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#can you tell
calista-222 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Conductor probably never gets any work done when those two are around (he’d never say it out loud but he’s having fun :) )
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em0kii · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some sad Tubbo doodles from the pogtopia/Manberg/president days mixed with some clingy duo and canonical sewinginnit for the soul!
I feel like we forget that Tubbo canonically wore Wilbur’s presidential suit for his entire presidency. Also this kid has been through it.
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haline-of-troy · a month ago
Kit goes to a mundane school
He has friends, who are kids of werewolves
He might have a girlfriend (freakin Mary)
Mina rides around on his back
He's teaching her to say Magnus's name
He talks to Jem and Tessa about his dad
He talks about Ty and Livvy in his sleep
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jacketbones · a month ago
So you know how Sans uses his "shortcuts"? Obviously, teleportation, but I think the important part is that he walks off screen (or the screen darkens) before he disappears.
He is no longer in frame. And can do whatever he wants because the player can not see.
This implying that he needs to not be seen in order to teleport.
Anyway, Y/n who doesn't let Sans make his dramatic exit in the Mettaton hotel by just. Staring at him.
"I'd be dead where I stand" BITCH no, you are NOT going to walk away from the table and suddenly disappear. I am going to watch you awkwardly wait for me to stop looking (I will not) and then resign yourself to walking out the doors like everyone else. You invite me to dinner with literally NO FOOD and threaten my life??? You just lost your teleportation privileges. Use your feet.
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I think asexuals should be able to turn off their periods if they want. Like thanks! I was very aware that nothing’s in there. I didn’t need you to tell me in the most dramatic way possible!
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triquetrine · 9 months ago
the foxes + being protective of each other
one time aaron makes an excellent block against this really pissy opposing striker, so naturally the guy decides to punch him
because they’re far away enough from andrew and aaron doesn’t seem that close to the team so it’ll be fine, no retaliation right
before andrew can even take a step out of the goal, the striker turns around and realizes that although the scary twin may not be close enough, allison reynolds is
allison, throwing a BRUTAL right hook: “bitch you THOUGHT-”
cue: *guy goes sprawling* *kevin grabbing allison to stop a fight* *neil zooming past him* *kevin trying to grab neil but with one arm* *matt grabbing neil out of the air when he yeets himself forward*
in the months after TKM, the team has to deal with some really pushy crowds of press
kevin has had a lifetime of practice, but he has never had to deal with them asking extremely invasive questions about evermore
trying to go anywhere off campus means getting ambushed by paparazzi, and because andrew has neil, renee takes kevin
she links their arms and he holds on for dear life and she tells him to ramble about some historical event to distract him as they rush past
but one day kevin’s hand is shaking violently in hers and she has HAD IT so renee gracefully spins around with the most terrifyingly calm smile the world has ever seen
“i think that’s enough, don’t you?” 
it’s just six words but it shocks them into silence and as the team escapes, maybe andrew is smirking a little
neil has some of the best reflexes on the team and they show up in some memorable ways
matt has his helmet off during warmups and isn’t paying attention when a stray ball rebounds and flies straight for his head
like some kind of cat, neil jumps up and smacks it away with his hand
neil, saluting: “gotta protect your pretty face, right?” 
matt: *CRYING*
conference panels/big press events are always stressful mostly because of certain Loud Mouths in their ranks
BUT there can be surprises
reporter: "so renee, i've read that you are a born again christian. did you seek out religion for guidance, or as compensation for the atrocities you committed as a young girl? or both?"
aaron, snatching the mic from wymack with righteous fury: "so asshole, did you start growing out your facial hair because you're too fucking lazy to pick up a razor, or as compensation for your atrocious double chin? or both??"
(nicky fell off his chair after that one)
dan gets into a nasty collision during a game but she waves off everyone’s concern and the other foxes almost believe her and resume positions
but andrew, who saw it happen, slams his racket against the goal and makes everyone jump
it’s so quiet he doesn’t even need to raise his voice
“abby. now.” 
turns out dan sprained her ankle, so she spends the next two weeks  providing moral support from the sidelines
because of her crutches, andrew starts swiping her backpack off the ground without saying a word, and when dan protests he just gives her a Look before carrying it away with him
matt: “that was...kinda scary”
dan, smiling: “yeah, but it was sweet”
(andrew claims he only stepped in because everyone else is “too stupid” to take care of each other, but neil knows better)
nicky and allison eventually become inseparable and their relationship is both a delight and a nuisance to everyone else 
they will fight tooth and nail for each other on and off the court, and nicky half-jokingly decides to take it in a protective older brother direction
(even if they’re only a few months apart)
nicky, matt, neil, and aaron invade the girls’ room for food and instead find allison nervously getting ready for a date
they are very excited for her but nicky also INSISTS that he gets a few minutes to meet this date first and size him up
either way he trusts her to make good decisions for herself, but allison’s never had people want to watch over her like this and she quietly appreciates it
“this is unnecessary” “allison babe i say this with all the love in my heart but your taste in men is not what we call ideal”
she kinda smirks at that, but before anyone can ask there’s a knock at the door and nicky jumps to get it
he has this whole ~intimidating~ greeting planned out
imagine his surprise when he opens the door to see renee, all dolled up and shyly smiling, with the other half of their team hovering in the background in support
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sketchyscribbles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh look, a new meme
text under the cut!
“He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to meet them”
“This associate is really not so much of a has been but more of a definitely won’t be.”
“He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.”
“Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and started to dig.”
“His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity.”
“This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.”
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pastelpaperplanes · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m this close to watching tfa all the way through just so I can snag a compilation w every single LINE from this chad
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dead-p0ets · a month ago
thinking about how todd had to sleep in an empty dorm room after neil…ya know…
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queen-breha-organa · a month ago
Wolffe should get Plo Koons lightsaber, as a terrible reminder of the two worst events of his life. But he can’t get rid of it because it’s the last thing he has.
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jacketbones · 7 months ago
Y/n: Minecraft isn’t scary. It can be chilling, and unexpectedly creepy at times like with the cave sounds, but those are momentary. What isn’t is the loneliness. The abandoned mineshafts, the long forgotten temples...people must have been here, and you search the entire world for them. You go to the nether and the end and just around every single biome, and there are communities, but they don’t want you. Villagers and piglins and endermen, they don’t care about you. They care about each other. The iron golem will offer a villager a poppy, but will ignore you until you attack. The best you can have is pets. But dogs can’t talk to you. Dogs can’t give you water to fall on. They’re subservient. Minecraft isn’t off putting because of the creepy myths or undead enemies, it’s terrifying, because it’s just you against a world that can’t love you back. The most interaction you might get from it, is when it’s trying to kill you. 
Sans: you need to talk?
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vizionsin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mai valentine and miss mana requests from twitter! I just got an ipad so I’m adapting to the apple pencil and procreate bc csp is a subscription apparently
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cantalouupe · 7 months ago
Maybe some soft, passionate Diluc NSFW? With him on top?? I'm not overly kinky but I do like it when I'm loved ^^ (Ps. You can turn anonymous on in settings, I find that people are more open to requesting if they can hide behind anon ^^") tysm though if you decide to do my request :^)
i genuinely didnt know you had to go in to settings to get anonymous asks so thank you, i just did that ^^ theres no way i can say no to a diluc prompt so here we go !!
(super short) nsfw!!! diluc x gn!reader
vanilla sex, soft and calm and nice
Diluc’s hands caress your skin, leisurely feeling you beneath him. You’re smooth and soft and he can’t get enough of you, keeping his body against yours as if he’s trying to paint it in his memory forever, so he won’t forget.
He thinks you’re stunning like this, laying under him with your back against the bed, legs spread to allow him access of movement between them. A constant roll of his hips into you that results in a symphony of deep sighs and breathy moans. You’re angelic in both sound and looks, with your eyes fluttered closed and lips slightly swollen from kissing.
It’s not rushed tonight, not loud or mean. An absence of hands wrapped around your neck and the sting of slaps against your ass, lacking presence of the usual mean and rough Diluc you’re used to. You don’t know what caused him to be so sweet but you aren’t complaining, not when his soft touch and smooth thrusts feel so good.
It’s almost relaxing, the quiet and calm atmosphere. The familiar swirl on pleasure grows within you slowly, rising up until it’s almost consuming you whole. Somehow, with his low moans in your ears and cock so deep inside without him really trying, you’re overwhelmed as much as you’d be in a rough scene.
When he leans down, he kisses you, pulling just far enough away to murmur how he loves you. You come right then, muffling a whimper into his mouth as his lips press against yours once again. You’re breathless while he finishes himself, pushing as far as he can into you to let go, and whilst he comes down too you whisper a soft “i love you” against his skin.
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buddie-is-not-expendable · 8 months ago
The most supernatural thing about supernatural is the fact that everything happens in the states. I’m sorry, America, but you’re really not that important.
Can you imagine if Lucifer had found his vessel in Kenya? Or if the door to his cage was in Chile? Let’s not even talk about the fact that 7 out of 8 prophets live in the states, and that God also chose to live there. What would they have done if samuel colt was French? If the leviathans had decided they wanted to take over the world, but starting in China? What then, Sam and Dean?
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