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#can we praise this guy

it’s so interesting seeing people gloat on their hate for gabi and falco (they’re literally like what 12? LOL) like first of all just know you don’t see manga readers hate on gabi for a reason and if you can’t put two and two together maybe just stick to hating children and not having empathy and maybe you’ll look like an even bigger clown when shit hits the fan! like seriously have we not all been reading/watching the same series? Isayama doesn’t half ass his characters and their actions, maybe learn to critically analyze writing and imagery and you’ll calm down lol I just can’t with all of you seriously calling for the death of a child AND her voice actor???? Grow up

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oh good. for a moment i was tiny bit scared because i say some unhinged stuff here. i didn’t pay attention to the color of the emoji tbh, but thanks for telling me <3

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