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infected · 2 months ago
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by stranger_french_fries
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nemfrog · 8 months ago
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Candlelight. Divine emblems. 1867.
Internet Archive
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bobo-pompadour · a month ago
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before-life · 8 months ago
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by kenplant
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bewitched-moonlight · 8 months ago
🕯️ Candle Magic 🕯️
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Candle magic is one of my favorite type of ritual, because it is relatively simple to setup, and non-expensive. You just need a candle, and fire to light it up. If you want the spell to be even more powerful, feel free to carve symbols or sigils on the candle before lighting it. Then sit down, observe the flame, and think about a question that is worrying you. 
Color correspondences
⚪ White candles: healing, purification, innocence, meditation, peace
⚫ Black candles: strength, negative energies, resilience, self-control
🟤 Brown candles: intuition, animal protection, stability, decisions 
🟣 Purple candles: ambition, power, focus, concentration, inspiration
🔵 Blue candles: happiness, calm, laughter, relaxation, harmony, water
🟢 Green candles: luck, love, fertility, birth, health, success, earth 
🟡 Yellow candles: imagination, divination, intelligence, energy, air
🟠 Orange candles: authority, changes, control, support, versatility
🔴 Red candles: love, brave, blood, passion, death, sex, fire 
Candle reading 
🔥 Candle will not light: the question cannot be answered anymore, because things are already in movement, you cannot turn back now. 
🔥 Strong, stable flame: the answer to your question is “yes”. 
🔥 Weak, small flame: the answer to your question is “no”. 
🔥 Dancing flame: there is chaotic, undisciplined energy present. You need to focus and meditate before taking any decision at the moment. 
🔥 Crackling flame: spirits might be present in the room, and they would like to speak to you. Be open to their message. 
🔥 A lot of smoke is coming out: the universe is helping you cleanse yourself and your room, leaving space for new opportunities and energies. 
🔥 Candle will not go out: the spirits are telling you that the ritual is not over. Ask yourself if your question was the right one, or if there is anything that needs to be further discussed. 
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alrauna · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Aimee Twigger (@twiggstudios)
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lacewings · 8 months ago
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