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suna-reversed · 6 months ago
JJK characters walking in on you masturbating//headcanons
Tumblr media
Characters- Gojo, Megumi, Yuji, Toji, Maki, Nobara
A/N: Sukuna isn’t added here because I’m working on a separate nsfw!headcanon fic for just him (lmk if you want to be added to the taglist for it)
Tumblr media
Minors dni‼️
(tags/warnings)- fingering, face-sitting, slight degradation, denial/edging, overstimulation, oral (female receiving), thigh riding
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
- He’d probably be very playful and cocky about it.
- “so needy huh baby? need my cock to help you cum?”
- pulling your hand away from your heat, he’d suck the juices off your fingers while pulling down his blindfold and locking his eyes onto yours, 
- “mhmm you taste so good, I can just never get enough of this.” 
- following which he most definitely will fold your legs up against your chest and dive in to lick and suck on your poor sensitive nub.
- would make you cum three times alone on just his tongue and fingers. 
- pulling up, he’d pull out his thick cock, making you whine as he rubs it on your oversensitive clit, 
- “you didn’t think we were done did you?” 
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Megumi
- Megumi.exe has crashed. 
- He’d just stare at you with his jaw dropped, a very obvious bulge forming under his sweatpants. 
- “well, are you just gonna stand there gawking or actually help me out?”
- hearing you say that would immediately snap back him back to reality and he’d just go feral, all thoughts other than pleasuring you being thrown out the window. 
- his lips would be on yours in the blink of a second.  
- it’ll be very messy, your tongues clashing, spit drooling out, your bottom lip being lightly tugged in between Megumi’s teeth !!
- he’d dip his head down to take one of your nipples into his mouth while his fingers move to rub your clit. 
- already sensitive from before, it wouldn’t take you long to finish, your moans being muffled as he once again crashes his lips on yours. 
- “on your stomach. now.” he’d growl out quietly. 
- as soon as you’ve flipped over, he’d be lining himself up with your heat, entering you in one long stroke, not giving you a single second to adjust as he starts thrusting his hips into yours 
- he’d make sure you cum enough times on his cock for you to forget your own name. 
- later on when you’d be sitting in a warm bath together, he’d just press his head into your neck, softly mumbling, 
- “next time you can just ask me, okay?” (pls he’s so soft)
Tumblr media
Itadori Yuji
- boy would legit bust a nut right there.
- would be a little pouty at first as to why you didn’t ask him to join you
- “babe you were literally gone on a mission for the last three days-”
- but then he’d low key get very excited because he’s wanted to try out mutual masturbation for a while now and this provided the perfect opportunity for it.
- so he’d make you sit in front of him with your legs spread, your fingers knuckle-deep inside your cunt as you grope your tits with your other hand. 
- he’d be so awestruck that he’d forget to even stroke himself
- would probably just say “fuck it” and pounce on you, because how can he resist burying himself deep inside you when you look so pretty?
- his stamina levels are through the roof, so you’ll be getting your cunt pounded on for hours.
- Yuji would have to carry you around everywhere the next day because of how sore you’d be. 
Tumblr media
Toji Fushiguro 
- He’d just be very amused by it.
- but would also low key take it as a personal hit to his ego (he obviously wouldn’t admit to it though) 
- as soon as you notice his presence, you’d be scrambling away to cover yourself.
- “oh, don’t stop on my account. Go on.” he’d say with a slight smile on his face.
- but you’d know better than that.
- and in all honesty, you had went at it for hours trying to reach that satisfying peak, but your efforts were to no avail.
- at this point you’d just be whining and begging for him to help you cum.
- that would just spur him on further as he’d sit down onto the couch, his hands behind his head as he beckons you closer with a finger.
- getting off the bed, you’d move to stand in between his spread legs, his face right in front your dripping heat. 
- he’d run a knuckle against your slit, humming at the wetness his skin is met with. 
- “please- please fuck me” he’d look up at you with a mocking grin but you’d continue, “can’t cum without you filling me up- please.”
- that’d crumble much of his resolve as he’d growl and pull you down onto his thigh, hands gripping onto your hips harshly enough to leave marks, 
- “tsk tsk, just couldn’t be patient could you? Go on then, make yourself cum on my thigh like the greedy little slut you are.”
- grinding your hips against his muscular thigh, you’d cry out loud at the friction against your clit. 
- Toji would twist and pinch your nipples, groaning at the sight of your juices dripping over the expanse of his thigh.  
- And right as you’re on the brink of cumming, he’d still your hips in place, leaving you crying as the unsatisfactory ripples of your ripped away orgasm hit you. 
- “did you really think you wouldn’t get punished for touching yourself without permission?” 
Tumblr media
Maki Zenin
- similar to Megumi, she’d be flustered by it too but she wouldn’t let you know of it as she covers it up by being smug. 
- your eyes would snap open as you feel the bed dip next to you, widening as you’re met with the smirking face of your lover.  
- “you could’ve just asked me for help dear.”
- she’d replace your hand with hers as she rubs circles onto your bundle of nerves, her lips latching onto the spot on your neck that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head. 
- “mhmm- need to taste you Maki.” you’d say, moaning as her fingers move faster. 
- she’d pull away as soon as you’re on the edge, making you whine out loud.
- laying back down, she’d tug on your hips, signalling for you to sit on her face. 
- moving your thigh over her hunger filled face, you wouldn’t even have a second to adjust yourself before arms would be wrapping around your thighs and pulling you down onto her awaiting tongue. 
- the air would be filled with lewd sounds as you’d lean forward to run your mouth over her slit, making her let out a loud moan that sends vibrations down your core. 
- you’d come apart as her lips suction at your nub, gently grazing her teeth against it as she reaches her own edge, your moans sending vibrations against her dripping heat. 
Tumblr media
Nobara Kugisaki
- she’d just be so soft and shy when it comes to her s/o.
- her face would be as red as a tomato as she stutters and literally backs out the room. 
- only poking her head back in at the sound of you laughing and calling out for her.
- “c’mere baby.” you’d say while gently patting the spot next to you on the bed.
- you’d kiss her gently as she sits down, your hands going to bury themselves in her soft hair. 
-  getting bolder, she’d move her hand down to your breasts, groping and fondling them, one of her hands moving even lower as you moan into her mouth.
- her eyes would snap open at the buzzing sound filling the room as she feels you press the vibrator that was just stuffed inside you against her clothed core. 
- “wanna see you cum baby, c’mon fuck yourself on it”
- she’d only blush further hearing your lewd words, her own fingers desperate to help you find pleasure.
- you’d both look at the other between kisses, moans escaping your mouth, almost turning it into a competition of seeing who falls apart first.
- Nobara does, much thanks to the little vibrator pressed against her clit
- you had planned on teasing her more, but how could you have resisted her pushing you back down onto the bed with puppy eyes asking, 
- “can I make you feel good now?”
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tomboyneedshercoffee · a year ago
Lovedust || Peter Parker x Stark Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N and Peter have always hated each other but when Y/N discovers an element that can make people fall in love, her whole relationship flips upside down. 
Word Count: 3.9k
Author’s Note: I’m still working on the last part to thin ice but I’ve had the idea of a love potion series for Peter and since we’re in quarantine, I said fuck it. I’m such a sucker for an enemy to love type thing so this is great cause technically it’s a slowburn but not at the same time! Also Y/N is ADOPTED cause duh of course she is. Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist!
Warnings: Mild language, mean peter 
part one || part two || part three || part four || part five || part six ||
part seven || part eight || epilogue 
You grew up with always hearing the saying that the heart wants what it wants. When your heart longed for a family, you found yourself among the Avengers who helped raised you into the woman you were meant to be. Deep down, you loved them more than you could possibly imagine and your heart felt full knowing they would always have your back. 
You weren’t sure how much room was left in your heart but you knew a person who you definitely didn’t make space for. Peter Parker. 
Your dad recruited him into the Avengers years ago but ever since the two of you met, you had always butted heads. 
There was a whole list of reasons why you hated him; the smirk he always had whenever he would see you and the way he said your name as if it was like venom in his mouth. 
There were times where Peter would leave smoke bombs in your room after you had just cleaned it or trap you in your room with his webbing when you were late for the movies. You always managed to get him back whether it was you throwing out all of his clothes into the courtyard when he needed to get ready for school or you hacking into his phone whenever he had an important call. 
Most of the time, it didn’t matter. You both knew you were smarter and wittier than he would ever be but the one thing he always had above you was that he had powers. It didn’t matter that you had grown up with superheroes or that your dad was the Tony Stark, Peter would always be an Avenger. 
Everyone in the complex knew the feud the two of you had but that didn’t stop them from stirring the pot now and then to witness it. 
You sat down on the couch as you continued to work on your paper quietly since you needed a change of scenery.  Bucky watched over your shoulder as he made breakfast in the kitchen. 
“ Homework?” 
“ Mhm. It’s about how the U.S could have avoided World War II if our president wasn’t so dumb,” You said as you kept your eyes glued to your screen,” I’ll let you read it once I finish it.”
Bucky smiled and turned his attention back to the stove,” Sounds good kiddo.” 
You had about thirty minutes before your paper was due and you felt like you were on a roll. You had enough time to knock out another page but as soon as you shifted to the next paragraph, loud music started to play from one of the rooms close by. 
You didn’t even have to look up to know that it was Peter. You turned around and looked sympathetically at Bucky for help but he shook his head when his eyes met yours. 
“ Don’t look at me, I’m making breakfast.”
You looked down at your laptop as if you were considering to ignore the music before getting up from the couch anyway and stomped over to Peter’s room. You could feel the vibration of the music underneath your feet as you knocked on the door violently,” Shut up Parker!” 
Not even a second later, the door swung open and revealed Peter who was only wearing sweatpants and a small smirk. 
“ What did you say? I can’t hear you,” Peter shouted over the music as he tried to close the door on you. 
You pushed the door open and slid through, heading straight for his phone that was attached to the room’s speaker. You grabbed it before he could reach you and you swiped your thumb over his phone screen to turn the music off,” You’re making my brain hurt and I can’t even hear myself think!”
“ Wait,” Peter gasped as he acted surprised,” you have a brain? I’m so sorry I didn’t even realize!” 
Peter tried to reach for his phone but you yanked it back and held your hand up,” You can get this back after I finish my paper. I’m serious Parker if I fail because of your dumbass music I’ll kill you.” 
You walked out of his room and back into the living room where Peter trailed behind you. At this point, Bucky, Sam, and Natasha were all in the kitchen as they silently watched the madness that unfolded right in front of them. 
You plopped back down on the couch but before you could place your laptop back into your lap, Peter grabbed it away from you and closed the screen harshly. 
“ Peter! I didn’t save it!”
“ Relax, you have google docs,” Peter said as he reached out his hand,” now give me my phone.”
You stood up as you tried to grab your laptop back but Peter casually held it over his head. 
You didn’t want to embarrass yourself even further so you didn’t even attempt to leap up and grab it out of his sneaky hands,“ Ugh, fine. Will you at least stop playing your shitty music so loudly?” 
Peter tilted his head to the side for a moment,” Do you really want this back?”
You knew Peter was playing a trick on you but you were so frustrated, you took the bait anyway. 
“ Yes, I would like my laptop back,” You sighed as Peter smiled cheekily back at you. 
Peter nodded and shrugged,” Okay, now ask me nicely. Didn’t your dad teach you manners?” 
You fumed silently as you tried to keep your temper down,” May I please have my laptop little shit!” 
Peter clicked his tongue and shook his head,” That’s kinda mean Y/N but for you I’ll give it back...if you beg for it.” 
Your face grew hot and before you knew it, you lunged at Peter. Both you and Peter hit the floor as the two of you wrestled to try and grab your belongings back. Once you grabbed your laptop, you scrambled back up before glaring back at Peter. 
“ You idiot! You could’ve broken my-” As you opened your laptop, you saw your screen completely cracked. If you squinted, you could barely make out any words that were on your page. 
Your heart sank to the bottom of your stomach as you could feel how close you were to crying. You had been working on this paper for days and you knew you still had so much to work on. 
Peter watched your face as he visibly gulped,” Y/N-”
“ Forget it!” You snapped back as you gather the rest of your notes and pushed past him,” fucking asshole.” 
You pressed your laptop and your notebooks against your chest as you figured you could find an empty computer up in the labs. Peter hesitantly watched as you walked away and into one of the glass elevators.
“ I’m sorry!” He shouted as the elevator started to go up. 
You looked down at Peter and made eye contact with him before sticking up your middle finger. Peter shook his head as stuffed his hands into his pocket and mumbled underneath his breath. 
“You’re terrible with women,” Sam sighed as Peter turned his attention towards the kitchen. 
Peter pointed back at himself and towards the elevator,” Me? She’s being the difficult one!” 
Natasha shook her head as she grabbed her coffee mug and walked towards Peter,” Take my advice kid, if you like a girl, I would refrain from...whatever you just did. Ever heard of flowers or a card?” 
“ I don’t like her, how many times do I have to tell you guys!” Peter huffed as his face grew bright red. 
“ Even if you don’t like her, you need to at least apologize, it’s the right thing to do,” Natasha said as she patted his shoulder and walked off, leaving Peter to feel guilty. 
Once you got to the labs, you found a vacant computer in the hallway and started to work on your paper. At this point, you were just bullshitting it and after a few minutes of angrily typing, you decided you would just submit it since you were exhausted. 
As you wheeled your chair back away from the desk, you spotted Banner in one of the main labs by himself. His body hunched over the desk as he looked directly into a microscope.
Even from your position, you could see that whatever he was looking at was glowing bright pink. You rested your knee against the desk as you leaned back in your chair, attempting to try and get a better look. 
You had never seen anything in science ever give off such a vibrant color before and you were intrigued, to say the least. As cool as it was living in the Avengers complex with superheroes, you were more fascinated on what went down in the labs than on the battlefield. 
As you stretched back, you felt the wheel underneath your chair slip from underneath you and a second later, you fell to the ground with a hard thud. You clasped your hand over your mouth as you listened to hear footsteps coming closer.
The door to the lab chamber opened up to a whirring sound as cold air whipped past you, you had been caught.
“ Y/N? What are you doing down there?” Banner asked as he helped you up to your feet. 
Without missing a beat you looked over his shoulder and pointed to the glowing object,” What is that? Can I look at it with you?” 
Banner followed your line of sight to where his microscope was positioned and then back at you. 
“ Um, I’m not sure your dad would want you-”
“ Please? Just for a second, I promise,” You whined while Banner sighed as if he knew he was defeated. 
Out of all the Avengers, Banner was always the one to go easy on you and you knew he would fall for your puppy dog eyes. 
“ Fine, but just for a second but don’t touch anything,” You followed Banner into the lab as the cold air sterilized you and your clothes,” put these on.”
You put on your lab coat and gloves as you followed closely behind him. He motioned his hand to the microscope as you gladly accepted the offer. 
You peeked into the microscope as you examined the slide. It was hard to see anything besides the pink glow but after looking at it closer, you could make out small, powdery rocks as small as a grain of rice. 
“Okay well, this definitely isn’t a bunch of pop rocks so what is it?” You asked, turning back to Banner,” this has ‘space stuff’ written all over it.”
Banner nodded as you stepped away from the microscope to rest your eyes,“It’s a form of moondust that works as a highly addictive psychostimulant that directly affects the hypothalamus. Thor brought it back for the lab so I could try and make a type of vaccine since it has really bad side effects.” 
“ What do you mean it has bad side effects- is that why my eyes hurt?” You asked nervously as Banner calmed you down.
“ Relax, it’s relatively safe as long as it doesn’t come in contact with water. You know what oxytocin is right? It’s called the love hormone and when this powder makes contact with human skin-”
“ Oxytocin-So, like a love potion?” You questioned as Banner stopped for a moment before nodding,” You have to let me help you, please let me help you. School is so easy right now, I need something challenging so my brain cells don’t deteriorate!” 
You could tell that Banner was hesitant about allowing a seventeen-year-old girl to help him find a cure for a space element that was highly addictive but in the name of science, he budged.
“ I think we should call it a day. We’ve been working on this for hours and we still haven’t found anything that stands out,” Dr. Banner said as he stepped away from the lab table and stretched his neck out,” I heard your dad is making dinner for everyone tonight and I want front row seats to that trainwreck.”
You checked the time and saw that it had been hours since you’ve eaten or even saw the light of day. As hungry and tired as you were, you knew that if it was a big dinner, Peter would be joining in. 
For the first time in hours, you remembered everything that had gone down earlier in the day and it just made you mad all over again. 
You backed up from the microscope and nodded as you felt how sore your neck was starting to feel,” I’ll probably head down later. I just want to be sure we’re not missing anything.” 
“ I wanted to thank you again for your help with all of this. I know it’s not your department but I’m glad to see you in the lab,” Banner said as some of the other scientists in the lab started to leave,” it’s really great to see young people interested in science.” 
“ Well, it helps when you have a great teacher,” You smiled as Banner grinned back. 
Once he left the lab, you turned your attention back to what you and Banner called “ Lovedust”. As you looked at the powder, you felt a wave of sadness wash over you. 
You weren’t sure if it was from the powder or how long you’ve been working on a serum but looking at the Lovedust made you feel helpless.
 You had been in relationships in the past that were never the healthiest but if you had known back then that an actual love potion existed, maybe it could’ve saved you a few heartaches.  
You were so deep in thought that you didn’t hear the sterilization door open as Peter stepped in quietly, watching you from afar. 
He crept up behind you to where he was a mere centimeters away from his chin touching your shoulder. 
“ Whatcha got there?” Peter asked loudly as you jumped up from your seat, shrieking. 
You hit the table with your knee hard as you whipped around, completely flustered, to see Peter leaning against one of the lab tables laughing. 
“ Very funny idiot!” You said as you smacked the back of his head,” you can’t sneak up on someone like that- especially in a laboratory!” 
Peter pushed your hand away as his gaze fell on the Lovedust that was now sprawled over the table. 
He pointed over to the powder as he kneeled in front of it,” Woah, what is this stuff?”
Your eyes grew wide as you grabbed Peter’s hand and pulled him away from the table. If Peter were to come into contact with it, who knows what trouble he could stir up. 
“ Promise me that you will not touch it! I need a sweepy thingy!” You shouted as you scrambled around the room to find a dustpan. 
Peter only rolled his eyes as he pulled up a chair so he could get a better look at the glowing dust. Peter whistled low as you finally found the dustpan that was underneath one of the lab tables. 
“ Were you hiding up here this whole time staring at this thing?” Peter asked as you stopped in front of the table and shooed him to the side,” are you going to tell me what this is or am I going to have to touch it to get your attention?” 
You set a deadly gaze to Peter before turning your attention to the mess he had caused. Banner said it was relatively harmless as long as it didn’t touch water and as you looked around the room, you noticed there wasn’t a sink or beaker close by. 
You sighed as you turned to Peter,” It’s moondust they found on Thor’s planet. Just don’t spit on it or lick it cause if it comes in contact with water, it gets super reactive.” 
Peter looked up curiously at you as he raised his eyebrow,” How reactive?”
You mimicked an explosion noise with your mouth as your hands spread out into jazz fingers which made Peter laugh. 
“ Okay, got it, no water,” Peter said before he backed up from the table and started looking around the lab. Peter watched as you tried your best to sweep up the remaining dust carefully as he leaned against one of the bunsen burners. 
“ Why are you here? Cause if it’s an apology, I don’t want to hear it,” You said finally as Peter straightened up his back,” I’m tired of your lame excuses.”
While his whole plan was to come up and apologize, he felt all that motivation and guilt fade away since you had said it in a snarky tone.  
“ Why would I apologize?” Peter responded as you shook your head, laughing dryly,” for the laptop? You were the one who lunged at me!”
It all made sense to you, Peter would never own up to his mistakes and now, his mistake had cost you another laptop. 
You kept your focus to the table but you clicked your tongue,” You know what Peter, I’m not saying you have to treat me like the Queen of England, but I’ll be damned if you don’t respect me. I think you need to remember who you’re talking to, I’m a Stark.” 
Peter moved away from the table and stood next to you with his arms crossed against his chest. 
“ You think you can intimidate me? Y/N, we’re not friends, I don’t owe you anything.”
You turned to face Peter as you felt pure rage growing inside your chest,” You’re right, you don’t owe me anything. But that suit you run around in and that room you sleep in every night is thanks to my dad. Before my dad showed up you were nothing. Humble yourself Spiderboy.”
Peter’s face looked visibly hurt for a second before glaring right back at you,” I need to humble myself? All you ever do is go around saying how smart you are just because your dad is Tony Stark. You’re almost eighteen and yeah you got a full ride to Columbia and you’re valedictorian but you wasted your whole high school years on never accomplishing anything! You never went to a single party, you never passed your driver’s test, and you’ve never even had a boyfriend before.” 
“ Newsflash Parker, I’ve had boyfriends before but unlike you, my relationships don’t dictate whether or not I’ve accomplished something!” You snapped back as you took a step towards Peter,” and at least my boyfriend’s dads don’t end up in jail.” 
Peter didn’t even hesitate as the words slipped right out of his mouth,” And at least my girlfriends actually loved me back.”
Immediately, nausea swirled in your empty stomach as your mind started to feel swarmed with old memories of every relationship you had. The room felt still and you thought that if you let a tear out, it would make noise once it hit the floor. 
Peter immediately regretted his words once again as he watched your stern face fall into a somber one. Before he could reach out to you, he felt the hair on his arm raise up at the same time. 
“ Wow, low blow Parker-” You turned around and when you looked at the table behind you, half of your notes and papers were lit up in flames. 
Before you could even let out a gasp, the sprinkler system came on as water sprayed every inch of the room, including the Lovedust. 
“ No no no!” You yelled as you scrambled over to the other side of the room to shut the water off,” Peter help me!” 
Peter carefully tried to run through the slippery floor without falling but once he saw you slip on the way to the button, he almost sprinted towards you. When he felt his foot slip from underneath him, he jolted his arm out to catch himself on the table. 
He could feel the Lovedust crunch underneath his palm as his blood ran cold. You had never told him what the powder was except that it would explode so Peter desperately tried rubbing the powder onto his pants. 
You picked yourself up from the ground and used all of your weight to press the button and stopped the sprinkler system. Within seconds, the sprinkler system halted as you looked back at Peter, who was completely drenched in water. 
“ Nice going- hey, are you okay?” You asked as you moved your wet hair out of your face before stopping in the middle of your step. 
Peter’s left hand and his whole left side of his jeans were covered in glowing pink dust that was turning redder by the second. 
“ I need to sit down,” Peter said softly before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his feet crumbled underneath him. 
Once Peter hit the ground, you screamed for help as you slid across the wet floor, kneeling close to Peter. 
You did your best to avoid touching his whole left side as you lifted the upper half of his body and propped his head up against the leg of the table. You cupped your hands around his face as you moved a few strands of wet hair so you could see better. 
“ Peter? Damn it, Peter!” You shook him harshly as you felt your heart sink to your stomach,” Wake up! Wake up!” 
Your hands trembled as you checked his head to make sure he didn’t bust it open. Every ounce of angry you held towards him quickly faded once you thought that Peter was seriously injured. 
After shaking him for a moment, Peter’s eyes slowly opened. The first thing he could feel was warmth spreading across his whole body like nothing he had ever felt before. His heart permanently felt like it was skipping a beat every few seconds and his chest felt extremely tight. 
His breathing was uneven as if he had just ran a marathon but once his vision started coming back, every ounce of breath was taken from his lungs. As you stared back at Peter with a worried expression, his heart sped up even faster as he found himself getting lost into the deep color of your eyes. 
“ Peter? Can you hear me?” You asked as you snapped your fingers close to his ear but Peter barely flinched. 
He nodded, hanging onto every word as if it was words on a page and he felt immediate comfort in hearing your sweet voice. He managed to pull his gaze away from your eyes but next, he focused on your lips and made details of the way you said his name. 
“ Oh thank god, don’t worry, help is coming. Just stay awake for me okay?” You sighed as you nervously pushed another strand of wet hair behind your ear, which made Peter sigh deeply. 
He wanted nothing more than to reach out to you and tuck a strand of hair away from your face but he was too distracted by how you looked in front of him. Even though you were soaking wet from head to toe, Peter couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. 
“ I’m so glad you’re okay,” You admitted as you smiled before pulling your hands away from his face. 
Everything besides his heartbeat seemed to stop once you smiled and that’s when Peter deep down knew something was wrong but he didn’t care. The way your lips lifted upward into a smile filled with complete relief made his heart beat even faster. 
Peter swallowed hard before looking up at you as his face flushed a deep shade of red,” I don’t know what’s happening to me...but I’ve never loved you more than right now. I can’t help it, I love you, I’ve always loved you Y/N.” 
Your smile dropped as you looked down at Peter’s whole left side. The Lovedust was completely gone and you knew in that moment that his skin must’ve absorbed the remainder of it.
In a matter of seconds, a boy who wanted nothing to do with you and claimed no boy had ever loved you was now professing his undying love for you. 
“ You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
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captainhotch · 3 years ago
Undercover | Aaron Hotchner
Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Request:  Can I request a Hotch x reader where they're undercover and they think they're being followed or something and he pushes her up against a wall and kisses her to cover they're tracks. @theartofeheheh
A/N; Let me know if you want to be added for a taglist for a specific fandom (Riverdale, Marvel, Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, or all)
Tumblr media
The case was an interesting one to say the very least. Four women had been abducted in broad daylight from relatively busy areas, yet no witnesses had come forward. The team had exhausted almost all of its resources at that point. Usually an unsub being that bold signified them not caring if they were caught. This particular unsub’s meticulous ability to escape with a woman without being seen went against every textbook case.
You were sat with the team at the Jacksonville Police Station, flipping through the files they had collected on the women. You rubbed your temple in exhaustion. Every trail you thought you had found ran cold. Even Spencer, the team’s resident Boy Genius, was stumped.
“The unsub must be subduing the victims in some inconspicuous way,” you sighed, tapping your manicured fingers against the table, “maybe he’s using a knife or a gun.”
“He would have to be,” Hotch agreed, standing up to write it down on a white board that the police station had provided, “it’s the only way he could get these women to go willingly and without a fight.”
Morgan nodded in aggrement, “Claire Reynolds took self defense classes every Saturday. She wouldn’t have let someone overpower her as easily as she did. There were no defensive wounds on the body.”
You wrote down what your fellow agents were saying in your notebook. Sure you had the tablets now, but you always remembered stuff better when you took pen to paper.
“If you look at all the victims, speaking to the families suggests that they all frequent the same bars,” Reid began with furrowed brows, “the nightlife isn’t exactly riveting in this part of town.”
“But he doesn’t abduct them at night,” Prentiss replied, her face just as pinched as Reid’s.
The case was stressing everyone out. You knew your time was limited before another body turned up. The last thing anybody wanted was for the unsub to become even more unstable and abandon his M.O. That would make your job ten times more difficult.
You looked up from the files, your eyes meeting Hotch’s. “What if he’s just hunting at night?” You said in an inquisitive tone. “What if he finds his targets at these bars and then persues them during the day?”
“It would make sense,” Emily added, “they all fit the same picture. Maybe he met an ex girlfriend or wife at a bar and she screwed him over. He’s reliving it only with a different ending. One where he has control.”
Rossi clapped his hands together, turning your attention towards him, “I think it’s time to deliver the profile.”
You and the team were undercover in the bar that it seemed your unsub was choosing his victims. You had narrowed it down, and this was the bar that all women had been seen at before their disappearance the next day.
Agents and officers were stationed almost everywhere, searching for a middle aged white male who seemed to not want to draw attention to himself. According to his profile he would be standing off to the side but watching the women too closely.
The goal was to remain inconspicuous so the unsub wouldn’t catch on. You had a feeling, however, that he already had.
You and Hotch were stationed at the door of the bar, your back facing it as you chatted with eachother to remain unnoticed.
Your hand was resting on Hotch’s shoulder and there was very little space between you, a lazy smirk settled on your lips.
“Do you think he knows we’re here?” Hotch questioned, his hand resting on the small of your waist in hopes of blending in.
You nodded lightly, resting your head back against the wall. “Probably. These officers look too stiff. He’s too smart not to.”
Hotch sighed, closing his eyes tightly. The last thing he wanted was to let this unsub slip through his fingers. Nobody wanted to find another body.
“It’s okay, we’ll catch him. Somebody will notice something.” You reassured, rubbing his shoulder that your hand was resting on reassuringly.
Hotch opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by a voice speaking to both of you over the coms in your ear, “There’s a man who fits the profile headed for the exit, I think he knows that we’re onto him.”
You and Hotch shared a look before exiting the bar, walking slowly as to not draw attention to yourselves. If it was the unsub you didn’t want to let him know that you were onto him. There was no DNA evidence against the perpetrator of the crime so catching the guy now wouldn’t hold up. You just needed a clear look so you could catch him in the act.
The last thing anybody needed was a change of MO.
Hotch had his hand on the small of your back as you walked slowly, speaking in hushed whispers as to continue blending in.
You could feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a sure sign that someone had their eyes focused on you. It was something you developed in working with the BAU. There was no such thing as too careful.
You turned your head to the side, your lips grazing Hotch’s ear. “Someone is watching us,” you told him in a soft voice.
He nodded, signaling that he heard you.
Before you even realized, you were pushed lightly back against the brick wall of the bar, Hotch pressing closely against you. He brought his lips down onto yours abruptly, knocking the air out of your lungs.
You hand made it’s way up to wind itself in the man’s dark hair, his hand moving lower on your waist. He brought his other hand to cradle your head, deepening the kiss— your stomach felt like it was down to your toes.
Slowly he pulled back, his thumb still caressing your cheek.
“Is he gone?” Hotch asked in a breathless voice, snapping you out of your haze.
“Yeah, um, I don’t see him anymore,” you stuttered, looking over the taller man’s shoulder.
“Good,” Hotch sighed, slowly disconnecting himself from you.
You stood there for a second, catching your breath.
Sure you thought Hotch was handsome. He was the embodiment of power and exuded confidence. He was smart and caring and just standoff-ish enough to be intriguing.
Kissing him woke up feelings that you didn’t even know you had for the agent.
“We should head back inside,” Hotch began, turning to face you, “the team is probably waiting.”
“Yeah,” you replied, your hands clutching the hem of your dress tightly, “ok.”
You went straight to a booth when you entered the bar, abandoning Hotch completely. Prentiss looked at you with a smirk, watching as you took big gulps of her water.
“That sounded hot,” she grinned, eyeing your flustered state. She had heard the kiss over the coms, as had Derek and Spencer.
“He was just trying to throw the unsub off,” You halfheartedly shrugged, not even believing yourself fully.
“I don’t think he would made out with Morgan against the wall if they were watch partners.” Prentiss laughed, throwing her head back.
“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes, “he was just doing his job.”
“Didn’t know making out was part of the job description.”
The next morning you were on the jet, having caught the unsub the night before. Your profile was spot on, something you were more then happy about. You even earned a “congratulations” from Rossi.
You were sitting down on the couch with your headphones in, finishing your notes from the case.
You grinned as you looked up, watching Prentiss and Reid play chess from across the plane. Why she even tried, you’d never know.
You resumed writing in your notebook, adding in a distracted little doodle every once in a while when your focus shifted.
You looked to your right when the seat beside you shifted, Hotch looking down at you sheepishly. He hadn’t meant to disturb your focus. You removed an earbub so you could hear him speak.
“You did great work on the case,” he began, shifting slightly in his seat.
“Thank you,” you smiled slightly, watching as the handsome man’s eyes shifted from your own to your journal.
“I uh- hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable the other night. That was never my intent.” He sighed, rubbing his hands down his face.
You grinned reassuringly, closing your journal and clutching it in your lap. “Don’t worry, I get it. Whatever it takes to catch the unsub, right?”
Hotch smiled slightly, his eyes meeting your own. You tried to ignore Spencer’s obvious stare from out the corner of your eye.
“Well yes. Yes and no.” He began, fumbling with his tie. You had never seen Hotch so fidgety before. It was historic, you thought to yourself.
“I don’t know how to say this,” he laughed sheepishly.
“I think what he’s trying to ask is,” Rossi interjected, fixing himself a mug of coffee from the station beside the two of you, “would you like to go to dinner with him sometime?” The older man smirked.
You turned your head to face Hotch, gauging his reaction to Rossi’s words. You could see the playful glare target towards the man.
“Is that what you were trying to ask?” You questioned curiously, your eyes wide.
“I was getting there, but yes. If you’d like. Don’t feel pressured to accept,” Hotch replied.
“I’d love to,” you smiled, cutting the surprisingly anxious man off.
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princeanxious · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’ll protect you, in any way I can, even if that means.. Losing everything I am.”
Aka the 2am born idea of angst that no one asked for and I was far too excited to finish for it to be a healthy reaction. If you’re looking for an explanation, I have none, other than that my mind will sometimes come up with rhymes like this that i feel sound really good and would look even better with visuals added to them. Inspired to write something? Go on ahead and write it!!(tag me, I’d love to read it!!)
Im so sorry Virgil aaaa
(Also I must apologize, adding my normal taglist is becoming troublesome on mobile)
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(May 11 2021)
Tumblr media
All of my fics so far are here now! All of the one shots contain smut, and my series will in later chapters. Please only read if you’re 18+
Requests are CLOSED until I work through some of the ones I’ve got already
If you’d like to be added to my permanent taglist or my one-shot taglist let me know
Check out my nsfw side blog @spenciebabie for images and gifs that go with the fics on this list
Blurbs (some)
All can be found under the #blurbs over @spenciebabie, and you can find my Blurb Masterlist here
Close to Me*
Spencer and Y/N get into an upsetting fight after the events of a case. (1.1k)
The First Move*
They’re sharing a room. She knows he’s had a crush on her forever. Just like she’s had a crush on him. But she needed to hear him say it. (1k)
The Girl Next Door*
Spencer and his neighbor have been friends since he moved in. Just friends, so why was he feeling so jealous? (1.6k)
Pretty Boy*
Spencer is Y/N’s pretty boy (1.1k)
Y/N can’t wait another second to have Spencer inside her (960 words)
Click, Click, Flash*
Spencer gets a new camera and only wants to take pictures of one thing (940 words)
Only You*
Spencer shows Y/N just how perfect she is to him (990 words)
Missing You*
Y/N gets creative in her attempts to convince Spencer to get a phone from this century. (2.2k)
I Would Do Anything You Asked Me To*
Spencer thinks he can hear Y/N moaning his name through the walls. But he has to be imagining things. (2k)
Shut Me Up*
Spencer and Y/N don’t exactly get on well. Will they be able to work out some of their frustration when they’re forced to share a room for the night? (3.8k)
Up In The Air*
When Spencer Face-Times Y/N from the jet he gets a little more than he bargained for. (2.9k)
A Fool Of Me*
When Spencer runs into a toxic ex-girlfriend at an event a kind receptionist saves him from himself. (4.7k)
Show Me - [Part 1]* [Part 2]*
Spencer finds out his girlfriend’s a virgin. But she wants him to change that. (7.1k total)
Moi Je Joue*
A nighttime picnic date forces young Spencer out of his comfort zone. (2.1k)
#1 Fan - [Part 1]* [Part 2]*
Spencer knows he’s seen his new neighbor somewhere before. (5.6k total)
A Lick of Paint*
Spencer has no idea his best friend is harboring a secret talent (3.6k)
Caught Up*
Spencer and Reader can only keep their relationship a secret for so long, (and when Reader makes Spencer jealous on purpose, there’s only so long he can hide that too) (2.1k)
Saturday Morning *
Spencer can’t resist a little quality time when you both wake up earlier than your daughter for once. (2k)
Work Wife*
Spencer can’t help but feel a little jealous when it seems like his best friend is interested in someone else (3.7k)
Work It Out*
Spencer realizes that he might just have feelings for his neighbor after seeing her in her workout gear (2.7k)
Spencer and Reader are both a little uncomfortable with the idea of having sex (1.9k)
I’m On Fire* - Completed - (61k)
With her sister’s wedding fast approaching and her Mom hounding her about finding a date, Y/N makes a terrible decision that lands her and her least favorite genius in a confusing situation.
Series Masterlist (11/11 Chapters Posted)
An Inconvenient Affection - (In Progress)
When a couples’ therapist is suspected of murdering his own patients, Y/N and Spencer must go undercover as a feuding married couple to draw him out.
Series Masterlist - Chapter 5/? Posted
Spenciebabie’s Fic Contest Winners
Playing With Fire - @spencersawkward
Spencer and Reader don’t get along at work, but when they have to pick up a book from Spencer’s apartment for a case and Reader won’t leave his trinkets alone, things get messy. (5.1k)
Circles & Squiggly Lines - @luvofyourlifeliv
Spencer comes back from a bad case, and he and Y/N take some time for themselves to wind down and connect with each other... (3k)
(check out the other contest entries here ❤️)
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kitashinsvks · 8 months ago
he makes you insecure
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Iwaizumi x Reader, Akaashi x Reader
Warnings: none from what i have observed, feel free to tell me if you spot any!!
A/N: the other characters mentioned in the asks are in the works! thank you so much for the love in this series. i also recently made a taglist!! send an ask to be included but please specify if you meant in general or only for the hmyi series!!
so idk if any of u have watched the “episode” where akaashi gets lowkey mad, it wasn’t animated but I’ll leave a link if any of you want to watch!! (he gets scary around 5:26)
Request here
hmyi masterlist
Tumblr media
-          Iwaizumi had a lot of stress for the past few weeks
-          He was basically a ticking time bomb
-          Stress was brought upon by the upcoming semi-finals and his contemplation on what to do after highschool
-          He was so stressed that he unknowingly took it out all on you
You were on your way to Iwaizumi’s house after Oikawa texted you that he was being extra mean today. You held a box of pizza in one hand, as you texted Oikawa back saying that you’ve gotten it under control.
Once you got to his house, his mother opened the door with a relieved look on her face when she saw that it was you by the door. With a small goodluck. She sent you up to her son’s room.
You noticed that the hallway leading to your boyfriend’s room was messy. You sighed, knowing it was a result of him being fidgety. He couldn’t help it. And you can never blame him for that.
Knocking twice on his room, you opened his door and saw him looking stressed by his desk. A few crumpled pieces of paper littered his floor as his head was between his hands, clenching his hair in frustration.
“Haji?” You called out, noticing the rejected letter from one of the few universities he applied to.
He didn’t seem to hear you, having himself be lost in his thoughts. You closed the door quietly and set the food to the side. You carefully walked to where he was, not wanting to startle the stressed ravenette.
Apparently, you weren’t careful enough as his head snapped up when you accidentally stepped on a piece of plastic that you didn’t notice was there.
“What are you doing here?” His voice was straight up venom. The tone caught you off guard.
“Oikawa texted me saying that you were in a bad mood.” You explained, taking a step closer to him in a means of wanting to comfort him.
“Yeah well, I am. I think you should go for now.” Iwaizumi said, not looking at you. You swallowed on nothing as you shook your head.
“I want to help, Haji.” He scoffed. You knew it was all due to stress… or so you hoped.
“Clearly you’re not helping around by staying here.” He retorted. your hands stilled by your sides.
“Hajime, you know bottling up isn’t good for you.” You reasoned out. he rolled his eyes at you.
Iwaizumi couldn’t help but ruffle his hair in irritation. He knew you had good intentions. you always did. But all he could think about right now is his stress and overthinking. All rational thoughts left the room by this point.
“Bottling up is better rather than to talk with someone like you.” He didn’t mean that. Or, that’s what you want to think.
“What’s that supposed to mean…?” Your voice dropped. Iwaizumi turned to face you.
“I mean, come on. You always want to know what’s going on with my life. You never let me breathe. I can think for myself. I don’t need you butting in with your irrelevant opinions. You keep talking as if your opinions matter to me.” His words came tumbling down, he couldn’t control it.
Your eyes widened, something Iwaizumi didn’t notice once more. Too caught up in his rage to notice how you took in his words.
You never let me breathe.
You keep talking as if your opinions matter to me.
You nodded, keeping your emotions in check. Iwaizumi finally stopped with his rambling.
“I understand, Haji. I should go.” Iwaizumi knew he should stop you, but he didn’t.
Later that night, you received almost a ten paged essay’s length of explanation and apologies. Despite reading it and replying that it was okay, you couldn’t help but feel the hollowness in your chest as his words kept replaying in your head.
By the next few days, Iwaizumi acted as if nothing happened and you did the same. Your boyfriend, however, noticed that there was something off. He thought of it as the aftermath of the small outburst he accidentally let out on you.
It was by the second week that he noticed that you stopped arguing with him in terms of his choices, letting him wear that god-awful plaid pants Oikawa bought him so they can match, letting him choose the movie even though he knew you didn’t like it.
The last straw was during your movie night. When he asked you if you wanted to eat chicken or pizza. He knew that it would trigger a response from you since you’ve always fight him in favor of chicken. It was a weird quarrel over the two of you that became a routine. So, when you gave him a shrug in response, he finally couldn’t let that go.
“What’s up with you?” Iwaizumi asked as you were scrolling through your phone, staying unbothered. The time you spent on just agreeing with him made you used to just not giving his words a second thought and letting him lead the relationship. Sure, you missed your old conversations but whenever you wanted to fight back, those words just keep circulating in your mind.
You knew it was due from his stress but you couldn’t help but feel like there has always been a root to his outburst.
“What?” You replied, still scrolling on your phone.
“Is there something bothering you?” You shook your head, boring your eyes to the same video that looped in your Instagram.
Iwaizumi took your phone, forcing you to talk to him.
“Give it back, Haji.” You weren’t thrilled to be starting an argument, or a proper conversation with him.
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” He said, you sighed and raised your hands in defeat.
“If you say there’s something wrong, then that’s on you. I can’t change what you think.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Nothing.” Iwaizumi was getting pretty fed up with the attitude you were showing him.
You knew it was petty, but you were too far to go back.
“(Y/N)-” “Let’s just watch the movie.” “Fine.” Iwaizumi gave up, sitting beside you.
“What do you want to watch?” He asked, turning to face you.
“You choose.” The television was turned off.
“What is wrong with you. You’ve been acting weird lately. First you stopped hanging around me and then you won’t even respond with your own decisions.” You sighed, not wanting to talk. In fear of accidentally breaking down.
“Now you won’t even talk to me. What is wro-”
“God, you tell me I don’t give you room to breathe and my opinions are irrelevant and now you suddenly ask me what’s wrong.” You finally let out, tears pricking your eyes. Iwaizumi’s eyes widened at your outburst.
You harshly wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, wanting nothing but to disappear so you don’t have to face him staring at you with confused expressions.
“What do you want from me?” You bitterly laughed. Iwaizumi wanted to do something, so he did the first thing he thought of and pulled you to his chest.
You resisted, trying to pry yourself out of his grip. The both of you know that you were no match for Iwaizumi’s strength as he pulled you even closer every time you try to move away.
“Let me go.” Your voice was muffled by his shirt. He held on tighter, wanting to erase those words he said.
“I’m sorry.”
“Okay, now let me go.” He obliged a bit, letting you breathe as he pulled away from you slightly.
“I know you don’t want to hear my explanation. And I know you don’t want to hear a sap apology.” Iwaizumi started, you nodded. Willing yourself to listen to him right now.
He breathed in and out before he took a hold of your hands.
“I’m sorry for saying those words. I should have never said those. Especially when all you wanted to do was help.” You couldn’t help but notice how his voice got softer as he tightly gripped your hands.
“I was really stressed and I had no right taking it out on you. Your opinions matter the most to me and you’re my breather whenever it gets hard to breathe.” You couldn’t help but snort at his cheesy words. He heard that sound and smiled a little, knowing you were loosening up and feeling a bit better.
“Kind of corny, if you ask me, Haji.” You said, he smiled at you before rolling his eyes playfully.
“Whatever, loser.”
You leaned closer and pecked his cheek as a sign of acceptance on his apology. You knew that he was genuine. Knowing that Hajime has a hard time showing his feelings.
He smiled before turning on the television once more.
“Okay, time to watch Godzilla.” “No, we’re watching (fave show)-”
Ah yes, he missed this.
Tumblr media
-          He was out of his game
-          Causing him to fall deep in his overthinking
-          He hated how everything seems to piss him off.
-          Kind of like Iwa that he’s a walking timebomb
-          But make it more aggressive
Nothing went right in practice. Bokuto was far more uncooperative, his rotation team kept missing his sets, and the other team kept reading his sets.
Akaashi knows that this type of thing happens. There will never be a guarantee that you will win a match in volleyball. He knew that, but he can’t help but think that it was his fault.
The setter is the one who touches the ball the most. The one who leads the orchestra.
It didn’t help ease Akaashi’s nerves that he was on the edge and has been on the edge since the past few practice matches.
“Hey, Akaashi! Lighten up, buddy!” Bokuto said, slapping Akaashi’s back with force. He nodded, trying not to let his irritation show. He knew that the team is lowkey terrified when Akaashi gets irritated. The last thing he wants is to drive tension between him and his team.
The rest of the practice went by smoothly, or in Akaashi’s thoughts, in a very mediocre way that smooth is just the nice term for it.
“Akaashi!” This was the worst possible timing. He didn’t want to see you. At least, not right now. Especially when he’s in a bad mood. “Darling, what are you doing here?”
“Konoha texted me and said you weren’t feeling okay, that’s what I’m here for!” You smiled as you pulled him into a hug, not minding that he was a bit sweaty before you pulled away to talk to the managers in glee.
Akaashi sighed and headed to the showers. He planned to just drop you off in your house and deal with this on his own.
But of course, you wouldn’t let him. He let you hold his hand and drag him around while the both of you were on the way home.
You were happily talking about the newest episode that just released. Akaashi was mindlessly listening, he wasn’t ignoring you but he didn’t want to deal with you as of the moment.
“Right, so anyway. Then an unexpected twist came like it was so unexpected! I did have my suspicions though! So, it’s all good.” Akaashi was getting distracted by his thoughts, not giving you a reply instead of a mindless nod.
“Akaashi!” You said loudly, startling the stressed setter.
“Will you shut up?” Akaashi couldn’t bite back his tongue fast enough as those words tumbled out of his mouth.
You stilled, not knowing how to respond to the outburst. You did feel like you were talking a bit too much, but you didn’t know it was bothering Akaashi.
“Sorry.” After that, the walk home was tensed. None of you knew what to say to each other.
It was when the both of you were at the doorstep when Akaashi pulled you into a hug and muttered an apology while his face was buried in your hair. You nodded and pulled away before giving him a smile and pecking his cheek before you went inside.
You knew you were overreacting but his words kind of hurt. You thought back to the endless rambles that you let out on your boyfriend before slapping a palm on your forehead.
You idiot. Of course he wouldn’t understand. No wonder he told you to shut up.
With a sigh, you went to your room and tried to ignore his words.
Akaashi was the definition of silent but deadly. He knew that his words stung. That’s why he refrained from biting you with his words. But he wasn’t able to stop himself due to the stress of his training.
You figured that he’s finally gotten tired of your rambling about any topic that comes into your mind so you forced yourself to stay quiet.
Your boyfriend, almost immediately noticed. He was a powerhouse’s starting setter. He’s supposed to be perceptive in regards to his surroundings.
So, when he noticed that you weren’t having your daily rambles the day after a new episode was released, he knew that you took his words into heart.
“How was the episode last night?” Akaashi asked. You were lying down on the floor while you were scrolling down your phone, checking the latest fan theories that were produced due to last nights episode.
Your head perked up, ready to rant about how beautifully executed the plot twist was before you remembered who you were talking to.
It was great! The animators brought justice to the manga panel that I was waiting to get animated! Then the sound effects were just woah.
There were a lot of things you wanted to say, but you settled and smiled. “It was good.”
“Ah, really?” Akaashi asked, wanting you to delve into the topic better. You, on the other hand, said nothing and went back to fawning over how your co-fans connect the dots into the most ridiculous yet intriguing theories.
Akaashi couldn’t help but see how your eyes shined as you smiled, rereading a certain fanfic with your favorite character on it. You slapped a hand over your mouth as you tried to stop yourself from squealing.
“What are you reading?” By this point, he knew how pathetic he sounds. Akaashi was too caught up with his thoughts before that he later on realized that you were his greatest distraction from his self-loathing thoughts.
Your voice filled up his ears, going straight to his mind and letting him feel the serotonin that you radiated as you ranted about your favorite series.
But now, it looked as if he was begging for your attention. You looked indifferent to Akaashi’s attempt at a conversation, it was petty and you knew that.
“Nothing, just a work my friend sent to me.” You said, trying to focus on the words of the selection. Akaashi looked down and you thought he gave up. Before you knew it, you were on his lap with his arms tight around your waist.
“Read to me, please?” He said, you stayed quiet. He tightened his arms around your waist, placing his forehead on your nape.
“Please?” You slowly nodded your head and switched to an online book that Akaashi recommended to you. You started off softly, not wanting to piss the setter off just like how you unknowingly did last time.
You finished reading a chapter before you told Akaashi to let you go.
“I’m sorry, darling.” You smiled, knowing that he knew why you were quiet. He took a hold of your hand and rubbed your knuckles with his thumb in soothing circular motions.
“I was stressed and my overthinking got the better of me. I didn’t mean to tell you to shut up. Quite frankly, I miss your voice. I miss how you talk my ear off with your fictional crushes even though we both know I’m better-” you smacked his arm then laughed. He gave you a smile before continuing. “And I miss how your voice occupies my mind whenever I’m in too deep. I apologize for making you insecure.”
Your heart fluttered at his words, Akaashi has always been quite straightforward. So, with a smile, you pecked his cheek and nuzzled closer to him.
“I’m sorry for not noticing you weren’t in the mood.” Your voice was muffled by his chest, you felt him shake his head and pull you against him tighter.
“Nonsense, my darling. Now, how about we watch the new episode last night? I didn’t get to watch it.” Akaashi knew that you were excited as you nodded and pulled away, your eyes were shining in excitement as Akaashi turned his laptop on and searched for the site.
The episode started, Akaashi was asking questions to which you responded with enthusiasm making Akaashi smile at your mood.
This was what he almost ruined, and he couldn’t dislike himself more. But when you cuddled closer to his side and intertwine your fingers together while keeping your eyes on the series and narrating the scenes he didn’t get. He vowed to never be the reason for your eyes to lose your shine.
After the episode, the two of you cuddled and just admired each other before one of you drifted to sleep, your grip on each other still tight as you succumbed into slumber.
taglist: @samusimp​ @dai-tsukki-desu​
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liberty-barnes · a year ago
The Swear Jar
Part 1 of The Jar Series
Mob Boss!Tom Holland x Single Mom!Reader
Prompt: “I've never said a single fucking swear word in my whole damn life”
Warnings: swearing obviously, Tom’s a mob boss so there’s that, there’s like, one sexual innuendo but also ??? not really??? idk
Word Count: 4k (i really need to learn to write short things)
Estimated Reading Time: 16 minutes
A/N: It’s the pic guys, I can’t help it.
Edit: Wow, you guys actually liked this! So since many of you asked, a part will be coming out soon, maybe more, we’ll see. So if you wanna be added to my “The Swear Jar” Taglist, just ask me or add yourself directly through the link in my bio!
Main Masterlist || Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The bell above the door to the diner chimed and you perked up, smiling brightly at the young teenage couple.
"Gracie! Stella! It's so good to see you again!"
The girls greeted you with the same amount of enthusiasm and proceeded to order their usual meal.
"Your hair's really pretty Stella! You look like a mermaid now!"
"Thanks, Millie! I took your advice and went with blue instead of purple."
The young girl smiled and captured the couple’s attention by showcasing her current work in progress.
Millicent Rose (y/l/n) was your five-year-old daughter. She had brown hair, falling on her shoulders in nice large curls, and big (y/e/c) eyes, a perfect match to yours. She loved drawing (the diner walls were crawling with her masterpieces) and, pretty hair, especially if it was soft. 
Her bubbly and fearless personality sometimes frightened you but you mostly came to terms with the fact that your daughter was a social butterfly and took full advantage of the small diner to interact with as many people as she could.
You watched with a fond smile as Millie explained to the girls what she had been drawing, mentioning every little detail while the girls praised her good work. The young brunette had a gift to make anyone love her.
Soon enough, their large milkshake to share was finished and Lou, the owner and cook, was all done with the food so the girls sat down at a booth and Millie went back to drawing, little feet dangling off the chair and little brows furrowed in concentration. 
As you were refiling Mr. and Mrs. Lee's drinks, the bell chimed once more and four men walked in dressed in stylish suits, much too fancy for this place. They sat down at a booth and started talking while you took a deep calming breath.
Oh, fuck me.
You took your notepad and walked over to them, a much too fake smile on your face.
"Good morning gentlemen, what can I get you?"
The table quieted down and you made eye contact with who you knew to be the leader.
"I'll have a burger with fries and a strawberry milkshake."
One of the twins said.
"I'll have the same but with a chocolate milkshake instead."
The other one added.
"Vegi burger and a coke, please."
At least the blonde one had some manners. 
Your eyes lifted from the notepad to the leader once again.
"And for you?"
You did your best to ignore the slight tremble in your voice.
"Bacon cheeseburger, fries and a coke, darling."
"Right away."
You got out of there as soon as possible, sparing a glance at your daughter to make sure she was still sitting at the counter before entering the kitchen with a panicked expression on your face.
"Yeah, sweetheart?"
"You've got an order... for the Hollands..."
"Well, shit."
The Holland family was the oldest and most successful mob in London, extremely rich, dangerous, and seemingly untouchable.
Harry and Sam Holland, the twins, were rumored to have been behind the Burtons' death, another famous family known for drug trafficking and other crimes.
Harrison Osterfield, the second in command, was a close family friend, accused of drug trafficking, illegal weapons selling, and other such crimes, though the charges all dropped before the first hearing even took place.
And finally, Thomas Holland, the leader. Arrested for multiple murders, arson, extortion, and a long list of other felonies, but never convicted.
Everyone was scared of them, and the fact that they were eating here was not good for business. 
You ignored the tightness in your chest in favor of helping Lou prepare their food, hoping to do it as fast as possible so the group could leave.
Meanwhile, at the booth, Tom was rolling his eyes at his brothers and friend's stupidity. 
"Okey, we get it, she's hot, but you don't have to talk about it all the fucking time."
Millie turned her head in their direction and scowled. She stretching a bit to the other side of the counter to take the transparent jar and got down from her chair, making her way to their booth, stomping a bit, which made her Sketchers light up.
The diner watched with curious (and slightly frightened, for the Lees) eyes as the little girl climbed onto the booth next to Harrison, one leg after the other, and kneeled next to the blonde, setting her elbow on the table and stretching so the transparent jar was now sitting in front of Tom.
He looked at it: a lid-less mason jar with a pink bow and right in the front, in a child's handwriting and pink glittery letters were the words 'Swear Jar'.
"You owe a pound."
He lifted his head to look at the girl.
"I beg your pardon?"
"When someone says a bad word they have to put a pound in the jar. You said a bad word so you owe a pound."
"I've never said a single fucking swear word in my whole damn life!"
"That's two more so you have to put three pounds in."
"Yeah, Tom, put the money in."
Harrison had his arms around the girl and a smug smile on his face, evidently taking a liking to the young brunette.
"Shut the fuck up Haz, you curse more than I do!"
That was not on purpose.
"Okay, okay, jeez, hold on."
He took out his wallet and took his only five-dollar bill amid all the hundreds.
"Just gonna put the money in this stupid jar."
"Wha- stupid's not a swear word!"
"I'm not allowed to say it so yes, it is."
Tom rummaged around his wallet for a stray pound but after finding nothing, he just put a hundred in.
"Does that mean I'm allowed to say ninety-nine swear words?"
"No paying in advance, everything that's not the money you owe is a donation."
"To what foundation?"
"The 'get Millie new glitter pens' foundation"
She answered with a smirk and everyone -bar Tom- was pretty much crying at seeing their boss be told what to do by a five-year-old.
"Man, you are so screwed!"
"That's one pound for you, Mister!"
"Oh shit, right!"
Harry took out his wallet (still laughing his ass off, mind you) and didn't even try to look for the two pounds, simply putting in a hundred.
Millie's eyes were focused solely on Tom's hair. She climbed on top of Harrison, her pink tulle skirt flying behind her and stood on the seat next to the brunette, her hands immediately flying to his hair.
"You have very pretty hair. It's really soft."
"Thank you, darling."
She hummed and kept playing with the soft strands.
"My name's Tom, and these are my twin brothers Harry and Sam, and my best friend, Haz."
She looked around for a while, not answering, seemingly lost in thought, until she looked back at him and her sparkling (y/e/c) eyes focused on his brown ones.
"Nice to meet you, Tommy. I'm Millie."
Sam stuttered out between peels of laughter.
"I don't like Tom, Tommy's better. Why are you so shocked Twin Nice?"
Harry looked appalled.
"Why's he Twin Nice?"
"Because you said a bad word and he didn't, so he's Twin Nice and you're Twin Naughty."
Sam did a little victory dance, bragging about his new nickname to his twin.
The little girl sat down on Tom's lap and started to play with the black ring on his finger.
"What am I, then?"
She looked up to Harrison from in between Tom's fingers, still playing with the thick band.
"You're Thor cause you have pretty eyes and you look really strong."
To say that the blonde was pleased would be an understatement.
"You, little lady, are my new best friend. We need to come here more often."
Millie smiled and went back to observing the ring.
"Does this mean you're married?"
Tom chuckled and shook his head slightly.
"No, it means that I'm a part of the Holland family, like them."
Everyone around the table showed theirs, a symbol of their high status in the mob.
"So you don't have a girlfriend?"
"Do you live with your mommy?"
"No, I live with these dumbasses in a big house."
She pushed the swear jar towards him and gave him what could only be described as the 'disappointed mom' look.
"Do you like it?"
"Kind of, sometimes they get on my nerves and I wish they'd rot in Hell, but yeah, it's not too bad."
She slapped his hand in reprimand and he internally cursed himself.
"Don't you miss your mommy?"
"A little, but I see my parents every Sunday for family dinner."
He answered after placing yet another bill in the jar.
"Yeah, my mum and dad."
She hummed.
"I wish I had a dad."
The boys all stiffened. 
Well, that escalated quickly.
Tom cleared his throat, measuring his words before speaking, for once in his life.
"Do you know what happened to your dad?"
"Mommy says he left cause he wasn't good like her. She says it's okay, though, cause we only need each other but my friend Lilly has a mommy and a daddy and she told me that sometimes when her mommy's sad or tired he'll do all the grown-up stuff like cook and read her a story while her mommy rests and she's happier that way. I want my mommy to be happy like that too."
For Tom, it felt like his cold, dead heart was starting to beat again. This little angel sitting on his lap was asking for something she should have by nature, not for herself, but for her mother.
"You're a really good person, Millie."
"If you stopped saying so many bad words you'd be one too, Tommy."
The boys laughed yet again and they continued talking for a little while, refraining from any work-related issues for the sake of their newest addition, choosing instead to discuss sports and fighting over who'd be on cleaning duty that Sunday. Three more bills made their way to the jar during that particular discussion, one from each boy (bar Sam because he was on cooking duty, as always), and for once they allowed themselves to relax and simply be, instead of always worrying.
You got out of the kitchen with the men's orders ready and looked at the end of the counter, planning to check on Millie before walking over to the mobsters' table. Your brows furrowed when you didn't find her and you immediately looked towards the girls' table or the Lees', finding she wasn't there either.
"Mommy, over here!"
You followed your child's voice and your eyes widened once you saw her sitting on the leader's lap. The smiling leader's lap.
You quickly made your way to their booth, placing their orders in front of them without even taking your eyes off your daughter.
"Millicent Rose! What have I told you about bothering people when they're in their booths?"
She looked guilty for half a second, but immediately perked up again, ready to defend herself.
"Not to, but Mommy, he said a bad word so I had to take the swear jar to him."
"And why, pray tell, are you sitting in the gentleman's lap?"
"His name's Tommy and he said he didn't mind and this way I can talk to Thor, Twin Nice and Twin Naughty better."
Tommy, Thor, Twin Nice, and Twin Naughty?
"Oh, fuck me."
Millie's jaw dropped open. She'd never heard you swear before.
"You owe a pound, Mommy."
"Yeah, I know, I know."
You pulled a pound from your pocket and put it in, eyes widening at the amount of money in the jar.
"How in the world?"
"I didn't have singles so I just put hundreds in. Apparently, it's a donation to the 'Get Millie new glitter pens' foundation."
You set the jar down and shook your head in disbelief.
"I am never letting Harley babysit you ever again."
She pouted and slumped down, arms crossed adorably in front of her.
"Now come on, let the gentlemen eat their lunch in peace and come get yours."
She cuddled up to Tom more than before, burying her head in his chest and fisting his shirt, and shaking her head in protest.
"Millie, come on, let's go. I'm so sorry for the bother sir."
"It's no problem, she's welcome to say for however long she wants."
The brunette smiled at your daughter and then at you, before the man on his right interrupted.
"Besides, she's very entertaining. It's nice to see someone else call Tom out on his bullshit."
You and Millie threw the blonde matching glares while Tom just pushed the jar towards him.
"You owe a pound, Haz"
"Excuse you Tommy, my name's Thor."
He then turned to you with a smug smile and attitude.
"Cause I have pretty eyes like him and look very strong. Don't you agree with your daughter... (y/n)?"
He read your name tag and smiled charmingly while you pursed your lips, looking him up and down. You then looked at your little girl.
"You sure?"
"Well, who else has pretty blue eyes?"
"Captain America."
She light up right away and straightened herself.
"Right! And he looks like Captain America when he was tiny! Thanks, Mommy!"
She then turned to Harrison with a gigantic smile on her face.
"You're Tiny America now."
The whole table -bar Haz- laughed and you had to bite your lip not to laugh too, instead linking your hands and looking at the clock.
"Come on Millie, it's time to eat."
"Can I eat here with Tommy, please?"
"If you eat here with Tommy I won't be able to make sure you eat your veggies."
The man's heart stuttered when you used his nickname, a strange sense of happiness overcoming him.
"Tommy can check."
"Mm... I'm not sure if he can check you ate them. He's not used to your sneakiness."
"What if I pinky promise to eat my veggies and eat a banana for dessert instead of ice cream?"
It was a struggle to get her to eat fruits and veggies. You usually had to settle for one or the other, so when she spontaneously decided to eat both, you jumped at the opportunity, mob be damned.
"Deal! But no annoying the boys."
She smiled and nodded, settling comfortably on Tom's lap, waiting for her food. You took out her plate of chicken nuggets, fries, and green beans, chocolate milkshake to wash it down.
You tried not to let the butterflies in your stomach distract you from your job but the way Tom smiled at your daughter and praised her when she ate all her veggies in a row, wanting to get it over with, made your heart ache, the longing for someone still very much present.
"Have a nice meal."
You made eye contact with the brunette and blushed at the smile he sent you before waving goodbye at the Lees. The teenage couple had left a bit earlier so the mobsters were now your last costumers of the day.
You wiped the kitchen counters and said goodbye to Lou, assuring him that you'd close up by yourself. As soon as he left, you took a deep breath and sighed, unable to stop your smile when you heard your daughter's laugh carrying through the wall separating you from the group.
"Mommy, we're done!"
You straightened up and schooled your features before walking over to them, taking away their plates while asking if Millie behaved and if they wanted dessert. The answer to both questions was a yes and so you came back a little while later with chocolate pudding for the twins, caramel ice cream for Harrison, a banana split for Tom, and a miniature one for Millie.
"Since you behaved so nicely you get a little sweetness with your banana."
Her eyes sparkled and she smiled brightly at you.
"You're the best mommy ever! I love you!"
"Love you too, baby."
You turned around, ready to leave, when a voice stopped you.
"Why don't you sit down with us for a bit? I'm pretty sure that if you wipe that table down one more time you'll remove the paint."
You blushed but complied, sitting down next to Haz and watching as your daughter ate her dessert quickly and quietly, wincing from time to time because of brain freezes. As soon as she was done, she reached for Tom's right hand. He switched the hand that held the spoon, eating with his left so that Millie could play with the ring on his finger.
Unfortunately for him, he had a bit of trouble eating with his non-dominant hand while holding a child on his lap, leading to a bit of ice cream falling on his shirt.
"Ah, fu-"
You shot him a glare that made him change courses immediately.
"-dge. Fudge."
Millie clapped and gave him a big, approving smile.
"See, Mommy? He's making progress!"
"Indeed he is, darling."
"Oh, this is fucking hilarious!"
The young girl gasped, mouth open comically wide and utter betrayal swimming in her eyes.
"I thought you were nice."
Sam realized his mistake as soon as she spoke, covering his mouth with his hand as if to stop any more of the offending words from leaving it.
"You owe five pounds."
"What? Why? I only said one swear word!"
She shook her head in disapproval, arms crossed in front of her chest, and pushed the jar towards him.
"You made me believe you were nice so your trickster-y will cost you four extra pounds."
You shook your head, smile firmly plastered on your face as you watched Sam pull out a hundred dollar bill with a pout on his lips. It was quite endearing, really.
"So, (y/n), tell us about you."
You locked eyes with the brunette once again, piercing gaze seemingly looking through you.
"I'm afraid there's not much to tell, Mr. Holland. I'm not a very interesting person."
Your voice was soft, your words calculated. You knew that these men could kill you in the blink of an eye.
"No uninteresting person could have raised such a perfect little angel."
He smirked and Millie looked at you with a smug smile.
"See, he said I was an angel."
Life be damned, it's not worth living if your daughter has an ego the size of Russia. That would most definitely come back to bite you in the ass.
"Yeah, that's cause he hasn't had to deal with you in all your nightly glory."
She put her tongue out and snuggled deeper into Tom's chest.
"Well, for one, how did you find yourself working here?"
He got the conversation back on you and you felt slightly intimidated with the whole table's eyes on little old you.
"Costumers are nice, I earn enough money for us to get by, owner's nice, the school's at the end of the street, and Millie gets to stay with me when she's not there."
Even though he was focused on you, you noticed the way he held your daughter close to his chest, his bigger frame completely enveloping her smaller one. She still hadn't let go of his hand and kept playing with the ring on his finger. Seeing how calm and caring he was being with your daughter calmed you down and the more questions you answered, the more comfortable you became.
"How can you work at a dinner and not like vanilla milkshakes?"
Sam looked horrified at that, and you just shrug dismissively.
"I never really liked when vanilla was too present. Like, if you used it to just enhance everything else you know, make it taste better then sure, but just vanilla isn't really my style."
Tom took a sharp breath in and tried to stop his mind from wandering at the possible double meaning of your words. Instead, he chose to focus on the little girl on his lap.
Until he noticed she was asleep, that is.
He smiled a little and shifted her so she was resting more comfortably on his lap. Unfortunately for him, that caught your attention.
"Oh my, is she asleep? I'm really sorry."
"No worries, though we should probably get her to bed so she doesn't wake up with a stiff neck."
For the umpteenth time, you pushed down the butterflies upon hearing him say 'we' and being so careful with your daughter.
You took the remaining dishes and went to the kitchen, putting them in the wash and turning on the machine, leaving it to run so tomorrow morning you'd be able to put everything away. You went back in to clean the booth and Tom practically shoved a hundred dollar bill in your hand, ignoring your protests.
He waited for you by the door while you finished closing up, and you extended your arms towards him when you finished.
"Thank you for everything today, but you must be getting tired, I can take her from here."
He gently pushed your arms down.
"Let me take you home, please, I don't like the idea of you having to carry her all on your own."
You hesitantly nodded and he guided you to his car. It's only then that you noticed the other three had left. You settled on the passenger side of his black Audi and he handed you Millie, closing the door softly as to not startle her. He then entered the driver's side and started the car. You gave him directions to your apartment building and within five minutes, he parked the car right out front.
Ever the gentleman, he insisted on carrying the little girl. Knowing by now that there wasn't much you could do to protest, you agreed and led him up the four flights of stairs to your door.
"Sorry 'bout the mess."
"It's no problem, darling, I quite like it."
You turned your head for a brief second, as if asking him to elaborate while still leading him to your daughter's room.
"The fact that it's messy means that someone lives here, that this isn't just some house, it's a home. My house is always pristine but that's because no one's ever there to actually use it as something other than a glorified B&B."
He laid Millie down on the bed and you pulled the covers over her. You both stood side to side for a little while, just watching her breathe.
"That sounds really lonely."
Another minute passed by with no words coming from either of you.
"You raised an amazing daughter, (y/n)."
"You're a good man, Tom."
Hearing those unfamiliar words coming out of your mouth almost brought tears to his eyes. He was always used to being called a ruthless mobster, cold-blooded killer, or many other names that all meant the same thing: monster. But you called him a good man, and the sincerity in your voice was almost overwhelming.
He cleared his throat and straightened up, making you turn towards him.
"I should probably go... You should get some rest as well."
You nodded and walked him to the door. In a split-second decision, you leaned up and kissed his cheek, locking eyes with him afterward.
"If you ever need an escape, or just wanna hang out somewhere different, our door's always open."
That made a smile taking over his face and he kissed your forehead.
"Thank you, darling."
And as you watched him round the corner, only your back visible to you, you couldn't help but feel like this wouldn't be the last time you ever saw Tom Holland.
Tumblr media
i have mixed feelings concerning this story but at least i have ideas for a part two (if i ever decide to make one)
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pipapatton · a year ago
*revives this ancient meme*
Oh look! It’s a Reptilian With Scallions! This is also what I now imagine was going through Patton’s mind when he said that lol
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Mob bucky/seb or mob chris/andy recs??
Tumblr media
Updated 07/04/21 ✨ = Just Added
To be added please tag me in your future works!
Hey Anon! I’m so glad you asked this because Mob/Mafia! Any version of those boys is my favorite. In my previous fic recs I recommended...
If love was an option by @mianorth » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Part 1 🦋 Part 2 🦋 Part 3
Good Little Wife & Good Little Girl by @donutloverxo » Mob!Andy Barber x Reader – A little dark and it has some really good smut in it.
Blackmail by @stargazingfangirl18 » Soft!DarkMafia Andy Barber x Female Reader — You were just doing it to protect your family, at least that’s what you kept telling yourself, especially once you started to like it. (One-Shot)
Blow Sweet and Thick by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Bucky is having a bad day, you can help him feel good. (Part of Mafia Monday’s)
Run To You by @bestofbucky » Mob!Boss Bucky x Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. (Series)
Can’t Run, Can’t Hide by @angrythingstarlight » Dark!MafiaBucky Barnes x Reader — When you get noticed by the infamous mob boss, you flee. But Bucky doesn’t like to be denied anything and he’s coming for you. (One-shot)
Six Feet | Ch.1 ⚰️ Ch.2 by @queenoftheworldisdead » Dark Mob!Steve x Reader + Dark Mob!Bucky x Reader — Your family’s small funeral home comes into financial trouble. In desperation your father finds the most unlikely solution to solve his financial problems. | (Short Series)
Bankrupt by @mypoisonedvine » dark!40’s!Mob!Stucky x Reader — Your husband’s gambling addiction quickly got him in hot water with the mob, and you by extension. When some debt collectors come by to settle what is owed, you realize that you have a lot more to worry about than money problems.
Partition by @angrythingstarlight » Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky comforts you after a bad day, and your boss learns why no one messes with his girl. —> Part 2: Let Me Show You — You wanted to know what your mobster boyfriend did, lucky for you he’s more into the show then tell.
Say the word and it’s yours by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your mobster boyfriend rescues you from a long, boring day at work. Bucky always said, “ask and its yours”
Lost Without You by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky Barnes would be lost with you. You’re his everything and he plans on spending Valentine’s Day proving it to you.
All Dressed In White by @angrythingstarlight » Dark!Mafia Bucky Barnes x Reader — You were going to marry someone else, Bucky won’t let that happen. You belong to him now and forever. Till Death Do You Part.
Thick As Thieves by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader x Mafia!Steve Rogers — The only thing the Mafia hates as much as snitches are thieves. And you’re planning on stealing from Bucky and Steve, what happens if you get caught?
Won’t Let You Go by @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay » Mob!Bucky Barnes x OFC!Kori — Kori met Bucky in one of his clubs, out to get shit-faced with a couple of friends to forget about her worries and maybe take home a guy to further rid herself of her numerous frustrations. Little did she know that the one-night stand with Bucky would turn into so much more than that.
Tell Me What You Want by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve Rogers x Reader; Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your mob boyfriend, is none other than Steve Rogers and he is willing to get you whatever you wanted, all you have to do is ask. And be careful what you ask for because he’s going to give it to you over and over again.
To Have & To Hold by @slyyywriting » Bucky Barnes x Mob Boss!Reader — Bucky is trying his best to provide and care for his daughter who just entered first grade. Everything was alright until she asks why everyone else seems to have a mom except for her. You’re just a plain mob boss who wants to turn a new leaf. Challenges arise when the world refuses to let you take a softer, non-violent route. A little girl helps you navigate a compromise.(series)
✨ Mob!Sugar Daddy!Stucky Moodboard by @brattycherubwrites » Mob!Stucky x Reader
✨ Laced Around Your Throat by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve x Reader, Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Your Mob boyfriend knows that the only thing that looks even better than his hand around your throat is his custom made necklace. You’re his girl and the world needs to know it.
✨ Hidden Gems by @jtargaryen18 » Mob!Steve Rogers x Mob!Daughter Reader — Your father is the head of one of the most powerful crime families in Boston but he’s protected you from that life. In your quiet home outside the city, you’ve been cared for and protected. When the desires of a more powerful man with the will to dominate bursts into your life, all your illusions are shattered as he comes to claim what is his.
Necessary Arrangements by @stargazingfangirl18 » Andy Barber x Fem!Reader, Ari Levinson x (Different) Fem! Reader ft. Ransom Drysdale » One of my favorite series, chapters are decent sized and the smut is so good!
Hugs My Love by @thatfuckingweirdo » Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader — You just really need a hug, and Bucky is the only one you want it from.
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam by @cloudystevie » Mob Boss!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader — steve gives you what you want… kind of.
Brooklyn Wars by @world-of-aus » Stucky x Reader
Petals and Bullets by @revengingbarnes » Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader (One of my all time favorites series)
I would check out @sinner-as-saint’s Masterlist they have quite a few Mob!Bucky series and one-shots that I have loved in the past.
Special by @buckycuddlebuddy » Bucky Barnes x Reader — this one-shot is really hot.
Love, Honor, and Obey by @constantwriter85 » Bucky Barnes — This one is good and I need to catch up on.
Mafioso by @captain-barnes-writes » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Please do yourself a favor and read.
Lipstick and Crayons by @oneoftheprettynerds » Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader - In Progress
A really good DarkMob!Steve Drabble called Please Hurt Me by @gotnofucks *chefs kiss*
The Mobster’s Little Girl by @smutsonian » Steve Rogers x Reader
off to the races 🐻 off to the races 2 by @harryspet » Soft!Dark Steve Rogers x Reader
The Ignorant Beauty & the Beast by @mysterioh » Steve Rogers x Reader – With 21 parts sadly it hasn’t been updated in 8 months, it’s one of my favorite Mob!Steve Roger fics out there. *Thanks to @inactivewhore I found out this story was moved to AO3 and is now called where angels fear to tread it was last updated on 13/11/20*
What It Takes by @cherienymphe » Bucky Barnes x Reader — You left Bucky once you found out who he really is. The one thing you thought would guarantee your safety ends up sealing your fate.
Welcome Home by @punani » Chris Evans x Black!Reader — He’s been away for awhile, but he knows that his girl’s loyalty to him knows no bounds. Knows she’s been waiting for him after her adamancy in telling him there was no other option. It’s only right to make the reunion a memorable one. | So, so, so, so freaking good!
These are what I found on Tumblr that I plan on reading.
Handmaid by @extremelyblackandwhite » Sebastian Stan x ingenue!Reader — y/n works as a handmaid for the daughter of an influential mob leader who is promised to the new boss of the most powerful mob family in new york, sebastian.
AO3 Website Reccomendations
Satellite Heart » Stucky x Reader — You used to be Steve and Bucky's girl. Then they fucking left without saying goodbye. Little did they know, you were pregnant. But life went on. You raised your Talia to the best of your ability. But one day, everything goes to shit. Now your boys are back in your life. And they're not planning on leaving anytime soon.
Little Fox A/B/O Series » Soft!Dark Bucky Barnes x Soft!Dark Natasha Romanoff x OFC! & Peter Parker x Soft!Dark Tony Stark — So I can’t stress this enough you need to read the tags for this series and I kept getting confused as I read this story as to how old Violet Mason is. But this series takes you on a roller coaster, I like it, my cousin didn’t finish it, I need to catch up.
Pelmeni *finished* » Stucky x Reader — James Bucky Barnes has a good life, as a member of a powerful organized crime syndicate. His best friend Steve is a member too and his literal partner in crime. Bucky's got a problem though. You. His longtime love and secret girlfriend. Unfortunately, your father is his boss and has plans for you that involve normal life. Steve has a problem too. Steve wants in on your relationship and more than the semi-regular/occasional steamy threesomes. You don't have a problem, you're just busy with a big mob wedding coming up, which means a big celebration, that you're busy catering for.
Dying For This Love » Dark!Bucky x Reader — That was before. When you were Bucky’s girl. Now, you have a score to settle. That’s why you’re wearing Bucky’s favorite red satin dress, the one with the cuts that reach right up to the tops of your thighs, the tennis necklace he gifted you for your anniversary, and are fresh off of a mani/pedi and hair appointment. He’s going to regret the day he fucked with you. | This one is intense and a tad bit dark, but the smut is good.
off to the races » Steve Rogers x Reader — In which you call the kingpin your Daddy.
The Mobster’s Little Girl » Steve Rogers x Reader — what happens when the big bad mobster gets blackmailed by your father to marry you? (kind of fluffy kind of not. kinda dark kinda not.)
Brooklyn Sweethearts » Dark!Stucky x Reader — Bucky and Steve had always been meant to keep her safe and happy. As far as anyone else was concerned, that was their sole reason for being alive. Unfortunately, the things that kept her safe were not always the things that kept her happy. Lately, she was making it pretty damn hard for them to compromise. | Probably one of my all time favorite Mafia!Stucky stories I have ever read, just sadly it also hasn’t been updated in like 8 months and I keep hoping it will get updated.
Hot Doll » Skinny!MobBoss Steve Rogers x Reader — Steve Rogers is on the rise in the New York underground as you’re trying to keep your own place there. | Dark and good!
Doctor Doctor » Steve Rogers x PlusSize! Reader — (1940 Mobster AU!) You're a war widow down on her luck; and the King of Brooklyn, Steve Rogers, takes notice. | Another one of my favorites. A little bit dark as well.
The Widow » Dark!MobBoss x Reader — It’s the 1920s and everyone’s having a roaring time but you. | Trust me it’s just dark enough.
Those are just some on AO3, I would just go through Mafia AU tag and go to filter and click Avengers or Captain America.
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moonstruckbucky · a year ago
The Recruit [prologue]
Tumblr media
Summary: Becoming a SHIELD agent had been your dream and finally, you’ve achieved it. You’re at the top of your class in every field except one—hand to hand combat, and it doesn’t impress Captain Rogers in the slightest. Instead, it seems to convince him you’re useless, setting off a tense relationship between the two of you. In an effort to bridge the gap, Bucky offers to help you train to earn your way back into Steve’s good graces. What could possibly go wrong?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes (not Stucky)
Warnings: Steve’s a bit of an asshole.
Notes: I don’t do taglists so please don’t ask.
Series Masterlist / Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
It’s barely nine in the morning and Steve already feels a colossal headache brewing in the back of his head. He digs the tips of his fingers into the corners of his eyes in a piss poor attempt to relieve the pressure, sighs audibly through his nose. He’s just hung up with a hologrammed version of Secretary Ross, who hasn’t let him be since he dropped a new protocol packet as thick as the bible on his desk a month ago.
Steve may have been acquitted of all charges following his brief stint as a fugitive after the Sokovia Accords, but Secretary Ross hasn’t been shy about keeping Rogers under his thumb as much as he can.
He doesn’t trust the Captain as far as he can throw him, but proposing policies is about all the power he holds over the centenarian now despite his best efforts to change that. It’s small relief, this knowledge, considering the galaxy-sized migraines he suffers after every meeting, super serum be damned.
He shoves the packet to the end of his desk to be buried under more paperwork, a transparent effort to ignore Ross for as long as he can. His fingers move deftly across his holographic keyboard, a feat he may have punched someone for suggesting he’d master some years previous, and he pulls up the latest mission reports submitted by agents and the other Avengers. He picks apart Sam’s chicken-scratch handwriting on the scanned digital copy, the strain on his eyes only adding to the pulsing behind them.
Paperwork is his least favorite part of Avenging, needless to say, and by the time he’s filed every report from every mission in the past two months—a whopping two hours later thanks to his wandering mind—he’s ready to either hurl or throw something out a window. His head pounds as a terrible reminder when he stands from his desk, lacing his fingers behind his back and arching to relieve the tightness in the muscle.
He’s ready for a snack and a nap to ward off his headache when the circular disk on his desk flashes to life and sends up a hologram of Director Maria Hill. She’d been promoted shortly after the Captain’s acquittal, Fury feeling he’d lost sight of the vision of SHIELD after the death of Alexander Pierce three years prior. Steve had seen it coming, recognized the signs of restlessness and hopelessness in the former director. Fury wasn’t a very open individual, but Steve figured he’d gotten to read him well enough.
“Captain,” Maria greets, her dark hair tied back in its usual pony. A long time ago, Steve had been attracted to her, find similar qualities in her that Peggy had possessed in the 40s. But then he realized that was all it was, a deep ache and longing for something familiar, someone familiar.
“Director,” he replies curtly, a small rise of frustration building in his broad chest. So much for that nap.
“Your newest agent is here.” For a minute his mind blanks, and Maria must see it because then she says, “Agent 13’s replacement?”
Bitterness is sour on his tongue and unwittingly his jaw clenches as he grinds his teeth. Maria’s dark eyebrows pinch together just slightly, and Steve schools his features back into stoic professionalism.
“Of course. I’ll be right there.”
Tumblr media
Your heeled foot bounces against the carpet, nervous jitters setting butterflies and nausea loose in your stomach. Your resume is perched on your lap and your fingers tap out a rhythm against the arms of the chair in which you’re seated. A quiet hum in your ears, bottom lip chewed raw by your teeth, eyes unseeing straight ahead at the wall.
You can feel your blouse sticking to your back from the thin layer of sweat, and subtly, you sniff yourself. Just the clean, fresh scent of your deodorant. You sit back and lean your head against the wall behind you, top teeth back to gnawing on your lip until they draw blood. Sweet iron fills your mouth and you jump when the door beside you opens and Director Maria Hill steps out in an all-black pantsuit, hair tied back out of her face.
“Y/N L/N?” she inquires, and you nod. Holding out a long slender arm, “You can come in and have a seat. Captain Rogers will join us shortly.”
You nod, straightening your pencil skirt and blouse, and scoop up your file. Maria’s office is mostly windows; it’s bright, minimalist in terms of decor. A large holographic computer screen hovers in the air over her desk, and as she steps around it she exits out of the hologram. She sits in the chair, offering you the empty one on the other side of the desk, and you oblige.
She begins the interview process, looking over the file you’ve handed her that contains your resumé, extracurriculars from college, and other qualifications you believe make you the perfect fit for this job. You answer the questions she has in thorough detail, your voice steady and confident throughout.
In the middle of a sentence, you’re interrupted by Director Hill’s door opening, and the imposing figure of Captain Steve Rogers fills the doorway. He’s dressed casually—dark pants and a clean, pressed dress shirt that’s rolled to the elbows. On principle, you stand from your chair and Maria follows.
“Captain Rogers,” you begin, extending a hand but stopping short when the Captain looks away and stalks to your file. Awkwardly, you drop your hand back to your side. Maria watches carefully, lets the Captain take the lead.
He picks apart your resumé, drilling you about each and every one of your extracurriculars, your training. You rein in your rising irritation; if he’d been on time, he would have heard all of your qualifications, but he seems to go over them with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any errors, any chink in the armor that you might not actually make it at SHIELD.
“Why should we choose you?” he asks, once he’s run out of things to grill you for. The file slaps down on the table. “What makes you better than these other, more qualified candidates?”
There’s an edge to his voice that makes your spine tingle. He sits rigid in front of you, air of confidence buzzing around him like flies on shit. He’s baiting you, so you take it.
“As you can see from my resume, Captain,” you hiss, hint of venom behind it, “you can see that I am in the top of my class in every field.”
“Almost,” he’s quick to correct sharply, “almost every field - except your fitness exam. Why is your rating Fair?”
Your cheeks burn, both shame and displeasure bubbling deep in your belly. You adjust the hem of your skirt distractedly. Steve’s eyes burn into your crown.
“Old injury during college. I tore my ACL and it didn’t heal perfectly,” you explain. Captain Rogers seems almost bored with your answer, giving a minute shake of his head before he looks back at Maria.
A silent exchange between them, it seems, and then he turns back to you, snaps the folder closed, drops it, and struts out of the office with “we’ll be in touch” tossed over his shoulder. Paired with embarrassment, you’re dejected. Assume his answers means you haven’t been hired, but Maria’s mouth quirks a bit.
“Don’t mind the Captain. He can be...prickly. Overall, your stats look good. I’ll have a word with him but it looks like you’ll be ready to begin your official training come Monday. Welcome to SHIELD.”
Stunned, jaw ajar, a stiff handshake - a reaction you’ll probably laugh over drinks about in the future, but for now, it’s all you can do to gawk like a guppy.
Chapter One
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ptersparkers · a year ago
the art of blowjobs (3)
summary: upon realizing you lack skills in the bedroom when a touron asks you out on a date, you turn to jj, a self-proclaimed sexual deviant, for help.
warnings: blowjobs, heavy touching, the works. 
notes: this is about 7,200 words long and im honestly proud of maddie and myself. also i reopened the taglist bc people have been asking and i’m just grateful you guys like this story.
co-authored by @storiesbymads​.
series masterlist + taglist + follow @storiesbymads​!
ps, if you just added yourself to the taglist, you’ll be on the next chapter.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning with the sun shining brightly on your face. The clock read half past eight and your attempts to fall back asleep were useless, so you put on a new pair of shorts and an oversized shirt, brushed your teeth, and called it a day. 
The events of last night played in your head like a memory you were desperate to remember. There were times where you had gotten yourself off, in your very limited experience, but nothing compared to the feeling of your chest flushed against JJ’s, watching his fingers disappear inside of you with his hot breath on your neck. You were almost positive you could feel JJ getting hard by the time you came, but you weren’t sure if it was your euphoria making you hallucinate or not. 
You walked out of your bathroom and checked on JJ, who had slept in the guest bedroom, and opened the door slightly. He was sound asleep, the sound of light snoring filling the room. You scrunched your nose. He was awfully cute when he slept. You walked over to the bed and sat down gently, flicking the tip of his nose with your index finger. 
JJ opened his eyes and let out a yawn, looking at his surroundings before taking in your figure looming over him. He rubbed his eyes and adjusted to the light for a few moments before propping himself up on his elbows. 
“What time is it?” he asked groggily. You could see the desperate need to go back to sleep in his eyes. 
“Almost nine,” you said. “I couldn’t go back to sleep.”
“So you woke me up just for my company?” You laughed and so did he. 
“Yeah,” you replied. “I’m getting a little hungry so I was gonna make some waffles and a smoothie, if you want some?” 
“Oh, mama,” he said, sitting fully upright. You stood from the bed and left the room to let him get himself presentable. 
When JJ made his way downstairs, he picked up an orange sitting in a glass bowl and tossed it in the air, aimlessly playing with it as an excuse to avert his gaze. 
“So, uh, how did last night go?” he asked. “I mean, I wasn’t too forward or anything, was I?”
“Absolutely not,” you said a bit too quickly. “I just mean that it’s good to know what a guy likes, you know?” 
“Right,” he breathed. “You can tell me if you’re ever uncomfortable doing anything. Don’t feel pressured to do whatever a guy tells you if you don’t want to do it.” 
“I will,” you reassured him. You prepared the batter and asked for JJ to fish out the waffle press from one of your cabinets before plugging it in. 
JJ hadn’t realized it until that moment, but there was something extra special about seeing you in a domesticated setting. Your house was on the edge of Figure Eight and none of the Pogues ever made much of an effort to visit your house. It wasn’t like your parents were going to kick them out if you let them know they would be coming over ahead of time but they weren’t exactly the pogues biggest fans. It was this reason, among others, that JJ decided to avoid being on this side of the island. So when he was at your house, especially when your parents were gone, it was like he was living in a fantasy land. 
He looked around the living room; there were photos of you and your parents spanning from the early ages of your life up until pretty recently. The walls were adorned with art, family photos, and a large circular mirror with a gold trimmed accent. Different decorations sat on bookshelves and other places that seemed to fill the room and create a cohesive place for a family to live in. JJ looked at you, clad in sleeping shorts, an old shirt, and your hair unbrushed, and thought about the life he could have if he tried hard enough. Maybe it would look something like this. 
“Dude, you okay? You zoned out on me there for a sec,” you teased, putting the plate of waffles in front of him. You had taken the liberty to cut up some fruit and sprinkle powdered sugar on top, taking a photo of it for good measure. Your pinterest would thank you later. 
“You brought out ‘Chef Y/N’ for me?” JJ asked, dramatically putting his hands over his heart before taking a seat at the kitchen’s island. 
“Felt like it,” you said with a shrug. “Also I’m too lazy to make smoothies so I hope orange juice is fine.” 
“I’m dining like a king,” he said, saying a silent prayer in thanks before digging in. 
“So you and Trent,” he said casually after a few moments of silence, taking a bite of the waffle. 
“Me and Trent,” you repeated. 
“How are things going?” You shrugged. 
“Pretty steady,” you said. “As steady as can be. I mean, I’ve known him for less than a week but I think it’s going pretty well. We’ve only been on a couple of dates.” 
“Are there going to be more dates?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. He didn’t know why he felt his throat tighten up slightly at the question. 
“Probably,” you replied. “I mean, he’s here with his father to learn whatever his dad does for a living so I walked into this knowing I wouldn’t be seeing him for a few days at a time.” JJ nodded, pretending he understood. 
“And you like him?” 
“I mean, we hit it off,” you said, sipping your orange juice. “On our last date we talked about growing up and stuff we were into. He told me this crazy story about dirt biking with his older brothers in California when he was sixteen and broke his leg.” You paused to laugh at the memory. JJ tried to ignore the strangeness in his chest. “But I think slow is what I need right now.” 
“Does he know about...” JJ trailed off, gesturing between the both of you. 
“Oh no,” you said. “God no. I mean, not that I’m expecting to have sex with him or anything, but I think it’s best to keep this a secret right now. Especially with our friends.” 
JJ didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing, but he agreed that telling your friends would only lead to more questions. After all, you two weren’t dating. This was purely physical and educational. Neither one of you could see yourselves dating each other. At least that’s what JJ tried to keep reminding himself. 
When you both finished your breakfast, you put the dishes in the sink and wandered back upstairs to your bedroom. JJ looked around at the fairly minimal room and couldn’t help but notice the difference between your life on Figure Eight and your life with the Pogues. He gathered, from the first time that he met you, that you had a true soul that felt like freedom. JJ wasn’t sure what it was; perhaps it was the fact that you had convinced Rafe Cameron to stop bugging the Pogues for all eternity or the fact that you became friends with his friends so easily. In truth, JJ couldn’t put his finger on how you two first met or when he considered you one of his best friends. Everything just felt so natural with you. There was never a dull moment nor was there a time when he felt like you were treating him or his friends unfairly. 
He was pleasantly surprised when you got along with Kiara because from what he knew, forcing girls to be friends always ended poorly. He could remember Kiara making a small comment about not wanting to be replaced and, at first, rejected your friendship by opposing you joining their outings to the marsh, but your smart mouth against the Rafe, Topper, and Kelce had knocked down the wall of animosity she had wrongly built between the both of you. JJ could remember that moment. 
And still, he couldn’t help but be surprised by you. It was almost as if JJ forgot about the life you had on Figure Eight, attending exclusive parties and living a life that he felt he would never attain. You never made a point to talk about your life here in favor of not wanting to rub it into the Pogues’ faces. JJ had almost forgotten that you hadn’t been born a Pogue because you acted so much like one. 
He picked up the seashell on your bedside table. It was a stupid gag gift -- you both were sitting on the beach, too tired to continue swimming and watched your other friends prance around in the ocean. JJ had picked up a hefty seashell and passed it to you carelessly, initiating you into the friend group. JJ never knew that you kept it, much less right beside your bed.
“You room’s cute,” he said after looking around. “I can’t believe I’ve only been in here a few times.” 
“I mean, you guys could come over whenever. I’d just have to tell my parents ahead of time.” JJ pursed his lips, choosing not to make a comment. 
“And you have a comfortable bed,” he said after dramatically jumping onto your queen sized bed to sit. 
You rolled your eyes and stood in front of him. There was something about seeing JJ in your house -- on your bed -- looking all relaxed and clean. His face wasn’t covered in soot or dirt from rough housing with John B. and Pope. He looked like he wasn’t running to be anywhere. JJ was still wearing the muscle shirt he wore last night, showcasing his arms. He was too busy looking outside of your window to even notice you staring at him in a way that was anything but innocent. 
You thought hard about making a move. It was half past ten by now and your body was awake and alert, and your mind was reeling with lessons one through three. You wanted to show JJ that he didn’t need to be the one to initiate everything; you could be somewhat in control, especially when you were feeling confident as you were now. 
“JJ,” you said softly. He looked at where you were standing and watched as you took a step forward. 
“Yeah?” he asked, matching your quiet tone. 
“I think I want to practice,” you said, tucking your bottom lip between your teeth. You lifted yourself so that your legs were on either side of his body, propping yourself up on his lap. He looked up as you hiked your shirt up. JJ let out a small laugh. 
“Are you ready to put the lessons together?” You nodded eagerly. “Then by all means. Do it.” 
You dipped your head down slowly to capture his mouth in yours. He tasted like the sweet maple syrup from breakfast and his lips were unusually soft. It was a stark contrast to his calloused hands that he kept firmly placed beside him on the bed. He was going to let you work for it. You inched closer to his crotch until you were sitting directly on his cock and wrapped your arms around his neck loosely, enjoying this newfound confidence in the bedroom. 
You copied his actions from the night before, trailing slow, open-mouthed kisses along his jaw line. His neck was warm and looked ready for your mouth; you dipped your head below as he tilted his  back, closing his eyes as he reveled in the moment. He couldn’t believe you were kissing him in your bedroom. 
“Kissing,” you whispered against his mouth when you found your way back up to his lips. He smiled at the first lesson’s reference. You ran your hands through his hair slowly and he let out a quiet moan at the feeling of you tugging at his roots. It took everything in him to sit still for you. Your hands travelled at an agonizing pace down his arms and back up again only to reach down and put your hands underneath his shirt, taking your fingertips over his toned chest. JJ jumped at the feeling and you laughed as he looked into your eyes with his mouth wet and slightly ajar. 
“Fuck,” he whispered. “Wasn’t expecting that.”
“Isn’t that a good thing?” you asked coyly. 
“Lesson two,” he said, referring to your teasing touch. 
You liked this position. You didn’t want to ruin it by getting off of his lap and risk bruising your knees. When your fingers reached the hem of his pants, you snapped the waistband, silently asking for permission. You bit your lip again as JJ nodded, slipping your fingers deeper into his shorts. 
JJ’s cock was still soft, but he wouldn’t be for much longer if you continued at your pace. The blood was rushing to his cheeks and below the belt, especially when your delicate hand grabbed his length. You swiped the pad of your thumb over his tip, just like you had done the night before, and listened as JJ hissed against your ear. JJ was sure his favorite thing in the world was watching your hand disappear into his pants. There was something so stimulating about you wanting to make him cum. He wasn’t going to be the one to stop you, either. 
You kissed his lips as you began to stroke him. A few minutes of silent panting and barely audible moans from JJ’s end wound up with his cock becoming harder by the second. His arousal was almost hurting him -- he loved the feeling of your hand, but he wished he'd gotten past handjobs last night. He was desperate for another sensation. But his thoughts were cut off short when you removed your hand from his pants. He was about to protest and physically put your hand back where it was until he felt you move up his lap and replace your hand with your still clothed heat. 
Your sleeping shorts were already skimpy. He could see the hemline of your underwear as you walked up the stairs-- he’d done his best not to stare. His shorts were of thin material and he could feel your folds pressed against him. He felt like the star of a softcore porn, watching as you slowly ground yourself down on him. JJ could feel your grip on his shoulders and smirked at the prospect of you getting yourself off by using him, and he was letting you. 
You leaned forward and pressed your chest against his, placing a wet kiss to the side of his jaw. You lifted your hips slightly only to roughly push them back down onto him, hitting that delicate bundle of nerves that caused you to let out a delicious moan. JJ’s head was thrown back in an instant at the sound.He could see your ass and tried not to touch you in favor of keeping this position. JJ wanted nothing more than to smack your cheeks and make you work for your orgasm, but he liked that you were confident enough to make the first move after previously confessing your shyness in the bedroom. 
The pace at which you were working yourself on him was quickening by the second-- JJ was meeting your hips, bucking his in a way that made you moan and you could feel the tip of his cock in his pants pressing into you. Any chance you could get, you let your pussy sit directly on the tip of his dick, relishing in the feeling of him pressed into you. 
“Let me,” he said after releasing a breath. You were too far gone to argue with him and let him move you so that he was hovering above your body. JJ sat back for a moment, admiring you beneath him before teasing your clothed pussy with the pads of his fingers. You squirmed as JJ chuckled, leaning down to press a sweet kiss to your neck. His cock was very apparent. The thin gym shorts he was wearing were not doing him any favors in hiding his hardness, not that he was trying to. He ground himself against you and decided that he didn’t care if he came in his pants:  he’d do anything to see you cum underneath him, even if he didn’t get to be inside you. He couldn’t remember the last time dry humping had felt this good. 
JJ’s pace quickened and you could barely feel yourself in the present. You let out a series of high-pitched moans and spread your legs, wanting nothing more than to feel JJ’s cock pressed up against you. One of his hands was digging onto your hip as the other held up his weight beside your chest. You could barely form a coherent thought. 
But your euphoria was cut short when you heard footsteps outside of your doorway.
“Y/N, we’re home!” you could hear your father yell from outside your door. JJ halted his movements, looking at the door and seeing that it wasn’t locked. He jumped up from your bed and locked the door, giving himself a little bit of time to find an exit route. 
But you weren’t having any of it. All you could think about was the prospect of JJ getting you off with his dick pressed into you. You stood up and turned JJ’s body from the door to face you, pouting as you grabbed his wrist and put his hand against your still clothed entrance. The fabric of your shorts were damp enough to let him know just how much you needed this. JJ looked at you with a surprised expression and he didn’t know if it was because he was scared of getting caught by your parents or if he was getting more turned on. 
“Y/N--” JJ whisper-yelled. 
“Wanna cum,” you begged. “I’ll be quiet.” 
“Your parents are outside!”
“I’ll be so quiet,” you begged. JJ couldn’t say no to the desperate look in your eyes and he pushed you back onto the edge of the bed, pressing himself against your core once again. You were delivering on your promise; you were being quiet, only moaning into his ear when his hips thrusted against yours. He was holding the both of you so that you wouldn’t fall off of the bed and he could feel himself edging on his orgasm, wanting to finish before either of your parents caught you in this compromising position. 
“I’m gonna cum,” you whimpered. JJ looked at you and nodded, pressing down into you harder than before. You tilted your head so that it was pressed into his shoulder, letting your moans become muffled by the fabric of his shirt. He could feel the vibration of your voice on his body and he couldn’t hold his cum any longer. JJ let himself go and swore quietly when he felt his hot cum spurt in his boxers. He could feel the wet mess in his pants but the feeling of you clinging onto his body made up for any discomfort he was feeling from the sticky liquid. 
When the doorknob jiggled, JJ stood up and looked around before hiding in your bathroom, away from the front door. You took a second to compose yourself before unlocking the door and opening your room.
“You’re home early,” you said, panting. 
“Why’s your door locked?” you mom asked nonchalantly before waving it off. “Are you okay? You seem like you’re out of breath.” 
“I came back from a run a little while ago,” you said. “I was gonna shower now, actually.” You could feel your cum dripping out of you. 
“Okay,” she said before kissing your forehead. "Your father and I are going to the farmer’s market to get dinner ready. We’ll be back in about an hour.” 
You waved sweetly with a hum and closed your door, watching as JJ emerged from the bathroom. He let out a breath and watched you in awe as you turned to face him. JJ had never experienced anything like it nor had he ever cum that hard without being inside someone. Hell, he hadn’t even been pulled out of his shorts. 
“Fucking shit,” he said, walking out. “What the fuck was that?” You shrugged, walking closer to him. 
“Just wanted to finish what we started,” you said. “We couldn’t finish on the boat with the other Pogues but I have a bedroom door now.” 
JJ let out a laugh and swore, trying to calm his beating chest. He pulled you closer to him and held you tightly in an attempt to avoid you seeing his pink cheeks. You let out a high pitched laugh and stood on your toes to wrap your arms around your neck as his arms draped your waist. His hand made his way to your ass and grabbed the left cheek, moving it around and watched as it fit perfectly in his hand. 
“I gotta go now, don’t I?” he asked. You nodded and scrunched your nose. 
“I need to change,” you said innocently. “Red or blue?” you asked, holding up two pairs. 
“Blue,” he said. “Fuck, I gotta change too.”
When you saw your parents from the curtains of your window drive away, you let JJ know that he was safe to leave without getting caught. He looked at you before leaving, pausing to stand in silence before leaning over to press a kiss against your cheek. You watched as he left your bedroom. You could still feel him pressed against you. 
You wouldn’t see Trent until tomorrow night because his father had asked him to visit some office with him. He had called you when he found out and expressed his apologies, but you told him it was fine. He was on this island to learn about his family’s business, not to get a girlfriend.
“I won’t be mad if I leave Outer Banks with a girlfriend,” he said with a smirk. You could hear his teasing chuckle. 
“I think you flirt too much for your own good,” you said, laughing while you walked to the kitchen. 
“But you love it,” he replied. You could hear someone talk in the background. “Duty calls, baby.”
“Baby,” he said firmly. “Is that okay?”
“Yeah,” you said, though it felt weird. 
“Okay, baby,” he said with another laugh. “I’ll text you when I’m done for the day.” You two bade your goodbyes and hung up. 
You decided to spend the remainder of your day wandering around the island, biking your way through the Tourons and other locals as you watched the scenery change from the edge of the woods to the big, beautiful beach you called your home. The water looked fresh and inviting, and you cursed yourself for not bothering to wear a bathing suit. 
That daydream came to an abrupt stop when you heard Rafe Cameron call out for you. You stopped your bike and turned around to see him waving you down, carrying a white envelope. 
“Jesus,” he said, panting. He put his hands on his knees and bent forward before standing upright. His cheeks were read and you almost laughed. “You look like you’re in a hurry.” 
“Not really,” you replied. “Just thinking, is all.” 
“Yeah,” Rafe said, laughing, “I can tell. Anyway, can you give this to JJ for me?” 
“This better not be some sort of joke or a prank,” you said, cautiously reaching out for the envelope. Rafe laughed and opened it to show you the various ten and twenty dollar bills inside. “Nah, he fixed my car and I feel bad for not giving him anything since we’re not friends.” 
“Really?” you asked, raising an eyebrow as you tucked the envelope in your backpack. 
“Really,” he said. “I’m over this Kook and Pogue shit, Y/N.”
“I think you’re tired of me telling you off,” you said with a light chuckle. He pointed at you, wagging it in the air. 
“That too. Anyway, tell Maybank thanks and if he wants a job repairing cars, I know a guy.” Rafe left you after that, saluting you goodbye. You sat on your bike in confusion, but decided not to question his newfound niceness. 
By the time the sun went down, you and the rest of the Pogues had gathered in the Chateau, casually drinking beers and snacking on whatever was in John B’s cabinets. You had stopped at two beers, opting to drink for the taste. None of the other Pogues had gone all out and, for the first time in a while, all of you were able to kick back and enjoy the summer in all of its glory. 
You couldn’t help but look at JJ through the dim lights. The white light from the moon hit JJ’s side profile, illuminating his skin as if it were glowing. His lips moved with ease, slightly wet from of the beer, and you tried your hardest not to think about the feeling of those lips against yours. JJ was your best friend, willing to take you on an adventure that would improve your skills in the bedroom and your confidence overall. 
You weren’t sure what the strange feeling in the pit of your stomach was. It only happened when you were with or around JJ; the feeling of pure tranquility and the sense of urgency to sneak a sentence in before you two parted ways. You accredited your nervousness and self-consciousness around him due to the fact that you two were hiding the lessons. You pushed the thought of being something more with him to the back of your mind the first time you saw him lead a stranger to the guest room in the Chateau. 
JJ started to think you were avoiding his gaze because of everything you’d done together thus far. Even he had to admit this proposal was an odd one; it never occurred to him that he’d be doing anything sexual with someone he considered to be his best friend. The thought never crossed his mind. You were an innocent, barely even able to talk about sex in front of your friends. He was caught by surprise with your enthusiasm when he introduced the new lessons every time you two found yourselves alone. He thinks his view of you has changed because of the sudden shift in your relationship. There’s nothing in his brain that leads him to think he likes you more than a friend or that you’d ever reciprocate those feelings for him. 
The blonde can’t help but meet your eyes when he senses you’ve been looking at him. Instead of shyly looking away, realizing he caught you looking at him, you brave the blush and give him a closed-mouthed smile, opting to let the warm feeling in your chest spread from your head to your toes. JJ sends you a smile back, tipping his beer in your direction. He’s not drunk, you can tell. He’d had more than enough experience in holding down his liquor and as far as you can tell, he’d been fostering this beer for the past hour. You’re surprised you’d drank more than him the whole night. 
Kiara bumps your rib with her elbow, catching your attention. It feels like a supercut -- one minute, you’re staring at JJ and trying to guess what he’s thinking about as he looks at Pope and John B., and the next second you’re pulled straight out of your daydream and brought back into the real world. She laughs at your dazed state and you jump into the conversation as if you hadn’t been thinking about JJ for the past hour. 
The conversation shifts to your relationship with Trent and you suddenly feel uncomfortable under the gaze of your four best friends. 
“So, is this like, something serious?” John B. asks. 
“God, no,” you say with a slight scoff. “I’ve only known this for a short time and I don’t think there’s much to say other than that.” 
“Oh, come on,” the brunette teases. He points his finger at you. “I know you’ve got some stories.” 
You shrug. “We kissed when he took me to the restaurant in that hotel.” 
“That’s it?” Pope asked, not believing it for a second. You paused. 
“Well, he called me baby on the phone earlier today,” you explained. JJ’s eyes widened as he fixed his posture. You didn’t notice him, too busy looking at the other two boys who looked like they were far more interested in your love life than the conversation they were just having. 
“That’s gotta count for something,” Pope joked. “I mean, are you comfortable with it?” 
“Yeah,” you lied. “I mean, I guess it’s nice to be called something endearing. It’s kind of weird but I’m trying to embrace it.” 
"Atta girl,” Pope said, reaching out for a high five. He and John B. were happy that their younger friend was experiencing romance for the first time. You leaned forward and returned the high five, an awkward smile on your face. You weren’t sure why you were bothered by JJ’s silence. 
“It could be just a fling,” you added quickly. “I mean he’s here for another two weeks, even if we are spending a lot of time together.” 
“And how do you feel about him exactly?” Kiara asked, chiming in. 
“I don’t know. He makes me happy, I guess,” you said, though you weren’t sure if you were talking about Trent or JJ. You could feel his blue eyes look at your shoulders and you knew he wasn’t going to meet your eyes if you looked his way. “Like I can be myself around him without being afraid.” You shifted your body so that you faced JJ but looked at the other three who looked like they were hooked on your every word. 
“I mean, like I said, I’m not falling in love, but he makes it so easy for me to talk about myself without feeling like I need to stop. All a girl can do is ask for respect and he gives it to me.” 
“That’s disgustingly cute,” Pope said, a grin apparent on his face. “We should meet this guy sometime.” 
“That’s a great idea!” John B. exclaimed. “We can throw a party this Friday night.”
“Yeah,” you said, your voice catching in the back of your throat. You tried to clear it. “Anyway, I can text him and ask.” 
“Right on,” Pope said. “My dad wants me back home soon because I’ve got an early shift tomorrow. See you guys later?” You watched as he stood and he bent down to give you a hug before leaving the Chateau. 
“Well if he’s leaving, I think I’m gonna head out too,” Kiara said. “Let’s hope I don’t sleep until noon.” All of you shared a laugh. 
“I was gonna meet Sarah anyway,” John B. said, locking his phone. “You two good?” 
“Yeah,” you said, “we’re good.” He left the both of you sitting on the floor. You try not to make it an awkward silence, so you fished into your backpack and handed JJ the white envelope Rafe had given to you earlier. 
“What’s this?” he asks, looking inside. His eyes widen when he sees how much money is in it.
“It’s from Rafe,” you explained, “he says thanks for fixing his car and he can get you a job at a car garage if you want.” JJ looks at you. 
“What happened to ‘I’m Rafe Cameron and I don’t give a fuck’?” he asks, laughing. JJ couldn’t help but pull the bills out and count them. You smile at his antics.
“Who knows,” you mumble, watching his grin widen as he puts the money back into the envelope. 
“It’s you, definitely,” he said. “I don’t think anyone on this goddamn island hates you.” 
“That’s probably not true,” you said with a laugh. 
“I’m serious,” JJ replied, moving closer to you. “You managed to get Rafe, Kelce, and Topper off of our backs and now Rafe’s giving me two hundred bucks for fixing his damn car?” JJ laughs in disbelief, but it’s a welcoming surprise. “You’re something. Good to know he doesn’t hate me completely.” JJ’s silent for a moment, looking at the floor before looking at you. “Tell him I’ll take the job.” 
“I think this is his way of trying not to be a bad person,” you said. “You know how Ward is. I think Rafe’s just doing everything he can so he doesn’t turn out like him.” JJ was silent. He knew the feeling all too well. 
“It’s cold,” he says. You don’t realize the goosebumps on your skin until he mentioned the weather. You weren’t sure if it was the breeze or JJ. He steps away and brings out two sweatshirts, who belong to the five of you at this point, and tosses one your way. You slip it on and feel yourself growing warmer. 
“I’ve been thinking a lot about our lessons,” JJ starts. Your heart begins racing. “Are you sure you want to continue? I don’t want to do it if you aren’t into it.” 
JJ’s looking for validation and reassurance that you want to continue learning. He’s not sure if he needs this because he likes being the one to help his friends out or for any other reason, but he can feel his heart beat faster every time you call him, wanting to further your learning. The classroom setting is always unconventional and the self-proclaimed sexual deviant finds himself insecure when you look at him and bite your lip. He needs to know you want it. He needs to know you want it like he does. 
“Yes,” you say within a heartbeat. “JJ, I trust you with my life and I wouldn’t have asked or continued with the lessons if I didn’t want to.” You paused. “I care about you a lot and I never want you to feel like I’m using you.” JJ stifled a chuckle. 
“I don’t want you to feel that way either,” he replied. By now, the both of you are sitting on the couch, your legs tucked underneath you as his are resting on the coffee table. 
“I mean, it’s good that we’re setting boundaries and getting this out of the way, right? So we don’t confuse each other.” 
“Right,” he said. “I just want you to know where my head’s at.”
“That’s fair,” you replied. “If you ever feel like you want to stop, we can stop.” JJ shakes his head, probably quicker than he should have.  
“This is about you. I want you to feel confident. I know you hate it when we joke about your innocence but it’s cute.” You roll your eyes. 
“It’s not cute, it’s embarrassing. I’m literally the only person I know who’s never experienced her first.” You paused, thinking. “Well, before this past week. You know what I mean.” JJ nods.
“I think most of us rushed into it,” he said, a pity laugh emitting from his throat. “There’s something about this island that makes you feel like you have to grow up fast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pogue or a Kook. There’s no freedom here. But you look like you’ve found some freedom.” You tilt your head to the side in confusion.
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t feel pressured,” he said. “At least, I don’t think you do. You’ve never given into any of the peer pressure, even if we joke about you being too innocent for your own good.” JJ looked between you and the empty space surrounding the both of you. “I don’t know how much of this is true, but it seems like you know who you are as a person. Relationships never mattered until you started noticing everyone else get into them because they were insecure.” 
You were silent. You hadn’t thought about it that way -- JJ had always been with girls who batted their eyelashes at him and you always thought it was because he enjoyed the sex. Perhaps that was true, but by his confession, you gathered that he hated to feel lonely and found solace in being in the arms of strangers. It filled his void, much like overthinking and daydreaming filled yours. The only difference was that JJ didn’t like to think if he didn’t need to. He hid his problems away and locked them in an opaque cage, buried deep into his mind where even he can’t open it because he threw the key away. But JJ was starting to think you were the very person digging the box out of his buried memories. 
“Anyway,” he said, pulling you out of your thoughts, “I think that’s enough philosophical talk for tonight.” 
You sat there for a moment, feeling more empowered now that you knew JJ only wanted what was best for you. This conversation had thwarted your worst fear. JJ was constantly thinking about you like you were thinking about him and he was comfortable with continuing these lessons if you were. You hadn’t initially thought about what baggage would come with asking JJ how to pleasure someone in the bedroom nor the new worries that arose at the idea of JJ thinking you were using him for his sexual expertise. But as it turned out, JJ didn’t want you thinking he was using you as a cheap way to get himself off either.  
“Teach me how to give a blowjob,” you asserted. JJ looked at you, raising his eyebrow as if to ask if you were sure. “This conversation basically confirmed that we’re in this together and that we’re both comfortable with teaching me how to, you know.” JJ laughed. “So I want you to teach me. If you’re okay with it.” 
“More than okay,” he breathed. “Let’s go to the bedroom, yeah?” You nodded and followed him. 
“You can do this in as many ways as you think possible,” he said, closing the door and locking it behind him. “But let’s just start simple, yeah?” JJ walked to the bed and sat on the edge. “Get on your knees for me, Y/N.” 
You obliged. “What next?” You watched as JJ took off his pants and looked at him in his boxers. 
“Start with the same thing we’ve been doing for the past few days,” he said with a chuckle as you stared at him innocently. You were no stranger to reaching your hands down his pants and grabbing his cock from the waistband of his boxers. You pulled him out, pumping him slowly. JJ was about to speak up but you recalled him telling you to spit on it a few lessons ago, so you leaned to spit directly on his cock. JJ swore his heart was beating faster. He watched as his cock grew in your moving hand and soon you had to use both hands to satisfy his needs. 
“Remember two things,” he said. “Avoid using your teeth and go slow until you’re comfortable.” You nodded at him. “Good girl. Lick the tip for me.” 
You bent your head down and saw his cock fully erect, the head of his cock somewhat red. You leaned down and licked above the slit reveled in the way JJ shuddered from the simple touch. You ran your tongue over his head again and took the liberty to lick the underside of his shaft. 
“Shit,” he cursed. “Looks like you’re getting the hang of it.” 
“I see girls do it all the time in videos,” you said nonchalantly as you kept jerking him off. 
“What?” he said, his eyes snapping at you. 
“You know, in porn?” you asked, confused as to why he was questioning you. JJ’s eyes nearly popped out his sockets at the prospect of you watching porn and getting yourself off. He let out a short groan before resuming his attention on you. 
“Wrap your lips around the head,” he said. He reached his arm out to guide your head to him and your lips spread as you engulfed him into your mouth. He steadied your pace and hissed at the feeling. “Good. Every guy is different but until you know what he likes, go slow. Gauge his reaction. Think you can take a little more?” 
You nodded and JJ pushed your head closer towards his body, watching more of his cock disappear into your mouth. He didn’t motion you any further than halfway down. You were already using your hand to pump the remainder that wasn’t stuffed into your mouth. Your other hand was free to squeeze his balls. He swore he felt his eyes roll into the back of his head. 
“Fucking hell,” JJ moaned. “Jesus, what else have you learned from porn?” He laughed and asked the question more to himself. You pulled off away from him. 
“I can take more,” you said. JJ sat back and let you take control when you grabbed the base of his cock. “Jeez, I never realized how big you were until now.” His eyes were wide as he watched your mouth take his glistening cock. The sound of your throat nearly choking on his cock made him bite his lip and breath heavily. Your head motioned back and forth and your lips felt smooth and soft against his hard length, a distinct contrast that caused JJ to buck his hips into your mouth. You adjusted accordingly and moved your body so that you were able to take all of it. 
“Gonna cum,” he breathed. JJ didn’t know what else to expect from you and he certainly didn’t expect you to swallow his cum if you weren’t comfortable with it. He took his cock in his hand and you watched, for the first time, as he tugged himself at an agonizing pace, wanting to make this orgasm a memorable one. His eyes were shut and you could hear him whine as he approached his release, and you quickly took off the sweatshirt and tank top you were wearing in the heat of the moment. JJ stared at your chest, soaking in the image of you in a white lace bra as he came. 
He watched as he spilled his cum all over your chest and made a note to apologize about spurting himself onto the fabric of your bra later. He moaned loudly when he released, the euphoric feeling taking over his body for a moment. JJ looked down to see you on your knees, marveling at the sight of him coming undone on your skin. But to his surprise, you reached for his cock and slipped the tip into your mouth, catching the remnants of his cum that was still spilling out of him. He watched as you sucked on the tip, your eyes closed and he could feel your hums of approval on his cock, making him shiver in delight.
“How was that?” you asked as you took him out of your mouth. You reached for tissues that were sitting beside the nightstand and wiped your chest. All JJ could do was stare at you. 
“You didn’t have to swallow it,” JJ said, surprised at your actions. You shrugged. 
“Just wanted to know what you tasted like. It was just the heat of the moment.” 
“Fuck,” JJ whimpered. He watched as you wiped his cum off of your bra. “Ah, sorry about that.” You turned to JJ and smiled, shaking your head. 
“I knew what was gonna happen,” you said as you put your clothes back on. “I have to wash it anyway.” 
JJ looked at you, standing on the threshold of the bedroom door. 
“You leaving?” 
“It’s getting late,” you said. “I doubt my parents care but I’m getting sleepy.” He could see the bags underneath your eyes and couldn’t help but think about how adorable you looked in a post-blowjob haze. 
“Drive safely,” he said quietly with a reassuring smile on his lips.
JJ watched as you exited the Chateau and drove away in the deep blue car you loved so much. 
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soap-bubble-nebula · 4 months ago
adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (prologue)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 3.5K
Warnings: Mentions of physical abuse, violence, trauma
A/N: One of my favorite concepts is Bucky as a bodyguard. It like kills me inside and makes me so happy ❤️ I made a series about it, and i worked really hard on it, so pls show it some love! 
Note: If you’d like to be added to the taglist, leave a comment or submit an ask and I will add you
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Tony didn’t realize how much his life would shift when he woke up that morning. It was a normal day, as normal as it could get for Tony Stark. He knew something was odd when he woke up to an email saying money he sent his ex was never received. That was already unlike her. She promised never to contact him again so long as he paid her the child support. He never knew what she did with it. He had hoped it was actually serving its intended purpose and reaching his daughter, the one he had never met. He didn’t even know she was pregnant, nor when she gave birth.
The woman only contacted him when she could no longer afford to keep up her household, and before Tony paid anything, he had to confirm that the girl was indeed his child. Several DNA tests confirmed it; Tony Stark had a daughter, a young one at that. She was only two when her mother prostrated herself in front of her father once the confirmation came back. Tony sighed. “Cut it out with the dramatics, okay? I never said I wouldn’t do it,” He had said and relief flushed his ex’s features, tears springing to her eyes.
Even the sight of the tears clouding his ex girlfriend’s vision caused a guttural reaction from Tony. He knew she was crazy, but he couldn’t tell if she was putting on an act, or if she had really calmed down since having a child. He gave her the benefit of the doubt then, but after today, he realized he should’ve dug into her more.
As Tony was working in his office sometime in the afternoon, his assistant came barreling in, breathless and panting. She looked like she had seen a ghost, and he looked up at her, brows raised expectantly. The color was drained from her face and she closed the door, so that no one could hear them. She approached Tony’s desk, puffing breaths of air and trying to calm her racing heart. She gulped, and Tony’s countenance went from one of expectation to one of worry. Something terrible must have happened to rattle his assistant this much.
“Sir,” She started breathlessly. Tony’s back straightened at the weight of her tone as he watched her, searching for the right words and clearly not able to find them. 
“What is it?” He asked and then watched as his assistant grasped at straws, trying to piece together a sentence out of the frenzy of her mind. “Spit it out, Athena. What’s going on?” The charismatic billionaire spoke, losing all his charm in that moment and shocking Athena to the core. She must’ve really seemed terrified if her boss looked this worried, to the point where his flirtatious behavior went out the window. 
“I got a call from the 11th precinct,” She finally started. Athena was possibly one of the only people who knew what secrets Tony was hiding. After all, she managed his accounts, and she was the one who helped him wipe away any trace of money mysteriously disappearing from his bank. She knew of the child support checks that made their way to your mother every month, even though they were ridiculously small sums compared to his available funds. A couple of thousand dollars a month didn’t even put a dent in his bank account, but he made sure to base his support just on what was needed for rent, food and school fees, making sure that your mother didn’t use the money for anything else.
“The police station?” Tony asked, his brows furrowing. Athena nodded. “Yes, sir. A 14 year old girl turned up. Preliminary searches show that she’s your daughter,” 
She didn’t even need to finish her sentence before Tony stood up, snatching his coat off the couch in his office and walking out. “Sir, wait!” Athena hopelessly tried to call, but Tony ignored her. His mind went blank and the second he heard that you had turned up, he hoped it wasn’t in the way he was thinking. Was it you? Or your body? His whole body was tense as he rushed through the building, mind going into a panic. He should’ve looked into it more when his ex turned up all those years ago. What did she do to you? There was not a doubt in his mind that whatever it was that happened, she did it. 
She was crazy; pining after him for months on end until he agreed to a date. They hit it off, yes, but her possessiveness slowly started to outshine her love, or perhaps that was her love. Whatever it was, he knew he wanted no part of it. He promised her that if she came near him, he would have her arrested. But he couldn’t deny her when she showed up at his doorstep with a two-year-old girl all those years ago. 
You looked so small and vulnerable, and your eyes held a familiarity he once knew. The weight of them reminded him of his mother. Your innocent gaze landed on him as you sucked on your tiny fingers, your soft, short hair sticking up in all directions. There was something about you that he couldn’t turn away. It was most definitely not because of your mother; he had no lingering feelings for her.
Tony rushed into the parking garage, his heart beating wildly in his chest as he got into one of his fastest cars and stepped on it, headed straight for the 11th. His blood was pumping, heartbeat reaching his ears, as he drove through the streets, going as fast as he could without getting pulled over. He got to the station and parked his car swiftly, the police officers outside quickly stopping to salute him. He paid them no mind as he rushed inside. 
“Tony Stark. I’m here for my daughter,” He spat to the woman at the front desk. He was breathless, his face molded into one of worry. “Mr. Stark. Please follow me.” The woman behind the desk stood up and briskly started walking to the elevator in the back. He stood in there with her and the doors opened. The officer walked Tony around a corner and he saw a few officers and a paramedic crowding a young girl. She was bruised up and bloody, her eye slightly swollen and her lip busted open. Several cuts and burns were on her body, and Tony’s face fell into one of relief. He knew immediately that was you, having been sent some pictures by your mother every once in a while. He was worried that he was coming up to identify a body, but one look at you caused him to breathe out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding, a hand coming to rest on his forehead as he started to take deep breaths.
Someone was tending to your wounds, as you spoke to an older man in a suit, another man in blue taking notes on what you said next to him, your head lulling back into the chair. You were sweating, and you grimaced every time the paramedic tended to you, occasionally flinching but letting him continue nonetheless. “If you speak to the captain over there, he’ll fill you in,” The woman pointed to the officer who you were speaking with.
Tony nodded and the woman left him to go back downstairs. He watched your profile from a distance as you spoke to the captain who was standing in front of you attentively. He bent down to your level to say something and you nodded. He put a hand on your shoulder to try and calm you down. The captain was a well-built older man, who seemed very gentle and Tony knew for a fact that this man was also a father. Tony walked towards you and the man and his friend who was taking notes turned to his direction. “Excuse me for a second,” The older man said to you and walked to meet Tony halfway, extending his hand. Your eyes followed the captain and landed on Tony in his suit. 
“Mr. Stark. Captain Gregson, at your service,” Tony clasped Captain Gregson’s hand in a firm shake. “Your daughter showed up here about an hour ago. She nearly passed out in the lobby, so we brought her up immediately,” Captain Gregson started to explain.
“What happened?” Tony asked, his brows creasing into worry. “She ran away from home. Said her mother hurt her. We ran her prints through the system and you came back as the father. It seems you did a paternity test 12 years ago,” the Captain explained, arms crossed. 
“You don’t have to check if her mother is the assailant. She’s telling the truth. Just arrest her mother,” Tony ordered and sidestepped them, walking towards you. You didn’t know what to do and you just looked up at him from your seat, standing tall and foreboding. 
“Mr. Stark, I told them not to call you,” You tried to explain, fear filling your voice as your face contorted into a terrified expression, “but they said if they didn’t, they’d have to call my mother since they have no proof that she hurt me,” 
Tony sighed and tapped the shoulder of the paramedic, gesturing for him to move from your side and then he pulled a chair, sitting down next to you. “I’m glad they called,” He said, exasperated. Your eyes widened a fraction, and your lips fell open. You had to stop yourself from taking a sharp inhale. Your mother had filled your head with stories about how terrible of a person your father was and you loathed him. But somehow, whenever you saw his face on TV, something told you it wasn’t like that. She always told you that if you went to your father he wouldn’t care about you, and he would hurt you worse. “He doesn’t even care enough to call you on your birthday. You think he gives a shit about you?” She would say. 
Here he was.
In front of you.
His features were soft and his expression was wracked with worry as he scanned your injuries, and all those stories were flushed from your mind in an instant, replaced with this new piece of information. The slate had been wiped clean from one look, and your brain filed away the old memories, creating a new folder with this face as your first real memory of your father. 
“How are you feeling, kiddo?” Tony asked, moving a stray hair from in front of your face. The gentleness in his touch was something that you had never felt in your life and as your lips stayed agape, a sharp pain started to form near your nostrils, as though you smelled something pungent, a dull ache spread through the back of your head, on top of the migraine that was already ensuing from the pain, and a choked sob got caught in your throat. Your vision clouded over, and a tear fell from your eye, dripping down your cheek, as you sniffled, not having the energy to wipe it away.
“Mr. Stark—,” You tried to say but Tony cut you off. “Just Tony’s fine,” His voice was smooth and cut through your swirling thoughts. 
“Why didn’t you call me on my birthday?” You asked, scared that the question would get you hurt again, both emotionally and physically, and Tony turned his head to the side. “I sent you a card every year with an allowance. She never gave them to you?” He asked and you shook your head. Once again, more of your memories were re-organizing themselves and you looked at the face of your father.
“You came for me,” You finally realized aloud. “You actually came,” You repeated in disbelief. Tony’s brows lowered, causing his eyes to sweetly glimmer with concern. “You’re my kid. Of course I came,” He explained and you raised your hands to your face, rubbing the stray tears from your cheeks. 
“I thought you would kill me if you found out I’m the reason you got dragged out here,” you whispered and his eyes shut as he sighed in exasperation. “Those are the stories she’s told you, huh?” He asked, knowingly and you nodded.
“Nothing like that’s going to happen,” Tony started as he leaned towards you. “Let’s go, kid.” He said and stood up, starting to walk away from you. You looked at the paramedic and he shrugged. You quickly stood up, trying not to trip over yourself on your sprained ankle. Tony turned to you, seeing you limp. He sighed, getting down on one knee and gesturing to his back.
“Hop on,” He said and you looked at his broad back with confusion and surprise coloring your face. Tony looked over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to make you limp around. I’m only offering once, so hop on or suck it up,” Though his words were harsh, his tone was exceedingly soft. You shakily put your arms around his neck, locking your hands to avoid from falling. Tony stood up, hooking his arms beneath each of your knees.
He turned to the Captain and the officer who were watching him. “Call me if you find out anything else,” Tony dug into his pocket and fished out his business card. “Will do,” Captain Gregson reached for it and spoke with his heavy New York accent. 
You felt your heart beat quicker as you realized the situation you were in. One day, you were watching your mother throw a beer bottle at Tony Stark’s face, calling him worthless and telling you he never cared, and the next day, you’re on his back and he’s proving to you with every passing second that that was never the case.
Tony secured you in the passenger side of his car, helping you with the seatbelt and closing the door, before getting into the driver’s side, unbuttoning his suit jacket with a nod to the officers outside. He put his sunglasses on, and just like that he put on the playboy billionaire mask, and you watched him with interest. 
“What?” Tony asked as he drove, his eyes never leaving the road. You flinched, looking out the window instead. “Nothing. I’m sorry,” You quickly replied. “What’re you sorry for?” Tony sounded confused, his features not changing.
“I’m sorry I looked at you for too long,” You said and squeezed your eyes shut. Tony’s brows furrowed and he was about to say something but you receded further into your chair, closer to the door in an attempt to put some space between you two. You covered your head. “Please don’t hit me,” You whimpered, and his heart practically shattered in two. What had she done to you?
Tony quickly pulled over to the side of the road and your heart began to beat faster, expecting to be hit with a sharp slap. “Okay, let’s get one thing straight.” He started and you hesitantly turned back towards him. “I’m not going to hurt you. I will not ever raise my hand at you, hit you, or injure you in any way. I know it’ll take some getting used to, but that’s how it’s going to be with your dad,” He said and your breath hitched in your throat as you heard his use of the word ‘dad.’
“And one more thing,” He gave you a look and you waited in anticipation. “I will never, never, not ever, let your mom get to you again. You understand me?” His words were once again sharp, but his tone and his expression were soft and kind. You slowly nodded. Tony was amazed at himself for reacting so well to a child he had never known being dropped at his doorstep. He supposed it was because he always had an inkling that something like this might occur. He even told himself he wouldn’t take you in back then, and would find you some other place to live, but all that went out the window the second he heard you could be in danger. He never had a chance to let his fatherly instincts develop, but maybe they were always there. 
Tumblr media
Present Day
You walked out of your Manhattan apartment on a regular Wednesday, walking down the street to grab your coffee. It’s been 7 years since you first met your dad, and he’s become a part of your everyday life. Even when you started working at Stark Tower as a computer programmer a few years back. At first, you weren’t necessarily a secret for Tony, though he did neglect to tell the Avengers about your existence. It was less shame and more worry that you’d get kidnapped and threatened. You were his only kid, he didn’t know what could happen if anyone else knew about you. Some of Tony’s most trusted staff members knew about your existence, so did Nick Fury, back when he was still the director of SHIELD. Pepper knew, of course, and you and her were very close. She took care of you like you were her own daughter, and though you didn’t call her mom, you accepted her motherly love nonetheless. 
Pepper’s taken care of you ever since you were young, coddling you when your dad scolded you, though that was a rare occurrence. You and your dad was super close; joined at the hip. He sent you random memes throughout the day and always sent someone to check on you when you were in the tower. Happy would drive you to and from the tower and he would assist you with daily stuff, like driving you to the grocery store. Even though your dad taught you how to drive after you turned 15, he never gave you a reason to, making sure you had everything at your disposal. You were always a good kid, never asking too much from Tony and always doing your best to make sure he was proud of you. Even to this day, extravagant presents like necklaces and bracelets made you feel terrible. You didn’t like that he spent so much money on you; it made you feel like that money could have been better spent.
“Oh come on, Y/n. You’re my daughter, you have to dress like you’re taking the world by storm,” He would say. You would look back up at him after examining the present and respond, “How is a cartier bracelet taking the world by storm, dad?” You would joke and he would laugh.
“Just wear it. It makes you look expensive,” He would then help you clasp on the bracelet, or necklace or whatever it was he bought for you. Everything he bought for you, you always wore and never took off. You liked the simple things. The necklace that was always around your neck was not one of his taste, but one that you saw in the window of a storefront when you were walking down the street with him. It was a small diamond stud, that was a fraction of your index fingernail, attached to a gold chain. It was so elegant and simple that Tony thought it suited you perfectly. He didn’t buy you much jewelry after he was satisfied that you had enough to constantly wear, but he always took care of you, and gave you a life you couldn’t have dreamed of if you tried. 
As you walked out of the coffee shop and towards Happy’s sedan that was parked on the side of the road, your phone vibrated. “Hey, Happy,” You answered as got closer to the car. “Y/n, something’s not right! Don’t get in the car,” He said frantically and you felt your breath hitch, taking a few steps back.
“What’re you talking abo—,” Before you could say anything more the world beneath you shook as the car exploded, and you were propelled backwards. Everyone on the street ran away. Your ears were ringing and you landed on your back, as your mind went blank and you groaned.
“Happy?” You grumbled, but you didn’t hear any words come out of your mouth, as you watched the black sedan go up in flames, bits and pieces of the car strewn about, your heart hammering in your chest. “Happy?!” You said again, still not hearing your own voice. He suddenly rushed to your side looking at you as you groaned. “It’s gonna be okay!” Happy assured as he tried to help you up but your head lulled back as you started at the sky, Happy’s words sounding distant and muffled, like you were underwater. You were in pain and your back was stiff from the impact. 
Even though you could barely hear yourself, you mumbled something under your breath, “Dad is gonna lose his shit,” 
Tumblr media
Next Chapter
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cellotonin · a year ago
I hope I don't bother you too much for asking this, but can you make headcanons for The Big 3, Toga, and Dabi having a short s/o that has a large collection of plushies? They even have names for every single one and enjoy sleeping with them! Love your writing by the way!!! 💞💞💞
heyo !! unfortunately i don’t really have a good enough grasp on toga’s character to write hcs for her just yet,,, but as soon as i get a better feel for her i’ll be sure to write one just for her !!
on that note, since i already wrote something similar for dabi i’ll just pop that in right here !!
Tumblr media
don’t mind me adding todoroki into the mix !!
[ taglist: @bokutokotaruwu | @izuniias | @plusultrawritings | @queen-bubble | @seashellbell | @yogsibear ]
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki
oh my god poor tamaki goes absolutely weak any time you do something even remotely cute
how the hell is he gonna get a hold of himself when he walks into your room to find you surrounded with all sorts of stuffed animals ??
spoiler: he doesn’t. not in the slightest
he literally has to use all of his willpower and a half not to just fall over and die at how ridiculously adorable you look
“wow,,,, that’s a lot of them,,,”
“ksjfjdfgh yeah, kinda childish i know :’^ ”
“n-no that’s- that’s not what i meant,,”
lowkey though, he’s almost a little relieved to know that you have such a huge collection of plushies
why, you ask ?? haven’t you heard ??
tamaki’s got a little hoard of his own too !!
thanks to you, he’s now less insecure about the fact
since you now seem so eager to continue the topic of plushies, tamaki doesn’t mind listening to you gush over them
“and this one is pupper bc i ran out of dog names,, and- oh right !! this one is named after you bc i know you like butterflies :D”
he may sound a little disinterested but i shit you not this boy is screaming on the inside
but the real fun begins when tamaki gets the courage to bring over his own stuffed animals
both of you quickly discover that cuddles while completely encased by plushies is literally the singular best feeling in the world
it rlly helps tamaki out if he’s feeling anxious or stressed out
we gettin soft in this chillis tonight
Tumblr media
Nejire Hadou
the way nejire’s face lights up,,,, my god,,,
she already thinks you’re the cutest thing in the history of all existence
so the second she catches you nestled in a large pile of plushies she will actually scream
“oh. my. god,,, (y/n) yoU ARE SO CU T E,,,,,,,,,”
she’ll be all over you in seconds ad gushing about how it should be physically impossible for you to be any cuter and yet you manage to outdo yourself every time
now that she’s excited and in the mood, she will plant herself right in the midst of your collection and will not leave until you tell her about every single one
“they all have names right ?? please please tell me you gave them names !!”
“of course i did :00”
“hECK YEAH !!”
nejire is suddenly in a perpetual cuddle mood all day and every day
you should probably expect to find yourself tangled up with her while surrounded by warm, fluffy goodness at any given moment
bc when nejire asks for cuddles, no is not an option
tbh at this point it’s pretty safe to argue that nejire loves your stuffed animals more than you even do yourself
as if you don’t have enough already, she’ll go out of her way to try to collect more for you
you’ll find her dragging you to carnivals and arcades a lot more often to help you win some more stuffed animals
and the way she yells when you get first place skdjfghfkh
Tumblr media
Shouto Todoroki
tbh when todoroki first discovers your collection of stuffed animals he’s a little confused
“wow,,, you have enough to start a whole business with them”
“why not? what do you need them all for?”
“oh, shouto,,,, you beautiful fool,,,”
a beautiful fool he is indeed
our favorite himbo has yet to discover the blessings of having an entire army of plushies at the ready
looks like you gotta be the one to show him the light my friend
before todoroki even has a second to wiggle out of the situation he got himself into, you’re already grabbing him and tugging him towards your bed
finding your favorite plush, you hold it out to him and insist that he try hugging it
todoroki is painfully confused but he honestly can’t say no when you’re being so eager
“if you say so,,, but i really don’t ge- oh,,, oh my god,,,”
“nice, right?”
“it’s so soft,,,”
how to make someone fall in love with stuffed animals in three seconds flat: a novel by (y/n)
before you know it, todoroki’s already buried under your stash of stuffed animals
and i sure wish you luck getting him out of there
he’s a little touch starved and it rlly shows
catch todoroki sneaking off with endeavor’s credit card to get himself some plushies lmfao
Tumblr media
Mirio Togata
tbh mirio doesn’t even know about your secret stash of stuffed animals for quite a while
you assume he’s more into matured personalities and might think your collection is a bit childish
so when he comes to your room and sees you huddled up under a pile of plushies, your instinctive reaction is Panic™
“sjfkskfghj mirio wait listen it’s not what it looks like”
“so you mean it’s not my s/o being as cute as always ?? because that’s certainly what it looks like !!”
“i- well,,,, jdjfhsjfgh”
i rlly don’t know why you’re surprised though lmao
anything you do is always gonna be cute to mirio no matter what and this is no exception
tbh he’d probably end up joining you on your bed or on the floor with all your stuffed animals and start asking about them
and when you start to talk about how you started collection them he pays attention with such genuine interest that you almost think he’s patronizing you
his enthusiasm rlly helps boost your confidence ngl
“so !! have you given any of them names ??”
“of course i gave them names lmao i’m no fool”
mirio honestly wouldn’t mind helping you expand your collection
if he ever stops by a shop that sells cute plushies he’ll buy one or two that he think you’d like the most
and his favorite way to present it to you is by phasing a part of himself through it
“hey (y/n) !! guess what i got !!”
“??? a fursuit ????”
“nope !! just stuck my head through this large corgi plush !!”
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justthehiddleswrites · 5 months ago
Eat Your Words | Tom Hiddleston x Loki x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N:  It is Tom’s birthday!  My third one here celebrating.  And boy did I bring the filth.  Please read the warnings. And huge shoutout to @frostbitten-written​ for giving me the plot idea!  You are a smut sister of the first order!!
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Loki x Reader
Summary:  You mercilessly tease your husband about how amazing Loki is and how good he would be in bed.  You never realized that could be a reality.
Warnings: SMUT, sexual acts include: vaginal sex, anal sex, masturbation, anal fingering, double penetration (mouth and vagina, vagina and ass), oral sex (m receiving), a bit of voyeurism, a small bit of m/m kissing, cursing, aftercare, vaginal fingering
Taglists are open! Let me know if you wanted to be added to my tag list!!  Thank you for reading!
Tom knew about your not-so-secret obsession. You were a horrid liar and more so talking in your sleep.
“What are you reading, darling?” Tom tried peeking over your shoulder, but you slam the laptop shut.
“How about mind your business, Hiddleston?” You scrunched your nose at him.
“So more Loki porn.” he smirked as he walked past.
“The word is smut. And no.” You stared him down and he stared right back at you, leaning over the arm of the sofa. He raised an eyebrow. You squirmed in place. “It was fan art.”
“Cock or no cock?”
You grew hot. “Cock.” you threw a pillow. “Happy?”
Tom caught the pillow in the air and placed it back on the couch.
“No. How many times do I have to tell you to not throw the pillows?” His face broke out into a wide grin before plopping on the couch. “What is your fascination with Loki, darling? You realize I play Loki?” He clutched his chest. “If I wasn’t so self-assured, I might become jealous.”
You set your laptop down and sat up, rubbing his thigh. “Darling, I’m sorry…” Tom turned and smiled at you. “… but there is no way you can compare to Loki.” You burst into giggles and took off running, Tom fast behind you. He crouched down at the entrance to where the stairs are. The only thing between you and freedom was your husband.
“Take it back.” he growled.
“No. You are impressive, Tom. But Loki has the cock of a god.”
“One of these days you are going to have to eat your words.” Tom’s face broke out into a grin.
“Make me, Hiddleston.” you grinned back, bouncing back and forth.
He stood up, smile gone. “You don’t really want that, darling. Don’t tempt me.”
“Oh, what, you have Loki staying in the spare bedroom?” you mocked. “Get real, honey. Loki is a fiction and you are the man who plays him. You are my husband and I love you, but no one could fuck me like a god.”
Tom sighed. “I warned you, darling. If I catch you this time, I will show no mercy.” He chuckled. “And neither will he.” he muttered under his breath.
You barreled towards him before attempting to duck under his arm as you shoved all your body weight against him. Tom rolled his eyes and easily lifted you onto his shoulder.
“Put me down, Tom!” You pounded your fists against his back.
He carried you up the stairs and into the guest bedroom, dropping you onto the bed and walking towards a chair in the corner.
“Why am I here, Tom?” you glanced around.
Tom gestured to the other side of the room. “Ask your boyfriend.” he smirked.
You spun around to see a flash of light dissipate in the air. To find Loki standing there. In full armor.
“Now Thomas,” his voice deep and resonant. “We haven’t officially discussed my title.” he smirked as he strolled to where you are sitting.
Loki hooked a finger under your chin and took you in.
“What do you think?” Tom asked from the corner. He shifted in his seat. “She’s feisty.”
“Excuse you?” you snapped back. “I don’t know what you think you are playing at Hiddleston, but…” You stood, wagging your finger at him. Loki snatched your wrist, pulling you back against him.
“You married well, Thomas.” Loki hummed. Tom smiled from his chair. Loki cupped your cheek. “Very well.”
As he pressed you against his torso, you noticed Loki’s erection hard against you. You opened your mouth to protest, but he cut you off… again.
“Tell me, pet.” His fingers ran down from your temple to your chin. “Is this how you imagined it?”
Your brow furrowed. “Imagine what?” You pushed away from him, only to slam back against Tom. “I don’t know what kind of joke this is…”
“Enough!” Loki yelled and turned away. “I know all about what you say about me, dove.” He settled into the chair once occupied. “How you read stories about my prowess in bed.” He took off his boots and wrist guard. “Drooled over art of my cock.” With a flick of the wrist, he removed his tunic and armor, leaving himself in just his trousers. He leaned forward licking his lips. “Dreamed of me fucking you.”
You gasped and glared at Tom. “YOU TOLD HIM!?”
“Not that he needed to.” Loki shifted in his seat and lowered his trousers just enough to pop his cock free. “Any hacker could find your browser history. And reading stories about being fucked by me and your darling Thomas…” Loki clicked his tongue as he stroked his shaft. “… naughty.”
Tom reached over and cupped your face. “Is this the fantasy, darling? Me AND him?” He leaned down to whisper in your ear. “Just say the word.”
You stared up at him and then your eyes trailed down to find Tom sporting a raging hard on. You shifted your weight and peeked around Tom to spy Loki still stroking himself. He gave you a wink.
“I don’t have all day.” Loki called out.
You had to admit the thought of the whole scenario was too erotic for words. Your mouth was suddenly dry, all the moisture in your body, pooled elsewhere.
“Yes.” you nodded.
Tom smiled and leaned in to kiss you, slipping your straps down off your shoulders. You reached out and cupped his cock through his jeans. A flash of light covered you and Tom, causing your clothes to disappear.
“Much better.” Loki growled from his seat, now naked as well. He motioned the two of you towards the bed. “Go on. Entertain me. Show me how well you fuck your wife.” His lips curled into a devious grin.
Tom eased you onto the bed and crawled on top of you. He could sense your nerves. “Just think of it like when we met on set. And my modesty sock fell off?”
You chuckled and nodded. Tom nipped at the spot behind your ear and you let loose a soft gasp. His hands traveled down to squeeze your breast, teasing your nipple into a hard pebble.
Loki grunted through his teeth.
“Darling…” Tom moaned, twisted so you were on top. His fingers find your folds wet. “Wet already?”
“Of course she is.” Loki commented, he stood and walked towards the bed. He ran his hand down your back and cupped your ass before slipping down, plunging a long finger inside of you.
He hummed. “Thomas, if you don’t move things along, I may just take her myself and make you watch.”
“Why don’t you both take me right now?” you purred, placing kisses along Tom’s neck and chest while Loki curled his finger inside of you and Tom lazily played with your clit.
“What a splendid idea, pet.” Loki commented. “The best idea I’ve heard so far.” He grabbed you by the waist and hauled you up, placing you on the bed on all fours.
Tom shifted around to be behind you, smoothing his hands over your ass. He bent over to whisper in your ear.
“Remember darling, how you commented about the cock of a god?”
You noticed Loki kneeling in front of her. His cock dripped pre cum from the tip. He was big, even bigger than Tom.
“Fuck me….” you hissed. Tom pushed into you with a snap.
“As you wish, darling. But now it is also time to eat your words.”
Your jaw dropped open to snap back at Tom, when Loki pushes his cock into his mouth.
You groaned against his cock, gagging slightly as he pushed most of his impressive length down her throat.
Loki groaned. “Thomas, she is exquisite. Why have you been hiding her away?”
Tom gripped your hips and snapped against you. “The same reason I hide everything away from you. I don’t want to share.”
You moaned as they thrusted into you in conjunction. Loki was more forceful than Tom. You hollowed your cheeks to suck off Loki.
“You’ve never had a problem sharing before.” Loki growled and pulled Thomas towards him, leaning over you by the scruff of his neck.
Loki’s lips pressed against Tom’s and he moaned. Loki pulled Tom’s head forward and slipped his tongue into Tom’s mouth. Tom groaned as he did the same.
You overheard the lips smacking and the mental image tipped you over the edge and you screamed around Loki’s cock and clenched hard around Tom, shuddering.
Loki pulled away and chuckled. He lifted your face to stare at him. “Did you cum little pet at the sounds of me making out with our dear Thomas?” Loki averted his eyes to stare at Thomas, who had pulled out of you, blushing. “What a naughty girl.” He shifted to lie back on the pillows. “My turn, Thomas.”
Thomas grunted. “She’s not prepared for me yet.”
Loki narrowed his eyes at him. “Whose problem is that?” Loki spread his legs wide. “Come here, pet, and ride me.”
You crawled over to Loki and straddled his hips. You grabbed his cock and lowered yourself onto him.
“Oh god…” you moaned as you settled against his thighs.
“Yes I am.” He gripped your hips and rocked you back and forth.
Tom stared at Loki. “Can you at least hand me that bottle?” He gestured at the bottle of lube on one pillow.
Your eyes widened. “You’re not going to…”
Loki magicked the bottle into Thomas’s hand. He squirted some on his fingers.
“You’ve been training, haven’t you? Wearing the plug I got you?” Tom’s hand slid between your cheeks, massaged your tight entrance, pressed you against Loki’s chest. “Or is that something else you have been lying to me about?” He slowly sunk his well lubed finger into your ass.
“FUCK…” you hissed. Tom stilled as did Loki to allow you to adjust.
After a few moments, Loki gave you ass a soft smack. “Pet…”
You rocked up and down on him as Tom slowly plunged his finger in and out of you. Soon he added a second one and you cursed again as he scissored them inside of you, opening you up.
“If you would train properly, this would be easier.”
Loki cupped your face. “And next time it will be me.” He kissed your lips. “Although I must say, fucking your cunt is a treat. So wet and tight.” He growled.
Tom pulled out his fingers and squirted out some more lube and ran his hand along his shaft.
“Loki…” Tom gave the god a knowing glance.
“Right…” He pulled you tight against him and kissed you with a passion. His fingers found your clit and stroked it.
Tom eased into you, he panted when he was fully seated against your ass. You were so incredibly tight around him.
“My god… darling… why have we… Loki….” Tom threw his head back when he gently thrusted into you.
Loki released your lips softly, a small trail of saliva connecting your two lips. Your eyes locked for a moment and you saw it, those same kind eyes. Loki smiled which turned to a smirk and soon he was full on grinning.
He bucked his hips and gasped. “You clenched even tighter around me.” He leaned down to purr in your ear. “Let’s see how you milk my cock as you come undone.”
The two of them alternated thrusting into you. Soon you were reduced to a whimpering moaning mess. The only words you knew were “yes” and “don’t stop.” Soon your orgasm washed over you, stronger than ever before.
“FUCK!” you screamed in a now hoarse voice. You spasmed and clenched around both of them before your vision went white.
“Ah… AH!” Loki moaned as he thrusted twice before spilling inside of you. Tom soon followed with a deep grunt, filling your other hole.
You fell against Loki’s chest, sweaty and spent. Loki smoothed down your hair. “You were exquisite, pet.”
Tom crawled beside the two of you, rubbing your back. “You did so well, darling.” He leaned down to kiss your cheek and lips and then pecked Loki’s lips.
“Hmm…” you hummed, still coming down for your high. “Thank you.”
Loki pushed the two of you up and leaned you into Tom’s arms. “Why don’t the two of you get cleaned up and meet me downstairs?” He licked his lips, taking in your form. “We have much to discuss.”
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stardusttkachuk · a year ago
The List (Part Two)
Pairing: JJ Maybank x Kook!Reader
Genre: smut
Warnings: cockwarming, public sex, technically unprotected sex, swearing, drinking
Word Count: 1.9k
Summary: Exhibitionism. That was your sex life with JJ. After the first incident in the hms pogue, you and him had a made a list of all the potential places to explore this kink. Next on the list, cockwarming by the fire.
A/N: Special thanks to @thewinterpogue​ for helping me with this and being my beta. 
Taglist: @thatbloodymuggle 
If you’d like to be tagged in this series or any other future fic of mine, please send me an ask or a message!
Tumblr media
JJ pulls you down in his lap, his arms hugging your middle tight. “Hi,” he smiles, planting a kiss on your neck. He grimaces at the saltiness of the sea that he tastes there.
“Hi,” you giggle.
“Have a good swim?” he asks. 
You nod, turning slightly in his lap so you could face him. “You shoulda come with,” you say. 
JJ grabs your chin, bringing you closer to him so he can kiss you. His hand curls around to the back of your head and neck, his thumb resting just beside your ear. His lips part, tongue darting out to swipe across your lips and then to meet with yours as your mouth drops agape too. You would never tire of kissing JJ like this. JJ was great at a lot of things, but his mouth could do wonders.
You’re not sure if the shiver that courses through your body is from the kissing or the sudden gust of wind, but it makes JJ pull away. 
His fingers brush over the goosebumps that have risen on your arms. He tugs off the hoodie that he’s wearing, handing it to you. You pull it on, loving the smell of him that laces the cotton, and loving that it’s just a little bit too big on you.
“You can have it back once the fire gets started,” you say, curling up into JJ’s lap again.
JJ shakes his head. “Keep it as long as you need.”
“Where is John B with the wood anyway?”
“He’s probably got Sarah pushed up against a tree trying to get a quickie in before anyone notices he’s been gone too long,” Pope pipes up, joining you and JJ around the pit. 
Kie isn’t far behind him, sinking down into the chair beside you and JJ. She rolls her eyes at Pope’s comment, but nobody is denying that that is why he’s taking so long.
“Did we at least remember the beer?” JJ asks.
Kiara pops up from her chair. “It’s in my car. I’ll be back.”
“Do you need help?” Pope asks, getting up too.
Kiara shrugs. “If you’re offering.” Pope takes off to catch up to her, leaving you and JJ alone again.
“And then there were two,” you chuckle.
JJ hums, kissing your neck. He doesn’t linger on any one spot for too long and his kisses aren’t the needy kind, they’re slow and gentle. Eventually, he makes a line of kisses from your neck, up to your jaw and then to your ear. 
“Do you want to do something tonight? Something off our list?” he whispers. He turns your head just enough to face you. Enough to look at your eyes for any sign of hesitation.
He may not seem the type, but he knew better than to do something without your consent. He even knew the difference between a hesitant yes and a for sure yes. 
“Like what? Sneak away behind a tree?” 
“I was thinking we could try cockwarming,” he whispers. 
Your stomach flips at his idea. When you had added it to the list, neither of you could think of a place to try it out, but by the fire with your friends all around would be perfect.
“Want to?” JJ waits for your answer but you don’t have to put too much thought into it.
“Yes,” you say. You grab a blanket that’s sitting on the edge of the fire pit and drape it over your lap, easily concealing your lower half.
JJ shifts you slightly, just enough for him to push his board shorts down and take his cock out. He pulls you back over him, fingers pushing your swim suit bottoms to the side. 
You can’t help the whimper that escapes your lips when his fingers tease your folds. “Already wet for me?” he whispers, nipping at your earlobe.
“JJ,” you whine. 
He’s half hard when he slips into you. You bite your lip to stifle any other sounds, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. You’re sure Pope and Kie will be back any minute and you can only imagine that Sarah and JB aren’t far behind. 
“I’m not gonna move and you’re not gonna move. And neither of us will make a sound,” he whispers. “Okay?”
You can barely concentrate on his words between the way his lips are grazing your neck again and how you can feel him start to stiffen up inside you. 
“Mhm,” you squeak. 
“If you can do that, I promise tonight I’ll fuck you so good.” Now he was just being a tease. He was trying to get you riled up. 
You shift slightly, just to get more comfortable and to seem less suspicious. JJ lets out a soft mewl, wrapping one arm around your hips and resting the other on the arm rest of the beach lounger. 
Pope and Kiara are the first ones back. They drop the cooler in the sand and each pull out a drink for themselves.
“Oh, hand me one,” JJ requests, hand outstretched towards them.
“Get up and get your own,” Pope scoffs.
“Why would I when you’re right there? C’mon please?” 
He caves and passes JJ a bottle. “Y/N/N, you want one?” He asks.
“Yes, please.” 
He holds one out to you and you lean forward to grab it.
JJ clears his throat and his arm tightens around your waist, pulling you back against him as soon as you’ve got your drink. 
“Sorry,” you apologize in a hushed tone. 
“Fucking finally,” JJ announces, seeing John B and Sarah headed towards them, each with an armful of firewood. “What took you so long? No wait, I don’t wanna know.”
“It wasn’t that,” Sarah rolls her eyes. “Perv.”
JJ grins at her. “John B is worse than I am, I grew up with that kid. I know where his mind is at 24/7.”
John B has already set up the pit with the wood he had been carrying. He sets some extra pieces off to the side, as well as Sarah’s bundle. There’s enough there to keep the fire going for a few hours and you’re sure it will. It’s a good thing your dad is under the impression you’re sleeping over at Sarah’s house tonight.
You can feel the warmth of the fire as soon as it starts, and you’re now regretting picking the fuzziest blanket from the pile. You’ve now not only got the heat of the fire, but also JJ’s natural body heat - and that man was a walking furnace at all times - plus his sweatshirt. There is no way you’d be able to remove the blanket without everyone noticing what is going on under it so you opt for sticking your feet out the bottom of it and ignoring the heat that engulfs you.
JJ’s hand has been resting on your stomach the majority of the night. His fingers are playing with the waistband of your swim bottoms, tracing it slowly. They go from one side to the other, stopping at your hip bone each time before he changes directions and goes back to the other side. He’s been doing this for a while now and just as you’ve forgotten about his fingers being there, he stops in the middle and goes forward, grazing over your clit.
You gasp, grabbing onto his hand to stop him. 
John B pauses his story and raises his eyebrow at you. “You okay?” 
“Y-Yeah,” you stammer. “This fucker just put his cold hands on my thigh,” you lie, turning your head to glare at JJ.
He smiles at you. “Just making up for the times you put your cold feet on my back.”
You turn back to JB, your hand still gripping onto JJ’s. “Sorry. Continue.”
“It’s cool,” he laughs. 
John B backtracks to jog his memory of what he was talking about in the first place, but you’re not paying attention anymore. You’re now focused on the way JJ’s lips feel against your neck. 
You finally let go of his hand. He rests it on your stomach where it was before and instead of continuing to kiss your neck he rests his chin on your shoulder, tuning in to the conversation.
And of course, once you think he’s stopped his antics, he lifts his head and presses his mouth to your ear. 
“Are you going to be quiet?” He asks.
You nod. 
You nod again. You’re sure JJ is smiling now as his hand moves from your stomach to the front of your swim bottoms. 
He rests three fingers against your clit and you have to bite hard on your bottom lip to keep from making noise. You shift, only to spread your legs a bit wider and get more comfortable. He rubs slow circles on your clit, listening to the way your breathing changes. Your breath is unsteady. You’re holding it until you can’t and then taking quick, sharp breaths in. All you want to do is start moving, bounce on his cock and find your release and talk him through his too. You’re holding onto the promise that he’ll fuck you good tonight.
“JJ, I’m-”  you start, as his fingers work faster. 
“Hmm?” He hums, slowing down again. He presses a kiss to your cheek, lingering there. “You want to cum?”
“Yes,” you say lowly. Between the crackling of the fire, the ocean, and the voices of your friends there’s no way they’re hearing your conversation. Still, you don’t want to risk it.
“So cum.”
Your breath hitches. You had to have known he would do that, although you were so hoping he’d make up an excuse for you both to leave and you’d be able to be as loud as you want. That clearly was not going to happen.
“J,” you whine. 
He smirks, kissing your cheek once more before leaning his chin on your shoulder again.
He joins in on the conversation with his friends, as if his dick isn’t inside you and fingers aren’t between your thighs and working you into an orgasm. 
He can tell you’re getting closer, from the way you’re clenching around him and trying so damn hard not to move.
Somehow, God is on your side and you cum just as everyone is laughing at something JJ said. Besides a few hushed hums of pleasure you give no indication of anything happening under the blanket.
JJ can’t wipe the smirk off his face. He loves every second of it. He loves this whole adventure you two are on.
JJ picks up his phone from the armrest of the chair, pretending to look at the time.
“I think me and Y/N are gonna head out,” he announces. He taps your thigh gently and you take that as your cue to move. You raise up slightly and JJ uses his free hand to fix your swim bottoms as well as situate himself back in his trunks. He’s clearly hard and you know you won’t make it far before he needs you again. 
“Gee, you are never the first one to leave JJ,” Kiara comments.
“I’ve got business to take care of,” JJ winks.
Kiara pretends to gag. “Gross. Be safe.”
“Always,” he laughs. He rolls the blanket up in his arms, holding it over his crotch to conceal himself. “Goodnight!” He says although neither of you stick around for the choruses of goodnights and goodbyes that follow.
(part 3)
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chevyharvelle · a year ago
What About Y/N?
Dean Winchester x Reader
Warnings: spoilers for season 14, blushy Dean, idk my dudes
Summary: When John is yanked into the future he sees that his oldest Son still hasn’t made a move on y/n.
A/n: this has been swimming around in my head for awhile so I’m finally writing it. I hope you guys like it! If you wanted to be added to the forever taglist, just hit me up.
Tumblr media
When you returned to the bunker after a rare solo hunt, you had no idea what insanity you were about to walk in on. The only thing you were looking forward to was a much needed hot shower, a decent meal, and maybe enough time to get through an episode of Game of Thrones with Dean. But that was a long shot even.
Parking your car in the garage, you took your time gathering your things and walking down the hallway towards your room. Throwing your duffel onto your bed, you stripped the dirt and blood stained clothes from your body. Dean and Sam could wait. The hot shower was your top priority right now.
You knew you had made the right choice, ten minutes later stepping out of the shower and feeling like an entirely new person. And fresh clothes only made it that much better. Wrapping a towel around your hair, you ventured out of your room towards the library. It was good to be back. It was good to be home.
“Sam! Dean! I’m back from that Wraith hunt in Washington!” You announced, ascending the stairs into the library, busying yourself by rubbing the towel through your hair in an attempt to dry it quicker.
The brothers had been so per-occupied by the event unraveling in front of them that they failed to remember you would be returning tonight. Your voice sending them turning in unison to face you, revealing the figure partly hidden behind them.
And then things got weird.
You were stopped dead in your tracks at the sight of one John Winchester, standing very much alive between his two sons. Meanwhile your towel was still pressed against your hair.
“What- the- hell is happening?” You stated slowly, eyes darting between the brothers. Dean shot you a smile, beaming at the sight of you.
“Hey y/n! Our Dads back!” Dean grinned, bringing up the obvious. You dropped the towel, eyes still wide as you nodded slowly.
“Yeah.” You breathed out, “ I can see that.” You put your hand up in a half wave at their father, still trying to steady your breathing. “ Hey, John. How’s it going?” You tried, still looking very confused.
You were one of the very few that had been in the Winchesters lives long enough to have known John, hell, you met them when you were in your pre-teens. The point was, John knew who you were and you knew who he was.
John let out a light laugh, an amused look on his face. “ I’m doing alright y/n. Thanks for asking. Apparently it’s been awhile.”
You locked eyes with Dean again, silently asking for a explanation. “Yeah, you could say that.” Dean could see that you were dying for an answer so he quickly stepped forward.
“Y/n, I was just gonna go out to grab stuff for dinner, you wanna tag along?” He asked, grabbing his jacket off the nearest table along with the set of keys for Baby.
“Uh yeah- sure.” Your words coming out slow as you had trouble taking your eyes away from their father. This was too weird.
As Dean stepped down the stairs, you quickly forced your body into motion, following him down the hallway. Once you knew you were out of earshot you turned to your best friend.
“Okay, mind telling me what I just walked in on?” You asked, looking over at Dean who, if you were being honest, who looked happier than you had seen him in a very long time. A huge smile on his face as he looked over at you.
“I’ll explain on the way. Long story short, Sam and I found a pearl that can give you what you want most in the world- or something. One minute there was nothing and then all of a sudden, BOOM. Dads standing there with a shot gun pointed at the two of us.”
“Well that definitely sounds like your dad.” You nodded, sliding into the passenger seat of the Impala.
Over the next hour Dean filled your in on the entirety of the story. From the odd wishing pearl to the fact that it wasn’t a permanent thing. While John was here, time would continue to warp and change. They would have to reverse the wish after dinner. You could see the sadness in Deans eyes as he told you, and you wanted nothing more than to be able to fix it for him.
When you returned to the bunker, you helped Dean unload everything from the car, pausing mid way to the kitchen. Dean stopped when he saw you frozen in the hallway, adjusting the groceries in his arm as he walked back over to you. “ you alright?”
You let out a sigh, giving the green eyed hunter as small, faint smile. “ Dean, I shouldn’t be here.”
Dean let out a huff, giving you a confused look. “what the hell are you talking about?”
“This is a family thing Dean. You always talked about wanting this. I’m not going to intrude. I’ll just go back into town for the night.” You shrugged. Moving past him, you stepped into the kitchen, setting the groceries on the table.
“Okay, first of all-“ Dean corrected you, moving to set his own bags down next to yours. “ You are family and second, I want you here. You’re my best friend.” He turned to look over at you, a smile lighting up his face.
Oof. There it was again. That one little title that had you so conflicted. Of course Dean was your best friend as well, but you also wanted something more than that. And you were sure Dean didn’t feel that way about you. “Are you sure? What if they don’t want me here?” You questioned.
Dean gave you another annoyed look before turning to unpack the groceries. “ are you kidding me? My mom loved you from the moment I introduced her to you and my dad? Even though he would never admit it, he thought of you as his other kid.” He chuckled. “So in conclusion. Your staying and that’s final. Got it?”
“Alright fine.” You exhaled, smiling over at the older Winchester. It was good to see him happy.
*. *. *. *.
And that’s how you found yourself seated down at one of the library tables, wine glass in hand as you watched Sam and Dean retell an old story about how the three of you had to go digging through a pond when Dean lost the keys to the impala during a wraith hunt a few months back.
You smiled into your wine glass as Dean rolled his eyes. Another memory came to your mind, making you slap Dean in the shoulder. “You gotta tell em the story about the fairy!”
Dean whipped his head around to glare at you, wide eyed. “ I’m not telling the fairy story y/n.”
“I’m sorry- fairy story?” John questioned, leaning forward with a raised eyebrow and a light smirk.
“Oh yeah. It’s one of Deans greatest victories.” You nodded, a grin appearing on your face as you took another sip of wine. “ He fought a fairy.” You swiveled your head, sending Dean your growing grin.
“I haven't heard this one either. Now I’m interested.” Mary laughed, leaning forward in her chair and resting her chin on her palm as she looked to her eldest son.
Without much choice, Dean groaned, diving into the story about how he was abducted by aliens and then forced to fight a fairy. The whole time you were trying to keep a straight face, but with everyone else laughing it was terribly difficult.
“It was a little glowing, hot naked lady.” Dean sighed, looking down at his hands which were folded in his lap.
“And then what happened Dean?” You smiled, trying even harder now to hold in your laughs.
“And- and she hit me.” He mumbled in defeat, sending you back into a full fit of laughter along with everyone else at the table. You were laughing so hard tears were streaming down your face as you grabbed your stomach. The rest of the Winchesters not far behind you.
“Oh god, I’m gonna pass out.” You heaved,looking back over at Dean who was shaking his head, only this time he had a small smile on his face.
“Okay get your laughs out.” He sighed.
“Oh, we are.” You laughed again, wiping away the tears on your face. You looked over at Dean, eyes locking almost immediately. You gave him another smile, silently apologizing for teasing him. The smile was returned, which made your heartbeat quicken.
You didn’t see it, neither did Dean, but for a good portion of dinner John was watching the two of you, smirking at the playful and childlike banter between you. Sam and Mary had noticed it too, but they were used to it. You and Dean dancing around each other , both afraid to make the first move.
It reminded John of him and Mary way back when. When times were simpler. Just two young idiots very much in love.
As dinner finished up, you helped clear off the table, you and Dean maneuvering around each other in perfect sync. It was interesting to watch to say the least.
As Dean left with the last of the dishes, heading towards the kitchen, your eyes settled on John, who was leaning against one of the pillars in the library.
You ventured over, tucking your hands into the pocket of your sweatshirt. “ Is it weird? Seeing how much they have changed?” You questioned.
John turned to you, letting out a breath. “ it’s definitely weird, but I can still see somethings haven’t changed.”
You tilted your head, wondering what on earth he was referring to. Shaking it off you sighed, “ you should be proud of them. They have helped a lot of people and they’re easily the greatest men I have ever had the joy of knowing.”
“I am proud of them. Hell, I got no words to express how proud I am of those two. I mean, Dean is still stubborn as hell-“
You let out a laugh, turning your head towards the kitchen.” Yeah, and I don’t think that’s going away any time soon.” You agreed, also realizing there was still work to be done. “I should probably go help in the kitchen.” You ended, giving John a nod before walking away.
You passed Dean in the hallway, who sent you another smile and gave your shoulder a squeeze as he entered the library.
Once John knew you were out of earshot, he turned to Dean, raising an eyebrow. “ I can see you still haven’t told y/n how you feel?” He smirked.
“Is it really that obvious?” Dean sighed, dragging a hand down his face as he fell into one of the chairs. John sitting down across from him.
“Yeah, Son. It’s still insanely obvious.” John laughed, picking up his glass of whiskey. “ I just feel bad for Sam, having to go all these years watching you two dance around each other like a couple of kids.”
Dean let out a defeated laugh. “How do I know if she even feels that way about me?”
John rolled his eyes, leaning forward. “ You two really are blind arn’t you? Just tell the girl. You’ll be fine Dean.”
“How do you know that? Y/n is a loose canon, you never know what you are gonna get with her!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air before letting them run down his face again.
“Just trust me on this.” John sighed, still mildly amused by how his eldest was reacting.
Dean was quick to lean forward, pointing his finger at his father. “Alright, but if this goes wrong, I’m blaming you.”
*. *. *. *. *.
This was not how you expected your night to go when you initially got home. You thought it would just be another night of microwaving takeout and watching some dumb show with Dean. And then you got the exact opposite. A full home cooked meal, a night of laughter, and a very happy Dean Winchester. Your heart was fucking full.
But slowly as the night came to a close, you could see Dean starting to sink, the inevitable goodbye he would have to give to his father drawing ever closer.
You eventually found yourself perched on one of the tables, the jade eyed hunter by your side. Mary and John were having one final discussion together, and Sam was leaning against one of the pillars in the library, clearly lost in his thoughts.
Turning your head, you looked over at Dean, a small sympathetic smile tugging on your lips. He looked so sad, and it broke your heart. Carefully you reached over, intertwining your fingers with his and leaning against his shoulder.
“It’s gonna be okay Dean.” You sighed, feeling his hand squeeze yours. You were keeping him grounded through this whole thing. Keeping him sane. He was grateful to have you in his life.
“I know- I just- I’m tired of saying goodbye to people.” He mumbled, going to rest his head against yours.
“Well I’m not going anywhere- you’re stuck with me till the end Winchester.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He agreed with a light chuckle, eyes falling towards your intertwined hands.
It was unusual, he didn’t think anything of it at first, but now? He was only just realizing that you had never held his hand before. Sure there was the I’m grabbing your hand and pulling you with me while we run from this monster sort of hand holding, but this was different. This was gentle and loving.
You watched as his eyes stayed locked in your hands, slightly amused by how intrigued he looked by it. You smiled, taking your free hand and placing it on his face, before pressing a sweet and firm kiss to his cheek. The action surprising the both of you slightly.
And then something happened, that you never expected to see in a million years. A warm red bloomed across his face, his eyes quickly looking away. He was blushing. Dean Winchester, your best friend since childhood was blushing, turning into a rosy faced mess.
And it was fucking adorable.
The two of you out so caught up in the moment that you failed to notice the grinning Winchesters in the doorway.
*. *. *. *. *.
“You keep these boys out of trouble for me, you got that?” John grinned, pulling you in for one last hug.
You let out a light laugh, stepping back. “I don’t think the strongest power on earth could do that. But I’ll try.”
Moving back, you watched as one by one said their final goodbyes. The pearl that caused this all to happen, sitting ominously on the table next to you. Dean stepped forward, his father pulling him into a bone crushing embrace.
“She adores you, you know.” John stated slowly, low enough that you couldn’t hear it. “I can see it in the way she looks at you. So can Mary.”
The beginnings of what could only be a smile tugged on the corners of Deans lips as he slightly nodded. Yet at the same time he looked pained. Too much was going and he didn’t want to lose his Dad again.
“If you love her, tell her. Even if your scared it’s not the right thing. Even if your scared it will burn your life to the ground, you say it, and you say it loud. You got that, Dean?” John continued, grabbing Deans shoulder and pulling into another crushing hug.
All Dean could do was nod. His dad was right. You never knew how this life would play out- when your time was up. Life was too short to wait in fear.
“Now let’s get this show on the road.” John chuckled, pulling back with glossy eyes that matched everyone else’s.
You watched with a sad smile as the Winchester family collapsed into one last group hug. They all looked so terribly sad, but happy at the same tile that they got this at all.
“Get in here y/n. You’re our damn family too.” Before you could register it, you were being pulled into a massive Winchester sandwich, nestled snugly under Deans arm.
This was nice. To have a family. To have people who loved you. To have a home.
It took the strength of all of you combined to pull away from each other, Dean stepping back to the place where the pearl lay. Mary remained next to her husband, their hands wound tightly together.
You could see Deans own hand shaking as he picked up the bowl to smash the pearl. He was breaking. Doing what you could, you reached out taking his empty hand in yours once again. He looked down in surprise, before going up to meet your eyes in understanding.
“It’s Okay. I got you.” You assured him. He slowly nodded, showing you he understood.
You looked back towards John, who sent you and Dean both a wide smile. Who knew your lives could so quickly change in matter of hours.
And then Dean brought the bottom of the bowl down hard on the pearl, shattering it in one go.
You felt Dean slightly jump in pain besides you, his hand gripping yours tighter as he ignored the tears freely rolling down his face, eyes frozen on the spot where John had been standing just seconds prior.
You could tell he was heartbroken. Shifting the bowl from his grasp, you wound your arms around him, pulling him into you. “It’s alright. I got you. I got you.” You repeated, running your hand up and down his back in an attempt to help calm him. Though delayed, he moved to wrap his arms around you, chin coming to rest on your shoulder as he sank.
“Thank you.” He mumbled, attempt to regain his breathing.
Everything was going to be alright. He was gonna make sure of that.
(A/N: Tell me what you guys thought! this things been sitting in my drafts for ages and I finally finished it. If it gets enough notes ill write a second part.)
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rosyparkers · a year ago
♡ rosy library ♡
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © rosyparkers. i do not allow any translations or redistributions of my work and my headers on any other platform, without my permission. i do not allow any reposting of my content, even if credit is given.
most of my content is nsfw, it’s only for 18+ readers so minors do not interact with my smut!
the librarians — add yourself to my taglist.
the windowsill — drabble masterlist.
social media aus masterlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧°·.· SERIES ·.·°✧
blue jeans | completed (33k)
↳ in this small town, nobody leaves—especially those who say they’ll do anything to get out. tom holland is convinced he won’t let himself be one of them, even if that means leaving you behind. big city dreams don’t fit in your bedroom anymore.
break my heart | completed
↳ college isn’t going your way—your rent’s insane, you hate parties, and the universe keeps finding ways to pair you up with tom holland, the bane of your existence in skates and a snapback. when you start a matchmaking business for extra cash, you pray the universe will give you a break (smau).
make it right | on-going
↳ after much soul-searching and trying to find your own path, you end up in a quaint little town near london, where your closest friend lives. luckily for you, a full-time kindergarten teacher position has just opened up. a couple of months after you’ve hung up your name in front of classroom 2-b, the last person you expect to see picking up a bubbly little boy is tom holland, the man who left you beind all those years ago.
↳ a series of unrelated oneshots in a college setting.
ungodly hour | hiatus
↳ four years ago, you met tom holland, a fresh-faced boy with freckles on his cheeks and stars in his eyes, as he landed a role of a lifetime. after years of wondering what could’ve been, your paths cross again as you become co-stars in a film made for stardom. the only problem is that tom’s no longer the shy, stuttering boy you used to love. no, the engagement ring on his finger is definitely new.
high quality hittin’ | completed (22k)
↳ having your car break down in a rural area on your way to your best friend’s impromptu wedding was not the plan. meeting a gorgeous stranger in the weirdest way was also not the plan, but yeehaw you are so glad it happened.
Tumblr media
✧°·.· AU ONESHOTS ·.·°✧
✦°·.· COLLEGE AU ·.·°✦
break up with your girlfriend (12k)
↳ she’s pretty, you think, as you watch her place her hand over his heart. of course she’s pretty, when her boyfriend looks like that. and even though spite curls in your stomach at the sight of tom with her, you can’t help but smile as you remember the bitemark you left on his chest, right under her palm.
sunny side up (22k)
↳ there are four things tom loves more than anything in the world: his family, you, volleyball, and eggs. adding a little baby to the mix in his last year of university was not part of his plans, but four can easily become five.
into the woods (4k)
↳ it’s not easy to pretend you’re not in love with your best friend and don’t want to jump all one hundred and seventy-three centimeters of him. it’s even harder when it’s just you and him, stuck in a remote cabin in the woods, after your other friend bails.
borderline (2.5k)
↳ after teasing tom all week long, he decides to dish back with his bedroom door wide open. you shouldn’t hold your breath for his roommate, harrison, to come home late.
sabotage (3k)
↳ after your break-up, you keep seeing tom everywhere you go, especially on your dates. you can’t help but wonder if he’s trying to sabotage your dates, especially when his crackhead friends start helping him win you back.
✦ ✦ ✦
✦°·.· RICH KID AU ·.·°✦
birdie (10.2k)
↳ in between wine parties and saturday morning breakfast at the country club, you can’t keep yourself from falling for tom’s charms, even though he’s your father’s golf caddy at said club, and you’ll definitely be disowned if you’re found in his company.
bubblegum pop (3.5k)
↳ your boss’ son tries a new brand of bubblegum for the first time.
Tumblr media
✧°·.· OTHER/NO AU ·.·°✧
bliss among sinners (20k)
↳ it’s february 14th, and you’re alone. as usual. your pity party leads to a shameful, pyjama-clad trip to the corner store for as much candy as you can carry. the last thing you want is to bump into an insufferable, frat-boy wannabe, who keeps popping up in the most inopportune moments and whose shit-eating grin hides something more sinister than he lets on.
dream a little dream of me (13k)
↳ when your little sister begins to have horrid dreams that end with her screaming bloody murder into the night, your parents, the king and queen of fluoria, ask for the help of an enchanter.
strawberries and cigarettes (2k)
↳ it’s a sunday morning filled with hungover tom, strawberries, and whipped cream.
and you let her go (1k)
↳ a month after your break-up, tom can’t let you go, and he has a pretty unique way of showing it.
three weeks (2k)
↳ tom has been away filming abroad for three weeks, meaning you two haven’t… spent quality time together in a long while.
one in the morning (1.5k)
↳ domesticity in the middle of the night with one (1) goofy husband.
be my baby (1k)
↳ tom being a little bitch while you watch a horror film.
siren (6.4k)
↳ you’re willing to do anything to get out of having your license revoked after officer holland catches you speeding for the third time this month.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧°·.· SERIES ·.·°✧
love lies | on-going
↳ silk is in love with spider-man and spider-man is in love with silk. at least, that’s what the world thinks. to the city of new york, your and your boyfriend’s masked alter egos do much more than look out for the little guy—you’re also the subject of fan accounts and tabloids. the only problem is that it’s all a ruse, and you’re not actually dating spider-man. if anything, you can’t stand him. well, that, and the irrevocably adorable boy who just joined your school’s newspaper (smau).
sun & moon | complete
↳ your high school experience is not very different from that of any popular girl in new york; friends, parties, committees, and secrets fill your time. what is supposed to be a simple history project ends up unravelling more than your meticulously planned schedule, and all because of a certain brown-eyed boy (smau).
baby steps | discontinued
↳ drabble series based on parenthood dialogue prompts! the drabbles aren’t related so there is no order.
about love
↳ collection of unrelated drabbles based on 50 kissing prompts for tom, peter and harrison.
Tumblr media
✧°·.· ONESHOTS ·.·°✧
can we kiss forever? (2.5k)
↳ a weekend home from university at peter’s apartment turns into one of your most cherished memories.
melted (2k)
↳ peter edges you with ice. that’s it.
disconnected (3k)
↳ your reputation as a technological grandma™ precedes you, yet you’ve learned to live with it, mostly because it gives you the chance to talk to the sweetest guy working night shifts at the IT club on campus. well, talk to him on the phone. between mystery IT guy and the cute boy with the crooked nose from the bakery, you feel torn, but not for long.
sweeter than sugar (1k)
↳ baking with a clumsy, adorable peter.
heavenly (2k)
↳ a game of seven minutes in heaven at flash’s party leaves you and peter parker on cloud nine.
just for tonight (1k)
↳ peter can’t fall asleep without you.
wildest dream (1k)
↳ “i found your box of letters underneath my bed last night. here i am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore.”
safe and sound (1k)
↳ “don’t cry. everything’s going to be okay.”
Tumblr media
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every day texts with bf!peter 1.0
every day texts with bf!peter ft. horny flash 2.0
bf!peter — e2l with... your cat...
every day texts with bf!peter 3.0
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adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (1)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 3.09K
Warnings: None for this chapter.
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Happy quickly called backup and brought you to Stark Tower, your ears still ringing and your eyes were having to adjust to every new thing they fell upon from the shock. Your could feel your heart beating in your head and in your ears as your eyes slowly fluttered shut, your lungs pulling in deep shaky breaths. It was only then you realized that you couldn’t really surrender to the oblivion that being unconscious would give you. You could feel yourself teetering on the edge of falling asleep, as though you were nearly there but couldn’t get all the way. You chalked it up to shock and pain, since your brain was blank and yet your train of thought was running rampantly off the track, disappearing seconds later and starting over with a new one.
As you gazed at everything, the noises and voices sounding like you were hearing them through a door that was underwater, you felt like you were dreaming. None of this felt real. And if you thought the shock was settling in then, you were dead wrong. When your brain finally started catching up, your hearing opening up as though whatever your ears were blocked by slowly fell away, starting from the center of your ears and quickly spreading, clearing your eardrums to hear the sharp sounds and the echoes of police car sirens passing the car. Happy’s voice cut through perfectly and you recoiled, raised your hands to block out how loud everything was.
Was the world always this loud? You thought as you took note of the sounds of tires on the ground, feeling them ripple through your body. You finally started to realize where you were. You laid down in the backseat with an agent making sure you were okay, giving you a once over and checking on you, Happy was on the phone and you knew who he was talking to. Your dad. Happy seemed fearful as you felt your body weight shift and change with his steep turns. Your ears were ringing and you grimaced, the agent trying to talk to you but not getting fully through.
You were rushed to the infirmary, unable to form sentences while doctors and nurses rushed around, running tests and grabbing medical tools. You were mostly fine, you just felt a throbbing pain in your head and a stiff ache on your spine. They put you in a room and laid you down, with the bed propped up a good bit so that you could try to talk. A nurse put a light up to your eyes and checked your pupillary response. “Ma’am. What day of the week is it?” She asked and you squinted your eyes, trying to focus on her voice. “Monday?” You asked and she shook her head. “It’s actually Wednesday, ma’am. And what’s the color of the sky?” She followed up. “Blue?” 
“Do you know why you’re here?” She asked. “Am I hurt?” You wondered. “That’s what we’re trying to find out. One more question, what’s the last thing you remember?” She asked and you wracked your brain trying to think of your last memory. “I was with my dad,” You responded and the more you thought of it, the more the vividness of your memories slipped away, as though they were a dream that you were beginning to forget so soon after you’d had it. “My ears are ringing, why are they ringing?” You grumbled as you moved your head to the other side to avoid the light.
“Don’t worry about that ma’am, that’ll subside with time,” She assured and then turned to the doctor. You couldn’t really make out what they were saying, but there were mentions of minor injuries, such as bruises and cuts, but also a minor concussion.
“I don’t have a concussion,” You absentmindedly spat. “I was just having coffee with my dad,” You slurred trying to grasp onto what reality was and wasn’t. Images of a blast and a vague memory of Happy’s car come into your mind, but they disappear before you can hold onto them, and within seconds, it was like they were never there. Your head felt heavy and light, as your brain shut down and remained alert at the same time, the day’s events shocking your senses into confusion and muddle. Your emotions clawed into one another, cancelling each other out, leaving you in a state of in between, a gray area from which you couldn’t escape until far later.
The door busted open and Tony barrelled in. “Mr. Stark! We have to ask you to wait outside,” The nurse said. “Absolutely not!” Tony moved her aside and then came to stand next to you, his face falling into one of concern. He put a hand to your head. “Y/n. Talk to me, what’s wrong?!” He looked your frame over, as his breathing picked up. 
“Dad, what’re you doing here? I thought we were having coffee a second ago,” You explained and the nurses and doctors in the room looked in shock at the interaction. Of course, they couldn’t have known you were his daughter. You never took his last name, but changed it to something else to avoid affiliation with your mother. “That was two days ago, Y/n, what happened today?” He asked again and you furrowed your brows, your eyes narrowing and your mouth falling agape, as you tried to understand what was going on.
“Mr. Stark, with all due respect, she has a minor concussion! She’s experiencing acute memory loss,” The nurse explained and you swallowed hard. “What’s she talking about, dad?” You whimpered as you shook your head, trying to shake the ringing noise away and deny her at the same time.
“Nothing, sweetpea. Just get some rest,” Tony turned to you and shook his head, his demeanor changing so as not to worry you. His face was still full of concern, but not nearly as erratic as he was when he first entered the room. He moved your hair from your face and squeezed your hand. After regaining his composure, he turned to the staff. “Run every test you can think of, check every single thing that might be wrong.” Tony ordered and they all nodded, “I want to know for sure that she only has a concussion, and then when you’re sure, run ‘em all again!” 
The cat was officially out of the bag. Before long, the whole building would know that Tony Stark’s daughter was a low-level desk worker that has been sitting right under their noses for three years. Tony had spent seven years keeping the connection between the two of you under wraps, avoiding every mention of your name and keeping you as far from his dangerous work as possible, but everything came undone in a matter of minutes. Now they would understand why supervisors were suddenly fired for talking down to you, or why agents would get transferred to different departments for hitting on you, or why you got called up to the high-level floors despite your job not providing the security clearance. 90% of the people in your department had never even met Tony, and yet you went upstairs on every one of your lunch breaks. Everything would start to click into place for all the agents and employees, and if you weren’t in danger before, you were surely in danger now.
Tony had to make sure that the team heard it from him before it floated around the building. He scoffed at himself as he entered the elevator, his hands running over his face frustratedly. So much for keeping her out of danger, he thought and squeezed his eyes shut. He needed to know what happened; all the details of the attack were going to be given a good look by everyone on the team and they weren’t going to leave a stone unturned until they know what the hell was going on.
“FRIDAY, tell the team to meet in the lab ASAP. It’s urgent,” He ordered as he pulled out his phone and furiously started sending messages to the team to make sure they would show up. Tony felt concern and anger bubble in his chest as he tapped his fingers against the railing of the elevator, slipping out of the smallest possible crack of the doors once they reached the correct floor. He ran his fingers through his neatly done hair and sighed. 
How could you have been in such danger before anyone knew who you actually were? Carelessly running down to your room surely didn’t help. Forget the fact that he was a concerned father, if anyone had a reason to go after you before, he just handed them a second one, gift wrapped with a bow on top. 
Tony walked into the lab and ordered FRIDAY to print out whatever information had been gathered about the explosion. He looked at the images of the car and the explosion, seeing some of the traffic camera footage that was pulled for him by Happy and some other agents. His stomach churned and his jaw clenched as he put all the photos into a case file, with what little information has been gathered on sheets of paper.
Tony stood there, his face looking grim as he eyed every team member when they walked in. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world at first, but one look at Tony and they knew this must’ve been something serious. He’s never looked this serious for anything, only some of the most dangerous missions could make Tony lose his playboy attitude and ditch the charismatic mask. 
Once they were all there, Tony had to take a moment to find the right words. The silence was deafening and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The seconds ticked by agonizingly slow as the group waited for him to say something, or move. He was scarily silent and he stared at the team like they were the ones in trouble. They all looked at each other, wondering the same thing; what did we do? Only Bucky had the strength to look at Tony head on, challenging him to say something with his icy glare. 
“Are any of you familiar of Y/n Y/l/n?” Tony decided to start and he crossed his arms. Everyone looked at each other, their brows scrunching together in confusion. “Thought so. That’s by design anyways,” He said and before anyone could question his wording, he continued, “She’s a computer programmer here, and she was the target of an attack. Her car was rigged to explode with her inside, but she was called away by her phone and the timer went off when she wasn’t in the car,” Tony explained.
“Is she okay?” Steve was the first to raise the concern. “Is she injured?” Nat added. “She’s fine, she just has a concussion,” Tony answered with a nod. Everyone seemed to be waiting for him to speak, wondering why he called them upstairs for this. Only one person had no problem cutting to the chase.
“You said ‘by design.’ Explain that,” Bucky crossed his arms and gave Tony a questioning gaze. “She’s also my daughter,” Tony finally admitted and he felt a weight lift off his shoulders, but another one slowly settled on them again as he scanned the eyes of the team. They were all wide, their backs straightened and they looked at each other.
“You’re joking,” Nat’s mouth fell agape as she stated. Tony tilted his head back slightly and sighed, “Do I look like I’m joking, Nat?” At his sharp tone, Nat fell silent and she didn’t know what to say anymore as she opened her mouth to say something and then closed it again.
“Tony, are you sure we heard you right?” Banner asked and Tony nodded. “Y/n is my kid.” He repeated, as though to drill the thought into their minds. “Who else knew?” Bucky asked, still in shock but unbothered by the team’s reactions.
“Small group. Fury, Pepper, some staff and Happy,” Tony replied. “And you didn’t tell us?” Banner’s shock shifted into irritation. “I know you’re all mad—,”
“Mad is an understatement! You want us to seriously just be okay with the fact that you hid your daughter from us for however long she’s been alive?” Nat asked, her face contorting into one of rage. Tony put his hands up in surrender.
“Look, you have a right to be mad. I fucking get it. I do. But you have to understand why I didn’t tell you,” He then rips open the case file and pulls out the images, his fear and anger fully showing on his featured now. Tony snatches the traffic cam footage that shows the moment of the blast, where you were only a few steps from the car, the image catching you midair as you were propelled backwards. “This happened when no one knew!” He breathlessly shouted, gripping the image and shoving it in the team’s face. Clint’s face softened. He knew that feeling, the need to hide your kids and family because you didn’t want them to get hurt. 
“Tony, it’s okay it could’ve been a random attack—,” Clint tried to rationalize.
“This was not fucking random, Barton. Happy’s car is only parked there for 5 minutes a day, if ever. Why risk being seen during your ‘random attack’ when there are plenty of other cars that have been parked there for days? Days!” Tony pulled out a red marker and circled a car that had appeared in the footage that had multiple parking tickets on the windshield, and it was right next to Happy’s.
“On top of that, why time it to detonate so that it lines up with the moment Y/n gets in the car? Need I say more?” Tony spoke quickly and everyone fell silent. He huffed out a long breath of air and ran his hands through his hair, gripping the roots. He paced in front of the team and then stopped, turning to them. 
“We’re investigating this. None of us do anything besides this. We will eat, sleep, breathe this case if we have to. We just need to find that fucker and get them away from my daughter!” Tony points his finger to the ground as he spits out his words, emphasizing his seething frustration. The team can’t do anything but agree, noticing how important you are to him, and on top of that, they’re afraid of disagreeing. The prospect of what he would do if someone defied him now seemed terrifying. 
“Rogers,” Tony calls and Steve’s back straightens. “You’re going to be her new protection detail. You will not leave her side for any reason.” Tony orders. “Tony, with all due respect, I think you should give this one to Bucky,” Steve said and Tony squinted his eyes, ready to punch Steve in the face.
“Are you fucking kidding me, Rogers? You think I’m going to put my daughter’s life in his hands?” Tony spat. “Tony, think about it! If you guys are going to keep being at odds like this, do you really wanna be working closely with him on this case everyday?” Nat backed Steve up, knowing what he was trying to do.
Tony and Bucky may have called it a truce, but they were still not what one would consider friends. They relentlessly insulted and cussed at each other whenever they were in the same room, and Tony may have trusted Bucky at his core, but he had yet to show him evidence of that. Bucky being able to guard you was a good way to prove to Tony that he could earn his trust.
“Handling Y/n is... A delicate task. I think Rogers is better equipped, and I trust him. I’ll handle Bucky everyday if it means my kid is safe,” Tony explained to Natasha.
“Tony, you trust me and I trust Bucky to do this, shouldn’t that be enough?” Steve fought for him. Tony groaned. “Dammit, Rogers! This isn’t the time to be testing him out to see if he’s trustworthy!” He growled, throwing the case file at Steve.
“We’re not testing anything. I’m telling you that Bucky can handle this,” Steve affirmed as he caught the file. Tony rubbed his face with his hand and looked up at the Captain. “Do what you want,” He spat and turned to Bucky. “If she has so much as a fucking papercut, I will kill you,” Tony assured, and Bucky stood there, unmoving before finally saying something.
“I’m not babysitting anyone,” He grumbled, his face unchanging. The color drained from Nat and Steve’s faces. They craned their heads to look at Bucky, the two of them glaring daggers into his soul, leaving him unfazed. After all the fighting they did for him, Bucky turned the job down flat. “Excuse us,” Steve grabbed Bucky’s arm and pulled him just out of the lab, where they had a hushed shouting match.
“Bucky, what the hell?! I give you a chance to show Tony that you’re trustworthy and you throw it back in our faces?” Steve asked, annoyance filling his features. “Steve, what the fuck am I supposed to prove by babysitting his daughter? The only way I can prove myself is by going out in the field,” Bucky replied calmly. “Yeah, well, good luck going out in the field after you just declined to protect something important to Tony!” Steve spat, Bucky going silent, knowing his friend was right. “Look, Buck. All you have to do is make sure she’s safe. Stay with her. I’m sure if you earn her trust, you’ll earn her dad’s, too.” Steve explained.
Bucky rolled his eyes and walked back into the room. “Fine. I’ll babysit your daughter,” He said to Tony, who’s face contorted into one of irritation as he eyed the ice cold super soldier. “Don’t talk to me like you’re doing me a favor, Barnes. I’m allowing this for you.” And with that, Tony strode out of the room, ready to pull together a profile about you for Bucky’s information.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
See the World the Way You Do
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader (soulmates AU)
Please do not repost/translate anywhere. Reblogs & Comments are much welcomed ♥
Summary: You start to see colour when you meet your soulmate. Bucky thinks that soulmates are a one of a kind thing—you get one and that's it. His world used to be colourful once and then he lost that. He's resigned to see black and white for the rest of his life...until flashes of colours would appear from the corner of his eye. And it seemed to happen more and more as Bucky spends time with you.
Note: I'm deeply sighing because Bucky makes me one emotional bitch. Taglist is still open for Bucky, Steve, Andy Barber, or all! :) comment or dm !
Warnings: So fucking soft and fluffy with a smidgen of angst.
Count: ~3.6k
It was a strange phenomenon.
You often wonder how it could ever possibly exist and ruminate on the fact that no one really knows the science behind it.
The idea that soulmates exist has always made you slightly uncomfortable but also intrigued you.
Everyone's world is black and white from the moment they're born, and you know you've met your soulmate when you see colour.
The idea that your world could suddenly change when you meet your soulmate...that's terrifying. At the same time, you couldn't help but want to know what colours were like.
Your best friend had found her soulmate way back in high school. She talked about her love. The green of her eyes, the red of her hair, and the multitude of colours she wore.
You don't understand. And there was nothing your best friend could say that would make you understand colours either.
You were a little reluctant about the idea of a soulmate, the idea that someone is made for you and that you're made for someone. Mostly because you can't imagine someone loving really loving you.
Nevertheless, you make a silent vow to the universe that if you ever do meet your'd love them with everything you had.
There is something amazing to be said about the phenomenon of finding your soulmate. The way colour bleeds into your vision, taking over the monochrome of everything, and it feels like life has been breathed into you.
Bucky has had the pleasure of experiencing it.
But there's also something that may not be as commonly known or spoken about.
And it's the fact that if colour can be added to your can also be taken away.
Bucky has had the misfortune of experiencing it.
The hard part is that Bucky doesn't even really remember it happening. Probably because he was brainwashed while it occurred.
There had been a girl in the back in the 40s. His girl. James Buchanan Barnes had met his soulmate, and he loved her the way all romantic movies were back then.
And at some point, while he was the Winter Soldier...the colour faded from his view. She was gone, and Bucky hadn't even known until he was clear-headed again and noticed the monochrome of everything.
It was strange. Bucky felt the loss, felt it deeply and immensely in his soul, but he couldn't shed a single tear.
No one really knows anything about soulmates.
All Bucky can think is that was it. He had his one happiness, and now she's gone.
For the rest of his life, his world will always be black and white because falling in love again would be simply too greedy.
Bucky's making his way to the kitchen when he sees you staring blankly into the fridge. He leans against the door, arms crossed with a quirked eyebrow.
"You lose something in there, doll? Or..." Bucky finally says when you stand there with the fridge open too long.
You look up, surprised, and feel the heat creep up in your cheeks when you realize you've been caught.
"Oh, hey, Bucky," you smile sheepishly. "I'm pretty sure I left some ice cream in here but I can't seem to find it."
"What kind?"
Bucky snorts. "Sorry, doll, but Steve is a menace and if you leave that lying around...well."
You sigh dramatically. "He lives to ruin my life."
Bucky lets out a laugh as he walks to the fridge to see what was in it. "Have you even eaten yet?" He asks.
"Um, ice cream for lunch," you tell him, and Bucky rolls his eyes with a smile.
"Not good enough," Bucky scolds you playfully as he begins to take things out. "I'll make some pasta for lunch that we can eat and then we can go on a walk to get some ice cream. Sound like a plan?"
You smile at him widely and nod. "You're a good person, Buck. I'll be sure to rub it into Steve's face the next time I see him."
Bucky merely laughs quietly as he begins prepping ingredients. You sit across from him on the kitchen island, watching him diligently.
You're a phenomenon to Bucky. You've come into his life like a whirlwind and somehow able to make the grey seem chaotic. It's hard not to like you. He thinks you're pretty, and Bucky is incredibly weak for pretty dames.
It's easier to pretend like he's never known colour before since you don't know what it's like either. He's tried to forget the fact how once upon a time, there was a person in his life that described the beauty of colours to him. That once, he was told that he has the most stunning cobalt eyes and dark, inky hair—not quite black but warm nonetheless.
At times when Bucky catches himself staring at you, he can't help but wonder what colour your eyes are, what colour is your hair?
You were so pretty, monochrome and all, and Bucky feels guilty that he wishes he could still see colour to see what you'd really look like.
The first time it happens is when everyone has decided to take the day off and have a picnic in the park. People come and go to greet them but for the most part, leave the heroes alone to relax.
Technically, you're not a hero, but the number of times patched up the team makes you an honorary member. It's good because Bucky likes sitting next to you while you talk animatedly with Natasha about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. He also enjoys watching you antagonize Steve for stealing your ice cream weeks ago.
Bucky can't quite explain it, but the sky seems a little bluer today.
He hums as he looks over to you, finally done with your conversation with Natasha as you lie back on the blanket, staring up at the sky.
Bucky wonders if you yearned to see colour.
You turn your head to the side, peering up at him seriously, and he starts to feel a little sweaty and nervous.
"Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?"
Bucky clicks his tongue at you, scowling slightly as you grin at him.
"Don't even try to start that with me."
The second time it happens, it's when Bucky is spilling the broken parts of him out to you.
"Her name was Dorothy," Bucky says, unsure if he wants to smile or cry at the sound of her name from his own mouth. "Used to call her Dotty."
Suddenly, Bucky thinks this was a terrible idea. What was he doing, reaching into his own chest, breaking his ribs open and exposing his battered heart to you?
Somehow, recounting how he probably broke her heart when he disappeared and how his own heart would break over and over every time he was conscious enough to realize he stopped seeing colours.
"Soulmates are a funny thing, aren't they?" Bucky said as he leaned back further into the couch, eating the popcorn he made for the movie night with you. "Having someone meant for you doesn't guarantee any sort of happy ending."
You nod as you squeeze his arm comfortingly once, but not overbearingly before you let go and look at the TV.
"Think you'll meet your soulmate anytime soon?" Bucky asks after a while as the movie starts to near its end.
You shrug. "Truthfully, I'm not sold on the whole soulmates thing."
You nod. "There's not that much information about it, but personally I don't think soulmates mean something so grand as one person being meant for you."
Bucky stares at you curiously, not saying anything but looking at you intently to continue on, and you sigh.
"I think soulmates exist in many forms. Platonically, romantically, the pure love between a child and a parent—things like that. I don't think there's just one soulmate for you out there. You could have more than one. My mom did after my dad passed away," you turn to him with a soft smile on your face.
"Do you think it's greedy to love someone again? To see colour again when you've already had it and lost it?" Bucky asks quietly.
"No," you answer immediately. "I don't think being capable of love, especially after a loss, is greedy. It's brave, isn't it? To know the pain and tragedy of loss, and still be able to love again."
You look away then, staring at the TV as if you're trying to catch the ending.
Bucky watches as you swallow, looking relaxed.
"Besides, just because someone is your soulmate, doesn't mean you are theirs."
There's something so solemn the way you say it, and when he continues to stare at you, he thinks he sees it. Something intense in the corner of your eyes that isn't monochrome.
Bucky thinks about your words at night. Colours are such a weird concept, and he wonders if the fact that he's seen them before gives him the ability to start dreaming about pastel blues, pretty pinks, and bright yellows.
It's harder for Bucky to deny his own greediness and selfishness, despite your words that he isn't.
He sees colour at the oddest times and more frequently.
He knows the colour of your eyes, and he swears there's nothing like it. He knows the colour of your hair and the hues of your skin, and you remind him of Autumn.
And just like everything else in Bucky's life since being in the modern world, he doesn't know what to do.
It's obvious that you don't see colours. It's in the way you ask him one afternoon when he's in your bay getting patched up.
"What was it like for you to see colours?"
Bucky feels something clench in his chest as he peers up at you and swallows at how delicately you treat him.
"Amazing," Bucky finally says, unable to really say anything else. "I don't really know how to describe it. One moment, everything suddenly became brighter and darker all at once. I think I was a little overwhelmed, if I'm being honest, it was kind of a sensory overload."
You smile as you continue to dress his wound.
"Honestly, I don't know if I'm describing it well," Bucky shrugs. "I think it's just one of those things you only understand when you experience it."
You're silent, but Bucky continues to stare at you, feeling a dull ache in his chest.
You're wearing a purple shirt today and green pants, and it totally doesn't match, but Bucky finds it all the more adorable, even if painful.
"What do you think it'll be like for you when you see colour?" Bucky can't help but ask.
You finish dressing his wound, patting his arm gently as you ponder the question and give him a smile that doesn't quite reach your eyes.
"I think I'll be a little lonely but I'll be very in love as well."
Bucky snaps his eyes open, feeling his heart race and sweat on his forehead, chest, and back.
He turns over to see you, hovering at the edge of his bed unsurely.
"What's the matter, doll?" Bucky rasps as he sits up and rubs his eyes. He takes a deep breath to calm his rapidly beating heart.
"You tell me," you mumble as you pull at your cardigan sleeve and begin to dab at his forehead, clearing away the sweat. "You were screaming and I heard you next door."
Bucky feels bad because he usually has FRIDAY soundproof his room. He must've fallen asleep before he could remember to do it.
"'m sorry," Bucky mutters. "Woke you up."
You shrug. "I was already awake, couldn't sleep so I was reading."
Bucky nods, still feeling guilty because he disturbed you nonetheless. He feels even worse that he feels better with you here.
"Are you sleepy?" You ask abruptly, and Bucky shrugs. "Want to watch a couple of episodes of our show?"
You're throwing a lifeline and being very subtle about it, and Bucky's thankful. He nods, and he's about to get up to go with you out into the common room when you climb over him and settle underneath the blanket beside him.
"Remote?" You ask, and Bucky dumbly turns to his nightstand, pulling out the drawer and passing the remote to you.
You multitask, taking off your cardigan as you pull the blanket up and turn on the TV.
"FRIDAY, soundproof the room," you ask, and the AI does so with confirmation.
Bucky's facing forward at the TV, but he's staring at you from the corner of his eyes.
You look really good, wrapped up in his navy blue blanket.
"Which tie should I wear tonight?"
You turn over and look at Bucky with a tilt of your head. "Does it matter what I pick?"
Bucky smiles. "C'mon, doll, pick. It doesn't matter if you pick or if you don't pick, so might as well pick."
You snort as you shake your head. You exaggeratingly stare at the choices before you, which makes him laugh before you pick one.
A green tie.
It clashes horribly against his maroon suit, but Bucky smiles as he ties it around his neck.
When the two of you arrive at the gala, everyone else is already there. It's easy to tell who can see colour when they see Bucky's clashing tie and suit and he gets pitying looks.
But Bucky doesn't care because you picked the tie. He would've worn neon pink if you picked it.
Bucky wishes he could tell you that you look so fuckin' pretty in your viridian dress tonight, but he merely settles for a vague compliment instead.
"Ready for some ass kissing tonight?" You ask as you smile at some of the men who walk by the two of you.
"You know it," Bucky refrains from licking his lips. "Even wore some chapstick tonight."
You let a laugh behind your hand as you shake your head at him. You give him a warning look to behave tonight as you walk off and do some mingling.
Bucky meets up with Sam and Steve, who looks equally reluctant to be here tonight.
The night drags on, but Bucky finds himself having more fun than he thought. He gets to dance a couple of times with you and share some drinks.
The best part is when you steal a whole bottle of wine—the expensive shit—before you grab Bucky and drag him out to the farside balcony where it's just the two of you.
"I am so tired of old white men," you mutter as you sit down on the floor and pull Bucky down with you.
Bucky chuckles. "I know I may not look like it, but I am also an old white man."
You give him a mischievous grin. "Should I kiss your ass too?"
Bucky lets out a laugh as he bumps his shoulder gently against yours. "I think we've both had enough ass-kissing tonight. Maybe tomorrow," he adds playfully.
"If you make waffles tomorrow, I may be inclined."
The two of you take turns drinking out of the bottle of wine like uncultured swines, and Bucky pulls out pretzels he stuffed in his jacket pocket earlier.
"You animal," you giggle but still take some from his hand.
Bucky just grins because you're drunk. He can't get drunk anymore, but he drinks with you out of solidarity.
There's more light banter before the wine bottle is finished, and a comfortable silence falls between the two of you. You've got your knees pulled up to your chest as you rest your cheek on it, facing him.
You look so soft with your heavy lidded eyes.
"I told you, you look beautiful tonight, right?" Bucky says suddenly.
You laugh and nod. "You did. You look really dashing tonight too."
"Dashing?" Bucky teasingly repeats after you, and you roll your eyes.
"Well, as much as you can be. I did you a little dirty picking the green tie but it was the only shade you had and I wanted you to match with me just a little," you say as you close your eyes. "I think you rock it, though. Did you see what that guy from IT was wearing? Yikes."
Bucky feels a jolt in his chest, and he hardly hears you.
"What did you just say?" Bucky asks faintly.
You hum in response initially before the realization of what you just said catches up with you, and you open your eyes, sobering up.
"I—I think we should head back in," you say abruptly and stand up, wobbling slightly.
Bucky stands up too and catches your wrist.
"Don't you dare run," Bucky frowns. "You said you wanted to match. You...You can see."
You swallow and shrug. "It doesn't mean anything—"
"It means everything!" Bucky nearly explodes, refusing to let you go even as you tug gently away from him. "Why didn't you say anything? Is it not me?"
That makes Bucky feel like he's drowning and his feet like lead. The possibility you can see colours, and he's not the reason. But why wouldn’t you say anything?
You don't say anything, and that makes Bucky upset—angry, even.
"So, what? You've just been lying to me this whole time? Even if it's not me, I thought we were friends."
"We are," you glare at him as you tug your wrist away hard enough to make him let go. "But whether or not I can see colour is none of your business, Bucky. I don't owe you anything."
Bucky wants to step back as if he's been slapped. You're right, you don't owe him anything like that, but it doesn't stop how hurt he feels. He tries to shove it down because he just—he needs to know.
"What's this punk's name?" Bucky asks, trying to sound as light as possible. "He treating you bad? If he is, just tell me and I'll right him up real good."
"Just drop it, Bucky," you mutter, but Bucky just can't.
"No, just tell me who it is. Is it Steve?" Bucky asks because Steve would be the next person you spend the most time with. "Bruce? Thor? Some guy in the HR department?"
"Why are you so reluctant to tell me?" Bucky pushes, and you just explode.
"Because it is you!" You frustratingly say to him, lips pressed into a thin line and tears rimming your eyes.
Bucky is silent, eyes wide and mouth open just a little in shock.
You sniffle and try your damn hardest not to let the tears fall.
Your throat feels raw suddenly. "I—saw colours. All along. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I could see it. You were just passing by me in the hall and suddenly it felt like I was both shattering and being completed."
Bucky swallows painfully.
"Why didn't you..." Bucky starts to say, but you shake your head.
"Because it was obvious when I met you that you didn't see colour for me," you say, not looking at him as you turn your face away. "I told you, Bucky. Just because someone is your soulmate doesn't mean you are theirs."
And Bucky can't help but see your sad smile the last time he asked you what you'd think it'd be like if you could see colours.
"I think I'll be a little lonely but I'll be very in love as well."
You were in love with him.
All along, you were falling in love with him, and you were getting lonelier the more you fell in love with him.
God, Bucky feels like his tie is around his neck too tight, and he just—you make his heart splinter in every single way.
He suddenly cups your face, revelling in the way your cheeks are so soft and warm—probably from the alcohol.
You look up at him so pitifully that Bucky just wants to pull you close and hold you tightly.
"I love the colour of your eyes," Bucky says softly. "They make me feel warm and remind me of the beginning and ending of fall."
Your breath hitches, and Bucky smiles.
"I love your green dress. It's like silk on your skin. I'm glad you picked that hideous green tie if we get to match a little. I promise to buy more ties to match the shades of your dresses," Bucky declares.
You feel the tears well over because it just feels like your heart is expanding into your ribcage in the best ways.
"I didn't always see colours again," he admits as he wipes your tears with his thumb. "But I did. Slowly. Because you loved me enough to let me fall slowly for you."
Bucky's leaning closer to your face, and you try to not hiccup from crying.
"Thank you," Bucky nuzzles your nose before he asks with just a hint of desperation. "Can I kiss you?"
You nod in his hands and by God.
This is what colour is about, Bucky thinks as there's an explosion behind his eyes and Christ, you taste like the wine and pretzels, and Bucky is so—in love and happy. He slants his lips against yours over and over.
You see colour because of him.
"What a wonderful phenomenon," Bucky mutters against your lips.
Because there is something wonderful to be said about having a soulmate.
And Bucky is brave and so, so lucky to be able to experience it with you.
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hantaev · 19 days ago
Wanderlust With You | jjk masterlist
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
↠ summary: Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise, far from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little man, Jaehyun.
↠ genre: established relationship au, fluff, just a ton of smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
↠ rating: 18+
↠ warnings: swearing & explicit sexual content. specific warnings will be given with each drabble.
↠ a/n: surprise? 😅 this is just a little thank you present from me to my lovely readers for always supporting me and making me so happy 💛 a little late to the party i guess, but muster!jungkook ruins me completely 😩 this was honestly meant to be a oneshot but i couldn’t help and turn it into a mini drabble series! i hope you like this short series & if you would like to be added to the taglist; please do lmk 🥺 sending love always <3
↠ banner: made by the lovely @monvante 💛
Tumblr media
↠ day 1
the day jungkook sees you in a short summer dress, he decides that the only way he can show his appreciation, is to take you against the shower wall. [2.5K]
Tumblr media
↠ day 2
the day jungkook would much rather spend his time eating you out at the pool instead of swimming around. [3K] coming soon
Tumblr media
↠ day 3
the day jungkook makes you ride him whilst watching the sunset.
Tumblr media
↠ day 4
the day jungkook gets jealous and feels the need to punish you.
Tumblr media
↠ day 5
the day you decide that there’s no better way to wake jungkook up other than morning sex.
Tumblr media
↠ day 6
the day jungkook and you decide to make the most of your last day together, provoking him to share a thought he’s been hiding from you for a while.
Tumblr media
↠ day 7
the day you and jungkook decide to have a family day at home with your little prince.
Tumblr media
↠ tag list: please let me know if you would like me to add you to the tag list for this mini series by sending me an ask or commenting under this post <3
Tumblr media
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