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#can we just move on
krajta · 14 hours ago
sometimes u guys have like 5 names in your carrd listed right after one another like youre a roman emperor with a metric ton of ancestors whose names now legally belong to you and i never ever know which name you actually want to be called.
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kermitlesbian · 3 days ago
i told this girl "i struggle with dating because everyone seems to want a white blonde girl with blue eyes" and she said "yeah" and proceeded to spend the rest of the date going on about this white girl she has feelings for
#leo.txt#lol i love how everyone just thinks nothing they say ever affects my feelings at all and that i'm not a real person that they could ever be#interested in for real. like they think i'm funny and waste my time bc once they get to know me they decide i'm not what they what#and the funny part is the girl she's in love with is a friend of my and we hooked up bc i felt comfortable with the fact#that she didn't make me feel like she expected smth i'm not#and its all platonic like we enjoy each other's company but just aren't looking to date each other but we bonded bc this girl who had a#crush on both of us didn't have any boundaries with us#and then kinda made us feel bad and even tho she's a woc#she obsessed over blonde girls with blue eyes and it just confused me bc i didn't reciprocate so why keep making me uncomfortable and#pursuing me or making other ppl think that even though i'm not your type????#i hate being a woc sometimes you just have to sit there while being reminded you are never going to be someone's type#or considered a real love interest to them even to other woc#but the girl i went on a date with today when i mentioned that that girl liked us and liked whitegirl types#she was like yeah i can see why she liked that girl#and just managed to keep going back to talking about her and how bad her feelings for her were#like guess i'll just kms or w/e#and i literally almost lost a friendship too bc a friend of mine fell for that same girl and i tried to warn her that she wasn't looking for#a relationship#and that sucked too bc we started out on a few dates but it didn't work out bc she was too hung up on her ex to move on#i'm just realizing now the girls i hang out with that everyone i like ends up falling for are just my white friends..#it's hell. it's actual fucking hell.
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ebonytails · 4 days ago
As a reminder for anyone who sees this in the future:
If you want to hire me for voice acting. please don’t send an anonymous ask; It means I have no way to contact you in return and I am not going to be able to respond unless you want me to do it publicly. Send in a DM!
And if you hate tumblr or don’t want to make an account, my e-mail is in my contacts page! If you’re coming from Casting Call Club, I linked it to my contacts page for that reason especially.
I’m not able to paste my e-mail on CCC directly because CCC doesn’t allow sharing your e-mail in your description/profile page.
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tovezza · 6 days ago
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jamesqueerpotter · 7 days ago
Was just having a nice time on my for you page on tiktok, went into the comments of a nice marauders edit and it’s all prongsfoot hate, unprompted 🙃 totally fine, just trying to have a nice time here.
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emospacekid · 7 days ago
sounds like you have a shitty friend
idk :/ it feels like i’m being dramatic about it most of the time but also? it feels like i walk on eggshells with them and i feel more bad than good about myself when it all comes down to it so maybe i’m not being dramatic? i don’t know it’s just,,, like it just feels like i can’t be myself. i feel like i’m an affectionate person w the people i care about but i can’t do that bc “why are you doing this lol” (ie gift situations and just trying to help in general?) so i back off bc then i feel so stupid for like caring about them when it seems like they don’t care/want me to?? but then if somethings wrong it just always feels like i’m the one who has to suck it up and fix things. if i don’t push away my own emotions and communicate first, then who knows if we’d even still be friends now,,, which i’m just dbdbd tired with too? and i feel like i can’t ever actually express my emotions/or feel sad/upset or hurt ask for any type of reassurance bc their response is just basically “you shouldn’t feel that way lol...” and then get upset with me when i feel down about that and they just stop talking to me until maybe they feel like i’ve gotten over my hurt feelings lmao i just. idk :/ lately i’ve been feeling bad about myself bc of this but again i feel like i’m just over dramatizing everything in my head so who knows
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