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#can we reenact this pls
decaffeinated-demons · 5 months ago
Demon Boys (and undateables, if you'd like) reacting to a gen z MC casually saying "I'm gonna kms" because of a minor inconvenience (as gen z does) (p.s: sorry if this is something that makes you uncomfortable)
Fuckin' Mood
CW: Suicide mention, fatalistic humor, cussing humans, cussing demons
Brah I'm Gen Z I was sent to therapy for saying exactly this shit (granted I ended up being severely depressed and was passively idealizing so it was good I got sent when I did but still lmao)
"I'm gonna fuckin' kill myself." His head whips around so fast it's a wonder his neck doesn't snap.
He's looking for signs of danger, or emotional distress, and instead finds you staring at the broken tip of a number two pencil.
"Why would you say something like that over something so trivial as a pencil??" He tries to hide the dismay in his voice.
It does not subside when you look him dead in the eye and say, with more seriousness than he saw you address Belphie murdering you with, "Because God wants me dead and he can't do it himself so he's trying to make me do his dirty work."
Anyone who happens to be in the room with you two is sworn on penalty of death to secrecy and denial that they ever heard The Morningstar Himself make such an unattractive and undignified noise as the snort he couldn't hold back
"While I...can appreciate the interesting perspective, I think it best you not make these kinds of 'jokes in the future. If someone hears and thinks you're being serious, not only will it reflect badly on the viability of the exchange program, but it also calls my validity as a guardian into question."
"Rich coming from the supposed guardian who's nearly killed me on like three seperate occasions."
You know what? Being put in timeout? Worth it for the blush that managed to rise on Lucifer's cheeks.
"Well I guess if I fail the test and I don't want to deal with the Lucifer-Lecture I know where the nearest cliff is. Bet I can reach it before he finds me if no one snitches-"
You aren't even talking to him, you're just talking to the demon that sits next to you in Potions and Alchemy, but Mammon is already scooping you up and tearing out of class and heading straight for Lucifer's office while sobbing.
"Look MC I know Lucifer's lectures blow and grades are stressful but I already have enough trouble keeping other people from killing you don't make me protect you from YOU too, that ain't the solution-"
He's like half a second away from tackling down the Student Councilroom's door by the time you get him to listen to explain that you weren't actually gonna throw yourself off a cliff.
"But- but you said you-"
"Yea I was joking. If I was actually meant to die anything but a natural death quietly in my sleep sometime in my nineties I would have bit it back when I cheated in that TSL quiz with Levi."
He doesn't leave your side for the rest of the week and he tells his brothers to kiss his ass if they bring it up.
You didn't even say it out loud you literally just sent a photo to Levi's phone of a collage consisting of a stack of pancakes, a plate of spaghetti, an electrical outlet, and a chocolate cake and captioned it 'can't wait to stick the nearest fork into all of these'.
Ten seconds later he's keysmashing into the chat WHILE running down the hallways WHILE screaming
He beats down your door just to find you grumbling about spilling water on the floor as you wipe it up and then you're being grabbed and shaken like a box of shake'n bake.
"OMG YOU CAN'T JUST SEND SOMETHING LIKE THAT DO YOU REALIZE HOW WORRIED I WAS THAT WAS SO UNCOOL-" Wow, even when freaking tf out he'll shorten to acronyms.
He's already shoving links to human suicide help sites into your face and he's only like two or three seconds away from dialing a hotline up his own damn self by the time you yank the phone out of his hand and explain your macabre sense of humor.
Once he actually understands then a monster has been unleashed and he'll do the exact same goddamn thing
"Tell my Ruri-chan collection I committed die."
"Do you think anime car decals will also stick to coffins?"
"You think if I pay this place they'll use my ashes to make a unique Ruri-Chan figurine and my ashes can be her season 3 tiara's diamond centerpiece?"
Ya'll doin' the brothers a Heccin' Concern™
Ironically enough the chillest besides Belphie.
He handed you your notes after faux-grading them to prepare for when you'd actually have to hand them in and you took one look and said, "K, I'm gonna kill everyone in this room and then myself."
Every demon in the study room made themselves scarce immediately because this WAS the human that made pacts with the Avatars- one of whom was present and could easily be commanded to do exactly that.
"Now why would you go and scatter our study group like that? Peer reviewed notes are a fair deal harder to complete with no peers."
"Satan I'm gonna kill myself."
"After you finish these notes."
"Bet those bookshelves are tall enough that a fall from the top would end my suffering."
He doesn't even bother looking up from his book and you pout before returning to your work.
He doesn't look up from his book for the rest of the study session actually.
That's because he's frantically looking up "how to tell if a human is overdramatic or suicidal" and chewing through scientific articles like copy paper and it isn't until he hits an article on fatalistic humor that it kind of clicks and he stops sweating enough to turn Death Valley into a river.
There's the sound of a shoulder accidentally hitting the doorframe to his room, books dropping, and then- "My kink is asphyxiation but it isn't satisfying until I actually fucking die."
He screams like a banshee that dying is not a kink until you interrupt with, "It's only not a kink if you're a coward."
And that just sets him off because he is the king of kink and he knows what kinks are more than you ever will and he has never met someone who's kink was actually dying
"You've never met them because they all got to live out their kink" Finally he gets you're teasing him but he still tears up anyways, insisting that you not speak like that because his poor heart can't take it and the stress will give him wrinkles
"Beauty is pain so dying will make me prettier than you."
Well now he just has TWO reasons to keep you alive
"Hey Beel, you gonna need the toaster today?"
"No, why??"
"Because someone kicked ice under the fridge and it melted and I'm wearing socks and I stepped in it so I'm gonna go run a bath and reenact bugs versus bugzapper on a summer night."
Okay look Beel isn't DUMB but it still takes him a few seconds to connect the dots on what the hell you even mean- and then he's choking on a quadruple bypass burger as you dig through the fridge for a can of soda.
"Why??! Who hurt you?! Was it one of my brothers?! Has someone been mean to you at RAD-?!?" He's gripping you and sobbing and you actually feel rotten for forgetting that these demons probably don't know how to tell if you're actually considering kicking your own bucket or not.
You thought Mammon clung to you and got overprotective?? Beel blasts him out of the water- for about a month he'll constantly make sure that all the knives you use are dulled, you don't bring anything sharp into the bathroom, he moved any and all medications you might have into Satan's room so the blonde can keep tabs on them.
Poor baby- pls don't joke about killing yourself around him he can't take it
"Hey Belphie, you think if I got a good running start out of the attic window I could escape this mortal coil?"
Honestly you think fuckin' Belphie of all people would get off his ass enough to react beyond the initial "What?"
Nah. He'll ask to join you. Or humor you. Or both.
"If you prefer not risking surviving you can find Asmo's bondage rope hidden in the third hidden compartment on the right side of his vanity."
"I have more class than hanging myself with Asmo's fuck ropes."
"Well you could always try tie dying Diavolo's suit to a rainbow, bet Lucifer would get mad enough to snap your neck."
"Oh hey why can't I just ask you?"
"Nah, tried it once, wasn't super fun."
Cue literally every single other brother staring between the two of you in horror over the dinner table. Asmo's the one that speaks up first, a fork hovering over a bowl of ceasar salad.
"Do you really have to discuss such morbid stuff? Right in front of my salad?"
You stare at Asmo for three seconds before Belphie speaks up.
"Can we kill HIM using the fuck ropes?"
"Hey Barbatos, I'm gonna fuckin' commit permanent exhale you want anything from the afterlife?"
"I'm afraid I'll have to pass."
You aren't talking to him, you don't even know he's there because he's eavesdropping.
How could he have let his favorite exchange student get to this point? Was his plan doomed to failure? He had to fix this stat-
Barbatos wakes you up at like six in the morning the following day and you spend said day shepherded around his fuckin carousel of vacation hotspots that he just has lying around. The beach, some mountains, a forest, and when that's done with he hauls you up to the human world to a zoo and fills your entire day with asking which animal you think matches the people you know the most (Spoiler: you tell him that if he had an animal form you'd bet anything on it being a red panda and he has to work not to scoop you up in a big warm hug right then and there)
"So what's with the sudden vacation day?"
The question hits him out of left field and you laugh as he accidentally drops his drink back to the table, leaving his goofy little swirly straw dangling from his mouth as he stares at you.
"...I wanted to make you not want to kill yourself."
You choke on your own drink and after hacking up both lungs and a kidney you ask where he got the idea you wanted to kill yourself.
The earnest sadness in his eyes makes you feel horrible for even joking about it when he tells you.
"Aww Diavolo...Panda, I don't. I just have a ridiculously morbid sense of humor and a dramatic streak as wide as your shoulders."
He's kind of similar to Mammon or Beel- but instead of a sudden spike of concern that fades overtime, he just has a new default, and always sends a text at least once a week to make sure that any fatal jokes are staying in the realms of dark humor and nothing more serious.
"Hey Barbs, do I happen to get killed by some freak accident in the next few minutes?"
"No? Why do you ask-"
"Aww guess I gotta do it myself." He looks at you like you've grown a second head. He's flipping through all his most recent memories to see if there were any warning signs he was negligent to, he digs into the past to see if you've ever been treated for depression, even spies into the most likely future to make sure you don't commit your final sin- then he's being shaken out of his time scanning.
"Yo, Barbs, I was just trying to joke about not wanting to submit a mid semester report to Lucifer." A hesitant smile is spread to try and mask your concern and he released a breath he didn't realize he was holding.
"Pardon me, I was lost in thought. It was...a joke?" You nodded and half-assedly explained that depression and nihilism had become something of a trend of humor up in the human world, then went on to talk about the humor of your generation in general, and by the time you were explaining the concept of deep fried Bean Memes he was fully relaxed again.
Like half a day later you get a nearly indecipherable picture that you THINK is a picture of Lucifer at his desk and surrounded by paperwork with the caption "DAy 15337 OF LOOKING FOR THE FORBIDDEN BEAN RECIPE" and you got kicked out of the student council room for abruptly spitting out a mouthful of soda and howling with laughter, which was totally unfair because Barbatos was avoiding your gaze and maintaining himself like he hadn't just sent you the most absurd, three-layer deepfried meme you've seen since you came down here.
He won't say out loud he much prefers these abstract memes versus you threatening to kill yourself.
You swore as you accidentally tore a hole in your notes with your eraser and without missing a beat, looked at Simeon. "Hey is it still a sin to end your own miserable existence or can I at least get into Heaven long enough to tell Michael where he can shove a cactus?"
Simeon was normally very hard to read. Right now cannot be counted as "normal".
His face is red at the implication of you telling an Archangel (especially MICHAEL), have some explicit relations with a cactus, and yet his eyes are glued to your face in horror at the idea you might be considering snuffing out the beautiful light of your soul before it was your time.
You pretty quickly caught on that suicide humor wasn't on Simeon's list of favorite jokes.
You had to sit through a thirty minute lecture and by the end you were torn between swearing to never do it again or tell Simeon to his face that the lecture made you consider the pros versus cons of lobotomy via pencil eraser.
You wisely chose neither and just said you understand.
He keeps a sharp ear out, and now you have to make sure he isn't around before cracking another of your 'jokes' otherwise he'll have you by the ear and drag you out for another "Life is a blessing not to be wasted" speech.
Please don't tell him these jokes lmao.
Okay but really, another eavesdropper. You truly did not mean for Luke to hear you when you looked at your most recently graded demon biology assignment- which you received a D+ on, and promptly muttered, "I'm about to send myself up to God's door in a handbasket."
Oh lord the poor creature cries
You spend like the rest of the entire day trying to gently assure Luke you didn't mean it without letting him know that making such grim jokes is an integral part of your entire sense of humor and the thought of death is no more serious to you than the idea of Lucifer riding a pink unicorn.
It takes a hot second and a half to convince him that it just slipped out and that you weren't actually contemplating anything on your life. He still insists on spending the rest of the day with you. To protect you from demons, definitely not because he's scared you were lying and if he took his eyes off of you he might lose his best human friend in the world.
Like Diavolo- not quite an extreme jump in concern, but more like a heightened awareness- he asks at least once daily how you're feeling and assuring that if you ever feel upset that you can come to Purgatory Hall and talk to him about anything.
Honestly just like Levi.
"Fuck. That's it, I'm lodging a complaint against the universe in person this time, for real." Over a papercut, really?
"MC wants to speak to the manager #UltimateCouponHunter... Sent."
Levi just smoothly rolling out that levelheaded response from the other side of the room without even looking up from his D.D.D. clued him in on it being some kind of joke, so he told himself that was all he needed to know.
...but okay, just to say he knows, what about it is funny?
You take the opportunity to demonstrate on some random demon- and the reaction you get for it?
Solomon understands.
Good lord you and Solomon are going to give Asmo a single gray hair. Maybe even two.
Hell, Solomon takes it a step further and will actively pretend to be dead, and get you to pretend as well, and then rope whatever poor sod you two are hanging out with into sending it to the brothers and Diavolo as well.
"Think we took it too far?" Lucifer looms over you two, holding his D.D.D. which displayed a picture of the both of you floating face down in a pool fully clothed, captioned "Doing Hot Person Shit too hard, retiring from life"
"Yea probably. Wanna make a suicide pact-"
Literally Lucifer hangs you both (And poor Mammon, who you convinced to send it in the first place) from a ceiling fan above the dinner table and leaves you until curfew hits.
Hey, at least he left you hanging right side up.
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ars-meliora · 8 months ago
Purr-fect [Adrien]
AO3 Prompt: A imagine where the (female) reader is friends with Adrien and in love with Chat Noir, and Adrien is in love with her and confesses and then the reader is like "uh... I'm sorry but I'm in love with chat noir", and then at the night he visits her as chat and confesses to her pls?
A/n: A/n: If you requested a songfic by the name of Lily, please tell me the character you want for the fic. Otherwise, I will spin a wheel and pick a character, so I'll wait for your answer (´・ᴗ・ ` )
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
"That's dumb!" You said between a fit of giggles, to anyone else it would sound like any normal conversation between schoolmates. Yet, why did Adrien's heart do a little backflip when you laughed at his dumb pun? "Dumb but I love it!"
"I-I got more, umm..." Adrien began to channel his inner cat puns, but they fell flat when Alya put a few polaroids in front of you.
"No... way! Are these the exclusive Chat Noir polaroids I've been eyeing?!" You ran eyes over the limited edition candid polaroids of your crush.
"They came with the Ladybug set, since you gave me hers I thought I'd give you the second half."
"Thank you!" You looked at each polaroid, forgetting about the teen next to you. In most cases, girls your age would be angry that you were fawning over the wrong guy. Clearly, they have never seen how amazing Chat Noir is!
"Uhh, earth to Y/n?" Adrien tried to get your attention, but you gently swatted his hand away from you as you got up from the bench and made your way to the lockers to safely put the photos in your bag.
"It's no use, the moment she hears Chat Noir her ears perk up!" Alya motions how you act. "Do me a favor and tell her to bring her textbook for our next class, I have to do something..."
"Right!" Adrien has elated, if you like Chat Noir, then you liked him! His heart raced with all the cool things he could do with you as a couple, holding hands, kissing, even reenacting movie-scenes! So it was now or never to tell you how he felt.
He looked around the locker room, just you going through some of your school items as you carefully put the photos away. Putting a hand on his chest, to both steel his nerves and gather courage, he made his way to you. But the moment he saw your cute smile, all that courage flew away.
"Alya want me to remind you to bring your textbook!" Adrien said robotically, he facepalmed mentally at his lack of confidence.
"Right-o!" You saluted him before looking for the textbook, too engrossed in your activity you failed to notice the blush creeping up on Adrien's features.
"S-say Y/n... umm, would you like to go out with me?" He was sweating bullets, but you pulled the trigger with the movement of your head.
"Sorry, my heart belongs to Chat Noir..." To you tried to sound sorry, Adrien noticed the dreamy look when you uttered the hero's name, "But good luck if you do find someone!"
"Wait!" Adrien stepped in front of you as you closed your locker and began to walk towards the door, "I mean isn't it a bit difficult for Chat Noir to notice you? I mean he has a lot of fangirls and he can choose right?"
"So do you..." Adrien didn't miss the way your nose scrunched up, a sign you were angry. Odd he was both the guy you rejected but also the guy you liked. "Telling me to not get my hopes up?"
"N-no just saying, how are you even sure you like the guy when you never met him?"
"You fall in love with their actions rather than what they say, my love for Chat Noir is an example of that. Listen, I know you mean well. I get it, but it doesn't help to dream sometimes, and I want to believe that maybe one-day Chat Noir would love someone like me..." Your voice sounded small, all that bravado you had was not hidden as you traced patterns on your textbook. Adrien didn't believe someone could fall in love again with the same person, but there was something about you that made him fall twice as hard when he heard you say those things.
"Then I hope he treats you well, and I hope we can still be friends?"
"Best of friends!"
On the way to the classroom and during class, Adrien began to plan out how he was going to confess. This time as Chat Noir!
After an eventful day, homework was the easiest activity that got your mind occupied. You were currently on your bedroom floor trying to make sense of your literature homework, but the small shuffling coming from the roof of your house made it hard to concentrate.
"I guess Parisian rats have evolved to make their own ballets..." You grumbled and wrote some notes on your book. It wasn't until a loud crash was heard that made you put down the novel and walk towards the roof.
"Dear Remy the rat and company, please keep your musical to a min-" You blinked as you took the image in front, Chat Noir wrestling with fairy lights and a small picnic laid below him... "Carry on!" You squeaked and turned away.
"Cat is out of the bag, say Y/n... could you help me? That way we can buy enjoy this picnic I made for the two of us?"
"Me?! How do you know my name?" You froze and looked at the blonde hero, lifting a finger and pointing to yourself you looked at Chat Noir. Were you getting pranked?
"How could I not know the name of the most beautiful girl in Paris?" Chat Noir smirked, sure his current position gave him little space to be alluring but it never stopped him before.
"Are you sure you're looking for me? Paris is huge and there might be more Y/ns..."
Chat Noir moves once he was out of the mess he created, taking your hand he looked into yours, a smile never faltering from his handsome face.
"You're the only Y/n that's on my mind..." His smile became softer when he saw your flushed face, as much as he loved making you laugh, he also loved your bashful state. "I wanted to set the mood because I wanted to ask if you'll be my girl?"
Chat Noir didn't believe you could get cuter, but you did the moment you hid your face behind your hands, and shyly nodded. He could tease you but he was engulfed with your small squeaks as you peeked behind your hands and met his eyes.
"W-well, m-may be a date to set the news?" You spoke up. straightening your back and signaling to the picnic set not too far from the two of you.
"Allow me to lead the way..." Chat offered his arm for you to take, guiding you to the little spot he began to pull out all the food he bought. "I wanted to make it special, and I brought a variety pack!"
"Just being with you is enough, black cats are my lucky charm..."
"You're my lucky charm as well..."
The two of you sealed the newfound relationship with a kiss.
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elysianslove · 10 months ago
first of all can i just say congrats on the 500 like i'm so happy for you and you absolutely deserve it (huge bear hug :) ) now i had this crazy hcs idea and i immediately thought of you so long story short how would Karasuno , Aoba Johsai and Nekoma react to their sweet manager having powers similar to those of scarlet witch (marvel) or mirajane strauss (fairytail anime) feel free to pick whichever one is easier and thank you so much for indulging my crazy request. love u lots - safiyah <3333
oh my goodness thank you sm for your words here’s a bear hug <3 also also i was literally just thinking just how cool it would be to have like a supernatural au haikyuu thing and then you send me this wow we on some mind reading shit. anyways i really hope you like this. sorry it’s like hq on crack if you want a serious one lemme know hsjkhsk
Tumblr media
karasuno high
they lose their shit. 
every single one of them. 
mentally they’re all like 12 (except daichi and mqybe ennoshita) so i definitely think they’d have a very childish reaction to it. 
it’s so endearing though. 
they find out while walking you home one night: it’s very stormy and they just wanted to make sure you get home safe because they worship the ground you walk on. cue like a fucking billboard nearly falling on you and the group of boys and your instincts just kick in and you stop it mid air. 
noya’s still screaming even after everyone’s just gone silent and is gawking at the fact a billboard (or whatever the object is i can’t think rip) is hovering above them. in mid air. because of you. what the fuck? 
daichi’s blood pressure drops he’s like somebody catch me im about to faint wtf is going on. 
you kinda freak and just toss it away and run your way back home, as far away from the boys as possible. 
but alas, you’re their manager, and you have duties to fulfill. so you show up to practice the next morning terrified for your life. 
you’re not really sure why you’re so scared and nervous. you just are? it’s a huge part of who you are and it’d be a big bummer if the most important boys in your life didn’t accept it. 
noya greets you with a really big hug
tanaka’s so loud but what’s new <3 
daichi and suga just come up to you and gently ask if you’re okay because you ran off so quick yesterday
they all act super normal during practice but you can tell
you can tell
they want to ask so many questions they’re gonna explode 
after practice, when coach ukai and takeda leave, and it’s just you, kiyoko, and the boys, it’s s o quiet. you would hear a pin drop. 
you just sigh and go “you can ask” 
your poor eardrums </3 
they’re so fascinated by everything you say 
kiyoko’s like “i had a hunch” like how do u have a hunch about something like this anyways what a queen
noya’s like “make me fly” 
and tsukki in the back “drop him on his ass pls” 
they definitely make you do so many things for them with it 
cleaning duty is now on you because hello !! you can move things with your mind !! 
kags doesn’t get it. he’s like. ok? and ? i can set volleyballs perfectly, hinata can jump really high despite his height, she can move things with her mind? so what? 
i love him 
they’re also crazy good at keeping it a secret? 
not hinata tho he slips up so often like thank god the secret isn’t realistic or believable
he’ll be like “oh yeah? well our manager can move things with her mind!” 
and suga just has to usher him away with a pained smile like “yeah she’s so incredible haha” while doing that thing moms do where they squeeze or pinch your shoulder if they’re mad at you in public 
it feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders when they find out because the closer you grew to these boys, the more they felt like family to you.
aoba johsai
my favorite team 
i hc makki as someone that smokes weed. pls don’t try to convince me otherwise. look at him. he’s a pothead <3 
this is going somewhere i swear.
so you’re a 3rd year manager, meaning you’ve been with these boys a while now, specifically the third years of the team, so y’all are pretty close. 
how they find out: it’s like 3am on a weekend, the seijoh 4 and some of the second years. you’d baked a cake with like all of them all at once in the kitchen, so it was now a mess, so you’re attempting to clean it up as fast as you can the way you know best — with your hands and your mind. makki walks in, high as shit, sees this and just. 
“damn must be the weed.” 
you don’t hear him. so. uh oh. 
he was probably sent there by iwa to get water or something, so iwaizumi walks in and just yells so loud “what the fuck!” 
it’s like they’re all summoned by this. they eventually all pile into the kitchen and you’re literally just frozen in fear with pots and pans and utensils and specks of flour hovering by you. and then you maintain eye contact with iwa as you lift one hand and direct the pans into a cupboard and slowly shut it. 
“so it’s not the weed?” 
they honestly. don’t act any different tbh 
it’s like an added feature of yours that they appreciate. 
oikawa asks you to read his mind to test if what happened that night was real and you just lift him up from off his seat. 
“i asked you to read my mind tho hm” 
yeah mind reading is just a regular thing now. they will slyly ask you to read the other team’s minds during a match and you’re like no that’s cheating. but you do. and you subtlety give them advice. like “hm i wonder if that team’s gonna do this specific attack” 
also oikawa asks (read:begs) u to like help them make it through to nationals
you say “will it feel like a true accomplishment if i do?” 
shuts his pretty face up <3 
they also make you like. toss volleyballs to them. but with your mind. multiple of them. they take it as some stupid challenge idk these boys are dumb i love them 
they also love throwing things at. YOU. LIKE WTF? 
like haha dodgeball but it’s a group of 6’0+ athletes against just. you. 
sounds fair 
they also become insanely protective of you after they find out. idk how that clicks w them but. yes. 
especially mattsun and iwa ? like men. relax.
anyways they would abuse the shit out of your powers genuinely but it’s okay it’s out of love <3
nekoma high
they. they’re idiots. all of them. 
kuroo would probably be like but scientifically ! this makes zero sense 
omg kenma would lose his MIND. 
but lowkey bc none of that simp shit </3 
ooou okay so you’re at a training camp and they sneak you in with them so you guys can play truth or dare 
bc yk. you’re kids. 
and y’all are going around and you just pick truth and someone asks what’s the biggest secret you’ve ever kept from us and they expect some dirty shit they’re nasty smh 
and then you straight up go “i can move things w my mind” 
and theyre like ok miss stop playin fr 
keep in mind it’s dark as hell in the dormitory and eerily quiet and you shift one of the chairs in there, and it squeaks loudly
yamamoto jumps and looks at you w so much fear in his eyes. “that wasn’t you” 
and then suddenly all chairs are moving all at once and yamamato deadass screams 
kuroo’s shrugging like. “it’s just the wind,” like ur not in a closed off room w all the windows shut whatever u say sir <3 
lev’s like
gone into shock. seriously someone go get him water or something. 
when morning comes they’re all like hella scared to approach you except kenma and kuroo bc kenma— is in awe. kuroo — does not believe it. 
you’re kinda :( that they’re scared of you and you approach them after the day is over and just apologize, and tell them you didn’t mean to scare them and that you’d never hurt them or even consider it. 
they do a 180 bruh they just all go “awwwwww” and suffocate you in a group hug so you shove them all off for good measure lmao 
kuroo still doesn’t believe it until you save his ass in broad daylight and he’s like ok maybe it wasn’t fake so what sue me 
whenever there are training camps where other schools come they beg u to help them prank the boys 
especially bokuto and hinata 
and you do obviously 
it’s hilarious watching them scream as something moves slightly. you never do it that it’s suspicious just enough to be like did that happen or is my mind messing w me rn 
scarlet witch also has the ability to mess w people’s mind in the literal sense and whenever one of the boys pisses you off particularly you just make them see their biggest fear 
kenma asks you to reenact some of his favorite gameplays for him
it’s literally just roleplay and you couldn’t care less someone catches the two of you you’re no pussy you can admit when you’re having fun 
overall a very chaotic reaction 
they don’t treat you any different they’re just like 100x more hyped about who you are. like the fact that you’re their manager is already a blessing and now this !!! 
incredible <3333
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equestriagirl16 · 5 months ago
Songs bnha bois and their s/o would listen to that’d get yall in the mood~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Note: these songs don’t have to be character specific, in fact these are more general song recs. I just kinda listed them in association to the drabbles. I honestly imagine different bois with the different songs all the time so the same can go for y’all😂.
Tumblr media
Sero Hanta-🩹
Lotttttttta Chris Brown. Def stuf in the R&B/electro dance realm, Trust. My boi Hanta is flavored mkay. He wants the vibes to be at a maximum, yall bumpin but it’s still soooo intimate. Nah but this particular time yall probably break out dancing in the kitchen listening to somethin like Coño. Now imagine with me JUST LISTEN- you winnin to the “bomb bomb bomb bomb” part, he pulls you in with his tape holds your face with one hand and moves your head to the lyrics. “Right” then “Left” has you look directly into his eyes “Drip” and he makes both your bodies roll. “Coño” and he controls your hips while you both two step to the beat. That lil two step turns into grindin real quick. You good though, you’re dealing with the master of catchin it after all. Lawd PLS-the body rolls, he’s so tall too just the full waves he makes while his abs are flexing I-🥵. The type to either cover his face or hold your waist or any piece of clothing your wearing to make sure you ain’t goin NO WHERE. Just makes it his mission to have you feel absolutely everything he has to offer🤌. From his hands, his hips, to his...well ya kno. He’d adlib and hype you up so much to the point where you are just glowing with confidence and he LOVES to see it. Eventually he just holds your body close to his, take this opportunity to make a move maybe grind more kiss him whisper somethin nasty. You are being TOSSED into bed before you can even blink. Dw he brought the speaker, this party’s goin all night.
Songs recs: Indigo, No Guidance, Often by sicksick, Tempo, Coño, Imitadora(these last two are so basic I’m sorry I need to listen to more Hispanic music, I am also open for recs😅)
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou-💥
Fuckin, that ONE part in Streets is his favorite. Katsuki’s more so someone who likes the beat and vibe and don’t rly care about the words. But he likes seeing you rap the lyrics in the car with complete confidence. Just feelin yourself in the passengers seat next to him. He’s smirking hard glancing at you every now and then trying his hardest not to crash. That don’t mean you won’t act like a lil sh!t and tease tf out of him tho👀, trailing your hands down your body. Rollin and air fuckin with the snarkiest look on your face. You hear him mumble somethin before pulling up in the drive way and yanking you out the car. Next thing you know your up against a wall and you squeak lookin up at him while he smiles at you. He asks you where all your confidence went before asking your Alexa or something to play the song again.
Song recs: Streets, Birthday sex, Skin
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari-⚡️
Denki isn’t someone that takes a lot to get into the mood. By that I mean he’s just an enthusiastic boi😂. A good bit of nasty lyrics and he is all yours. He’s definitely someone that favors lyrics in that case, the verbal cues are what rly rile him up. Y’all are probably in your house playin games in the living room while you let your playlist go, you kinda forgot what songs you got on there. Definitely somethin like Slow Down by Chase Atlantic comes on and y’all are shmovin’. You both full on sing the chorus to each other alternating, and coming closer together. Each word coming out with more and more lust, while you climb on top of him. When the last set of words leave your mouth slowly, you stare into his eyes and his face is BEET red. But he still smiles and grabs your waist, flipping you both over. Oh how the turn tables~. He turns up the volume on the speaker and tries to reenact the song with you in the most painstakingly hottest way possible.
Song recs: Slow Down, Swim, 34+35, ...Extraterrestrial😂
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya-🥦
Oh Izuku my sweet boi, my sweet sweet..not as innocent as we think boi. He’s on the more intimate and romantic side of things tho, he doesn’t rly need smexy lyrics to get in the mood but they are an added bonus. He just needs his beauty and the beat (yes I made that reference). Your probably in the kitchen by yourself cleaning and singing to some Ella Mai. Boi gets star struck by you constantly so he’s adopted the habit of just staring at you when you’re in your element. It’s not the greatest habit tho since more often than not he’s so quiet that it scares the sh!t outta you when you finally notice him, and he just apologizes like crazy. He wants to make up for it by dancin with you, he got GUD over the years and he’s pretty decent with his hip and rhythm game. It’s just the right amount of sweetness that it melds into intimacy that has you both melting. Extra points of you keep singing to him. And when you look into each other’s eyes, I ain’t never seen two love sick puppies in the same room like that. The aura is intoxicating, whatever’s happens after that just feels so natural and euphoric it’s bliss🥰.
Song recs: Trip, Boo’d up, Sin city(his lightskin ass would😂)
Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijirou-🪨
Kiripima is nooooot picky, no way no how. Sexy lyrics, cool. Bumpin beat, great. You feelin yourself, OOOOOH-Thats my sh!t right there!! I wanna say y’all are coolin down after a work out in your bedroom. You kno how after you after some good physical exertion the adrenaline is just at a high and having something to provide good vibes just adds onto it and makes you feel like your floating. That’s basically what’s happening at this point in time when somethin like 2 on starts to play on the speakers. Your laying flat on the bed while he’s sitting in a chair on his phone, you start singing and moving your body in place. He looks up at you with a toothy grin and decides to start recording you. He hypes you up while standing to walk over to you without you noticing. Before you know it your putting on a full performance from the bed. When the songs done you feel a dip in the side of the bed, you see him towering over you smiling with the phone covering his face. He tells you that was some show you put on but’s his turn. When the next song comes on he decides to give you a more one on one concert.
Song recs: 2 on, The Take, Wap w/gunboikaz addition, Lights Down Low slowed version
Tumblr media
@vilbabywrites cause it’s been a minute✌️
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g0joluvrrr · a month ago
Can I request a sfw alphabet wit a black fem s/o for rensuke, bachira, and chigiri (blue lock) pls?
Tumblr media
◈ 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒 — rensuke kunigami
◈ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 — nothing
◈ 𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐌𝐀𝐓 — headcanons
◈ 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄 — fluff , a hint of angst??
◈ 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 — i only added one because it would’ve taken wayyy too long for the others so i’ll just link bachira & chigiri’s after ! hope that’s okay
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)
in the beginning of your relationship he was kinda shy on affection
on one hand , he wanted to show you how much he loves you
and on the other hand , he didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable
most the time , you had to initiate physical contact until he got more comfortable with it
the first time you complimented him , he looked off to the side and mumbled a small “thank you”, a blush spreading on his cheeks
he loves kissing you , was shy at first but now it’s like second nature to kiss you on your forehead whenever
B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)
i feel like at first , rensuke would be in the friendzone unintentionally— one day you would say he’s like a brother to you
but going into the relationship was a pretty clean process. he got advice from his 2 sisters on how to get a girlfriend and from there it was smooth sailing.
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
he likes cuddling after practices
he’s not the biggest on it but he’s willing to do anything for you
he’s usually the big spoon
loves when you lay on his chest , he gets to see your pretty face up close and you get to sleep on top of a personal heater <3 win win situation
D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)
he’s pretty good at cooking and cleaning
he’s the type of boyfriend to cook breakfast for you if you’re sick <3
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
rensuke would do it in person definitely
he wouldn’t want to break up with you , but it just wasn’t working
he was very sweet about it :(
if you broke up with him , he would sulk for a while
would say “i get it, y/n” or anything like that
he didn’t want this to happen but he won’t beg you to come back either
F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)
he has thought about marriage before but hasn’t brought it up
he would love to be able to call you “y/n kunigami”
when he does propose , it wouldn’t be anything fancy
he would take you to the place he asked you out , reenact the day yk yk , and instead of asking you to be his s/o he asks you to marry him <33
very soft husband we love him
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
physically and emotionally gentle with you
you’re literally his pride and joy atp
iif he hurt you in any way he would be so disappointed in himself
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)
was a bit hesitant at first but now he loves giving you hugs
his are the type that you NEED after a long day
rensuke’s hugs are like bear hugs
he wraps his arms around you and just holds you <33
I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)
he says it pretty often
i think he said it around 4 weeks? so not too early but not never yk
he always means his words too
he’ll never get tired of saying i love you
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)
rarely gets jealous
he trusts you!
the only case i can see him getting jealous is would be if he thinks somebody is better for you
he won’t say it tho
he thinks he’s good at hiding it but he’s really not :(
K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)
rensuke’s favorite type of kisses are forehead kisses
he loves rolling over to you and kissing you in the mornings once y’all wake up
he’s not the best kisser in the world but they’re rlly good
L = Little ones (How are they around children?)
he’s pretty good with kids
he has a younger sister and he helped his older sis take care of her
kids love him
one time a kid said his hair looked like a spiky orange and he just laughed
M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)
mornings are soft and warm
loves holding you close to him in the mornings
maybe he’ll get up and make breakfast
N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)
he has a pretty nice sleep schedule
so he would make sure you do too
he’ll trace circles on your thigh until you fall asleep
O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
rensuke would do things slowly
he would tell you the important things first
after that he would wait until a few months in to say the heavier things
P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)
fairly calm
he would never get angry at you
he might get annoyed because of an argument that shouldn’t happen
but would never lash out at you
Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
he’s a very good listener
he would ask lil questions about what you’re talking about
he remembers basically everything you tell him
loves the way your face lights up when he remembers a tiny detail
R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)
his favorite moment would be when he told you he was going to blue lock
when you said you were proud of him and would support him forever , his heart leaped
he was blushing so hard and just wrapped you in a hug
S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)
he trusts you
he would like it if you texted him when you got home so he knows you’re safe
but he’s not overbearing
pretty tame tbh
T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
he puts so much effort
he just wants everything to be perfect for you
especially anniversaries
anniversaries with kunigami are so special
you can never forget them
U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)
he doesn’t tell you when he’s jealous and lets it bubble up
he doesn’t lash out per se
he just breaks down
now , rensuke isn’t one to lose composure when it comes to things like this
but he just can’t hold it in anymore
V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)
he’s not obsessed with his appearance
but he always makes sure that he’s not musty n shit
a man who washes behind his ears !!
W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)
he loves you with his whole heart
he’s not dependent but would definitely feel upset without you
X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)
he smells like cologne
not a bad one either , he just smells like it
Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)
he wouldn’t want somebody who is a generally bad person , like somebody who is mean to others for no good reason
Z = Zzz (What is a sleep habits of theirs?)
he wakes up pretty early
which means you do too
he loves cuddling you while y’all sleep
like i said , personal heater
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ola-elaina · a year ago
Summary: zendaya and y/n answers questions on z’s instagram live and tom comes to intrude
Word Count: 1.1k
Pairing: Platonic!Zendaya x reader x Tom Holland
Tumblr media
Zendaya looked at the comment section on her Instagram live to answer one of the question that the viewers were asking.
"Are you back in Atlanta?" She reads. "Yes we are. We're back for a couple weeks to film."
The Spider-Man cast were back in Atlanta to film for scenes that involves being in Midtown since the interior for the school was located there compared to the exterior which was originally in New York.
She continued to read the comments of questions that were coming in too fast.
"Is that Y/N behind you?" She reads again, a viewer saw you passed by to sit in the hammock, unaware that Zendaya was doing a live stream. "Yes! Y/N, Tom, Jacob and I are staying in one house instead of having our own hotel rooms which is nice. I love having some company."
"What are we doing?" She thought for a second. "We have a weekend off so nothing. Just hanging around."
"Hey, Y/N! Say hi to the people!" Z lifted her phone to show you swinging in the hammock, you waved. "Do you want to join me?"
"For what?" You shouted back a reply.
"Instagram live." Zendaya looked back at the comments. "They want to ask you some questions. Get to know you."
You leaped up from your seat and jog towards where she was sitting, phone propped up against the vase of flowers on the table.
Pulling up a round chair, you sat behind her crossing your arms on the back of her seat and peeked at the camera. "Hey!" You greeted the people watching.
"So, the people wanted to know how you're doing?"
"I'm good. Everybody's been great. Filming is going well."
Zendaya slowly raised her injured pinky, making the two of you snicker.
"Maybe not so well for Z."
"Let's answer some questions before we end the live. You pick one." She said.
You squinted your eyes to see the rain of questions coming in. "Uh, what do you do for self-care?" You turned to her.
"Tell me yours first."
"I would put on a movie and bake something while it plays in the background."
"Shut up, really?"
"Yeah. How about you? What do you do?"
"Something like that. I can never sit still and meditate so I would rewatch Harry Potter movies."
"Yeah. It's just calming to me, so that's my thing. People are always like, 'Oh my God, Harry Potter again?' I say, 'Don't come over to my house if you don't want to watch it, because it's going to be on." You nodded, relating to her. "What kind of movie do you play on the background?" She looked at you as she asked.
"MCU movies." You looked at her sheepishly. "I can't even count how much I've replayed them."
"Right? Once you find that movie that's really for you, doesn't matter how many times you watch it. It's still enjoyable every time."
You nodded in agreement. "Very true."
"Let's see. What's something you have never told anybody before?"
"Uh," You chuckled before telling the story. "I got interested in playing volleyball once. So, my mom got me a ball. I was playing with it in our living room and it hit the mirror behind me a couple times. But it didn't budge so I shrugged it off."
Looking back at Zendaya, you saw her watching you, intently listening to what you were saying. "Then at like the 10th time I hit the mirror, I turned back and it fell literally on top of my head." You reenacted it by smashing your hand with the other, showing how the mirror fell on your head. "Shards of glass were all over the living room and I ended up cuts on my feet."
"Oh no." She snort out a laugh then stopped midway, she said. "Sorry." still snickering.
"I never played volleyball again after that." You confessed.
"What did you mom say?"
"I told her that I walked in and the mirror was already broken."
"Yikes." Zendaya snickered. "How 'bout... weird eating habits?"
"Uh... Let me think—Whenever I eat chicken nuggets, I would arranged them from the smallest to largest and eat them in that order."
"I don't know. Just one of my weird quirks, I guess, " You chuckled as you shrugged. "And you?"
"I like biting into my ice cream." She confessed.
You cringed. "Ugh, just thinking about it makes my teeth cold."
"Everybody's asking what's the dumbest thing you said?"
"Uh, every thing that comes out of my mouth when I open it?" You joked.
"Shut up." She chuckled. "Like through text?"
"Hmmm. I don't really text a lot..." You thought about it for a moment. “Oh! One time, I ordered pizza from our local pizza parlor then they texted back saying 'add pls' like A-D-D P-L-S. Then stupid me thought they were telling me to say please." You paused to laugh.
"So I said, can I PLEASE have a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese?"
Zendaya barked a laughter. Running out of breath and even almost falling off her seat from laughing too hard. 
"I'm not even going to ask you back because I never heard anything dumb that come out of your mouth ever since we met."
She was literally laughing like HAHAHA, making you laugh with her. Once she recovered enough to speak, she asked. "Good, it's your Q&A anyway."
As Z was about to ask another question, Tom and Jacob who probably just got back called the both of you from inside the kitchen for lunch. "We'll be right there!" You yelled back.
"Okay, guys before we leave. Y/N will answer another question." Z motioned the comment section for you to choose.
“No, please. Pick one for me.”
“Ooh, Jenny_13 is asking can you dance for us?”
"What the f--" You laughed, stopping yourself from cursing. "There's no way in hell I'll embarrass myself like that."
"Come on! Do it! Do it!" She chanted, egging you on while she clapped her hands.
"Ugh. I can't handle the pressure." You dramatically remarked, putting a hand on your chest. "Fine, I'll do it as long as you do it with me."
"Alright." She stood up, you followed. Zendaya stood in front of you on the left side of the camera while you were at the back.
She showed you the dance step-by-step and as you were about the dance, Tom came surging towards your way. He hugged you, the impact made the two of you fall on the grass.
"I brought cake pops!" He yelled out. The two of you were now out of the camera shot but the live video still caught Tom hugging you, making the comment section go crazy that in already was.
Your eyes widen at an oblivious Tom who had a huge smile on his face, beaming at you. Your brows raised.
"We're on Instagram live!" You shouted in a whisper.
"What?" He whispered back in surprise.
Zendaya saw what happened through her phone screen, her face plastering a shocked expression but a big smile still on her face. Her mouth formed an 'o', a fist coming close to her mouth as an "Oof!" fell from her lips.
"Well, I guess we'll see Y/N dance next time. Bye!" She said quickly then pressed the live off. Zendaya turned to the both of you, where you were still lying on the ground.
"Brace yourselves from the internet’s reaction!" You and Tom looked at each other. Zendaya rubbed her hands together and made her way back to the house, cackling. “Ooh, this is going to be fun. Jacob!”
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bookish-mind · a year ago
I read the dream thieves, buckle up this one is a train wreck:
Is it that he’s, y’know.. is he gonna have an oh moment..?
Also, he’s a FARM BOYYY WHAT
“Ronan Lynch, keeper of secrets, fighter of men, devil of a boy” my god this Ronan content is >>
Blue saying Adam is kinda an outsider now.. wow that shit hurts
“In that moment Blue was a little in love with all of them” ME TOO BLUE ME TOO
Wait wait wait isn’t ronan the greywaren ?? Whatever that means ?? Anyway, the gray man can fuck off
Gansey: am I in your dreams ?
Ronan: *loses his mind for a minute*
Me: hmm that’s not a very heterosexual response my friend
Tf since when is the Camaro ‘red-orange’ ? it was just ‘orange’ before (yes this is important)
What is this with kavinsky and ronan 👀
Why can’t blue just tell Adam that she can’t kiss anyone oml
“Fix me” *sigh* my boy Adam is rlly goin thru it
“If Adam was stupid about his pride, Gansey was stupid about Adam” thoughts.. only adansey..
Noah knows Ronan’s secret and I think I do too
Ronan threw Noah out the window I- 😂💀💀
“I’m losing him to Cabeswater” WELL U BETTER GET YOUR BOY BACK GANSEY
Cabeswater isn’t a place it’s a state of mind
Broooo waaaiittt did kavinsky dream Ronan’s bracelets ?
Matthew lynch has been in one (1) scene and I’d already die for him
Adam is not a train wreck ! (well maybe a little, but you don’t need to tell him that)
For the love of- Maura pls stop flirting with the gray man
Adam chapters have no mercy I just be sitting here like 😩
That dream about Adam- And then the nightmare creature following Ronan out of the dream- And gansey realizing that ronan never tried to kill himself- And the two of them killing the nightmare- We don’t have time to unpack all that
Noah and Ronan are a certified brotp,, I love their shenanigans
LOL blue seeing gansey in jeans and a tshirt for the first time has the same energy as Simon snow seeing baz pitch in jeans for the first time
“Poverty Twins” I-
My name is ronan lynch I like fast cars, adrenaline, the taste of gasoline, talking with my fists, and holding little baby field mice up to my cheek to feel their little baby heartbeats
Real friends are the ones who will bury a body with u 🥰
Noooo ! Don’t u dare touch the miniature Henrietta ! Anything but that !
You’d think gansey would’ve bought some sort of security system or something smh
There’s like 50 types of tension in this boat rn
Gansey is absolutely smitten with blue
Oh god Noah reenacts his death.. is that really necessary
Omfg they’re at the fairgrounds,, Gansey boyyy who are you ??
Ronan chapters are actually so poetic I love it
Gansey and Adam are gonna be in DC for like two days and everyone is acting like it’s the end of the world.. the separation anxiety is real
Ronan’s dream.. about Adam and kavinsky.. I-
This blue and Noah bonding time was so heartwarming and then it turned depressing real fast I was so not prepared to be sobbing over a Noah/Blue kiss
Holy shit Ronan almost died and the camaro is fucked,, he’s gonna dream a new one isn’t he?
Oh dear, must my boys fight?? My adansey heart aches
A d a m i s m i s s i n g
Gansey said “dream me the world” and then Ronan rlly learned how to dream the world
The gray man be like “yeah I kill ppl but I draw the line at kidnapping” tf??
“I am unknowable” absolutely broke me
WAIT Adam just pulled The Magician card and I realized that the tarot symbols correspond to each of them: coin = gansey, cup = blue, sword = Ronan, wand = Adam !! tell me I’m wrong
Ronan tells kavinsky “it was never gonna be you and me” Blue tells Adam “it’s not gonna be you” Adam tells himself “it was just going to be him and cabeswater” idk man these parallels just made me feel somethn
“Who has he ever had to love him? Ever?” You gansey, Adam has you and blue and Ronan and Noah. maybe instead of going on a forbidden romantic night drive with blue you could go make sure your best friend knows that he is loved
holy shit did- did kavinsky rlly kill proko and then dream another one into existence ??
“You didn’t say you don’t swing that way” “No, I didn’t” ronaaan finalllly I’m so prouuud
That’s it Persephone and Adam are my favorite power duo
Nevermind the greywaren and the magician are my favorite power duo
“Dying’s a boring side effect” damn kavinsky’s death hit me harder than I would’ve expected
The way the epilogue mirrors the prologue has me feeling so many things,, full circle
Ronan being unafraid, no longer hating himself, knowing who he is, knowing what he is, no longer feeling alone, taking control of his nightmares by coming to terms with the parts of himself he couldn’t face, laughing and smiling and dreaming the world and waking his mother and hugging his brother and going home. I cannot express how much this beautiful Ronan arc means to me, let me go cryyy
“Ronan’s second secret was Adam Parrish” I SCREAMED
Give me pynch I’m so ready
(this post got very long and there’s still so much more I could’ve said, thanks for reading my ramblings if you made it this far! Lemme know if you want one for book 3)
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time-to-cause-chaos · 5 months ago
catch me to infinity
5 times Wanda catches Peter, and 1 time she doesn't know if she can. (Reblogs appreciated <3) (st*rk*r shippers, pls DNI) (also this is PLATONIC, not slash so yeah, pls don’t read this as slash)
AO3 link    WC: 5,738
1. Accidentally, off a couch
“Wanda”  Peter says, laying across his chair, feet dangling idly in the air.  
“Wandaaa”, Peter whines again.  His half-finished hot cocoa sits abandoned on the coffee table while Wanda sips hers quietly.
Wanda pauses the tv, raising an eyebrow and looking over to Peter with an unimpressed look.  
The guy on the screen is leaning against a wall, mouth half-open, caught in the middle of a joke.
“We’ve watched this episode like a million times.  I can probably tell you every single line and scene by heart at this point.”
Wanda sighs, “Which one should we watch then?”
A quick glance at the window says they’re still stuck inside, if the storming winds and downpour mean anything.  They didn’t have a problem with some light rain, in fact, if Tony and Steve hadn’t expressly told them they couldn’t go outside, they would already be soaked and muddy.  The last day they’d gone outside in the cold though, the next day was full of fevers and snotty napkins so it was decided they’d actually listen this time.  That rainy day had still been awesome though and there were absolutely no regrets, even when Peter was delirious and giggling everywhere in a haze.
The sitcom playing in front of them was one of Wanda’s favorites - probably why Peter had put up with watching it for the millionth time - but at this point, she was barely making it through the episode without wanting to rip her hair out.
She was bored.
Peter came around her and sat on the back of the couch, his feet planted on the cushions.  Flipping through the shows was a waste, they’d also gone through nearly every episode they could and starting a new show right now sounded exhausting.
Wanda slumped and Peter got up, standing on the sofa, “There are so many things we could do, we’re in the Avengers Compound, there can’t be nothing to do.”
“We could go swimming?” Peter asks.
Wanda groans, “Then you’ll be the one explaining why we got sick again”
“Wanda, it’s indoors”
“N-o” she spells out, “No swimming”
“Well what about-”, Wanda doesn’t figure out what Peter was going to say because his balancing act comes toppling down, maybe balancing on his heels and pacing on the headrest of the couch hadn’t been one of his best ideas.
Peter yelps and his arms come over his head as he crashes to the floor.
...Except the crash never comes.
Instead when Peter opens his eyes, his nose is one inch from touching the floorboards and his limbs are covered in bright red ripples of light.
“Whoa”, he breathes, uncurling himself and spreading his arms out, as if he was floating.
Wanda scoffs and with a flick of her fingers, let’s go of her hold on the mist and helps him close the gap between himself and the floor, dropping him harmlessly on the floor.
He picks himself up and looks at her, mouth agape, “Wands, you have powers!” he shouts in glee.
She rolls her eyes and snorts, “Really, Peter?  That is news to me.”
“No, no I mean imagine all the fun things we could do with this”, Peter’s hands flail wildly to emphasize his point, “we could prank the others, for one”
She smirks up at him, “That’s actually not a bad idea”
“When have I ever had a bad idea”
Wanda’s eyebrows pinch together in exasperation, “The swimming idea?”
“Okay, fine moment of weakness but anyways,” he grins, “We need supplies, I’m going to get supplies” 
He snaps his fingers and is out the door before he can hear Wanda yell, “If Tony grounds you, it’s not my fault!”
2.  Mysteriously, for the suspense and drama
Peter laughed into the comms as he kicked one of the bad guys down, “Was that a dad joke, Mr.Stark?”
“It was a pun, there’s a difference Spidey” Tony grunts, blasting up into the air and firing another guy down a stairwell.
Clint pops on the comm link, crackling into their ears, “I’m pretty sure that was a dad joke Tony”
Peter shoots a web onto the ceiling and swings around, webbing up the last few people in the room, “Mr.Stark, just make sure to give us a warning before you go full dad-mode and start playing golf and bringing us our lunches”
“I actually think I did bring your lunch to your school that one time”, Peter doesn’t have to see Mr.Stark’s face to know he’s smirking.
“Nope, nuh-uh, no I definitely don’t remember that”
“Oh yes you do,” Tony laughs, “Your face was red the entire time”
Peter grimaces,”No idea what you’re talking about”.  Oh he definitely did, it had been embarrassing, god and Ned’s jaw was practically on the floor while MJ watched unimpressed as the entire class’s eyes bulged.
“I think I saw some dudes slip up to the roof, I’m going to go grab them” Peter says, changing the subject and looking for Tony for confirmation.
“Go ahead, Underoos.  I’ll be right behind, just going to make sure law enforcement have a hold of these guys, first.”
Peter nods and slips out of the room, already running up the fire escape.  
He bursts out onto the roof and immediately has a gun trained on him.
“Make one move, Spiderman, I dare you”
“Well, I do love a good dare”
Peter ducks behind a potted plant just as the guy fires a bullet.  Spinning out from his hiding place he yells, “I’m going to call you Boots!”
The man was wearing heavy black combat boots with large wedges, a short person’s true love, Peter thinks.
He had thick wedges too on most of his sneakers, but he assured himself Tony he only wore them because they were fun to wear.
Speaking of, he was pretty sure Mr.Stark made his shoes with wedges in them too-
Peter yelps and ducks as the gun fires again, missing him by a foot this time.
Anyways, he was average height, thank you very much.  Anyone who said otherwise could eat his webs and dirt.
Peter notices a slight hesitation in his opponent’s movement and immediately shoots a web out, yanking his gun arm down.  
He flips behind him and punches him down right before the man flips back up, nailing Peter on his nose and forcing him back.
Peter yelps and realizes their fight is nearing the edge of the roof, which had a good 8-story drop behind it.
He tries to push his punches in another direction, trying to redirect them both before one of them goes over but the man stays strong pushing them closer and closer to the edge.
Wanda’s voice comes in through the comms, “Peter, where are you?”
“Roof” Peter barely gets out through his grunts.
“I’m under you” she says.
Ironman comes out through the roof access door and watches as Peter stumbles, barely inches from tipping over the side.
He raises a metal hand, ready to shoot but Peter stops him, “Just trust me”
He would’ve let Tony handle it, but the blast could knock him off too, not just the other guy, and if he was going to plummet off a building today, he wanted to do it on his own terms.
Balancing on the small wall, the only thing keeping him from falling off, Peter jumps sideways just as the man raises a leg to kick him down.  
Peter smirks, using two fingers to salute, “Sayonara, sucker” he laughs as he pushes off and starts free-falling backwards, wind and gravity pushing on him.
That was so cool, he thinks.  It was a perfect reenactment of those scenes in movies where a character will dramatically fall off a roof narrowly escaping their nemesis and then gets caught by like, a dragon or a flying pirate ship.
It’s called a fashionable exit, to all the uncultured misfortunes who think it’s stupid.
Mr.Stark was probably pretty confused about what just happened though.
He plunges through the air for a full three seconds before he’s caught by Wanda’s magic, floating mid-air.
He catches a glimpse of her pursed lips and smiles, “You’re so dramatic” she tells him, concealing her amused eyes.
Wanda takes them both up to the roof where Mr.Stark already has the man Peter was fighting, tied down.
Tony groans in exasperation when he sees them both, already having figured out their little magic act.
They just laugh.
3. To annoy, off the counter
It’s a Friday and the essay sitting on the table next to Wanda has already been long abandoned.  He was not going to waste another minute trying to figure out what personal connection he could make the short story they’d been assigned to read during class.
He related to it because he’d been in a similar situation maybe?  
But anyways, he wasn’t going to waste time trying to find a way to spread that over 8 detailed sentences and supporting textual evidence.
He’s sitting on the counter and watching Wanda and Vision read books next to each other on the chairs.  Wanda’s legs are resting on Vision’s lap and as fun as it was watching them both, he was still exhausted and not in the mood to face the dangers of his other homework for tonight.  
Didn’t Mr.Stark say not to risk his life unnecessarily?  This should definitely count because just looking as the textbook took away two hours of his energy, at this rate he’d be on his death-bed by nightfall.
Munching on a protein bar, he looks up at the ceiling.  
The only one in the building right now, besides Vision and Wanda, was Steve - well technically Mr.Stark too, but he was in a board meeting that Pepper begged him not to bail on so he was off-limits.  
He glares at Wanda, trying to get her to notice him bored out of his mind, but she stubbornly stays focused on the page.
She’s actually reading Harry Potter, the result of Peter’s pestering, and she loved it.  The plan to get Wanda to do something with him was interfering with the joy he would usually feel though.
Like yay, my pseudo big sister is finally catching up on all the books and movies she’s missed while working with evil people but also please please please notice me before i throw my stupid homework into the sink disposal-
His alarming train of thought still didn’t catch her attention so he slumps before getting up and deciding to walk all over the counters and ceiling.  You know if that mark on the wall from when someone - ahem Clint ahem - had thrown a pen on the ceiling, acted like a mark he could pretend he was doing an obstacle course.
Yes, he could see it now, he’d do a cartwheel over the pen mark on the ceiling, then run on the wall, then he’d jump over the couch, and jump back onto the counter, the living room was plenty big enough.
Wow, this is a sorry excuse for fun.
He did the course three times and was skittering across the ceiling when Steve walked in and immediately shook his head at him.
Peter freezes in surprise and looks guiltily at Steve.
“I’m guessing the homework didn’t get done”, Steve says.
Peter sits criss-cross on the ceiling, if he gets down, he’s probably going to be guilt-tripped into doing his homework and no thank you.
Steve sighs and looks at him, “At least get down, you’re going to fall and get hurt.”
“No I won’t.  I’m part-spider, this is like my natural territory”, Peter says.
“You have the traits of a spider”
Why did he always have to pull out the school detention PSA voice?
“But look!  I can do a cartwheel on here, I’ve been doing them and I’m fine”
He’ll get down, as soon as he does just one, little cartwheel to annoy Steve.
Of course, that’s when his body decides to betray him and he slips, losing his grip on the ceiling.
He wasn’t worried about falling and smashing his nose at all, he knew Wanda would catch him every single time, in fact he’s already crossing his arms over his chest and scowling as he hovers on his back 3 feet above the ground.
Steve walks by him, still suspended in the air, and ruffles his hair, “Homework now”, then probably feeling bad for Peter, he adds, “Tony said you can use the lab later if you finish early”
Peter groans, “Fine”
Wanda puts him on the couch and he walks over to her and drops in the chair next to her on the table.  She hasn’t looked up once this entire time, not even when she’d caught him in the air, only unlatching her fingers from Vision’s and stopping his fall with her powers.  
Now she looks up and smiles at him, poking his forehead and pushing his computer towards him.
He groans again.
4.  To spite and win, off the balcony
Peter licks his lips, running through the plan again.
There’s someone coming down this hall, he can hear their soft footsteps padding on the floor.  Peter’s going to jump out and get the offending person out of the game, it’ll be easy as long as he times it right.
He jumps out from where he’s hiding behind the door frame and pulls up the gun aiming it at the unsuspecting form.
His paintball gun chooses right then to stall and dang it, that means that he has no defense or attack.
He looks up to find Clint grinning at him coyly, gun already trained on him and finger poised on the trigger.
He yelps and jumps out of the way just in time, the purple paintball splattering against the counter.
Peter runs back through the hallway, getting away from Clint and his treacherous smile (it was the smile of a deranged man who would do anything it takes to win paintball) and finds a cleaning closet to hide in while he fixes his gun.
Did the plastic pieces just have to jam right then? Talk about shitty luck.
He picks at the inside of the barrel with a toothpick and grins as a faint click ensures that the machine is functioning again.  The paintball that had gotten stuck shoots out and Peter ducks out of the way as pink splatters against the dark wall.
He knows Clint’s prowling the halls for him right now and he prays the man didn’t just hear the shotgun go off.
Slowly creaking the door open and making sure there’s no one there, he tip-toes out and runs to the balcony, it’s the perfect place to hide out and wait for his next victim.  The second anyone enters the living room, he has the perfect view on them and nobody looks at the balcony until it’s too late, which means more wins for him.
He underestimated Clint though.
The older man jumps out (umm where did he come from??) and kicks Peter’s gun away from him with a triumphant laugh.  Peter backs up against the cool metal railing and looks at him imploringly, “Can we talk this out?” he offers weakly.
He really regretted voting for the no superpowers rule now.
“Any last words, Parker”
Peter turns his head around, looking for a way out.  It was too high to jump from without his webs and it won’t be possible to run around Clint without getting hit by a paintball.  
Right before he decides to accept his inevitable defeat he sees a flash of bright red hair hiding in the branches of one of the thick, green trees below them.
“You know what, you got me Clint” he smirks, letting Clint bask in his moment of victory for a second, “Just kidding” and he flips himself back off over the railing.
He really wishes he could’ve seen Clint’s face at that moment, sadly success came with a price.
Right on schedule, the sharp red crackles of electricity catch him a couple of feet from the ground and he plants his feet on the ground, turning around to face Wanda.
“Thanks Wands”
“Oh I didn’t do it for you”
It takes him a second too long to figure out what she means but by the time he does it’s already too late, a dark red paintball slams into his protective vest.
“You’re a traitor, Wanda” Peter sulked, wow and here he thought he could actually win - or at least come second to Nat.
“All is fair in love and paintball”
5. Unwillingly, off a stage
Wanda had decided to pick Peter up from his Decathlon practice, it was always Happy who did it but he was sick and plus, they could grab some ice cream and talk before they had to head back.
She tapped her fingers idly on the steering wheel, rapping out a misplaced tune and glances again at the school gates.  
She fixes the rearview mirror and frowns, Peter should have come skipping out 15 minutes ago.
Wanda steps out of the car and smooths her wrinkled hoodie, running her fingers through hair once in the window before walking towards the school.
Her sneakers squeak, echoing loudly through the empty hallways and she has to wrinkle her nose at the spitballs stuck to the walls and lockers.  Someone’s book report flits around in the air and suddenly, she’s incredibly grateful she never had to go to a real high school.
There’s a piece of paper with a handwritten “Academic Decathlon” scribbled on it taped loosely on heavy, wooden doors and she pushes them open, shivering at the rush of cold air that bursts out.
Peering in, Wanda sees Peter on the stage but he’s not alone.  There’s another high-schooler gripping hard at his shoulders and sneering at him, speaking words Wanda’s not close enough to hear.  It doesn’t take any amount of genius to know the two boys weren’t friends/
She doesn’t even have time to intervene because Peter’s pushed off the stage, it’s barely a 2 foot fall but Wanda doesn’t care, she’s angry.
Peter looks at her in surprise with dark red cheeks once she puts him, gently, on the floor.  He practically curls in on himself and she honestly wouldn’t be surprised if her skin was a similar shade as his, just not for the same reason.
She stomps up to the other boy who’s looking at her in alarm and pokes a harsh finger at his chest, “You. bastard.” she accentuates each word by pushing her finger even harder against his t-shirt, “What’s wrong with you?!”
She may not have gone to high school but she definitely knows what a bully is.  She’s had plenty of her own in the past, even if she hadn’t realized it at first.
It wasn’t fair Peter had to go through the same thing, school wasn’t supposed to be like this.  It was where you were supposed to goof off with your friends and learn, not get pushed around by kids because they think they’re better than you.
A hand tugs at her wrist and she’s so wound up nearly forgets to soften her face when Peter tugs again, silently asking her to just drop it.
She looks back at the bully who’s gone pale and pushes him, sending him stumbling back a few feet.
“Don’t touch my little brother again, asshole” she snarls before whipping around and dragging Peter out the doors by his backpack.
By the time they get to the car, Peter still hasn’t said a word and instead opts to look out the window, not even sparing Wanda a small glance.
Her face is still aflame and her hands are still clenched around the wheel as she pulls to the side of the road and parks, looking over at Peter.  His eyes are tinged red.
“I’m sorry” he whispers, the second they’re parked.
“Don’t say sorry, it wasn’t your fault, but why didn’t you fight back?  Just one shove”.  It doesn’t make sense, Peter is strong enough to take on super-soldiers, he practically is one himself with all his advancements, so why doesn’t he just push back?  He doesn’t have to get hurt like this, he doesn’t deserve to.
“I’m just Peter Parker.  I’m not Spiderman at school so it wouldn’t make sense, I can’t just do that”, his fingers dig into his thighs and he kicks lightly at his backpack.
“Then you could’ve said something to us,” she’s looking up at him, eyes almost crazed.  It’s not okay, it’s not even close alright, it’s awful that this happens to him.
And she knows it’s not just a one-time thing.
Not when bullying at Midtown has been discussed far too many times for comfort, not when he’s come back with bruises and marks even when he hasn’t patrolled in days, and definitely not when Peter just tried to subtly wipe a tear from his cheek.
She feels tired all of a sudden, as her raging wave of anger reaches a crescendo and plummets to the ground, scattering, dropping her intentions to take care of anyone who even comes close to hurting Peter with some well-placed punches and kicks.
Wanda sighs and squeezes her eyes shut, blindly, she grabs Peter’s hand and asks, “Was that the Flash guy?”
“No, Flash never gets physical, he’s not too bad.  This is someone else”
“So you’ve been getting bullied by multiple people?”, it’s not a question, she already knows.  “Peter, you’re Spiderman, you know this isn’t right so please, please the next time this happens just” she exhales, “Just please, promise you’ll tell someone, anyone and they’ll take care of it”
“Promise” Peter breathes from next to her.
“Okay” she pulls back into the traffic, “I’m getting cookie dough ice cream, which one do you want?”
+1.  This one was definitely not supposed to happen, shit, shitshit
It’s getting really hard to breathe.
Which should probably not be happening, but in Peter’s defense, he hadn’t even wanted to skip class.  MJ had told him to, quote, “Get out of here before your dumbass throws up on someone’s shoes” and for once he’d actually listened, deciding going home and sleeping his fever off was better than being stuck in a stuffy old classroom, doing schoolwork.  
The heater of the apartment sounded like heaven and sunshine right about then.
He was just going to take the subway when one of the tv’s turned on, flashing a news report about the Avengers fighting the group of people near the tower.
According to the news channel, they had a whole lot of advanced technology, from ray guns to shapeless contraptions you couldn’t tell heads or tails of.
And there were a lot of them.
So of course, Peter had immediately donned his warm hoodie and jeans and switched into his suit, already swinging towards to get there, it made his stomach queasy and his head spin, but it was fine, he was already almost there.
“Peter, you’re not doing this right now, stop it and go home”, Tony’s voice is playing through Karen the second he’s in range.
“Technically, I’m supposed to be in school right now, Mr.Stark”, Peter swings onto a roof and crashes against someone, knocking them down before looking at the metal cube object they had abandoned.
It was glowing a light purple, which should probably not be happening.
He walked cautiously around it and his eyes widened as the glow got brighter and spread more, covering the entire cube now.
Peter manages to scramble back before it explodes, leaving a black scorch mark on the floor and the smell of smoke in the air.
Oops, he’d forgotten Mr.Stark was there.
“Yeah I’m fine, just where did these people get all this stuff?”
“No idea, but Pete, I swear to god get out of here, or else I’m calling your aunt”, there’s a strangled grunt and the comms go silent.
“Mr.Stark??”, there’s no answer, “Karen, take me to Mr.Stark”
He swings two buildings away and lands on the 9th floor balcony, entering and running towards the signal.  When he enters the room, Tony’s being held up against the wall by someone who’s wearing heavy metal body armor, it could pass for an Iron Man cosplay if you squint really hard.
He jumps over, kicking them down and ducking a punch.  Grabbing the wrist of the armor, Peter twists their arm and slams them on their back before immediately looking back at Tony and helping him up.
“You okay?”, Peter questions.
“Yup, something she used fried the comm link though, I can’t get to to anyone else”
Peter nods and they both run through the halls, racing to get to the top of the building. 
“What do they want?”
“I don’t know, but right now I think they’re just trying to blow stuff up”
Bursting onto the roof, there’s only one person there with some weird silver spear, which honestly looks pretty harmless compared to everything else.
The man there, sees them and immediately backs off, dropping everything and stumbling away with a forced smile.
Tony still closes in on him and Peter webs his wrists and legs to the floor, just in case.
They’re both looking down onto the other rooftops for trouble when the headache Peter has been ignoring grows, and he stumbles back feeling his fever spike.
Tony approaches him and kneels down next to him where he’s sprawled on the floor waiting for the dizzy spell to pass.
“Kid, you have a fever”, Tony says after asking Karen for his vitals.
Peter swallows and fights the urge to keel over and vomit, “I’m fine”
“If I had a penny for every time I heard that” he jokes, voice unbearably soft, “Listen, you stay here and I’ll come and get you when this is over, ‘kay?”
Peter’s about to nod when someone flies onto the roof, they’re wearing goggles and using mechanical wings to help them fly.
Peter’s too dizzy to do anything so he watches as Tony raises a gauntlet and fires it up with a low whine that resonates in Peter’s keyed-up ears.
“Back off”, Tony says as a warning.
The girl smiles and takes off the goggles, slipping them up on her head with a puckish smirk, folding her wings in.
“Pleasure to meet you Iron Man, as well as you Spider”, she has a lilting accent that Peter can’t place.
The gauntlet doesn’t falter, even as Tony shifts so Peter is stuck in his shadow, “What do you want?”
“I want one of your inventions.  I may not be in charge of all these idiots, but my best friend is our leader and if you get me what I want, this can all be called off.”
“Best I can do are scraps from the intern labs, sorry.” he says, before firing a repulsor as she ducks out of the way.
“I wasn’t going to this the hard way but I suppose I’ll have to”, her curly, brown hair whips in her face as she puts it up into a ponytail, still dodging Tony’s blasts.
Peter’s spidey sense flares just as her wings do and she’s coming at him at full speed, lifting him up and flying up, past the buildings.  Oh he really has to hurl now.
Tony swears and tries to blast up, only to realize the girl had stuck a small square chip on him and his suit’s shutting down, his breathing clips and he looks up to where Peter’s being flown up.
He gets out of the suit and runs to the edge of the roof, “Wilson!” he calls, signaling Sam over from where he’s hauling debris out of the street for a car to get through.
Sam flies up to him and without a word, grabs him and flies him over to where Clint, Natasha, and Wanda are a few buildings away.  The whole 30 seconds he hasn’t taken his eyes off the Peter-shaped speck in the sky that’s getting harder and harder to see.
He stumbles over to Clint who’s looking at Wanda in concern, arms braced behind her to catch her if she falls. 
Tony briefly wonders what’s going on, before looking up at the collapsing building in front of them, the scarlet circling her wrists, and the sheen of sweat covering her forehead.
Clint looks over to him, swallowing, “Steve’s in there trying to get the rest of the people out, we can’t get in though, it’s too unstable.  The second Wanda lets go, the entire place is coming crashing down”
Tony can’t hide his panic anymore and he points up the sky, “Clint, it’s Peter”
Clint follows his finger and he jerks, seeing the red and blue suit in the distance, “Oh god”
The comms finally crackle back online and Tony swears his heart skips a beat when he realizes the bird lady just dropped Peter, oh my god.
They’re well over 4,000 feet up and his heart is in his throat as Peter’s screaming floods through the comms.  
Wanda hears it too and her hold on the building falters as she falls to her knees, eyes squeezed shut.  Clint moves to hold her but hovers around her instead, glancing back up at Peter when Wanda has a semi-stable grip again.
Natasha kneels on the ground next to Wanda, “You’re going to have to catch him”
Wanda’s voice teeters on a cry, “I’m trying”
Tony holds back his own cry and desperately tries to speak into the comms, if Peter realizes Tony’s trying to get through to him he doesn’t acknowledge it.
The comms are filled with wheezing and rushing wind and Tony’s gripping his arm so tight because that’s his kid dammit, and he can’t do anything.
Wanda’s attempts at catching him are proving futile, she can’t handle anything else without dropping the building which she can’t do, not when Steve and a whole lot of people are depending on her not to let it go.
“Sam, can’t you take your wings up and get him?”.  He doesn't care how panicked his voice sounds right now.
“One of the guys stuck a chip on it, the thing’s dead-weight now” Sam says, voice filled with sorrow.
Tony gulps in a breath and falls on his knees next to Wanda, “You have to catch him, Wanda” there’s a grim undertone in his voice hiding the waver and pure terror flooding through his veins.
Wanda grunts, tears are shining in her eyes, if it’s because of the strain or Peter, he has no idea.
“GUYS! Guys, guys, I’m falling!” Peter screams into their earpieces, voice cutting out, hot tears squeeze at his eyes.
Wanda looks up with a new sense of determination and her eyes flash, Tony suddenly knows that anyone going toe-to-toe with her would probably run first chance instead of fight.
“You can do it Wanda, come on” Tony pleads.
Peter’s form is getting bigger every second, little by little.
At around 500 feet, a faint glimmer of red runs over his body but it’s not enough, it slows Peter’s fall the tiniest bit before he’s hurtling through the air again.
‘Tony, Tony, Tony” Peter says his name like a prayer in the comms and Tony clenches his fist again, switching between looking at Wanda and Peter so fast, he wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with whiplash.
The strain on Wanda’s forehead grows and her eyes squeeze shut as she tears at her limits.  
Tony stands beside where she’s kneeled on the ground, trying to see if he’d be able to catch Peter if this didn’t work.  He really hoped it didn’t come to that though, he didn’t have his suit and with the speed Peter was falling at, he didn’t know what would happen.
Eyes focused on Peter, Tony realizes a thin, flickering layer of red is very slowly growing over his body.  Relief bubbles in his throat and Wanda is able to slow Peter enough so that he and Sam can grab onto him, they all fall to the ground in a pile of limbs.
Tony grabs Peter under his shoulders and holds him upright as he gags and chokes on nothing, taking off his mask and brushing his curls off of his sweaty face.
Tony’s ears ring with the lingering screams of Wanda and Peter, his throat feels raw and he realizes that in his panic, he had been screaming too.  And it wasn’t just his ears that were buzzing, it seemed like everything was still ringing, the air vibrating with panic.
Peter was held close to Tony’s chest as he shook with heaving gasps and suppressed sobs, dried tear tracks streak the sides of his face and Tony tries to comb his fingers through the knots in Peter’s hair.
Looking around, Tony took everything in, everyone’s faces were pale and Wanda was barely holding herself up on her elbows, her heavy pants were forced through clenched teeth.
She’d let go of her hold on the building as Steve had come running out, waiting till he was out of the damage zone before sending it all crashing down.  All of that had happened just seconds after she had managed to gradually slow Peter down and get him to the ground in one piece.
A sigh of exhaustion huffs through Tony’s nose and the team sits in silence for a few minutes, trying to process all the chaos that had just happened.
Clint was helping Wanda, shakily, sit up and Peter crawled out of Tony’s arms to her before wrapping his trembling arms around her shoulders and whispering something to her.
Tony doesn’t know what was said but Peter was safe, everyone was safe.  They were all alright and his breaths started to come easier.  
Natasha sat next to him giving him a small, reassuring smile.  He leaned back and shut his eyes, making a mental note to add a parachute to Peter’s suit, among many other things.  Also to thank Wanda, because if she hadn’t been here...Tony didn’t want to think about it.
That was done now though.  Tony’s chest feels much lighter when Peter smiles at him over Wanda’s shoulder, the type of smile that conveys a million emotions, with nothing else.
He gives a shaky grin back.
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teresa-yukibito · 5 months ago
SCM Chatroom: Drama Kings
My only talent is making bad sex jokes.
Warning: NSFW humour (duh) and graphic depictions of horny men
Partheno has logged on
Partheno: BOYS
Tumblr media
Aigonorus has logged on
Aigonorus: thats a lot of sodium
Partheno: u know what aigo u don’t get to lecture me on my sodium intake when ur insulin levels are off the roof 
Partheno: i’m surprised ur not diabetic with all those marshmallows u consume
Scorpio has logged on
Aigonorus: actually partheno, in honour of u surviving day 1 of no nut november i have come to offer u some sweets
Tumblr media
Scorpio: Heh
Scorpio: I have a cake for you too
Tumblr media
Partheno: you know, theres another white and creamy substance i wanna eat~
Aigonorus: its been 10 minutes into the first day of november how r u already horny
Aigonorus: ha, scorpios-
Scorpio: ...shut up im not blushing
Partheno: might as well call me Y/N because i am in one (1) big harem 🥴🥴🥴
Scorpio: Of course you had to ruin a sweet moment
Partheno: what do u mean? i think it was romantic of me to kiss your dick yesterday
Aigonorus: partheno that means u lost
Partheno: no i didnt! it really was just a kiss!
Aigonorus: its never ‘just a kiss’ w/ u
Scorpio: No, he’s right. It’s just a kiss
Aigonorus: he just kissed ur dick & left?
Scorpio: I told him I tolerated him and he just took off my pants and kissed my dick
Partheno: it’s common courtesy to award a compliment with a blowjob, no? but since i’m not allowed to give him a blowjob, i kissed his lil wee wee
Aigonorus: “wee wee”
Scorpio: It is NOT little
Partheno: i mean....i’ve seen bigger👀👀👀👀
Scorpio: who? bitch who?
Krioff has logged on
Partheno: krioff~~~ have you come to visit me my love? ♡♡
Scorpio: He has a bigger dick than me?!
Partheno: i was just greeting krioff, but yes he does have a bigger dick than you
Partheno: that’s why he fucks me all the time 🤤🤤🤤
Krioff: yiuy only love m for my fick?
Partheno: no honey, of course not
Partheno: i love you for your adorable personality, big hunky arms, your precious smile, your protectiveness, your unconditional love for your family...
Aigonorus: just say ur in love
Partheno: i AM in love❤️❤️
Scorpio: Disgusting. Get it away.
Partheno: shut up scorpio i know u love us
Scorpio: I tolerate you
Partheno: ah, another kiss on the love stick it is then~
Scorpio: I take it back I hate you
Aigonorus: every day, parthenos synonyms for “penis” grow
Partheno: what can i say? i have a very extensive lexicon
Krioff: you dont even kniw wht “itinerary” meant
Scorpio: Bimbo alert
Partheno: ur banned from having ur dick in my mouth ever again
Scorpio: You’re already banned from that
Partheno: grrrrrrrrrrr
Tauxolouve has logged on
Huedhaut has logged on
Aigonorus: hey
Tauxolouve: This message is a warning to everybody planning to go to the common room: dont
Scorpio: Why not?
Tauxolouve: Teo is jerking it in there
Tauxolouve: Which officially makes him the first loser of NNN
Partheno: i can’t believe he backed out of our deal! what a traitor (;`O´)o
Huedhaut: You had a deal with him?
Partheno: he said that if either him or me feels the urge to lose, we’d tell each other so we would lose together
Partheno: we even pinky promised to it!
Partheno: *sniff* w-we used to share nipple clamps t-together 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。
Partheno: UGH! THATS IT. from this day on, teorus is not my best friend anymore <(,,Ծ‸Ծ,, )>
Scorpio: Tch, that outburst doesn’t even deserve my response
Krioff: there tnere
Aigonorus: L
Tauxolouve: What does “L” mean, Aigo?
Huedhaut: ...Remind me why I should care?
Partheno: hue i am in DISTRESS! how could you say that to me?!
Huedhaut: Partheno I adore you, I truly do, but there are some things that are better left unheard
Partheno: Glad to see how much you care about me Hue :).
Partheno: I feel so loved by you.
Huedhaut: Your proper grammar and capitalization would have been an outstanding achievement if there wasn’t a petty undertone hidden to it.
Huedhaut: I do, very much so, even.
Partheno: :(( tell me more pls
Teorus has logged on
Partheno: on second thot, put them on hold
Partheno: i have a bitch to end
Scorpio: Damn is it already 10?
Tauxolouve: Yup, it’s exactly 10:28AM, just in time for their daily quarrel
Scorpio: What’s that dumb cow and freak always fightin’ for? Always causing trouble for the rest of us
Aigonorus: just lock em in a room, theyll make up eventually
Aigonorus: that or they die
Teorus: i was going to say hi but you know what you dont deserve my greetings
Partheno: great, bc i didn’t want your greetings you backstabbing hoe
Krioff: iss this my cu 2 leave
Huedhaut: Hey Partheno, I heard that Teorus jizzed in your face cream
Partheno: he WHAT?!
Partheno: its okay, its fine, the zodiac was originally 11 anyways. 
Partheno: taurus doesn’t exist.
Partheno: i will hex your entire fucking bloodline teo.
Partheno: also u were adopted.
Partheno: mom told me that he found you on a cow farm and felt bad so he took you in.
Partheno: dad tried to get crows to eat you when you were a baby too.
Partheno: you know how i said that i liked your sweater last week? i was lying
Partheno: it was the ugliest thing i’ve ever laid my beautiful eyes upon
Partheno: my dad taught me some very exquisite torture methods and i’m excited to finally have a victim to try them out on so
Partheno: i hope you burn in hell, you tramp.
Aigonorus: y do u insist on watching the world burn hue
Huedhaut: It’s amusing.
Scorpio: I feel like I just witnessed a live reenactment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians 
Krioff: hw would you kniw what thar looks like
Huedhaut: I’m guessing that Scorpio has been watching reality TV as of late.
Scorpio: Shut your smart mouth
Teorus: lol patty is such a dramatic bitch im sure hes just in his room crying rite about now
Partheno: i can read what you write you fucking uncultured swine
Teorus: ... hahahahah you wouldnt happen to be banging on my door right?
Teorus: wouldnt do that would you patty?
Krioff: rip
Aigonorus: there’s nothing like witnessing a murder first thing in the morning
Huedhaut: Makes my coffee that much sweeter.
Scorpio: You two have no hearts
Krioff: though yu wer e the ine with th “black heart’ scorpu
Dui has logged on
Ichthys has logged on
Ichthys: i just saw patty wrestling teo and im not sure who to root for~
Dui: They’re trying to pull each other’s hair out 
Aigonorus: ur just watching?
Ichthys: with popcorn! u want sum?
Aigonorus: nah, theyre too loud
Aigonorus: esp parthy he fuckin screeches when he breaks a nail
Tauxolouve: Is this why the King likes to mess with us so much?
Huedhaut: To be fair, it is quality entertainment.
Scorpio: Maybe you’re inheriting more traits of that sick bastard than you thought, Mr. Smart Guy
Ichthys: that nicknames kinda lame
Scorpio: You don’t get to have an opinion you damn fish
Ichthys: that nicknames kinda lame too lol
Aigonorus: ichthys is winning an argument with scorpio? i always thought it’d b the other way around
Scorpio: It is the other way around, stupid goat
Ichthys: lolololololol thats also a lame nickname
Scorpio: Shut up!
Ichthys: awww i love you toooo scorpy( ˘ ³˘)♥
Scorpio: Get those nasty frickin hearts away
Dui: But Scorpio, why do you play the tough guy act when we all know you’re a big softie?
Ichthys: absolutely obliterated lmao
Krioff: ...since wne was scopri plaiing tiugh guy?
Aigonorus: lmao how bad do u have to be @ playing “tough guy” if we that all see you for the tsuntsun softie u r
Scorpio: I will frickin choke you out in your sleep
Aigonorus: choke me out when im awake u coward
Scorpio: You’re this close to entering comatose. Why do you even wake up anymore?
Aigonorus: dick
Ichthys: ....yea its a pretty good reason
Tauxolouve: Yeah okay, next time I need to wake you up I’ll just whip my dick out
Aigonorus: oh please do
Scorpio: So the real whore in this house wasn’t the sex crazed freak at all, it was you
Scorpio: Ha, you deprived lil shit
Huedhaut: I can’t take that seriously knowing that you popped a boner when I called you my “little bitch boy”
Huedhaut: And I was kidding that time
Dui: Is this a good time to tell you that Scorpio popped one after reading that?
Ichthys: awwww scorpys blushing
Aigonorus: lol what a little bitch boy
Scorpio: STOP IT
Leon has logged on
Scorpio: The last person I want to see
Leon: ?? Then leave, bitch
Aigonorus: b careful calling him bitch, leo. scorpio likes that
Partheno: scorpy does this mean you’ll finally stop bullying my kinks
Scorpio: Go back to beating the shit out of Teorus
Teorus: i lived, bitch
Ichthys: told you he would, dui
Dui: Teo’s more durable than I thought
Partheno: i always beat teo
Partheno: because teo will never survive the winter
Teorus: what a lie! you couldnt even survive a little bit of rain!
Teorus: “mY hAir! my hAiR iS goNna bE ruiNed!!11″
Scorpio: wimp
Partheno: SAYS YOU
Leon: Out of all of us, the “wimp” would be you, ugly scorpion
Scorpio: Out of all of us, you should shut the frick up, dumb lion
Karno has logged on
Zyglavis has logged on
Krioff: evryones jere
Ichthys: Altair and Vega erasure
Karno: Excuse me? Who’s not giving my children the love and attention they deserve???
Partheno: i’ve gotten no attention from you!
Leon: If I could scoff I could
Karno: You 11 accidents are not my children
Zyglavis: Would you look at that, rabid lion, you got demoted to “accident”
Leon: You’re a part of those “11 accidents”, you anal retentive kitchen scale
Aigonorus: that stupid nickname is prob y ur demoted lol
Tauxolouve: Why is it that we can never have a peaceful discussion in the four walls of our screens
Scorpio: Don’t pretend like you haven’t disrupted the “peace” here before you senile old prick
Huedhaut: Well, there’s not much “peace” if people like Partheno are here
Partheno: really?! you’re gonna play me like that, hue?
Huedhaut: You’re not exactly the calmest one here
Huedhaut: Or in general, really
Partheno: i bring the flair and party to the room! i don’t see you contributing anything but being mean and nasty! 
Huedhaut: ...Boohoo :)
Krioff: hiw did yiu do the smley fade?
Tauxolouve: What does that mean Dui?
Aigonorus: god u 2 r so old lmao
Teorus: lol i cant belive u made hue mad enough to use a smiley face lololol looooooser
Huedhaut: *Believe
Huedhaut: You’re still as illiterate as ever
Teorus: hey, i thought u were bullying patty, not me!
Huedhaut: I can multitask
Zyglavis: It’s always a verbal massacre every time I open this chat
Leon: Speaks a lot about the effect of your presence, doesn’t it?
Zyglavis: As always, your lack of maturity astounds me to no ends
Ichthys: lololol grandpa ziggles has balls lololol
Zyglavis: Not “Ziggles”
Krioff: whst balls sre u taking abiut?
Dui: It’s not important, Krioff
Ichthys: u guys seriously dont know the slang??
Scorpio: Sounds lame anyways
Teorus: no ur lame >:(
Karno: ..Do you need help with something? Like finding a therapist? Or a new hairstyle?
Partheno: find me a dick and i don’t care who it’s attached to 
Karno: Okay, so you want a dick attached to a person, not just the dick right?
Partheno: i already have dildos, mother
Dui: I am very uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the chat today
Zyglavis: You learn to tune it out in due time.
Tauxolouve: The chaos of this mansion is very hard to tune out in general I don’t see it changing just because it’s in text
Zyglavis: Unfortunately I don’t see our dynamic changing no matter where we are either.
Zyglavis: However, being at home shouldn’t erase all your dignity. Compose yourselves for once in your lives.
Zyglavis: How complicated is it to conduct yourselves in a proper and presentable manner?
Aigonorus: u wish
Leon: You wish indeed
Zyglavis: This is why an HR department should be instilled.
Karno: ...If we had HR, we would have lost Teorus and Ichthys a long time ago
Ichthys: ziggy said he likes me tho >:(
Teorus: why would i be lost
Aigonorus: u drink milk when ur thirsty thats already a crime 
Teorus: but im vegan, so technically ur just hating on vegans
Teorus: uGH your so dumb
Huedhaut: *You’re
Karno: Is that seriously coming from you, Teo?
Partheno: of course kri’s dumb! he got a big d
Partheno: there’s not enough blood in his body for a big pp and a big brain
Partheno: it’s just science
Krioff: r we ignring that tou caleld m e dumb?
Tauxolouve: Teorus do you even know what a vegan is
Teorus: yea its when you only eat animal products like eggs and milk and stuff
Huedhaut: There are approximately 1,010,300 words into English language, but I could never string enough together to properly express how much I want to hit you with a chair
Teorus: thats so rude hue :((( i thought we were soulmates
Zyglavis: Agreed, Karno. We would have lost Teorus a long time ago.
Zyglavis: And solely for that reason, I’m not sure if that makes me want an HR department more or less.
Aigonorus: It’s more, definitely more.
Partheno: i’m the queen thot and teo never seems to understand it, so i’m all in for kicking him out
Teorus: you wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid
Scorpio: This is the reason why Wishes sucks
Leon: You’re the reason Punishments stinks
Scorpio: You wanna frickin’ go? Meet me in the lobby in 20 minutes, I bet you won’t fight me you coward
Leon: You couldn’t even win an arm wrestle against me what makes you think you can win a fight against me?
Aigonorus: lol loser
Scorpio: I’m not taking that from someone who’s on the verge of death
Aigonorus: thought it was comatose
Scorpio: I change my mind I want you dead
Aigonorus: hey leo u mind if i watch the fight?
Leon: Not at all
Aigonorus: nice i’ll be cheering u on
Scorpio: Traitor
Aigonorus: yea yea laugh it up
Aigonorus: enjoy the last moments w/ ur rep b4 i spread the vid of leon beatin u up all over the heavens
Leon: Atta boy, Aigo
Aigonorus: say that again & i’ll be rooting for scorpio instead
Leon: Whatever
Leon: I’ll be down in 10, loudmouth scorpion
Leon: I’d tell you not to be late but knowing your already tardy presentation, you will be
Leon has logged off
Aigonorus has logged off
Scorpio: The NERVE of that stupid dumb idiot bastard lion!
Scorpio has logged off
Karno: Theoretically, if I left you all without supervision for a short impromptu vacation-
Zyglavis: Which would be irresponsible.
Karno: I know you want to join me
Zyglavis: .
Zyglavis: The departments can’t run without us.
Karno: God I know...but it’s so, so tempting
Huedhaut: A vacation away from the mansion is a luxury at this point
Karno: More like a really nice dream
Zyglavis: I will never be able to indulge in such luxury, ever.
Ichthys: hey turn that frown upside down~
Zyglavis: I am not frowning.
Ichthys: i knew you were about to
Partheno: wait u would leave us without supervision?!
Zyglavis: No. Never. I would never ever ever leave you without supervision.
Partheno: ziggy is so protective of us awww
Dui: I’m not exactly sure that was protectiveness, Parthy
Partheno: well, regardless of if ziggy is here or not i would still have loud sex <3
Tauxolouve: You hear that? It’s the sound of Zyg’s sobs
Zyglavis: I do not sob.
Teorus: thats not what you said last night
Zyglavis: As always, your jokes are outdated
Aigonorus: i did not just hear you of all people calling something “outdated”
Krioff: wh T DOwS TAT MEAN
Huedhaut: It’s called a keysmash, Krioff.
Aigonorus: man u r as old as lou
Tauxolouve: Hey now, I’m not ancient
Aigonorus: u dont even know the most classic vines
Tauxolouve: I don’t understand them
Zyglavis: The more you talk, the worse my migraine gets
Karno: You get used to it
Huedhaut: Do you need me to pass you the vodka?
Karno: ...yes please
Partheno: ur coping mechanism is kinda unhealthy
Aigonorus: ur a freak of nature partheno. trust me, mom needs the vodka 2 deal w/ u
Partheno: excuse me, darlings. i have to introduce aigo to the end of my new stilettos 
Partheno has logged off
Aigonorus: ffs i hate his heels so much
Aigonorus: whoever protects me from partheno gets a dick riding
Teorus: as if! u dont even do any work!
Aigonorus: ...whoever protects me from partheno gets one of my plushies
Ichthys: ME ME ME ME!!
Ichthys: ur plushies are sooooooo soft
Ichthys: move, the new aigo defense unit is coming through!
Dui: Ikky that is such a bad idea
Ichthys has logged off
Dui: Oh no
Aigonorus: lmao so easily bribed
Aigonorus has logged off
Dui: I sadly have to stop Partheno. The end of his stiletto is a sight I don’t wish for anyone to see
Dui has logged off
Teorus: hmph! im not staying here with you stinky bullies! ur all mean to me!
Teorus has logged off
Zyglavis: Ever so dramatic. Doesn’t it get boring?
Huedhaut: It has. It’s gotten boring a long time ago.
Tauxolouve: Which heel do you think Partheno took out? Is it the new diamond ones?
Krioff: he git spikey ones revently
Karno: Oh dear, I’ve seen them
Karno: Partheno’s going to aim for Aigo’s eyes first
Karno: I have to go stop him. We need Aigo alive
Karno has logged off
Krioff: do u realky need aigp aluve?
Krioff: je doesnt do muvh
Zyglavis: I agree. Every time I have seen Aigonorus, he’s been asleep. In all the time I have known him, I’ve never seen him with a single document.
Krioff: lol hpw do u take a pictore
Tauxolouve: Camera button
Krioff: tgis one?
Krioff has logged off
Zyglavis: Would you look at that, Huedhaut is laughing for once
Huedhaut: How can you not? It was hilarious.
Tauxolouve: Should we get an instruction manual for Krioff?
Huedhaut: Absolutely not. This is quality entertainment for me.
Zyglavis: It does put me in a good mood.
Tauxolouve: Maybe more of the King has actually rubbed off on us than we thought
Huedhaut: I’ll take that in stride if it means getting to witness more chaos
Zyglavis: You truly love to watch the world burn
Huedhaut: If you can’t beat the madness in this mansion, might as well join in
Zyglavis: Well said.
Tauxolouve: You wanna record the Aigo-Parthy fight?
Huedhaut: Already have my professional camera ready
Zyglavis: I suppose I’ll prepare the first aid
Tauxolouve: And I’ll dig out mom’s fake passports in case we ever need them.
Huedhaut: We’re such a good team.
Tauxolouve: Too bad we use it for evil.
Zyglavis: How fitting of us.
Huedhaut: Indeed. Meet you in the foyer, then.
Tauxolouve has logged off
Huedhaut has logged off
Zyglavis has logged off
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oikawas-bae · a year ago
How would Oikawa, Kuroo, Akaashi and Bokuto react to their s/o working a lot of night shifts and on their day off want to do nothing but cuddle and spend quality time with them. (😅 I work a lot of night shifts and find myself slowly caving to my own thoughts and emotions and just want someone who can cheer me up and give me lots of love). Thanks so much! I love you, your writing and your blog.
OMy im glad you love me and this mess of a blog I have 🥳💕💕also, I admire you for working such long hours, pls take care of yourself when you can tho!!
He always forgets that you have work at late hours and it breaks his heart when he comes from work wanting to tell you all about his day and he sees you slinging your bag over your shoulder to leave for a shift.
He’ll constantly text you random questions while you’re at work like “how are snails born?” “What if I just showed up at your work right now?” so he can have some connection to you while you’re gone.
Your days off are Oikawa taking you halfway across town to see a bird's nest he thought he saw during the week.
He’s the kind to try to recreate his week in a day but with you this time.
It’s an ongoing battle between you and him for the radio volume. He wants it low so he can talk to you the whole ride but you want to get lost in the loudness of the music. He’ll ultimately leave it up to you though, he knows you’re tired and he wants you to rest as much as he wants to share every moment with you, even if it is only a reimagined version.
You’ll sleep in the car and he’ll purposely take the long way so you can get more shut eye.
It pains him to see you shuffle out of bed at some ridiculous hour in the night. He’ll whine and moan with an outstretched hand to make you stay but you have to go.
“(y/n), why do you have to go? Let’s just stay in bed all day, pleeease?” The morning rasp in his voice makes this an increasingly enticing offer but you have to get that money.
Whether you have a free day or not, this man treats you like a queen. He learned how to massage feet just so he could massage yours when they ached, he knows exactly what snack to have prepped by the time you come back, he always welcomes you into the house like some games show host introducing his contestant.
He won’t force you to do anything. In fact, Kuroo wants you as relaxed as possible.
If you even mention, “Hey, how about we go to-“ “no.” “I heard a new shop opened up-” “no.” “we should go-“ “NO.”
He’s quick to shut you down because he knows you’re probably only suggesting to go someplace for his sake.
“We can just tune in on a livestream of kittens playing online, there’s no need to go outside. This is your day off so we’re not going to deal with the outside world today.”
Bokuto is a BABY!! He wants you home all day, everyday and he throws a mini-fit everytime you go. He’ll calm down once you kiss him on the cheek and promise to give him all the attention he wants when you come back.
And when you come back, he makes sure you make well on that promise, “Hey! Hey! Hey, (y/nnnnn)! It’s Bokuto time!”
You’d think it would be exhausting to come home from a busy day at work to a buzzing Bokuto but it’s actually refreshing.
His energy is contagious and you can’t help but laugh at all the dramatic reenactments he does of his daily shenanigans.
Like Kuroo, he wouldn’t want to go out but it’s less out of concern for your exhaustion (in his eyes you can take the long and grueling hours because you’re a trooper!) and more because he forgets about time when he’s with you. He forgets about everything; all he can think about is how he wishes he could spend every moment with you so he attaches himself to you.
If you need something from the kitchen, he’s right behind you. You need to go to the bathroom? You bet he’ll hold a conversation with you on the other side of the door.
Most of your day is spent with him in bed, Bokuto coiled around your body, his head resting on your stomach while you watch some trash show and he keeps yelling at the characters. “I hate him, can he just shut up and I don’t know- like- can he just disappear or dissolve or something?”
Bokuto practically drags himself to every corner of the bed trying to get comfortable since he can’t sit still but he’s always gotta be touching you somehow.
Akaashi doesn't like that you work so late and he's constantly insisting that you work somewhere with better hours but knowing that you won’t quit, he tries his best to give you a good time on your days off.
His first question will be, “So what are we doing today?” He’s up for anything because you work your butt off any other day and he feels that he owes you.
You’d go shopping and he loves it because he watches you go from 100 to 0 when you find the perfect blouse only to check the price and then pretend to not like it anymore.
Akaashi especially enjoys when you choose each other’s outfits. You have a game where you split up in a store and find the “perfect” outfit for the other to try on. Both of you are familiar with each other’s fashion sense so it ends well. Unless he’s being mean and chooses something absolutely ridiculous knowing it would get him a good laugh seeing you wear it.
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sparklingpax · 11 months ago
A Different Side (1/2)
Summary: Optimus comes back from an unsuccessful mission and seems to be out of sorts...but there’s more to that story. 
-This is a rather silly fic, so do not worry I promise there is nothing inappropriate or heavy in this one at all! It’s,,,a dumb idea I had in History the other day,,,I wrote most of it between/during class periods, and edited the rest when I was supposed to be doing homework at home! :’) 
-Please excuse any typos, grammar mistakes, ooc-ness, weird phrasings, punctuation errors, or really just anything that looks weird or isn’t right; I’m an amateur and I do this stuff for fun! So I’m naturally not the best at it....keep that in mind pls...
-Ok but this story is honestly kinda dumb goumen I’ll write better things soon
-Set in the TFP universe! 
-This only has two parts, so this be the first and the next update is the end of it.... 😹😹 ^^’’
Enjoy! :D 
“Eat my dust, Jack!”
“Not if I pass you first!!”
“No, you won’t!!!”
“Says who?!”
               Two cars raced around the base, one just barely passing the other.
               Miko and Jack had gone head-to-head, racing one last tournament before they had to go home—after the tie last round, they just had to know who, really, was the victor of the day. The two of them shouted competitively as they jammed the controls in one direction or another. Excited, Raf looked on. He, too, was curious of the outcome.
               At present, only Ratchet had remained at base.
               The others had gone out to investigate an abandoned energon mine somewhere in Maine. Optimus had visited the location once before but was not able to reach the source of the readings he’d gotten.
               Therefore, since there had been no Decepticon activity in the past week or so, he took his team to search the caverns.
               They were due to return in about 10 minutes, according to Ratchet. When they did, each guardian was then going to take their human companion home.
               It was a normal day at the Autobot base.
              “NO WAY—”
              “TAKE THAT!!!!”
              Jack threw his fist in the air triumphantly while Miko crumpled to the floor in defeat. Raf burst into laughter as she actually went and laid flat on her back.
             “The horror! I’ve let Jack win!!” She overdramatically wailed. Then, after a moment, sat up and giggled along with Raf and Jack. As the two went to retrieve their cars, Raf scampered up to Ratchet.
             “Hey, Ratchet. What are you doing?”
             The medic sighed, continuing to tinker with what looked like some kind of tool. “Fixing one of Bulkhead’s….accidents,” He muttered. With a sigh, he remembered the large mech smashing it while trying to reenact a fight he had, showing off to Miko. Naturally, the girl had been amazed, but it was short-lived as Ratchet, too, had witnessed that retelling.
              Raf fixed his glasses. “I’m sure it was just an accident, Ratchet.”
              With an eyeroll, Ratchet responded, “It was, but that doesn’t make it any less of an inconvenience, Rafael. It was quite immature of him, too.” He held it up to the light to observe a small detail of the frame.
              “Oh…I see.”
              “Thank the Allspark it’s not one of my more important tools,” he murmured, mostly to himself. Ratchet put it down for a moment to check on the progress of the rest of the team’s expedition.
              He pushed the comm button. “Optimus, come in. Have you found anything? Is everyone okay?”
             “Negative, Ratchet. There is nothing left in these caves,” he reported, a faint note of disappointment in his tone. “Though, everyone is fine. We require a bridge.”
              Ratchet tapped a few more buttons to lock onto their coordinates and pulled the lever, activating the groundbridge.  Miko and Jack broke off their conversation and joined Raf to stand by Ratchet, waiting for their guardians’ returns.
               Sure enough, after a moment, the team came through the portal with a swishing noise, Optimus the last one through. While the three kids gravitated to their partners, Optimus merely stood at the bridge. He remained for a moment, passing his gaze over his team.
              Then, without a word, he turned and headed down the halls—to his room.
              “Did you really think….” Arcee trailed off her snide remark at Jack as she heard Optimus’s heavy footsteps go past everyone and down the hall. She and Jack exchanged looks as everyone else, also, noticed this.
               After a short spell of silence, Miko finally spoke up.
               “Is he mad or something? Cuz I mean, geez—he didn’t even say hello.” She folded her arms.
               “No, Miko,” Ratchet responded, sounding a little exasperated. “What could he be angry over, if he were?” More silence followed his words. It was not often Optimus actually showed what he was feeling like this.
               Everyone was therefore concerned.
               “Do you think…he might be, like, really disappointed about not finding anything in the caves, then?” Jack asked, drifting from Arcee to the groundbridge area. “I mean, from what he’s been saying, you guys really needed that energon…”
               “He could just be tired, too,” Raf chimed in. The bots thought for a moment.
               Bumblebee shifted from one foot to the other, clearly uncomfortable. ‘I just hope he’s okay…’
               Ratchet set his tools aside and headed for the hall. “I’ll go talk to him,” he said. The humans and bots exchanged glances, then nodded.
               “So!” Ratchet huffed frustratedly, emerging from the halls. “He won’t open the door, and will not talk to me, either!” He threw his hands in the air with a noise of exasperation, trudging back to his station.
               Rafael nudged Miko, who had her headphones in. Jack stood up and began down the stairs.
               “I guess something is wrong,” Arcee murmured, folding her arms. She caught sight of Jack, regarding her companion with an inquisitive gaze.
               “I’ll talk to him.” He heard his own determined voice, then touched the back of his head with an awkward laugh. “I’ll—I’ll try, I mean…”
               “Good luck,” Ratchet muttered bitterly, not taking his eyes off his current repair project. “If he even has the courtesy to acknowledge you at all.”  Jack flashed a thumbs up.
He uneasily began to wonder what could have put Optimus so out of sorts that he wouldn’t even speak to Ratchet. It was also rare for Optimus to do this kind of thing, apparently.
Something told Jack it wasn’t just about the energon…but he still wanted to find out for himself.
               “Later, Jack!” Raf called, scampering down the steps. Miko followed, slinging her backpack onto her shoulders. She waved.
               “Yeah, we’re gonna go home now, but you better text us later, kay?” Bulkhead and Bumblebee then transformed, and the two kids hopped in. Ratchet, remembering he had to bridge them out, audibly sighed, slumping over.
               “For the love of Primus, am I able to get any work done around here without constantly being interrupted?!”
               That’s my cue to leave, Jack thought. He quickly hurried down the halls, not wanting to be the next victim of Ratchet’s frustration. He knew the medic only meant well, and that his work was important to him.
               Still, he internally wished Ratchet had more patience. Even if he didn’t scare Jack, it was still unpleasant to be around the old bot when he was not in a good mood.
               Speaking of which….
               Jack came upon Optimus’s berth room, which was closed. He sucked in a breath, raising his arm to knock. Hesitation pulled his arm back after a second.
               What if he is just resting? I’d be pretty ticked if someone interrupted my long nap…
               A memory of Miko pushing him off the couch as a prank resurfaced. He remembered feeling frustrated more than anything else. Of course, she’d apologized, but that wasn’t really going to give him back those precious minutes of sleep.
               He rolled his eyes. “What can you expect when you’re friends with Miko Nakadai, right?” He murmured, raising his arm again. But for the sake of satisfying my own curiosities, at least—
               “Hey, Optimus?” Jack called, knocking lightly. When he received no response for a few minutes, he sighed and knocked again—this time, a bit louder. “Optimus!! Are you okay in there?”
               There was a rustling noise from behind the door, but still no response. Jack decided to stop knocking. He put his back against the metal and slid to the floor. Maybe simply talking it out would help.
               “You know, everyone’s kinda worried about you…” He sighed again, laughing a little. “Oh, and Ratchet’s kinda mad you didn’t even acknowledge him. So…you’re probably gonna have to apologize for that later…”
               The boy bowed his head a little. It was possible Optimus wanted to be left alone right now. Coming to bother him might have been a mistake. Jack began to think up other ways he and the others could figure out—
               Optimus spoke at last, his voice sounding calm—completely level, actually. Instantly, the teen sprang to his feet and answered.
               “Optimus! Ok, good. You’re alive, then,” he joked. When the Prime didn’t respond to his jest—naturally—Jack shook his head and chuckled quietly. “It’s ok, I was joking. Anyway—do you….wanna talk? Is everything ok? You seemed kind of sad when you came through the bridge…and you didn’t even tell us how it went…”
               Didn’t tell us anything, actually, but I’ll leave that part out. I’m sure Optimus doesn’t want to be guilted for stuff at the moment.
               There was another noise—it sounded a little more desperate before it abruptly came to a stop. Then, the Autobot leader’s hefty footsteps began to approach the door. Jack backed away, glad that his efforts seemed to have paid off. The large metal sheet slid upwards, revealing Optimus’ huge figure.
               His face was completely expressionless, but he mustered a somewhat warm look when he gazed at Jack.
               Well, at least Optimus said something and…opened his door, Jack consoled himself mentally. Even though I still don’t know what’s bothering him. Guess we’ll just have to wait for him to tell us…
               “I will go apologize to Ratchet. It was not my intention to offend him…” He started out the door and down the hall. Then, he paused to face Jack for a moment as he added, “And my apologies also to you, I did not mean to worry anyone. Thank you for coming to get me.”
               “Oh—no, don’t worry about that, Optimus. It’s fine.”
               The Prime nodded briefly, saying nothing more. Jack watched him go. Now, he was even more confused than before.
               So why were you acting weird when you got back to base?
               By coincidence, his gaze happened to wander to Optimus’ open berth room. Jack had the sudden realization that he’d never seen Optimus’s berthroom before. Actually, he hadn’t seen any of the bots’ rooms since he’d known about their base.
               He left the door open, it wouldn’t hurt to go take a look…I think?
               Quietly, he padded inside. Taking a moment to look around, Jack noted that it was quite a huge space—way bigger than he’d expected from the size of the door.
It was also very….bare.
               No posters, furnishings, or anything other than the walls, his berth, and a small shelf. On that shelf, there was nothing except for some mystery object shoved in the corner, covered by an old blue cloth.
               “Exactly what you’d expect from a guy like Optimus,” Jack remarked to himself. He sighed and began to walk away, when suddenly a noise snapped his attention back around.
               Back to the shelf.
               Back to the blue cloth.
               A noise that had come from….
               “What is that thing?” Jack murmured to himself as he drew close to it again.
               He jumped back as it vibrated and briefly glowed a bright blue. It seemed to come back to life as a steady humming filled the air of the room. The teen came to a halt right in front of the shelf, placing his hands on his hips as he stared at it, curious and confused.
               Was he trying to hide this? Jack wanted even more to know what it did—what it was.
               And while he stared at it, the object beneath the cloth made another noise.
               “Roadwork ahead?? Uh, YEAH, I sure hope it does!”
               For a moment, Jack stood immobile. Then, he burst into laughter.  
               Optimus was watching vines….he was watching vines….Optimus Prime was watching vines.
               He suddenly remembered what had happened to his mom when she watched vine for the first time. For at least two long, painful weeks, the only things she said were vine quotes—in a failed attempt to be funny. 
               Optimus was watching….vines….oh no.
               Jack turned on his heel and sprinted down the halls.
I’ll edit and fix stuff later; I’m in class rn lolol :’D
Thx for reading!! Feedback is always appreciated~
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elizabeatrice · a year ago
Mystery Spot (Chapter 68)
Let’s Talk About JSHK Manga #4
If you get the title reference, I applaud you.
Warning: 1) !!! MANGA SPOILERS UP TO CHAPTER 68 !!! Duh.
2) I dropped a couple of f bombs and several curses here ... I really ranted lmao.
3) This reaction/review is closer to me spewing wild theories rather than an actual review. But these wild theories are my reactions. So. Ehhh these theories are probably wrong anyway. Lemme have my dark, twisted fun, mkay? Not sure if they’re entirely coherent though.
Had trouble copying some kanji this time around ‘cause they’re so freaking blurry! So I got too lazy to write this yesterday haha. Thank you Ropes of Fate for the translation! Truly commendable heroes of the fandom *sobs*. I also used three panels from Chapter 61, translated by Caim.
Let’s jump into it (ba dum tss).
Tumblr media
This chapter is a bit shorter than usual and boy do you feel it. Well. At least I do. But I really hope sensei are taking some time to relax. Last chapter was 45 pages, after all. Y’all deserve it you wonderful creators.
Tumblr media
First of all I would like to dedicate the biggest f bomb for the villagers because what the fuck. Why the fuck would you sacrifice poor, innocent young girls just to keep yourself safe? And it’s not even a sacrifice to kami-sama! Y’all just droppin’ these girls to be eaten by supernaturals! And y’all practically manipulated them smh.
Are y’all insane?! Y’all could’ve just moved the fuck out. What kind of insane people just decide to stay near a literal pit of hell? Don’t give me the ‘we’ve lived here for generations’ bs okay ‘cause y’all neighbors be getting eaten by supernaturals but y’all rather trade innocent young girls for your own safety. If Berkians and Asgardians can suck it up and be the bigger nation with all that ‘Berk/Asgard is not a place it’s the people’ shit, y’all can too.
I’ve disliked characters in JSHK before. But I’ve never hated JSHK characters before. Until now. Y’all fucking did it, dumbass villagers.
Ahem. Pardon me.
Because my brain is a literal self-debate machine let me just say that I did consider several possibilities in these ‘people’’s defense. There’s the obvious ‘some people back then didn’t know any better and believe a human sacrifice will solve everything’ mindset. Then there’s the possibility of them being trapped in their village for some reason, hence not having any other choice but to sacrifice those girls.
But y’know what else could be the case? ‘Cause my mind really went dark there for a bit.
The Minamoto clan let it happen.
Tumblr media
In the last chapter it was mentioned that the Minamoto clan was involved. And this is a bit shocking now that I think about it more ‘cause Teru has always been adamant that all supernaturals are evil and must be exorcised, humans must be protected.
But what if they just let the villagers sacrifice these girls so that the monsters can be contained in this village, in that pit, instead of running amok to other places and cause more trouble?
Which makes me wonder.
Uh. Where did Teru go to? Does he know about this? Did he go to that pit (or that village, if Kamome Academy wasn’t built on its land)?
If he does know, isn’t he interested in saving a fellow human student and underclassman? If he does know about the Akane clan, isn’t he interested in telling his VP, who’s obsessed with an Akane? Unless ... you know ... he meant for this to happen, which I kinda doubt.
He must know something about this. He went out of his way to make Akane promise to protect Kou if something were to happen. What’s more dangerous than the Grim Reaper showing up looking for a sacrifice who turned out to be Kou’s beloved senpai’s best friend? What if Akane had to choose between Aoi and Kou at some point?
Okie next I wanna talk about Hanako. This is gonna sound just as far fetched as the previous bit lmao but here goes.
Tumblr media
Boiiii y’all saw it. The pause before his answer. His face drawn out of view, in an evasive body language.
(Hanako my boy pls do us all a favor and stop lying to your girlfriend, we all know how well that turned out in Picture Perfect lmao)
Theory. He knew what’s been going on all along. Or at least the gist of it.
Tumblr media
Remember this?
Imma take a detour a lil bit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Far Shore/torii gate refused Nene in chapter 67, right? In my Chapter 67 reaction I said it was the bracelet that saved her but now I think the bracelet probably disguised her as Sumire in the villagers’ eyes. So the Far Shore/torii gate refused her, and we all thought it was because she wasn’t an Akane.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But then we found out that Hanako was right about the village. It was just a ‘made up world’ inside Shinigami’s boundary. It’s just a reenactment of the day Sumire died, probably based on Shinigami’s memories, as the first page of Chapter 64 said.
So of course Nene was refused. Because in his memories, Sumire was the one who fell into the pit that day.
Sumire also said in this chapter’s narration that the villagers sacrificed young girls. Not Akane girls. Also, before the sacrifices began, the monsters already ate villagers anyway, right? They didn’t only eat young girls. It wasn’t said as such. The villagers probably just chose young girls because that’s sorta like the equivalent of offering the best meat or smth. Practically a please accept our humble offering of tenderloin wagyu, O Horrible Monsters.
The coveted bloodline thing was probably a plus, not obligatory. Often in stories, people with high ‘spiritual energy’ are supposed to taste more delicious and grant whoever eats their meat special powers or smth (e.g. Tang Sanzang from Journey to the West). Also ancient cultures sacrifice young girls often, that was the trend.
Tumblr media
And they proceeded to try to sacrifice Nene anyway, despite her not being an Akane. They said it themselves. “It doesn’t matter if it’s that girl.”
So according to the (rather vague) information we have, it’s possible that the sacrifice doesn’t have to be an Akane or a girl.
Some of y’all have been theorizing that the Yugi twins got involved with supernaturals, and that sorta lead to their death.
What if this is it?
I myself am not sure how it went down if this is really the case. But I keep imagining our boy’s infamous ‘I’m not going anywhere’ being said by Sumire because bruh she’s the epitome of not going anywhere. She was chosen to be sacrificed since she was a child, not given a choice. Even after she died and became a yorishiro, she was imprisoned in this time prison world or whatever, reliving her death every single day with no escape.
And I couldn’t help but think ‘hoooo shit what if???’
I mean. I don’t know who was the chosen sacrifice. Could be Tsukasa, could be Amane. Maybe he killed his brother so that he wouldn’t get sacrificed, and decided that he’ll die along with his brother. I’m not going anywhere. Maybe it also means I’m not letting you send my brother to be eaten by monsters, and since we can’t escape either, we’re staying here no matter what.
And if the Minamotos were really in on it, it makes sense for Grandma Minamoto to accuse Amane of being an evil murderer. He practically got in the way ‘of other people’s safety’ by killing the chosen sacrifice.
banjjakz also said something about the possibility of Tsukasa being a previous sacrifice. Read about it here and here. It’s pretty interesting!
Besides, a wonder whose precious person got sacrificed and later became their yorishiro? That’d be some parallel, haha.
Sure, Sumire said ‘if the kannagi was switched’. But the early narration didn’t mention a sacrifice of kannagi. Just ‘young girls’.
Look just lemme have this, alright?
Oh. Also I wanted to point out the possible tension/trust issues between Hanako and Nene but many other blogs have pointed it out quite well so I’m just gonna stick with my wild theories.
But I will address what Nene said about the pit.
Where is said pit anyway? In Kamome? Why is it open? Is it Tsukasa changing rumors and allowing more supernaturals to cross back to the Near shore? More likely. I mean, he does grant wishes for supernaturals after all.
Oh. Speaking of Nene. Let’s give her a round of applause for her character development. She’s become of better judgement regarding men’s terrible behavior. Wow. That’s my girl. I mean, we still don’t know much about Shinigami, but from what I’ve seen so far, Sumire guuuurrrrllllll you deserve better.
Tumblr media
Regardless of my ships, these supernatural boys should take notes from my precious Kou and how he loves so selflessly. Lmao. Remember that one post-chapter panels in Picture Perfect where he said he’ll find Nene a prince in the real world, even though he likes her? Broooo I want ten of this precious boy.
Lastly, Akane and Aoi.
Tumblr media
Where are they? They look like they’re stranded in some wild boundary somewhere, the one with half sunken houses and lost things that usually appear in color spreads. I am so hyped, ‘cause I love the aesthetics, and I wanna see more of this place.
Oh. And Akane’s alive. Phew. I gotta be honest though, I kinda looked forward to his death. Not because I hate the kiddo. He’s technically still human, right. I’m just wondering whether his death or Aoi’s would cause Teru to outright declare war against the Seven Wonders because aren’t these folks supposed to protect students like they claim to be? (This, of course, ignores my previous theories about the Minamoto clan)
Basically I just wanna see some shit go down with Teru mkay ‘cause this powerful dude has been useless for quite too long now.
Aoi’s still pretty confusing, too. She went from this weird expression:
Tumblr media
to this:
Tumblr media
She kinda looked like she was still under the influence of the drug thingy. But she was also concerned about Akane, even though it’s not like how she worried about Nene in the past. And she knew Akane longer than her, they practically grew up together. Real Aoi would be in tears seeing his condition, y’all. So I guess the drug thingy’s effect is slowly wearing out.
Closing! JSHK is dark but usually not in ways my brain expects it to be. (And a lot of times I still get surprised with the amount of comedy it has lmao.) Sooo sensei are probably gonna prove me wrong about most of these, anyway. Haha.
As always feel free to discuss.
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majorxmaggiexboy · a year ago
okay now i’m at the part where apparently Grinp’s come off of his “ohmygodiminlove” high and is back to being a Sad Boi(tm) and he’s like “i don’t WANT to be all drugged up and forget everything bc it’s interfering with figuring out how to enact a Murderous Revenge Plot Against An Unknown Target,,,,u right i totally need to take this medicine before i go absolutely feral from unspeakable agony but DAMMIT this is FRUSTRATING”
and then Ursus comes in and he’s like “pls take your drugs so you can go out on stage and do your part of this show where we talk about how much of a freak you are and let people laugh at you in exchange for money “
and Grinp’s like “DAD. You wouldn’t happen to know who messed up my face and have just been withholding that information for years, right?”
and the dad’s like “..........................shut up pls take ur drugs and go reenact falling in love with ur adoptive sister, which im sure isn’t awkward or strenuous on y’all’s relationship at all”
and Dea’s just sitting there looking like that one shot in the first Thor movie where Odin’s screaming at Thor and Loki’s making that face like when you’re in about fifth grade or so and you’re at a friend’s house and their mom starts yelling at them
and also like two minutes ago she and Grinp were having a cuddle and Dea was like “>:} I CAN FEEL UR THOUGHTS” and i can’t tell for sure but i think she’s dead serious and if so maybe That’s something Ursus should be capitalizing on instead of the whole “lol come look at my children lol theyre freaks of nature aren’t they” angle?
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luvdsc · a year ago
I saw the ask with who youre following and you have so many mutuals 😱 who are you closest with ? ❤️
hi, honey bee! 💓 is that really a lot? :o I have more friends irl than here, but I also tend to stay within my own bubble on here since I don’t really read other fics and therefore don’t interact a lot with other writers :’) I’m really close with nochanchu and winetae!!! 💕 they’re not very active on here anymore, but I text and facetime them a lot!! I think it’s been over three years of friendship with each of them because I met them on my old writing blog 💗
as for on here, these are all goddesses I just feel super comfy talking to, and also, I enjoy clowning them the most and roasting the heck outta them LMAO 💘
@eggyukhei — tk!!!!! she’s my first mutual on here, and she already knows this, but her blurbs are what inspired me to create this blog in the first place!!!!! I practically forced my friendship on her, but wow, it’s been like a year and a half of being friends and we were gonna see nct together 🤧 I’m so sad I won’t get to see her scream about doie irl 😔💔 also my proudest accomplishment is getting her to admit jaemin is her bias #EGGJAEMIN2020!!! it took a lot of pics/meme/video dm’s of him but we finally got her, folks 🥳🥳
@choerrypuffs — lmao lana knows my darkest secrets, so if she spills them, it was nice knowing y’all. But they’d also lowkey be self incriminating for her so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyway, she’s the only one I feel safe enough with to tell them to snjskskd also, she keeps me up to date on her dramas, which is very entertaining because potential wips in the making 👀👀 AND SHE WROTE ONE OF MY FAVORITE FICS EVER WOW I WILL NEVER STOP PROMOTING HER RENJUN PJO AU IT’S THE GREATEST and I’ll never let you live down the great jaemin bday debacle of 2020 ily 🥰
@aqiaquas — of course steph is on here!!! it’d be a crime if I didn’t include her, but we literally talk about anything and everything, and she understands my work problems, hashtag dino squad unite 🦕💗 and we share so many of the same interests!!!! I can talk to her about cooking, baking, work, teeth, razor burn, beards, absolutely everything!!!!! also when are you gonna ask your coworker out on a date, miss steph 👀 at least one of us has to have a revived love life in this time and climate pls 🤧
@t-shrt — ti ily soooo much, I can’t believe it’s only been like two weeks of us talking regularly, but I feel like we just clicked?? like I can send you literally anything and you just get me 🤍🌷 and I saw your heart tattoo so uh, I’d say we’re pretty close already 👀👀 also I’m never gonna let you forget that you really convinced me that weed dealer was your fave when all along it was the 00 liner 😔 and the marms (mark arms) 👀 OH AND YOU REENACTING THAT BAD BOY JK TIK TOK IS PEAK COMEDY!!! NOTHING CAN EVER TOP THAT!!!!!! 🤩
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scotiaeire · 10 months ago
Viking Age food and cooking
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159potterhead · 5 months ago
(I'm sending this again ignore this if you already recieved one before. I was a connection problem and Tumblr was showing we'll sent this ask in a few minutes so I'm not sure if it got delivered)
No! No! Nooooo!!! Don't find out. I will feel embarrassed 😳
Okay so I'll do the eye squint what are you gonna do? I think you should fix my tie while I squint or we both could do cowboy hats version of Deancas.
We will also get a big print of that picture and we'll hang it in my new house above the fireplace so everyone can see it. Yeah. That sounds lovely😍😍 I'll wear it forever. And I will just go around showing it to the people this is my soulmate and they better say we are cute and adorable.
I'm on board that kinda nice. It's like the internet version of sharing ph.number. I'll shoot up a new ask.
(I had to sing this again. And remember this was the first song I sang to you when I came to flirt for the second time and you made me a locket)
🎶oh! You can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen next to your heartbeat where I should be keep it deep within your soooooul 💖💖🎶
(babe it’s okay just say the word and i’ll show up at tumblr hq with a grenade launcher)
aaah fine. maybe you’ll read the fic to me one night and i’ll finally get it... idk... I mean unless you want to... :b
i’ll do the best reenactment of all the greatest jacting joices😌🤝 omg I love that tie fixing scene, so much sexual tension✨✨✨ pls if we do Tombstone 2.0 I will literally ascend.
hell yeahhh!!!! and we’ll also have gold framed black and white pics of us all around our houses! I will never take it off, it’s going to be buried with me. and yes they better😠💖✨
ooo I’m glad you’re on board. and hmm it kinda is!
(this song now reminds me only of you! and of course I remember, how could I forget🥺💕 now this lyric fits us more with that locket and all)
🎶and if you hurt me, well, that's okay, baby, only words bleed. inside these pages, you just hold me, and I won't ever let you go🎶💕
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wwilloww · 10 months ago
WILLOWWWW!! 💕Now that I have calmed down enough to be coherent… OMFG🥵🥵🥵. Yep that’s it. That’s my only thought the whole time 🥵🥵haha when jimin walks in on jk rawing her against the kitchen island I about lost it. And then when jk’s cock full on TWITCHES inside her as he makes eye contact with jimin?!?! AM I SENSING AN EXHIBITION AND SUB KINK JK (my ultimate fantasy)???? Phewwww. “the problem won’t be the tools in the toolbox” had me cackling… I mean… that sweat pant bulge was pretty impressive so I imagine he’s HUNG LIKE A CHAMP. And I about LOST it when jimin starts handling jk’s cock to show him how to fuck her better… like R U SRS yes I absolutely want to feel every crevice of his cock inside me. And I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it yet, but I noticed the title, Shh, finally being used in the story!! Nerdy lil detail, but I still enjoyed it 🤭 haha the moment we notice that it suddenly got too quiet in the living room for them to continue secretly fucking had my heart in my THROAT. I seriously thought they were gonna be caught leading to one big ot7 orgy😂 HAHA but that impromptu water fight scene was SO genius and sexy!! I loved seeing joon give her the shirt off his back. “has he been working you?... with arms crossed, his pecs seem especially voluptuous, and god, not to mention the way his arms bulge with the new position.” I am her//she is me. I am the switchiest of switches with dom leaning tendencies (hence my sub jk fantasy), but damn what I wouldn’t give to be manhandled by namjoon😩😩. And pls, I LOVED getting those subtle hints of tae being a past flame??? He seemed a bit… jealous almost? And that wet dream she had alluding to them fucking before??? Also, do I sense some taejin action in the future??? That’s a pairing that I feel isn’t as common and I’m loving it! Speaking of tension… I’m also picking up on some hobi tension. “You can sleep naked… I don’t mean it like that – I mean I can- I mean… I just want you to be comfortable.” And then he rips off his shirt for her (I can’t believe she got to see hobi’s sexy bod). My favorite scene is the last scene with jimin. Their relationship seems so easy, so comfortable. And when she says he seems like a sub cus he’s so angelic… I felt that. I LOVED the use of ✨explicit consent✨ and the discussion jimin has with her about talkin about boundaries before sex, “is it something you’d like to try?”, “and if you want me to stop at any point, you just tell me. Understood?” and the way he eats her out (and makes her watch him pleasure her?!? 👀) til she’s just BARELY cumming AND THEN RIPS AWAY HER ORGASM?!?!?😭😭😭😭 I about cried for her omgggg “I won’t make you wait long.” Sounds like both a threat and a promise and jimin had better be keeping it!!! I can’t believe it’s been 2 full chapters and no one’s cummed yet?!?! I feel like I’m being edged😩. Like mc, I haven’t been touched by a man in like 8 months and I AM DYING. If I had 7 hot male friends up in the mountains, I would LITERALLY reenact this entire series, I stg I am so touch starved. Bless you for blessing me with the sex I wish I were having. Looking forwards to some more mountain top shenanigans, and hopefully, orgasms. Ps just for future reference, would you like me to use they/them pronouns with you?? And if you ever need anyone to bounce thirsty ideas off of, I am always willing to help create some inspiration!! I am sorry for the hundreds of words of pure filth I just unleashed in your asks 🤭🤭 Thanks for sharing, Willow!! Sending you all my love 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
second of all, I just... i don’t even know what to say at this point. Coming back out of a very frustrating class, I felt like reading this was bathing in a shower of love and I just... i KNOW I am supposed to be a writer with words for all my feelings but right now I don’t have them!!!! I just want to let you know how excited I get when I see you’ve sent me a note. The detail of your responses makes me feel like people are getting to experience the same things I am trying to create in these stories! It makes me feel so seen and so understood and AHHAGHKDJH. It means the whole world to me. Your excitement and personality just flows off the page in these asks and it is such a delight to get to read!!!!!! Such! A! Delight! 
Right now my preferences for she or they pronouns is changing by the daily (which is a me thing, and not something other people need to keep up with) and so I feel really comfortable using both pronouns. A lot of my close friends use both to refer to me and that makes me happy! And the other lot of my close friends also just use one! I do not mind either way, but I really really appreciate you asking 💕
As for THIRSTING. You are the thirst GOD. Your JK gif sparked this series to life. You are always welcome to come thirst with me. ALWAYS. Anyways, I love you, and I want to write a whole essay just detailing how much I care for you and appreciate your considerateness and kindness and humor. It is a pure joy to have you around in my sphere. Mwah!!! Mwah!! Mwah!!! 
(also i found this gif and i feel like it’s sh. boys energy competing for the final heart so here it is)
Tumblr media
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grcycosmcs · 6 months ago
slightly edited in some cases to work for rp purposes. feel free to change phrasing or pronouns to fit your muse(s)!
❝ Don’t get murdered. ❞
❝ Toxic masculinity ruins the party again! ❞
❝ Pepper spray first, apologize later. ❞
❝ Get a job, buy your own shit. ❞
❝ Stay out of the forest. ❞
❝ You’re in a cult, call your dad. ❞
❝ Fuck politeness. ❞
❝ Lock your fucking door.  ❞
❝ Why does anyone have a diary?! Stop it, you stupid idiot, and go to a therapist! ❞
❝ Some of us just want to jump into the pool of terror. ❞
❝ Who wants to be a _____? Don’t you know about cooking and hanging out at home?❞
❝ He is a fucking salty bitch. There’s definitely a shank in his bag. ❞
❝ He was a slick, slightly British accented motherfucker.  ❞
❝ What a great opportunity for bad decisions. ❞
❝ Groundbreaking revelation: Hamilton is good. ❞
❝ Girls like True Crime and Zac Efron. ❞
❝ I’m the most jewish non-jew that’s ever lived. ❞
❝ I once ate watermelon rind to make myself throw up so I didn’t have to go to hebrew school. ❞
❝ I don’t know Dad, because I’m busy going to therapy to get over…you? ❞
❝ He is… perfection. There’s something like Disneyesque about the scale of the size of his eyes to the rest of his face. ❞
❝ Here’s the thing, fuck everyone. ❞
❝ Good thing I don’t give a shit about dick. ❞
❝ That old, blind bitch. ❞
❝ This isn’t a positive cult. This isn’t like sephora. ❞
❝ You don’t have to be perfect. Just fucking do things. ❞
❝ Sweet baby angel. ❞
❝ I hope we never get stabbed. ❞
❝ Look, meth is bad. ❞
❝ Speak for yourself. Question authority. ❞
❝ All of life is about fixing what you fucked up. ❞
❝ I’m going to be drunk in the den, so do what you will. ❞
❝ Consider me always wrong. ❞
❝ Let’s use our power of anxiety for good. ❞
❝ There’s always got to be an asshole to ruin things. ❞
❝ This is terrible. Keep going. ❞
❝ Uber is just organized hitchhiking. ❞
❝ Don’t worry, it gets worse. ❞
❝ Let’s sit crooked and talk straight. ❞
❝ Two things organ music is good for: ice-skating and mass-murdering. ❞
❝ This is a fucking shitshow. ❞
❝ It’s about to get really not that great. ❞
❝ Symbolic as fuck. ❞
❝ Fancy husbands are just fucking running amok. ❞
❝ Flaws are what makes you gorgeous. ❞
❝ My therapist was right about you. ❞
❝ Want a cookie? ❞
❝ It’s really hard to strangle someone, so maybe don’t do it. ❞
❝ Please live your life like you’re going to be reenacted in 30 years. ❞
❝ Anytime you need stitches because of your fucking husband, it’s time to get out of there. ❞
❝ Arm yourself with knowledge, but don’t let it overwhelm you. ❞
❝ Don’t go off your meds. ❞
❝ Anybody can get sodomy. ❞
❝ You might have good penmanship and all, but you’re still a criminal. ❞
❝ I’m a very highly functioning mess. ❞
❝ If you’re going to do something, don’t half-ass it. ❞
❝ We all have feral days. ❞
❝ That’s nice, you fucking cunt. ❞
❝ He looked like an obscene phone call. ❞
❝ I was raised to sass at defcon 5. ❞
❝ Sweet honesty. ❞
❝ Honestly? In a hundred years? Nobody’s gonna remember this. So relax a little bit. ❞
❝ ON point. She could not be more on point. The most on pointiest point…person. ❞
❝ If you don’t suspect something in your neighborhood, it’s gonna fucking happen. Start suspecting. ❞
❝ Pretty sure the Cold War didn’t have a front. ❞
❝ Namaste the fuck away from me. ❞
❝ What the fucking fuck? ❞
❝ Unless you’re a ghost baseball player you don’t need to be in that field. ❞
❝ Don’t take shit to your grave.  You’re being a selfish dick.  ❞
❝ If someone’s a real hard ass, they’re the biggest softie…we’re like a prickly pear with a gooey center. ❞
❝ Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten into crime if someone had just offered me an icy cold Diet Pepsi. ❞
❝ It’s called the Not Today Motherfucker Special, and I serve it up for free. ❞
❝ What if you just put four pairs of underwear on at once and every day you took off another one? ❞
pls specify  –   adrien agreste , alex claremont-diaz , alex mercer , dot warner , edward cullen , jiang yanli , lara maver , noelle kringle , paige michalchuk , paimon , snow white , trinity marrow , vic lakota  –
note : instead of making a separate post , i’m doubling this as a meme call , so feel free to like this if you’d want me to stop by your inbox with a meme  !
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narilgc · a year ago
Tumblr media
ok round two !! i got all the talking out the way with the first post on max so let’s jump straight into it ! nari needs so many threads, and i’m also dropping all her threads except for the very recent ones !! but she also has less developed connections so she definitely needs some love !! so below the cut you’ll find a plot call for her ! <3
note: if you could either message me, comment, or like this post to let me know you’re interested in one of these or just plotting in general that’d be great !! but please like if you want to plot because sometimes people like and i can’t tell if they want to plot or not lol !!
* with musical actors also eligible for the stunt mission !
okay so first - stunt stuff !! since nari is a lead in cram school she won’t be apart of the september schedule, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do stunt training !! honestly nari has “ i’m a bad b you can’t kill me ” energy so she probably is going into it thinking she’ll do perfect - boy is she wrong !!
we can take the more antagonistic approach and have someone teasing her about having such high confidence but not doing well, or her trying to compete to perform the stunts they learn better than each other !!
or the more wholesome route where they both encourage / help each other out and use their training to reenact movie fights lmao, or both accept the fact that they’re just not good but decide to have fun with it anyways !!
this doesn’t have to do with any of the missions but i’d love for nari to get closer to the other acting trainees in general !! she doesn’t dorm with them and feels kinda bad about it so really wants a relationship w them !! so acting trainees pls hit her up she will literally bake you pies in return for friendship :)
my face realizing how unproductive i’ve been regarding this: 👁👄👁 I KNOW I KNOW ok but that’s why we are here now i’m here to fill the gap in activity i’ve had !! so let’s go get these threads because i love cram school and so does nari !!
okay so i’m looking for literally anything regarding cram school ! and for reference, she plays the dramatic queen herself miss mijoo !  preparation, rehearsal, actual filming, anything !! all of it helps with character development so i’m not picky at all ! but i will put some ideas:
nari really has a hard time when it comes to memorizing lines, though it’s not something she’d easily admit, mainly because a lot of it has to do with her struggles with her adhd. but she would be very, and i mean very grateful for someone to confide in about it and help each other memorize lines !!
maybe they’ve made it a routine to go out and get coffee and rehearse in the morning before shooting, it started because they both happened to be tired at the same time but now it’s a near everyday thing and they’ve gotten closer because of it ??
nari tends to take acting very seriously, sometimes too seriously, and can act out of character because of it. maybe she snapped on your muse one day without warning because she didn’t think they were taking it seriously / not doing well ? i live for the tea ! on the other hand, they may not have liked how energetic she tends to be off-camera and snapped at her for not staying focused on shooting.
when nari gets in character she really gets into character, so maybe one day on set they thought she really was glaring at them and being rude when really she was just unleashing her inner mijoo lol !! so mayhaps they can end up bonding over the misunderstanding !
someone who might be new or nervous to act that nari always makes sure to encourage, plus throwing in some food encouragement when she feels like it !
okay so at first at i was like - no i won’t have nari do the farm day - it’s too predictable !! but come on - you mix older people with farming and that is SO nari !! plus she’s so homesick so somewhere like this will do it’s job of soothing her homesickness at least a little, so she’ll definitely enjoy it !!
if anyone  going to the farmer village has no farming experience / is totally out of their element, let nari help !! while it’s not her village, she’d be as enthusiastic as ever to tell them all about the countryside and lend a helping hand - pls she will literally pay you
someone to sneak off with to take a break and play with some animals, bonus points for feeding them too !! be warned if baby goats are present nari them both take a million selfies with them !!
please someone sing a trot song with her !! they can either not want to do it and have nari drag them into doing it or be equally as theatre kid as her and go all out ! i, personally think both are great options
okay i am getting very sleepy lol so here are some ideas outside of the categories mentioned !!
so i lowkey forgot about nari’s birthday, it’s SO embarrassing but anyways we are gonna blame the lack of nari birthday content on her being so busy with cram school that she hasn’t had the chance to really focus on herself !! so any backdated birthday threads or even belated birthday celebration threads would be great !
nari’s been incredibly attached to the idea of pets in general lately so someone who would go and volunteer with her playing with the animals at the animal shelter would forever have her heart !!
more long-term connections !! people’s she’s known for a while, or at least since she’s joined legacy, who she’s really close with !
actor / musical actor connections pls & ty !
project origin people who she’s already started to stan like full-fledged idols, like at this point she probably has a banner and everything ??
pls give her a girl to be whipped over she’s a simple woman, it doesn’t take much give her a pretty girl and she’s content lmao !
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