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moonianbbyg · a day ago
Mars and my success
mars deals with anger and when things are sped up, whereas jupiter is where you’re lucky and saturn is where things slow down. by knowing what house your mars sits in it tells you where you’re more successful than others.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1H mars sitting in the first house shows giving off the energy of ‘being better than whoever’ is hating on you. this is a very lucky placement because you know your self worth very well. on the negative side it’s a bad placement because you do motivate people to become better but that motivation seems like a hateful motivation, they feel like you’re showing off. the type of placement to indicate constantly being copied and not given any credits. originality is your thing. you have your natural way of succeeding at certain things before others and your creativity is “through the roof”
2H in astrology - having your mars sitting in the second house is a ultra positive placement to have because no matter what life throws at you, you force yourself to chew it up and deal with it. you don’t run away from your problems, you face them. risk taker placement. people tend to always come to you for advice but never listen to it or take it and it can annoy you, but if you look at it from the positive side you’re the most successful at getting what you want before anyone else is. you’re a chaser who knows what they want, luck is your middle name. use this beautiful placement you have because it is very lucky.
3H very beautiful placement to have. people love how blunt you can be, they appreciate your honesty. you love helping others, especially if they’re in danger - you’ll be the first one to give out your hand to help. this placement can attract jealousy because of how humanitarian you come off and others can’t seem to get on the same page as you. you have a pure heart. you have hidden enemies who envy your way of doing things. you always know what to say and how to cheer someone up, you just know what the right thing is. your intuition is amazing. certain people envy how nurturing and naturally successful you are.
Tumblr media
4H you are just admirable. even though the fourth house doesn’t deal with relationships and love as much this placement can indicate being the ‘best someone ever had’ because you come off so devoted and caring. could’ve even been the favorite child. you aren’t necessarily revengeful or backstabbing and people are just so fascinated by your loyalty, and you’re most likely to attract people that chase you because after someone does you wrong you make sure they regret it, in a distant way. you ignore what others have to say about you and you just appreciate the good things happening to you. naturally you’re more successful at having good, committed relationships with people. your aura is lovely, and people might describe you as someone who’s “beautiful inside and out”
5H the type of placement to indicate someone that dresses good to impress themselves. people love your confidence and can be inspired by it. yet - others may be jealous of how much self love you have and you could have secret haters. you’re successful at representing yourself as who you truly are, you would never pretend to be someone you’re not. you love to feel comfortable being yourself. this is a good fame indicating placement because you’d especially be a big influence to a younger audience.
6H deep down you know you can do things better than anyone who feels like has competition with you. on the negative side this placement can make you come off cocky but you just know it’s not cockiness, it’s security. you eat your insecurities up and always try to motivate yourself to do more and better each day. you’re smart and you let your gifted intelligence you got help and guide you. you pamper yourself which makes people perceive you as ‘naturally beauriful’. success is in your genes, you make sure everything is in your hands and perfectly organized
7H confidence boosting placement. no matter what insecurities you might feel like you have, this placement helps you learn to love any imperfection you have. you don’t let people negatively point out your flaws and you’re quick to humble somebody. success follows you around, you have great intuition and you chase the right things before the useless ones. making other people happy makes you happy, you enjoy peace. you might attract jealousy just for being yourself, and those people who dislike you probably view you as a “wannabe perfectionist” when they don’t know how much you can struggle in private. you want to do more for yourself and you won’t stop until you’re one step further to the goal you want to achieve!
8H this is the true cockiness having placement. you either come off ‘bitchy’ or very nice. you have your own secret ways into things which can make you seem sneaky but in reality you just know how to use your intelligence well. you ignore negativity and instead you focus on yourself only. you have standards and you set boundaries for anyone approaching you. people might secretly think you’re “powerful” but try to ruin it because they don’t want to see you doing better than them. no matter how hard life gets you know things will get better, you’re gifted with this optimistic mindset and trust/faith in your future getting better over time
9H you know what you want. your desires could seem weird or even dumb to some people but you still don’t give up. this placement can give someone good lying skills and you use them wisely. you let your mind guide you. even if someone treats you bad, you’ll treat them with respect. ‘treat them with kindness’ type of placement - that’s what makes you irresistible. harsh jealousy is likely and criticism. you’re successful when it comes to having your life together on your own, you’re independent and don’t need anyone’s shoulder to cry on. instead you’ll lean on your own. the amount of maturity you carry is impressive and you make sure you become your hater’s inspiration at some point. you’re luckier when it comes to winning things before others are
10H ambition, looking pretty and enjoying life is the main things you desire. you work hard on loving yourself and helping others do the same. you want to motivate people into doing better for their surroundings and themselves. others might perceive this as trying too hard to ‘fit in’ but with your caring personality this can attract success at manipulation and success. you get what you want, could’ve been described as a “spoiled brat” growing up. you’re luckier at having your things together before anyone else is, because you forcefully make yourself attract positivity only.
11H the ‘you’ll miss me regardless’ placement. naturally - you know how to make people feel safe and at home, and you could even be perceived as overprotective. you seek loyalty and trust in your relationships wether it be romantic or platonic ones. this is an amazing placement because you have big success when it comes to moving on from literally any situation. if you didn’t have anything to eat yesterday, tomorrow you’re eating at a restaurant. you know how to make people miss you without doing anything, because you know you can be irreplaceable to some
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
12H you just know things before they even happen. you always tend to have your guard up and you don’t let anyone mistreat you. luck is your best friend, because you appreciate what you have and you’re protective of it. as sentimental you come off you still know how to make people appreciate the fact that they ever even got the chance to speak to you. you could come off as ‘conceited’ to some but deep down you know you’re just protecting your peace and keeping yourself happy. “my feelings before other’s” type of placement. you hate being lied to, but you won’t say anything, you’ll just return the same energy. naturally you have success with good karma and fortune!
hey guys! just wanted to thank you all for 1.3k followers 💕 i constantly receive cute supportive messages from you. i’ll make sure to keep posting more good content. love you all.
this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 if reposting my work please give credits.
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milkandhoneyastrology · 2 days ago
What Your Moon Sign Says About You pt.I
Tumblr media
Please note: this post will be talking about the Moon positioned in the first six signs of the zodiac (so Aries through Virgo). I'll be talking about the Moon in the other signs in tomorrow's post.
All these come from my studies and personal experience. A single placement or aspect is never enough to understand one’s full chart!
Aries (☽︎♈︎): these natives can come off as emotionally detached at times, even though their feelings are acute and sharp. Their temper can get uneven; they may easily flare up for something bit quickly let it go shortly after. They feel so much natural enthusiasm but must work to develop patience. There could be insecurity trying to hide behind an aggressive exterior. When interested they can be warm, when not they become rather impersonal. They are intense, changeable in their enthusiasm, quick, inventive, and restless. They feel with their ego. They are not very persistent but often take the initiative. There could be a habit of trying to emotionally dominate others. They can resent authority, rarely take advice, and lack attention to detail as well as the ability to ask for help when needed. They are very dynamic and have a self-reliant attitude which makes them natural-born leaders. Likely the native had a rather inventive and independent mother with a strong influence on them. Taurus (☽︎♉︎): natives are emotionally stable and stick to their ideals. It is not easy to change their mind and they may resent whoever tries to interfere with their decisions. Their intuition is well developed, as well as their sense of touch and taste. Also, they're likely to have a pleasant voice. They enjoy the arts and good food. They have impressive memory, are faithful, sentimental, and affectionate. These natives rarely fight their family's ideals and traditions, especially those taught to them by their mother. With said mother, the native is usually close, although not always happy to be. They look for loyal and long-lasting relationships, both in the platonic and the romantic sphere. They desire to excel at whatever they do. Gemini (☽︎♊︎): here what matters most to their emotional sphere is variety and novelty rather than duration and depth of feeling. The native usually perceives the world through thought rather than feeling and is accurate in their impressions. Not necessarily intuitive, but rather observant and accurate. The mind, even if often chaotic and certainly changeable, can assimilate information and details incredibly easily. Although sometimes perceived as cold because they're reserved in their personal matters, these natives are simply more interested in the here and now than in the past. Their intellect is sharp and they could be very gifted in the arts (especially anything involving the skillful use of one's hands). These natives can have multiple vocations at the same time. There's a preference - if not a psychological need - to do multiple things at once. Cancer (☽︎♋︎): natives are primarily attached to home and family and usually have a very deep and strong with the mother figure. They can be quite careful with money and property. Their love for home and family can sometimes express itself as patriotism. These natives trust their feelings, sometimes naively, their mind is meditative and their reactions slow. They can be quite the empaths and they must learn how not to let the negativity they sense absorb into their energetic field - it can make them moody and unhappy. Usually, they hide their true feeling and emotions. They may be easily imposed upon. These natives are attracted to a romantic, gentle and peaceful love rather than passion. Artistic, creative, and dramatic they may have a natural flair for music, poetry, and acting.
Leo (☽︎♌︎): unless personally concerned, these natives tend to leave issues alone. They have a fiery temperament and often lack objectivity in their emotional perspective. They can quickly evaluate people and their motives. All their learning is colored by their feelings and if motivated they learn quickly and accurately. If not invested, they lack curiosity. Their emotions are powerful and at times may make them egoistical. This placement brings with it positions of authority which the native usually takes seriously and easily and excels at. Natives with this placement are sexually magnetic and attractive to others. They love music, the arts, luxury, children and have a pleasant presence and self-confident disposition.
Virgo (☽︎♍︎): natives may be attracted to science and/or the occult, as well as display great intuitive abilities if they choose to develop them. They could be clairvoyant or psychic. They attract people easily and could experience frequent changes in their lives. Their memory is excellent and they seek knowledge to use and apply it. They are generous with their time and have a deep desire to be of service, even if at times they find it difficult to understand the emotions of others. In their relationships, they can get rather insistent and desire things to be the exact way they want them. They may tend to worry, as well as have an interest in diet, health, and hygiene. They tend not to ask personal questions unless necessary. They have incredible attention to detail as well as good business sense - they could excel at psychoanalysis or diagnosis of any kind. The native's mother may seem critical or cold to them.
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asstrolo · 14 hours ago
𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙'𝖘 𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖔𝖓 𝕹𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖒𝖇𝖊𝖗/𝕾𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖕𝖎𝖔 𝖘𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖔𝖓? 𝕻𝖎𝖈𝖐 𝕬 𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖉 ♣️♣️
Finally, Scorpio season is here, bye the worst Libra season i experienced. Anyways hii guys, I've been dying to make another tarot reading and Scorpio season is finally here, thank God, so, please choose the picture you feel more called to, any feedback is good feedback since I'm new at this, so please let me know what you got and if it's accurate to you!
I'd advice you to pick a picture when you're not stressed or distracted, otherwise the reading might not resonate, take your time choosing a pile.
ONE LAST THING: Some of these readings came off a little too strong, as I was making them I felt a lot of heavy emotions, good and not so good. They could bring up "harsh truths" or traumatic past experiences, so please read them with a graint of salt and logical thinking as they are not completely positive. At the end of the day they are just readings to pass the time and not meant to take soo seriously.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 𝟏:
For those who chose pile one, I see here something that's primarily focused on a romantic relationship, a past situation you were in where your needs weren't met or you never given in return the love you offered. I am seeing a very specific situation for some weird reason, where, when you tried to confront your partner for their lack of caring, they twisted the words and made you feel like you were the one that was lacking and weren't giving enough in the relationship, a very deceitful, untruthful person that only cared about their own needs and emotions.
This is a very complicated subject, this person (who probably isn't in your life anymore) made you feel worthless or guilty for the problems they had, and it has marked you really, really deep into your subconscious, to the point where you can hear their voice in your head criticizing you even after so long. This can be the past, very recent past too; sadly, you are still selling with the scars of a toxic relationship and a manipulative person, you feel like you are lacking in every single thing you do, and you feel stuck in the same negative mindset, this connection has left you tired mentally, psychologically and physically.
Now, in the present or near future you are being asked to attend to your wounds and take care of yourself in every way possible, dedicate time for yourself more than anybody else, take care of yourself the way you used to take care of that one person. The road to healing is long and it can be really harsh, you are in a very stagnant moment in your life, don't know what to do or where to go. My advice for you for the Scorpio season is trying to take care of yourself and try things that you enjoy or always wanted to do, don't seek refuge in negativity and self-pity, it won't help your mental health. Of you're tired, rest, if you feel like changing something on your life or doing something different, do it. Being newly out of an unhealthy relationship is very confusing and overwhelming as you try to rebuild yourself to the person you used to be before meeting them, go slow with your healing.
You are now free from the shackles of a miserable person who did not make you happy, you deserve the love you dream of, don't let anyone make you feel less than ever again, good times are coming probably at the end of November, you'll feel more positive. You could have Pisces, Cancer and/or Scorpio in your chart, as well as Virgo.
Channeled song:
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 𝟐:
For those who chose pile two i see you've been going through A LOT, these past few weeks specially, the Mercury Rx has left you in shambles, it has completely shift you as a person inside out. I want to start with you before Mercury Rx, maybe you are a person who has a really hard time communicating your needs or your emotions overall, and it's something you always knew needed to be worked on, well i have a feeling you were (or still are) being forced to speak up even when you felt very uncomfortable, since you bottle things up so much, when you finally do speak up it comes out in anger and impatience, so people not only don't listen to you, but tell you to calm down before talking. It has been very difficult, you are changing do much in such a short amount of time and Scorpio season won't be any different, obviously you have a lot of transformations to go through this November.
You lack balance between the head and the heart, you are a very logical and smart person, and you know that! But at the same time, you are too cold and detached, running away when things get hard has always been your coping mechanism, and it's time to let go of old habits. You might have "wronged" someone or left them in the cold, ran away when you got scared of too much emotions and, yes, you feel guilty for doing so, it not fair bit that's just how you are. No more! On Scorpio season try to be more open with your emotions to people you care about, build strong foundations with these same people and look within as to why you are so afraid of vulnerability and telling your feelings, did people never cared for your emotions when you were little? Or your home was so chaotic you felt like you should've been the mature person?
My advice for November is that you try being more vulnerable and don't feel ashamed of your emotions, work on how you love, aaannnddd if there was someone (probably romantic, damn) you left or ran from because of your fear of opening up; you don't have to spill your guts with them, but this person probably really cares for you and they will understand why you left, they probably are like you too, but a little bit more open, apologize or start a fresh page. Lastly, be more present, you're too in your head, you're being asked to get out of your head, you're too anxious about things that don't matter, focus on growing as a person and not in your past mistakes. What's past is past. You could have Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra and/or Gemini in your chart, BIG mutable energy.
Channeled song:
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 𝟑:
For those who chose pile three the main theme here is you and your social circle, specifically your female friends? This energy feel very crowded, i have the feeling you are a person that helps around the community a lot, or are the first ones people go to when in need of help or solving a problem, you are the mom friend, the helpful friend, everybody asks you for advice, you are the mature friend. However, your friends are taking you for granted, could it be? You are the union and glue to the friend group, yet nobody asks you how you are or what you've been up to, it's always a conversation about them.
I'm seeing, and I'm sorry for this, negative energy from some of your friends, they might be jealous of you and your potential that, when you try to tell them something about yourself or your projects they ignore it or dismiss it, put you down and make you feel like they are not as important or as well planned as you thought, you are a very giving person, this is the problem, you are giving too much to people that give nothing in return; this could refer to a romantic relationship but I'm sensing more a friends or family like situation.
For this Scorpio season you should prioritize, who? You! Yes, you need to be more selfish, a lot of close people to you are, sadly, envious of you. Try to focus on giving yourself what you give to your family or your friends when they need help, you are a very selfless person and you like helping, but helping a friends shouldn't cost your energy or your time, if you want time for yourself, then this season is perfect to start to trying new things, buy new clothes, get a massage, everything you'd like to do, you don't need to run when someone needs your help, you're nobody's mom and you deserve time alone.
Also, you are a very ambitious person and you are planning things for the future and investing on it too, I'd advice you to tell fewer people what you're planning to do, maybe just one person lol. My advice for November is detach from old energies and connections that drain you, spend more time by yourself and doing you, right now things are a little bit suffocating (hello, it's that relative/friend that won't leave you aloneee) and you need an escape from it, if you want to travel, do it, it's gonna be good for your mental health.
Be more courageous and bold when trying things out, people always tone you down because they want you at their level. Do whatever you want, you don't owe anyone an explanation, try to be alone in your own company more. You could have Leo, Sagittarius and/or Aries in your chart.
Channeled song:
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 𝟒:
For those who chose pile four, the main theme here is a situation, a past energy is still lurking in your mind or in your surroundings. There was a person here (could be more than one, but I believe it's just one) who you trusted wholeheartedly, you put a lot of your faith and trust in them and they gave you in return lies, they are very deceitful people. This person took something away from you from behind, while you were idolizing them in front of everybody else, and when you saw really the kind of person they were, you felt stupid, like you should've known better, you are still overthinking this situation and hurting your own feelings.
You are a smart person, normally you don't let just anyone see the most vulnerable parts of yourself, you let this person in and they betrayed your trust. And now they are talking shit behind your back, telling how easy it was to fool you and you just feel undefeated, the truth is; yes, this person played you but when you met them it was a very low moment in your life and you were looking for someone to confide in, this person showered you with compliments when you two first met, and they were there in a very dark phase in your life, you weren't happy and you were having a lot of issues, one of them including low self-esteem, they took advantage of that when you let your guard down. It is not your fault that you were trying to find a friend in a viper.
Now, in the present (or very recently) you're trying to distract yourself with things that give instant gratification, buying things, eating, using series or movies or books to distract yourself from thinking of it, don't get me wrong, if you want to rest and find pleasure in little things to make yourself feel better that's okay, but you're only doing that, you are not being productive, I see someone who spends the day and night watching tv and nothing else. It's time to move, to go out of your house and also move forward, this is a very stagnant energy, literally you are not moving your body enough and you spend way too much time in your house or your room, go out with friends! But most importantly, start working, planning, find something that occupies your mind in a productive way, you are a very ambitious person, VERY.
You know that sitting all day is not gonna help you achieve all the things you want to achieve and it makes you anxious, but at the same time you aren't doing anything to change this. What is a job or project you've been wanting you do for s long time? Something that is gonna give you money? Do that. Don't hesitate anymore. The Scorpio season is the perfect time to start these projects, whatever is that you want to do to get recognition or money. In the past things weren't very fair, not with you, but you can't pity yourself forever, it's time to get up, whatever that person did to you, don't worry, they will get back what they gave to you.
My advice for November is that you take more risk career wise, you like having money and having commodities so it's time to invest your time in making money and advancing in terms of career or study, be careful of not falling back into your old ways, indulging in laziness or self-sabotage, you can be very successful if you aim to achieving your goals. You could have Taurus, Capricorn in your chart, BIG cardinal energy.
Channeled song:
Tumblr media
Happy Scorpio season!!
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sonderastrology · 2 days ago
🧿💎Pick a Crystal💎🧿
💜Take a deep breathe then use your intuition to choose a crystal
💖Rose Quartz💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you chose…
💖Rose Quartz💖:
You are on the verge of a transformation. I see you shedding your old ways in order to live a better life. Right now, you may be scared to let go of things and people from your past but the end result will be worth it. Your dreams could be more vivid than usual, try to write them down. Pay attention to the signs that the Universe is trying to give you. Opportunities are coming your way, be open to them! Listening to other peoples’ perspective and talking about your thoughts could be therapeutic for you right now. Try not to isolate too much. Stay strong, good things are coming.
You may be stuck in a rut right now, not knowing what direction to go in, be patient with yourself. Everything will come together in time. This is your reminder to see the beauty around you; write out what you’re grateful for or say affirmations to yourself that make you feel good. Be careful who you surround yourself with and who you give your energy too. Right now is a good time to be with friends or family that uplift your mood or even doing something that you love. Go outside for some fresh air.
You’re going to find out things you may or may not like but all in all you’ll be receiving some clarity soon. Focusing on yourself and making positive changes to your life will improve your sense of being. It’s important not to take life too seriously, either.Remember “this too shall pass”, even when situations feel unbearable. Try to keep a positive attitude and also remember it’s important to let things go. Protect your inner child; know that what’s good for you is different than what you want.
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saturnrevolution · a day ago
Connecting the dots of romance in your chart
The houses 5th, 7th and 8th, together with your Moon, Mars and Venus sign can give you so much insight on how someone handles romantic relationships and there is a nice connection and flow between all these placements.
The 5th house, 7th house and Mars are likely to show you what type of partners and personality types you seek and are attracted to. Also, the type of people you mostly attract and the ways in which you view and handle relationships. For example, someone that has their 5th house in Taurus, 7th house in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn will likely have long term relationships and work towards maintaining stability.
The moon sign, Venus sign and the 8th house show how you are in a relationship after the walls have come down, how you seek to be cared for and shown love, how you react when you are in a more passive and private state in your relationships and what you need for you emotional wellbeing. For example, if someone has their moon in Sagittarius, with a Gemini Venus and Pisces 8th house, they are likely to show their wild, creative and artistic side in relationships. They might seek conversations and romance built through time spent together.
Aspects to any of these planets will show where you have difficulties expressing the energy of that planet and connecting to the other (hard aspects or aspects to a malefic planet) or where you have a natural talent and an easy interaction with the other (soft aspects, aspects to benefic planets).
The 5th house shows aspects related to what brings you pleasure in a relationship, how you enjoy having fun together and also how you enjoy flirting when single, as well as your sexual energy. Additional planets in the 5th house show what other energies are brought into the mix and how many layers you have when having a fling or when doing the things you love, how much of an enigma you are (two or more planets) or how straightforward you are (one planet or no planets). If there is no planet in this house, the ruler of the house can show so much about how the energy is manifested and which area is predominant when this person is looking for fun. Aspects to planets in the 5th house can show how much someone allows themselves to live in the moment in a relationship or how much they restrain themselves (if there are harsh aspects to saturn or pluto - fears).
The 7th house shows what you attract, but also what you might be in conflict with at times, but the energy through which you discover yourself most. It shows how you view long term and what others see in you when dating. Additional planets in the 7th house show the energies you need to discover about yourself through your relationships and the areas that relationships will touch and trigger. No planets in the 7th house can show a more straightforward energy with less ups and downs (but look at the house ruler to be sure of that and the aspects it makes). Aspects to planets in the 7th house can show difficulties in getting what you want in relationships from the start or blessings in this area if it is a soft aspect.
Your Mars sign shows how you like to get yourself noticed, what gets your attention and motivates you and allures you in. It also shows your sexual energy and what turns you on. Aspects to your mars sign can show how easy it is for you to express your sexuality or to be flirty and sensual or to have high energy levels when with the ones you are into (soft aspects) or how difficult it is to express your sexuality or the low energy you might have during sex and the obstacles you might encounter in physical connection (hard aspects).
The 8th house shows the more raw side of yourself that only those you date for longer get to experience, the emotional side of you and the darker parts of yourself that you share only with those you trust, but also your level of jealousy or paranoia in relationships and your need for deeper connections. Any planets in the 8th house can show more layers that are being discovered by the person you are really close to and the planet that can get triggered when with them. No planets in the 8th house can indicate an ease to be yourself when in a deeper relationship (unless the 8th house is in a less emotional sign like Capricorn, Aquarius or Sagittarius). Aspects to planets in the 8th house can show how easy or difficult it is for you to open up and show the most vulnerable side of yourself.
The moon shows the more raw side of yourself that only those you date get to experience, the emotional side of you and the darker parts of yourself that you share only with those you trust, but also your level of jealousy or paranoia in relationships and your need for deeper connections. Aspects to the moon show the type of love you received from your mother figure and the type of love you seek to find comfort in on a subconscious level or even the one you run from. Harsh aspects to the moon can show difficulties with showing love and soft aspects show ease.
Venus shows the feminine energy within you, the details that you notice when you first fall in love, the side of you that romanticizes things and also the side of you that needs attention and support. If it is in an earth sign - you might need more career oriented/material support, if it is in a water sign - you might need emotional support and comfort, if it is in a fire sign - you might need spontaneous support and independence, if it is in an air sign - you might need intellectual and conversational support. Aspects to Venus can show the way in which you show and like to receive love - aspects to Pluto might shown a more private kind of affection, while aspects to Jupiter might be more loud.
It's important to see the bigger picture of things and to try blending the energies in such way that they show the overall fears and needs of someone in love. Also, every chart is different, you should look for these tiny details to paint the right picture.
If you want me to check your chart, I have a reading called Yin Yang where I look at all these aspects in your chart, as well as talk more about the feminine/masculine energies within you on my website.
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yandere-romanticaa · a day ago
𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 ℍ𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕒 𝕪𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕒𝕔𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣 𝕤𝕚𝕘𝕟:
Aries: Denmark.
Tumblr media
Taurus: America.
Tumblr media
Gemini: Germany.
Tumblr media
Cancer: Russia.
Tumblr media
Leo: Iceland.
Tumblr media
Virgo: Canada.
Tumblr media
Libra: Finland.
Tumblr media
Scorpio: France.
Tumblr media
Sagittarius: Japan.
Tumblr media
Capricorn: Romano.
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Aquarius: China.
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Pisces: North Italy.
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loveemagicpeace · a day ago
✨Astro notes✨
🦋I think cancers are very loyal once they go into a relationship. I have noticed in the boys that they are gentle, understanding and that they are always so kind and helpful. I don't think that cancers cheat.
🐬 The most unbalanced sign are Aquarius and Gemini. They both want freedom and they like to experiment and they get tired of people or things very quickly. Aquarius can dismiss you with cold blood and Gemini can leave you without any explanation. Person who has a lot of placements in aquarius(11 or 23 degrees)or gemini(3,15,27 degrees) will probably be like that.
🌼Having synastry in 5th and 2nd house u and person will have a lot of things in comon and value the same things. Especially since the 2nd house represents music maybe u and person have the same taste of music. Jupiter in 5th house It’s very good because you get very caught up with the person in artistic views and interests.
☁️Neptune and Uranus in 1st , 3rd, 5th and 12th house is the best in synastry in my opinion.
🌙I have cancer in moon and I think when I meet people with the same moon sign It’s such a very different vibe! Feels like I’ve know that person already and I get the same vibe from them.
🤍North node in 9th house your goal is to find meaning in life. Grow through life and focus on your dreams, hopes. Lots of traveling and getting to know yourself and different cultures through it. 
🌊 The more water signs you have the more you will be an emotional person. You will feel music, book, people and other things in a deeper way. The more u will find understanding in people who have water signs.
❄️The most emotionally strong signs are scorpio, taurus, leos, aries and capricorn. The most artistic def pisces. The best memory has cancer and the worst has pisces haha. Most of people who have placements in 12th house a lot of times forget things.
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seafoamreadings · 22 hours ago
week of october 24th, 2021
aries: it's scorpio season now and in keeping with with that seasonal vibe, your ruler mars moves into that sign as well. mars has a very old affinity with scorpio and so, by association, do you. overall the week is set up to be quite auspicious for you.
taurus: for taureans, especially taurus rising, it is not an easy week for your relationships. but that doesn't mean it has to be bad. can you let whatever difficulties arise be constructive and fruitful? mars in your 7th house by the end of the week will actually help you, if you are willing to take actions.
gemini: the week's transits involve two squares and, although your sign isn't directly involved, one of those squares is mutable and could be affecting your natal gemini planets or points. that square is venus-neptune, so avoid any forms of deceit in relationships or any serious changes to your aesthetic until the square has passed.
cancerians: scorpio season has already started and hopefully you are already feelings some benefits from that. mars later this week also enters scorpio, and this should be extremely revitalizing for all watery types of folks like yourself.
leo: the sun tussles with saturn this week and it is probably not your jam, clouding up relationships and making you feel stuck in some way. cleaning your house is weirdly auspicious at this time; the notion that clearing physical clutter clears mental and emotional clutter too probably applies.
virgo: perhaps you've had things a bit easier now that mercury is direct again but even so, a mutable square between venus and neptune is likely to make things a little bit weird this week in your closest partnerships. that's extra true if you live with a romantic partner. don't bottle things up - it's critical to find healthy ways to deal with the tension.
libra: mars has been in your sign for a while. late this week, he leaves for scorpio, which concerns your money, values, and integrity. so be prepared to act from an authentic and genuine place, with your morals in mind, and responsibility. excessive frugality is not necessary, as long as the money you spend is given as ethically and happily as possible.
scorpio: it's true that you don't have the easiest week in store. the sun squares saturn from your sign and it feels constricting if not downright suffocating. get out of the house if you can. even if you think you don't want to. later in the week, mars enters your sign. this can cause some temper issues but if those are mitigated well, it will be a nice, productive influence. don't pick fights, but do stand up for yourself.
sagittarius: venus in your sign is, of course, a lovely influence on your life. this week, though, she's in a square with neptune. of course, as squares go, you could certainly do worse. and i don't need to tell you, of all the signs, that honesty and authenticity are the best policy. but it's even truer now than usual. and just because you act from integrity doesn't mean everyone you know is going to do the same for you in return. be cautious this week.
capricorn: you may not be sure what all the fuss is about but people are fidgety this week and if you are the kind of capricorn who also has a strong sagittarian influence, you might be feeling restless too. your ruler saturn does see a square from the sun this week but it's nothing you can't handle, just don't get trapped in any ego battles. change is on the horizon, already beginning to rise like a big orange moon; you're like a reptile preparing to shed your skin. care for yourself accordingly.
aquarius: this is meant to be a weekly horoscope but really, the implications for you are longer term than that. saturn in your sign has been engaged in a long series of squares with uranus. the overall astrology has been "challenging" for all of us, aquarians perhaps in particular. we are entering the end days, as far as those challenges go. yes, they will be replaced with new ones, but you will enter the new phase stronger, more resilient. you can see the end of 2021 as an apocalypse or as the dawn of a golden age; the choice is yours.
pisces: all pisceans have a certain otherworldly, ethereal, sublime affinity with venus. and your sign's ruler, neptune, is of course in pisces and has been for a long time. but this week those two planets square each other. with everything else going on this tension might not be immediately obvious, but it can feel wistful or downright sad. give love to yourself and, as well as you can, to others this week. at the same time, be very careful to avoid any form of delusion.
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casa-de-los-signos · 2 days ago
Es normal que tengas dudas pero no te obsesiones con ellas.
Di lo que sientes y no acumules rencor, suéltalo y olvida.
Deja ya de dar más vuelta sobre ese tema que te preocupa, libérate de las dudas.
Si te surge hoy alguna propuesta de negocio, no te conviene aceptarla.
Evita a toda costa que alguien se inmiscuya en tus asuntos, te perjudicaría.
Busca soluciones y no te dejes arrastrar por pensamientos negativos.
Presta mucha atención a lo que se habla a tu alrededor, hay un asunto que te interesa.
Un tropiezo económico no es el fin del mundo, sigue alimentando tus ilusiones.
Buen día para dar con la fórmula para generar más ingresos, utiliza tu ingenio.
Confía en el Universo, te señalará el mejor camino a seguir.
No es buen momento para hacer cambios radicales, espera un poco.
Si te enteras hoy de un tema que te interesa, no lo dejes en mera anécdota.
Por: Tauro
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flickeringart · 2 days ago
The conflict between Aries and Cancer
I have written before about the signs that square each other in astrology and their conflicting energies. In this post I’m honing in on the Aries-Cancer square. This conflict can play itself out within your own natal chart if you have planets in both Aries and Cancer or between you and someone else. For example, if you have an Aries Sun and a Cancer Moon you’ll experience this archetypal friction within yourself. Or, say that you are an Aries Sun in a relationship with a Cancer Sun - then you’ll experience friction between yourself and the other person. I’m going go over hypothetical scenarios inspired by everyday life and my own personal experiences with this square. Needless to say, no one is only Aries and only Cancer and people are more complex than these scenarios reflect. But it’s sometimes useful to simplify and generalize.
Scenario 1 (Aries Sun – Cancer Sun interaction)
Aries: I don’t want to visit the grandparents. They’re so self-righteous and complacent. Why should I sit and pretend that I agree with everything they’re saying just because they can’t take an opposing perspective? Also, they worry about everything; it kills my spirit and deadens the mood. It should be a crime to behave like that and expect other people to be fine with it. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean that they can get away with being a*s holes.
Cancer: I know, but they are old and they want some company. I’m sure it would mean a lot to them if you went. They love you very much - they just have a funny way of showing it. They can’t help being the way they are. Don’t forget that they took care of you many times when you were younger. You owe them something in return. They probably don’t have much time left and you would regret not being there for them.
Aries: Why should I treat them like they’re dead already? They’re still alive and kicking. I’m not going to visit them out of guilt - that sounds horrible. If I’m going it’s out of my own free will not because they’ve pulled the strings. When I’m old I don’t want someone to come and be with me because I had practiced some kind of emotional blackmail. That is horrible.
Cancer: So you think that being old is pathetic? How can you say that? Don’t you care about members of your family? Do you think you can do what you want at the expense of other people?
Aries: They certainly don’t seem to consider my feelings and my priorities so why should I consider theirs? Why are you casting me as the villain of this scenario when they are the ones demanding something of me? They act as if they have a right to my presence. It could be healthy for them to learn to not take things for granted.
Cancer: Don’t be so selfish and childish. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal freedom for a quick visit. Ignore their stupid comments - you don’t have to care about them. Don’t you think it’s a positive thing that they want you to come? Isn’t it nice to be needed?
Aries: It sounds like you’re contradicting yourself. On the one hand you tell me that I should ignore them because they don’t have something to add to my life, on the one hand that I should go and enjoy the fact that they want me there. That is completely messed up. Is that the way you think? You’re simply hanging out with people because “it’s nice to be needed” while completely overlooking their individuality. That is the worst! I seem to have more respect for them than you have if that’s the case.
Both Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs, which shows in this interaction. They both want to stand up for something. Aries is always promoting individuality and honesty, even if it’s brutal. Aries shows respect through treating everyone as an equal, even if they’re old. Cancer on the other hand is always promoting that which will guarantee a secure emotional relationship and a sense of belonging no matter what. Cancer is aware of everyone’s inherent vulnerability and is more comfortable with moods and coercions than direct confrontation. Cancer is more prone to subtle punishment while Aries wants to play fair with all cards on the table. Cancer looks more docile; Aries looks more violent, though it is questionable whether this really is the case. Cancer often thinks badly of people but is not upfront with it. If an Aries says that he/she likes you, you can trust that it’s true. Aries is not shy about expressing opinions. If a Cancer says it… it might be true, but you can’t be 100% sure that he/she is talking shit behind your back. This is because Cancer can’t handle brutal honesty. The sign is too caring and too emotional to deliver black and white statements without providing some cushioning.
Scenario 2 (Aries Sun – Cancer Moon combo)
Aries-Cancer employee: I really want to take on more challenging responsibility. I know that I have a lot of potential and people look up to me. You can trust me with some bigger project; I won’t disappoint you.
Employer: If you say so, but you have a tendency to get very overwhelmed and stressed whenever you take on more and I don’t want you to feel like you have to over-compensate for anything. You’re doing a great job as it is.
Aries-Cancer employee: (offended) You seem to want to keep me in an inferior position on purpose. I don’t know why you think so little of me. Everyone gets tired and needs a break sometimes. I struggle with headaches daily. I have to take care of myself better but with so much going on I haven’t had the time to.
Employer: That’s exactly my point. I don’t want you to have more to worry about. It’s not that I don’t believe in you.
People who have a Sun-Moon square like this are often very contradictory people. On the one hand the Aries Sun wants to prove its excellence and effectiveness but the Cancer Moon pulls in another direction. It wants to retreat and protect itself from stress. Aries is a fire sign and lives for the potential of accomplishing something great. Cancer is a water sign and is more aware of the risks than the possibilities.
Scenario 3 (Cancer Sun – Aries Moon combo)
Cancer-Aries: I really appreciate that you’ve been here for me during this tough time. I could’ve probably done without you, though. But you know, it’s still nice to have friends that one can rely on. I know I would like to be a good friend and show up for people. Wouldn’t you agree that I am a good friend?
Friend: Yes you can be. But I would’ve felt better if you didn’t always had to shove it in my face that you could do without me while thanking me. It doesn’t make me feel so good about helping you.
Cancer-Aries: I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I really appreciate you. But wow, you’re pissing me off right now. Do you want me to apologize to you for being independent and capable of taking care of myself? Do I need to play weak in order for you to feel good about helping me?
Friend: Actually it would feel better if you could be a little more humble. You don’t have to play weak - I just think you could lose some of your pride. What do you have to prove? Everyone knows that you’re very capable.
Cancer-Aries: I’m not always capable and I don’t want everyone to think that. I do my best but I’m human after all. I know that I can handle more than most but I value my friends and family. It’s important to stick together and to be a good person. But I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not, which is what you’re asking of me.
This is the same dilemma in a slightly different form. Here, the Cancer Sun wants to cultivate a mutually dependent relationship that feels good because it’s sensitive and wants to prevent unpleasant emotions. The Aries Moon is too upfront and isn’t ok with coming off as “needy”. It wants to pursue something, the role as the “best” friend if nothing else. It’s too strong and forceful which slightly sabotages the Cancer goal of receiving and giving help.
Scenario 4 (Aries Mars vs. Cancer Mars)
Aries Mars: I’m going to clean out the basement today, there are too many things lying around and it’s never going to get done unless I take the initiative.
Cancer Mars: I can help you if you want. There are many things to go through and I don’t know if there’s something I would want to keep.
Aries Mars: I don’t need your help - I know what I’m doing. You should be happy that I’m doing this!!! It’s better if you leave me to it, that way it’ll be done faster. I’m doing it for you.
Cancer Mars: You don’t have to be so rash about it. If you get some of it done today you can leave some for tomorrow. It’s best not to do everything in one swoop. Take your time and savor the process a bit.
Aries Mars: I’m going to do it all today because I don’t want make this a long and painful process. I just want it done. I get so frustrated every time a walk down there, I just want to smash everything up.
Cancer Mars: Ok… but if you smash something that is mine without asking me, I will not speak to you again. So… you better watch your step.
Aries Mars is typically assertive and impulsive – a quick decision is made and a lot of energy (anger) is put into things. Cancer Mars is slower to start but once there’s momentum building every action is taken with care and emotional investment. When threatened, there’s a subtle emotional hint to the consequences for the other person. Aries Mars tend to attack through confrontation (active threat), Cancer Mars tend to attack through withdrawal (passive threat).
Scenario 5 (Aries Venus – Cancer Mars combo)
Aries-Cancer: I would really like to see you try to beat me. I’m the most confident out of all of you. I’m faster, smarter and more invested in this than anyone I’ve met.
Friend: You always talk a big game but I have never actually seen you win.
Aries-Cancer: I don’t have to prove anything to you. If I say that I’m the best you should believe me. Don’t I look like someone who would be good at this? I’m a winner - people just seem to have a hard time accepting that.
Friend: The fact that you’re being so defensive makes me wonder if you are as confident as you say you are.
Aries-Cancer: I am not defensive. I’m just confident enough to tell it as it is. I’m not going to downplay my skills.
The person with this type of square will be defensive but will not admit to any weakness because an Aries Venus doesn’t like being perceived as less than. It wants to be a winner in people’s eyes. When confronted of questioned, the person becomes defensive, as is typical of Cancer Mars. It fights through instilling guilt.
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What Your Moon Sign Says About You pt.II
Tumblr media
Please note: this post is the follow up to my previous one, which you can find here. If you're looking for a Moon positioned in the signs raging from Aries to Virgo, you should give it a look!
All these come from my studies and personal experience. A single placement or aspect is never enough to understand one’s full chart!
Libra (☽︎♎︎): these natives have a naturally charismatic and diplomatic nature, are very social, and attract people easily. Friendly, easy-going, and popular. They can get quite indecisive. They seek shared experiences and work best in conjunction with others. They may develop a deep need to be liked by everybody and so they are eager to please and succumb to flattery easily. Their mind is sharp and they are good at evaluating the facts without criticism or judgment. Often they enjoy music, poetry, and the arts, and although they might have artistic inclinations it isn't rare for them to prefer to appreciate rather than perform. They're very contemplative and have an abundance of good ideas, even if they often lack the willingness to act on them. If negatively expressed, they get difficult, critical, and flighty.
Scorpio (☽︎♏︎): emotionally intense, resourceful, impatient, moody, enterprising, and with a deep personality, these natives can get jealous and possessive, as well as easily hurt. This is the placement that will most likely hold a grudge and take revenge. They make good observators, even if they can be too quick to judge others. They usually get what they want since they're not afraid to go after it. They might get abrupt and impulsive, and sometimes lack sympathy if they're too invested in a project, but they have the ability to attain success. This placement can make the natives intolerant to interference in their plans and goals. They are interested in researching unknown or taboo topics and fields. This placement can also indicate great enjoyment of sex. The natives need to learn how to forgive and forget to live a fulfilling life.
Sagittarius (☽︎♐︎): open and friendly, these natives like to help others even though they show a high degree of independence. They have a natural talent for religion, philosophy, poetry, music and are great-born teachers. They have an innate passion for sharing their knowledge, although, if expressed negatively, this can result in acts of missionary zeal rather than compassion. They need freedom and might sometimes be a little offhand. They're always searching and restless, and often lack continuity. These natives' sense impressions are clear and the most accurate out of all the Moon signs, which makes their judgment acute and on point. Their minds resent confusion and reject anything irrelevant to the issue at hand. They might experience strong occult tendencies. There might be a desire to almost melt into the people they love the most/find the most interesting.
Capricorn (☽︎♑︎): these natives, very sensitive on an emotional level, may have a tendency to brooding, but may also be popular and notorious. They desire to be recognized as important and powerful figures, even though they often struggle with shyness and insecurities about their own worth. Rather reserved, they can come off as cold. They have a tendency to be very critical of others, but very considerate when involved. Rather often, they're neither sympathetic nor emotional. More than any other position of the Moon, the Moon in Capricorn reacts deeply to the rest of the chart. If well aspected it gifts the native possibility of leadership, if not, there's a lack of creative energy. Either way, these natives have strong ambitions. They're careful with money but this can become extreme. They make enemies easily. This position indicates a strong parental influence.
Aquarius (☽︎♒︎): embodying originality, humanitarianism, inventiveness, and scientific ability, these natives have a fertile imagination and universal quality. They're idealistic, kind, friendly, and broad-minded but can often become quite selfish. Often, they seem to be ahead of their time, are charming and incredible conversationalists. They tend to overload themselves emotionally and ideally need a project to release their tension. Their mind and emotions react together, and they display mental clarity. They are inclined towards politics, education, or astrology. They prefer the unconventional and value independence. This need - conjunct with their emotional overload - can lead to loneliness and difficulties in their relationships. There could be an inclination towards erratic behavior and aloofness.
Pisces (☽︎♓︎): gentle, romantic, at times easygoing, unworldly, and dreamy, these natives can be indecisive and thus appear undependable. Depending on the aspects, this position of the Moon can either give one true vision or complete illusion. Easily hurt, these natives don't like facing reality coldly and objectively. They're usually understanding and affectionate with most people. At times they may lack humor and common sense, but are gifted with musical, poetic, and artistic talent. They're very intuitive (best intuition out there), enjoy beauty, harmony, comfort, and need to feel sheltered and loved. They often appear magnetic to others.
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mermaidastrology · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Cancer cries more than any other sign of zodiac. When they are overwhelmed by emotions they are unable to keep them bottled up but need a release. Cancer uses crying as a way to heal themselves so they can move forward. A Cancer who doesn’t allow themselves to cry will find themselves stuck and unable to properly heal from pain.  
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snarkywrites · 21 hours ago
Tarotscopes from October 24th through October 30th, 202
Tarotscopes from October 24th through October 30th, 202
Tarotscopes from October 24th through October 30th, 2021. Feel free to check rising, sun, and moon signs. Aries – The World appears in your reading showing the culmination and new beginning for new adventures and projects. After the Full Moon in your sign, you would have released or completed a major task and have acquired the necessary lessons to start something new. Taurus – Patience is a…
Tumblr media
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mysharona1987 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
They literally work every day with very ill cancer-stricken kids who can't get the vaccine.
This makes 100% sense.
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