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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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July 16: Remembering Talia at 11:22am EST

Talia Joy Castellano, August 18, 1999 - July 16, 2013. 7 years ago, she took her last breath at 11:22am EST with her mother holding her and her family all around her. She was only 13.

Cancer is a bastard.

Here is her vlog where she essentially told everyone she was terminal.

This girl was so brave. She should be in college, meeting people and being amazing, and instead she is in the ground.

I say it again, cancer is a bastard.

Her YouTube, Instagram and twitter handles were Taliajoy18.

Her tumblr was @teenytinytalia

She wanted childhood cancer destroyed.

She wore makeup to be confident about her baldness.

She loved music and danced like a wave.

She was remarkable.

It’s no wonder her middle name was Joy.

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Horoscopes, 7.16.20

Aries: For millennia, movable type and letterpresses were used to print books, fliers, important information. Letters made of lead or clay or stone were lined up, dipped in ink and pressed upon paper again and again until the hundreds, or thousands, of copies were made. Nowadays, we can print or photocopy our messages. We don’t even have to take our messages off the computer to disseminate them. Have the faith in your poems, your critiques, your opinions, enough to give them an audience. You don’t know the impact it may have.
Taurus: When you inserted a coin into a gumball machine as a child, the joy was multifold. Not only would you get a sweet at the end, you got to watch the little sphere spiral around the tunnel of the machine as it lit up. You never knew which flavor you would get, only that it would arrive. You can let go of outcomes with that same joyful curiosity today, knowing you put the effort, the money, in. The journey from here to there is worth your attention too.
Gemini: Mercury was a male god who could enter any realm, heaven or the underworld, and it is a shame. Men are seen as the default, never “male writers” nor “male astronauts”. When we say “androgynous” we mostly mean women who dress like men. But isn’t even getting caught up in maleness its own limitation? Isn’t our quickest means of travel one where we don’t cling to masculine or feminine, light or dark, good or bad? Try and enter the in-between space today.
Cancer: Scent is the sense most strongly linked to memory. Who has not been caught in the smell of a certain body, a dish from childhood, a relative’s perfume? It has to enter the body first, this whiff of familiarity, before the brain is assaulted with past images. It can feel overwhelming at times. I would advise to focus on the bodily sensations, untransmittable, that hit you today. Let the cogitation come later.
Leo: Cat’s cradle is a game that requires flux. You form the proper pattern with your hands and another set of them must free you from the strings, creating a new pattern in the process. The patterning does not follow a straight line but can take up many permutations. You can pass it to an infinite number of hands. Notice what changes, opens up, when you pass your work along to another to look at. Connection creates change.
Virgo: Playing an instrument feels different than singing, especially in front of an audience. Rather than vibrating strings on a piece of wood or through metal tubes, you are using your own body as the audial vessel, bringing something mysterious to the outside. Your voice may shake at first. You may have been taught never to sing. Those feelings deserve to be folded into your song. Don’t deprive the rest of the world of what your voice carries.
Libra: In Maya Angelou’s poem, “The Traveller,” the subject writes of “lone nights long,” and wandering “manless and friendless/no cave my home’”. In the Beach House song of the same name, a similar loneliness is depicted: “There’s no light in this room…No one is with the traveller,” Victoria Legrand sings. But, “There’s a light in my eyes,” she contends, “And a future invisible now”. To wander, to go off the faraway places may be a lonely, misunderstood climb. But then you get to make your own light. Nurture it today, alongside your loneliness. The world may not understand it but you do.
Scorpio: To collect nettle, you must contend with stings. Known for its high iron and vitamin content, the leaf has also been used to treat arthritis and regulate blood sugar. Most ironic of all, the plant is supposed to reduce inflammation, but its raw leaf has little pricks that cause swelling and itching if touched by bare skin. This swelling can be transmuted to treat its opposite, however, if you soak the nettle, let it sit in alcohol or vinegar for a few weeks. Sit in this liminal period, and trust that your wounds can become your cure if you let them.
Sagittarius: In Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson describes a moment where a young man at the bus station and a young man getting off the bus lock eyes ““and there it was one of those moments/that is the opposite of blindness”. They approach each other and “The world poured back and forth between their eyes once or twice ”. Who has not felt that infinite exchange, where you find someone whom you could belong to? How many times has conditioning, misogyny, racism, fapthobia or transphobia gotten in the way of that meaningful exchange from lasting or even being seen? Let the beauty of that feeling mean something, but don’t give it all the power, especially if the other is unwilling to take that plunge with you. The love is never sick, just the matrix that constricts it.
Capricorn: Go to the website of any library, college, museum, and find information of their archives, some of them even digitized. Documents, photos, contracts and journal entries from all sorts of people all across history are stored for future generations. Even with the immense cataloging and volume of these archives, one must also wonder what has been kept out due to neglect, destruction or simple overlooking. What gaps in your stories or record-keeping exists? When is your deleting of incongruous or painful stories a sort of self-colonizing?
Aquarius: The soft-crunch of a fresh cookie. The tang of sour cream in a blueberry muffin. The richness of chocolate cake. We all know the immediate pleasures of dessert. Those pleasures can also be multiplied. “Bake sales are a form of protest,” says pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz, who has organized three annual bake sales to raise funds for planned parenthood. You, too, can turn your love and pleasure into something regenerating. You first have to devote yourself to your own enjoyment, let it have power by itself. Then you can pass it along.
Pisces: In the Elemental Tarot, the moon wears a mask. The mask is reflected in the water below, rippling, distorting the image. It can be useful to see our outer persona as such. All people really see of us is a warped image of a mask. This is not to discount connection but point to an inner possibility that transcends fixed views. “I am the one whose image is great,” the card reads. “And I am the one who has no image”. Can you be both?

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CogniHab - Virtual Reality Based HealthTech Organization

CogniHab is a health-tech organization that uses virtual reality technology to fight diseases and disorders like Amblyopia, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Cancer, Vision Disorders, Anxiety & Stress.

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We’ve had The. Worst. ™ panic attack ever today. I feel drained.
I have no idea what happened or what the trigger was. My gf says it was probably Unknown Child X who was out - they didn’t front for a long time. I don’t know what triggered them out & what set them off this badly. 

Or maybe I do know.

Trigger warning for mentions of illnesses (cancer) & death.

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Moon in Gemini is about to meet Rahu or North Node - get ready for some out of control words & emotional reactions as Rahu intensifies moods, emotions, reactions, feelings, sensitivities. Endless chatter of the mind. Walk, run, write, talk to yourself - some people call it intuition some people call it delusion!

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