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#can you please just be serious for once
I know there's this myth that getting harassed online is supposed to be less traumatizing than getting harassed irl, but like. no, it isn’t.
a lot of times the safe spaces we carve out for ourselves occur online (especially common for queer & neurodiverse folks). for many of us, it becomes one of our few options to socialize in a way that feels safe and good. that space becomes as special and intimate as any physical community. 
and when that space gets violated by trolls, by bullies, or just by confused and frustrated people who are encouraged to attack first and check facts later--these acts are not inherently less violent or traumatizing than things that occur in our “real” lives. when we are part of a community, and we are attacked by members of that community--that is a harrowing experience, in any form.
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liinos · a year ago
Hhhh idk if this makes sense but I feel like skz always have almost the same styling? Like vibe wise😭😭😭 like it's always we're tough life hardened bad boys who wear Cool™️ fits and chains bc we're ~edgy~ and I'm not saying it's bad cuz like obviously every cb I say Minho looks good as hell and that the styling has sexy moments but like I'm saying I'm kinda bored 😭? If that makes sense? Idk like I'm just thinking about svt in comparison and svt have done like a full range of different styles and vibes even if some of their concepts have been similar and is this just a roundabout way of saying I want a skz summery vibe comeback? It might be
#but like even if its not summery... conceptually all of their styling is basically the same#like iay and levanter had slight variation but it was still very much the edgy concept and idk im just BORED#except seungmin they refuse to actually dress him edgy which is so msjdkd but like if they put him in shorts again i swear to god...#like id say its akin to 127 styling but theyve even branched out from that by now#lichrally just want like you make my day styling with skiz like 😭😭😭😭😭🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲#they dont even have to do a cute concepttttttttt just something Fun for once#get cool was so refreshing bring her BACK!#also i know people love skiz bc of their lyrics and how deep they are but i would not mind a cute happy song😭😭😭 and i *like* darker music#but not all the time christ like i just want something cheery😭 a cutesy love song i dont CARE just something that isnt heavy and intense#again i like those songs i am probably one of the few people that genuinely thinks side effects is good (-the very last part but)#but i am. bored. tired. i want to see more. live a little branch out give me a VOCAL SONG😭#you know what id even take a ballad? like literally anything else would be okay with me at this point 😭😭 and new styling please 😭#but yeah like compare svts fresh or cute eras to each other and theyre distinct stylistically or like idk ymmd2 and an ode?#both more serious concepts with darker vibes but the styling is completely different#so it can be done jyp just... wont do it
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doebt · a year ago
it literally feels like every day of my life i fall in and out of real love with like 14 different people (exaggeration for comic effect) and please god listen to me listen to me listen to me SO CLOSE right now. LISTEN to me. its so exhausting. its the most exhausting thing i have ever experienced. some of these people arent even real. like they are in my mind. or i meet them in dreams. and i fall in REAL LOVE. and then i swallow it
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casimaniart · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Finas may find it hard to deal with how touchy feely Casimiro is all the time, but the first time he very gently checks him out for injuries Casimiro just about dies on the spot.
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duskamethyst · 7 months ago
stranger danger.
Tumblr media
a/n: did i sit on top of my car to imagine this? sure did. a part of the jujutsu hub collab! thank you vee @suna-reversed for organizing this horny event for us horny people.
word count: 3.8k
genre: smut, nsfw, pwp
warnings: dubcon, literally dumbass porn, degradation + praising kink, daddy kink, gun play, mentions of alcohol consumption, dui and death, public sex, overstimulation, squirting, creampie, implied kidnapping
pairing: criminal!toji x f!reader
summary: dozing off in a parking lot seems dangerous but it seems like the right thing to do. that is, until a mysterious man taps on your window.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you shouldn’t have trusted yourself. you’ve vowed to yourself not to drink tonight, especially when you were driving to the city by yourself. maybe one drink wouldn’t hurt, you thought. but that one drink led you to another until you eventually found yourself light headed and could barely walk in a straight line let alone drive home.
so now you decide it’s best to just stop in a random parking lot and doze off for a couple of hours until you’re certain that you’re sober and ready to continue your journey back home. thankfully the lights are on and there are a few other empty cars in the lot, giving you somewhat a sense of security.
even though you aren’t completely sane at the moment, you make sure the doors are locked, turn off the engine and roll your windows down slightly to allow ventilation. if you could avoid a possible car crash, might as well avoid dying from inhaling some fatal gas. so you push back your seat and close your eyes to let sleep take you over.
but it isn’t for long until you hear a knock on the window.
startled and confused, you instantly get up thinking it would be one of the securities patrolling the area, telling you to scram but you’re only met with a rather handsome man, tall and brawny standing next to your car.
he leans down to your eye level and glares at you intimidatingly before he speaks, “get out.”
in such a panicky situation, your heavy cluttered brain doesn’t really tell you what to do nor what the hell is happening so you only stare back at him tongue tied, unable to properly gauge the situation thanks to both chemicals in your system and adrenaline pumping through your veins.
“are you deaf?” he snarls with anger distorting his face.
the sharp eyes piercing through you coupled with the discernible scar on his lips go so well into his menacing demeanor and you’re aware he’s getting impatient. unsure of what to do, your hand reaches for your keys to turn on the engine, thinking it’s best to leave but he bangs on the window as if to tell you that isn’t what he wanted.
“i only told you to get out. so, get the fuck out. now.” toji waits for you to comply, but instead you just sit there frozen and he sighs in exasperation. “look, i have a fucking gun. and if you don’t do as i say, i won’t hesitate to shoot your brains off. you don’t need it anyway, right?”
toji fishes out his gun, waving it in front of you in warning. “and you’d be fucking dumb to think it isn’t loaded.”
the threatening sight of the firearm is finally what makes you unlock your doors and he immediately swings the door open and pulls you out from your vehicle by the wrist. toji eyes you up and down, taking a special interest in the mini skirt you don with a filthy smirk across his face. he peeks inside the car briefly, delighted over the fact that you’re all alone in the middle of the night– in some deserted parking lot, no less.
“where were you from?” he suddenly asks with less gruff in his tone. the eyes raking up and down your smaller frame so flagrantly makes you feel small and vulnerable.
you lick your lips to return moisture lost to parched skin as your eyes shift from his gun to his face. “a party.”
“a party, hm?” he does a double take on your whole skimpy outfit, sending a plethora of titillating thoughts to run in his head and waking up his primal instincts. he hasn’t gotten his dick wet for a while and opportunities don’t come by so easily when he’s a man on the run. he’d have to be an idiot to let this chance slip through his fingers.
“must’ve put a lot of thought on your outfit tonight. why don’t you give me a little twirl?”
toji deliberately taps the gun on the side of his thigh, reminding you what could happen if you either scream or run. getting the hint, you decide to entertain him, knowing well that you could end up with a bullet in any part of your body if you try to escape.
but do you oppose the idea of a sickeningly attractive man trying to check you out with a weapon in his hand? not really. if anything, the alarming nature of the affair only gives a delicious thrill to your already messed up nerves.
his predatory gaze is fixed on your voluptuous curves and the little sway of your hips as you gracelessly turn around in your heels, making blood rush straight down to his cock before telling you to stop.
“get in front of the car.” he urges.
“huh? why?”
toji cocks the loaded gun in front of you, his expression turning stern and serious once more. “no talking, just do it.”
you walk towards the front with the gun behind your head, careful not to miss your step until you’re facing your car.
“hands on the hood.” he demands, dark eyes silently watching you do as you’re told like a well-trained dog.
you’re certain he can see your ass cheeks peeking underneath the hem of your skirt as cold air hits your skin. the thought of a pair of eyes staring you down hungrily forms an anticipative knot to pull tightly in your stomach as your mind wonders about the dirty things he might and could do to you.
the next thing you feel is the cool metal of the barrel under your skirt, making you shudder as it caresses your puffy folds before dragging upwards to hike up the hem of your unbearably short skirt in favor of checking your panties but oh, what a delightful surprise– not a single thread underneath it all.
“no panties?” he bites back a groan when he notices the glistening slick coated around his black gun. “don’t tell me you’re getting off to this?”
“‘m not–” you deny meekly despite the blossoming heat between your thighs growing bigger when you feel the tip of the barrel against your drenched cunt again.
“don’t lie. you’re a little slut aren’t you? went to a party without your panties on– something tells me you’re an attention whore.” he mocks, poking the gun against your entrance only to observe your little squirms.
“not a slut!” you whine giddily as you spontaneously grind against the long barrel in seek of relief for the dull ache that has formed in your core.
“no? you’re gonna tell me you’re not jerking off to my gun right now?” he chastises with a satirical smile on his lips, feeling his cock harden even more from watching the way you’re eagerly rubbing against the gun he currently holds in his hand.
“i– i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you try not to let your words slur as you play coy, even when breaths are already hitching in your throat.
“oh yeah? ‘cause that cunt is positively leaking right now.” you whimper at his words, being bad and filthy never felt so good– especially to a man you don’t even know. “bet you want me to fill that needy cunt.”
“mhm!” you mewl, gyrating your hips even more salaciously once you manage to find an angle to rub your sensitive clit, sending waves of sensations to every fiber and nerve in your body.
“now that’s an honest little slut.” he coos with amusement lacing in his voice. “why don’t you beg for it?”
you tilt your head back towards him, bottom lip jutting out into a cute pout and eyes pleading. “please..?”
toji lets out a huff, “not good enough, sweetheart.”
your eyes narrow at him, hoping he can read the desperation in them as you call him in the softest mewl that you've used to numerous guys before. “daddy.”
“hmm?” he strokes your clit by rubbing the gun back and forth and watches you quiver with a lopsided grin across his face.
“w-want– need your cock, daddy.” you pant in a shameless expression of your need for him.
“what do you need daddy to do to you, pretty girl?” he studies the barrel, now smeared with your slick.
“need daddy to fuck me– fuck my little tight cunt.”
toji draws his gun away and raises it at the back of your head. “then, get on your knees.”
you don’t need to be told twice as you instantly turn around and face him, the gun now pointing directly to your forehead and follows you even until you’re already kneeled in front him.
“you went a little too fast there, didn’t you?” he chuckles, the sound is smoky and alluring. “so eager. now, take off my pants.”
your hand reaches up to unbuckle his belt and undo his button before pulling the zipper down and tugging off his pants and briefs hastily. your mouth waters at the sight; his thick cock is already throbbing, tip flushing red and leaking precum with a prominent vein on the underside – causing you to quickly disregard the life-threatening weapon in front of your head.
seeing you blatantly gawk at him causes pride to spiral in his chest, as if you’ve never seen a dick before. but is it bad for toji to assume that you've never seen a dick as big as his?
“getting nervous now?” he teases. “fuck that. put it inside your mouth.”
toji exhales sharply once your tongue carefully licks off the salty pre on the tip, rousing him further with only kitten licks until the barrel nudges your head in warning, forcing you to stop your ministrations.
“are you asking to get a hole through your head?” he scowls, showing apparent irritation.
“no.” you answer meekly.
“then? i told you to put it inside your fucking mouth.”
“‘m sorry, daddy.” you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock and give it a few pumps up and down his shaft in hopes to please him and calm him down. “promise i’ll be a good girl.”
“then stop fucking around.”
without a second to waste, you wrap your lips around his cock and hollow your cheeks, squeezing and milking his cock with your tongue and throat as your head bobs up and down. you graze your tongue on the underside and slowly drag upwards, following the curve of his vein before giving a harsh suck on his tip, drawing out a loud groan from his throat.
“look at daddy.”
and you do, fixing your gaze with his darker ones as you slobber his cock with so much drool and you relax your throat in order to force yourself down to the base, devouring him whole even as he tilts the gun next to your head.
“wish i had my phone right now. you should see how you look.” his other hand reaches the top of your head, holding you in place and causes you to choke slightly before jerking his hips forward and begins to fuck your throat.
squelching noises resonate in the silent air, mingled with his grunts. drool starts to seep from the corners of your mouth and tears begin to well up in your eyes as his heavy balls slap against your chin.
“boys must really love you, hm?” you can feel the tension in his fingers as he puts monumental effort into restraining himself and he finally draws his gun away. “just taking it like a good girl.”
you can only whimper around his cock, the praise making you feel hotter that you find your hand between your thighs to push a finger inside your wet cunt.
“fuck– yeah, keep touching yourself like that.” he growls, the sound rumbling in his chest as the vibrations from your muffled moans are slowly sending him to the brink of an orgasm.
you’re too immersed by your own finger pumping in and out to even care about the ache that has formed on your jaw but the moment you feel his cock twitching, you both know it won’t be long until he breaks down.
“you’re gonna swallow all of it. got it?” he states more than questions, feeling his balls tightening as he starts to lose the last remaining control he owns.
you hum in response and flutter your eyes close and you wait until his hips still before he spurts thick ropes of cum down your throat, invading all your senses with the bitter taste of his load.
once he has emptied, you pull away with your tongue gliding along his length, not forgetting to lick off the sensitive slit to clean off any remnants.
“open your mouth.” he demands. you part your puffy lips and stick your tongue out, showing your obedience to his prior order and a delightful smirk makes its way on his face upon seeing that you’ve downed every drop of his cum. “good girl.”
“to be honest, i didn’t think you’d cum quickly.” you blurt out bluntly.
his brows furrow and his face contorts into a scowl. “‘fuck did you say?”
you shrug nonchalantly. you don’t know where it’s coming from either– the alcohol still lingering in your veins or the fact that you feel beyond proud that you’ve made him, some guy who claimed that he wanted to rob your car cum so fast. “well, all the guys told me i give the best head but none of them ever–”
“get up. face the car.”
toji clicks his tongue as you blink at him in confusion and he grabs your arm to pull you up on your feet before spinning you around and bending you down on the hood with his body pressing against your back. you swallow nervously when you feel a nudge against your ass, his dick is still hard despite the fact that he has cummed just a minute ago.
“you’re gonna regret that. once i fucking ravage that little cunt, you’re gonna be begging for me to cum quick.” he leans down to your ear as he threatens, sending shivers up and down your spine.
“i’m sor–”
“no. i won’t give a shit if it hurts you or when you cry for me to stop.”
toji gives a harsh smack on the plump flesh, making you jolt in surprise. with your hands down on the hood, he lifts up one of your knees on top of the car, causing you to spread wide open in an instant before he impatiently pokes the tip of his cock against your pulsating hole.
“but that’s what you want, right?”
your eyes roll back, lips parting in an appreciative squeal as you feel his fat cock stretches you out accompanied with a delicious burn when he sinks in deeper.
“mmh– s-so big–!”
“yeah? never had a dick this big before?” toji pulls out almost completely, eyes fixed on the cock glistening with your slick under the street lights, not missing the white cream attached onto the skin.
“n-no– ah–!”
toji cuts you off with one hard slam of his hips, drilling his cock into your tight pussy in a brutal pace while you keen and whimper as it brushes against your walls, each stretch and drag inside you so exquisite while deep crescent shapes of his nails form on your pliant skin as he holds you firmly by the hips for leverage.
“no wonder you’re so fucking tight. stupid boys didn’t know how to fuck you right.” his words thrum in a burst of heat as he growls in your ear, breaking through your every thought.
you tilt your head towards him with heavy lidded eyes and meet his lust addled gaze. your mouth is gaping in breathless moans, tongue slightly lolled out from your lips as you try to reach closer to his scarred lips, wanting to crash your lips onto his before it stretches into a devilish smirk and you feel warm liquid lands on your palate.
“you looked like you were begging to taste my spit.” he mocks. toji watches as you eagerly swallow it down your throat and he lets out a brittle chuckle. “dirty slut.”
your pussy flutters upon hearing how he degrades you, causing you to buck your hips wildly against him in an attempt to meet his thrusts.
“you liked that, didn’t you? i can feel you clamping down on me like a fucking whore.” he derides, fucking you harder and deeper until your world is reduced into nothing but the way he makes you feel completely stuffed and filled, the cockhead kissing your cervix with each deep strokes.
“please– make me cum, daddy–” you keen as pressure pulls taut in your lower stomach, the slick noises are so loud that the both of you can hear them even through your moans.
your body flushes against his, so close together and you can only focus on the sounds of flesh against flesh, the salacious rhythm making you more delirious.
“then, cum for me. let me feel you gush all over me.” toji brings his fingers to rub against your clit, easily tipping you over the edge by pressing tight circles until you find yourself crashing down with an orgasm exploding throughout your body.
“you want more?” he taunts, helping you ride out the aftershock by continuously rutting his hips into your cunt and not giving you the slightest chance to recuperate.
“ah– ‘s too much–” you whimper as soon as the pleasure begins to numb and you clutch onto his wrist tightly to try and pry his hand away from your sensitive clit.
“too much? don’t think that i’m done with you yet.”
toji finally draws away from you, but only turns you around to face him and effortlessly puts you on top of the hood with your elbows propping your weight. with his hands, he spreads and keeps your legs apart before sheathing his cock back inside your pulsing cunt again, completely mindless of your pathetic sobs. he lifts up your top, not surprised over the lack of bra underneath and he intently watches the way your tits bounce with each merciless pound of his cock.
“s-stop– please–” you whimper feebly as you try to shut your trembling legs together but he doesn’t budge and only keeps his grip on your thighs even tighter, stretching out your pussy for him wider.
“fucking take it.”
toji ignores your plea and his head dips low to your chest, latching his mouth onto one of your nipples and starts to flick it with his tongue coupled with harsh sucks until he pulls back with a pop and watches as the nipple stands erect before assaulting the other, swiftly sending sparks of pleasure down to the bundle of nerves.
“might as well keep you around. be my personal fucktoy. would you like that?” he grins up at you to see your jaw slacking, mouth falling in a wide ‘o’ as the burn down your core begins to cease.
“yesyesyes– make me your slut–!” your toes curl, making your heels drop down to the ground while your knuckles turn white from squeezing your hands into balled fists too hard.
“yeah? you’d do anything for a good fuck, huh?” he sneers at you, although he’s fascinated with your state of arousal.
“mhm– need daddy to fill me up with his cum–” your back rests against the car, reveling in the feeling of his cock abusing your swollen cunt like you’re nothing but a sex doll.
“but daddy’s not gonna cum yet. not even when you’re tightening around him like this.” toji slams your hips down closer to him, fucking into you deeper and harder with his heavy balls smacking your ass.
“t-too deep–! daddy, i’ll–” you babble, losing the ability to form cohesive words as you feel a strange knot twisting rapidly in your guts. the feeling is too intense and unbearable– the refined drags of his vein brushing against your spongy walls is anything but agonizing.
“come on. use your big girl words.” he drags out slowly and quickly pumps back into you ruthlessly. “or are you too dumb already?”
“i’m gonna–”
toji lifts up your legs over his shoulders as he leans down closer to you and he nips on your pulse point, causing your body to tense as your hands find home in his dark locks and tight shirt.
as soon as he lets go, your pupils are blown wide as pleasure washes throughout your body and you feel yourself gushing around the cock still buried inside you along with a broken moan from your lips. the release is oddly more relieving than your prior orgasm, making your body feel lighter as your mind ascends to a state of euphoria. you find yourself panting heavily as you squirt all over him, staining his black shirt with clear fluid and with some of it dribbling down to his thick thighs.
“making such a mess on daddy.” he groans as he feels your walls convulse around him rapidly, milking his cock dry and slowly dragging him down to his own high for the second time of the night.
you can only look at him in a cockdaze with no particular thoughts running inside your head, each one formed gone like popping bubbles. your eyes glued onto every bit of his features; the brows furrowed in concentration, the lips parting in grunts, the damp matted hair against his forehead and you drink the sight of it all even when you’re not sure if you’ll remember it all the next morning.
“fuck– it’d be a shame to not cum inside this pretty cunt, right?” his thrusts turn sporadic, dick twitching as a telltale of his pending orgasm that’s soon to crash down over him. he didn’t need to hear your answer as he ruts into you faster, hips stuttering out of control before a low, guttural sound escapes his throat as he shoots hot ropes of cum, flooding into your womb and stuffing you full with his seed.
and once he lets go of your legs you can feel your whole body sore all over, but you can’t bring yourself to care nor whatever is going to happen after this when the man in front of you has given you what you truly wanted and made you feel satiated like you’ve never felt before.
toji pulls out his spent cock and runs a hand through his hair before putting his pants back on. a cocky smirk graces his lips at the sight of your fucked out body, still splayed on top of the hood with his cum dribbling out from your pussy.
he presses your cheeks together with one hand and forces you to look at him, even as your lids are getting heavy to lift.
“i was serious about you being my fucktoy– and stealing your car.” he cackles. “so, do you wanna be in the back seat or do you prefer the trunk?”
Tumblr media
duskamethyst © 2020 • all rights reserved. do not modify, translate or repost anywhere.
enjoyed this work? wanna buy me coffee? :)
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jaehyunnie77 · 2 months ago
You're the One
Tumblr media
Summary: When a mutual dislike for each other turns into something more, just how far can things get complicated?
Pairing: Jaehyun x fem!reader (feat. Lisa, 127 members, Ten, Kun, Sicheng, Jackson, Naeun, Rose)
Genre: the holy trinity (filthy filthy smut, angst, fluff) | slowburn, enemies to ewb (enemies with benefits) to fwb to lovers!au, soulmate!au, college!au
Warnings: alcohol, swearing, sexual tension (a lot), fingering, bathroom sex, protected sex, rough sex, degrading, choking, spanking, couch sex, dom jaehyun, hair pulling, squirting, oral (male recieving), semi public sex (bathroom stall), masturbation (male), bathroom quickie, unprotected sex (reader is on birth control), car sex, slight sexting (not really), mentions of car accident and death (minor backstory), mention of food consumption, mentions of surgery
Word Count: 23.9k
Italicize are thoughts.
please be advised, this fic is heavily on smut. if you are a minor: do not interact.
Tumblr media
They say you're supposed to know who your soulmate is at least by the age of 21. They say you are to at least have a hint or know who they are. The stories you have heard of people finding their soulmate is truly comparable to a Disney movie of Prince Charming finding his Cinderella with a lost item, or a Nicholas Sparks movie/book, where the girl refuses to fall in love, but ends up doing so, just minus the sad scene. You have also heard stories about the invisible red string, hearing their voices, writings on their skin with a special pen, having constant dreams about them, premonitions, and same tattoo mark.
You have heard every single story regarding any of those, yet, you have never experience any of these "symptoms." You are 24 and get the same two questions from everyone; have you found your soulmate and when are you getting married. You are starting to believe he is either one, not born yet and cougar life chose you instead. Two, in a serious relationship, therefore, there isn't any real clues to zero in on. Three, a fictional character because why not. Four, probably got hit by a bus and the Universe is working hard to find their replacement. Lastly and probably the most realistic case scenario, you were destined to be alone and not have a soulmate.
You thought not having or meeting your better half would bother you, but truth is, it doesn't. It doesn't affect your daily life because it doesn't consume your mind 24/7 365 days on figuring out if every guy you pass is the one.
Relationships are messy. Plain and simple. All of your past relationships started off sweet then along the way it got messy to the point you don't even know what led up to the breakup. Though, out of all your ex's, there was only one who you thought was the one and who you call a close friend to this day.
Dong Sicheng. You met him when you were a sophomore in high school and had a few classes together. He was shy and sweet when you first started talking and along the way, you two were comfortable around each other without any more awkward silences. You dated for a year and a half and surprisingly, it was a mutual decision to be friends. You were thankful he was understanding and didn't throw a fit or a scene during your breakup.
It isn't that you didn't believe in love either because you really do, minus all your favorite couples from The Bachelor breaking up. It is just, you always had this logical thinking of 'if it happens, it happens' mentality, because realistically, nothing in life is always guaranteed. You wish you could wake up one morning and bam, your soulmate appears and live happily ever after, but sadly, that's not your case.
Once you figured out during your first year of college that finding your other half was slim, you went with the hookups and fuck buddies route. There were no commitments and no feelings involved. Just sex for a stress reliever.
On top of that, you don't think you would have time for a relationship anyway. Now that you were close to graduating, that is all you can think of - passing your classes, earning that degree, and having a stable life to support yourself.
Yeah, relationships are definitely not your top priority right now.
You just arrived in your apartment when your roommate Lisa jumps in front of you with a big smile and excited energy. She gives you an unexpected hug as you hug her back in confusion.
"Uhh, did I miss a celebration?"
She pulls away from you and her smile gets even wider, "Y/N, guess what?"
At that exact moment, your two other best friends, Mark and Jungwoo, pop out from the hallway and head towards the couch.
"Um you -"
"I found him! I finally found my soulmate! I was in the practice room going over my dance routine for the spring final and I heard his voice! I know, so cliché, but remember when I was telling I felt off and the universe was telling me something? Yeah! I think it for this exact moment. When I heard his voice, I freaked out and I thought I was just hearing things, but then I heard him again. Out of curiosity, I said something mentally and he freaked out too! And get this," she yanks your arm back and forth from all the excitement, "he goes to the same university. He's throwing a party tomorrow night and you have to go with me!" Lisa is radiating beyond excitement at this point. All you could do is look at her and feel that same happiness for her.
"I am so ecstatic for you Lis! You've literally have been manifesting for this moment for so long and now you get to meet him."
"So will you come to the party with me? Please." She gives you those puppy eyes with a tiny pout that she knows you can't resist.
Sighing you give in, "Yes, not only because you're dragging me, but I need to know if he's a good guy."
Lisa practically jumps up and down as she hurries off into her room on the other side of the wall squealing like a happy kid in a candy store. You laugh at her reaction and make your way to the boys who look annoyed. "What's the matter with you two?"
"She told this story four times already, while our Markie is going through it with his own dilemma." Jungwoo says patting Mark on the shoulders. Mark groans into the pillow in frustration as Jungwoo heavily sighs looking at you, "We saw Haru with another guy when we were waiting for Lisa. She looked ... happy."
Your jaw drops and your heart aches for the younger. "I am so sorry Markie. Have you two talked about what you will do if you want to be with other people?"
Mark shook his head, "No, I mean I thought we would be able to work it out or give it a chance at least. How can she do this to me?" Mark says the last part quietly. You give him a side hug just as Lisa walks back into the room and observes the sight in front of her.
"Okay, what happened?"
"Mark is going through it right now."
Lisa's eyes widen as she crosses the room to sit in front of the younger. "I'm so sorry I've been throwing around my happiness in your face. Markie, why didn't you say anything?"
"I didn't want to ruin your moment. You deserve it so much and I'll be okay. I promise." he smiles sadly.
"Do we have to kick her ass? Y/N and I will gladly do it too."
Mark chuckles lightly, but refuses any violence.
That is one reason why you aren't too phased about finding your soulmate, because what Mark is going through is one of the two downsides no one likes to talk about. People say if you and/or your soulmate decide not to be together, your connection will be broken.
In order for the connection to be removed, it requires surgery of a special kind. Once the procedure is over with, there is no going back to each other. You both would continue with your lives as if nothing happened and all the emotions would be permanently gone. However, if only one decides to remove the bond and the other refuses, the latter will live their life in agony and suffer from unrequited love.
The second deep dark secret no one wants to talk about is ... you won't get another soulmate.
Tumblr media
The next night came quicker than you anticipated as you stand in front of your closet figuring out ways to sneak out and have an excuse. In all honesty, you rather stay home and binge watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix rather than get dressed and go to a party. You haven't gone out in months, so as you transform from comfortable clothes to Cinderella, you are completely out of your comfort zone.
"Stop overthinking. It's going to be so much fun. You need it. Mark definitely needs it. Jungwoo needs it and I certainly need it." Lisa says as you head downstairs where an Uber awaits for you both.
"I haven't gone out in so long. I'm not used to dressing up anymore." you deadpan.
You get into the car and head towards the party as Lisa turns to you, "If you feel uncomfortable, we will go home straight away. Okay?"
You give her a small smile as you tell her okay.
No longer than ten minutes later, you arrive at the frat house. Before you could inspect which fraternity it was, Lisa grabs your wrist leading you into the house and straight to the kitchen. Mark and Jungwoo were already tipsy by the time you stand yourself next to them. The kitchen and majority of the house were pack with bodies that made it a little hard to breathe and hear.
Lisa begins to fill the shot glasses with Vodka to the brim and raise her glass, "Here's to new beginnings!" Everyone raises their own and take the shot. Vodka isn't your number choice of alcohol, but it'll get the job done to help you feel relax.
After downing a couple more shots, you made yourself a drink to feel more at ease and have a little bit of fun. Lisa was right. You needed a break. You look around the place and notice most of the university's population were present. You scan more around the house until your eyes land on a symbol on the other side of the kitchen. You know that symbol and certainly know some of the people in this fraternity.
You turn to Lisa and lean into her ear, "Is this the NCTz frat house?"
"Yeah. He's part of the fraternity. I'm trying to see if I can spot him." she says back.
In that instant, you see a bunch of tall handsome men walking into the kitchen and giving people around them high fives. This is definitely the NCTz fraternity boys. You had some classes with Taeyong, Johnny, Doyoung, and Taeil. Yuta, Kun, Haechan and Sicheng were the three you went to high school with. Most have girls around their arms or girls pining after them in hopes of being the lucky one to get laid tonight.
You start to breathe a little easier when you don't see one specific person. You smile and wave at Sicheng as he and the rest of the boys come over to your corner. You gave each boy a hug and when you take a sip of your drink, you almost choke.
Oh how you spoke to soon.
That specific person you were hoping you wouldn't see just walks in with a girl around his arm. Jeong Jaehyun. The person you hate the most and you wish every time you see him, he never attended the same university as you.
You two go back to third grade and no, you weren't best friends or friends to begin with. Instead, you two were enemies right out of the gates from the very first interaction.
There you were, little Y/N sitting in the sandbox making a sand castle and minding your own business. You were focused on putting the flag on top of the castle, you didn't notice someone was standing beside you until it was too late. Your castle had been squashed and all your hard work now gone. You looked up with tears in your eyes and see little Jaehyun smirking at you.
"That was an ugly castle!" he yells.
You wanted to cry, but held your ground. "Yeah, well you're mean!" Jaehyun belly laughs at you tilting his head back and face you once more, "You should do better!"
You were furious that you stood up in front of him and yelled back "Well you're an ugly person!"
He stopped laughing and pushed you making you stumble backwards. Your jaw dropped at the sudden action and charged at him pushing him as hard as you could. Jaehyun fell onto the sand as other kids began to swarm around you both and laughed at Jaehyun. He got up and charged at you, but this time you grabbed onto his arms and dragged him to the ground with you. You two rolled over on each other as sand went everywhere on your body. By the time the teachers arrived, they called your parents and separated you two.
Both parents made you two apologize to one another and for a split second you thought everything would blow over. You realize now you were such an optimistic child for thinking that.
Since that day forward, he found ways to annoy you and get under your skin. By the time high school came, you were his number one punching bag for his little pranks. Now that you're in college, you have tried your hardest to avoid him at all cost, and it almost worked for the past four years. Except, now here he is walking towards you and your group.
When his eyes wanders onto yours, he smiles smugly knowing you were watching him before he caught you. Your face scrunch in disgust when he looks you up and down with his tongue poking out. It takes everything in you to not roll your eyes or vomit the alcohol you just consumed by looking at him. You promised yourself earlier that you wouldn't let him get under your skin.
You were both adults now. Well, one of you were.
Lisa's loud gasp pulls you out of your staring contest with Jaehyun when you turn to her. Following her line of sight, you would gasp as loud as she would if your soulmate looked just like the one walking towards you both. He was shorter than Johnny, but taller than you and Lisa. The way he smiles, anyone could get blinded and faint on the spot. Literally. You can spot three piercings on each of his ear with black hair, amazing straight teeth, and beautiful skin. Damn, Lisa is one lucky girl.
"Hi. I'm hoping you're the girl I keep hearing in my head." He says looking at Lisa. She was too stunned to say anything, opting only to nod and blush. The action made the male smile brighter and bigger as he chuckles softly, "I'm Ten." he reach out his hand for her to shake, but she stood frozen in her spot.
"Hi Ten. I'm Y/N and this is my best friend Lisa, who I am one hundred thousand percent sure is the girl you've been hearing in your head." You hold back a laughter when Lisa turns to you signaling for you to shut up.
"Yo Ten!" Mark says standing next to you with Sicheng and Jungwoo. You nudge Lisa to get her out of her head when Mark notices the way Ten isn't paying attention to him and is only looking at Lisa. The younger connects the dots looking from person to the other and loudly gasps, "No! Don't tell me. You're her soulmate?!"
Ten chuckles as he blushes, "Afraid so. She is a cutie. Why haven't you introduced us sooner Mark? If we both have known you knew both of us, we would've been together by now." he says cheekily.
Seriously? He is so perfect for Lisa.
"I can't believe she's really here. I'm still in shock." Johnny says loudly enough for you to look at him. You know he's teasing you, because among your group of friends, you were the only one who decided to take a step back from partying and focus on your studies.
"I am beyond shock too!" Taeyong pitch in.
"Okay. I'm not that antisocial. I do go out every once in a while." you try to explain yourself.
"Go out where? The library and coffee shop?" Yuta pipes in making everyone laugh.
From Jaehyun's perspective, he can clearly see you standing between Johnny and Mark. A sudden wave of annoyance hits him as he sees you laughing at something Taeyong said.
Why did she have to come to this party?
"What is she doing here? I don't remember inviting her." he says loud and clear before downing his cup. He gives you a disgusted look once again when you squint your eyes at him.
"Come on Jay. Not tonight please. Let's just have fun." Taeil tells him.
"It isn't your party Jeong. It's the frat's party." You say before whispering, "Not everything is about you, you coincided asshole."
Johnny and Yuta couldn't help but snicker at your last comment making Jaehyun more annoyed.
"What was that?"
Everyone can feel the tension between you both and it wasn't a comfortable one either.
"Alright! I'm playing ping-pong! Let's go." Johnny grabs your wrist and walks you towards the ping-pong table. You grab your paddle, organize the cups, and wait for the alcohol to be poured, and the boys figuring out who is on their team. Johnny turns you to him giving you a smile, "Can you two please not get into it tonight? We all need a break from referring you both."
"He's the one who started it Johnny. I didn't even do anything except breathe and drink your liquor. Tell your boy to calm down instead." you huff in annoyance.
Johnny chuckles at your answer shaking his head as he looks back to your opponents. "I swear if I didn't know any better, I would think you both are each other's soulmates."
"Ew, please never say that ever again. I'm so glad we aren't."
"Alright! Round one is Johnny and Y/N versus Yuta and Jaehyun." Jungwoo announces.
"Oh for fucks sake. Really?" you say under your breath.
Everyone and anyone who knows you and Jaehyun's common dislike for each other, also know how competitive you two are. So, it's no surprise when the duo teams becomes a solo game in a matter of ten minutes.
You only had one more cup to score down, while Jaehyun had two. Nothing satisfies you more than the look of pure frustration on his face as he aims the ball into one of the cups. You did your best to distract him by waving your hands and talking shit, but that was wasted energy as the ball went into the cup.
He points at you from across the table with a smirk, "Drink up loser. I'm winning this one." You roll your eyes and drink the alcohol.
At this point, you just want the game to be over with because all the pre-gaming at the apartment, shots, and drinks are starting to get to you. After downing the drink, you take off your jacket and get into position. Someone wraps their arms around your waist from behind and gives you a kiss on the cheek before retrieving back to wherever they came from. You take a deep breath concentrating on the solo cup as Jaehyun smirks at you thinking he is going to win this round.
To your luck, you made the ball in without missing a beat. You yelp and jump in your spot when you see Jaehyun's stunned reaction slowly turning into stone cold. You point straight at him and shout over the celebration, "What were you saying? Who was going to win this game? That's right! Who is the loser now Jeong!" Jaehyun took his drink and walks away to probably sulk in the corner somewhere.
You just beat and defeated the ping-pong master at his own party. You won't forget this feeling or this night.
After your celebration, you make your way outside for fresh air and enjoy everything around you. You were finding everything and everyone funny. Yeah, you are super drunk. From your sitting position, you can see Ten and Lisa hitting it off with their bodies being close together. You think you should ask one of the boys if you could spend the night here, while Lisa and Ten goes back to your shared apartment. Mark was dancing with a girl, while Johnny and Taeyong are his wingman. Meanwhile, the rest of the boys were being referees during the body shot rounds. Everything in this moment made you grateful to go out tonight.
You go back into the crowded house and make your way to the second floor to find a bathroom. You take the first left and find yourself in someone's room. You look around to see everything neutral with gray undertones. This room must be either Taeil's, Taeyong's, or Doyoung's room because everything was organized and neatly kept. Whether or not you were supposed to be here didn't matter because you needed the bathroom urgently.
After relieving yourself, you open the door at the exact same moment Jaehyun was reaching for the doorknob You stare at each other and you try to move past him, except, his broad shoulders block your path.
"What are you doing in my room?" he says annoyed.
You scoff, "You wish this was your room." You once again try to move past him, but to no avail.
"Yes it is. How did you get in here?"
"The door was open."
You shrug your shoulders folding your arms over your chest, "Not my problem."
Jaehyun squints his eyes as he closes the door behind you locking it.
"What the fuck are you doing?"
Jaehyun doesn't say anything except leans back against the door, crossing his arms, and looking at you from head to toe. The look in his eyes are dark and filled with lust making your pussy -
Wait! No! I am not sleeping with him.
"What was that shit downstairs? Do you think you can just disrespect me like that at my own party?"
"Again, it's not your party dumbass"
"The fuck it is my party. I live here, so who invited you?"
"Believe it or not, I have friends who also lives here. Maybe you should go talk to them instead." You sneer. You were getting irritated the more he stood there.
"Are you going to move?"
"At least I don't cry in the corner after I lose a game to a girl." His jaw clenches tight. Bingo!
"You better watch that mouth of yours. You're a real pain in the ass you know that?"
"It's called sportsmanship Jaehyun. You should try it some time when you're not busy sulking and crying."
"Maybe you should learn how to shut up and let people win. God, why did you have to go to the same university as me!" he yells running a hand over his hand.
"Me following you? Oh now that is priceless. Do you want an award for being so dramatic or something? There are hundreds of colleges who would take an annoying jerk in. If I didn't know any better, I would say you're the one who's following me."
"Pft. Don't flatter yourself Y/N. If it were between you and the hottest girl on campus, I would never choose you because you're a bitch. No one would ever want to be with you." he spits out.
"The feeling is mutual. Now move."
He cockily smiles when he see the anger in your face. "I see I hit a nerve there didn't I? Does poor little Y/N not have a soulmate? Hmm? Maybe you should really learn how to be cooperative and a good girl and not talk back." He pushes himself off the door and walks towards you. With every step, you take a step back until your back hits the wall. Jaehyun places both arms beside your head caging you into his bubble.
"Don't be mad just because you haven't had a taste of this yet." He looks down at his obvious half hard cock and winks at you
"Ugh, you're so disgusting. Don't be delusional for thinking I would ever want you. I would never go near you. Who knows where that thing has been and I'm positive that every single guy I've fucked, fucks better than you." you spat.
"I'm warning you right now. Watch that mouth of yours."
You straighten up and stare right back at him smiling, "Fuck. You."
Everything happened so fast. One minute you're in his face and the next he clashes your mouths together into a sloppy kiss. You know you should fight him off for having the audacity putting his filthy lips onto yours, but you don't and put your hands around his neck. Jaehyun realizes you're not pushing him away leading him to push you harder against the wall. He parts your legs with his knee settling in front of your cloth core.
Damn Lisa for giving you this short dress.
You buck into his knee at the sudden action and grind yourself onto him. His hands roam all over your body as he unzips your dress leaving you in your panties. He breaks the kiss to get a look at your body and growls at the sight of you as you take off his shirt. He attaches your lips once more as you fumble with his zipper dragging down his jeans and boxers. He caresses your tits and kneads them for a minute before touching your cloth pussy. He moves your panties to the side and slides a finger between your folds.
"You're so fucking wet" Without warning, he inserts two fingers making you yelp in surprise. His pace is fast and ruthless as you try to keep silent. "Do you have anything else to say?" he says with hooded eyes.
"Good luck trying to fuck the attitude out of me."
Jaehyun hates you so much so he wants to prove a point and teach you a lesson of the respect he deserves. While you try to hold back a moan, his face fastens when he presses a thumb on your nub making you lose control. Everything was too much that your orgasm comes unexpectedly.
As you ride out your high through hooded eyes, you see Jaehyun smiling as if he just won the lottery. He removes his fingers as you stand there slump against the wall catching your breath. Suddenly, you hear a wrapper ripping and see him rolling the condom on his erected cock.
You've had your fair shares of dicks in your life, but Jaehyun was on a league of his own. You will never this out loud, but he was the perfect size and the most beautiful dick you've ever seen. His long and veiny dick made your mouth water and for a split second, you wonder if it would even fit.
You don't have time to recover before he's lifting your leg, sliding between your folds, and pushing into you. You don't hold back when a loud moan comes out of your throat. The stretch of his cock gives you pleasure in all the right places, but you will never tell him that. It takes you a few seconds to get used to his length when he pulls out to the tip, looking at you smugly, "Any last words?"
"Fuck you."
"Gladly." He rams the rest of his length in, not giving you a chance for a comeback. His hips are relentlessly hitting against yours and the tight grip he has on your leg is bringing you closer to your second orgasm.
"You can't say anything now can you slut? Your pussy is so fucking tight no wonder you always have a bitchy attitude. No one has ever fucked you."
When he hits your spot, you grab onto his shoulders for support.
"Look at you. You look so pathetic with my cock in your tight pussy. You talk a lot of shit, but can't back it up can you?"
You squeeze around him grinning the best you could making him hiss. "I fucking hate you." he says.
Jaehyun pulls out almost immediately turning you to bend over the sink and spreading your legs. He pounds into you with force as your head hits the mirror. You look at yourself in the mirror and see your fucked out face. You watch Jaehyun watching the way his cock disappears inside you and looking back at you, before grabbing your bouncing tits.
If he was being honest, you were the first and only girl who could handle his size and the way he's fucking you.
"Oh fuck!" you moan loudly.
"You have something to say slut? You like getting fucked in the bathroom like the slut you are?" You were thankful the music is loud and no one was coming into his room to hear the sinful sounds of your moans and skin slapping.
""Look at this tight pussy sucking my cock in." He grabs your shoulders fucking harder into you and making you rest your forehead against the mirror. His right hand snakes its way to your throat squeezing enough to make you lightheaded. You squeeze around him once more involuntary.
"You like that don't you? You like getting choked while getting your pussy ruined?"
"F-fuck." Your eyes roll back when the coil at the bottom of your stomach begins to tighten and release. The intensity of your orgasm has you convulsing from your high. Jaehyun's hips begin to falter signaling he was close and with two powerful thrusts, he releases inside the condom.
Jaehyun falls on top of you, his breathing next to your ear as you both ride out your highs. He pulls out, removes and ties the condom and throws it in the trash. You low-key already miss the feeling of his cock in you. You both redress without saying a word, but not missing the way Jaehyun smirks at you.
When you catch him looking at you, you squint your eyes at him, "You're still an asshole."
"Guess I didn't fuck you properly enough for you to know the definition of respect."
"This will never happen Jeong."
One strand of his hair fell out of its strong gel, making his hair look like a comma as he smiles and looks at you, "Same place next week?"
You scoff, "You and your dick wishes. Like I said, I've had better." Before he could retort, you unlock the door and walk out of room. You can feel it and Jaehyun can clearly see it, that you couldn't walk properly.
Jaehyun scoffs to himself as he looks around the bathroom and back at his reflection, "She's still a bitch. Mission one completed."
Tumblr media
It's been a month since your one night stand with Jaehyun and since then he never fails to mention it to you whenever you're in the same room. If you were out with friends for lunch or dinner, he would sit next to you and hit your leg under the table to get a rise out of you. If you were at the library studying with Johnny or Mark, he would come by and put his arm around you to bring you into a suffocating headlock. If you were forced to accompany Lisa to visit Ten at the frat house, he would walk in the room without a shirt on purpose to see your reaction.
You've done everything humanly possible to avoid contact with him and being around in his presence. The thing is, you could never get away from him. Seriously. Whenever you do try, you would see him walking towards you with someone beside him. If you're walking down a different pathway or the back ways to get to class faster, there he is turning the corner and bumping into you. Never mind those, you would always hear his name either from students in class or the library, from his ex-flings or one night stands, your mutual friends, and even the teachers. If you're at the coffee shop, work, gym, or even the halls of your apartment building, you would always hear his name. Jaehyun this, Jaehyun that. It's exhausting and aggravating.
It's not because you were embarrassed about your hook up, hell, it was one of the best mind blowing sex you've ever had, but you will never admit that, and you certainly weren't going to say it aloud for the universe to hear. The thing is, this is Jeong Jaehyun who has had it out for you since day one. You know he's up to something because Jaehyun always has something up his sleeves when it comes to you and you're itching to know what it is.
You're setting up your laptop and writing down your to-do list, while waiting for the rest of your photography class and professor to settle in. Your mind wanders to what Jaehyun could possibly be up to when you hear a booming voice beside you.
"What are you doing in my seat?" You look up and see none other than the male you were thinking of seconds ago.
"What are you doing in my class?" you deadpan.
"How do you know I'm not in your class?" he fakes a gasp covering a hand over his mouth, "Do you keep tabs on me? Should I be worried for my safety?" When he figures you weren't going to move, he settles for the empty seat next to you.
"That seat is taken." You raise your voice slightly.
He looks left and right, "I don't see a name on the chair and apparently, we can steal other people's seats in this class."
You huff loudly clearly annoyed by him. You look around the room and see there are still plenty of empty desks available. "Can you sit somewhere else? I don't want my work to be infected by you."
He chuckles under his breath, "That's not what you said in my bathroom." You turn to him with wide eyes as more students start coming in.
"What the fuck? Don't say that out loud." you hiss.
He smiles widely when he sees the panic state you're in, clearly enjoying this game of his. "I won't say anything if you don't want me to, but it comes with a price."
You groan internally. Jeong Jaehyun always has a price.
"Fine, what is it?"
He gives you his stupid lopsided smile surprise you caved in as he thinks about the price. His grin becomes wider when he has it, "I sit here for the remainder of the semester, because," he leans in close to your ear and you can smell his cologne when he whispers, "you are sitting in my seat since the beginning of the semester." he pulls away as you scowl at him.
"Yeah, okay. That makes so much sense since I have been sitting here since day one and never once seen you in class until now. Yeah. That totally makes perfect sense Jeong."
"Fine. Have it your way princess. I'll just tell the next person that walks through the door how you begged me to fuck you." As if the universe heard him, a classmate walks in and Jaehyun immediately calls him over.
"Hey Jaehyun, what's up dude." Mike says.
"Alright. Hey do you want to know something about Y/N?" Jaehyun ignores the way you claw your nails deep into his skin. Mike looks at you and back to him in confirmation.
"I wanted to know if you knew a place where I can take photos of landscapes. You know, for practice and such." You interject, kicking Jaehyun's leg and pulling excuses out of your ass.
If Mike was curious about the exchange, he didn't voice it. Instead, he happily told you about a place he usually goes to before your professor walks in cutting the conversation. You bid Mike goodbye and turn to Jaehyun who is silently laughing behind his hand.
"Was that really necessary?"
He shrugs calming down his laughter and focuses on the professor. You sigh and say the words you dread, "You can stay there for the remainder of the semester asshole."
Jaehyun leans closer once again, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. What did you say?"
You turn to him not realizing the lack of space between you both until then. If you had move a centimeter closer, your lips would be on his. "I said you can sit there you little shit." You turn away, but not before catching his eyes land onto your lips.
You have a hard time focusing on the lecture and playing around with the mock camera. Jaehyun's presence next to you was distracting when he keeps hitting your foot, annoyingly clearing his throat numerous of times, deep sighing, and feeling his heavy gaze on you. You want nothing more than to slap him for making you agree to the stupid deal. When his arm brushes against your arm, you had enough hissing him to stop.
A dimple pops out, "Shh. I'm trying to learn here."
Before you can say anything snarky, your professor gathers everyone's attention to the front before dismissing you. "As you all know, the end of the semester is in three months, which means finals are also three months away. I figure since you all will be stress out, I have a little surprise for you."
"No finals!" a classmate suggest. Everyone, including Professor Choi laughs.
"No, I wish. Instead of giving you instruction about your final next month, I will give it to you now. It is solely up to you if you want to start it now or procrastinate until the last minute. Remember, your final project for this class will be worth more than your written final for this class. With that said, I already paired you up with a partner."
You along with everybody else groans at the fact this is a partner project.
"You two will be working together to come up with a nice presentation of what photography means to you individually and together as a team. You both will decide when you want to start this project, but it will have to be finished on the due date. These partners are permanent so no switching." He grabs a white piece of paper as he reads and calls out people's names.
You pack quietly while listening carefully for your name.
"Jeong, you're with Y/LN." you and Jaehyun nod in agreement before realizing what Professor Choi just said. You heard a couple of girls in the back row murmuring how they wish they were his partner instead and you definitely don't miss the sounds of "oohs" and bets coming from the other side of the class.
When everyone is clearing out of the classroom, you run up to your professor with Jaehyun right behind you.
"Professor Choi, I can't be partners with him."
"I second that." Jaehyun says speaking over you.
"Ah ah ah. I said no switching. That is final. I'm sure whatever differences you two have will be put aside for this very important project. I put you two together because you're both my most hardworking students and have a real talent in photography. I can see how that may seem like a competition between you two, but think of the greater good."
"Wait. What? Since when has he been in our class?"
Mr. Choi gives you a pointed look, "Mr. Jeong has been taking this course online due to personal reasons. It's entirely up to him if he wishes to disclose that with you. As I have said, you two are my top best students. I believe you both can benefit from this. Bounce ideas off of each other." He looks at his watch, "If there are any more questions, please come by my office during hours. Have fun doing this project kiddos."
You look at his walking figure until he is out of your sight. You're completely stun at what just happen.
"Well won't you look at that ... partner." Jaehyun says in disgust.
You face him and glare at the boy, "You do your part and I will do mine. I rather have us do this separately and put everything together when we're done. We are not going anywhere together to take pictures, because if we do so help me I don't run you over."
"Is that supposed to be a threat? Do you even have a car?" he belly laughs making you exhale loudly in annoyance turning around to leave. Jaehyun watches your figure walk towards the exit and out the doors. "Mission two completed."
"You're doing it wrong!" you exasperate. You're sitting in the living room at the frat house trying to come up with a vision board on how to present your photos for the project. Let's face it, you rather be anywhere but here in this house with Jaehyun.
"No I'm not! This is how it's supposed to look like." Jaehyun yells. He looks around before his eyes land on the piece of paper of requirements showing it to you. "See! This is what he wants verbatim."
You scan the paper quickly before pointing out the obvious, "Dumbass it says right here 'OR.' Nothing in here says it has to be exactly like this. We're doing it my way."
"Absolutely not! This is what he wrote on the paper and we are giving him exactly that."
"No we're not!" You quickly got up going over to the vision board to start rearranging to your liking. "This is all over the place. I am not failing this class over this stupid project just because of your tiny brain is stubborn!"
Jaehyun gets up and undoes everything you just put up. "No!"
You argue back and forth over which idea is better, neither one is listening to the other. You didn't realize when or how you got so close to one's face suddenly. You can feel his breath fanning over your face and if you dare to exhale, your chest would touch his.
He looks at you when he also comes to the same realization once you've stopped talking. He looks down at your plump lips and unconsciously wets his own. You watch everything unfold when he grabs your head to crash your mouths together.
You're taken by surprise and back your head away a little, but Jaehyun chases you and you give in. The kiss is rough and needy just like the first time, except alcohol is nowhere present this time. He lifts up your shirt as you do the same to his and he wastes no time unhooking your bra.
You both are in need of a release. You pull him closer to you continuing your steamy make out session, your arms around his neck as he places both hands on your ass, giving them a hard squeeze before giving them a slap. You yelp in his mouth at the sudden action and Jaehyun walks you back until your legs hit the arm of the couch.
You undo the zipper to your jeans with success just as he pulls down his sweatpants and boxers with ease. Before you could look his hard dick, he turns you around and bends you over the couch. He finishes pulling down your jeans and underwear for you and starts to rub circles on your bare ass before slapping it once more.
His index fingers finds your slit, teasing your pussy and getting harder by the second from how dripping wet you are for him. He inserts two fingers making you gasp and arching your back. He loves the way you sound and the sound your wet pussy makes.
Jaehyun can't wait anymore and takes out his fingers.
"Condom in my bag." you tell him. He finds the wrapper, tearing the package and rolling it on. He pumps himself a few times before positioning himself at your entrance and ramming into you at full force.
You find yourself sinking down into the couch from his thrust and you try to grab anything to keep you balance. Jaehyun wasn't having any mercy on you as he relentlessly pounds deeper into you.
"You're so fucking wet. I bet no one fucks you this good before." He slaps your left ass cheek before soothing it and slapping once more. "Why can't you just listen to me for once?" he slaps your right ass cheek making your pussy clench around his cock. You feel the tight knot at the bottom of your stomach becoming tighter with every thrust and slap.
"Never." You confess.
He makes an inhumane sound pulling your hair to arch your back. The new position has you seeing fireworks and making your head empty. "Oh my God. Fuck!" Everything Jaehyun is doing is turning you on so much more.
You chant fuck as your eyes roll back when your orgasm washes over you.
Jaehyun feels your tightening around him making him angry, "Fucking slut. Did I tell you that you could cum? You're leaving a mess in my living room floor." He nonetheless fucks you through your orgasm never once making the intention on slowing down.
He lets go of your hair and shoulders making you fall forward into the couch. Jaehyun pulls out shortly only to spread your legs further apart and ram into you again. "No wonder you always have a bitchy attitude. No one has been fucking you."
"F-fuck y-you."
Your loud moans and the way your hips move back to meet his thrusts were enough to make Jaehyun cum into the condom. Once he pulls out, you get up from your position and search for your clothes when he grabs your arm and pushes you against the nearest wall. "Where do you think you're going? Did I say I was done with you?" he smirks when you give him a confuse look.
He inserts two fingers into your already sensitive core making you shudder in his grasp. Your hands make their way to his shoulders holding onto him for dear life as he pumps into you.
"If I let you come, will you listen to me?"
"You w-wish." you keep your intense eyes on him, but the force of his fingers curling is making you see the stars.
"Then you won't get to come." He stills his fingers making you whine. Jaehyun takes a mental image of this moment to use for another time.
"Jaehyun what the fuck!"
"Tell me you'll listen to me and I'll let you come sweetheart."
He presses his thumb to your clit and your voice betrays you, "Fuck! Yes, yes, yes!"
He smiles satisfied, "Good girl." He kisses your cheek and resumes his inhumane pace curling his fingers once more and hitting your g-spot perfectly bringing you closer to your orgasm.
"Come for me slut. Let it all go."
Your nails scratch his back when you feel hot and tingly all over your body and your orgasm hits making you close your eyes. Your juices spill out of you and coats his entire hand. You slump your head against his chest to catch your breath from your mind-blowing orgasm.
"Holy shit." You open your eyes to see him giving you a look you have never seen before towards you. Jeong Jaehyun is actually smiling at you in awe.
"That's so fucking sexy."
You look down at his hand and find your juices on his hand and leaking down your leg onto the floor.
In all of your sexual experiences, no one has ever made you squirt other than your favorite dildo. You can't believe Jeong Jaehyun is the first person to make you squirt. Embarrassment and annoyance takes over when you straighten back up.
Jaehyun can see right through you, "Aw, is someone embarrassed? Was this supposed to be a secret?"
"No. Shut up." You walk over to your discarded clothes, ignoring the soreness between your legs. Once again, Jaehyun can see you struggling to walk. After you both redress, you try to focus on the project at hand, but you want nothing more than to sleep.
You were sober. He was sober. How? You're trying to analyze how you ended up having sex with Jaehyun again in this stupid house.
It's the stress and the pent up anger. Yes. That's what this is. This was just in the moment one deal type of sex. This doesn't mean anything. Okay, but I just fucked him again while sober. Okay, no this is strictly based on stress and that is final.
Unbeknownst to you, Jaehyun watches your reaction the entire time you're arguing with yourself. To say he is amuse by your deep thinking was far from it. He found it ... cute.
"I have an idea." Jaehyun's words makes you break out of your thoughts.
"No doubt a stupid one no less." you say under your breath, but he still heard you.
"Since we're going to be stuck together on this project and you hate me just as much as I hate you, why don't we just fuck out all of our frustrations on each other?"
You stare at him like a deer in headlights. He really lost his damn mind. You couldn't help but chuckle then laugh.
"I'm sorry, we what? Where did you get the idea that I would have sex with you again after that? That was it It's never going to happen again."
"You said that a month ago and look where you were ten minutes ago with me balls deep in you."
"You really lost your mind Jeong." You look back at the board to avoid his intense gaze on you.
"It seemed to me you enjoy the way I fuck you so I don't see why not. It's just hate sex basically. We both get off on it and you can't deny that."
You eye him suspiciously, "You can fuck anyone in the world, but not me. This is definitely the last time."
"Think about it, we might as well get something out of this that'll benefit both of us. If we're both frustrated we just use each other."
"There's a catch in there somewhere. I know there is." You squint your eyes at him.
"No catch. We just fuck. That's it."
You ponder over his offer. In all honesty, it makes sense just to use each other for sex and release all the pent up tension. You can show him who the real boss is, but on the other hand, this is Jaehyun who hates you since your first encounter. The Jaehyun who is a frat boy no less and every girl and guy on campus waiting to jump his bones in a heartbeat.
Not to mention, he has pulled pranks left and right throughout your entire life. You know he has something up his sleeves no matter what. So, you don't know what prompt you to say the next words.
"Just fucking and using each other when we're frustrated. Nothing else."
He gives you a lopsided smile that you want to slap off, "Two enemies with benefits. Nothing else."
Oh how you wish you could slap yourself for agreeing to this.
Tumblr media
"Fuck Y/N." Jaehyun shuts his eyes for the millionth time as he grips and pulls on your hair harder. The sight of you on your knees in the school's bathroom stall looking up at him with those "innocent" eyes while your mouth is stuff with his hard cock drives him insane. The way you suck and lick his cock brings him closer to the edge.
Just minutes prior, you both had been arguing in the library over something he didn't agree with the photo ideas, and because you weren't listening to him, he had enough. He got up from the table grabbing your wrist to drag you away from your friends to the bathroom where you are now.
You drag your tongue to the side of dick down to his balls, sucking them as your hand strokes and squeezes tight around him. You release his balls with a pop making your way to the tip giving it a quick kiss before having him in your mouth again. You don't stop until he hits the back of your throat earning yourself a sexy groan from him.
You bob your head faster wanting him to come quicker than usual. He takes another quick glance at you through hooded eyes and holds back from his release challenging himself to hold on a bit. He grips your hair tighter when he begins to fuck into your mouth.
"Look at you. Who knew you love to give blowjobs in the school's bathrooms." He relentlessly thrusts harder into your mouth making you gag as tears begin to fall. "Fuck your mouth feels so fucking good. This is your punishment for listening to me."
You feel his cock twitch signaling he was close to his release. "Maybe this time you'll learn your lesson. F-fuck."
Saliva mix with his cum drips from the corners of your mouth when he stills and you swallow every drop of his cum. He softens and pulls out of your warm mouth and lets go of your hair. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand before getting up and exiting the stall. You fix yourself in front of the mirror having a clear sight of Jaehyun still in the stall. Knowing him, he's ready to sleep.
It's been two weeks since you agreed to this insane arrangement and four times a week you two fuck like rabbits. Quite honestly, you're impress by his insanely high sex drive. You're even more surprise at yourself for keeping up with him. On some days, you both would have sex twice or three times a day depending on how frustrated and annoyed you were with each other.
"I'll leave first." you say after a last glance at your reflection.
"Why do you get to leave first?" Jaehyun says slumping back onto the wall.
"Um because I'm a girl and your pants are still down." you stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Jaehyun looks down and sure enough, he is still half naked. Before he could suggest another round, you were out the door.
"Bitch." he says to no one in particular. Jaehyun closes the stall door and stands there sighing to himself. He starts to imagine fucking you dumb in this small stall and having you scream his name for the entire school to hear.
How dare you speak to him like that when he told you repeatedly to not argue back. He's getting hard at the thought of manhandling you in this very public bathroom. He grabs his half hard dick, pumping himself into his hand, just thinking about your tight pussy.
He imagines holding you against the door so the hinges could creak and bang loud enough for the people outside to believe there were ghosts in the bathroom. He thinks about your legs wrapping around his waist and leaving new wounds of scratches on his bath. He thrusts his now hard angry cock into his hand at a faster pace.
He can't stop thinking about your moans or chants of his name that falls out of your mouth. Oh and that mouth. He can kiss them all day and night if he could. Jaehyun thinks about your soft plump lips kissing his neck and whispering dirty words in his ear is enough to send him to ecstasy as he comes undone. After his high, he cleans himself up and splashes water on his face before looking at his own reflection lost in thought.
"About time! We thought one murdered the other. We were about to call search and rescue for you both." Lisa exaggerates when you sit back down at the table with her, Mark, Johnny, Ten, and Jungwoo. Jaehyun was nowhere behind you.
"I was telling them the good news. Haru and I talked and we both decide to give this thing a shot. I mean there has to be a reason why fate put us together you know. Why not test the waters. Our date is this Friday night!" Mark says excitedly.
You turn in your seat and give him a big hug. "That is so amazing! I'm super happy for you Markie." You let go of him when Jaehyun finally joins the group. You can see his cheeks are still flushed with pink from his post orgasm.
"What are we celebrating?" he sits on your other side.
"Our boy Markie Mark here got himself a date Friday night with his one and only." Johnny coos. Jaehyun stretches out his arm across in front of you to fist bump Mark.
"Thanks dude."
"I have an idea. Why don't we make it a group effort and turn it into a group date?" Lisa says excitedly.
You and Jaehyun scoff at the idea, "That's a no. Let them get to know each other first." you reason.
"Yeah, let the two lovebirds see if there is a connection there." Jaehyun added taking everyone by surprise.
"Oh come on please? Johnny is bringing Joy, Ten and I, and -"
"Yeah that's called 'I finally found my soulmate and going on a group date.' In case you forgot, I'm not part of that club." you deadpan
"You and Jaehyun can go together." Jungwoo suggests.
The table is quiet for what feels like an eternity until Jaehyun speaks up, "No absolutely not. I refuse to be around her longer than I need to be. Trust me, you're better off without us there."
"How about you both find dates and we'll meet up?" Johnny suggests.
After arguing back and forth with your friends, surprisingly you and Jaehyun were on the same page for the first time after agreeing to find dates.
When everyone left the library, you yank Jaehyun back. "We're not really going through with this are we? We both can't stand each other." you whisper.
Jaehyun feels his lips curl but forces himself to keep a straight face, "What? Scared to fall in love with me Y/N?"
"Pft as if. I could never fall in love with a guy who is full of himself. You're not my type." you bite back.
"Then I guess we're going on this date with our dates. I don't have anything to hide."
You glare at the tall boy before making a deal, "Deal, but on one condition. You have to find someone you haven't had sex with." you smirk.
Jaehyun looks at you with equal intensity stare "Deal. It'll be easy for me to find a date. I can't say the same for you though."
Before you could rebuttal, he walks the opposite way.
Jeong Jaehyun is still and forever an asshole.
"It'll be fun I promise and if you're having a horrible time, tell me and we'll go home." Lisa says as you both walk towards the restaurant to meet your other friends.
"What's his name again?" you ask trying to smooth out any wrinkles for the millionth time.
"Jackson. He's on the dance team and one of Ten's good friends. You'll like him. Just watch. Oh that must be them."
You look up and sure enough there is everyone waiting outside the restaurant. You see the familiar boy standing next to Johnny. When you close in, you see Naeun as Jaehyun's date and were chatting away. You knew Naeun from having a few shared classes and she's a sweet girl.
Lisa doesn't miss a beat of introducing you and Jackson. "Jackson, this is my friend I keep telling you about. Y/N, Jackson. Jackson, Y/N." He gives you a shy but secured smile and hug.
"It's finally nice to meet you. Lisa never shuts up about you." His voice is like honey and you can listen to him all day long if given the chance.
You begin to feel flustered at the comment adding, "I hope it's all good words coming out of her mouth." You can sense Jaehyun throwing daggers at you and when you turn your head towards him, you two lock eyes and there is a sudden switch in the air between you two. Whatever it is, quickly disappeared when Naeun said hi to you.
"Can we go in now? I'm starving." Johnny complains.
You all walk into the lovely restaurant and sit in the far right corner thankfully away from people. If you didn't know any better, you'd think fate or your friends were pulling a prank on you with the seating arrangements. Jackson sat next to you on your right, Lisa on your left, and Jaehyun sitting directly in front of you with Naeun by his side.
After ordering drinks and foods, you and Jackson completely hit it off. You enjoy his company and the more you talk, the more you found out the similar interests you share. Although you want to keep your attention only on him, you can feel Jaehyun's foot next to yours or his knee hitting yours. You'd kick him as hard as you can discreetly and an evil smirk would come across your face when you him yelp or slightly jump.
After eating half of your portion of your food, you excuse yourself to use the restroom. What you didn't know was Jaehyun soon following behind you and waiting for you outside the restrooms. The only thing on his mind is the way you look in that dress and the perfume you're wearing. Even though he had asked Naeun to accompany him for tonight, he didn't feel anything towards her.
When you open the door, you're surprise to see Jaehyun in front of you. The look on his face is easy to define with lust.
"Seems like you're finally having fun for once." He says walking and pushing you back into the single bathroom and locking the door. "It's such a nice sound when you're not in a bitchy mood."
"Wha-" your words are cut short when he crashes his lips on your yours, his hands finding your waist, and walking you back until you hit the sink.
He slightly pulls away, "Do you know this dress makes you look hot?" Jaehyun grinds against you to show you how hard he is when you feel his bulge through his jeans. "Is Jackson your soulmate after tonight? Will this be out last time having our fun?" He slips a hand under your dress and onto your cloth core, making you buck into him.
"Just hurry up."
You know it's stupid to have sex with Jaehyun while you're on a date, but there is something about Jaehyun that has a hold on you to let him get you riled up and have his way with you.
"Someone is needy tonight. I don't have a condom on me."
"I'm on the pill."
He wastes no time lifting your dress as you undo his belt and zipper, taking out his hard member and stroking it. He lifts your leg up with one hand as you guide his member to your entrance and push in.
You have to admit, the amount of times you two have fucked, you will never get use to the feeling of him stretching you out in all the right ways. Jaehyun and his stroke game were and are always on another level. He sets his thrusts at a rapid pace knowing you're on borrowed time. It takes everything in you to hold back your moans. He kisses you to swallow the escaped moans whenever he hits your g-spot. Jaehyun can feel you gripping him tightly signaling you were close to your release.
"I bet Jackson won't ever fuck you this good." He breathily says thrusting harder into you.
"Fuck right there. I'm going to come."
"Look at me." You lock eyes with him as he places his thumb on your nub making you shake convulsing and coming in seconds. One powerful thrust and Jaehyun empties his seed inside your walls. You feel his warm cum inside of you and something in you snaps at the feeling. He rests his forehead with sweat against yours as you both catch your breaths.
He finally pulls out and you feel both of your mix liquids running down your leg. Jaehyun looks at it in awe and bites his lips when he thinks you look sexy with his cum and your essence dripping down your legs. You clean up the mess and both redress yourself properly before stepping out.
Before you exit the hall, you see Jackson and Naeun talking as if they have a secret code. Within seconds, you can tell by the look on his face that he was much happier talking to her than he was with you. It didn't bother you because that's the same look the rest of your friends at the table have when they're with their soulmate.
Jackson and Naeun look up, see you and Jaehyun standing there, and break apart with a shy smile.
"This is awkward." Naeun quietly says.
Jackson is the first to break the tension asking you if he could talk to you in private. You nod and follow him passing your group of friends until you're outside the restaurant. He clears his throat and even though you just met today, you can tell he's nervous.
"Y/N, I had a really great time tonight and we get along super great. I wish I had met you sooner and I'm happy Lisa introduced us because you're way cooler in person than what she makes you out to be" You both laugh at how Lisa can over-exaggerate with details.
"I don't want to be rude, but when we were sitting there, I could feel this electric pull towards Naeun. I can't explain it. When you left to use the restroom, we started talking and instantly clicked. We both just discovered right now that we're soulmates. Please don't be mad or hate me." Jackson looks down to the ground.
You let the information sink in and smile at him. "Hey, look at me." Jackson looks at you with sympathetic eyes, "It's really not a big problem. I already knew the moment I saw you two talking just now. In honesty, I wasn't feeling anything romantic towards you either." you joke making him laugh. "We are good Jackson. I promise."
He gives you a big smile and hugs you. "Thanks for letting me down easily." he jokes. "Hey at least we became friends out of this, that is if we're friends?"
You slap his arm gently while giving him a serious look, "Of course we are! Who else am I going to talk about Squid Game with, but I'm taking you out next time so I can repay you back."
Just then, your friend group comes out and Lisa walks over to you with a concern look after seeing Jackson and Naeun talking together.
"Are you okay? Do I need to beat him up?" she asks.
"No we're good. He found his soulmate." You smile at the pair across from you. Lisa gives you a sympathetic look.
"We can go home if you want." she quietly says at the same time someone suggests taking a walk by the Han River.
"Yeah and after we can go to IKON frat party right after." Johnny says making half of the group disagree.
You low-key want to go back to the comfort of your apartment, change into comfortable clothes, and watch Disney movies. You figured this would be a great opportunity to take a couple of pictures for your project.
"No, I'm okay. Let's go."
Splitting into cars was interesting to say the least. Johnny and Joy were with Mark and Haru, while Ten and Lisa were with Jackson and Naeun. To everyone's surprise, you and Jaehyun would be in his car. Lisa tried to get you to ride with them, but you reassure her you would be fine going with Jaehyun and needed to talk about the project anyway.
On the drive there, it's quiet except for the soft R&B playing in the background. You look around the car and notice it's clean just like his room that one drunken night.
"So, this is how it feels to be dumped?" Jaehyun suddenly asks his eyes never leaving the road ahead of him.
You look over at him in shock, "What? You're telling me you've never been dumped before?"
He shakes his head at your accusation making your eyes widen, "Not even stood up once?"
"Never. It's always me doing that. Not going to lie, it's a pretty shitty feeling."
"Wow and I thought someone broke your heart and you became the person you are today."
He quirks an eyebrow up interested in what you thought about him, "And what kind of person am I today?"
You laugh lightly, "Well for starters, you're kind of a fuckboy since you've never been dumped before. You slack in class, yet somehow still ace the exams and quizzes, so that makes me wonder if you're screwing the TA to get a passing grade. Also, you walk around acting as if you're high and mighty among everyone."
Jaehyun laughs as you continuing pointing out his flaws. He thought he'd be annoyed with you talking so much, but found it interesting.
"I'm surprise you haven't hooked up with Naeun before."
"Are you keeping tabs on who I have and haven't had sex with? Is someone jealous?" he teases stealing a glance at you with one hand on the wheel.
"Don't flatter yourself Jaehyun."
His deep laughs makes you stare at his side profile a little too long, "If you say so."
Upon arrival, you slowly walk behind everyone to capture the true beauty of the night. Nights like tonight where the whether isn't too cold or too hot and the wind isn't blowing you over, are moments you feel a gratitude for everything. You snap a couple of photos thinking it would go nice for your project when two hands suddenly grab your waist and scare the shit out of you.
You jerk forward, hands clutching in a fist ready to throw a punch at the idiot who made you scream. When you turn around swinging a right hook, Jaehyun moves his face in time and holds your hand.
"Jaehyun!? Don't scare people like that you idiot!"
He throws his head back laughing hard and tapping his thigh. "You're so easy to scare Y/N."
"Jerk." You calm your beating heart and begin to walk towards your group of friends who were way ahead of you now. Jaehyun catches up and walks beside you quietly.
"You need to set up your camera at a better angle by the way." he says nonchalantly.
"And you need to get punch in the face. I thought you were up there with everybody?"
"I was, but I had to go back to the car to get something. Plus, all they talk about are more date nights, so why not hang out with my other single friend who sucks at taking photos."
You stop walking, "Since when were we friends?" you ask confusedly "and I do not suck at taking photos."
He turns around, hands in his front pockets, and bites his lower lip walking closer to you. You can feel his hot breath fanning your face and suddenly the rise in the whether went up. The cologne he's wearing fills your nostrils and somewhere in the back of your mind, you don't mind being covered smelling like him.
"Are we not friends? After everything we've been through?" he says next to your ear. His hand ghosts over your waist and it takes everything in you to not cave into his touch. To a stranger's eyes, they would assume you two were a young couple in love. Now, if your friends saw you, they would bombard you with questions left and right.
Just as you're about to give into him, you break away from each other when you hear Johnny's booming voice letting you two know to head to the party. Silently, you follow behind Jaehyun to his car. Your thoughts are all over the place only full of lust.
Every rational decisions and thoughts vanishes as soon as you sit in the passenger seat. Looking around the parking lot, it was mostly empty and the car is nearly invisible in the dark night. Jaehyun definitely knows how to rile you up and you feel yourself clenching at nothing.
Somehow spending all of these special quality time together, Jaehyun can sense exactly what you were thinking. He locks the doors and shifts in his seat too look at you waiting for your next move. You face him meeting his eyes and landing on his inviting plush lips. You both lean in at the same time crashing mouths and teeth together just wanting nothing more than to feel each other.
He practically pulls you over the center console to sit on his lap, feeling your weight on him. His hands roam over your body, while your hands find their way to his hair. In the midst of your intense make out, you both move to the backseat where you straddle him and grinding your cloth core on his jeans for friction.
You kiss his neck just below the jawline, secretly knowing it's one of his weakest point when he lets out a deep groan. His hand squeezes your hips tighter when he feels the sensation of your lips on his skin. Everything in his body is on fire just from your kiss. You push your dress up and panties to the side as Jaehyun unzips his jeans and sliding them down along with his boxers.
You salivate at his angry cock dripping with precum and hover over him.
"Fuck you're so wet babe."
"Only for you. Shit." The feeling of sinking down on him is everything you ever wanted: the stretch, the slight pain, the wetness, the feel of his every ridge, and the way he makes you feel so full. Jaehyun kisses your chest for distraction as you get use to him. You both let out a loud moan when you begin rocking into him and soon bouncing on him. His thrusts meeting yours halfway.
Jaehyun kneads and slaps your ass every time you come down on him. He frees your tits and plays with them as they bounce in his hands. Loud pants, moans, deep grunts, and the sound of skin slapping fills the entire car when you both reach your orgasm in no time.
You chant his name like a mantra hiding your face in the crook of his neck and he pulls you tighter against his chest. You both stay like that as the waves of your highs calm down.
Jaehyun gives you a kiss on your shoulder, neck, jaw, and lips. It's a strange feeling. Sure, you've kissed during sex, but right after you'd pretend nothing happened. His lips linger longer than needed to on yours when you kiss him back. Pulling away, you study his face and for once, you see a mischievous look in his eyes. You take in everything in sight and ask yourself if he's always been this handsome.
Wait, why am I thinking of him in that light? I hate him. Get your shit together Y/N.
"Car sex is officially off the bucket list." He says breaking your train of thought.
You roll your eyes and get off of him, not missing the way your fluids leak out of your hole. You both redress and head to the party. The car smells like sex and you wouldn't be able to look at it the same way again. Still, you couldn't shake off the feeling that this felt different than the rest of your hook ups with Jaehyun and that's what terrifies you the most.
Tumblr media
Annoying Y/N: We're going on a trip tomorrow morning loser so be up before 5:30AM.
Jaehyun: and why would I want to wake up at the ass crack of dawn? 😴
Annoying Y/N: Because if we want to pass this class we need to start taking pictures dumbass 🙄
Jaehyun: yeah, that's a hard pass for me. go by yourself loser. i have shit to do 👋
Annoying Y/N: God you're so annoying!
Annoying Y/N: You know what
Annoying Y/N: I'll just do this entire project by myself with only my name on it 😤
Annoying Y/N: You can go fuck yourself
Jaehyun: I would, but I should be fucking you to put you in your place 😏
Annoying Y/N: Grow up Jeong!
Jaehyun: you're making something grow harder by the second 😏
Annoying Y/N: 🤮🤮
Jaehyun: is that you choking on my dick?
Annoying Y/N: Forget it!
Annoying Y/N: If you don't want to come I won't force you
Annoying Y/N: I'd rather not be stuck in the same car with you again
Jaehyun: aw, afraid you'll jump on my dick again
Jaehyun: i wouldn't mind honestly 😏
Jaehyun: what are you wearing right now?
Jaehyun: send nudes
Annoying Y/N: Anyways! 5:30 or not I'm leaving with or without you
Jaehyun: way to kill the mood bro 😒
Annoying Y/N: 😘😘
Jaehyun shuts off his phone and lay in bed with a smile on his face. He thinks back to how you were a couple of months ago from hating his guts to hanging out every day with him. Minus the sex, you're fun to be around, even when you don't say anything to him.
He's the type of person who hates the quiet when he's with someone because it gets awkward, but with you he doesn't mind it. There's something about you that doesn't make the silence so suffocating.
The next morning came and you wait by your phone wondering if Jaehyun is going to text you if he's coming. When the clock struck 5:35 AM, you figure he wasn't coming at all. You roll your eyes, grab a light jacket, your keys and wallet, and lock your apartment.
You head downstairs in the freezing cold and your breath hitches when you see Jaehyun leaning against your car. He's wearing a black jacket, white t-shirt, dark jeans, and a black hat.
"It's 5:37. You're late and it's freezing." he says annoyingly in his morning voice.
It takes you a second later to get out of your thoughts that he actually came. "Suck it up. Maybe next time you should text instead of popping up." You walk towards your car and press your car alarm before getting inside.
Neither one of you is a morning person. That's been establish as you two sit there listening to your own R&B playlist and yawning.
"I can't believe you're driving. You're a horrible driver." he grunts.
You come to a red light and unlock your doors, "You can get out if you want. No one is forcing you to stay." You give him a pointed look as he rolls his eyes.
"Just drive." he mumbles.
You decide to drive to a nearby coffee shop to get yourselves coffee and muffins to wake yourselves up.
"Where are we going by the way?" he asks when you start driving to your designation. He realizes he never asked you. Honestly, he didn't even plan on setting his alarm at 4:30 AM last night in order to meet you on time.
"A place." you vaguely say.
"Is this my last Americano I will have before you off me?"
"Eh, perhaps."
Jaehyun's eyes grew wide when your face doesn't change. You let him sweat it out for a couple of minutes while he apologizes for everything he's done and starts listing things he would do for you.
"Chill out. It won't be your last I promise. Maybe. You'll know when we get there." you laugh.
"You're a bitch sometimes."
"I know, but some of those thing you just mention sound very interesting. I need someone to do my laundry and cook for me though -"
"Absolutely not. That is never going to happen now that I know you won't end me."
"But how do you know? For all you know I could be lying." You go back and forth on the topic before moving onto songs and artists you like to listen to. Conversations soon die down when Jaehyun's eyes flutter shut.
You couldn't help but smile at the man before you. His long flowy and fluffy locks are longer when it's not styled back. His cute little pout he does when he's deep asleep is adorable. You'd never say this aloud to anyone, not even to yourself, but he looks so angelic when he sleeps. You come to a red light and quietly swipe your phone opening the camera app and taking a quick picture of him.
You don't know why you did it, but it felt just right.
Three hours later, you finally arrive at your destination. Jaehyun takes in his surrounds only to see tall trees, no cars in the parking lot, a hiking trail, and fields of tall grass. The sun is barely coming up and though it's known nothing scares Jeong Jaehyun, he had an eerie feeling about this place.
Yeah, I'm definitely not coming home tonight.
You turn off the engine and get out of the car with a huge smile on your face. You couldn't wait to get to your happy place in time. You don't pay attention to Jaehyun and the look of worrisome on his face as he watches your every move until you're looking back at him.
"Are you going to come or not?"
"You bring me here to a land of nothing? I'll just stay here and catch up on my sleep."
You shrug, "If you say so. Just know there are people who kidnaps people sleeping in their cars out here." You turn and start walking slowly.
"Bullshit!" Jaehyun yells back. When you don't answer and continue walking, he feels like he's being paranoid and ends up unbuckling quickly, getting out of the car, and taking long strides towards you.
You hear the crunch under his feet when you turn back to face him. If you could take a picture of this moment and the horror on his face, you'd use it for blackmail. You put your car alarm before continuing on.
"How far is this place?"
"Just another twenty or thirty minutes."
"This better be worth my sleep by the way. If not, you're buying me lunch for a whole ass month."
"Okay scary cat." you snicker.
"I am not! I just didn't want you to go alone. I don't want to have you on my conscious if something bad happens to you."
"Mhm. Whatever helps you sleep at night Jay." The nickname rolls off your tongue easily. It sounded nice when you said it and Jaehyun feels his ears turning red hot. You reach the start of a short hiking trail, but before you could start, Jaehyun pulls onto your wrist.
"Dude, you didn't say anything about hiking! What the hell!"
"You never asked for specifics." you state the obvious.
"Liar." Jaehyun squints his eyes at you, but follows your lead.
You both hike the trail with Jaehyun's constant complaints of messing up his shoes and not wanting to carry his jacket around. From time to time, he would look at your perfect ass.
You reach the top before he did and took in the sight in front of your while his voice falls onto deaf ears.
"This is so bullshit Y/N. If I had known hiking was involved, I wouldn't have come. If I wanted to do boot camp while hiking, I would've done so myself." He finally reach the top and looks at your side profile as he continues ranting. "You're buying me new shoes when we -"
You turn to him, covering your hand over his mouth as he muffles the last few words. With your other hand, you turn is head to the front of him. You feel his jaw slack when he sees what you saw with the rising run. Below is a small lake mead with beautiful flowers surrounding the waters.
"Wow." was all he could say.
You smile softly when you see the emotions change in his expression. You take a moment to appreciate nature, what it has to offer, and taking in the air and breeze caressing your skin. You hike the rest of the way down and when you finally hit land, Jaehyun begins snapping photos left and right.
He has never seen such a beautiful place in his entire life. Everything about this place is magical and he felt like a child in Disneyland.
You on the other hand watch Jaehyun smile from ear to ear and completely at ease. You didn't mean to stare at him, but you just couldn't help it. He really did look like a little kid in a candy store. To say you were feeling different emotions was an understatement. You only saw him in a different light because of this place. A place you love that held so many memories for you as a child mix with the good and the bad.
"This place is amazing Y/N. How did you find it?" he asks while taking a photo of a lotus flower in the lake.
"It's a secret." you wink at him when he looks back at you. Jaehyun swears his heart skipped a beat when he looked at you. You stand next to him taking in the lake in front of you. "When my parents were still alive, they would bring me here every spring break when the flowers bloom and in the summer to experience what summer is all about. Ever since they passed away in a car accident, I would come here to feel their presence. It's my secret getaway from the stress of school and life. Now that I think about it, I've never brought anyone here."
He heard what happened to your parents in high school and wanted to reach out, but every time he tried, you'd shut him down. Since then, he backed off on the teasing. Just a little bit.
Jaehyun can see the twinkle in your eye spark a little brighter as you recount your memories here. He can't take his eyes off of you and when you look at him, he gets lost in your eyes. He feels honored to be the first person you've taken here and there's something about you in this setting that makes him see you differently.
You weren't the girl he hated when he was eight or the girl he likes to get a rise out of or the girl he sleeps with. You were just you with all of your flaws on display.
Breaking the intense eye contact, you were the first to look away clearing your throat, "We should probably take some photos now."
"Yeah." he whispers when you start to walk away. He opens his camera app and snaps a photo of your figure surrounded by the beautiful flowers.
Your only intentions were to take photos of the scenery and call it a day, but after an hour, it turns into a photoshoot. Jaehyun would snap pictures of you posing with flowers in your hand, flower in your hair, and by the lake. You do the same for him snapping photos if him smelling the red tulips, taking a photo of a yellow tulip, crouching down in front of the lake with stones beside him, and a flower in his hair.
You even took selfies together on your phones with his arm around your shoulder bringing you closer to his side or his arms wrapping around your middle while he rests his chin on your shoulder. He would set his phone by a rock with the timer on so he could have the both of you taking funny poses together.
The word happy was something neither of you anticipated when it came to each other, but right here right now, you both are the most happiest either have been in a long time.
Tumblr media
Since the trip to the lake, you and Jaehyun start spending more time together just hanging out. At first, your friends were confused at the sudden change, but once you both said you can tolerate each other, they were relieved they no longer needed to hear the never ending bickering.
At first, you thought the sex would be a daily thing since you've been hanging out so much, but in reality, it was becoming less frequent compared to jumping on each other every four hours. The sex even felt different, even though he was still a beast in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, elevator, stairs, or shower. He would perform aftercare for you by running you a bath and taking care good care of you. It was something he nor anyone has ever done for you. There would be nights he'd stay the night and leave his clothes in your closet.
The more you hang out, the more you realize you enjoy his company and the way he makes you laugh. He would come to your place and watch movies or Disney movies, make pizzas or dinner together, explore new places and enjoy the city night life together taking selfies. You would even go to the frat house to spend time with him and the boys.
If the boys were throwing a party or there was a party being thrown and neither wanted to party or drink, you'd make an excuse and cuddle on your couch. Everything feels domestic with him and whenever he's around, you feel safe.
Jaehyun wakes up one morning just before the morning sun creeps into your bedroom. He rubs his eyes and turns his body to face yours on your side. You were hugging your pillow with a cute pout. He thinks you look beautiful like this without makeup, face relaxed, and messy hair, but of course, he will never tell you. He takes a mental image of this moment and takes in your features, your figure, your favorite lotion scent, and he can't help but feel so damn lucky.
There was always something about you that makes him gravitates towards you and he knows he needs to figure it out, but he doesn't want to.
It dawns on him that he's gotten too comfortable around you. Jeong Jaehyun does not do relationships and he isn't the one to fall in love simply because he doesn't believe in it. His parents divorced when he was a kid and his mother left right after. Since then, he vowed to himself he will never have a close connection with someone to spare him the pain.
Yet, he found himself breaking his promise for you. He would find himself smiling when he reads back on your texts, the pictures you've taken together, and he couldn't stop thinking about how far you two have come. From destroying your sand ages ago to laying half-naked next to you.
Truth is, he is scared shitless about this new ordeal and doesn't know what to do. He thinks he has feelings for you, but he doesn't know what feelings are supposed to feel like. Is he even ready to settle down yet?
You wake up when you feel the bed on your left side raise and hear feet scrambling on the floor. Rubbing your eyes and sitting up with the blanket covering your body, you look over at Jaehyun as he puts on his jeans.
"You're leaving already?" you ask in your morning voice with a little pout.
"Yeah, I just remember I have to help Johnny with his car." He says not sparing you a look.
There's something off about his voice, but you blame it on being half awake.
"Okay. Are we going to the arcade later so I can beat your high score?"
He looks back at you and wishes he didn't because you look so happy in this moment. He sighs quietly, grabbing his shirt to put it on, and walking to your side of the bed. He moves a strand of hair behind your ear before caressing your cheek. You lean into his touch when he kisses your forehead. His lips linger for a moment before capturing your lips.
When he breaks the kiss, he whispers, "Yes." He looks at you one more time before walking out of your bedroom and out of your apartment.
Jaehyun knows what needs to happen and what he needs to do, so, he does what he always do best: hides away any real emotion, burying it deep within himself, and put on a facade for you and the world to see.
You haven't seen Jaehyun since that Sunday morning and that was a week ago. You'd text him to see if he wanted to hang out, only to have an excuse thrown at your or short answer replies. You asked the boys if they knew what was up with him, only to be revealed that he hasn't been at the house much and they rarely see him.
You come to the conclusion that you're starting to sound like a concern girlfriend when he wasn't yours to claim in the first place. He could do whatever he wants, but why did that thought hurt you more than you expected?
It was Saturday when you find yourself at Lee's Bookstore. You and Jaehyun found it when you were exploring the area and wanted coffee, not expecting a coffee shop in the middle of the bookstore.
As you browse through endless rows of books, you see two elderly couple together. The man was gazing into the woman's eyes with nothing but love and as if, it were only the two of them. They were cute and it made you yearn for something like that one day.
You were so lost in your thoughts about your potential future, you didn't realize the woman was asking you a question.
"Honey, are you alright?" she asks again.
"Oh, hi. Yes I am. I' sorry. You two are such a beautiful couple. I hope one day I can be just like the two of you." you smile politely at them.
"It wasn't easy that's for sure." the older man says with a smile in return.
"Oh you hush. You always kept picking fights with me. I'm sure that was easy enough." she teases back. They continue their little banter for a few more seconds and they reminded you so much of you and Jaehyun. You wish he were here right now beside you.
"She's a firecracker." he winks at her.
You chuckle at their teasing, "Ah, well regardless of what is was, it seems to have worked out. If you don't mind me asking, how did you two meet?" If it were any other person, you'd feel awkward, but they made you comfortable enough to ask.
"Well we met when we were five and -"
"And he completely ruined my drawing."
"Ah I almost forgot about that sweetie. Indeed I did do that and -"
"And ever since that day, we had been at each other's throats. We would pull pranks on each other, call each other names, and nit pick everything the other person did. I guess it all changed when -"
"When I was the designated driver for our friends in college. We aren't big on drinks, but our friends, oof, they could drink for hours on end. You college kids know how to party." he says giving you a hi five and a grin.
"We figured since we had mutual friends, we would be civil for their sake. Well-"
"It's been a rollercoaster since. What started out as enemies ended in us being soulmates. We realized we had the same mark on our collarbone the more we hung out and we knew that we were destined for each other." They look at each other with so much love and passion.
"After a few months of dating, I realized I couldn't live without my other half and I asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes." you all laugh as you wipe a tear from your eye you didn't know you had.
"Have you always known she was the one or did it come as a shock?" you ask curiously.
"I think I've always known deep down, but we were always fighting that I never realized it until it was almost too late."
"They say these kinds of soulmate connections are the rarest to ever occur mostly because the people end up really despising each other to really look at the bigger picture." she says.
Your mind race all over the place. Their love story sounds almost like yours and Jaehyun's. You were starting to wonder if he was your soulmate.
"I am guessing you have a similar story?"
"Yes, you can say that. It's almost scarily very similar to yours. Now, it's just ... complicated." you admit.
"Oh sweetie. Don't let that little slip up mess with your mind. I've been there before and all you can do now is analyze and come to the same conclusion as us. Tell him how you feel and don't wait. I don't know what would've happened if we both waited or ignore our feelings." the older woman suggests.
"You two are really sweet. Thank you for your kind words and advice and sharing your story with me. I should let you go now. Thank you again." you bid them both farewell and turn on your feet to the opposite side. Before getting far, the woman asks for your name so she could tell her grandchildren and promises to make up the ending for you.
"It's Y/N."
You lay in bed that night contemplating your entire life. You couldn't stop thinking about the story of the couple from the bookstore. You couldn't fathom they sound exactly like you and Jaehyun straight down to the T. You were never one to believe in soulmates, let alone have the exact same story as another couple, yet you're starting to believe in it.
As much as you have tried to forget about him and tell yourself you hate him and it was only just sex, somewhere along the way, you have grown to appreciate him.
You love the way he makes you smile by him just smiling at you. You get butterflies whenever you catch him staring at you from across the room or next to you. You feel the electricity pull whenever your hands or any part of your skin touches. When your bodies are one, you can't help but feel safe and surrender under his touch. He makes you feel like the only girl in his world.
You've come to realize your entire childhood with the pettiness drama all led you to this moment of truth. You look down at your left hand and notice a clear line that wasn't there before on your fourth finger. You try to rub it off, but it wouldn't budge.
Then it hits you. The coincidence story, the sudden mark, the reason you can't get him out of your head.
"Holy shit." you whisper to yourself in disbelief. "Holy shit!" you repeat louder this time. "I'm in love with him. Jaehyun is my ... soulmate." You're suddenly filled with excitement that you can literally shout it out to the world that you love him. You're in love with Jeong Jaehyun. Your long time enemy turn fuck buddy turn to soulmate.
You send him a quick text asking him to meet you at the park that's halfway between both of you. He replies back with an 'okay.' Adrenaline runs through you as you quickly grab a pair of Jaehyun's sweats and shirt, grabbing your car keys, and driving to the park.
You needed to see him and you couldn't wait to tell him how you feel, because surely he had to feel the same connection too. There is no way he would just do mundane things with you every day and not feel anything for you.
You get to the park first and patiently wait for him. As you sit on the bench, you look at the jungle gym playground. Memories of your childhood together of playing tag, getting competitive with Jenga or any sport, and ending it with someone crying.
It's been ten minutes and Jaehyun was still a no show. You text and call him, but he never responded or answered. After an hour, you realize he wasn't coming. Anger fueled you as you get back into your car and drive to the frat house. How dare he ignore you for nearly two weeks, give you the cold shoulder, and standing you up. Who did he think he is?
Upon arrival at the house, you see a swarm of bodies in the front lawn and you forgotten the boys were throwing a house party.
Okay, maybe this is why he didn't show up.
Walking into the house looking like you just woke up, you do your best to avoid the stares and look for the man you need to see.
"Y/N! You're here! We miss seeing your beautiful face around here." Johnny drunkenly says giving you a side hug.
"Hey John. I miss you too. Hey, have you seen Jaehyun?"
Johnny gives you a questioningly look and looks down at your outfit, "You're not seeing him looking that that."
"Johnny please. It's important." you beg him.
"I lost him after we played ping pong. Try his room."
You thank him and head upstairs to Jaehyun's room. Thankfully, the hallways weren't crowded as you made your way to his room. Turning the unlocked doorknob, you close your eyes, taking a deep breath, walk into his room, and begin to speak.
"I know you've been ignoring me Jaehyun, but to stand me up for an hour is unacceptable. The least you can do is apologize and I need to tell you so-"
You stop midsentence when you finally open your eyes and take in the scene in front of you. You really wish you never came to this party at all. You wish you didn't just walk in on Jaehyun balls deep inside another girl. Your jaw drops and your heart shatters into a million tiny pieces.
Jaehyun looks at you wide eyes shock to see you standing there. You hold his gaze a second longer, before the girl beneath him grabs anything to cover herself. You regain your composure, standing a little straighter, scoffing while shaking your head, and walking out of his room.
He can see the hurt written all over your face and he swore he saw tears at the brim of your eyes. There was a feeling in his chest that he couldn't pinpoint. He wanted to run to you and say sorry, but he was still in shock.
You run down the stairs, tears falling down your face, while shoving past people to get to the front door. When the night air finally hits your lungs, you walk a little further before collapsing to your knees and crying to yourself. You feel a pair of arms wrapping around you tightly telling you it was going to be okay. You knew that voice, but it wasn't the voice you wanted to hear.
Covering your face, you lean your head towards Sicheng's chest while he holds you.
"Let's go to you place and talk okay?" he says rubbing circles on your back. All you could do is nod and keep your tears at bay, while he drives you home.
You sit on your couch while Sicheng makes you tea. Nothing in your mind made any sense. You were certain Jaehyun was your soulmate. It was far from a coincidence that you ran into the elderly couple along with you couldn't stop thinking about him. There's that saying that says 'nothing is ever a coincidence, so how is it, you're in your apartment with a broken heart and he's with someone else right now? It doesn't make sense.
Sicheng sets your tea down on the coffee table and studies you before asking the inevitable, "It's about Jaehyun isn't it?"
You nod too afraid your voice will give you away.
"Is he ... your soulmate?"
You take a deep breath and think over your next words, "I thought he was. Now I know he's not." As soon as the words left your mouth, your voice cracks and you begin to cry.
If there is anything Sicheng hates more than ever, it's seeing you hurt and crying. You're a caring person who always puts others before yourself and you have a big heart. Out of all the women he has dated, you were the only one he maintained to have a close friendship with.
He sits next to you wrapping his arms around you and bringing you close to him once again letting you cry harder. "I don't get it. I was so certain."
"Does he know?"
"I doubt it. I was going to tell him tonight. Earlier today, I met this cute couple and they reminded me so much of Jaehyun and I, and I said to myself, "I can see myself growing old with Jaehyun just like them." I tried to push it out of my mind but every time I close my eyes, all the memories coming flooding back. I texted him to meet me at the park and he never showed up, so that's when I went to the house and found him -" you stop because you were about to cry again.
"With someone else." he finishes for you. You wish you could take the image of his naked body on top of another girl out of your mind.
"Do you think you'll ever tell him?"
"I don't think so. I mean look at our history. It doesn't say anywhere in the timeline, "hey Jaehyun I've been in love with since the day we met and I'm sure you're my soulmate because of a story I heard, but let's see first."" you say sarcastically.
You take a deep breath to regain your composure, "You want to know what the sucker part is? For the past two days, I've been asking myself why did it have to be him? Why couldn't it be Minho, Nick, or you. Why did it have to him?"
He squeezes your arms to acknowledge your feelings, "Have you thought about what you're going to do with the connection?"
That thought never crossed your mind and you don't want to think about saying goodbye to Jaehyun for good. Life wouldn't be the same anymore.
You feel more tears prick your eyes and begin to fall, "This hurts so much Win."
"I know it does. It hurts because you care about him whether you tell everyone and yourself you hate him. Everyone in the room can see how much alike you two are and care about each other. And while we're on the topic of everyone, we all know there was something going on between you two." You pick your head off his shoulder with wide eyes and about to protest.
"Don't look so surprise," he chuckles. "both of you aren't that great at hiding your affection in public."
You groan loudly, "Don't lecture me now Sich." You lay your head back on his shoulder as he continues.
"As I was saying, sometimes in life, we can't always understand what our purpose is or why we're link to certain people. We can't always figure out why we keep thinking about them or keep going back to them when deep down we know it's unhealthy. However, I do know, every person that comes into our lives are there for a reason and a lesson. It's life. Life will throw challenges our way and it's up to us to decide what to do. You're a fighter Y/N and when you believe in something, you make sure it happens. You have the biggest heart I know and when you love, God, you love so hard. I know because I was able to experience that side of you. Right now, you're hurting because you're truly in love with him."
Sicheng always had a way with his words and right now they were hitting you deep. You squeeze his middle tighter, "What if he doesn't feel the same and it's all in my head? What if-"
"I'm going to stop you there. I know Jaehyun and I know you. You don't see it now, but you're both the same. You try to hide any sort of real emotion as soon as you feel it because you don't want to get hurt, so you deflect all the time. Have you ever wondered why you always joke when something said is true? He would have to be an idiot to not feel the same way, or if he does and doesn't act on it, then it's his lost."
"What should I do?" you whisper, scared to hear what he'll say.
"For tonight, sleep. Take the next couple of days for yourself and think what you want to do. If you want to remove the connection, I will support you. If you decide you need more time and see where it goes, I'll support you."
"Thank you."
"I'm always here for you Y/N. Now get some sleep."
That night you fell asleep with confusion, heartache, and a dash of hopefulness.
Tumblr media
The following week, rumors had circulated around campus that heartthrob Jeong Jaehyun has finally met his soulmate. You heard the whispers of various stories of him sneaking out late at night to hang out with his girlfriend or they were ditching class together. Everyone speculated when they met when you overheard a group of girls say he hasn't been flirting with anyone for a month. Even your friends mentioned he was bailing out on their plans and parties.
You've tried to ignore the talks, but in the end, it only broke you heart more.
You were hanging out with Sicheng, Johnny, Mark and Haru at an ice cream parlor you used to go with Jaehyun after late night drives. As you sit in the round booth laughing at something Johnny said, you hear the bell ring. Your eyes wanders to the door to see a those deep dimples you've come to love. You look away just in time before he looks your way.
Jaehyun's legs carry him over to your table when his eyes light up from seeing you laugh. He hasn't seen you since that night you caught him in the middle of having sex with another girl. He knows he should talk to you, but he had been busy.
"Hey guys." Jaehyun says timidly interrupting the moment. His gaze never leaving your face.
Everyone around the table is shock to see him given that he's been MIA for weeks.
"Hey dude. It's good seeing you man." Mark says giving the older a fist bump.
Before Jaehyun could reply, a girl with pink hair comes up to him wrapping her arm around his. You recognize her as the school's cheerleading captain.
"There you are baby." Rose says cheekily.
Jaehyun gives her a small smile before turning to face your table. "I guess this is the perfect time to announce something important."
"What is it?" Johnny says looking between the two. Sicheng, who sat by your side, notice how tense your body become.
"You've probably heard about the rumors around school and I just want to say that it's true. Rose and I and dating and -"
"And we're soulmates!" she cuts him off smiling widely and tugging his arms tighter.
Your heart instantly drops to the pit of your stomach and you do everything to keep your tears at bay. Congratulations are said until Mark tells the couple to join you all. Johnny and Mark scoot over as the new happy couple take the invitation with Jaehyun sitting directly in front of you.
Soon everyone's orders come and you share yours with Sicheng. He whispers in your ear asking if you were okay and you gave him a small smile and a nod. Jaehyun sees the interaction and looks down to see you sharing your favorite banana split with him. That was your thing together and he couldn't help but feel jealous. He knows he shouldn't because he's with Rose. He realizes things are different now because he finally found his soulmate in Rose.
For the rest of the night, you put on a fake smile, laugh, and talk to Sicheng, trying not to interact with the new couple. The next day, they made it official in front of the entire school and you spend the rest of your day crying on your bed.
It's been a month since Jaehyun and Rose have been together and every day was a nightmare for you. You did everything to avoid him by changing your routine to school and class. You were hardly at the frat house anymore and did your best to avoid all the place you've been to together. No matter what, you couldn't get away from his scent, the clothes that still sits in your closet untouched, or the memories you made in every inch of your apartment. Everywhere you look you're reminded of the happier moments with him.
You wish you could go back to hating him, but no matter how hard you try, the love you have for him outgrew the hatred that was once there.
A week after they went public, you made a consult appointment to the "soulmate" doctor to get more information on removing the connection. At the end of the consult, you're hit with the cold hard truth that once you get the connection removed, you'll no longer be attached to each other. It's like being wiped away from each other's lives. He'd be nonexistent in your world.
You went back and forth on your decision. If you break it, you'd be setting him free to be happy with Rose. There's also the other possibility that you'll never get another soulmate again. You wonder how you went through all of these years thinking you loved the idea of being alone forever just to feel miserable when you think life is granting you your wish.
Being with Jaehyun gave you a taste of what it feels like to be in love. To be loved and receive love back. You love the warm feeling of being wanted and cared for. Now, you just feel empty. Maybe it was for the best to let him go.
In the last month Jaehyun and Rose were inseparable. He found himself ditching his friends to spend time with her at her house and cute dates. Being with Rose, he feels like he was on top of the world. He felt free and loves spoiling her because his heart truly belongs to her. If anyone asks him what his favorite part of the day is, he would say it's being with her in a heartbeat. She understood him and made him feel things he's never felt before.
He had a tiny crush on her during freshman orientation, but never approached her. Jeong Jaehyun shy of approaching his crush let alone a girl? Who would have known. When he saw her at the party a month ago, he finally had the courage to talk to her and brought her to his room, when you walked in on them. He knew he should have talked to you after sleeping with Rose and finding out they were soulmates, but he figured he didn't need to. You two weren't exclusive anyways.
One night he was lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. His mind wanders back to you like it does sometimes. He hasn't seen or talked to you in a while and when he tries to have a friendly conversation with you, he could feel the walls you've put up once again. Then you suddenly changed seats and he stopped coming to class.
He often wonders how you've been, if you've been taking mental breaks, if you've been eating and sleeping well. He wonders if you hate him again. He even notices the sudden shift in the atmosphere whenever he was around your group of mutual friends. No one would mention your name around him and if he asks, he found himself being disappointed you weren't coming. He know things are changing, but he didn't mind it one bit as long as Rose was by his side.
Jaehyun turns to night stand to turn off the light when he notice what appears to be a small clear line on his fourth finger.
He gasp in shock, "It can't be." He's heard about stories of finding your connection with your soulmate and now he is experiencing it. It just confirms that he and Rose are indeed soulmates. He fell asleep that night excited for what the future holds for the couple.
He and Rose were sitting on the couch watching a movie when he grabs her left hand and holds it. He examines her hand, specifically her fourth finger, only to find no clear line. He's confused, but thought nothing of it. He figures it would take time for the mark to show up, but a week later, it still wasn't there.
Jaehyun walks into the kitchen to grab something to drink when hee sees Mark, Jungwoo, Sicheng, Yuta, and Johnny sitting at the table. They all stop talking as soon as they see Jaehyun by the door. He doesn't like the feeling his friends have been giving him, then again, he did blow them off for the last month to be with Rose.
"Hey guys." he says shrugging off the look Sicheng is giving him.
"Look who's finally home. We haven't seen you in a minute." Yuta says sarcastically.
"Yeah, sorry about that. Rose is at practice, so I came home to take a quick nap." He takes a sip of water trying not to be awkward with his friends.
"Speaking of Rose, since you're in a relationship now, why don't we go on a group date like last time?" Johnny suggests trying to break the tension in the air.
"Oh dude yeah! That was so much fun!" Mark and Jaehyun agree with the plan.
The group date was the next night and it was déjà vu. They went to the same restaurant when Jaehyun and you were still single, follow by going to the Han River. Everything about tonight reminds him of you. The sex in the bathroom, the gazing stares, sex in the car, and everything that has happened since that night.
He misses you and everything about you.
Tumblr media
"Alright class, I hope your final project is coming along great. I am expecting good results. You all had three months to do this and it's due next week. You may go now."
Shit. Jaehyun completely forgotten about the project you two were supposed to work on. He hasn't talked to you in nearly a month and has no idea if you were done with the photos. Jaehyun gets up from his chair when Professor Choi calls him over. Once the last few people empty the room, Professor Choi looks at him
"How are you doing Jaehyun?"
"Um, pretty good for the most part. Can't complain much sir." he gives him a cheesy smile.
"That's great to hear. Listen have you talked to Y/N?"
Y/N? Did something happen to you? No, our friends would have said something to me.
"Um, it's been a while. We've both been busy lately."
"I see. Okay, well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I talked to her this morning and unfortunately you're both on your own for this project."
Wait what!?
Jaehyun clears his throat, "Did she say why?"
"She was pulled away for a family emergency, but she did say you both have enough photos to finish the project separately. I know it's sudden, but I have faith in you Jaehyun. Just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't. You may go now."
Jaehyun stood there like a brick wall letting his brain register the information and on autopilot, he bids his goodbyes and walks out the door.
Why didn't anyone told him about your situation? Better yet, why didn't you tell him about your situation instead of Professor Choi making him look like an idiot. You two were friends, or so he thought you were. Jaehyun's mind wanders to different scenarios, but disregard them when he finds himself standing in front of Lee's Bookstore.
He wanders inside and glazes over the books until he accidentally bumps into an older woman.
"Oh I'm so sorry ma'am." he bows in respect.
"Oh no worries dear. These books can be so mesmerizing." she gives him a soft smile.
Just before Jaehyun can say his apologies once more, an older man walks up to you both. "There you are sunshine. I've been looking for you. I should have known you'd be here instead of the cafe." He kisses the woman and gives her a look full of love. Jaehyun thought they were cute and blushes at the thought of him and Rose growing old like them one day.
"You two are very cute together. May I ask how long you two have been together?"
"Ah, well son, we've been together our entire lives -"
"We just didn't know it at the time." his wife interjects.
"Yes, let's just say we weren't nice to each other. We basically hated each other until one day, we just didn't." He smiles down at her and gives her a longing look.
"How did you know you were meant to be?" Jaehyun asks curiously.
"Well, when we got together, it wasn't by nature per say. We forced ourselves to be civil with one another for the sake of our friends. Then we started hanging out more and surely, we fell in love. I was in denial, so when I tried to move on with another person, I started to hear her thoughts." the older man laughs.
"At first, I thought I was going insane, but it was her voice and I could hear everything she was thinking of. I kept this secret at first and most of them time I was intrigued, but what made me realize I love her was what she thought about me. It was then that I found out that she loved me back. I promise myself that I would do everything in my power to get her back and I'm so glad I did." He hugs her as she wipes a tear away.
They sound exactly like -
"So you hated each other then loved each other?" Jaehyun accidentally says his thoughts aloud.
"Yes dear. He's my soulmate." She turns to look at Jaehyun and ask him, "How did you and your soulmate meet?"
He's taken aback by her sudden question and scratch the back of his neck, "We met during freshman orientation, but recently just found each other again." Jaehyun smiles when he remembers the night of the party.
"Oh young love. Please do tell us more if you don't mind sweetie."
Jaehyun chuckles, "Alright. Well we just reconnected at a house party and we clicked. We've only been dating for a month, but I have this mark show up just a week ago." He shows them the clear line on his finger.
"Ah oh my. What was her reaction when she also found her mark? I remember telling my husband I was weirded out by hearing his voice in my head."
Everyone laughs when Jaehyun speaks up, "She doesn't have it, but I mean maybe it just takes time to show up."
The couple share a knowing look and look at Jaehyun with sympathy who looks back at them confused, "What is it?"
"Son I don't mean to burst your bubble, but soulmate marks usually show up at the same time or when someone is willing to let their soulmate go." The husband says.
"But that doesn't mean she's not your soulmate either darling. Maybe hers is just taking a little more time. Sometimes when one person is really in love, their mark shows up quickly." she smiles at him.
"I hope you have your happy ending dear. Oh and speaking of happy endings, we told this young lady once, I think a month ago about our story. Oh what was her name honey?" She snaps her fingers as she tries to search her memory for the name. "Ah! Y/N. That was her name. It's such a beautiful name. Oh how my heart broke for her. She was ecstatic, but I could tell she was so confused about this boy she was seeing. I hope she had her happy ending."
Y/N? My Y/N?
"Do you remember what she looked like?"
She describes your features from your hair color, face structure, and even the clothes you were wearing that day. Jaehyun couldn't believe that she was describing you. Taken aback, Jaehyun quickly says his thank you's and bids them goodbye.
That night, he laid in bed thinking about you and the couple's story. Their story was exactly like his story with you. He always thought about you, but tonight was different. He remembers the nights you two shared the same bed. He remembers the pillow talks and little games you two used to play. He remembers you would dance and sing out of nowhere and he would join you.
He remembers your smile and laugh whenever he made a joke or simply looking at you. He remembers the long night talks on the phone or texting each other all day if you didn't see each other. He remembers every little thing about you.
Jaehyun tries to think of Rose and how he makes him feel, but after five minutes, he's come to the conclusion that what he feels for her, isn't the same way he felt when he was with you.
This is so stupid. Rose is my soulmate. Not Y/N.
Jaehyun swipes his phone open and opens the gallery app. He doesn't know why he's looking at photos taken from the lake you dragged him to. He comes across the photo he secretly took of you overlooking the lake with a smile on your face. The sun was just coming up and hitting your skin beautifully. He scrolls more and looks at the selfies you took together a bit longer. Then he sees it.
It's a photo of you holding out your left hand to make him stop taking photos of you. He zooms in focusing on your fourth finger and sees the clear line.
"It can't be." He zooms in closer making sure he isn't seeing things, but it was clearly there. He looks at other photos, focusing on your left hand and it's the same mark as his. Jaehyun remembers what the couple told him earlier.
“Son, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but soulmate signs usually show up at the same time or when someone is willing to let their soulmate go.” “… not all stories have the same signs. Sometimes when one person is really in love, their marks shows up quickly.”
His mind flashes back to the day you met at seven years old and hated each other out of the gates. His mind plays everything like a montage of you both growing up, but one memory sticks out in his mind. He remembers always looking at you from afar. During lunch in high school, he had the perfect view of where you sat with your friends. His eyes would always skim over to where you were and as hard as he tried to stop looking at you, your smile was what always brought him back.
He never meant to sleep with you that night two months ago, it just happened. Both of you tried to stop, but couldn't. All of these memories of your time together comes rushing back in waves. Jaehyun was so overwhelm, he decides to go down for fresh air.
He sees Sicheng and Johnny sitting outside on the porch and accidentally overhears a little bit of their conversation.
"Did she say when her appointment is?" Johnny asks.
"In two days, but I think she's lying. For all I know, she could have done it today or tomorrow. I hate seeing her in so much pain Johnny. It's not fair to her." Sicheng sighs sadly.
Jaehyun doesn't need to ask who they're talking about because he already knew. He needed to get to the bottom of this now. He clears his throat and the two men look behind them to see Jaehyun standing there awkwardly. Johnny gets up, giving the younger a soft pat on the shoulder before sitting next to Sicheng.
It's quiet for a moment before Jaehyun speaks up first, "I'm sorry for being an ass for the last month. I'm more sorry for hurting Y/N."
"It's not me who you should be apologizing to Jaehyun."
"I know, but I know she talks to you and you two are close. I don't blame you if you also hate me too." he says sadly.
Sicheng sighs, "You know you're really dense sometimes, but I will tell you exactly what I told her. You both are the same even if you don't realize it. You really hurt her."
"How is she?"
"She's ... doing better for the most part."
"What happened to her family? Professor Choi said that she was pulled away for a family emergency."
When Sicheng doesn't say anything, he turns to look at his friend who looks like he's arguing with himself. "What is it?"
"She - There's." Sicheng sighs frustratingly. He really hates being the middleman. "She doesn't have a family emergency. She's getting the connection removed." he confess quietly.
Jaehyun's heart plummets to his stomach making it hard for him to breathe. So you did know about the connection, yet, you never told him. He never had the chance to decide because you've taken that opportunity away from him.
"That's what Johnny and I were talking about before you came. As your friend, I am telling you this, if you don't love her the same way she loves you, please let her go."
"But I do love her." Jaehyun whispers keeping his tear at bay and also coming to this realization. "I love her so much Sich and I was stupid to not see it soon enough. We both didn't believe in this soulmate shit to begin with, that it wasn't meant for us, but now? I can't stop thinking about her and it hurts that she ignores me even though I know I deserve it." Jaehyun feels a tear drop and silently cries.
Sicheng knows Jaehyun never shows any sort of emotions and keeps everything buried deep down, but as soon as he hears his friend sniffles, he knows Jaehyun really loves you. He pats Jaehyun's back and lets him cry it out.
"What should I do?" Jaehyun asks the obvious.
"I think you know what to do Jay. You've always known." Jaehyun nods and thank his friend for letting him talk and apologize.
The next morning, Jaehyun asks Rose is he could come over and talk to her. In less than ten minutes, he was at her front door and broke the news to her. He expected her to cry and yell, instead, she was calm and understanding.
"It's okay Jay. If I'm being honest, I've had a hunch since our second week together. You were always semi distracted, but I was in denial at the time." Rose holds his hand giving it a squeeze.
"I'm sorry. You don't deserve this."
"Jay, listen to me. You're fine. My soulmate is out there somewhere waiting for me. Go find yours and from what it sounds like, you already know who it is."
Jaehyun gives her a soft smile in return and both part ways with a 'see you around.'
Since leaving Rose's play, he made it his mission to find you, except you were hard to find. He's been trying to reach you for majority of the morning, but you never answered any of his calls or texts. He stopped by your place to see if you were home, but as expected, no one answered the door.
He looks in the places you had dragged him to and still, you were nowhere to be found. He starts to panic when his friends said they don't know where you've been or gone to. Jaehyun wanders around campus hoping to see you.
He finally sees Lisa and Ten heading to their usual hang out spot. He runs up to the couple and tries to catch his breath, "Have you seen Y/N?"
Lisa gives him the same look she has given him for an entire month and snaps, "Why do you want to suddenly know where she is? It's not your place to ask."
"Babe -"
"No. He doesn't get to ask about her after the way he treated her and pushed her to the side. She's my best friend and you really hurt her Jaehyun."
"I know and I'm sorry. I need to tell her I'm sorry before it's too late."
"No -"
"Lisa please. I realize now how much of a jerk I've been and I regret it. I regret everything except for one thing. Please." He pleads with he as he shows her the mark on his fourth finger.
Lisa saw the same mark on yours after you had told her everything that happened between you and Jaehyun. Lisa knows you miss Jaehyun and she could see the panic in his eyes are the same ones you wore when you found out about him and Rose.
Taking a deep breath, she gives in. "She said something about going to clear her head. I don't know where that is though." Jaehyun's eyes spark in hope and excitement. He gives them a big hug. "Thank you."
He runs to his car and drives to the only place you go to clear your head. The lake. He hopes to the universe, he isn't too late.
Jaehyun arrives at the lake in less than two hours after speeding like a lightning bolt. He parks his car, not caring if he locked his doors or not and runs on the familiar path.
"Jesus, why did she have to choose a place with hiking trails." he huffs out making sure he doesn't lose his footing while also trying to rush to you.
Finally reaching the top, he takes a second to take in the beautiful view of the lake and the wind blowing over his face. He scans the ground and his eye catches a figure standing by the lake. Jaehyun's heart leaps and rushes down the trail to run towards the figure. He slows down once he realizes it's not you.
His heart sinks once again. He looks to his left, right, do a 360, and you were nowhere to be seen. Jaehyun lets out a choke and feel the tears begin to fall. He lets out all of his emotion as he concludes that he's lost you forever.
He takes one last look at the view before turning around. His breath hitches, his heart stops, his are wide when he sees you standing there in front of him. Your eyes big as his. He could tell you look nervous or was it surprise? He takes in your features and his heart begins to speed up. How could he have been so oblivious that it's always been you all this time.
"What are you doing here?" You couldn't comprehend he was really here in your safe place.
Why is he here?
Just minutes before, Lisa called you mentioning something regarding Jaehyun. Before you could ask her to repeat it, the call dropped. You haven't seen him in a month and your heart beats faster than ever now that he's in front of you. The visible tears and pink nose tells you he had just been crying.
"I have something to tell you."
"Please let me say what I need to say Y/N. If you don't like what you hear, then you can leave and I will leave you alone." You nod for him to continue intrigued by what he wanted to say.
He takes one cautious step forward and takes a deep breath, "You're annoying to the point I can't stand you."
Your jaw drops in complete blindside, "Excuse me? You-"
"You've always pertain yourself to be this perfect girl and for that you're annoying. I hate that I can't get your stupid smile out of my head after we fight. I hate that I hear your voice whenever you're not around to the point I think I need to be checked in. I hate the way you stand there looking at nothing and look beautiful without even trying. Even without makeup and your hair in a bun, you still look beautiful. I hate that you don't put up with my bullshit because you can see right through me. I hate when you laugh because fuck I swear I get butterflies in my stomach. I hate that you laugh at my lame jokes, when they're not that funny to begin with."
He takes another step closer as you stay frozen in your spot, "I hate that I think of you whenever I'm with Rose or with our friends. If I'm at a party, on a date, or group date, my mind always wanders back to you. I hate when I'm not around you I feel this sense that something is missing in my life. I hate when I'm alone in bed it's cold and quiet because you're not next to me. I hate that I find myself walking into stores we've been to together. I hate that I can't even listen to the songs or movies we used to watch because it doesn't feel right."
You both have tears in your eyes, but he pushes through. "I hate that I was the one who broke your heart when I ran away from you and my feelings. I'm so sorry I didn't see it sooner and I'm sorry I stood you up that night when you asked to meet at the park. I'm sorry for being a coward and not talking to you after I got with Rose. I shouldn't have done any of that, but I was scared. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was scared that it was just me feeling all of these emotions and you were in it for the fun, but now I see it. I see and understand what people say about their soulmate."
He doesn't know when he got close to you all of a sudden. He looks down at your hands and holds them. He can see the line on your fourth finger matching his. He looks at you and wipes away your tears. "I'm sorry it took me so long to say this and I hope you can forgive me. I'm in love with you. I love you. I have always loved you since the first time we met." He caresses your cheek as more tears begin to fall.
"I love everything about you, even the ones you don't like about yourself. I love you and I mean it. I can't see myself falling in love with any other that isn't you. I know I may be late, but I'm hoping this changes your mind. If you don't feel the same way or if you feel like we can't come back from this, I won't push it. I'll accept whatever truth and reality may come. But I just want you to know I love you so much Y/N."
When he doesn't say anything else, you find it hard to find your voice.
"Please say something."
You gulp the lump in your throat and look into his eyes, "I have an appointment today." Jaehyun's heart shatters and he feels his heart is about to explode. He feel his eyes begin to sting once again but prevents them from falling.
You want to yell at him and tell him to fuck off. You want to push him away, but you can't find it in you to do so.
"Please Y/N -"
"I hate that I can't stop thinking about you even when you're a jerk to me. I hate that I can't hate you because I'm in love with you too."
Jaehyun's heart slows down and beats faster at the same time. You smile up at him making him smile so wide, his whiskers shows. He leans down, cupping your face and putting a strand of hair behind your ear and kisses you passionately.
Everything in that moment slows down. Nothing else in the world matters, except for your rapid beating hearts beating as one.
No more confusions, no more games, no more running. You were both coming to terms that you're destined to be with each other.
"I'm sorry." he whispers against your lips.
"You should be asshole, but I'm sorry too."
"No more running." His forehead touches yours as you close your eyes and share the air between you.
"No more running. Jay?"
"Yes, my love."
"I don't want us to change how we were before. It's what made us, us." He opens his eyes, backing his head back and looks at you with a smile.
"Me neither." He wraps his strong arms around you and pulls you closer to him. "Big head."
You couldn't help but laugh at his remark, "Okay, bigger head."
"Thanks. I know it's massive." he smirks. You smack his chest lightly as you both laugh.
"Forget it. I'm not doing this with you."
His arms wrap tighter around you as you both face the setting sun and take in this moment. The moment where the love of your life confesses his love for you and the safety of being in his arms.
"I love you Jaehyun."
"I love you too Y/N."
"Next we have Jaehyun and Y/N." You both make your way to the front of the class and while he is putting in the USB to bring up the PowerPoint, you begin presenting.
Jaehyun was in charge of rearranging the slides and photos, while you were in charge of what to say about each piece.
In the middle of your presentation, you look up at the projector and the photos on the screen take you by surprise. There were photos taken when you both were kids, starting from when you were born to you both sharing the same class, high school photos, photos you've taken at the start of this project, and ending with a photo of you both in bed smiling happily.
It was your love story and Jaehyun wasn't shy to express how much he loves you.
"In photos, time is forever frozen. The moment you hear the click and take the photo, you have memories of what you were feeling in that moment of time. You can't reproduce that moment as it becomes nothing but a memory and a photo for reference. We solely take photos to tell a story and keep those memories alive." Jaehyun looks at you with nothing but loving and adoring eyes as you stay there lost for words.
"And this is the story of how we fell in love."
A/N: Phew! She's finally here! If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! This is the most I've ever written. I think I'll go into hibernation until next year, just kidding. Also Sticker and Lemonade Jaehyun made me go the extra mile hehe. I've had this idea since early April and wasn't sure how to write it because there so much in the plot. I thought to myself, let's write a story with all my tropes - enemies to lovers, fwb to lovers, and soulmates au. To top it off, I also thought, instead of fwb lets make it enemies with benefits, and well we got this lol. The confession was inspired by one of my favorite movies '10 Things I Hate About You' and thought it'd be perfect for this fic. For those who have been waiting for this fic, thank you for waiting patiently. It's been a fun and wild ride and I loved writing this fic. I hope you enjoyed reading my work and please leave feedback. <3
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boatemmyboatem · a month ago
i've never seen a tommyinnit video before.
let's change that.
for the sake of context: i’ve never watched a tommy video. i’ve seen a handful clips of him, and happened to click over to his stream during the mob vote to witness him shouting at i think it was...ranboo??? over the glare. who is this child
i have no fucking clue who jack manifold is
i’ve been subscribed to grian for almost 5yrs now, and recently binged his entire s7 of hermitcraft. also 3rd life and last life. why is he here i dont think he deserved this
i didn’t realize i’d been watching mumbo’s videos for years until he showed up in grian’s s8 videos. funky redstone man, i think he deserves to kill. unfortunately ive only caught up with his s8 hermitcraft but i’m planning on backwatching someday
scott my fucking beloved <3 he’s the reason i got back into mcyt. why is he here??? probably as babysitter since he’s the only connection between these 4 that i can begin to comprehend
ive downed a macchiato and am running on less than 3hrs of sleep. godspeed
- - - -
“most family friendly” sir have you. actually no wait leave scar out of this nevermind. wait scar’s not - he’s not exactly pg all the time is he hang on,
the. the wii music in the background is very fitting. like static in the brain
“my little server, my happy world. like stampy’s but considerably worse” JFKDLSJFLDJF
mumbo’s little “it’s beautiful!” he’s not wrong its actually a very pretty little spawn
“when i messaged you two - the only pg minecraft youtubers left, i thought you’d say no!” “i considered it strongly” MUMBO JFKLDSJFK JUST. RIGHT OUT THE GATE HUH
“i’ll be honest - mumbo convinced me to be here. he said ‘don’t - don’t let me go alone!’” holy SHIT grian these two, holding NO punches damn. honesty really is the best policy
the fact that. mumbo convinced grian. i would pay money to see how that conversation went bc if convincing was involved then this video is going to get so much worse i can feel it
the contrast between scott, tommy and jack(???) having facecam VS grian and mumbo just. Not. fuckin hilarious give us nothing kings
“mumbo - mumbo you’re gonna hear things that you won’t like!” jack manifold who are you. 
mumbo just quietly following after them jfdsklfjdskl he’s. this is gonna go well i think
“i don’t know what’s going on im not used to these sorts of people” these sorts of people MUMBO jfkldsjflkdsjag;
scott has babysitter energy and im living for it
“grian’s ONLY rule is that if he’s gonna do a video with me we have to be PG family-friendly - “ JACK’S EXPRESSION OH NO
“*i don’t know how to not swear! i swear in every [OOF] sentence!” this is going downhill so quickly
grian’s rule. grian’s ONE RULE. how long will it take to break placing my bets now
“if he hears he’s leaving this recording session” PLACE UR BET PEOPLE PLACE EM
“mumbo can i just speak to you for a second?” “oh gosh. yeah?” *he sounds so defeated already
tommy jfkls;ajf “don’t ‘oh gosh’ me >:(“
“do you know philza minecraft” “i - i know of him yeah” “mmmm” “yes” same mumbo -- 
serious why does. they’ve only spoken once what the fuck, 
“[laughing] i’ve been promoted” god he just accepts that alright cool, yeah sure 
what the. dirt block aakjfdhfDKSLJFAKJ WAHT S WITH THE SUIT 
“i take after you, mumbo.” “[cackling]” “i take after you.”
why was tommy so close to the mic for that bit that was so weirdly intimate jfkdlajfd
“grian has essentially ruined my video with his (x5)” with his what tommy pls elaborate “i have no words that that wouldn’t make me have to take this down” OH OH  DFJKDJSDHKG ALRIGHT MAKES SENSE I GUESS good for him he’s Trying(™)
“tommy’s straight up just taken mumbo’s look” grian’s just. i can hear him staring judgementally its so fucking funny
“oh yeah i always forget tommy has a suit he can just toggle on and off” wh. why does he. have that. how often does this boy need a suit i have questions
tommy just. he just says words huh (WHY THE FATHER/BROTHER/SON DYNAMIC IM SO JGLK;AJFKDSJA) “me and mumbo, we get along :D” are you. tommy have you cleared this with literally anyone
grian: pause “what?” JKLDAFJWOUREIJ;AHGADAK
scott, laughing: “don’t look at the family tree it doesn’t make sense” mumbo, helpfully: “there’s loops in it” dont enable him jfkl;afdjak
“you and mumbo come as a pair and i want mumbo. not really you” holy sHIT BRO
“oh. alright then,” grian has left the game AJFKLSAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA KING SHIT 
tommy, immediately backtracking: “awh, grian, my good friend!” grian, having none of his shit: “yeah i called that bluff”
“i just want to prove that im better than grian” scott, long-suffering: “why don’t you have a competition then” grian, in the background, still confused: “at what??”
“wow its really convenient how you came to that conclusion almost like we planned the video --” SMACK JFAKDJFKAD SUBTLE BOYS, SUBTLE
“dO yoU WanT To dO A bUilDiNg cOMpEtiTion??” “grian i want to run you over with a car” jFKLAKLJDKW HWATH THE FUCKJFJDKSL
oh god please dont add stakes to this competition tommy that’s such a bad idea, do you. actually no he fears nothing not even grian this is going to go terribly <3
jfskdlaf the 1% joke
jesus christ. nightmare material. jack you look like you’ve witnessed a murder
grian and. jack. hm. no i dont like this this is going to be painful isn’t it
“why don’t you build a piston mechanism that will squash grian’s family?” MUMBO’S PAUSE i can’t tell if he was considering running with the bit or was just lost for words im jfsakjfk;aj
“that would probably….not help our friendship” “you….friggin’ shmuck” tommy jfkladjfkjs
“grian is a lovely guy” - mumbo jumbo, halfheartedly rejecting tommy's idea to create a machine that would crush grian (and his family)
“oh no wait - oh [OOF]” *his gasp afkjjklawpreukfdljs;a “that’s gonna have to be bleeped” 
“big...friendly man” “that was arguably worse!” mumbo please i suddenly want you in a solo collab. mumbo would you say fuck. mumbo would you let the child swear please i want to know -- 
the immediate yelling as soon as the challenge starts lmao
grian’s sounded so lost and tired through all of this when will they let him go home </3
“what’s your specialty grian? he’s got redstone, what’s your thing?” “i - i can - i can build us a lovely little shack <3” “WE CANT WIN WITH A SHACK, GRIAN”
“there’s a word i associate with the word “shack”, grian!” WITHOUT MISSING A FUCKING BEAT “shake shack?” JFDKLA;JFKDLA;FDSJKL
“......................yeah sure yeah” god how have they not killed each other yet. is it bc they dont have weapons bc i think they’d kill each other 
the entire fucking nether scene. tommy screaming. mumbo just calm as fuck in the background. “how do you get through the day, seriously?” “i feel american when im with you!” “you’re british!”
scott cottagecore beloved <3 and jack blatently just “what do you like, scott” jfkdlafjdsak alright yeah that’s valid, rig the system 
“question for you.” “yep?” “thoughts on sabatoge?” “oh! i’m all for it!” MUMBO yknow what im really not surprised actually, 
“crouch crouch crouch” “you’re not even crouching!” 
“what’s a nicer word than the K-word?” “i don’t even know what the K-word is!” WHFJDSKAJ WHY DID HE SETTLE ON BOSH
grian just dipping to get water. jack’s eager but ultimately useless attempts at protecting him. “i’ve come back at an odd time” jkafsdjfa
“why are you friends with mumbo and not me?” TOMMY -- 
“i’m getting really mixed signals here, Thomas” jkldfjsa;fkKLJFdaskfjajfKSL like breaking out the full name when a kid's in trouble good god grian that was fucking startling
“most people say that when they meet me” jfkladdsjfa
“we need everything cottage! you know what that means?” “cheese?” JFDKLAJ FJDKSA JACK. JACK WHY. GRIAN WHY
god i cant. even fucking comment on the grandma skin why. why does he have this on hand why did he think this was a good idea. who is jack manifold and why. my eyes hurt. grian you understand me 
“i can’t even swear or else we can’t use this in the video” dear god do i want to watch a full tommy vid? i almost want to watch a full tommy vid -- 
“he - he did it for you!” “he did it for me?” “yeah….” “.......he knows im gay, right?” SCOTT JFKDLS;AJFKLDSFJKLS;
hhhhhhhfkfh i cant fucking do this why does he run with the grandmother bit for SO FUCKING LONG IM GIVNG UP ON LIFE AS A WHOLE 
scott’s face theres just so much to unpack ehre jfkdlsajfklda;jfh
FJAKJDSKL the cut to grian idly building after the. the fantasy bit. good for him, good for him only to get fuCKING JUMPSCARED WHY IS JACK STILL DOING THE VOICE JF;AJEFEK
grian is trying so hard to build a house. he’s trying so hard. he wants to win by sucking up to scott does anyone remember the whoreslut survey -- *GETS FUCKING SHOT
tommy is so fixated on crushing grian in some way i cant stop laughing about it, let him commit Violence
“im putting you in charge of the inside, okay? you’ve got plenty of opp - “ PLACES SAPLING “you’re immediately banned” JFDKLA;JKL;AGJAKJFDKA;
when. the Rock. vodka. what. 
oooooh the ghost house level mario theme in the bg that’s nice 
GUMPTION this. this bit also goes on for a long time huh
“look did you see the rug?” “alright that’s strikes two three AND four” “WHAT??” 
grian’s soul has left his body im fully convinced 
“you wanna wait here while i go do wrong things?” oh tommy is perfect for mumbo he knows how to handle a sentient bundle of chaos already
THE PIT. THE PIT. “what’s this for” ITS A PIT. 
jklsdjf jack’s house tour as tommy sets his house on fucking fire
“SIT IN THE HOUSE AND TALK ABOUT ADULT THINGS mmmmmm i once had a wife until she *PERISHED and then i - “ “what is it with you - i’ve never had a conversation other than when someone’s wife has actually perished, about wives perishing!” “WHAT THE - THE HELL?” AARUGHHGHDSHGJFJH
“why are you a grandma today?” - tommy, sounding so Fucking Exhausted (me too, tommy)
p. poggers. Mumbo K. Jumbo has said poggers what timeline are we living in 
“i just want to say - i don’t dislike you.” “ah! thats. good? i’m not really sure where we stand anymore” 
their signs jfksljflksd
mumbo’s suprise that their house is going to be a permanent fixture of the server - kinda endearing or deeply embarassing you decide, 
hhhhh “can i join hermitcraft?” “ehhhh…………” 
mumbo i-joined-at-17 jumbo attempting to politely turn down tommy, currently 17, by far the funniest bit so far 
JFDKAJ WHY WAS HE SO LOUD ABT THE ARTIFACT EVEN PULLED OUT THE SWORD (they were p bad sound effects tommy let’s be honest -- )
“what are the finishing touches?” “more signs that praise scott” 
jack’s chuckle as he starts writing signs and grian’s INSTANT suspicions good job guys, great work
god. jack’s voice is back why. why the fuck
“im underappreciated” jfklsajfdka
grian, ever the capitalist in every fucking server he’s ever on, attempting to pass off the smajor appreciation signs as posters that you can buy. why is he like this 
i keep forgetting that tommy’s in a suit and it’s startling every time i see him from another pov
the. no comment on the poo bit, dear fucking god
jdkslfjkdls typos on every goddamn sign - SCOTT DID U JUST SAY THAT
grian won like we all knew he would but somehow. it both hurts and is so incredibly cathartic
akldjfkdlsjfdks at the end. let tommy swear <3
god this was. a fucking trip. all you uhhhhhh inniters? (is that what yall call yourselves?) you. you’ve definitely got a Guy on your hands. he’s a Dude. tommy has managed to somewhat endear himself to me and ive only seen this one video of him. good job kiddo 
grian’s unending bafflement and frustration is a delight as always. extremely reluctant babysitter vibes, he deserves a solid murder i think <3
i still dont understand jack. he frightens me. isnt he the one who dressed up as the joker for mcc18? actually if that was him this suddenly makes a lot more sense -- 
mumbo is so fucking chill. mans just rolls along with almost anything that happens, and i have a sudden need to see him collab with tommy alone bc. well if grian was the one keeping the “BEHAVE YOURSELVES” rule in place, then. me thinks that mumbo might truly have not given a shit
(and yes ive seen the posts - keep Mr. Goodtimes as far away from here as possible, the collective fandoms would never recover)
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evelxtus · 8 days ago
okay okay so basically
characters: venti, xiao, childe, albedo, and if you possibly can scaramouche
so basically you get into an argument that results in you going to take a walk to clear your head when you feel a pair of eyes on you. you try and call out to (character) but they’re purposely ignore you because they’re mad. just kinda like a “(character) i know your mad but can you come look at this?” and then they hear you scream and come rushing back to you ( y/n can get attacked or just get scared you can decide ) blah blah (character) gets very worried when they hear you scream and come to your rescue with a bunch of “im sorry”s and “i love you”s 🧍‍♀️(cringy i know)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ❛ Eᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙᴇ ғɪɴᴇ !
pairing. . . . . . . . venti, xiao, childe, albedo x gn! reader.
warnings. . . . . . no pronouns specified, angst to fluff, established relationship, not proofread.
a/n. . . . . . . . . . . hewwoo, i didn't add scaramouche because actually i just accept 4 characters per post, at least for now. sorry ;-; <3 hope you like it tho.
Tumblr media
It was night when it happened, so after your heated discussion, the best remedy you saw was to go for a walk alone, and feel the night breeze to clear your mind.
That's what you thought until you heard the branches rustling near you.
You weren't able to see anything with so much darkness, and that sound made you remain static in the place. You decided to call your partner's name, but there was no response.
Maybe it was just your imagination.
Again the same noise, this time closer. You didn't want to look scared despite how stiff every muscle in your body was, so you called your partner a little higher this time.
That creature reveals itself running towards you. You let out a terrified scream, just to notice it was a poor boar, that looked more scared than you, finally disappearing into the bushes on the other side of the road, passing you on its way even without touching you.
The first time you called his name he barely heard it. It was only like a faint whisper that the wind brought him, and for this reason he assumed that you would be venting out there talking to yourself.
“Pfft.” he lets out, after a long sigh. It left him more exhausted the simple fact of arguing with you than to fight with any enemy. “After everything we've said to each other, do you still have things to add? Funny.”
Venti heard his name once more, this time something in him woke up, and his attitude seems more serious and attentive than before. His heart was beginning to beat strongly, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he looked in the direction you had previously left.
It wasn't until he heard you scream that those strong heartbeats seemed to stop in terror at the thought that something had happened to you while he was purposely ignoring you. How could he forgive himself?
Without realizing it, his feet already had him running towards you relentlessly, finally finding you crouched down with your eyes closing tightly and covering your head with your arms, waiting to receive an attack that was not going to come.
Venti was prepared with his bow, or prepared to summon a hurricane if necessary to save you, but all he did at such a scene was kneel before you and take your hands, separating them from your head as he desperately tried to get you to look back at him.
“Shh, shh, y/n. I'm here... look at me... please look at me... nothing's wrong, there's no danger around.”
At those words, you opened your eyes slowly, meeting the tearful eyes of Venti, who hugged you when your gazes connected. That way you wouldn't see a few tears falling down his cheeks.
“Forgive me for leaving you alone. It's my fault, sorry, sorry... I love you, I'll never let you go again.”
Bonus: when Venti realized that you screamed because a little boar scared you, he bursted out laughing. He wasn't sure if it was because the scene was funny in his mind, or he was just relieved that it wasn't anything really dangerous.
Were you calling his name? Well, keep doing it, because there is no way that an adepti will succumb to the temptation of ever seeing a mere human like you. A human who minutes before made him completely lose his composure. Ignoring you now was your punishment, and his own too.
Your scream made all thoughts of the arguing dissolve, making him return violently to reality. With the spear in hand and his fist white due to the force he was using while holding his weapon, he appeared before you, taking a step forward and meeting... absolutely nothing dangerous.
Seeing you over his shoulder, he carelessly tossed the spear aside and kneeled before you, putting his gloved hands on your shoulders, on your cheeks, on your hair.
“What happened? Who hurt you? Which direction did they go?” his incessant questions accompanied every movement of his hands in search of any wound on your skin, until finally you calmed down.
“I'm fine, sorry for the scare I gave you... There's no danger.”
Your words caused the boy to drop his head in relief, leaning his forehead against your shoulder and feeling a great weight leave his body. With one knee bowed to the ground in front of you, he closed his eyes tightly.
“y/n... my apologies for not appearing when you called. I am the one to blame for everything. I must protect you... because I love you. It's the least I can do for you, and I'm not even able to do it right...”
His sadness begins to turn into rage, you can tell by how his muscles begin to tense under your soft touch.
Bonus: A few simple sweet words and you will have the boy totally melted in your arms, allowing you to caress him as you wish. He is so glad to be by your side again... safe and sound.
You were calling him? yeah. Did he care? nah. He won that argument, the fact that you left his sight just to calm down and take a walk was as if you had accepted defeat for him.
So, he's not coming back for you.
Or so he thought until your scream made him run in your direction like he had never done before in his life.
He was panting when he reached his destination, looking around him for any hint of danger, extending an arm slightly at his side, in a gesture of protection before you.
“...? Are you okay?” he asked hurrying to get you up carefully, letting you lean on him. Any rancor in that discussion was a thing of the past.
His gaze did not leave your face, searching for any gesture of discomfort. He sighed loudly when you replied that everything was fine.
“Oh my, you scared me there. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again, okay? Just... stay by my side even if things get ugly. There is no way I can ever leave you... you get it? Good. Now let's go home... we deserve a good rest. Together.”
Bonus: That night, when you are already lying in bed, he will call you several times, unintentionally disturbing your sleep. “y/n..., hey, y/n, are you awake?” When you answer yes, he will hug you from behind, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “You know that I love you no matter what happens... right?”
He was too focused on tidying up some notes on his table to pay any attention to your futile attempts to get his attention.
Of course Albedo was hearing you perfectly, but he just didn't want to listen to you. This boy was deliberately ignoring you.
When the scream reached his ears, his expression changed to a great concern, leaving him breathless and putting his notes aside, messing them up again, so as not to waste any more time reaching you.
The first thing he did was kneel beside you, gently pushing your head against his chest with a protective aura that you had rarely seen in him. After all, your safety always comes first. His always serene gaze now looked around frantically, searching for the root of the problem.
There wasn't a second in which he released his firm yet gentle grip on you.
“Everything is fine, y/n. Come, get up.” he commented helping you getting up again.
When you confessed to him what really scared you, his expression didn't change one bit. He was still as serious as before.
“It doesn't matter what the origin of your fear was, what matters is that now you are safe. And I must apologize — it was irresponsible of me to let you go alone in this darkness. Let's go back and forget that irrelevant discussion we had, shall we?”
Bonus: starting now, he won't separate from you all day. He will keep an eye on you, alert that nothing happens to you, even if that leads him to neglect his obligations a little... “Don't feel bad. I do this for both of us, not just for you. You get to be permanently safe and I... feel reassured by this.”
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blvckjvckvls · 7 months ago
𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐝. — ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ♡ part of @kaijime’s dilf collab ♡ —
Tumblr media
summary: iwaizumi is starting to think he should feel bad for the thoughts he has about his babysitter. a/n: i wrote over 2k words of this in one hour that’s all i got for you...thank you so much viko for hosting this sexy ass collab!! contains: divorcee!dilf!iwaizumi x f!reader, extreme breeding/impregnation kink, age gap, daddy kink, lowkey a little soft, mention of alcohol, dumbification if you squint. w/c: 3.4k+
Tumblr media
He’s starting to think that maybe he should feel bad. Maybe he shouldn’t be staring at his babysitter-turned-nanny playing with his son while thinking about bending her over and shoving her face against the rough carpet-like material in the trunk of his mini-van while he fucks her until she can’t stand anymore. But when you were so cute- always dressed up and proudly parading his own flesh and blood around like they were your flesh and blood, smiling at the toddler and hugging him close while he giggled, it was the only thought on his mind.
Iwaizumi had hired you on as a babysitter while he’d still been married to his wife- Yuuki’s mom- to come by once or twice a week while their work schedules overlapped. That had been a few years back, and he’d managed to entice you over to his side during the divorce thanks in no small part to a hefty salary increase. What he hadn’t expected was for his ex-wife to completely disappear from the country, leaving him as the sole caretaker for their son. 
It wasn’t exactly like he could leave his job as the fucking national volleyball team’s athletic trainer and work a more flexible scheduled job- especially not if he wanted to upkeep the lifestyle he’d provided for his small family of two. He came to you, desperate, begging you to please, please consider working for him full time. He’d pay you enough to quit your second job as well as provide free room and board in his own home. Being a young college student, it had been a lot to consider. But even your parents agreed that this was a great opportunity and would look great on your resume for your desired field. They convinced you to say yes, to just work your way through school until your graduation, to save up the money while you could. wasn’t exactly like you hated the job, either. You came to care so deeply for Yuuki, almost like he was your own son. He was too young to remember too much about his mom, but you- you stuck out to him. The four year old smiled every time you woke him up, jumping into your arms and wrapping his little legs around your body so you could carry him downstairs. When he first called you ‘mommy!’ it had caught you off guard, your eyes going wide and heart breaking for the small boy. But when you had gone to correct him, Iwaizumi was there, a gentle hand grabbing your shoulder and shaking his head once he caught your gaze. 
“Let’s not crush his spirit,” he started, a profound sadness in his voice while he watched his son run off to the next activity, “we’ll tell him later.” You had swallowed your feelings and nodded at the time, following Iwaizumi’s eyes. Yuuki was so precious, so full of love, joy, and giggles, already busy chasing bugs around. How could you be the one to tell him you weren’t his mother?
Maybe he did feel a little bad. He could feel it every time you padded downstairs, hair messy, dark rings surrounding your eyes. It was obvious you had stayed up most of the night to work on your classwork, but you still woke up early, carried his son downstairs, and immediately started cooking his breakfast, singing cheerily to any pre-school aged tune that Yuuki could think of. He could feel it when you were dressed up for your night off, ready to walk out the door and spend time with your friends, when Yuuki threw himself around your legs and begged you not to go anywhere. No matter how much he tried, Iwaizumi couldn’t convince the toddler to dry his eyes, stop his sniffling, and let you leave guilt free.
And so you stayed.
No matter how bad he started to feel, all it took was a glance in his direction from you, for your voice to ring out “Go show daddy!” in perfectly pitched bells and for you to wink at him for him to disregard that sensation and instead fantasize about what it would feel like to pump you full of his potent seed, how perfect you would look plump and round with his baby. Despite the thoughts plaguing his mind, he managed to smile down at his son, drop into a low crouch, thighs flexing against his track pants, and catch the bounding baby. 
“Daddy, mommy said to show you!” Yuuki raised his little fist and turned it upside down before opening his fingers, revealing a ladybug crawling around his palm. 
“Wow, buddy, that’s so cool. Ladies love you.” He smirks, shaking the child around while Yuuki giggled. “Hey, what did I tell you, huh? She’s not your mommy. Not yet.” His eyes glance up at you, expression falling while he takes in the way you grab a sip from your water bottle during the rare moment of peace. 
The drive home from the park was a little tense, for whatever reason. You were playing with the hem of your sundress when iwaizumi cleared his throat, catching your attention. He smiled over at you and gave a silent jerk of his head backwards, alerting you to the silence coming from the backseat. You turned in your seat to take in the adorable sight, heart filling with warmth. “He’s so cute,” you sigh, settling back into a front facing position. Iwaizumi’s throat went dry, and he had to swallow to remoisten his lips. 
“Do you ever want some of your own?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the road and fighting desperately to keep his tone sounding all but uninterested. 
“Hm?” you asked, caught off guard from the question. You took the time to glance over at your employer. Over the years, you’d expected him to lose some of his muscle, but, instead, he seemed to only grow bulkier, biceps protruding from his tank top as he gripped the steering wheel. Your eyes raked over delicious inch, sunkissed skin almost radiating heat from spending so much time outside, cropped black hair spiking in every which direction, and his fucking jawline- so sharp, firm, and set, that you had to press your legs together. “Oh,” you began, suddenly realizing you were staring, “yeah, actually! I want at least two, a boy and a girl- maybe two girls, actually. But boys can be so fun, too. Maybe I’d like two of each…”
You were rambling, staring out the window beside Iwaizumi as you planned out a future for yourself. When you broke out of your haze, it was because of Iwaizumi’s sudden bark of a laugh shocking you back to reality. “Four only, huh? You better get started soon, then. You don’t wanna be old like me and have to hire someone like you to take care of them for you.” You rolled your eyes, diverting your gaze out of embarrassment for everything you’d just admitted, but still, your head shook.
“You’re not that much older than me, Hajime,” you sighed, lifting your head once more to rest against the headrest. The rest of the car ride was silent- you were sitting there, thinking about his words and the timeline of the rest of your life...he was resting a broad hand in his lap, desperately trying to cover the visible bump of his cock hardening against his pants.
It was a few nights after that when it happened. You could hear the front door open just as you were stepping out of Yuuki’s room for the night- the toddler all tuckered out from a day of you chasing him around the (rather large) house. With a smile, you greeted your employer in the living room, trying your best to keep yourself in high spirits. “How’d it go?” you questioned, tilting your head to the side while you drank in the sight in front of you. Iwaizumi was standing behind the bar, a glass decanter filled with some form of alcohol- scotch, maybe- in one hand and a crystal cup in the other. His suit jacket was thrown over the back of an armchair, white button up half undone and red tie hanging loose around his neck. He looked...shockingly attractive. Ragged. Exhausted. 
“Bad.” His voice was level, head shaking and features scrunching while he poured the glass half full. 
“Sheesh, what happened?” you questioned, keeping your eyes on him while you grabbed hold of the fabric of his suit coat and carried it to the nearby closet. While you busied yourself with tidying up- taking care of him- Iwaizumi watched you with lidded eyes. You really would make the perfect housewife for him. 
“The second she found out I had a kid she was uninterested. Could see it in her eyes.” You sighed outwardly despite the rush of relief that flooded your whole body. It was wrong of you, you knew that, but every time he went out on one of these blind dates that his team set him up with you would silently feel relieved that it went poorly. It was evil of you- he deserved to be happy, and his son deserved a mother. There was just...something inside you that burned more than the silly crush you’d admitted to developing to yourself over a year ago. 
“That’s so ugly,” you sighed, shaking your head as you closed the closet door. You sauntered over to where the man was hunched over the bar still, wordlessly sipping his drink, and took a seat. “Can I try some?” 
His eyebrows raised upwards, seemingly testing the waters and making sure you were serious before he let out a low whistle and grabbed you a glass of your own. “Take a sip of mine first to make sure you like it. This is perfectly good scotch-” you knew it! “-and I don’t want you to waste it.” 
Your eyes rolled as your fingers wrapped around the glass. “I’m not a child, Hajime,” you remind him before tilting the glass and allowing the liquid to seep into your mouth. Seconds later, you were spluttering, hand curled into a fist and beating against your chest to try and shake free the bitter liquid you’d choked on from your lungs. 
“Shit, what did I say?” Iwaizumi muttered as panic filled his veins, racing around the bar to pull you upwards and slap your back a few times. Your eyes were shut tight, tears pricking the corners while you tried to tell him that it was fine- you’re fine- it’s gonna be okay, but he wasn’t listening to any of it. “Get your hands over your head, it’ll stop the coughing.” You let him take care of you, paying no mind to the way his hand was able to grasp both your wrists in its grip and hold them above your head while the other rubbed warm circles against your upper back. 
Seconds later, once you’d caught your breath, he brought his face closer to yours- as if he was trying to make sure you were alright. You hadn’t consumed enough alcohol to blame for the way you stared at him owlishly, eyes darting between his eyes and his lips- shiny from his own drink still. It wasn’t his fault. It couldn’t be. Not when he could see the desire and want reflected in your glassy eyes. 
His lips found yours hungrily, hand sliding up from your back to cradle the back of your head and stop you from pulling back- as if you would. Your body went limp against him, falling into his embrace and letting him do as he pleased, even when his tongue slid into your mouth and spread the bitter taste of the scotch over your tongue once more. His kiss burned- both the alcohol and lack of oxygen entering your lungs making you feel dizzy. 
“Haji-” You tried to gasp out his name but were immediately stopped by the desperate way his mouth consumed yours. After that, only small whimpers left your mouth while he pushed you back against the bar, smirking at the whine you let escape as your lower back collided with the surface. Finally, his hand let yours fall. In moments, you were grasping and tugging at every piece of clothing he had- you wanted them off. 
“Be patient, baby,” he growled out breathlessly, moving to kiss down your neck instead. His hands wandered down your curves, grabbing on to every squish and plush he could find. You were squirming beneath his touch, wanting nothing more than to feel his mouth on every inch of your body. Your hips pushed forward into his, eyes shooting open as you felt something firm pressing against your clothed cunt. 
“Fuck, Haji- please, want you so bad, always have!” Your hands shakily undid every button on his shirt- and he let you. A smirk fell over his lips as he watched you work, his suspicions confirmed. Maybe he didn’t need to feel bad. Maybe you wanted him just as intensely as he wanted you. And, if that was the case, there was no reason to toe around the subject.
“Yeah? Wanted me to stuff that tight pussy full this whole time? Even when I was married, right?”
“Please-” you gasped out, trying to ignore the way his questioning made arousal gush against your panties. Iwaizumi pulled the tie from over his head, tossing it to the ground as he let the shirt fall around his feet. Your eyes glazed over while you swallowed thickly- staring intensely at the way the curves of his abs glistened in the low lighting- years and years of carefully crafted training and workouts obviously showing. He dedicated his life to athleticism and there was no denying it had paid off with the way his planes of muscle twisted with every move, hypnotizing you.
“Please, what?” “Hajime! Please!” You weren’t above begging- it had been too long pining for him, of imagining it was you in the room next to yours instead of his wife when he was grunting and groaning. Remembering a key detail, your eyes sparkled, glancing up at him and tugging him close by the waistband of his pants. “Daddy, will you fuck me?”
His eyes narrowed- the exact reaction you were looking for. Before you knew what was happening, you were turned around and pressed down face first against the bar, a heavy hand holding your head down. His swollen cock was pressed against your ass, grinding just enough to tease the both of you- your combined noises of small pleasure filling the room. “You should’ve asked for what you wanted a long time ago, princess.” His voice was low in your ear, the sudden closeness making a shiver run down your spine. “Always teasing me, talking about wanting a family like we aren’t right fucking here.” His free hand came down against your ass hard, causing a sharp yelp to escape you in surprise.
“Pl-” “I’m gonna give you what you need. Gonna give you a family of your own.” The implication was heavy in the air as he shifted behind you, thick fingers shoving your bottoms and panties to pool around your ankles in one firm tug. The cold air hit you, making you keen against the surface while you sat there- waiting, wanting. 
Iwaizumi is a nice guy. You’re not waiting long before you feel something hot rubbing between your slick folds, rutting himself until the entire underside of his cock was coated in your juices. “Fuck, you really do want this, huh? Want me to breed you?”
Your eyes go wide as he finally speaks the forbidden words. You move to look back at him, but are held down by his hand still, his large body curling easily over yours. “Tell me it’s okay.” His voice is softer, quieter, his grip not quite as bruising.
“...I do. Please, please, daddy-- I want you to b-breed me.” Your voice is quiet, embarrassment from saying such filthy things out loud filling your veins and making your body tense. Iwaizumi exhales through his nose, eyes shutting softly, while he tries to force his body not to cum right there, to paint your ass with his seed. That would be a waste. A warm kiss is placed to the back of your neck before he reaches between your bodies and lines himself up with your dripping hole and pushes himself in.
He’s shushing your cries as you accommodate to the stretch of his fat cockhead pushing against your slick walls, moving his hold to your back as you thrash and try to push back against him. “‘S okay, princess, you can take it. I know you can.” 
Your body feels heavy, your legs giving out beneath you so all your weight was resting against the counter, but you nodded anyway, finally able to look up at him. Your hands clawed at the edge of the surface, struggling to find purchase until he covered them with his own and intertwined your fingers. You whimper at the sweet notion, finally trying to push your hips back against Iwaizumi once more. “More, want more,” you gasp, teeth nursing your lower lip. Iwaizumi looks down to the area you’re connected as he slowly presses his hips further against yours, feeling lightheaded as he watches your cunt stretch to accept his cock inside- like it was made for him and him alone. 
“Gonna give it all to you,” he exhales, slowly pulling back and pushing back in once more. You moan lowly at the sensation of his cock dragging against your strained walls. He sets a bruising pace- the sound of wet slaps of skin drowned out by his words. “Gonna give you a house, a family, gonna take care of you.” He doesn’t miss the way your cunt gushes at his promises, and he takes it as a sign to keep going, dropping one of your hands to reach down and spread your cheeks so he has a better view of your pussy clenching around him like it was trying to milk him dry. “You’re not gonna want anything else but me, our kids.”
“Daddy!” you cried, feeling heat building in your abdomen embarrassingly quick. 
“Anything you want!” A particularly sharp thrust has your eyes rolling into the back of your head, going dumb as your syrupy cunt squeezes him tight. “So would you just let me, and stop acting like you need to go to fucking school and leave us?” “Yes!” you wail without even thinking. “I’m yours! Wanna- hah- wanna be your wife, wanna have your kids!” The confession has his balls tightening and he stills inside you for a moment to calm himself down, to convince himself not to fuck you until you’re dripping with his cum. This doesn’t do anything for you, making you wriggle beneath him and forcing you to fuck yourself on his cock, trying desperately to chase the high you were approaching moments ago.
Fuck it.
His hands find your hips easily, pulling them up for better leverage as he hammers into you, abusing your poor cunt as you squeal in time with his thrusts. He doesn’t have the ability to talk anymore, driven by a pure animalistic need to breed you hard and fast. “Cumming!” Your voice pulls him back and he frees one hand to reach underneath you, rubbing tight, wet circles against your clit. Your orgasm hits you hard- forcing you to squeeze rhythmically around his cock as waves of pleasure cloud your brain. 
The feeling of thick, hot, and heavy cum filling you up to the brim makes your tongue loll out of your mouth, drool spilling stupidly down your chin as you babble incoherently. Iwaizumi’s eyes squeeze shut before he forces them open- he wants to see it. His pace doesn’t stutter the entire time he’s pumping you full of his fertile seed, nearly growing hard again at the sight of his cum spilling out of you, squeezing out around his cock plugging you tight. 
“Baby…” he exhales, blinking back the fog clouding his mind. You whimper beneath him, lifting up your head meekly, letting him know you were alright. With another tender kiss pressed to the back of your neck, he’s pulling back, regretfully freeing his cock from you.
“Hajime,” you sigh, body feeling ready to collapse. Iwaizumi smiles at you and pets the hair from your face. He didn’t know what to do next, didn’t know how to start that conversation. But he knew he was watching his future children dripping from your abused cunt and staining his carpet. 
Tumblr media
@koutaroucutie @c-herri @kiyoobi @arixtsukki @bombardia @semisgroupie @asahis-love @ivsahi @devilgirlcrybabiey
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dogboyvega-inactive · 10 months ago
for y'all on overrated hq
#i originally had a whole post written out but lookin at it there are some things that i fear could be taken the wrong way so#im just gonna summarize it#i truly am sorry for making people unconfortable in the server. that was never my intention. i dont remember any of the things that were#said so i cant apologize for exact things. but i am sorry#but also *please* stop saying im taking credit for things i didnt do with my names#crash orgianally gave me 4 (? i can only remember what 3 of them were) names#the ones i remember are anemone. vega. and *chloe*. not clownie. i didnt take chloe bc it was too feminine#but wanting 2 stay on the clownfish theme i went with clownie (bc some people call clownfish clownies)#they said in replies that they *thought* about clownie but didnt want to seem rude. they never suggested clownie to me originally#yes i am using vega again. it had been taken off of my names list for *months* thought bc nobody was calling me by it. its a kin name now.#also. please dont make it seem like i was constantly pestering b0we abt the trade. i tried to bring it up as little as possible as 2 not#rush him. and do know that i am *never* serious when i say shit like 'im gonna fucking kill you'. yes i forgot tone indicators.#thats not unheard of for me. if it was in normal circumstances i would have noticed + edited the post to have them but i couldn't. bc tumblr#on the ps4 is even more nonfunctional than on the phone or computer. once i had a tag that was longer than 1 line i wasnt able 2 add more#tags. but that doesn't mean i was serious.#i only wish that people would have told me when i was making them uncomfortable so i could have stopped what i was doing + learned to do#better.#no i dont expect anyone to forgive me or for this to make up for anything that happened. i just wanted to apologise#dont rb
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Please can you also do "call him by the wrong name" with Draken and Mikey as well 😽💖
Tumblr media
— Manjiro “Mikey” Sano & Ken “Draken” Ryuguji x f!reader
Tumblr media
When Mikey had offered to drive you to school you didn't think he would actually show up early in the morning.
"Y/n-chan, are you coming?" he yells from downstairs making you roll your eyes, "I'm coming Draken" you yell back grabbing your school things.
Coming down the stairs you hear the front door slam, "what are you doing, aren't you waiting for me?" you ask following Mikey out of the front gate, "let Ken-chin take you to school" he says pouting.
"What's Draken got to do with it now?" you ask feigning surprise, "I don't know, you're the one who called me Draken" he says getting on his bike.
"I did not"
"Yes, you did"
He puffs up his cheeks as he starts the engine, "it was a prank" you say approaching him.
"IT wAs A pRaNk" he quips to you as he reaches out a hand to help you get in behind him, "that wasn't funny" he says looking over his shoulder at you.
You wrap your arms around him as he takes the exit to the street, "yes, it was" you whisper not loud enough for him to hear you, he would have no problem leaving you on the street.
Tumblr media
You're having a quiet evening on the couch, once in a while even Draken needs that. No fights, no Mikey and his problems, just the two of you.
"Mikey, pass me the candy please" you ask reaching out without taking your eyes off the movie, "oi, look at me" he says, frowning, "do I look like Mikey?".
You shake your head as you turn to look at him, "Mikey? What does he have to do with this now?" you ask frowning.
You can feel his body stiffen under your legs, "I just said baby pass me the candy please" you smile trying to grab the package he's holding, pulling it even further away from you.
"The name is Draken. D - R - A - K - E N. Get it?" he says raising an eyebrow. "Jesus, I was kidding" you laugh at his overreaction, "I'm laughing?" he asks visibly serious.
You push your lips out shaking your head, "I'm sorry Draken" you whisper when he waves his head at you to come closer, "okay, don't do that again" he tells you as he starts stroking your hair.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @sanoswaifu @shoto-daddy @gojoussunglasses @imkumichan @aasouthteranoswife @noir-blanches-blog @yunho-leeknow @yukikurankiryuu @duskamethystgirl @analprincessisbroken @sailorvenusislesbian @tojibigfatgun @manjirosprincess @beforethestormie
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sensory-dump · a month ago
Scenario: They ignore you for their work.
Warnings: angst to comfort, arguments. (slight OOC Kaeya)
Overview: Your partner has been busy with work lately and has left you feeling neglected, what do you do about it?
Gender: No specified pronouns <3
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe.
It was no surprise to you that he was busy. He always was. However this time it seemed as if he was purposefully avoiding you. Obviously, you were disheartened by his cold demeanor so you opted to seek help in someone who you know was close to him, or at least used to be.
"Diluc? He's been ignoring you? Is that right...." A chuckle left the cavalry captain's lips as he sighed.
"Kaeya I'm serious! I need your help. I don't know why he's ignoring me! Please just try and take this seriously for once!" You pleaded to the captain as you watched him turn his back to you.
"Why must I always be the one to handle your feuds? This isn't an uncommon occurrence, it's not like he hasn't done this before. Why don't you just do what you usually do and wait for him to be finished with his work?" He chuckled at you. Your relationship with Diluc was never smooth-sailing, and he was always the one who had to give you "love advice".
At first, he was confused as to why you requested his help with these things, but then he realized that although he and Diluc hadn't had a "normal" interaction in years, he still knew him better than anyone else. That was his brother after all.
"It's not the same this time! Usually, he will acknowledge me and try his hardest to make time for me, but now he is just flat-out ignoring me! I don't know what to do and I don't want to just sit around and wait for him anymore!" Your voice was unusually loud as you spilled to Kaeya.
Kaeya was taken back by your sudden yelling but approached you, placing a reassuring hand on your shoulder in an attempt to console you.
"Now now, no need to get so worked up. I'm sure he has his reasons, whether they be justified or not. Why not give him a visit and talk to him about it? If worse goes to worse you can always come back here for help, or just to get away from my pain of a brother." You chuckled at his last words and gave him a quick hug.
"Thanks, Kaeya." You pulled away and he gently ruffled your hair with a soft smile.
"No need to thank me, now get going." He gently pushes you towards the door ad you both wave each other goodbye.
Arriving at Diluc's office door made your nerves kick in. What if he got mad? What if he really didn't want to see you? What if this made it worse?
Your thoughts were interrupted as the door in front of you opened, a familiar face walking out of your boyfriend's office. Your heart stopped in its place.
"Master Jean?" You spoke and watched a look of panic grace her features. Your eyes flicked from her to the redhead standing behind her at his desk. His eyes widened as he realized who you were.
"Y/N?" They said simultaneously as they continued to stare at you.
"What are you doing here? I was looking for you earlier and I was told you had joined on a patrol in Windrise." You turned to Jean. It was true, originally you had looked for Jean first for help as you knew her and your lover were friends, but when you couldn't find her you went to Kaeya.
"Um...I was..." She stuttered out, her eyes rapidly flicking to Diluc for help, but he was struggling to think of an excuse as well.
"I...I'm here because I finished my patrol and thought it would be nice to see an old friend." She let out a forced chuckle at the end of her sentence.
You glanced at Diluc and saw him nod in agreement. Your heart wrenched in an unusual way as you looked between the two of them.
"Well, I see I've interrupted, I'll uh- Leave you both to it. Apologies for such intrusion." To be honest you don't know why you said that, you hadn't even entered the room yet.
"No no! We just finished catching up, he's all yours." She let out another nervous chuckle as she softly pushed past you and sent you a gentle smile.
You looked back up at Diluc and saw that he was already making his way towards you. He took your hand in his and pulled you into the room after closing the door.
He lead you to his desk and sat down on the opposite side facing you. He let out a deep sigh before starting to speak.
"I have a hunch as to why you are here, and I would like you to first listen to what I have to say. Hopefully, you can find it in your heart to forgive my hostility over the past few days after my explanation." He reaches across the table to take your hands in his before continuing.
"Recently more Abyss creatures have been showing up closer and closer to the city. Not only that but there have been multiple reports of ruin guards being more active in this area than usual," He sighs before continuing, "As you know I've been working to abolish the Abyss, hence as to why I have been so busy. However, I had been informed of a plan the Abyss was forming against me." You watched his shoulders tense up.
You rubbed soothing circles on his gloved hands and watched as he relaxed into your touch. His eyes looking up to lock with yours.
"They were planning on using someone I loved to get to me." You sucked in a breathe as your eyes widened at his words.
"Hence as to why I distanced myself from you as I didn't want them to find out your identity." He stood up and walked around to your side of the table before kneeling in front of you.
"I truly do apologize for my cold behavior towards you My love. It was never my intention to upset you, I just didn't want anything to happen to you. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if they had done something to you." He bowed his head in shame as he grasped both your hands in his.
Your heart wrenched as you took in the sight of your dejected lover. His shoulders were slumped and his hair fell over his face.
"Diluc, I forgive you." His head shot up at your words, his grip on your hands tightening slightly.
"I understand what you're dealing with and I forgive your actions. However, maybe next time you can send someone to clear up our misunderstandings if you aren't able to yourself. Being left in the dark by your lover isn't the best feeling and I certainly would like to avoid it happening ever again." You cupped his cheeks and pulled him up to stand with you.
"No need to be so sorrowful Love." You placed a soft kiss on his cheeks as you sent him a bright smile.
"I truly don't deserve you." He quickly pulled you into a warm embrace as you both basked in each other's comfort. Your fingers gently massaged his shaking shoulders he slowly calmed down.
"I do have one question though, why was Grand Master Jean here?" You felt him tense up again.
"Well...she helped me think of a way to apologize to you. I uh...didn't know what to do." His cheeks were tinted red in embarrassment as he confessed.
"I never thought I'd see the day where the almighty Master Diluc would request help from another, I ought to write this down." You teased and watched his cheeks get redder.
"Shush you."
You were walking through Windrise, it was your day off after all so you planned to enjoy it. However, despite the calm atmosphere, there was still an ache in your heart. When was the last time you had spent time let alone seen your lover?
Lately, Kaeya has been leaving earlier in the mornings, coming back late at night, and practically ghosting you. It was even impossible to pull him aside while you were on patrols because he would always disappear.
Your heart yearned for him as it had been days since you last spoke properly with him. You wanted to confront him about it but not even the knights knew where he was.
Fortunately for you, you had decided to take a stroll at just the right time.
As you approached the statue of seven, you heard a familiar voice shouting from behind you. With eyebrows furrowed in confusion, you turned around to be met with your lover, Kaeya.
However he wasn't his usual self, his expression looked panicked and he was making a b-line towards you. Not only that but there were 3 other knights along with Amber following close behind him.
You had no idea why he was yelling until you looked up to see 2 eye of storms making their way over to you at lightning speed. Your heart jumped out of your chest as you flicked your gaze back to Kaeya with a panicked stare.
They were a good 40 meters away by the time the enemies got to you. You were helpless.
You had left your weapon at home since you were off-duty for the day and you had no armor on. With the distance between you and the group, there was no way they would reach in time to save you.
You looked at Kaeya and then back up.
The storms were right above your head and were readying for an attack, so naturally, you tried your best to dodge most of their hits. However, with 2 of them spinning at you with full force, you were bound to get hit eventually.
A strong hit smashed you into the ground, knocking you unconscious. The last thing you saw was your lover towering over you with an angry expression as he glared at the storms.
When you woke up you were greeted by a familiar face. Barbara.
"Oh! Y/N you're awake! Thank Barbatos!" She sighed in relief and smiled gently at you.
"Barbara? How long have I been out?" You sat up slowly and groaned in pain as she helped you up.
"Only a few hours. You were hit pretty bad but not hard enough to put you in any serious danger. Sir Kaeya was worried sick...Oh! I must inform him that you are awake! Give me a moment." She excused herself from the room and went to fetch your boyfriend.
"Ah...He's totally gonna scold me..." You chuckled to yourself but winced in pain and gripped your stomach.
Your head shot up as the door slammed open to reveal your lover. He looked relieved as he practically sprinted to the side of your bed and pulled you into a tight hug.
"Ow! Kaeya let go-" You stopped when you felt his shoulders shake and heard his quiet sobbing. Instead, you ignored the pain and gently cradled him closer, brushing your fingers through his hair as he cried.
"I thought- I thought you were gone." He choked out, pulling back slightly to cup your face. You reached up and did the same, wiping his tears away and placing a small kiss on his forehead.
"I'm okay Love, stop crying your face will get all puffy." You giggled and pressed another kiss onto his cheek.
"Are you saying I'm not as handsome when my face is all puffy?" He retorted, his voice scratchy from crying.
There's the Kaeya you knew.
"You're handsome all the time, just slightly less when you're crying." You teased watching a pout come across his features. Instead of saying anything, he buried his face into the crook of your neck as you both sat there in comfortable silence.
"Kaeya?" He responded with a soft 'hm?'.
"Where have you been?" You remembered why you had been so upset earlier, and it seemed as if he knew what you were talking about as well.
"I..." He started, sitting back up and looking down to his lap.
"After the Storm Terror incident, it's been difficult to help rebuild morale with not only the other knights but the entire city. Not only that but tending to repairs, helping people get back onto their feet, fending off the Abyss, and trying to assist the Grand Master whenever I can, I've been pretty busy," He stops for a moment, locking eyes with you, "And I'm so sorry that I haven't been around. I know I haven't been the best boyfriend but I hope you can understand where I'm coming from. You don't need to forgive me, but just know that I'll do anything to make it better." He gently grabbed your hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of it.
You felt guilty.
He had been under such intense stress and you clinging onto him 24/7 probably didn't make it any better. You didn't have a high rank like he did, you were just there for patrol and city defense. You didn't even think of how much work he had to do after Dvalin.
"I forgive you, and I'm sorry for not being more considerate." You sighed, pulling him back into your embrace.
"Don't be sorry, it wasn't your fault. I should've at least explained what was going on to you instead of leaving you in the dark like that." He held you tightly, having missed your affection for days.
"After I'm all healed up, you can make it up to me by treating me to drinks at the tavern." You smiled cheekily as he pulled away to look at you.
"Gosh your nearly as bad as me."
"I just don't know why he won't listen to me! It's really starting to piss me off." You grumbled, your fingers gripping the chopsticks harshly.
Zhongli sighed as he continued to listen to your angry rants about your boyfriend. All he wanted was to enjoy a peaceful lunch with a friend...but then he was dragged into this mess.
"And get this! His only excuse was that he's 'busy' and he 'can't waste any more time'! The fuck is that supposed to mean?!" You angrily stabbed the shrimp in front of you and shoved it into your mouth, nearly choking in the process.
"You should be more mindful of the way you eat, I don't want to have to seek out a medic because you've choked on a shrimp ball. As for your relationship problems, I don't know how to assist you, but you must be aware that Childe is one of the Fatui harbingers. His job requires him to be available at all times. Try and be more understanding of his situation. I'm sure he is as displeased as you are." You grumbled at Zhongli's words, slamming your head into the table in front of you out of frustration.
"I just want to spend even 2 minutes with him without him being pulled away for another mission! I just want my boyfriend back, is that too much to ask?" You swallowed the lump in your throat as you sat back up and sighed.
"I'm sorry for dragging you into this, in return I'll pay for our meals." You noticed him brighten up slightly at your words and you laughed at his antics.
"I'm guessing you had already planned on making me pay anyway?" He nodded shamefully at your words before giving you his best smile.
"Apologies, but I must get going anyway. Hu Tao is probably searching for me. It was a pleasure catching up with you Y/N, I do wish you and Childe the best. " He bowed respectfully and wished you fair well before walking out of the restaurant.
You sighed and paid before exiting too, breathing in the fresh air before making your way down to the docks. The atmosphere was as lively as ever in Liyue Harbour, kids flying their kites, people congregating with their friends, it lifted some of the weight from your shoulders seeing how happy everyone was.
Once you had made it back home you were greeted by your lover, who surprisingly, was home for once. Although you spent the whole day calming yourself down and preparing for what you were going to say to him, all rationality went out the window and was replaced with rage.
He looked so peaceful and so carefree. He acted as if he hadn't disappeared for almost a week without telling you. He acted as if everything was A-okay.
Well news flash Ajax, it wasn't.
"Look who we have here." You said, watching him turn around and run towards you with a big smile.
"Baby! I missed you so much!" Once he was close enough you stepped out of the way of his hug, watching him almost fall over before he regained his balance.
"Uh...Hey, what's wrong? You never refuse my hugs." He turned around and his expression nearly made you give in. He looked like a kicked puppy and part of you wanted to apologize...
But a bigger part of you was still pissed at him.
"I don't know Childe, what is wrong?" The use of his code name made him straighten up.
"Aww is my baby upset? You're so cute when you're frustrated.." He attempted to joke but only received your cold glare in return.
"Where the fuck have you been?" Your voice was laced with venom as you crossed your arms across your chest. His smirk dropped.
Childe sighed, groaning in frustration as he ran his hands over his face. You both had this argument countless amounts fo times, but most of them were resolved quickly.
He expected this one to end the same.
"Baby, you know I'm busy all the time and I'm sorry okay? Let's just spend tonight together while I have some free time alright?" He tried to reach out to you, only for you to shove him back.
"Are you fucking serious? You disappear for nearly a MONTH and you don't even bother explaining anything to me?! We've talked about this countless amounts of times Childe and I'm so fucking sick of it repeating countless times!" You screamed, your hands starting to shake with anger.
"I have a fucking job Y/N! I can't abandon it just cuz you wanna be needy all the fucking time!" He retorted, his hands balling into fists at his sides.
"Me?! I'm the fucking needy one?! You're the one who's always whining about how lonely you get when I leave you for a few hours but when you disappear for days on end you expect me to act as if nothing happened?! Are you fucking kidding me?!" The walls shook at your screams as you both kept going back and forth with meaningless statements and harsh words.
Part of you felt guilty for being mad at him. You knew he was busy especially being a Fatui Harbinger, but you couldn't help but want to be greedy.
You wanted more time with him, you wanted romantic dates, late-night adventures, walking through the hills of Liyue, early mornings, watching the sunset, and going star-gazing. You wanted it all.
But you knew that with him, those wishes of yours were near to impossible to make come true.
Your argument went on for what felt like hours before the two of you eventually decided to walk away. You walked back out the door and Childe walked into your shared bedroom.
Two hearts separated due to miscommunication and lack of time. How would they mend their love?
It'd been nearly a month since the argument and you had found yourself in the lands of Monstadt. It wasn't too far from home, but you still longed for the golden fields and towering mountains that you were so accustomed to.
Not only that, but your heart yearned for him.
The ginger hair, blue eyes, freckled sunkissed skin, toothy grin, comforting embrace, and the beautiful melody of his laughter. Although part of you was still upset, a bigger part of you knew it was time to go back.
"Thank you, Mona. You've let me stay in your home for the duration of my trip here so you have my sincere thanks. If there is anything I can do to repay you please do tell me." You bowed politely to her and smiled.
"No no, it's fine. I just hope your travel back is safe, and I hope you can resolve your dispute with your boyfriend." She pulled you into a gentle hug in which you returned.
"Here, take this." You handed her a bag of mora and watched as her face lit up. A smile crept along your face.
"That should keep you afloat for about a month if you use it wisely. I know sometimes it's hard to find some good pay so if you ever need a pick-me-up do not hesitate to contact me." You ruffled her hair and watched as she teared up and bowed over and over.
"Thank you so much! I will forever be in your debt!" She repeated until she was stopped by your loud laughter.
"Sorry- Sorry- There's no need to be so extra, this is simply to repay for the time I've stayed in your home. Do not fret. I'll see you around." You waved to her as you make your way out of the walls of Monstadt.
Your travel back was peaceful, and you managed to make it home safely.
However, you couldn't help the nerves that took over you as you reached up to grasp the handle of your shared home with Tartaglia. What if he was still angry at you? What if he didn't want to see you again? What if he was gone?
So many thoughts ran through your mind, but you took a deep breath and pushed the door open to be greeted by a cold house. The walls didn't look at warm as you remembered and the rooms held a lonely presence.
It felt...sad.
Melancholy hit you like a truck as you realized he wasn't home. Your heart hurt but you decided to clean up a bit while you waited for him to return.
The next day the house was back to normal. The warmth returned to the walls and the sun shone brightly through all the windows. This is what home felt like, not a barren wasteland like it was before.
Your lover still hadn't returned, but by now you had come to realize that Ajax really was a busy man and he didn't have an easy job. Although you missed him very much, you had to learn to understand.
That is the only way your relationship would work.
So when he finally walked through the door, your heart lept out of your chairs as you locked eyes with the man you had longed for for so long.
You watched his eyes widen and his hands drop to his sides, his mouth hung slightly agape and you could tell he was trying to process the current situation.
"Hey Ajax, it's been a while huh?" Your voice cracked as you held out your arms, desperately craving his touch and warmth.
And just like that, he threw himself into your embrace, gripping onto you tightly with jagged breaths. You hugged back with just as much passion, gently running your fingers through his hair and rubbing soothing circles on his back to calm his shaking form.
"You're- You're home. I- I can't believe it." His voice was shaky as he pulled away slightly snd cupped your face with his hands. He observed all of your features and you watched tears slowly well up in his eyes.
"Shhh, breathe for me okay?" You joined him in a steady breathing pattern, relishing in the way his eyes stared into yours. You missed this so much.
"We don't need to address it straight away, lets just get you cleaned up first. I'll make some dinner and then...," You pressed a kiss onto his forehead, "Then we can talk." You dragged him behind you to the bathroom and helped him clean up.
It would take a while to get back into your normal pattern with him and fix your relationship.
But for him,
You'd do it all and more.
Note: This is unedited. I was gonna write for Thoma but I think I went a bit overboard with these ones so he'll have to be in part 2. Tell me, what characters should I write in part 2?
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kzuha · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENRE: FLUFF ♪(´ε` )
A/N: haha kazuha ur so pretty come kiss me haha…
Tumblr media
they’re such a big comfort for him stop :((
it’s makes him feel so warm and loved?? it always, 100% of the time, makes his day better, especially if he was on another yet unsuccessful treasure hunt (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
it doesn’t matter what you call him, he will get all smiley and giddy and sneak a tiny kiss 😾
…his favourite, tho? when you called him “my sweet boy” once- he ascended to celestia!!
no bc he’s also so proud of it, he’ll meet up with barbara and he’s like “guess what y/n called me today?!?!?!?!” (*^◯^*)
pet names are a commitment with him, so beware
you call him pretty boy or baby once (1) and he demands it every single time without fail
it’s flat out embarrassing to go out in public with him because he just won’t react to anything but pet names so you’ll have to be like “baby, please…” while the waiter is just standing there, waiting (´ー`)。。。
oh and don’t you dare stop calling him baby when you fight (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ he will cry (maybe not, but you’re getting the silent treatment for sure)
“childe.” “…” “…childe?” “…” “right, sorry. tartaglia?” “…” “…ajax?” “…”
you’re gonna be the death of him- ψ(`∇´)ψ
it makes him so happy but he’s so bad at showing it…he also just gets embarrassed very quickly 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
you like to catch him off guard with it, and he almost always, without fail, pauses for a second only to then fumble his way through whatever he was saying, trying not to pay too much attention to what you said-
like he’s trying so hard to pretend like he’s okay, like it’s not big deal :(( he’s adorable
but!! his mind is replaying it over and over and his heart is racing (*≧∀≦*)
sometimes when it’s just you two he’ll be like, “can you…say the thing…” “…what thing?” “the…the name thing…” because he sometimes just needs to hear it :(
absolutely no restraint to be found in this man
he’s already so in love with you that he’ll drop about anything in a heartbeat but when you call him a pet name to get his attention?! \(//∇//)\
oh ho ho! what a great way to turn oh so tough general gorou into putty in your hands right in front of all of his troops- ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
they’re having a really serious talk and you’re just like, “gorou, sweetheart, i-“ “yes, my darling?” and whoopdeedoo!! he is now distracted and all yours ( ´∀`) well, until someone reminds him why he called a meeting in the first place-
everyone is just standing there like (`・ω・´)⁇ while he’s just staring at you with hearts in his eyes-
listen. LISTEN!! he loves it SO MUCH-
he prefers it over his own name and a day without you calling him “baby” or “pretty boy” or one of the many other sweet names that make his heart race is not a good day Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)
beidou poked fun at him for the way he just gets so soft and heart-eyed for you and he gave beidou a “i will not be embarrassed for being in love” speech (she called him a weirdo but left him alone afterwards o(`ω´ )o)
kazuha enjoys those cute pet names so much that he thinks a lot about some adorable names he can call you :(( <3
sometimes he can’t think of anything so he’ll come up with a poem for you that essentially drips with pure love and adoration (๑>◡<๑)
you better stop or he will propose and yes that’s a threat- Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)
he thrives off of pet names, it just motivates him and gets him all happy (;ω;)
the first time you let “baby” slip, he very proudly told ayaka about it, “miss, they called me ‘baby’ today, can you believe that?!” “thoma, the hot pot-“
your pet names for him are very important to him and he takes them very seriously!! he loves them >:(…now, his pet names for you on the other hand…(*´Д`*)
he’s such a goof, he’ll try his best to think of new pet names he can call you :’) you’ll meet him after a long day of work and he’ll be like, “ah, my sugarplummie-honeypie!! how was work, my little crabcake?” lmao you hate him <33
music to his ears, he could listen to you calling him sweet names forever ♪(´ε` )
he’s so annoying!! ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ he’ll always be like “what was that?” “could you say that again?” “who?” “i don’t think i heard you-“
and then when you stop because he’s annoying he’s giggling and nuzzling up to you all cute like “aw i’m sorry!! it’s so cute, please say it one more time? just once more, i promise?”
no but he genuinely loves them :( it makes his heart soar and whenever one of those sugary sweet names falls from your lips he just wants to grab you face and cover it in kisses ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
but at the same time he’s annoying so sometimes he’ll follow you around with his lyre making up a song about the different pet names you call him </3
him flustering you? his absolute favourite pastime, but how dare you do the same to him by calling him all sorts of cutesy names!!😾
it makes his knees weak and he’s so baffled because usually he’s the one murmuring sweet poems into your ear and making you all warm and flustered-
and you somehow manage to do the same to him with just the words “my baby” or “my pretty boy”?! and he likes it?! \٩(๑`^´๑)۶//
so every time he catches himself go all mushy and bashful from your cute pet names he just starts teasing you all the more in an attempt to make you the flustered one-
he’s a menace <3
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @whygz @blissmal
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 4 months ago
Could you possibly do a short angst/fluff abt the reader being jealous of the team’s female manager because she’s really pretty w/ Atsumu, Bokuto, and Oikawa?
feeling jealous of their manager
Tumblr media
feat. Bokuto, Oikawa, Atsumu
♡ a/n: my heart thrives for jealousy prompts. also apologies, these aren’t really angsty but they are cute HAHA
Tumblr media
“You know you can go up and talk to him instead of staring from afar? He’s your boyfriend after all” a voice whispers in your ear, startling you out of your daze. You turn to see Kuroo grinning before you.
Nekoma and Fukurodani had a practice match with one another, and you stopped by to cheer your school on. But your focus was anywhere but that.
“Kou is too busy talking to one of his managers....” you mutter, flickering your eyes back on your boyfriend and Yukie. You didn’t have a serious grudge against Yukie; she was extremely friendly to you when Bokuto introduced you to the team. Still, you thought she was really pretty and was a bit upset by how close the two seemed to be.
Kuroo raises an eyebrow, “... hold on a second. Is little Y/n jealous of Shirofuku?” and he cackled, only to stop when he saw your unchanged expression.
“Well- yeah! She’s so cute and she’s really good friends with Koutarou, and she’s also super duper nice, which makes me feel worse about it!” you pout, finally deciding to turn towards Kuroo and away from the other two.
“At least you know it’s unreasonable to think that way... They’re basically siblings Y/n.” Kuroo shrugs, but surprise surprise, that didn’t make you feel any better.
Something catches Kuroo’s attention for a split second, and his demeanor slightly changes. He pulls you in for a tight hug and starts whispering in your ear.
“I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m sure it’s all fine. Anyways I was thinking that we should have a little surprise party for our favorite owl, what do you think?”
You’re confused by his actions but you just roll with it.
“Uhh, yeah that sounds like a good idea.....” you reply, and once you do, Kuroo let’s go of his embrace, smirking at you.
“Sound’s great Y/n, and just remember, it’ll be our little secret~” he says out loud, winking at you before being pulled away by Kenma.
“Kuroo, please don’t cause trouble for Y/n-san” Kenma mutters, walking away with the captain.
Still perplexed by what happened, you turn back around only to see your boyfriend in front of you, slightly pissed- but not at you. His glare was centered on Kuroo, but when he directs his attention back to you, his eyes are full of panic.
“Hey birdie! So uhh... what were you talking about with Kuroo? I heard you guys have a secret?” he asks, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.
“Well... it’s a secret Kou! Don’t worry about it!” you try to reassure your boyfriend, but he only gets more restless.
“Why do you even need to talk to Nekoma’s captain anyways? You can always chat with your sweet, cute, way better boyfriend” Bokuto chuckles half-heartedly.
“I mean... you were too busy talking with Yukie” you mumbled, but you slapped your hand over your mouth when you realized how pessimistic you sounded.
Bokuto blinked at you. Once, then twice.
“-eh? Y/n.. are you jealous of her?” he asked, tilting his head like an owl.
“I- no well.... a little... she’s just really pretty and super close to you and-” your words are cut short with a sudden kiss. When you pull back your boyfriend grins at you.
“Yukie is just like a sister to me. If anything she likes you more than me....” Bokuto chuckles, but his face grows serious for a moment, “Oh, what if she’s trying to steal you away from me...” but he shakes his head at the idea.
“Anyways birdie, you’re my s/o and the only one I’ll ever care about so don’t worry your pretty head, okay?” he says, attacking you with a hug.
You sigh, content with the resolution of your dilemma and you let the hug linger for a moment.
“Oh by the way Y/n...”
“Yes Kou?”
“....can you tell me the secret now?”
Having a popular boyfriend was never going to be easy. He was constantly surrounded by fangirls. But you learned to grow accustomed to it since it was nothing more than mindless adoration.
But this team’s manager, on the other hand, was not a fangirl. She was extremely attractive, and a diligent worker, getting along well with everyone on the team, your boyfriend included. Although, in your eyes it seemed like she was especially close to Oikawa. While you waved their interactions off as common (since he was the captain, she the manager), it still didn’t feel great to witness their banter.
You sat on the benches in the gym, watching the team practice. You had rarely visited, and thus you were unable to get a good read on the manager. It’s not like you despised her in any way, especially not without a valid reason.
But that didn’t help the fact that you felt uneasy. Especially when she and Oikawa were talking across the gym from you, engaging in what seems like an exciting conversation.
You watched as she tiptoed to whisper something in Oikawa’s ear, and when he smiled at her your heart dropped. Despite knowing that there weren’t any bad intentions, you couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling you had.
For the rest of practice, you gave your boyfriend the cold shoulder. You didn’t mean to, but with how apprehensive you felt, you honestly didn’t know how to face him. But being immature over this situation instead of being honest with your boyfriend only made you more frustrated at yourself.
You also kept noticing the manager glance at you for a brief second- and when your eyes met she would quickly dart them away. And somehow this only made you more restless. The girl who was seemingly close with your boyfriend kept staring at you.. that didn’t sit well with you. You didn’t want to think about the possibility that maybe the team’s manager liked your boyfriend, but it was easy to fall paranoid.
Midway through practice, the manager walked over to you, taking a seat right next to you. She stayed quiet for a few moments before turning to face you.
“Y/n, right? I don’t think we’ve officially met.” she says, briefly introducing herself. She was seemingly nervous about something, and after a few deep breaths she spoke again.
“Do you think you can help me confess to Yahaba?” she quickly blurts out. Your brain takes a moment to process her words. She likes... Yahaba? Not your boyfriend?
“I initially asked Oikawa to help me because I thought he confessed to you because let’s be real, you’re way out of his league. But when he told me you were the one who confessed first, I thought I should ask you for help and he said I should go for it!!” she quickly explains, her cheeks already turning rosy.
Now, there was a part of you that felt great relief that she didn’t like your boyfriend. But you also felt guilty for having your doubts. She was cute, and seeing her near your boyfriend made you the tiniest bit resentful towards her. The least you could do was help her out.
The two of you exchange numbers, planning to talk more about her confession in the future. She happily scurries off as practice ends, giving a thumbs up to Oikawa before skipping over to Yahaba to chat with him.
Your own boyfriend makes his way over to stand in front of where you’re sitting. He crosses his arms at you, and you can’t help but feel small.
“Are you gonna stop ignoring me now?” he asks, and when you continue to avoid your gaze, he leans forward, cupping your face so you can look at him. It was quite obvious that he knew you were feeling jealous- your boyfriend could read you like a map.
“Yes...... your manager told me she was planning on confessing to Yahaba....”you mumble, feeling your lips pucker at Oikawa squishes your face.
“Mhmm, so no need to get all jealous and avoidant. Plus even if she did like me,  it wouldn’t matter since I’m terribly in love with you Y/n. And I’m going to make sure that you’re reminded of that every day, is that alright?” he asks before he leans closer to give you a small peck.
When he finally lets go of your face you spring up from your seat, wrapping your arms around your boyfriend.
“Yes it is... I love you” you mumble back burying your face into him so he wouldn’t see how shy you’ve become. You wonder what did you even do to deserve someone as great as him.
But unbeknownst to you, Oikawa was fervently blushing at how cute you are, also wondering what he did to deserve you.
You had heard from your boyfriend that the volleyball team recently got a new manager.
“Yeah she’s really chill, you should meet her. I think you two would make great friends” Atsumu says, and you excitedly nod. You didn’t have anything to do after class that day, so you were looking forward to meet her.
During class, you managed to find her on Instagram, and when you scrolled through her profile, your heart dropped. She was so pretty and based on her posts, an equally cool person.
And suddenly, you couldn’t help but feel insecure. This girl would constantly be around your boyfriend nearly everyday. Now you knew Atsumu was loyal and loved you very much. Still, it was easy to get jealous and let your fears cloud your judgment.
You were no longer looking forward to meeting the new manager. But you had promised to visit, so when class ended, you begrudgingly made your way to the gym. It took you a while to hype yourself up and walk through the gym doors. The team was just hanging around, doing stretches. On the other side of the gym, you saw your boyfriend. And standing right next to him was their manager. The two were engrossed in some sort of conversation, too busy to notice you come in.
“Atsumu, look who’s here” Aran calls for the setter’s attention.
Upon seeing you, your boyfriend’s face lit up and he motioned you to come forward. And as you walked closer, you saw the manager tip toe to whisper something in his ear. Atsumu looked taken aback, and playfully thwacked the manager’s forehead.
You almost froze in place- were they that close already? As you got closer to the duo, you felt more and more uneasy.
The manager pushes your boyfriend aside to skip towards you. She introduces herself, and tells you how she’s been excited to meet you ever since Atsumu told her about you. Your boyfriend tries to get a word in but she waves him off.
“Don’t you have practice??” she asks, whisking you away to the bleachers to chat, ignoring Atsumu’s clamors that she needed to ‘watch herself’.
Honestly, you had hoped that maybe she had a nasty personality so you would have a reason to feel uneasy around her. But she was probably the coolest person you’ve been around. Which only made you feel worse about your own feelings of jealousy and resentment. You legitimately liked talking to her, and found yourself becoming friendlier with her. But still in the back of your mind were your fears that someone this perfect was always around your boyfriend.
"Ahhh I’m so glad I got to meet you!! Atsumu talks about you so much and said you were amazing. But personally, I think you’re even cooler than how he described you” she giggles, and you feel your cheeks get warmer. It gave you some reassurance to know that your boyfriend still thought so highly of you.
“You know I’m surprised that none of the team has confessed to you already.” you point out.
“Why’s that?” she asks, genuinely confused at what you were saying.
“Well, you’re just so pretty and so fun to talk to! The fact that none of the team is visibly crushing on you confuses me” you chuckle, and you watch as her cheeks turn rosy.
“I- thank you” she murmurs, avoiding eye contact with you.
“I think you’re cute too” she replies, and you smile at her. She was sweet, and you felt your worries about your boyfriend fade away. This might have been your first meeting with her, but you genuinely felt like she didn’t even consider dating Atsumu.
All of a sudden, a volleyball is chucked at her, missing her head by a couple of feet. You turn to see Atsumu walking towards the both of you, frustration all over his face.
“OH MY GOD I SAID TO BEFRIEND Y/N NOT FLIRT WITH THEM YOU HOMEWRECKER” Atsumu screeches as the rest of the team cackles.
You watch the manager stand up, her hands balled into fists.
It took you a moment to process the whole situation. You were too engrossed in your worries that she would steal Atsumu away from you that you failed to consider that she was really trying to steal you away from him. Huh.
She turns back to you, now sheepish, “Ah, I’m sorry for not respecting your boundaries. I’m hoping the we can still stay friends?” she asks, and you nod in agreement.
“Yeah, and you’ll stay friends. You’re going to live with your unrequited feelings forever!!” Atsumu says. He turns to you, and pulls you in for a deep kiss in front of his manager before retrieving the ball and returning to practice.
Whatever just happened... you would have never even anticipated. And your boyfriend would be the laughing stock of the team. But at the very least, you made a new friend.
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lovwlie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
plot : they tell you, you like them and you decide to deny it, playfully.
mentioned : kazuha tohma diluc albedo xiao childe
contains : teasing! fluff!
notes: I have no idea where this idea came from but yeah, reblogs would be appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# kazuha … he gives you a lazy grin while he turns to you. “Admit it, you like me” he whispers, coming a bit too close to you. Deciding to tease him you pulled back and rolled your eyes, giving him a fake disgusted look. “Is your head okay? How can you say such a thing?” he was taken aback by your comment, kahuza raised an eyebrow and his eyes softened. “Then explain to me why you get so nervous when I come close- like now” and suddenly he forgot what personal space was, his body touched yours, you could feel his hot breath right on your face. His action did not help with you trying to hold back on getting flustered, you began feeling hot all over your body. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction he wanted, you moved your head away and looked up to the ceiling. A soft warm hand reached for your chin and slowly fixed your eyes on his once again. Leaning closer, lips only inches away. “Fine, i do like you” he smiled “you are terrible at lying, Y/N”
# tohma … smirked once his words left his mouth. How did he know? You asked yourself. You sigh and lean on the counter of the tea house. “Tohma, is bad to lead yourself on with false assumptions” you placed your cheek unto your palm and gave him a serious look, trying to hold back a smile. He widened his eyes and placed a hand to his chest. “You’re saying I'm making things up?” he walked closer towards the counter. You fixed your posture and smirked. “That’s right, I know I couldn't have possibly said such a thing” a dry laugh left his lips. “Now now Y/N, please don't play with my heart like that” he pouted, taking your chin and pulling you closer to him. “It stings,” he whispers. Next thing you know, you boldly pull him to a kiss. “So I was right after all” he smiles with hearts in his eyes.
# diluc … you swang your drink around and eye diluc with surprised eyes. “Where did you get that?” you placed your drink down and smiled at the red haired male behind the counter. From your response he became nervous, he had heard you confess your feelings to him on a drunk night. “i - well, one night you had-” he stuttered now thinking he had got the wrong idea and began feeling embarrassed. You smiled at the redness sneaking its way on into his face. “Drunk words are sober thoughts, right?” with a playful smile you took a sip of your drink while your eyes stared into his red ones. He gulped and kept working with his drinks. “That’s your cue to ask me out” you cleared your throat. “Huh- oh, well then meet me after work, i'll take you out for a nice dinner”
# xiao … just him being talkative is weird itself, you don't get it often but today was a day where he was feeling bold. “You’re in love with me, am I wrong?” you blinked at his words and tried holding back a laugh. You cleared your throat and fixed your sitting posture. “I have no idea what you are talking about, where did you hear such words?” his eyes darken and he leaned back on his chair. “I heard them from you, I accidentally overheard a conversation you were having with the hyperactive cook” he raised an eyebrow when a smile slipped into your lips. “You must have misheard the information, I never said such thing” you shrugged, deciding to play with the serious boy. He grew annoyed, with anger he placed his fork down and placed a hand under his chin, his eyes boring into yours. “Are you calling me a liar?” you sensed the danger in his voice, taking you aback and wanting to end the game before things take another turn. “Alright, I was just teasing,” you sigh. He let out a low chuckle. “That's what i thought”
# albedo … this man is curious about everything, and out of nowhere he had the urge to ask you if you felt anything towards him. This came up because he noticed you getting nervous when sucrose mentioned having a crush on the white haired male, in which you “declined”. He sits on his desk and looks up at you with his icy eyes. “I've noticed you get flustered when I'm around, could that be because I attract you?” you stopped organizing the papers and slowly turned to him. He had his usual nonchalant expression but something about him seemed off. He had a smile. Not a noticeable one but since you've worked with him for so long it was impossible to miss. “Is that what you think?” you spoke with confidence. Placing the papers down and resting your cheeks on your palms. He cocked his head to the side and nodded with a hum. “I do” you could see that he was sure about his statement and of course, he was but you decided to play with him. Albedo was never wrong. “I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you must have had the wrong idea” You took your cheeks off your palms and began organizing once again. Everything went quiet and you felt an intense stare. “But I'm never wrong,” you smiled. “Maybe you are this time, sorry” you gave him a pout before standing up and leaning towards the door. “Wait!” He stopped you by grabbing your wrist. “Are you sure?” he leans closer to you, looking you right in the eye. You were surprised by his actions and couldn't hold much longer. “Ah so i was right after all”
# childe … “you like me” he leans on his bow that was stuck on the ground. “What if I don't?” you gave him a smug attitude. The ginger raised an eyebrow and pulled himself away from his previous position. “Then-” he walked closer. “I'll make you like me” he reached for your hand and pulled it close to his lips, kissing your bruised knuckles. Playfully, you pulled away and huffed. “You better try hard, I won't fall for you that easily” you paused, placing a hand under your chin. “No, wait...I don't even think I will,” he gasped. “Is that so? Are you challenging me comrade?” He took a step closer. You nodded, crossing your arms. “Take it your way” you waved a hand around and turned to leave the training room. “Meet me outside the bank, i'll make sure you fall for me”
Tumblr media
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favoniuscodex · a month ago
meeting itto bc you’re the nurse who has to fix his sorry ass after he almost dies from bean overdose
pairing: gn!nurse!reader x arataki itto warnings: potentially ooc characterization, he's sick after eating soybeans (which oni can't eat), drowsiness/sleeping a/n: ty for the req, zin my beloved <3
"what's wrong with him?" you huff, folding your arms over your chest at the sight before you. next to you, a fellow nurse stands, nearly shaking in her shoes at the sight of the broad-shouldered, intimidating man sprawled out on an infirmary bed. yet, you cannot relate to her fear. unlike others, little bothers you after the shogun's theft of visions from others. intimidating figures, especially ones as heavily talked about as arataki itto, strike little fear into your heart as the thought of the visions of your love ones being taken once more.
nonetheless, you can at least understand her hesitance. itto is a bit too large for the infirmary bed, feet peeking off the bed as he scoots downward, trying to stop his horns from scratching the headboard with a groan.
"uh... guuji yae challenged him to an eating contest," the nurse explains quietly, as if speaking any louder would cause itto to hoist up his claymore and strike her down. you glance over at him again. the way he's flopped down shows little indication that he'll move.
"and? did he just overeat?" you ask, unamused.
"well, he's an oni, so he can't really eat soybeans... it was kitsune ramen," the nurse mutters and you sigh.
you sigh. you've certainly treated stranger cases, yet it doesn't make ones like these any less tiring.
"prepare a stomach tonic for him, i'll handle him until then," you order and the nurse nods, all too eager to scurry off. taking in a breath and fixing your posture, you walk over to itto.
"arataki itto?" you ask, causing the man to snap out of his gaze and look over at you. despite the paleness to his skin and the sweat that beads his forehead, itto pushes away his expression of unease to shoot you a wide grin.
"you recognize me? did i make that much of an impression on you before?" he asks with a wink, as if his organs aren't on the verge of shutting down. you stare at him, unamused, before holding up the clipboard in your hands. on the information sheet in front of you, his name rests at the top of the page. his smile falls slightly at the sight.
"just to ensure we have the story correct, you're here because you ingested soybeans? are you allergic to anything else that you might have consumed?" you ask and itto's expression turns serious for a brief moment as he shakes his head no.
"are you allergic to any medication?" you ask and itto shakes his head once more. you look back down at the clipboard and hastily scribble some notes.
"uh," itto clears his throat, causing your attention to redirect to him. "you know my name, but i don't know yours."
"you may call me (y/n)," you say simply.
"(y/n)," itto echoes back. the wide grin returns to his face once more. "i like that name. it's nice."
"is it?" you ask, still gliding the ink of your pen across the pages.
"do you not like it?" itto asks, slight confusion in his tone. "i mean, i could always call you mine instead."
"(y/n) is fine," you say, fixating your gaze firmly on the pages before you and ignoring the smirk of the man before you that matches the devilish nature of his horns.
"ouch," itto says, yet unlike others who have hit on you before, he sounds... pleased by your rejection? amusement laces his tone and you glance up at him quizzically, only to see childlike mirth in his eyes.
"are nicknames not fancy enough for someone of your stature?" he says playfully, lacking the usual ire of other patients who had received your cold demeanor as well.
"nicknames are uncommon in this profession, unless if i make someone angry," you murmur and itto's brows furrow.
"someone bothering you?" he asks with little hesitation and you raise your eyebrows at him.
"what, you want to be my knight in shining armor? either way, it's nothing, just the typical patient." you shrug off his concerns with ease.
"ah, so there's no chance for me to be a savior to my savior?" itto says before gritting his teeth and clutching his stomach.
"what type of allergic reactions do you normally have?" you ask, ignoring the cheesiness of his statements.
"just this," itto says and you sigh.
"alright," you say, before the sound of footsteps approaching distracts you. quiet as a mouse, the nurse from earlier hands you the concoction of herbs to help itto. without awaiting your command, he sits himself up and stares uneasily at the cup in your hand.
"taking me out for drinks alread-" he begins, but you interrupt him by thrusting the beverage towards his face.
"drink it," you order and, as surprise flashes over his eyes, itto takes it and, in record time for any patient you've had, chugs the bitter medicine.
"is that all?" he asks.
you understand now why he's in the hospital.
"you'll likely have to stay here for a bit longer in case you do actually need more," you say and itto blinks at you before sighing. his shoulders deflate and, albeit briefly, the intimidating man looks more like a kicked puppy than a fearsome oni. he looks... lonely?
you're struck with the realization that nobody else had come with him. the nurse next to you makes their exit and nearly bolts away from the scene.
"i can stay with you until you feel better," you say. itto attempts to act cool, but the brightening of his expression at your statement makes your work-downtrodden heart feel just a bit warmer. you pull up a chair to sit beside him and itto stares at you with wide eyes.
"so," he says, grasping at invisible straws to try to make conversation with you. "you come here often?"
"i work here," you state and itto stares at you.
"right, right, yeah. slipped my mind," itto laughs. a faint flush appears on his cheeks.
"but you don't come here often, do you?" you ask and itto shakes his head no, confusion in his eyes.
"i would remember you if you did," you murmur and itto's eyes widen.
"am i that charming?" he asks, yet the red of his cheeks gives away his embarrassment at your words.
"no," you state, watching as his eyebrows immediately furrow at the single word. "it's not every day someone manages to nearly destroy themselves from soybeans alone."
"what can i say? i'm special." itto takes his odd situation in stride, beaming widely with pride despite the odd nature of his hospital visit.
"is that so?" you ask, folding your arms over your chest.
"i mean, it let me meet you. i'm certainly inclined to eat some soybeans again if it means you'll continue to sit with me."
you stare at itto, yet his expression only screams genuine intent. the red horns on his head contrast sharply to his pale hair, yet you ignore them. perhaps itto isn't as bad as the rumors say he is, especially not when he looks at you like that.
"you do not have to go to such drastic measures to get me to pay attention to you," you say, watching as natural color slowly returns to his face as the medicine sets in.
"oh? then would it be too forward of me to ask you out to dinner, then?" nervousness shines in itto's eyes, yet a confident smile is plastered across his cheeks.
"since i'm on the clock, i'm required to tell you no," you say, watching as his expression deflates. "but, i get off my shift soon. ask me then and my answer might be different."
"you're waiting here with me." itto's words only reiterate the obvious, yet they hold a softness to them. "it's only fair that i wait for you as well."
you look at itto.
he stares back at you. he blinks once. his eyelids begin to droop. he blinks twice. he begins to slowly sink back on the bed. he blinks thrice and his eyes don't reopen the fourth time they close as he falls asleep. you let out a soft laugh. a faint pang of guilt sparks in your heart at the sight, yet you couldn't bring yourself to tell him that the medicine would knock him out only a few minutes after he took it because he just looked so eager to talk to you.
you wait around for him, even after your shift ends and, when he awakens, itto eagerly asks you out to dinner once more. this time, you answer is different and you swear you've never seen such a big smile on anyone's face before.
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milliedazzledust · 8 months ago
If A Look Could Kill (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Words: 1429 words
A/N: this is literally a blurb from a scene in the 2nd episode of fatws when they're all in the car after they fought the supersoldiers
They had been in the same car for no more than ten minutes and Y/N was already holding herself back from punching the smug smile on the man pretending to be Captain America. Both fake heroes had showed up in the middle of their fight, throwing around Steve’s shield, acting like the world owed them anything.
Earlier that day, inside the comfort of the apartment she shared with Bucky, she had watched the cocky man parading in front of cameras, standing in a stadium. She had heard him talk about Steve like he knew him, like he had fought along side with him. And when he had compared Steve to a brother, when she had seen the look of hurt and betrayal on Bucky’s face, her heart had shattered.
She knew that sometimes grief could come like a runaway truck, that despite seeing it careening down the highway, we might not have enough time to get out of its way. And she had seen it that morning, that grief smashing Bucky right in the face when he had least expected it. She didn’t know the man the government had chosen to replace the Captain, but she already hated him for causing her lover pain.
"If you guys joined us we could …" The man pretending to be in charge started as the military vehicle was moving.
"No." Bucky hostly cut him.
There wasn’t a lot of space between the five of them. She had been forced to sit next to the man with the shield while her friends were in front of her.
The tension was almost palpable. Sam had his arms crossed and his lips pursed and Bucky was visibly clenching his jaw. Their patience was hanging by a thread and only she seemed to have notice.
Ignoring the conversation they were having, she exchanged a knowing look with her boyfriend. He had a short temper and habits he had picked up from his alter-ego that could potentially get him to explode. Judging by the side glances Sam kept giving him, she guessed she wasn’t the only one worried.
"What do you say, Y/N ?" She heard the man sitting next to her talk.
Unwillingly, she turned around to look at him.
"What was that ?" She asked him.
His smirk alone was enough to make her roll her eyes.
"We could use a … woman like you" He told her suggestively. She didn’t miss the way he looked her up and down, neither did Bucky.
"A woman like me ?" She repeated, raising an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side.
"Yeah, you’ve got potential, babe. So what do you say ?" He said in a seductive voice. "Interested in joining us ?"
A quick glance at her boyfriend was enough for her to tense when she saw him going from annoyed to seriously pissed off. He was scowling at the man with all his old ferocity, looking everything like the assassin he had once been.
"Does he always stare like that ?" Battlestar inquired, nodding toward Bucky.
"You do know your friend is disrespecting Y/N in front of her boyfriend who also happens to be one of the most prolific assassin on this planet, right ?" Sam ironically told him.
The woman narrowed her eyes at the man sitting next to her, irritated by his behavior.
"At what point did you decide we were close enough for you to refer to me as ‘babe’ ? Because I think I missed the memo between the need to punch your face and the craving to shove your ego up your ass"
Bucky’s chest swelled with pride at her comeback and he sniggered. He knew she was a strong woman and had always loved that feisty side of her. She was fire and he was ice, a perfect combinaison yet dangerous association. Even Sam seemed pleased when he noticed Walker growing uncomfortable next to her.
"Look, we know you don’t like us" The other soldier known as Battlestar answered.
"That’s an understatement" Sam muttered under his breath.
"We’re on the same team here" Walker added.
"No, we’re not" Bucky glared at him.
The soldier with the shield sighed. He pursed his lips, thinking for a moment before glancing at the men in front of him.
"I’m not trying to replace anyone" He started to explain.
"You couldn’t if you tried" Y/N mocked him.
"My point is, I know I’m not Steve and I’m not trying to be. But I am Captain America"
"Like hell you are" Bucky scornfully stated.
"It takes a lot more than knowing how to throw a shield to become a superhero" Sam reminded him.
"I am what the world need right now" He insisted.
"What the world want. Big difference" Sam continued.
"You were getting your ass kicked back there" Battlestar told them, helping his friend’s case. "We saved you"
"Should we say thank you ?" Y/N ironically threw at them.
"This isn’t up to you. Why are we even arguing about that ?" Walker was getting annoyed.
"Because you’re not even half the man Steve was yet you keep parading like a clown pretending to be someone you’re not" Bucky aggressively spoke with a cold voice. "You don’t get to mention his name, Walker, not when you’re destroying all he’s ever work for"
"Bucky…" Sam called him with a cautious tone, trying to get him to calm down.
The former assassin shut his mouth, refraining himself from saying anything more.
"Obviously there’s some issues you still need to work on" Walker spoke with a grin on his face. "But my offer still stands. We’d work better together"
"Keep on dreaming" Y/N expressed, rolling her eyes.
"If we’re being honest here, the only thing I dream about is you out of that suit" He forcefully flirted, looking down at her superhero outfit
She cringed at his useless attempt of seduction and missed the way Bucky’s expression turned dark in the split of a second. He clenched his jaw so hard his veins were visibly noticeable and his blue eyes were boring into Walker. If a simple stare could kill, he’d already be dead. He looked as menacing as can be with that hostile glare and his anger was reflecting itself through the way his muscles were bulging, ready to attack.
"Don’t do anything stupid" Sam warned him when he realized the man’s patience was running low.
Bucky growled and before any of them could react, the super soldier watched his newfound nemesis casually placing his hand on his girlfriend’s thigh. His entire body tensed and his blood ran cold.
"If you don’t take your hands off me in the next two seconds, you’re gonna lose both of them, Walker" Y/N threatened him.
"I’d take her word, Captain, ‘cause you’re about to be eaten alive" Sam advised him.
The soldier dismissed him and laughed, which only seemed to anger the woman and her boyfriend.
It all happened too fast for anyone to react. Just as Y/N was about to assault the man, Bucky decided to let his rage speak for himself and reached for Walker’s hand, twisting his fingers. He could almost feel the bones on the verge of breaking and his skin had started to turn red as the former assassin applied more pressure. The soldier grunted loudly in pain, trying to release himself from the tightening grip.
"Stop the car !" Bucky shouted.
The vehicle slowed down and he menacingly leaned toward Walker.
"If you so much as glance at her again, I will rip you to pieces"
Maybe it was the tone in his voice, or the serious promise of death he could see in his eyes, but the soldier bit back the lump in his throat, unable to answer. He looked terrified.
"Told you" Sam shrugged as Bucky released the man.
They both stepped out of the car, waiting for Y/N. The woman, still angry, turned to stare at the soldiers in blue and red.
"One more thing" She tilted her head.
Without notice, her fist collided with John Walker's jaw. The loud impact with his face was enough to almost knock him out and she smiled. Pleased with herself, she got up and followed her friends.
"Was that really necessary ?" Sam joked and they started walking.
"Oh c’mon, you know you’ve been dying to punch the guy" She smirked.
Bucky placed his human arm around her shoulders and a sweet kiss on the side of her forehead, secretly satisfied.
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