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#canadian politics
memelovingfrick · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media - Young Canadians launch court challenge to lower federal voting age from 18
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A man with severe mobility issues alleges that Vancouver police used excessive force and beat him up during an incident this past summer at a city bus stop.
Daniel Jardine de Villiers, 54, makes the claims in a lawsuit he filed recently in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.
He says that prior to the incident on the evening of June 2, he went to the Cambie Village Shoppers Drug Mart at 3277 Cambie St. to pick up a prescription.
Afterwards, he was sitting on a bench in front of the store waiting for a bus to go home when a male and a female officer, who are unknown to him and are only referred to as John Doe 1 and Jane Doe 1 in the lawsuit, parked their police vehicle in the bus stop.
He says that he asked them to please move the vehicle, explaining that he had mobility issues which, according to the lawsuit, include chronic pain, a left pelvis with no ball-and-socket joint, one leg shorter than the other, and a right knee that does not bend past 90 degrees.
De Villiers, who walks with a cane, says that the two officers, who were not in uniform, approached him and began to “aggressively” interrogate him, including threatening to arrest him for uttering a threat, obstruction of justice, and carrying a concealed weapon — a box cutter visible in his satchel.
“After several minutes of escalating verbal interaction, John Doe 1 asks the plaintiff, ‘How about I just beat you?'” says the notice of civil claim.
“A crouching John Doe 1 then grabs the seated plaintiff by the throat with his left hand and punches him once and then three more times in the head with his right hand. At this time, Jane Doe 1 is behind the bench.”
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violetsandshrikes · a year ago
The Miꞌkmaq people are facing hostility and threats in Eastern Canada over the right to fish to sustain themselves. 
This has included:
“In response to Mi’kmaq fishers setting up 150 out of their 350 allowed traps, non-Indigenous fishers gathered at the wharf in Digby to protest.”
“One of the ways Nova Scotian fishers have found it appropriate to protest Mi’kmaq harvesting practices has been to chase down boats and fire flares directly at them. There have also been attempts to ram small boats with much larger vessels.”
Two people being arrested and charged with assault.
“Lobster traps in St. Mary’s Bay were vandalized, their lines were cut, and the traps were left on the shore.”
“Some fishers have posted calls on social media to reimplement the Canadian residential school system, and for other harsh treatment of Indigenous peoples and their children.” 
A lobster boat belonging to a Mi’kmaq fisher has been destroyed by a suspicious fire at a wharf in southwestern Nova Scotia.
These people have the right to sustainably fish on their own land and support their livelihoods. Megan Bailey, professor at Dalhousie University’s Marine Affairs program, an expert, has said that there is no conservation concern as has otherwise been claimed. “The scale of the livelihood fishery as it exists right now with 350 traps is not a conservation concern.”
Ways you can support the Mi’kmaq people (both on this front + other issues):
Treaty Truckhouse Legal Fund - Grassroots Grandmothers, Mi'kmaw Rights Holders and others continue to stand united as water protectors of the Shubenacadie River in the Sipekne'katik District of Mi'kma'ki, where Alton Gas intends to dump salt brine equivalent to 3000 tonnes of hard salt every day.
Another donation link is here, or e-transfers can be sent to 
Support for our Eskasoni Mi’kmaq Fishers - Supplying resources for the fishers to continue the battle to have access to moderate livelihood fishery.
Mi’kmaq Fishers: To show support you can donate funds via e-transfer to the following emails with the message “donation”:
If you have any useful additions, please let me know, and I will add anything that I find. Also please spread this around, awareness is also important so that these issues do not fly under the radar and get a pass.
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azure-prince · 5 months ago
A friend of mine, a First Nations person here in Canada, has been sharing this petition to hold accountable the Canadian government to dig up the rest of the residential schools to be able to lay their children to rest.
It's on an official Canadian Government site, so only citizens and residents of Canada can sign, but anyone could share it.
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darthsarcom · 3 months ago
Vote NDP. Jagmeet cares.
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dumbleftycanadianradical · 8 months ago
Canada's NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh asks the reporter, "why is this even a question?" about getting clean drinking water to First Nations reserves in Canada. He is right, if it were the suburbs somewhere, it would not be a question.
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Ah once again I am disappointed but not surprised.
Also as usual, this is clear evidence that we need electoral reform. The NDP currently has twice as many votes as the bloc but it has fewer seats. This is not representation. We are not seeing the will of the people in our government. This is a problem.
Justin Trudeau always promises to fucking reform the voting system but he never will because it’s worse for the liberals. Even if it means that people are going unrepresented in their government.
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arondn · 10 months ago
Shé:kon, hello. I ask that white people do not scroll past this, and that you please read it and internalize it, especially white Americans.
I've been seeing an influx of white people asking/joking about moving to Canada after the events of today (Jan.6 2021) and I want to say something about it.
Many of you talk as if Canada is any better than the U.S when it comes to things like the riots and storming of Capitol hill today. We are not.
I need you to consider how your whiteness makes you view the country north of you, because it vastly impacts it. You likely consider Canada better because we don't have (or at least you don't hear of) major police violence, or shootings, or bomb threats. Now, I don't blame you for not knowing this, but we do. Perhaps not as often, but they do happen, and they are always racially motivated.
You may consider this country to be safer, but to the many black, indigenous, and other people of colour who live up here, it's not. If anything, I would almost argue it's more deadly because we don't get the coverage on racist attacks, murders, and all of that. It gets swept under the rug so much easier up here.
Specifially talking about today's events, we've had gatherings of trump supporters at various locations across the country. I didn't know about this until very recently, even though they've seemingly been going on all day. The founder of the Proud Boys was Canadian. Our Conservative party hasn't said anything about the events of today, even though many of them have been buddy-buddy with Trump in the past.
Canada is not safer. It is just quieter. Myself and many other Canadians of colour are absolutely terrified right now, because we already can see what to expect coming up; spikes in racist violence will happen across the country, they will be talked about for 5 minutes, they will be brushed away.
Be aware that while you may feel unsafe right now, the joking (or even serious) desire to move to Canada is an ignorant one. Because while you may be feeling unsafe, you still have a massive shield. Even if you're trans, or queer, or disabled, or neurodivergent, or a woman... you are still white. You are still not the target of these people. You are not their main target, and you cannot act as if you are. The main target of these nationalistic terrorists are people of colour, particularly black people. You do not get to act as if you're at a major risk here. The only exception to this are white jewish people, as antisemitism is a major card these people play at.
So, please, look me in the eye and tell me how much safer you'd feel in Canada, just because our problems don't make news like this. The only reason you would feel safer up here is because you would once again have the shield of ignorance. Do not desire to put the blinders on again, not when black and indigenous people are getting the RCMP called on them, arresting them for peaceful protesting against pipelines that would ruin sacred land. Not when I remember at least 3 mosque attacks in the last 2 years. Not when I remember the black people who we have lost to police violence this year just in Canada. Not when I personally have seen mmiw posters for people I've recognized in communities I live in. Not when I personally have been facing quiet racism since 8 years old that has had nothing done to rectify the incidents.
White people, use your shield to protect BIPOC. Do not play victim here. You are not their targets.
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sansangg · 3 months ago
Hey Canadians!! Just because Trudeau needs to go DOES NOT mean you have to vote conservative to make everything worse!! Vote NDP!!! 🧡
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trinklied · 11 months ago
Rich countries, including Canada, have bought too many COVID-19 vaccines: Amnesty
"Nearly 70 poor countries will only be able to vaccinate one in ten people against COVID-19 next year unless urgent action is taken," Amnesty International said, based on recent calculations.
"Updated data shows that rich nations representing just 14 per cent of the world's population have bought up 53 per cent of all the most promising vaccines so far," it said.
Amnesty said Canada was the country that had bought the most shots when considering the size of its population with enough doses to vaccinate every Canadian five times.’
All of this is pretty upsetting, but I’m really just losing my mind over that last paragraph.
Tumblr media
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allthecanadianpolitics · 36 minutes ago
Nearly nine in 10 Canada Goose employees who work at the company's Winnipeg production facility have voted to unionize.
Eighty-six per cent of the roughly 1,200 garment workers voted in favour of joining the Workers United Canada Council, the union said Wednesday.
"This marks the largest private sector victory for manufacturing workers in over 30 years and is a culmination of a three-year effort by the workers, most of whom are immigrant women sewers," a WUCC news release says.
Canada Goose is known for its luxury winter jackets and has operated in Winnipeg for a decade.
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spotty-bee · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Found these online, let me know if there are any errors. 
Canda’s political parties. Voting happens on Sept 20.
@allthecanadianpolitics this maybe handy!
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dumbleftycanadianradical · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau /Liberals keep announcing affordable housing units. Like everything with this government, the devil is always in the details. Who benefits more from $2K a month 'affordable' rent? Us or the developers and property management co's?
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hrefnatheravenqueen · 3 months ago
Reading the Conservative Party of Canada’s platform is a bit like watching the trailer for a near-future hellscape.
Case in point: the CPC’s plan for housing.
Tumblr media
The section begins with:
“It’s time to face the fact: We have a housing crisis in Canada. Affording a home - to rent, let alone to buy - is slipping out of reach of Canadians across our country. The primary cause is that supply simply isn’t keeping up with demand. Governments have not let Canadians build enough housing to keep up with our growing population.
We need action - from all levels of government. We need to treat this like the crisis it is. Years of study and delay will just leave more and more Canadians and newcomers trapped in inadequate or insecure housing. We need shovels in the ground building enough housing not just to keep up with but to get ahead of population growth. We need to ensure that Canadians, first and foremost, can afford the housing that we do have, keeping out foreign speculators, corruption, and laundered money that force up prices. And we need to remove unnecessary roadblocks preventing Canadians from getting mortgages.
Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to make housing more affordable.”
What’s their solution to the housing crisis?
- giving away 15% of the Federal Government’s properties for housing development (rental developers are gonna get lots of property for cheap);
- making it easier to convert public land for private housing development (who’s gonna benefit most? yeah, landlords and rental developers);
- helping more Canadians become landlords;
- encouraging corporations and private landowners to donate land for “affordable” housing initiatives instead of ecological protection (which of course will lead to more landlords, on top of reducing efforts to protect the environment, and of course creating avenues for corporations to convert less profitable lots into more profitable rental properties) ;
- helping companies that own office buildings to convert parts of them into housing units (in effect, helping office-based corporations become landlords);
- drop the Federal Government’s responsibilities in regards to housing for indigenous peoples onto indigenous peoples, while most likely not giving them the resources they will need to address the housing crisis - all the while making it sound like they’re just being nice by not being paternalistic;
- banning ownership of housing in Canada by foreign investors not residing in or moving to Canada for 2 years (supposedly up for review after that period), but also, and more importantly, incentivize foreign development and ownership of RENTAL properties, opening the floodgates to foreign corporations becoming landlords across Canada.
Wanna buy a home in Canada? Too bad. You’re either gonna need enough money to compete with foreign rental property developers, local companies wanting to become landlords, become a landlord yourself (provided you have the money for it), or you’re gonna have to be a renter. Forever.
Oh and have fun being a tenant trying to take your landlord to court when shit hits the fan, because that landlord might well be residing on another continent altogether. Or it’s gonna be a megacorporation like Amazon. With enough money to make your life a living hell if you dare take them on.
Affordable housing? More like “affordable for landlords to purchase, develop, and own land”.
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toadbutch · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
our what now?
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anatomy-lesson · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“As the result of the news of unmarked graves being located at former residential schools across Canada, many people are finally reckoning with the history of the Indian Residential School (IRS) system. While school survivors and Indigenous communities are not surprised by the recent revelations, some Canadians have been shocked to learn of the high rates of death and disease at the schools. They shouldn’t be, though. The horrors of the system were always hiding in plain sight.
As was recently reported in the Globe and Mail by Crystal Fraser, Tricia Logan, and Neil Orford, the Department of Indian Affairs’ own medical officer, Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce, blew the whistle on the IRS system in the early 1900s. In a 1907 report on the inadequate care that Indigenous children were receiving in some schools, Bryce outlined the ills of the system – including death and disease – that many Canadians are only learning of now. The Department of Indian Affairs, however, chose to ignore Bryce’s findings, burying his report and thwarting his subsequent calls for reform.
Yet, it is too easy for Canadians to say that the public was not made aware of Bryce’s report and apply blame solely to church and state officials who downplayed and ignored his warnings. The report was leaked to the public, and an examination of newspaper articles from the early 1900s reveals that readers across the country were presented with the findings.
On 15 and 16 November 1907, Ottawa’s The Evening Citizen and Toronto’s Globe respectively, published articles describing the “Absolute Inattention to Bare Necessities of Health” and the “Large Percentage of Deaths” occurring in residential schools. Both articles highlighted various findings from Bryce’s report and included the following statistics for readers: “Of a total of 1,537 pupils reported from fifteen schools… 7 per cent are sick or in poor health, and 24 per cent are reported dead.” Citing tuberculosis and poor ventilation as the main causes of disease and death, these articles demonstrate the consequences that poor living conditions had on Indigenous children.
Bryce’s report was also covered in Victoria’s Daily Colonist and Toronto’s Saturday Night on 16 and 23 November 1907, respectively. The Daily Colonist explained how significant it was that Bryce’s report was released at a time when the churches running the schools were also pressuring the government to take more control over “Indian education.” The coverage makes clear, however, that both church and state were responsible for the poor conditions in many residential schools. Stating that the release of Bryce’s report “contains information that should startle the country and at last compel the attention of Parliament,” Saturday Night provides evidence that some Canadians read about Bryce’s report and were informed about the inadequate conditions within residential schools. But the article also anticipated Canadian apathy: “[Bryce’s] report is printed, many people will scan the title on the cover, and some will open it, a few will read it, and so the thing will drift along for another year. And so with the next year, and the year after.”
Indigenous peoples also waded into the public debate and demanded action. In an article published by the Globe on 8 February 1908, Mohawk political organizer F. O. Loft acknowledged Bryce’s report and used its findings to critique the IRS system and call for changes. Loft noted, “I read a brief report of the discussion in the House of Commons bearing upon the report that has been issued by Dr. P. H. Bryce on the condition of Indian schools and the children in them.” He goes on to say how “[Bryce] speaks of the remarkable mortality of the children from tuberculosis and the unsanitary condition of the schools.” Continuing to speak about the misconceptions of the capabilities of Indigenous peoples and how the government must invest more into their children’s education, Loft not only provided evidence of public awareness about the IRS system, but also argued that Indigenous peoples should have more control over their own education.
If Canadians are committed to putting truth before reconciliation, it is important to acknowledge that many Canadians were presented with evidence of the horrors of the residential school system in the early 1900s yet chose a course of inaction. Canadians read about Bryce’s findings in their newspapers but did not effectively lobby their church leaders and government officials for change. As a result, many Indigenous peoples – children and youth – continued to suffer and even die in residential schools across the country for another 90 years. The cycle of Canadian indifference and inaction in the face of ongoing injustice for Indigenous peoples continues today. The only way to break the cycle is for Canadians to acknowledge the truth about the history and ongoing legacies of the IRS system and commit to decolonization and meaningful reconciliation.”
- Kathleen McKenzie & Sean Carleton, “Hiding in Plain Sight: Newspaper Coverage of Dr. Peter Bryce’s 1907 Report on Residential Schools.” Active History. September 29, 2021.
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el-shab-hussein · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is the reality that Black, Arab, South Asian, and Latino kids go through in Montreal. The kids in this video are Black and Arab but Montreal police have also been shown to discriminate against Latino and Desi people too.
@politicsofcanada @allthecanadianpolitics
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