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#can i interest you in a reaction meme
adhoption · 9 months ago
seeing a lot of that ‘commenting on posts is obnoxious and you should feel bad’ post going around (funnily enough with two additions!), so I just wanted to say that I love it when people interact with my posts and nobody should feel guilted into hiding their thoughts in the tags
you should not be shamed for expressing yourself on your own blog. the reason this site is becoming less fun is because of cringe culture, a shift to liking instead of reblogging, judging ‘effortposts’, and these pretentious people who just passively reblog other people’s memes and never contribute anything of their own, whilist looking down on people who do. 
but honestly, those are the most boring blogs I see. if you are literally adding nothing, no original posts, no comments, because you’re boring enough to think you need to be ‘peer reviewed’ before being allowed to post a joke, you may as well not be here. you don’t get to shame the people making jokes into silence: you might not like a lot of what they add, but they are the ones coming up with the occasional reblog-chains even your no-fun-allowed, serious-blogging kind enjoy enough to circulate. they are the ones creating the content you come here to silently peruse.
I saw another post about this recently, but: in any context, I always respect the person who tries to make a joke or come up with a new point a lot more than the person who shuts them down, sneers and says ‘you’re not funny’, because it’s so easy to be cynical and judgemental from the corner! it’s the approach of the lazy, or the cowardly, but always makes the person feel smugly superior to the poor sap trying, when the opposite is the case. the other person is being themselves, and more power to them. your insecurity about your own thoughts doesn’t make you better, and you shouldn’t try to push it onto them.
I would have thought Tumblr was the social media site for people who were shamed for expressing themselves in school, peer pressured into keeping quiet and repressing their weird sense of humour or whatever because it wasn’t cool, but it looks like a good few years of wonderful liberated chaos we’ve reinvented ‘don’t try to be funny, nobody wants to hear from you, mumble it under your breath and we’ll decide whether it’s worth posting’, which is desperately sad and part of what is making this website a more boring place
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leavesontheground · 6 months ago
sometimes I see spn x-coded posts and I'm like. y'all need to spend a few hours reading alterhuman info posts and then a few days just giving on alterhuman blogs cause it sounds like there's some deeply complex and personal relationships with these characters and I think y'all might find it useful if you had words to describe your relationships with these characters
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kyuuppi · 10 months ago
“You lie to your best friend/crush that you have an OnlyFans just to see their reaction”
Ft. Sugawara; Nishinoya; Tsukishima; Oikawa; Kenma
Pt. 2
A/N: My bias is so obvious here LOL
Tumblr media
↳ Sugawara
➣  You are over at his house, the two of you idly watching a sitcom while browsing your phones and chatting in between; it’s comfortable, as times with Sugawara usually are.
➣  Every time Suga leans in to show you a funny meme on his phone or throws his head back in laughter at a joke from the show, you find your heart skipping a beat.
➣  He is beautiful, basically an angel in your eyes, but he is also your best friend and you don’t think he has any interest in you like that. Not in the way you do. 
➣  That’s how you get the idea to test his feelings. 
➣  Being the troublemaker you are (how else would you and Suga get along so well?) you decide to shake things up by casually mentioning you’re interested in starting an OnlyFans and asking if he thinks its a good idea. 
➣  You expect either of two reactions: either he’ll be as supportive as usual, possibly advising you to be cautious with strangers online like the mother hen he is, proving he only sees you as a friend—or he’ll tell you not to, possible evidence that likes you.
➣  The response you receive is not quite what you were expecting...
➣  Once the words leave your lips his head immediately whips around in your direction, light brown eyes looking at you with a serious expression on his face, something you’d never really seen before. It makes you uncomfortable and you begin to regret all of your life decisions.
➣  Suddenly though, he is leaning into you, his arms coming up to trap you against the couch as you try to back away. Your eyes are as wide as saucers and face completely flushed as he continues to stare you down before speaking.
➣  “Even though I’m your best friend, I’m still a man, you know. You’re being awfully cruel right now.”
➣ You audibly gulp, suddenly feeling light-headed but he keeps speaking, close enough that you can feel his hot breath fan across your cheeks.
➣ “Asking me to watch the person I like show off in front of thousands of other men? Even I have my limits.”
➣ And that marks the day of you and Sugawara’s first kiss. ♡
Tumblr media
↳ Nishinoya
➣  Your best friend, Nishinoya Yuu, is notoriously unabashed with his affections. 
➣ The two of you have an interesting relationship—Noya has no qualms with expressing how pretty he thinks you are, borderline flirting with you at times, and you frequently return the favor. 
➣  But you don’t take any of it seriously, of course, regardless of how much you secretly wish it were real. Everyone at Karasuno knows about Noya’s undying dedication to the volleyball club manager, Shimizu Kiyoko, and he confesses his love to her at least twice a day. 
➣ Unbeknownst to you those professions became less and less frequent after he met you and now most of Karasuno thinks the two of you are basically dating
➣ The two of you are at the mall, a frequent hang out place where Noya can look at volleyball gear and you can browse manga at the bookstore, when you get the idea to prank your friend.
➣ “Hey, Noya? I’ve been thinking about finding a way to make more money but I don’t have time for a part-time job so I decided to make an OnlyFans—I already have a few subscribers.”
➣ Nishinoya nearly trips and falls flat on his face. You would have laughed if it weren’t for how he immediately grabs at your shoulders, staring at you with a mix of anger and fear. 
➣ “Absolutely not! No one should be allowed to see your beautiful body like that but me!”
➣ You immediately fluster at his loud declaration, acutely aware of how other customers in the mall are giving the two of your strange looks as they walk by. 
➣ “B-but Noya, we aren’t even dating—”
➣ “Then let’s start dating!” 
➣ And what are you gonna do? Say no?
Tumblr media
↳ Tsukishima
➣ Being friends with Tsukishima could be frustrating at times—a sentiment you and Yamaguchi frequently discuss when the blond isn’t around. 
➣ Tsukishima likes to think most things are beneath him and he’s too cool to find enjoyment in activities most other friends enjoy, ranging from mini golf to video games. The man seems content to waste his life away studying and listening to music if it weren’t for you and Yamaguchi forcing him out of his room. 
➣ Naturally, something like a prank war would be something Tsukishima would want no part of—not that that has ever stopped you. 
➣ Usually, your pranks are failures. Either Tsukishima easily figures out what you’re doing before it can happen or he doesn’t give you the satisfaction of a reaction, chastising you for wasting your time pulling pranks when you have a failing grade in mathematics you’ll later beg him to help you study for.
➣ He still helps you though, he’s whipped
➣ Your newest prank however, you feel exceptionally confident in. Not only is it simple to pull off, only relying on your acting kills, but it also might answer your curiosity on whether you have a chance in getting your dearest Tsukki to see you as more than just a friend.
➣ The day you decide to do it the three of you are hanging out in Tsukishima’s bedroom as usual, you working on the math homework Tsukishima forced you to study while he reads a book and Yamaguchi sits in the corner reading a book.
➣ You had already discussed your plans with Yama beforehand, to which his expression looked suspiciously devious, like he knew something you didn’t know, as he proclaimed his support. 
➣ You hear Tsukishima turning a page and decide to speak up. 
➣ “Hey, Tsukki, have you heard of OnlyFans?”
➣ You hold back a snicker as you see Tsukishima visibly tense, his eyes widening behind his glasses for a moment before he relaxes. From the corner of your eyes you can see Yamaguchi smirking behind his comic, watching the blond closely. 
➣ “...yeah, I’ve heard of it,” Tsukishima simply replies. 
➣ “I’ve been thinking about making more money but I don’t have time for a part-time job so my friend suggested it. She said I could make over ten thousand yen a month.”
➣ “I think only the really attractive ones make that much.”
➣ You gasp, thoroughly offended, and Yamaguchi looks mildly annoyed by his friend’s response, already opening his mouth to chastise him for being so mean—but before he can say anything, Tsukishima is speaking again, still looking down at the book in his lap. 
➣ “Don’t do it though.” 
➣ “Why not?” You pout, refusing to look up at him when you speak. 
➣ “...I don’t want the person I like to do those types of things.” 
➣ You nearly choke on your own saliva, head darting up to stare at him in disbelief. Yamaguchi, for some reason, only smiles softly, looking unsurprised by the admission. 
➣ “W-what? me?”
➣ “Oi, shouldn’t you be studying? One more F and you’re gonna flunk out of the class, dummy.”
➣ You’re slightly disappointed by the change of subject but when you notice the soft pink on Tsukishima’s cheeks you can’t help but to smile the whole time you finish your homework.
Tumblr media
↳ Oikawa
➣ Oikawa is a busy guy.
➣ You were well aware of that before the two of you happened to be paired up for an assignment and got to know each other, eventually becoming close friends. 
➣ Between volleyball practices, tournaments, magazine interviews, and appeasing a passionate fan club, Oikawa rarely has time for himself, let alone another person. 
➣ Despite all of that, you could tell he always made sure to spend time with you, dedicating a few weekends a month to hanging out, just the two of you, and constantly texting you in the times the two of you couldn’t physically be together. 
➣ From an outsider’s perspective, it was almost like the two of you were dating. 
➣ But alas, you know the sad reality is that Oikawa is most certainly not your boyfriend and you have no idea if he has any interest in your like that…
➣ ...Which is why you decide to try to make him jealous one day to push him towards confessing his feelings, if they exist. 
➣ The two of you are at a café, sipping lattes and gossiping about other students when you bring it up. 
➣ “Y’know...I’ve been thinking of making an OnlyFans.”
➣ To your surprise, Oikawa’s eyes seem to light up, his lips curving into a smile of excitement. 
➣ “Wow, really? Maybe I should make one too!”
➣ Oikawa immediately pulls out his cell phone and the color drains from your face as you realize your plan has completely backfired. 
➣ “My fans are going to love this—hey do you think we can do a collab? The two of us in one pic would make us top creators for sure.”
➣ You can only nod numbly with a fake smile at Oikawa’s enthusiasm.
➣ Oh god, you’ve created a monster…
Tumblr media
↳ Kozume
➣ Unless you’re Kuroo, becoming friends with Kenma is a nearly impossible feat. Actually making him want to spend time with you alone, even more so. 
➣ But somehow, you managed to work your way into Kenma’s tightly knit social circle more like a two point line segment of him and Kuroo and your evenings after his volleyball practice are usually spent in one of your bedrooms, playing Splatoon and Animal Crossing until your Switches die or your parents force you to come home for dinner—whichever comes first. 
➣ You love spending time with Kenma, his quiet presence somehow making you feel comfortable—but over time those feelings of ease have shifted into something more akin to nervousness and excitement as you’ve come to develop a crush on the setter.
➣ Every moment with him, watching the small smiles tug at his lips when he wins a match or his cute, frustrated pout when he can’t figure out how to defeat a boss makes your heart flutter and it’s becoming more and more painful to idly sit by without expressing your feelings.
➣ A direct confession, especially to a boy with nearly 0 social skills, is scary, so you want to be sure your feelings are returned before you even attempt to share them. 
➣ Thus, you’ve decided to take Kuroo’s advice.
➣ “Push him into a corner. Kenma will only act when he thinks he has to.” 
➣ You take a deep breath to steel your nerves before you speak, eying him sneakily from behind your Switch. 
➣ “Gamer girls and boys are kind of trendy these days; I’m thinking about starting an OnlyFans to make money to buy more games.”
➣ The only visible response you receive is a slow blink as Kenma continues to play his game, fingers tapping furiously on the keys. 
➣ “Ah...I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
➣ “Why not?”
➣ There are a few moments of silence between you two, the room only filled with the SFX of your games as Kenma seems to finish his round. You recognize the victory music as Kenma pauses to finally raise his gaze to meet your own. 
➣ “It's your body so I can’t tell you what to do but...I would feel really jealous of all your subscribers.”
➣ And just like that, Kenma returns his attention to the video game, unpausing and starting a new match, blissfully unaware of you struggling to calm your racing heart and flushed cheeks. 
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work-your-loki · 2 months ago
i'm once again thinking of the narrative choice the show made to not allow loki and sylvie to realize their feelings organically and independently, but rather have them literally be planted in their heads by a (biased) outsider.
i'm once again thinking that in the same scene this theory was introduced, it was called sick and twisted.
i'm thinking about the very specific acting choices in that scene.
about how sophia di martino doesn't once call it love in the interview, but "those feelings" and "that way".
about the choice not to show us the discussion in the car and to allow us to see or hear sylvie's reaction. about leaving it up to interpretation what loki was going to say before he got pruned.
about how if loki is on a hero's journey and is meant to overcome his flaws, and we assume he's a narcissist (still not sold on this), falling in love with another version of himself is not overcoming, it's just indulging.
about how quick showrunners were to confirm that it's a romance, which feels so odd, since they're usually a lot more coy and teasing about such things.
I'm thinking about michael waldron saying he pitched the show as a love story, but kate herron saying they decided to hone in on the loki/sylvie connection later in the filming process. and about how she was careful to say "not necessarily romantic".
about how something just feels different about the show. maybe it's the fact that so many women are involved behind the scenes? the complete absence of toxic masculinity that permeates so many other mcu projects? can't quite put my finger on it, but i'm feeling it all the same.
i'm thinking about that article that first broke the news that the show would confirm loki's bisexuality (true) and that he would have one female (true) and one male love interest (false/still pending?) was that idea scraped?
i'm thinking about the tired and overused cliche of the central trio consisting of one male hero, his emotional support male sidekick, and the spiffy, tomboyish female love interest (sylvie is obviously, and thankfully, far more complex than that). I'm thinking about how I was writing a story, I would love to subvert that, and how much fun it would be to first tell the story the regular, "normal" way, the way people are expecting it to play out.
about how this a show about loki, the ultimate trickster, but we haven't had a proper trick or twist yet. but if we did, and you went back and watched the entire series with fresh eyes, the narrative would still hold and you could say "ah, yes, i see where they were going with this."
about that line from frigga "always so perceptive about everyone but yourself" being repeated in the first episode and mobius saying "you do know yourself" and loki still getting it wrong.
about the strong visual choice to keep loki in the TVA outfit, which could have many thematic reasons, but at the same time always serves as a constant visual connection, always keeps them matching. especially in the last episode with everyone wearing outlandish, fantasy outfits.
i'm thinking about how we all immediately labeled it the "supermarket divorce", because it just felt like that. if you were writing this as a love triangle, would you have filmed that scene any other way? or would you have kept it exactly as it was?
about how the fandom is picking up vibes via fanart and memes that are immediately echoed in the next episodes. about all the fanfiction tropes we are so used to see confined in our corner of the internet, but we are so readily identifying on the show.
and ultimately i'm thinking that this post is probably going to age like milk by wednesday, but we only have a one day left where all timelines can still exist, before canon prunes all our theories and headcanons and hopes, so i want to go out full on clowning and not dreading.
EDIT: because this post gained more traction than i thought it would, I'm editing to say that you should also read this and this for a fuller picture and to make sure no one gets their feelings hurt by fictional bastards and money-grabbing capitalists.
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mammonswhore · 4 months ago
Heyo! How would the Obey Me brothers react to MC being a teenager/younger gen Z? Like, the paper-work got mixed up somehow, and said they were like 26, when they were actually like 16? Also (you don't have to include this), what if the teen MC was actually really interested in demons and angles before coming to devildom, so they're really nervous, but also really excited? If you don't wanna do it, that's fine tho :) Have a great day/night!
I love this prompt! Have a great day too,love🖤
Brothers reaction to MC being a Gen Z teen. (Platonic)
He can already picture himself struggling with you.
Six brothers to take care of + a TEEN? Man is about to loose it.
If you are an introverted he will like you automatically and feel relieved that you will not always get into his brothers shenanigans.
If you are an extroverted (or just a curious one tbh) he will keep an eye on you 24/7 so you won't get into Mammon schemes or Satan's nerves and get yourself in trouble.
Really amused if you like demons and angels, will curse himself for misreading but will not hate himself too much since you are not that scared.
Gets tired of you quickly if you make too many questions and will always send you to ask Mammon or if it's something that he doesn't know himself he will ask Diavolo and tell you later but he will (of course) act all high and mighty as if he already knew the answer to such question.
Will practically adopt you and spoil you a lot because hes is big brother.
Overprotective. Oh you met a lesser demon and you want to go on a date with them? Haha he won't let you.
You will be the only person who gets in trouble and leaves with just a warning.
Also you are totally his soft spot. Man can't resist your sad face and will do anything to make you happy even if he doesn't like to admit that.
Totally lost when it comes to TikTok/memes references and will ask about it a lot.
He is amazing. Not only does whatever you ask him to but also has the best ways to get you out of boredom.
He will teach you how to scam people and how to be a good thief even if you don't need it or want it.
Teaches you about demons and angels without even knowing. Sometimes he drops random facts but it's not until he realizes you write down what he says that he stops doing it just to hear you ask him things so he can act all smug and smart.
If someone breaks your heart he will be ready to throw hands,no one hurts their little siblings.
Like Lucifer,he adopted you and always claims to be "the one you choose to be with you first" making sure his brothers hear him.
He will help you make your homework. Even if he doesn't understand he will try his best.
Please refer to him sometimes as "big brother" he will die.
When he saves your ass from getting killed by lesser demons he will be ready to receive the biggest hug ever and is absolutely ready to be praised.
If he saves you and you say "thanks,big brother" now you have a problem. He will brag about it for a week (at least).
Will steal things from you to keep them with him when he is going thru an episode. It reminds him that someone thinks of him as worthy and love deserving.
Will die for you,you are not only family now but his favorite person.
Will compliment you in the best brotherhood way he can "looking good today,kid", "your hair looks nice,brat" and "You are the best looking sibling after me of course" are his go to compliments. Mostly does it because you compliment him back and because he knows his comments make you feel closer to him and boy loves it.
If you are an introvert like him you can expect him to go out of his room more often just to see you or talk to you.
If you are not he will try to make you an indoors person but if he can't he is might be willing to take a risk and go out once a week but just to the manga store and back,don't expect more,normie.
If you like any thing he likes he will try to test you and prove he is better than you,he doesn't give a fuck you are practically a child he can't loose.
If he wins he will be very happy and more open to you to open up with some things.
If he doesn't win he will cry when he is alone and call himself an ugly unworthy idiot who can't even be considered an otaku but relax my dude,MC will go to you and reassure you you know better than them and that they will love to hear what you have to say (even if they don't mean it,they love you and will love to see you happy again).
Knows the basics about demons and angels so he is not the best to go to if you have too many questions. That's the only time he will let his envy go away and tell you to go to Satan or Lucifer since they know more than him.
He does not takes his duty as a big brother as something serious since Lucifer is always there but if you call him "big brother" he is going to take that role serious but for you and you only.
Will 100% find siblings cosplays and gets you to do it with him.
If you ever said something like "I'm lucky that my big brother is also my best friend" he might tear up a little since he has never been considered someone's best friend ever.
If any of his brothers try to get you to call him "big brother" he will go on a rampage unless it's Lucifer. Boy is envious not dumb.
If it was Lucifer he will go to him later and ask you if he can stop trying to get you to call him that way because that's they way you call him and it makes him feel special. Lucifer will probably agree because he knows Levi doesn't feel special often so he might give in; if he doesn't Levi will start an argument and won't stop until Lucifer cuts him off or agrees.
Keep calling him big brother, he adores it.
As grumpy as he is,he loves to have yo by his side. Not because he loves company but because he likes to be able to answer all your questions.
Ask him anything about demons or angels and he knows it,fuck he is smart.
Will get you a notebook so you can write what he says and will give you books to read as "extra homework" it's kind of a bad deal if you think of it but it's his way to show love.
The only person who calls him "big brother" often is Asmo and got used to it coming from him and him only. If he hears you calling him that way he will probably jump out of happiness when he is alone but for know he will just answer to that name name and act like nothing happened.
You don't want to do your homework? Fine you can copy mine but just this once.
If you struggle with anything he will solve it for you,no cap.
He will get you cat themed items like pencils, notebooks,necklaces or rings.
Matching is a must. Not because he likes the concept of being associated with a part of someone but because he will love to brag with his brothers obviously.
Will definitely get mad if you ask any type of demon/angel related thing to others.
Names a cat after you but it's the cats middle name so he won't get mocked. Won't tell you tho.
Very very protective but good at hiding it. He might be following you down the street but you wouldn't even know. Kinda creepy? Yes. Have you ever got eaten? Nope.
Yes! Exactly what he was waiting for.
You are part of his experiments. You don't like makeup? Well now you do. What type of clothes do you have? Do you have an aesthetic? No? Well now you do.
He is always there when you need him to. Best of them all to give advise when needed.
Definitely will be annoyed by all of your questions but will try to be as gentle as possible to tell you that.
Can help you to become really good at comebacks,believe him he knows best than anyone.
He is the one making sure you are educated when comes to sex. Simple but worthy lessons such as "sex is about experimenting and finding what you really like but you always need your partners consent" or "always have a safe word,even when you have vanilla type of sex" or the best one yet "if they want to fuck with you that's fine but always remember to use protection because I will not like to see you having a child so young or having an abortion" because yeah that's what big brothers do.
If you hit him with the "you are the best,big brother" he will jump into your arms and say that he knows he is the best but that hearing that was way too magical,do it again!
He is very aware of insecurities and will try to be the shoulder you cry on if you need to,he is always there to wipe of your tears (or wipe off the ones who hurt you).
Not as protective as the others but keeps an eye on you because your curiosity might hurt you.
Will be crushed if he sees you suffering from the most minimal thing. That lipstick does not fit your skin color? Fuck that lipstick! We are getting new ones,go get Lucifers card!
Spoils you way more than any other because he wants to create a brat. He needs to have someone like you who will cling into Lucifer and beg him to let you do dumb things because you know Lucifer can't say no to you. He needs your power and is not afraid to tell you that
Constant reassurance. He always calls you by cute nicknames and as long as you call him "my beautiful big brother" every time he is amused.
Baby is ready to give you life lessons. Don't stab anyone,drink enough water and be patient with the ones you love.
Yes,he learned the "don't stab anyone" from talking to Belphie.
Is very lost when it comes to you being so interested in demons and angels because he is not used to be the one answering the questions but making them. Bare with him, he is trying to get a good answer.
Will ask for advice on how to answer you, probably goes to Lucifer but mostly Belphie.
Soon you two start doing things together that involve learning from humans and angels. Maybe you are walking down the street working out and when you both start chatting about demon life and suddenly everything stops.
Beel is clueless when it comes to comforting someone about an insecuritie since he was the one being comforted most of the times but will give you space if you need to or do whatever you feel comfy with.
If you call him "big brother" he will hug you like no one has ever hugged you before. Teddy bear hugs are a must now.
Will die for you and is not afraid of telling you such. "MC I will die for you" "whAt?" "As your big brother I may protect you with my life" "Please don't."
Tells you how much he wants you to be happy and constantly asks if you have any type of dreams or goals.
If you do have goals or dreams he will encourage you to go get it. Beel is there to support you no matter what.
Absolutely fucking not.
Why is everyone spoiling this stupid brat and not me? I hate them.
But hold on there,he doesn't completely hates you he just hates the attention you get.
If you go to him with a soft attitude and ask him if you can nap together he will say yes and will enjoy the moment a lot .
He has never been someone's big brother so it kinda hits him if you call him like that and will try to act confident and smug about it but it's kinda terrified.
What if he doesn't catch up on the big brother thing and fucks up? He doesn't want to disappoint you or make you feel awkward. So he copies his big brother and tries his best,believe me he does.
You need help with something? Ugh well I will help but you owe me one (you don't owe him anything really,he just doesn't wants to be seen as soft for you). Oh did someone caused you problems? No biggie,I will take care of it.
Spoiler alert: he is very overprotective with you,he doesn't want to lose you.
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shotorozu · 9 months ago
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨 𝐢𝐧 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 [𝐟𝐥𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐜𝐬]
Tumblr media
[ᴍᴜʟᴛɪᴘʟᴇ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀꜱ]
˚✧₊⁎ ★ 200 & 300 𝖋𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖗 𝖘𝖕𝖊𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑
legend : [Y/N = your name] quirk not specific, they/them pronouns.
notes : if i get the definition of flirting wrong, then IM SORRY NO ONE HAS SERENADED ME, AND NO ONE HAS EVER FLIRTED WITH ME?? so tbh idk.. anyway im still making a new fic WAXAXA, hawks’ entry is a lil short so.. I sincerely apologize for that- 
fluff - mild spice :))
  *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・''・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
𝗺𝗶𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗶𝘆𝗮 𝗶𝘇𝘂𝗸𝘂
↠ man cannot flirt on command 💀 seriously, don’t ask him to because he will say some cheesy stuff. but he really could without even realizing it. one thing that catches you off guard is when he’s talking to you, then suddenly— his eyes drop to your lips, especially before you guys got together, and surprisingly! his eye contact game is 😳. after that, he’d be a little bit more bolder with his touches without even realizing it either so.. yeah. every day, he’ll whisper compliments into your ear— so you’d be the only one to hear them. also! he keeps extra hair ties if you need any, especially if your hair is on the longer side. it’s not a lot but !!
𝗯𝗮𝗸𝘂𝗴𝗼𝘂 𝗸𝗮𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗸𝗶
↠ he likes teasing you with love, pinching your cheek, etc. (but he will probably beat the shit/stare down anyone that does the same) but he always makes sure to check on you. he’s not the biggest on pda, yet he will sling his hand around your waist, and he’ll stare at you with love, and you’d only notice it. in private, he’ll put you on his lap, and pat your thigh, commenting how soft you are just to get you flustered. you guys compare hands a lot and it’s usually in silence— since he love bullying you out of love, he loves catching you off guard by dragging his hand down your back, tricking you that he’d do something more (unless.. you want him to,) only for him to draw his hand back ;) bakugou is a major tease lol.
𝘁𝗼𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗶 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗼
↠ okay so this man is the reason why i thought of this idea. it’s canon he writes letters, so.. LOVE LETTERS!! you should be honored— his letters are close to literature. anyway, if he sees your shoe laces are untied, he will bend down to tie them, doesn’t care when or where, he will do it for you. he links pinkies with you in public especially when he wasn’t comfortable with touch yet. he looks like the type that would just.. tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear (LOL IS THAT EVEN FLIRTING?? im sorry.) he will randomly hold your face in his hands and he will just stare at you, his stare is just full of love🤍. agh— i love him a lil too much.
𝗸𝗶𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗺𝗮 𝗲𝗶𝗷𝗶𝗿𝗼𝘂
↠ if there’s another person that’ll shower you with compliments 24/7, it’s this guy right here. will always keep your bottle of water full so you don’t get dehydrated, and he’s also the type of boyfriend to just give you a massage, just because he can. he wouldn’t want his s/o to be sore! he will also learn how to do your hair, so if you don’t feel like it— he’ll do it himself :)) if you’re eating and you have something on your face, he’ll wipe it off with his thumb. kiri really likes giving you presents (bc he thinks it’s manly :))
𝗸𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗶 𝗱𝗲𝗻𝗸𝗶
↠ cheesy puns are his trademark, especially if it relates to something relating to his quirk, or your quirk. your personal hype man, if you feel down— he’ll be the first person to tell you how beautiful you are, and he will shower you with compliments. his love language is sending you really random memes and tiktoks at 2am. he doesn’t do this to everyone bc he knows everyone will be really annoyed by this, but you’re special!! therefore, these memes are reserved for you :)) denki likes playing with ojiro’s tail, so with you— he’ll be tracing circles on your arm, running his finger up and down, while pinching soft skin. a bonus if you get easily flustered ;))
𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗻𝘀𝗼𝘂 𝗵𝗶𝘁𝗼𝘀𝗵𝗶
↠ if there’s anyone that just really likes staring at his s/o intensely, then it’s shinsou, todoroki, and bakugou. since he’s always staring at you— he will notice if you have an eyelash on your face, and he’ll take it off for you, while getting up close in your face. if you’re staring at him back, he’ll boop your nose and he’ll chuckle at your flustered reaction. like shouto, he likes tucking a stray hair behind your ear— and he’ll carry extra hair ties if you need any. he’ll probably pop in a flirtatious remark here and there though, since he kinda likes teasing you (but it’s very mildly though)
𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗼𝗺𝗮 𝗻𝗲𝗶𝘁𝗼
↠ again, another person that’ll tease you with love just because (especially if you’re from 1-A.) but surprisingly, sweet talk would be one of his best ways of flirting, since it catches you off guard quite often, and leaves you flabergasted. he’ll get real defensive if anyone else teases you though! monoma will definitely play footsie under a table with you just because he can, and it always manages to put a nice flustered look on your face. it’s adorable! like kiri, he also likes giving you small presents just because he believes you deserve it.
𝘁𝗼𝗴𝗮𝘁𝗮 𝗺𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗼
↠ the best at sweet talking :)) mirio is really smooth with it, and originality? 10/10. since it’s quite canon that MIRIO TOGATA IS A FLIRT, anyhow- it’s reserved for you and you only. lingering touches also count, like if you’re passing something to him, his hand will linger on yours for a little longer, before smiling at your reaction. also another killer at the ‘flirtatious’ eyes thing, if there’s anyone else that can nail it, and practically make your heart skip a beat, then it’s him alright.
𝘁𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗶 𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗷𝗶𝗸𝗶
↠ never ask him to flirt, just don’t. it’s kinda like izuku’s case but a lot worse. has to get talked into doing one of those cheesy pick up lines by mirio and nejire, but it never goes smoothly on command for him. anyway- on the brighter note, his touch subconsciously lingers a little bit more than usual, he doesn’t really notice it (don’t point that out please.) and he really likes feeding you in general, since his quirk heavily involves with food, it’s practically one of the few ways this shy boy can flirt. 
𝗱𝗮𝗯𝗶 𝘁𝗼𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗶 𝘁𝗼𝘂𝘆𝗮
↠ oh there’s a lot to say tbh. he’s definitely not shy/afraid of making sexual innuendos as a way of flirting, and his intense flirtatious stare is one of the many few ways he likes to show interest in you, if it would be intensely looking at your eyes with those intimidating cerulean eyes, or if it would be his eyes scanning over your figure and smirking. everything besides being not so pg, another way of him flirting is lingering touches. doesn’t care where or when, but you’ll catch him toying with your fingers. 
𝗵𝗮𝘄𝗸𝘀 | 𝗸𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗼 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗮𝗺𝗶
↠ tbh everyone portrays hawks as this professional flirt, but in reality he’s probably the farthest from that, since he’s kinda a workaholic. but if you’re in a relationship with hawks- then that mean’s you’re special. will he sweet talk you? yeah, but it’s most likely full of bird puns anyway, but it’s the though that counts. 
  *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・''・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
likes and re-blogs are appreciated, thanks for reading! 
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing.  
do not plagiarize my work :))
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shitlordofthebitches · 4 months ago
Protection squad (Yandere! Class 1A x reader)
words: 2.2k
This is yet another more fluffy one...
Aizawa is gonna be a platonic kind of yandere in this, not the romantic kind.
Summary: class 1A is the (Y/n) protection squad.
warnings: YANDERE
To say you were absolutely adorable would be an understatement. You had this charm to you that... enchanted everyone.
You were incredibly smart. But due to your quirk, that wasn't the case most times.
Your quirk is psychic, and it included the abilities of levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, self healing, and at certain times, the ability to bend reality... to certain extents.
The drawbacks, however, is what causes you to lose most of your intelligence.
Your drawbacks are similar to Denki's, only you aren't that stupid... but... your period of stupidity lasts longer than his.
Luckily, the drawbacks only occur AFTER you deactivate your quirk. Unfortunately, the longer you use your quirk, the worse headaches you get... and the longer your 'stupidity' period is.
Now... let's start from the beginning...
When you came into class 1A, everyone was rather confused, seeing as it was in the middle of the year, in the middle of class, with no warning what so ever. Aizawa was also a little confused as he was expecting you to come in tomorrow.
You were the most confused of them all, though.
You looked at the sea of teens in astonishment before turning to Aizawa with the most shocked, doped out expression.
"Is this the Krusty Krab?"
Aizawa was unable to answer such an... unexpected question. Luckily, Recovery girl was the first to answer by rushing into the classroom.
"Deary! You shouldn't be out of bed!!!" She exclaimed and walked over to grab your limp hand.
"I'm so sorry, Aizawa! This young lady here is currently having a quirk drawback." She said apologetically while trying to tug you out of the room.
"Ah... yes. Her quirk..." Aizawa said in silent realization.
"Draw... back... I like to draw..." you said in the most serene and happy tone.
"That's nice dear." The old woman smiled up at you while leaving the room with you.
The last thing the class heard while you left was "I want ham-bugger please."
The second time you were introduced to the class, you were sitting in your assigned seat, eyes sharp, posture perfect, and as emotionless as Todoroki.
When Aizawa had you come up to introduce yourself, you immediately bowed and apologized for the 'bad' first impression they had of you. Most of them brushed it off, saying it was fine while some of them laughed. Some were still rather skeptical but accepted you nonetheless.
They were quick to learn that you had quite the sharp noggin on your shoulders, even being more organized than Iida himself, which was a pretty high bar to pass.
They started asking you about you quirk and personality, clearly interested how you worked.
You explained your quirk, which helped them understand why your first impression was... so weird.
Midoriya was scribbling that shit down faster than Bakugou could say "Shinneeeeeee!!!" And would later write down more things about you than just your quirk...
Denki was the first to connect with you, practically growing attached to the hot chick who shared very similar quirk drawbacks. Many would grow fond of you (wink wonk) not long after, seeing you as someone who needs them to protect you.
Even Aizawa couldn't help but favor you over his other students (the one time you noticed this, you scolded him for being unfair to the others and how favoritism can be harmful). He hid his soft spot for you well, though sometimes he wasn't subtle enough for it to go unnoticed.
But not many cared after growing on you.
You were both gentlemanly and lady-like and just polite all around. Unfortunately, you didn't show much emotion nor reaction to others, even those close to you... but fortunately, you had that one, stupid drawback...
While your "stupidity period" was a burden to you, to others, it was a blessing, depending on how doped up you are.
They liked your 1st and 2nd stage of stupidity as you weren't completely Denki levels of stupid, but you were also more emotional and laid back.
Heck, even Iida found himself enjoying you all loopy and goofy.
They also like you in your other stages, though they do worry that you might be ruining your brain more and could also wonder off and hurt yourself.
Midoriya and Iida are kind of your 'assigned' personal nurses, always being there to remind you to not overuse your quirk and keeping track of your health in general.
The girls are there to provide you your girl needs as well as help include you in activities. They are the types to gossip (all of it is friendly to you, but not to those who dare bring harm to you) and act as shoulders to cry on (even though you don't cry at all in your 'sober' state).
Denki, Mina, Hanta, and Mineta are your cheerleaders and meme squad, cheering you on and getting you to quote things, even if you have no idea what the 'okay' sign along with "got 'em" means. 100% of the time, when you roast someone, it is unintentional... but these guys don't care... (also yes, the group keeps Mineta in check)
Todoroki is basically like the bridge between you and the class. He was once nearly as emotionally detached to others as you are and helps you understand the social cues and emotions of others (It's basically like a bilingual person translating words to a foreigner).
Bakugou is basically your 'bully'. He likes to tease the fuck out of you despite getting no reaction from you. He especially likes to do it when you are having your quirk withdraw. Don't get him wrong though, he won't go too far... or at least attempt to. He now is careful with what he says to you when you are loopy after almost making you cry. It really tore him up when he saw tears threatening to run down your lovely face... you could say that he had something in his eye for the rest of that day... oh, and Bakugou is the kind of guy to beat the shit out of someone who wrongs you, so there's that.
Kirishima and Shoji are the more dotting kinds. While Shoji is more tame and subtle, Kirishima is like "mommy/boyfriend mode activated". Kirishima is also a cheerleader to you like Mina, Hanta, Denki, and Mineta but is more like "you are so manly!" And "you are a true hero!!!" Shoji more like a guard, most likely to hide you in his arms just because. He will also shield you from the weather like an umbrella.
Tokoyami, Sato, Koda, Ojiro, Momo, Tsuyu, and Shinsou are the least delusional out of all of them and the most sane... but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. They are kind of the 'normal' friend group, the calmer and more lenient kind. They are kind of there as the voices of reason (can't have the whole class trying to destroy some guy or chick just because they accidentally bumped into you or something). They also make sure that the class doesn't raise any suspicions with you or the rest of the school. Shoji can be considered apart of the group.
Shinsou and Tokoyami are a special kind of group. Shinsou is the more manipulative and clever kind while Tokoyami is kind of like the look-out. Both are incredibly observant and are kind of like the unofficial leaders of the operations that results in you being happy, loved, and safe.
When you and Kaminari returned from getting some groceries for tonight, the entire class was scared beyond belief. Here was Denki with his face covered in scrapes, bruises, and blood while you had his arm over your shoulder with a dazed look.
"What happened!?" Iida yelled while racing over to you two and grabbing Kaminari off of you to make you feel less burdened.
"What do you mean what happened? I got attacked!" Denki exclaimed offendedly.
Everyone grew tense at the words, afraid that whoever jumped the two of you might have hurt a hair on you and got away with it. You smiled a loopy smile at the class and spoke.
"Nah, he just got hit by a building~" you slurred happily.
The tension dissolved into relief, amusement, and irritation when seeing Denki get all flustered and didn't try to deny it.
"Damn it, dunce face! You had one fucking job and you go and run into a building!?" Bakugou yelled at Denki before turning to look at your care free state.
"And why the fuck is she all stupid???"
"I'm not all stoo-ped... I'm (Y/n)..." you responded.
"She used her quirk to carry us back to the dorms..." Denki answered abashed.
The girls were quick to surround you and lead you to the couch, cooing and doting over you. The boys helped to calm the situation down and got Denki some bandages and rags to clean up his bloody face.
"(N/n) dear, do you want something to eat and drink?" Momo asked sweetly.
"Apple juice and... chicken nuggies~"
"Okay, sweetheart." She said and got up to grab the emergency juice and frozen nuggets in the fridge.
You felt someone sit on the couch and leaned onto them, rubbing your head into whomever sat beside you. The person placed their arm over your shoulders and pulled you into their chest.
"Hey, (L/n), are you feeling good?" Shinsou asked while watching your chest rise and fall slowly. You looked up at him, dazed, then closed your eyes and slumped your head onto his chest.
"...m t'red." You muttered.
"Yeah?" He said while grabbing the remote on the arm of the couch and switched channels.
You never admitted that you liked cartoons when 'sober', only accidentally dropping hints that you did when you listed the names of all the characters of a show or stared at the screen showing spongebob for a little too long. But when you had your withdraw, you were way less subtle about your love for shows like Tom and jerry, Spongebob or Avatar the last airbender.
It was really cute that you were embarrassed about your secret love for kid shows.
The episode started with Squidward playing his clarinet in his house and you remembered something that was important and turned to look up at Shinsou with a puzzled look.
"Hit-yoshi, is mayonnaise an instrument?"
The teen smirked and pat your head with his eyes locked on the Tv.
A few minutes later, Momo walked back into the room with a plate of steaming chicken nuggets, earning a lazy grin from you. Momo caught herself from squealing at your cute facial expression and placed the food on the coffee table.
You reached to grab a nugget, only for Midoriya to pick up the plate and sit next to you.
"Hold on, they have to cool down, (Y/n)-Chan!" Izuku said.
"But... my nuggies..."
Midoriya looked at Shinsou, who shrugged his shoulders back at him.
"Okay... let me blow on them first." Izuku grabbed a nugget and blew on it before putting it to your lips for you to bite. You complied and took the whole nugget inside your mouth with the tips of his fingers included.
Midoriya could have sworn that his entire body was on fire when he felt your soft lips wrap around his fingers.
"Hey, Midoriya, take your fingers out of her mouth so she doesn't bite them off." Sero warned teasingly.
The greenette snapped out of his trance and pulled his fingers away, allowing you to chew your food.
The rest of the evening was spent watching cartoons, chatting, and lots of hugs. Your withdraw period was longer than usual so they kept you entertained and comfortable.
Jirou laid her head on your lap half asleep while you leaned onto Shinsou. You were finding yourself slipping from consciousness but still wanted to talk just fill the silence between you and Shinsou. This led to you telling him your affection for everyone.
By this time, Shinsou was dozing off, completely relaxed by your presence before nearly leaping to his feet from hearing your confession.
It was the first time you ever admitted loving any of them.
He asked you to repeat what you said to him to make sure he didn't just head things before a wide smile stretched his cheeks. Jirou looked up at both of you tiredly as she didn't really hear what you said.
"(L/n) has something she wants to say to all of you." Shinsou said while turning to look at the entire class.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and waited with baited breathe.
"...pee looks more like apple juice."
"No, (Y/n), tell them what you told me a second ago." Shinsou said while trying to hold his laughter down.
"...I love everybody." You muttered, earning looks of adoration and joy.
Bakugou, of course, crossed his arms with a huff while calling you an idiot and blushing. Everyone else went to you and gave you a group hug, saying their 'I love you's and all that cheesy stuff.
"(Y/n), if your pee is the color of apple juice, you need to drink more water-"
part 2:
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violettelueur · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ featuring : itadori yuji + fushiguro megumi + gojo satoru + ryomen sukuna from jujutsu kaisen
↳ warnings : grammar issues
↳ form : headcanons
↳ published : 17 april
↳ pronouns : non specified in headcanon
↳ request : Hi!! I would like to order a large headcanon "Itadori, Fushiguro, Gojo, and Sukuna with a s/o who loves watching anime and reading mangas" please. Thank you! Also, I love your writing and omg your playlist!!! *chef's kiss* Period.
↳ barista’s notes : i’m glad that you really love my playlist ╲ʕ·ᴥ· ╲ʔ also right now, i am planning the death painting arc and trying to add in my idea that i have hinted in an ask! so i can’t wait for you guys to read it when i get the chance to write it ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆ other than that, i hope you enjoy your cup of classic black coffee and please come again soon!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Itadori finds out that you are an anime and manga lover, I feel like he would love you even more because you both have a common interest with each other now - like something he can talk about and share with you.
You and Itadori love suggesting manga to each other and sometimes you would suggest Josei manga to him (like Wotakoi) and in the beginning, he would be like “that isn’t really my type” but with a little persuasion and some pushing, he will take the time to read it.
Later on, he will become really invested in the characters’ relationship and will rant to you how the female is taking too long to confess or how cute the relationship is - basically, he has become more invested than you are.
Sometimes he will ask if you both could re-enact a romance scene together, it’s quite funny for him to ask because it’s just a normal kiss scene...but who is saying no?
He would also suggest manga series to you and of course, how could you even deny him when he is showing you an adorable face in a way to convince you to read it with him.
Instead of movie nights, there will be times where you guys would binge-watch a whole season one anime series and complain how there isn’t a season two at all - Fushiguro will complain about how loud you both are.
When you both go on date, you and Itadori will always end the day by going into a bookstore and pick out manga for each other because it’s interesting to see what you guys choose for each other - you will also buy some for yourselves but it’s fun!
There will be days (like your off day) where you and Itadori would just sit on his bed and read manga silently because it’s nice to feel each other’s presence.
Itadori will sometimes just say “amazing!” and show you what is happening which causes you to add that manga he is reading onto the list.
If you and Itadori are sorcerers, he will compare his powers to other characters from any manga he has read or anime he has watched - it’s like an amazing comparison to him.
Overall, anime and manga is another way to show your love to each other since you both can share everything with each other, but the time you both spend together is more appreciated as you and him are just living in the moment, away from the sorcery world.
Tumblr media
Fushiguro seems like the type of person to ask why you are into this stuff - something like “isn’t this for kids?”
When you hit him for what he just said, he will now shut his mouth about his comment and just leave you to your little obsession.
However, over time when you are reading manga, he will peek over your shoulder to see what you are reading and is somewhat interested in the drawings and art that are on the pages.
He will question how much time it takes to draw one panel and how a story can be told with such little worlds and a few pictures.
Later one, he will ask for some suggestions from you and if you start with shounen manga to him, he will be amazed at how much detail is drawn into a fight scene - he will ask from time to time what is going on and please explain it to him.
When he goes to the bookstore to grab something to read since he has finished all of his, he will look at the manga section to pick up the next volume you need as well as the first volume of the manga you had recommended to him.
Like Itadori, he really likes it when you both cuddle and just read together in his dorm room - it’s just nice to feel each other’s presence.
When it comes to anime, he has learned from his past actions to not comment about “is this kid’s stuff” and will watch it with you to see what it is and to make you happy.
Later one, he will never admit it, but he really does get invested in the shows and will sometimes watch a few episodes ahead of you because he couldn’t wait until your next anime night.
Fushiguro also seems like the type to question some decisions the anime characters make because some of them are dumb - he’s also the type to ask why Asta from Black Clover is so loud.
Overall, Fushiguro slowly gets into your little hobby of anime and manga, but he isn’t too in love like you are. However, he does appreciate how you both spend time together with these things since he got to learn about you more.
Tumblr media
When Gojo finds your stash of manga books in your room, he is the type that will tease you for it and comment on how much money you have spent since your shelf is full of manga books.
Of course, you would tease him back for spending so much money on sweets and he will pout at you while saying that he ‘can’t help it’.
Gojo is also the type of person that will flick through the manga book and will bend the spine of them causing you to beat him up because….just no.
He will buy you another copy because he now realises how precious your manga books are to you - he will complain that he is more precious than them.
Every time he makes a teasing comment about you reading manga, you will always hit him back with the whole ‘at least the boys are better boyfriends than you’ comment - he will pout at you before clinging on to you, telling you to take that back.
Gojo does like to snatch your manga book out of your hands when he feels like you are not paying him enough attention than he likes - he would say ‘I deserve more attention than this’.
Now when it comes to anime, Gojo will compare himself to all of the characters when it comes to fighting scenes.
Like “I can beat him”  or “She will lose to me instantly” - okay Gojo, we get it, you are the strongest sorcerer in all of Japan...shut up.
He is also the type to pause in the middle of the episode to kiss you because you are too concentrated on the episode and he wants one - he will compare his relationship with you to the anime couple by saying you are the better couple.
There will be times where he finds anime memes and will send them to you from time to time because he thinks they are funny to add to replicate his reaction.
Overall, Gojo just loves annoying you about your addiction to anime and manga since it just adds to the list of things he can make fun of you for when in reality he is also somewhat invested since he loves to comment during your episode from time to time.
Tumblr media
Sukuna is the type to be so confused about why you love anime and manga, you should love him and him only…..selfish boy.
So when you are reading a manga book, he will stand in front of you with an annoyed look on his face because you should be paying attention to him and him only.
He is more confused about the number of manga books you have because he wonders how much money do you even have to maintain this obsession of yours.
He wouldn’t read with you, but there are times when he would hold you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder to peer at what you are looking at.
If it’s a fight scene, he will comment on how much stronger he is and how he would beat them up in an instant.
If it’s a romantic scene, he will tease you by biting your neck before telling you that you both do more stuff than what the couple are doing right now.
Now when it comes to anime, Sukuna wouldn’t stop with the whole “I am the stronger one” comment as he would say that in every fight scene that you watch with him.
To be completely honest with you, I don’t think you are able to finish even one episode with him because he will distract you with every opportunity he gets.
Anime and chill…
However, if you are able to finish one episode with him by your side (I’m impressed with wow) he will just be silent since I don’t think he had actually paid attention at all and just fell asleep during the middle of it.
Overall, Sukuna doesn’t take the time to understand or know why you love anime and manga, he is the type to let you do what you want to do with the case that you give him the attention he believes he deserves.
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 : written and published by violettelueur - do not steal or repost
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yesimwriting · 3 months ago
Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do like a short story post or something I wonder how Our General Kirigan would react to a shy reader? Would he tease her? Be frustrated with her? And how would she react? Idk maybe just a thought 😅 I asked you because i really like your writing and I feel like you would really do a good job and I like the way you portray the General. 😊
a/n i have been crying/feeling shitty for the past two days for no reason!! so i thought it might make me feel better to try writing headcanons! i have SO MANY half done requests/fics but as of recently i hate everything that i write!! so i thought i'd work on this request that lends itself to headcanons
also im glad you like my writing :))
General Kirigan with a shy! reader headcanons:
- First things first, I think how he interacts with someone shy that he sees as a (potential) romantic interest varies per situation. Like generally, he finds the timidness kind of soft which is so different from what he's used to that he finds that aspect kind of endearing.
- He'd never admit that at the beginning, but the more time you spend with him the clearer it becomes to you because of how he acts when you're alone together
- At first, he'd hold onto his usual stoic disposition, but after realizing that at the end of the day your shyness is genuine and not an attempt to seem meek in order to trick people/him he'd begin to tease you about it when you two are alone.
- The first time he makes a comment that's just a little,, kinda-almost suggestive (a comment about how he wonders what it'd be like to be a Heartrender so that he could hear the change in your heartbeat every time you shied away from something) you're too confused to be embarrassed for like two seconds.
- You're basically that meme that's like did I hear that shit righttt??
- So you meet his gaze, and there's absolutely nothing but warm confidence there and you realize that he had in fact,,, said that.
- You hold his gaze for a moment out of protest (which is an incredible feat) and then you have to drop your eyes to the floor. You mumble some comment about how his ability to summon shadows isn't exactly a boring skill.
- Your reaction is so soft,, Kirigan can't help but be endeared even further. Something he wasn't exactly expecting and isn't too thrilled about. He doesn't think being shy makes you weak,, but he's extremely wary about how you're perceived and how people may treat you because of it.
- He doesn't doubt his ability to protect you, but he doesn't want to be distracted,, not with all he has to do.
- Still, he can't help mumble comments whenever there's a brief pause and you two are alone
- Meanwhile, you're starting to notice that now more situations keep coming up when you're left alone with Kirigan?? like he's always in the library when you are, he's always walking in to assess training when you're training and he just so happens to linger until you leave and then he just so happens needs to walk in the same hallway.
- It's a little strange at first,, but you're more horrified by the fact that you're not mad about it than the fact that it's happening. Especially since you know how much joy he gets from getting you flustered. You can see that in that slightly cocky uptilt to his lips whenever you're left gaping at him.
- Why doesn't it bother you?? You try to rationalize it and the only conclusion you can come to is the fact that he's attractive and powerful and even though your face gets hot whenever he talks to you,, there's appeal in those qualities. There's appeal in getting the infamous General to smile.
- Even if it costs you the bit of pride you have.
- You don't get why you're the one he seems to be going out of his way to speak to (maybe when your life is as stressful as his is,, at the end of the day you just want something easy and if he's in the mood to be flirty, you're easy) but you're not mad. You just have to constantly remind yourself to not be foolish enough to think you're the only one he goes out of his way to talk to.
- And as time progresses, you get a little more comfortable with his banter. You stop shying away completely,, which only encourages him to get bolder with his comments.
- Nothing insane,, not yet, just a little more direct.
- It kind of becomes a little game to him,, to see how flustered he can get you with the minimal amount of effort. Every once in awhile, you manage to act normally, but he's quick to shut that down by upping his game just slightly.
- After awhile, it starts to become a game for you too, to see how much of your instincts you can suppress just to take away some of his satisfaction. Only when he's getting a little too smug.
- But that's when y'all are alone...
- When you're surrounded by others, sometimes it feels like you don't even exist to each other. Sometimes that's a lonely feeling for both of you, but each of you is convinced that they're the only one that feels the absence.
- In your defense, you're much more entitled to those feelings because he can literally do whatever he wants. You can't just walk up to the General and do what?? ask him why he hasn't made any suggestive comment in the last couple of hours??
- please that embarrassing!! even if you weren't shy, that would be out of POCKET
- Meanwhile Kirigan is just like being angsty and debating the implications of seeking you out in an environment with so many important people. He could probably manage a minute or two by your side without making anyone suspicious, but the danger in that is that he won't be able to bring himself to leave after those minutes pass him.
- Worse,, he may even find an excuse for both of you to step out into the hall so that he can make his comments and take in your reactions in private.
- It's especially difficult when you have that one strand of hair just slightly out of place,, presenting the perfect excuse for him to just fix it and then drop his hand slowly so that his fingertips can brush the side of your cheek.
- And you're growing tired of the crowds of people you're not comfortable with and you're starting to feel more and more stupid for letting something that was so clearly just a playful distraction mean anything to you.
- But before either of you can succumb to your angsty pinning (cough, cough,, simps) his eyes will find yours from across the room and that's EVERYTHING
- At first, you want to be stiff and look away because it's probably not intentional, but then he gives you that little smirk. And then you feel stupid for ever doubting that you two at least have some kind of friendship. (maybe more,, but you're too scared to let yourself think that,, ;))
- And then you give him this shy smile,, and that's it. He's done--that one look undoes him entirely.
- So he starts shifting towards you as casually as possible, because if he can't be with you right now, surely being near you is good enough for now.
- You're unaware of this,, and when the moment ends you find yourself longing for more, but relatively satisfied. You don't expect anything from him, he's important and you're you.
- And being around people drains you because you genuinely want to stay out of any situation that would have too much attention on you at once. So once Kirigan moves and you can't find him in the crowd, you decide now is as good a time as any to step out and get some air, especially since no one currently needs you for anything.
- So you disappear into the corridor, planning to be gone only for a few minutes. But the second you're about two steps into the hallway, you hear another's footsteps.
- The hopeful part of you is like 'maybe it's him!!' but you don't really think that. There's something about the atmosphere that feels too tense,, too wrong for you to believe it's him.
- A moment later, your suspicions are confirmed. A grisha known for his impulsiveness is calling out to you, asking you where you're going.
- You explain that you just wanted to get some air and that you'd be returning in a minute. You try to sound dismissive, clearly establishing that you'd like your minute to yourself.
- It's clear that he understands the hint, but he doesn't move. He just keeps asking you questions.
- Your answers get shorter and shorter, the nerves your feeling tensing with each word as he begins to venture from falsely casual conversation to more flirtatious words. Being shy can leave you speaking too much, spluttering out words in hopes of saying the right thing to let you escape, but this is a different type of nervousness. Something feels wrong.
- And he just keeps saying things, things that even Kirigan wouldn't be able to get away with.
- All the while, you're desperate to escape, but they're persistent.
- And just when you're losing hope, and his advances get so bold he has you literally backed into a corner--a familiar voice comes to you like a lifeline.
- Kirigan, with all the authority of the general, questions what's going on. The guy that was so relentlessly hitting on you moves back like suddenly you're fire and begins to back away. He tries to explain himself but Kirigan is not having it.
- As soon as the stranger leaves, you feel like you can breathe again, but your nerves are still on edge. Kirigan's looking at you in a way you've never seen before. Sharp and almost--almost angry?
- You try to mumble a quick thanks, intending to disappear back to where you're supposed to be, but Kirigan's gaze keeps you planted against the wall.
- His gaze is so intense you ask him if he's alright.
- The question cracks something in him because of course you'd ask him if he's okay after something happened to you. His expression softens slightly, which you think is a good thing but then he speaks,, and his voice is not calm at all
- He's mad at the person that did that and the irrational part of him makes it seem like he's a little mad at you for letting that situation happen, but it's only because he's worried about what would have happened if he hadn't gotten there in time.
- And you're kind of confused because like?? what does he want from you? you made it clear you were uncomfortable and you were trying to get away?
- But after a quick snap and the fact that you're okay settles in,, he does feel a little bad. So he comes close to apologizing,, but that's basically just him saying he's glad that you're okay.
- You don't really ease, so he decides to make a partial joke about how maybe he needs to be around you more,, just to be safe,, you know
- And you smile slightly, and you're like 'y'know i'm not completely helpless.'
- and he's like 'pity,, i would've liked the excuse'
- your face instantly feels extremely warm and you're not sure what you could even, plausibly say to that. But you can't let him have the last word,, not like that. So you're overcompensating, rambling, but then at the say something about how he doesn't really need an excuse to stay near you.
- When you realize what you've said, fight or flight kicks in,, but you can't move. And there's no casual way to escape, so you decide that maybe you'll cut your losses for today because that might have been your most significant reply to him ever, and you feel like an idiot because he was probably joking. And you just had to say that and make it weird.
- So you allow exactly one second of unfortunate silence, your eyes glued to the ground. And then you make some excuse about needing to get back to where you were.
- But Kirigan stops you, and you think about how you can't avoid looking him in the eyes forever, so you just kind of barely dare to glance upwards.
- And he's smiling broader than usual, the look is so warm it melts away all the bad feelings from earlier. You have absolutely no idea what it means, but you know it's not...bad.
- And then he shifts slightly, and that's when you realize he's never been this close before.
- He then asks if you're sure, voice much lower than earlier.
- You can't speak,, too trapped on a line you don't understand.
- But as he leans forward, the only answer he needs is the instinctual part of your lips as his warm breath reaches your cheek.
- And with that he turns his head just a fraction of an inch,, and his lips meet yours.
- It's just a quick brush of lips,, a soft test. And when you don't protest, he moves to let the contact be a little more assured, yet still teasing.
- Something in you grows impatient, and you move a little in hopes that he'll take the hint.
- But that's all it takes for him to pull away, expression bright and teasing before playfully chiding you for being so eager.
- He then turns, leaving you more flustered than ever.
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thyandrawrites · 6 months ago
“Aren’t you just running away?”
Eyes, eyes, eyes. The entire Todoroki family drama is always symbolically tied to the theme of eyes. There’s Shouto and his conscious stepping away from the ice cold stare he inherited from his father that Inasa chided him for, and how that kickstarts his process of self-actualization. There’s Endeavor with his gaze so stubbornly trained forward he fails to acknowledge the past, getting tunnel vision. There’s Dabi wanting Endeavor to watch as he burns Shouto alive. And there’s Touya, whose need to be seen is admittedly a lot less subtle than any of those things.
All this narrative focus on the act of looking, of seeing, is of course drawing our attention to something we should ask ourselves: what happens when parents don’t look? 
Tumblr media
When they see rightful blame in the eyes of their own child and they can’t hold his gaze anymore? 
[More under the cut for length, spoilers and graphic depictions of abuse]
So. I wrote a meta a couple of weeks ago about Rei & Enji and the theme of avoidance vs taking responsibility. You can read it here. I was a little too optimistic. It’s not just Endeavor who continues to choose avoidance, it’s Rei as well. And not just in the past. Both of them are still clinging to that. Yes, even as they boldly declare that they’re trying to put their family back together. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense after you read the whole thing. 
I won’t repeat what I already went over in that aforementioned meta because I think that still stands, but this chapter gave us even more insight on the dynamics of this family, so I’m gonna expand on that instead. Disclaimer: I’m not trying to demonize Rei or to put her on the same level as her abuser, but the way Hori set this up, she’s meant to also hold some blame for not giving Touya the unconditional love a parent should always give no matter what.
In that, she parallels Enji. Or rather, she parallels Endeavor the hero. Both of them cling to their imagined self-perception that paints them as unarguably good people: Rei sacrificed her happiness for her family’s sake. Thus, she can construct a narrative for herself that makes her out to be selfless, kind, stoic in the face of adversity if it means someone else will be happy. Enji clings to his double life as a hero, a pillar of justice, and throws himself into work to avoid the responsibilities he has at home as a father.
Both of those perceptions, however, come up short of reality. In Enji’s case, a lot more so, so I’m gonna start with him.
In chapter 301, Enji keeps justifying his actions and choices by pretending that he’s doing it all for Touya’s sake. He stops the training when he does because Touya’s body gets burned. He makes his wife have two more kids because Touya won’t give up training on his own. He explains both choices away as acting in Touya’s best interest. And I think it’s true that Enji loved Touya at some point. He loved him so much, in fact, that the knowledge that it was him who put that fire in Touya drives him to make unforgivable choices. It makes him cling to his pursuit of a perfect heir with even more desperation, because otherwise, it would all have been for naught. And Enji isn’t someone who can just... sit back quietly and accept a defeat.
Tumblr media
He notably repeats the same justification after Touya’s death. “I’ve come this far... I cannot simply give up now.” Trudging on instead of facing the past has always been his main character flaw. After all, he gets introduced as someone who never backs down from a challenge - a trait that makes him admirable from the outside, cause for a hero, that’s not a flaw but a strength. It’s the plus ultra motto. The will to always see things through to the end no matter the cost. However, if applied to the personal sphere, to Enji the man and not Endeavor the hero, that same motto is what ruined his family.
That determination to trudge on is what alienated him to Touya and made his son feel forgotten about, unloved. Even if Enji’s actions were originally at least partially motivated by care, it’s very clear that Enji’s main reason for them was actually avoidance. He wasn’t ready to acknowledge how his hubris had hurt his child, so he distanced himself from it by punishing what he perceived to be Touya’s hubris. But most importantly, he wasn’t ready to face his son, so he made excuses:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^ it’s as obvious as it can get. Enji refuses the burden of parenthood altogether. He hires a nanny cause he can’t bear looking after his own kids himself, delegates the role of caregiver entirely to Rei, commands her to look Touya in the eye the same way Enji can’t, and then throws himself into work to keep himself busy, away from the family. All of this is clearly done to dodge responsibility. Enji’s symbolically refusing his role in the undoing of his family. If he’s not there as Touya falls apart, Enji can’t be to blame. Rei will be. If he works as a hero 24/7, acting as a pillar of justice and moral rectitude for strangers, he cannot be the same person who couldn’t even be trusted to do no harm to his blood relatives.
So what I’m saying is that he starts drawing a line between his two identities, Enji and Endeavor. There’s the world of heroes and another world, one for regular people, for failures.
Tumblr media
Just like he could only teach Touya about the world of heroes, he adopts that role with Shouto as well. A father would let his child play. But Enji is not a father, he’s a hero. And so is Shouto, in his eyes. So Shouto is old enough to start the training. He’s old enough to learn about that divide, cause he needs to understand what are the stakes here. And Enji makes sure to tell him. Shouto’s siblings belong to a different world, one that isn’t made for success. They’re free to play and waste away their time outside, while Shouto’s being subjected to harsh training at the tender age of five, because all of this, the training, the harshness, is all for his sake as well. Shouto is made of a different mold. He’ll be a hero one day, so he’s the one who will make all of it worth it.
This mental divide also helps us understand how we can have scenes like this:
Tumblr media
or this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and still make sense of them despite this:
Tumblr media
Enji put up a mental wall separating his actions as a father and those as a hero. This way he can trudge on and keep punching Shouto until he collapses, he can overwork Shouto’s quirk through “endurance training”, even if with Touya he stopped at the first burns. With Shouto, he doesn’t think like a father at all, because he’s already firmly cemented himself in the “world of heroes”. Because attempting to be someone from the other world, that for regular people, already made him, Enji, a failure. And he cannot accept that a second time.
The thing is, Touya was aware of the split between the two worlds, too.
Tumblr media
Entirely too aware of it, in fact. “I don’t need friends, we live in different worlds!” He used to be part of the world of heroes too, before his own body turned against him and labeled him a failure in his father’s eyes. But Touya was banished from that idyllic, privileged world, and forced to accept that he would live the rest of his life in the world of the regular people. The one that his father refuses to look at, because it reminds him of his own failure.
Touya can’t accept this, because to him, losing the training means losing his only bonding time with his dad. It means losing his affection altogether, together with the purpose of his own existence. So he keeps going to Sekoto Peak, because that place is their place.
Tumblr media
The place Enji used to take him to when they trained together. This is of course symbolic. Touya wants to resume that bond. He needs to be told that his existence still has meaning. So he keeps inviting his father to Sekoto Peak like old times. This goes on for years. Enji always refuses to follow Touya there. Enji justifies this emotional neglect he inflicts on his son as caring. He tells himself that by not going, he’s not encouraging Touya to continue overexerting himself. And yet, since avoidance never fixed any problem but just amplifies it, that neglect ends up being the reason Touya spirals. Touya grows more and more frantic. He keeps training at Sekoto Peak on his own when his father doesn’t show up, so sure that he was casted out because he wasn’t strong enough. So, trains and trains, until finally, he unlocks a new cool trick he can show his dad, and he’s so overjoyed, so filled with pride. This will finally earn him his father’s respect and love, surely.
But it doesn’t. 
Tumblr media
Instead of being proud of him, Enji bares the burns - the thing that in Touya’s eyes marked him as a defect, a failure not worthy of attention - and he gets mad about them.
Now, being upset at seeing your child hurt himself repeatedly is a normal reaction. What isn’t normal is yelling at him for it instead of showing concern. Instead of attempting to find the cause for his psychological unease. Surely, if a kid is trying so hard to get your attention, it means they’re lacking in parental love. But Enji never gets there. He doesn’t let himself show concern in a fatherly way. He simply gets mad. So what Touya internalizes from Enji’s furious snarl, from his zeroing in on the immediate downside, the burn, instead of an acknowledgement of the success, the blue flames, is that Enji is scolding him for training alone. That Enji is mad at his progress not because it’s hurting Touya’s health, but because Touya is trying to belong in a world that isn’t for him anymore.
Tumblr media
[insert The Simpson’s meme here: you can pinpoint the moment his heart broke in half]
That’s the face of despair. The smile drops, replaced by helpless, frustrated tears. He starts pulling at his white hair, another outward sign of his body’s weakness. He begs.
He’s asking his father to be given a single chance to make him proud. This is not him being jealous. He’s not asking to replace Shouto. He’s asking for his father to make time for him, too. Cause he misses going to Sekoto Peak with him. He misses the warmth he felt when he was still able to make Enji proud. Every child longs for their parent to pat their head and tell them “good work, I’m proud of you.” Touya is no different.
But the reason why Enji can’t look at him, and can’t bear to hold his gaze, is because Touya is entirely self-aware of his circumstances. Touya knows there was no love in his conception. He knows he was born for a reason, to fulfill a goal:
Tumblr media
and he knows that he, Natsuo and Fuyumi were all (actively, not passively) forgotten about because they weren’t worthy successors.
Tumblr media
and he realizes that his father has a responsibility to face, that he’s the one to blame here for mistreating all of them, for tossing them aside as inconveniences the second they’re no longer needed.
Tumblr media
And he makes no secret of that self-awareness. When he begs his father, he says “you’ll be glad you created me.” Which is hella important to note, because it’s the start of the spiralling. It’s as much Touya’s breaking point as it is Enji’s.
If Enji was a person who contemplated critical self-reflection, this should’ve been the moment he sobered up and realized how much he’d fucked up as a father. After all, his own child is telling him, “I know you and mom didn’t have me out of love but for a pet project of yours that I failed, but I can still earn your respect!”
Yet, Enji’s response is once again avoidance. Instead of facing his  shortcomings as a parent, instead of acknowledging how his neglect of Touya resulted in those burns, in that desperate clinging to the training out of a need to prove something to him, Enji shifts the blame entirely onto Rei’s shoulders.
Tumblr media
because all he asked her was to be Touya’s caretaker in his absence. Like he’s not a parent as well, but simply a sperm donor that visits sometimes.
The interesting thing about this panel (and the reason why I’m using it in the first place despite how graphic it is) is its framing. I explained before how Enji drew a mental divide between his identity as Enji and as Endeavor, and chose to stick to the latter. His refusal to encourage Touya’s requests for attention also falls under that mental category. Enji thinks he’s doing the right thing, and thus doesn’t blame himself for it, because he justifies it as a behavior that will prevent Touya from harming himself, when in fact it serves the opposite effect.  But to Enji, it’s the heroic thing to do. He’s doing this for Touya’s sake.
I’m saying that it’s an empty embellishment of the truth and a self-justification though because the above panel shows the true colors of his actions. Enji doesn’t appear at all heroic, after having hit his wife so hard she fell to the floor and struggled to get up. He doesn’t appear heroic at all, as his own 5 years old child attempts to put himself in between his parents to stop his dad’s fury from further harming his mom.
Despite his delusions, despite his self-absolving personal narrative, Enji isn’t Endeavor from the world of heroes here. He’s not the light that shines bright and saves people that young Keigo saw that one time. Enji looks monstrous, casted in shadows, looming and menacing, the picture of danger. This panel shows the ugly truth. He’s neither a hero nor a father there. He’s a man who can’t accept his own failings, and who prefers blaming them on his partner than being held accountable by his own child. Just as Rei accused him five years prior to this inevitable fallout, Enji is “just running away”. Specifically, he’s running away from his duty as a caretaker.
The thing is though, the way Hori set this up, Rei is also running away from that duty, albeit in a much less severe fashion. Rei even admits it. Both of them refused to look at that child. Again, the metaphor of looking isn’t thrown in there at random. They both refused to look because they couldn’t bear to see the blame in Touya’s eyes. They couldn’t bear to face that Touya was right about how badly they failed him.
Now, it’s certainly true that Rei at least tried to be a parent more than Enji ever did. She tried to stop Enji from having more kids after Fuyumi, knowing that Touya would be able to tell them for the replacements that they were. She tried to guilt Enji into stopping that self-absolving “I can only teach him about the world of heroes” tirade. She tried to stop Touya from going to Sekoto Peak. She noticed his pain.
So why is she still partially to blame, too? Well, to put it straightforwardly, it’s because she still went along with what was expected of her, regardless of her personal objections or her sadness/frustration. And the thing is, if this was a behavior she adopted only after getting married to Enji, I could’ve chalked it up to pure fear. After all, how many times do we hear in the news of women trapped in abusive relationships who end up killed because they didn’t have the means to escape their partners until it was too late? How many times do we hear of people, regardless of gender, forced to comply with their abusive partner’s wishes because for one reason or another (economic dependency, children, gaslighting, the belief that there are good times to make up for the bad, etc) they couldn’t escape that relationship?
And don’t get me wrong. I definitely think that’s part of it. Enji is a public figure, and even if his approval ratings aren’t as high as those of more well-liked heroes, the story shows us that people are still more inclined to believe in the moral rectitude associated with his profession, than the charges of abuse and domestic violence in his name. Once Rei was trapped in the marriage, she was definitely a victim of emotional and psychological abuse.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The implication is clearly there. She tried objecting. She tried fighting for her son’s psychological wellbeing. She knew that he would see right through Enji’s intentions, and that he would be absolutely crushed. She pointed out that going with it regardless would be cruel. And yet, she has no choice but to obey. Her husband’s face is positively terrifying. She backtracks, eyes wide with terror and pupils reduced to tiny pinpricks, a drop of sweat running down her stricken face. Her objection means nothing, she’s expected to fulfil her duty as a wife.
But, but. There’s an objection to be made here. While I’m not going to argue on Rei’s victim status, I also have to acknowledge that she’s a character in a story, and as such, she’s written to have character flaws just as much as her husband. And Rei’s flaw is exactly that excessive compliance.
Tumblr media
specifically, Rei always ends up giving in to external pressure when her compliance would benefit her family. And I say it’s compliance and not devotion because Rei totally looks unhappy about it:
Tumblr media
Notice the way she’s drawn. Her expression is neutral. She’s not frowning, not pouting. Her mouth is in a neutral line too. Her eyebrows aren’t furrowed. She’s the picture of stoic acceptance. And yet, her eyes betray her. As I said, with the Todorokis, it’s always the eyes. Notice how hers are downturned. She’s not meeting Enji’s gaze or anyone else’s, as she agrees to the arranged marriage. She’s like ice because she pretends to be stoic, to be unaffected. She’s an icicle in the middle of a snow storm. She cannot be hurt.
Tumblr media
Except, that facade is a lie. She says so herself. She had hoped that she could keep smiling, find a reason to be happy even if the marriage was loveless. Even if she only agreed out of perceived duty. But the truth is that she’s not smiling. She’s crying. Her eyes are no longer downturned, avoiding. They’re staring straight at the man she’s scared of, wide and terrified and filled with tears. Right next to the lie she told herself to make this easier on her conscience, there’s a panel of two of her kids cowering in fear, equally terrified, holding on to each other because she’s not even there to comfort them. She’s powerless, on the floor, facing her husband’s wrath. And she walked into this marriage herself. She told herself it was for her family’s sake, just like she complied to Enji’s increasingly unreasonable demands because it was for the Todoroki family’s sake. 
Basically, Rei tailors a narrative of abnegation that justifies her own choices while also making herself out to be a better person than she is. So long as she’s the one suffering, it says, so long as she’s enduring in stoic silence like ice, her family will be happy. And that happiness will justify all the pain she endured, somehow, so that Rei will eventually find a reason to smile.
I’m not saying that she intentionally created this narrative to harm her kids (unlike Enji). I’m saying that it’s her character flaw, and that at some point it starts becoming her coping method as well. And the story kinda confirms this, because just like how Enji at some point couldn’t bear the blame he saw in Touya’s gaze, knowing it in his heart to be legit, Rei also becomes unable to hold Touya’s gaze for similar reasons.
Look at her expressions:
Tumblr media
Her gaze is downcast, likely avoiding Touya’s. Her eyebrows are pinched, she looks exhausted, weary, consumed by guilt. Her eyes become pinpricks when she looks at someone, presumably Enji after he asks her to have yet another kid, Shouto, since this panel comes right after a scene showing Enji growing frustrated at his continued losses against All Might. And Rei’s the shell of the woman she was above.
Tumblr media
And yet... she doesn’t say no. She’s withering away, witnessing her family falling apart, and she’s still doing what’s expected of her. Even as it goes exactly as she predicted. Their faces are all side by side, showing their different reactions to Shouto’s birth. For Enji, it’s shock, anticipation. Finally, the child he always wanted came around. Now it will all be worth it. For Rei, it’s exhaustion. She looks like she’s barely standing up. For Touya, it’s the dawning realization that his replacement has finally come around.
Even if Rei constructed that narrative of stoicness, even if she justified her own excessive compliance with the idea that she was doing this for her family’s sake, the truth is that none of this is benefiting her family at all. In fact, it’s tearing it apart. And deep down, she knows it too. You can see it in her ever-present eyebags, downturned gazes, in her weariness.
So this is why she’s unable to reach Touya emotionally just like her husband.
Tumblr media
The solution she offers undoubtedly comes from a place of love, but it falls short of being effective because Touya recognizes it for how hypocritical it is. How can Rei talk about walking away from the path that was set out for you by the weight of duty towards your lineage, when she herself chose not to oppose her own?
I’m not going to comment on the implications of Touya singling out all the female members of the family specifically because that’s a topic that requires a meta of its own, given its messy framing and even messier moral lesson from a mangaka who routinely sexualizes women. But there’s one thing about the above panel that is important to note imho, and it’s the fact that it directly parallels this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s almost word by word the same speech, and both times, it ends up falling short of actually fixing anything. The reason why Touya can’t follow either piece of advice is cause both are hypocritical. They’re both telling Touya to overcome something that neither of them was able to overcome as a grown adult. Rei’s telling him that there’s more to life than fulfilling expectations, when she couldn’t even object to having two more kids, let alone to the marriage itself. And Enji’s telling him that there’s a world out there besides being the best hero ever, when he couldn’t let go of his obsession for the number one spot for 25 years.
And Touya so clearly sees right through their hypocrisy. Touya tells Enji, “but how can I give up on this fire when you were the one who lit it in me? When you’re still letting that same fire burn in you?”
And he tells Rei, “but how do you expect me to see past the path my dad paved for me, when you passively accepted your own path, and are equally responsible of paving mine too?”
And... right after Touya confronts them with the one thing they’ve been trying to deny, after he points out that what they did to him is neither heroic nor a form of abnegation, their response is... to neglect him until he goes out in a fire that’s the direct, tragic result of lack of supervision and parental love alike.
Touya wouldn’t have gone to Sekoto Peak to train until he died if his father had made time to bond with him outside of training. He wouldn’t have been alone and unsupervised if Enji hadn’t been stubborn about turning down every request to spend time together for 5 years. He wouldn’t have cried until he lost control of his quirk, if Rei had attempted to give him love and patience and encouragement like she did with Shouto, if she had been effective in stopping him from going there that one last time, instead of cowering because his words had hurt her.
Tumblr media
Both of them refused to look, because Touya was the personification of their shortcomings. Every time they looked at him, they saw all the ways in which they had failed as parents. All the ways in which they had inadvertently hurt him, and then actively shied away from acknowledging that they’d done so.
Basically, they’re both “running away.”
And the thing is, despite their words, their regrets, their resolutions... they’re still running away from facing that responsibility even some 10 years later.
Tumblr media
Up until now, the writing was pretty much flawless. But here’s where Hori’s tendency to mess up with framing strikes again. I’d be lying if I said I know what Hori’s planning but one thing’s for sure: the above entrusting the family issues onto Shouto... ain’t it, chief.
Before you jump your gun at me with your unasked for essays, let me explain.
I think that the Todorokis all genuinely wish to do right by Touya this time around. And I do think that they want to face the past. What bothers me is the framing of the scene. First of all, while it’s commendable and heartwarming and realistic that all the family members feel regret over what they did in the past and blame themselves for it ending up how it did, it’s absolutely false that they all hold the same amount of responsibility over it. Only Enji and Rei are to blame for failing Touya, cause they were the adults and the caretakers, and they chose avoidance over their child’s psychological wellbeing.
Now I’m not saying this to imply that it’s bad writing that Natsuo and Fuyumi also blame themselves. Because that’s a very normal response. It’s human. But it is bad writing to make that self-blame on Natsuo and Fuyumi’s part sound legitimate. To make it sound like that’s what we readers are supposed to take away from it. That it was a collective failure, and that all of them are equally to blame, and thus all of them need to unite as a family to rescue Dabi.
That’s only partially true. While it’s fair enough that all of them should try their best to make a home for Touya to come back to, not all of them are responsible for not acknowledging him back then, for letting him spiral. Natsuo and Fuyumi were kids themselves. They couldn’t possibly act mature about it because they weren’t mature. What happened to Touya is a parenting failure. Touya only wanted his mom and dad to be proud of him, to give him the same amounts of love and attention that Shouto was receiving. But neither Rei nor Enji did. They’re the sole people that should be held responsible here. They’re the only ones who should be actively working to correct that behavior.
What they do instead is propping Shouto on a pedestal cause he’s a good hero, and singing his praises because if he was able to face the past truly head on when they personally failed, it means that he’s already more emotionally mature than all of them. So entrusting him with “fixing” the family makes sense, from their perspective, because Shouto is a strongly compassionate person with a great moral compass, and someone on the right path to becoming a “true” hero. One that isn’t a hero purely in name, but whose vocation is selfless and kind in nature.
Which is bad writing for two reasons. One, Touya cannot be empathized with by someone who is reaching out a hand from his “world of accomplished heroes”. He needs to be reached out to by his brother. And sure, Shouto is both. He’s a great hero because he’s both, in fact. But you see the underlying implication there? Stressing how saving Touya is the thing that Shouto should do because Shouto is a great hero, from a doylist perspective is like confirming that all along, Enji’s judgement of his children was correct. Shouto was indeed the chosen one, the kid born to be a true hero, while Touya is the failure, the one that is causing trouble to everyone else. This framing reinforces the golden child vs scapegoat dynamic that Enji forced onto them.
Secondly, for Shouto to be entrusted to be the magical fix to the issue by his parents is bad framing because it just makes them avoidant again. They’re basically entrusting him to do what they themselves couldn’t do. Just like how they were entrusting Touya to move on from something they themselves couldn’t move on.
I do think that part of why the framing is handled this poorly is because of a worldbuilding flaw. Hori pretty much set up the story in a way where the new generation of heroes is supposed to fix the mistakes of the older one. See for example how Deku's gonna be the one saving Shigaraki from Afo when All Might couldn't reach him in time. I think that Shouto being a better candidate to reach out to Dabi emotionally also falls in this set up, but the way it was handled was clumsy and ineffective; it just makes a 15 y/o bear a weight that not even two grown adults could face correctly. Plus, it just makes Enji get out of it without any emotional labor.
If I were in Hori's shoes, and this is no longer meta but just my personal opinion, I would've handled this differently. Like, I still think that Shouto should be the one entrusted with reasoning with Dabi on an emotional level, because Dabi would never agree to listen to his father at this point, and besides, Enji's pov is still that of an abuser, and Dabi needs someone to empathize with him. But there's a difference between recognizing that and deliberately placing that burden onto Shouto. It was less a narrative of healing and more like all of them were once again shifting responsibility for the abuse on anyone but Endeavor, while also scapegoating Dabi as an inconvenience that needs to be "fixed." While also refusing to take steps to own up to their share of responsibility as well.
and while I know that this was probably not Hori's intention, it does read that way if you stress so much how great of a hero Shouto is. He's a kid. Not much older than Touya was when he was labeled a failed hero, in fact. It befuddles me how hori doesn't realize that this plays right into the "good victim vs bad victim" trope.
But anyway. Bad taste in my mouth aside, I also think that Hori’s deliberately setting this up ambiguously to serve a narrative purpose.
Tumblr media
As others (like @/hamliet) have pointed out before me, the fact that Hawks and Jeanist were outside listening in to this exchange will probably have weigth later on. Neither Hawks nor BJ have the full context of the Todoroki’s resolution to “fight Dabi to stop him”, and will likely take it as “fight Dabi to kill him so he doesn’t pose a problem to the Todorokis anymore”, considering how they were both stated to be unsympathetic towards the allegations of abuse.
And being wildly optimistic here, I think their meddling is going to be a test of faith for the Todorokis.
If the whole world doesn’t give a damn about saving Touya and everyone would much rather bury him again, and if their refusal to be upfront on the topic of their personal responsibilities will come back to bite them in the butt, what will they do this time, in order not to run away again?
here’s hoping, at least. These are just my two cents.
[Ps, if you enjoy my meta and would like to support me writing more, I have a ko-fi]
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izukult · 4 months ago
little things with izuku midoriya
making this a series womp womp. see here for bakugo’s
—he is infatuated with leaving you notes. loves it, dies for it. slips them under your door, or drops them on your desk when he’s passing you. when you move in together, he leaves you post its on your mirrors with little facts or compliments.
—he memorizes all of your orders (he jotted them down, first), and he’ll bring your favorite depending on your mood (you’re hungry? favorite meal. you’re up late and have an early morning? favorite caffeinated beverage. maybe youre high? he knows exactly what you wanna munch on.).
—he practiced braiding his moms hair incase you ever wanted him to braid yours.
—speaking of, he loves playing with your hair. will brush it for you during sleepy mornings while you both get ready, and fumbles with the ends of it during random pass times (whenever you’re watching movies, or just generally sitting close to him). also loves washing your hair!! let him do it! LET HIM DO IT
—i feel like izuku really likes matching clothes? like a lot, like horrendously, and even if it’s just like really casual color coordination for day wear or whatever, it makes his cheeks go all red.
—he takes a polaroid photo on every date you go on? i, personally, would despise this, but he gets really excited about it and shakes it real quick so it develops faster because he wants to see how it turned out and that’s the cutest shit ever so
—looks up your hyperfixations or interests so he can understand what you’re talking about. very into the conversation, super passionate and loves to listen.
—wakes up early so he can see you before any obligations (i.e. school / work / hero work / etc). he’ll go to meet you wherever you are, really, he just loves spending mornings with you, voices tired as you tell him about your dreams from the night before.
—he talks about you all the time. not in like a “wow, my s/o is the best<3” way, he’s listing every positive quality you have like they’re fucking statistics; he describes you the way he does pro heroes (<< can come off as concerning)
—he really loves going on hikes and then having a picnic. one of his favorite dates ever. he’ll carry the basket, but he has a bunch of food in his backpack, and he never ever lets you help him. sets up for you and asks you to play music from your phone.
—the first time you fell asleep next to him, he froze up so stiff for approximately 56 minutes because he didn’t want to wake you up, but ended up doing so anyway when he kissed your forehead. apologized profusely and tried to promise he wasn’t being weird
—he’s really observant, so if somethings bothering you he knows before you tell him. that being said, he wants you to come to him on your own time. if he can tell you’re insecure about something though, he’ll come up with ways to compliment those things in passing conversation.
—he really likes physical touch, but can be too anxious to initiate. however, when he’s not thinking about it, he’ll show affection without realizing. the amount of times he’s held your hand or traced patterns on the skin of your arm without processing it is phenomenal.
—one time he “accidentally” took one of your textbooks to have an excuse to see you again right after he’d left. he ended up feeling guilty though and texted you telling you what he’d done not even five minutes after he’d left.
—if you’re taller than him and you’re walking on the street, he’ll walk up on a higher ledge and hold your hand “for balance”. if he’s taller than you vice versa
—okay after a decent time being in a relationship, if you’re sitting next to him ever his hand is on your thigh. especially loves doin’ this when one of you is driving
—he has a bunch of albums in his camera roll for talking to you / to send to you. tiktoks you’d like, reaction memes for when you start sending them, photos of work you missed / need, and an album of you.
—man is your #1 fan so please be his. his favorite thing in the world is hearing you tell him you’re proud of him or how accomplished he is as a hero.
—i think his receiving love language is probably words of affirmation, so shower the fucker in compliments. even if you’re not lovey dovey, he’ll settle for “you don’t make me want to commit a felony”. it’s all relative bro, just tell him you care about him
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fruitcoops · 2 months ago
So this is sort of similar to the people writing fanfic about the lions but can you imagine the YouTube edits? Like the videos that are just "Cap having heart eyes for Loops for 10 minutes straight" or "Loops lovingly dragging Caps name through the mud for 3 minutes" like those kinds of things and I can just imagine them doing reaction videos and it just being funny and the world just loving coops
Okay so this wasn't a specific fic request but I got carried away with imagining videos you go. SW credit goes to @lumosinlove, but Grace and Anna are mine! Bonus points to anyone who remembers the easter egg in this one!
Message From: Gracie
Anna frowned at her phone screen, squinting to read around the spiderweb crack decorating the upper corner. She had tried to convince herself that it was cool, goth, edgy, but in the end she had to admit that it was just irritating. In a tragic turn of events, packing tape couldn’t fix everything.
Message To: Gracie
Wtf did I do
Two weeks of radio silence, then unexplained accusations. Anna shook her head as the grey bubble disappeared for a third time and turned back to her computer. Grace may have been her favorite cousin—and favorite person, if she was being honest—but very few things came between Anna and video editing. Especially editing for a Lions meme video. She had a whole 2,341 followers to attend to, after all.
Message From: Gracie
Message To: Gracie
Wow thank you so helpful
Message From: Gracie
Skip to 2:45 bestie
A link popped up just as Anna cut a segment from the sleep study video, where Loops’ heart eyes were in full effect. It was a rare, precious find for fan editors like herself.
“Come on,” she groaned. Maybe introducing Grace to the deepest parts of her hockey obsession was a mistake. But, really, what else was she supposed to do when she learned her cousin, who didn’t even live in Gryffindor, got to meet her favorite players just by chilling in a café? What kind of cosmic joke was that?
She narrowed her eyes at the embed of the link, then stifled a shriek. Impossible. How had she missed an upload?
As if on cue, her computer pinged with a new notification from the Lion Pride channel. “Oh, fuck me,” she muttered, scrambling to save her half-done video and pressing play.
The interviewer asked basic questions, ones she had heard the answers to a million times while curating her content. It always felt funny to hear people refer to Cap as ‘Sirius’—it was too official, too formal. She had spent countless hours on the compilations of his softer moments, and they were her most popular videos. Cap Having Heart Eyes for Loops for 10 Minutes Gay. Cap Being an Actual Puppy for Six and a Half Minutes. Everyone Wanting Cap Cuddles for Fifteen Minutes. Every Time Cap Smiles When Someone Mentions His Godson. The list was endless. She loved it.
She did a silent fist pump when she saw the interviewer had snagged both Cap and Loops; that would give her a whole new stream of workable content. If she was lucky, she could expand on her series of Loops Lovingly Roasting His Friends, part…fuck it, who was even counting anymore?
Anna was so caught up in her excitement that she nearly forgot about Grace’s suggestion. I’ve never skipped through a video on the first watch before, she thought hesitantly. But maybe just this once…
Her cursor hovered over the 2:45mark. She closed her eyes, and clicked it.
“—have you been adjusting to life as a celebrity?” the interviewer asked. Anna nearly rolled her eyes when Loops laughed. That question had been used far too often to be interesting anymore.
“It’s had its ups and downs,” Loops said with a smile. “Mostly, though, the fans have been incredible and just knocked my socks off with their support.”
“Really? What’s your favorite part of the Lions fanbase?”
He didn’t miss a beat. “Their creativity, for sure. There was a video a while back where we reacted to some of the comments people left, and this person on Twitter made an absolutely beautiful collage of photos.”
“I have it saved to my phone,” Sirius added.
One more clip for the simp video. Anna made a note on the small corner space of her European History notes. The degree can wait for ten more minutes.
“Do you have a favorite creator?”
The interviewer was clearly teasing, but Loops’ smile was genuine. “I don’t know about a favorite, but there’s this person on YouTube who makes a shit ton of videos and they’re hysterical. I saw one the other day about—god, what was it again?”
“Every time I smile when people mention Harry,” Sirius answered around a laugh. “Can you blame me?”
Anna didn’t hear the next question. A ringing noise filled her ears as she sat, frozen, on her shitty dorm mattress and listened to her literal heroes talk about her dorky little channel. “Holy fuck,” she blurted after a moment of silence. “Holy fuck.”
“—subscribed?” The man’s voice snapped her back to reality.
“Of course I am!” Loops said. “You think I’m passing up a chance to watch a compilation of my friends making stupid decisions for the entire internet to see?”
A noise that would have been a shriek if Anna had any breath left in her body escaped her lungs; she clamped a hand over her mouth and shakily exited from the video before going to her YouTube account. 800 new notifications. 700 new followers in the last quarter hour. She was pretty sure she blacked out for a second from sheer shock and joy.
Message To: Gracie
Message From: Gracie
You’re famous!
Message To: Gracie
Message From: Gracie
I bet he knows your stuff better than he remembers me tbh
“They know me,” she whispered, staring at her computer. The unfinished video showed a perfect frame of Loops’ soft smile as he watched Cap get his toothbrush stuck in his pajama shirt. Somehow, the thought was both exhilarating and horrifying. What if they thought she was a creep? She wasn’t, not really, just a bored college student with not enough free time for a job but too much to keep herself busy with schoolwork. Her 2,341—no, 3,052—followers were just other hockey nerds looking for time to kill.
And the subject of those videos was one of her subscribers.
Anna slipped her headphones back on and began to edit like it was her last day on earth. Her fingers flew across the keyboard on muscle memory while her brain fizzed. Perfect, she thought. It has to be perfect.
In four hours, it was done. She sat back, panting, then hunched over again and began tapping out a title card.
Hello. Idk if anyone saw the new Lion Pride video today (linked below if anyone wants to see why I’m dying right now) but apparently Remus Lupin is subscribed to this channel and has been for a while.
Hi Loops. I’m Anna. You met my cousin once and she said she liked your sweater.
Now that that’s out of the way, please enjoy the next five minutes of our new rookie being the sappiest mf in existence (except for his fiancé). Mr. Lupin, please tell Hattie I say hello.
She pressed upload, peeled her headphones off, and collapsed backward on her bed.
Message To: Gracie
If I die here, tell the world I did it doing what I loved
Message From: Gracie
Will do
Anna covered her itchy eyes with her forearm and settled in for a long, long nap. Her brain still needed to repair a few circuits.
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wickedyan · 4 months ago
Oh how about yandere inumaki toge ! His ability are made for it ! Imagine making you brake up with your bf or kissing you or force cuddling you and then telling you to forget it . I have so many ideas for him but I wanna hear your first ! If that's okay
Tags: non con, possessive inumaki, manipulation, nsfw, cock warming, cunnilingus, 
Inumaki is pretty likeable, so I don’t imagine it would be hard for him to become close with you. He’d probably start by making sure u could understand him, giving his number to you and messaging you memes while Gojo rambles on and on. He’d involve you in pranks he had planned.
You’ll be speaking to Megumi about a mission he’s going on and Inumaki will appear behind him and make faces, imitating him and any time Megumi turned around he’d seem to be on his phone (messaging you about how close that was!!)
He’ll ask you out eventually, and he’ll actually give you a choice. If you say no, he’ll be a gentleman and respect your wishes. However, if you even show the slightest of interest,,, you’re fucked.
He’ll be stuck to you like glue. He’ll join you on missions, he’s doing homework in your dorm room and he’s sleeping over because he just so happened to fall asleep in your bed while you went to the bathroom and he just looks so peaceful, how could you ever wake him.
Inumaki is a whiny possessive. If you don’t pay him enough attention, he’s pouting. He wants all your attention al the time. He wants your thoughts on him, not your peers. Inumaki wants to be your phone background and your password. He wants to be your first choice (choose me pick me love me). If you seem less interested in his,,, obsessive behaviour, I think he might just snap.
Inumaki is hugging you from behind when you’re talking with anyone, glaring if he deems them a threat.
I doubt he’d actually use his cursed speech unless you really gave him no other choice. He knows the risks, who knows how many memories with him you’d lose if he told you to forget. But the threat of it is very real.
He’s gonna expect you know everything about him, just like he does about you. Your birthday is his password, your parents get gifts on their birthdays, he buys you flowers on every month-iversary, and many times in between. (How could he ever let you have a room without fresh flowers). Put in the same effort as him or he’ll sulk for weeks, making you out to be the bad guy to your friends, ignoring you and refusing to answer your desperate messages. Honestly, I can see the only thing fixing this would be to give him the best blowjob of his life.
The only time I Think he’d seriously use his cursed speech against you would be if you tried to end things with him. Its just too exhausting to be with him, you need a break, Toge.
“Stay.” And how could you ever refuse.
Maybe it’s the cursed speech thing, but he has an oral fixation. Your mouth, plush lips wrapped around his cock as he thrusts slowly and watches the tears pool in your eyes… heaven. But also enjoys using his mouth on you, knows you enjoy the threat of him slipping up and uttering something utterly debauched, and the vibrating of the tattoos is definitely helpful.
Loves your tits, loves twisting your nipples and playing with them. Doesn’t even matter if they’re super sensitive or not, he’ll latch on to your nipple and suckle them and bite until you’re dripping for him. Definitely owns nipple clamps and will use them on you no matter your reaction to them. Also definitely asks you to get the pierced.
Enjoys missionary the most, wants to be able to hold your hands and kiss you lovingly. Says he makes sweet, sweet love to you, instead of fucking you.
Never stretches you properly, loves leaving you just underprepared enough that you cry when he pushes his pretty cock inside. Cums inside and loves seeing your cream all over his cock.
Cockwarming… loves to chuck on a random movie and sit you down on his cock, playing idly with your tits while giving you no other attention. Pretends to be uncomfortable and wiggles around just to see you gasp all prettily. Another instance that he uses his cursed speech; pulls out the “Don’t move,” sometimes when you just wont stop squirming on his cock.
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astrolcgia · 4 months ago
follow me home (to where the lonely ones roam.)
It was 1am when I started this, and I'm literally the (jolts up in bed at crack of dawn to write plotbunny fic) Meme lmao. Literally came to me in a dream. Finished this up after going back to sleep.
Tumblr media
🍓 Crossover-AU: Demon Slayer!MC getting killed sometime during the final battle with Muzan and the Demon Moons, and turning up alive and (mostly unscathed) in NRC.
I woke up halfway, so I only had some teachers + Heartslabyul for this one ahahaha!
🍓CW + TW: Canon-typical violence, mentions of death.
Tumblr media
They wake up when a weird cat suddenly shakes them awake, but unlike the usual, Slayer!MC isn't soft. They kick Grimm away, leaping out of the coffin with agile grace and reaction time that would make Rook Hunt swoon. When Crowley arrives, everything's in chaos, because "Who IN THE HELL is this feral sword-toting gremlin in my established educational institution?"
Slayer!MC on the other hand is a whole bag of confused because they were pretty sure they just got minced in an all-out war with their sworn enemies. The standard Kocho-Nichirin hangs from their waist, with another Nichirin blade in their hand, half-broken and splashed with unmentionables, makes for an intimidating image.
Slayer!MC is more or less a seasoned warrior with terrifying fighting skills, the likes of which haven't been seen since the wars in Lilia's heyday. Instead of disturbing the ceremony, a much less silent affair ensues, where Slayer!MC literally recounts the last few minutes of their life, the war, and their (scarily impressive) sword skills.
The raven college teachers are more or less interested in this secret war, in a world where magic doesn't exist and most creatures like mermaids and werewolves are legendary and mythological figments of imagination. Crowley being Crowley doesn't really show much care, but rather, leaves it to Crewel to manage. Crowley honestly doesn't understand why you would want to return to such a war-torn world either.
Crewel is more or less understanding; assuming that you may have had some friends or family left in your world. Tying into the personal headcanon that while Crowley funds the prefect's basic needs (i.e. shelter, food, and necessities), Crewel actively goes out of his way to aid the Prefect in restoring Ramshackle to a more presentable state, along with Trein's help.
In this case, Crewel is absolutely gleeful when Slayer!MC cracks open the Kochou-Nichirin scabbard and gives Crewel some unbroken vials of the demon-slaying poison.
Slayer!MC: Today is a day of running through hurdles. Crowley: Aren’t you supposed to jump OVER hurdles? Slayer!MC: Whatever. Fear is only something to be afraid of if you let it scare you.
Crewel: You know, not every problem can be solved with a sword. Slayer!MC, smugly: That's why I carry two swords.
Events come and go as usual, and MC is later made Ramshackle Prefect and half of a whole student with Grimm, who is less haughty than in canon, having borne witness (and unfortunate victim) to MC's physical capabilities. He slowly warms up to the MC and is more or less curious about their home. Grimm doesn't show that he cares much, but he grows to dislike it when the Prefect zones out when looking at their scarred, calloused hands as if they were looking at some ghosts that weren't even friendly enough to be remembered.
( When that happens, Grimm obnoxiously begins asking for pets. He purrs when the Prefect snaps out of that trance and laughs obligingly.)
Ace starts out the prick that he is, and immediately switches gears when Slayer!MC shows him two swords and a good fight. He likes the Kocho-Nichirin and often pretends to swing it around alone, to his eternal embarrassment. Ace also likes watching when MC goes through all the kata and Breathing Forms, and deep, deep, inside, Ace smugly thinks that Royal Sword Academy didn't have anything on the Prefect in swordplay. He clumsily tries to mimic the Kata in the privacy of his dorm room.
(Slayer!MC knows how Ace snoops around to look and play with the Kocho-Nichirin, but they keep it a secret. A Demon Slayer's footwork is nothing to scoff at, after all. The fact that Ace was observant enough to clumsily mimic some of them stirs some glee in their chest.)
Deuce really, really, wants to learn the way Slayer!MC does self-defense. It's just so...graceful. Not unlike the street throwdowns that he's seen, but measured movements with no wasted motions. Deuce likes hearing things about the battles and oddities that Slayer!MC has encountered. He glows with childish excitement when he hears about the Pillars; the strongest demon slayers, and how the stories and legends of the Pillars and Muzan's origin had begun.
(In particular, Deuce gets goosebumps when MC tells him the story of the Marked Slayers, most prominently the Sun Breathing Slayer: to be so unmatched and powerful, and to be the pinnacle of such graceful swordsmanship--it simply awes the child in him. )
Slayer MC: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it. Ace: Slayer MC no. Deuce: Mistlefoe. Ace: Please stop encouraging them
Cater is more or less intrigued at first. It's a familiar thing: he finds something interesting, and then slowly loses interest in the passing of time, in a good way. The swordsmanship and the Slayer Corps Uniform along with the haori Slayer!MC wears are quite aesthetically pleasing to him, and the swords are absolutely beautiful. Cater's inner issues are more or less obvious to anyone who bothers to look at his tells, or with heightened senses. Slayer!MC is noticeably more toned down around Cater, who also does the same, with his flamboyant persona. Slayer!MC and Cater are unusually quiet together in a comfortable way. They talk about fashion and politics, and about traveling. While there are some comedic moments between them, most people notice how at peace the two seem to be when they're together.
(Cater doesn't hold much fondness for traveling around, due to the nature of his Father's work and how it has molded him. But sometimes, listening to the Prefect tell stories about misty forests and high pine trees makes him feel like he could inhale cold mist from around it. Red-light districts which were labyrinthine mazes, old temples with eerie rumors, a golden ginko forest in autumn, and the crash of blue waves along steep cliffs. Cater somehow feels so vividly present when the Prefect describes the sights and things they've seen, and it makes Cater dream peacefully of traveling in some remote place as an adult.)
Slayer MC: *Kicks the door down looking panicked* Cater: What did you do? Slayer MC: Nobody died. Cater: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?!
Trey has siblings, and to be perfectly blunt, the Prefect concerns him: young, war-hardened, and terrifyingly skilled in battle. No magic did not erase his concerns: sometimes, Magic wasn't needed to hurt. Ace and Deuce sing praises for the Prefect, with a dash of ribbing, but that was fine. It was good that Cater could be more of himself around the Prefect too. But Trey also looks out for the Prefect in tandem with Grimm: the beast cat often offhandedly mentions moments where the Slayer had night terrors of comrades mercilessly slaughtered, of zoning out and staring at a thousand yards for minutes, of being afraid to sleep without a sword. Trey noticeably tries not to approach the Prefect from behind, and if he does, he calls out to them first. He often mother-hens Slayer!MC, but it's born out of worry. There's something unsettlingly sad about seeing an actual child soldier tumble into a relatively peaceful world like Twisted-Wonderland.
(After Riddle is saved from Overblotting, Trey is bodily dragged by Ace and Deuce into a corner, and for all his pranks and mischief, Trey's chest squeezes, and his elder brother instincts shove his sadism, pranks, and other miscellaneous thoughts when he sees the Prefect curled into a ball, their knuckles pale around the sheathed blade with the butterfly-shaped guard.
Trey skids to a halt beside the prefect, and (oh Great Seven, they're not breathing), he meets their eyes, and "Breathe. Slooowly, in. Out." Grimm and Ace are very helpfully uncurling the hand around the sword, and Deuce grimaces when he sees palms with skin split open by nails. Ace hovers nearby, unsure what to do.
The Prefect attempts to breathe, following the rhythm of Trey's gentle patting. "Yes, yes, that's it," Trey puts on his kindest face, and smiles. "Can you...oh, tell me five things that you can see, hmm?")
Trey: Okay, truth or dare? Slayer MC: Truth Trey: How many hours have you slept this week? Slayer MC: Slayer MC: ...Dare Trey: Go to bed. Slayer MC: I don’t like this game.
Riddle and Demon Slayer!MC are more or less the straight man-comic relief duo. Riddle is between exasperated and later fondly respectful of the Ramshackle Prefect, who is around the same age, yet is so resilient. Riddle ropes MC into teatime and tea parties. He also teaches them to play croquet. Sometimes, when Slayer MC seems more quiet than usual, they both just bask in the roses and animals in the garden. Sometimes, Riddle listens to Slayer!MC when they tell old folk tales and legends from their world and even sing the occasional folk songs, such as Sakura, Sakura. Riddle also finds himself humming the tune to Soran Bushi once in a while, especially when he's happily relaxed during work.
(Riddle basks in the silence of the Rose Garden, and he sets down his teacup with a clink. The Prefect is silent, seemingly contemplating something. Riddle doesn't mind. He lets the cool breeze sway his hair, carrying the scent of grass and roses over the garden.
"...One of our Pillars once treated me to black tea." Riddle tenses, grey eyes gleaming with curiosity. The Prefect only ever spoke about her comrades in quick thoughts and whispers, only to Grimm or Professor Crewel, when they had panic attacks in hallways. Trey and the ADeuce duo hears the occasional name during vivid flashbacks, tearful apologies to "Kochou-sama," and "Kanao" along with garbled, tangled words that sounded like 'R'goku--sorr-y, so--' "Oh? Do you enjoy it?" Riddle replies softly. "If so, I shall give you a box as a housewarming present." You smile crookedly. "Thank you, Riddle-san. That would be nice." a pause. "The person who...gave us black tea--heaped with honey, now that I remember it--she was a Pillar." You smile. "Her name was Kanroji Mitsuri, the Pillar of Love." Riddle feels himself smile as he watches you stare at the amber liquid, the sunlight reflecting it in your eyes, tinting it gold. He sips his tea. Today too, was a good day.)
Riddle, watching the news: Someone tried to fight a squid at the aquarium today! Slayer MC: *walks in covered with ink* Well, maybe the squid was being a dick.
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lovebillyhargrove · 3 days ago
Okay! guess i feel very insecure abt s4 (who the F is that eddie guy. I don't wanna know, sticking with Billy and Harringrove forever) and to chase my insecurities away with a nail bat, i've concocted another ask game😁 this time tho strictly
And i know, there are such AMAZING writers who have all the answers in their fics, BUT. There are also us, usual people who might also have their IDEAS which they might wanna share)) i would definitely LOVE to hear all of them!!! And maybe some writers wanna join in..??))
Feel free to give ANY kind of answers. Short ones, long ones, with explanations (omg, the endless treasury of headcanons!!! 😳😳)
SO💖💖💖 in your head ✨💫✨
1. Do they get together BEFORE MF possessing Billy or AFTER shit goes down? (Or maybe DURING😲)
2. Who kisses who first?
3. Where do they have their first sex? (Location) (HJs and BJs count)
4. Who says 💖 I LOVE YOU 💖 first?
5. I believe this fandom is way past having hard feelings about it, so
Bottom!Steve or Bottom!Billy?
I've interacted with people within this fandom who have certain preferences and we had great conversations no matter which one it is! And it's still interesting as hell WHY people prefer one or the other
6. Do they give gifts to each other? (i just CRAVE for Steve to ... Ugh, please someone tag me back so i can say ot out loud!!😂)
7. Where do they end up living? California, Chicago, Hawkins... Idk .. Alaska??)))) Any other location?
8. What are their future jobs?
9. Who's a better cook?
10. Steve Hargrove or Billy Harrington?
11. What's Max's reaction when she hears they're together?
12. Describe in ONE SENTENCE Hopper's reaction when he hears the names Hargrove and Harrington mentioned together?)) The Q is inspired by this genius post by @freyrapollo
13. Does Robin like Billy OR does Robin hate Billy?
14. What about Dustin?
15. Fav Harringrove AU?
16. Billy+Camaro=...??? (Not strictly Harringrove, but I can't not to ..)
Tagging @memes-saved-me @disdaidal @withoneheadlight @billyswangotango @hoegrove @opaldraws @speedmetalqueen @prettyboybillyhargrove @booksfoxesandcoffee @wherearetheplums @rascheln @dyingontheharringrovehill @neonponders @edith-moonshadow @allaboardtheussharringrove @billyhargrovebabe @plistommy @redd1e @bit-of-a-fuqboi @pretty-bratty @freyrapollo @harringtons-bf @ratagenda @swimbirdyswim @thatharringrovehoe @harrygroves @harringrovelovin @evilfrank @harringrove-heroes @pizzacast @tokeidai @harringrovisms @gideongrace @billy-baby @atomicblondeweirdo @fredsythe @jaeskind @irishbeings @hunnystufff @justan-0-t-h-3-r @a-bit-of-trash @happy-rascal @veneredirimmel90 @writerwhowritesao3 @fuuuckwhoknows @im-not-so-sin @persephonesiren @harringrovefics @m0ltin9
Tumblr doesn't let to tag more than 50????????😲 Jeeesh, okay
Tag away, amazing people!))) 🌠💫🌠 Let's flood it with HARRINGROVE LOVE💓💞💓 !!)))
As always, no pressure, only 💖💋💖)))
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mayybeee · 3 months ago
i feel like there's a tendency where people go "hey! look at this cool character and how underrated their lore is!" (especially c!tubbo and c!niki) and then everyone else goes "oh yeah!"
but then, instead of actually looking at their motivations and complicated personality and seeing them as a whole character who deserves to be happy through working through their trauma, there's this immediate reaction that's seeing an underrated character and saying "ah yes, give them a glock!" or "they deserve to go apeshit!"
(of course a lot of it is just jokes and you know like for the meme lol, but sometimes it ends up kind of becoming the audience's actual perception of the character)
afdsjaf anyway, i think it's just something that, personally, i as an audience member want to keep in mind. underrated characters don't have to be badass agents of chaos to be interesting y'know? they can just be well thought-out and complex characters, and they can be appreciated for that!
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obeiii-mee · 7 months ago
Hey! I have a really loud and particular laugh that seems to carry quite literally throughout my house and there have been many times people have bought it up with me (I can’t help it my laugh is just loud & contagious!!). Could I request the bros reaction to MC who quite literally is unable to laugh quietly and ends up being heard through the whole of the house? Thank you!🥰
This is so sweet, geez imma get cavities. I also have a very loud laugh and I startle people a lot when I start laughing so I get what you mean!
These HCs are probably written a lot better because suddenly I’m full energy and motivation-
The Brothers with an MC who has a loud and particular laugh:
-He’ll never admit it but whenever you start laughing or even smiling, he can’t really stop himself from doing it too
-Like, he looks at you as you start cackling about a funny meme Levi just showed you and he’s holding back a smile-
-Because, even though you have such a loud and some would say ‘obnoxious’ laugh, he thinks you just sound so precious
-He really struggles to show that he’s not affected by you as much as he actually is
-Even if you start laughing at an inappropriate time, he’d likely not even tell you off properly
- Would never say anything of the sort to your face, but he low-key admires you
-He thinks it’s amazing that a simple human like you that has experienced so many horrible things every since they arrived in literal hell, can have the ability to laugh so heartily even now
-If you’re in public and start doing your boisterous laugh, he will keep a stoic expression on his face
-There’s a hint of a blush on his cheeks if you look close enough, though I doubt anyone is crazy enough to point it out
-In private though? Appreciate these moments y’all, because it’s one of the few rare times you’ll see him laugh freely
-Even when he’s around his brothers and trying to keep a straight face, you can see his lips threatening to curve upwards
-Basically, he thinks you’re baby and your laugh makes him feel at ease
-I head canon that he also has a very particular laugh because he gives off those kind of vibes
-He probably doesn’t even notice how loud you are when you start wheezing
-Normally, he’d join in and start laughing with you as the rest of the brothers take out their sound blocking ear muffs for the third time that day
-You two are loud ok?
-Poor Lucifer who not only has insomnia and is a workaholic, he also has two idiots giggling to themselves in the middle of the night
-When I said Mammon is trying to get a laugh out of you any hour of the day
-I mean any hour
-He will wake you up to just hear your voice and then proceed to run out as you start yelling at him
-Even if he were to notice it, the worst reaction you’re gonna get out of him is a bit of teasing
-“Ya sound like you’re dyin’ over there human. You alright?”
-When in reality, he’s even more smitten with you because your laugh is just another one of your amazing qualities
-Mammon does the stupidest shit in front of you to make you and hear you laugh because it warms his heart
-Even if he wouldn’t admit it, to you or to himself
-The only time he ‘doesn’t like’ it when you laugh is if you’re poking fun at him with his brothers
-That gets him all huffy puffy and sad
-For a minute, before he’s thrown himself onto you again
-Greedy for money and greedy for affection of course
-Catch him rambling about it for five minutes straight
-Before stopping abruptly, flushing from head to toe and starting to stutter like he forgot how to speak
-This usually has you laughing again, in a more sympathetic and encouraging way and he just...dies
-He doesn’t like his laugh, at all
-He thinks it sounds really awkward and tense
-So he’s low-key jealous about your rather impulsive laugh because it’s so sweet??? And amazing and cute??? Just like you???
-But at the same time, it’s hard for him to be jealous of it when he loves it so much
-Why do you think he keeps coming to you whenever he finds funny memes or compilations online???
-“I don’t expect a normie like you to understand but look at this.”
-He gets a stupidly cute kick out of knowing that he is the one making you laugh
-I suggest trying not to laugh too much while he’s playing video games because your laugh distracts him so much
-And he will throw his headset at you
-Affectionately of course
-He doesn’t give much of a reaction besides a quirked eyebrow and a quiet ‘Oh?’
-Sure, he doesn’t really like it when his brothers are being noisy either because they’re laughing too loudly or because they are fighting gladiator style outside his room
-But you’re the exception
-The only person in that household that could get away with interrupting his reading/work is you
-May come as a surprise to some, but sometimes Satan does get worried for you
-If he hasn’t seen you in a while he might start thinking that something is wrong
-But then he’d hear you laughing from downstairs and he’d smile and think “Eh they’re alright.”
-He thinks your laugh sounds so much more endearing than his own psychotic laugh 🥰🥰🥰
-Will throw one of his precious books at any of his brothers if they make fun of the way you laugh
-Basically, he has the biggest heart eyes for you but he’s too good at hiding it
-Laugh with him whenever something embarrassing happens to Lucifer and he will be so pleased and happy for the rest of the day
-“MC my dear, has anyone mentioned what a wonderfully charming laugh you have? And that says something coming from me.”
-Asmo also has a very noticeable laugh
-Not exactly loud but it could be considered obnoxious (to his brothers) and he giggles all the time when he’s very excited
-Having Asmodeous as your partner is basically the same thing as dating your best friend
-Despite being the Avatar of Lust, your relationship with him is super healthy and even he takes comfort in that
-You’d both be chuckling to yourselves in Majolish or something because this bïtch is hilarious if he wants to be
-“Oh my Lord Diavolo! MC, look! I found the perfect outfit for Mammon!!”
-And it’s a Disney princess dress the size of a fuckn toddler
-You guys laughed so hard you got kicked out >:(
-But you ended up buying that dress for Mammon anyway lmaoo
-Spending too much time with Asmo is similar to the whole “I’m trying to be quiet in class but me and my friend keep laughing every time we look at each other”
-The way both of you have to strain yourselves from full on cackling when Lucifer has a go at either of you 😌
-Except you seriously can’t laugh because you will be ✨murdered✨
-That’s the kind of hype he gives you all day every day
-The first time he properly heard you laugh was when you started making puns and you were laughing like crazy at your own jokes (samesies)
-And he just loves seeing you this happy because he gets happy and then he doesn’t even want to eat anymore, he just wants to hug you
-“I like your laugh. Do it again for me?”
-Your heart went doki doki
-It’s common for Beel to make you all flustered without meaning to and then you nervously start laughing again because you feel so awkward
-BUT your face brightens up so much when you start laughing or even smiling and he can’t help himself from complimenting you
-Your joyous and loud chuckles always cheer him up
-To the point where he completely forgets how hungry he is
-Took you a while to figure this one out but his mood sort of changes with yours??
-If you’re visibly sadder than usual, he his morale is also surprisingly low and he starts eating more than usual
-In comparison to when you’re all bubbly and doing that beautiful laugh of yours and he gets like these butterflies in his stomach instead of the usual pangs of pain and hunger
-So now he just wants to hear your voice in general on repeat for the rest of eternity
-Im not crying you are
-“You’re too loud dumbass, I’m tryin’ to nap here.”
-Will deadass throw a pillow at your face if you wake him up
-Like hes so rude and for what?
-He loves you and your annoying as fuck laugh, he really does I promise
-It’s a special, unique part of you and all that sappy crap
-But keep it up and you will have a very cranky boyfriend to deal with for the rest of the month
-He can be such an ass at times if he’s in a bad mood
-“I should tape your mouth shut.”
-“Shut up.”
-But as much as he hates being woken up by somebody else, he would much prefer waking up to your voice rather anyone else’s
-You usually wake him up in the mornings to get ready for RAD and you start giggling every time he pulls a face at you and complains that he doesn’t wanna
-“What are you? An alarm clock?”
-And then he just sort of pulls you to him and goes with a completely straight face:
-“You’re annoying but you can be my alarm clock if you want to.”
-He’s either flirting or is so sleepy he’s being unusually soft hELP
Thank you for reading! And for all the reblogs and follows. You guys don’t even know how much I appreciate your support. Especially at times when I’m not as motivated to write and now that the fandom has fizzled out a bit.
Also imma have to make a master list soon or something
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