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gentlebush2 days ago
Hello again! How are you? For today, I am gonna share with you my experience and observation to zodiac signs. Specifically the underrated one coz only some pay attention to this. And please take note that this might not apply to anyone. Happy Reading!
Air signs are actually not good at handling money. Most air signs that I know is over spender and much to say cannot save enough money. My mom, for example. She is a Libra - and everytime her salary comes, she just buy everything and the result is - she doesn't have enough money anymore.
Virgo Moons are very humble. What I like about them is that, they don't brag about things they have and just sit there while everybody brag about theirs. For example, they received an honor in their school - they just stay silent about it especially in their relatives or family and just let them find out on their own.
Aries Venus is shy. It's true that if an Aries Venus like someone, they will get confident about it. But what other people don't know is - Aries Venus is actually shy, especially if they have a crush on someone that ooze confidence than them.
Tauruses are very wise beyond their years. When you ask a Taurus about life, it's like talking to an old individuals. Maybe because they are very grounded, pragmatic and realist. You can confirm this by having a heart to heart talk with them or ask for their advice.
Real life detectives: Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn, and Sagittarius.
Never underestimate the anger of Libra. This sign is sweet heart and charming as long as they want to. When they get angry, their emotions is much greater than Aries.
Most Earth + Fire sign dominant individuals don't gain weight. I don't know why, but even though they eat so many foods, they just don't gain any weight.
Taurus placement loves natural things. From make up to smell, they love to keep it natural. They don't like scents that overshadow the real smell of a person.
Earth signs loves the smell of woods or something about nature. Since earth sign is associated with nature, it is expected that they love the smell of it also. But the most prominent smell they like is the scent of woods, pine or garden.
Aquarius, Taurus, and Virgo placements make a really good chef. They can invent their own recipes and it will be very known.
Scorpios are very good at handling money. They can even starve their selves just to save money or resist their wants just to save their money.
Sagittarius Rising have a hard time to show their true personality. This is more hard when you have an earth dominants. Earth sign loves to be silent and be in their comfort zone. While Sagittarius embraces freedom and very out-going.
Earth Signs don't like pity. I observe this to most earth sign and even earth dominant. They don't want other people to look at them in pity. They just look at themselves as weak if you do so.
Additionally, some earth signs are not afraid to show their true feelings or emotions to other people. I have a cousin who is a Virgo and if you think that they are emotionally detached then you're wrong. My cousin actually cried in front of me, his mom and his girlfriend's parents.
Libra placements loves local music or music that is made from their country. I often observe this on Libras, sometimes they will play the songs for the whole day.
That's it for now. Thank you for reading! I promise to make it long on my next post. :)
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saintzjenx13 hours ago
Me admiring Cancer dominant/Moon dominant/Cancer Rising beauty馃槱馃槱:
Tumblr media
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snarkywrites2 days ago
December Horoscopes: Optimism & Joy
As we get closer to the end of the year, December brings about some powerful transits that will transform the collective. Neptune will be direct on the 1st, serving as a reminder that we should stay grounded, even when we are compelled to dream big. Being practical will rarely hurt us. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 4th is a time where we will close the eclipse axis. Remember those lessons from May 2020 and think about how much you have grown and evolved since then. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th and Mercury enters Capricorn on the same day; these transits push us to believe and fight for our dreams but to remain practical as we plan for the future. On the 18th, the Full Moon in Gemini allows us all to share, love, and experience the relationships we have all around us. If you haven鈥檛 talked to a close friend in a while, reach out to them. Gemini transits are more fun when we have people to chit-chat with. Venus will be retrograde starting on the 19th. Reflect, learn, and don鈥檛 be afraid to love if you鈥檝e been hurt in the past. The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, a good transit to make plans for the future, prepare for surprises, and complete checklists. Jupiter will enter the sign of Pisces once more on the 28th. Mutable and Water signs rejoice because 2022 will be a different dynamic than this year.
Aries 鈥 The Solar Eclipse on the 4th in the sign of Sagittarius will bring expansive and optimistic energy to your world. Prepare to feel energized and ready to take on the world. Another fiery transit is Mars entering Sagittarius on December 13th, which is going to make you focused and ready to go. Begin your plans now to plant the seeds needed to make things grow. Mercury changes signs that same day, moving to Capricorn. You will be a lot more focused and career-driven during this time and with Venus in the same sign, you are aiming for the prize and will win many people over to get there. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th is a time where you will be learning about your communication and growth. Venus will be retrograde beginning on the 19th and it will be a powerful transit affecting career and finances. Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, adding more focus to your career and ambitions. This transit will happen at the highest point in your chart, so you will be center stage for quite some time since Venus is currently there, making you more charming and diplomatic at work or school. The month concludes with Jupiter entering the sign of Pisces once more. This transit is going to transform you during 2022, where you will be presented with more learning opportunities that will allow you to grow emotionally and spiritually.
Taurus 鈥 Neptune goes direct on the 1st, which has allowed you to learn and see people for who they are. On the 4th, the final eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis will conclude. The New Moon in Sagittarius will have you focused on the past and releasing what has been holding you back. Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn on the 13th, making communicating a lot easier with others. While Mars changes signs the same day, making you more driven to overcome anything that has been holding you back. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th is a time that will allow you to focus on your financial status. This is your time to make new plans and goals for the future. On the 19th, Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, a rough but still favorable aspect to your sign. Changes to your world views will be impacted now during this transit. The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st and Jupiter enters Pisces on the 28th. Both of these transits will make you feel more social and confident just in time for 2022.
Gemini 鈥 A transit you will look forward to is Neptune going direct on the 1st. You will feel like you now have a clearer vision of your goals, dreams, and the path you want to take. On the 4th, the solar eclipse/New Moon will be in Sagittarius, illuminating your relationship house. Since this is the final eclipse in your sign鈥檚 axis, this transit will conclude topics relating to May 2020 when the first eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis began. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, adding more of the same energy from the Solar Eclipse. Partnerships become highlighted during this six-week transit. On the same day, Mercury enters Capricorn. This transit fuels your need to move on and protect your energy since it highlights parts of your psyche that you have been working on healing. The Full Moon will be in your sign on the 18th, serving as a reminder to focus on yourself and to find things that bring you joy. Venus goes retrograde on the 19th, which will give you confidence and the strength to face anything. Venus brings a period of self-discovery that can allow you to focus on your future with more confidence. At the end of the month on the 28th, Jupiter ingresses Pisces once more, highlighting how 2022 could be monumental for you if you dream big.
Cancer 鈥 On December 4th, the final eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis begins. The New Moon in Sagittarius will help you spruce up your daily routines for more efficiency. Mars joins the Sun on the 13th in the sign of Sagittarius, adding more dynamic energy that will push you to achieve more success. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th is a good reminder to look after yourself, rest up when you can, and give yourself time for healing. This transit is about reflecting and understanding what you have learned since the last New Moon cycle in Gemini, six months ago. Relationship topics come back to become your focal point once Mercury enters Capricorn. Since Venus is in the same sign, you will feel a greater need to socialize and meet new people, especially when the planet goes retrograde on the 19th. A big transit you might be looking forward to is Jupiter returning to the sign of Pisces on the 28th. 2022 could make you feel just a little more optimistic thanks to the trine it will make with your sign. This expansive energy is going to help you become more knowledgeable and driven to get where you desire to be.
Leo 鈥 The month begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius, making fire signs feel a lot more energized. This is a time that can bring you joy and love since it will make a trine to your sign. Mars will enter the sign of Sagittarius on the 13th, a time where your optimism keeps increasing. Good thing Mercury in Capricorn will begin on the 13th, allowing us collectively to be more grounded. On the 18th, the Full Moon in Gemini will make a favorable aspect to your sign and it will bring you opportunities to reconnect with friends and family. Venus retrograde begins on the 19th, a time where you might be more concerned with keeping up and completing tasks at work. Towards the end of the month, the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, adding more of the same topics that the Venus retrograde will bring. Jupiter will ingress in the sign of Pisces once more on the 28th. This is going to be a transit that will encourage and empower you for 2022 since it will allow you to learn to see the light in the shadows.
Virgo 鈥 Neptune will be direct in the sign of Pisces on the 1st. You will begin to see your partners and friends for who they are. Learn from the lessons during Neptune鈥檚 retrograde and apply them moving forward. The final eclipse in the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius ends on the 4th. This New Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, bringing the focus on career and home. You are going to see the themes from this eclipse cycle that began in 2020 repeat once more during this transit. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th and Mercury enters Capricorn on the same day. These transits initiate periods of excitement (believe it or not) as we get closer to your partnership houses. If you are coupled, Mercury in Capricorn will allow you to open up and be more romantic. Expressing your love during this time will be easy, especially with the Sun in Capricorn joining Mercury on the 21st. Venus retrograde begins on the 19th, a time to evaluate your romantic dynamic. Find what is lacking in the relationship and work on it together. Jupiter will once again enter Pisces on the 28th, which adds a boost to your partnership house for 2022.
Libra 鈥 December 4th brings us to the concluding chapters of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in the eclipse series. You might have benefitted from this transit since it would have empowered you to speak up and change your communication style drastically. Mars will enter Sagittarius on the 13th and Mercury will be in Capricorn on the same day. These powerhouse transits help you to evolve once more the way you think and present yourself. Your words take greater meaning this month since they will impact you at home and school or work. A friendly reminder to be diplomatic and professional. The Full Moon in Gemini makes you want to seek new topics to learn and discuss with others. Sagittarius season has you energized to become more studious as you are pushed to read up on the things that fascinate you. Venus goes retrograde on the 19th and the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st. Your energy will be forced on home and surrounding yourself with family. Jupiter enters Pisces again on the 28th, setting the stage for how you will transform your routines for 2022.
Scorpio 鈥 On the 4th, the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will be the final eclipse in the series. This transit has taught you a lot about your self-worth and potential. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, bringing up similar themes to the New Moon transit. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th as well, shifting the focus on connecting with friends and family. With the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, this is going to be a transit that is going to allow you to break free from whatever has been holding you back. As the nodes shift, this period will be a good time to heal and consider how much you have grown in the last year. Venus will go retrograde on the 19th, a transit that is going to impact your partnership house. It will be a time to reminisce about previous relationships and the footing you have on new ones. December 28th will have water signs rejoicing once again as Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Pisces. This sparks a new period of joy, romance, and creativity that you will get to experience in 2022.
Sagittarius 鈥 The planet of dreams and illusions, Neptune will go direct on December 1st. You are going to see things in a new light during this transit as it prepares you for what will happen in 2022. With the New Moon in your sign on the 4th, you are going to feel a lot more confident and grounded thanks to the sextile this transit will have with Saturn. Another transit that will have you ready to go and be stronger than ever is Mars finally entering your sign on the 13th. If you felt lethargic, you will now have that extra boost of energy you have desired. On the same day, Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn bringing those topics about finances to center stage. If you have splurged (no thanks to Venus) now will be a good time to plan and seek ways to control those purse strings. The Full Moon will be in the sign of Gemini on the 18th, which might bring you back to focus on your romantic relationships. Don鈥檛 worry if you are currently coupled, this transit is about strengthening current bonds and understanding what doesn鈥檛 work for you moving forward. A transit that mutable signs will look forward to is Jupiter in Pisces taking center stage once again beginning on the 28th. This period will mark some positive changes and influences in your home environment for 2022.
Capricorn 鈥 Capricorns, this is your birthday month and lots of surprises are in store. The month begins with Neptune direct on the 1st and now you can feel your communication improving since the planet of illusions and dreams will not make your mind feel as cloudy. On the 4th, the final eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis will grace us all and it will be centered on our communication. For you, the themes will be more on your daily routines. One of the powerful lessons you need to learn is when to look after yourself. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, a transit that will teach you to channel your energy into projects or hobbies that bring you joy. Mercury will enter your sign on the same day, bringing much-needed grounding energy to your communication, especially once this planet makes a sextile to Neptune. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th will add more of the eclipse themes and an opportunity to perfect your work ethic. You are on a roll this month and people are taking notice. Venus will be retrograde beginning on the 19th, a time where you could reflect on yourself and those wonderful qualities you have will be shining brightly. This Venus transit is about self-love, so even if you are in a relationship, remember to put yourself first. The Sun enters your sign on the 21st, building a stellium that can make you feel radiant. The end of the month brings us back to Jupiter in Pisces, making you more optimistic and social for 2022.
Aquarius 鈥 The Solar Eclipse on the 4th is going to allow you to connect with close friends and family. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th and it will make you feel a lot more empowered to be around like-minded people that push you to succeed. Mercury will also change signs that day and will be in the sign of Capricorn. This energy will have you opting to be more reflective and meditative during this three-week transit before Mercury enters your sign early next year. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th will be one of fun and excitement. If you are in a relationship, this Moon can spark up some intense communication with your partner that can help strengthen your bonds. Those who are single can search for someone that inspires them creatively. Venus will be retrograde on the 19th, initiating a time where we will all reflect on our self-worth and relationship dynamics. This transit will impact the hidden parts of your chart, which can churn up some memories. However, Venus will be in a relaxed place, so this can make you enjoy your independence and periods of comfort at home. As we get closer to 2022, Jupiter will once again ingress in the sign of Pisces on the 28th. This sets the stage for new ways to become more financially conscious for next year.
Pisces 鈥 You are going to be a lot more grounded when Neptune goes direct on December 1st. During the six-month retrograde, you were able to learn a lot about yourself and those around you. Now that you have the tools needed for more success, your ambitions come to focus during this New Moon in Sagittarius on the 4th. It is your moment to feel unstoppable for the next six months as your ruler, Jupiter prepares to re-enter your sign. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th, leveling things for us all. Here you see opportunities to flourish and to see your projects beginning to take off. On the same day, Mars enters Sagittarius, fueling you with enough drive and passion to make your way to the top. Dream big since Mars will make your dreams bigger. Things begin to slow down a bit during the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, a time where you are feeling a lot more stable and secure since this transit will light up the lowest part of your chart. Take comfort in surrounding yourself with those you love during this time. Venus will go retrograde starting on the 19th. You could feel the urge to tell your friends how much you care for them as well as your partner. If you have desired to meet someone, this transit will have you meeting a potential partner through a friend. The star of the show will be Jupiter making its return in your sign on the 28th. 2022 will have you feeling triumphant and lots can be accomplished if you believe in your abilities. Don鈥檛 dim your light.
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souledouttarota day ago
Divine Masculine
An awakened man leads with love and integrity.
He has healed his masculine wounds and knows exactly who he is. He is deeply present and in tune with his emotions.
He is in perfect harmony with the Divine Feminine.
He lays down his ego and, with true masculine energy, demonstrates what it is like to return to love.
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personachartsbloga day ago
The North Node and How it Affects Us : Part 1
In Astrology, the North Node tells us about how and where we are meant to grow. It tells us the lessons we are meant to learn. Astrologer Rachel Lang says the North Node is 鈥溾he point of destiny you continue to follow throughout your life.鈥 The North Node shows us the energy we aren鈥檛 comfortable expressing yet, and some people spend their whole lives developing it. Since we aren鈥檛 born comfortable with the energy of our North Node, we can view it as an entry point to a more fulfilled existence. You鈥檝e likely heard the saying, step outside of your comfort zone to grow, and the North Node will tell you just how to do that. Often, we struggle with the energy ruled by our North Node and it can take a lot of effort to feel comfortable with it. However, when we do begin to feel comfortable with it, we often feel that are lives are headed in a good direction.
*The North Node sits exactly opposite your South Node. The South Node tells you about where you feel most comfortable and can show you where you natural talents lie.
Aries North Node: Your life鈥檚 purpose is about being independent and discovering yourself and what you need. This path is often found in people who are trailblazers or fire starters. These guys need to explore their individuality and find ways to lead others. You may often feel more comfortable taking advice and direction from others or asking for validation before acting on an idea. In this life, you don鈥檛 need to ask for help鈥攋ust do it. You are meant to be curious and follow your passions and not ask anyone for permission. Another lesson will be to stand up for yourself and if you end up in rather difficult or trying situations, hold your ground! Yet, remember your Libra SN and be as diplomatic about it as possible. Remain compassionate and aware of others and their feelings, but don鈥檛 put anyone鈥檚 needs or desires above your own.
Core ideas:
路 Being independent and taking your own advice
路 Leading the path for others to follow
路 Actively pursue your goals
Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Chariot (movement, confidence, determination)
Some Aries NN individuals: Sigmund Freud, Mariah Carey, Meryl Streep, Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung
Each of these individuals have found a way to lead in their field. They are all seen as leaders or idols in some way and have found a way to express their individuality in a way that encourages others to follow their example.
Taurus North Node: Finding a way to earn financial security and become self-reliant is important for these individuals. In a past life, you likely experienced many losses and this time around you want to enjoy the finer things. This North Node also comes with the lesson of, not relying on anyone else鈥檚 resources but your own. Learning that you are your best source of security is important. Finding a sense of spirituality is also important to keep a balance. These individuals have a way of seeing beauty everywhere and this can make them great artists. Something special about these types is that in the most difficult times of their life, they can find the inner strength to keep going. Often times, they don鈥檛 even know they have this inner strength, it can come seemingly out of nowhere and at times it can feel like it鈥檚 coming from something completely outside of them. These individuals are so resilient and can tap into an inner reservoir of incredible power that can transform the lives of many. All in all, these Taurus North Node natives are here to tap into that inner power and find what means the most to them, and then find security within whatever that may be. There is likely times in their life where they will find security and then come close to losing it. This is because their Scorpio SN is so used to having to protect their security or use obscure methods to stay in control. Letting go and not being afraid to lose what they have, and rather look within for that feeling of safety, will help these guys.
Core ideas:
路 Finding value within yourself
路 Relying on your own resources for security and safety
路 Seeking out peace and harmony
Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Empress (pleasure, abundance, creativity, Divine Feminine)
Some Taurus NN individuals: Martin Luther King, Prince Harry, Gordon Ramsey, Stephen King, Janet Jackson
For these individual it seems that they all have a legacy that needs protecting. Each of these individuals have created or been a part of something that has touched many lives. Furthermore, they all have been able to find their true values and have created something long-term from it. Martin L. King, the leader of the civil rights movement found his true purpose in his desire to create freedom and liberty for others. It took a lot of resilience and patience, but that dream of his did come true. Stephen King has made a name of himself through his horror novels. He found a way to connect with what鈥檚 most comfortable for him (Scorpio SN), and create something with long-term value.
Gemini North Node: This path is about speaking, learning and communicating your knowledge and opinions. Being quiet and not speaking your mind will never get you where you need to go. These types can be rather curious and always looking for the next adventure or thing that interests them. They don鈥檛 like to settle down because they know there is a lot to explore in the world. They have a desire to learn and experience all they can鈥攂eing that their South Node is in Sagittarius. Learning to share your knowledge and insight is important in this life. You are meant to open people鈥檚 eyes and help expand their mind. Learning to gather information and not just take things at face value is also going to be an important lesson. Try not to jump to conclusions! Networking is key to expanding your connections with others. You have a natural ability to socialize, as you are charming, witty and knowledgeable. Truly you can rise to the top easily if you learn to network and use these gifts for everyone鈥檚 benefit.
Core ideas:
路 share your opinions and knowledge with others
路 be open to others鈥 opinions and learn from their experiences
路 explore and be as curious as you can
Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Magician (foresight, skill, originality)
Some Gemini NN individuals: Billie Eilish, Bj枚rk, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Aubrey Plaza
Cancer North Node: Your destiny in this life is to take care of and nurture the private areas of your life. Family and home life are area you can develop more to aid your growth. Your personal relationships should be one of your top priorities as they are going to be your major support system. Cancer being a water sign, you will benefit from listening to your emotions more and practicing self-care on a regular basis. Make sure to not fall into the safe habit of using logic to go through life and avoiding the vulnerable areas. Your Capricorn South Node can fall into the habit of being a workaholic or trying to deal with everyone else鈥檚 problems and never your own. Don鈥檛 do this because it will only bring more trouble for you long-term.
Core ideas:
路 Listen to your intuition
路 Nurture your fulfilling relationships
路 Put your own needs above the needs of the world
Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Moon (intuition, emotions, fear/shadow work, acknowledging the lighter vs. darker facets of the self)
Some Cancer NN individuals: Michelle Obama, Johnny Depp, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston
Leo North Node: These individuals鈥 core lessons revolve around self-expression and owning their individuality. Similar to an Aries North Node, a Leo North Node individual needs to cultivate a sense of independence. Learning to do without the support of peers and believing in themselves is important. You will learn through disappointment that you don鈥檛 need everyone鈥檚 support鈥攜ou can keep going on your own. This placement of the North Node will struggle from time to time with their sense of self and accepting who they truly are. Often, they will feel lost without social groups, friends or some external source of support. Finding strength in themselves and believing in their gifts is super important. After this, they often become super charismatic and entertaining individuals. They will also find their true gifts are expressed most easily when they are helping out in the community. As long as they feel truly happy with their lives, they can inspire others to follow them or be their own true selves.
Core ideas:
路 Find creative and expressive outlets
路 Trust in your power
路 Be your own person鈥攜ou aren鈥檛 meant to follow anyone
Major Arcana Tarot Card: Strength (perseverance, courage, self-mastery, healthy outlets, confidence)
Some Leo NN individuals: Beyonc茅, Diana, Princess of Wales, Christina Aguilera, Jim Carrey, Alicia Keys
Virgo North Node: This placement indicates that in this life, individuals will be more focused on the practical aspects. There will be a need to plan more, organize and enforce boundaries with others. These individuals want to become more disciplined and achieve their goals in the best way possible. They will often find success when they are helping others or contributing in a way that makes them happy. As Pisces is the South Node, it is often someone who spent the past sacrificing their own needs for others, doing selfless service and engaging in fantasy to escape the world. Now, they must remain grounded to get things done. These types are used to being sympathetic and caring for others, but if they do it at the expense of themselves, they will likely end up disappointed in themselves. As long as they don鈥檛 overextend themselves, they will find that they can still help others in a way that benefits them as well. Enforcing boundaries is essential for a Virgo NN or else they will be walked all over.
Core ideas:
路 Stick with a routine or habit that helps keep you balanced and organized
路 Self-care should be done on a regular basis
路 Focus on managing and planning out goals
Major Arcana Tarot Card: Temperance (renewal, balance, learning to cultivate a sense of purpose and joy, being patient and loving)
Some Virgo NN individuals: Kylie Jenner, Muhammad Ali, Bernie Sanders, Kevin Hart
Libra North Node: Creating harmony and learning compromise in relationships is essential to cultivating a sense of fulfillment in life. There is an emphasis on interpersonal relationships with this placement. Be open to cooperating, even if it seems easier to do it on your own. As the South Node is in Aries, these types are likely used to, and more comfortable being independent and alone. In this life, harmonious relationships will help you grow and feel more fulfilled. Furthermore, a Libra NN gets more done when they accept help from others. Being there for others and caring about their needs is also important. There can be an air of selfishness with these individuals, as they are more comfortable serving themselves. Being open and acting with integrity will allow these individuals to create beautiful, long-term relationships that will help further their goals.
Core ideas:
路 Learn to be more emotionally intelligent and aware of others
路 Create harmony always over discord
路 Cooperate with and accept help from others
Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Lovers (connection, balance, harmony, relationships, completion)
Some Libra NN individuals: Zendaya, Bella Hadid, Tim Burton, Doja Cat, Bruce Lee
Degree Placements
*The degree your North Node falls in will give you more insight about what is needed to fulfill your purpose. It can also give you more knowledge about how to fast track the growth of the sign your NN falls in.
Aries degrees (1, 13, 25)
脴 North Node in an Aries degree indicates more of a need to express your independence and do things your own way. For example: a Virgo North Node in an Aries degree indicates a need to cater to oneself more often and take more action rather than planning out your every move. Also trying to figure things out for yourself first before asking for help.
Taurus degrees (2, 14, 26)
脴 North Node in a Taurus degree can indicate that your North Node requires you to seek out greater harmony in your life through creative expression. For example: a Libra North Node in a Taurus degree can indicate that you can create more harmonious relationships by bonding over shared values or any creative projects. Furthermore, your relationships will thrive more in a stable environment.
Gemini degrees (3, 15, 27)
脴 North Node in a Gemini degree indicates that you will benefit from working on your communication. Also learning as much as you can and developing any skills you have.
Cancer degrees (4, 16, 28)
脴 North Node in a Cancer degree indicates that you can benefit from being open about your emotions and learning to become comfortable with them. Also being more sympathetic and caring throughout life.
Leo degrees (5, 17, 29)
脴 North Node in a Leo degree indicates that you should own your individuality whenever you can. For example: a Libra North Node in a Leo degree can indicate that even though you will seek out support from your personal relationships, it will benefit you to stay true to yourself. This is a placement for someone who relies on their loved ones and is constantly trying to keep the harmony, but this degree makes it so it鈥檚 more beneficial to find the inner power and confidence to do your own thing without validation from others.
Virgo degrees (6, 18)
脴 North Node in a Virgo degree indicates that being more organized and finding balance in your daily life will benefit your self-development. As well as actively doing things to improve yourself. This includes health regimes, physical activity, eating healthier, working to cut bad habits etc. For example: a Cancer North Node in a Virgo degree indicates that you may be able to find more emotional stability from seeking out help from others鈥攕uch as going to therapy.
Libra degrees (7, 19)
脴 North Node in a Libra degree indicates there is a greater need to focus on balancing your relationships. For example: a Capricorn North Node is meant to secure their future and work at success. In a Libra degree, this means that an integral part in securing that success would be to form healthy, long-term relationships with others and to cooperate more.
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your-astro-mamia day ago
I don鈥檛 know if this鈥檒l make sense but, what signs or placements denote the strongest connections/friendships
Sun/Moon/Mercury in the other person's 5th House While it is connected to romance, it is also the house of fun, creativity, excitement, pleasure (not always sexual). It can show a friendship where you suport each other's creativity, insire each other and also have a lot of fun together - the open-minded friendships where you're up to do anything.
Sun/Moon/Mercury in the other person's 11th House
The house that is generally connected to friendships is the 11th House. It represents support from others, people you share a purpose, a goal, dreams with. It is the house of good luck, of longetivity and trust. These are the characteristicts or a friendship where you have placements in each other's 11th House. It can also show a friendship where you may not be close on a personal level, but you have similar aims and are genuinely wishing the best for each other.
Sun/Moon/Mercury in the other person's 4th House
The friends who feel like family, the ones you have known since childhood, the ones you feel very close to.
Sun/Moon/Mercury in the other person's 8th or 12th House
In my opinion, these are the connections that are the most intimate, close, personal. You may feel truly vulnerable around each other - vulnerability with the 12th House and openness with the 8th House. The 8th House friendships are ones where you're willing to show the deepest, most hidden parts of yourself in front of the other. Sharing personal information, secrets...8th House friendships are ones where trust is strong on a whole new level. The 12th House friendships can feel like you're allowing someone to see the most hidden, personal side of yourself, your insecurities, your misfortunes. Both houses can also bring negativity - the 12th House is the house of hidden enemies, the ones that may stab you in the back when you least expect it. The 8th House can also have negative connotations.
Sun-Ascendant conjunction or Sun in the other person's 1st House can feel like an instant click between two people, it can make you relate to each other, share many similarities or a similar perspective.
Sun or Ascendant conjunct the other's Descendant/In the other person's 7th House is something generally connected to romantic relationships, but I think it can also be quite great for platonic ones. The pair of friends that is very different but somehow make sense together. You fulfill each other, you have qualities the other person lacks and seeks for in other people.
As an Aquarius Rising - Leo Descendant/7th House I've never realized how many Leo Rising I have been friends with or have been attracted to.
Sun-Mercury/Mercury-Mercury/Sun or Mercury in the other person's 3rd House makes a great placement for communication, friendships where you feel at ease talking with each other, sharing information and your interests. Sun trine Mercury or Mercury trine Mercury are also great.
Sun/Moon conjunct or trine the other person's Jupiter
I love this one for both platonic and romantic relationships. You feel so happy around each other, there is just something about them that brings you joy, their energy makes you uplifted. It can also be a relationship where you learn, grow, experience things together. A relationship that develops your character.
The final one is my favourite aspect of all time: Sun-Moon conjunction or trine.
Your soul feels at ease, there is intimacy. This aspect doesn't have to be romantic - in all kinds of relationships it makes the relationship very meaningful for both people. There is unexplainable closeness between the two of you. You view each other as your place of comfort. You feel comfortable being yourself around them. Moon-Moon conjunction or trine can also feel similar.
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k-rising2 days ago
My favorite placements from each sign
DISCLAIMER: These are MY opinions and it's okay if you don't agree with them. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Aries: Sun, Venus, Mars
Taurus: Sun, Venus, Asc
Gemini: I like this sign in any placement, but specially Moon, Mercury, Asc
Cancer: everything except Sun lmao, but specially Moon, Asc, Mars
Leo: Moon, Sun, Asc
Virgo: Moon, Mars, Asc
Libra: y'all know I don't like this sign lol, but some of the placements that I guess I like are Mercury, Asc
Scorpio: Sun, Mercury, Mars
Sagittarius: Mercury, Sun, Mars
Capricorn: Moon, Mars, Venus
Aquarius: Sun, Mercury, Asc
Pisces: Asc, Mercury
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astrosoeur17 hours ago
the signs told as a circular tale
Aries is the child, the initial flame of life, the spurring force which sets all into motion. The image of dynamism, of origin and birth.聽聽
Taurus is the cultivation of life, the taming of its fires. It is the eternal instilled into the ephemeral, the soul inhabiting matter, the body gaining the senses. The birth of beauty and decay, art and sin, as the underlying circular forces of the world.聽
Gemini is the division of the heart and mind, the soul and the intellect into twin flames which are scattered out in the world. The search for the other half begins. It is the scinitllating magnetism between people, ideas and things which gives birth to the art of communication.聽
Cancer is homecoming. The two halves reunited, completed, fullfilled: and together they create the great virtues. A shift from pursuit to possession and bloom. Life reinvented through the art of Love: instilled into the powers of consuming and nuturing.聽
Leo is the unfettering of the Self from the other. The birth of the ego and thus also the tragedy: the shadow and the illusion. Culmination at the threshold of degeneration or rupture. Nature awakening from its slumber to turn elemental and temperamental.聽
Virgo聽is the weathering of the storm. Rationality as an incisive scapel to the tumours of the heart. The flame of life focused, overstrained, as a tireless searching light for cure, salvation, perfection.聽
Libra is the mediating between intellect and heart. An amelioration of harm done and softening of edges; planting the seeds of beauty in the place of the scars. The bright interrogation light turned down and inwards into a luminescence of spirit, marking reconciliation. And the dance begins.聽
Scorpio聽is the dance continued all the way into the depths. Swallowed whole by the abyss: the mind is lone, and the heart is loud. In the dark, all is revealed.
Sagittarius is the odyssey out of the depths. The birth of comedy through tragedy, and wisdom through resurrection--its vines growing from inwards and out, into a permeating perspective of verdancy and freshness.聽
Capricorn is the the height of maturity. The roots of wisdom drying up, as everything is at last interconnected, grounded and resolved. It is the last great breaths of cultivation, erupting into solemn serenity.聽聽
Aquarius is the transcendence of matter into the immaterial. The soul being torn up by its very roots only to disperse as an ignis fatuus painting the skies, marking the birth of alchemy.
Pisces is the process of merging with dream, returning to the elementary state of abstraction. It marks the very end, yet also being back at the beginning, for another time around on the eternal wheel.
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casa-de-los-signosa day ago
Soy buena, pero no un 谩ngel. Cometo pecados, pero no soy el demonio. Simplemente soy una peque帽a chica en un mundo grande tratando de encontrar alguien a quien amar.
鈥擬arilyn Monroe
Naci贸 bajo el 1 de junio, bajo el signo g茅minis
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aphrostarota day ago
Refresh Your Routine Pick a Pile
If you have been struggling in your daily routine or you just feel like your daily routine needs a little refreshment, then this reading is perfect for you!
Once you've decided on a pile, click the corresponding link down below.
Tumblr media
Pile One
Pile Two
Pile Three
Pile Four
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mysharona19874 months ago
Tumblr media
They literally work every day with very ill cancer-stricken kids who can't get the vaccine.
This makes 100% sense.
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talesfromtreatmenta month ago
So I know how you feel about euthanasia in shelters, but what about pets? Both of the cats that I've owned that have died during my lifetime died at home after a few days of refusing food. We might have gotten a traveling vet to euthanize them if they seemed to be in a lot of pain, but we wanted them to live out the rest of their lives in a place that they were familiar with, with the family that they loved.
The one that died the most recently, about a month ago, had some sort of cancer, we think. The vet we brought her to wasn't exactly sure what it was, but said that she wouldn't live longer than a couple of months after that visit. She stopped purring when we pet her maybe a week or so before she died, and stopped eating much of anything, and I wonder whether we should have gotten her euthanized. I hope that our bias of wanting to stay by her side as long as possible didn't put her through more suffering than what was necessary, but I didn't want her last moments to be stressful...
You are, unfortunately, not going to like my answer.
Dying at home 'peacefully' almost never happens. We humans think this is the norm because you see it in death announcements all the time. But that's a sugar coating, a platitude to make dying less scary for the living. 'Peaceful' deaths usually are the result of something like a sudden catastrophic stroke, or a death from arrhythmia while asleep.
Dying of something is usually either painful or stressful or scary. Dying of cancer is painful- many humans end up nearly comatose from the opiods being given near the end. Dying of kidney failure is painful- the metabolites not getting flushed from the body irritate many organs (the reason they vomit) and damage the brain. Dying of hyperthyroidism is painful and stressful- their body is consuming itself because of the elevated metabolism and they constantly feel like they're starving because they are. Dying from heart conditions is scary- hypoxia is terrifying to experience.
Eating is one of the most basic core functions of an animal. If the animal doesn't want to eat it is because it feels like complete and utter shit in some way. For me, if I know one of my animals has an eventually terminal condition and their appetite starts to go down? That's when I euthanise. That's what I did with Mallorn who had lymphoma. Rowan had a sudden appetite decrease so I did a work up and found nothing wrong... but she was drastically losing weight and was 17 and she most likely had cancer so she was euthanised.
It is absolutely better for the animal to be euthanised 'too early' than even a day 'too late'. They don't understand mortality. They don't have an existential fear of death the way many humans do. They only know how they feel *now*. And if *now* is awful and painful and there is no chance of *now* getting any better in the future nows, the only right and kind thing to do is make the pain *stop*.
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bdoubleowo3 months ago
鈥淣o one took the news worse than my healthcare provider鈥
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your-astro-mamia day ago
What placements indicate someone receiving jealousy from siblings/cousins?
The house that represents siblings or relatives is the 3rd House.
The placements listed are for the natal chart:
Saturn in the 3rd House can hold negative emotions - maybe bearing stress, neagtivity when it comes to relatives/siblings. I can see oldest siblings with parents who had no time or irresponsible parents who had to take care of and do anything for their younger siblings - take up the role of a parent, having the Saturn in 3rd placement.
Pluto in 3rd can show rivalry, jealousy, wanting to overpower or have control over your siblings. I think it can also show deep negative emotions or trauma connected to sbilings/relatives.
Mars in 3rd House is definitely sibling competition, maybe rivalry.
Now for rulers of the 3rd House:
(e.g. You have Taurus on the 3rd House, Taurus is ruled by Venus. Your Venus is in your 10th House therefore the ruler of the 3rd House is in your 10th)
Ruler of the 3rd in the 1st: rivalry connected to appearance, maybe sharing very similar looks or demeanor to siblings.
Ruler of the 3rd in the 7th House: The 7th House is the House of open enemies, competition, so your relationship with your siblings may be highly competitive.
Ruler of 3rd House in the 10th House: Competition with siblings regarding your professional life, success, career.
Ruler of the 3rd House in the 12th House: betrayal from siblings (the 12th House are the hidden enemies). siblings/relatives that bring out your insecurities, The 12th House can represent back luck, self-sacrfice, inability to take action, service to others, etc.
Note: I have listed only the negative interpretations of the houses - there are positive ones, but since the question is connected to jealousy and competition, I am focusing on the negative.
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werelivingarts9 months ago
beginner鈥檚 guide to astrology
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hiiii, it鈥檚 werelivingarts. I鈥檓 back with another beginner鈥檚 guide to astrology! 鈽猴笍聽
Astrology is not 100% scientific but it is an art of interpretation on movement of celestial bodies when you were born. You may not fit in well in your sun sign because you have so many other signs that also may affect your personality! 馃寣
More resources if you are interested: Creating Birth Charts with Astro Seek App - Co-Star
What鈥檚 your sun, moon and rising sign?聽 I鈥檓 Libra 馃尀with a soul of Gemini 馃寶 and put the mask of Scorpio 猬!
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minecraftsz3 months ago
technoblade announced that he had cancer in the same video that he promoted his plushies in what a man
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