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5.22.20 - Well, the semester finally ended this week and it hasn’t been an easy one. From a local water crisis where my college town’s water supply got polluted to the pandemic that’s happening right now, there’s been a lot of external disruptions to an already heavy coursework. Since I’m graduating early this fall, I had to take on more credits and completed both seminars for my double major. I’m so relieved to be done with the semester and am really excited to focus on me time since New York is still following stay at home orders. I can’t wait to read more (I just bought four new books), try out new recipes, and just be present. I know it’s hard to plan ahead, but I really hope I don’t have to spend my last semester at home. I miss my gorgeous campus a lot, just look how peaceful and picturesque it is! Lastly, I’m looking for my blogs to follow so please reblog or like this if you’re a studyblr—especially those studying political science/international relations and Spanish/languages. I’d love to follow you all! - xo, Mary

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Quarantined Campus Gothic

  • There’s people outside your door. You can hear them moving in and out. There’s always the same three rooms on your hall that are occupied.
  • All the bugs are dead.
  • All your plants have withered.
  • There’s a thunderstorm outside. Why were there none before?
  • Your strange dreams followed you here. You hadn’t dreamt in this room before.
  • You were so hungry before why can’t you eat now?
  • The room is dry. You wake up thirsty. You can’t remember if it’s supposed to be morning or evening. It’s still raining outside.
  • The bathrooms are clean but the lights are out. You don’t dare turn them back on. Someone enters the shower next to yours. You see no towel on the door and never see them get out.
  • The coffee machine is on but no longer working.
  • You hear voices and music at night sometimes. Where is it coming from? There’s no bars or parties anymore.
  • Past midnight, once it gets quiet, you can still hear a girl telling someone to turn it down. Are they singing to her this time? Will she be swayed? Were you?
  • You keep seeing students on the grass and benches outside. You know none of them. There’s so many of them. There’s one of you. Why are you alone? They stare. You try not to stare. Are they really students?
  • When meeting a familiar face do not shake hands. Deny their affection. Deny their gifts. Don’t take food or drinks. Do you know them? Have you seen them before? Have you known them before?
  • The building administrator has a schedule outside his office. His door is always open.
  • Deadlines are still coming. The days are mostly night and the nights are longer than you remember.
  • How are things less palpable but more pressing?
  • How are things harder for you but easier for everyone else?
  • How are you in your room and everyone is out there?
  • There are fewer and more people at the same time. Where are they going? What are you missing out? What will you avoid? Whose fault will it be?
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I’m back at the campus and it’s amazing. Like I went on vacation. I see different faces, different surroundings. I feel like a child on an adventure. God I miss going to college normally…

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hey so i realized i never posted this while still in school but one time walking on campus i think i heard the funniest thing ever

random guy: “dude i totally would’ve sold my foreskin if i were you”

that was it. that was the whole thing. i dont know anything that was said before or after that but i just know that that happened

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