it and would tease her brother about it when he woke up.
Tumblr media
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2aish-iteru3 · a day ago
365 Days (Part 4)
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal x Reader
All characters written in this story is 18+.
Prologue. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.
(Reader’s POV)
I though this shit only happens on television. Not in real life, in my life specifically.
Camilo sat and stared at me, with big hopeful eyes. Awaiting my response. Just a few seconds ago he said something that immediately made my chest tighten up, fortunately with the pills that I took this morning the pain was bearable, what he said wasn’t so much.
“Will you mi vida? Will you help me with beautiful Emilia?”His hands were grasping onto mine.
‘Beautiful Emilia’ I was completely at a loss for words. My heart ached. I looked at our intertwined hands before looking at him again, that’s where I made my first mistake. Camilo looked…hopeful.
“Yea, but you think of a plan”
Agreeing to it was my second mistake.
Camilo’s face brightened up the moment I agreed as he began peppering my cheek with little kisses. This was a gesture that he did out of friendliness, that didn’t mean I felt nothing towards it. For a split second it felt as if my sickness had went away, with Camilo’s touch I was healed.
“Oh thank you thank you thank you mi vida!Don’t worry I already know the perfect plan”
~~(Timeskip to later that afternoon)~~
This was a bad bad bad idea, such a bad idea. The worst idea known to man kind. The literal worst thing that could ever happen, and OF COURSE IT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME.
I felt my eye twitch as Camilo began explaining his plan. The coffee that sat on the glass table began to take on a lukewarm since we’ve been at cafe for a while now.
“So your telling me. That you want me and you. You and me. Me (Y/n), you Camilo. To date, but not really date, instead to fake date?”Camilo took a sip of his coffee nodding his head.
“And you think that when that happens, Emilia will get jealous. You confess that it was all fake, then boom you and her will fall in love and have babies when you grow older?”He nodded once more. I told you it was a bad idea.
“But you know we have to be affectionate with each other?To make things look believable”
“I mean, I’m already affectionate with you”He says plainly making me blush.
“I mean…k-kissing”His face then mirrored mine. A cute red blush sprinkled over his tan skin, his freckles complimenting his sudden hue.
“O-oh, right….I mean I’m not opposed to it…Only if your comfortable with it though!”He frantically put his hands up in front of him. My face felt even hotter than before.
“I-I…yeaa sure”
For the first time in weeks, my heart felt full. Of love.
Day 17
For a second, I felt healed. Like I could breathe as clear as the skies on a summer day.
Tag list : @xdyledz @xxcrystalxx28 @mit-suri @mayusenpai666 @tigreost @ale-creates-worlds @obsessed-with-a-fictional-man @soundofalling-sand @m1ntyspiiees @miri0700 @annccss @fo-love @theburnoutgiftedkid
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pomkyeompurin · 2 days ago
Colours, they don't always appear for everyone. Only those who found true love saw colours, I used to see colours.
Colour soulmate!
This au works a little different though, you will only have the ability to see colours in general if you love your s/o to a great extend or you truly found the love of your life. The rest will be explain in the story to avoid potential spoilers hehhahah
- Camilo's thoughts
- y/n is a guitar player, singer and a songwriter!
- he/him for Camilo, she/her for y/n
Tumblr media
𝚆𝚎 𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝟷𝟻
The weather was kind that day. Not too sunny nor too cloudy, just perfect for the two to lay down near a river to rest and chat together. As they always do, jokes, laughter, stories they have and songs they love. Y/n loves to play the guitar and sing while Camilo loves to hear her melodies.
"Hey, y/n!" Camilo nudges the girl beside him "Would you sing at my wedding?"
Y/n stared at him intently "How much am i paid for?"
"Whatttt, you're not going to sing sincerely on my wedding? I thought we were friends!"
The girl chuckled at him "Fine, but on one condition"
"Let me have the stage with you"
I never knew what she meant by that but I agreed nonetheless.
𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚗, 𝚠𝚎 𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝟸𝟸
"You promised you would sing right?" Camilo smiled brightly, excited to hear y/n sing on D-Day which was tomorrow.
Y/n smiled grimly "Of course! Why wouldn't I"
"Hey... Are you nervous? It's okay if you dont want to, we could just hang out after the vows" Camilo caresses y/n's shoulder in an attempt to soothe her.
"No no, I- yeah I no worries, I'll be fine! Just nervous that's all, I could always get over stage fright!" she reassures him as she slowly removes Camilo's hand from her shoulder "It's alright Camilo, tomorrow will go well"
Or at least, she hopes to make it after she gets off the stage.
'I do' I vowed
"I do" Camilo vowed, his hands in hers, smiling happily.
Yet, the colours wasnt fully seen for him. 'I thought they would-' his thoughts were cut off by his parents hugging the both of them and congratulating them endlessly.
The girl giggles at her newly in laws. She was happy but Camilo felt off. He wanted to be happy, after all, he is married to a girl of his choice.
"Hey! Camilo, congrats to the both of you," y/n gently punches Camilo's arm as a friendly gesture "years and years of knowing you, I honestly thought you were hopeless! You should rethink about this sometimes, Alvaline"
"Cami is perfect, don't worry" Alvaline giggles
"oh don't humour her, Alvaline" Camilo retorts which made the two girls laughed.
Tumblr media
Y/n stepped onto the stage in front of the wedding's venue. The newlyweds' and their family's table sitting at the side where they could clearly see the performance upstage. The grip y/n had on her guitar tightened as she stood in front of the microphone. Out of habit, she glanced towards Camilo who smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up as encouragement.
With a deep breath, she started strumming.
Tumblr media
𝘾𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙤 𝙈.
I smiled at you, assuring that you will do well. You never told me what song you were going to play or if you were writing a new one just for this occasion. You said it was a surprise and indeed it was.
'The lingering question kept me up, 2 AM, who do you love?'
Who do i love?
I looked down at my empty plate, my fingers drumming the table, 𝚆𝚑𝚘 𝚍𝚘 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎?
'This is me praying that, this was the very first page'
'Not where the story line ends'
'My thoughts will echo your name, until I see you again'
'These are the words I held back, as I was leaving too soon'
Your voice had an inch of pain, my eyes flickered and immediately looked at you. Your eyes were already on me, staring as if you were trying to tell me something.
'I was enchanted to meet you'
I was too.
'Please, don't be in love with someone else'
'Please, don't be in love with someone else'
'Please don't have somebody waiting on you'
'Please don't have somebody waiting on you'
My eyes widened, the colours bursting in my eyes, the colour of your hair, the red guitar in your hands that you've loved so much, the crown of marigolds in your hair, it was all.... vibrant.
I was no longer seeing any spots of dull colours. My heart was rapidly beating, the urge to go upstage and just talk with you, i had to hold back.
'This night is flawless, don't you let it go'
I let you go.
'I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone'
Because of me.
'I'll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you'
I didn't until now.
You seem to have noticed my reaction, delivering the last lines with a personal indication.
'Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you'
'It's too late' you mouthed towards me and smiled before averting your gaze towards the audience.
The colours.
They're fading.
Tumblr media
Hello! My first fic on tumblr, ohhhh spooky. I'm not the most proud of this fic but im very happy with the idea but that's it. Part 2 will be up soon! It'll explain more about how seeing colours work in the story and stories from y/n and Camilo's adolescents. I SWEAR EVERYTHING HAS AN EXPLANATION.
My head was like, hehe too many fluff under camilo x reader tag, i should bring more pain. Yeah i-
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yoursweetdenial · 2 hours ago
~You run towards them~
The Madrigals x reader
🦋 Mirabel:
She simply spreads her arms, smiling from ear to ear and wanting to hug you.
🦎 Camilo:
He will run towards you, hug you and immediately start playfully ruffling your hair.
💪 Luisa:
She runs towards you and almost strangles you in her embrace, that's how much she is glad to see you.
🌺 Isabela:
She will most likely want to speed up your meeting, and therefore will use her gift, so the vines will attract you to her and then she will give you a big hug.
🌦️ Pepa:
She sees you running towards her and the sun instantly lights up the cloudy sky.
🍪 Julieta:
As soon as you get to her, she starts softly rubbing your cheeks, saying what a cutie you are.
⏳ Bruno:
Until the last second, he refuses to believe that you are running to him, but when you get so close and stop right in front of him, he embraces you as tightly as he can.
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camileeon · a day ago
🍵- “maybe it was fate to meet you.”
🦋- GN!Reader x Camilo
🍊- HELLO DISCLAIMER!! i am not an expert when it comes to tarot reading, i simply searched up the tarots and their reading and picked the ones that were appropriate. If i did make a mistake please don't be shy to point it out to me! PLEASE ENJOYYY!!
The mysterious town of encanto, everyone is familiars with everyone while the walls have it's ears to listen for word to spread. Good old news, gossips, and rumors to keep the town's people up on their heels as to entertain themselves. But especially infamous for it's magical gifted family, each of the gifts could not possibly compare to a simple reading or perhaps it could..?
Word speaks once more from the informant, also known as the chismosa/chismoso of the wondrous encanto "a new stall opens!"
Indeed there was a new addition to the centre of the town's bustling heart filled with carts and stalls of miscellaneous ways for entertainment. "A fortune reader? Their not trying to get bruno's spotlight are they?" Well since it's just a "reading" after all, it can't be certain, isn't proven and is just a hunch to give it that fling or flaw point for mystery.
Camilo had been walking through the town's stalls the same ones he passed by everyday, hearing a few town's women calmoring in the distance at a certain stall others seemed to clamor about.
“my omen's too disappointing.. bad luck??!”
One exclaimed before worriedly pacing towards a town house, the others had good and other had the opposite. Like said, fates like these aren't proven to be true, Camilo wondered what could be the worst that could happen if his fate was read? He walked up to the stall to find a strikingly attractive lady, seeming to be his age as he scanned her features. They covered themself in a vibrant magenta cloak as they sat on their knees while watching the boy in yellow enter the tarped stall “A madrigal? One wonders why you're here.. don't you have your Tio Bruno to read your omen for you..?” They speak as they take hold the stack of tarot cards in hand, their eyes fixed on the shapeshifter's astonished expression before letting out a chuckle
“He's busy with Tia Julieta today, he also took a break with doing fortunes for awhile ever since he came back.” He spoke as he ran his hand through his hair
“ i suppose we haven't met personally.. it's camilo, as you already know.”
The fate reader chuckle as they started to shuffle their cards
“I'm aware, you're quite famous around these parts you know? It's y/n l/n, from a long line of omen readers.” they answer before laying out a scatter of cards facing downwards, gesturing for him to pick three from the scattered deck of cards.
Camilo looked carefully through the cards, choosing the three ones that drew him close. He slid the cards towards him and as he finished, y/n was compiled all the unchosen cards in a swift movement once more to set it aside and remain her focus on the madrigal and the cards.
“what good choices.. are you ready?” she looked deeply into his eyes, lending out her hands for him to hold due to his wandering expression before commenting once more
“you seem awfully nervous, i take it this is your first time. Don't worry, they won't bite.”
Camilo's expression changed into a more relaxed one, letting out a huff of air that he wasn't aware of holding. Slowly sliding his hands in hers, fingers intertwined and locked together as if it was destined fate.
The fate reader carefully flips the first card for it's face to show, The hermit upright.
”you continue to find and learn yourself along the ways of life, this leads to somewhere greater for you.”
She speaks, slowly nodding as she pondered before feeling the other's thumb brush over her knuckle with a small smile on his face “see? So far so good.”
Y/n then proceeds on to the middle card's face, The magician upright.
“you have great potential at whatever comes in your way. You are decisive and say what must be said without hesitation. Shoot your shot at whatever faces you.” She speaks fondly.
“the magician huh? Seems fitting.. i'll take the advice then.” He says proudly, puffing up his chest as he shifted into them and his other relatives. Earning a light laugh from the reader sat in front of him as their hands stayed eachother's grasp whilst the boy shifted to see the gorgeous smile she owned.
Lastly it came down to one, they carefully lifted and flipped the card to see it's face. The Fool Upright.
“new beginnings, you stand your ground and have a clear path filled with great opportunities in your way. Don't let it go to waste. What an amazing omen.. the best one i've read up to date.” they motion their hand to slide the card torward for him to scan it, especially The Fool.
“new beginnings huh? Well, are you up to starting a new one with me?”
“hmm.. alright then, you're treating me.”
“Anything for you mariposa.. indeed, a fool I am.”
@destinydrawssometimes @camilolovesroxiie @i-more-need-books @aphrodicts-imagination @s1mpysstuff @yoursimpingfan
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veethewriter · 21 hours ago
I noticed you were taking requests sooo i was hoping that u could do camilo x reader? Its about what would reader's reaction to camilo having a man bun? Gender neutral if ur ok with it 👉👈
i saw it somewhere that someone edited camilo with a man bun and i couldn't stop thinking about it evee since ahebwhssha
Of course!
Tumblr media
Both of you had decided to try different hair styles on each other. You had started with camilo first, trying small braids before going with a simple bun deciding he looked best with that.
You stare at him for a while just admiring him before he asks what your doing. Blushing you quickly just say nothing before starting on your own hair.
You think he looks amazing with a bun, very cute. After doing your hair in a bun too for the fun of it. You both laugh as you take colorful hair bands from his cousins and sister to put in both of your hairs.
After a full day of joking around and removing everything from each other's hair. You two will relax. Of course you mention how handsome he looked with his hair up and say he should do it more often.
I hope you like it! Sorry it's so short I didn't really know what to do but I tried my best! ❤❤❤
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masquette · a day ago
❗Hello! Here's the continuation of “Two halves of a whole”. I'd planned on discarding and deleting it, but i thought about the pride and dignity of my past self....... So here i am ᐛ.
❗I take constructive criticism, so feel free to do so.
❗This is pretty long, i got kinda carried away 😧😋
❗prepare for a lot of fluff ! !
❗not proofread, apologies for any grammar / spelling mistakes.
Tumblr media
The Tree by the River .
- It's finally yours and Camilo's anniversary. With the two of you wanting to drown each other in affection, it became a competition.
(I actually tried making this pretty, i beg u pls don't make fun of me)
Part 1
“ He looks just like a dream . ”
said [Name] .
“ The prettiest girl I've ever seen . ”
said Camilo .
Tumblr media
[Name] shot her eyes awake, a smile immediately painting her face. Wanting to start the day off with a good start, she started making her bed, swaying and twirling here and there. The female woke up pretty early, and knew she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep with the lingering thought of him.
She was already feeling butterflies.
“Aya, just what he does to me...” The E/C smiled, daydreaming about a certain shapeshifter. The female went over to her desk, opening a very detailed box she designed herself. Orange, green, and brown were it's theme. The box revealed many letters tied together with a ribbon, and a neatly folded handkerchief. The H/C gently held the cloth, admiring it for just a moment.
A chameleon accompanied by a star, between them was a bigggg heart. The chameleon representing Camilo, the star being the maiden, and the heart being their love for each other.
The female planted a kiss on where the chameleon was embroidered, grinning giddily. She really was lovestruck, she thought and agreed to herself. She stared at the handkerchief for another second, before tying the fabric on to her wrist.
[Name] picked up a piece of paper, words of song written on it. “Mmmhh,” She scanned over the lyrics, “Yeah. Made with love, words from the heart, a good tune, a killer voice, this has to be the definition of perfection.” The H/C haired joked with herself.
“Nowww, for the next step of the day.” She huffed, though grinning. Walking down the stairs as quietly as she could, making her way to the kitchen. She loved making things for her beloved, gifting being her love language and all while Camilo smothered her with hugs and kisses.
The cake she baked was already done as it sat on the fridge untouched, the female threatening anyone who got near it.
“Keep your filthy, unwashed hands away from my cariño's cake. Unless you're desperate in loosing a limb, though I would've done it for free..”
Yeah.... You can say she's very uhm, protective? [Name] has good intentions though, the purest. Yeah, yeah.
Now she's baking arepas! She borrowed the recipe from tia Julietta's, though adding her own twist with it. The smell just makes her mouth water. She took it from the oven, proud of what she'd just made. Then placing it on a cloth before wrapping it securely, not as tight but.. tight. By the placement of the sun right now, her guess was that it was probably 7 to 8am.
Camilo said he'd pick her up at 10, so they could spend the whole day together by the tree besides the river. It's their usual place after all. The arepas and utensils had already been placed inside her picnic basket, she just has to be careful with holding it now. The cake will be put last second to make sure it doesn't melt.
Oh and her guitar! She almost forgot. The female rushed to the stairs, wanting to hold her precious guitar. “Ah, [Name], getting ready for your beloved?” Her mother teased, the said girl smiled in response, “What else would I be doing, ma? I want the best for mi chameleon.” She laughed, and her mother eyed her proudly before laughing herself, “Alright alright. I'll be downstairs if you need me.” to which the H/C just nodded.
She went inside her room to find her guitar placed beside her bed. “Well, guitar secured. Now I'll just have to get ready..” [Name] pursed her lips as she thought of what to wear. She'd never been one to dress, only on occasions like this. Luckily, she absolutely adored her lover. She brought up a self embroidered dress, having the same shade of yellow and orange as his. She sighed,
“The things I'd do for you.”
“Isabela! Can you make a bouquet? Mostly with roses and carnations, they're her favorite. Oh, and a stargazer at the middle!”
The said female rolled her eyes, a smirk lingering on her face. “Coming right up, loverboy.” She teased. He just smiled cheekily in response, cheeks tinted pink. Isabela made the bouquet they requested.
Camilo's eyes lit up, his muddy green orbs held gratefulness towards his cousin. “Gracias!” They immediately took the bouquet from her grasp, running off to his room to fetch his backpack and a well wrapped gift.
He came across his mirror, as he tried to make himself more presentable. He was wearing a sea-blue ruana, matching the shade of his amor's. There were specs of dots, seemingly representing the stars. He got the help of Mirabel to design it. They hummed at himself in satisfaction, before fetching their bag and tossing it over his shoulders. The well-wrapped gift that was once on their desk was now on their grasp, with the bouquet at the other hand.
“Wait, how am i gonna open the door-” Before he could even finish his sentence, their sister, Dolores opened it for him. “I heard your hands were full.” She smiled, “Go, it's 8:30.” She motioned for him to get going, as he still needed to prepare by the river. The female would offer help, but she knew the boy would refuse and say,
“No, no. It has to be just between me and mi amor, just the two of us.”
The said shapeshifter grinned at her, “Gracias!” before sprinting towards the front door. “Happy Anniversary to you two.” She said, earning another grateful smile and a thank you.
“Mami, I'm going to go by the river now!” He waves goodbye his parents, “Have fun! Just don't overdo it, okay?” His father teased, “Papa!” They flushed red, shaking their head. The couple just laughed, “Okay okay, mi chiquito. Happy Anniversary to you and [Name].” They both grinned at him proudly, a rainbow appearing on his mother's head. Camilo nodded, grinning before running towards the door.
He had finally reached the river, the sent of water and nature reached his nose. They raised their head to look at the tree, spotting a tree house made by the two of them, and a carving of their initials on it's bark. They smiled at the thought of her. Really, he was obsessed. But in a good way, of course.
Now crossing the river, using the big stones as his steps. Normally they'd just slip off their shoes and jump in it, as the river was shallow, barely reaching his ankles. But he didn't want to make it obvious he's been here, they wanted to surprise her.
Once he'd placed the several books he thought would appear interesting to her, placed fabric for them to sit, and threw petals to make it more romantic. He had a set of candles ready for the night as well.
It was finally time to pick her up.
The maiden had just placed the cake inside her basket, having already changed and done her usual make-up. Her guitar was inside it's bag, placed on the couch and ready to be picked up.
It was quarter to 10, her cariño will be here soon and the female could barely control her excitement. She just couldn't wait to sing her heart out and shower him with love.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
Her eyes lit up, “Coming!” The maiden went to the mirror to see her reflection, making sure she didn't look like a mess. She hurriedly went to open the door after, finally seeing those enchanting muddy emerald orbs of his.
He was holding a bouquet, consisting of her favorite flowers - roses and carnations, with the exception of a stargazer lily. Of course, the female recognized the colour of blue he was wearing before looking back at his eyes. He seemed to realize it too. The corner of their lips twitched as the two burst into laughter.
“It seems we thought the same, mi cariño.” The maiden smiled, one which sent the other onto a daze, getting lost in her presence. “You're so beautiful.” He really just couldn't help it, it was the truth. They held the maiden's hands, planting a kiss on their knuckles.
“Really now?” She chuckled at her lover's antics, “I mean it.” was all he said in response, though his eyes said so much more as her eyes met his gaze. “Amor,” She mumbled, “Mi cariño,” She caressed his cheeks the same way they caressed her hand.
“You're the prettiest dream I've ever seen in the whole entirety I've been alive.” A kiss for a kiss, truth for truth. The two were in their own world, god, Camilo even forgot about the bouquet he was holding. Their lips touched for a brief moment, and although it was only for a brief moment, it was just as special as the rest.
Their gaze locked on one another, until the maiden started cackling. “Mi vida? What's so funny?” The corner of his lips curled upwards, being affected by her laughter. “The bouquet, querido. Am i really that enchanting?” She playfully smirked, teasing her beloved. “What else would've been the reason? Only you, mi princessa, would have this much of an impact on me.” They bowed in a dramatic manner, holding the bouquet out for the maiden to take — to which she did.
“As you too, mi principe.” The female chuckled, performing a curtsy. “Shall we?” He motioned for the maiden to link their arms together. “Just a second, chameleon.” She linked their arms for a brief moment, as brief as the kiss on their cheek.
Guitar, basket, was that all? Yeah, and a song engraved on her body. The basket now on her arm, and a guitar bag slung over her shoulder.
“Wait- wait, a guitar? Amor, did you-” She cut them off by placing a finger on their lips, shaking her head. “It's a surprise.” She linked their arms again, but this time, it's not only for a small period of time. “Come on, come on! I already told mami we're going.” The maiden tugged on his arm, “Slow down, mi estrella!” They chuckled.
“I'd race you but..” Her gaze fell onto their joined arms. “I like it like this.” She admitted, snuggling her cheek onto his shoulder, as they were almost of the same height. “Me too.” They kissed the maiden's forehead.
“So,” He started, “You wrote a song for me?” The shapeshifter asked, gaze curious yet glowed with appreciation. “Of course, it's for you.” [Name] smiled cheekily, “I have plenty of surprises for you later. I swear, you'll basically drown in my affection!” She proposed, it sounded like a declare of competition.
“Oh? Well, I also have plenty of surprises for you!” They returned the competitive gaze the maiden has. “We'll see about that, mi cariño.” She smirked smugly, a gesture which he returned.
“Sounds like a competition to me, mi vida.”
“It is, and I'm going to win.”
“Whatever you say, mi amor.”
The two exchanged sarcastic remarks, just like they would on the daily. Teasing, pranks, lots and lots of love, it was a normal occurrence for the pair.
They were nearing their destination. The sound of water flowing reached their ears, making their stomachs flutter with excitement.
[Name]'s eyes widened slightly at the sight. Petals, books, wow. It was paradise. But with Camilo, it was heaven. Better than heaven.
“I did a great job, didn't I, mi vida?” He glanced at her reaction, prideful as he saw her awestruck eyes.
“It's- I'm- wow. This is absolutely amazing, Camilo, mi amor, I love it.” The maiden awed at the sight, “I love you.” She kissed his nose.
“More? Pleaseee.” They pleaded, to which the female obliged. She giggled, peppering the other with kisses, her lipstick stains on his face. They accept with glee, letting the maiden shower him with their lovely kisses.
The basket was already on the floor, with the bouquet inside. After a couple more smooches, the female rested her head on the crook of his neck, savoring their scent. His arms held her waist, chin on her head. They started humming a song as they gently swayed, “Dancing now?” The female chuckled, as she started swaying too. “You don't want to?”
“Camilo, when would I never want to dance with you?” She removed her head on his neck, arms no longer on his chest as she draped them over his neck.
“Then, let's dance–” They guided the maiden over to the river, taking their shoes off. “here.” One of his arms on her waist, the other holding her hand while her other on his shoulder. Together, they danced ever so gracefully, in sync.
Their gaze on each other never broke, feet moving by the water, it was enchanting. Their bodies moved together, as if they'd done this plently of times. [Name]'s dress flowing ever so smoothly by their movements, much like water. Camilo guided her skillfully, twirling her perfectly that allowed her beauty to shine.
They couldn't help but think of how pretty she is, she was absolutely mesmerizing. Truly a sight to see. He loved how perfect the way her hair danced with the win, loved how she looked at him with such admiration, loved the way she smiled, god, she was so beautiful.
And she, she loved how his cheeks flushed, his pretty eyes that shone, loved his adorable freckles, his hair that was so soft, dios, she was absolutely lovestruck.
Neither wanted this moment to end, even though it felt as if time had stopped. It was a day-
–full of loving songs,
“Mi cariño,” The female smiled, hands on the strings of her guitar. “This song, I wrote specifically for you.” She bopped his nose with a cheeky grin. Camilo laughed, leaning in to peck her cheek. “A goodluck kiss for mi vida.” They teased. “Luck I don't need, fuel I do. Your kisses will suffice.” She smirked.
“ I'd never gone with the wind ,
just let if flow ,
let it take me where it wants to go ,
'till you opened the door ,
and there's so much more ,
I'd never seen it before .
I was trying to fly but I couldn't find wings ,
then you came along and you changed everything . ”
Camilo was already tearing up. The love of his life, wrote this song for him. And only for him. He couldn't explain how special he felt at that moment. He felt so loved and appreciated.
“ You lift my feet off the ground ,
spin me around ,
you make me crazier , crazier ,
feels like I'm falling and I ,
am lost in your eyes ,
you make me crazier , crazier, crazier . ”
Her voice was amazing, she sang with so much passion. It made his heart melt and tooth rot. She was too sweet.
“ I watched from a distance as you ,
made life your own ,
every sky was your own kind of blue ,
and I wanted to know ,
how that would feel ,
and you made it so real .
You showed me something that I couldn't see ,
you opened my eyes and you made me believe . ”
Oh god, he was crying, wasn't he? Wiping the tears that managed to escape his eyes, they smiled at her with such love.
“ You lift my feet of the ground ,
spin me around ,
you make me crazier , crazier ,
feels like I'm falling and I ,
am lost in your eyes ,
you make me crazier , crazier , crazier . ”
The female's fingers stopped strumming the guitars strings, her gaze holding his. “Camilo, mi amor, I love you. Like what the song said, really, you make me crazier.”
–love letters the two kept,
“Okay, this!” The female rummaged through the box she bought, holding a pink letter. “This is my favorite.” She snickered. “What's yours, cariño?”
Her beloved held a box of theirs too, filled with the letters they've exchanged throughout the year. “All of them.” He exclaimed, “Since they're all from you, mi vida.”
“...That's not fair, now you're making me feel bad.” The maiden sulked, “You really don't have a favorite?”
“I mean, there is this one letter..” He trailed, shifting his gaze from the maiden to the box. They took a white colored paper, “This one.” he flaunted.
“A-Amor, are you sure you got the right letter-”
He cut her off by reading it's first line,⠀ “ Camilo, my beloved, I wrote you poems while you were gone. ”
“Mi vida, please, not out loud!” The maiden was flustered, cheeks redenning.
Camilo paid no mind however, it was rare to see her all flustered.
“ I miss you already, and I can't stop thinking about you. Dios, all I'm painting is you, and all I can do is write for you. Chameleon, what did you do to me? ”
He read aloud with a smug look.
“ I can't wait to hear your voice again. I want to hug you and shower you with all my affection. Have I ever told you how pretty you are? ”
He snickered, “To answer your question, mi estrella, you have. Plenty of times.” He kissed her forehead, “You, are just like a dream. Mi amor is the prettiest.”
The maiden smiled sheepishly, “Thank you..” she burried her head further onto his shoulder, an attempt to hide her red face.
“..but I'll have to take revenge.” She smirked with mischief as she held an ocean blue letter. Camilo's mouth went agape, “You have that?!”
The maiden nodded, “A little birdie gave it to me.” before clearing her throat,
“ [Name], the love of my life, I probably won't be giving this to you. Not yet, at least. ”
“Lo siento, mi vida! Lo siento!” The other pleaded. He knew his sister could hear them, and he wouldn't hear the end of it once he comes back! They tried to rip the letter off her grasp, but she kept him in place whilst shaking her head.
“ So since I won't be giving this to you for maybe a long time, I'm giving this letter everything. You, mi estrella, are just so perfect in every way possible. Beautiful both inside and outside. Words can never describe your beauty. My pretty girl. ”
The maiden blushed, reading the phrase ‘ My pretty girl ’ again. “Awe, amor.” She pecked his cheeks, “Can I have the letter back now? Please?” he begged with those eyes of his. The female considered for a moment, before shaking her head, “Nope.”
“ I crave your touches, your voice, and your scent. Mi estrella, my shining star. You have no idea how much I love you. ”
“I love you too, chameleon.” [Name] snickered, handing him the letter. “I meant it.” He exclaimed, “Every single word.”
“You know, I have this letter that I haven't given to you yet. So I thought it was only fair.” She picked a red letter out of the box, “Here.” She handed him the letter.
The other opened it, reading the letters contents before smiling softly. “I'm your first love?” He held her hands delicately, “Yeah.” she admitted. “You're my first love too, mi vida.”
To: My first love, whoever you may be,
Hi, if you're reading this, I probably handed it to you. You're my first love, no one's ever made me feel the same. Whether or not my feelings are reciprocated, I wouldn't help but dream of you, and I'd thank you either way. You made me feel love, something I've never felt before. It reassures me that I am in fact, a human. So thank you.
Signed, [Name].
–feeding each other sweet delicacies,
“Now these, mi vida, taste heavenly.” He moaned in ecstasy, whatever she made was absolute perfection. The maiden giggled at her lover's antics, before going back to reading a book he got her.
He visibly pouted, “Amor,” they called out, catching the females attention. “Hm?” She hummed, letting him know she's listening before shifting her gaze to him. Camilo's mouth was open, an invitation for the female to spoon feed another bite of the cake.
“Fine, fine.” She laughed, feeding them another spoon. “Is it that good?” She asked, the other nodded in response.
Their grip on her waist tightened slightly, nuzzling his face closer to her neck. “Read for me?” He requested.
“Anything for you.”
–full of sweet moments,
Camilo was listening to the maiden ramble, his head resting on her lap.
“I felt really bad about it, honestly. But I couldn't do anything about it! I just-” She immediately stopped when she realized that her beloved was sleeping, eyes closed and relaxed.
She smiled and played with his hair, massaging his scalp. “Why'd you stop, mi vida?” They were not asleep. He sat up, “I was listening.” he took her hand that was on his head, kissing her knuckles. “Well- I thought you were asleep, I didn't want to wake you up.” She chuckled and laid down on the grass, making the other follow too.
“I was about to, your voice is like a lullaby to me.” He confessed, head now on her chest. She didn't mind. “I could sing you a lullaby.” The maiden played with their curly brown locks again, making him sigh with content. “I'd like that.”
“ Oh , my little little bunny ,
the carrots are on the wagon ,
somehow it thought it was funny ,
the carrots on the wagon . ”
The maiden sang, as the other closed their droppy eyes.
“ Oh, my little little bunny ,
the carrots have gone .
It's now in my tummy ,
said the little baby bunny . ”
The two held each other in their embrace under the setting sun. The wind hushing as it blows. The pair under the tree, content with where they are now, as long as they're together.
–the scent of candles and the comfort in his voice, eyeing the stars in each other's hold,
[Name] awoke to the scent of candles burning, her beloved now gone from her embrace. Confused, she looked around for her chameleon. “Mi sol?” She called out, getting worried.
“Amor?” Tears brimmed in her eyes, “Chameleon? Hey, where are you?” She knows he won't leave her, so where is he? “You know, if you're trying to scare me, you forgot about the candles.” She chuckled.
Silence continued, only the burning of candles and crickets were heard. No sign of her beloved.
“Ah, he wouldn't. He'll be back, I'm sure.” The maiden reassured herself, although unable to stop the sobs from her throat.
“Camilo! You left [Name]?” Dolores asked in disbelief. The shapeshifter, shocked at his sister's outburst, “For a little while, to get us pillows and blankets.” He was confused.
“Well, you better hurry! She's awake, looking for you.” She scolded him.
A pang of guilt washed over Camilo, he knows how she can get. He didn't say another word, but shot a thankful look towards his sister. He hurriedly ran towards their spot, blanket and pillows still in his arms.
“Mi vida!” He yelled out to your figure, “Camilo.” She sighed in relief, wiping her tear stained face. “Sorry, I though you left me for a second. I shouldn't have doubted you.” The maiden smiled.
“Ay, mi vida, I should be the one apologizing. I'm sorry, amor.” He wrapped a blanket over their shoulders, before wrapping her in his embrace.
“I'm here, mi vida, I'm here. I won't ever leave.” He kisses her forehead. “I love you, Chameleon. Don't do that again.” She laughed, “You really scared me.”
“Never again, mi estrella. I'm so sorry,” He was rubbing her back gently, comfort in his words and actions. “I love you too,” His other hand caressed her cheeks, wiping her tears.
“and I'll never stop loving you, mi vida.”
“Neither will i, mi cariño.”
“Happy First Anniversary?” He awkwardly greeted, making the female laugh. “Happy First Anniversary.”
The two settled down on the grass,
“Sooo,” The maiden trailer off, “I'm pretty sure I won, but you were VERY close.” She smirked, smug. The other sighed, “Just this once.”
“It still counts, mi sol.” -though he couldn't help the smile that unconsciously etched itself on his face.
The two laid their in each other's embrace once again, one pointing out constellations of the stars, while one admired the prettiest star next to him.
Tumblr media
The Tree by the River .
January 24 , 2022 . Monday .
Tumblr media
i am so sorry if this is a mess. honestly, i'm not quite proud of it, but we push through! i can just edit this later so... goodluck future me i guess? ü
and if you don’t already know, the song from earlier is called “ Crazier ” by Taylor Swift.
anyhow, thanks for reading! hope you at least enjoyed lmao
i promise, my writing will improve, okay? determination at its finest amirite
but yeah, alright. thank you though, really. have a nice day, my dear! /plato
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camilosangelita · a day ago
camilo x gender neutral reader. warnings: angst? mentions of death.
summary: camilo's blossoming romance with the reader is put to an end after recent current events.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I'm going back to 505!"
Camilo would never forget the day you two met.
He was admiring you from his balcony, watching you twirl around the town's plaza as some of the kids you babysat circled your dancing form.
He watched the sun dance on your skin, gazing into your eyes that were practically full of life.
Unfortunately, Camilo was too busy admiring you to notice that the kids that were circling around you had stopped, pointing fingers at him and squealing.
"OOOOO!! CAMILO IS STARING AT [NAME]!" They all shouted in unison, bursting into laugher once they saw Camilo turn beet red.
"No I wasn't!" He argued back, covering his face with his yellow ruana, looking away out of embarrassment.
At this point, you've already stopped dancing, giving the kids a stern look before looking up at Camilo with a smile.
"Hey Madrigal! Wanna join us?" You shouted, bringing your hands closer to your mouth to make your voice louder for him to hear.
"Don't mind if I do!" He proudly exclaims, jumping off his balcony to dance with the person he's grown to admire the most.
"If it's a seven hour flight.."
A few weeks after you met, Camilo finally mustered up the courage to confess.
"Mi amor!" Camilo called out singsongly, throwing a couple of rocks at [Name]'s window to get their attention, hiding a bouquet of roses behind his back.
After looking out their window, [Name] went and opened the door, a blush clearly evident on their face. "I'm never gonna get used to you calling me that.."
"Well, then I suggest you start." Camilo suggested, pulling out the bouquet of roses and handed them to [Name].
"I've been admiring you for some time now.." Camilo said, biting his lip out of nervousness before looking [Name] directly in the eye. "So I was wondering if you'd be my date for Antonio's gift ceramony?"
He didn't know what he was expecting, but he didn't expect [Name] to tackle hug him into the ground. "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" They exclaimed, kissing their lover all over, hugging them so hard until Camilo was practically gasping for air.
"Or a forty-five minute drive!"
During the night of Antonio's Gift Ceramony, Mirabel told the community that the house was beginning to break, swearing on her life that she saw cracks emerge.
"Don't worry everyone! The magic is strong, just like our drinks!" Abuela joked lightheartedly, returning back to Antonio's room for the party.
Camilo rolled his eyes, not believing that Mirabel would try to pull something on Antonio's birthday. "You don't think she'd do that, would she?"
You looked back at him, shaking your head. "I don't think she would, it's not like her to lie about something serious like that.
Camilo paused, thinking that this was a problem he would deal with his family later. "The night is still young, care for one more dance?" He asked, a smile appearing on his face when you nodded your head yes.
"In my imagination, you're waitin' lyin' on your side.."
[Name]?! [NAME]!" Camilo screamed out, warm tears flowing down his cheeks.
A few minutes ago, Mirabel and Abuela argued about the magic, not knowing that all the commotion would make the house fall apart.
Camilo didn't care about his home being torn apart, or his powers being gone, however - he did care about your safety, since you were unfortunately still inside when Casita crumbled down.
Felix, who had already knew that you were gone, pulled Camilo away, despite his screams of protest telling him not to. "You're gonna hate me now, but you're gonna thank me later." Felix explained, not wanting to let him see his former loved one dead.
Eventually, Camilo did end up getting his gift back, along with his house. But no amount of magic, can replace the happiness he felt whenever you came around.
He would give it all up, if it meant dancing with you again.
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super-cosmos14 · 22 hours ago
“Impresióname“ (Chapter 2)
Camilo Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media
You and Camilo instantly connected after that day. Although, he could be a bit playful, you didn't mind. Having a friend or two was all you've ever wanted.
Mirabel seemingly didn't know, but today, she came up to you suddenly, "So, I see you've met my cousin." She said with a smile. "Antonio?" You questioned. The glasses-wearing teen giggled, "No, Camilo." You nodded your head, "Oh, yeah! He's pretty cool. I mean, not like the rest of you aren't cool or anything-" "No, no, I get it!" Mirabel replied, stopping you from continuing your oncoming banter.
You were on your way home from the market when she caught you, so you turned to her, "Hey, Mira, uh, I have to take this stuff home. It's pretty heavy and dinner will be starting soon." You explained, arms straining while trying to heave you and the produce along the road. The young girl gasped in realization, one of her excited smiles spreading across her face, "HOW ABOUT YOU JUST HAVE DINNER WITH US? FOR REAL, THIS TIME!" She yelled excitedly.
You jumped at her shouting, but looked at her, "I-I don't think I should. My parents will wonder where I am and I don't wanna intrude on your family dinner-" You started, but Mirabel stopped you, slapping a hand over your mouth with a grin, "No, it's fine! Come on!" She urged, grabbing your hand. You held on tightly to the heavy items in your arms as your friend ran with you towards her home, "But, Mirabel!-" You tried to shout, but she was already too deep in her thoughts of introducing you to her entire family. You sighed internally, letting go of her hand and following behind her on your own.
Once you both arrived at Casa de Madrigal, she stopped, breathing heavily. She opened the gates, rushing inside and cheering loudly. You were tired from running with all of the food, you almost fell over and dropped everything, but you were surprised when some vines slid by you, grabbing all of your stuff before it fell. "You okay, Hun?" A sweet vice spoke. You looked up, seeing Isabela. "O-Oh, yes, Ms. Isabela! I'm fine!" You reassured.
She smiled graciously, then looked at her sister with furrowed brows, "Mirabel, why didn't you help your friend here?" Isabela questioned, grabbing your hands and lifting you up with little force. "Oh, lo siento, Y/N." She apologized with a nervous laugh. "Who's this young lady?" Another voice called from the balcony. You looked up, seeing Alma Madrigal, Mirabel's grandmother. You stood up fully, "Um..." You started. You couldn't move your mouth to speak. You were anxious since it wasn't everyday someone like you got to meet the amazing Madrigal's.
"This is, Y/N! She's a friend from town!" Mirabel introduced you. You waved a little, smiling as the aged woman made her way down the stairs and in the courtyard to stand in front of you. "Well, it's wonderful to meet you, señora." Alma said with a small smile, holding your hands in her own and bowing her head to you. "Why don't you join us for dinner? It's getting late, venir también." She said, pulling you further into the house.
You turned to gaze at your friend next to you and she gave a thumbs up, a beaming smile on her face.
You didn't expect them to invite you in so willingly, let alone treat you like their own family. Your heart warmed at this and you happily followed Alma, Isabela, and Mirabel into the kitchen. "Julieta, we have a guest. You might want to make more arepa con queso." She said. A middle-aged woman, who was throwing something onto a stone slab on the counter, turned to look at you. "Oh, is this the friend you've told me so much about, mi vida?" She said, looking at Mirabel.
So, this was Mirabel's mother? She's very pretty. You waved a little, watching in awe as Isabela's beautiful plants gently carried your things and placed them on the table. You thanked her and she nodded, going to help her mother. "Why don't you look around? Dinner will be ready in a moment, you both have time." Alma said, making your friend grab your hand and pull you upstairs.
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liji-bog · a day ago
just read it
Would anyone like me to write story reader x, Camilo?
Summary: Abuela alma and y/n's Abuela are childhood friends, etc. y/n's family have gifs too because of some reason I will explain in the story well this doesn't say much. (i can promise it will be kinda interesting) (I will write both on Tumblr and Wattpad)
wattpad: iamurwife-
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