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#cancer rising

Hey ! Thank youu c: <3

You’re probably a really good friend, you are caring, nice and you have a big heart, you’re also probably the mom friend. You love helping others and you are very respectful. You’re also veryy prudent. You are very hardworking and you tend to be too hard yourself. You overanalyze things and you keep looking for perfection, and if things go wrong and not according to your plans you might panic, be careful of having anxiety attacks :(

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I have to admit I adore cancer risings! I find that I gravitate towards them a lot. The energy they carry is just something different. If you’re a cancer rising you’re automatically one of my soulmates! I’ve learned, connected, and evolved so deeply with each one I’ve encountered. I’ve only ever had problems with one, which is wild, but she doesn’t even exsist to me. Everything in life has their good and bad, so I take the good here and stand by the fact that y’all are my absolute favorite ethereal beings on earth!

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Okay, as an Aquarius rising (the other quincunx to Cancer) i totally relate to the same kind of dynamic with them! And yeah, that mercury square probably makes the situation more tense, tho it may also provide motivation and drive to clear up the issues and deal with the situation.

Btw from all the quincunx signs, i think the ones I’ve seen most frequently to be super attracted to each other, regardless whether we’re talking about sun/moon/rising, are Cancer and Sagittarius. You guys really have it for each other huh

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So first of all, the next three years is going to be really intense and difficult for you. Saturn, then Pluto will be moving over your descendant and then conjuncting your Neptune as they go. That’s a hell of a transit. Expect your relationship status, your self image, and your way of relating to others to massively change within the next few years with a series of events that will first remove people from your life, and then likely bring new experiences and people in, as Saturn and Pluto (and Jupiter) transverse your 7th house (over the next 7+ years or so.)

Anyway. The natal T-square. You have had difficulty with communication and understanding yourself and others. This may have been due to bullying, or misunderstanding, from your family or from your teachers, or both, as a child. Ultimately it can give you strength in understanding because of what you’ve been through. You yourself can be a good teacher.

There’s also a blurring of boundaries that’s not conscious. The Other Person’s needs seem like your needs. Perhaps there’s projecting. You tend to play either the nurse, the therapist, or the invalid/patient, in 1-1 relationships. When you become more conscious of yourself (as you will over the next 3 years) you can make this role more official and become a teacher or counselor or something. This T-square can also help you create art or music.

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Cancer Rising Culture 💝

  • Being obsessed with the aesthetic cozy pictures of bedrooms !
  • Obsessed with cute dresses
  • Anything furry pinky white things
  • Might like pastels too
  • The baby face 👼
  • Baby voices!!
  • The Polaroid culture was invented by them i bet!,
  • Ooo, I just realized actually it was invented by a Cancer Sun only, Selena Gomez, lol!
  • Big round eyes which have great depth
  • Like they look so innocent!!!
  • Motherly aura
  • Compassionate
  • CARING ❤
  • Shy
  • Sweethearts
  • Have a comforting aura that puts others at ease. I have a Cancer Rising friend and I feel at ease around her.
  • Also likes to be comforted
  • Love reading books, poetry
  • Moody
  • Will make you feel like a child 😚💝 ( my cancer moon loves it!!!)
  • Clingy
  • Makes great friends really. ( imo)
  • Expressive face
  • Guarded
  • Flexible
  • Funny when they are comfortable
  • Reserved
  • Cuddly face😍
  • Love looking at the moon 🌙
  • Generous
  • REALLY want deep connections
  • Foodies
  • Sensitive to others needs more than their own 🥺
  • Pastels, pinks, light colors might be preferable because they look good on them
  • Possessive
  • High EQ
  • Might have a interest in cooking or baking at some point
  • Literal unicorns 🦄
  • Cautious in marriage (7th house capricorn)
  • Might marry later in life
  • Or actually saying it’s hard to woo them lol 🤣
  • Large breasts
  • A slut to routines and habits like Taurus Rising
  • Children love them.😍
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