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St. Lucy

[Image Description: There is a young woman in prayer, her name is St. Lucy. She has very curly hair which she keeps under her long veil that she wraps around her head and shoulders. The saint wears a long sleeved dress which reaches the floor. Upon the veil are various vines sprouting little wildflowers one would find in spring on the countryside. She gathers some of the veil in her left hand over her heart. With her right hand, she is holding a long, thin candle over the flame of another. There are three candles in all, one for God, one for Jesus, and one for the Hopy Spirit. On the other side of this column-like table there is a small dish. It doesn’t have food, but a pair of eyes! They are eyes the saint had had torn out in her earthly life as part of her martyrdom. She lights the candles as an offering of thanksgiving to God, who restored her eyes. A halo of light illuminates from behind her head. In Heaven, Lucy has found peace.]

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I haven’t posted in a few days, really don’t even know what’s been going on. Time flies so fast I can’t catch up.


Went to a friends house to have a girls day/study session. We ended up not doing much studying… but we enjoyed just relaxing and chilling together so much. We ate too much food 😍😅

Anyway, I came home and finished up histology. Tomorrow I’ve got a couple of lectures and will be studying the rest of the day trying to get in as much as I can bc midterms are next week! Literally can’t believe it lol

Happy studying everyone, good luck ☀️

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“the candle is the light in liquid shape, is a night inside night, or night weeping, or night wiping its eyes with the edge of a distant star, or night dressed in a nightgown, or night when its desires have awoken…” ~ adonis, from ’the book of siege; candlelight.’ (trans: khaled mattawa.)



“(…) an eternal flame i feed daily with the oil of my thoughts, (…) i, home like a burning house, like a burning stable, the light of life pouring out of the fire, fire pouring out of the dying wood, hostile sorrow lingering under the ashes.” ~ bohumil hrabal, from ’too loud a solitude.’

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  Did you follow and love (in their own way, hehe) each season of Supernatural like we did? Did you find joy in growing older with Sam and Dean Winchester? With every exchange of “Jerk” and “Bitch” the want to make candles for them grew and here they are! Introducing AGENT HAMILL & AGENT FORD – Agent Hamill, Sam’s candle, smells of birch, patchouli, and tonka, while Agent Ford, Dean’s candle, smells of hot apple pie and leather. You can get one or the other or bring them both home!

 This candle is an 8oz. glass jelly jar with a pewter daisy cut lid and has a cotton/paper wick. All of our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, are handmade and are poured in very small batches. You can find Agent Ford, Agent Hamill, and others over at WAXINGSKY.COM!

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