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princedorianstorm · 2 days ago
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What a stupid name.
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casukaga · 19 hours ago
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huh, i think you installed the wrong version of nord by nordwest featuring…critical role’s campaign 3 characters!?
apropos of my mighty nein redraws of sam’s nordvpn ads from last year, it felt necessary to draw a version with the c3 characters.
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moghedien · 13 hours ago
the absolute funniest thing about their date with Pretty is that its literally just because
they did not need to do it. they were not asked to do it. it does nothing to help their current task and if anything wastes time. literally the only reason why they're doing it is because Imogen word vomited while trying to buy time and they just decided to double down on her word vomit and decided that actually all three of them needed to go on a date with this ogre for reasons?
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random-rants-n-rambles · 2 days ago
The nobodies aren’t so bad
I don’t blame the Nobodies for leaving Ashton and skipping town. Your forgetting the circumstances, they had just botched a job and pissed off one of the most powerful people in the city. Ashton had such a huge hole in his head you could see his brain and the only person they knew with even a hint of medical knowledge was the guy who hired them for this job in the first place. 
So they left him with Milo, knowing he was probably going to die under the knife or hammer or whatever else was used to fix him and ran. And I think that speaks of how much the Nobodies care for Ashton. They could have left him at the mansion, dragging a 3/4 dead friend back to their hideout was a terrible idea; but they did it anyway. They left him with the only option that could save him while they took the only option that would save them. 
Of course Ashton isn’t mad at them. They don’t know if he survived. The Nobodies aren’t heroes, they’re a bunch of scrappy misfits who’ve been fighting to survive they’re whole lives. They'll do what they can to help each other but they’re not gonna sacrifice themselves for someone whose probably dead. If it was someone else in the group that got hurt Ashton would have done the same thing. 
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marvelousbelladonna · 17 hours ago
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I’m just so in love with all of them😍🥰
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critical-rolling · 16 hours ago
So we know Ashley added that bit about the nightmare king giving you wet willy to embrace the chaotic delight that is Fearne, but we also know that Matt is a menace and will 100% include something referring to that in the confrontation
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Tell me that isn’t scheming face
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augustcharmed · a day ago
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dreams of storms
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fia-bonkginya · a day ago
(a snippet of a fic i might never finish)
"I’m just more used to it, I guess,” Dorian said after a moment. “Leaving things out, I mean.”
Orym tilted his head, considering that. “How do you reach the point where that’s more familiar to you? Isn’t it... isn’t it normal for kids to lie to their parents?”
“Oh, sure,” Dorian laughed, “but, well, my mother has a bit of magic, and zone of truth makes that much more complicated.”
Dorian was smiling, but Orym felt his blood run cold. “What?” he breathed.
“It’s a tricky spell, that one,” Dorian continued, seemingly not noticing the horror slowly making its home on Orym’s face. “It doesn’t actually force you to tell the truth, but it feels like it’s going to. The first few times she used it on me, when I was a kid, I just blurted out every truth I could think of. Not just what I had done wrong in that moment, the thing she was asking about, but any rules I had broken that she hadn’t asked about.”
“How young were you?” Orym found himself asking, unable to tear his eyes away from the relaxed, carefree, casual expression that Dorian wore. Like this was commonplace, normal. “The first time. How young?”
“Oh, five, maybe?” Dorian answered easily. “But I learned pretty quickly, what the spell required. You couldn’t lie, but you could dance around the truth, say just enough to satisfy the questions without really saying anything you didn’t want to.” He lifted a shoulder, a half-shrug, his mouth still turned up in that smile, like they were sharing a joke. “Easy.”
“Dorian, that’s...” Orym hesitated, searching for the word. 
Dorian blinked, noticing, now, the look on his face. His expression faltered, becoming unsure, nervous. “Ah, sorry, did I say something wrong?”
“No,” Orym said quickly, the word coming out in almost a growl, wrenched from his throat. “No, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. But nobody should be casting zone of truth on a five-year-old, let alone their own child.”
“She was just... she was over-protective. She didn’t want us doing things we weren’t supposed to be doing.”
Orym shook his head. “Dorian, zone of truth is... it’s a spell for criminals on trial. Or, if you’re especially paranoid, it’s for dealings with people you don’t trust. It is not for... for children.”
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kobaltsoul · 2 days ago
A family can be one fey kleptomaniac, one unhinged grampa, a flower boy, a secluded rich kid, a punk kid, an undead women, a horse girl, and a therapy robot.
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mjdrawsalot · 2 days ago
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(WIP) C3 E2 Thumbnail Redraw
my life might be falling apart but at least i have clean lineart
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notjustdrwhoboards · 12 hours ago
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Critical Role moodboard: Ashton Greymoore (requested by: anon)
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princedorianstorm · 17 hours ago
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Sounds so romantic! It really does.
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crit role c3 more like . a party of scooby doo villains
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moghedien · 16 hours ago
Marisha: I’m gonna play a character that is so unromancable this time around *plays a literal corpse*
Fearne and Imogen:
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jnoll · 6 hours ago
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pretty’s search continues
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adustbaginturmoil · 19 hours ago
So it's official right?
Fresh Cut Grass and Laudna's inner group name (like Chaos Crew) is Good Cop and Bad Cop, right?
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captainsspnanon · a day ago
C3E10 -reaction
I really loved the start of the date, but it lost me by the end.  And I’m completely cool with Pretty actually being very intelligent, I love it!  But through last episode and the start of the date, Pretty had a well established speech pattern.  Slower, limited words at a time, but still fully cognizant and coherent when describing things like how he cooked the meal, etc.  Then come the end of the date, and suddenly he’s speaking much faster and MUCH more eloquently, I guess to show that he’s smart?  But I’d personally have much rather seen Pretty still give his review of the show, wanting to read, etc, had he shown the same speech patterns from the beginning, especially because it’s a good way of showing that someone doesn’t need to be eloquent to be intelligent.
Pretty rejecting the girls, though?  Hysterical and actually a little sad.  I could totally see Fearne wanting to go on additional dates with him.
C2 leaned really hard into the party being assholes, C3 seems to be leaning hard into the party being complete WEIRDOs (and also Laudna being terrifying).  I am loving this with every part of my heart, it is DELIGHTFUL.
I’ve seen multiple takes on the Nobodies on tumblr, and I’m appreciating them all for all the different perspectives.  I don’t know if I have much of an opinion yet, I’m comfortably able to see both sides and that’s leaving me more open to accepting different options.  There’s a small part of me that’s thinking of the way Beau got used a bit by the crime kids, but also the different relationships as Ashton was RAISED with the Nobodies, and they really were family in all but the blood aspect by the way he talks about them and the way that they were raised in the state home.  Another comparison that’s stuck in my head is how Fjord hated the last name Stone and felt that it didn’t really belong to him, whereas Ashton has taken on the name Greymoore, the same name as the home.
Ashton is definitely surprising me, and I think I’ve been able to pinpoint why.  The first few episodes (like, one and two, or maybe one through three) it seemed like Taliesin was once again exploring arrogance, something he’s had in play in some level in all his PCs.  However, after that very beginning (which very easily could have been the ‘finding the voice’ stage), Ashton has now moved into a state where they seem confident without being arrogant, comfortable without feeling ‘above’.  I’ve been steadily liking Ashton more and more, and this is really solidifying my enjoyment of them.
Speaking of Ashton, they seem very comfortable with their relationship with JH, but at the same time, they told FCG that they want to be free.  ...I don’t have more to say about that, but it’s
certainly something I’m going to keep in the back of my mind.
...So I’m like, 95% sure that Chetney is a werewolf.  I’m trying not to get too solidified in it because I don’t want to be disappointed if he isn’t, but it’s veeeery much an option.  I don’t think Gurge is Travis’s “real” PC, especially after Matt’s comments on twitter about how Travis wanted to give this a real go.  My guess is that the ‘troll’ part of Travis’s twitter is related to the werewolf bit.  COULD BE WRONG, JUST THEORIZING.
I’m usually all for canon ships and canon flirting, but for whatever reason I just can’t get into Dorym, as much as Liam and Robbie are throwing at us.  Not sure why, either, it’s just not clicking in for me.
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love-it-all12345 · 2 days ago
I can't wait for Chetney and Dorian's relationship to eveolve into an antagonistic buddy cop kinda thing
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lunar-ease · 2 months ago
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This is what I saw in my head  when those three sneaked behind the warehouse. You know, ✨the best people for a stealth mission✨ 
 Love them!! <3
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jinxknight · 2 months ago
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“The fuck happened when she was making this character?”
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