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healthyfitprincess · 10 months ago
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I was at one of my lowest points this past week, and was pleading for one positive thing to come my way.
Well, I got exactly what I wanted.
My momma’s post chemo/radiation scans came back CLEAN.
I am so incredibly thankful and happy right now.
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genevieve-gin · 3 months ago
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Here it is, my first chemotherapy! I hope it is not too bad later on. I am ready to fight it and yes 3 months I can do that.
I'm also very happy my weight drop and my CA dropped tremendously. Doctor gave clearance that I am able to engage in some lightweight exercises.
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The session begin very quickly. The needle went in and the drip of medications flow through. 15 minutes through I developed a pressure pain at my lower back and started shivering. Nurses and doctor attended and explain it’s an allergy reaction because they started dripping a little faster.
Other than that, there are some stinging pain near the needle area and where the vessels are. Throughout the session I was pretty much drowsy. Oh, and at one point I begin to feel restless. I have to keep shaking my feet to feel normal for like about 5 minutes. Then all went to normal and we are half way through.
My husband asked if I was afraid and to be honest, I wasn't as scared as when I went for my operation. The thought of being unconscious without will and power was more of a concern to me.
Of course, I do not like the side effects that chemotherapy brings, but they are all temporary and I really pray and hope that I can handle them well. 🙇
Well, am pretty lethargic right now. Little Owen is demanding my attention too.
But here goes to the first successful treatment! 💪
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dropshippingplugins · 7 months ago
Lizette's Story of Battling Rare Cancer
Lizette had to have radiation therapy every week for 6 weeks, surgery, facial paralysis while after she was diagnosed with ACC (a very rare cancer that arises in secretory glands). Luckily she found Without a Ribbon, a charity which helps sufferers of rare cancers. This allowed her to connect and share her story with others.
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dropshippingplugins · 7 months ago
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Please visit the link above for,
i- Signs and Symptoms of Acute #Monoblastic Leukemia: ii- How is Acute Monoblastic #Leukemia Diagnosed? iii- Treatment Options for Acute Monoblastic Leukemia iv- What support can we give for Acute Monoblastic Leukemia?
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